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A.A. Eremin papers, approximately 1958-1967.

Files, plans and blueprints related to construction projects of the State of California, Department of Public Works, Division of Highways.

A.A. Maslenikov journals, 1904 Feb. 2-[1905?] July 9.

Personal notes about the Russo-Japanese War; corrected typescripts in 2 notebooks were probably typed at a later date from handwritten diaries. Loose items include notes by someone trying to identify the material and about Russian visits to Japan in the...

Aaron D. Riker journals, 1852-1971 (bulk 1852-1864).

Contains original journal (107 p.) of Aaron D. Riker's overland journey in 1852 from Champaign County, Ohio to California during the gold rush, his time in California, and his return home the next year via Nicaragua, Also contains color photocopy...

Aaron Holmes letters : San Francisco, 1850-1853.

Letters describe his jewelry business and watch repair service; the growth of the city; the great fire of May 1851; his venture selling spring water in 1853. Some of the letters are contemporary copies.

Aaron Rogat family papers, 1910-1965.

This collection consists of some family documents, photographs, as well as some materials reflecting Aaron Rogat's interest in anarchism. Included is a a small amount of correspondence, including a letter Rogat wrote to members of the Furrier's Union in 1951;...

A.B. Dickinson papers, 1880-1958.

Contains research notes, mss. drafts, correspondence and photographs. Materials were gathered and created in preparation for publications on Sir Francis Drake's landing, narrow gauge railroading of the North Pacific Coast Railroad Company, and Tomales Township.

A.B. Vincent diary, receipts, and correspondence, 1848-1868.

California gold rush miner diary (68 p. ; 33 cm,1849-1851), business receipts and correspondence (13 items, 1855-1868). Receipts include those for lumber, farm labor, a magazine subscription, and County of San Joaquin, Calif. tax payments. Correspondence (2 letters), envelope, and...

[A.B. Wilson family portraits and other photographs].

Includes studio portraits of A.B. Wilson, his immediate family (wife Vesta Ball Wilson, sons Harold Wilson, Bruce Wilson and Rolland Wilson, daughter Jean Wilson), other Wilson and Ball family members, and a few views of storefronts of Wilson's shops in...

Abba Ptachya Lerner papers.

Correspondence, manuscripts, course notes, and subject file concerning his interest and activity in economics at U.C. Berkeley.

Abe Mellinkoff papers, 1953-1992.

Includes scrapbooks and envelopes of by-lines, 1953-1984 (cartons 1-4); miscellany, 1928-1983, including scrapbook, 1928-1931, and writings, correspondence, speeches, and photos, etc. (carton 5). Also includes clippings of Mellinkoff's editorials, 1975-1992 (cartons 6-7, Box 2), and working drafts of editorials, September...

Abel Stearns papers, 1846-1864.

1846 document regarding sale of land, signed by J.L. Sepúlveda, Mariano Roldán, Ignacio Coronel and Juan Domingo; declaration of martial law by Stearns, June 20, 1846; agreement with José R. Arguello regarding care of livestock, renewed by Juan Bandini for...

Abia A. Selover statement and biographical sketch, 1886.

Statement, recorded for H.H. Bancroft, describes his voyage to San Francisco via Cape Horn in 1849, brief experience in the mines, and business activities in San Francisco from 1860. (6 l.).

Abigail Leland Miller papers, circa 1903-1938 (bulk 1920-1938)

Correspondence; papers re dispute with Harr Wagner over Joaquin Miller copyrights; papers re Miller estate; clippings; notes.

Abner H. Barker letters : ALS, 1852-1873.

Letters written from Barker, a San Francisco businessman, to his family in Maine. Letters cover the Calif. Gold Rush years, and business trips back east to New York City and Boston. Also includes a map of Barker's properties in San...

Abner Lawrence Raffety papers, 1881-1922.

Containing property documents including indentures, mortgages and tax payments in Mendocino County, Calif. Also includes articles written by Abner Raffety about traveling to Calif., and an eruption of Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii, and letters, one to the U.S. Attorney General...

Abraham and Sara Kofman papers, 1944-1997.

This collection contains correspondence and cards mostly related to Abe's passing, newspaper clippings; materials related to the Alameda Times-Star and Morning News publications; photographs with friends, family, and prominent politicians; plaques; citations; memorial resolutions; certificates from various fraternal orders and...

Abraham Haas correspondence, 1885-1886.

This collection consists of letters that Abraham Haas, in Los Angeles, wrote to Fanny Koshland, in San Francisco, during their courtship in the 1880s.

Abraham Hankin papers, 1941-2005.

The papers provide an in-depth look at the life of a career United States Air Force officer in the 1940's and early 1950's. Includes correspondence, military orders, and information on Hankin's time in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in...

Abraham Haselkorn papers, 1940-1980.

The collection consists of correspondence, personal documents, and various autobiographical essays documenting Rabbi Abraham Haselkorn's experiences as a chaplain during World War II, especially his work with Jewish refugees and victims of the Holocaust. The collection also documents Haselkorn's stay...

Abraham Haskel Taub papers, approximately 1948-1975.

Includes subject files, correspondence, manuscripts for publication, and notes concerning his work in the field of mathematics at U.C. Berkeley and as consultant to various agencies and companies. Includes correspondence with and about John von Neumann.

Abraham Holtzman collection on the Townsend movement, 1933-1952.

Materials used by Holtzman to write his published thesis, "The Townsend movement: a political study." Contains correspondence, legislative bills, newspaper articles and publications by the Townsend National Recovery Plan, Inc. including speaker's manuals, songbooks, pamphlets and newspapers.

Abraham Isserman files, 1930-1976.

Court transcripts, correspondence, FBI survellience, memorandum, briefs, and clippings concerning Isserman's disbarment and re-instatement to the legal profession during the 1940s. National Federation for Constitutional Liberties materials including action and form letters.

Abraham Jonas papers, 1885-1966.

The collection consists of the papers, scrapbooks, and photographs of Oakland businessman and civic leader Abraham Jonas. The papers include some family documents, a small amount of correspondence, loose materials from Jonas' work with B'nai B'rith, Temple Sinai (Oakland, Calif.),...

Abraham Lincoln Brigade photographs from the Spanish Civil War and views of the Mexican revolution of 1929 [graphic].

Photographs show views related to the Spanish Civil War: buildings, people, streets, rubble, children, first aid, ambulances, signs, soldiers, refugees, schools, and other images of daily life during the war. Most were taken in or near Sagunto, Spain. Negatives (and...

Abraham Lincoln Fellowship records, 1930-1935.

Correspondence, including letters from Albert L. Barrows, Francis D. Blakeslee, James F. Cooke, Leland W. Cutler, Theophilus L. Haecker, Carl Holliday, Earl Lee Kelly, Oswald W.S. McCall, Daniel Nash Morgan, Amasa Junius Parker, George C. Pardee, James Rolph, Angelo J....

Abraham P. Van Duzer papers, 1877-1896.

Chiefly concerning his legal practice, U.S. Attorney's Office, San Francisco.

Abraham Van Doren Honeyman collection on Joaquin Miller, 1869-approximately 1913.

Archive of handwritten and printed letters (approximately 1881-1901), receipts, invitations, and two typescripts (written by Honeyman after Miller's death in 1913): "Some Personal Recollections of Joaquin Miller" and "Some Reminiscences of Joaquin Miller." Correspondents includes A.V.D. Honeyman, Maud Miller (Joaquin...

Abraham W. Peirce correspondence, 1868.

Contains 6 letters of a captain of a whaling ship.

Abram and Katie Braverman papers, 1933-1950.

Poetry written by the Bravermans; songbooks and programs of the Workmen's Circle and Histadrut (the Israeli labor federation); clippings about Grodno, Poland (now Belarus); and letters from Braverman to his wife and children, together with letters from the Motles family,...

Abstract of title and list of incumbrances on subd[ivisio]n Mission block no. 174 ... : ms. and typescript, 1892-1900.

Abstract to property located in San Francisco at the corner of 24th Street and Alabama St. Originally made at the request of Benjamin Healey. Dated 1892 Jan. 18, and continued 1897 Sept. 7 and 1900 Jan. 16.

Abstract of title for property in San Jose, Calif., 1888-1890.

1890 abstract continued by San Jose Abstract Title and Trust Co., 1891-1920.

Abstract of title for property in Santa Clara County, California, 1903-1915.

Originally prepared for Juanita Halsey. Some continued by San Jose Abstract Title and Trust Company.

Abstract of title for property in Santa Clara County, California, circa 1850-1919.

Abstract of title for property in Santa Clara County, California, BANC MSS 67/109 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Abstract of title... for Western Addition, Block no. 215 /

SEE ALSO related collections: C-I 35 ; C-I 42 ; 89/130 c.

Abstract of Title To Portion of Adeline and Market St. Homestead: Oakland, California, 1871.

Abstract of title for a portion of the Adeline and Market St. Homestead created by A.G. Laurie, Searcher of Records in San Leandro, California. Volume contains manuscript entries detailing the ownership history and chain of custody of Oakland lots spanning...

Abstract of title to portion of the Pacific Homestead and portion of the marshland lying south of same, city of Oakland, A.G. Lawrie, searcher of records, Oakland, Cal. : in 5 volumes, 1894.

Volumes II and III of a five volume abstract of title prepared by A.G. Lawrie on behalf of Peter Thomson for property that was orginally part of the Rancho San Antonio owned by the Peralta family. The two volumes trace...

Abstracts of title for property in San Francisco : ms. S., [1881-1894].

V. 1: for 50 vara lot no. 57, 1881: v. 2: for vara lot no. 46, 1894.

Abstracts of title in San Francisco, 1847-1876.

Abstract of title (ca. 288 p.) for lots primarily within the 50 Vara and 100 Vara districts, as well as water lots, in San Francisco, 1847-1859. This summarizes the transfer of deeds, as well as mortgages and legal actions, and...

Abstracts of title to land in Santa Clara County, 1889-1925.

Abstract for a portion of land within Northeast corner of "Section 22, Township 8 South, Range 2 West, Mt. Diablo Meridian," 1900-1916, which summarizes the transfers of deeds, as well as mortgages, taxes, and various legal actions. The transactions chiefly...

Abstracts of title to land in Santa Clara County, 1911-1925.

Abstracts for portions of land within the San Ysidro Rancho summarize transfers of deeds, as well as mortgages, articles of incorporation, and legal actions. Two vols. concern lot 5 and part of lot 4 (Sturla subdivision). An undated sketch map...

Abstracts of title to lots 13, 15, 17 and 19 of block 8 of the Goodyear Tract, San Jose, Calif., 1890-1916.

Shows the history of ownership to several lots in San Jose, Calif. Includes map.

A.C. Stevens letters, 1852-1859.

Contains: 11 letters from A.C. Stevens to his sister Sarah A. Stevens of Solon, Maine; 1 letter, possibly from A.C. Stevens in San Francisco, to "Absent Friend"; and 1 letter from "Helen" in Orland (Maine?) to "Dear Friend". A.C. Stevens...

A.C. Vroman photographs of Native Americans of the southwest.

Includes portraits of native americans of the southwest, as well as pueblo scenes and a photograph of baskets.

Acambaro ano de 1839 informacion : Acámbaro (Guanajuato, Mexico), 1839.

Manuscript of testimony (41 p.) requested by the representative of the owners of the Hacienda of Yramoco regarding the favorable decision granted the Indians of Santa Ana by the civil judge of Morelia [i.e. Morelia (Michoacán de Ocampo, Mexico)]. Testimony...

Accademia del cimento records, circa 1661-1711.

Includes scientific papers written to Lorenzo Magalotti as secretary of the Accademia and miscellaneous letters.

Account book : Black Hill Ranch, Stanislaus Co., Calif. : ms., [1871-1892].

Accounts for his sheep farm. At the end of the volume are birth dates of members of the Reynolds family.

Account book : ms., 1812-1813.

Incomplete account book for the mission, with signatures of Carlos Castro and Fray Marcelino Marquínez.

Account book : n.p. : D, 1796 Feb.-Mar.

Fragment of an account book relating mainly to payments for meat.

Account book for Buckland and Virtue General Store : ms., 1875-1896 (bulk 1875 Aug. 7-1876 Aug. 30).

Daily record later used as a scrapbook; many pages covered with clippings from the New York Sun, 1894-1896.

Account books of the United States Borax and Chemical Corporation, 1882-1904.

Account books of the United States Borax and Chemical Corporation, BANC MSS 81/141 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Account books: Sacramento, Calif., 1850-1862.

Accounts of a dentist, practicing first in Sacramento, and then in Suisun, Napa, and Sonoma, Calif. Includes names of clients and work performed as well as costs and payment. Ball makes gold fillings, upper and lower plates, and performs minor...

Account of experiences crossing the plains from Iowa and pioneering in Washington Territory, 1852-1876.

Chiefly describes Eli Mapel's overland journey to the Washington Territory and his subsequent settlement (after meeting with his father, Jacob, and his brother, Samuel), along with recollections of service in the Indian wars, 1855-1856. Endorsed: "Autobiography of Maple [or Mapel]...

Account of the San Francisco earthquake and fire, with ephemera from the aftermath : San Francisco, Calif., 1906.

A first hand account (40 p.) of the San Francisco earthquake and fire of April 1906, written by Edward I. De Laveaga. Accompanied by a small group of ephemera (permits to pass, permit to use electricity, and notice of chimney...

Accounts and subscription books for a book store in Oakland, Calif. : ms., 1865-1906.

v. 1 - ledger, and record of subscriptions to newspapers and periodicals, 1865-1906; v. 2 - subscription book showing accounts due, 1878-1880.

Accounts for a farmers' store : ms., [1866-1870]

v.1 - Daybook, 1866-1870; v.2 - Journal, 1869-1870. Loose items (clippings etc.) removed from v.1 and v.2 constitute v.3.

Accounts for a store : mss., 1876-1878.

V. 1: Cash sales, 1876-1877; v. 2: Journal (accounts), 1877-1878.

Accounts for general store, 1851.

Accounts for liquor, clothing and sundries for members of the Mariposa Battalion under the command of Major James D. Savage, included.

Accounts for granite curbing business : San Francisco : ms., 1908-1911.

V. 1 - journal, 1911; v. 2 - ledger, 1908-1911; v. 3 - letters and accounts removed from v. 2.

Accounts for mercantile and commission business in San Francisco : ms., 1850 July 3-1851 Jan. 10.

Presumably accounts for partnership of John T. Little and John F. Pope, whose advertisements under the name, John T. Little and Pope, appear in newspapers of the period. (Individuals and firms unlisted in San Francisco Directory, 1850)

Accounts for sale of merchandise from the brig Architect and the schooner Spray : ms., 1851-1853.

Entries for sales in San Francisco, Sydney and Hobartown; some accounts with Daniel Gibb. Later used as a recipe book. Many pages missing.

Accounts of the haciendas of Bocas and Illescas : Mexico, 1765-1767.

Portions of account books for the estates of Bocas and Illescas. Contains: 1) José Miguel de Ávila's "Libro Vorador de esta Hazienda de Bocas, perteneciente al S.r D.r D.n Fra.co Espinosa, y Navarixo ... October 1, 1765-" (75 p.). These...

Accounts with the county: the accounts of Josiah Gordon and A. St.Clair Denver, 1851-1855.

Entries in the handwriting of W.H. Taylor, deputy clerk; Josiah Gordon and A. St. Clair Denver. Includes a list of elected office holders, El Dorado co., 1850-1854.

Acevedo family records, 1610-1916 (bulk 1760-1808).

This collection consists of correspondence, financial and legal documents from the years 1610 through 1916. Most of the letters, account books, invoices and documents pertain to business dealings, such as the loaning of money, payment of debts or the day-to-day...

Ackerman family papers, 1859.

The collection consists of a family Jewish Bible, printed and published by Isaac Leeser in 1859. The end pages of the Bible contain handwritten genealogical notes for many members of the Goldstein and Ackerman families from the 1850s - 1960s.

Acme Mining Company, creator. [Photographs from the Acme Mining Company records concerning the Greenhorn Mine].

Photographs documenting Shasta County mining operations of the Greenhorn Mining Company from the 1920s to the early 1940s, when it was acquired by Acme Mining Company. Images include general views, strip mining activities and the associated pit, mine portals, dumps,...

Acme Mining Company records concerning the Greenhorn Mine.

The Greenhorn Mine is a copper mine located in Shasta County, California at an elevation of 2,749 feet.

Acontecimientos en California : San Luis Obispo, Calif. : ms. S, 1878 Apr. 22.

Recollections concerning the pirate Hippolyte Bouchard; early governorships and revolts; experiences as a soldier in Monterey; participation in the 1827 expedition with Santiago Argüello north of Sonoma; American occupation in southern California, including Flores revolt, the battle of La Natividad,...

The acquisition of California : typescript, [1941].

A survey of events leading up to the U.S. war with Mexico and part played by his father, William Maxwell Wood, U.S. Navy Surgeon, in the occupation of California.

Across the continent: Winter of 1871-72, and related material, 1865-1873.

Journal and related, material including a letter, school essays, a report card, and a newspaper concerning his trek overland and life in Oregon. Journal recounts travel by rail from New York City to Sacramento in 1871-72 and travel by ship...

An act to regulate the acquisition of rights of way over the land of others, 1895.

Copies of Act in English and Hawaiian, each with certification by D.L. Naone, Speaker, and James N.K. Keola, Clerk, that the bill had passed its third reading before the House.

The action and passion of our times : oral history transcript / and related material, 1974-1979.

Comments on her involvement in volunteer work, as board member, trustee, chairman or president, of various organizations, including League of Women Voters, Stanford Hospital Auxiliary in San Francisco, Rosenberg Foundation, Stanford University Board of Trustees and KQED. Also includes information...

Activist in the radical movement, 1930-1960, the International Labor Defense, the Communist Party : oral history transcript / and related material, 1976-1980.

Comments on early interest in radical politics; work as executive director of International Labor Defense in Los Angeles on behalf of agricultural workers, minorities, etc.; membership in Communist Party and political campaigns on party ticket; decision to leave the party.

Activities and entertainment at Heart Mountain Relocation Center

Photos show a theatrical folklore performance (in costume), dancing, wrestling, games, working in the fields, a general view of the Japanese relocation center, outdoor scenes, etc.

Activities in a troubled world: war relief, banking and business : oral history transcript / and related material, 1978.

Student days at University of California, Class of 1913; work with Herbert Hoover on the Commission for Relief in Belgium; consultant work for California Raisin Growers Association; career with international banking house of Schroder; interest in world affairs and international...

Acto Literario con que la R[ea]l y Pontificia Universidad de Mexico recibio ã su Ex[celentisi]mo Vice-Patrono el Señor Don José Manuel de Iturrigarai ... Virrey ... de esta Nueba España ..., 1803 Julio de 24.

A record of the ceremonial function held under the auspices of the University of Mexico on July 24, 1803, in honor of the first visit paid the University by Viceroy Iturrigaray and his wife, Doña María Inés Jáuregui y Aróstegui....

Actos de cabildo : DS, 1770-1771.

Records of pleas, petitions, trials, complaints, etc., heard or received by the cabildo.

Acuerdos de la Junta Superior de Real Hacienda de Nueva España. Archivo de Conde del Valle. Libro 7.⁰ : Mexico City, 1794.

A record of the decisions taken by the Junta Superior de Real Hacienda, January 3-December 19, 1794, on matters relating to royal revenue and expenditures in various parts of New Spain. The approximately weekly reports on these decisions include the...

A.D. Foote papers, circa 1909-1928.

Correspondence, notes, and financial materials concerning mines and mining in the western United States.

Ad octo phisicor libros peripateticae disputationes : ms., [1605]

Thirteen disputations on Aristotles Physica.

A.D. Winans correspondence : San Francisco, Calif., to B.L. Kennedy, Sacramento, Calif., 1995-1997.

Correspondence discusses Winans writing, other writers including Beat poets, and personal matters. Also includes manuscripts of poems and other writings by Winans sent to Kennedy.

Adam B. Chambers letter[s] from the Editor : Treaty ground near Fort Laramie, 1851.

Typed transcripts and notes made by F.M. Young of dispatches, September 4-29, 1851, published in the St. Louis Missouri Republican, October 6-November 30, 1851. Chambers, editor of that paper, acted as secretary for the U.S. Commissioners, David D. Mitchell and...

Adam Hillabord letters to his brother, 1850-1852.

Describe his overland journey to California and his experiences mining on the Mokelumne River and in Sonora.

Adams & Co. records, 1852-1854.

Banking and express records acquired from various sources (noted on folders),

Adams, Ansel Photographs of Matthew Barnes' paintings [graphic]

Paintings titled: Moon and the movies -- Christmas night -- Ferry post office -- Four houses -- Storm -- City corner. Also includes one photo of a painting by Walt Kuben. Locations of paintings not identified.

Adams, Ansel Photographs of the Allied Arts Guild of California /

Views of the buildings and gardens of the Allied Arts Guild studios in Menlo Park, Calif. Interiors and exteriors of the Spanish Mission style buildings are shown.

Adams family papers, 1687-1939.

Includes two letters, 1697-1700, by Richard Adams, Chester, England, to his brother, Francis, in Boston re shipment of weaving equipment and wool to Massachusetts; diary of Mary Carver Adams, Oct. 1856, re her travels from Washington, D.C., to New York...

Adams H. Johnson papers, [ca. 1870-1930]

Approximately 500 items pertaining to Adams H. Johnson's life family business activities in Eureka, Nevada. Includes billheads and letters; data on mines and mills in eastern Nevada; some fraternal items; mining maps; legal documents; banking material; telegrams.

Adams, John Quincy Letter to Thomas Boylston Adams : Quincy, Mass. : ALS, 1804 Jan. 14.

Discusses Louisiana Revenue Bill, and outlines his objections to the bill as it then stood.

[ADAPT bandana].

Bandana promoting ADAPT (American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today). Printed design includes name of organization, plus repeated image of figure in wheelchair breaking free of shackles.

Addison A. Lindsley correspondence, 1873-1898.

Chiefly family correspondence, including a letter from his father, Aaron L. Lindsley. A few relate to Washington Territory politics.

Adele Bloch Simon family papers, 1851-1969.

Genealogical information for the Simon, Bloch and Steinman families; some family documents; and photographs. Photographs include one of Achille Bloch's butcher shop on Fillmore Street in San Francisco, portraits of Clara Steinman Bloch (wife of Achille Bloch), the Steinman family,...

Adele Solomons Jaffa and Myer E. Jaffa family papers, 1880-1968.

The collection includes biographies; a few professional papers by Adele Solomons Jaffa; clippings; and photographs. The photographs include an 1893 portrait of Adele Solomons at her graduation from Hahnemann Medical College of the Pacific, a 1902 portrait of Adele Solomons...

Adelphi Company papers, 1849-1857 (bulk 1850).

Collection of 16 letters (43 pages) + 7 manuscript drafts of the articles of agreement forming the "Adelphi Association," 24 pages + 4 manuscript accounts and 3 partially printed documents pertaining to the dissolution of the association in California. The...

Administration and ethics in the Governor's office and the courts, California, 1939-1975 : oral history transcript / 1987.

Sweigert discusses his family background, education, early law career in San Mateo County, and his career as Attorney General of California, joining the bench in 1949, up to his appointment to the U.S. District Court in 1959. His talks extensively...

Administration and leadership : oral history transcript / and related material, 1967-1970.

Comments on early life in Berkeley; student days at University of California, Berkeley, 1916-20, and recollections of faculty; teaching at Miss Ransom and Miss Bridges School for Girls, Piedmont, Calif.; tours of duty with The Marine Corps during World War...

Administration of the San Francisco Jewish Welfare Fund, 1970-1975 : oral history transcript / 1996.

Louis Weintraub discusses his family background in New York and El Paso, education at the University of Pennsylvania and U.S. Army service, being Western Regional Consultant of the Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, the merger of Federation of...

Administrator at Berkeley's Center for Independent Living and the California Department of Rehabilitation, cofounder of the World Institute on Disability : oral history transcript /

Background in journalism; grant writing at Center for Independent Living, Berkeley, CA, 1973-1976; assistant to director Ed Roberts at California State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, 1976-1982; input into federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and amendments; cofounding of World Institute on...

Adobes and other historic buildings of Monterey, Calif. [graphic]

Includes views of adobes and other buildings. Pictured are houses occupied by the Hinke family, a frame house occupied by Kennett, a store built by Bernardino Vasquez (presently known as Colombo House), the Washington Hotel, the Trescony adobe, Jacob Escobar's...

Adobes of California [graphic]

Photographs of various adobe buildings throughout California. Mostly residences, but includes some missions.

Adolf Pabst papers, circa 1940-1989.

Professional papers of University of California, Berkeley geologist. Collection includes correspondence and manuscripts of writings, as well as files related to his research and teaching activities; participation in university and departmental affairs; involvement in professional science organizations.

Adolfo Hegewisch letters, 1882-1883.

Letter file binder (30 x 27 cm) containing fifty handwritten letters and telegrams addressed to Adolfo Hegewisch, president of the Quintera Mining company, from various interested parties in a dispute involving operations and transactions concerning the Quintera Mining Company located...

Adolph Caspar Miller papers, 1916-1953.

Contents: Letters, some addressed to his wife, Mary (Sprague) Miller, by John H. Finley, Felix Frankfurter, Joseph C. Grew, Franklin D. Lane, William Phillips, Mark Sullivan, Archibald MacLeish (for U.S. Library of Congress), Eleanor and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Harlan...

Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier, 1880-1887.

Typed transcript of Bandelier's journals, August 20, 1880-December 31, 1885, when he was laying the foundation for the archeology of the Southwest, from the original manuscripts in the Museum of New Mexico at Santa Fe (reels 1-2); and of pictorial...

Adolph Mack papers, 1911-1913.

The collection consists of a diary Adolph Mack kept during his journeys to Asia and Europe, entitled "Mack's Zigzag Tour."

Adolph Sigmund Oko, Jr. papers : additions, 1929-1965.

Correspondence, photographs, clippings, subject file, and scrapbooks concerning Oko's family and career, Drake's landing in California, Drake's life, and the Drake Navigators Guild.

Adolph Sigmund Oko, Jr. papers, approximately 1934-1963.

Collection contains materials related to Oko's interest in yachting and Marin County real estate. It includes scrapbooks containing clippings and photographs related to San Francisco nightlife, the Press Club, Aquatic Park, the 1939 World's Fair, Mayor Rossi's Milk Campaign and...

Adolph Sutro autobiographical notes, biographical and character sketches, etc., for the use of Hubert Howe Bancroft, [1888 ca.]

With the above: 1888, Aug. 30 Moss, George. Corrected notes on the Sutro Library ... for Mr. Sessions.

Adolph Sutro miscellany, 1896-1952.

Contains: 1 letter from R.H. Cross to A.T. Leonard thanking him for material on San Miguel Rancho; 3 newspaper clippings on the same subject; 1 auction catalog from Butterfield & Butterfield of Sutro's collection (1939); and 1 acknowledgment from the...

Adolph Sutro papers : additions, 1867-1912 (bulk 1888-1892).

Correspondence and papers detailing Adolph Sutro's involvement with San Francisco streetcars, beach improvements at Sutro Heights (the Cliff House), and road construction. Includes several labor reports, 1890, for work at the beach at Sutro Heights; typed draft articles of incorporation...

Adrian Wilson photograph collection [graphic].

Collection contains slides and photographic prints pertaining to Wilson's activity as a printer (including photographs of his Press in Tuscany Alley, San Francsico, Calif.); his travels; and his friends, family and associates. Also contains material related to the work of...

Adrien Joseph Falk photograph collection [graphic].

stamped "Dinner to Mayor Roger D. Lapham, St. Francis Hotel, December 10, 1947."

Adrien Stoutenburg papers.

Manuscripts of her poems and related correspondence with magazine editors.

Adrien Stoutenburg papers, 1934-1987.

Manuscripts and correspondence chiefly relating to Stoutenburg's work as a poet. Principal correspondents include David Slavitt (aka Henry Sutton), Virginia Elson, James Dickey, and her publishers, Curtis Brown Ltd. and Viking Press, with a few letters from others, including Thomas...

Aduana y Receptoría de Alcabalas financial statement : DS, 1794 Jan. 2-1795 Jan. 24.

Financial statement of the customs-and-tax office for Aguascalientes District, recording receipts from taxes and listing also other receipts and expenditures, notably for pensions.

An adventurous spirit : the life of a California artist : oral history transcript / 1993.

Sinton discusses her childhood in San Francisco, Calif.; studies at the San Francisco Art Institute; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; thoughts on travel, teaching, and nature of creativity.

Adverse claims to Farrington & Ludlum : San Francisco, Calif., 1851-1865.

Ledger of abstracts of deeds, titles, bonds, covenants, mortgages, and records of legal actions in the Potrero Hill area of San Francisco, Calif. Entries are mostly grouped by original claim, many including sketch maps; transactions within each claim are listed...

Advertencia al Duque de Lerma, Ministro de Phelipe 4,⁰ : and other papers.

1. Admonition to the Duke of Lerma, minister of Philip IV, by his secretary, Antonio Pérez, then in exile in France, advising him to continue in office, for the benefit of the people. [N.p., n.d.] 312 p.

Advertising cards for clipper ships.

Prints consist of views and advertising text for the following clipper ships, primarily sailing to or from San Francisco: David Crockett, Richard S. Ely, Flying Mist, Hornet, Andrew Jackson (two cards), Pocahontas, Prima Donna, Sumatra, and Volunteer. Several of the...

Advertising cards for El Cajon Valley, San Diego County, Calif. [graphic].

Advertising cards promoting various attractions of real estate in the El Cajon Valley area of San Diego County, Calif. Rectos printed with images of El Cajon Village, (El Cajon?) High School and Meridian Grammar School, a eucalyptus grove, irrigation of...

Advertising posters showing western scenes [graphic]

One item shows an attack on an emigrant train, with pioneers defending themselves against Indians. The other shows a mailcoach being attacked by Indians. Anheuser Busch products visible in both images.

Advisory Pardon Board of California case files, 1916-1922.

Collection consists of approximately 175 applications to the Advisory Pardon Board of California from prisoners at Folsom and San Quentin prisons. The files, dating from 1916 to 1922, are arranged alphabetically by prisoner surname. Each file consists of a description...

Advocado Press records, approximately 1980-2005.

Contains office files, periodicals, book publications, etc.

Advocate for disabled women's rights and health issues : oral history transcript / 2000.

Contracting polio, 1952, family and childhood, Fitchburg State College, Massachusetts, 1969-1973; Center for Independent Living, Berkeley, 1973-1976; organization of disabled women's groups; Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504 sit-in; Keys to Introducing Disabilities in Schools Project (KIDS); advocacy for women,...

A.E. & C.E. Tilton firm, New York records, 1846-1874.

Contains correspondence (letterpress copybooks) and accounts of Alfred E. and Charles E. Tilton as dealers in wine and spirits; as Tilton & Molony (real estate brokers as well); as Tilton & McFarland, dealers in safes. Chiefly with Ladd & Tilton,...

A.E. Wieslander papers, [ca. 1914-1986]

California forester: mapper of wildland vegetation and soils : oral history transcript from a tape recorded interview conducted 1985 by Ann Lage for the Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 1986. With an introduction by...

Aerial photographs of Mexican mining regions from the Alan Probert papers [graphic].

Aerial photographs of regions in Mexico, presumably taken in the course of mining engineering studies. Identified views include various locations in the states of Veracruz-Llave, Puebla and Hidalgo. Also includes photographs of many unidentified locations, also presumably in Mexico.

Aerial photographs of the West.

Collection consists of two sets of views taken over California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico. The first set, numbered 1-54, contains 49 images, with 5 missing. These images are of the Sierra Nevada (including Hetch Hetchy and the Tioga Pass,...

Aerial views of Los Angeles [graphic]

Includes 11 before and after aerial views of Westwood, Hancock Park, area east of Beverly Hills and downtown Los Angeles. Three photographs are of unidentified streets.

Aerial views of the Shasta and Friant damsites and surrounding areas [graphic]

Views of the damsites show the sites of the dams (drawn in), with geographical markers and elevations labeled.

Aerial views of wildlife [graphic].

Photos are primarily aerial views of bears and other wildlife (possibly in Alaska?). Mary Ellen Leary is shown in a helicopter and a plane, talking with officials, and with a camera. Some photos show the U.S. Army Arctic Test board.

Aeronautical engineer, professor, Dean of the College of Engineering, Provost for Professional Schools and Colleges, Vice Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs, University of California, Berkeley, 1949 to 1983 / 2000.

Growing up in San Francisco, 1920-1937; SF Junior College, UC Berkeley, 1937-1942; MIT Radiation Laboratory, design and development of radar, 1942-1945; General Precision Laboratories, research engineer, 1945-1949; UC Berkeley: 1949-1963, research and teaching, Director, Institute of Engineering Research; 1963-1972, Dean...

[Aeronaves de México promotional posters].

Posters promoting domestic air travel in Mexico via Aeronaves de México (now known as Aeroméxico), each poster illustrated with a female "conozca" dressed in attire traditional to a specific region. Posters present for the following states: Aguascalientes, Baja California, Baja...

Afectos de un moribundo arrepentido : n.p. [undated] [17--?].

Religious verses, in the form of quintillas, purportedly written by a repentant sinner on the verge of death.

[African American family of Oakland, Calif. photograph album].

Photograph album of snapshots depicting everyday activities of various members of an unidentified African American family and their friends and associates in Oakland, Calif. and elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. A woman identified with the initial "B." appears...

African American freemasons of Oakland, Calif. photograph collection.

Includes group portraits of African American freemasons, some wearing hats with logo for Jacob Ladder Int'l Masons, Oakland, Calif. Also includes exterior and interior views of Golden Gate Commandery No. 16 Knights Templar building on Sutter Street in San Francisco....

African American greeting cards [graphic].

Greeting cards, cartoons and caricatures portray stereotypes of African Americans.

[African American laborers at the Richmond shipyards].

Press photographs documenting the work of African Americans at the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond, California during World War II. Also includes one photograph of shipyard worker and soloist Marcus Hall, protege of Roland Hayes, singing at the christening of the...

[African American soldiers of the 138th Transportation Company in post-war Hawaii].

Chiefly snapshots, mounted to leaves formerly bound in an album, depicting numerous African American soldiers stationed in Oahu, Hawaii in the years immediately following World War II. Many men are posing next to, or driving, trucks or jeeps marked "138TC"...

African-American authors at the University of California, Berkeley

Photographs of various African-American authors taken during their visits to the University of California, Berkeley, including Gwendolyn Brooks, James Baldwin, Alice Walker, Al Young, Daphne Muse, Mary Helen Washington, and Huey Newton. Also pictured are professors Barbara Christian, Paule Marshall...

African-American family photographs from the East Bay

Collection shows family life, friends, and activities of one or more African-American families in the East Bay. Identified locations include Oakland, Richmond, San Pablo, San Francisco, etc. Photographs of Barber family members show Charlotte E. Barber as a child in...

After me cometh a builder : the recollections of Ralph Palmer Merritt / oral history transcript / 1956.

Discusses his family background and education at the University of California, 1904-1907. He also speaks of his experiences as Graduate Manager, as secretary to U.C. President Wheeler, and as the first university comptroller, 1913-1919. He was appointed to the Board...

A.G. Seklemian papers, 1888-1889.

Diaries and manuscripts of folk tales.

Agard family papers, 1814-1957.

Contains Agard family history, a small amount of correspondence and documents of Joseph J. Agard and his son Arthur F. Agard. Correspondents include Donald Bertrand Tresidder.

Agard family photographs.

Portraits of Joseph J. Agard (ca. 1836-1904) from a boyhood daguerreotype (ca. 1849) to years as a Union Civil War officer to old age, and family portraits of his wife and his children Arthur Floyd Agard (1875-1957) and Mertha Agard...

Agnes Heyman papers, 1978-1992.

Consists of certificates and letters of appreciation given to Heyman for her work for the city of San Francisco and her volunteer endeavors.

Agnes M. Donnelly photograph album [graphic]

Album of Agnes M. Donnelly includes photographs of babies and children, mothers with newborn infants, of Agnes Donnelly and friends and family, and of her cousin James O'Neill, rector of the Church of the Holy Family in Glendale. Other photographs...

Agnes Tobin papers, 1903-1911, undated.

Typescript copy of Jean Racine's Phédra; correspondence concerning Tobin's activity and interest in writing; drafts of Tobin's poetry and translations of works by other authors. Includes letters to and from Agnes Albert concerning the collection, 1980, and a list of...

Agreement with Conrad Bickel : San Francisco : DS, 1865 July 5.

Re transfer of stock in Las Chuscas Silver Mining Company (San Antonio District, Baja California)

Agreement with Thomas D. Bonner and Joseph S. Davis for publication of his life and adventures : D, [1854 Nov. 2]

Positive photostat of the agreement recorded in Plumas Co., Calif., Nov. 10, 1854 in which he agreed to relate his experiences; Bonner to record them and prepare the manuscript for publication; Davis was to advance money for publication; and they...

Agricultural economics : teaching research and writing ; University of California, Berkeley, 1922-1969 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1969-1971.

Career as professor, University of California, with comments on College of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Economics, and Giannini Foundation; his research and publications on marketing, farm management, cooperatives, etc. Photographs inserted. Appended: list of publications. With this: tributes to Mary...

Agriculture and flood-related photographs [graphic]

Photographs and a small number of postcards relating mainly to agriculture. Collection includes pictures of Tuolumne River (?) flood of 1938; dams; a series of photos documenting a truck accident; farming equipment.

Agustín de Iturbide collección de documentos.

Includes military diary, 1812-1813; official correspondence with Mexican officials; orders, proclamations; accounts; personal correspondence relating to the revolutionary period in Mexico; official documents while emperor. Also included are papers relating to his family and to the settlement of his estate,...

Agustín Flores family correspondence, 1909-1916.

Letterpress copybook of correspondence between Agustín Flores, owner of a hide and bone company in San José del Cabo, Baja California, Mexico, and various relatives and businesses between the years 1909 and 1916. Loose correspondence inserted in front, and interleaved...

The AIDS epidemic in San Francisco : oral history transcript : the response of community physicians, 1981-1984 / 2000.

Psychiatrist and advocate for gay medical causes in the early AIDS epidemic / Richard Lee Andrews, M.D. AIDS clinician and medical educator / James M. Campbell, M.D. Dermatologist treating the first Kaposi's sarcoma patient diagnosed in San Francisco / James...

The AIDS epidemic in San Francisco : oral history transcript : the response of the nursing profession, 1981-1994. Regional Oral History Office, the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 1999-[ongoing].

Journalist of the early AIDS epidemic in San Francisco / Michael J. Helquist. The AIDS Home Care Program of Visiting Nurses & Hospice of San Francisco / Jeannee Parker Martin. Nurse coordinator of UCSF's first AIDS clinic / Helen K....

The AIDS epidemic in San Francisco : the medical response, 1981-1984 : oral history transcript. Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library, University of California Berkeley, 1995-[ongoing].

Charting the epidemiological course of AIDS / Selma K. Dritz. Public Health Director : the bathhouse crisis, 1983-1984 / Mervyn F. Silverman ; interviews conducted by Sally Smith Hughes in 1992 and 1993.

Aikin, Charles Papers relating to the Hoover Commission, 1947-1949.

Cartons 1-3: correspondence, agenda and minutes of meetings, press releases, charts, work programs and schedules, progress reports, etc.; cartons 3-13; task force reports, staff reports and related material; cartons 13-14; drafts of sections of the final reports; carton 15; printed...

Air Raid Warden Post 1675B records, 1942.

Contains log book, householder's questionnaires, correspondence, bulletins, scrapbook and ephemera relating to protecting the Pacific Coast in Brentwood Heights, Los Angeles, Calif. during the beginning of World War II. Log book contains entries of activities done while on watch. Householder's...

Aircraft photographs [graphic].

Photographs show commercial passenger aircraft of Pan-American Airways and Qantas, both in flight and on the ground. Also shows loading and unloading. Locations include Australia and the United States.

Al Leong photographs of the United States Army in occupied Japan.

Includes snapshots of Al Leong and his friends taken during their service in the U.S. Army, mostly in post-World War II Japan. Includes photographs of U.S. soldiers at base and in various urban and tourist locations. Also includes snapshots of...

A.L. Pinart collection of linguistic and ethnological material relating to the indians of Arizona, 1868-1876.

1. Vocabulario de la lengua Maricopa. 1876. [19] p. 25 cm. Obtained at Pima Indian Agency.; 2. Vocabulario de la lengua Apache-Chiricahua. 1876. [18] p. 26 cm. Obtained at Camp Bowie, Arizona; accompanied by linguistic note.; 3. Vocabulary of the...

A.L. Pinart collection of linguistic and ethnological material relating to the Indians of British Columbia and western Canada, circa 1872-1880.

Includes list of words in the Cowitchin dialect, 1876, compiled at the Cowitchin Mission, Vancouver Island; religious texts and list of works in Cowichan, copied by Pinart June 6, 1880, from the papers of T.B. Seghers; Vocabulaire de Tchinkitane ......

A.L. Pinart collection of linguistic material related to the Micmac Indians of Nova Scotia, 1875?.

Prayers, instructions, psalms, and hymns in the Micmac language, and Micmac ideograms, probably copied from the manuals of Abbé Pierre Maillard and Rev. Christian Kauder.

A.L. Pinart collection of linguistic material relating to the Indians of Mexico, circa 1571-1879.

Original documents written in or pertaining to the native languages; vocabularies compiled by or prepared for Pinart; and copies of manuscripts and published works, mainly religious in character, made by Pinart.

Al Rojas poster collection [graphic].

Includes 2 posters promoting the Annual Cesar E. Chavez March in Sacramento, Calif. Both posters depict Chavez; 2010 poster also depicts Rojas.

Al Young letters : to Ted Wilentz : TLS, 1969-1978.

Concerns publishing matters, teaching, reading tours and domestic news. Also includes comments about current events occurring around him including the People's Park confrontation in 1969.

Al Zampa Memorial Bridge construction scenes /

Photographs document construction of the Al Zampa Memorial Bridge (the third Carquinez Bridge), especially various activities of the iron workers.

[Alameda and Oakland aviation photographs].

Snapshots and professional views of aviation in and above Alameda, Oakland, other San Francisco Bay Area locations and beyond. Includes views of the development and early years of the Alameda Airport (later acquired by the U.S. Army and known as...

Alameda County and the California Legislature : 1935-1958 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1973-1977.

Comments on his father, state senator Arthur H. Breed, Sr.; association with Earl Warren; Alameda Co. politics; service as state assemblyman and state senator; controversial issues during his time in office, such as public health, health insurance, etc. Copies of...

Alameda County Anti-Division League records, 1921.

Includes correspondence, resolutions, promotional material, signatures, and census statistics from an organization created to block passage of a charter that would restructure the local government of Alameda County, California.

Alameda County, California tax receipts, 1863-1885.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

The Alameda County District Attorney's Office and the California : oral history transcript / and related material, 1971-1976.

Study of law at University of California, Berkeley, class of '32; working in Alameda County district attorney's office from 1933; administration of the office and highlights of more important cases; impressions of Earl Warren as district attorney, attorney general and...

Alameda County Motorcycling Association records, 1911-1915.

Box 1: correspondence, mainly concerning the organization of meetings with other clubs; accounts; applications for membership; and minutes of the California Motorcycle Day Committee, June-July 1914. Box 2: accounts; donations and subscriptions; and miscellany.

Alameda County oil wells of the Atlantic and Western Oil Co. photograph album.

Includes photographs of oil wells and other oil field structures in the hills near Livermore, Alameda County, Cailf. Appearing in most photographs are oil field workers and unidentified oil officials, possibly affiliated with the Atlantic and Western Oil Co. Clippings...

Alameda County records, 1854-1899.

Includes citizens' pledges to contribute to county expenses; documents of justice court (Oakland) and district court; abstracts relating to the waterfront of Oakland; miscellaneous receipts and documents.

Alameda County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children records, 1914-1915.

Includes certificate and articles of incorporation, copy of by-laws, minutes of meetings, secretary's reports, subscription lists, lists of directors and board members.

Alameda girl photos.

Snapshots of a young lady and friends.

Alan Cranston letters : to Susan and Otto Meyer, 1980 May.

Contains letter of thanks for campaign fund raising dinner hosted by the Meyers and another letter about his son Robin's death.

[Alan Cranston publicity photographs].

Publicity photographs of U.S. Senator Alan Cranston taken during his political career, chiefly portraits and scenes of the senator at work.

Alan Haber and Odile Hugonot-Haber papers, approximately 1970-1995.

The collection contains flyers, mailings, newsletters, and various publications from local and national Jewish and other religious organizations. It also includes personal notes and correspondence.

[Alan K. Beales collection of 19th century photographs of Japan and Egypt].

Chiefly commercial tourist views of Japan and Egypt from the late 19th century. Hand-colored photographs from Japan include group and individual portraits of Japanese women, possibly courtesans, modeling kimonos and other articles of traditional attire, or posing in everyday scenes...

Alan K. Browne papers, 1933-1987.

Collection contains correspondence and subject files related to the professional career of Alan K. Browne, Senior Vice President at Bank of America and President of the San Francisco Bond Club.

Alan Kaufman papers, 1995-1996.

The collection contains Volume 17 of Long Shot (1995); an anthology of Jewish writing entitled It's the Jews: A Celebration of New Jewish Visions; the first issue of Davka: Jewish Cultural Revolution (Winter 1996), which contains Kaufman's poem, "Who Are...

Alan, Owen. Photographs from Alan Owen's Manuscripts of stories relating to California and the West.

Photos show buildings in disrepair; a horse and wagon, and Nez Perce Indians in Idaho; a general view of Seattle; ships (in Seattle?) and people leaving Seattle for Alaska; dogs headed for the Klondike, etc. One photo shows Howard V....

Alan Probert papers, 1927-1984.

The papers contain correspondence, articles, and subject files relating to Probert's career and writing. Oversize folder 1 contains mining diagrams; oversize folder 2 contains maps of Mexico.

Alaska and other Pacific state views from the William E. Ritter papers.

Photoprints, negatives and a few postcards encompassing many Pacific state locations. Alaska: includes two panoramas mounted on cloth, many photographs of Alaskan scenes, mining sites and glaciers. Many photos related to the Harriman Alaska Expedition of 1899 including expedition equipment...

Alaska and Siberia photographs from a journey on the S.S. Buford.

Many scenic views and photographs of passengers on the S.S. Buford (which bears "San Francisco Chamber of Commerce" painted large on side of ship). Locations and natural attractions depicted include Nome, Juneau, Seward, Wrangell Island, Unalaska, Teller, Ketchikan, Pribiloff Island,...

Alaska and western United States travel albums.

Photographs show Alaska scenery and towns of Skagway (including Red Cross hospital), Fort Wrangel (totem poles), White Pass, and Sitka (Russian trading post, Episcopal Church, etc.) Alaska views also show men and women fishing. and native American men, women and...

Alaska and Yukon stereograph collection.

Miscellany includes views of Alaska and Yukon towns, gold miners and gold mining.

Alaska archives, from Oonalaska and St. Paul's Island : ms., [1878?].

Census data for Unalaska; baptismal records at Sitka, 1805-1819; translation of a petition by inhabitants of Unalaska for the removal of Ivan Laduigin, an objectionable character, 1878; translation and Russian text of an undated Chief's Address to Sea Otter Hunters.

Alaska boundary survey : photographic album.

Views of Alaskan landscapes, the upper Yukon river, Alaskan Boundary Survey team members, native Alaskans, Camp Davidson and 40 Mile Creek, Alaska during the 1889-1891 survey.

Alaska Central Railway photograph album

Album of snapshots and professional-quality photographs chiefly depicting construction of the Alaska Central Railway. Locations include Seward (founded as the terminal for the railway) and Valdez. Views of dog sleds, sawmills, railroad cuts, and lines of track are present. Album...

The Alaska collection.

Preliminary finding aid available; individual items also indexed in pictorial card file.

Alaska Commercial Building construction photographs [graphic]

Detailed construction photographs of the building, of the complete exterior and interior, including offices with people, from Sept. 1906 through March 1908. The building stood at the N.E. corner of California and Sansome Streets, San Francisco.

Alaska expedition photographs.

Photographs, most taken or collected during 1929-1931 patrol duty on U.S. Coast Guard cutter Northland. Shows towns and settlements visited, native peoples, ships and other members of the expedition, wildlife (walruses, seals and sea birds in particular), etc. Includes some...

Alaska gold rush.

Views mostly in and around Nome, but some other places in Alaska; includes photographs of Alaskan natives.

Alaska in watercolor [graphic] /

Title supplied by cataloger.

Alaska lot of photographs.

Town views and mining activity. Includes Grand Forks (Gold Hill, El Dorado Creek).

Alaska mining photographs /

Photographs show the construction of railways, flumes, power plants, dams (Salmon Creek Dam), etc. Also pictured are workers' housing, camps, construction equipment, explosives, and many examples of electrical machinery (crushers, etc.). Most photographs are from Alaska, a few are from...

Alaska mining region views /

Captioned: Gold miners and their Dog Teams, Dyea Trail, Alaska -- Transfer Point at St. Michael's en route to Dawson City, Alaska -- Prospectors Returning to Camp, 62 [degrees] Below Zero, Alaska -- Searching for the Dead after Snow Slide...

Alaska Miscellany, [1878-188-?].

1. McCrary, George Washington, 1835-1890. Letter as Secretary of War to H.H. Bancroft. Washington, D.C. December 3, 1878. 1 p. L.S. 27 cm. Concerning papers formerly belonging to the Russian American Fur Company. 2. Thompson, Richard Wigginton, 1809-1900. Letter as...

Alaska Miscellany, [ca. 1878].

Translations from the Russian of articles by Alexander Petrovich Sokolov and Peter Simon Pallas, extracts taken from the transcribed journal of James Douglas [BANC MSS P-C 11], and notes on Alaska trade digested, 1877, from the commercial correspondence of Agapius...

Alaska miscellany [graphic].

Title supplied by cataloger.

Alaska Miscellany. ms.

Concerns Ivan Petrov's writings regarding Alaska and its Russian occupation, publications regarding Indians of Alaska and archeology, Captain Roald Amundsen and the crew of Gjoa, 1959 Alaska elected officials signatures, canonization of Father Herman, Russian orthodox Church in Alaska, the...

Alaska papers, [ca. 1871-1877].

Mss. in English, Russian, French, German, Latin, and Alaskan dialects. Box 1 contains sketch maps and drawings of Alaskan terrain with legends in French, Russian, and English; ethnological notes on the Aleuts and others; and miscellaneous reference notes, mainly bibliographical....

Alaska photo album.

From Leslie Potenzo ;

Alaska photograph album.

Includes photographs of scenery, people, streets and businesses, mining activities, shipping, railroads, and fishing industry, some of interiors of a processing plant. Two photographs show tomatoes and melons growing in hot houses. Photographs taken in Juneau, Tanana, Seward, Fairbanks, but...

Alaska photographs /

Includes studio portraits and other photos of Eskimos and their caches and igloos near Cape Douglas, Alaska. Also included are views of the Salmon Lake area (Leland's camp), dredges of Three Friends Mining Co., Tanana Lumbering Company, hydraulic mining at...

Alaska photographs relating to Roald Amundsen /

Includes photos relating to Gjoa expedition lead by Roald Amundsen and numerous views of Alaska towns (unidentified) and their native and new inhabitants. A number of portraits, some including Amundsen, are present. Several photos of the Gjoa ship and Amundsen's...

Alaska pictorial miscellany.

210 photographs including Juneau, businesses, ships, glaciers, sled dogs, and eskimos and their homes. Dawson (Yukon) views include: street scenes, hotles, the Chilkoot Pass, the Good Samaritan Hospital, doctor's office interior, etc. Also views of gold and mining operations and...

Alaska scrap book, 1868-1870.

Clippings mostly from San Francisco newspapers, some in Russian. Two letters from Honcharenko, 1877 and 1909, concern material he supplied to the Bancroft Library.

Alaska views [graphic]

Includes views of Sitka (including the Bay, and the exterior and interior of the Russian Orthodox Church), Juneau, the Muir Glacier, and various unidentified harbor scenes.

Alaska views: Indians, mining equipment, Juneau, and other views.

Includes sea-planes and other small planes in and around Juneau, gold mining equipment, hydraulic mining, an aerial view of Juneau, Alaska-Juneau Gold Mill, an Eskimo village and dwellings, Eskimo Indians fishing, in kayaks, drying fish, and doing other daily tasks.

Alaska, Yukon, and British Columbia postcard views [graphic]

Views include towns, street scenes, glaciers, mountains and landscapes, mining scenes, steamboats and trains, sled dogs, native persons, and totem poles.

[Alaska-Juneau Gold Mine and Gastineau Mill photographs].

Small format professional photographic prints depicting various aspects of gold mining in the Alaska-Juneau Gold Mine. Views show miners at work in mines and mining equipment. Scenes of Alaska Gastineau Mill are also included.

Alaskan gold rush album.

Chiefly snapshots recording sites related to the Alaska gold rush. Locations include Kotzebue Sound, the Kobuk River, Reilly Camp (or "Reillyville"), and Nome. Includes views of miners and ship's passengers and crew, eskimos and their elevated burial platforms, river steamers,...

Alaskan photograph album.

Snapshots and professional photographs of salmon catches, native Alaskans, reindeer, landscapes, coastlines, towns, and numerous views of ships, shipwrecks and ships in ice. Also present are several views of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (Seattle, 1908), the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone,...

Alaskan scenes [graphic]

Photographs show Dawson patrols (men in furs) at Fort MacPherson; a Sunday School picnic, a midnight ball game in Fairbanks, a mining camp and other mining scenes, marathon race runners in Fairbanks, Mrs. Willis high diving into the Chena River...

Alaskan views.

Photographs show the Yukon river, Sitka (including the Greek [Russian] church), an Indian dance house, a ship loading at a dock, Taku Glacier, and other scenes.

Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition construction photographs [graphic]

Photographs show construction scenes at the exposition site in Seattle, Wash. Pictured are interior and exterior views and finished buildings including: agriculture, hospital, auditorium, chemistry, fisheries, mines, cascades, powerhouse, etc. Also includes many views of construction equipment.

Albert Adelson letters : San Francisco, Calif., to Senator McCumber and President Wilson : TL, 1918 Oct. 5 and 1919 Sep. 14.

Adelson writes to President W. Wilson on Oct. 5, 1918 to offer his services as mediator in the controversy between the United States and Russia. As qualifications he states that he was Russian-born and his lineage comes from the most...

Albert and Melanie Senigaglia family papers and photographs, 1900-1960.

The collection consists of family documents, including immigration documents and correspondence from 1938 and 1939, as well as family photographs and some family ephemera.

Albert Dibblee papers, 1849-1895.

Correspondence and accounts (journals, ledgers, ships' accounts, etc.) of mercantile and shipping enterprises, chiefly in San Francisco. Papers for firms, Crosby and Dibblee, Dibblee and Hyde, included.

[Albert Elkus family photographs].

Chiefly portraits of multiple generations of Elkus and Britton family members, including Albert Elkus Sr., Bertha Elkus, Louis Elkus, Albert Elkus Jr., Fred Elkus, Cordelia de Young Elkus, Amelia Morange de Young, Rosetta Kahn Katten, Jonathan Britton Elkus and George...

Albert Elkus papers, circa 1900-1949.

Relates mainly to the clothing store in Sacramento founded by his father, Louis Elkus. Collection includes ledgers, trial balances, tax records, rental property accounts for real estate in Sacramento and Oakland, insurance policies, etc. Also included is material concerning the...

Albert Gaudry letters, 1896-1902.

Letters of the French paleontologist, some addressed to Stanislas Meunier.

Albert Groth ledger : ms., 1883-1887.

Accounts relating mainly to property in San Francisco. Many pages blank.

Albert Herbert Mundhenk papers, 1864-1976 (bulk 1928-1929).

Consists of draft letters and notes from Albert Mundhenk's trip abroad to Germany and France to study art. He describes his trip across the United States from California to Washington, D.C. and aboard the S.S. Munchen to Germany, including a...

Albert J. Johnson photograph collection.

Includes portraits and snapshots of Albert J. Johnson, his colleagues and friends, and many of the filmmakers whom he interviewed at festivals or was otherwise acquainted with. A large portion of the collection documents Johnson's travels abroad. Also depicted are...

Albert J. Loubet architectural records [technical drawing]

Architectural drawings, folded, previously stored in letter-file boxes numbered 1-75.

Albert Kaye Rollit letters, 1889-1890.

Regarding his social engagements.

Albert King Thurber journal and related papers, [ca. 1849-1881].

Typed transcript, with notes by Charles Kelly, of Thurber's original ledger in the possession of R.T. Thurber, Richfield, Utah.

Albert McDonald letters to his family, 1869-1870.

Written from Monterey and Castroville, Calif.

Albert P. Krueger papers, approximately 1966-1981.

Research in bacteriological warfare and, later, on air ions.

Albert Randolph Valliere collection, 1874-1966.

Collection contains two letters to Randolph Valliere, one from Joe E. Brown, and another from Sargent Shriver. Includes signed and printed acknowledgements (1932-1964) of birthday and Christmas greetings from Miss Harriet Banks to Herbert Hoover, as well as a letter...

Albert Schneider papers, 1852-1920 (bulk 1900-1920).

Collection contains correspondence, manuscript materials and other writings, biographical information, subject files relating to his work in pharmacy and botany and the professional societies to which he belonged. Also includes some information on the College of Pharmacy in San Francisco,...

Albert Shumate collection of Charles Warren Stoddard papers, circa 1881-1966 (bulk 1881-1909)

Letters written to Ina Coolbrith, Ina Cook and George Sterling, 1906-1909; letters to him from Samuel L. Clemens, Harrison Conrad, Rudyard Kipling, Frank Millet, Charles Rollo Peters, Richard Savage and Ina Coolbrith; MSS of two poems; clippings of his poems...

Albert Steiner papers, approximately 1900-1938.

Collection includes matriculation papers from the University of Vienna, an undated photograph of Albert and Pauline Steiner, taken in Vienna, and two portfolios of drawings, dated 1900-1902.

Albert Ulrich papers, 1934-1993.

Contains research and experiment notebooks, reprints, and a scrapbook of letters upon Ulrich's retirement from the Soils and Plant Nutrition Department at the University of California, Berkeley.

Alberto Beltrán correspondence with Emmanuel C. Montoya : and other material, 1978-2000.

Contains 142 handwritten letters of correspondence between Alberto Beltrán, a Mexican artist, and Emmanuel C. Montoya, a Mexican American printmaker living in San Francisco, California. 119 letters are from Beltrán to Montoya; 23 letters are Montoya's replies to Beltrán, consisting...

Albin I. Anderson letter to his wife : typescript (carbon), 1945 Jan.

An account of operations in Lingayen Gulf, Philippines during World War II; written by an ensign, U.S.N.R.

Album de bordado en máquina [realia].

Album of samples of machine embroidery, lace and other types of needlework, displaying styles and techniques as taught professionally in Mexico in the 1920s. Also includes Quiroga's 1924 diploma from la Escuela de Arte Industrial Corregidora de Querétaro, on which...

Album from a journey in Alaska

Clippings describe a trip from Albany, New York to Alaska. Photos show only the Alaska portion of the trip, focusing on Indians, other inhabitants, scenery, glaciers, views of Sitka, etc.

Album from a trip to Mexico [graphic]

Locations include: Mexico City, Teotihuacan, Mitla, Taxco, Cuernavaca, etc. Views depict street vendors, churches, pyramids, outdoor markets, buildings built by Zapotec Indians, and touristic views. Ca.30 postcards and other ephemera are included.

Album of an early family of Benicia, California [graphic]

Chiefly groups of family and friends at picnics and other leisure outings, photographed by amateur photographers. Individuals pictured include Captain and Mrs. J.C. Ayres, the Mizner family, R.S. Rodman, and members of the Carroll, Hooker, Adams, McAllister, McFarlane, Eldridge, Atherton,...

Album of California photographs [graphic] /

An album of snapshots, primarily of San Francisco Bay Area scenes but also depicting numerous locales in Northern and Southern California. Includes domestic scenes of family, friends, pets, family vegetable garden and orchard, as well as civic events and local...

Album of California scenes [graphic]

Photographs show California scenery, mining, historic buildings in the Monterey area, and other historic sites.

Album of costume designs for the Hannover Opera [graphic] /

Costume drawings for opera productions. Also includes 2 brief letters from the artist, dated 1880, his printed calling card with a note on verso, and a cabinet card portrait of tenor Anton Schott in costume for the role of Joseph.

[Album of early California views by William Hayes Hilton].

Photographic reproductions of 4 paintings by William Hayes Hilton depicting scenes from early California, perhaps related to the artist's personal experiences as a miner and rancher.

Album of family photographs associated with the navy ship Bennington.

Chiefly snapshots of locales and family activities in Hawaii, California, Norfolk (Virginia), Fort George Island, and Cape Vincent (New York). Includes some professional photographs of the U.S.S. Bennington, its crew, the victims of its explosion in San Diego, Calif., and...

[Album of French engravings depicting scenes related to the Second Mexican Empire].

Album of clippings of wood engravings from various French travel journals and other publication sources depicting Mexico during France's campaign for the Second Mexican Empire under Maximillian. Scenes depict cities, villages and topography throughout Mexico; various military activities; and a...

Album of Mexico views.

Includes snapshots and prints taken or acquired during a trip to Mexico. Includes those on the excursion (including several women sightseers), churches and historic buildings, local peoples, cityscapes, city street scenes, etc.

Album of photographs of Hawaii /

Album includes mainly views of Hawaii, especially Honolulu and Oahu (some Hilo). Many views of the Consulat de France (Hawaii) foreign diplomatic staff, and the residences of Paul Neumann and the Herbert family. Some of A. Vizzanova's cottage (Chancelier de...

Album of photographs of the Palace Hotel, San Francisco.

An album of photographs of the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, with news clippings and ephemera pasted in. Many clippings relate to attorney George Mara, the Democratic Convention of 1920, and events in Bridgeport, Conn. Also included are short inspirational verses...

Album of photographs of the San Francisco earthquake and fire [graphic]

Collection contains commercial photographic prints taken in San Francisco during and after the disaster of 1906. The views show cityscapes (including several sections of a panoramic view from atop Fairmont Hotel, Nob Hill), fires burning, earthquake and fire damage, refugees...

Album of photographs taken in Hawaii [graphic]

Contains posed photographs of natives (horseback rider, fisherman, aloha girls), Queen Liliuokalani and Princess Kiolani, and various buildings (Palace, Princess Ruth's residence and various hotels).

Album of scenes from a trip across the western United States [graphic]

Album contains snapshots and professional views which appear to be from a (train?) trip across the western United States, including Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, and "home to Cincinnati, Ohio." Portraits of Alaskan Indians, Nez Perce...

Album of scenic views of Idaho.

Includes views of lakes, rivers and mountains in Idaho.

Album of snapshot photographs of the Fiesta de las Flores, Los Angeles.

The Fiesta de Los Angeles was started in 1894, discontinued for the Spanish American War (1898?) and reinstituted as the Fiesta de las Flores in 1901.

Album of snapshots including swimmers, scenery, and an automobile wreck [graphic]

Views include snapshots of friends or family of the unidentified compiler, scenery in Oregon, Nevada, and numerous California locations (including Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and other Sierra Nevada places), people swimming, and two views of a car wreck. Some postcards included.

Album of snapshots of Mexico [graphic]

Views from an unidentified Mexican city in the hills show a bull fight, market streets with vendors selling produce, buildings, street scenes, women doing chores, men in large hats and serapes, children, plazas, railroads, and other scenes from everyday life....

Album of the Aerographic Co. : photographs and TLS, 1930.

Includes 24 photographs from Los Angeles Metropolitan area, showing dirigibles, and photographic equipment used by F.M. Huddleston.

Album of trip through the United States.

Includes many views in San Francisco, Yosemite, and other California locations. Some photographs of Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona, and some East Coast and western Canada views.

Album of views in China, Japan, Alaska, and California [graphic].

Chiefly professionally photographed views of China and Japan. Many are in and around Hong Kong, with a few of Canton. A view of beheaded pirates is present. Japanese scenes, some of which are hand-colored, include views as well as posed...

Album of views of Mayaro Lodge, Calif. [graphic]

Views of cabins, leisure activities (swimming, badminton, horseshoes, etc.), and wooded environs of a small resort in California's Feather River Canyon (Butte County.)

Albums of California and Hawaii views [graphic]

Views of Hawaii include Oahu College, Oahu scenery, water sports (including surfing), and agriculture. Views from a road trip to Eureka, Calif. show fishing, countryside, the car and road, Views of Stanford University show buildings, snapshots of students, football games...

Alcatraz military scrapbook pages.

Contains four photographs of buildings and grounds of Alcatraz Island when it served as a military prison. Also present are views of Fort Winfield Scott, a residential building at Fort Mason (Black Point), other views of San Francisco Bay, and...

Alden H. Miller papers, 1926-1965.

Manuscripts, notes, subject files, correspondence, lecture notes, course outlines, and photographs concerning his interest and activity in ornithology and the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.

Alden H. Miller papers relating to the Cooper Ornithological Society, circa 1949-1965.

Primarily relating to the proxy fight of 1964. Box 1: primarily meeting minutes and founding documents. Box 2: primarily correspondence, subject files, and some financial information. Card file boxes: proxy cards.

Alder Farm, Fruitvale, California.

Professionally produced idyllic rural views of a house, stables or barns, rolling hills, cattle, and horses on the Magee family's Alder Farm in the Fruitvale area of Oakland, California. Some family members are depicted. Images of oak groves, eucalyptus lined...

Aldous Huxley letters, 1930-1941.

Three letters, l930, to George Wilson Knight commenting on Shakespearian productions; 1941 letter addressed to Jack Spicer.

Alejandrino G. Hufana papers, 1969-1970.

Include drafts of Oratorios and sketches.

Aleph Zadik Aleph, Monterey Bay Chapter, Number 355 charter, 1939 Oct.

Charter membership certificate for Aleph Zadik Aleph's Monterey Bay Chapter, Number 355 in Santa Cruz, California.

Aleph Zadik Aleph records, 1955-1965.

Contains minutes; photographs; membership lists; newsletters and yearbooks; and programs and convention material relating to the sports, oratory, religious, community service, social, and cultural committees.

Alessandro Malaspina collection relating to the Malaspina expedition, 1789-1792.

Manuscript documents by Malaspina and others containing information on logistics, organization, and scientific activities of the Malaspina Expedition to the Pacific Coast of America. References to astronomical observations, cartography, natural history, and scientific instruments as well as logistical information regarding...

Alex Zwerdling papers, 1954-2007.

Contains manuscript drafts, research notes, and publication files for Zwerdling's books, The Rise of the Memoir, Virginia Woolf and the Real World, and Improvised Europeans. Also contains course materials and professional activities files.

Alexander Barclay papers : additions, 1844-1884.

Indentures, promissory notes and related papers, originals and copies, concerning the La Junta grant in New Mexico upon which Barclay's Fort was built; and papers relating to the settlement of Barclay's estate under the administration of William Kroenig and Moritz...

Alexander E. Wagstaff papers, approximately 1863-1915.

Collection includes two letters written to Mary "Mollie" Martin (sister of Wagstaff's wife, Jennie), dated April 21, 1863 from La Grange, Tennessee and March 15, 1864 from Scottsboro, Alabama, while serving in the Civil War as part of the 103rd...

Alexander Hildebrand Sierra Club papers, 1927-1971.

Papers relating to Alexander Hildebrand's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Alexander, Julian Don Photographs from India : and other material, 1979-1989.

Contains six photographs (5x7, b&w) of people and sacred sites in India taken in 1987-1989. Also includes a 1979 copy of six typescript pages from a 97-page appraisal of the Tibetan Art and Library of Theos C. Bernard done by...

Alexander Lyman Churchill papers, 1865-1908.

Diary, 1855-1886, kept while engineer on U.S. Revenue cutter Bear, New York to Valparaiso and the Arctic; related vouchers and accounts; and letters from the U.S. Dept. of Treasury written by W.E. Chandler, G.S. Boutwell and others, and from the...

Alexander M. de Bree letters : ALS : and related materials. 1844-1845

A few days out of Monterey, Calif. en route to Mazatlan. Describes his recent visit to Hawaii, remarking in particular on the "civilizing influence" of American missionaries, including observations on King Kamehameha and other members of the royal family. Of...

Alexander Mathew Poniatoff papers, 1948-1980.

Contains a small amount of personal and business correspondence from Poniatoff's years at Ampex, chiefly concerning company business, research, and personnel matters. Correspondents include Dr. Gordon Havstad, James W. Havstad (of the Sanborn Company in Mass.), Harrison Johnson (of the...

Alexander P. Maksutov papers, 1854-1925.

Photographs, pamphlets, maps and manuscripts, including his military service record in 1879. Mainly relate to his military service in Russia from 1847, and his participation in the battle of Petropavlosk in 1854.

Alexander Pratt papers, 1911-1938.

Correspondence (mainly copies), reports, legal papers, maps, etc., concerning agriculture, mining, and oil interests in Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama.

Alexander Schlocker's collection of Wetzlar and Frankenbusch family papers, 1912-1975.

The collection contains personal papers, financial and immigration records, and photographs of Fred and Alice Levin Wetzlar and of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Frankenbusch. The materials relate to the Wetzlar's and Frankenbusch's experiences after the Nazis came to power and...

Alexander Smith Johnson papers, 1864-1878.

In volume 1 are 162 letters and telegrams received, including many concerning the work of the commission: 73 from George Gibbs, 1864-1868, affording sidelights on affairs in Washington, D.C., during the Johnson Administration; 34 from Sir John Rose, 1864-1871; 20...

Alexander Smith Taylor papers, 1864-1872.

Includes letters to Albert Stebbins and clippings of Taylor's Precis India Californicus.

Alexander Thomas Leonard collection of letters and clippings relating to California authors, circa 1909-1942.

Included are letters written by Ina D. Coolbrith, Emma F. Dawson, Charles C. Dobie, Joseph H. Jackson, Ella Sterling Mighels, Douglas Tilden, Charles B. Turrill; and clippings about Gertrude Atherton, Ambrose Bierce, Gelett Burgess, Bret Harte, Helen Hunt Jackson, Charles...

Alexander Willard mining petitions : Guaymas, Mexico 1869.

Petition by Alexander Willard, an American, asking for an extension of a year for working the mines of the Copper Co. in the Nacozari district of Moctezuma. Referred to higher authority by prefect Martinez on May 31. Order from Pesqueira...

Alexander William Kinglake letters, 1874-1890.

Originally part of the Foot Collection.

Alexandre Bruel papers, circa 1862-1912.

Includes correspondence, administrative papers, lecture notes and materials on the Benedictine Abbey at Cluny.

Alexandre Dumas letters : ALS, [1840-1865?]

Two letters (2 p.) presumably by Alexandre Dumas, père. One is addressed to Monsieur Merle, rue Blanche, [Paris?]; the other is a brief note addressed simply to "Cher Maitre."

Alexandroff, Paul W. Photographs of the Kamchatka Region, Siberia [graphic] /

Includes general views of the region, churches, dwellings, cemetery, inhabitants, wildlife, hunting, etc.

Alexis Bachelot letter fragments : AL, [undated].

Part of a collection of manuscript materials associated with the Franciscan missions in California. For other items in the collection, search under title: California mission miscellany, 1630-1830.

Alexis Frederick Lange papers, [ca. 1910-1923].

Correspondence, Mss. of articles and talks, lecture notes, and clippings, re his teaching career at the University of California, Berkeley, and the establishment of the School of Education. Included are letters from Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Milicent W. Shinn, C.E. Brooks,...

Alexis N. Kniazeff photograph collection.

Assembled by Kniazeff, documenting Russians and Russian organizations, primarily after the revolution, in California. Includes albums of Russian boy scout activities in Harbin, China, and some family albums (from Russian, China, and California). Also included: one envelope of unprinted negatives.

Alfonso Pulido Islas papers, circa1890-1978 (bulk 1930-1950).

Course outlines and materials, student theses, reports, writings by economists, records from the Departamento Autónomo de Prensa y Publicidad.

Alfonso Townsend "Red Purge" trial photographs

Newswire photographic prints documenting "Red Purge" trial of suspected communist Alfonso Townsend in Corona, Riverside County, Calif. Prints depict Townsend, Corona City Hall, Justice McCauley, a jury selection scene, and sheriff's deputies.

Alfred A. Cohen correspondence, 1871-1884 (bulk 1884).

Contains letters and telegrams from Hall McCallister and other business associates. Also includes legal notes.

[Alfred A. Hart stereograph views of Central Pacific Railroad construction].

Stereograph views of construction of the Central Pacific Railroad, taken in various unidentified locations. Scenes include a valley with a river in the distance (77?), construction cars and lumber along a river or other body of water (234), a graded...

Alfred Cumming papers : 1857-1865.

Papers relating to Cumming's term as governor of Utah Territory, 1857-1861, including commissions, letters received, letterpress copies of letters sent, and scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and printed documents; letters by his wife Elizabeth Wells (Randall), and two letters by his...

Alfred Greene photograph collection.

Chiefly commercial photographs by Alfred Greene (of Berkeley and Oakland), and by his son Max W. Greene (of Los Angeles). Includes public buildings, iron work, street scenes, portraits, and Greene family portraits and snapshots. Includes several photographic studio interiors.

Alfred Hall papers, 1853-1867.

Letter, Jan. 1, 1853, from Alfred Hall and his family on arrival at Olympia, Wash. Ter.; promissory note, 1862, from Alleck [sic] C. Smith to William Wright; letters, 1866-1867, from James H. Wilbur and William Wright at Ft. Simcoe.

Alfred Henry Jacobs papers and photographs, 1894-1954.

The collection consists of biographical material relating to Alfred Henry Jacobs and his father, Julius Jacobs, including Julius' 1863 certificate as an "Exempt Fireman of the Fire Department of the City and County of Sacramento" and an illuminated In Memoriam...

Alfred James Waterhouse papers, 1890-1944.

The Alfred James Waterhouse papers, 1890-1944 contain, primarily, correspondence from and to Waterhouse. Of note are letters to and from his daughter, Ruth Waterhouse Bush, detailing their estrangement and reconciliation. Other correspondents include Harry E. Bush, Edmund Vance Cooke, Mary...

Alfred James Waterhouse photograph album.

Album contains snapshot photographs of leisure activities involving Alfred James Waterhouse and his family, especially his daughter Dorothy Waterhouse. Also includes photographs of Waterhouse homes and other residences. Joaquin Miller is pictured in two photographs. Includes many photographs of family...

Alfred Keane Moe papers, 1898-1910.

Volume 1-2: letterpress copybooks, kept while U.S. Consul in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 1902-1904, containing some reports on political situations; volume 3: miscellaneous papers pertaining mainly to his consular activities in Dublin and Bordeaux, 1904-1910.

Alfred L. Foster papers, 1947-1992.

Contains articles, notes, and mathematical proofs concerning Alfred L. Foster's work as a mathematician and his study of universal algebra.

Alfred Métraux papers, approximately1932-1939.

Contains research notes on vocabularies of the Guaraní, Guayakí, Mataco, and Toba tribes of South America. Also includes small amount of draft articles and postcards of South American Indians. Most materials are not dated.

Alfred Rubery letters to George H. Coe, 1862-1865.

Letters concern a privateering scheme in San Francisco during the Civil War. With transcripts and related notes by Elisabeth Coe Adams.

Alfred Seymour Hopkins papers, 1963-2008 (bulk 1963-1976).

Contains correspondence, academic diplomas, awards, lectures, clippings, short stories, 3 videocassettes of Hopkins' dramatic performances, etc.

Alfred Todhunter papers, 1880-1887.

Deeds and mortgages for property in Napa County.

Alfred W. Baxter Sierra Club papers, 1952-1954.

Papers relating to Alfred W. Baxter's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Alfredo M. Campanella writings, 1910-1912.

Typescripts of articles relating to agricultural problems and foreign colonization ventures in Mexico.

Alfredo Terrazas mining records, 1904-1974.

Consists of operational, financial and historical reports and a reference binder on Mexican mining, as well as maps and diagrams. The collection focuses on the history and operations of the Sociedad Cooperativa Minero Metalúrgica Santa Fe de Guanajuato including a...

Alice B. Toklas correspondence with Prentiss Taylor, 1947-1955.

Contains 6 letters, 1 postcard, and 4 envelopes from Alice B. Toklas to Prentiss Taylor, and 4 carbon copies of letters from Prentiss to Alice.

Alice B. Toklas interview with Roland E. Duncan : and related material, 1952.

Includes typed transcript (contemporary draft and final copies) of tape-recorded interviews conducted in Paris, November 28-29, 1952, relating primarily to Gertrude Stein's early life and the Stein family, and to Toklas' own family and upbringing in San Francisco. Also includes...

Alice B. Toklas letters : Paris and Italy, to Anne Low-Beer : ALS, 1951-1963.

Sixteen letters (23 pages) from Alice B. Toklas to Anne Low-Beer, mainly written from Paris, describing daily life, visits with mutal friends, distress at the publication of Gertrude Stein's biography in 1957, travels, expressing friendship, etc. Typed transcripts available for...

Alice B. Toklas letters to Joy Bea, 1955-1963.

Correspondence concerning the life and activities of Toklas while in the United States and Europe.

Alice Bransten Block papers, 1910-1990.

Collection contains biographical files; correspondence; writings; and photographs.

Alice Bucquet McCully family papers, 1824-2012.

Papers of and relating to the family and forbearers of Alice Bucquet McCully (1921-2020). Included are family trees and general family histories and notes on the Easton, Taylor, Howard/Hayward, Shafter, and Bucquet families. Also included are the following materials created...

Alice Eastwood collection, [1942?]-1953.

Letters, postcards, brochures, and ephemera related to the life of Alice Eastwood, the longtime curator of botany at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. One handwritten letter and one postcard are from Eastwood herself and addressed to a...

Alice Eastwood portraits and snapshots [graphic].

Includes portrait and snapshot photographs of Alice Eastwood. In the snapshots Eastwood is depected dining outdoors with friends, posing with a group before a flight to Stockholm, and exiting an airplane. Also depicted in some of the snapshots are Frances...

Alice Griffith papers, 1936, 1954-1955.

Include letter from James P. Shaw, director of the Hunters Point Project Committee; letter from Miss Griffith to Catherine Bauer Wurster concerning the first Telegraph Hill Neighborhood House in San Francisco, built by Bernard R. Maybeck; and copy of her...

Alice Grossman papers, 1950-1979.

The collection consists of some biographical materials, Alice Grossman's personal documents, including her World War II service discharge documents, a scrapbook with original letters and photographs, a small amount of correspondence, and a loose photograph. The scrapbook documents the time...

Alice Iola Hare papers, 1857-1926.

Consist of letters relating mainly to education in early Santa Clara, manuscripts of her writings, and a few newspaper clippings.

Alice Irene Burton scrapbook and photo album, 1918-1919.

Letters of appreciation, clippings, mementos and photographs relating to service as army nurse in Base Hospital No. 30 in France, during World War I.

Alice Lorraine Andrews papers, 1860-1983.

Materials from the estate of Alice Lorraine Andrews of Berkeley, California, daughter of Allie Newell, and grand-daughter of George Baker Newell. Alice Andrews was the owner of the Lola Montez House in Grass Valley, California, 1933-1970s. Boxes include guest registers...

Alice Lynch's account books of Tierra Redonda Ranch : San Luis Obispo Co., Calif., 1874-1910.

Collection consists of four volumes of sheep ranch, household and personal accounts kept by Alice M. Kennedy Lynch at Tierra Redonda Ranch in San Luis Obispo County, California, which was owned and operated by James and Alice Lynch. Volume 1...

Alice M. Reading collection of material relating to her father, Pierson B. Reading, 1930s.

Notes for chapters of contemplated biography; research notes; transcripts of letters from circa 1844-1867, by Reading and to him, including some from John A. Sutter and John Bidwell; 5 photostats from his journal of detail maps showing his route from...

Alice M. Stiles letters : Conn., from Cousin in San Francisco, Calif., circa 1859-1860.

Describes living in San Francisco, Calif. including a description of a fire.

[Alice MacGowan portrait photographs].

Two photographic portraits of author Alice MacGowan. The earlier portrait, depicting MacGowan standing, is date-stamped 1926 but is likely a reproduction of a portrait taken approximately 1900, if not earlier. This print also bears the stamp of photographer Boyé, although...

Alice Sachs Hamburg papers, 1981-1991.

The collection includes autobiographical materials relating to political and social activist Alice Sachs Hamburg; short writings by Hamburg; an invitation to a dinner at which Hamburg and five others were honored by Congressman Ron Dellums; and a transcript for an...

Alison Owings collection of materials on Native Americans, 1983-2012.

Contains Alison Owings' files related to to her book, "Indian Voices: Listening to Native Americans," which is a compilation of oral histories surveying a wide variety of Native people about aspects of contemporary life. Materials include audio copies of 39...

Allan Pollock papers, circa 1905-1911.

Relating primarily to work of San Francisco Relief and Red Cross Funds. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, financial documents, inter-office memoranda, meeting minutes, clippings, materials regarding San Francisco 1906 earthquake: supplies, refugee camps, U.S. Army general circulars.

Allan Temko collection of photographs on urban development, freeways, and architecture.

Transferred from the Allan Temko papers (BANC MSS 2006/125).

Allan Temko papers, circa 1950-2004.

Audio Visual materials transferred to the A/V Collections of The Bancroft Library.

Allen A. Hall correspondence : Bolivia : ms., 1868-1869.

24 letters to or from Allen A. Hall, United States ambassador to Bolivia. Includes correspondence with Secretary of State William Henry Seward, and with Bolivian officials. Subjects include political situation and events in Bolivia. Typed transcript included in each folder.

Allen family papers, 1853-1919.

Includes diaries of Oliver Allen, 1853-1880, concerning life in Point Reyes and Petaluma, construction of saw mills at Bolinas, the Pioneer Paper Mill at Daniel's Creek, and dairying in Marin County; and papers of his son, Charles D. Allen, including...

Allen Ginsberg memorial collection, 1997.

Program from memorial at Temple Emanu-El, San Francisco, April 20, 1997; poems written for Ginsberg by Neeli Cherkovski, Ivan Argüelles, Jake Berry, Jack Foley, Stephen Ronan, Clive Matson; and copies of newspaper clippings on Ginsberg.

Allen Nomura collection of Magic Theatre photographs [graphic].

Chiefly scenes from performances of the Magic Theatre.

Allen Press records, 1949-1990.

Correspondence, drafts, clippings, notes, covers, announcements, and designs for publications concerning the works of such writers as Jane and Robert Grabhorn, Gertrude Atherton, William Caxton, Joseph Conrad, Euripides, Henry James, Thomas Mann, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edith Wharton,...

Alliance for Technology Access records, 1987-1999.

Papers reflect the Alliance for Technology Access' role in promoting access to computers and education for children with disabilities. Collection includes articles and press releases; conference programs; financial and progress reports, including 1990-91 annual report; grant applications to the US...

Alma Lavenson papers, 1855-1985.

The collection consists of a copy of Alma Lavenson's oral history, an interview with her, genealogical material and family history, catalogues and publicity of her photography exhibitions, and photographs of Alma growing up and of her family.

[Almaryne and Myrtle Bivens family photographs].

Snapshot photographs pertaining to Bivens family members and other African Americans in Texas and California, chiefly depicted in domestic scenes and leisure outings. Identified individuals includes James Almaryne Bivens of Waco, Texas, who captioned one photo "myself", and Myrtle Bivens...

Almira Morrill letters, 1848-1852.

Concerns the feelings and activities of a ship captain's wife.

Almira Neff Wright Beam Enos papers, 1858-circa 1900.

Journal, 1858-1866, as Mrs. George W. Beam, a settler on Whidbey Island, Washington Territory. Intermittent entries recording pioneer life in Puget Sound area. Mention of Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Bozarth (neighbors), Major Haller, Samuel Hancock and others.

Alonso de Estrada Sosa documentos : Tula, Mexico : DS, 1582 Feb. 3.

Legal file concerning Estrada Sosa's complaint against Cristobal García, a free Black, including record of money and goods provided to García.

Alonso Núñez de Haro y Peralta papers : Mexico : D and ALS, 1777 Mar. 19-1796 Apr. 2.

Letters addressed or transmitted to the Archbishop, and copy of a document issued in his name, as follows.

Alonzo A. Hill letters : San Francisco, Calif. to Comfort Searle, Rindge, N.H., 1851-1853.

Contains 3 letters to a friend back home communicating the doings of other members of their company of miners and business in San Francisco. By 1853 Hill has become a police officer in San Francisco, William Gill has returned to...

[Alonzo E. Compton photographs of Native Americans, Albuquerque, pueblos and other New Mexico topics].

Snapshots and portraits depicting Native Americans of New Mexico and perhaps other Southwestern U.S. locations; snapshots of formal views of Albuquerque, Taos Pueblo, Isleta Pueblo, buttes, landscapes and other topics in New Mexico and perhaps elsewhere; Compton family portraits and...

Alonzo James Doolittle family portraits [graphic].

:1 Alonzo J. Doolittle in miner's clothing with two leather gold pokes (1/4 plate daguerreotype) -- :2 Alonzo J. Doolittle in patterned waistcoat (1/6 plate daguerreotype by Wm. C. North) :3 Alonzo J. Doolittle (close variant of :2, lacking case)...

Alonzo W. Adams papers, 1850-1851.

Documents relating to the investigation of Alonzo W. Adams' conduct as collector of foreign miners tax, California. Include deposition of Jules Carlo, miner, before the Senate investigative committee, signed also by J.J. Warner and David F. Douglass; the license to...

Alpheus B. Thompson papers, 1825-1864.

Contains 147 items of correspondence, legal documents and shipping documents concerning early California history. Following is a list of persons, ships and subjects related to the collection.

Alpheus Basil Thompson papers, 1847-1848.

Include order from Thompson to José Bolcoff for payment to William Blackburn, duplicate receipt for refunded military contribution, and letter from Bolcoff.

Alphonse Louis Pinart collection on the linguistics, ethnology, and geography of the Pacific islands and Australia, 1877-1885.

For the most part in Pinart's handwriting or with his library press-mark. Items cataloged individually and can be searched under title.

Alpin-Dudley Studios. Photographs of the restoration of missions in Sonora, Mexico [graphic]

Includes photos of the following missions: Altar, Caborca, Oquitoa[?], Pitiquito, San Ignacio, and Tubutama. Views of chapels and exteriors and interiors of missions, with emphasis on architectural details.

[Alsing family photograph album].

Chiefly snapshots documenting multiple generations of the Alsing family of Oakland and other Bay Area locations. Identified family members include H.P. Alsing, A.A. Alsing, Alvin Alsing, Rudi Alsing, Lea Alsing, Henry Alsing, L.N. Alsing, Walter Alsing, Clara Alsing and James...

Alsop & Company papers, 1856-1864.

Include power of attorney; letter announcing arrival of ship Eureka from Hongkong; and receipt for quicksilver to be delivered from New Almaden.

Alvah Cecil Bessie papers.

Includes clippings of news stories.

Alvaro Obregón letters : Mexico City, to Pat Neff, Austin, Tex., 1921-1922.

Three typescript letters, two in Spanish and one in English, from the president of Mexico, Alvaro Obregón, to the governor of Texas, Pat Neff, containing a series of requests for the release of 8 Mexican nationals imprisoned in Texas including...

Alverson, Rosana Margaret Kroh Blake Photographs from the Rosana Margaret Kroh Blake Alverson papers.

Photographs show views of San Francisco, Calif. some following the earthquake and fire of 1906, including: churches, city hall, the Tivoli Opera House, the Palace Hotel, mansions, street scenes, homes, temporary office and business structures (tents), and some views of...

Alvin Weingand papers, circa 1962-1966.

Includes state bills, subject files, news releases, and speeches while member of the California State Senate.

Alviso family genealogy charts, 1958.

Copies of genealogy charts for the Alviso family.

Alyce Sullivan Murphy papers, [ca. 1928-1933]

Some general correspondence, including letters from Gladys S. Doyle, Richard A. Gleeson and James D. Phelan; letters and cards of sympathy received after the deaths of her uncle, Senator Phelan, and her father, Francis J. Sullivan; and clippings, mainly obituaries.

A.M. Kidd papers, 1930-1936.

Subject files, manuscripts, pamphlets, clippings and correspondence relating to Kidd's activities at The University of California, Berkeley School of Law.

A.M. Robertson collection, 1901-1934.

Consists of correspondence and newspaper clippings relating to A.M. Robertson's publishing business. Correspondents include authors George Sterling, Clark Ashton Smith, Charles Warren Stoddard, Ina Coolbrith, Grace Hibbard, David Starr Jordan, and Louis A. Robertson. Newspaper clippings concern Robertson and his...

A.M. Sourdry collection of photographs pertaining to the Oakland Park Department.

Commercial photographs documenting various parks, projects and employees of the Oakland Park Dept., including Joaquin Miller Park, Lafayette Park, Lakeside Park, Children's Fairyland, Peralta Park and Oakland City Hall Plaza. Individuals depicted include O.P.D. landscape architect A.M. Sourdry and O.P.D....

Amadeo Tommasini papers, circa 1948-1980.

The papers contain Tommasini's Christmas keepsakes for 1955-1980 (including correspondence), speeches, general correspondence, and subject files pertaining to printing conferences and other printing topics.

Amador Central Railroad Company papers, [1908-1924]

Letters and forms directed to the Jackson, California station, from various agents, concerning freight and sale of tickets.

Amador County Calif. records, 1854-1893.

Includes record of marriages by a justice of the peace, 1873-1893; certificates of election or appointment to public office; posted bonds for public officials; declarations of intention to become citizens; documents in various legal transactions and court cases, including writs...

Amador County Mining records, 1872-1924.

Financial materials, correspondence, minutes, and notes concerning R.C. Downs, his superintendency of the Down's Mining Prospect, Lincoln Gold Mining Company, various water works, Keystone Mine, and State Compensation Insurance Fund.

Amador County records, circa 1850-1887.

Two bound volumes (one largely blank) and a few loose documents, all legal documents.

[Amalgamated Lithographers of America Local No. 17 pictorial art for labor strike].

Original art prepared by Amalgamated Lithographers of America Local no. 17, of San Francisco, for production of ephemeral material promoting and reporting on the union's labor strike of 1959-1960. Each "pictorial" (i.e. paste-up) includes illustrations (drawings, photographs and/or prints) and...

Amanda Ebert autograph album, 1892-1893.

Formerly: Judah L. Magnes Museum Collection Number 1977.003

Amateur movie memories of the Silver Screen Players [graphic]

Depicts members of the group during film making and stills from various identified productions.

Amateur photographs of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley area [graphic].

Photographs show many views from the Los Angeles, Calif. area: San Gabriel Mission, family activities (picnicking, pets, etc.), Laurel Canyon, West Lake Park, the garden and conservatory of amateur horticulturalist and Standard Oil executive J.C. Harvey (many detailed views of...

Ambrose Bierce and friends, from the Herman Scheffauer collection [graphic]

Studio and informal portraits of Ambrose Bierce, his friends (including Herman Scheffauer), and other related views.

Ambrose Bierce letters : to Lora Bierce, Berkeley, Calif., 1907-1913.

Contains 16 handwritten letters from Ambrose Bierce to his niece Lora in Berkeley, California. Also includes the original mailing envelopes, newspaper clippings, and a typescript letter to Ambrose Bierce from Sam W. Davis, editor of the The Daily Herald newspaper...

Ambrose Bierce letters : to S.O. Howes, 1898-1964 (bulk 1898-1915).

Contains 13 handwritten letters from Ambrose Bierce to his friend and editor, Silas Orrin Howes. Eleven are addressed to Howes in Galveston, Texas, and two to Howes in New York City. The earlier letters deal with numerous literary issues and...

Ambrotypes of Forest City, Calif. [graphic].

Views of Forest (also called Forest City, Calif.) show the main street with buildings and inhabitants (one building bears a sign reading "daguerrean room"); local citizens showing a variety of dress in front of a house; miners, trestles, ore carts,...

Amédée David Pastoret works : mss., [1822-183?].

Drafts, revisions and fair copies of published and unpublished works. v. 1-4: Histoire du XV siècle (v. 1-2, France; v. 3, Italy; v. 4, Portugal); v. 5-7: Marie Stuart en France; v. 8: Henry 2[sic], duc de Montmorency; v.; 9:...

Amelia E. Suly scrapbooks, [ca. 1840-1895].

Letters of her brother, Ralph Keeler (1840-1893), and clippings regarding his work and lectures in v.1. Clippings concerning various events and individuals (some poets) in v.2. Some photographs included. Items in v.1 pasted over accounts in former cash book, and...

[Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra airplane in flight over San Francisco Bay] : [with related correspondence].

Copy photograph of Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra plane in flight, probably over San Francisco Bay. Taken in 1937, some months prior to Earhart's disappearance while piloting this plane during a round-the-world flight. Photographic image redproduces autographs on the original of...

Amelia Keyser Stein diaries, 1878-1886.

Diaries kept by Gertrude Stein's mother during residences in Vienna, Paris and Oakland.

American and european coin collection [graphic].

Includes coins from United States, Spain, France, Great Britain, Mexico, Chios, Netherlands, Saxony, the Vatican, Austria, Germany, the Central American Republic and Guatemala. Also includes pre-Columbian copper "hoe" or "axe" pieces from Ecuador.

American Association for the Recognition of the Irish Republic, San Francisco Office records, 1920-1922.

Records of the American Association for the Recognition of the Irish Republic (A.A.R.I.R.) in California from 1920-1922; consisting primarily of correspondence, press releases and clippings at the state, district council, and branch levels, documenting its various activities, such as recruitment...

American Communications Association records, approximately 1941-1948.

Includes correspondence, communications, and other materials relating to Locals 101, 120, and 109 of the American Communications Association. In addition, the collection includes materials, mainly newspapers, produced by other telephone worker unions, as well as files relating to the ACA-CIO...

American Fur Company minutes of facts etc : ms., [undated].

Part of a collection titled Western Miscellany.

American Historical Association, Pacific Coast Branch papers, 1903-1912.

Includes letters to Henry M. Stephens from Ephraim D. Adams, Clyde A. Duniway and James D. Phelan; copy of report of secretary-treasurer, 1904; announcements and programs of meetings; and proceedings of the 1907 meeting.

[American Indian Community History Center poster collection.]

Collection of posters and other graphic material promoting various events -- e.g. exhibitions, concerts, powwows, demonstrations -- and other themes pertaining to Native American culture, history and politics.

American Library Association group portraits in Berkeley, San Francisco, and Riverside, Calif.

Panoramic portraits of members of the American Library Association in front of Doe Library at the University of California in Berkeley, at Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, and in Riverside.

American literary miscellany.

Letters, manuscripts and documents relating to American literature. Each item cataloged individually. Search under title: American literary miscellany.

American mining in the Parral collection 1847-1874.

Documents relating to the El Tajo and La Leona (a.k.a. La Prieta Leona) mines and the Parral Silver Mining Company located in Chihuahua, Mexico. Documents include production and expense figures, acts of incorporation in New York, sales of percentages of...

American National Red Cross correspondence : relating to earthquake relief efforts in Guatemala, 1918 Jan. 4-Feb. 5.

Contains typewritten carbon copies of mostly English language correspondence (8 letters, 33 p.) concerning relief efforts after a large earthquake struck Guatemala City. Includes correspondence between the chairman of the Red Cross Canal Zone Committee sent to Guatemala, Samuel W....

American Ornithologists' Union meeting portraits [graphic]

Items captioned: 48th Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union held at the Peabody Museum, Salem, Mass. Oct. 21-24, 1930 -- American Ornithologists' Union, Ottawa, Canada. Oct. 13th, 1926.

American poetry collection, circa 1956-1983, undated.

10 items concerning poetry and poets in the United States. Each item cataloged separately. See individual records for collection content.

American Smelting and Refining Co. blueprints, [ca. 1900-1925]

Representative blueprints of buildings (exterior and interior), machinery necessary for refining lead and zinc, and some buildings in the company town. Many of them have cost estimates broken down by supplies needed. Some constitute revisions of plant and/or machinery.

American Society for Virology records, 1980-2017.

Collection includes by-laws, correspondence, programs, meeting minutes, workshop materials, travel grant reports, documents concerning the founding of the Society, etc.

American Steel & Wire Co. photos [graphic]

1) Portland, Or. cable road incline -- 2) Mt. Lowe Ry. on summit of Echo Mountain. Pasadena in the distance -- 3) Method of transporting a wire rope in mountainous country.

American Steel & Wire Co. portraits of Pacific Works staff [graphic].

Two group portraits of employees in San Francisco, Calif. One large group portrait of men and women workers, ca. 1900, is posed in a company facility with wire cable and other products displayed. A smaller banquet group portrait pictures the...

The American table typescript, 1980.

Four volumes containing a typescript, with occasional manuscript edits, of a cookbook published in 1984, "The American table," by Ronald Johnson. Presented to Dorothy Neal, the dedicatee of another Johnson book, "The book of the green man," it is inscribed...

American Trust Company analyses : ms., [1927-1934]

v. 1: Brokers' reports, 1927-1931; v. 2: Brokers' reports, 1932-1934; v. 3: Special report on California banks, n.d.

American Veterans Committee, San Francisco Area Council records, 1945-1951.

The American Veterans Committee, San Francisco Area Council records document the activities of the California chapters of the organization. Included are meeting minutes, publicity, correspondence, newsletters, and organizational records. The collection also includes papers relating to the AVC's national conventions...

American Vineyard Company photographs.

Promotional photographs depicting vineyards of the American Vineyard Co., which specialized in the production and packaging of raisins in Fresno and Kings counties of California's San Joaquin Valley. Photographs illustrate various aspects of the raisin trade, including picking and curing...

American Wine Growers' Association records.

1: letterpress copybook, 1904-1909, kept by James Neel, treasurer, re membership dues, contributions to special funds, annual meetings.

America's far west [graphic] : nature photographs compiled for publication.

Scenery and views of nature, trees in Olympic National Park (Washington), Mt. Jefferson in Oregon, Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming) and one view of San Francisco, Calif. (by P. Jones.) Apparently images were intended for a Parnassus Press publication entitled:...

Ames family biographical materials, 1890.

Members of the family included Oakes (1804-1873), his brother Oliver (1807-1877), Oliver's son, Frederick Lathrop (1835-1893), and Oliver (1831-1895), the son of Oakes. Dictations by Frederick Lathrop Ames, W.L. Chaffin, and G.H. Campbell; letters by George H. Morrison, W.L. Chaffin,...

Amos Pinchot papers, 1914-1941.

Correspondence, press releases, and pamphlets relating to Pinchot's political interests, including activities of the America First Committee. Duplicates from the Pinchot Collection in the Library of Congress.

[Amos W. Elliott photographs of California and the American West].

Amateur views documenting University of California, Berkeley; California; the American West; and the personal activities of Amos W. Elliott.

Amy Kasai pictorial works depicting life in Japanese American internment camps.

Paintings, prints and drawings by Amy Kasai, documenting her experiences in Japanese-American internment camps during World War II. Works depict internees, camp grounds, and surrounding landscapes at the Fresno Assembly Center, Tule Lake Relocation Center, and Jerome Relocation Center (Arkansas)....

Ana Hatherly ephemera, 1990-1992.

Includes Christmas card, original drawing on postcard, exhibition announcement, and a postcard for the film "Ana Hatherly, a mão inteligente" by Luís Alves de Matos.

Anable, Anthony Photographs of engraved silver menu for 1876 testimonial dinner honoring William Sharon [graphic].

Photographic prints of engraved silver menu. One print depicts cover text: Dinner to Hon. William Sharon by his old friends of the Comstock Lode. Palace Hotel. Feb. 8th 1876. San Francisco. A.A. Selover [guest]. Other print depicts menu items.

Anastasio Carrillo papers, 1846.

Mainly correspondence as sub-prefect of Santa Barbara; several letters to the Justice of the Peace of San Luis Obispo. Petition by John F. Smith for land in Santa Barbara included. Oversize folder includes a decree by then-governor Pio Pico requiring...

Ancient Order of United Workmen, Select Knights, Virginia Legion No. 1, organizational papers, 1885-1890.

Minutes of meetings, list of members in good standing and roll book of members.

Ancient Order of United Workmen, Storey Lodge No. 3, organizational papers, 1879-1906.

Correspondence, minutes of meetings, committee and financial reports, accounts and records of mutual benefits.

Ancient Santa Fe, 1883.

A miscellany, mostly from the Santa Fe New Mexican, 1883: "Ancient Santa Fe" (discusses old Fort Marcy and the Alameda) and "Reminiscences of Ft. Union. The Alvarez Grant." Dictation of Samuel A. Dittenhofer (Navajo Sam), who came to New Mexico...

And the wisdom to know the difference : typescript and supporting papers, 1993-1996.

Typescript of the book co-authored by Francis Feeley and Tatiana Baklanova-Feeley. Photographs of each interviewee accompany the typescript. Included are transcripts (manuscript and typescript) of many of the original interviews conducted in 1993-1994 with residents in San Francisco, Paris, and...

Anderson, R. Ernest (Roy Ernest) Letters concerning the Cliff-Era Gold Mining Company, 1915-1916.

Letter from R.T. Leonards, promoter, encloses prospectus for the company.

Anderson, Thomas McArthur Photographs of the Philippino Insurrection and of Japan.

Views of the Philippino Insurrection include scenes from army camps, mass burials, dead and wounded soldiers, and photos of troops. Views from Japan show the cities Nagasaki, Yokohama, and Kyoto, as well as rural scenes. Many of these feature gardens,...

Andrew Bell Forbes dictation and biographical sketch, 1886.

Dictation, recorded for H.H. Bancroft, concerns his voyage to San Francisco via Panama in 1849, and business activities including work as agent for Pacific Mail Steamship Co. (13 l.).

Andrew C. Lawson photograph and postcard albums.

1. North Africa and Asia, primarily unidentified. --2. Egypt, Uganda, Aden, Palestine, West Africa, South Africa, mainly 1926; photographic prints and post cards. --3. India, Ceylon, Japan; primarily postcards. --4. Britain, France, Italy, India; primarily postcards. --5. France, Morocco; postcards....

Andrew C. Lawson photograph collection, [graphic].

Grouped roughly by geographical location.

Andrew Child letters, 1883-1884.

To his wife and daughter, mainly concerning insurance matters.

Andrew Cochran papers, 1849 Jan.-Mar.

Relate to the Dr. Groves California Association, organized in Philadelphia to go to the California mines. Includes letters from members of the association and others applying, the agreement by which the company was formed and the agreement by which a...

Andrew Drips family portraits.

Received in conjunction with the Andrew Drips papers (BANC MSS P-W 37).

Andrew E. Hill Deed to John T. Doyle and William C. Ralston : DS, 1869 June 11.

Deed for property at Pacific and Kearney Streets in San Francisco.

Andrew E. Johnson family photographs.

Studio portraits of Dr. Andrew E. Johnson of Healdsburg, Calif., his wife Callie, and their two children. Also includes snapshot of George A. Johnson (relation unknown) of Santa Rosa.

Andrew family letters, 1882-1888.

Letters between Alfred Andrews, his wife Julia, son Leighton, and various family members and friends about domestic matters mostly dating from 1882. In 1888, the correspondence resumes in which Julia Andrew's letters describe her convalescence in Santa Monica, Calif. at...

Andrew H. Hogins journal and letters : New York to Calif., photocopies of typed transcripts, 1849-1851.

Consists of a photocopy of a typed transcript of Andrew Hogin's journal, March 26-Oct. 18, 1849, describing his journey from New York to Calif, as well as photocopies of typed transcripts of two letters written by Hogins from Coloma, Calif....

Andrew J. Onderdonk papers, 1926-1931.

Letters addressed to him relating to the design of book-plates for him, written by Alfred Cossmann and a Mr. Schmitz. Also included: a bibliographical note concerning books illustrated by Cossmann and a prospectus for Cossman's book, Alfred Cossman's Exlibris und...

Andrew Jackson Bahney papers, [ca. 1855-1871]

Letter to his brother, ALS, Oroville, October 24, 1855, concerning his life and activities (recently engaged in the daguerrean business); partial cover cancelled, Sacramento, November 13, 1857; and one quarter dollar 1871 gold piece.

Andrew Jackson Bryant dictation and biographical sketch, [ca. 1887].

Dictation, recorded for H.H. Bancroft, concerns his arrival at San Francisco in 1850; experience in the mines; business activities at Benicia, Sacramento and San Francisco; service as mayor of San Francisco from 1875.

Andrew Jackson letters : ALS, 1828, 1838.

Autograph letters, signed, by Andrew Jackson: letter of 1828 Feb. 3, from the Hermitage, to Colonel William Robison, Oak Grove, Westmorland Co., Va., regarding Jackson's political opponents, with remarks on Henry Clay; and letter of 1838 Sept. 19, from the...

Andrew Jackson Moulder papers, 1853-1895.

Contains accounts, correspondence and scrapbooks. Accounts relate to the schooner, Julis Pringle and Moulder's private accounts. Scrapbooks include newspaper clippings and printed items concerning San Francisco, Calif., state and local schools, politics including the American Civil War and Moulder's European...

Andrew Jackson Stewart dictation : Benjamin, Utah, 1886.

Payson settler of 1850; surveys in Utah Territory and Carson Valley; fortbuilding at various southern settlements, 1853; stock-raiser and merchant. Notes on his service as County and Deputy U.S. Surveyor, interest in stock raising and bee culture, trading ventures and...

Andrew Jackson Stone diaries and papers, 1896-1919.

In 1896, zoologist Andrew Jackson Stone, made an expedition to the Cassiar District of British Colombia. In 1897, financed by the American Museum of Natural History, he left Seattle early in July for Fort Wrangell, Alaska on what was to...

Andrew Mussel letters : Camp Logan, Or., 1863-1868 (bulk 1867-1868).

Eleven handwritten letters from a Union army soldier to various family members [likely living in Greeneville (i.e. Norwich) Connecticut]. Two of the letters are from his time of service in an artillery unit during the Civil War and the siege...

Andrew Parker Warner letters, 1899-1943.

Relates to his work with the U.S. Land Office as surveyor in California, Nevada, Montana, and New Mexico.

Andrew Randall papers, 1854-1892.

Mainly papers re litigation in Marin County, including complaint of Bethuel Phelps concerning cattle at Rancho Punta de los Reyes and affidavit of James King of William. A few papers (1857-1892) relating to the settlement of Randall's estate also included.

Andrew William Vachon drawings for his books Ketchikan Alaskan sketchings and Fish without chips.

Original drawings of Alaskan scenery, including landscapes, fishings boats and other maritime subjects, Native American material culture, and portraits. Also includes sheets of hand-written text pertaining to the history and description of Alaska. Most of the works were used as...

Andrews, Clarence Leroy Letters to Mrs. Aaron Bach : Eugene, Ore., 1946-1947.

Letters, July 30, 1946 and Dec. 30, 1947, commenting critically on the reindeer program and giving other news of Alaska.

Andrés Verastegui Zarzosa correspondence, 1915-1939.

Concerning military and political events in Chihuahua. Include letters from Eulogio V. Salazar and Generals Manuel Avila Camacho, Marcelo Caraveo, Juan Andreu Almazán, Calixto Contreras and others.

Anecdotes of early settlement of northern Idaho, 1879.

Dictation of Mrs. Theodore Schultze, with information on her journey from Siskiyou County, California, to Idaho, 1862, with a pack train; journey through Oregon; profiteering by ferry and bridge owners at Lewiston; experiences as the first woman at Millersburg and...

Angel Island Foundation Committee records, 1950-1966.

V. I: Correspondence, memoranda and clippings regarding the preservation and development of the island for park use; earlier records (1950-1951) of the Angel Island Foundation (correspondence, minutes of meetings, articles of incorporation, and a copy of a 1947 report by...

[Angel Island immigration station photographs].

Snapshots and professional portrait photographs, many depicting grounds, buildings, staff and activities of Angel Island Immigration Station. Immigrant groups depicted include Japanese, Chinese and perhaps Indian, all depicted in traditional attire. Also includes a few scenes depicting various immigrant groups...

Angel Pinilla y Pérez documents and correspondence relating to his administration as Governor-Intendant ad interim of Nueva Vizcaya, 1813.

Letter concerning local administration, documents relating to the minting of tlacos (small copper coins) to remedy a shortage of small change, and a request that Alejo García Conde, newly appointed Governor Intendant, immediately assume his duties in Durango.

Angels' Brigade photograph album of railroad bridge construction and mining in Mexico [graphic]

Snapshots and other photographs of camps and works of the "Angels' Brigade" on railroad bridge construction and mine tunnels. Many images show federal and revolutionary troops in transit, and a few show General Pancho Villa and other leaders. Identified locales...

Angie E. Johnson letters : to her sister, Abigail Hankins Bush : 2 ALS and typed transcripts, 1877-1892.

Letter (20 p.) written from Fort Douglas, Utah, 27 Sept. 1879, describes a trip taken with her husband by railroad from Ogden, Utah, to San Francisco, and return. Letter (23 p.), 16-29 May 1892 from aboard the Steamer Mexico and...

Angier family correspondence, 1850-1864.

22 letters written by various members of the family of N.L. Angier. Includes 13 letters (April 12 - October 28, 1850) from Dr. N.L. Angier to his wife, Elizabeth, written during his overland trip to California and his early days...

Anglim Gilbert Gallery records, 2012-2020.

Contains artist, institution, and client files; correspondence; press materials; art fair documentation; and business records.

Angola : Papeis avulsos, 1610-1635.

Documents selected for microfilming by Engel Sluiter from the Angola section of this archive, pertaining to the slave trade, mainly with the West Indies and Hispanic America.

Angus Ellis Taylor papers, [ca. 1931-1998]

Papers contain incoming and outgoing correspondence, subject files, committee files, autiobiographical information, writings, reprints and materials concerning French mathematician Maurice Frechet.

Angus McIsaac journal and diary : transcript, 1852-1853.

Description of mining in Maripsa, with record of amount mined and comments on prices of provisions. Diary ends with return to San Francisco (Apr. 1853)

Angus McSweeney architectural records, approximately 1930-1972.

Contains project files and architectural drawings. Also includes Willis Polk projects completed by McSweeney and architectural drawings for St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco.

Ann Cohn papers, approximately 1945-1979.

The collection contains Ann Cohn's oral history describing her experiences growing up with her parents, as well as some photographs.

Ann Fagan Ginger files, 1939-1988.

The files are records of the Guild's committee and national affairs work from its founding through 1976. Correspondence concerns the Vicksburg Project, Southern Regional Council, and reports from the Mississippi contested elections.

Ann Freeman papers, 1973-2010 (bulk 1973-1974).

The collection includes a letter from Tillie Olsen about poetry translations; Freeman's curriculam vitae; and course materials for classes she proposed and/or taught at University of California, Berkeley in 1973 and 1974: Comparative Literature 40A and 40B, Women in Literature.

Ann Henry papers, 1847-1882.

Correspondence and scrapbook containing invitations of a young woman in Mamaluke Hill, El Dorado Co., Calif.

Anna Espenschade papers, 1924-2000.

The papers include correspondence, writings, and materials concerning the U.C. Berkeley Department of Physical Education and Espenschade's research and professional activities.

Anna Espenschade scrapbook of World War I posters, flags, etc. [graphic].

Collection includes liberty bond posters, Red Cross material, badges, banners, flags, and ephemera.

Anna Fay papers, 1973-1982.

Correspondence, organizational literature, speeches, testimony, writings, government publications and newspaper clippings related to the disability rights and independent living movement by the president of the New York Metropolitan Chapter of the National Paraplegia Foundation, Anna Fay. Correspondents include federal, state,...

Anna Ferona Pierce Judah correspondence concerning her husband, Theodore D. Judah, [1889]

Correspondence with Amos P. Catlin and David R. Sessions for The History Company.

Anna Hempstead Branch poems : New London, Conn., circa 1910-1927.

Two handwritten copies of a poem titled, "The Scarlet Shoes", and one handwritten copy of a poem titled, "Subjective", all signed by Branch. Includes a photocopy of an original newspaper clipping from an unidentified newspaper containing a book review (circa...

Anna L. Harder Ogden diary, 1888 Oct. 24-1895 Dec. 25.

Description of her life as a domestic in California, with information on wages paid, and also her attempts to earn a living as a telegraph operator. Some entries in German.

Annals of San Francisco : ms., [undated].

Arrival in San Francisco, 1852; experiences as physician; work with the People's Party in San Francisco as police judge, 1856-1860, and mayor, 1863-1867.

Annals of the Southern Utah Mission : typescript and ms., 1847-1877.

Typed transcript of Books A (1847-1869) and B (1869-1877); also ms. (photocopy) of Book B, part III.

Anne Ackerman Finnie family papers, 1899-1981.

The collection consists of family papers, diaries, scrapbooks, and photographs relating to Anne Ackerman Finnie, her parents, Louise Sloss and Lloyd Ackerman, and her grandparents, Bertha Greenwald and Leon Sloss, Sr. Among the materials in the collection relating to Louise...

Anne Avakian correspondence, 1957-1964.

Correspondence relating to Hopi Indians includes letters from H.C. Diehl commenting on litigation involving the Hopis and Navajos, proposed Hopi cultural center, etc.; from the recipient of a scholarship fund donated by Miss Avakian; and from other Hopi Indians.

Anne Henrietta Martin papers, 1834-1951 (bulk 1900-1951).

Papers pertaining to Martin's activities for woman suffrage, feminism, social hygiene, and pacificism. Also included are materials relating to her U.S. Senate campaigns in Nevada in 1918 and 1920. Correspondents include: Dean Acheson, Jane Addams, Gertrude Atherton, Mary Austin, Mary...

Anne Lothrop Crawford letters : to Mrs. Calver, 1920-1921.

Letters describe her activities and travels related to post-war relief in Poland.

Anne M. Avakian collection on Armenians in California, circa 1891-1996.

Assorted original, translated, and printed materials pertaining to the Armenian community in California.

Anne M. Danielsen collection of bookplates and related materials, 1895-1965 (bulk 1945-1965).

Contains a large number of bookplate samples from various artists and notable persons around the world including some of Anne M. Danielsen's own works. Includes pamphlets, booklets, literature, clippings, and other ephemera related to bookplate collecting, two engraved printing plates,...

Anne Macpherson papers, approximately 1960-1970.

The papers include drafts for Macpherson's Ph.D. dissertation and research materials regarding Alexander von Humboldt, correspondence, photographs of travels, clippings, etc.

Anne Raphael papers, 1910-2007.

The collection consists of photographs of members of Anne Raphael's family and photographs that document her work as an actress, in addition to copies of her and her son's drawings and paintings. The collection also has a one-page family history...

Anne Roller Issler photograph collection [graphic].

Mainly photographs collected during her research on Robert Louis Stevenson, including areas in Napa County. Also includes photographs on forestry and redwoods primarily from Save the Redwoods League.

Anne S. Perlman papers, 1941-2018.

The manuscript portion of the collection consists of Anne Salz Perlman's papers, and includes personalia; her poetry, short stories, newspaper articles about army wives, and other writings; publishing and personal correspondence; materials related to professional activities; collaborations with her husband,...

Anneberg Gallery, 1966-1981, and craft and folk art in the San Francisco Bay Area : oral history transcript / 1998.

Seattle background and family; studying jewelry-making, New York City, 1945; Far Eastern studies, University of Washington, 1946-1957; move to Berkeley and UC Berkeley library job; contact with northern California designer craftsmen; establishing home, studio, and gallery on Hyde Street, San...

Annette Rosenshine papers, 1885-1998 (bulk 1907-1971).

Contains correspondence, writings, clippings, reviews, and related material regarding Rosenshine's art and interest in psychoanalysis. Significant correspondents include Flora Arnstein, Constantin Brancusi, Erich Fromm, Allen Ginsberg, Henri Matisse, Henry Miller, Lewis Mumford, Paul Padgette (her literary executor), Chris Rambo, Evelyn...

Annie Montague Alexander safari photographs.

Views of Portugal and various parts of Africa. Includes hunting photographs, Masai and Kavirondo people and villages, and views of Mombasa, Entebbe, Lake Victoria, Uganda, Lake Nakuru, Zanzibar, Mozambique, and South Africa. Taken on safari in British East Africa during...

Annual narrative reports of extension activities by County Farm Bureaus : typescript, [1935].

Copies of reports for Churchill, Clark, Douglas, Elko, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Lincoln, Lyon, Pershing, Washoe, and White Pine counties. Each includes "detailed report of receipts and expenditures."

Ansel Adams collection.

Includes a few letters to Lawton Kennedy; birth announcements, wedding invitations, Christmas cards, with photographs by Adams, printed by Lawton Kennedy.

Ansel Adams correspondence : Carmel, Calif., 1967-1970.

Nineteen typescript letters, signed by Adams, on his personal letterhead stationery writing in his capacity as a Director and Board member of the Sierra Club. Most are addressed to Philip S. Berry in his capacity as Secretary and then President...

Ansel Adams letter to the editor of the PSA Journal, 1982 October 12.

Typewritten note, with manuscript edits, on the photographic postcard of Ansel Adams' Moonrise, Hernandez, NM, with autograph of Ansel Adams. Adams describes the actions and camera settings he took to capture the image.

Ansel Adams letters to Ernst Bacon, 1956-1981.

6 letters, 6 postcards, 1 photograph.

Ansel F. Hall Sierra Club papers, 1920-1962.

Papers relating to Hall's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Anson Herrick papers, 1909-1965.

Mss. of lectures, book reviews and articles relating to accountancy; reports as member of C.P.A. firm of Lester Herrick & Herrick, including statement of accounts, 1906-1909, of San Francisco Relief and Red Cross Funds, report on accounting procedures for the...

Anson Stiles Blake papers, 1866-1953 (bulk 1908-1953).

Contains correspondence concerning the Blake House, business letters, California history, and about opposition to Women's Suffrage in 1911 most notably regarding California and New York State; miscellaneous items for the Golden Gate International Exposition; two scrapbooks on Blake's service and...

Antenor Sala papers, 1912-1930.

Materials concerning agrarian reform in Mexico.

Anthologie de la Poésie française [et proverbes] : Paris : ms. S, 1949-1955.

Compilations of an anthology of French poetry and of a short dictionary of French proverbs and colloquial expressions: (v. 1-2) Anthologie; (v. 3) Proverbes et locutions; (v. 4) Receuil de proverbes et locutions; (v. 5) Mon Zoo (a description of...

Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury letters, 1861-1881.

Six brief letters from the Earl of Shaftesbury to various individuals.

Anthony Boucher book review card files, approximately 1945-1967.

Contains Anthony Boucher's book review files and other related information on typed 3 x 5 cards with some manuscript notations. Files are arranged by author for each genre or form. Cards on Boucher's own works are filed separately. Also includes...

Anthony Boucher collection, 1923-2005.

Comprises ephemera and miscellanous materials related to the life and career of Anthony Boucher. Includes issues of periodical publications that contain articles written by or about Boucher, miscellaneous files, galley proofs of several books with which Boucher was associated (not...

Anthony Joseph Drexel dictation and biographical materials, [ca. 1890?]

Banking business in Philadelphia, New York, and Paris; railroad interests; views on silver, government operation of railroads, capital and labor, etc.

An anthropologist's life in the twentieth century : oral history transcript : theory and practice at UC Berkeley, the Smithsonian, in Mexico, and with the World Health Organization / 2000.

Family and background, Ottumwa, Iowa; anthropology at Northwestern, Melville Herskovits; Ph. D. at UC Berkeley, Alfred Kroeber, Robert Lowie; first travel to Mexico; marriage to Mary LeCron, 1938, and trip to Austria; research with Sierra Popoluca, 1940-1941; teaching at Syracuse...

Anthropology and a lifetime of observation : oral history transcript / 2002.

Family and community, Minnesota; education, University of Minnesota, Radcliffe; influence of Ruth and Wilson Wallis, others, and work with life histories, Pomo Indians, Makah Indians, Poston War Relocation Camp; to Northern Rhodesia, 1946, Max Gluckman, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, rain shrine work;...

Anti-Monopoly League scrapbook, 1935-1936.

Publicity materials, brochures and clippings pertaining to the Anti-Monopoly League of California and a chain-store license tax bill on the 1936 state ballot.

Antioch Schools : ms., 1969-1970.

Compilation of six articles, three by William Tornheim, the others by Miss Mabelle Hust; edited by Mrs. Lois Cox.

Antique and classic cars from the Harrah Automobile Collection, Reno, Nevada [graphic]

Contains views of antique motorcars, and an aerial view of exhibition buildings and grounds.

An antitrust lawyer : six decades at McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen, 1932-1992 : oral history transcript / 1993.

Doyle discusses his family background, Bishop, California; Stanford University and Harvard Law School; the McCutchen firm in the 1930s; partners and clients, office space and equipment, customs, changes in the firm and in antitrust law; major cases: Bank of China,...

António de Cértima letter and book reviews : Porta[?], to A. Cardoso : ALS, 1924.

Clippings of reviews of Epopeia maldita are accompanied by a letter from Cértima to America[?] Cardoso.

Antolín Pina Soria cartas recibidas, 1931-1937.

Miscellaneous letters, received by the Mexican general, from Maximino Avila Camacho, Ignacio M. Beteta, and Ignacio García Téllez.

Antologia di vari Autori : Italy : mss., [18--]

A miscellany of various authors in several languages copied in manuscript from the printed Antologia de vari autori, Milano, 1816. Contains: Antologia di Shakspeare... Milano, 1817; and Sofocle. Accompanied by a printed text: Il manuale d'epitteto [Epictetus, Manual] tradotto da...

Antoninus-Everson photograph album.

Chiefly portraits of William Everson, including images when he was Brother Antoninus. Includes snapshots of book signings and Everson's 67th birthday party.

[Antonio Arias Bernal drawings].

Illustrations, cartoons, and caricatures by Antonio Arias Bernal, presumably for publication in Mexican newspapers or magazines.

Antonio Armijo diary : and related papers, 1826-1830.

Skeletal diary 1829 Nov. 7 - 1830 April 25, of a trading and exploratory journey from New Mexico to California and back, enclosed in letter, Santa Fe, May 14, 1830, from José Antonio Chávez, Jefe Político of New Mexico, to...

Antonio Cordero correspondence as Commandant General of the Western Provincias Internas (or ad interim Commandant General) : LS, 1819-1821.

Letter from Trinidad Rodríguez to Cordero, requesting protection for the Indians in San Juan de Sultó, Huejotitán, March 22, 1819. Also letter of Cordero to Angel Pinilla for dispatch of requested documents, Los Alamos, February 21, 1820.

Antonio López de Santa Anna Collection, 1822-1876.

Letters from Santa Anna to Agustín de Iturbide and to his lawyer Joaquín Alcalde; documents by Santa Anna and Alcalde, relating to his trial in October 1867, containing biographical information; communications from Ignacio Mejía and Juan C. Doria; copy of...

Antonio López de Santa Anna correspondence : Veracruz, Mexico, to Secretary of State and relations, 1828-1829.

Contains 8 letters of acknowledgment concerning expulsion of Spaniards from Mexico, holidays, elections, and an invasion of Veracruz from Havana, Cuba.

Antonio López de Santa Anna letters : to the Secretaria Estado y Relaciones, 1828 September.

Contains 3 letters concerning the election of Manuel Gómez Pedraza as President of Mexico and the protest by the population in Verzcruz.

Antonio López documents, 1829-1834.

Documents relating to litigation over land near Guerrero on the Río Grande in the state of Coahuila, involving López and Romualdo Flores. Include petitions; papers relating to a survey; the final settlement, and the fine imposed on López; letter (June...

Antonio María Bucareli Y Ursúa correspondence : typescript, 1772-1777.

Letters selected by Alfred B. Thomas from the Archivo General de Indias, Seville.

Antonio María Bucareli y Ursúa letters, 1774-1775.

Letters written by the viceroy from Mexico to Francisco Pangua, guardian of the College of San Fernando, re sending religious with ships sailing to San Diego and Monterey and on voyages of exploration along the coast of California.

Antonio Maria Pico correspondence : San Jose, California, 1853-1854.

Contains one handwritten letter and one telegram addressed to Antonio Maria Pico. The letter is addressed from San Francisco on October 13, 1853 from J. Domingo Marks and concerns Rincon Point. The telegram, also from San Francisco and dated February...

Antonio Rossmann papers, 1922-2001.

Includes briefs, findings, correspondence, and reports on water use by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power in Inyo County between 1972 and 2001. Also includes copies of historical legal documents on the conflict over water between Inyo County and...

[Antonio Sotomayor cartoon portraits and caricatures, and sketches for murals and party décor].

Collection consists of original drawings by Sotomayor in two categories: caricature portraits and set and theme designs for balls and other major parties. Drawings have been numbered in three series: 1987.001.1: 36 caricature portraits in pastels (some with gouache additions)...

Antonio Sotomayor scrapbooks : caricatures of San Francisco personalities.

Albums contain press clippings of various caricatures and cartoons, as well as individual pages from the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner newspapers.

A.O.U.W. Bodie Lodge #143 records, 1876-1912.

Membership records; correspondence and related papers; minute books; account books.

Appeal for specimens of fungi, 1907-1911.

Contains request for specimens of fungi by C.G. Lloyd of the Lloyd Library and correspondence with collector W.H. Henderson in Sacramento, Calif.

Appendice VII of his Noticia de la California, y de su Conquista Temporal, y Espiritual, hasta el Tiempo Presente ... : Madrid, 1757.

Evidently a preliminary draft of Appendix VII of the above work, much abbreviated, entitled, "Razon de la construccion del Mapa particular de la California y del general de la America Septentrional, Asia Oriental, y del Mar del Sur intermedio. Traduccion...

Apple & Bean receipts : North Bloomfield, Calif., 1879.

from University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

Application no. 20053 : Supplement to exhibit no. 8. Showing revisions due to changed routes : ms., [ca. 1936]

A consulting engineer's description of proposed bus routes for the Bridge Bus Lines Corporation, in Marin County, containing detailed list of stops, maps, schedules, transfer points, estimated saving in time over other methods of transportation, and estimated expenditures.

Applications for the registration of historical landmarks, 1955-1962.

Copies of the applications with supporting documents, including snapshots, for the following: Yucaipa Adobe; Sycamore Grove Monument; Stoddard-Waite Monument; Santa Fe and Salt Lake Trail Monument; Mormon Trail Monument; Daley Toll Road Monument; Yucaipa Rancheria; Holcomb Valley; Garces-Smith Monument; Lugonia...

Appointment to the position of Christ's Hospital Treasurer : London : ms., 1683.

Thomas Wagstaff's appointment of Hawes as treasurer. A copy of the biography of Wagstaff and letters patent included.

Appointments, cabinet management, and policy research for Governor Ronald Reagan, 1967-1974 : oral history transcripts / and related material, 1981-1983.

Interviews with three members of Reagan's staff. Copies of photographs and of documentary material inserted. Interviewees, and titles of interviews, as follows: Winfred Adams. Strategies for Republican Elections, State Government Management, and Water Resources, 1963-1976. Comments on his work as...

Appraisal of the public school system, Oakland, Calif. [graphic].

Photographs depict buildings affiliated with the public school system of Oakland, Calif. In addition to various elementary, junior high, and high school classroom buildings, the collection also includes images of janitor's homes, annex buildings, vocational schools, and the Chabot Observatory.

The appreciation of quality : oral history transcript / and related material, 1972-1979.

Comments on her mother and father, Rosalie and Sigmund Stern and the Meyer, Stern and Haas families; growing up in San Francisco and in Atherton; marriage to Walter Haas; her community services; family's support of Stern Grove; her interest in...

Apuntes biográficos tocantes al Licenciado Francisco Segura y Segura : Morelos, Mexico : ms., [ca. 1896].

Biographical notes on the career of Francisco Segura, jurist and secretary general for the state of Morelos, containing references to Governors Jesus Preciado and Carlos Pacheco and other officials.

Apuntes curiosos varios : Valladolid, Spain : ms., 1779.

A compendium of Spanish and Mexican laws, some relating to Indians and the measurement of land in the New World, and including a copy of José Berní's treatise on Spanish jurisprudence, 1773.

Apuntes Históricos de la Baja California con algunos relativos a la Alta California : ADS, 1879.

A collection of data on the history of Lower California, with emphasis upon missions, Indian disturbances, and the biographies of political administrators, covering in a few instances events in northern California.

Apuntes mandados ... Al Sup. Cons. de Conformidad con la circular No. 66, fecha Agosto 10 de 1882 E.V. Que serviran para la historia Masonica del R.E.A.A. de la República Mexicana : ms.

Reports of Lodge No. 30 of Baja California to the Masonic Supreme Council, with a history of the lodge, 1869-1871, lists of officers and members, and a financial statement.

Apuntes para la historia de la Alta California desde el a~no de su fundacion en 1769 hasta el a~no de 1845 : and related items : ms. S, 1847-1874 (bulk 1847-1850).

Notes written for H.H. Bancroft's History of California commenting on various subjects : lands (particularly relating to the missions and ranchos of Alta California), roads, municipal government, census records, Indians of California, secularization of the mission, the Padres-Hijar colonization scheme,...

Apuntes sobre geografía mundial : Mexico? : ms., [ca. 1910?].

Notes on world geography with emphasis on North America, particularly Mexico; touching upon waterways, topography, population centers, natural resources, climates, and various matters.

Apuntes: S.S. Santamaría.

Album of bound original charcoal drawings by Sergio Sánchez Santamaría. Many images feature an anthropomorphic coyote figure in revolutionary campesino attire with sombrero and sarape -- a theme common in the artist's work -- carrying a rooster, wielding a machete...

Aquarian Minyan records, 1974-1986.

Minutes; financial statements; membership lists; newsletters; press releases; posters and fliers; holiday planning outlines; scripts for pageants and plays, including a script for the original Purim plays "The Chocham of Shushan Oz" and "Raisins in the Basement," and Sara Shendelman's...

Aquila B. Massey and Anne R. Massey family letters, 1832-1891, (bulk 1842-1863).

Contains correspondence between Dr. Aquila B. Massey and Anne R. Massey, concerning Dr. Massey's overland journey to California in 1849 during the gold rush, and his work as a doctor during the American Civil War in Nashville, Tenn. Also includes...

A.R. Gunnison statement and biographical sketch, [1885 ca.].

Statement, recorded for H.H. Bancroft, concerns his voyage to San Francisco via Panama in 1851, gold mining to 1853, and his several businesses. (2 l.).

Arc Ecology records, approximately 1987-2010.

Contains office files, Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) records, and Environmental Impact Reports for Arc Ecology's work, primarily monitoring the closure and redevelopment of military bases in the San Francisco Bay Area. The bulk of the materials are for Hunter's Point...

Arcadian memories of California, ca. 1900-1978.

Draft of manuscript of her reminiscences as descendant of the Bandini family, covering childhood at the Guajome Rancho with its Indians, early memories of San Diego, and recollections of her great-aunt Arcadia Bandini Stearns de Baker. With many illustrative photographs.

Arcata & Mad River Railroad Company records, 1868-1927 (bulk 1888-1903).

Consists of correspondence and accounts. Most of the correspondence is with owners F. Korbel & Bros. Co. including letters between Francis, Anton and Joseph Korbel and the railroad superintendent Vaclav Zaruba. The accounts concentrate with local businesses in Arcata and...

An archaeologist at work in African prehistory and early human studies : oral history transcript : teamwork and insight / 2002.

Education in England, Cambridge; pre-war work in Africa, Rhodes-Livingstone Museum history, museum collections, infrastructure; conversation with Betty Clark about family and the museum in wartime; WW II in Somaliland, Yavello, Gondar campaign, ancecdotes; 1947 Pan-African Congress and subsequent congresses; work...

[Archeleen Scrutchings photograph album of African American life in Pocatello, Idaho].

Photograph album documenting the social and leisure activities of Archeleen Scrutchings (1927-2021) and her African American milieu during her years attending Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho. Images depict friends and fellow students; Archeleen's colleagues in Pocatello's African Methodist Episcopal...

Archeological investigations at Champoeg, Or. : mimeographed typescripts, 1973-1974.

Reports of the 1973 and 1974 archeological investigations at Champoeg and of the search for complementary historical materials relating to the site (now Champoeg State Park). The 1973 report includes history of the settlement, reconstruction of building techniques, some biographical...

Archeological research at Calico Mountain early man site [graphic]

Slides show excavation, artifacts, and members of the original Calico Site field staff: Dr. Thomas Clements, Dee Simpson, Dr. Louis Leakey, and others.

Archibald J. Treat pictorial collection.

Photographs, taken by Archibald J. Treat, include views of Yosemite, Sierra Nevada, San Francisco Bay Area, Marin and El Dorado counties, Azalea Lake, Calif., the 1st California Regiment returning from the Philippines after the Spanish-American War, informal family groups, fishing,...

Architect George Livermore reminisces about the pioneering Livermore family, 1850-1999 : oral history transcript / 1999.

History of the Livermore family; Horatio Livermore and across the plains by wagon train, 1850s; mining and entrepreneurship in Gold Rush California; building the first PG & E unit at Folsom; Norman and Caroline Livermore and the acquisition of public...

Architects' models for Golden Gate International Exposition [graphic]

Photographs show buildings designed for the Treasure Island 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco.

Architect's report : San Francisco, Calif., 1907 Feb. 14.

Contains a typewritten account (3 p.) by an unidentified architect of two buildings being constructed for the A. Schilling company at Folsom and Second Streets in San Francisco shortly after the 1906 earthquake and fire. Includes descriptions of the new...

Architectural accessibility and disability rights in Berkeley and Japan /

Childhood in rural Japan, 1953-73; campus demonstrations over treaty rewrite between Japan and US; neck broken in judo competition; second degree architect license; opens architecture office from home; more professional freedom with driver's license; social life as a young person...

Architectural drawings and specifications for a grammar school for the Redding Grammar School District, Redding, Calif. / 1922.

1 set of architectural drawings; 1 set of general specifications and 1 of specifications for mechanical work (plumbing, heating, and electrical).

Architectural drawings for the First Church of Christ Scientist in Berkeley, California, [1911].

With these: autobiographical notes (1 l., typescript), and a list compiled by M.H. White, Sept. 19, 1947, of projects and/or buildings completed by Maybeck.

Architectural drawings of East Yard dry dock area, Oakland, California, 1942-1950.

The drawings show: sewage piping of the East Yard; dry docks 4-6, marine railways 1-3; electrical distribution system; and piping map of the East Yard.

Architectural miscellany.

Copies of articles, pamphlets, programs, etc. Ephemeral material.

Architectural photographs from the Sheldon Cheney papers [graphic]

Includes a photograph of a drawing for Montecito beach cottages by Myron Hunt, the First Church of Christ (Berkeley, Calif.) by Bernard Maybeck, a house by Green and Green, and various Southern California homes in the Spanish mission style. Includes...

Architectural plans for California homes and buildings [technical drawing] /

Includes designs for an adobe rancho, sketches of various homes and other projects, designs for remodeling, and some items related to Golden Gate International Exposition. One item is by Charles F. Maury.

An architectural practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1938-1996 : oral history transcript / 1996.

Joseph Esherik discusses his Quaker background, his mentor uncle Wharton Esherick, and his education at the University of Pennsylvania; his wartime experience; his early clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute...

Architectural views of San Francisco.

Includes views of the St. Xavier Apartments, Pacific Heights, the Banca Italiana, the Alfred Lilienfeld & Co. building, I. Magnin & Co., Jos. Fredericks and Company, Hotel Brillant, and other businesses.

Architectural views of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Architectural views showing interiors and exteriors, architectural models, furniture, etc.

Archive of the Companies Registration Office, 1844-1951.

Selected documents concerning the organization and activities of limited companies interested in the North American West. An analytical card index to the companies, with notes on the character, place, and time of their operations, is available. A more complete description...

Archive of the Companies Registration Office, 1856-1951.

Selected documents concerning the organization and activities of limited Scottish companies interested in the North American West. Includes files on Scotish Ontario Gold Mining Syndicate, Ltd.; Scottish Mexican Oil Company, Ltd.; Oregonian Railway Company, Ltd.; Mexican Prospecting Company, Ltd.; Hawaiian...

Archives of California : unbound documents, 1846-1850 [i.e. 1783-1850]

Copies of documents made for H.H. Bancroft from originals housed in various California repositories. Most materials date from 1846 to 1850.

Archives of California, 1767-1847.

Extracts and copies of documents (273 volumes and loose papers) assembled in the U.S. Surveyor General's Office, San Francisco. Made for H.H. Bancroft by and under the direction of Thomas Savage, 1876-1877. Originals destroyed in 1906 fire.

Archives of California miscellaneous, 1770-1848.

Provincial State Papers, Benicia, 1770-1821. Vols. I-II; register of Brands and Marks, 1828-1834; Mexican Archives, Lower California, 1847-1848, Vols. I-II; state papers, Benicia, 1773-1829, Vol. I; Cuaderno de actas de elecciones de Diputados al Congreso general y á la Diputación...

Archivo de Santa Barbara ... : Santa Barbara, California : ms., 1877.

Copies and extracts of documents selected by E.F. Murray for H.H. Bancroft.

Archivo del Arzobispado de San Francisco ..., 1772-1849.

Extracts, made for H.H. Bancroft by Thomas Savage and others, of letters, etc., 1772-1849, of Catholic missionaries in California.

Archivo General de Indias bibliographic cards, circa 1958-1961.

Collection of note cards containing bibliographic information. These cards were an unfinished, unidentified project, not directly related to the Bancroft Library's collection of microfilm from the Archivo General de Indias. Carton 11 contains Adele Kibre's notes and two pieces of...

Archivo General de Indias records : Spanish exploration and settlement related materials, circa 1530-circa 1820.

Topics deal with Spanish exploration and settlement on the frontiers north from Mexico City, including the Provincias Internas, the Californias, New Mexico, and Texas; and maritime explorations and foreign intrusions into Spain's Pacific waters. (Transcripts and prints).

Arctic cruise of the U.S. Revenue steamer Bear and other Alaska photographs collected by Captain Oscar Charles Hamlet.

Primarily views of the arctic cruise of the revenue steamer Bear in 1886. Contains views of whaling ships, native dwellings and villages, sled dogs, snapshots and portraits of native people (including children), native costumes, totem poles, graveyards, group portraits of...

Arequipa Sanatorium photograph collection.

Photographs show patients, staff, and facilities of the Arequipa Sanatorium, situated in Fairfax (Marin County), California, including exterior and interior views, grounds, activities (pottery, basket weaving, etc.), dormitories, lounges, etc.

Argüello family papers, 1820-1866.

Include papers of Santiago Argüello, many relating to his army career and to his property in Baja California; José Ramón Argüello and Luis A. Argüello.

Argonaut Mining Company records, circa 1890-1984 (bulk 1893-1948).

Contains administrative and financial records of a California mining company.

Arguello Park, San Francisco, Calif. [graphic]

Depicts dedication ceremony on May 2, 1965 (crowd surrounding decorated playground), and a group of people playing chess.

Argyle (brig) Records of the brig Argyle, 1854 Aug.-Nov.

Include crew list, freight list, accounts, receipts, etc.

Ariel Parkinson papers, approximately 1948-2010.

Contains correspondence, materials on Parkinson's civic engagement, journals, notebooks on art and writings, theatre production files, design files, set designs and drawings, exhibit files, and photographs and slides.

Ariel posters.

Protect the Earth [caricature depicting pollution, waste, war, and overpopulation] -- San Francisco Bay [caricature depicting industrial development of the Bay for profit].

Arif Press records, circa 1970-1990.

This collection contains project files for books, menus, letterhead and other materials published by Arif Press. Subjects include culinary arts, poetry, literary works, Berkeley history. Project files include correspondence, invoices, mock-ups, notes, specifications, biographies, bibliographies and book plates. Includes works...

Arizona and Fort Mojave photographs.

Photographs of Arizona desert country made during the U.S. military exploration for roads under General McDowell, Clarence King, and James T. Gardiner. Includes views of Fort Mojave (Arizona), Mojave Indians, surveyors' camps, scenery of the Granite Moutains, the town of...

Arizona and New Mexico Indians.

Snapshots chiefly of Hopi (and perhaps other pueblo tribes) and Navajo Indians. Some views identified as Oraibi (Ariz.) and Mishongnovi. Includes some family groups, dances, and ceremonies. Multiple copies of some images are present.

Arizona, California, and Washington State album [graphic].

Arizona, views along the Apache Trail, Point Lobos, Grass Valley, etc.

Arizona, Colorado and California Indians and other scenes.

Scrapbook shows travels (by train) through Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, the Canadian Rockies, rural Washington and the Columbia River, Utah, and California. Views from the American Southwest show Indian groups, pueblos, a Hopi reservation, and scenes of the Snake Dance. Indian...

Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs home file copies, 1957-1970]

Includes minutes, memoranda, reports, correspondence.

Arizona desert landscape photographs [graphic].

Photographs depict landscapes of Arizona desert near the Castle Hot Springs resort area in Yavapai County. Subject matter includes general desert views, various types of cactus and other desert plants, Castle Hot Springs resort and the Grand Canyon. One photograph...

Arizona dictations : Yavapai County, 1885-1889.

A collection of dictations from settlers in Yavapai County, Arizona Territory, taken by an agent of H.H. Bancroft.

Arizona dictations for Apache, Gila, Mohave, and Yuma Counties, [ca. 1885].

A collection of dictations from settlers in Apache, Gila, Mohave and Yuma counties in Arizona Territory, taken by an agent of H.H. Bancroft.

Arizona dictations for Cochise County, 1885-1889.

A collection of dictations from settlers in Cochise County, Arizona Territory, taken by an agent of H.H. Bancroft.

Arizona dictations for Maricopa County, 1885-1889.

A collection of dictations from settlers in Maricopa County, Arizona Territory, taken by an agent of H.H. Bancroft.

Arizona dictations for Pima County, 1885-1889.

A collection of dictations from settlers in Pima County, Arizona Territory, taken by an agent of H.H. Bancroft.

Arizona Miscellany.

Concerns such topics as railroads, land tenure, mines and mineral resources, Indians of North America, stocks, armed forces, Abraham Lincoln, and Indian warfare. Each item cataloged separately. Search under title Arizona miscellany.

Arizona snapshots.

Photographs show homes, many with Indians in front of them. Other photos of Indians also included, showing Havasupai, Apache, and Mojave Indians (some on reservations). Also includes missions in Tucson and on an Indian reservation. Some photos related to Dr....

[Arizona trappers with their prey] [graphic]

Photograph shows a group of trappers at Tombstone, Az. with the prey they caught to earn the bounty offered by Cochise County. Accompanying letter gives number of each type of animal caught, and other information about the event.

Arizona views.

Includes view of a street scene in Tucson, the San Xavier Mission near Tucson, a group of miners near a hay bale house at Catactive, and views of the Gila Bend Reservoir and irrigation channel.

[Arlena McZeal photograph collection pertaining to African American social life and freemasonry in Los Angeles].

Photographs of Arlena McZeal taken from her childhood in the 1920s to the 1960s, with an emphasis on her adult social life and her activities associated with the Order of the Eastern Star (O.E.S.). Includes snapshots and formal portraits of...

Arlene Kaplan family papers, circa 1890-1950.

The collection consists of photographs and documents relating to Arlene Kaplan's parents, who were from Germany before, during, and after the Nazi era. The collection contains various photographs and photographic albums of Kaplan's parents, as well as family documents, and...

Armchair Strategists Society records, [ca.1941-1946]

Mainly predictions re events during World War II by members, Clarence D. Brenner, Charles L. Camp, George R. Stewart, Ronald N. Walpole, Joseph H. Jackson, C.S. Forester and others. Included is a letter from C.H. Wright, Mar. 2, 1946.

Armenian General Benevolent Union, Oakland Branch records, 1923-1986.

Collection includes accounts, 1942-1972, and minutes, 1940-1943; accounts, 1942-1973, membership lists, and minutes, 1941-1983, of its Ladies' Chapter; and minutes, 1943-1967, for its Men's Chapter. Also included are accounts and minutes, 1923-1940, for its predecessor, the Berkeley-Oakland Branch, and some...

Armenians in the Fresno area, California.

Includes group and individual portraits (some cyanotypes and cabinet cards), and an oil painting on board by N.T. Mirov.

Armin Otto Leuschner papers, 1875-1951.

Personal (predominately financial) concerning bills and receipts, insurance, property, press releases, and his library; professional (correspondence, writings, and subject file) concerning his interest and activities in astronomy and associated organizations, academic agencies of the University of California while a professor,...

Armstrong, Gregory Papers relating to the publication of Soledad brother, the prison letters of George Jackson : ca. 1970-1971.

Contains original, corrected typescript and printer's corrected copy of Soledad brother, along with a heavily annotated copy of the paperback, publicity, and reviews. Includes a corrected typescript of Armstong's, My brother, George, which was published as The dragon has come,...

Arnold Wesker papers, 1972-1977.

Letters and postcards from the British playwright to Ronald Hayman regarding his work in the theater; and the fourth typed draft of his play, The Journalists.

Arrest for murder [graphic] : 50.00 reward... Torahiko Yoshimizu... /

Wanted poster offering reward for arrest of Torahiko Yoshimizu (pictured), Hattaro Terada, L. Shiraish and O. Kuma, all of whom are suspected in the beating and murder of foreman John Kyne in Betabel, near Gilroy (Santa Clara County, Calif.). Also...

Arrival and departure of vessels : Humboldt Bay, Calif. : ms., 1888 & 1892.

P. 5-7 and 1-22 of two incomplete records of arrivals and departures of vessels.

Arrowhead Springs postcards [graphic].

Postcards of scenic views and attractions around Arrowhead Springs, Calif. Subjects include Arrowhead Hot Springs Hotel, Penyugal Hot Spring, Cold Water Canyon, and the Spanish bayonet plant (yucca glauca).

Art and activism : pioneering theater artists with disabilities /

Early years in Missouri and Texas; contracting polio at age three; receiving master's degree in literature from Columbia University; leaving teaching to pursue acting; rejection from Neighborhood Playhouse due to disability; moving to Portland, Oregon; joining the Family Circus Theater;...

Art and books : a glorious variety : oral history transcript / and related material, 1977-1980.

Childhood in Italy and emigration of family to California in 1905; early interest in art and move to San Francisco in 1914; career as artist, book illustrator (including work for Grabhorn Brothers), printer and author. Appended: copies of documentary material,...

Art and philosophy at the University of California, 1919-1962 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1961-1963.

Mainly concerning his long association with the University at Berkeley, as professor and chairman, Philosophy Dept., as chairman, Art Dept., as assistant dean of College of Letters and Science, as member of many key academic and administrative committees, and, after...

The art and politics of park planning and preservation, 1920-1979 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1978-1980.

Concerns personal and family history and development of interest and activity in parks and conservation.

Art by Daniel Moore and photographs of the Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company [graphic]

Artwork by Daniel Moore, as well as photographs of performances by the company. Includes performances of Bliss apocalypse and The walls are running blood.

Art, competence and citywide cooperation for San Francisco : oral history transcript / and related material, 1974-1980.

Growing up in California in Japanese household; her parents' farm; internment during World War II; study of art; her career as an artist; community involvement, particularly in public school art programs; service on city and state art commissions and panels....

[Art Hazelwood political posters].

Illustrated posters created by Art Hazelwood, pertaining to various local and national political topics, including Hoover Institute, Earth Day, "Save our post office", Hospitality House (San Francisco), homelessness and housing rights, John Priola (San Francisco Art Institute) and a few...

Art Lovers Club of Metropolitan Oakland records, 1931-1984 (bulk 1960-1980).

Includes correspondence, minutes, financial records, clippings, and notes. Also contains a small amount of ephemera from Bay Area artists and artisans. Scrapbooks include clippings and printed matter, additional club records, and photographs. Oversize folder contains a presentation copy of the...

Art Lovers Club of the East Bay papers, circa 1949-1950.

Include and account of the founding, roster of members and copies of minutes of meetings.

The Art of Corrections Management, Calif., 1967-1974 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1982-1984.

Interviewees include: Allen F. Breed, Theory and Practice in Juvenile Justice (tapes 1-3); and Raymond K. Pocunier, Administering Your Prisons (tapes 4-6).

Art work for Leaves of life [graphic] /

Chiefly artwork for his Leaves of life, including many nudes; one drawing with revolutionary slogans; and one portrait of Ferlinghetti.

Art work of Annette Rosenshine [graphic]

The works illustrate something of the process of artistic composition. Many drawings experiment with the same theme; others are of people.

Artemus Ward ephemera, 1867.

Two items attached to an album page, one a note signed by "A Ward," and the other a "Free and unsolicited pass" for an Artemus Ward show. Written below the note, on the album page, says that it was an...

Arthur Amos Gray papers, 1908-1957.

Correspondence with publishers, contracts, and royalty statements, concerning the publication of his history textbooks; and financial papers. Letter from Claude B. Hutchison included.

Arthur Eaton papers, 1914-1945 (bulk 1914-1917).

Contains correspondence, Eaton's journals, reports and maps from his time in China. Also includes reports on oil in southern California, Utah and Wyoming and mineral resources in Oregon, a narrative about China written by his wife Emily Churchill later in...

Arthur F. Kip papers, circa 1933-1978.

Includes correspondence, lecture notes, course materials, and research files documenting Professor Kip's career in the UC Berkeley Department of Physics. Research files include materials relating to his experimental work in paramagnetic and cyclotron resonance.

Arthur F. Pinto papers, approximately 1968-1991.

Contains writings by Pinto, chiefly manuscript and typescript autobiographical accounts and related correspondence in both English and Portuguese, concerning his experiences as a Portuguese immigrant and world traveler. Includes portions of his "Episodes of an immigrant in the USA," and...

Arthur H. Blake's Sierra Club papers, 1928-1964.

Papers relating to Blake's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Arthur H. Brayfield papers, circa 1932-1992 (bulk 1947-1982).

Correspondence, papers, articles, publications, and ephemera related to Brayfield's work as an author and professor of psychology. Includes correspondence (personal and official), articles, and two scrapbooks pertaining to the loyalty oath controversy at the University of California at Berkeley and...

Arthur Hastings Breed papers, 1919-1925.

Papers concerning promotion of oil company in Montana, 1919-1925, and the 1925 session of the California Legislature.

Arthur Henry Chamberlain miscellany, 1909-1912.

Contains Chamberlain's vita, ca. 1909, and an undated draft of unknown authorship concerning Chamberlain's suitability for superintendent of schools in Pasadena, Calif. Includes three letters by Chamberlain to E.C. and C.C. Boynton of Boynton and Esterly regarding his interest in...

Arthur Henry Stone journal and ships' logs : ms., 1871 Feb.-1874 Oct.

Record of voyages on various British ships, from England around the Horn to Vancouver, and return to England via California, Mexico and Peru.

Arthur Judson Pillsbury letters and writings, [ca. 1919-1937].

Scrapbook of clippings from California newspapers of his political and editorial writings, 1917-1937; scrapbook compiled by his granddaughter containing letters from him, clippings of articles, family snapshots and obituaries, 1932-1937; and some manuscripts of his religious writings.

Arthur L. Collins papers, 1908-1922.

Engineer. Some materials relate to the Sacramento River Irrigation District; some to oil pipelines.

Arthur Lawrence Bolton diaries, 1898-1899.

Two bound memorandum books of an ornithologist covering the period of time he spent searching for gold in during the Klondike gold rush. Dated entries are in pencil and contain details of his observations and activities. Both diaries contain information...

Arthur L.-F. Askins research and historical notes on The Foliophiles, Inc., 1925-2007.

Collection of research notes, correspondence, library and auction catalog descriptions, etc., relating to The Foliophiles, Inc. Includes extensive notes on the location and contents of various copies of leaf books issued by Foliophiles: Printed pages from English literature (1925); Printed...

[Arthur Okazaki photobook of kiln construction and pottery firing].

Photobook documenting construction of a primitive kiln, and forming and firing of pottery, in an unidentified outdoor location, possibly in California. Two potters are depicted throughout volume. A few pieces of finished pottery are also depicted.

[Arthur Okazaki photobook of White's Shoe Shop, Spokane, Wash.].

Views of White's Shoe Shop of Spokane, Washington. Subjects include exterior and interior views, shoemakers at work, boots and other types of shoes, cobbler's forms, manufacturing and repair equipment, leather and other materials, and packaging.

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley letters and autograph fragments, 1849-1879.

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley letters and autograph fragments, BANC MSS 74/57 z, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Arthur Robinson Williams papers, 1920-1961.

Notes, reprints, and papers relating to his teaching career as associate professor of mathematics, University of California, Berkeley. Some papers of B. C. Wong included.

Arthur Rodgers correspondence : ALS, 1865-1902.

Contains letters written by Arthur Rodgers to his family, discussing the sinking of the ship Brother Jonathan on its way to Oregon, spiritualism, the effect of the Civil War on Tennessee, attending the California State Normal School and teaching school,...

Arthur Scott Aiton papers.

Include drafts of the following papers and lectures: Robert Louis Stevenson and Jules Simoneau - A California Friendship; Conquista y Colonización; La Renovación del Pacto de Familia en el Año 1779; an introduction to The First Geographical Description of New...

Arthur Shearer letters, 1858-1863.

Photocopies of letters, with typed transcripts. Later letters express his views on American politics, slavery, and the Civil War.

Arthur W. Keddie papers : additions.

Includes materials relating to land acquisitions of the Western Pacific Railroad at Quincy, Calif. and in Plumas Co.

Arthur W. Keddie papers, 1882-1910 (bulk 1902-1910).

Kept while chief engineer, Western Pacific, based at Quincy, Calif.

Articles by and about Robert Marshall, [ca. 1920-1950]

Articles relate to wilderness trips, forestry, preservation, and Marshall's founding of The Wilderness Society. Many are written by his brother, George Marshall.

Articles of agreement and convention[s] made and concluded at Abiquiu in the Territory of New Mexico by David Meriwether : U.S. Commissioner and Ute chiefs, 1855 Aug. 8 & Sept. 11.

Drafts of treaties (one signed by Meriwether) signed by the witnesses (including Richard S. Ewell) with the Capote and Moache bands of the Utes. With names of chiefs signing.

Articles of agreement between the owners, officers & company of the private armed brig of war Yankee : Bristol, Rhode Island : ms., 1814 Mar. 14.

Comprises 15 articles of agreement, followed by list of officers and crew; Elisha Snow, commander.

Articles published in Zapiski Gidrograficheskogo Departamenta, 1852.

Transcripts by A. Pinart, in Russian, of "The River Mednaia, Described by Serebrennikov, 1847-1848" (7 p.); "Information about the Chukchi, from the Notes of Captains Shishmarev, 1821" (14 p.); "Expedition to the Aleutian Islands of Captains Krenitsin and Levashev, 1764-1769";...

Articulos de capitulación : Cahuenga, Calif., 1847 Jan. 13 /

Photocopy of signed draft, with additional article, Jan. 16, 1847, of surrender of the California forces to Colonel J.C. Fremont.

[Artifacts pertaining to child development assessment tests].

Custom wooden box containing trays of various objects used in child development assessment testing by Nancy Bayley at the Harold E. Jones Child Study Center, University of California, Berkeley. Objects include dolls, wooden blocks and peg boards, mirrors, diagrams, key,...

Artist and printer : oral history transcript / and related material, 1969-1970.

Career as artist, illustrator and printer, including work on Federal Art Project and association with Grabhorn Press. Photographs inserted. With this: a few pages from two books he illustrated and printed.

Artist, instructor, and innovator in fiber arts : oral history transcript / 1992.

Elliott discusses her family and early education in Detroit; career as first woman designer, Ford Motor Co.; teaching career at the University of Michigan, University of California, Berkeley, and College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, Calif.; marriage to Roy Elliott;...

Artists creating murals for the New York World's Fair.

Views of artists working on murals for the World's Fair of 1939-1940 held in New York.

Arts Club records, 1935-1989 (bulk 1935-1958).

Files comprised chiefly of the "chronicles" (i.e. papers delivered, chiefly by members, at Arts Club meetings), 1937-1958. Also includes: Record of membership and meetings, 1935-1946 (Stephen C. Pepper); "The Early Years of the Arts Club (1935-1940)," by Edward W. Strong,...

[Arturo "Tony" Moreno photograph album of University Jazz Band, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo].

Photograph album documenting 1977-1978 activities of University Jazz Band of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, in which Arturo "Tony" Moreno was a percussionist. Includes scenes of a few concerts, musicians on a bus, and band members partying. Album also contains...

Artwork from the Gelett Burgess papers [graphic]

Collection includes dummies of seven covers for "The lark" (pen & ink) by Ernest C. Peixotto; a drawing by W.W. Fawcett to illustrate Carolyn Wells' parodies of "The Purple cow;" eight relief print posters for "The Lark" and an original...

The artwork of Justine Jones.

Albums prepared by Justine Jones Fixel with text and color photographs documenting her paintings and constructions. Artwork depicted dates from 1946-2002. Much of the text is autobiographical, chiefly regarding her influences and the inspirations for her artwork.

Artwork of Louis LaCour.

Collection includes many caricatures of political and other figures, some French. Also includes portraits of Indians of Port Orford, Oregon; a view of San Francisco Chinatown; and other unidentified portraits.

Asa Adams family letters, 1861-1872.

Includes letters, 1861 & 1863, from Asa and Henry E. Adams to family in the East, written from Honey Lake Valley, Calif., concerning the "Sagebrush War."

Asa Dow Hammock papers, 1895-1957.

Mounted photographs, clippings and miscellaneous papers, with explanatory notes.

Asa H. Thompson letters, 1853-1860.

Written to family in Maine concerning mining experiences in the vicinity of Columbia and Yreka, California. Some letters written by his brother, Charles, and other relatives.

Asa Thurston Heydon papers, 1904-1920.

Consists of manuscripts of Heydon's writings and correspondence with friend Maude Horn. Manuscripts include "Po-pa-gie," a retelling of a Native American tradition, "Alaska Yukon ballads," about life in the Yukon, "My pearl," "The sourdough's lament," "The mastodon," and others. Also...

Asano, Pete. Photographs of the Burlingame, Calif., railroad depot.

Photographs show general and detailed views of the Burlingame train depot (Calif.), relating to its restoration and conservation.

ASARO graphics collection.

Series of original prints (woodcuts, lithographs and serigraphs) advocating human rights, social justice and other causes as they pertain to various contemporary events and situations in Mexico -- e.g. unjust treatment of illegal Mexican immigrants in the U.S.; the violent...

Asbury Harpending papers, 1867-1900.

Documents in a law suit, agreements, and reports, relating to various mining properties in California.

Ascending the ranks of management, Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, 1957-1992 : oral history transcript / 1999.

Topics covered include family, Idaho Falls, and education, University of California, Berkeley; Kaiser companies industrial and labor relations, 1952-1957; Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, 1957-1992: Health Plan Manager, regional manager, Southern California, 1957-1970, to Oakland CA Central Office of KPHP/KPH,...

Ashcroft, Glenn B. Photographs of Mount Diablo from the Glenn B. Ashcroft papers [graphic]

Includes views of Mount Diablo, Calif., from the west and south, Ransom's Point, and chimney of U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey protecting copper bolt where Mt. Diablo base and meridian lines cross.

Ashley Dukes papers, [ca. 1932-1942].

Includes: two letters; clippings of articles written by and about him; Mercury Theatre program; obituary clipping.

Ashurst, Benjamin. Letters from Benjamin Ashurst and William Ayerst, and related item : mss., 1712-1713.

Letter from Benjamin Ashurst to Mr. [Ambrose?] Philips regarding the purchase of tickets to a performance; and letter from W[illia]m Ayerst to "Sir" (possibly Ambrose Philips) regarding the papers of the late Mr. [Thomas?] Harrison. Includes related manuscript, apparently relating...

Asian photographs from the Edward Thomas Williams papers [graphic]

Photographs mainly taken in China but include other Asian locations (esp. Japan). Photographs show many touristic views: Buddist monks and temples, other buildings, rural scenes, boats, street scenes (including beggars smoking opium), landscapes, wild animals, etc. Many portraits of Chinese...

[Asian-American portraits by Kami Studio, San Francisco, Calif.].

Includes a bridal portrait, wedding and funeral groups, an American Legion gathering, and the Filipino Methodist Church congregation in San Francisco.

Assay records for mines in Grass Valley, Nevada County, California, 1877-1878.

Assay records for mines in Grass Valley, Nevada County, California, 1877-1878, BANC MSS C-G 233, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

The Assembly, the State Senate, and the Governor's Office, 1958-1974 : oral history transcript / and related material, 1979-1982.

Interviews with four California legislators who held leadership roles during the Brown and Reagan administrations. Copies of photographs inserted. Interviewees, and titles of interviews, as follow: William Bagley. Some Complexities of Social Progress and Fiscal Reform; James R. Mills. A...

Assignat collection, 1791-1793.

Collection of 6 individual assignats in various amounts and one uncut sheet of 20 assignats in the amount of 50 sols from 1793; watermarks and embossing in the center of each specimen. A specimen from 1791 includes a cameo portrait...

Associated Pioneers of the Territorial Days of California letters : New York, N.Y., to Rear Admiral George F. Emmons, ALS, 1879 Aug. 1-1883 Feb. 1.

Four letters from 1879 and one from 1883, all discussing the details of membership reunions. Three letters are signed by the Association's secretary, Francis D. Clark, and the fourth by Senior Vice-President H.G. Gibson. One letter has been annotated with...

Assorted advertising cards and rewards of merit [graphic].

Collection of various business and advertising cards (including two advertising postcards), mostly from the San Francisco Bay Area. Includes Roos Bros Clothing at 31-37 Kearny St., San Francisco; Sing Fat Co., Inc. (with illustration of store) at corner of California...

[Assorted photographs of scenes in California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho].

BANC PIC 2017.074--PIC: Excursion train A.A. Denny No. 1, Columbia & Puget Sound Railroad -- BANC PIC 2017.075--PIC: Portland, Oregon and Mt. Hood -- BANC PIC 2017.076--PIC: San Bernardino street fair near the court house -- BANC PIC 2017.077--PIC: Twelve...

Assorted views from the Robert Bradford Marshall papers.

California views that focus on parks show maps and document trips in Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. Many photos show wilderness areas, presumably in California. Photographs that show scenes outside of California include views of Zion Canyon (Utah), Mt. Assiniboine...

Astor family biographical materials, [ca. 1890]

Biographical sketches of John Jacob Astor (1763-1848), William Backhouse Astor (1792-1875), John Jacob Astor II (1822-1890), and William Waldorf Astor (1848-1919); concerns the establishment of the family fortune through the fur and China trade and through real estate operations in...

Astronomical Society of the Pacific records, 1909-1969.

Includes copies of articles of incorporation and by-laws; financial records; notes on meetings of board of directors, publications, memberships, etc.; and correspondence, including letters from George O. Abell, Louis Berman, Louis G. Henyey, Hamilton M. Jeffers, Gerald E. Kron, John...

Asuntos politicos de Panamá : ms., [undated].

Account of political developments in Panama, 1848-1868. Stresses the population increase caused by the California Gold Rush, diminution of ecclesiastical civil powers, relations between foreigners and Panamanians, whites and Negroes, and the Conservative-Liberal conflict.

A.T. Stewart correspondence, 1863, 1875.

Two letters: March 30, 1863 ; December 13, 1875

Atcheson, George Photographs from the George Atcheson papers.

Includes snapshots, portraits and press photographs taken of George Atcheson, Jr. throughout his career, including during his service in pre-World War II China and post-World War II Japan. Also includes photographs of associated figures such as Douglas MacArthur, Chiang Kai-shek,...

Athenian Club ledgers : Oakland, Calif., 1883-1894.

Bound volume containing club meeting minutes beginning with the founding of the Athenian Club in Oakland, California, dated April 14, 1883 to February 17, 1894. Includes a separate typescript alphabetical index of member's names and their corresponding entries in the...

Athenian School founder oral history transcript / c2007.

Interview with found of the Athenian School in Danville, California, a college preparation private school founded in 1965 by Brown. Also included is an interview with Edwin Ellis, hired in 1966 as Dean of Students. He worked at the school...

Athenian-Nile Club miscellany, 1883-1984 (bulk 1892-1955).

Handwritten and typed minutes of meetings for the Athenian Club, Aug. 14, 1893-July 7, 1910, mostly concerning activities, financial matters, and rules.

Atkins family photographs.

Three cartes de visite albums contain portraits of friends and relations, some unidentified. Many are by San Francisco photographers. Includes some tintypes. Loose photoprints consist of portraits. three views in Tahiti, and an unidentified (Calif.?) view.

Atkinson family and Atkinson Construction Company records, 1887-1980.

Contains personal and business related items pertaining to three generations of the Atkinson family including Lynn Samuel Atkinson, Sr., Lynn Samuel Atkinson, Jr., Mary Atkinson, and Thelma Atkinson. The bulk of the collection compiled by Lynn Atkinson, Jr., are scrapbooks...

Atlanta Gold and Silver Mining Company records, 1875-1897.

From University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center;

Atlas Imperial Diesel Engine Company photographs and ephemera [graphic]

Includes views of vehicles, machinery, and job sites employing Atlas engines. Includes pumps and other machinery, tractors, steam shovels, dredges, etc. Sites include oil fields, Grand Coulee Dam, Kaiser Paving Co. facilities, the Colorado River Aqueduct, Casalco Dam, San Francisco...

Atlas Insurance Co. photos of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 [graphic]

Photographs show the interior of the Atlas Insurance Co. office in San Francisco (in ruins), Sacramento St. from in front of the Atlas building, and a view downtown taken from near the office.

Atlas Insurance Company records, 1895-1911 (bulk 1906 Apr. 19-Dec.).

Correspondence and related papers chiefly concerning the open insurance liability of the Atlas Insurance Company, and the situation for insurance companies generally following the San Francico earthquake and fire of 1906. Includes telegrams and letters describing the earthquake and fire,...

Atlas of the Pacific coast [i.e., crest] trail : scrapbook, 1941.

Relates to Clinton E. Clarke's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Attendant in the Cowell Residence Program, wheelchair technologist, and participant/observer of Berkeley's disability community, 1967-1990s / 2000.

Early experiences with disability; attendant at Cowell Hospital Residence Program, UC Berkeley, 1967-1971, with reflections on John Hessler and Ed Roberts; the Rolling Quads; politics of 1960s, refusing draft induction; disabled students' relationship with the Dept. of Rehabilitation; mechanical problems...

Attitudes and activities of the organized blind : oral history transcript / and related material, 1955-1956.

Notes his own background and blindness; social prejudice problems; voluntary agencies and services; government agencies and personnel; employment agencies for the blind; schools, housing and miscellaneous problems. Copies of correspondence and documents added.

Attorney and activist for the environment, 1962-1992 : oral history transcript : opposing nuclear power at Bodega Bay and Point Arena, managing California forests and East Bay regional parks / 1996.

David Pesonen discusses his childhood, his education at the University of California, Berkeley School of Forestry, and the Law School (Boalt Hall). Then he elaborates on various environment issues, including Bodega Bay and Harbor and the Nuclear Power Plant proposed...

Attorney, Chickering & Gregory, San Francisco : oral history transcript / 1997.

Growing up in Oakland, Calif.: his family, his grandfather's practice in Hawaii, summers at Soda Springs Ranch; education at the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard Law School; law practice in the 1930s and 1940s, Chickering & Gregory law firm;...

Attorney for the environment, 1966-1981 : Center for Law and Social Policy, Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, Department of Justice Division of Lands and Natural Resources : oral history transcript / 1994.

Moorman discusses family, education, and interest in environment; Sierra Clubs Atlantic and Southeast chapters, 1960s; legal cases as attorney in Justice Department's Lands Division, 1966-1969; attorney for Center for Law and Social Policy, 1969-1971: early use of the National Environmental...

Attorney, judge, and Oakland Mayor : oral history transcript / 1992.

Wilson discusses his education at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Hastings Law School; his career as a lawyer; participation in Berkeley and Oakland, Calif., political life, especially as Chair of the Oakland Economic Development Commission, and as Oakland...

Attorney, national policy advocate, and spokesperson for disability rights organizations, 1976-1990s : oral history transcript / 2000.

Youth in Massachusetts, undergraduate study at UC Santa Cruz; disabling accident, 1972; law studies at Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley, 1973-1976; work with the Center for Independent Living, Disability Law Resource Center, Disabled Women's Support Group, 1974-1976; establishing the Disability Rights...

Aubrey Drury notes on Alf Doten and other Nevada pioneers, 1959.

Material for a contemplated editing of the diaries of Alfred Doten.

Aubrey Drury papers.

Notes re California, Arizona and Nevada history, with some ms. of articles.

Aubrey Drury papers : additions, 1926-1957.

Correspondence re the adoption of the metric system in the United States; manuscripts and related notes and clippings concerning California and the California missions; letters and notes on the English language; and a few papers of his father, Wells Drury.

Aubrey Drury papers : additions, [ca. 1930-1950].

Works, and subject file concerning his interest and activities associated with California history.

Aubrey Drury papers, 1931-1938.

Correspondence, promotional material, and clippings, relating to the need for a large modern reflector for Lick Observatory; the University of California Alumni Association; and work for the Statewide Committee on Higher Education. Include letters from Newton B. Drury, Robert G....

Aubrey Grossman files, 1953-1973.

Selective service prosecution statistics, including the Robert Whitehorn case files. Statistics on civil disobedience arrests and dispositions as well as clippings concerning the sit-ins and mass arrests of Congress for Racial Equality (CORE) demonstrators in the Broadway Auto Row, Oakland...

Auburn Grays miscellany, [185-?]-1931.

Contains two ms. notes from meetings of the Auburn Grays (one is signed by Wm. H. Sullivan, Acting Orderly Sgt.). Also includes correspondence between Thomas E. Stephens, Captain, Company C, 184th Infantry, Calif. National Guard, and Mrs. C.H. Fulweiler of...

Audubon Nature Training Society photograph collection [graphic]

Slides and scripts are for nature education talks (e.g. "Welcome to the world of ants"). Other views show nature education programs for children. Most in Berkekely or other California locations.

Audubon Nature Training Society records, 1962-1984.

Includes correspondence, subject files, minutes of meetings, publicity files, evaluations, news releases, publications of the Society, and financial records. Most materials date from the 1970s.

Auerbach family photograph collection [graphic]

Collection mainly contains family portraits, many taken in Germany. Mainly Auerbach family, but also many of Fanny Brooks (Eveline's mother).

August Helbing political campaign ephemera and obituary, 1892, 1896.

The collection includes a voting guide and political card from 1892 when August Helbing ran as a Republican candidate for the supervisor of San Francisco's 12th Ward. The collection also has a photocopy of an obituary for Helbing that appeared...

August Vollmer : pioneer in police professionalism. oral history transcript / 1972-1983.

Interviews with several individuals acquainted with Vollmer's contribution to subject of police reform. Copy of photograph inserted. Interviewees discuss the evolution of the School of Criminology, UC, Berkeley and contacts with O.W. Wilson, Volmer's role in advising younger criminal justice...

August Vollmer letters : Berkeley, Calif., to Jane Hentze, [Alaska] : TLS, 1950-1955.

Concerns Vollmer's involvement with police work including helping English, Canadian and Japanese police study the U.S. system of police work, about Samuel Chapman, Hentze's son and his studies in police work, and about Vollmer's health. Also includes two letters from...

August Vollmer portrait collection [graphic].

Includes snapshots and many group portraits of police, and police-related scenes, especially in Berkeley and in China, India, and Japan. Also present are inscribed studio portraits of friends and colleagues and many snapshots that may be family members or groups...

Auguste Belcourt correspondence, 1859.

Concerning business affairs in San Francisco and the Limantour case. Included is a letter from his brother Ignace in Mexico.

Augustine Birrell letters, [ca. 1899-1927].

Also included is a holograph draft of his article, My Philosophy of Life.

Augustus Caywood letters : Diamond Springs, Calif., to Sarah Caywood, Lodi, N.Y., 1853 Feb. 15 - Nov. 11.

Two handwritten letters (5 p.) from husband on his way to, and in, California to his wife in New York. One letter, dated Feb. 15, 1853, written on board the steamer Georgia, is a very brief account due to the...

Augustus F. Taylor papers, 1849-1879.

Diary, Feb. 11 - Aug. 17, 1849 of a trip to California on the bark Isabel. Included is a letter, Mar. 30, 1879, from J.R. Hardenberg, a fellow passenger on the trip.

Augustus Ripley Burbank statements and letters, 1883.

Statements concerning himself, his wife Mary Ellen, and daughter Eva; and five letters to H.H. Bancroft, 1883.

Augustus S. Cooper notes and drawings : on Santa Barbara County, Calif. coastline, [ca. 1899].

Contains notes and drawings on geological formations of the area along the Santa Ynez mountain range on the coastline of Santa Barbara County, Calif.

Augustus Todd papers relating to his participation in the Rebellion of Upper Canada, 1839.

Commission signed by Henry S. Handy, Windsor [Ontario], Sept. 26, 1839, and regulations and pay of the North Western Army on Patriot Service ... issued by the Grand Eagle Chapter of Upper Canada on Patriot Executive Duty. With explanatory note...

Aunt Lulu's diaries, 1914-1927.

Contains 13 diaries given to a woman only known as "Aunt Lulu" living in Berkeley, California, from her niece Jane as New Years' gifts. Everyday has an entry usually covering the weather, health, visits, and local happenings.

Aurelia S. Harwood Sierra Club papers, 1921-1924

Papers relating to Aurelia S. Harwood's involvement in the Sierra Club.

Aurora Hunt research materials.

Transcripts of letters, photocopies of clippings, photographs, etc., used in the preparation of her books on the Army of the Pacific, the California Column, Kirby Benedict, and Maj. Gen. James H. Carleton.

Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, San Francisco, Niagara Falls.

Six photographs of San Francisco, mainly of the Bay; five of Honolulu; two of Niagara Falls. The majority of the photographs are of Australia and New Zealand.

Australia promotional photograph albums [graphic].

Albums of commercial photographs promoting tourism and travel in Australia. Vol. 1 photographs depict views of various cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Hobart, as well as local fauna such as kangaroos, koala bears, the duck-billed platypus, etc....

Authorities, 1910-1916.

California court cases, containing legal points and authorities, arranged alphabetically.

Author's carnival, 1879 Oct. 23-Nov. 1.

Scrapbook of newsclippings and advertisements regarding the nine-day charity event, beginning Oct. 23, 1879 at Mechanics' Pavilion, San Francisco, featuring booths and performances representing literary authors.

Autochromes from Theos C. Bernard - G. Eleanore Murray collection and archive

Three unidentified views: a view through over trees to a lake with low mountains beyond, a large stone home or inn among trees (with low mountains beyond), and a path in the woods with birch or aspen trees. All are...

Autograph poems by Edward Rowland Sill : ms., 1865-1882.

V.1 : Poems gathered from various sources, mounted and annotated by Joseph C. Rowell.

Autographs of notable Americans of the nineteenth century, 1800s.

Autographs of Lawrence Barrett, Struthers Burt, Fitz-Greene Halleck, Samuel Hull, William Hull, Thomas Jefferson (facsimile), Louis Kossuth, Alexander H. Stephens, John Quincy Adams, James K. Polk, Ulysses S. Grant, Benjamin Harrison, and William H. Taft.

Autos a pedimento de Tomás López de Ecala : San Lorenzo, Spain : DS, 1796 Oct. 4.

Judgment in suit brought by Juan Fernández Munilla and Juan Ignacio Briones against Tomás López de Ecala for damages to their property near Querétaro, Mexico due to Ecala's damming a river for irrigation. Signed for the King by Francisco Cerda...

Autos f[ec]hos ... en la Visita Gen[era]l del Siendolo : DS, 1677-1678.

Documents relating to a general inspection of conditions in Nueva Vizcaya conducted in compliance with a royal order by Sierra Osorio, Governor and Captain General of that region, and subsequently a member of the Council of the Indies.

Autos formados á pedim[en]to de esta nobilissima ciu[da]d para [que] se ampare en la posezion de [sus] ejidos. Y la dio el S[eño]r D. Pedro de la Vastida, oydor de la R[ea]l Aud[ienci]a de Nueva España el año de 1691 : Mexico City, 1608-1709.

A collection of decrees, land deeds, petitions, declarations, reports, notifications, etc., relating to the establishment and implementation of the rights claimed by Mexico City over its public lands. Primary attention is given to the 1690 proceedings conducted by the Real...

Autos formados a virtud de pedimiento de Don Baltasar de Arechavala, sobre que se le venda, o arriende media cavalleria de tierra contigua a su Hacienda de los Morales, cita en Egidos de esta Ciudad : Mexico City, Mexico, 1773-1774.

A series of court papers, addressed to the Royal Audiencia in Mexico City, which sum up a case presented by Sr. Arechavala, who identifies himself as a merchant of the city. He is seeking to sell off or rent a...

[Auxilio Social paper emblem pins].

Die-cut paper pins issued by Auxilio Social assistance agency of Spanish government. Front of each pin illustrated with emblems pertaining to Spanish heraldry, geographical regions, historical figures, patriotic themes, historic events, material culture, flora and fauna, etc. Back of each...

[Avakian family photograph album of Armenian-Americans in California].

Photograph album chiefly containing snapshots documenting everyday lives of the Armenian-American Avakian family of Fresno and Los Angeles Counties. Most images pertain to Marion Avakian (1916-2000), his wife Alice Maxwell Avakian (1916-2000), their children, friends and other family members. Most...

Avil and Grimm. Collection of Avil and Grimm ephemera, circa 1904-1913.

Contains schedules of theater bookings, photographs and other miscellaneous items. Photographs include professional shots of Avil and Grimm seperatly and one while portaying their character's the Zulu Kids in black face.

A.W. Rawson diary : ms. S, 1856.

Description of voyage from New York to San Francisco via Panama; travels in California, with account of the New Almaden quicksilver mines; life in Santa Cruz.

A.W. Von Schmidt portraits, Von Schmidt dredges, and other photographs.

Includes two portraits of A.W. Von Schmidt; 4 prints depicting Von Schmidt dredges in Australia; one print depicting the 1877 shipwreck of the Frank Jones off of Fort Point in San Francisco Bay; an unidentified group portait; and an unidentified...

A.W. Ward papers, circa 1953-1973.

Consists of writings by Ward, correspondence, Commonwealth Club of California meeting minutes, subject files, newspaper articles and scrapbooks; primarily focusing on California wetlands.

Axe found near old Presidio at Santa Cruz in Sonora, Mexico : and related papers, [1909-1951].

Correspondence with Herbert E. Bolton, Carl O. Sauer, Arthur Woodward and A.M. Huntington and note book entry concerning discovery of the 16th century battle axe.

Axel Cederborg papers, 1913-2000 (bulk 1921-1935).

Contains business papers, account books, time books, manufacturer's advertisements, photographs, and architectural magazines featuring Cederborg's work. Includes bids, estimates, bills, contracts, receipts, correspondence, and photographs related to Cederborg's work as a contractor on residences, churches, commercial buildings, and fraternities. His...

AXIS Dance Company records, 1987-2010.

Programs, newspaper clippings, flyers, posters, and small quantity of feedback on AXIS Dance/Kids.

Aya Tarlow correspondence to Anelle and Theodore Kloski, approximately 1961-1976.

Contains typescript and handwritten personal letters of Aya Tarlow sent to friends. Some of the letters include verses and poems. Also includes a few separate poems, cards, drawings, etc.

Aya Tarlow pictorial collection.

Tarlow's extensive personal photograph collection, comprehensively documenting her life from childhood to her later years in Sedona, Ariz. In addition to many photographs of Tarlow and her family, others depicted include David Meltzer, George Herms, Wallace Berman and Ringo Starr.

[Ayako Tomooka family photographs].

Snapshot and portrait photographs pertaining to Ayako Tomooka Fujii and her husband Tadao Fujii; Ayako's siblings Masataka and Fred Tomooka; Ayako's parents Toyokichi and Yone; other Tomooka family members, friends, associates and their Japanese-American milieus in both California and Arizona....

Azcoytia family papers, [ca. 1800-1870]

Legal documents concerning the activities of members of the family.

Aztec antiquities in Mexico.

Photographs show Aztec stone relief carvings in Xochimilco, and Santa Cruz, Mexico.

Aztec Indian burial registers : Xochimilco, Mexico, 1753-1773.

Burial records of Aztec Indians from the villages of Tepepan, Tecpan, and Tepetenchi, located in the Mexican region of Xochimilco. The records were kept in leather-bound volumes by Spanish Jesuit priests and each entry lists name, date, location and additional...