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I and my sheep : an autobiography, [between 1940] and 1948.

Consists of the autobiography of a Tarascan Indian, including Spanish and English versions, with two issues (Sept. 1947 & Mar. 1948) of the periodical Juchári anápu, which contains the first 15 pages of this autobiography. Also includes a letter from...

Ida Amelia Sproul : the President's wife : oral history transcript / and related material, 1980-1981.

Comments on her husband, Robert G. Sproul; role as wife of president of the University of California; living in Berkeley; faculty, regents and friends; famous visitors; entertaining in the president's house; development of the University at Los Angeles; etc.

Ida Hodes papers, approximately 1950-2000.

Correspondence, programs, black and white photographs, related to the artistic activities and relationships of Ida Hodes. Includes correspondence and postcards from the San Francisco artist known as Jess [i.e. Jess Collins], programs, and photocopies of news clippings of the work...

Ida Louise Jackson papers, 1917-2003.

Contains correspondence, course notes and organizational records.

Ida Poriss Rude papers, 1921-1968.

Correspondence; programs; scripts; newspaper clippings; and an annual report of the East Bay Council of Jewish Women (1926).

Idaho commerce miscellany, 1872-1904.

Receipts, notes, check, envelop, account, and fragment of election related matter from Owyhee related businesses or matters.

Idaho Fraternal Orders miscellany : Silver City, Idaho, 1905, 1908.

Minutes of meetings, 1905, of the Improved Order of Red Men, Idaho Reservation No. 20, War Eagle Tribe, Silver City; and receipt to Silver City Lodge No. 13 by the Grand Lodge of Idaho, F. & A.M., 1938.

The Idaho Horse Queen, 1888.

Biographical sketch of Kittie Wilkins and an extract from the San Francisco Examiner called "The Idaho Horse Queen- the romantic story of the rapid rise of Kittie Wilkins."

Idaho, miscellany, 1868-1882.

1. Neil, John Baldwin, 1842-1902. Letter as Governor to U.S. Attorney General Benjamin Harris Brewster. Boise, Idaho. April 20, 1882. 3 l. 28 cm. Concerning the reputation of U.S. District Marshal Chase.

Ideals and realities in state and local government : oral history transcript / and related material, 1976-1977.

Comments on association with Marin Co. League of Women voters and service as the League's legislative advocate in Sacramento; election to and service on Mill Valley City Council, 1946-50, and on Marin County Board of Supervisors, 1952-60; controversy over Frank...

[Identification photographs of Chinese men from the Owens & Moore company cashbook].

Photographic portraits of unidentified Chinese men and boys in traditional attire, most of which are copy photographs of original prints, perhaps cartes de visite, mounted in albums. Also includes photocopies of 2 pages (365-366) of the Owens & Moore Company...

Idris Evans : oral history transcript / 2000.

Discusses childhood in a village in Wales, and social divisons concerning the speaking of Welsh or English. Move to Lafayette, California in 1969 for a job with Chevron, socializing in the community and with other Welsh-Americans.

Idwal Jones miscellany, 1938-1951.

Collection contains 8 letters addressed to Edward O'Day, a menu from San Francisco's High Bonnet restaurant inscribed by Jones, and a carbon typescript of Richard Prosser's "Of the life and works of Idwal Jones."

Idwal Jones papers, circa 1929-1964.

Letters written to Jones about his writings; manuscripts of Ark of Empire and other books and stories; tear sheets of articles published in magazines and newspapers, many of them dealing with viticulture and gastronomy; reviews of his books; notes; awards;...

If you have a lemon, make lemonade : typescript, [ca 1973.]

Typescript, extensively corrected in ink and pencil, presumably by Hinckle and the copy editor.

Ignacio Francisco Barrutia correspondence : Mexico : ms., 1729 Apr. 22-Oct. 10.

Copies of official letters and documents received or dispatched by Barrutia, governor of Nueva Vizcaya, concerning protection against the Tarahumares and other Indians, defense of missions and Pedro de Rivera's 1724-28 inspection of frontier presidios. Included are two orders from...

Ignacio Mariscal correspondence, 1833-1910 (bulk 1881-1910).

Consists primarily of diplomatic correspondence covering the years of Ignacio Mariscal's tenure under Porfirio Diaz' government. Most of the letters are either reports from members of Mexican delegations, European countries, and the U.S., or recommendations of individuals for government positions....

Ignatius E. Thayer papers, circa 1862-1930.

Folder housed in an item box with C-Y 140-215.

Ijichi, Hiro. Photographs related to Kanae Nagasawa and Fountain Grove, Sonoma Co., Calif. [graphic]

Individual and group portraits of a Japanese family (the Nagasawa family?) at Fountain Grove Winery dating from 1899; and views of the Fountain Grove dance hall featuring well-furnished interiors. Portraits of Kanae Nagasawa and others from late 1920's are also...

Ikeda family papers, 1908-1951.

Contains correspondence, manuscripts and transcripts of writings, a diary in Japanese, copies of internment records of Kando Ikeda, and address books. Correspondence includes letters from Kando Ikeda to his daughters while interned as an enemy of the state. Writings include...

Illinois miscellany.

Biographies and one newspaper clipping concerning merchants and businesses of Chicago.

Illustrations and title pages for Mexican books

Transferred from the Henry Raup Wagner papers (BANC MSS C-B 849)

Illustrations for Bidwell's The first emigrant train to California [graphic]

Views show western landscapes, and scenes along the Bidwell Trail through Wyoming, Utah, etc.

Illustrations for John Steinbeck's Tortilla flat [graphic]

Drawings show people, streets, and scenes of everyday life in Monterey, Calif., drawn for the 1935 edition of Tortilla flat, published by Covici.

Illustrations for Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice [graphic] /

Illustrations of "The Cask Scene" and "The Trial Scene", intended for a projected Illustrated Shakespeare, by Bradbury & Evans. The work was never published.

Illustrations for Stockton Boyhood from the Grunsky family papers [graphic].

Collection of illustrations for Stockton Boyhood including views of the town of Stockton, Calif. (based on old paintings), a carte de visite of Carl Ewald Grunsky and other views.

Illustrations from the Illustrated London news, Gleason's pictorial, etc. [graphic]

Views show San Francisco, gold mining, Indians, Hock Farm, and a scene in Mexico.

Illustrations intended for use in publications by A.L. Bancroft & Company [graphic]

Primarily illustrations removed from an edition of Cook's Voyages, including scenes of Pacific Islanders and natives of Alaska. Material relating to archaeology, Mexico, South America, and cuts from various publications to be used in a world geography text are also...

Illustrations of Hudson's Bay Company forts of the American West [graphic].

One photographic view of Hudson's Bay Company's Fort Vancouver and 8 vintage photographic prints of drawings. The photograph (United States Photograph No.3) depicts the interior of the Hudson's Bay Company post at Fort Vancouver, probably in May, 1860. Drawings depict:...

Illustrations of the discovery of San Francisco Bay [graphic]

Views depict: departure of the San Carlos from La Paz -- Soldado de Cuero -- Juan Bautista de Anza -- how the sick were carried -- the vision of Anza -- the march to Monterey -- the Battle of San...

Illustrations of the scenery of New South Wales, 1878.

Includes scenic views of mountainous landscapes, waterfalls, rivers, railroads, and bridges.

Illustrative material for Maxine Hong Kingston's Through the black curtain [graphic].

Copy negatives and photographic print used as illustrative material in the production of Maxine Hong Kingston's Through the black curtain, published in 1987 as keepsake 35 of the Friends of the Bancroft Library. Print is portrait of Kingston. Negatives depict...

Images of objects and petroglyphs related to an unidentified Indian group [graphic]

Images relate to a group or groups of Indians, possibly from California. Images depict petroglyphs, human skulls, tools, baskets, weapons, and pottery.

[Images of Slaughter Ranch (San Bernardino Ranch), Arizona and Mexico during Mexican Revolution].

Chiefly real photograph postcards depicting military exercises and other activities of U.S. soldiers stationed at San Bernardino Ranch (aka Slaughter Ranch) near the Arizona-Mexico border during the Mexican Revolution.

Images related to Prescott Scott & Co. [graphic]

Views of mining related equipment built by Prescott Scott & Co. (United Iron Works) show the following: Consolidated Mill interior with pumping engines, hoisting gear for the Savage Mine, hoisting and pumping gear built for the Raymond and Ely Mine,...

Images related to the Pacific Lumber Co., Calif. and to Virgina City, Nevada [graphic]

Views of the Pacific Lumber Co. log trains showing locomotive pushing a big log and log trains with people posing in front of them. Included are also two views from Virginia City, Nevada, the first featuring the Big Wheel at...

Images related to the Russian-Polish war of 1920 [graphic].

Views related to the Russian-Polish war of 1920, including Red Army troops at the Polish front, enlisted soldiers, and some caricatures. Some images depict 1918-1919 evens featuring V.I. Lenin giving speeches. Copies of Lenin's orders are also included.

Imoue letter to Nomura : Alvarado : ALS, 1907 July 8.

Receipts for the purchase of a wood cup. Includes cover.

Imperial Valley Snapshots, ca. 1903

This collection of 23 snapshots were taken circa 1903 by an unidentified photographer. The subject matter is the Imperial Valley area of California, including the towns of Brawley, Calexico, and Mexicali, and the Alamo River. The collection includes photographs of...

Impressions of the Russian imperial government : oral history transcript / and related material, 1964-1971.

Comments on events in Russia between the revolutions of 1905 and 1917; career as official in the Ministry of Agriculture; discussion of Russian administrative system. Photographs inserted. Included also: copies of biographical sketch and obituary.

In memory of the brothers Drury : Newton and Aubrey [graphic]

Mainly portraits of Aubrey and Newton Drury (singly and in large groups) commemorating their work with the Save the Redwoods League and their contributions to conservation and the National Park Service. Includes views of the Newton B. Drury Grove in...

In search of the California dream : from Houston, Texas to Richmond, California, 1943 : oral history transcript / 1986.

Discusses growing up in Houston, Texas, blacks in golf, life in Richmond, California since 1943, the Painters' Union, work in Kaiser shipyard, social life (including blues clubs and churches), move to an all white neighborhood in 1956, and opportunities for...

Ina Claire photograph collection, [graphic]

Mainly portraits of Claire; also includes portraits of fellow film stars, many inscribed.

Ina Coolbrith correspondence : ALsS, 1916-1924, 1932.

Letters and postcards, chiefly from Coolbrith to Mildred Leo Clemens Schenck, but including a few to Iza Hardy and John Howell. Also includes a copy of a letter to Coolbrith from George Wharton James, introducing Mrs. Clemens Schenck and a...

Ina Coolbrith letters, 1909 and 1926.

Letter from Jack London to Mr. Whitaker, 1909 August 10, concerning distribution of the monies collected as a relief fund established for Ina Coolbrith. With this, a January 7, 1926 letter to Coolbrith from Albert M. Bender, Chairman of the...

Ina Sizer Cassidy motion picture collection.

Reels 1-6, 12-24: Motion Picture 283 A. Reels 7-10: Motion Picture 283 B (shelved in BMP 1 box 103). Reel 11: Motion Picture 283 B (shelved in BMP 1 box 104).

Increasing opportunities in chemistry, 1936-1986 : oral history transcript / 1992.

Discusses in youth in Oakland, Calif., and studies at the University of California, Berkeley; his career at Howard University and at California State University, Los Angeles; activities in the American Chemistry Society, National Institutes of Health, and other professional programs...

Incunabula Collection of the Bancroft Library

The Incunabula Collection of The Bancroft Library comprises more than 400 titles (several of which are only leaves) printed before 1501. It includes philosophical, theological, scientific, historical, and literary works. The collection has specimens from each of the major western...

Independence Day centennial celebration, Paseo Hidalgo, Ensenada (Baja California, Mexico).

Photographic postcards depicting centennial celebration of Mexico's Independence Day on the Paseo Hidalgo, in Ensenada (Baja California, Mexico), September 16, 1910. Ceremony takes place at statue of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Bodie Lodge No. 279 records, 1876-1916.

Correspondence, financial papers, minutes, and membership lists for the Bodie Lodge.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Granite Lodge No. 62 minutes, 1861-1868.

Minutes of a fraternal organization in Folsom, Calif. including membership applications, ballots, suspensions, expulsions, dues and fees, printing orders, maintenance of uniforms and cemeteries, and celebrations and memorials.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Mila Rebekah Lodge No. 240 records, 1899-1913.

Annual and semi-annual reports; correspondence, mostly with members and with other lodges; and membership applications and other membership materials.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Observatory Lodge No. 23 record book : San Jose, Calif., 1894-1897.

Ledger book of a San Jose, California chapter of the Odd Fellows, a national fraternal organization. Handwritten dated entries include meeting minutes, officer names, trustees, roll call of members in attendance, and actions proposed and voted upon. Also includes a...

Independent Order of Odd Fellows of the State of California miscellany, [ca. 1853-1869]

Also includes membership certificate issued to John F. Beede, Diamond Springs Lodge No. 9, April 23, 1862; membership certificate issued to E.A. Lewis, San Andreas Lodge No. 50, June 19, 1869; and, letters to Mr. & Mrs. John S. Eagan...

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Owyhee Lodge No. 2 records, 1868-1914.

Correspondence with other lodges and members, especially over illness and death benefits; proceedings against members; reports of officers and committees; resolutions; bills and receipts; applications for membership, degrees, and transfers; withdrawal cards.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Roseville Lodge No. 203 records : Roseville, Calif., 1872-1923.

Ledger books containing records of the Independent Order of Oddfellows in Roseville, Calif., Lodge 203. Details include receipts and disbursements, and meeting minutes containing officer names, trustees, roll call of members in attendance, and actions proposed and voted upon. Volumes...

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Silver State Encampment No. 7, organizational records, 1875-1885.

Minute book, Sept. 9, 1875-Aug 26, 1885 and roll of officers, Feb. 16, 1876-July 1, 1885.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Union Lodge No. 48 records, 1863-1908.

Annual and semi-annual reports (1863-1869 and 1873-1885); correspondence (1873-1908); and bonds.

Independent political coalitions, electoral, legislative and community : oral history transcript / and related material, 1976-1977.

An account of her experiences as a political activist, particularly with California Legislative Conference, 1947-56, and the Californians for Liberal Representation, 1962-72; and her affiliation with the Viewer Sponsored Television Foundation, Los Angeles. Copy of photograph inserted. Appended: photocopies of...

Independent Press Association. Photographs from the Independent Press Association collection [graphic].

Includes snapshots of Independent Press Association (San Francisco, Calif.) staff and events.

Independent small mines operator, 1948 to 1999, Corona Mine : oral history transcript / 2000.

Growing up with mining: pocket and placer gold mines in Oregon; Naval Air Reserve fighter pilot, 1943-1983, combat in Korea; Corona Mine, CA operations and mercury recovery processes, 1955-1970, reclamation 1998-1999; managing and operating other small mines in California and...

[Inderjit Singh working in a Shell gas station convenience store, Sacramento, Calif.] [graphic].

Photograph depicts Inderjit Singh, a Sikh, working behind the counter of the convnenience store of a Shell gas station in Sacramento, California.

Index : Roy D. Graves Photograph Collection : oral history transcript / and related material, 1963-1964.

Descriptions of the photographs in the collection, made by Mr. Graves in the fall of 1963.

Index of the Spanish-Mexican private land grant records and cases of California, 1956-1958.

Typescript carbon copy of a document concerning land grant cases in California. The "Index of the Spanish-Mexican private land grant records and cases of California" (1958 ; 598 pages), contains a variety of indices of the grants by name, Court...

Index to deeds, etc., of mining property ... : Virginia City, Nev.? : ms., 1876 Mar. 17.

An alphabetical arrangement of grantors and grantees in a bundle of deeds numbered 1-131 (no longer with the index). Seemingly all references are to property on the Comstock Lode.

Index to early San Francisco burial records, E-K and L-Q, 1850-1870.

Incomplete index to burial records from various cemeteries in San Francisco giving the following information: name of deceased, place of birth, death date, cemetery, and, occssionally, the grave number.

India and China in the World War I era, New Deal and Marshall Plan, and University of California, Berkeley : oral history transcript /

Blaisdell discusses his childhood and education; teaching in India, 1917-1918; in Chinghua College in pre-revolutionary China; public service in Roosevelt and Truman administrations, 1933-1951; including Resettlement Administration, Social Security Board's Bureau of Research and Statistics, Commerce Dept.; post- World War...

Indian acorn caches, and a grape arbor [graphic]

Stereos show views of Indian acorn caches (from the series: Glories of the Yosemite, California) and a grape arbor in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Indian Defense Association of Central and Northern California, creator. [Photographs from the Indian Defense Association of Central and Northern California records.]

Miscellaneous files, apparently kept by John Collier, pertaining to a range of Native American groups and activities. Topics include portraits of Native Americans in traditional regalia; press photographs of Gertrude Bonin (Zitkala Sa) and a Hopi snake dance performed in...

Indian Defense Association of Central and Northern California Records

The records of the Indian Defense Association of Central and Northern California, an Indian reform organization operating from 1923 until 1938.

Indian Language Collection: The Alaska Native Languages.

Linguistic manuscripts (dictionaries, grammars, and texts of sermons, prayers, etc.) relating to various tribes in Alaska.

Indian Language Collection: The Pacific Northwest Tribes.

Linguistic manuscripts (dictionaries, grammars, and texts of sermons, prayers, etc.) relating to various tribes in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

Indian massacre photos, 1911.

By George L. Matthews of Cedarville, Calif.

Indian troubles of Colorado : Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1884-1886.

Dictation in handwriting of H.H. Bancroft, with a further typescript dictation, 2 leaves, 1886. To the Tarryall diggings from Iowa, 1860; his father's Methodist circuit comprising the southern half of Colorado; comments on Hamilton and Colorado City; El Paso County...

Indian wills, Mexico, 1720, 1731.

Pair of early 18th century handwritten Indian wills: Testament of an Indian in Nahuatl language, 1731; Reception of the goods as marked by a testament in Spanish and Nahuatl, 1720.

[Indiana woman's record of life in the Midwest and California.]

Snapshots of family, friends, social gatherings, outings, parades, various scenes and home interiors.

Indians and the Colorado River from the J.W. Powell Survey - Stereoviews

The Stereoviews of Indians and the Colorado River from the J.W. Powell Survey consists of 107 stereographic prints taken from circa 1869 to circa 1874.

Indians of California and views of Mt. Whitney and the Alabama Range

Portraits of California Indians, many identified as Piute [sic], and views of mountains from the Lone Pine area.

Indians of California and views of Mt. Whitney and the Alabama Range [graphic].

Portraits of California Indians, many identified as Piute [sic], and views of mountains from the Lone Pine area.

Indices to California land cases : ms., 1941 and 1964.

Index to "third party" cases, U.S. Circuit Court, San Francisco; compiled under direction of J.N. Bowman, with his explanatory note; filmed 1961 April (microfilm only)

Indices to California land grants, 19--?

Indices to records of the Spanish and Mexican land grants now in archives of the California Secretary of State.

Indoor Sports Club records, 1950-2007 (bulk 1950-1993)

Records include minutes, bylaws, scrapbooks, manuals, photographs, member information, and information on policies regarding the disabled. Most of the materials are specific to the San Rafael Chapter of the Indoor Sports Club. Some other materials refer to the national organization.

[Industria Eléctrica de México illustrated wall calendars].

Wall calendars published by Industria Eléctrica de México S.A (I.E.M.). for the years 1952, 1956, 1957 and 1958; illustrated with works of prominent Mexican artists. 1952 (lacking sheets for January-March): Amador Lugo, Olga Costa, Carlos Sánchez M., Desiderio Hernández Xochitiotzin,...

Industrial medicine and surgery [graphic] /

Promotional publication aimed at employers and insurers. Introductory text describes industrial medicine and surgery as it was applied to the treatment of injuries covered by the Employees Compensation Act and similar workers' compensation laws. Photographs illustrate various departments of Goodale's...

Industry, agriculture, and other scenes in the Oakland Metropolitan Area, California [graphic]

Industrial, agricultural, leisure, and street scenes in Oakland, Berkeley, Livermore, and Niles, California.

Inez Marks Lowdermilk papers, 1916-1989 (bulk 1916-1940)

The papers primarily consist of Lowdermilk's writings, including essays containing her recollections on various topics related to her experiences and impressions of China after living and working there. Topics covered include: her work establishing schools for girls in China, difficulties...

Informacion de Limpieza de Sangre producida por Don Juan Jose Farias y a nombre de su hermano Don Ildefonso : Saltillo, Mexico : DS, 1806 Mar. 18.

File concerning legitimacy of Juan José Farias and his brother, including depositions with information on the Farias family, and signatures of witnesses and officials.

Information concerning the Gasquet family : Paris : typescript, [1956 Aug.-Sept.]

Recollections and notes concerning his uncle, Horace Gasquet, California Gold Rush pioneer who settled in Del Norte Co. and built roads and operated stage line between Grants Pass, Ore., and Crescent City.

Information for all : oral history transcript : an activist librarian and library educator at the University of California, 1961-1984 / 2001.

Early life and political upbringing in New York City; Hunter College, 1936-1940; American Student Union and Young Communist League; political interests and activism in southern California during WWII; working and attending the library school at the University of Southern California,...

Information for the Bancroft Library, 1936.

Biographical notes and information concerning his work for H.H. Bancroft.

Information for the Pacific coast business directory, 1874-1876.

Correspondence and completed questionnaires 1874-1876, circulated in preparation of the Pacific Coast business directory.

Informe sobre la elección de un alcalde : Nueva Vizcaya, Mexico : ms., [1737?]

Fragment dealing with the questionable election of Juan de Orrantia as alcalde [of San Felipe el Real?], and the calling of a new election which gave the disputed post to Matías del Solar.

Informes Missiones de California : ms., 1826.

Approximately 20 items concerning statistics about converts, etc. Many have the mission name on the top or at the back of the item.

Inglenook Vineyard [graphic] : B. Arnhold & Co., Inc., San Francisco.

5 photographic views of the Inglenook Winery, vineyard, and facilities in Napa County, Calif., mounted and framed together with five wine labels. Views are of the winery building, some outbuildings, vineyards (with women and a child pictured), and the tasting...

Inglewood Radio.

Title devised by cataloger.

Injun babies : stories for good little boys and girls, with love and best wishes from their old uncle, Maynard Dixon : TSS, 1913.

Manuscript consists of six stories written by Maynard Dixon for the Christmas of 1913. The cover is illustrated with a sketch of a Native American child drawn by Dixon, and he also handlettered the title page, and the title of...

Inkworks Press publications, approximately 1974-2010.

Contains publications of Inkworks Press and other social justice oriented presses collected over a period of years. Topics include, but are not limited to, social justice, environmentalism, public policy, economic justice, inequality, poverty, community building, etc.

Innocent Letters from Innocent XI : Rome : ms., 1662-1689.

Transcripts of 30 papal letters from Innocent XI (with the exception of the first by Alexander VII) addressed to members of the royal families of Europe and the King of Siam as follows: nos. 1-12, Louis XIV, nos. 13-15, various...

Innokentiĭ Letters about the Islands of the Ounalashka District : Saint Petersburg, 1840.

Typescript transcription, made by Margaret Lantis in 1934, of parts I-II of v. 4 of Russian America, containing excerpts translated by Ivan Petroff from the Russian work: Zapiski ob ostravakh Unalashkinskago otdila.

Inquisition testimony on Diego Sanchez de Chavez Luduena, 1594-96.

Testimony of witnesses on Diego Sanchez de Chavez Luduena, the alcalde of Antequera, Oaxaca, who was under investigation by the Inquisition under the direction of Sancho Alzorriz, dean of the cathedral at Antequerra. Alzorriz was known to be a zealous...

Inside 500 Capp Street : oral history transcript : an oral history of David Ireland's house / 2003.

A digital video oral history with conceptual artist David Ireland that takes place at 500 Capp Street, the house he has restored and which serves as a showplace for his art: background on family and education; Hunter Africa, African influences;...

Inside and outside government and politics, 1929-1980 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1976-1983.

Comments on marriage to Evelle Younger and role as officeholder's wife; her activities in the Republican Party, notably participation in the 1952 presidential convention and campaign; her candidacy for California State Senate in 1954; lecturing and community activities; role of...

Installation of telephone lines across Nevada [graphic]

Images of the landscape, line crews, camps, wagons, automobiles, trucks, machinery, and equipment as telephone poles and lines are installed across the Nevada desert. Signs visible indicate that the project was for the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co. and the...

Institute of Andean Studies records, 1960-2008.

Comprised primarily of materials relating to the publication of the Ñawpa Pacha journal, including: correspondence; article submissions; layout with text, photographs, and drawings; and published issues.

Institute of Harmonial Philosophy and Craftsmen of the Grail records, 1932-1943.

Typewritten correspondence on organizational letterhead stationery and numbered lessons covering topics related to the study of spiritualism and metaphysics. Most of the works are signed by Oakland based African American co-founders Harriet Luella McCollum and Reverend John Willis Ring. Most...

Institute of Human Development oral history project : interviews conducted 1982-1983 / c1991.

Consists of a series of 34 tape-recorded transcribed interviews with individuals who had been or are presently associated with the Institute of Human Development (originally known as the Institute of Child Welfare), University of Calif., Berkeley and its Harold E....

Instruccion sobre alcavalas : Mexico City, [1794-1851]

Collection of documents (copies) relating to excise and pulque taxes in New Spain; consists of correspondence of the tax official, Arce, with Viceroy Revilla Gigedo and Customs Director Juan Navarra, April 4-5, 1794; text of instructions for assessing and collecting...

Integrated Arts, creator. [Photographs from the Integrated Arts records].

Photographs documenting community arts projects and other activites of Integrated Arts.

Intellectual life, civil libertarian issues, and the student movement at the University of California, Berkeley, 1960-1969 : oral history transcript / 2000.

From Wesleyan University to the Department of History at Berkeley, 1960; thoughts on Catholics and Jews in Academia; Free speech issues and the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley, Slate; faculty life, politics, recruitment, issues; campus diversity; educational reform at Berkeley;...

Intendencias. Informe y plan de intendencias ... Mexico y Enero 15 de 1768, circa 1915.

Typed transcript of excerpt from: Informe sobre el estado de Mexico ... 1768-1778, manuscript no. 1091, Edward E. Ayer Collection, Newberry Library, Chicago. Prepared for the Academy of Pacific Coast History, a report drawn up at the request of the...

Inter-America House, San Francisco photographs [graphic]

Includes dances, banquets, and other social events, men and women in military uniform, receiving of honorary medals, Royal Air Force officers, and entertainment.

Inter-America House, San Francisco, records, circa 1941-1946.

Correspondence with government officials and representatives, and entertainers; scrapbooks concerning activities; and card file of guests and personnel.

Interior, San Carlos Church, Carmelo Valley, Cal. [graphic]

View within the ruins of the San Carlos Borromeo Basilica at Carmel, with several seated figures and a dog.

Interior views of a Santa Monica, Calif. residence [graphic]

Pictures of wood paneled rooms (living room and a study).

Interior views of Jarvis and Prinz stationers, Pasadena, Calif. [graphic]

Photos depict glass display cases in store, shelves on either side full of merchandise. Several paintings hang above the shelves.

Interior views of the Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley [graphic]

Includes views of manuscript and reading rooms, book stacks, card catalog, patrons, workers' desk, exhibit case, etc.

Interior views of the Burdette residence, Pasadena, California [graphic] /

Depicts a parlor and music room with seated women.

Interior views of the home of Louise Boyd, San Rafael [graphic] /

Includes a sitting room, dining room, and a bedroom or lounge.

Interior views of the Samuel and Portia Hume residence in Berkeley, Calif. [graphic]

Snapshots of the Samuel and Portia Hume's Berkely residence (Hume Cloister) show interior views, furniture, decor, etc. Some are of social events and show Bob and Ida Sproul and other guests with the Humes. Also includes a typed poem "To...

International Fishermen and Allied Workers of America records

Records of the International Fishermen and Allied Workers of America, a trade union on the Pacific Coast of the United States. The collection documents the activities of the union from its founding in 1939 through the early 1950s.

[International Harvester Company of America color postcards].

Postcards published in 1909 and 1910 depicting International Harvester machinery in scenes of harvesting from around the world. Locations depicted include United States, Mexico, South America (Argentina), Scotland, England, France, Spain, Romania, Finland, Russia, Siberia, Algiers and India.

International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union collection of clippings and other ephemera on the Smith Act , Harry Bridges, and civil rights, approximately 1945-1957.

Collection consists of clippings, press releases, and other materials relating to the Smith Act (Alien Registration Act) of 1940 , the trial of Harry Bridges, and civil rights issues in the labor movement. These materials came to the Bancroft Library...

International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union Papers

Subject files relating to seamen and maritime unions include miscellaneous publications (union, industry, government, etc.), clippings, reports and studies, press releases of various unions and organizations, statistical data, copies of legislative bills, reports on and minutes of various conferences, copies...

International Order of Good Templars, Lodge no. 316 records : ms., 1868-1869.

Minute book, 1868 May 19-1869 Oct. 9; list of organizing members, 1868 May 12; and note by W.H. Myrick.

International Order of Job's Daughters, San Francisco Bethel, No. 3 logbook, 1925-1928.

Scrapbook, mainly of pictures, programs, invitations and newspaper clippings, pertaining to members and activities of the group.

International President of The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and civil rights leader : oral history transcript / and related material, 1970-1973.

Comments on work for the Pullman Co. as porter; formation of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and offices held in the union; friendship with A. Philip Randolph; fight against discrimination in unions; Earl Warren; 1934 San Francisco waterfront strike;...

International Typographical Union of North America, Union No. 46, Sacramento minutes of meetings, 1859-1940.

v. 1. Articles, by-laws, constitution, lists of members; minutes run from 1859-1882 -- v. 2. 1883-1894 -- v. 3. 1895-1904 -- v. 4. 1905-1915 -- v. 5. 1915-1930 -- v. 6. 1930-1936 -- v. 7. 1937 -- v. 8. 1939...

International Workingmen's Association records, 1882-1887.

Include circulars and form letters written by B.G. Haskell, Division Secretary; correspondence, including letters from Charles F. Keller to Charles F. Burgman; B.G. Haskell's diary, 1883-1884, containing membership lists with code; reports of meetings; applications and membership cards; minute book,...

The interpretive naturalist, 1967-1969 /

Interviews conducted in 1967 and 1969 by Lois C. Stone, Leonard R. Askham, G. Davidson Woodard, and John B. Cowan for Regional Oral History Office, Bancroft Library. Introduction by Raymond B. Cowles. Photographs inserted. Student days at University of California,...

Inter-Religious Task Force for Social Analysis records, approximately 1980s.

Inter-Religious Task Force for Social Analysis records, BANC MSS 99/347 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Interurban electric railway bridge yard shop views [graphic] /

Views documenting the appearance of the yard shop buildings at their construction in 1938-39 and in 1992. The shop was designed as a maintenance site for electric railway cars intended to run across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, but served...

An interview on shipping, labor, San Francisco city government and American foreign aid : oral history transcript / and related material, 1956-1957.

Notes on the American-Hawaiian Steamship Company; his experiences in labor relations; as Mayor of San Francisco; and as administrator of foreign aid in China and Greece under the U.S. Economic Cooperation Administration.

An interview with Franklin P. Nutting : oral history transcript / and related material, 1955.

Raisin growing in the San Joaquin Valley; formation of the American Seedless Raisin Company and the Sun Main Raisin Growers; litigation involving the Sun Main growers cooperative.

An interview with Harold Goodhue Vatter, economist : oral history transcript : the tale of a dissident economist /

Vatter discusses his childhood in the South, riding the rails in the 1930s, and how he became a radical and activist at the University of Wisconsin, joining the Communist Party. He describes his graduate education at UC Berkeley in economics...

Interview with John Patton : oral history transcript of a tape recorded interview conducted by Barbara Lashley in 1978, 1978.

Interview relates to Blacks in classical music. Also includes supporting documentation.

An interview with Kathleen Norris : oral history transcript / and related material, 1956-1957.

Chiefly concerning her early life in San Francisco and Mill Valley; the Thompson and Norris families; the literary world of New York and California; recollections of Sinclair Lewis and William Randolph Hearst; and her views on writing. Preliminary pages include...

An interview with Mary Gallagher on the I.W.W., Tom Mooney : oral history transcript / and related material, 1955.

Notes her early life; Socialist and I.W.W. influences; work on behalf of various radicals (including Mooney and Billings) on trial; Workers' Defense League; sharecroppers' campaign; Jan Valtin's pardon, 1941; work for the blind; her husband, Douglas Robson.

An interview with Mary Perry Smith, co-founder of MESA : oral history transcript / 2004.

Forms part of the African American faculty and senior staff oral history series.

Interview with Michael McClure : oral history transcript / and related material, 1968-1969.

Comments on McClure's early life, the beginning of his writing career, his plays and poems, music, theater, beast language, the Beat Generation, an Hell's Angel Frank Reynolds. Rough drafts and notes also included.

Interview with Myron E. Krueger and Richard A. Colgan : oral history transcript / and related material, 1965-1968.

Section 1, Myron E. Krueger: Forestry and Technology in Northern California, 1925-1965, covering technological developments in logging, private forestry in the redwoods, lumber code of the NRA, and Society of American Foresters accrediting committee. Section 2, Richard A. Colgan: Forestry...

Interview with Ralph Heintz, 1974 June 30.

Re-transcription made on June 11, 1975 of an oral interview conducted by Thorn Mayes. Reminiscences of the early days of vacuum tube development in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the invention of the gammatron; discussion of Heintz's companies and...

An interview with Robert Gumbiner, M.D. : oral history transcript / 1994, 1997.

Gumbiner (b. 1923) discusses his Indiana background: medical school, internship, and general practice; move to California, 1949, and working in both fee-for-service and HMO-style settings; Lakewood Plaza Medical Group, and the Family Health Program [FHP]: group practice, recruiting patients, fee-for-service...

An interview with Wayne F. Miller : oral history transcript : conducted in his home in Orinda, California on May 3, 1992 /

Wayne F. Miller discusses his career in Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area as a photojournalist; being assistant to Edward Steichen; his interest in forestry issues and conservation; being Special Assistant for Environmental Affairs to the director of the...

Interviews about Felix Peano's life and works [sound recording], 1965-1968.

Reel 1: Track 1: Ralph Story Channel 2. Begins with an Orange County housing fraud; Felix Peano, an Inglewood genius in metal (Jan. 2, 1966, 146 ft.); Track 2: Historical Society of Centinela Valley with Roy Rosenberg and Winona Quanstrom...

Interviews conducted for Gay and gray: the history and significance of the inclusion of the gay community at Most Holy Redeemer Parish, San Francisco / 2001.

Transcripts of interviews with twenty-nine subjects as part of Godfrey's research for his thesis. Five of the transcripts do not have corresponding tapes.

Interviews on recent Guatemalan history /

Interviewees discuss their personal histories, and topics relating to Guatemala including politics, the Revolution, communism, the economic situation, land reform, influence of the United States, and related topics. and people such as Jacobo Arbenz, Juan José Arévalo, and Jorge Ubico.

Interviews on the history of architecture of Berkeley, California, 1895-1941 [sound recording], 1968-1971.

Collection contains interviews about Berkeley architecture and architects. Interviewees: Dorothy W. Coblentz, on Julia Morgan and Henry Gutterson; Esther M. Fay; Hans Gerson on Maybeck; Stafford L. Jory; Mrs. Harold P. Kelly; Merodine (Keeler) McIntyre on Charles Keeler, and the...

Interviews on the organization of the Cannery and Agricultural Workers' Industrial Union in California in the 1930's [sound recording] : interviews / [19--]

Interviews relate to agricultural organizing in California in the 1930's, the Cannery & Agricultural Workers' Industrial Union, strikes, and related topics. Interviews with: Pat Chambers; Caroline Decker Gladstein on the Communist Party and Trade Union Unity Leage; Dorothy Ray Healy...

Interviews on the University of California loyalty oath controversy [sound recording] /

Interviews conducted for Gardner's thesis, The University of California loyalty oath controversy. Reel 9 is a radio interview with Gardner upon the publication of his thesis.

Interviews regarding the lands now designated as Joshua Tree National Monument, [ca. 1933-1954].

Interview with Bill Keys, Nov. 9, 1954, regarding cattle business in the area (2 leaves); with William H. McHaney, Mar. l933, regarding local Indians and gold mines (3 leaves); and with Lester Spell, on the history of the Dale Mining...

Interviews relating to Yosemite National Park : oral history transcripts / 1946-1976.

Donated Tapes Collection. Unedited transcripts of 24 tape recorded interviews, containing reminiscences of early Yosemite, buildings there, information on coaching in the Valley, the Ahwahnee Hotel, John Muir, Carleton E. Watkins, William Keith, local Indians, Mariposa Grove, etc.

Interviews with Bay Area artists : typescript, 1964-1965.

Typed transcripts of tape recorded interviews, relating in large part to art and artists during the 1930s and the WPA. Includes interviews with Willis Foster, Otis William Oldfield, Roger Sturtevant, and Glenn Anthony Wessels; also interview with Alfred Frankenstein.

Interviews with Catherine J. Webb : transcripts, 1973-1974.

Fifty-four interviews conducted by Charles Smith, l973-l974. Subjects covered include early history of Nevada City, family history, Berkeley Arts and Crafts Co-op, her trip to Mississippi in l966-l967 to start a co-op among the blacks, involvement in various East Bay...

Interviews with cowboys of the High Sierra : transcripts of tape recorded interview conducted by / 1979-1981.

Forms part of: Donated oral histories collection, Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library.

Interviews with dentists : transcripts, 1967.

Interviews with fourteen dentists, conducted by Warren Longhurst; a joint effort by the School of Dentistry, University of California at San Francisco and the Regional Oral History Office, Bancroft Library. Photographs and other material occasionally included. Main depository for the...

Interviews with Henry Clepper, Kenneth B. Pomeroy and Fred Hornaday : oral history transcript / 1968.

Section 1, Henry Clepper: The Society of American Foresters; Section 2, Kenneth B. Pomeroy: The American Forestry Association - Operations; Section 3, Fred Hornaday: The American Forestry Association, 1928-1964. Photographs inserted.

Interviews with inhabitants of Trinity Co., Calif., 1958.

Relating to early history of the county, gold mining, Chinese and Indians, bears, lumbering, etc.

Interviews with leaders in the child guidance and clinic movement : transcripts, 1968-1969.

Include interviews with Nancy Bayley of the University of California re her studies on emotional and physical development, particularly, motor development in children; Jean Macfarlane of the University of California's Insitute of Human Development re her long-term studies on personality...

Interviews with Leo Eloesser : San Francisco : typescript, 1966.

Comments on his immigrant grandparents, and his parents; childhood and education in San Francisco; musical studies; trip to Mexico in 1899; medical education in Heidelberg; travel in eastern Europe; practicing medicine in California; medical work in the German Army and...

Interviews with members of the Berkeley-Oakland Women's Union [sound recording] /

[1]-[2] BOWU Roundtable with Myrna Cozen, Lisa Dworken, Jane Lawhon -- [3]-[4] Diane Ehrensaft -- [5]-[6] Barbara Epstein -- [7] Carol Hatch -- [8] Stacey Oliker -- [9]-[10] Merle Weiner -- [11]-[12] Marcy Whitebrook -- [13]-[14] Laurie Zoloth.

Interviews with Mexican political figures : typescript, 1969-1973.

Abascal interviews discuss Mexican society and Christianity, struggles between conservative and progressive religious groups, divisions within Catholics, relations between the government and religious groups, and Bishop Sergio Méndez Arceo. Other topics include criticsm of the Revolution's policies and their impact...

Interviews with Richard Gladstein and Benjamin Dreyfus : oral history transcript / and related material, 1978-1979.

Interviews conducted for Kutler's book, The American Inquistion: Justice and Injustice in the Cold War. Information on Gladstein's labor law firm, other lawyers, the 1949 Communist trial in New York, and charges of contempt brought against Gladstein by the California...

Inventario de Misión de San Diego de Alcalá : ms., 1777-1784.

Signed title page note, and table of contents, July 28, 1777, by Father Fermin Francisco Lasuen. (Many entries also in his handwriting) With added note, 1813, by Father José Sanchez, that leaves had been removed to be used as a...

Inventarios de la hacienda de Cazadero, 1828-1836, Querétaro, Mexico.

Incomplete file of documents relating to the settlement of the estate of María Dolores Quintanar, including inventories of household goods, livestock, farming equipment, contents of a store and property located in and near San Juan del Rio and in Mexico...

Inventories of Mexican parish archives : typescript (carbon), 1639-1955.

Typescript copies (carbon) of inventories of parish archives in Jaltepec, Nochixtlán, Tozacoalco, Teposcolula, Tilantongo, Tlaxiaco and Yanhuitlán, prepared by Woodrow W. Borah and Sherburne F. Cook in 1956.

Inventories of separate property recorded in Los Angeles Co., Calif., 1854-1860.

Inventories, complying with an act defining the rights of husband and wife, for cattle and real property belonging to Francisca (Uribe) Ocampo, Paula Romero, Juana (Marona) Rubio, María Antonia (Castilo) Domínguez, Josefa (Sánchez) Pérez and María (Yorba) Burruel. Include signatures...

The Invisible Man, or Public Ceremonies Chairman at Berkeley for Thirty-five Years : oral history transcript / and related material, 1980-1981.

Comments on student days at University of California, Berkeley, class of '31; teaching at Berkeley in Dept. of Speech; World War II service; work as chairman of Public Ceremonies Committee; on-and-off-campus theatrical activities; presidents, chancellors and their wives; student unrest;...

Invocation read at celebration of Independence Day : San Francisco : Holograph signed, 1881.

Enclosures: related correspondence, printed copy of Recessional, by Rudyard Kipling.

Inyo County billheads, 1909-1910.

Billheads from various Inyo County, Calif. businesses located primarily in Bishop, as well as Big Pine, Independence, and Laws. All 37 items are for goods sold and services provided from such businesses as markets, contractors, household supplies, lumber yards, and...

Inyo County, California mining claims, 1885 /

Contains 4 mining claims in Inyo County, Calif. with many owner.

Iowa Mining Company checks : Mount Pleasant Ranch, Calif., 1868-1869

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

Ira B. Cross letters to Oscar Berland.

Collection of letters sent by a prominent labor economist to Oscar Berland, a labor activist from New York then living in North Carolina. Letters are dated between October 23, 1960 and January 31, 1964.

Ira G. Smith family material.

Includes material loaned by Mrs. Jewel T. Cowley; portions of her Dec. 1961 gift, and items from BANC MSS P-W 42 and P-W 44 of the Jedediah Smith family collection.

Ira Gilbert Smith papers, 1830-1920.

A number of the papers concern his administration of the estates of Jedediah Strong Smith, 1833-1838, and Austin Smith, 1834-1835; included are receipts by members of the Smith family; documents signed by David E. Jackson, 1832; B.F. Edwards, 1834; Farrar...

Ira Harris letters to his brothers, 1854-1857.

Describes his experiences mining in California.

Ira Michael Heyman papers, 1964-2011.

Includes writings, administrative correspondence, course notes, committee files, and biographical materials.

[Ira Nowinski photograph books of San Francisco and Baja California].

Photograph books, perhaps produced as artist's portfolios, containing selected images from a variety of Nowinski's bodies of work. Volume 1 contains images taken at the San Francisco Art Institute (including portraits of instructors, school grounds and classroom scenes, taken in...

[Ira Nowinski photographs of Baja California].

Photographs documenting people, places and scenes throughout Baja California, Mexico, with an emphasis on everyday living conditions of the disadvantaged. Among the locations depicted are Loreto, La Paz, Cabo San Lucas and Ensendada. Collection includes many portraits and interior views...

Ira Nowinski photographs of Northern California Jewish Life, 1983-1984.

The collection contains photographs of six pioneer Jewish cemeteries of the California Mother Lode that Nowinski took in 1984 under the auspices of the Judah L. Magnes Museum's Commission for the Preservation of Pioneer Jewish Cemeteries and Landmarks. The cemeteries...

[Ira Nowinski portrait of Ansel Adams and a view of his Carmel home interior].

1: Bust length portrait of Adams, likely taken in his Carmel home. 2: Interior of Adams's Carmel home, showing a framed photograph, a sculpture, a plant and a Navajo (or Hopi?) bowl atop a piano, with a few framed photographs...

Ireland (Luis A.) Correspondence and Papers

Letters, manuscripts and reprints of his writtings and speeches, reports, scrapbooks, and clippings, relating to his career in the printing industry in San Francisco, mainly as secretary of the Printer 's Board of Trade and the Employing Printers' Association, and...

Irena Narell manuscripts and notes, circa 1981.

Contains research notes and a typescript draft of "Our City: The Jews of San Francisco," which Narell published in 1981.

[Irene Clement photograph albums of nurses in Southern California].

Snapshot photograph albums documenting the activities of Irene Clement and various friends and fellow nurses during Irene's years in nursing school and her early career as a nurse. While various aspects of nursing school and the nursing profession are depicted,...

Irina Tolstoy photograph collection [graphic].

Collection includes photographs of Irina Tolstoy, her family and friends. Bulk are snapshots from 1950s- 1970s.

Irma Adelman papers, 1960-2007 (bulk 1973-2000).

The papers reflect Adelman's focus on income distribution and poverty in developing countries; industrialization and agricultural policy in developing countries; and international trade and economic development.

Irma Weill Sierra Club papers, 1909-1936.

Papers relating to Weill's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Irv Koons papers, 1947-2017 (bulk 1947-1955)

This collection documents the personal and professional relationship between artist Irv Koons and author David Dodge. Includes correspondence from Dodge to Koons and sketches, drawings (pencil and pen-and-ink), and proofs of illustrations made primarily for Dodge's travel books. The bulk...

Irving Albert Leonard correspondence, 1931-1944.

Correspondence with Herbert E. Bolton, Herbert I. Priestley and Henry R. Wagner, reflecting mutual interest in Latin American history.

Irving and Luella Winship Herr correspondence, 1911-1932.

Contains correspondence between Irving Herr and his wife Luella Winship Herr, with other family members and business associates. Correspondence deals with mining in Mexico and California and living in Mexico. Also contains Luella Winship Herr's diaries covering years spent living...

Irving Halperin papers, 1964-1971.

The collection consists of two annotated manuscripts "Messengers from the Dead" (1970) and "Here I Am: A Jew in Today's Germany" (1971), written by Halperin. The collection also contains a 1964 article written by Halperin and copies of reviews relating...

Irving Herr papers : and related material, 1904-1931.

Papers relate to Herr's work in Mexico as a mining engineer.

Irving Langmuir correspondence : mss., 1914-1921.

Selected letters to and from Langmuir re pre-World War I apparatus for radio communication and post-war high power vacuum tube development, and correspondence with G.N. Lewis re theories in Lewis' book, Atoms and Molecules.

Irving Murray Scott portraits [graphic].

Studio portrait photographs of Irving Murray Scott.

Irving Reichert papers, 1909-1967.

The collection consists of correspondence, sermons, and speeches by Irving Reichert. In addition, the collection also contains publications and clippings.

Irving Slade letters : to his mother Mrs. C.V. Slade in Auburn, Calif. : ALS, 1869-1879.

Thirty-one letters from Irving Slade to his mother written from various locations including Oakland, Sacramento, Santa Clara, Mayfield, Belmont, San Miguel, Auburn, Petaluma, Cottonwood, Castroville, Salinas, San Francisco, Gazos Mill near Pescadero, Elko, Osino, and Voss Mill. He writes of...

Irving Stone letters to Sylvia and Samuel Ladar, approximately 1930-1989 (bulk 1931-1936).

Contains correspondence from Irving Stone, Jean Factor Stone and Lona Mosk. Correspondence discusses the works of Irving Stone and Lona Mosk, their relationships and everyday life. Also includes newspaper clippings, programs and flyers relating to Irving Stone plays and lectures.

Irving Stone papers : additions, 1934-1943.

Contains typescript copies of the plays, "The White Life" (19 pages; based on the life of Baruch Spinoza; inscribed on the front cover to Sylvia Ladar) and "The Life of Man" (18 pages), correspondence to Jane Terrill from various publishers,...

Irving Stone pictorial collection [graphic].

Includes portraits of author Iriving Stone from childhood and throughout his career, and of his wife Jean. Also includes snapshots, photographs of Stone at book signings and other events, family photographs, and other subjects. Also includes snapshots depicting ceremonies at...

Irving W. Wood Papers, 1934-1937.

Re the establishment of camps for migratory laborers, mainly in the Marysville area. Include letters and memoranda from Harry Drobish, Paul S. Taylor, Walter Packard and others. Also included: some material re Japanese and Mexican laborers in the Imperial Valley...

Irwin & Irwin records, 1853-1917.

Contains the correspondence, and legal documents, some relating to mining, of a law firm in Placerville, Calif.

Irwin family. Letters to Cyril Clemens, 1935-1957.

Contents: 13 letters from Wallace Irwin and four from Will Irwin, some of which relate to Mark Twain; one letter from Inez Haynes Irwin about George Sterling. Included also: a brief essay, My First Novel, by Wallace Irwin, and questionnaires...

Irwin (Wallace) Papers

Some letters from family, friends, agents and publishers; manuscripts of short stories, novels, plays, poems, etc.; manuscript of his unpublished autobiography; clippings; scrapbooks; publishing agreements; photographs and snapshots; drawings; personalia. Manuscripts of writings of his wife, Laetitia M. Irwin, also...

Irwin, Wallace Photographs from the Wallace Irwin papers [graphic]

Collection includes individual and group portraits, family snapshots, etc. Most are identified as Long Island. Other locations include Salt Lake City, and Santa Barbara, among others. Oversize print is a tableau at the Metropolitan Opera House with names of actors...

Isaac Bloch papers and photographs, 1929-1961.

The collection contains photographs, including some of Rabbi Bloch performing services on D-Day; Jews in military uniform, and of Jewish religious services in the military; correspondence; and clippings.

Isaac Bowles journal on board ship, Mount Vernon, on voyage to California : and related materials : ms.S, 1849 Apr. 17-Oct. 15 (bulk 1955)

Record of voyage from Massachusetts, arrival in San Francisco and disbanding of company at the city of New York of the Pacific. A few sermons follow.

Isaac Elder Blake biographical materials, 1889-1891.

Experiences in the oil business in Pennsylvania; Colorado after 1874; California; and again in Colorado from 1885 as president of the Continental Oil Company; interest in music; benefactions to the Methodist Church in Denver.

Isaac Elphinstone Davis miscellany, 1849-1888.

Contains photostats of obituaries and tributes for Davis by the Society of California Pioneers and the Knights Templar, California Commandery, No. 1. Also, biographical information prepared from published sources, and a typed copy of the passenger list which includes Davis,...

Isaac Flagg papers, 1885-1903.

Vol. 1: Letters from J.T. Allen, F.P. Graves, T.D. Seymour, and A.C. White; notes and book reviews relating to books written while professor at the University of California, Berkeley; vol 2: Holograph of a Greek grammar.

Isaac Meyers papers, 1904-1959.

The collection consists of correspondence, a travel diary (1959), miscellaneous papers, and photographs. The correspondence of Isaac Meyers and his wife-to-be, Annie (Khanka), illustrates how two members of an anarchist group were able to immigrate to the U.S. without money...

Isaac Owen papers, 1830-1866.

Typed transcripts of letters written to Owen, drafts or copies of letters written by him; diaries; reports; and accounts relating to his activities as a missionary minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church in California and to the University of the...

Isaac Owen papers, 1851-1865.

Primarily correspondence relating chiefly to the Methodist Episcopal Church in California. Some papers for the University of the Pacific at Santa Clara.

Isaac R. Atwood letters : Calif. to wife in Maine : ALS, 1850-[1851].

Contains 3 letters home to wife in Maine describing his life as a gold miner near Stockton, Calif.

Isaac Sherwood Halsey papers, 1849-1858.

Include: Diary (1 v.) recording his voyage from New York around the Horn to San Francisco on the ship Salem as member of the California Mutual Benefit Association, his journey up the Joaquin River to Stockton and thence to the...

Isaac Van Winkle papers, 1866-1873.

Mostly concerning the Yuba Gold and Silver Mining Company, Alturas County, Idaho, 1866-1873, including deeds by Lewis Whittingham and George W. Dunn to the Yuba Gold and Silver Mining Company, 1866; assayer's report, 1867; descriptive memoranda; Ms. map of the...

Isaac W. Baker journals ... : ms., 1849 Aug. 13-1852 Nov.

List of members of the Beverly Joint Stock San Francisco Company; record of voyage around the Horn on bark, San Francisco, Thomas Remmonds, Master; experiences in California, including the mines; return voyage, to Realejo on bark, Belgrade, and on steamer,...

Isabelle Grant papers : additions, circa 1972.

Six binders relating to her candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1972. Volumes 1-4 include clippings, photographs, and letters; volume 5 includes publications; volume 6 includes sound reels.

Isabelle Grant papers, [ca. 1962-1977]

Correspondence, 1962-77; writings; notes; clippings; files re International Federation of the Blind, National Federation of the Blind and other organizations; material in Braille.

Isabelle Grant photograph collection [graphic].

Collection consists primarily of photographs of Isabelle Grant and her activities with charitable organizations that educate the blind. Some photos show Dr. Grant at civic events in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Many of the photos were taken in Pakistan (Lahore...

[Isaiah West Taber photographs of the California Midwinter International Exposition].

Scenes taken at night, depicting the Electric Tower and other Exposition structures illuminated by electrical light.

Isais W. Hellman's residence, San Francisco, Calif. [graphic]

Photographs show interior and exterior views of Isais W. Hellman's house at Franklin and Sacramento streets, San Francisco, Calif.

Island scenes [graphic]

South Sea Islands scenes of native peoples, military installations, troops, war casualties and devastation (possibly in the Philippines). Also includes views from various islands, including Tahiti, Samoa, and Fiji, with several portraits of native royalty.

Israel Golden Gate Lodge records, 1907-1942.

The collection consists of the records of the Israel Golden Gate Lodge in Oakland, California. Included are by-laws and constitution; minutes; applications for membership, lists of its members (these have information about the country of origin, age, profession, address, and...

Israel Henry Ham diary, 1877-1878, and related papers, 1877-1878.

Diary records his voyage on the brig Percy Edward from San Francisco to Tahiti, with descriptions of passengers, the Marquesas Islands, pearl fishing, Tahiti, and the Chinese there, French government, price of food, and Kanaka natives.

Israel Lyon Chaikoff papers, 1938-1966 (bulk 1960-1966).

Contains lecture notes and correspondence.

Israel, Richard Stanley. Papers relating to California politics, 1958-1966.

Press releases, publicity materials, speeches, clippings and notes, relating primarily to Edmund G. Brown's gubernatorial campaigns and Pierre Salinger's campaign for U.S. senator from California, 1964.

Israel S. Lee letters : typescript, 1849-1857.

Contains typescript copies of letters written from a California gold miner, from his voyage around the Horn, to his prospecting for gold in California.

Israel Williams letters his family in New York state and Wisconsin : ALS, 1852 September 25 - 1855 August 26.

Letters written from the gold fields in California to his wife and children, in Spring Prairie, Walworth Co., Wisconsin, and including one letter written to his brother, in Unadilla, Otsego Co., New York.

Issler, Anne Roller. Papers of A.R. Issler relating to her research and writing on Robert Louis Stevenson, [ca. 1945-1968]

Include a letter from Bruce Porter; corrected typescript and galleys for Our Mountain Hermitage; copies and clippings of her articles; photocopies of two Stevenson MSS; transcript of Fanny Osbourne Stevenson's Vailima diary; transcripts of Fanny Osbourne letters to Timothy Reardon,...

Issues and innovations in the 1966 Republican Gubernatorial Campaign : oral history transcripts / and related material, 1978-1980.

Interviews with four key participants in Ronald Reagan's campaign. Copies of photographs and of some documentary material inserted. Interviewees and titles of interviews, as follows: Franklyn C. Nofziger. Press Secretary for Ronald Reagan, 1966. Gaylord B. Parkinson. California Republican Party...

Issues in corrections : the Adult Authority, determinate sentencing, and prison crowding, 1962-1982 : oral history transcript / 1984.

Focuses on Way's career in the U.S. Senate, 1962-1976-- his criticism of Adult Authority; Senate presidency pro tem; Medi-Cal legislation; penal reform legislation in the 1970s; Determinate Sentencing Act of 1976; recollections of Ronald Reagan; Edmund G. Brown, Jr. administration:...

Isthmian Canal Commission papers : typescript , 1906-1910.

Papers and correspondence relating mainly to the discharge of boilermaker foreman, Harry F. Cody. Contains letters by John F. Stevens, George W. Goethals, Harry F. Hodges, and others.

Italian astronomical manuscripts : mss., [ca. 1729-1759]

Collection of 7 unpublished anonymous working notes in manuscript by two or more advanced students following a university course in astronomy. The course was probably given at Bologna, Italy, and based on the works of the Cassini family.

Italian sketches : ms. (typescript), 192[7?]

An account of her travels in Italy, illustrated with photographs and sketches.

Italian Swiss Colony, 1949-1989: recollections of a third-generation California winemaker : oral history transcript / and related material, 1988-1990.

Topics covered: Three generations of Rossi family winemakers; winery at Asti, California; various owners of Italian Swiss Colony; flavored wines; influence of Louis Petri; winery personnel; brandy and high-proof wines; research and development of products; international investigations for Heublein; professional...

Italian Swiss Colony and the wine industry : oral history transcript / and related material, 1969-1971.

Comments on the founders of the Italian Swiss Agricultural Society and the formation of Italian Swiss Colony; his father, Pietro C. Rossi; the effects of Prohibition on the wine industry; his management of the Wine Advisory Board. Photographs inserted. Appended:...

Italy : miscellaneous letters and documents.

Items catalogued individually. Search under title: Italy : miscellaneous letters and documents.

Items relating to the Tubbs Cordage Co. and the Manila Cordage Co., 1952-1975.

Material relating to the Tubbs Cordage Co. and the Manila Cordage Co. was apparently collected by Herman D. Nichols, and includes programs, company correspondence, and some information about the Tubbs family. Some correspondence relates to H.D. Nichols.

It's a girl: three terms on the Los Angeles City Council, 1953-1965; three decades in the Democratic Party, 1948-1978 oral history transcript / and related material, 1977-1980.

Comments on working in the Helen G. Douglas senatorial campaign, 1950; election to and service on the Los Angeles City Council; marriage to Eugene Wyman and his role in Democratic Party, including state chairmanship; Democratic Party politics; business interests after...

Ivan Petroff papers, 1874-1890.

Mainly letters, 1874-1886, from Petrov to his wife, concerning various trips to Alaska and to neighboring islands, his association with H.H. Bancroft, and the Alaskan census in 1880-1881.

Ivie, William Horace. Photographs from the William Horace Ivie papers [graphic]

Views of Santa Cruz, Calif. (with descriptive information on verso); Kathleen Norris' castle and garden at Guerdon (France?); the Del Norte Wonder Stump (two tree stumps grown together); a blimp flying over Berkeley; a school in Yuba Co., Calif.; a...

Ivy M. Loeber collection of material relating to Napa County, circa 1858-1927, 1962-1963.

Includes geneaological material, marriage certificates, correspondence, blueprints, stock certificates, railroad bonds, deeds, clippings

[I.W. Taber photographs of Hawaii].

Views of various subjects taken on some of the Hawaiian Islands. Honolulu views depict points of interest along Nuuanu Avenue and other streets, business buildings, waterfront scenes, Queen's Hospital, and Waikiki, among other subjects. Other Oahu views include Diamond Head...

Izzy Young collection on Jack Micheline, not after 1998.

Original art transferred to the Pictorial Collections of The Bancroft Library (BANC PIC 2017.122).