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W. E. Gladstone letters, 1840-1891.

Some relate to British politics. Also included is a holograph draft of a Preface, Mar. 15, 1878.

[W. Huse Chapman photographs of Negritos and other peoples of the Philippines].

Ethnographic portraits, snapshots and scenes of the Negritos of the Philippines: their customs; activities; dwellings, structures and other material culture; and natural surroundings. Specific subjects include basket weaving, a burial, scarification, and a group of hooded self-flagellants. Also includes portraits...

W. K. Weare papers, circa 1880.

Autograph manuscript of Weare's unpublished autobiography (662 pages), and miscellaneous poetry, prose and letters.

A. W. MacKenzie letters, 1870-1897.

Some reflect politics in England. Include letters from John Gellibrand Hubbard, first Baron Addington; William George Spencer Scott, Earl Compton; Catherine (Glynne) Gladstone; Maria Georgina (Shirreff) Grey; John Hutton; Sir Edward Lee; William Henry Forester Denison, first Earl of Londesborough;...

W. Scott Polland collection of manuscripts relating primarily to Marin County, 1840-1962 (bulk 1849-1906).

The collection contains a diverse selection of documents relating to Marin County, California, as well as to business and household affairs in nineteenth century California. Primarily ephemera, documents include business and household reciepts and bills as well as legal documents....

W. Sidney Smith letters received, 1798-1824.

Relate to the naval career of the British admiral. Include letters from Ignazio Thaon de Revel, Johann Friedrich Hach, Sir Alexander Ball, Sir Robert Grant and others.

[Wa Sung Athletic Club baseball team photographs and records].

Collection includes 2 photograph albums and various papers pertaining to the Wa Sung Athletic Club, a Chinese-American semi-professional baseball team based in Oakland in the 1920s and 1930s. One album, untitled, compiled by team manager Ed Bowen, contains action poses...

Wackenreuder family papers.

Include tax lists, leases, agreements to sell, and deeds, for land owned by Vitus Wackenreuder in San Francisco, 1859-1887; portion of a letter written by him, 1883; papers relating to his estate; land patent issued to his daughter, Mary Krause,...

Waggoner (Earl) Photographs of Navajo in Monument Valley

Includes scenes of everyday Navajo life and views of Monument Valley.

Wagner (Henry R.) Papers

Correspondence with other bibliophiles, scholars, libraries, etc. relating to his research and writing on various aspects of western and Latin American history and to his other activities, including interest in California Historical Society; MSS of his writings; transcripts and photocopies...

Wahl (Henry C.) Papers

Mainly replies received from various state and national legislators concerning various issues, many of them relating to legislation on medical insurance for the aged. The letters are arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Included are letters from Barry Goldwater, Albert Arnold Gore,...

Wakefield Autograph Collection.

A collection of letters and autographs presented to the University of California in April 1922 by Sam Bell Wakefield.

Wakoski, Diane. Letters to Michael Rossman, 1960-1965.

Letters of poet Diane Wakoski written primarily from New York City, mentioning her writing, and that of other poets. With these, mamuscripts of some of her poems, some unpublished.

Wald (Karen Lee) Cuban research audio visual collection

Video and sound recordings covering various topics related to Cuba.

Wald, Karen. Photographs of Freedom to Travel trips to Cuba from the Karen Lee Wald Cuban research collection [graphic].

Slides of trips to Cuba made in 1993-1994, organized by the Freedom to Travel / Travel Challenge program of Global Exchange of San Francisco. Pictured are American travelers en route to Cuba (via Cancun, Mexico) and visiting sites and events...

Waldemar Westergaard correspondence and notes : Chico, California, and Ithaca, New York, 1907-1912.

Letters to Henry Morse Stephens and Frederick John Teggart, and research notes, mainly on Bancroft Library materials, relating to the Danish West Indies.

Wall family letters, 1814-1901.

Mainly correspondence between members of the Wall family in the East and in California, some describing Oakland and Berkeley. Included are letters by Benjamin P. Wall, a homeopathic doctor in Berkeley.

Wallace, Alfred Russel Letters to E. D. Girdlestone : ALS, 1884-1889.

Includes an 1884 letter regarding Girdlestone's paper on vivisection. Others concern nationalization of land, economic conditions in Great Britain, and a self-characterization as "a thorough socialist."

Wallace, Alice Bashford. Photographs related to Alice Bashford Wallace and Herbert Bashford [graphic]

Includes photographs of Joaquin Miller (by I.W. Taber), Ella Higginson (by Kirkpatrick of Whatcom, Wash.) Herman Whittaker (by Shaw & Shaw of Oakland), Herbert and daughter Alice Bashford and other family members, and a group portrait of N. Bashford, George...

Wallace B. Reynolds papers, circa 1931-1968.

Includes map, information booklet, telephone directory, badge and award from the wartime Clinton Engineer Works at Oak Ridge, Tenn.; wartime newspapers from Oak Ridge; and two oversized scrapbooks regarding his career in engineering at UCRL; copies of correspondence of UCRL...

Wallace G. Macgregor papers, 1890-1937.

Chiefly contains letters from Wallace G. Macgregor to his family in East Braintree, Massachusetts, concerning his activities as a chemist, working first in the gold mines of Big Bug, Arizona, and later traveling as a consultant to mines in Nevada...

Wallace Hamilton papers, circa 1963-1983.

Included is correspondence from 1963-1983, manuscripts of his novels, his autobiography, numerous plays in various stages, some with notes outlines, background materials, ideas for novels never written, and a few unpublished stories. There is much information in the shape of...

Wallace Macgregor papers, 1963-1995.

Contains correspondence and reports related to work done with various companies dealing with mining and metals including Peabody Coal, Kaiser, AMAX, Homestake and Diamond Shamrock. Also includes papers relating to The Club.

Walling (Anna Strunsky) papers

Contains correspondence, writings, clippings, programs, brochures and ephemera, concerning the life and career of Anna Strunsky Walling. Correspondence is with friends and associates in the social and political movements in which she was active, including Emma Goldman, Jack London, Selig...

Wallowa County, Oregon land documents, 1906-1936.

Contains documents concerning land grants and the sale of land in Wallowa County, Ore. Many contracts involve Shonts family members or businesses. Also includes Shonts family documents concerning the sale of land in Santa Clara County, Calif., Santa Cruz, Calif.,...

Walsworth Family Papers

Correspondence, diaries, Mss., scrapbooks and clippings of Presbyterian minister Edward Brown Walsworth and his wife, relating to their voyage around the Horn in the Trade Wind, 1852; life in San Francisco, Marysville and Oakland; voyage to Hawaii, 1858; visit to...

Walt Disney Productions. Photographs relating to Walt Disney Productions animations [graphic]

Photos show various stages of animation production, including views of technicians, musicians, voice creators, meetings, etc. Photographs relating to the following animated films are included: Alice in wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Bambi, Snow White, Cinderella, and The jungle book.

Walt Whitman collection : ms., circa 1876-circa 1890.

The bulk of items are literary manuscripts in the form of fragmentary working notes for Whitman's Specimen days & collect. Also includes correspondence or fragments of correspondence, miscellaneous notes, other papers related to his work, and a self-fashioned notebook containing...

Walter Alvarez papers, circa 1970-2011

Research materials concerning the Cretaceous-Tertiary (KT) impact and mass extinction, audio cassettes of KT public lecture series, course notes, meeting programs and notes, research papers, correspondence, and other material.

Walter and May Dunn ledgers and class notebooks, circa 1895-1905.

Contains 6 and a 1/2 class notebooks for arithmetic, history, and science. Also contains 4 and a 1/2 ledgers.

Walter B. Jones letters, 1878-1882, to Musidore Rowntree, A.L.S.

With remarkable attention to detail Walter Jones, in some 350 letters and postcards to his fiancee, Musidore Rowntree, describes mining operations, California political and social life, as well as his own personal life. He writes extensively of his work at...

Walter Besant papers, 1875-1900.

Includes letters and a revised holograph manuscript of his story, Uncle Jack.

Walter Charles Blasdale photograph archive [graphic].

Photographs show many views of wilderness areas and recreation areas in California, such as the Russian River, Sherwood, Harris Station, the Eel River, Hoopa Valley, Monterey, Mt. Shasta area, and unidentified forests (including logs and logging). A number of forest...

Walter D. Graham papers, [ca. 1920]

Notebooks and papers, mainly as member, San Francisco Fire Department, [ca. 1920]

Walter D. Knight papers, approximately 1940-1995.

This collection includes correspondence between Knight and his former research assistants (specifically Winston Saunders, Daniel Gordon, and Vitaly Kresin) and other colleagues concerning collaborations on experiments and research papers. Also included are notebooks, course materials, biographical information and research files.

Walter David Briggs diploma and licenses.

Diploma from U.C. College of Pharmacy and 2 state licenses.

Walter De la Mare collection, 1918-1921.

Letters, mainly written to Bertram Lloyd, concerning the publication of De la Mare's poems in an anthology. Corrected typescript of his book of poems, Stuff and Nonsense, also included.

Walter E. and Eunice V.M. Dodds Sierra Club papers, 1940-1990 (bulk 1968-1990).

Consists of materials gathered by Walter, Eunice and Edward Dodds in the course of leading Sierra Club outings to Hawaii, Mexico, and other locations from approximately 1968 to 1989. Files on trips consist of planning materials, camp menus; food lists;...

Walter E. Lammerts papers, 1937-1987.

Consists primarily of correspondence relating to the Creation Research Society and plant breeding. Also includes articles and notes by Lammerts.

Walter E. Rex collection of French prints [graphic].

Includes works by F. Boucher, C.N. Cochin, Desrais, [J.H.?] Fragonard, H. Gravelot, J.M. Moreau (le jeune), J.B. Oudry, Richard, [J.?] Vernet, and A. Watteau.

Walter F. Vilas letters : Calif., to H.M. Vilas and Martin S. Vilas Burlington, Vt. : ALS, 1905-1906.

Contains letters from Walter F. Vilas to his father H.M. Vilas or his brother Martin S. Vilas, describing his move from Ore. to Calif., the San Francisco earthquake, the help of the University of Calif. students following the earthquake, and...

Walter G. Francis accounts, 1905-1919.

The account book, 1909-1910, reflects the partnership of W.G. Francis and G.H. Givens in a teaming business. The portfolio contains miscellaneous bills and receipts, 1905-1906.

Walter H. Ratcliff architectural specifications and drawings, 1914-1959.

Specifications and blueprints, including floor plans, elevations, sections and details for buildings designed by Walter H. Ratcliff and his firm Ratcliff and Ratcliff.

Walter H. Wiley papers, 1887-1909.

Five daily journals contain manuscript notes of where Wiley was working that day and on what project. Eight letterpress copy books contain copies of thousands of letters about all aspects of mines and mining.

Walter, Harry William. Letters to Lester Anderson, 1845-1950.

Regarding his interests in writing and in socialism. Manuscripts and clippings of some of his poems and articles included.

Walter Hilborn papers, 1952-1974.

The collection contains photocopies of letters between Hilborn and ranking officials of national and local Jewish organizations, as well as copies of speeches, reports, awards and tributes, and various legal materials. In addition, the collection contains autobiographical and genealogical information...

Walter Howard papers relating to his biography of Luther Burbank, 1878-1942.

Contains correspondence and research materials used to create a biography of Luther Burbank, including a copy of an unpublished manuscript written by Donald F. Jones titled "The Life and Work of Luther Burbank."

Walter Hughes Henry papers, 1892-1935.

Consists of correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks and other personal ephemera. Correspondents include his sister, Elizabeth Stephenson, A.A. Jones, Ruberto Bevan, Bertram Martin Adams, Allen L. Chickering (for Miller and Lux), Charlotte Anith Whitney and William F. Knowland. Letters from Walter Hughes...

Walter L. Huber papers, 1883-1960 (bulk 1911-1952).

Contains summaries, reports, studies, photographs, newsletters and clippings covering engineering and water resources development projects in California that Huber was involved with. Photographs are of dam projects in Calif. and of buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Walter Macarthur papers, 1883-1944 (bulk 1913-1944).

The Walter Macarthur Papers contain materials of interest to researchers of the history of seaman's rights, maritime law, and labor movements. The bulk of the collection begins with Macarthur's service as U.S. Shipping Commissioner from 1913 to 1932, including substantial...

Walter Morris Hart papers.

Notes, articles and publications concerning his interest and activity as a professor of English at U.C. Berkeley.

Walter P. Taylor journals, 1906-1967.

Concern Taylor's interest and activity as a mammalogist, conservationist, and curator of The U.C. Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (1909-1916).

[Walter Robert and Gail Lynn Kransky collection of Edward H. Mitchell postcards].

Commercially produced postcards depicting locations and other subjects in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, the broader United States and beyond.

Walter S. Johnson papers, 1910-2009.

The bulk of the collection pertains to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco and Johnson's work to save the building. Also included are professional papers documenting Johnson's career with American Forest Products Company and the Friden Calculating Maching...

Walter Scott Weeks papers, 1931-1946.

Material relating to the publication of articles on mining devices and service as University Marshal; and manuscripts of ballads and articles. Included are letters from the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, the Engineering and Mining Journal, Allan H....

Walter Van Tilburg Clark papers, 1945-1946.

Two letters to A.B. Hanson, Jr., 1946, and uncorrected galley proofs of his novel, The City of Trembling Leaves.

Walter Wadsworth Bradley papers, 1888-1949.

Correspondence, both personal and relating to the California Division of Mines. Field notes, manuscripts and miscellaneous papers including reports, etc., for various scientific groups of which he was a member. Considerable material for Masonic orgnaizations, including Order of the Eastern...

Walter Wadsworth Bradley photograph collection [graphic].

Includes views of Bradley's student days at U.C. Berkeley, aftermath of the 1923 fire in Berkeley, San Francisco Bay Area views including Bay Bridge construction and the Embarcadero, many views relating to mining, mining engineering and equipment in California and...

Walter Winchell correspondence regarding Rube Goldberg, 1959.

Contains four letters concerning Rube Goldberg being awarded the "The Silver Lady," including a letter from Goldberg thanking Winchell for his kind words.

Walton Bean papers, [ca. 1946-1976]

Files include some correspondence, copies of student papers, class material, lecture notes, Mss, reprints of writings, research files, etc.

Walton Van Loan diaries : ms.S, 1854, 1856 & 1858.

Pocket diaries kept by a clerk for Le Count & Strong, booksellers and stationers, San Francisco. In June, 1856, he left to return, via the Isthmus, to his home in New York State.

Wanted posters received, 1921-1925.

Includes wanted posters, correspondence about fugitives, and related material, much of which is accompanied by original photographs.

War Eagle Hotel account books : Silver City, Idaho, 1906-1916.

V. 1, receipts from guests, 1906 (with later school notes by Leona, daughter of John Grete, owner); v. 2-3, ledger and cashbook, 1913-1916; v. 4, check and deposit register, 1915-1916.

War flags of the California volunteers : and related material : ms., ca. 1960.

History of the battle flags displayed in the State Capitol, under which California troops fought in the Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War I; with copy of Senate Concurrent Resolution, Apr. 1, 1960, authorizing publication of a brief history....

War Relocation Authority Photographs of Japanese-American Evacuation and Resettlement

Photographs document the evacuation of Japanese Americans and their life in various Relocation Camps across the United States. Post-war resettlement activities are also recorded.

Warner family diaries, 1864.

Typed transcripts of diaries of Mary Eliza Warner, Mar. 28 - July 27, 1864, and of Mary Elizabeth P. Warner, Apr. 7 - June 27, 1864, while on overland journey to California with members of their family in party under...

Warner Hutton house, Saratoga, Calif. [graphic]

Exterior and interior views of the Hutton house (built ca. 1896), taken Apr 14, 1988. The house was scheduled for relocation in Saratoga in 1989 or 1990 in connection with the State Highway Route 85 alignment project.

Warrant book and related items : ms.S, 1850-1856.

Warrant book containing stubs of warrants no. 1-341, issued and signed by Edwin D. Wheeler, June 14-Dec. 23, 1850.

Warren A. Snyder linguistic notes on Maidu and Patwin languages, 1968-1970.

This collection consists of a card file containing a Maidu word list and notes on River Patwin morphology, phonemics and phonetics compiled by Warren Arthur Snyder.

Warren B. James papers, 1931-1965.

Collection consists of reports, plans, drawings, photographs, and slides relating to Warren B. James' engineering work on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in the 1930s and the following other bridge projects in Northern and Southern California: San Gabriel School District...

Warren Charles Perry papers, approximately 1900-1970.

Project files, including architectural drawings (on linen and tissue, and blueprints), specifications, and correspondence. Includes several files relating to projects done for the University of California, Berkeley.

Warren Fletcher papers, 1848.

Journal (Jan. 2-July 15, 1849) of passage, Boston to San Francisco, in bark Elvira; items of membership, New England Associated California Pioneers of '49 and a few family items.

Warren G. Harding correspondence microfilmed from the Hiram Johnson papers, 1920-1922.

Originals in the Hiram Johnson papers, C-B 581 Pt. III in the Bancroft Library.

Warren Gregory papers, circa 1884-1958.

Personal and business correspondence, clippings, and miscellaneous publications relating to the activities and interests of attorney and U.C. Berkeley faculty member Warren Gregory, family members, and friends. Includes California bar exam questions with corresponding composition answer books. Agencies represented in...

Warren Hussey papers, 1879-1920.

Concerning banking and mining interests in the West. Diaries of December, 1879-December, 1886, describe trips to New York and business travels in Colorado, California, Washington, and particularly northern Idaho. A memorandum book evidently dates from 1886; an account book includes...

Warren (James L.) Papers

Correspondence, accounts, manuscripts and clippings. Relate mainly to Warren's activities as editor of the California Farmer. Also included are papers pertaining to the ship, Sweden, and the Sweden Mining Company, the Sacramento Railroad Company, the California State Agricultural Society and...

Warren L. Hanna papers, 1671-1989 (bulk 1937-1983)

The Warren L. Hanna Papers contain materials related to Hanna's interest in the controversy surrounding the site of Sir Francis Drake's landing on the western coast of North America in 1579. The collection includes several drafts of Lost Harbor, Hanna's...

Warren Olney III papers, 1895-1973 (bulk 1954-1969)

Consists of speeches made by Warren Olney III, with a small amount of correspondence, including letters to and from Thurgood Marshall. Other Olney material includes one speech by Warren Olney, Jr. and a letter to him from William D. Mitchell,...

Warren Sadler journal, reminiscences and miscellaneous papers, 1849-1867.

Journal of Lockport, N.Y. gold prospector (Sept. 1849 - Sept. 1850) with comments on Sacramento (merchants, "water lots," and flood of Jan. 1850); mining camp life in Placer, Nevada, El Dorado and Sutter counties; travels in the state; encounters with...

Warren W. Unna correspondence relating to his book, The Coppa Murals (S.F. 1952), 1951-1952.

Letters from Gelett Burgess, Edwin Emerson, James M. Hopper, Idwal Jones, Barbara Newberry (concerning Perry Newberry) and Martha Ewing-Newcome (concerning Isabel Fraser Chamberlain) Covering letter to James D. Hart.

The Warrens : four personal views : oral history transcript / and related material, 1970-1976.

Copies of photographs included. Copies of documentary material and clippings inserted of appended. Earl Warren Job Hunting at the Legislature, a brief interview with Horace Albright narrating an incident occuring in 1919; Earl Warren's Friend and Biographer, an interview with...

A wartime journey : from Ottumwa, Iowa to the Richmond shipyards, 1942 : oral history transcript / 1985.

She recalls leaving her children in Iowa as she joined her first husband in the Richmond shipyards, her work as a welder there, her romance with her crew's leaderman, Ray Cathey, and the general spirit of the times, including her...

Washburn (S. L.) Papers

S. L. Washburn papers contain correspondence, writings, research notes, lectures, speeches, field notes, biographical information and photographs relating to his career in physical anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley. Correspondence is mainly professional with colleagues at Berkeley, in the...

Washington brothers portraits [graphic]

1: Portrait of one of the Washington brothers at about age 2, wearing a dress and holding a large cap. -- 2: Portrait of two brothers standing next to each other, in trousers and jackets buttoned to the neck, holding...

Washington Mining Company records, [1869-1882]

Accounts, Mar. 13, 1869 - Sept., 1882, for gold and silver mining and milling company in Mariposa Co., Calif.

Washington miscellany, circa 1858-1930.

Includes letters from Kimball Webster (1828-1916) concerning his journey from Oregon to Washington; and letter of John Broyles concerning white penetration of the area near Kendall, Wash.

Washington miscellany, circa 1878-1884.

Letters notes, and information concerning Washington state, its history and commerce. Each item cataloged separately; search under title: Washington Miscellany.

Washington newspaper miscellany, 1877-1884.

Two letters to H.H. Bancroft, Seattle, 1884, by A.A. Denny and Charles Prosch, about the Post-Intelligencer; brief notes concerning the Seattle Chronicle and Puget Sound Weekly Argus; and clippings on Washington history from the Snohomish Northern Star, 1877-1879.

Water engineering consulting reports, 1925-1946.

Includes reports on purchase of water in Owens Valley by Los Angeles, value of property of the Hillside Water Company in Inyo County, the All-American Canal in Imperial Valley, return waters from irrigation, damage to property in Needles, California by...

Water rights and legal issues at the East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1951-1983 : oral history transcript / 1997.

A graduate of the Boalt School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, and attornbey for the East Bay Municipal Utility District, John B. Reilly talks about the Alameda County Public Defender's Office under Willard Shea; litigation and negotiation for Mokelumne...

Water rights on the Mokelumne river and legal issues at the East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1927-1966 : oral history transcript / 1997.

Harold Raines, holder of a J.D. degree from the University of California, for many years Attorney for the East Bay Municipal Utility District, discusses the District's early years, water law and right of condemnation; negotations for Mokelumne River water, and...

Water Supply Methods in California Missions, 1945 - Views Related to

This collection of 27 photographic prints and one blueprint consists primarily of views related to the irrigation of California mission land. The photographs were taken or collected by Frank Adams (1875-1967), a University of California, Berkeley professor who specialized in...

Water supply, water rights and other legal issues at the East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1972-1993 : oral history transcript / 2003.

Childhood in Arizona and southern California; Stanford University, B.A., 1964; Hastings College of the Law, J.D., 1967; U.S. Air Force, 1967-1972; contracts, military justice, other legal work; East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1972-1993: water rights, utilities and environmental law; preserving...

Watercolor and sketch of residence at 160 Stonewall Road, Berkeley, Calif. [graphic] /

Residence, for a short time during World War II, of the artist and his family.

Watercolor impressions of the twenty one California Spanish missions [graphic]

Exterior views of Spanish missions and their surroundings; some showing various stages of delapidation.

Watercolors from the William H. Meyers letters, manuscripts and drawings [graphic].

Watercolors depict a single-masted American sailing ship (presemably the sloop Cyane, on which Meyers served) and various illustrations of people in a comical, cartoonish style. These include a self portrait of Meyers captioned "William loafing a bundle," a procession of...

Watercolors of birds of the Pacific slope.

Various birds from California and Mexico, identified by scientific and common name.

Watercolors of Mexico and Panama [graphic].

Views depicts Acapulco (water, mountains, buildings, people), a mountain scene near Zumpango (including a horse, rider, and roadside cross), a mountain scene in western Mexico (showing huts, people, a roadside cross, etc.) and two scenes at the Chagres River, Panama...

Watercolors of old california buildings [graphic]

Images include Spanish Church in Los Angeles; house in Sycamore Canyon, Ranch near Mesa, Spanish house, and Adobe House, Santa Barbara; and Powder House Village, Santa Cruz,

Waterfront docks and lumber-yards, Eureka, Calif. [graphic] /

Includes one composite view of an overview of Excelsior's lumber-yard below a view of the yard's waterfront. Also pictured is a smaller waterfront operation, with wooded hills in background, and a view of a dock with a small steam train...

Waterfront Employer's Union of San Francisco circulars, releases and correspondence : typescript, 1934-1938.

Contains circulars, press releases and correspondence during and after the Pacific Coast Longshoremen's Strike in 1934, of the Waterfront Employer's Union of San Francisco and the Waterfront Employers Association. Correspondence between the International Longshoremen's Association and the Central Coast Committee...

Waterman Family Papers

Papers of Robert W. Waterman, governor of California, 1887-1891, his wife Jane, and their six children. Included are letters, diaries, legal and financial records, account books, speeches and clippings. Some papers relate to his governorship and to politics. Letters...

Waterman (R. W.) - California Views, circa 1865-1900

The California Views from the R.W. Waterman Family Papers collection contains 164 photographic prints, 8 stereographs, and 3 cartes de visite taken circa 1865-1900.

Waters (R. J. and Co.) Views of Donner Lake, California, ca. 1915

The Views of Donner Lake, California album contains 16 photographic prints consisting of views of Donner Lake from various perspectives taken circa 1915. The album was created by R.J. Waters & Co., Photographers, for the Donner Lake Co. and many...

The waterways of Riven Rock[graphic] : the estate of Mr. Stanley R. McCormick, Montecito, Santa Barbara, California.

Views of the garden at the estate of Stanley McCormick in Montecito, primarily showing bridges, dams, pools, etc., along a creek.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Arizona photographs

Included are views of yucca and cactus plants, desert landscapes, mines, Mission San Xavier, and the towns of Tucson, Tombstone, and Pantano, among others....

Watkins (Carleton E.), Franciscan Missions of California by

The Franciscan Missions of California album contains 35 albumen prints taken by Carleton E. Watkins circa 1876-1882. Watkins probably began photographing the missions while returning from a trip to Southern California in 1876, during which he also photographed scenes along...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Hearst Mining Collection of Views, 1871-1876

The collection consists of 139 landscape views, 15 «" x 21", and nine 39" x 58" enlargements. Two of the latter are enlargements of smaller 15 «" x 21" photographs. The two remaining photographs in the collection are of the...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Landscape Photographs from the George Davidson Collection

Large format photographs of Western landscapes by C.E. Watkins and W.H. Jackson, collected by George Davidson. Watkins views include Mt. Lassen, Mt. Shasta (1870?), and Mt. Lola (1879), and various Yosemite views (1861-1869.) Jackson views are of Yellowstone National Park...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Photographs of Yosemite Valley

Yosemite views, with one image of the Columbia River, Oregon.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Views in California and Oregon

Chiefly views of Yosemite and Mendocino County, Calif., and some Oregon views.

Watkins (Carleton E.), Mendocino Coast, 1863

This collection features images taken in 1863 of lumbering activities along the Mendocino County Coast, north of San Francisco.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Miscellaneous Mammoth Plate Photographs

A miscellaneous grouping of mammoth plate photographic prints by or attributed to Carleton E. Watkins. Chiefly California landscape views.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Photographic Views of El Verano and Vicinity, Sonoma Valley, California

The collection consists of an album containing 133 albumen photographs of estates and the countryside of Sonoma Valley, California taken by Watkins in 1887 for the Sonoma Valley Improvement Company as a promotional tool.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Photographic Views of the Golden Gate Mining Claim [and the Golden Feather Mining Claim] Situated on Feather River, Butte County, Cal.

A portfolio of two related sets of riverbed mining views on the Feather River in Butte County, California. These views constitute C.E. Watkins' last known commercial commission and were taken in November, 1891.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Photographs of California Scenes: A Mammoth Plate Miscellany

A miscellany of mammoth plate landscape photographs assembled by The Bancroft Library from various sources. The great majority of images are by Carleton E. Watkins.

Watkins, Carleton E. Photographs of California scenes [graphic] : a mammoth plate miscellany /

Chiefly Yosemite views. Also includes San Francisco and vicinity and several California missions.

Watkins, Carleton E. Photographs of California scenes [graphic] : Yosemite mammoth plate views from the collection of J.J. O'Doran /

1: General view of Yosemite Valley from Inspiration Point -- 2: Last View from Mariposa Trail -- 3: Outline of Cathedral Rocks, from the River at foot -- 4: Bridal Veil Falls from hillside -- 5: Cathedral Spires--full front view...

Watkins, Carleton E. Photographs of the Darius O. Mills residence [graphic].

Photos show interiors (including decor and furniture) and the conservatory at the Darius O. Mills residence, presumably in Millbrae, Calif.

Watkins (Carleton E.), Photographs of the Mariposa Estate and Environs

The collection consists of thirty-two views taken in 1860 of John Charles Fremont's "Las Mariposas" estate in Mariposa County. Included are views of mines, mills, and mining towns of the California gold country, and several views of railroads in the...

Watkins, Carleton E. Photographs of Tombstone, Az., Virginia City, Nev., and California missions [graphic] /

Stereographs (from Watkins' new series) show three California missions: San Buenaventura (#4638) -- San Carlos Borromeo (unnumbered) -- San Juan Capistrano (#4623). Cabinet card photographs (from Watkins' new cabinet series) are captioned: -- Tombstone, Arizona (#4913) [showing general view of...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Photographs of Yosemite: with Additional Views of Mt. Shasta, Calif. and Cape Horn, Columbia River, Oregon

Twelve Yosemite views printed and issued by I.W. Taber, from original negatives taken by Carleton E. Watkins. To this set are added one view of the Columbia River and one of Mount Shasta, probably both taken by Watkins on his...

Watkins (Carleton E.) San Francisco Photographs, ca. 1872- ca. 1879

The San Francisco Photographs collection contains 13 albumen prints taken by Carleton E. Watkins circa 1872 to circa 1879. The collection features various views of San Francisco, and includes two prints (Nos. 11 and 12) which were originally taken as...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Scenes of Rancho San Antonio photographed for Northern California land cases

Large format landscape scenes of Rancho San Antonio (Alameda and Contra Costa counties, Calif.), for land settlement case. Most views are in the vicinity of El Cerrito, California. Captions indicate that views were for use in case "No. 100: United...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Scenic California

The Scenic California collection contains 14 mounted albumen prints taken circa 1885 by Carleton E. Watkins.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Selected Mammoth Plate Photographic Prints from the Keith McHenry Pond Collection

Mammoth plate California landscape views formerly belonging to artist William Keith. The majority of views are by photographer Carleton E. Watkins.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Stereo Views of the West, ca. 1865-ca. 1880

The Stereo Views of the West photograph collection consists of 75 stereographs taken by Carleton E. Watkins from circa 1865 to circa 1880. The photographs are arranged by and numbered with Watkins' series number. The collection includes views from the...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Stereographic Views from the Eugene Compton Collection

The Stereographic Views from the Eugene Compton Collection consists of 37 stereographic prints taken by Carleton E. Watkins during the years 1870-1885.

Watkins (Carleton E.) Sun Sketches of San Mateo

The Sun Sketches of San Mateo album contains 25 photographic prints taken by Carleton E. Watkins in 1875 featuring views of early San Mateo County. Especially featured is the Baywood residence and estate of financier John Parrott, built in 1868...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Views of San Francisco, Yosemite, and Monterey, ca. 1876 - ca. 1890

This collection consists of 16 albumen prints taken by Carleton E. Watkins, circa 1876-circa 1890. The photographs are part of "Watkins' New Boudoir Series Yo Semite and Pacific Coast." The collection consists primarily of architectural views of the San Francisco...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Yosemite Views, ca. 1876

The Yosemite Views collection includes 22 mounted albumen prints taken by Carleton E. Watkins circa 1876. The prints are part of "Watkins' New Boudoir Series Yo Semite and Pacific Coast." These general landscapes of Yosemite Valley include Cathedral Rocks, Vernal...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Yosemite Views from the Sierra Club Collection

Yosemite views in the mammoth plate format, chiefly taken by Carleton E. Watkins during his 1861 trip to the valley.

Watson Blanchard letters : from Todd Valley, Calif. : ALS, 1864-1865.

Letters from Blanchard to his mother, Martha Blanchard, his brother Ruel, and his aunt Mary Reed, all in Maine. Watson Blanchard was apparently a draft evader, and he discusses his reasons for leaving home and his attitudes towards women.

Watson C. Squire dictation and biographical material, 1889-1890.

Include typewritten dictation and draft of biographical sketch, partially in H.H. Bancroft's hand.

Watson M. Laetsch papers, circa 1965-2005.

Correspondence, research notes, and other scientific and personal papers relating to his career as professor of botany, director of Lawrence Hall of Science and the Botanical Garden, and Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Affairs.

Wax (Rosalie H.) Papers

Consists chiefly of a 1981-1982 revision of her Tule Lake field notes, written for the Japanese American Evacuation and Resettlement Study in 1944-1945, while Wax was at the Relocation Center near Newell, Calif. The revision, funded by a grant from...

Wayburn (Edgar) papers

The Edgar Wayburn Papers (1923-2010, bulk 1951-2007) focus on Wayburn's conservation work both in the United States and internationally.

Wayne T. Corbitt papers, 1980-1997.

Consists of works by and about Wayne T. Corbitt, including his notebooks, poems, short stories, plays, and performance works, as well as reviews of his work and interviews. Also includes a small amount of correspondence with colleagues and friends, and...

Wayne T. Corbitt pictorial collection [graphic]

Includes personal snapshots, portraits, and photographs of Corbitt performing, probably in San Francisco, but possibly also in New York. Also includes two views of the exterior of the bar called The Slot.

Wayne T. Corbitt sound recordings [sound recording]

Corbitt interview on KALX radio, July 24, 1991 and four other workshop and/or rehearsal recordings.

Wayne T. Corbitt videotapes [videorecording]

Largely performance footage of Corbitt.

W.B. Fitch family letters, 1849-1892 (bulk 1849-1855).

Fourteen letters, primarily to his wife Maria, written from California, detailing his work mining. Also includes a few letters written by other family members.

W.C. Lowdermilk papers, 1914-1961.

Material relating to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Land Use Survey in Europe and Africa, 1938-1939, including copies of letters written by him, itinerary, log, photographs and preliminary reports; letters written from China, 1942-1943, while on a mission for the...

W.C. Lowdermilk papers, circa 1912-1969.

Collection includes correspondence, diaries and field notes, articles on soil erosion and land reclamation, reports, and many photographs documenting Lowdermilk's trips to the Middle East, Europe, and China.

W.C. Morrow papers, 1898-1921.

Relating primarily to his literary work. Included are letters from Holbrook Blinn, Ina D. Coolbrith, Charles M. Gayley, David S. Jordan and Vincent Starrett; and photocopies of Morrow's letters to Starrett, 1915-1921, many of which refer to Ambrose Bierce.

"We do not solicit 'hippie' patronage" broadsides, circa 1969-1970.

Contains two copies of a printed broadside (8 1/2 x 11 in.) that was used for display purposes in business establishments located in Mount Shasta, California during the late 1960's.

Weathern family correspondence, 1848-1853.

Two letters to W.H. Weathern, Farmington, Maine, from uncle, M.B. Reed, Denmark, Iowa, planning to leave for California, Apr., 1849; two letters to E.R. Weathern from friend, John L. Gilley, Indian Crick [sic.] and Grass Valley, Calif., 1852-1853.

The weaver's weaver : oral history transcript : explorations in multiple layers and three-dimensional fiber art / 1996.

Kay Sekimachi discusses her family background, studies at the California College of Arts and Crafts, learning and teaching weaving techniques, exhibits and shows, and stimulus for innovation.

Weber and Murphy family collection of portraits and Stockton views [graphic].

Collection of family portraits of the Charles M. Weber family of Stockton, Calif. and some of their Murphy relatives. Included are 12 half-plate daguerreotype views of Stockton and the exterior of the Weber home, taken for Weber by W.H. Rulofson,...

Weber Family Papers

Includes correspondence, diaries, letterpress copy books, legal documents, accounts, property records, and personal ephemera concerning the life of Charles Maria Weber and his family in California. Weber was a German immigrant and founder of Stockton, California. He came to California...

Webster Robinson notes on Pacific Coast shipping, circa 1925-1930.

Typed and handwritten notes and transcriptions from various newspapers and government documents on topics relating to Pacific Coast shipping from the 1840s to the 1870s. The files appear to be related to an unpublished book project. Topics include the following:...

Weekly Trinity journal accounts, 1876-1940.

Business correspondence (1939), ledgers (1882-1903), scrapbook of clippings re Weaverville (1876-1885), and other materials.

Weinstein Company reports, 1938-1968.

Contains the annual and special meeting reports with details of meetings of Board of Directors and principal stock holders including by-laws, financial operations, properties, and negotiations with labor unions. Also includes establishment of Isidor Weinstein memorial scholarship at the University...

Weitbrecht (Robert) papers

The papers of Robert H. Weitbrecht, a physicist and electronic design engineer best known for his invention of TTY, also known as the teletypewriter, TDD, or Telecommunication Device for the Deaf.

Welch-Switzer papers, 1849-1854, undated.

Photocopies of diary of A.S. Welch; and letters by David Switzer. Also, photocopies of Welch letters as published in two newspapers.

Weld and Newton family photographs [graphic].

A quarter-plate daguerreotype of Gilbert Cumming Weld, and a sixth-plate daguerreotype of his wife Elise M. Weld. Stereographs are portraits of Elise Weld's family, in various locations, after her marriage to Louis [Lewis?] Henry Newton. Stereographs taken in front of...

Wellington, Winfield Scott Photographs of De Young Museum exhibits [graphic] /

Photos from two exhibits at the De Young Museum, San Francisco (photos 1-5) -- Exhibition of Japanese materials, 1951; (photos 6-9) -- Exhibition of American-Indian materials, 1953.

Wellman family papers, 1791-1983 (bulk 1862-1926).

Contains travel journals, legal documents and newspaper clippings. Journals are Emma Wellman's for trips to Japan in 1897, world trip in 1899-1900 and a trip to New Zealand in 1925-1926 and Jean Wellman's trip to Europe in 1889-1890. Legal documents,...

Wellman family photographs [graphic].

Formal portraits and snapshots of various members of the Bela Wellman family. Includes social gatherings, residences (including the Fruitvale district of Oakland, Calif.) and the Wellman, Peck & Co. store in San Francisco, Calif. Album also depicts Jean Howard McDuffie,...

Welton Becket architectural projects [graphic]

Photographs show finished buildings (designed by Welton Becket), construction scenes, plans, architects' drawings, public buildings and insitutions (hotels, hospitals, schools, churches, etc.), and many projects at the University of California Los Angeles campus. Most projects seem to be in Southern...

Wendell M. Latimer papers, 1916-1972 (bulk 1949-1955).

Contains correspondence (1949-1955), writings (1916-1955), and a few personal and family papers, including photographs (1922-1972). Oversize folder: certificate of merit for service during World War II, signed by Harry Truman, March 1, 1948.

Wendell Prescott Roop correspondence, 1907-1925.

Contains manuscript and typed letters, mostly from Wendell P. Roop, a student in the Physics Department at the University of California in Berkeley to his father, a businessman in Kansas City, Mo. Describes his activities and interests in school and...

Werner K.G. Möbes clippings and other assorted miscellany pertaining to his work, Bibliographie der Tauben, circa 1953-1962.

Werner K.G. Möbes clippings and other assorted miscellany pertaining to his work, Bibliographie der Tauben, BANC MSS 92/833 z, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

West and Benson family papers, 1853-1922.

Wells Wallis West (1836-1924) autobiography Lake port, Calif. Mar. 1921-Feb. 1922. Account of childhood in Illinois; overland journey to California (1853) via Ft. Laramie and Salt Lake City; mining near Ione City and at Michigan Bar; Civil War experiences as...

The West End Gold Mining Co. letter and prospectus : Sherman, Colo. to R.L. Mutting, Otisfield, Maine : TL, 1895 Feb. 20.

Consists of letter to a prospective investor along with a company prospectus, an article on the mining area and an order blank for stock.

[West Lake School class of 1938 group portraits].

Two variant panoramic group portraits of class of 1938 students of West Lake School, Oakland, Calif.

West on Videotape

"The West on Videotape" documents 40 interviewees who have been significantly involved in the history and folk culture of the Western United States. The intention of this collection is to demonstrate the value of videotape in preserving local history. The...

The West: past and present, real and imaginary [graphic]

Photos are mainly pictures of people (many Indians). Includes some ghost towns, movie sets, rodeos, etc. Locations include Arizona (bulk), , New Mexico, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana, Colorado, Sonora and Baja (Mexico), and the Yukon Territory (Canada).

West Side oil fields, Kern County, California

Views relating to oil industry of Taft area in Kern County. Depicted are oil fields, individual rigs, blowouts, business districts, buildings, and supporting industries. Includes photos of the Standard Oil Co. facilities (machine and blacksmith shop, farm, pipelines, bunk houses,...

Westbrook family material, 1882-1886.

Biographical sketch of Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Westbrook, Lorena, Texas, by John W. Hall, 1886; two letters, 1886, by Mrs. Westbrook to Hall and H.H. Bancroft concerning her desire to write a biographical account of Bancroft; narrative by Mrs. Westbrook,...

Western authors material from the Huntington Library : ms.

Manuscripts, typescripts, music score, illustrations, printed material concerning Jack London, George Sterling, Joaquin Miller, Mark Twain, Bret Harte, Ambrose Bierce, Helen Hunt Jackson, John Muir, Ina Coolbrith, Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Warren Stoddard, Edwin Markham, Stewart Edward White, Gertrude Atherton,...

Western Canadian views [graphic]

Includes the towns of Fernie, British Columbia, and Coal Creek (Yukon?). Races, fishing, and other recreational and family life scenes are depicted. Also pictured are logging, mining, parades & carnivals, an avalanche, and general street and landscape views.

Western Federation of Miners, Silver City Union, No. 66 records : Silver City, Idaho, 1896-1902.

Organizational and other records [kept during a part of 1896-1897 by W.D. (Big Bill) Haywood], including minutes of weekly meetings at Silver City, August, 1896-September, 1898, financial records, register of members, membership cards, transfer cards, and other materials.

Western Hills, Lawndale, California : preliminary prospectus and illustrations.

3 folded, mounted prints: reproductions of architectural drawings by Bernard Maybeck and/or Julia Morgan depicting various views and details of the proposed Western Hills cemetery.

[Western illustrations from periodicals] [graphic] /

The prairie on fire, Nebraska; The Truckee River (from a photograph by C. E. Watkins); A Valley in the Sierra Nevada (from a sketch by Fred. Whymper), and The Summit of the Sierra Nevada mountains (from a drawing by Nahl...

Western Jewish History Center Collection on the San Francisco Jews of Eastern European Origin, 1880-1940 Oral History Project records, 1902-1979.

The collection contains the indexes for the oral histories, as well as biographical information for those people preliminarily interviewed for the project: Celia Yerusalimski Alperth; Bassya Maltzer Bibel; Philip Bibel; Eugene Block; Lilan Friedman Cherney; Zena Sheinkman Druckman; Rose Hartman...

Western Jewish History Center, "San Francisco Jews: Old Traditions on a New Frontier" Exhibition records, 1907-1992 (bulk 1972-1976).

The "San Francisco Jews: Old Traditions on a New Frontier" was a special traveling exhibition prepared, in 1976, by the Western Jewish History Center. It was created in commemoration of the United States' bicentennial, and it was developed with the...

Western Jewish History Center, Vertical Files

The Western Jewish History Center, Vertical Files contain the office reference and research files of the Center and document its efforts to provide guidance and assistance in the study of western Jewish Americana.

Western Jewish History Center, Zionism in the San Francisco Bay Area records, approximately 1900-1991 (bulk 1950-1975).

This collection, consisting of materials from various sources, documents the evolution of Zionist thought in the San Francisco Bay Area. It includes correspondence; pamphlets; newspaper clippings and small publications; and photographs and posters. In addition, the collection contains the proposed...

Western Land and Live Stock Company records, 1854-1885.

Correspondence and documents principally relating to Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Also included are titles and deeds relating to the purchase of property in San Francisco and Jenny Lind, Calif. Correspondence documents conflict between the government of Mexico and the Western Land...

Western landscapes in California, Nevada, Wyoming, and Washington

Chiefly views in California (approximately 150) and Nevada (approximately 115). California views consist entirely of images of the Sierra Nevada, including the Mount Whitney, Kern River Canyon, and Kaweah regions. Nevada views include Carson City, Virginia City, mining towns, mines,...

Western miscellany.

Concerns Indians warfare, fur trade, freight and freightage, description of Rocky Mountains, actions and defenses, real estate, and overland journeys to the Pacific. Each item individually cataloged. Search under title: Western Miscellany; or call number: BANC MSS P-W 10:1-8.

Western Oil Association letter, circa 1901.

To prospective investors containing prospectus and stock application.

Western Pine Association photographs [graphic].

Photographs document many aspects of logging and lumbering operations in California, including views of hand-logging, mills, lumber, horses hauling logs, tools and equipment, and logging camps. Various lumber companies are identified.

Western postcard scenes [graphic]

Postcards show many California locations, including: Coalinga; Hanford; Hayward; missions San Gabriel, San Xavier, and Santa Inez; Modesto; Oakland; Roseville; the Crocker Mansion, San Francisco; and the Hotel Montgomery and Market St., San Jose. Other views show Phoenix, Arizona; Goldfield,...

Western Society for Physical Education of College Women records, 1924-1991.

Contains conference programs and reports; also newsletters and directories.

[Western Sugar Refinery fabric dolls].

Doll figures printed on sugar bag fabric, as promotional items for the Western Sugar Refinery. Dolls represent various characters from Mother Goose, national types, etc., including Little Miss Muffet; Frog Who Went A-Wooing; Tommy Tucker (2 copies); Trili, Swiss girl...

Western Survey Expeditions of 1871, 1872, 1873, and 1874

This survey expedition stereograph collection consists of 150 albumen stereographs taken of and for the Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian from 1871-1874. The publisher is the War Department Corps of Engineers, U.S.A. The U.S. Geographical and Geological Surveys...

Western travel views [graphic]

Photographs show Colorado scenery, general views of Colorado towns, and railroads. Utah views focus on Salt Lake City and show the Mormon Tabernacle and general views. California views include many from San Francisco: some from the California Mid-Winter Exposition, views...

Western Union Telegraph Company Los Angeles Office records, circa 1933-1977.

Contains scrapbook, blank telegrams, sign, publications, correspondence and photographs. Scrapbook includes clippings and photographs of Western Union employees, equipment, and of Western Union in general. Also includes telegram and reports from United Nations Conference in San Francisco in 1945; papers...

Weston, Edward Photographs from Letters to Miriam Lerner Fisher [graphic]

Includes four portraits of Tina Modotti, two nudes (believed to have been modelled by Miriam Lerner Fisher), and two photos of Mexican clay statuettes.

W.H. Durham papers, 1918-1949.

Letters, publishers' agreements, Mss. of a few articles, and army papers (1918-1921).

W.H. Hutchinson research notes for Oil, Land, and Politics: the California career of Thomas Robert Bard, circa 1960-1965.

Primarily relate to Bard's oil and property dealings in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties. There are also materials on crimes related to land claims, and relating to Bard's political career as a United States Senator. Hutchinson's book on...

Whale honey : typescript (photocopy), [ca. 1975].

Script (33 leaves), the original of which appears to have included minor ms. revisions & notations. Perhaps an actor's copy. The playbill is for a performance (ca. 1975) featuring Diane Di Prima and several of her children.

Whalen (Philip) Papers

The Philip Whalen Papers, circa 1940-2001, consist of the writings (notebooks, poems, prose works), correspondence, professional papers, artwork and personal papers that detail Whalen’s dual life as poet (coming to prominence during San Francisco’s Beat era of the 50’s and...

Wheeler (Benjamin Ide) Papers

Personal correspondence of the President of the University of California; his writings and speeches (Mss. and printed); genealogical material on the Wheeler and Ide families; and clippings relating mainly to the University of California, 1912-1913. A small group of papers...

Wheeler family correspondence : ALS, 1850-1877.

Contains 15 letters by Allison Wheeler and 5 letters by Alfred Wheeler, from San Francisco, Calif., back east to New York, many to their sister Caroline Garner Chapman. The letters concern Allison's travel to Calif. by ship, life in Calif....

Where Atlas flings his shadow : n.p. : ms.S, 1983 Mar. 6.

His poem, submitted to Bernard Rosenthal and Andrew Hoyem. Set in portfolio, with handdrawn map, suggestions for photographic illustrations, and notes.

Whidbey, Joseph. Letter to Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville, reporting on the survey of the Northwest Coast, with recommendations for trade and settlement. Sent from "Monterey, N.W. America", Jan. 2, 1793 : typescript.

A transcript of Whidbey's letter with notes concerning the author, other members and the vessels on Vancouver's voyages of discovery. Covering letter from J. Pearson & Co. (London) Ltd., included.

Whig party materials, 1854-1857.

Notice requesting meetings for selection of delegates to state convention, ca. 1854 and a bill from the Siskiyou Chronicle to the Independent Party, Yreka, for the printing of tickets, 1857.

Whinery, Charles Crawford Letters to Francis Samuel Philbrick : New York City : LS, 1907, Dec. 21-1908, May 13.

Five letters concerning preparation of articles on Cuba and other subjects for the London Times written on stationery of the American office of The London Times.

Whitaker & Baxter International records, circa1958-1992.

Contains office files relating to their political and public relations campaigns.

Whitcomb family papers, 1851-1877.

Letters, mainly from the Whitcomb brothers - Clement Godfrey, Byron and J. Baker - to family in the East. Includes description of Panama in 1851; life in mining communities of Yuba Co.; mines and water ditches; stage coach robbery by...

White (Stewart E.) Manuscripts

Manuscripts of his stories, novels and books. Some pertain to outdoors life and mountaineering in California and to travels in Africa.

Whiting family papers, 1924-1939.

Henry Hyer Whiting correspondence with William G. McAdoo, 1932-1938. Contains Whiting's files, mainly as Northern California campaign manager for McAdoo. A few letters to and form others included. Also, copies of correspondence with John W. Preston concerning federal judgeships for...

The Whitman massacre; and early history of Oregon, 1839-1848.

Copies of original Mss. or transcript: (1) Letters of Peter H. Burnett and Henry H. Spalding to J.S. Griffin of The Oregon American, 1848; (2) Overland diary of Sidney Smith with Farnham's party, 1839; (3) Sketches of early Oregon history...

Whitman Mission correspondence, 1834-1852.

Typed transcript compilation made for the Whitman National Monument by Olaf T. Hagen, U.S. National Park Service, 1941-1942.

Whittell family papers, 1906-1929.

Letters and postcards among family members, mostly addressed to George, Jr. from his father in New York. Also included are financial papers and biographical notes on various family members.

Whittier, Fuller & Co. records, 1861-1896.

Contains ledger books for Whittier, Fuller, & Co. for various business transactions including invoices, accounts, correspondence, freight, stable costs, etc. Also contains some loose miscellaneous ephemera, including catalogs and receipts. Some of the ledgers come from subsidiaries and previous business...

Whittier police officer Merle Crum scrapbook [graphic].

Scrapbook contains photographs, clippings and ephemera pertaining to the police department in Whittier, Calif.; the career of officer Merle Crum; and crime and criminals in the greater Los Angeles area. Photographs depict police officers, crime scenes and murder victims.

Wickman (Boyd E.) Papers

The Boyd E. Wickman papers primarily consist of materials collected by Wickman, a Forest Service employee, during the course of his research of the history of the United States Bureau of Entomology, Pacific Slope Region. Included are copies of original...

Wickson (Edward J.) Papers

Correspondence; manuscripts and reprints of his writings; reviews of his books; material re Luther Burbank; clippings; and obituaries.

[Wiel, Davis, and Metzger family photographs and memorabilia.]

Family portraits, snapshot photographs, photograph albums, and some memorabilia documenting the lives of various branches of a San Francisco Jewish family. The collection centers around the families of Alvin Davis (1888-1967) and his wife Vera Metzger Davis (1893-1988), and that...

Wiel-Davis-Metzger family papers, 1864-2015.

The bulk of materials date from the 1930s through the 1950s and provide a snapshot of a San Francisco Jewish family's life before, during, and after WWII. The collection includes correspondence, planners, journals, and scrapbooks that illuminate the family's social...

Wilber Guptil letters : Sacramento (Calif.), to his brother : ALS, 1857 Jan. 1-Feb. 2.

Concern mining experiences, teaming, and life in Sacramento.

Wilber W. Hobbs letters : San Francisco, Calif., to Albert Daniel Smiley, Redlands, Calif., 1904.

Soliciting help on the ore prospects of land bought on speculation now up at public auction.

Wilbur C. Washburn typescripts, circa 1980-2003.

Contains seven typescripts of general fiction stories.

Wild birds of North America [graphic] /

At head of each cover sheet: Presented by Dr. John Craighead.

Wild Birds of North America [graphic].

Prints depict six bird species of North America: 1. Peregrine falcon; 2. Golden eagle; 3. Goshawk; 4. Eaglets; 5. Barn owl; 6. Canadian geese.

Wildavsky (Aaron) Papers

The Aaron Wildavsky papers, 1955-1995, consist of writings, correspondence, speeches, and course materials. By far the greatest part of the collection is Wildavsky's writings, which include drafts and correspondence about his own work and reviews of the work of others....

Wilder Bentley manuscripts, approximately 1965-1970.

Contains six calligraphic and hand-painted volumes of poetry written and bound by Wilder Bentley the Younger. Four of the volumes are from a series titled, "The triumph of the Antichrist" (Books I-IV). One bound volume is titled "Utchat, prophetic poems,...

Wilder family papers, 1862-1897.

Notes by Mrs. Augusta Miner Wilder, letters from family and friends, and tax receipts of Jonas Wilder for property in Coloma, included.

Wilder, Thornton Letters to Gilbert Perleberg, 1950-1951.

Regarding Perleberg's Rundbrief, and German/American relations.

Wilderness scenes [graphic] /

Views of nature and wilderness; mostly mountain landscapes. Primarily Dinosaur National Monument and a few in Kings Canyon National Park. Some portraits are also included.

The wildflowers of Yosemite National Park /

Professional hand-colored photographs documenting numerous wildflowers found in Yosemite National Park, accompanied by typescript captions that include common and Latin names of the plants, locations where they were found, and the date photographed. Many images appear to be of plant...

Wildlife, plants, Indians, and western scenes from the Vernon Bailey collection [graphic]

Many photographs relate to wildlife (possibly related to Bailey's scientific career and on U.S. Biological Surveys) showing animals in traps, in the wild, etc. Other nature photographs show detailed views of plants and views of rock formations and topography. Photos...

Wilhelm Auhagen lecture notes as student of astronomy in Germany, ca.1879-1883.

Included in: History of Science and Technology Collection.

Wilhelm (Gale) Papers

Contains typescripts of poetry, short stories, and novels, including , and ; galley proofs; and documents relating to publishing including correspondence, contracts, and royalty statements. Also includes photographs of Gale Wilhelm and of her house in the Berkeley Hills.

Wilhelm Ludwig Ferdinand Martens papers, 1868-1926.

Letters from R.G. Aitken and W.W. Campbell regarding equipment for Lick Observatory, and from Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Grinnell, W.F. Durand, the California Academy of Sciences, Frank M. Russell and others; papers relating to his patent for an improvement on...

Wilkinson (Warring) Papers

Correspondence, MSS of articles and speeches, reports, accounts, notebooks, clippings, and periodicals containing articles by and about him, relating primarily to his career as principal of the California Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind, Berkeley, California. Also...

Will Christopher Wood papers, circa 1898-1939, 1953.

Include correspondence; manuscripts of writings and speeches; clippings and personalia, relating to his career as California superintendent of schools and of banking. Copy of Jeanette A. Vanderpol's dissertation, Will C. Wood Chief of Schools, 1953, also included.

Will Irwin collection of letters and papers, 1910-1946.

Assembled from various sources as noted on folders.

Will of Dame Margarett White : St. Bartholomewe, London : ms.S, 1621 May 6.

Bequeaths her property to her daughter, Margaret Lovelace, wife of Sir Richard Lovelace, and their children.

Willa Cather letters to Thomas Masaryk : and related materials : ms. and typescripts (photocopies), 1923-1993.

Contains photocopies and transcriptions of 5 letters from Cather to her friend Masaryk, 1923-1935, and photocopies of letters from the Czech consulate general. Cather's letters discuss her works and life. Includes a photocopy of a 1933 article by Dennis Halac...

Willamette, Ore. Settlers. Letters to the Bishop of Juliopolis : typescript, 1836 Mar. 22 & 1837 Mar. 8.

With explanatory note by Nellie B. Pipes, Oregon Historical Society. Includes letters by Joseph Gervais, Xavier Laderoute, Etienne Lucier, et al., with news of the Willamette settlements and hope of religious assistance.

Willard B. Rising papers, 1866-1908.

Includes correspondence, legal and financial records, laboratory day books, drafts of writings and speeches, and research materials.

Willard H. Rees letters to H.H. Bancroft : Butteville, Oregon, 1879.

Letter and portion of letter, September 18 and October 23, 1879, giving information on early French Canadian settlers in Oregon, some of whom went to California in the Gold Rush, and his own overland journey to Oregon, 1844.

William A. Carter accounts, 1859-1888.

Account books reflecting W.A. Carter's business as sutler and post trader at Fort Bridger, Wyoming.

William A. Carter papers, 1835-1925 (bulk 1880).

Business letters received, alphabetically arranged, mostly for the 1870's and 1880's; legal papers, especially an 1838 agreement for carrying on a sutlership in the Cherokee Nation, Tennessee; papers reflecting employee concerns in the Fort Bridger area from about 1860 and...

William A. Grubb diaries and related papers, 1899-1989, bulk 1899-1942.

Thirty diary volumes authored by an American globetrotter from 1899 to 1911, and five boxes of postcards to embellish the narratives. Included also is a chronology of Grubb's life derived by Jane Malmgren Bogard and drafts of a reminiscence of...

William A. Grubb photograph collection [graphic]

Photographs show a vacation in Iceland, aerial views of San Francisco (from a hot air balloon), the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906 scenes (Marin County...

William A. January letters : Placerville and San Jose, Calif. : ALS, 1853-1911.

In three letters to his aunt and cousin Clementina and William Wall of Kentucky written from Placerville, William A. January describes life changes, the Temperance movement, fashion, newly married life, politics, newspapers, and frustrated attempts to see his friend and...

William A. Leidesdorff papers, 1843-1848.

Includes receipts, accounts, and financial correspondence from George Hyde, John B. Montgomery, John A. Sutter, John C. Fremont, and others.

William A. Leidesdorff title transfer materials : ms., 1849.

Papers that document the transfer of title of the property of William A. Leidesdorff in California from Anna Maria Spark, Anna Christina Gindrup, and Frederika Christina Leidesdorff to Joseph L. Folsom.

William A. Leidesdorff title transfer materials : ms., 1849.

Power of Attorney deposition (original and notarized copies) of Anna M. Spark and Anna Christiana Gindrup appointing Holger Gindrup their legal representative in the transaction. Also signed by Ludwig Heitmann, Sparks "curator". Witnessed by Ole Stampe Foss, certified by Peter...

William A. Shack papers, 1864-2003 (bulk 1940-1999).

Includes correspondence, manuscripts, bibliographies, research materials and notes relating to Professor Shack's pioneering work with the Gurage People of Ethiopia, as well as research material and original manuscripts for his book Harlem in Montmartre: A Paris Jazz Story Between the...

William Albert Setchell papers, 1874-1943.

Scrapbooks concerning: teaching at UCB (1895-1920); teaching at elementary and secondary level institutions; his education at Yale University; travel around the world; and miscellaneous materials concerning invitations, theater programs, Bohemian Grove (1937-1938), Third Pan-Pacific Science Congress in Tokyo (1926-1927), presentation...

William Alexander Carter letterbooks, 1860-1884.

Kept by Carter primarily in his capacity as sutler and post trader at Fort Bridger; many of the letters and entries are by his wife and sons-in-law, James Van Allen Carter and Maurice Groshon. The first letterbook, a photocopy of...

William Alexander Leidesdorff papers, 1838-1848.

Mainly business records, including accounts for supplies to the California Battalion and other U.S. forces. Many used in settlement of his estate.

William Alfred Morris papers, 1901-1946.

Includes the following groups of material: 1-2: Oregonia, newspaper clippings, 1901-02. 3: Letters of condolence, 1946. 4: Stanford clippings, 1901-25. 5: English clippings and invitations, 1907-1937. 6: War and peace, clippings. 7-9: "The English government at work, 1327-36"; correspondence, 1930-45,...

William Alfred Tenney papers, 1866-1974.

The William Alfred Tenney papers document his work as a Congregational Church pastor in Northern California and Oregon. Includes correspondence, typescripts of articles and sermons, clippings, and church pamphlets. Also includes research materials compiled in the 1960s by Tenney's nephew,...

William Allen and Charles Allen letters, to their brother George and other family members : ALS, 1853-1878.

Letters written by two brothers, William and Charles Allen, who were in the shipping business in San Francisco. They operated schooners throughout San Francisco Bay and to Stockton, and later engaged in coastal shipping, usually transporting lumber.

[William Allen White portrait] [graphic].

Title supplied by cataloger.

William Alonso papers, circa 1957-1991.

This collection contains materials related to the professional career of University of California Berkeley and Harvard economist and regional planner, William Alonso. The collection includes correspondence, subject files, writings--including his seminal dissertation, UC Berkeley and Harvard course materials, notes and...

[William Alsup photographs of the Sierra Nevada].

Views of the Sierra Nevada wilderness from various locations, taken by Alsup during numerous trips. Also includes photographs printed by Alsup from the negatives of other photographers, including former Sierra Club president Lewis Clark, Pete Starr, Glen Dawson, Orland Bartholomew,...

William Antonio Richardson papers, 1851-1857.

Papers in Marin County case of Charles Spencer Compton and Donald Davidson against Richardson over a debt, 1853-1855; letter to W.H. Davis, concerning his arrival in Sausalito and the death of Henry Hill from cholera.

William Arthur Beasly papers, 1906-1936.

Correspondence of the judge relating to political appointments and legal questions. Letters from H.W. Johnson, Robert M. Clarke, Erwin W. Owen, George S. Walker and others. Obituary clipping and memorial included.

William Ashburner letters, 1864-1902.

Chiefly personal letters, 1864-1882, from William Ashburner to William H. Brewer, some of which relate to the California Geological Survey. Also includes letters, 1864?-1902, from Mrs. Ashburner.

William A.Z. Edwards diaries and account books, 1843-1908.

Cover his voyage from England to New York in 1844; visit to England and return to the United States (1851); voyage to California via the Isthmus of Panama (1853); experiences gold mining in Tuolumne County and in vicinity of Nelson's...

William B. Gardner papers, 1848-1856.

Papers relating to the voyages of the ship Sarah Parker, including log of voyage from San Francisco to New York, 1854-1855; letters of Gardner describing voyage with San Francisco as destination, ending in Rio de Janeiro where the ship and...

William B. Lake journal and related material, 1852-1899.

begun, Aug. 12, 1852, in Maine; last entry a poem, 1899, written in San Francisco. Records trip to California, 1853 via Panama; association with his father, Jefferson Lake, in saw mill near Sacramento; events in Sacramento in the 1850s and...

William B. Lorton diaries and papers, 1848 Sept.-1850 Jan.

Records travels in New York, Canada and the Midwest, then overland via the Mormon Trail, Salt Lake and the southern road to Los Angeles. Throughout California Lorton was in the company of various parties associated with Death Valley. Three diaries...

William Bacon commercial drawings for Hibernia Bank and Smith & Jones Company [graphic].

Includes 2 commercial drawings of San Francisco banks: (:1) interior of Hibernia Bank, with text: Service and Safety; (:2) depiction of 2 pirates burying a treasure chest and separate image of facade of Smith & Jones Company bank, with text:...

William Bancroft Midgely notebook : n.p. : ms.S, [undated]

Notes for Botany II. At end of volume, genealogies of the Bancroft, Putnam, King and Midgely families. With this, clippings re the Bancroft and Wells families.

William Benemann collection of sexuality and gender miscellany, 1953-2011.

Contains vinyl record albums, photographs, postcards, periodicals, comic books, etc., relating broadly to the issues of non-heterosexual sexuality and gender expressions in popular media and entertainment. Includes materials concerning Christine Jorgensen, Margaret Cho, Robert Goulet, Marlon Riggs, Essex Hemphill, Ramon...

William Bodham Donne letters, [undated] and 1875.

Include letter (May 27, 1875) to actor Harry Kemble commenting on his performance in Sweet & Short, with mention of other contemporary actors and plays; and an enclosure of a license (Mar. 3, 1873) issued by Donne as Examiner of...

William Branford Shubrick papers, 1820-1864.

Private papers of Rear Admiral Shubrick primarily concerning the Mexican-American War and his tour as commander of the Pacific Squadron. Materials include a ledger of memoranda of his time in the Pacific Squadron, correspondence from his wife and daugher, a...

William Broderick letters : San Francisco, Calif., to Singer Manufactoring Co. : ALS, 1863-1864.

Contains 16 letters from the San Francisco agent for the Singer Manufacturing Co., sent to Singer headquarters in New York. Discusses the business in San Francisco during the time of the Civil War including an industrial fair to be held...

William Bronson Sierra Club papers, 1932-1971.

Papers relating to William Bronson's involvement in the Sierra Club.

William Brooks Dublin photographs used in the production of Benicia: where the past meets the present [graphic].

Includes photographs used in the production of William Brooks Dublin's booklet Benicia: Where the Past Meets the Present. Includes views of Benicia, Calif. and its environs.

William Byron Rumford papers

The William Byron Rumford papers including correspondence, subject files, legislative files and campaign materials.

William Byron Rumford photograph collection [graphic]

Includes portraits of Rumford, group photos with other political figures, family photos.

William C. Dailey papers, [ca. 1939-1946]

Letters (14) 1939-1946, from California Representative, Jerry Voorhis, with copies of some of his speeches from the Congressional Record.

William C. Farmer collection of Clark Ashton Smith, circa 1900-1930.

Includes published and unpublished poems, short stories, story fragments and an unpublished novel, "The Sword of Zagan."

William C. Gordon manuscripts and ephemera, approximately 2004-2013.

Manuscript drafts, with comments and some correspondence, of Gordon's mystery novels, including "Flawed," "The Chinese Jars," "The Ugly Dwarf," "King of the Bottom," "Fractured Lives," "The Halls of Power," and "Unfinished." Also included is one manuscript for a short story...

William C. Sturtevant papers, 1973-1975.

Include copies of correspondence with Professor Robert E. Heizer and José L. Morales. Also include copies of his notes on materials re Indians of the West in the Archives des Affaires Etrangères in Paris, and a segment of a catalog...

William Carlos Williams letter : to Robert Pepper and related material, 1951-1966.

Contains copy of letter from Robert Pepper to poet William Carlos Williams and Williams' response. Also includes script and correspondence from a Radio Program done in New Zealand following Williams' death.

William Carney photograph album [graphic].

Bulk of album documents documents Carney's service in the United States Air Force during World War II in Europe , including portraits and snapshots of Carney and other soldiers on duty and during leisure time. Includes aerial combat scenes. Other...

[William Carr blues photography archive].

Formal and snapshot portraits of blues artists taken primarily at various festivals and other concerts around the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1980s. Among the more noteworthy performers are Etta James, Brownie McGhee, Percy Mayfield, Carla Thomas, Bo Diddley,...

William Chapman Ralston collection of letters and papers, 1859-1873.

Include letters written by Ralston; correspondence with members of the Japanese Embassy to the Treaty Powers, 1872-1873 and letter from Daniel Coit Gilman.

William Chinowsky papers, circa 1970-1992.

The William Chinowsky papers contain materials related to his professional career as a Physics Professor at the University of California, Berkeley. These include course materials, subject files and administrative materials related to the Physics Department and the university.

William Clark correspondence, 1886-1890.

Contains letters from his father, mother and sibilings was well as a few letters from other family members and friends written to him from mostly San Francisco, Calif. while he was in Chicago, Ill.

William Clayton letterbooks, [1860-1879]

Letterpress copies of business and personal correspondence, Feb. 25, 1860 - Nov. 25, 1879.

William Cooper papers on birds, 1830-1860.

Report on a species of pelican brought from the sources of the Mississippi by H. R. Schoolcraft; draft of a paper on changes in the habitat and frequency of North American birds; Synonomy [sic] of Horsfield's Birds of Java...

William Cornell Greene report as president, Greene Consolidated Copper Company, on disturbances in the area : Cananea, Sonora, Mexico : ms., 1906 June 11.

Typescript copy of report on riots in the mining area; with copy of explanatory letter (Waterbury, Conn., Sept. 30, 1957) from "Lem" (Leavenworth Porter) Sperry to John A[llen] Coe.

William Cullen Bryant letters, 1831-1876.

Correspondence relates to various matters, including advice to a young writer and a letter of introduction for another. Included also is an autograph on lined paper.

William David McClure papers, 1850-1908.

Diaries, letters, wills, and ephemera belonging to 3 generations of the McClure family. The 2 diaries belong to William D. McClure: the first, 1850, describes his journey from Ohio to California to prospect for gold. Letters to his mother, Jane...

William David Smart letter to H.I. Priestley : Los Angeles, Ca. : LS , 1940 Aug. 27.

Information about the Mexican Evangelical Memorial Church of Los Angeles and photograph.

William Dean Howells letters, 1882-1912.

Miscellaneous letters, assembled from various sources.

William Denman miscellany, 1917-1959.

Consists chiefly of seven letters from Woodrow Wilson to Denman concerning the events leading to Denman's resignation from his post as chairman of the U.S. Shipping Board in 1917. Denman disagreed with General George W. Goethals, general manager of the...

William Dennison Stephens papers, 1919-1922.

Materials created when Dennison was Governor of California.

William Durbrow, irrigation leader : transcript, 1957 July and October.

Interviews conducted by Willa K. Baum for the Regional Cultural History Project, University of California Library, Berkeley. Portrait photograph pasted in. Notes on his family (California pioneers) and early life; transfer of engineering interest from mining to water; water problems,...

William E. Colby Sierra Club papers, 1892-1966.

Papers relating to William E. Colby's involvement in the Sierra Club.

William E. Siri papers, [ca. 1961-1966]

Correspondence, financial reports and files, and writings concerning the first American Mount Everest Expedition in 1963.

[William E. Siri photographs from the Sierra Club records].

Slides documenting various mountaineering and other activities of William E. Siri. Includes photographs pertaining to the American Mount Everest Expedition (AMEE) of 1963. Not all activities depicted pertain to the Sierra Club. Box 1: Bolivia (204 slides); Bear Creek Spire...

William E. Spangle papers, [ca. 1950-1980].

Contain correspondence, reports, project files and subject files for Spangle's consulting jobs in San Mateo, San Francisco, Marin, Santa Cruz, Alameda and Sacramento counties.

William E. Taylor papers, 1844-1847.

Contents: military appointment paper issued by Col. G. McDowell, 1844; letters from Victor Prudon and William L. Maury, 1847; diary of overland journey from Missouri to California, 1846; and a few travel notes.

William Edgar Borah papers, 1918-1932.

Autograph, 1918; letter to George Higgins Moses, April 15, 1925; three letters to George Sylvester Viereck, 1924-1929, with a typescript copy of Viereck's article on Borah for Liberty Magazine, corrected in Ms. by Borah. (16 l.)

William Edgar Randall family photographs [graphic]

Daguerreotypes of William E. Randall and Sarah Seaver Randall; original photos of Sarah Seaver Randall, an unidentified descendant of William Edgar Randall, Martha Jane Irish Clifford, Hiram Penny Clifford; group photo of the Randall children taken ca. 1890; the Randall...

William Edward Lovett papers, 1857-1892 (bulk 1857-1883).

include correspondence, legal documents, accounts, speeches, and newspaper clippings. Correspondence includes letters between his stagecoach company and the Postmaster General regarding mail routes in San Benito county and letters dealing with cases and politics. Legal documents include work done on...

William Edward Petty Hartnell papers, [ca. 1825-1827].

Documents relating to arbitration proceedings between John B. R. Cooper and Luis A. Argüello. Letters, accounts and memorandum of suggested settlement, also signed by Antonio J. Cot, relating to dispute between Argüello, the owner, and Cooper, the captain, of the...

William Elder letters to his wife and his cousin, 1850-1851.

Letters from Panama describe his trip across the Isthmus and his difficulty securing passage to California. Letters from California contain description of San Francisco and of experiences gold mining and store-keeping.

William Elsey Connelley manuscripts, 1900s.

Revised Mss. and printers' copies of books Indian Hero-Legends, Folk Tales and Fairy Stories, and Mythic Tales of the Wyandots. Some notes and sketches relating to illustrations for the books included.

William Everson papers, circa 1947-1970.

Relating primarily to his literary career during the time he was in the Dominican Order as Brother Antoninus. Includes correspondence, manuscripts of poems, speeches, and other writings. Includes material on Robinson Jeffers, biographical and autobiographical material, personalia, bibliographies and bibliographical...

William F. Knowland papers, 1900-1974 (bulk 1946-1959)

The collection includes extensive correspondence and subject files from Knowland's careers in journalism and politics, as well as personal correspondence. Also included are scrapbooks, drafts of speeches, and letters from constituents regarding contemporary political issues. Carton 498 includes papers of...

William F. Knowland photograph collection [graphic]

Photographs from the life and career of William Fife Knowland. Includes a few scenes from his childhood in California, some military photographs from the World War II era, and numerous photographs relating to his political career, campaigns for the U.S....

William F. Knowland photograph collection [graphic] : additions.

1: California missions, ca. 1900 -- 2: Russian Orthodox Convent of Our lady of Vladimir, 1950-51 -- 3: Knowland in Taiwan -- 4: Uncaptioned album of Knowland in Asia -- 5: Album in honor of Knowland visit to "Free National...

William F. Simpson original gag cartoon drawings [graphic].

Includes original drawings for gag cartoons on various subjects. Also includes clippings of Simpson's published cartoons from various sources, including the San Francisco Examiner, the Oakland Post Enquirer and the Winged Acorn.

William Francis Giauque papers, [ca. 1930-1981].

Correspondence, research notes, manuscripts of writings and speeches primarily related to his research in low temperature calorimetry and the third law of thermodynamics; also includes files related to the building of the Low Temperature Laboratory at the University of California,...

William Freeborn papers : chiefly concerning the California sugar industry , 1882 January 4 - 1885 July 24.

One letterpress copybook containing ca. 200 letters signed by Wm. Freeborn, F. A. Wheeler or Henry Allen, concerning the California sugar industry. One holograph document, signed, from Cope & Boyd, Attorneys at Law, to Wm. Freeborn, conveying their opinion regarding...

William Frend De Morgan correspondence, 1866-1917.

Mainly congratulatory letters to the British author on the publication of his book, Joseph Vance, and letters of condolence to Mrs. De Morgan on his death in 1917. Include letters from his father, Augustus De Morgan, Henry Sidgwick, Sir Philip...

William G. Brown letters to his wife, 1848-1849.

13 original letters and photostats of a letter. Written from New Orleans, Chagres, New Granada, Panama, San Francisco, Sutter's Mill, and Sacramento. Describing voyage on schooner, Crescent City; conditions on the Isthmus; voyage on steamer, Panama; and life in California,...

William G. Dana papers, 1825-1858.

7 letters and 7 items, including a letter from his sister, Adeline. Other letters from prominent Californians discuss topics such as land, livestock, family, court cases. Two letters are addressed to Dana's son, Carlos. Also included is a deed to...

William G. Wood correspondence, 1864-1867.

Letters to Wood as Deputy Clerk of the California Supreme Court.

William Gambel papers, 1841-1968 (bulk 1841-1845)

Scrapbook (1 v.) includes biographical sketch of William Gambel, doctor-naturalist, written by his nephew; letters written by Gambel (who also spelled his name Gamble) to his mother from Santa Fe and from Pueblo de Los Angeles (1841) describing hardships of...

William Garrett miscellany, ca. 1993-1997.

Includes self-published items including some of his own poetry and haiku. Also includes eviction papers from 1993 and 1997.

William Garrison correspondence : Guerneville, Calif. : ALS (photocopies), 1887-1888.

Includes a brief letter from John Gannon stating that Benjamin Miller had been acquitted of murder on July 11, 1863, a longer letter to P.J. Shafter discussing Miller's San Francisco trial, and a short note.

William Gibbs McAdoo letters to his wife, Eleanor (Wilson) McAdoo, 1914-1938.

Comments on activities as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, the political scene in Washington, D.C., his father-in-law President Wilson, his private law practice, and his political career as candidate for U.S. President and as U.S. Senator from California.

William Gill letters : American River, Calif. to Comfort Searle, 1851-1852.

Contains 2 letters describing the gold mining successes and failures near Poverty Bar on the American River and elsewhere in California after his friend Searle has left the mines. Letter of December 19, 1851 includes a postscript by Els Wallace.

William Gilpin dictation and biographical material, circa 1888- 1890.

Early history of his family; the Seminole wars; Democratic editor in St. Louis; journey to Oregon With Frémont, 1843; adventures in Oregon and return overland, 1844; Missouri politics, 1845-1846; service under Doniphan in New Mexico, and against the Plains Indians,...

William Glen interviews with scientists [sound recording]

Interviews with twenty-four scientists, chiefly geologists, conducted between 1976 and 1978.

William Goodwin Dana papers, 1827-1849.

Letters from Dana in Santa Barbara; testimony concerning a shipment of goods; agreement with Victor Linares regarding a lease.

William Greenwell biographical sketches, 1886.

Concern his career in the U.S. Coast Survey in the East from 1846 and on the Pacific coast from 1854.

William Griffith Jones papers, 1872-1906.

Primarily family correspondence (some letters in Welsh) but include 32 letters from E.H. Griffen and his wife, Emily (Oregon pioneers), and letters, 1891-1892, from the San Marcos Land Company, San Diego Co., and Bardsdale Lands, Ventura Co., California.

William H. Alsup research materials related to Walter A. Starr, Jr., 1895-2001.

Contains research materials used for a book, Missing in the Minarets: the search for Walter A. Starr, Jr., about a climber who died in 1933 while climbing alone in the Minarets Wilderness of California. Includes Sierra Club bulletins, photocopies of...

William H. Brewer correspondence, 1862-1909.

Primarily letters writtten to Brewer from men who had been associated with him on the California Geological Survey, including James G. Cooper, James T. Gardiner, Josiah Whitney, Vitus Wackenreuder, R.D. Cotter (regarding mining experiences in Montana), and others; and letters...

William H. Brewer correspondence with Josiah D. Whitney, 1860-1884.

Chiefly concerning the Geological Survey of California and its publications. A few related letters from others included.

William H. Brewer diaries and journals, 1860-1864.

Pocket notebooks, various sizes, in slip cases. Records of the Geological Survey of California, 1860-1864.

William H. Brewer fieldbooks, 1861-1864.

Pocket notebooks, various sizes, in slip cases. Notes, observations, etc., on the Geological Survey of California.

William H. Brewer letters to his family, 1860-1864.

Typescript copies of Brewer's correspondence; used by Francis P. Farquhar in preparing Up and Down California ... (Yale Univ. Press, 1930), with a chronology of the Geological Survey of California and explanatory notes by Farquhar.

William H. Brewer papers, 1860-1865.

Records and field notes kept by Brewer while he was a member of the California Geological Survey.

William H. Chapman letters : ALS : relating to the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, 1906 April 22-June 21.

Letters written to his wife at the Presidio in Monterey, providing vivid descriptions of San Francisco following the earthquake and fire and of the relief efforts.

William H. Clark receipts, 1874-1879.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

William H. Eggert collection of views, primarily of the Hetch Hetchy Valley vicinity [graphic].

Includes some family snapshots and views of survey parties in the San Francisco Bay Area and various Yosemite region locations. Bulk of collection focuses on the survey of the Hetch Hetchy valley prior to and during dam construction.

William H. Foote letters to W.A. Carter and related papers, 1834-1884 (bulk 1834-1846)

Contains 77 letters written at Haywood, Virginia, June 12, 1834-June 12, 1846, to Foote's nephew William A. Carter. Three letters by his widow, M.M. Foote, 1847-1848, and letters by Henry W. Davis and John Johnson (n.d. and 1884), relate to...

William H. Hampton diaries : typed transcript, 1852-1859.

Pocket diaries (3 v.); originals in private possession.

William H. Maas letters received while editor of the London Daily chronicle, 1891-1931.

William H. Maas letters received while editor of the London Daily Chronicle, BANC MSS 73/33 z, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

William H. Meyers letters, manuscripts and drawings, 1842-1844.

Illustrated entries for his journal, July-Sept. 1842, recorded while in Chile and Peru with the U.S. Sloop of War, Cyane (variants of those written in his journal, C-F 92, q.v.); two letters, 1843 and 1844, describing further voyages to Hawaii,...

William H. Staniels Jr. family correspondence, 1901-1964.

Contains the correspondence of a Berkeley, California family through the early twentieth century. The bulk of the letters are while William H. Staniels Jr. was serving in the Aviation Section, Sargent Signal Corps during World War I, and love letters...

William H. Townsend's experiences in California, June - August, 1849 : typescript, [undated]

Transcript made by Jacques M. Downs of a portion of the original manuscript in the Rhode Island Historical Society Library. Concerning experiences in San Francisco and the mines.

William H. Waste photographic collection [graphic]

Views, primarily of the University of California, Berkeley, campus, including Sather Gate and Sather Tower; one lantern slide produced from a photograph of the class of 1872; some views of the city of Berkeley.

William H. Young papers, 1928-1965.

Contains papers and photographs relating to William H. Young's personal and professional life.

William Haas papers, 1849-1927.

The collection contains photocopies of William Haas' naturalization papers, photocopies of a marriage license and a marriage certificate for William Haas and Bertha Greenebaum; a German book with a photograph pasted to the front inside cover of Koppel and William...

William Hammond Hall family photograph album [graphic].

Album contains carte de visite portraits of multiple generations of the family of California civil engineer William Hammond Hall, incluiding Hall himself; his mother Anna Maria Hammond Hall; his sister Mary Buchanan Hall (aka Mollie Buchanan Hall); his uncles and...

William Hancock Wilkie pictorial collection [graphic].

Includes etchings of Chinatown and Mission Dolores in San Francisco, an etched portrait of Phoebe Apperson Hearst, and paintings of trees and landscapes in the Berkeley Hills, of the mouth of the Russian River, and the rotunda of the Hibernia...

William Hanson letters : and related papers, 1849-1852.

Letters written to family in the East, describing voyage to California via the Isthmus of Panama, and mining near Mokelumne Hill.

William Harris letters : ALS, 1863-1866.

Contains 10 letters; 1 from Harris to his wife while in Santa Catalina Island, Calif., 5 from friend Capt. Frank "Gus" Gregory in Santa Catalina and San Pedro, Calif. and 4 from John Hevblow. Letters relate to life in Calif....

William Heeser papers, 1857-1916.

Contains mostly deeds along with a smaller number of other related real estate legal documents such as bills of sale, receipts, tax sales, account sheets, etc. for property transactions involving William Heeser. Also contains a small amount of similar materials...

William Henry Hutchinson research notes used in preparation of book on Thomas Robert Bard.

Also include some notes from the Lyman and Milton Stewart papers in the Biola College Library, transcribed by Dr. G.T. White for his history of Standard Oil of California, and later given to Prof. Hutchinson for his use.

William Henry Jackson chromolithograph portraits of native americans [graphic].

Includes portraits of Ute high chief Ignacio; Apache chiefs Garfield, Pouche Te Foya and Sanches; and Pueblo Indians Jose Jesus and wife.

William Henry Jackson diary, 1866-1874.

Diaries (1866-1867) record his "bullwacking" experiences in the West, including journeys to Salt Lake and California, and East to Omaha. Diary (1873-1874) records experiences with the Hayden Survey, chiefly in Colorado.

William Henry Knight papers, 1862-1981 (bulk 1868-1935).

Contains correspondence, subject files, writings, clippings, tributes, and ephemera. Correspondence includes letters to wife Ella, daughter Stella Knight Ruess, and other family members and some professional correspondence including some while working for H.H. Bancroft and Co. Subject files include items...

William Henry Patten papers, 1847-1880.

Mainly letters written to him from his brother-in-law, Caleb Gardner, describing Vera Cruz in 1847; from H. A. Lake re business in Honolulu; from Charles A. Hill, describing Valparaiso; and from partners in mining ventures in Tuolumne County and near...

William Henry Smyth papers, [ca. 1913-1939]

Nine cartons of material (manuscripts, letters, clippings, etc.) assembled by Smyth in volumes; one carton, miscellaneous unbound papers.

William Higby correspondence, 1837-1856.

Mainly letters to his father. Some concerning his law practice and saw mill at Mokelumne Hill, 1854-1855. A few letters from his father and other members of the family in the East.

[William Hogarth engravings from Industry and idleness, plates 7 and 8].

Plates 7 and 8 from Hogarth's 12-print series of engravings Industry and idleness. Aimed at young apprentices, the series satirically illustrates the consequences of industriousness versus those of idleness as portrayed in the parallel lives of two fictitious apprentices, Tom...

William Horace Ivie papers, 1906-1945.

Military passes to Oakland, 1906; World War II ration books; badges.

William Horne Dame papers, 1855-1884.

Papers of a Mormon bishop.

William I. Gardner and Mercedes P. Gardner family papers, 1856-1991.

Chiefly writings by Mercedes Gardner, including scripts for the "Scooter" radio show broadcast in 1940s-1950s in Sacramento, California, "Menelik," an unpublished historical novel, and short stories, plays, and poetry. Also includes family history, personal correspondence, and Philip family materials.

William Irwin papers, 1848-1877.

Some documents signed as Governor of California. Also miscellaneous college papers, letter of recommendation and teaching contract.

William J. Morton papers, 1873-1890.

Chiefly letters from members of the Frémont family; many received while General Frémont was Governor of Arizona.

William J. Nelson documents, 1856.

Relates to the case William Nelson vs. George Nelson held in the California Supreme Court, San Francisco re claims on the estate of William J. Nelson who died intestate in l855. Include statement of facts in the case, brief and...

William J. Sarles Hickox collection of Stockton, Calif. ephemera, 1878-1914.

Collection of Stockton ephemera contains receipt letterhead for grocer J. Sarles, an envelope from bookseller and stationer George Kroh, and an envelope addressed in manuscript to William Jeremiah Sarles Hickox in Stocton. Also includes W.J.S. Hickox's passbook from the Stockton...

William J. Tormey photograph collection [graphic]

Portraits of William Tormey; printed panoramic view from Berkeley, panorama group portrait of California Municipal League, 1912, banquet for J. Daniels by S.F. Chamber of Commerce, 1913.

William James Herschel papers on fingerprinting, 1818-1932.

Contains correspondence, manuscripts of writings, photographs, printed documents, and original examples of fingerprints reflecting the origins and early years of the science. Includes several portraits of Herschel.

William John Kerr papers, 1956-1975.

Include letters by Dorothy (Fish) Kerr and her husband, William John Kerr; copies of her poems and paintings; a paper by Dr. Kerr relating to the history of the Kerrydale Ranch in Humboldt County; clippings relating to their activities; and...

William Jones papers, 1861-1864.

Consists of correspondence and invoice records of Lt. Colonel William Jones (Company I, 2nd Cavalry Calif. Volunteers) during the American Civil War. Lt. Colonel Jones was stationed at Camp Albert, Camp Drum, Camp Lathem, Camp Independence in the Calif. Owens...

William Keith sketchbook [graphic]

Sketches in pencil, ink and charcoal. Most unidentified, some views in Yosemite. Also contains a Joaquin Miller poem, "Some Little Song", and various notes.

William Kimberly Palmer scrapbooks : Chicopee, Mass. : 1919-1933.

Contains poems by William Kimberley Palmer, autographed, and a collection of autographed letters. Signatures include those of Ray Stannard Baker, Katherine Lee Bates, Nicholas Murray Butler, Royal Cortissoz, Josephus Daniels, Walter Prichard Eaton, Bernard Fäy, E.H. Jeans, Robert Underwood Johnson,...

William King Rogers papers, 1879-1884.

Chiefly letters, received while Private Secretary to President R.B. Hayes, from General and Mrs. Frémont, concerning Frémont's Governorship of Arizona Territory, Judge Charles Silent and others associated in land and mining ventures in Arizona, Colorado and Mexico.

[William Knorp collection of San Francisco Bay Area ferryboat photographs].

Photographs of ferryboats, chiefly large steamers of the San Francisco Bay Area. Each album contains photographic prints and postcards of multiple ferries. Additional material in PIC box 1 and AX box 1 also depicts a wide range of ferries. Those...

William Knox estate receipts, 1878.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

William L. Beebe receipts, 1848.

Receipt to Walter Colton, endorsed by Colton; receipt on behalf of Sherman & Ruckel to G.W. Bellamy.

William L. Garrison papers, 1972-2013.

Includes correspondence, writings, teaching materials, and computer files.

William L. Jolly papers, approximately 1952-1992.

Contains William L. Jolly's chemical research files, class lectures and demonstration materials, research notebooks, seminars, and reprints. Chemical research files consist primarily of notes, correspondence, drafts and reprints of articles by Jolly.

William L. Jolly photographs of the U.C. Berkeley campus and San Francisco's North Beach and Chinatown districts [graphic].

Photographs depict U.C. Berkeley campus and San Francisco's North Beach and Chinatown districts. Berkeley campus views are studies of the Hearst Mining Building, the Campanile (Sather Tower), and the old Chemistry Building.

William L. Marcy papers, 1835-1854.

Includes letter to T.S. Jesup, U.S. Quartermaster Dept., concerning shipment of volunteers (Stevenson's Regiment) to California, and letter to Ogden Hoffman relating to arrest of Mr. Dillon, French Consul, San Francisco.

William Ladd Jones papers, 1855-1903.

Letters to friends and relatives in Maine mainly while serving as a minister in Camptonville and Eureka concerning family matters, living conditions, Indians, and a trip to Santa Cruz.

William Letts Oliver miscellany, 1876-1907.

Vol. 1 and v. 2: Abstracts of title and related papers for two properties in Oakland, Calif. The first, dated 1887, for land on Central Ave. (or West Twelfth St.) near Linden, contains loose title papers relating to Oliver's purchase...

William Little Lee letters, 1847-1850.

Written from Honolulu, mainly to Simon Greenleaf, describing his work as a judge and as commissioner to quiet land titles, with information on the judiciary system in Hawaii, the framing of land codes, the foreign and native population, the effects...

William Lovering Locke papers, 1883-1913.

Mainly letters, 1897-1899, written to Locke from the London office of the Pacific Borax and Redwood's Chemical Works, Ltd. concerning the processing and sale of borax; scrapbook of clippings re borax 1883-1897; genealogical information on the Locke family.

William M. Baker letters : San Francisco, 1849-1850.

Reporting, after voyage around the Horn, to his father in Connecticut, on conditions in California. Company about to be disbanded, lumber cargo disposed of and ship now wholly owned by Robert Morgan.

William M. Brinner papers, 1960-1990.

The William M. Brinner papers include correspondence, writings, course materials, subject files, and professional files documenting Brinner's career as a Professor in the Dept. of Near Eastern Languages at the University of California, Berkeley. It also includes materials stemming from...

William M. Mandel papers, circa 1940s-2000s.

The collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, articles, transcripts of radio broadcasts, alphabetical subject files, autobiographical materials, photographs and news clippings.

William Maguire mining records, 1873-1918.

Includes diaries and cash account and payroll records, some pertaining to the Little York Gold Washing and Water Co., 1873-1875, whose ledgers Maguire subsequently used to record his own mining activities, 1895-1918, in his Liberty Hill Mining Co.

William Maltman collection of documents relating to his management of the Coabortita gold and silver mining company in Mazatlan, Mexico, 1864-1866.

William Maltman collection of documents relating to his management of the Coabortita gold and silver mining company in Mazatlan, Mexico, BANC MSS 84/147 m, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

William Maltman letters : to his wife, Slatira Maltman, Nevada City, California, 1856-1872.

Thirty three letters (101 pages), 2 original 3-cent postage envelopes with Wells, Fargo & Co. logo postmarked from Sacramento and San Francisco addressed to Mrs. William Maltman, Nevada City, Calif, and 1 drawing of a cemetery enclosure by Chauncey Ford...

William Maltman mining papers, 1858-1871.

Four folders (46 documents): the first two contain 17 deeds, the second two contain 29 miscellaneous documents, all relating to mining in and around Nevada City, California, and especially to E.P. Marselus and William Maltman's Manzanita Mining Company and the...

William McCleave papers, 1862-1904.

Relating mainly to his career as army officer, particularly service with 1st cavalry, California Volunteers, 1861-1866, in engagements against Navajoes and Apaches in New Mexico. Included are copies of two letters from James H. Carleton, to Christopher Carson and Joseph...

William McFee writings, 1925-1930.

Include holograph manuscript of his story, The Virgin of Loreto (1925) and galley proof of North of Suez (1930).

William McFee writings, [ca.1913-1928].

Holograph manuscripts for his novels, Casuals of the Sea and Command. With these, letter, Feb. 3, l928, to a Mr. Gaige concerning the writing of Command.

William McKendree Carson diary, Feb. 1-Mar. 17, 1849 : and related materials : ms.S, 1849-1874.

Incomplete record of voyage around the Horn from Baltimore, Md., on ship, Jane Parker (not in correct order on film)

William McShea letters : San Francisco, California, 1855-1857.

Two handwritten letters from an Irish man working as a teamster in San Francisco to his brothers in Philadelphia. In the first letter, dated March 30, 1855, he writes of the recent "breaking of the Banks...one of the banks started...

William Miller papers : ALS and DS, 1821.

Letters and documents as colonel in the Peruvian Army.

William Neufeld memoir : ms.

Account of his arrival in California in 1911 from Russia, Mennonite religion in California, additions to memoir, vita for William Neufeld and correspondence with Robert Johnson.

William Newton Byers : a collection of some of his works : manuscript, 1970 June.

Includes a biographical sketch of Byers; and copies of Byer MSS in The Bancroft Library, with Lane's explanatory notes.

William Norris Dakin diaries, 1932-1992.

William Norris Dakin diaries, BANC MSS 94/25 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

William Norris Dakin journals, 1935-1937.

Experiences recorded while travelling throughout Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico, as an ore-buyer for the Texas Mining and Smelting Company. Contain detailed descriptions of villages, people, food, and customs. Illustrated with pen and ink and watercolor sketches by the author.

William North Steuben journal : and related material, 1849-1850.

William North Steuben journal, BANC MSS C-F 183, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

William Novak collection of Richard Brautigan, 1957-1970.

Serial and ephemeral publications containing contributions by Brautigan.

William O. Armsted letters : to his family, 1849 April 4-1852 March 4.

Collection of eleven letters spanning three years in the travels of William O. Armsted, as he makes his way from Ohio to California, and then to various mining locations, including Gold Creek, Rough & Ready, and Nevada City. There are...

William Otto Emerson papers, circa 1830-1900.

Collection of materials by various naturalists, including William Cooper, J.G. Cooper, Walter E. Bryant, and Mrs. Emerson Crowell. Papers relating to natural history, principally ornithology. Folder 5 includes Hummingbirds Nest Building, observations recorded February 22 to April 3, 1900.

William P. Daingerfield letters to his family : typescript, 1850-1853.

Typed transcripts of letters written mainly from Sacramento and Shasta, describing his voyage to California, economic conditions there, experiences gold digging, the city of Sacramento, and his law practice.

William P. Gray family photograph albums [graphic].

Photographs and other material documenting the personal life, family history and career of Judge William P. Gray. Photographs depict Gray throughout his life. Also depicted are Gray's wife Elizabeth Polin Gray; his grandfather, Judge Algernon Sidney Gray; his father, Judge...

William P. Wood papers, 1893-1917.

Correspondence, legal agreements, and manuscripts of writings of an American residing in Mexico, relating mainly to attempts to contruct a railroad from Vera Cruz to Campeche, and to Mexican politics and property. Include letters from Frank L. Polk, Walter Q....

William P.C. Stebbins papers, 1853-1857.

Papers relating to Stebbins' lawsuit against the San Francisco Manufacturing Company concerning the construction of the state prison at San Quentin; with accounts and payrolls.

William Penn Abrams diary, 1849-1851.

Daily record of trip to California from Alabama (from New Orleans to Chagres on brig, Pedraza; from Panama to San Francisco on brig, Copiapó); experiences in California including the "Stanislaus diggins," visit to Major Savage and view of Yosemite Valley,...

William Penn Mott Jr. Memorial Fund Records

The William Penn Mott, Jr. Memorial Fund records contain correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, agendas, financial records, and the draft of and research materials for the Mott biography by Mary Ellen Butler. The bulk of the collection consists of the background...

William Popper papers, circa 1876-1959.

The collection includes administrative materials; correspondence; articles; manuscripts; typescripts; proofs; translations; research materials; indexes; subject files; maps; and writings by others related to Popper's career as a Professor of Semitic Philology and Arabic at the University of California, Berkeley.

William Prentiss papers, 1841-1884 (bulk 1846-1863).

Letters relate mainly to his journey to California in 1850 and experiences in the mines; papers are primarily concerned with his medical career.

William R. Hearst party photographs [graphic]

Photographs show parties at San Simeon and Santa Monica: William Randolph Hearst with friends and sons, some in costume.

William R. Morgan papers, 1852-1862.

Includes deeds of conveyance for mining claims, 1856-1862, in Sierra County, and miscellaneous receipts and accounts.

William R. Schofield papers, circa 1955-1970.

Most of the materials in the collection date from 1955, with the majority relating to the 1960s and early 1970s. There is very little concerning Schofield's earlier activities or his work on the Forest Practice Act. The collection includes materials...

William Randall Wells autobiography and related material, 1900.

Notes on his family and early life in New England; medical training; voyages around Cape Horn; experiences in Tahiti, as head of the U.S. Hospital, 1841-1843; California in 1850; medical practice in Petaluma.

William Reed family papers, circa 1811-1911.

Mainly relating to Oakland land holdings of William Reed (1811-1905). Includes a photocopy of a biographical sketch of William Reed, one photo-reproduction of portraits of Hannah and William Reed, a marriage license between Nellie Reed and R. Mayan, and a...

William Renton dictation and biographical material, 1887-1890.

Includes dictation, biographical sketch and draft of published biography.

William Robert Prince papers, 1849-1851.

117 letters written primarily to his wife, Charlotte, mainly from Sacramento, where he ran a miners' variety store and collected plant material for his New York horticultural gardens. Comments on voyage from New York to California via the Isthmus of...

William Rude Davis scrapbooks, 1869-1912.

Newspaper clippings, letters, etc., dealing with Davis' political, social and business activities in Alameda County during the period, 1869-1912, including his work on behalf of the University of California and his run for Governor of California.

William Rufus Shafter correspondence, 1898-1901.

Letters from A.S. Daggett, James Wilson and Henry Clarke Corbin.

William S. Harlow papers, 1885-1904.

v.1: Letters received, including one from Victor Howard Metcalf; v. 2: scrapbook containing advertising cards, some photographs, clippings and autographs; v.3: scrapbook, mainly of clippings relating to Harlow's activities as sheriff, Alameda County.

William S. Jewett letters, 1849-1871.

Letters written to his family in the East, relating mainly to his voyage to California in 1849; his visit to Coloma and lessons in gold mining; experiences as an artist, doing portraits of J.A. Sutter, Jonathan D. Stevenson, and Walter...

William S. Mailliard papers, circa 1930-1984 (bulk 1950-1977).

Contains materials relating to Mailliard's service as U.S. Congressman and as ambassador to the Organization of American States (1974-1976).

William S. Rouverol papers, 1970-2009.

Papers and some materials from Rouverol's attempts to create an updated voting machine after the 2000 presidential election; Axicon Gear Company papers; and other inventions and hobbies.

William S. Sharon and William C. Ralston business records

The bulk of collection consists of various forms of real estate legal documents of William S. Sharon including deeds, mortgages, conveyances, and trusts. Includes a $1,000,000 mortage of Sharon's with the Hibernia Savings and Loan Society. Also includes a number...

William S. Sharon and William C. Ralston business records, 1859-1886.

The bulk of collection consists of various forms of real estate legal documents of William S. Sharon including deeds, mortgages, conveyances, and trusts. Includes a $1,000,000 mortage of Sharon's with the Hibernia Savings and Loan Society. Also includes a number...

William Sargent Ladd dictations and biographical materials, 1888-1889.

Includes dictations by Ladd, his wife, Caroline Ames (Elliott) Ladd, and T.B. Wilcox; typed drafts and printer's copy of the published biographical sketch; and copy of letter from L.S. Hatch of The History Company to Ladd, July 11, 1888.

William Saroyan clippings of articles, stories, plays, 1938-81.

Two items removed from the Allan Seager papers.

William Saroyan collection of letters and papers, 1938-1977.

Included mimeographed copy of his play, Jim Dandy, Feb. 21, 1947; letter to Dore Schary, Jan. 22, 1952; and speech delivered at meeting of The Friends of The Bancroft Library, May 8, 1977.

William Saroyan correspondence with Anne Avakian, 1979-1980.

Contains two letters from Saroyan, 1979 Feb. 13 and March 3; copy of a sketch of Saroyan with his annotation, 1979 March 3; copies of six letters from Avakian, 1977-1980; and photocopy of a clipping from the New York Times,...

William Saroyan letters to Christopher Rand, 1938-1939.

9 letters and postcards to Christopher Rand, editor of The Coast, 1938-1939. Comments on stories submitted for publication and on other works in progress.

William Saroyan papers, 1905-1999.

Collection includes personal and business correspondence, typescripts, annotated drafts, original drawings, family photo albums, and audio materials.

William Satariano papers, approximately 2000-2018.

Contains research notes, articles, conference proceedings, email correspondence, and some records of the School of Public Health, particularly regarding a capstone course for the program.

William Schwartzman collection on Isaac Stern, 1937-1990.

Contains various materials collected by William Schwartzman about the violinist Isaac Stern, including newspaper clippings; copies of photographs; and a letter Stern sent to the cantor of San Francisco's Congregation Emanu-El, Reuben R. Rinder (1946).

William Sharp correspondence, 1858-1888 (bulk 1880-1888).

Contains 11 letters mostly to and from William Sharp while attending California Military Academy in Oakland. Topics include the entertainment scene in San Francisco, describing happenings in The Dalles, Oregon, discussing the outcome of the presidential election in 1888, discussing...

William Sharp papers, 1897-1905.

Two letters written, one signed as Fiona Macleod, to William Meredith in 1897 about the publication of Sharp's writings and those of Mona Caird. Also includes two clippings and a letter by Edith Wingate Rinder, after Sharps death, about William...

William Sherwood letters, 1850 May 23 and August 25, to his wife, Esther.

Written from Mariposa and Hawkinsville, California, describing mining experiences, prices of goods, etc.

William Siri Sierra Club papers, 1946-1983.

Papers relating to William Siri's involvement in the Sierra Club.

William Sontenheiser letters : Grass Valley, California, 1858 June 1 and 17.

William Sontenheiser letters, BANC MSS C-B 547:158, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

William Spencer Lowden papers, 1870-1929.

Contains the documents of a Surveyor and Land Attorney in Trinity County, including deeds, mining claims, indentures, abstract of title, survey maps, letters, drawings and charts

William Sproule correspondence, 1908-1934.

Items saved from the Sproule Mansion in San Francisco, including letters from Stephen Birch, W.D. Duke, William H. Crocker (for the Community Chest of San Francisco), Frank P. Deering (concerning the Bohemian Club), John Lawson, Paul Shoup, and Horace D....

William Stanage Wilson biographical sketch : and related material, [ca. 1887-1888]

Includes typescript biography, 1888; information about Wilson's connection with mining in Nevada, 1888; manuscript biography signed by Wilson, 1887; and letter to Hubert Howe Bancroft with list of Wilson's heirs.

William T. Bagley legislative papers, 1961-1974.

Bill file regarding legislation introduced in the California Assembly concerning topics such as indigent, medical services, judges, taxation, housing, veterans, local authority, search and seizure, roads, education, courts, discrimination, health and safety.

William T. Reid and Christine Reid photograph collections [graphic]

Majority of photographs were collected by William T. Reid and show buildings, grounds, students and activities of the Belmont School, and include some family portraits and snapshots. Materials from the Christine L. Reid papers include two lithographs from the U.S.P.R.R....

William T. Reynolds correspondence : with wife Julia Reynolds : ALS, 1849-1851.

Contains two letters from William Reynolds to his wife Julia and one letter from Julia to William. William describes San Francisco during the gold rush and asking her to meet him in Calif. Julia talks of their infant son and...

William Taylor reminiscences, 1884.

Recollections of overland journeys to California, 1852 and 1853 (after return via Panama for the rest of his family); experiences with his sons in the mines; life in Nevada County.

William Tell Coleman papers, 1854-1884.

Mainly letters from Coleman to his father, Francis W. Page (his brother-in-law), H.D. Bacon and Samuel Gaty relating to family and financial matters, some referring to the failure of Page, Bacon and Company. Also included: accounts with Samuel Gaty, 1859-1861;...

William Tornheim collection on the Jewish History of Contra Costa County, California records, 1865-1982.

The collection contains legal documents and court files; historical notes; biographical and genealogical material; minutes; invoices; reports; receipts; photographs; interviews, including one with William Tornheim; correspondence, including some with Robert E. Levinson; membership certificates; newspaper clippings and articles; and Freemason...

William Van Voorhies papers, 1850-1852.

Mainly correspondence as California Secretary of State. Letters from William J. Shaw, H.W. Halleck, Lewis W. Sloat and others. Also promissory notes from Antonio M. Pico.

William W. Dodge papers, 1866-1882.

Include letter from Jacob S. Taber concerning business in San Francisco, 1868; receipted bills from the Auzerais House in San Jose, 1869; and invitations.

William W. Elmendorf papers, approximately 1919-1997.

The collection contains materials related to the professional career of anthropologist William W. Elmendorf. It includes correspondence, manuscripts, research material and ethnographic notes, card files, course materials, subject files, conference materials and audiotapes and sound disks related to his work...

William W. Hibbs letters, circa 1861-1865.

Contains 44 letters written while fighting for the Union during the Civil War, mostly from West Virginia. Many of the letters are to David Hanes. A few of the letters are written by his brother Thomas Hibbs.

William W. Stow letters to his son, Sherman P. Stow, 1861-1892.

Mainly concerning his son's education and management of family property in Santa Barbara Co., Calif. Some mention of his own activities and legal practice. Three letters addressed to his daughter-in-law, Ida.

William Walker materials, 1855-1856.

Collection relates to William Walker's exploits in Mexico and Central America, and includes a mostly blank form for "Independence Loan for the Republic of Lower California" signed by Edmund Randolph; a page from an unidentified book describing "General Walker's fillibustering...

William Wallace Campbell postcards, 1903-1928.

Includes cards from Annie J. Cannon, Philip Fox, E.B. Frost, Johannes F. Hartmann, Annibale Riccò, Joel Stebbins, Harold Knox-Shaw and other astronomers. Cards depict Lick Observatory and other observatories in the United States and abroad.

William Warren Vernon papers, [ca. 1855-1914]

Include notes on a conversation with French historian François Guizot, and letters, some relating to the Franco-German war of 1870, from Albert, duc de Broglie, Charles Gavard, François Pierre Guillaume Guizot, Louis Philippe Albert d'Orléans, comte de Paris, Marie-Isabelle Francesca...

William Whittingham Lyman memoirs : typescript, [ca. 1969- ]

A series of reminiscences relating to various topics: the Lyman family and other families settling in Napa Valley and the Lyman ranch; his wife, poet Helen Hoyt; his student days at the University of California, class of 1906; his teaching...

William Willard Crocker in memoriam documents, 1964.

Contains sympathy resolutions to Crocker's widow from several Boards of Directors that he served on.

[William Wolff cartoon drawings for the California Pelican, and later artworks].

Original cartoon drawings executed for publication in the California Pelican, and clippings of various published cartoons from this source. Also includes later original woodcut prints, chiefly portraits, subjects of which include Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Irving Israel, Stanley Koppel, Roy Ragle, John...

William Zev Hassid family photograph album [graphic]

Photographs show family scenes and everyday life of the Hassid family: vacations (many California locations), pets, babies, etc. Includes telegraphs notifying family members of various deaths.

William Zev Hassid papers.

Bound reprints of UCB biochemist (3 v.) Reviews of his writings (1 v.)

Williams, Benjamin Franklin Photographs of the Yukon from the Benjamin Franklin Williams letters [graphic]

Photos taken in Yukon Territory, some of Bonanza Creek Gold Mining Co., where Williams served as an engineer. Depicted are hydraulic mining scenes, picknicking, cabin of Arthur B. Curtiss, Williams himself as well as Curtiss and his wife.

Williams College records, 1921-1966.

Contains board minutes, Correspondence, alumni association minutes, brochures, reports on the college by outside agencies, and other records relating to Williams College in Berkeley, Calif.

Williams (Earle E.) Papers

Correspondence, writings, and research, chiefly relating to the history of Tracy and San Joaquin County, Calif. Includes Williams research materials and drafts of his many books, articles, and stories about the Corral Hollow area and its ghost towns, including San...

Williams (Edward T.) Papers

Correspondence; MSS of his writings on China and the Far East and of an unpublished autobiography; diaries; account books; clippings of articles written by him; personalia; photographs; and scrapbooks, relating primarily to his career in the U.S. diplomatic service in...

Williams family papers, approximately 1850-1870.

Various documents related to the family of Joseph Williams. Includes typescript copy of reminiscences, diary, and letters. Includes reminiscences of Sarah E. Williams Spooner, diary of Joseph Williams (grandson of the patriarch, Joseph Williams), annotations on the diary by Robert...

Williams, James J. Photographs from the Samuel C. Evans diary [graphic].

Includes two group studio portraits of a party including Samuel C. Evans, Jr., his father Samuel Cary Evans, his mother, siblings and his friends, taken during their visit to the Hawaiian Islands in 1888.

Williams (Milo B.) Papers

Correspondence, memoranda, field notes and reports and drawings relating to his work as an irrigation engineer in California & the west primarily with the Resettlement Administration.

Willie L. Brown speeches, 1973-1990.

Seventeen speeches, given by Brown between 1985 and 1990, considered particularly important by speechwriter and researcher Joanne Murphy. Some are fully written texts and a few are notes in outline form; often includes information about the audience. Also included are...

Willis Foster collection of William Saroyan memorabilia, 1934-1978, n.d. (bulk 1934-1944).

Letters, programs and clippings, including: TLS from Bennett Cerf, Random House, Inc. to Foster (March 24, 1937); 2 TLS and 2 postcards (one signed) from Saroyan to Foster (1934 & n.d.); and an exerpt from a letter to Foster from...

Willis, John F. Photographs from the John F. Willis papers [graphic].

Studio portrait photographs of John F. Willis and, presumably, his wife Marcella Moran Willis.

Willoughby collection of photographs of California and the Pacific coast of North America [graphic]

Views primarily of California, but including scenes from Alaska to Mexico. A miscellany of historic views, including San Francisco Bay Area; Los Angeles area; mining and mining towns in California and Mexico; vineyards; early aircraft and balloons; boxing; railroads; U.S....

Willoughby (Wes) Papers

The Wes Willoughby papers consist of articles, speeches, and other materials written or compiled by Willoughby over the course of his career in politics and media. The collection includes a film script for Willoughby's documentary, "The Radical Right in Southern...

Willow Creek, Idaho miscellany, 1863-1887.

Items include a letter written by C.G. Harrison to Fred on Nov. 18, 1863 about buying and selling bonds, hunting, provisioning for a trip to California, and family life and a deed between J. Travis and B.F. Channell for interest...

Willsmore (Herbert) Papers

The Herbert Willsmore papers, 1968-1993, document his residency at Cowell Hospital, his involvement with the Rolling Quads, and his work with the California State Department of Rehabilitation. The materials consist of correspondence, press releases, school papers relating to his matriculation...

Wilson & Pratt receipts and bills : ms., [1890-1891]

Mainly from printing firms and stationery stores in San Francisco, Sacramento and Chico.

Wilson (Adrian) Papers

The Adrian Wilson Papers, 1884-1993, document Wilson's personal and professional life as a fine art printer. Despite a lack of formal training, Wilson founded a respected fine press, The Press at Tuscany Alley, and his work is well documented in...

Wilson (Allan) Papers

The Allan Wilson Papers, 1953-1996 document Wilson's career as a biochemist. The bulk of the collection focuses on his twenty-six year tenure at the University of California, Berkeley, but his education is also well documented within the collection. Included are...

Wilson, Edward Letters received from various individuals, 1906-1907.

Letters concern Wilson's activities as a book dealer. Correspondents include M. Walter Dunne (The Cambridge Society, New York); H. W. Cake (Calumet & Hecla Mining Co., Lake Linden, Michigan); O. C. Davison (Oliver Iron Mining Company, Iron Mountain, Michigan).

Wilson family papers, circa 1811-1969.

Papers refer primarily to three generations represented by: Virigina Perry Wilson, a retired teacher in the Napa intermediate school; her mother, Ethel Brodt Wilson, a California poet; and her grandmother, Helen Tanner Brodt, a California artist who was active from...

Wilson family. Photographs from the Wilson family papers [graphic]

Collection includes many family pictures and portraits. Members of the family pictured include Ethel Brodt Wilson, Harry and Arthur Wilson, Marilla Hemenway Wilson (first woman doctor in Oakland), and others. Family pictures include recreational activities, camping, and home life. The...

Wilson, Frank M. Papers relating to land in Alameda County, California : mss., 1889-1930.

Include abstracts of title for Daley's Scenic Park Tract and a portion of the Peralta Rancho; journal, ledger and accounts for the Scenic Park Realty Company; deeds and agreements relating to the sale of property, some involving Sheridan Downey; and...

Wilson, Frank M. Photographs from the Frank M. Wilson papers [graphic]

Collection includes photographs of the Santa Inés Mission in Solvang, Calif., a coastal scene, a Victorian interior, a woman playing a guitar, two portraits (one taken in Japan), the Alma store.

Wilson (Harry L.) Papers

Includes correspondence; materials re his work for Hubert Howe Bancroft; manuscripts of short stories, articles, novels and plays; notes; scenarios for some of his novels; clippings; photographs; papers relating to property in Mexico and to the settlement of his estate....

Wilson (John) Papers

Correspondence and documents relating to Wilson's activities as U.S. Indian Agent, Naval Agent and lawyer, mainly concerning land claims and Whig politics. Santa Cruz County poll list of 1854. Diary of visit to silver mines in Chihuahua in 1864, and...

Wilson (Orlando W.) Papers

Letters written to him and by him; biographical material; manuscripts of his writings; copies of his speeches and statements; reprints and tear sheets of his articles and book reviews; personalia; awards and diplomas; memorial tributes; clippings; subject files. Relating to...

Wilson, S. Clay. Photographs from S. Clay Wilson correspondence pertaining to Charles Plymell [graphic].

Chiefly snapshots depicting Charles Plymell with friends and other associates, including Breath Cox and William S. Burroughs. Also includes several low-quality printouts from scans of photographs not present in collection (depicting Charles Plymell, Tom Wolfe, Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence...

Wine industry related views of Guasti, Calif. [graphic]

Photos show various facilities of the Italian Vineyard Company including buildings, tanks, loading grapes, etc. A group portrait of the Office of Price Administration Wine Board shows H. Wente and H.O. Lanza, among others. Views of Guasti show the San...

Wine Institute (San Francisco, Calif.) Correspondence with Idwal Jones, [ca. 1942-1961]

Relating primarily to Jones' researches and his novels and articles concerned with wine and wineries, gastronomy, etc. Included also are clippings, articles, and biographical data, and promotional material for The Vineyard, and Vines in the Sun.

Wine labels from General M.G. Vallejo [graphic]

Two wine labels, accompanied by a New Year card (with visiting card inserted) from Mrs. Richard Raul (Madie D. Brown) Emparan directed to [George P.] Hammond, Director of The Bancroft Library, 1946-1965. Wine labels depict the buildings of Lachryma Montis,...

Wine making in the Livermore Valley : oral history transcript / and related material, 1969-1971.

Recollection of student days at University of California, Davis; his father, Carl H. Wente, and other early California winemakers; formation of Wente Brothers with his brother, Herman; effect of Prohibition on the industry; vineyard problems; trends and advances in the...

Wine making in the Napa Valley : oral history transcript / and related material, 1967-1973.

Comments on early years in San Francisco; study of wine making in Italy; career as wine maker before, during and after Prohibition; establishment of his winery in Napa Valley in 1933. Photographs inserted. Included also is a transcript of an...

Winegrowing in the Santa Clara Valley and Santa Cruz Mountains : oral history transcript / and related material, 1968-1982.

Interviews with R. Vince Garrod and Emma Stolte Garrod. Recollections of local vintners and their wineries around the turn of the century. With this: newspaper clippings re the Garrod family.

Winemaster at Beringer Vineyards : oral history transcript / 2002.

Education at UC Davis; Gallo laboratories; Foppiano Vineyards; Beringer Vineyards: winemaking techniques, private reserve program, vineyard management, Beringer vineyards, other Beringer brands, Myron Nightingale.

Winfield Scott Rodgers papers, circa 1880-1941.

Miscellaneous papers, chiefly relating to his conservation interests in the Butano Forest near Santa Cruz. Also contains a few miscellaneous family items.

Winfield Scott Rodgers photograph collection [graphic]

Photographs of residences in the Santa Cruz mountains show homes of the Rodgers family in Santa Cruz, Big Basin, Boulder Creek, and their Summerland farm. One view show's W.S. Rodger's printing room for the Boulder Creek newspaper "Mountain Echo". Collection...

Winifred Van Hagen papers, 1881-1968.

Contains correspondence, reviews of Van Hagen's books, and information on the National Amateur Athletic Federation.

Winn family papers, 1858-1958.

Collection of surveying diaries, papers, and other family papers and photographs.

Winn family portraits [graphic]

Studio portraits of various members of Winn family. Includes Sara Louise Winn (later Mrs. Brainard), Katherine Reed, Katherine E. Winn, copy photographs of General Albert Maver Winn and Gustavus Adolphus Winn, Agnes Turner Hilsee, Joseph Warren Hilsee, Charles Sydney Mercier,...

Winship, Janet Grant [Photographs from the Janet Grant Winship collection of George Sterling].

C folder 1: Arnold Genthe portrait of George Sterling, inscribed by the poet: For Janet with love from George; mounted with a typescript poem "Rainbow's End", also inscribed by the poet: For Janet, George Sterling. PIC folder 1: William Dassonville...

Winslow S. Pierce correspondence, 1852-1853.

Letters to Pierce, some relating to financial matters.

Winter '85 & '86 [graphic]

Scenes of Florida, including Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fort Marion, Tampa, and Key West; also views of the Bahamas, and Havana, Cuba.

Wise, Ernest George Letters received by Ernest Wise, 1925-1938.

Mainly regarding publication and production of his plays.

Wisser, Edward H. [Photographs from the Edward H. Wisser papers].

Chiefly snapshots pertaining to various mining operations in Mexico, inclulding such locations as Cieneguillas and Santa Barbara (Chih.). Also includes slides and a few snapshots pertaining to the Mexican Revolution.

With all due respect, Pauline: Pauline Davis, active in fairs legislation [graphic]

Compiled for a presentation of the Western Fairs Association. Includes many slides of news clippings from Pauline Davis scrapbooks. Some slides of fairs, and some slides of Davis family photographs and personal slides.

Witter Bynner papers, 1900-1956.

Included are letters written by Bynner; MSS of poems; a preface to a Chinese anthology; translations of Chinese poems and corrected galleys for The Jade Mountain.

W.K. Jones correspondence concerning the death and grave of Meriwether Lewis in Tennessee : Dallas, Texas, 1886.

Two letters to A.L. Bancroft & Company enclose letters from Kate Harlan and Henry C. Jones with the Lewis data. An accompanying printed prospectus (1884) is for the Dallas Female College, of which W.K. Jones was "President and Proprietor."

W.L. Moon and Sons business records, 1905-1912.

Part of a collection of Chinese business records from Nevada County, California.

Wölfel, Dominik Josef. Letter to Woodrow Borah : Vienna : LS, 1955 June 10.

Concerning his study of judicial documents relating to the Canary Islands under Spanish rule. With copy of Prof. Borah's reply, July 1, 1955.

Wolf Cohen family papers, 1924-1981.

Collection includes family genealogy; a copy of a 1980 newspaper article about the family reunion of the Cohen and Dan families; a business card for the San Francisco Show Case Company, the business of Henry Cohen, Wolf Cohen's son; and...

Wolf Levy storefront lithograph, 1879.

A lithograph print probably from a plate used to produce De Pue and Company's 1879 Atlas of Yolo County, California. The print includes four images of Madison, Yolo County: one of Wolf Levy's General Merchandise storefront; one of Hilliker's Hotel,...

Wolfe family papers, 1885-1965.

Photocopies with explanatory notes. Include biographical sketch of George Wolfe; typed transcript of marriage certificate of Ellen Jones and George Wolfe; obituary of Kinzy Witten Jones, a relative; family photographs; and personal papers.

Wolfgang Lederer papers, 1934-1990.

Contains samples of selected working drawings and printed works, including illustrations and designs of books, journals, broadsides, logos, Christmas cards, and book covers and jackets. Also includes a small amount of correspondence relating to his designs, especially with attorney and...

[Wolford family portrait taken at the Wolford Ranch] [graphic]

Photograph shows figures in front of a house, with a horse and wagon team in foreground. Manuscript note on verso reads: Left to right Ab Wolford, Lewis Davis, Grandma Wolford, Helen Wolford, Maggie Wolford, Milton Wolford, Driver - "Minthorn" or...

Wolin (Sheldon S.) papers

The Sheldon Wolin papers document his work as a political theorist, writer, and teacher. The collection includes academic and editorial correspondence; administrative materials from the Universities of California at Berkeley and Santa Cruz, Princeton, and Cornell; drafts of, and notes...

Wollenberg-Judell family trees, 19th century?

Contains family trees for the Judell and Wollenberg families.

Wolvin Line S.A. project album [graphic].

View of Puerto Mexico, terminal of the Tehuantepec National Railway, and Salinas Cruz of the the Veracruz Railway. Focus on facilites and the produce shipped by the Wolvin Line shipping company.

Woman in the Moon Publications records, 1971-2000.

The records contain correspondence and business records. There is one carton of poetry written by SDiane Bogus.

A woman's place in science and public affairs, 1932-1973 : oral history transcript / 1996.

Anne Dettner discusses her San Francisco family and 19th century forebears, her education at the University of California and Stanford, the Great Depression and serving as California Director of the National Youth Administration during the New Deal, her career in...

[Women visiting a river bed mining site] [graphic]

View shows flumes in an eroded landscape, with miners holding shovels and mining pans, several gentlemen in top hats, and two ladies, apparently visiting the site. Geographic location is unspecified, but is almost certainly in California's Sierra Nevada mountains.

Women workers in World War II : oral history transcripts of tape recorded interviews conducted by students in History 103D. University of California, Berkeley in May, 1979 : and related material, 1979.

Interviewees include: Joyce Maupin: Women Workers in San Francisco during World War II; Mary Jean Potts: Working in War Industry; Rosanne Hannah: Serving as a USO Social Director During World War II; Beatrice Rizzolo: Women in the U.S. Marine Corps...

The Women's Faculty Club of the University of California, Berkeley, 1919-1982 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1981-1983.

Interviews with: Josephine Smith, Margaret Murdock, Agnes Robb, May Dornin Josephine Miles, Gudveig Gordon-Britland, Elizabeth Scott, Marian Diamond, Mary Ann Johnson, Eleanor Van Horn, Katherine Van Valer Williams.

Women's Guild financial records, 1944-1963.

Volume 1, 1944-1961 ; volume 2, 1961-1963.

Womyn's Braille Press records, 1980-1996.

Contains correspondence, including fundraising letters and letters to subscribers; board meeting minutes; Womyn's Braille Press (WBP) constitution; newsletters; organizational brochures, literature catalogs of taped and braille titles produced by WBP; information written for volunteers; and feature articles about the WBP.

Wong Way papers, 1936-1940.

Contains correspondence with politician Franck Havenner and immigration papers concerning Wong Way's nephew and son's admitance into the United States. Also includes a broadside in Chinese to elect Franck R. Havenner mayor of San Francisco and a list of campaign...

Wood (James Earl) Photograph Collection Relating to Filipinos in California, ca. 1929-1934

This collection of 57 photographs and 5 post cards was taken or acquired by James Earl Wood ca. 1929-1934 as part of his research for his master's thesis. The library does not hold a copy of the thesis. The collection...

Woodbridge Bingham photograph collection [graphic]

Views document trips to East Asia, including Hawaii, Borneo, Singapore, Bali, Java, Malasia, Japan, Cambodia, and India. Includes leisure, sightseeing, street scenes, native people, transportation, and art.

Woodbridge Metcalf files relating to the Northern California Section of the Society of American Foresters, 1916-1973.

Bulk of collection is records of the Northern California Section of the Society of American Foresters. There is a small amount of material from the Bay Area Chapter of the Society. There is a wide range of materials, including Metcalf's...

Woodmen of the World, minutes of meetings, 1919-1924.

Include information on members, accounts, applications for membership and suspensions, reports of committees of the benevolent association. V.1: Sept. 15, l9l9 - June 26, l922; v.2: July 3, l922 - Apr. 7, l924. With these, in portfolio, loose items removed...

Woodrow Borah and Sherburne Cook research files, circa 1941-1969.

Research materials relating principally to tabulations of demographic information for census records in Mexico and Spain. Includes field notes, tablulations, computer tapes and printouts.

Woodrow W. Borah interviews : oral history transcript / 1983.

Borah discusses his life and career in Latin American studies, including his research and writings.

Woodrow Wilson Borah collection of Spanish America research materials, approximately 1604-1841, 1981.

Notes, transcriptions of original documents and photocopies from various repositories in Spanish speaking countries concerning Spanish America, and particularly the native American population.

Woodruff, Wilford Letters to William Atkins, 1885-1894.

Letters written by Lewis Allen also included.

Woodson, Carl. Papers relating to the Ku Klux Klan, ca. 1960-1965.

Correspondence, application forms, handbills, and assorted doctrinaire literature relating to Klan activities in the United States.

Woodstock Copper, Gold & Silver Mining Company ledgers, 1863-1865.

Contains 4 volumes including a meeting book, ledgers and transfer book for a mining company in California.

Woodward's Gardens, San Francisco, Calif. [graphic]

Photos show entrance to Woodward's Gardens and children riding camels in the gardens.

Woodward's Gardens, San Francisco [graphic]

Photographs show various views of Woodward's Gardens, including: the entrance gate, the museum exterior and interior including visitors and statuary, a greenhouse, animal scenes, walkways, children riding camels, etc.

Woolsey Family Papers

The collection represents the personal, familial, and business activities of three generations of the Woolsey family, a family influential from the late 19th to mid-20th centuries in Berkeley, California. The bulk of the correspondence in the Woolsey family papers is...

"The word, bearer of our confessions" : oral history transcript : the Greenwood Press, 1968-1996 / 1996.

Stauffacher discusses his recent thoughts on new typographical technology and book design; individuals in the San Francisco book production world; American and European presses and printers; past Greenwood Press projects and works in progress.

Work Projects Administration (Calif.) Records

Field notes, preliminary reports, etc., for the anthropological survey for Orange County. Data used in the Study of Primitive Man in Orange County, U.S. Works Progress Administration projects, nos. 4465 and 7680, under the direction of J.W. Winterbourne, and sponsored...

Working files for the Book Club of California's 1948 Keepsake publication, Letters of the Gold Discovery : compiled under the editorship of George P. Hammond, 1948.

Hammond's working files, including correspondence with contributors and editors, typescripts of background information, specimen copies of a few of the final published versions of individual items, and photo reproductions of original documents.

Working for safety and health in underground mines : oral history transcript : San Luis and Homestake mining companies, 1946-1988 / 1995.

Langan Swent discusses his family and youth in Tayoltita, Mexico; studies at Stanford and at the University of California, Berkeley; service in Africa, Italy, and France during World War II; San Luis and Homestake mining companies; ventures in Missouri, Michigan,...

Working papers for his history of Warner's ranch and its environs, [ca. 1927]

Working notes, abstracts and related materials used by Hill in researching and writing his history of Warner's ranch.

Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring Records, 1932-1933.

Consists of a booklet containing the 1933 constitution of the Workmen's Circle, which was printed and distributed by the national office of the organization, in New York City. constitution and 25th Anniversary program

Works (John D.) Papers

Correspondence; printed copies of his speeches; and some reference materials, such as clippings, reports, copies of bills and government documents. Relate mainly to his career in the U.S. Senate and his stand on such issues as intervention in Mexico, neutrality,...

World Institute on Disability collection of film and video.

Film footage of Ed Roberts and his son; tapes of conferences including the Personal Assistance Services Conference and Quality of Life Conference; some television news footage of 504 demonstrations; other WID footage.

World Institute on Disability Records

The records of the World Institute on Disability, 1983-[ongoing], provide a fairly complete picture of its history since its founding in 1983. The records include founding documents, meeting records, correspondence, reports, research and publications, grant applications, training materials, and promotional...

World Institute on Disability sound recordings collection [sound recording]

Recordings of meetings, conference proceedings, AIDS task force meetings and training sessions, and a few commercially produced recordings. Includes interviews conducted in Japan, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Includes recordings of Judy Heumann and Ed Roberts.

A world view of the wine industry : oral history transcript / 1996.

Huneeus discusses the Chilean winery Concha y Toro in 1960s; Seagram worldwide wine businesses; California wineries; Noble Vineyards, Concannon Vineyards, Souverain Cellars, Franciscan Estates; winery marketing practices, yeast fermentation, and health aspects.

World War I photographs from the Emil Lewis Holmdahl papers [graphic]

Includes views of tanks, artillery, tractors, etc. in Germany during World War I. One folder labeled "Dance at False Dawn" shows a number of people appearing to be hanged.

A World War II journey : from Clarkesdale, Mississippi to Richmond, California, 1942 : oral history transcript / 1992.

Preston discusses her Mississippi childhood; move to Richmond, 1942; shipyard welder, 1942-1945: daily schedule, training program; press operator, Treasure Island, 1946-1966; North Richmond residence; North Richmond Baptist Church.

World's Columbian Exposition tickets : Chicago, Ill., 1893.

Contains two printed tickets to the Exposition for Chicago Day (No. 21795, Oct. 9, 1893) and Manhattan Day (No. 11076, Oct. 21, 1893).

[Worth Ryder art works].

Includes two drawings identified as Virginia City, and 1 photograph of a Berkeley, Calif. fountain presumably designed by Worth Ryder.

Wortham family papers, 1802-1920 (bulk 1890-1900).

Contains correspondence, clippings, a scrapbook and announcements related to the Wortham family of Montana and Texas. Scrapbook was Dennis Wortham's.

Worthington Chauncey Ford correspondence, 1915-1917.

Includes letter to Frederick Logan Paxson, and letters from Henry Cabot Lodge and Charles Francis Adams.

Worthington (Gladys) papers

The Gladys Worthington Papers consist chiefly of talks, lectures, professional files, writings, and a small amount of personal papers relating to her career as a relief worker during World War II and as a social worker in the San Francisco...

W.P. Tilden letters : Stockton, Calif., to Maria French, Orange, Mass., 1862-1863.

Two handwritten letters from the resident physician at the state insane asylum in California to the sister of an inmate named Levi [French?]. One letter (4 p. ; Feb. 27, 1862) assures French that her brother is doing well and...

W.R. Ralston papers relating to California agriculture, 1918-1949 (bulk 1941-1944)

Consists chiefly of research data gathered by Ralston for a U.S. Dept. of Agriculture study on wartime farm production adjustments in California, 1941-1942. Also includes a short report on the Japanese American vegetable growers with related material, and miscellaneous agricultural...

W.R. "Reg" Gomes, UCOP Vice President ANR, emeritus : oral history transcript : taking the University to the people : University of California Cooperative Extension / c2009.

Dr. W. R. "Reg" Gomes retired in 2007 from his position as Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) at the University of California. His responsibilities included being the chief executive officer responsible for all oversight activities in agriculture,...

Wright (Cedric) Papers

The Cedric Wright papers include correspondence, writings and notes, and family papers which provide a glimpse into the life of this artist, his circle, and the development of his work.

Wright, Cedric [Photographs from the Cedric Wright papers.]

Family photographs such as portraits of family, friends, and others by various (often unidentified) photographers and many likely by Cedric Wright, as well as snapshots of family life and Wright's youth (BANC PIC 1977.067--PIC box 1). Many photographs by Wright...

Wright, Cedric Photographs of Lawrence Radiation Laboratory at Berkeley [graphic] /

Exterior photographs of Lawrence Radiation Laboratory at Berkeley.

Wright Morris correspondence with John Aldridge, 1956-1983.

Wright Morris correspondence with John Aldridge, 1956-1983, BANC MSS 88/171 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Wright Morris manuscripts

Manuscript drafts of Wright Morris' novels, essays, and stories along with a small amount of correspondence.

Wright's Company of Gold Diggers papers, 1849.

Agreement, constitution and records kept by Thomas Hills, together with two letters to his brother, Richard Hills (Oct. 3 & Nov. 27, 1849), with an explanatory note by Joseph Lawrence Hills accompanies these papers.

Writers and revolutionists : oral history transcript / and related material, 1966-1967.

Recollections of childhood in San Quentin; her husband, John Kenneth Turner; participation in Mexican revolutionary movement, 1908-1911; Jack and Charmian London; Carmel friends and acquaintances; writing career; residence in Mexico. Photographs inserted. With this: clippings concerning Mrs. Duffy from El...

Writings by students at the Poston War Relocation Center, 1942-1943.

Compositions written by students at the Poston, Arizona War Relocation Center. Describe experiences during evacuation from California and relocation in Poston. Included also is a brief history of Poston, dated October 24, 1942.

Writings of Glen Coffield [ca.1944-1948].

Primarily manuscripts of poems (typescript) gathered into leaflets, with illustrated covers. Some with notes to William Everson on verso of title page.

The writings of Narciso Duran in The Bancroft Library : ms., [ca. 1810-1846]

Letters and documents (originals and copies) of Fr. Duran in various collections in the Bancroft Library. With bibliography prepared by Helen H. Bretnor.

Writings of William Vere Cruess : mss., [ca. 1920-1968].

Mainly typescript copies of his writings relating to the preservation and utilization of food, and to wine and wine-making.

Writings on early California.

Manuscripts of articles, speeches, etc., on California history, social life, etc.

Writings on General Francis Marion : ms.

Included are a typescript copy of his unpublished biography of the American Revolution war hero, General Francis Marion, The Swamp Fox; and a typescript copy of his story, Twenty or the Torch.

Wulzen (Albert H.), Panorama of Oakland, California, ca. 1879

This collection consists of a portfolio containing a panorama photograph, divided into 7 photoprints, hinged together. The photograph was taken from San Pablo and 14th Streets in Oakland, California, circa 1879. The photographer was Albert H. Wulzen. The following is...

Wurster (Catherine Bauer) Papers

The Catherine Bauer Wurster Papers contain material related to the personal and professional career of author/activist/educator/ C.B. Wurster (1905-1964). These records include correspondence, diaries, notebooks, and presentations; records of her involvement with numerous organizations, manuscripts, reprints and tear sheets of...

Wurster (Catherine Bauer) photograph collection

The Catherine Bauer Wurster photograph collection primarily contains black and white photographs related to Wurster's work with public housing and planning. A large portion are images of housing projects undertaken in the United States by the Federal Housing Authority, Farm...

W.V. Cruess papers.

Includes correspondence, manuscripts, diaries of Sierra trips, of the late UC professor, relating in part to food processing.

W.W. Favre collection of Civil Rights ephemera, circa 1964-1965.

Contains materials relating to the civil rights struggle mostly in Mississippi in 1964-1965 including: correspondence from Tom Rowe; pamphlets for the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO), the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and other civil rights organzations; clippings; and a SNCC...

W.W. Latham collection on Abraham Lincoln, 1931.

Draft of campaign speech, Sectionalism. ([1856] [8] leaves; 32 cm.)

W.W. Mackie papers, circa 1916-1946.

Collection includes biographical material, correspondence, project files, research materials, writings, lecture notes, subject files and clippings related to Mackie's work as an agronomist at the University of California Berkeley. Major subjects include beans and a variety of grains and cereals.

Wyckoff (Florence R.) Papers

The Papers of Florence Richardson Wyckoff document Wyckoff's personal and professional life. Raised in Berkeley, California and trained as an artist, Wyckoff became interested in social service during the Great Depression. Over the course of her life, this early interest...

[Wyland Stanley pictorial collection of San Francisco Bay Area views.]

Exhibition-sized copy photographs of San Francisco and Oakland views, including street scenes, churches, commercial buildings, theaters, hotels, Chinatown, residences, and the earthquake and fire of 1906. These views were produced as a set of exhibition prints of uniform size, copied...

Wyntoon Estate papers, 1936-1947.

Correspondence, documents, records, and receipts pertaining to construction, decoration, and furnishings at William Randolph Hearst's Wyntoon Estate, along the McCloud River in Siskiyou County, Calif. Principal correspondents include F.C. Stolte & Co. and W.A. McClure.

Wyntoon views [graphic] : horseback riding.

Views of guests at Wyntoon, the Phoebe Hearst estate on the McCloud River, Siskiyou County, Calif., riding horseback. Includes one view looking down through the forest on the main house, and one view of a stag strung up.

Wyntoon views [graphic] : staff, guests, and grounds of the Hearst estate.

Views of Wynton, Phoebe Apperson's Hearst's estate in Siskiyou County, Calif., including building exteriors & interiors, swimming pool, tennis court, and unidentified indiviuals. Kitchen staff, other household staff, guests, and possibly family members are pictured. Buildings appear to be those...

Wyoming miscellany.

Concerns finance and biography in Wyoming. Cataloged separately. See individual records for content.