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The 18th century retable in the south of Spain, Portugal and Mexico : rev. typescript, 1951.

Photocopy of thesis, with some later revisions in the foreward. With this, a first draft of an unfinished typescript of a study based on the thesis entitled, "The Decorated Wall: retables and facades. A study in the aesthetics of 18th...

1906 earthquake damage in San Jose and San Francisco [graphic].

Album contains snapshots and some commercially produced photographs taken in San Francisco following the disaster of 1906. Views show earthquake and fire damage, refugees and refugee camps, cityscapes, relief efforts, street scenes, and reconstruction efforts. Locations and buildings include Market...

1906 earthquake, Western scenery, and other views [graphic]

Collection includes commercial and snapshot views taken in San Francisco showing fires burning, earthquake and fire damage, street scenes, relief efforts, military personnel, refugees and cityscapes. Among the subjects pictured are California St., Market St., Call Building and Palace Hotel.

1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Digital Collection

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Digital Collection is a compilation of selected holdings from collections housed in the archives and special collections of The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley; the California Historical Society, San Francisco; The California...

1916 Preparedness Day Parade Bombing, 1916-1933 - Photographs

Photographs document the the scene of the 1916 Preparedness Day parade bombing and events which followed. Other photos relate to the 1933 Mooney case including courtroom scenes, photos of Mooney, various legal figures, etc.

1934 International Longshoremen's Association and General Strikes of San Francisco

This collection consists of 544 modern prints made from original negatives held by The Bancroft Library. The negatives are part of the photograph archive of the San Francisco News-Call Bulletin newspaper photograph archive (BANC PIC 1959.010) and were taken by...

The 1939 World's Fair and the bridges on San Francisco bay [graphic]

Keepsake views of the buildings and grounds of the Golden Gate International Exposition. Includes primarily panoramic and aerial views of the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, and the fair grounds on Treasure Island. Four smaller prints not from original viewbook...

1941 championship of the Women's Golf Association of California [graphic].

Photograph album of 1941 championship of the Women's Golf Assocation of California at the Orinda Country Club, Orinda, Calif. Album depicts competitors, spectators, journalists, tournament organizers, male golfers, and others associated with the event.

The 1952 Republican convention : oral history transcript / 1987.

Burger discusses Earl Warren, the Eisenhower candidacy for U.S. President, and the issue of a Stassen or Taft candidacy.

The 1984 California wine and winegrape improvement program; winegrape growers of America, and related papers : typescript, 1981-1987.

Submitted as a Master's thesis in the Department of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley. Included are reports, statistical studies, and publications utilized in research.

1984 Free Speech Movement Memorial Rally - Photographs

Three photographs taken of Mario Savio speaking during the 1984 Free Speech Movement Memorial Rally at the University of California, Berkeley.

4 letters from David Ettien, 1851-1854.

Letters describing mining operations in Yreka, California.

504 Sit-in interviews [sound recording] / 1997.

Interviews with six participants of the 504 Sit-in in San Francisco, California and a local television reporter who covered it in 1977. The sit-in was held to urge the federal government to issue regulations implementing Section 504 of the Rehabilitation...