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H. & H. Patent Developing Co. patents for cryptographic machine for interpreting coded messages : Oakland, California, granted by the Government of Mexico, 1913-1921.

Includes 2 patents granted by the Mexican government for cryptographic machines and parts including diagrams. Also includes correspondence with office of Francis M. Wright, San Francisco, Calif., registered solicitor of U.S. and foreign patents concerning Mexican, Belgian and Italian patents.

H. Bruce Franklin papers, approximately 1960-1989.

Collection contains records of Franklin being fired as a tenured professor from Stanford University; the lawsuit over that firing, and other lawsuits; newspaper clippings; and federal Freedom of Information documents, relating to Franklin and his wife. There are also research...

H. G. Parker papers, 1877-1879.

Includes letter from C.M. Jones, Eastford, Conn., on taxidermist interests; a financial inquiry from George Thurston; a statement from J.M. Benton and a statement from Mason and Company.

H. Hedge Mitchell letters, 1877-1880.

Letters (13 letters, 42 pages) and related papers (9 items) documenting the professional career, alcoholism, and related troubles of Dr. H. (Henry?) Hedge Mitchell, former United States Army surgeon and Medical Director residing in Mayfield and (eventually) San Jose, Santa...

H. Richard Archer papers, 1947-1975.

Relating to his Wright Morris Collection. Include letters to him from Wright Morris and from the first and second Mrs. Morris; tearsheets of three short articles by Morris; announcements and ads for books by Morris; clippings re Morris and reviews...

H. Rider Haggard 2 letters : Norfolk, Eng. : ALsS, 1892 and 1915.

Letter, Oct. 11, 1915, to Mr. Rideing, refers to visits to Africa.

H.A. Messenger papers, 1886-1914.

Consists of material relating to Capt. H.A. Messenger of Campo Seco, Calaveras County, Calif., an entrepreneur involved in trying to restore gold mining in the region. Documents on his efforts include correspondence, reports, legal papers, tax bills, receipts and newspaper...

Haan Kilsoo letters and clippings relating to Japanese activities in Hawaii and western United States, circa 1938-1968.

Included are letter and statement by Guy M. Gillette, and some clippings concerned with refusal of Koreans to register as Japanese nationals.

Haas and Lilienthal family photographs, ca. 1890-1950.

Consists of individual portraits of member of the Haas and Lilienthal families, photographs of weddings, and other family gatherings (in Lake Tahoe and on Mount Tamapais), and photographs of the interiors and exteriors of homes owned by members of the...

Haas Brothers records, 1869-1912.

The collection consists of a small number of business records of Haas Brothers of San Francisco, including checks, promissory notes (1875-1908), partnership agreement and dissolution documents, and materials relating to Haas Brothers' investments in the North American Navigation Company (1896),...

Haas (Elise S.) Family Papers

Contains correspondence, personal and family papers, providing an intimate account of several generations of this distinguished San Francisco family. The bulk of the collection dates from 1893 to 1990, and focuses on the immediate family of Elise and Walter A....

Haas (Elise S.) family photographs

The Elise Stern Haas Family Photograph Collection contains circa 5,700 photographic prints taken from ca. 1855 to ca. 1987. The collection also contains circa 660 negatives, and circa 65 postcards, drawings, manuscripts, slides and other miscellaneous items. Compiled by Elise...

Haas family papers, 1863-1869.

The collection consists primarily of family correspondence; two letters, dated 1869, from Jacob Haas, in Reckendorf, Bavaria, to his brother, William, in San Francisco, concerning business matters; a letter from Kalman Haas, dated 1863, in Reckendorf, to Meyers Schloss Brothers,...

Hacienda del Pozo de Verona [graphic]

Views of the Hearst ranch in Pleasanton, Calif. show general and detailed views of the residence, mostly exteriors.

Hacienda del Pozo de Verona [graphic]

Views of the interior and exterior of the estate. Interior views show items collected by Hearst.

Hacienda del Pozo de Verona [graphic]

Exterior views of the Phoebe Apperson Hearst residence in Pleasanton, Calif. Includes views of the courtyard and balconies.

Hacker, J. C. Papers in case J.C. Hacker vs. Hiram Pitts, 1875-1876.

Litigation was over the sale of the Eagle Hotel in Stockton.

Hadassah, San Francisco Chapter records, 1917-1984 (bulk 1968-1984).

The collection contains calendars and directories; correspondence, which includes letters from Henrietta Szold, Florence Prag Kahn, and Marvin Lowenthal; brochures; newsletters; programs; memos of the Hadassah Central Committee that document the organization's work (1917-1918); booklets of the Medical Organization of...

Hadley Roff papers, approximately 1985-2016.

Contains files, notes, notebooks, a scrapbook of an appreciation dinner for Hadley Roff held in 1987 containing photographs and correspondence, and a VHS videocassette recording of the same event, etc.

Hagedorn (Jessica) Papers

The Jessica Hagedorn Papers, 1974-2006, consist of drafts of her works, public relations materials, contracts and agreements, notes, and correspondence. The materials relate to her major or minor works, or are directly relevant to Jessica Hagedorn's career as a novelist...

Hagemeyer (Johan) Photograph Collection

The Johan Hagemeyer Photograph Collection comprises the bulk of what was the photographer's personal archive at the time of his death in 1962. The collection contains approximately 6,785 photographic prints and negatives, and spans from his earliest known amateur work...

Haida totem pole designs from Queen Charlotte Island, British Columbia.

Photographs show drawings of designs for totem poles. Collection is accompanied by the following information: "Totem poles representing the family history and the mythology of the tribe of 'Haida' Indians on Queen Charlotte Island, B.C. Also their places and modes...

Haines, Helen E. (Helen Elizabeth) Photographs from the Helen Elizabeth Haines papers [graphic].

Portraits and snapshots of friends, associates and colleagues; many relating to librarianship and the American Library Association (ALA). Many snapshots of group outings and social gatherings in conjunction with ALA meetings between about 1890 and 1905 are present. Portraits include...

Hakoah Athletic Club of San Francisco records, 1946-1953.

Collection consists of a 1946 newsletter (Hakoah News) from the Hakoah Amateur Athletic Club of Los Angeles, California and a press release from 1953 detailing the mission, activities, and history of the Hakoah Athletic Club of San Francisco.

Hal Altman papers, 1958-1961.

The collection includes correspondence about the Jews in the California Gold Rush and about the historical preservation of pioneer Jewish cemeteries and landmarks.

Hale Champion papers, 1958-1968 (bulk 1960-1966).

Chiefly subject files, press releases and press conference material, speeches, and some correspondence files, pertaining to the tenure and administration of Governor Edmund G. Brown, Sr.

Hale Cheatham miscellany, 1927-1939.

Collection includes: 2 photographs of New York City; 1 photograph of a U.S. Navy seaplane; 3 b&w postcards of Madison, Wis.; 6 licenses to operate a motor vehicle in various U.S. national parks; 1 California Dept. of Agriculture vehicle inspection...

A half-century of landscape architecture : oral history transcript / and related material, 1965.

Mainly concerning his career at the University of California in the Department of Landscape Architecture from 1913 until his retirement in 1946; the development of the field and the curriculum; and planning the Berkeley campus. Appendices include copy of a...

Hall (Harvey Monroe) Papers

Consists of the papers of Harvey Monroe Hall, his wife Carlotta Case Hall and their daughter Martha Hall Niccolls. The papers of Harvey Monroe Hall contain correspondence, notes, reprints and newspapers clippings relating to his family life and his career...

Hall of Justice Building : situated on Washington, Kearny and Merchant Streets, San Francisco, Calif. /

Drawings include Washington St. elevation; Merchant St. elevation; Dunbar Alley (rear) elevation; Kearney St. elevation; Elevation of South side of court wall and section thru upper portion of wall; transverse section on line B-B; detail of Police court grilles. Does...

Hall of the Golden City collection, [ca. 1890-1965].

Consists of San Francisco memorabilia including Historic sites, Calif. Midwinter International Exposition, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, Chinese, earthquakes, menus, and theater programs. Also includes a report on Golden Gate Bridge suicides.

Hall of the Golden City photograph collection [graphic]

Includes photos of airplanes preparing for the Spreckles air race to Honolulu; an advertising card for the San Francisco photographers, Bradley & Rulofson; a photographic collage of hundreds of portraits, entitled Some of Bradley & Rulofson's babies; views of the...

Hall (William Hammond) papers

The William Hammond Hall Papers, consist of correspondence, writings, diaries, maps, photographs, notes, and clippings recording the fifty year career of a pioneer in the fields of irrigation, reclamation, and conservation.

Halleck, Peachy & Billings Records

Correspondence and papers relating to land and land litigation (including original documents and disenos, and transcripts) and to various legal cases, some concerning Chinese immigration, ships, and the funding bill in San Francisco; accounts; and tax records. Also included: correspondence...

Halleck, Peachy and Billings Collection.

Reel 1: box 1 folder 1 through box 3 folder 5; reel 2: box 3 folder 6 through box 6 folder 2; reel 3: box 6 folder 3 through box 7 folder 7; reel 4: box 7 folders 8 through...

Hamet Hubbard Case correspondence and diary, 1856-1879.

Letters to his father and wife concerning surveying and land speculation, Fox Lake area, Wisconsin; overland journey, 1859, with change of destination at Laramie from Pike's Peak goldfields, to Washington Territory; life as farmer and surveyor near Walla Walla.

Hamilton A. Tyler wildlife photograph collection.

Photographs show butterflies, owls, and other wildlife, presumably in California. Most are unidentified.

Hamilton Air Force Base memorabilia collection, circa 1934-1961.

Contains the 10th Pursuit Wing and 45th Air Base of the United State Army Air Corps at Hamilton Field; 2 issues of the newspaper "Hamilton Field Takeoff," v. 1 number 4 (Aug. 1, 1943) and a special Air WAC edition;...

Hamilton Square Homestead Association records.

Contains certificate of incorporation dated February 29, 1868, deeds, mortgages, property descriptions, etc

Hamlet L. Rice diaries, 1851-1853.

Contains the daily accounts of a gold miner at Quartz Mountain, Southern Mines, California. Volume 1, (100 p.) January 1, 1851 to March 1853: about the life of a miner in California including discussing his illnesses, "Mexican dysentery;" violent crimes...

Hamlin, Francis [Photographs from the Francis Hamlin correspondence, diaries, and family papers].

Chiefly portrait photographs documenting multiple generations of the Hamlin family descended from Francis Hamlin and his wife Eliza Thrasher Hamlin. Individuals depicted include Francis and Eliza Hamlin, their daughter Augusta Thrasher Hamlin and her husband Lloyd C. Ashley; Francis' grandson...

Hamlin Garland letters, 1900s.

Six letters and one card; one circa 1925, the rest undated.

Hammond, George P. (George Peter) Collection of British legal documents and fragments, [ca. 1686-1771]

Documents and fragments, mostly from Warwick County, England. Most relate to legal actions concerning financial matters. Includes judgement in the case of the estate of Captain John Mathews, 1686; and court documents signed by Richard Whitaker, 1689, and by Richard...

Hammond, George P. (George Peter) Collection of manuscript materials relating to the missions, presidios and settlement of Texas.

Collection of manuscript materials relating to the missions, presidios and settlement of Texas, BANC MSS 70/6 p, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Hammond (George P.) papers

The George P. Hammond Papers document the life and career of a Southwestern U.S. historian, who was director of the Bancroft Library from 1946-1965, and who wrote and published numerous books based on Spanish documents, as well as the history...

Hancock County records, [ca. 1829-1885].

County records, with a few private account books. Names of prominent Mormons and Anti-Mormons recur. v. 1-7: records of the county treasurer, 1829-1884, consisting of receipts and allowances, county orders, receipts for redemption of lands sold for taxes, for copies...

Hand Bookbinders of California. Photographs from the Hand Bookbinders of California records.

Includes photographs depicting members and/or affiliates of the Hand Bookbinders of California and gatherings, exhibits, demonstrations and other events associated with the organization. Identified locations include San Francisco Public Library and the Getty Center. Also includes photographs and a listing...

Hand Bookbinders of California records, 1972-2020.

Contains articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes of the founding meeting, general correspondence, treasurer's reports, minutes of board and general membership meetings, and newsletters. Also includes committee files, including newsletter, nominating, program, exhibition, and membership, as well as publicity files and...

The hand bookbinding tradition in the San Francisco Bay Area : oral history transcript / and related material, 1980-1982.

Interviews with Leah Wollenberg, Stella Nicole Patri, Duncan Olmsted, Stephen G. Herrick, and Barbara F. Hiller. Information about their careers as bookbinders and book restorers and about their teachers, particularly Belle McMurtry Young and Edna Peter Fahey; opinions about bookbinding...

Hang Far Low Restaurant menus, 1934-1936.

Hang Far Low Company had a Chinese resturant in China Town, San Francisco, Calif., in the first half of the twentieth century.

Hannah-Miller records, approximately 1886-1942.

Contains appointment and correspondence books from the law office of J.A. Hannah and E.O. Miller in Visalia, California. Also contains small amount of later family correspondence and property records.

Hans Christian Andersen awards for 1992 collection, 1992.

Submissions for the 1992 Hans Christian Anderson award, including biographies, bibliographies, reviews, and samples of each author's or illustrator's work. Also includes some original manuscripts and one cassette tape of Maria Elena Walsh singing her own poems, which was submitted...

Hans Henry Buhne miscellaneous papers : ms., 1865-1897.

Selected items from accounts, legal papers, etc., concerning shipping, lumber, railroad and mining interests in the Humboldt Bay area, of H.H. Buhne and D.R. Jones, associates of John Kentfield & Co., San Francisco.

Harald Norlin Johnson papers, circa 1932-1985.

Personal and professional papers. Rockefeller Foundation workbooks, photos, correspondence, lab notebooks, record cards of diseases and experiments, articles, pamphlets, and reprints.

Harbor at San Pedro, California [graphic].

Panoramic view of sailing ships at dock.

Harbors of California.

Educational photographs depicting various aspects of the shipping industry as documented in several California harbor areas, including San Diego Bay, Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Port of Oakland and the Oakland Estuary, Stockton, the Sacramento River, Humboldt Bay and the...

Hare (Alice I.) photograph collection

Includes photographs of the Santa Clara valley, Monterey, and San Francisco's Chinatown. Major subjects depicted are agricultural activities, immigrant laborers of various ethnic groups, the Chinese fishing village in Monterey, domestic and historic architecture (including missions and adobes of Spanish...

Hare (Chauncey) photograph archive.

The Chauncey Hare photograph archive comprises photographic documentation of ordinary people in their homes and in the work environment, as well as urban and rural landscapes in California and various areas in the United States. Areas of concentration are the...

Hare (Nathan and Julia) papers

The professional papers of the founders of the Black Think Tank, Drs. Nathan and Julia Hare. The collection documents their work at the consulting firm, Nathan Hare's tenure at San Francisco State - particularly the establishment of a Black Studies...

Harlan Hagen papers, 1945-1966.

Congressional papers on water in Calif. documenting flood control and water reclamation projects in Calif., including the Isabella and Pine Flat Dams, and the Central Valley Project, San Luis Unit.

Harlan, James A. Papers relating to mining property in Colorado, 1864-1865.

Letters to Alfred E. Tilton, deeds, and abstracts of title, mainly for land in Mosquito District, Park Co., Colorado.

Harland, Hester Lambert. Papers relating to women's suffrage in California, 1888-1911.

Includes letters from Charles F. Aked, William F. Badè, John G. Brooks, California Equal Suffrage Association, May L. Cheney, Albert H. Elliot, Thomas E. Hayden, William S. Morgan, Thomas H. Reed, Anna Scott, J. Stitt Wilson, August Vollmer, Helen M....

Harley C. Stevens papers, 1950-1951.

Reports, clippings and mimeographed material concerning the University of California loyalty oath controversy.

Harmon Bell papers, 1852-1979.

The papers include legal documents, correspondence, newsclippings, maps, reports, subject files, and theater and movie programs from Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

Harness racing photographs /

Various harness racing horses, traps, and drivers photographed in motion. Location and date are unidentified.

Harold C. Bradley Sierra Club papers, 1911-1969.

Papers relating to Harold C. Bradley's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Harold C. Holmes collection of signed notes and signatures, circa 1780-1880.

Contains four signed notes and three paper fragments with signatures of notable persons in history, science, and literature. Items include a portion of a printed title page of a published letter written by Alexander Hamilton, annotated and initialed by "A.H."...

Harold Child Bryant notes, [ca. 1910-1919?].

Concerning the geographical distribution of antelope, bighorn sheep and elk in California.

Harold E. Jones and Mary C. Jones, partners in longitudinal studies : oral history transcript, 1981-1982.

Interviews conducted 1981-1982 by Suzanne B. Riess for Regional Oral History Office, Bancroft Library. Introductions by Ernest R. Hilgard and R. Nevitt Sanford. Copies of photographs inserted. Comments on their careers in child development and growth studies, particularly at the...

Harold E. Jones papers, 1916-1960.

Collection consists primarily of writings by Harold E. Jones. Also contains biographical information about Jones, correspondence, course notes, news clippings, a small number of photographs (some of Jones), radio transcripts for child development programs, and speeches.

Harold Edelstein papers, 1941-1983.

Minutes; financial reports; and correspondence relating to the Berkeley War Council (1943-1949). Materials about the Council include items relating to child care; consumer interests; housing; education; nutrition, medical care, and health; and community centers.

Harold F. Weaver papers, approximately 1945-1982.

Contains research notes, diagrams, charts, off-prints and articles written by Weaver and other authors, notebooks, drafts of manuscripts including "Cosmic Evolution," transcript of Harold F. Weaver oral history, leaflets of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and course materials.

Harold J. O'Banion and Emory O'Banion papers, 1946-1951.

Contains documents concerning government surplus property for veterans, irrigation agreements with San Joaquin Canal Company, U.S. Department of Agriculture national wheat acreage allotment for Fresno County, California, and correspondence with Miller & Lux concerning cotton production.

Harold Joyce Noble papers, circa 1930-1947.

Contains notes made in preparation for Noble's doctoral dissertation, documents relating to the Pearl Harbor inquiry, ca. 1944-1945, and correspondence concerning the American Council, Institute of Pacific Relations, 1946-1946 and the American China Policy Association, 1942-1947.

Harold King Palmer letters : to family, 1903-1905.

Describe voyage to Chile by boat, with stopovers in Guatemala, Panama and Peru, and his experiences as a member of the University of California expedition in Santiago, Chile, in building and manning the San Cristóbal observatory there.

Harold L. Willson papers, 1949-1994 (bulk 1960-1980).

The Harold L. Willson papers document Willson's unstinting efforts to make public transportation accessible for people at all mobility levels. Willson's primary legacy is the removal of architectural barriers on Bay Area public transportation; copious correspondence with BART officials, as...

Harold Lauderbach military commissions and certificates, 1904-1916.

Part of a collection of certificates, diplomas, and similar documents, primarily from California.

Harold Levy collection on Congregation Emanu-El records, 1914-1977.

The collection consists of materials relating primarily to San Francisco's Congregation Emanu-El, including publications, annual reports, event programs, invitations, and rabbinical essays. The collection also has materials documenting the activities of Congregation Emanu-El's Cantor, Reuben Rinder, including: a copy of...

[Harold McCracken and Elizabeth Lochrie in Cody, Wyoming]

Received taped into a copy of McCracken's Roughnecks and gentlemen (Bancroft F903.M3A3: Copy 2), from the Betty Hoag McGlynn collection.

Harold Morris papers, 1889-1988 (bulk 1950-1988).

The collection contains photographs of Harold Morris, members of his family, and various talents that his agency managed, including the Harmonica Rascals, the Duane Dancers, Yukiko Sakakura, and Tony Martin; as well as professional correspondence; certificates from the American Guild...

Harold S. Johnston papers, approximately 1950-2006.

The papers include research notebooks, correspondence, course notes, reports, subject files, biographical materials, and reprints of Johnston's articles.

Harr Wagner correspondence, 1899-1903.

Include letters from Julian Hawthorne, Madge Morris Wagner, Granville Stanley Hall, and Benjamin Ide Wheeler.

Harr Wagner miscellany, 1929-1936.

Contains scrapbook of clippings, mostly concerning Wagner's book, Joaquin Miller and His Other Self, and his relationship with Miller. Also includes biographical material about Wagner, as well as references to the Harr Wagner Publishing Company. In addition, copies of the...

Harrell family correspondence, 1912-1913.

Preferred citation: Harrell family correspondence, BANC MSS P-A 301, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Harriet Ashim Choynski recollections and family history, 1917.

Three-page typescript letter sent from Harriett Ashim Choynski to a Mrs. Neumann in 1917 describing the history of the Ashim family in San Francisco. The letter describes the arrival of California pioneer Morris B. Ashim in San Francisco in 1850,...

Harriet Martineau letters, 1832-1866.

Contains 4 letters by Harriet Martineau. The first letter dated October 20, 1832, discusses a tale from her book on economics, "Illustrations of Political Economy." The second letter, approximately 1844, regards a series of "shilling volumes" about to be issued...

Harriette Franklin papers, 1907-1916.

Contains several composition books and letters written by Harriette Franklin of Manchester, England, including a letter from Harriette to her brother, Ellis. Also incudes an SF Examiner clipping dated 1916.

Harrington, Karl Pomeroy Letter to George R. Potter : Middletown, Conn., 1935 Jan. 13.

Regarding provenance of 1478 incunabula, Jacob Pflaum's Kalendarium.

Harris Charlton Dod papers, [ca. 1906-1910]

Notebooks, clippings, etc., relating to his studies in engineering at the University of California, as member of the class of 1910. 1 folder of letters, mainly from his mother, and a charred shoe from the San Francisco earthquake and fire...

Harris Co. statements, 1909-1911.

For a yardage and clothing store.

Harris Weinstock papers, 1878-1922.

The collection includes a small number of family papers, letters, and materials relating to Weinstock's business ventures and Weinstock's work on agricultural cooperatives. The collection consists primarily of Harris Weinstock's diaries and photographs. Aside from two small general diaries from...

[Harry B. Madland photograph album of Alaska and Yukon Territory].

Chiefly snapshot photographs documenting the activities of Harry B. Madland during his time as a wholesaler in Alaska in the early 20th century. Images chiefly document natural scenery and waterways. Also depicted are boats of various sizes and functions, including...

Harry Beal Torrey papers, 1892-1970.

Consists of correspondence, diaries, and subject files concerning his research in biology and medicine. Of note are materials relating to Torrey's 1906 research voyage to Japan on the ship Albatross.

Harry Beal Torrey photograph collection.

Portraits, snapshots and postcards pertaining to the life, family and career of Harry Beal Torrey. Includes many nineteenth century cartes de visite and cabinet card portraits. Photographs depict Torrey's student years at Oakland High School and the University of California,...

Harry Bridges miscellany, 1936-1948.

Miscellaneous materials relating to Harry Bridges.

Harry E. Alderson papers, 1916-1917.

Subpoena for Dr. Alderson to appear as witness in case, California vs. Warren K. Billings; correspondence concerning medical treatment while in prison, and miscellaneous related material.

Harry Everett Drobish papers : additions, 1922-1950.

The Harry Everett Drobish papers are available in The Bancroft Library, BANC MSS C-B 529.

Harry Gray collection on the San Francisco Jewish Community Center's production of The Golem, 1936.

The collection contains materials relating to a dramatic presentation of the folktale of the Golem (retold by H. Leivik) by the Center Players of San Francisco's Jewish Community Center (with Harry Gray portraying the Golem). Materials include a program with...

Harry Gray papers, 1933-1979.

Photographs of western Jewish personalities, cemeteries, and institutions in northern California; recordings of radio and television broadcasts (including audiotapes) featuring lectures and programs on themes of western and Jewish historic interest; and secondary source materials assembled by Gray for his...

Harry Holden Colpus correspondence, 1887-1939.

Relates mainly to his claim to kinship with English royalty.

Harry J. Sapper papers, 1926-1963.

Correspondence and speeches recording his approach to voluntary organizations, social welfare, and relations between groups.

Harry Kushner correspondence, 1954-1959.

Business correspondence between Harry Kushner of Merit Products Company in Los Angeles and Sol Green of Norjac Manufacturing in Brooklyn, New York mainly regarding the manufacture of hair heating caps and other beauty products.

Harry L. Cutter papers, 1869-1932.

Scrapbook of clippings (obituary notices) related to the death of General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo (1808-1890), 21 pieces of printed and manuscript sheet music, including several by Francisca Vallejo [McGettigan], a photograph of Maria Vallejo, daughter of M.G. Vallejo, and her...

Harry Lee Bailey military service reminiscences, 1909-1918.

Bailey's recollections regarding his military service intended for updating George W. Cullum's Biographical register of the officers and graduates of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. Contains four drafts written between 1909-1918, including pages from his personal notebook,...

Harry Lenchner family papers and photographs, 1892-1980.

The collection includes family history; marriage and naturalization certificates; World War II awards presented to Harry Lenchner from the United Service Organizations and the National Jewish Welfare Board; a newspaper clipping; and three photographs, one showing the Lenchner family camping...

Harry Leon Wilson photograph album.

Views taken on a trip made by Wilson and a companion in the Banff region of Canada. Includes camping and trail scenes and Canadian Indians. Also views of the Carmel area, California. Also a portrait of Xavier Martinez.

Harry Leon Wilson photograph collection.

Views taken on trips made by Wilson to Capri, Nova Scotia, Monterey area, Calif., North Africa, family home in Oregon, Ill., and some family portraits, unidentified. Includes some postcards.

Harry M. Guy photograph collection

Includes formal portraits and snapshots of several generations of an African American family. Earlier photos taken in Boston, Mass. area. Later photos taken in San Francisco Bay area, Calif., and western United States.

Harry Marcus Weston Edmonds diplomas and certificates, 1878-1892.

Include diplomas from Boys' High School in San Francisco, University of California at Berkeley, and Hahnemann Medical College, Chicago; and certificate of matriculation for the University of Göttingen, Germany.

Harry N. Kierulff photographic collection [graphic]

Views of the Alaska gold rush; includes scenes of Dawson, Yukon; confluence of Klondike and Yukon rivers; sled dogs, miners, boats and scenery in Yukon Territory and Alaska.

Harry Noyes Pratt poems and other materials.

Contains carbon copies of typescript poems with handwritten notations about submissions, reprints from the University of California Chronicle of Pratt's group of lyrics titled, Hills of Summer, and from another poet, Derrick N. Lehmer, titled The Search. Also includes two...

Harry R. Wellman papers, 1927-1983.

Appointment books kept during his career at the University of California at Berkeley as Professor of Agricultural Economics, Vice-president, and Acting President. Speeches relate primarily to agricultural economics.

Harry Rubin papers, 1949-2007.

Includes photographs, newsclippings, diplomas, articles, grants & correspondence, and 2 scrapbooks.

Harry Singer papers, [ca. 1962-1988].

Professional papers, including correspondence, subject files, writings, lectures, notes, and writings of colleagues.

[Harry Smith photographs, including San Francisco views after the 1906 earthquake and fire].

Chiefly views of San Francisco, including several taken after the 1906 earthquake and fire. Also includes views taken at Oaklane Ranch (in California?). Smith family members depicted in some images.

Harry Strange receipts, 1875-1884.

For various items bought from Downieville, San Francisco, New York, Sacramento, Sierra Valley, Petaluma, Forest City, Sierraville and Newark merchants. Pasted in a Shipman's Improved Adhesive Letter and Invoice File.

Harry W. Cole papers, [ca. 1912-1961].

Records of an officer of the Little River Redwood Company of Crannel (Humbolt Co.) Calif. Files relate to logging, the lumber industry, and real estate in Northern California. Most files date from the late 1930s to the late 1950s and...

Harry W. Crosby papers, 1960-2011.

Contains primarily Crosby's research data on the Spanish and Mexican population of early California.

Harry Wilbur Hobbs papers, 1917-1919.

Contains official military correspondence, orders, promotion diplomas, and certificates of proficiency for Harry W. Hobbs, a U.S. Army soldier who eventually reached the rank of first lieutenant in the First Cavalry, serving in Douglas, Arizona. Includes a photocopy of a...

Hart (Alfred A.) Stereograph Collection Relating to the Central Pacific Railroad, circa 1866-1869

Includes views of the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad in California, Nevada, and Utah, including the driving of the Golden Spike.

Hart Crane papers, 1926-1930.

Forty-five letters to Yvor Winters are included, and two typescripts of The Bridge-- an earlier version, portions of which were sent over a period of time during composition, and the final manuscript; both with corrections in Crane's hand. Also included:...

Hart (James D.) Papers

The James D. Hart Papers are the professional files of an educator and director of The Bancroft Library. Born in San Francisco in 1911, Hart was a fifth generation Californian with a passion for books and fine printing. His scholarly...

Hart-Beckman-MacColl family photographs [graphic].

Portraits, snapshots, etc. of California family, residents of Sacramento, Berkeley, the San Francisco Bay area, and Reno, Nevada. Chiefly the family of Sacramento attorney Fred Beckman Hart (born 1879) and wife Maud MacColl Hart, with pictures of Hart's father, General...

Hart-Clark Correspondence and Family Papers

Mainly letters of Jerome A. Hart, editor of the Argonaut, and Alice Ann Clark, re editorial work and San Francisco social life in the 1890's. Some Clark family correspondence, 1869-1873, included.

Harte (Bret) Collection of Letters and Papers

Contains correspondence and writings. Correspondence includes outgoing letters, one incoming letter and several letters about Bret Harte. Correspondents include John H. Carmany, Harte's wife, Anna Griswold Harte, James Osgood, Elisha Bliss, Jr., Thomas Starr King and Lady Gregory. Writings include...

Hartnell (William E.) Papers

Mainly correspondence and accounts of John Begg & Co. and McCulloch, Hartnell & Co. Also letterbook, 1822-1824 (photocopy only) of letters from Hartnell, relating to trade with missions, letters to family, and accounts. Miscellaneous letters and papers relating to land...

Hart-Neustadter family papers, 1979-1990.

The collection is composed primarily of photocopies of newspaper clippings, biographical information, and photographs of various members of the extended Hart-Neustadter families.

Hartwig Heymann papers, approximately 1930-1993 (bulk 1970-1993).

The collection consists of correspondence, poetry, and other writings of Hartwig Heymann, who immigrated to the United States from Germany.

Harvesting Beans, Madera County, Calif., 1900

The Harvesting Beans album contains seven photographic prints taken in 1900 by an unidentified photographer. The album features scenes of unidentified Indian women performing various harvesting activities in an unspecified location of Madera County. The photographs also picture papooses, children...

Harvey Bernhard Enterprises records pertaining to the film, The Mack : and other material, approximately 1972-2002.

Contains a copy of Robert James Poole's original screenplay, director's original shooting script, script notes, script breakdown, casting, dialogue, publicity, and production materials used in the making of the 1973 film, The Mack. Also includes production schedule, crew list, legal...

[Harvey E. High photograph album of the American West].

Wide-ranging, high quality amateur views of the American west, taken by Harvey E. High during his travels throughout the first half of the 20th century. General subject matter includes Native Americans and their material culture; desert views and other natural...

Harvey Fergusson papers : additions, circa 1914-1971.

Correspondence, manuscripts of short stories and novels, clippings, notes, diaries (1928 and 1954-1970) primarily concerning his interest in writing and the American West, books with annotations by Fergusson and inscriptions to him, and obituaries.

Harvey Fergusson papers, 1906-1953.

Includes diaries, 1906-1945; journals, 1946-1953; notebooks; drafts of writings; letters from readers; and typescript of an autobiographical novel, 1920. Included are drafts of Grant of kingdom, People in power, The unknown hero, Footloose McGarnigal, Wolf song, The sea of grass...

Harvey Fergusson photograph collection.

Includes family snapshops, studio portrait, and outdoor scenes. One photo noted as possibly by Ansel Adams.

Harvey Helfand collection of Mary Ann Hiserman portraits [graphic].

Includes slide copies of portraits of Mary Ann Hiserman taken from early childhood through young adulthood. Other slides depict drawings by Hiserman and covers of her publications. Photographic print depicts Mirror Lake, Yosemite National Park.

Harvey Monroe Hall photograph collection.

Outdoor views, including the Sierra Nevada, Lake Tahoe, Coast Ranges, and Yosemite; numerous family pictures, including camping, vacationing, and travels in Grass Valley, Santa Cruz Mountains, and Tucson, Ariz.; views of the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906, and...

Harvey Stahl papers, 1965-2001.

Contains course notes, correspondence and a few drafts of speeches and articles. Also includes photographs of Stahl.

Harvey W. Rice letters to his cousin, Julia Doty Lyon : Hayward, California, 1899-1900.

Letters mainly concerning their family. One folder with papers about Lyon's family.

Hashomer Hatzair records, 1938-1942.

The collection consists of the papers and personal notes of an anonymous member of Hashomer Hatzair from 1938 through 1942. Included are a history of the San Francisco Branch of Hashomer Hatzair and notes documenting the organization's decision-making process.

Haskell family papers, 1878-1951.

Includes papers of the following members of the family: Edward W. Haskell, some relating to oil interests in Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy; his wife, Maria Antoinette; his daughter, Helen, and her husband, artist Stephen Seymour Thomas; his sons, Benjamin,...

Hassid (William Z.) Papers

Letters written to Hassid and copies of letters by him; manuscripts of speeches and papers; and reprints of articles documenting his career as a professor in the College of Agriculture and the Department of Biochemistry at the University of California,...

Hassid, William Zev Photographs from the William Zev Hassid papers.

Albums are presentation albums awarded for Hassid's sugar research. The first contains portraits of scientists, inscribed by subjects to Hassid: Sam Ruben and Stanford Moore are pictured, among others. The second contains ephemera related to sugar research including a publication...

Hastings (John R.) Papers

Primarily letters from William R. Hearst and other members of his staff, and copies or drafts of Hastings' replies. Hastings was editor of the New York Journal, 1906-26, and supervising editor of several newspapers in the Hearst Service, 1926-42. Included...

Hastings, John Russel Photographs from the John Russel Hastings papers.

Collection includes individual and group portraits (two of William Randolph Hearst) and a view of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. One of the group portraits shows Hastings campaigning with Charles E. Hughes.

Hastings Quicksilver Mining Company records, 1927-1930.

Binder containing the bylaws and board of director minutes of a quicksilver [i.e. mercury] mining company originally incorporated in Nevada for the purpose of operating the Hastings Quicksilver Mine located in Solano County, California. Also contains signed statements of resignation...

Hatch, James Noble. Photographs from the James Noble Hatch papers.

Photographic prints and negatives chiefly document the ruins of the St. Francis Dam (Los Angeles County) after its catastrophic failure in 1928. Lantern slides depict various mines, railways, power plants, cargo ships and other subjects pertaining to the coal industry...

Haven B. Eddy correspondence, 1860-1872.

Addressed primarily to his sister, Edith; with brief comments on life in California, where he worked as a railroad freight agent. Included is a draft of a letter, Dec. 30, 1872, written shortly after his wife's death, to John Ruskin....

Havens (Frank C.) Papers

Relating mainly to his real estate developments in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, Calif., and association with Francis Marion ("Borax") Smith, Wm. J. Dingee and Horace W. Carpentier. Records for the Piedmont Development Company, Hotel Claremont Company, Realty Syndicate, Peoples'...

Hawaii - Photographs

Contains views of streets, residences and other buildings in Honolulu; town views (Waimea and Koloa), and native houses and other scenes from Kauai.

Hawaii album of Ruth Ainsworth [graphic].

Snapshots of a trip to the Grand Canyon and on to Hawaii via San Francisco. Includes scenes on the ship Mongolia, views in Waikiki and elsewhere, The MacDonald Hotel grounds and tennis courts (at 1402 Punahoe Street, the address written...

Hawaii photograph album [graphic]

Depicts views of Honolulu (and possibly other Hawaiian locations) including Princess Kaiulani and Princess Ruth's residences, schools, street views, etc. Studio portraits of Hawaiian women in native dress and group portraits of native Louau are included. Also contains photographic reproductions...

Hawaii. President. Letters patent of denization conferred upon Alvin R. Hawkins : Honolulu : DS, 1897 Aug. 23.

Giving Alvin R. Hawkins all the privileges of citizenship, except the right to vote, while residing in the Republic of Hawaii. Signed by Sanford B. Dole, President of the Republic of Hawaii, and by the members of the Executive Council,...

Hawaiian album of a military man stationed at Tripler General Hospital, Honolulu [graphic]

Chiefly snapshots of soldiers and hospital staff at Tripler General Hospital and in various locations in the Hawaiian Islands. Includes some views of an eruption of Kilauea volcano.

Hawaiian album of Bertha Yung [graphic]

Views of Oahu landscapes (Diamond Head, Pali, Honolulu, etc.), Honolulu buildings (Oahu Prison, King's Palace, Government Building, Hawaiian Hotel, Post Office, Queen's Hospital, the Bank of Honolulu, and Bethel Church), Honolulu street scenes (Nuuanu, Bethel, Merchant, and Fort Streets) a...

Hawaiian album pages from the Laidlaw family papers

Album pages with views of Hawaii. Views include men on trail to volcano from Hilo, Hawaiian plants, Judiciary Building in Honolulu, residence of Mrs. Afong at Waikiki, native Hawaiians, and women hula dancing.

Hawaiian Islands and Philippines views.

Views of landscapes, buildings, and people in Hawaii and the Philippines, including Manila.

Hawaiian Kingdom, Royal family account books : mss., 1850-1899.

Contents: v. 1 (in Hawaiian) Sept. 2, 1850-Jan. 1, 1853, chiefly for household of King Kamehameha III. Copies of poems or riddles in verse (meles) follow. v. 2 (partially in Hawaiian) Feb. 25, 1881-July, 1895, chiefly for Iolani Palace. v....

Hawaiian miscellany, 1848-circa 1948.

Letters, forms filled in, bills and receipts, invitations, deed and message concerning Hawaii, Abraham Lincoln, governor, description, ships, mobility, paint materials, schooners, Panama - California exposition, flood and whaling.

Hawaiian photograph album from the Caroline M. and George Babb letters [graphic].

Views of Hawaiian homes, general views, school children, portraits of the Babbs, other Americans or Europeans, and also Chinese and Japanese residents. Includes a two-part panoramic cyanotype view of Diamond Head from Waikiki

Hawaiian photograph album [graphic]

Unidentified views of the Hawaiian Islands. Includes landscapes, buildings, groups of people, plants, and a few sailing ships. Also includes a store interior with Chinese labels on the products, and Asian children in traditional dress.

Hawaiian photographic collection [graphic]

Depicts sugar cane harvesting, workers, sugar cane and a steam power train transporting crops; views of scenery including bread fruit and coconut trees, native people horseriding, native Louau, fishing canoes on Waiakea River at Hilo, a mansion, and an ancient...

[Hawaiian postal viewbooks] [graphic]

Title supplied by cataloger.

Hawaiian sketchbook.

Drawings of Hawaiian scenery, boats, etc.

Hawaiian views.

Accordion album of views of Hawaii. Includes buildings, street scenes, Hawaiian people (including royalty), and scenic landscapes. Appears to be commercially produced.

Hawaiian Views

Primarily views of Hawaii, including Punahou (school and other sites); Honolulu buildings and streets; Hilo residences; Kilauea crater and lava flow of 1881. One photo of Cooper Medical School in San Francisco, California is also present.

Hawthorne Family Papers

Primarily papers of Julian Hawthorne (correspondence, MSS of his writings and his poetry, journals and notebooks, scrapbooks, clippings, etc.), with a few papers also of his first wife, Minnie (Amelung) Hawthorne, and his second, Edith (Garrigues) Hawthorne. Included also are...

[Hay & Wright Ship Builders, Alameda, Calif. shipyard photographs].

Photographs of scenes at shipyard of Hay & Wright Ship Builders in Alameda, Calif. Ships depicted include Honoipu and lumber schooner Charles Nelson. Also includes two photographs of company founders Alexander Hay and E.V. Wright and their families posing before...

[Hayatake family Japanese acrobatic troupe portrait photographs].

Carte de visite studio portraits of unidentified members of the Japanese acrobatic troupe of the Hayatake family. Subjects, including 5 men and 1 child, appear to be dressed in everyday attire, not stage costumes.

Hayden collection, [ca. 1950-1983]

Research materials relating to his writings on backpacking, hunting, fishing, conservation and wilderness areas in California and the west.

Hayden, Thomas E. Letters from clients of Thomas E. Hayden concerning legal matters, 1855-1856.

Letters from clients of Thomas E. Hayden concerning legal matters, BANC MSS C-B 985, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Hayfield House and related photographs from the Gary J. Torre papers [graphic].

Exterior and interior views of Hayfield House in Saratoga, Calif., chiefly taken about 1970. Hayfield House was designed by Julia Morgan and built for Chauncey and Henriette Goodrich in 1920-1921. Eight photographs depict decorations in the house for the 1948...

Hayfield House construction records, 1919-1922.

Consists of correspondence of Julia Morgan, with Chauncey Goodrich and Henriette Goodrich, the contract and notes on building of Hayfield House.

The Hayler's Mexican tour, October-November 1948 [graphic]

Photographic post cards, snapshots and some printed illustrations, primarily from Mexico City, Puebla, Taxco, Acapulco, etc. Some locations in Arizona included.

[Haynes family photograph album of Panama-Pacific International Exposition views].

Photograph album chiefly containing commercial and snapshot views of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, held in San Francisco in 1915. Other locations depicted include the University of California, Berkeley campus; and Mount Tamalpais. Three women, likely Haynes sisters or Haynes family...

Hazel Snell Schreiber papers, 1927-1958.

Consists of correspondence, manuscripts and clippings of her writings, and scrapbooks detailing Schreiber's literary pursuits in and around the San Francisco Bay Area and the successful 1944 campaign of Stanton Arthur Coblentz for California Poet Laureate. Also includes a small...

Hazeltine Brothers. Oregon, California, Idaho, and Other Western Scenes

The Photographs of Oregon, California, Idaho, and Other Western Scenes collection contains 310 items (293 stereographs, 7 cartes de visite, and 10 other mounted albumen prints) taken from about 1867 to 1895. Most of the prints are the work of...

Hazeltine (M. M.), Logging Operations in Little River, California Photographs, ca. 1870

The Logging Operations in Little River, California collection contains 5 cartes de visite photographs that have been attributed to photographer Martin M. Hazeltine. The collection features early views of the vicinity of the lumber mill town of Little River, in...

Hazeltine (M. M.), Logging Operations in Little River, California Photographs, ca. 1870

The Logging Operations in Little River, California collection contains 5 cartes de visite photographs that have been attributed to photographer Martin M. Hazeltine. The collection features early views of the vicinity of the lumber mill town of Little River, in...

Hazeltine (M. M.), Mendocino County Photographs, circa 1867-1869

Views of Mendocino and vicinity show views of the town (residences, public buildings), lumber mills and related scenes, surrounding scenery, and an Indian village (showing teepees made of scrap lumber).

Hazelwood (Art) Collection of San Francisco Poster Syndicate Political Posters

Broad selection of political posters created by the San Francisco Poster Syndicate, many of them printed and distributed at demonstrations and other events. Topics include a wide range of contemporary local, national and global issues. Among the major themes represented...

H.B. Underhill documents relating to land in or near Stockton, 1853-1970.

H.B. Underhill documents relating to land in or near Stockton, BANC MSS 69/149 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

H.C. Diehl letters to Anne Avakian, 1966-1973.

Mainly concerning his work on behalf of the Hopi Indians.

H.C. Diehl papers concerning the Hopi Indians : Colorado Springs, 1957-1959.

As a friend of the Hopi Indians, Diehl carried on an extensive correspondence with members of Congress and others respecting legislation bearing upon Hopi affairs, particularly the act passed in July, 1958, establishing a special court to determine right of...

[Héctor García portraits of Mexicans and scenes of Mexico City].

Informal photojournalistic portraits, and miscellaneous everyday scenes, chiefly taken in public spaces in Mexico City. Photographs depict a broad cross-section of everyday persons, including barbers, diners in a cafeteria, pachucos, women in indigenous attire, a shoe shiner, waitresses, musicians, mail...

Heads of discourses preach'd ... : London : ms., 1849-1852 /

Contents.- [v. 1] Heads of discourses preach'd in 1849.- [v. 2] Heads and notes of discourses delivered ... in 1850. pt. 1.- [v. 3] Notes of discourses delivered in Percy chapel ... 1850-51.- [v. 4] Notes of discourses delivered in...

Heald family papers, 1851-1870.

Letters from Heald family members and friends who had joined the gold rush in California, Peru, and Australia. Many are addressed to Mrs. Heald.

Health and disease in Saudi Arabia : oral history transcript : the Aramco experience, 1940s-1990s / 1998.

Recollections of fourteen medical professionals in Saudi Arabia who from the early 1940s through the 1990s participated in a unique program to mitigate and solve not only the health problems of Aramco corporate employees and their dependents, but also those...

Health and happiness in the California mountains.

A four stanza ode lauding the beauty of the California natural world. Handpainted on white faced hard cardboard, with title in ornate red, green, and yellow script and neat text in black.

Heard, Bartlett Bradford. Photographs from the Heard collection [graphic]

Includes 26 photos of Asilomar, California (buildings designed by Julia Morgan); views of the Heard residence (10 Roble Road, Berkeley); the Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona; Berlin, Germany; Manchester, England; and launching of "Dwight B. Heard" ship. Also present are portraits...

Hearst Castle Historic Preservation postal card and related papers, 1988 Sept. 20.

Includes one each of the postal card and the limited edition postal card (including a portrait of William Randolph Hearst), with accompanying explanatory material.

Hearst (George and Phoebe Apperson) Papers

Contains personal and business papers of George Hearst and his wife, Phoebe Apperson Hearst. A small portion of the collection relates to Mr. Hearst, a rancher, mining tycoon, and politican. His papers include correspondence, illustrated mining notes and reports, bills...

Hearst Library collection of sports guides and rulebooks, 1901-1994.

This collection consists of a selection of guides and rule books for various sports collected by the Hearst Library of the Department of Physical Education. The collection has been divided by men's and women's sports and then by type of...

Hearst (Millicent Willson) papers

The Millicent Willson Hearst Papers, 1914-1947 (bulk 1926-1935), contain social correspondence; charity files; real estate files for property in New York, Florida and Georgia; financial files; and personal and household expense files.

Hearst, Phoebe Apperson Photographs from the George and Phoebe Apperson Hearst papers.

Miscellaneous collection of snapshots, studio portraits, photos of art, postcards and a small number of tintypes and cartes-de-visite. Subjects include family portraits, world travels, archeological sites and many photos of unidentified people taken in various places. Locations include the Hacienda...

Hearst residence photographs, Washington D.C. [graphic]

Photographs show one exterior view and lavish interiors in the Hearst residence in Washington D.C.

Hearst (William Randolph) Jr. Papers

Consists of 19 bound scrapbooks, correspondence and clippings chronicling the career of William Randolph Hearst, Jr. Born in New York City Jan. 27, 1908 to newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and Millicent Willson Hearst. In 1928 he began his career...

Hearst, (William Randolph, Jr.) photograph collection

The William Randolph Hearst, Jr. photograph collection consists approximately 2500 photographic prints and negatives that document the private and public life of William Randolph Hearst, Jr. and the Hearst family from the late 1800s to 1990. It includes studio portraits,...

Hearst (William Randolph) Papers

Consists of a portion of William Randolph Hearst's business and personal office files primarily for the years 1927-1929, 1937-1938, and 1944-1947. The papers present an overview of of Hearst's newspaper empire and his management and editorial styles; provide a glimpse...

[Heart Mountain Relocation Center photographs].

Chiefly snapshot photographs depicting camp views and activities of Japanese American internees at Heart Mountain Relocation Center, Wyoming. One photograph possibly depicts photographer Akira Omoto and sociologist Forrest E. LaViolette. Heart Mountain is also depicted in a few photographs.

Heart Mountain Relocation Center records, 1943-1945.

Consists of Heart Mountain Relocation Center Community Council minutes and laws. Also includes Wash. Daily News Digest (Japanese edition).

Heatherwick Kirk works, circa 1901.

Poem titled "Drifting" (3 typescript leaves), essay "Joaquin Miller at Home" (27 manuscript leaves, dated 1901 and signed by the author) and the essay "The man with the hoe and the man with brains" about the French painter Millet and...

Heber Gowen letters : to his family : ALS, 1851 July 27-1862 May 12.

Twenty-two letters from Heber Gowen to his family in Kennebunk, Me., written from various California locations, mostly Petaluma. The letters describe the climate, Gowen's business ventures, sending money home, and life in Calif. Gowen arranges for his son to join...

Hebrew Benevolent Society records, 1879-1907.

The collection contains the minutes from the Society's first meeting, on July 27, 1879 to December 12, 1895. The minutes contain the names of its first members; amendments to its constitution; and information regarding the business, finances, and activities of...

Hebrew Free Loan Association records, 1905-1994 (bulk 1960-1994).

The collection contains by-laws, news clippings, membership letters, and programs and bulletins. Also included is a copy of Myer J. Heppner's 1929 survey of the Petaluma borrowers from the Abraham Haas Loan Fund.

Hebrew Users Group records, 1984-1998.

Formerly: Judah L. Magnes Museum Collection Number 1996.005

Hedgerow Theatre Repertory Company records, 1923-1956.

Reviews, newspaper clippings, speeches, interviews, directing notes and acting class notes and correspondence, chiefly by Jasper Deeter. Also minutes and committee meeting notes.

Heeser, William [Photographs from the William Heeser papers].

Chiefly studio portraits of Heeser family members. Also includes a few views of farm properties, two of them taken from aerial perspectives.

Heinlen family papers, 1865-1916.

Chiefly concerning the land and cattle interests of John Heinlen and his sons. A few letters and accounts of John R. and George A. Heinlen. Diplomas, 1880 & 1882, of Anna J. and Mary E. Heinlen, from the University of...

Heino Nitsche papers, approximately 1998-2010.

Contains primarily teaching materials and a very small amount of reference and research materials from Nitsche's Berkeley teaching career.

Heinrich (Edward Oscar) Papers

The collection consists of eight series: correspondence; personalia; professional materials; case files; press and publicity; subject files; photographs; and selected artifacts/evidence. Materials date from around 1888 through 1953 and document the full range of Edward Oscar Heinrich's professional activities and,...

Heinrich Kleinschmidt letters : ALS, 1851-1853.

Correspondence with members of the family in Germany, advising them on preparations for a journey to St. Louis, Missouri. With typed translation of one letter.

Heinrich Lienhard page proofs of "Californien" and related papers, 1847-1930.

Page proofs of Lienhard's "Californien unmittelbar vor und nach der Entdeckung des Goldes" with annotations and corrections in his hand, evidently not incorporated into any later editions or translations (folder 1), and photocopies of Lienhard family correspondence relating to Lienhard...

Heintz, Ralph Morrell Photographs from the Ralph M. Heintz papers.

Portraits of Heintz at work, views of radio equipment, transmitters, and machinery built by the company of Jack & Heintz.

Heinz Fraenkel-Conrat papers, approximately 1948-2000.

Research notebooks and papers, correspondence, scientific photographs and slides, clippings, scholarly reprints, family & personal photographs and material.

Heizer (Robert Fleming) Papers

Heizer directed important field work in the Sacramento Valley of California, near Lovelock, Nevada, and the Mayan sites of La Venta, Tabasco, Mexico and Abaj Takalik, Guatemala. He published more than 500 books and articles concerning archaeology and anthropology. He...

Helen Adam papers, circa 1947-1993.

Contains seventeen journals of various sizes containing clippings, quotations, visual images, collages, advertisements, and other inserted materials. Also contains handwritten and typescript correspondence, poems, articles, photographs of Helen Adam, ephemera, etc.

Helen Arnstein Salz papers, appoximately 1922-1978.

Includes: correspondence; drafts of writings; photographs, including photographs of Salz's paintings; clipping files; materials relating to Salz's husband Ansley Salz; and a typescript diary of a trip to South America, 1922-1923.

Helen Crocker Russell papers relating primarily to her philanthropic and cultural activities.

Correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks, clippings and photographs, relating to her activities with UNESCO, San Francisco Foundation, San Francisco Museum, and other philanthropic organizations.

Helen E. Nelson photograph collection [graphic]

Photographs include family snapshots, portraits, proof sheets. Many items relate to politics and government, labor issues, consumer advocacy, etc. Also includes textual material. Ephemera includes buttons, business cards, name tags, etc.

Helen Elizabeth Haines papers, 1891-1973.

Contains correspondence and other papers and printed materials, with a detailed index, concerning Helen Haines' career as a librarian specializing in book selection, a book review columnist, and an instructor at the Los Angeles Public Library, Library School. Includes general...

Helen French collection on Nora May French, circa 1891-1927, 1960.

Clippings, material relating to Henry Wells and the Wells family, notes and correspondence concerning Nora May French.

Helen Gahagan Douglas Oral History Project research files.

Correspondence, clippings, notes, programs collected or generated during the preparation of Douglas' oral history interviews. (Final transcripts cataloged as BANC MSS 82/51 c.)

Helen Gahagan Douglas project : oral history transcript / and related material, 1973-1982.

Comments on career as actress and opera singer; marriage to Melvyn Douglas; years as Congresswoman, 1944-50; 1950 Senate campaign running against Richard Nixon and aftermath; women and independence; speaking engagements and civic activities since 1950. Appended: photocopies of Gahagan family...

Helen Gahagan Douglas Project: family, friends, and the theater: The years before and after politics : oral history transcript / and related material, 1976-1981.

Office, Bancroft Library. (Copies of photographs inserted; photocopies of documentary material appended to some interviews).

Helen Gahagan Douglas Project: The Congress Years, 1944-1950 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1976-1981.

Interviewees, and titles of interviews, as follows: (Copies of photographs inserted; photocopies of documentary material appended to many interviews): Juanita Terry Barbee. Helen Gahagan Douglas's Office Staff--Work and Relaxation. Rachel Bell. Helen Gahagan Douglas and Foreign Policy. Arthur Goldschmidt. Helen...

Helen Gahagan Douglas Project: The Political Campaigns : oral history transcript / and related material, 1976-1981.

Interviews relating mainly to the 1950 U.S. Senate campaign in California and the preceding primary election. Copies of photographs inserted; copies of some documentary material appended to interviews.

Helen Gentry letter and list : Santa Fe, N.M., to James D. Hart, ALS and typescript, 1983-1987.

3 page letter of Nov.1, 1983 refers to "Clink" Greenhood's illness and a forthcoming donation of letters, books, and writings to The Bancroft Library. Refers to the old days of the Grabhorn Press and their friendship. Also includes a 2...

Helen Harding Bretnor papers, 1920-1990.

Box 1 relates primarily to her translation of Jean Nicolas Perlot's autobiography, Gold Seeker. Included is correspondence with Alfred A. Knopf, Dale L. Morgan, Ghislaine LeJeune (Perlot's granddaughter) and others; notes; a photocopy of her manuscript, and several reviews of...

Helen Hunt Jackson letters : ALS, 1871 and n.d.

Literary letter to Jeany Gilder, sister of the editor and critic Richard Watson Gilder (1971 March 14.) castigating Osgood & Co., the publisher of her first book, Verses (1870); personal letter to "Dearest [Botame?] strongly apologetic for having missed a...

Helen Huntington Perrin writings, [ca. 1981] : typescripts.

1. One Summer in the High Sierras. Gives information on her parents; her father's work building dams for the Blue Lakes Water Company in Alpine Co., 1899-1901, utilizing Washoe Indians as laborers; life in Sutter Creek (51 leaves). 2. Early...

Helen Jonas correspondence from Otylka and Carlton Petersen, 1951-1975.

Approximately 110 letters received by Helen Jonas of Brookfield, Illinois between 1951 and 1975. The bulk of the letters are written by Jonas' cousin Otylka Petersen and her son, Carlton, from Alhambra, California to Jonas and her children, Charles (Buddy)...

Helen Lyon Hawkins draft of her novel, Fear is the enemy, and material used in preparation, 1955.

Notes, bibliography and clippings concerning F. Simcoe, Indians (including "Prophet dances") and pioneers in Washington.

Helen Lyon Hawkins papers : additions, 1936-1978.

Chiefly correspondence and manuscripts of Helen L. Hawkins (pseud. Hannah Hinsdale), including letters to her daughter, Quail. Also includes misc. Hawkins family material, including the guestbook of Hannah and Quail Hawkins (1949). Hannah Hinsdale manuscripts are: "Miss Lotta: a play...

Helen Lyon Hawkins papers, [ca. 1900-1976].

Manuscripts of articles, plays (one on Lotta Crabtree), short stories, poems, and novels, most of them unpublished. Also included are notes and manuscript drafts of her unpublished book on Belinda Mulrooney Carbonneau's adventures in Alaska.

Helen Messinger Murdoch autochrome views of Margaret Baylor's garden and other Santa Barbara area scenery [graphic].

Autochrome views of the Santa Barbara garden of Margaret Baylor and of the countryside around Santa Barbara and Ojai. Baylor appears posing in her garden in a few photographs. Another woman who is perhaps Murdoch also appears with Baylor in...

Helen Motto papers, 1930-1972.

The collection consists of personal and organizational correspondence; a scrapbook that chronicles her many organizational involvements; a manuscript called "History and Development of the Jewish Community of Santa Barbara, 1923-1969," written by Motto; and papers that document Motto's work with...

Helen Nestor : oral history transcript : a life of making photographs in the San Francisco Bay Area / April-May 1992.

Nestor discusses her family background and childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area, and her life and career as a photographer. Included are her recollections of meeting Dorothea Lange, photographing the Free Speech Movement in Berkeley, California, and various projects...

Helen Nestor photographs from her oral history transcript [graphic]

View of the front of U.C. Berkeley's Sproul Hall during Free Speech Movement demonstration, photographed by Helen Nestor, 1963 (printed later?). Portrait of Nestor, photographed by Pamela Valois, 1991. Brochure for Richmond Art Center exhibition: Helen Nestor, 1968.

Helen R. Geballe papers, 1926-1980.

Papers; correspondence; and minutes from the various organizations with which Geballe was affiliated.

Helen R. MacGregor papers, 1927-1974 (bulk 1952-1974).

Family estate and property documents; correspondence, both professonal and personal, from 1930 to 1972; files relating to MacGregor's service on the Governor's Advisory Committee on Children & Youth (1959-1970) and the North Oakland District Council (1957-1974); newspaper clippings relating to...

Helen Rand Parish papers, approximately 1929-2000.

Includes research notes, manuscript drafts, and correspondence, the majority of which relate to Parish's extensive writings on Bartolome de las Casas.

Helen Rudolphi Tremble letters from Allan Seager, 1928-1995 (bulk 1928-1934)

Letters written by novelist and short story writer Allan Seager between 1928 and 1934, and a manuscript of his obituary from 1968; also includes a folder of letters from Stephen E. Connelly, who wrote a thesis on Seager, and three...

Helen S. Giffen notes for California mining town newspapers, 1850-1880, a bibliography, 1950s?

Typewritten alphabetical card file with names of newspapers and their dates of publication. Some cards have more extensive entries. Research material for her publication "California mining town newspapers, 1850-1880: a bibliography," published in 1954.

Helen Swett letters to her fiancé, Charles E. Schwartz : and other papers, 1898-1901.

Written from the family ranch, Hill Girt Farm at Martinez, Calif.; from San Francisco; from Stanford University, where she was a student, class of 1900; and from Alameda, Calif. where she taught nature studies in Alameda High School. Also, a...

Helen Van Cleave Park collection on Marin County history, approximately 1850-approximately 1980.

Papers relating to the history of Marin County, California, in all its aspects. Primarily the archive of Helen Van Cleave Park with some material from other Marin historians, including Florence Donnelly, Lucretia W. Little, and George Epindendio. Most materials housed...

Helen Woodruff letters : Highland Park (Los Angeles, Calif.), to Walter W. Jones, Rockwell Field, San Diego, Calif., 1918 Mar. 16 - Dec. 19.

Collection of manuscript love letters (165 letters, circa 900 p.) from a kindergarten teacher living in Los Angeles, Calif. to her fiancé stationed at an Army Air base in San Diego, Calif. Written over the course of 278 days, the...

Helene d'Asalena Sturgis papers, approximately 1930-1957.

Correspondence, manuscripts, diaries, and clippings concerning her activity and interest in writing, particularly poetry.

[Helene d'Asalena Sturgis pictorial collection].

Pencil sketches (portraits and caricatures), and photographs of bust sculptures, and copy photographs of sketches. Includes an album of sketches on napkins or tissue, a small sketchbook, and panoramic group portrait of a 1923 conference at Asilomar, Calif. (shelved in...

Helene Jacob papers, circa 1910-1996.

The collection includes immigration, citizenship, and identity documents from Austria, Poland, Germany, and the United States for Helene Jacob, her first husband, Mark Gutter, and other members of the Gutter and Kohn family. These documents date from the late 1910s...

Helene Maxwell Brewer papers, approximately 1900-2006.

The Helene Maxwell Brewer papers consist of professional and personal materials. The professional materials relate to Brewer's work on an intended biography of Francis J. Heney and a 1958 edition of Amos Pinchot's Amos Pinchot's The History of the Progressive...

[Helene Sturdivant portrait of Mrs. Fred Meyer] [graphic].

Mrs. Fred Meyer posing in what appears to be an actress' costume.

[Helene Sturdivant portrait photographs].

Portraits in the pictorialist manner of Sturdivant's mentor, Johan Hagemeyer. Includes a portrait of Hagemeyer and 2 copy portraits of Sturdivant taken by Hagemeyer during the period of her studies with him.

Hellman-Heller family papers, 1852-1937.

Land tenure records and memorials concerning the Hellman family originally from Los Angeles and the Heller family of San Francisco. Individuals concerned are: Isaias W. Hellman, Esther Hellman, Clara Hellman (Mrs. E.S. Heller), Emilie S. Heller, Edward Hellman Heller and...

[Helvetica Jones political poster collection].

Political posters produced by Garland Kirkpatrick and his design consultancy Helvetica Jones. Works feature prominent textual graphics, most includiing political quotes.

Helwig & Trood records : North Bloomfield, Calif., 1874-1886.

Contains 2 letters dealing with insurance for mine and delivery of order and receipts of the various incarnations of Helwig & Trood companies.

Hemphill, John P. Papers relating to the Madera Sugar Pine Lumber Co., [ca. 1922- 1924]

Include clippings about the Company and letters congratulating Hemphill on his appointment as general manager, 1924.

Henando Limón papers, 1897-1913.

Documents relating mainly to his military career. Include statement by Joaquín Beltrán concerning Limón's participation in the attack against Vera Cruz and by Victoriano Huerta re services rendered in the campaign in Chihuahua against Pascual Orozco. Also included: Limon's certificate...

Henderson, Elizabeth Foot Photographs from Mrs. Earl Warren's teas for wives of legislators.

Photographs show identified wives of legislators at two social teas hosted by Mrs. Earl Warren.

Henderson (Randall) Papers

The Randall Henderson Papers (1905-1981, bulk 1930-1970) comprise correspondence, manuscripts, and printed materials relating to Henderson's professional and personal life. Of particular note are Henderson's activities as editor of and other publications, his work as a desert conservationist, and...

Heney (Francis J.) Papers

Contains mostly correspondence concerning Oregon land fraud cases, the San Francisco graft prosecutions, the Progressive Movement, and the Democratic Party in California. Some correspondence is addressed to Mrs. Heney, C.W. Cobb (Heney's law partner), and a few others. Also includes...

Henri Cartier Bresson correspondence : to Ignacio Aguirre 1964-1965.

Contains one handwritten letter, one printed greeting card, and one postcard of Henri Cartier-Bresson and "Yoshi" to Mexican artist Ignacio Aguirre. The letter is written and signed by Cartier-Bresson. The postcard, mailed from Belgrade, Yugoslavia, is written and signed by...

Henri, comte de Boulainvilliers, writings, 1697-1722.

Contemporary transcripts of essays relating to various aspects of French history. V.1: Recueil de pièces detachées ... concernant l'histoire de France. V.2: Extraits des mémoires des généralités de France (part of his État de France).

Henrietta S. and Mary E. Tower correspondence, 1879-1925 (bulk 1882-1894).

Contains correspondence, primarily between Henrietta S. Tower and her mother, Mary E. Tower. These letters refer to Henrietta Tower's time at San Francisco's Irving Institute, and Mary Tower's news of family, friends, and neighbors in Salt Spring Valley near Milton,...

Henriot family papers, 1817-1930.

Includes birth and marriage certificates of Claude Henriot, French emigré, 1853; copy of birth registration, French Consulate, San Francisco, of his daughter, Emelie, who married 1st, H. Penelon, early photographer, Los Angeles, and 2d, C.F. Gauthier; Gauthier's baptism certificate; marriage...

Henrique J. Laidley papers, 1869-1984 (bulk 1869-1875).

Contains various materials related to the career of Portuguese diplomat, Henrique J. Laidley. Materials include a bound volume of a letterpress copy book with diplomatic correspondence, loose sheets of letterpress copy letters (1 folder), a hand painted flag of Portugal...

Henry A.H. Boot : the cavity magnetron and radar developments : oral history transcript of a tape recorded interview conducted by Arthur L. Norberg on August 9, 1977. History of Science and Technology Program, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, California, 1979.

One of a series of interviews documenting aspects of research and development at the Radiation Laboratory at Berkeley, including accelerator design, funding, institutional relations with the University and the Physics Department, new discoveries in physics and wartime research at Berkeley,...

Henry and Falk Vidaver letters, 1873 and 1889.

Consists of two letters, one from Henry Vidaver, then the rabbi of Temple B'nai Jeshurun, in New York City, to San Francisco's Congregation Sherith Israel, dated 13 Jan. 1873, recommending his brother Falk Vidaver become the San Francisco congregation's new...

Henry B. Barker correspondence : to Richard Barker, Whitehaven, England : ALS, 1826-1851.

Six letters from Henry Barker to his brother sent from Russia, Chile, at sea while en route to Calif., and San Francisco. He writes of his visits to the Kremlin in Moscow and to St. Petersburg, and then describes life...

Henry B. Brown papers, 1851-1853.

Includes agreement with Bartlett concerning his sketches; letters from Bartlett and Jacob B. Moore re the agreement, and from Alfred Ely Beach enquiring about reproducing the drawings in the New York Illustrated News; letters by Brown (original and photocopies) describing...

Henry B. Underhill certificates, 1860-1887.

Documents of San Francisco lawyer Henry B. Underhill, including certificates granting permission to practice law before the California and U.S. Supreme Courts.

Henry B. Waddilove papers, 1859-1864.

A diary, June 12-25, 1859, describes his trip to Yosemite and mentions Rev. Frederick C. Ewer, James M. Hutchings and Charles L. Weed. Papers also include a letter written by him, Mason demit, receipts, etc.

Henry Billington Packer letters, 1849-1858.

Addressed to his fiancée and later his wife, Mary Elizabeth Judkins. Include letters (1850-1853) written en route overland to California and from Sacramento and Downieville, describing his experiences there. Biographical sketch also included.

Henry C. Reed letter to Louise W. Reed : San Francisco : ALS, 1879 Apr. 16.

Letters written to his wife in Princeton, Ill, primarily relating to the speculative character of people in California.

Henry C. Waring on University extension : oral history transcript / and related material, 1959-1960.

Comments by the business manager of Extension on its development and influence in the state; faculty, curriculum, income and budget; University accounting department.

Henry Carter recollections, 1956.

Recollections of early settlers, ranching, mining, wild life and forest fires, ca. 1850-1856, in Trinity, Shasta and Siskiyou Counties.

Henry Chapman Ford notes on California missions, circa 1875-1894?

Henry Chapman Ford notes on California missions, BANC MSS C-C 220, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Henry Clay correspondence, 1827-1848.

Includes letter, June 22, l846, by Clay as President of the American Colonization Society re a bequest of some slaves he proposes to send to Liberia, and letters to Clay from William H. Harrison (Sept. 23, l827) and from Zachary...

Henry Cohn papers, 1852-1953.

The collection contains personal documents, including a copy of Henry (Heiman) Cohn's birth certificate, a certificate of his apprenticeship as a furrier (both in the German language), a document from New York City attesting to Henry being a Master Mason...

Henry Curtner account books, 1862-1900.

Account books chiefly kept while in business in Warm Springs.

Henry de Tonti collection, [1682-1704].

Microfilm of material in the Library of Congress, copied from originals in the Bibliothèque Nationale and Archives Nationales in Paris. Prints of 3 items (one incomplete). With these: negative photostats of request of Tonty's brother, Alphonse, to inherit his property...

Henry Dennie Reaves correspondence.

from Ken Harrison Western Americana;

Henry Di Suvero files, 1966-1979.

Documents pertain to Di Suvero's work as president of the National Lawyers Guild (1977-1979), primarily regional, chapter, subject files and committee work. Also includes materials on the People's College of Law and the National Convention of Black Lawyers. Legal case...

Henry Douglas Bacon papers, 1853-1880.

Letters from John W. Geary, D.D. Page, William Alvord and Horatio Stebbins; agreement with Samuel Gaty concerning mining property in Idaho, 1864; contemporary copy of Pacific Express Company's certificate of incorporation, 1869; deed from George Stoneman for land in Los...

Henry Douglas Bacon papers, 1871-1893.

Contents: Letter from Samuel Barlow; letter from W.B. Hyde pertaining to opening of silver mines in Idaho Territory; agreement concerning purchase of shares in Carson Creek Consolidated Mine, Calaveras County, Calif.

Henry E. McBride papers, 1867-1902.

Includes letters from Phoebe Apperson Hearst and James Hall McKenney; materials relating to the case, Southern Pacific Railroad vs. John F. Phillips and John H. Cox; and a copy of the bylaws of the Fruit Vale Ditch Company, 1902.

Henry Ernest Erdman papers, 1917-1970 (bulk 1928-1944)

Correspondence, subject and administrative files concerning Erdman's interest in agriculture, economics and cooperatives in the United States and Russia.

Henry F. Williams papers, 1848-1911.

Diaries (1848-1911; with account of voyage to California via Panama, arriving in San Francisco in February 1849 on the Californian), accounts relating to the San Francisco building trade, deeds for property in San Francisco; manuscripts of his writings, clippings, etc.

Henry Ford Bridge (Badger Avenue Bridge) spanning Cerritos Channel, Los Angeles and Long Beach harbor, Los Angeles County, California [graphic] : photographs, written historical and descriptive data.

Photographic documentation of the Henry Ford Bridge prepared as part of plan for demolition and replacement. Accompanied by list of photographs and historic and present day description (18 leaves).

Henry G. Langley papers concerning the Tenth Census of the United States : San Francisco, 1880-1881.

Chiefly letters and instructions received as chief special agent to collect manufacturing statistics, San Francisco. Many letters signed by F.A. Walker, Superintendent of Census.

Henry H. Conger journal, 1852.

Written to his wife in three Gregory's Express pocket letter books. An account of his voyage from New York around Cape Horn to San Francisco in l852, on the ship Grecian, with stopovers at Rio de Janeiro, and Talcahuano, Chile.

Henry H. Mason correspondence, 1872-1902.

Mainly letters to family in the East relating travels and various aspects of life in mining camps and towns of Nevada in the Reno area and California in the Mammoth City and Bodie area. References to Indian fighting. Material concerning...

[Henry H. Robison photograph album of Native Americans in the Southwestern U.S.].

Travel views taken on a tour of the Southwestern United States and California. Includes many photographs of Native Americans, most likely Navajo, in traditional attire, posing individually or in groups, some with traditional pottery and blankets, at train stations, near...

Henry Harrison Markham papers, 1887-1893.

Includes documents signed as Governor of California and letter from Leland Stanford.

Henry Harrisse letters received, 1880-1890.

Include letters from Alfred P.V. Morel-Fatio, Léopold V. Delisle, and Henri A. Omont.

Henry Hart papers, undated.

Contains biographical information on Henry Hart, including newspaper clippings, a family tree, and a written biography by Hart's son, Henry Hart, Jr.

Henry Hastings & Company correspondence, 1865-1871.

Sixty seven letters received bewteen 1865 and 1871 by Henry Hastings & Company, Boston ship owners and shipping agents. A number of famous clipper ships are mentioned in the correspondence, including Invincible, Charger, Electric Spark, Nightingale, Messenger, Nonantum, Witch of...

Henry Herman Evans papers : mss., 1957-1964.

Correspondence with Vincent McHugh, poet, and Tate Adams, illustrator, re publication by the Peregrine Press of McHugh's book of poems, Alpha; corrected MSS and page proof for Alpha; and copy of Evans' article on the Peregrine Press.

Henry Herman Evans photographs [graphic].

One photograph shows Henry Evans standing outside his printing shop, the Peregrine Press, San Francisco, and possibly dates from 1950. The remaining three date from 1960 and show Evans at work inside his shop.

Henry Huntley Haight papers, 1866-1878.

Mainly political and legal correspondence, including letter from Charles T. Botts concerning government and letter from Stephen Johnson Field; letters from Haight, some written as Governor of California. Also personal accounts.

Henry Irving letters : London : ALS, 1889 Apr. 6 and 9.

Two short letters written on Lyceum Theatre stationary.

Henry Irwin Randall papers, 1889-1936.

Primarily correspondence with his brother, his sons, and others, relating to the operation of the family citrus ranch near San Bernardino, and to his business and real estate investments (cartons 1-6); letterpress copybooks, l9Ol-1923 (carton 7); some correspondence and reports,...

[Henry J. Godfrey photograph archive].

Includes studio portraits and leisure-time snapshots depicting multiple generations of Godfrey family members, chiefly from the Santa Cruz area in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Among the identified individuals are Henry J. Godfrey, Caroline J. Godfrey, Herbert J....

Henry J. Vaux, Jr. papers.

Contains diaries that document Henry J. Vaux, Jr. tenure as chief operation officer for University of California programs in agriculture and natural resources, including the Water Resouce Center and the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resouces.

Henry J. Vaux papers, approximately 1950-2000.

Contains Henry J. Vaux's office files compiled during his career as a forester and professor of forestry at UC Berkeley. Files include correspondence, course materials, curriculums, reports, committee work, speeches, etc. Also includes files pertaining to his involvement with Academic...

Henry J. Wohlgemuth papers, 1871-1892.

Includes letters from A.M. Kenaday, Lewis W. Mayer, the U.S. Treasury Dept., and from relatives in Germany and in the east; accounts, 1888-1890; and notes.

Henry John Temple Palmerston letters, 1816-1852.

Regarding transmittal of information to a Mr. Litchfield (Solicitor of the Treasury) by Robert Anstruther, arranging a dinner date with Laurence Sulivan, and a transmittal of information to the Foreign Office via Henry Unwin Addington.

Henry K. Bent letters : to Thacer Bent, Kenosha, Wisconsin, 1858-1862.

Collection of 18 letters written to his brother in Kenosha, Wisconsin, these letters begin with his leaving Springfield, Massachusetts, tell of his mining activities at French Corral, California in 1858, of his wife and daughter joining him in June 1859,...

Henry Kingman papers, 1881-1893.

Diaries cover life and schooling in the East, ordination as a minister, and life in China as a missionary. Letters (mainly mimeographed, some incomplete), written from China, describe travels within the country, duties as missionary, study of the Chinese language,...

Henry Kline's grocery business [graphic] : from produce stand to grocery store.

Views of Kline and 3 of his depression-era grocery businesses. Collectively, photos illustrate a progression from a produce stand on Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, to a drive-in market on Sunset Blvd., to a grocery store.

Henry Lebbeus Oak letters from H.H. Bancroft, and diary, 1874-1884, 1887.

Typed transcripts of extracts from letters, 1874-1884, in private possession, relating mainly to Oak's collaboration in the writing and publication of Bancroft's history, and diary of a trip through California by team in 1887, with 5 maps laid in showing...

Henry Lebbeus Oak papers, 1884-1905.

Part I: Mostly letters from Josiah Royce concerning his attempts to obtain information from John C. Frémont and Jessie Benton Fremont about the conquest of California, 1884-1901; include notes corrected by Jessie Benton Frémont. Part II: Miscellaneous correspondence and papers,...

Henry Linker collection on the Synagogue Council of the East Bay, 1956-1976.

Contains a photocopy of the organization's constitution (14 June 1956); copies of its minutes (Feb. 1968-Oct. 1976); Council-related correspondence Henry Linker sent out and/or received (Mar. 1970-Nov. 1972); undated lists of the Council's members; a copy of the Fall 1973...

Henry Miller collection of letters and papers, 1944-1961.

Chiefly letters from Miller to various correspondents.

Henry Miller letters : to Patrick Henry Turner, 1909-1915.

Instructions to the ranch superintendent, New Columbia Division (Firebaugh, Calif.), Miller & Lux ranches.

Henry Miller letters, 1945-1957.

Six letters to Paul Ogden from Miller. One letter to Ogden from Lepska Miller also included.

Henry Miller papers, 1869-1877.

302 letters of Henry Miller, 1869-1877, all but a few addressed to his partner in the San Joaquin Valley land company firm of Miller & Lux, Charles Lux, pertaining to business transactions; 114 letters and 31 telegrams to Henry Miller...

Henry Minton reminiscences : typescript, 1898-1899.

Notes on early life in Kentucky and Missouri; journey to Texas, 1846; service in Col. J.C. Hays' regiment of Texas volunteers; overland journey to Missouri, via Panama, 1850; Civil War experiences.

Henry Otto miscellany : San Francisco, Calif., DS, 1871-1937.

Contains two birth certificates from Wechold, Germany dated Nov. 24, 1871 and copied Nov. 30, 1937 and a marriage license and certificate for Henry Otto and Eliza A. Cartoir from the County and City of San Francisco, signed by Julius...

Henry P. Dering papers, 1783-1825.

Mainly correspondence with former classmates of Yale University, including letter from Asher Robbins.

Henry, Patrick Letter to George Wythe : Williamsburg, Va. : LS, 1777 Oct. 22.

Communicating to the Assembly the current status of the Revolution and other matters relating to government. Typed transcript included.

Henry Rand Hatfield miscellany : Berkeley, Calif., 1928-1943.

Chiefly correspondence with Logan Clendening concerning the introduction of ice cream to America, and the history of ice cream. Includes one letter from John F. Forbes to Mrs. Hatfield accompanied by the text of the remarks Forbes made at the...

Henry Rand Hatfield papers, 1891-1989 (bulk 1917-1944).

Contains the professional files of a renowned accounting professor including correspondence, materials on various accounting topics, photographs (1 folder), articles, writings, miscellany, etc. Miscellany includes unarranged correspondence, articles, writings, notes, etc.

Henry Roy William Smith papers

The Henry Roy William Smith papers (1911-1971) document Smith’s scholarship and career in classical archaeology, with emphasis on his study of Greek vases.

Henry S. Hewit papers, 1849-1852.

Contains one leather bound journal (80 p.) of an Army surgeon assigned to Captain William H. Warner's expedition to the Sierra Nevada. Entries were recorded in two parts. The first part was recorded at the time Hewit was actually with...

Henry Senger Sierra Club papers, 1886-1895.

Papers relating to Henry Senger's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Henry Shed family papers, circa 1896-1942.

Contains miscellaneous papers concerning Henry Shed including family correspondence; photographs of Henry Shed and family, and of his mother, Mary Shed; and an article about Shed.

Henry Stanislawsky papers, 1900-1920.

Deeds and other papers relating to mining claims in California and Nevada, and stock certificates mainly for mining companies located in Nevada and Arizona.

Henry Stanton Burton diary and letter-book : ms. S, 1846-1848.

Diary, Sept. 26, 1846-May 11, 1847, of voyage from New York to San Francisco, as Lt. Col., New York to San Francisco, as Lt. Col., New York Volunteers, aboard the Susan Drew. Copy of letter, Sept., 1847, from La Paz,...

Henry Sterring notes.

Primarily relating to Francis Bacon, William Shakespeare, and simplified spelling. Copies of two of his sonnets also included.

Henry Stiner papers relating to the works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, 1884-1885.

Contains the paperwork for ordering a set, from Agent E.B. Palmer, of Hubert Howe Bancroft's works in a walnut bookcase. Also includes pictures of Bancroft and of his library on Valencia Street, San Francisco, California.

Henry V.D. Spiegel letters to his family in Vermont, 1850 Mar.-1852 Feb.

An account of his voyage to California via Panama, the trip across the Isthmus and his experiences in the northern mines.

Henry W. Corbett statement and biographical material, 1878?-1888.

Two letters to The History Company, Oct. 8 and 23, 1888, and drafts of the biography published in H.H. Bancroft's Chronicles of the Builders of the Commonwealth, included.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow letters, 1838-1881.

Assembled from various sources.

Henry Walton Wessels letters to his brother, 1847 Feb. 24-May 2.

Typed transcripts of three letters written by an American soldier during the Mexican War. They concern the attacks on Veracruz and Cerro Gordo, the arrival of United States forces at Jalapa, and other aspects of the war, as well as...

Henry Ward Beecher papers, 1878-1883.

Sermon notes; statement on need for collective church charity; and a letter (Sept. 5, 1883) written for him by his wife, Eunice W. Beecher, re his California lecture tour.

Henry Washington Carter papers : ms., 1857-1879.

Narrative, written by London journalist, of journey from St. Louis to California (1857-58) including accounts of experiences as teamster at Ft. Union and Santa Fe, his travels to lower Calif. and encounters with Indians of the southwest, descriptions of buffalo...

Henry Winslow Corbett letters received, 1858 Nov.-Dec.

Includes letters from Edward H. Parker and the San Francisco firms of Story Bros. Co. and Abernethy, Clark and Co. concerning merchandise shipped to Corbett's hardware store in Portland.

Henry Zenas Osborne papers, 1870-1922.

Includes letters from Osborne concerning his experiences in Bodie as superintendent of the White Cloud Mining Company; work with the Los Angeles Evening Express from 1889; political activities; description of the Demery mine in Siskiyou County, 1900; career as president...

Heple, Paul A. [Photographs and objects from the Paul A. Heple collection on the guayule rubber industry in California].

Chiefly small snapshot photograph albums documenting the guayule rubber industry in the Salinas River Valley region of California. Also includes photographs documenting other Salinas agriculture; and 2 group portraits from Texas Woman's University, likely depicting attendees of a 1975 conference...

Heraldic emblems, 1797.

Drawings of coats of arms of Great Britain.

Herb Caen book manuscripts, [ca. 1945-1950].

Revised typescript of his Baghdad-by-the-Bay and carbon typescript of Don't Call It Frisco.

Herb Caen writings : additions, [ca. 1975-1983].

Contains the unpublished manuscript of a book on Benny Goodman; a tearsheet from the San Francisco Symphony Stagebill; and copies of a newspaper, 1968 Feb. 2 - 19, containing his column. This newspaper was published daily, by Ramparts, during a...

Herbert A. Rogers papers, [ca. 1914-1924]

Correspondence, agreements, accounts and photographs relating to his business selling trained sea lions to parks and zoos.

Herbert and Palmer families papers, 1857-1959.

Collection of correspondence exchanged between various family members and others. Two letters are written from San Francisco to family members shortly after the 1906 earthquake. Also includes Calif. real estate legal documents, a Sons of Temperance certificate affixed with a...

Herbert B. Foster autobiography files, 1865-1965 (bulk 1900-1955).

Contains several full copies, drafts, and portions of an unpublished autobiography of the life of a California engineer who lived through the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire. Topics include recollections of his family's migration to California, a business relationship...

Herbert B. Van Etten correspondence with Lee de Forest, 1933-1957.

Contains correspondence between Van Etten and Lee de Forest, 1951-1957, mostly concerning personal matters, but with references to their work together and de Forest's legal battles with Edwin H. Armstrong concerning patents of devices invented for radio. Included with this...

Herbert Bashford miscellany, 1890-1928.

Includes letters to Herbert Bashford and original poems by Bashford as well as N. J. Herby's poem, "At the Grave of Herbert Bashford." Also, photocopies of articles by and about Bashford. In addition, an announcement for a performance and reading...

Herbert Bashford papers, 1890-1927.

Letters from contemporary writers and publishers received as Washington State Librarian and as literary editor, San Francisco Bulletin and San Jose Times.

Herbert C. Jones on California Government and Public Issues : oral history transcript / and related material, 1957-1958.

Notes on early life and political influences; Progressive Republicanism; the California Legislature - trends and proceedures; some California political figures; California water problems; his own philosophy of government. With portrait pasted in.

Herbert Crouch reminiscences : typescript, [1914-1915?]

Recollections of settlement in the San Luis Rey Valley, 1869; sheep ranching; association with Major Utt, John Forster and various other pioneers of San Diego County.

Herbert Eugene Bolton correspondence with the U.S. Bureau of American Ethnology: photocopies, 1906-1935.

Letters addressed to and from Dr. Bolton concerning his work for the Bureau on the Indians of Texas, and his revisions of the Bureau's Handbook of American Indians.

Herbert Eugene Bolton history class maps.

Maps used for teaching history classes at the University of California many of them created in the 1930's for a WPA project.

Herbert Feinstein interviews, 1960-1966.

Interviews (revised manuscripts (typescript) and published periodicals) with playwright George Axelrod, musician Artie Shaw, and writers Leslie Fiedler and Harvey Swados.

Herbert Gaytes papers

Herbert Gaytes (1871-1959) was an engineer and amateur photographer whose engineering career in the western United States focused on projects around water rights and the selection, design, construction, and management of hydro-electric power plants, electric rail systems, steam power stations,...

Herbert Huncke papers: [ca. 1989-1992].

Chiefly editor's proofs of Guilty of everything: the autobiography of Herbert Huncke, with holograph corrections, along with a transcript of a conversation between Huncke and Don Kennison, which did not appear as an afterword in the book as originally intended....

Herbert Ingram Priestley letters : ALS, 1901-1904.

Letters written by Priestley when travelling to and from the Philippines and when teaching there. The letters provide a detailed narrative of ocean voyage from California via Hawaii, as well as later travels in Japan, China, Macao, and Hong Kong....

Herbert Ingram Priestley papers, [circa 1900-1944].

Correspondence files (Priestley outgoing, 1920-1942); research & subject files; course files, lecture notes and student papers; misc. personal papers; 7 scrapbooks containing newspapers clippings ca. 1910-1930, chiefly pertaining to the Mexican Revolution.

Herbert J. Webber papers, 1886-1946.

Consists of only a small amount of correspondence and writings, including incoming letters, 1886 to 1892, received during Webber's years as a student, and incoming and outgoing correspondence, 1912 to 1946, from his years as a professor at the University...

Herbert Leonard Coggins papers, circa 1885-1967.

Chiefly correspondence, and some notes and clippings concerning his interest and activity in writing.

Herbert McLean Evans papers : additions.

Correspondence between Herbert M. Evans and Miriam Simpson. Also, notes, lectures, bibliographies and biographical material on Evans.

Herbert McLean Evans papers : additions, undated.

Correspondence files, mainly related to book purchases in the field of the History of Science.

Herbert McLean Evans papers, approximately 1904-1969.

Correspondence, memos, telegrams, subject file, speeches, research notes, course notes, diaries, income tax forms, clippings, and patient reports. Materials chiefly concern Herbert M. Evan's research in endocrinology and his interest in the history of science.

Herbert P. Phillips papers, circa 1952-1972.

The papers include correspondence, articles, field notes, and information regarding the participation of American anthropologists in implementing counter-insurgency programs in Thailand.

Herbert W. Gleason Sierra Club papers, 1907-1915.

Papers relating to Gleason's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Herbert Wolff family papers 1886-2005 (bulk 1886-1958).

The collection contains birth certificates for Herbert Wolff and various birth, marriage, and death certificates for Wolff's parents; his parents' siblings; his grandparents; his grandparents' siblings; and for his great grandparents. It also has documents attesting to the service of...

Herlinde Spahr correspondence with Roy Ward Ragle, approximately 1987-2014.

Contains approximately 750 letters and envelopes between two fine art printmakers. The majority are illustrated and cover topics such as art interests, particularly printmaking, friendship, and health issues primarily related to Roy Ragle's Crohn's disease.

Herman Drew Nichols collection, 1861-1960's

Consists of Herman D. Nichols memorablia and ephemera, including yearbooks, report cards, menus, and war ration coupons. Includes geneological information and ephemera relating to the Nichols, Kellogg, and Tubbs families, with diaries by Catherine Rayner Edmunds Kellogg (1861) and Sheldon...

Herman George Scheffauer papers, 1893-1927.

Correspondence, manuscripts and other writings of Herman George Scheffauer. A good portion of the material pertains to Scheffauer's mentor, Ambrose Bierce (including copies of Bierce's correspondence with Dr. C.W. Doyle). The letters from Bierce to Scheffauer include references to Jack...

Herman Potts Miller, Jr. papers, [ca. 1914-1967]

Papers of an employee of the Federal Telegraph Co., and later an International Telephone and Telegraph radio engineer. ca. 1914-67. Includes photo album kept while a student at Stanford University.

Herman S. Hoyt papers, 1902-1961.

Personal correspondence, family history, and last will of Herman S. (Simeon) Hoyt, a photographer who lived and worked in San Francisco. The correspondence chiefly deals with the last wishes and disposition of his material goods and a list of people...

Herman S. Hoyt photograph album and diary pertaining to travels in Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico and California.

Album of photographs made on travels chiefly in the American southwest and Mexico, together with typescript itineraries and travel notes made by Hoyt, who was a San Francisco resident, photographer, and member of the California Camera Club. These travels were...

Herman Trutner, Jr. photograph collection [graphic].

Collection pertains to career and family of band leader Herman Trutner, Jr. Includes photographs of Oakland Municipal Band, various military bands, band musicians, friends, soldiers and family. Also includes various mementos (clippings, correspondence, etc.) celebrating Trutner's achievements.

Herman Winchester letters : to E. Winchester : ALS, 1849-1872.

Contains letters from Herman Winchester to brother describing travel to Calif. by ship and overland through Mexico, San Francisco, the gold mining at "Mormon Bar" [i.e. Mormon Island], price of goods in Calif., family, and politics in Calif. during the...

Hermann Becks papers, 1944-1962.

Includes letters from colleagues after his death, sent to his secretary, Marion Lewis Meyer; manuscript of "In memoriam" for University of California and related letters; biography; publications listing; portraits.

Hermann Hesse papers, 1900-1962.

Correspondence, clippings, manuscripts, and pamphlets.

Hermann Hesse pictorial collection.

Includes watercolors and prints by Herman Hesse (many signed), and snapshots and postcards of sites relating to Hesse.

Hermann Otto Laurenz Fischer papers, circa 1920-1952 (bulk 1920-1932).

Consists primarily of dissertations and notebooks that appear to be from Fischer's students during his tenure as Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Berlin, from ca. 1920 to 1932. Most of the notebooks are labeled "Tagebuch," and appear...

Hermitage Mining Company records, 1855-1888.

Consists of abstract of title for Hermitage Mining Co. and deeds to property, a company prospectus and correspondence by J.B. Richardson and C.T. Roussin concerning ownership and operations of mine.

Hernán Cortéz ordenanzas : Mexico, 1954 Mar. 20.

Basic ordinances for the administration and government of New Spain.

Herny, P. Leonard commonplace books. : Sheffield, Massachusetts, 1815-1816.

(V. 1) Clippings of poetry; (v. 2) clippings on various subjects from Massachusetts and Connecticut papers. Assembled by Leonard.

Hero Eugene Rensch papers concerning Historic spots in California, 1926-1941.

Contains notes, maps, brochures and clippings about historical locations throughout California used in preparation for his publication "Historic Spots in California," written in collaboration with his wife Ethel and under the auspices of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Also...

Hero Eugene Rensch papers on Alameda County, circa 1930-1940.

Contains manuscripts, reports and notes about places in Alameda County. Many were written for the Federal Writers Project of the Works Progress Administration, district 8, project #65-3-646, symbol #1873, project #4269. H.E. Rensch was the supervisor and F.J. Drummond the...

Hershfield & Bros. check, and photograph of Hirshberg brothers, 1874, undated.

Contains a check from the Banking House of L.H. Hershfield & Brothers in Helena, Montana from 1874; and an undated photograph of the 4 Hirshberg Brothers from Choteau, Montana.

Herta Silberman Rapp family papers, 1933-1996.

The collection consists of the identity, immigration, and citizenship papers of Herta and Martin Rapp.

Hesse (Frederick Godfrey) Papers

Certificate of appointment as professor of mathematics in the U. S. Navy, signed by Abraham Lincoln; biographical data; letters of condolence to his children; and obituaries.

Hetch Hetchy and Yosemite views.

Transferred from the C. Hart Merriam papers (BANC PIC 83/129 c).

Heumann (Judith E.) papers

The Judith E. Heumann papers document her activism as a disability rights advocate worldwide, focusing on the years 1983-2006, when she co-directed the World Institute on Disability (WID), was Assistant Secretary for the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services...

Hewitt family letters, 1850-1862.

Letters from William Hewitt to family members, written from Rio Casamondo and Sacramento, Calif., and from on board the steam frigate Samson during the Civil War; from Doreus Hewitt, 1854, providing a account of a 34 day voyage from New...

Heyday Books records, approximately 1975-2010.

Contains project files, including author correspondence, production notes, and reviews.

Heyneman (Julie H.) Collection - Pictorial Material

Predominantly photographs or reproduction prints relating to Heyneman's own art and the works of other artists. Images include works of John Singer Sargent, snapshots of his home and studio on Tite St. (London), and views of the artist at work....

Heyneman (Julie H.) Papers

Correspondence, manuscripts of some of her writings, clippings and photographs. Relating mainly to her study of art and her travels in Europe, her association with prominent English artists and writers, and her work with California House and Kitchener Houses during...

H.G. Hulburd accounts : ms., 1851-1859.

For grocery stores in Placerville and Grizzly Flat, California. v.1-journal, 1851-1859; v.2-ledger, 1855-1859.

H.H. Richmond correspondence, 1890-1891.

Contains 7 letters pertaining to business of the Argus.

Hibernia Bank Records

Consists primarily of organizational records, including bylaws and Board of Directors' meeting minutes, 1862-1950 (v.4- 49). A few cash receipt books, 1859-1861, mortgage tax receipt books and indexes from the 1860s and 1870s, and a sampling of passbooks and other...

Hibernia Savings and Loan Society ledgers, 1859-1906.

Five account ledgers spanning the time from the founding of the Hibernia Savings and Loan Society in 1859 to just after the1906 San Francisco earthquake. Includes the first volume ever produced (Cash ledger "A") containing the names of the original...

Hickey family papers : Silver City & Virginia City, Nevada : 1878-1934.

Includes three membership cards in Silver City Miner's Union No. 92, 1909, 1918, 1920; a deed for property at Silver City, Nevada, July 5, 1878; and a bill from the Virginia City Water Company, June 30, 1934.

Hidden Treasure Mine views, Placer County, Calif. [graphic]

Photographs focus on the supply of electricity to the mine, showing generators, power lines, and other related equipment. Interior and exterior views are present.

High Sierra photographs [graphic] /

Views of the following locations in the Sierra Nevadas are included: Mather Pass, Muir Pass, Sixty Lake Basin, Dragon Peak, Granite Basin, Black Mountain, Le Conte Canyon, and others.

High Sierras album

Unidentified older men on a Sierra Nevada trip.

Hiking party on Mount Rainier, Washington [graphic]

Hikers identified as making up the party on Mt. Rainier include: John Muir, H.B. Loomis, P.B. Van Tramp, Keith Booth, D.W. Bass (identified as being blind), and Ingraham. One scene identified as Mt. Rainier Camp of Clouds.

Hildegarde Flanner photographs [graphic].

Portrait of Hildegarde Flanner, portrait of Mary E. Flanner, and group portrait of Mary E. Flanner's classmates at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris.

Hilder (Lara) and Peter Liederman papers

The Lara Hilder and Peter Liederman Papers document the couple’s environmental and nuclear disarmament activities with the Sierra Club from 1985 to 1994. These efforts focused mainly on campaigns to include nuclear disarmament in the Sierra Club’s policy agenda and...

Hilgard family papers, [ca. 1848-1945].

Primarily papers of soil scientist Eugene W. Hilgard relating to his work on the Northern Transcontinental Survey, with the U.S. Census in 1880 and as professor, University of California College of Agriculture. Included are letters, manuscripts of his writings, subject...

Hill Photographs of the Edwin Greble house /

Photos are exterior views of the Edwin Greble house which was located on Orange Grove Ave. in Pasadena, Calif.

Hill Photographs of the Mary A. Dreer home /

Photographs are of Mary Dreer's home in Pasadena, Calif. 1976:14:1 has the following notes on verso:"Mary Dreer (widow of Henry A.) N.E. corner Livingstone Place & Garfias Ave. (Pasadena directory, 1895)" and "Arroyo on West View M. Dreer's home. Addition...

Hillary Gravendyk papers, approximately 2001-2012.

Contains Hillary Gravendyk's files spanning her academic and poetry career. Materials include papers submitted for her own undergraduate work in various English courses, teaching materials for courses she taught, thesis materials and notes, college transcripts, applications, poems, articles, submissions, awards,...

Hillcrest Oil Company records, 1922-1926.

Contains correspondence, financial records and legal documents of an oil company in California.

Hillel B. Levine papers, approximately 1945-2003.

Contains Hillel B. Levine's laboratory notebooks, photographs of Levine being interviewed and at various functions, correspondence, and numerous newspaper clippings regarding his role in developing a vaccine for Valley Fever [i.e. coccidioidomycosis]. Also contains some materials from Levine's academic career...

Hillel Foundation records, 1942-1970.

Brochures; posters; catalogs; fliers; lecture announcements; and a scrapbook (1942-1966).

Hiller, Charles M. Photographs of Columbia, Calif., dedication festival [graphic] /

Photographs include Earl Warren, Joseph R. Knowland, newspeople, and various people from Columbia.

Hillers (John K.) Collection - Photographs of Zuni, Hopi and Navaho Country

Includes portraits of Indians and views of pueblo dwellings. Primarily identified as Zuni, Moki (Hopi), and Navajo tribes.

Hillmer (Jack) Papers

The Jack Hillmer Papers contain records related to the professional career of architect/educator Jack Pershing Hillmer (1918-2007). These records include manuscript materials, drawings, photographs clippings, and publications. They document Hillmer’s education, architectural designs, and teaching.

Hills Bros. sales ledger : San Francisco, California, 1921-1927.

Ledger containing printed sales sheets dated from December 31, 1921 to December, 1926. Sheets record sales amounts for coffee and tea products in volume and dollar value for each territory and salesperson.

Hillside Club (Berkeley, Calif.) Photographs from the Hillside Club records [graphic]

Includes group portraits, social activities, banquets, and stage productions.

Hillside Club records, circa 1900-2002.

Includes articles of incorporation, minutes of meetings, early papers relating to the building of the club house and to its reconstruction after the Berkeley fire of 1923; records of the club's activities and dramatic productions; history of the club; scrapbooks,...

Hinckley, Thomas Davis. Letters from Thomas Davis Hinckley to his family, 1832 and 1834.

Letter to brother-in-law, written from San Pedro, Calif., in 1832, concerning business transactions in California and Hawaii, particularly in hides and skins, and letter to his mother from Honolulu, 1834.

Hiouchi Bridge, Smith River, Calif. [graphic]

Nine historic photographs of plans (1928); 18 photographs of bridge taken in 1989, prior to its demolishment in July of 1989.

Hiram Bushell papers, 1921-1935.

Collection includes diaries kept by Hiram Bushell while at the Civilian Conservation Corps' Yankee Hill Work Camp in Yankee Hill, California (1934-1935). The diary entries contain his comments on daily life in the camp and on relationships he built while...

Hiram Clum papers, 1849-1854.

Includes a Seamen's Protection certificate of American citizenship (No. 534) dated February 16,1849; two receipts for gold from Adams & Co express company, and a handwritten mortgage transfer letter (1853) from Samuel Gibson to Hiram Clum for property in Mokelumne...

Hiram Grimes papers, 1842-1850.

A few business letters and a few receipted bills for the company of E. & H. Grimes; and a few personal and business letters addressed to Grimes. Also includes: letter from Jacob P. Leese to Eliab Grimes, August 7, 1844,...

Hiram Johnson papers : additions, ca. 1913-1959.

Contains personal correspondence with Mrs. Hiram W. Johnson, including many undated notes sent from the Senate floor to her seat in the gallery, and with various family members, including Hiram W. Johnson, Jr. (Jack), Philip B. Johnson, and others. Also...

Hiram Martin Chittenden letters microfilmed from Bancroft Library collections.

Letters from R.B. Marshall papers, C-B 511 Pt. I, box 3 and Robert Underwood Johnson papers, C-B 385 box 1.

Hisako Hibi pictorial collection concerning the Tanforan Assembly Center and the Central Utah Relocation Center.

Includes watercolors, relief prints, etc. by Hisako Hibi, her husband Matsusaburo Hibi, and their child Ibuki.

Hispanic culture in the Southwest (photographs)

Photographs documenting various aspects of Hispanic culture in the Southwest, as well as northern Mexico, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Histoire de la Colonisation et des Missions de Sonora, Chihuahua, Nouveau Mexique, et Arizona jusqu'a l'Année 1700 : Santa Fe : ms., 1887 Oct. 18.

A history of the colonization and missions of Sonora, Chihuahua, New Mexico and Arizona up to 1700, including physical geography, hydrography, flora, fauna, Indians and their customs.

Historia del Battalon numero 18 : typescript, 1906-1912.

Anonymous daily account containing information on military movements and organization, as well as detailed post-battle reports, expecially pertaining to action in Northern Chihuahua. Battles near Casas Grandes and the defense of Cæiudad Juæarez in 1911 are prominent and include casualty...

Historian of early China, University of California, Berkeley, 1969-1998 : oral history transcript / 2003.

Personal background and education; Amherst College, 1949-1953, and a Fulbright year in France, 1953-1954; early career in publishing and writing, 1954-1962; graduate work at Columbia and Taiwan, 1963-1969; life and work in Berkeley, with time in China; chair of the...

Historian of slavery, the Civil War, and reconstruction, University of California, Berkeley, 1946-1983 : oral history transcript / 1998.

Family and youth in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; studies in history at University of Wisconsin: radical politics of the 1930s, pacifism, graduate studies with Professor William Hesseltine, influence of historian Charles Beard; teaching during World War II at the University of Arkansas...

A historian's reflections on Chinese-American life in San Francisco, 1919-1991 : oral history transcript / 1993.

Discusses his family background, his career in printing, starting the Chinese digest, and establishing the Chinese Historical Society of America.

Historic American Buildings Survey photographs.

Primarily California historic buildings; also included are some building views from Colorado, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming.

Historic American Buildings Survey worksheets High School Auxiliary: California, 1934 Apr.

Prepared by students in various high schools for significant old buildings in the state. Include description of the buildings, photographs or sketches, dates of construction, alterations, etc.; names of owners; etc.

Historic buildings in Monterey, Calif. [graphic]

Views of the following in Monterey: the Old Washington Hotel; the old Pacific Building; the "first" wooden, brick, and frame buildings; the "first" whaling station and theater; and the Stevenson House.

Historic buildings of California [graphic]

Includes views of a stone house and ruins at Mt. Ophir Mine; an old saloon, a fandango house and a Mexican grave at Hornitos; and the Odd Fellows Building, Oso House, Pendola Building and a company store at Bear Valley,...

Historic buildings of Santa Barbara.

Photographs show historic businesses and residences in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Historic buildings of the Monterey area [graphic]

Photos show: summer home of Governor Alvarado near Salinas, the Washington Hotel, the Old Custom House (before restoration), Pacific Hall, Ranch house La Rinconda del Sanjou, Mission San Juan Bautista, buildings at Hartnell College, El Alisal Rancho (Francisco Soberanes Adobe),...

Historic California scenes.

Snapshots taken in the 1940's of historic sites in various California locales. Included are the San Pedro Adobe in San Mateo County, gold country towns and mines, and some missions. Some California postcards loose in back of album.

Historic documentation of the Cathedral House and Crocker fence.

Written historical and descriptive data, photographs, and measured drawings.

Historic photographs of California and the Southwest from the Francis P. Farquhar collection.

California photos include: several views of the Hotel del Monte, its gardens and vicinity; the Hetch Hetchy valley; general views of Santa Cruz and a beach in Capitola; views of Mariposa Grove; Bodie; Daggett ; Borate area [now Boron?]; borax...

Historic places in California [graphic] : photographs / [graphic]

Views of historic towns and other places in California: Sierra City, Columbia (including shot with Herbert Brady), Nevada City, Bridgeport, Fiddletown, Volcano, Jackson, North San Juan, Nevada County, and Middle Yuba Canyon.

Historic Preservation Survey Data Sheets

Data sheets with information on architecturally and historically significant buildings erected prior to 1917 in Alameda County. Also includes the data sheets for the 125 buildings, in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, chosen to be photographed for Dave Bohn's "East...

Historic recordation report [graphic] : Kraftile Company /

v.1: historical text, interviews, company property descriptions and architectrual plans, photocopies of photographic prints (see v.2 for originals), tile product information including original brochures and promotional publications 1939-1989, and photocopies of newsclippings -- v.2: photo view list, photographic contact sheets,...

Historic views of Oakland, Calif. [graphic]

Views of: Broadway St., Telegraph Road, Alice St., an early street car, the Tubbs Hotel, the Grand Central Hotel, the First Presbyterian Church & narrow gauge terminal, the Piedmont Baths, and the Stevens home at 26th & Broadway.

Historical California images and miscellaneous art works from the Thomas W. Norris collection.

Images largely relating to California history, including historic buildings and events, early settlement, etc. Many are reproduction prints or proofs of prints apparently for book illustrations or for Norris's annual holiday greeting, for which he reproduced early images from his...

Historical facts and incidents relating to the 1st Regiment of New York Volunteers in the Mexican War : with reminisences[sic] of life in California from 1849-1856 and operations of the San Francisco Vigilance Committee of 1856 : photocopy of typescript, n.d.

History of the 1st Regiment of New York Volunteers in the Mexican War is preceded by autobiographical material about the childhood of Francis E. Pinto. His reminiscences describe his decision to go to California with his future brother-in-law John Laimbeer,...

Historical object miscellany.

Miscellaneous artifacts, primarily relating to the history of California and the Pacific Coast of North America.

Historical records from Monterey County, California, 1800-1894.

Assorted Mexican and early California documents pertaining to various residents of or events which occurred in Monterey County, California.

Historical sequence of the patterns of production of the Ahtna Athabascan Indians of the Upper Copper Valley, Alaska : the development of capitalism in Alaska : and other material, 1970-1976.

Typescript copy of dissertation on the economic activity of native people of Alaska and related research materials. Includes 75 audiocassettes of taped interviews and potlatch songs of native people, name index to tapes, notebooks, journals, etc. Transcribed notes have corresponding...

History and philosophy of winemaking at Ridge Vineyards 1970s-1990s : oral history transcript / 1994.

Draper discusses his Stanford education, wine indoctrination; army service in Italy, and foreign affairs work in South America, 1960-1966; establishing a winery in Chile, 1967: equipment, cooperage; Ridge Vineyards & other California wineries and production processes; importance of vineyard terroir,...

History of science and technology program : oral history transcripts.

Original transcripts with editorial comments and annotations by interviewees and editors. Also includes background files (cartons 4 & 5) on medical physics people and miscellaneous HSTP background files. Most of the interviews are available separately.

History of Sebastiani Vineyards, 1955-present : oral history transcript / 2001.

Wineries: Italian Swiss Colony, Gallo; August Sebastiani and members of his family; wine production techniques; Sonoma County viticulture.

History of the book : oral history transcript : thirty years at UC Berkeley's School of Librarianship and study of early American printers, 1963-1993 / 2001.

Early life and education in Nebraska and at the University of Michigan; army service during World War II; dissertation on William Strahan; faculty career at University of Southern California library school (1960-1963) and UC Berkeley's School of Librarianship (1963-1993); teaching...

History of the City Hall and Civic Center by T.B. McGinnis, 1912-1918

The History of the City Hall and Civic Center photo album contains 119 photographic prints as well as various municipal reports and records, all dated from 1912-1918, which document the construction and early use of San Francisco's City Hall, Exposition...

History of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program : oral history transcript / 1986.

Forms part of: Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program Oral History Project.

History of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program : oral history transcript / 1997.

Scott Fleming discusses his family background, the Kaiser-Permanente Medical Care Program, the Kaiser-Permanente Committee, Kaiser-Permanente in Hawaii and Oregon, and issues of public policy.

History of the life of John Deane, 1886-1889.

Drafts in the handwriting of Alfred Bates and proof sheets with signed notes from H.B. Hambly to James A. Pariser, included.

A History of the Mattole Valley : typescript, [ca. 1940].

Research report on the exploration of the valley in 1854; Indian tribes there; settlement from 1857; development of agriculture, business enterprises, roads and churches; Indian depredations; short biographies of early settlers and later inhabitants; oil booms; establishment of the town...

Hitchcock family papers.

Correspondence, papers, etc., of Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Hitchcock and their daughter, Lillie Hitchcock Coit. Includes papers of Martha Taliaferro (Hunter) Hitchcock, 1851-1885; letters from Eugene E. Dewey, Richard Coulter Drum, Maria Champe Garnett, John LeConte, and Joseph LeConte,...

Hittell Family Papers

Primarily papers of lawyer and author Theodore H. Hittell--letters, journal of voyage to California, 1855, biographical sketches, legal papers, and MSS of his writings (including unpublished account of Walker's Nicaragua filibuster and history of California Academy of Sciences); some papers...

Hittell family papers : additions, circa 1869-1925.

Primarily papers of Theodore Henry Hittell, including a few letters, deeds to land in San Francisco and Contra Costa County, etc.; documents relating to his estate; some papers of his son, Franklin T. Hittell, and his daughter, Catherine H. Hittell;...

[H.J. Hughes business building exterior at 1500 Guerrero Street, San Francisco].

Building at Guerrero Street and 27th Street (later considered Mission District or Noe Valley), San Francisco, with signs promoting sheet metal works, brick mantels, patent chimneys, and work in brick, lime, and cement by the H.J. Highes company. People are...

Hjalmar Kindberg miscellany : San Francisco, Calif., DS, 1888-1905.

Contains Kindberg's declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States and his Act of Naturalization, dated March 24, 1896. Folder also includes two manuscripts in Swedish concerning a debt to Hjalmar Kindberg's brother Ernst including a copy...

H.K. Yuen social movement archive, approximately 1963-1982.

A multi-media record of the social and political movements of the 1960s and 1970s includes 30,000 hours of audio recordings documenting rallies, speeches, marches and other activities, most of which occurred on the UC Berkeley campus. It also holds fliers,...

H.L. Mencken correspondence : TLS, 1921-1947.

Contains 6 original and 2 photocopied letters from Mencken mostly in his capacity as an editor. Also includes 5 photocopied letters to George Sterling just prior to his death, a copy of a letter explaining Sterling's suicide and a copy...

H.M.T. Powell journal, 1849-1852.

Notes on California; diary, April 3, 1849-March 14, 1852, of journey to California via the Santa Fe Trail, experiences in California, and return home via the Isthmus, Nicaragua and New Orleans.

(Hochschild) Gerhard P. papers

The Gerhard P. Hochschild papers (1941-2004) consist primarily of Hochschild's correspondence with mathematicians and notes from courses taught at the University of California, Berkeley. Also included are corrected reprints of his published manuscripts and articles and manuscript notes relating to...

Hodgen (Margaret T.) Papers

Papers contain correspondence reviews, notes, and maps chiefly relating to Hodgen's work and publications in sociology, with a few letters pertaining to the loyalty oath controversy at the University of California. However, the bulk of the collection consists of her...

Hoffman (Claire G.) Papers

The Claire Giannini Hoffman Papers (1887-1997) consist of correspondence; biographical materials, including writings related to economic issues, clippings about Hoffman, the Bank of America, and her father, Amadeo Peter Giannini; and a small amount of family papers.

Hoffmann, C. F. (Charles Frederick) Letters to Josiah Whitney and William H. Brewer, 1862-1910.

121 letters, 1862-1889, to Whitney, chiefly concerning cartography for the California Geological Survey. Notes of various surveys and personnel. Eleven personal letters, 1872-1910, to Brewer about his own activities and their mutual friends. Clippings and note of death of Galen...

Holbrook family papers, 1871-1906.

The collection focuses on the letters of W.B. Holbrook written to his family while serving as second mate on cargo ships sailing from Cardiff, Wales, to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to Melbourne, Australia. Some letters to his brother...

Holbrook, Willis Bowditch. Photographs from the Holbrook family papers [graphic]

Family protraits, portraits of members of the U.S. Coast Survey team (ca. 1874-1885), including Captains Lawson and Wilker(?) and Mars. Some views of camps of the Coast Survey team, including a view of a hilltop building identified as "Lawson's Station"...

Holder, Wayne Letters to Wayne Holder, 1981-1987.

Letters to Wayne Holder from George Woodcock, Ilse H. Irwin, Denise Levertov, William Everson. Includes typescript draft of an essay by William Everson on Allen Ginsberg sent to Wayne Holder on 28 April 1984.

Holladay Overland Mail and Express Company records, 1864-1865.

Folder no. 1 : Passenger register, Virginia City (Montana), Salt Lake City, etc. September 16, 1864-April 30, 1865. 22 p. of printed forms filled in (incomplete) 43 x 36 cm.

Hollister Collection - Photographs

1969.042: Photographs relate to activities of the Hollister family. Views include various Hollister residences and family members, general views of Santa Barbara (including the mission), the Montecito School for Girls, and other area buildings. Many views show Glen Annie, the...

Hollister family papers : additions, 1870-1973.

Correspondence, clippings, financial materials, subject files, and manuscripts concerning the family, particularly Lottie Steffens Hollister and John James Hollister Sr., their children Jane Hollister Wheelwright, John James Hollister Jr., and the Hollister Estate Company. Includes biographical materials concerning Col. W.W....

Hollister family papers : additions, approximately 1945-1971.

Correspondence, accounts and legal papers, mainly of Jane Hollister Wheelwright, relating to the Hollister Estate Company and to its dissolution. Includes unidentified photographs of family members and life on the ranch, circa 1940s-1960s.

Hollister family papers, 1874-1969 (bulk 1915-1965).

Correspondence, letterpress copybooks, financial records, subject files, and some personal items concerning the Hollister family, it's interests and activities in Santa Barbara County, particularly the Hollister Estate Company.

Holly H. Onomiya papers, 1942-1992 (bulk 1942-1945).

Contains correspondence, photographs, and other documents relating to the Granada Relocation Center, Amache, Colo. Correspondence is mostly from Japanese-American soldiers to the Blue Star Service Club. Many of the documents pertain to everyday life at the Relocation center including programs,...

Holmes Book Company records, 1951-1994.

Contains a small sampling of business records of this Oakland, Calif. bookstore, chiefly consisting of bibliographical notes, both in binder and card file formats. Includes two scrapbooks of clippings, 1976 and 1978, working copies of master catalog lists for 1983...

Holmes Eureka Lumber Company records, [1940-1958]

Includes standard moulding book, 1940; material for brochure for the Holmes Eureka Building Service; and reports, mainly financial, for the Redwood Export Company, the California Redwood Association and the California Association of Timber Truckers.

Holmes, Samuel J. (Samuel Jackson) Photographs from the Samuel Jackson Holmes papers [graphic]

Collection mainly includes family portraits and snapshots. Subjects of portraits include Samuel Jackson Holmes, Lottie Cochran, Mary Cochran (daughter), Sarah Taber (Holmes) Weaver, Eli Taber Weaver (son), Capt. Henry Taber, Samuel Leonard, Phoebe Ann Hathoway Taber, Joseph Alonzo Allen, Timmy...

Holmes (Samuel Jackson) Papers

The Samuel J. Holmes papers, 1868-1964, include correspondence, manuscript drafts, research files, notes, and biographical materials documenting the career and family life of Samuel J. Holmes, a professor in the Department of Zoology at the University of California from...

Holway (Ruliff S.) Photograph Collection

Primarily views relating to the geology of California. Includes photographs of agriculture, glaciers, the Sierra Nevada, geological formations, earthquake effects, Mt. Lassen eruption, etc.

Home is far away : typescript : the letters of Charles Hamilton Cole from 1863-1865 / [1968?].

Transcripts of letters (location of originals unknown) from Cole to his parents, written while traveling west overland and from California.

Homer-Parker-Stone family papers.

Legal papers of C.H. Parker and other materials (3 cartons); papers of Mrs. Charles Homer, Mrs. C.H. Parker and N.B. Stone (2 cartons).

Homestake Mine workers, Lead, South Dakota, 1929-1993 : oral history transcript / 1995.

Participants discuss planning and superintendency of the Homestake Mine, its unionization, safety and maintenance issues, and mining methods and practice.

Homestake Mining Company and other mining photographs

Homestake Mining views and views of Tayoltita, Durango, Mexico; location of the San Luis Mine. Large framed panoramic photograph of Tayoltita dates to circa 1920.

Homestake Mining Company collection of McLaughlin Mine manuals, circa 1980-1986.

The bulk of this collection consists of manuals related to the Homestake Mining Company's project at McLaughlin Mines. There are plant manuals, equipment data manuals, design manuals, construction manuals, and agreements and procedures manuals. It also includes reports, supplementary documents,...

Homestake Mining Company records, circa 1888-1999.

Includes reports, financial statements, company videotapes, mine safety information, uranium studies, and research material relating to mortality of workers in Homestake Mines. These papers were collected by Homestake engineer Langan W. Swent. This collection also includes photographs and scrapbooks relating...

[Homohop ephemera from the San Francisco Bay Area].

Miscellaneous print ephemera pertaining to homohop artists and events in the San Francisco Bay Area: poster for film Pick up the Mic: the revolution of homo hop (2005); handbills for DeadLee and A.C.R.O.N.Y.M records and various San Francisco Bay Area...

Honeyman (Robert B., Jr.) - Collection of Early Californian and Western American Pictorial Material

The Robert B. Honeyman Jr. Collection of Early Californian and Western American Pictorial Material is comprised of over 2300 items, with formats and media ranging from original oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, lithographs, engravings, etchings, lettersheets, clipper cards, and ephemera, to...

[Honma Lizo photograph album documenting wartime service of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team's anti-tank company].

Album of photographs compiled by a member of the anti-tank company of the 442nd Infantry Regiment during his service in the Second World War, chiefly in France and Italy. The Japanese-American soldiers of the company and its activities are extensively...

Honolulu views.

Views show Honolulu from the harbor and from the Catholic Church.

The honorable Robert F. Peckham, 1920-1993 : oral history transcripts : his legal, political, and judicial life / 1995.

Interviews with Robert F. Peckham, William H. Orrick, Jr., Alfred T. Goodwin, James R. Browning, Wayne D. Brazil, Joseph C. Houghteling, Carol P. Peckham, Stephen A. Mayo, Robert W. Peterson, Edward Steinman.

Honorable survivor : Mao's China, McCarthy's America, and the persecution of John S. Service : and other material, 1933-2003.

Research materials include files obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, FBI files, taped interviews, transcriptions, chronologies, clippings, personnel files, and annotated notes.

Hooker Family Papers - Portraits, Drawings and Photographs

Portraits include Katharine Putnam Hooker and family, Putnam, Yates and Whitney family members, and others. Photographs relating to the Hooker family show California missions, outdoor scenes, homes and estates, and travel pictures from other U.S. locations. Negatives show Yosemite, Hetch...

Hooker family papers, 1783-1951.

Consists of family correspondence, including the correspondence of Katherine Putnam Hooker and Marian Osgood Hooker with Alice James, William Dean Howells, and Theodore H. Hittell. Family papers include early business papers, notes on family history, and accounts of the 1906...

Hooper, Samuel Papers relating to the sale of a portion of Frémont's Mariposa Estate, 1858-1859.

Include draft of a letter by Hooper, and letters to him from John T. Howard and J. Wiley Edwards; a statement, Oct. 1858, of the value of the Estate; and an agreement between Frémont and George R. Sampson, Feb. 1859.

Hoover Dam miscellany.

Title supplied by cataloger.

[Hoover Dam surveying and construction photograph album].

Album of snapshots documenting various activities of Los Angeles County surveyors at work in the desert Southwest between Hoover Dam and Los Angeles from 1928 to 1929. Images include a few vehicles and other equipment particular to desert surveying. Surveyors'...

Hop growing scenes on the California, Oregon and British Columbia ranches of the E. Clemens Horst Co. and British Columbia Hop Co. Limited [graphic]

Includes field scenes with workers, harvest, loaded wagons, loading vines into mechanized pickers, stages of factory processing and inspection, carting to kilns, and the drying and baling process. Views of Indian field workers at work and in camp are present.

Hopkins, Alfred Seymour [Photographs from the Alfred Seymour Hopkins papers].

Chiefly photographs of Alfred Seymour Hopkins performing a one-person adaptation of Hamlet in various theaters and other venues, in Argentina and perhaps elsewhere in Latin America. Other performances by Hopkins are also documented. Also includes a high school portrait of...

Hoppe (Arthur Watterson) Papers

The papers of Art Hoppe, long-time political columnist and satirist for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Hopper (James M.) Papers

Mainly manuscripts of his short stories and articles, including those written while foreign correspondent, World War I; some correspondence; tear sheets; clippings; photographs; copies of poems written by George Sterling and by Nora May French.

Hopper, James Photographs from the James Marie Hopper papers.

Photographs are primarily family scenes including swimming and other leisure activities. A photograph of a building identified as "the first wood house in Monterey" is also included.

Hopper, Lillian Glaser [Photographs from the Lillian Glaser Hopper and DeWolf Hopper papers].

Includes studio portraits, publicity stills and snapshots pertaining to the careers of singers Lillian Glaser Hopper and her husband, DeWolf Hopper, chiefly during the 1920s and 1930s. Also includes photographs of Lillian later in life when she served as Reverend...

Horace Albright scrapbooks for his testimonial dinner : Washington, D.C., 1959 December 4.

A collection of four scrapbooks containing correspondence from friends, colleagues, and dignitaries invited to a testimonial dinner for Horace Albright, founder of the U.S. National Park Service. Co-featured with this event was the establishment of the Horace M. Albright lectureship...

Horace Barton Pomroy diary and account book : ms., 1850.

Diary written while en route from Richfield, Ohio, to Calif. (Apr. 6 to July 25, 1850) Entries stop before arrival in Calif., while the party was in Bear River Valley. Included also is the account book for the party, listing...

Horace Burr papers, 1867-1900.

An account of Burr's travels in Mexico and the West, his life in California, and a trip on a whaler in the 1860s.

Horace Greeley papers, 1839-1861.

Assembled from various sources; provenance noted on folders. Reflects his political opinions and his work on various newspapers. Includes letters by Greeley to Gideon Welles, Morgan Bates and others, and an article from the New York Semi Weekly Tribune, Sept....

Horace Madison Ballew letters to his wife, 1850-1851.

Letters describe Ballew's journey overland from Illinois to California in 1850; experiences in Placerville, Calif.; news of other members in the party; comments on prices of goods, mining and living arrangements. Last letter was written from San Francisco prior to...

Horace Roscoe Cayton correspondence, 1963-1969.

Re consultation, writing research for a biography on Richard Wright, etc.; and three letters written by Gordon Curtis, l967, two of them to James Abajian re locating Cayton and his correspondence.

[Horace W. Day photograph album of New York City views].

Photograph album of professional commercial views of New York City streets, buildings, bridges, waterfront areas and other public spaces. Among the particular topics depicted are streetcars, elevated railroads, docks and ships, electricity lines, etc. Among the identified subjects are Broadway,...

Horace Whitaker photographs.

Includes portraits of Horace Whitaker and his mother Mary Colegrove Whitaker. Portraits are early 20th century copies of 19th century originals. Also includes photographs of Whitaker's property in Tulare County, Calif. depicting a carrot field, a cabin among trees, and...

Horatio Stebbins papers, 1868-1902.

Includes two letters written by him; letters to him from J.H.C. Bonté, John Thomas Doyle, John Greenleaf Whittier and Kate Douglas Wiggin; notes, prayers and sermons by Stebbins; clippings relating to him; a petition, January 28, 1873, with many signatures,...

Horner family history : typescript, [undated]

Photographs (many taken by Walter Horner) reflecting family activities in California. Some depict lumbering at Usal and other places in Mendocino Co.

Hornitos, Calif. photographs [graphic].

Photographs depicting long-time residents and Gold Rush-era buildings of Hornitos, Mariposa County, Calif., a Mother Lode mining town once populated largely by Mexicans. Includes portraits of locally prominent merchant Giuseppe Gagliardo and his daughter Eugenia Gagliardo; views of Main St.,...

Horowitz (Michael and Cynthia) Collection on Psychedelics

The Michael and Cynthia Horowitz collection on psychedelics contains letters, manuscripts, inscribed offprints and photographs of notable psychedelic scientists, researchers and counterculture figures associated with personal psychedelic drug experimentation. See scope and contents notes throughout the finding aid for additional...

Horsley & Nash papers, 1857-1860.

Mainly accounts and receipts of the Horsley & Nash company, Yreka, California.

Hospicio de los Pobres, Mexico City accounts : DS, [1808].

Accounts kept for the poor house and orphanage, compiled by the treasurer, Domingo Ignacio de Lardizabal.

Hospital photographs and regional views of McCloud, California.

Views include the town of McCloud in Siskiyou County (stores, homes, hotel, streets), the offices of the McCloud River Lumber Company (exteriors, interior of an office), and local scenery such as Mt. Shasta, the McCloud River, forests, and waterfalls. A...

Hotel del Coronado views /

Photos show interior and exterior views of the Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, Calif. Includes the beach, the dining room decorated for Christmas, the ladies reception room, and the billard room.

Hotel Del Monte and the vicinity of Monterey, Calif. [graphic]

Includes panoramic snapshots of the Hotel Del Monte, Monterey, Calif., and the hotel grounds(?). Possibly includes views of the Carmel or Pacific Grove areas. Several views depict an unidentified cabin and footbridge.

Hotel Del Monte, ca. 1910 - Views

The Views of the Hotel Del Monte album contains 27 photographic prints taken circa 1910. The primary subject of the album is the Hotel Del Monte, the lavish 126-acre Swiss Gothic resort constructed in Monterey, California in 1880 by the...

Hotels and apartment buildings of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Photographs show exteriors and surrounding street scenes of hotels (and apartment buildings) in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. All addresses are identified. Some views include motor vehicles, pedestrians, and businesses. Album was probably compiled for promotional purposes, illustrating reconstruction after...

Houghton Mifflin Company. Correspondence with Mary Austin, 1904-1929.

175 letters from Mary Austin; 195 carbon copies of letters to her. Chiefly correspondence with Ferris Greenslet concerning the publication of her books.

House of Love and Prayer miscellany, 1968-1977.

The collection consists of flyers, pamphlets, publications, and photographs of the House of Love and Prayer in San Francisco, California.

Houseworth's Celebrities: Theater Portraits

Portraits of actors and actresses.

Housing development in Carmel City, Calif. /

Views apparently promoting new homes. Captioned: Robertson and Hunter cottages, 4th St., Carmel City, and Paradise Park, Carmel City.

Houts family papers, [ca. 1835-1948]

Include two Civil War diaries, 1862-1863, of Augustus C. Houts, a member of the 28th Regiment of the Iowa Volunteers; notes and clippings on the Houts family; and miscellaneous papers.

How I got that way [graphic] /

Two cartoons (one "invention"), 1 portrait of Abraham Lincoln, and 1 page of text relating Goldberg's years as a mining engineering student at U.C. Berkeley to his start as a cartoonist.

Howard A. Bern papers, 1948-2012.

Includes correspondence, writings, teaching materials, research files, photographs, etc.

Howard A. Brett collection of Panama Canal materials, 1908-1978.

Materials relating mainly to the Panama Canal that appear to have belonged to Howard A. Brett, a steam engineer working in the Locks Division in the Canal Zone. Collection consists of a few printed items, including a copy of On...

Howard A. Schirmer papers, 1917-1968.

Materials relating to construction of the Marin tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, and Carquinez Bridge; the Oakland-Alameda Posey Tube; and parts of various other projects, including Middle Fork bridge on the temporary...

[Howard Brainen photograph archive].

Many photographs of bands and musicians peforming in Berkeley, Oakland, and the San Francisco Bay Area, and sometimes elsewhere in California. Also, photographs of other public figures. Berkeley photographs include the UC Berkeley campus, anti-Vietnam War protests, People's Park, Provo...

Howard family correspondence.

Handwritten personal letters among members of the George Augustus Howard family. Most of the letters originate from California with a few from Honolulu, Hawaii, and Illinois. Letters from George Howard are addressed to his wife Mary and several of their...

Howard Family Papers

The correspondence and papers of William Davis Merry Howard, his wife Agnes, and several generations of their family. The majority of the papers are from: William Henry Howard (I), Edward Whiting Howard, and William Henry Howard (II). Collection also includes...

Howard family papers, 1898-1941.

Correspondence (personal and financial), diaries, ledgers, photographs, and ephemera concerning the activities and interests of the John L. Howard family, particularly Helen L. Howard, such as in California and at the University of California at Berkeley, including some material on...

Howard Hart papers, circa 1960-1990.

Contains manuscripts of Hart poems and plays; correspondence; drawings; event flyers; and audio tapes.

Howard Hart photograph collection.

Includes portraits and snapshots of poet Howard Hart and his partner, poet Tisa Walden, and various friends and associates, primarily from the North Beach poetry, art and music milieu, including Gregory Corso, William Burroughs, Harlod Norse, Bob Kaufman, David Amram,...

Howard (John G.) Papers

The John Galen Howard papers span the years 1874-1954 (bulk 1888-1931). It contains correspondence, diaries, drafts and manuscripts of poems, transcripts of speeches, articles, and course lectures, relating to Howard's career as an architect, a professor, and a poet. The...

Howard (John G.) Pictorial Collection

The John Galen Howard Pictorial Collection contains personal papers, including photographs and sketches of Howard and his wife, Mary Robertson Bradbury; and project records, including photographs from various commercial, religious, educational, and residential projects in California, Washington, New York and...

Howard K. Schachman papers, approximately 1940-2000.

The papers include extensive correspondence files, mostly arranged alphabetically by the name of the person or organization; grant files; course notes; biographical information; and reprints.

Howard Longley Sierra Club papers, 1896.

Papers relating to Howard Longley's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Howard (Sidney C.) Papers - Photographs

1970.025: 1 box of family photographs including children, portraits, weddings, etc. Also, portraits of Sidney Coe Howard,Leopoldine and Lara Eames Howard, Walter Damrosch, Marc Connelly, and Fanny Brice. -- 1970.026: Photographs relating to World War I (France) show American ambulance...

Howard, Sidney Coe Letters to Joseph A. Galahad and his sister, Mrs. Harvey, 1919-1922.

Forty-two letters offering literary advice to the young poet and commenting on his own work, including his plays. With these: ms. of Galahad's poem, The Knife and copy of his photograph.

Howard (Sidney Coe) papers

The Sidney Coe Howard papers including correspondence, plays, short stories, articles, scripts, notes, notebooks, transcripts of diary entries, biographical material, contracts, financial records, clippings and family papers.

Howard Slater Murray album of Golden Gate Bridge construction photographs [graphic].

Includes snapshot photographs documenting various phases of the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Howard W. Steward collection of Alaska photographs [graphic].

Various views of Alaska, including aerial photographs of Frederick Sound, Gulf of Alaska, lakes, rivers, mountains, and animals.

Howe (James Wong), Photographs of San Francisco's Chinatown, 1944

The Photographs of San Francisco's Chinatown collection contains 29 photographs taken by James Wong Howe during World War Two documenting the assimilation of Chinese Americans. The collection is only a portion of a larger group of photographs commissioned by magazine...

Howe Sound Co. papers, 1925-1952.

Correspondence and reports regarding mining sites, mainly in California but also in Nevada.

Howell, C. Diane Photographs from the C. Diane Howell papers.

Snapshots and studio portraits, chiefly depicting business people, entertainers, politicians and other figures of the African American communities of Oakland and the wider San Francisco Bay area. Many photographs were reproduced in the Black busniess listings (BBL) published by Howell.

Howison (George H.) Papers

Correspondence, manuscripts of articles and lectures, and notes, of professor of philosophy, University of California, Berkeley. Many letters from his former students relate to the department of philosophy at Harvard at the time of Josiah Royce, William James and others.

Hoyle, John E. Papers relating to San Quentin Prison, [ca. 1907-1913].

Collection contains correspondence both from within and outside the prison, reports, a 1913 transcript of an investigation, writings and drawings, mainly by prisoners, programs of prison entertainments, and other miscellaneous materials.

Hoyle, John E. Photographs from John E. Hoyle's papers relating to San Quentin Prison.

Photographs show various views of life at San Quentin Prison, but most show various types of entertainment offered for the prisoners (prisoner vaudeville and minstrel shows, Sarah Bernhardt's 1913 performance there, etc.). Other views show men playing baseball, prison interiors...

Hoyt (Shelley) Papers

Collection consists of printing project files, binding models and binding experiments, and materials relating to Shelley Hoyt's career as a bookbinder and book artist....

H.P. Davis letter and postcard : Nevada City, Calif. to Mrs. M.D. Robinson Jr. : ALS, 1949 July 7.

Letter to Mrs. M.D. Robinson Jr. relates to copies of Davis' books he is having sent to her, and personal matters. A postcard showing the office of the Coyote and Deer Creek Water Co. to Mrs. M.D. Robinson (possibly also...

H.R. Tabor family letters : San Francisco, to Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Sleight in Sag Harbor, Long Island, 1850-1857.

In seven letters to her uncle and aunt in Sag Harbor, H.R. Tabor writes of family, including cousin John Hempstead, returning home over land vs. sea, and fires in San Francisco, Sacramento, and Marysville. She tells of attending a wedding...

H.S. Beck receipts, 1875-1877.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

Huave-English dictionaries, before 1959.

Carbon copy of an unpublished typewritten dictionary, originally compiled by Paul Radin, of Huave Indian words translated into English. Also contains a carbon copy of a typewritten re-transcription of the same dictionary in reverse from English to Huave made by...

Hubbard, California settler, letters : Sacramento, Calif., to his family, Waukegan, Ill., 1860-1862.

Contains two letters about life in Calif., his children, the Opposition steamship line, rumors of Indians robbing and destroying mail in Salt Lake City, Utah, and of friends returning back east.

Hubert Howe Bancroft : Records of the Library and Publishing Companies

Primarily chapter drafts, notes, newspaper clippings, galleys, and proofs of the historical works of H.H. Bancroft, published by The History Company. A small amount of material pertaining to the Bancroft Library of San Francisco and A.L. Bancroft and Company Publishers,...

Hubert Howe Bancroft correspondence, 1870-1890.

Letter from James F. Breen concerning the Donner Party; letters to Bernard Moses and others; invitation to opening of Market St. store in 1870; galleys of some chapters of Chronicles of the Builders; honorary degree from Yale University, and membership...

Hubert Howe Bancroft correspondence with William Nemos, 1883-1891.

Includes also letters from some of Bancroft's workers (M.G. Bancroft, N.J. Stone). Printed in Lyachnos, 1951.

Hubert Howe Bancroft family genealogical data : typescript, circa 1880-1910

Typescript photocopies of genealogical data, a letter from Hubert Howe Bancroft regarding his nephew's marriage, and a portrait essay of Hubert Howe Bancroft by his brother, Albert Little Bancroft.

Hubert Howe Bancroft family papers, approximately 1835-1960.

Contains letters from bookseller George H. Derby, concerning Hubert Howe Bancroft's proposed California business venture in 1854. Includes family correspondence, passports, genealogies, memoirs, and sons', Paul and Griffing's report cards from Yale, along with miscellaneous writings and documents, and letters...

Hubert Howe Bancroft letters to his family, 1882-1918.

Primarily letters to his wife Matilda and his son Griffing, commenting on financial difficulties and the reorganization of The History Company after the 1886 fire, the sale of The Bancroft Library, the development of his farm and other property in...

Huberta Robison papers, circa 1943-1944.

This collection consists of photostats of glyphs, stelae, lintels, doorways, etc., from Quiringua, Copán, Tikal and other sites in support of Robison's calendrical research, documented in her paper, "Analysis of Palenque Inscriptions."

Hudson's Bay Company. Archives of the Puget's Sound Agricultural Company, Ltd., 1839- 1934.

Deed of settlement, agreement, and maps; minutes and records of directors' meetings; correspondence; accounts; and annual reports, reflecting operations of this subsidiary of the Hudson's Bay Company in what became Washington and British Columbia. The bulk of the records deals...

Huerta uprising.

Scenes of the Victoriano Huerta Uprising of Feb., 1913, including views of the U.S. Embassy and American Club, the burned home of President Francisco I. Madero, assassinated Feb. 22, 1913, and photo of General Félix Díaz.

Hugh James Glenn accounts, 1876-1900.

Mainly charges against his estate, including receipts for labor on the Jacinto Rancho in Glenn Co., Calif.

Hugh M. Richmond papers, 1957-2004.

The papers include course notes, play production notes, scripts for video productions of Shakespeare plays, reports, NEH grant proposals, manuscripts, and biographical information.

Hugh McGrath papers, 1850-1873.

Includes letters from friends in various mining camps of California, accounts, and his wife's tax receipts and promissory notes.

Hugh O'Neil scrapbooks, 1936-1964.

Scrapbooks containing newsclippings, with some correspondence and memorabilia. Most materials relate to O'Neil's activities in Ogden, Utah, including the Utah Historical Records Survey in the late 1930s, O'Neil's campaigns for local Republican party offices, his work and interest in railroads,...

Hugh O'Neill papers, 1944-1947.

Include letters from Ezra and Dorothy Pound and Edgar Lee Masters; poetic inscriptions of Witter Bynner addressed to poet George Sterling.

Hugh P. Edwards diaries.

Collection comprises 35 volumes (1 volume per year) for the years 1872-1905, 1909, written at the Edwards' Ranch, Crockett, California. Newspaper clippings tipped in.

Hugh R. McGill papers, 1855-1861.

Three letters from Hugh McGill written from Nevada City, California, one addressed to his father, Stewart, and another to his brother, give news of mutual friends, describe a shoot-out between foreigners and Americans, a fire in Grass Valley, and prices...

Hugh S. Johnson papers, 1914-1934.

Includes letters from E.H. Crowder, William Carey Jones, Orrin K. McMurray; papers relating to his study of law at the University of California, Berkeley; and clippings covering his subsequent career in the army.

Hugh Wiley papers, [ca. 1925-1963]

Correspondence concerning the sale and movie rights of his stories and his activities managing the Hazard Mine in Placer County, California and its related lumbering business.

Hughes Flying-boat test run photographs.

Photographs depict Hughes Aircraft Company's H-4 Hercules (aka Spruce Goose) heavy transport aircraft during its first and only test run on November 2, 1947 at Long Beach, Calif., as well as related views. Images depict aerial view of construction location...

[Hugo B. Goldsmith portraits of Chinese in San Francisco's Chinatown].

Includes formal and snapshot portraits of Chinese, chiefly taken in San Francisco's Chinatown. All subjects are unidentirfied. Many subjects are children. One image taken in a domestic interior; others taken in public spaces such as streets, parks, a school, etc....

Hugo de O'Conor diaries, 1772-1776.

Diaries recording three reconnoitering and punitive expeditions undertaken by Colonel O'Conor, Commandant General of the Nueva Vizcaya frontier and formerly ad interim Governor of Coahuila.

Hugo Karl Schilling papers, 1883, 1914-1931.

Galleys with emendations, clippings, notecards, inventory of his library, various journal publications, and placards of events concerning his interest and activity as an authority on Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe and other German literary figures. Also includes an annotated final proof...

Hugo P. Rudinger photographs of buildings in Mexico [graphic].

Chiefly views of buildings and architectural details taken at various locations throughout Mexico, with an emphasis on Spanish colonial churches. Other subjects include landscapes, inhabitants, street scenes and other images of everyday life. Some images were used in J. Baird's...

Human Rights Advocates records, 1979-1996.

Contains meeting agenda, minutes and notes; events, conferences, etc.; correspondence; grant applications; reports and panel material; HRA publication lists; information on the United Nations including the crisis of 1986; clippings, essays and articles on human rights.

The human side of public administration : oral history transcript / 1993.

Christian discusses California health and welfare policy development and program management, 1952-1966; administration of Governor Edmund G. Brown, Sr.; cabinet and legislative leadership, election campaigns, 1952, 1966; Sierra County District Attorney's Office and Superior Court.

[Humboldt County exhibit, California Apple Show, San Francisco, Calif.].

Humboldt County apple display at California Apple Show of 1914, San Francisco, Calif. Diplay includes model of a large wheel covered with apples.

Humboldt County (Nev.) registers of voters : ms., 1868-1894.

Volume 2 contains only a few scattered entries for voters, and was used primarily for other purposes. Included are drafts of reports on the Sheba mine and other mines in the vicinity; copies of mining claims; miscellaneous accounts; diary entries...

Hume (Samuel J. and Portia Bell) papers

The Samuel J. and Portia Bell Hume Papers, 1848-1990, contain the professional and personal papers of Samuel J. Hume, theatrical entrepreneur, and Portia Bell Hume, psychiatrist. Included in Samuel J. Hume's papers are writings, speeches, theater memorabilia, correspondence, and papers...

[Humor postcard collection].

Illustrated postcards from the early to mid 20th century representing a wide array of American wit and humor and reflecting a diversity of postcard design.

Humphrey B. Chamberlin statement and biographical materials, 1886-1889.

A dictation, Denver, 1886; draft of a letter from H.H. Bancroft to the San Diego Union concerning Chamberlin as president of the projected Denver, Colorado Canyon, & Pacific Railroad; statements by his father, Robert Chamberlin, and by George H. Morrison...

Humphrey Howland letters : Stockton, Calif. : ALS, 1854-1859.

Contains 6 letters describing life near Stockton, Calif. to family back east including Spanish Land Grant disputes, mining, water, agriculture, economics, politics and crime. Also includes one letter from brother William H. Howland in Stockton, Calif. to family.

Hunt, Aurora. Photographs from the Aurora Hunt research materials [graphic]

1 portrait of Robert K. Reid, early pioneer of Stockton, Calif., founded 1847; 1 portrait of Helen Crosby Hensley, (apparently another Stockton pioneer); 1 photo of a river boat named Helen Hensley; 13 items used to illustrate Hunt's Army of...

Hunting and Fishing with Earl Warren : oral history transcript / and related material, 1972-1976.

Comments on political figures and political events, including the 1952 Republican national convention and the Kennedy assassination investigation. Photographs and copies of clippings and other documentary material supporting the interviews included. Bartley W. Cavanaugh: A Mutual Interest in Government, Politics,...

Hunting, politics and the Fish and Game Commission : koral history transcript / and related material, 1972-1975.

Comments on friendship with Earl Warren; the Fish and Game Commission; his real estate interests; presidency of the League of american Cities and mayoralty of Oxnard. With this (as v. 2): letters written to him by Earl and Nina Warren;...

Hussey, Dahler & Co. business letters : ALS, 1867 May 31-1874 Oct. 29.

Contains letters to Hussey, Dahler & Co., Helena and Virginia City, Mont., from various San Francisco individuals and businesses regarding their business interests in San Francisco. Correspondents include J.J. Buck (written on letterhead of A.J. Bryant & Co.), Bank of...

Hussey, Dahler & Company records : Helena, Montana, 1865-1872.

Warren Hussey and Charles L. Dahler were partners in a banking firm operating at Helena and Virginia City, Montana, and at Great Salt Lake City, Utah, Dahler being the resident Montana partner. The first volume is a record of gold...

Hussey, Henry A. Photographs of the Golden Gate and Panama-Pacific International Expositions, other San Francisco Bay Area subjects, and Hetch Hetchy Dam construction [graphic].

Panama-Pacific International Exposition (1915) and Golden Gate International Exposition (1939-1940) photographs depict exposition buildings, grounds and sculpture. Bay Area views include San Francisco Golden Gate Park and City Hall, views of Berkeley, ships at dry dock, and San Pablo Dam...

Hutchinson, W. H. (William Henry) Correspondence with James H. McNutt, Dunderave, Ltd. : TS and ALS, 1975-1979.

Correspondence pertains to McNutt's reprint edition of Edwin Forbes' "Life studies of the great army" (Dunderave, Ltd., 1975), and to McNutt's subsequent departure from publishing.

H.W. Gould Co. records, circa 1897-1983.

Collection includes assay certificates, correspondence, blueprints, financial records, maps, photographs and reports. Many of the reports are mine or mining property evaluation reports, filled out on Computer Data Cataloging Forms. The records primarily concern quicksilver mines, but a wide variety...

Hyde, Helen Letters from Mexico, 1911 Sept. 17 - 1912 March 20.

Written to her family, describing her experiences and travels in Mexico, with information on social life, the American colony, and the Mexican Revolution.

Hyde, Mayhew and Pine family photographs [graphic].

Portraits of various California pioneers and their descendants, including members of the Hyde, Mayhew and Pine families. Individuals depicted include Cornelia Jane Saunders Hyde, Septa Fillmore Hyde, Asa Hyde, Phoebe Hyde, Fred Hyde, Dexter Pratt, Josephine Mayhew, Jesse Mayhew, Felix...

Hydraulic mining near the Yuba River.

80 snapshots of flume construction and a small hydraulic mining operation, possibly in Nevada County, California. An additional 58 snapshots are of young people and family members swimming and posing.

Hydrology, geomorphology, and environmental policy : U.S. Geological Survey, 1950-1972 and UC Berkeley, 1972-1987 : oral history transcript / 1993.

Discusses his family background; career with the Soil Conservation Service, Army Corps of Engineers, Pineapple Research Institute, USGS Water Resources Division; the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline; his colleagues; period on the Sierra Club Board of Directors; environmental policy; and teaching and...

Hygienic Health Food Company papers, 1913-1916.

Primarily correspondence to stockholders in the company; executive office in Oakland, California.

Hylen, Arnold. Photographs of downtown Los Angeles [graphic].

Undated street scenes of the late 1930s or 1940s, and views of 19th century buildings, generally in poor repair.

Hyman Bradofsky papers, 1934-2000.

Contains personal ephemera and correspondence of Hyman Bradofsky, including materials relating to H.P. Lovecraft. Much of the correspondence relates to Bradofsky's collecting.

Hyman Wolf Hyman papers, 1873-1877.

Contains an 1873 San Francisco ketubah and marriage certificate for Hyman Wolf Hyman and Rose Friedlander (in oversize folder); naturalization papers; and a resolution (1874) from B'nai B'rith's Portland Lodge, No. 65, in which Hyman was thanked for services rendered....