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Society of California Pioneers
101 Montgomery Street, Suite 150
Presidio of San Francisco
San Francisco, California 94129
Phone: (415) 957-1849
Email: pkeats@californiapioneers.org
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Physical collections: 319
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Abadie (William) Papers

The Genealogies of William Abadie. This appears to be the handwritten version of Abadie's autobiography and reminiscences,1901. The family tree begins with a marriage of Jean Pierre Abadie to Francoise Bares, and lists their twelve children. The eldest son, William...

Actress and Singer Photograph Collection, ca. 1850 - 1930

Actress and Singer Photograph Collection, ca. 1850 - 1930 contains 308 card photographs, cabinet cards, carte-de-vistes, enlarged studio portraits, photographic miniatures, and halftones. These publicity images are of some of the most celebrated female thespians and opera singers from the...

Adams, D.Q. Letters, 1864-1865

Typed reproductions of 8 letters written by D.Q. Adams in the years 1864 and 1869. Letters are mainly addressed to L.D. Stephens, and written from various places in the Nevada Territory and Butte and Tehama Counties in California. Subjects includes...

Admission of California into the Union Celebration Program

Typewritten program of Admission of California into the Union. Program includes the names of the people that participated in the celebration that occurred on October 29, 1850 in San Francisco. Included 7 divisions of people, fireworks, arms fired, and other...

Ahlborn (William O.) Guide to California Museums Transcript

This typed manuscript by Mr. William Ahlborn seems to be an unpublished manuscript which lists, and describes many California museums around the state. There are listings by name, city and county, then by the subdivisions: art museums, children's museums, house...

Alexander (Samuel J.) Correspondence, 1895-1902

Correspondence written or received by members of the Alexander Family. Correspondence spans the period 1895 to 1902 and concerns legal matters pertaining to property leases and the military service of a sibling, William A. Alexander.

Allen (Walter C.) Papers, 1943-1944

Documents related to the writing and publication of an article by Walter C. Allen about the creation of the original San Francisco City Directory and its two reprints published by Charles P. Kimball in 1850.

Alvarado, Family, Documents

This folder contains copies of originals which are housed at the Bancroft Libraray. The copies of file establishing the legitimacy and the Christian and noble lineage of the brothers Pedro, Luis and José de Mazateve Alvarado, natives of the district...

Alvord (William) Papers, 1833-1904

One handwritten legal deed, dated July 20, 1871 and 3 pages in length, from William Alvord and addressed to Huntington, Stanford and Hopkins. Deed documents the sale of the railroad formerly known as the Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad Company...

American Hotel Guestbook

Guest Registry for American Hotel 1905, April 8 - July 21 of Auburn, CA

Angel (Myron) Papers, 1827-1911

A letter written by Myron Angel to the Society of California Pioneers president thanking him for reinstatement as a member to the society.

Annie M. Jourden Photograph Album

This collection of photos consists of unidentified portraits - mostly CDV photographs with several tintypes. Stamped in gilt on the cover is the name Annie M. Jourden.

Anthony (Abraham) Scrapbook

This book contains newspaper clippings from San Francisco newspapers of Abraham Anthony's police career as a detective in the San Francisco Police Department.

Applegate Jr. (O.C.) Letters, 1941

Correspondence from Oliver Cromwell Applegate, Jr. concerning some history of the Applegate family related to the Oregon Trail and other aspects of Oregon history.

Arguello (Luise L.) Letters, 1911

Correspondence between Luise L. Arguello, L.A. Sorbier, C.F. Adams, and Z.E. Eldredge concerning the proper pronunciation of the surname Arguello.

Ashe (Richard P.) Naval Orders

Certificate signed by President Franklin Pierce appointing Richard P. Ashe Navy Agent for the Port of San Francisco. Also signed by Secretary of the Navy, J.C. Dobbin. The document orders Ashe to remain a Navy agent for the span of...

Associated Pioneers of the Territorial Days of California Papers

Includes the original articles of the Associated Pioneers of the Territorial Days of California. Also includes a hard-cover book which contains the original articles, as well as updated articles and a list of members. The folder also includes a letter...

Atherton (Faxon Dean ) Papers, 1863-1915

Collection of 3 items belonging to and pertaining to Faxon Dean Atherton (1815-1877).

Atkins (Henry B.) Letters, 1901

A letter from Henry B. Atkins to members of the Society of California Pioneers in answer to a request for the story of his overland journey to California in 1849.

Atwood, John and Sarah, Papers

This file contains the court records of the divorce of John and Sarah Atwood.

Austin (Robert & Alexander vs. David W. Chandler) Indenture

The indenture of the court case, Robert and Alexander Austin vs. David W. Chandler, which took place in 1850 in San Francisco. The dispute was over mortgage payments.

Austin (Robert & Alexander vs. David W. Chandler) Papers

The mortgage sale of three lots of land in San Francisco: "Washington Market and other Valuable Property" (July 24, 1850), and a receipt for claim from the Superior Court of the City of San Francisco (September 28, 1850).

Autographs (Pre-Statehood) California

This file contains a collection of original letters,manuscripts, and correspondince collected by an unknown person. the bulk of the collection focuses on pre-statehood California, early governors, missionaries and military officers. The original documents have glued on to larger sheets of...

Ayer (Dr. Washington) Papers

The Dr. Washington Ayer papers include two handwritten letters, one from 1853, the other undated. The first discusses his daily life, in very flowery language, and then goes on to talk about his spiritual life. The second letter seems to...

Ayers, James J., Colonel, Speech on July 4, 1872

Includes a packet with an eleven-page handwritten speech. The speech was written by Colonel J.J. Ayers as a celebration for the 4th of July in 1872. Ayers� speech, given at San Buenaventura, focuses on patriotism and celebrating the founding of...

Ayers (James J.) "Pioneer Times" Lecture

This is a presentation copy of a speech given in Los Angeles (on March 15th, 1878 for the benefit of the Free Dispensary) and San Francisco (on June 13th, 1878 at the Mercantile Library Hall) both under the auspices of...

Badlam (Alexander, Jr.) Biography

The folder includes the biographical account of Alexander Badlam, Jr.'s life during and after his voyage from Cambridge, MA across the Plains to Sacramento, CA in 1850 (some discrepancy in sources on this date). Note: Creator is listed as Dolores...

Badlam, Sr. (Alexander) Papers

The folder includes the biographical account of Alexander Badlam, Senior's life during his voyage to California in 1849. It is a typed version from May 27th, 1935 of an originally handwritten letter.

Baker (George H.) Diary

This file contains the hand written in ink journal of George H. Baker. Mr.. Baker created the record between 1848 and January 1849. The hard covered book is in good condition with the spine intact. The pages are off white...

Baker (George H.) Diary, Vol. 3

This file contains the hard bound and hand written, in ink, personal journal of G. H. Baker. This diary, vol.3, is in good condition with the spine still intact with the paper pages suffering some yellowing but are also in...

Baker (George H.) Diary Vol. 4

This file contains the hard bound, and hand written in ink journal of George H. Baker. This diary, Vol. 4, holds his memories from March to August of 1848 prior to his arrival in California. The journal is in good...

Baker (George H.) Subscription Book

This file contains the hand written, in ink, subscription book for George H. Baker's lithograph titled, "Birds-eye view of Sacramento, California". The hard bound book is in good condition with the binding firmly intact. The paper pages are in good...

Baker (George Holbrook) Papers

Includes numerous handwritten letters between George Holbrook Baker, his sister, mother, and father, John Baker. Also includes business cards from Baker’s lithography business in San Francisco, a brief description of Baker’s life before and after coming to California, diaries...

Bancroft (Hubert Howe) Papers

This collection includes biographical accounts of Hubert Howe Bancroft’s life. One is written by his brother, Albert Little Bancroft, and the other by his nephew, W.B. Bancroft. This folder also includes numerous articles, mostly from San Francisco newspapers in the...

Bartlett (Robert B.) Diary, Vol 1

This file contains the first of four diaries of Robert B. Bartlett. He wrote in this diary from March 1850 to March 1851. It tells of his time living in Kingston, Massachusetts. He talks about his family, the weather, and...

Bartlett (Robert B.) Diary, Vol 2.

This file contains the second hand written, in ink, journal of Robert B. Bartlett This book begins on his 19th birthday, on March 16, 1851. The book is in good condition with the binding intact and the hand writing is...

Bartlett (Robert B.) Diary, Vol 3.

This is the third diary from Robert Bartlett called "Garabaldi's Own by Robert Bartlett, Volume 3." The journal is in good condition and the binding is still intact. The hand writing is clear and legible throughout. In this volume Mr....

Bartlett (Robert B.) Diary, Vol 4

This file contains the hand written in ink diary of Robet B. Bartlett Vol 4. The diary is in good condition with the binding intact and the hand writing is clear and legible throughout.

Bates (Captain) Papers

This folder contains a handwritten receipt by Captain Bates regarding carpenter work. His handwritten receipt contains details about his work and wages.

Bates (E.S.) Letters

This folder contains a handwritten letter addressed to Mr. Daugner.

Belloni (Charles) Letters

The folder contains a handwritten letter addressed to Mr. John J. Spear. It was written by Charles Belloni on July 28, 1896. Belloni is inquiring about the possibility of future membership and is explaining why he would be a profitable...

Bense (Henry) Papers

The folder contains a letter from E.D. Judd & Co. in Alameda dated Feb. 23, 1899, regarding papers belonging to Henry Bense. The documents include; a request for safe passage of Henry Bense to California, documents of Henry Bense’s membership...

Bidwell (General John) Papers

The folder contains John Bidwell's letters to the Society of California Pioneers and articles about Bidwell and his house in Chico.

Bierce (Ambrose) Letters

The folder contains Ambrose Bierce's correspondence with E.V. Matignon, an aspiring writer for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bigler and Smith Letters

These letters are related to the research undertaken by John S Hittell under the aegis of the Society of California Pioneers to determined the correct date that gold was found in the tailrace of Sutter's Mill in Coloma by James...

Bigler (Henry William) Diary

Two pages of Henry Bigler's original diary, with the first written mention of the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill. Though the first discovery of gold in California had been attributed to James W. Marshall of Sutter’s Fort in Coloma,...

Billings (Gilbert) Papers

The folder contains letters (dated 1852) from Gilbert Billings in San Francisco to his father.

Biographical File Collection

Consists of a variety of ephemera relating to people widely known and relatively unknown in San Francisco, the greater Bay Area, and California. Bulk of ephemera relates to forty-niners, gold rush-era miners, and members of The Society of California Pioneers....

Birnie (Robert) Memoirs

The folder contains a memoir of Robert Birnie’s life and experiences in pioneer California.

Black Bart Letters

A handwritten transcription, dated 1884 in San Andreas, California, of a series of letters between Harry A. Morse of San Francisco and Sheriff B.K. Thorn of Calavaras County, California concerning a dispute between the two men as to who actually...

Blankman (Harold) Papers

The folder contains a section of the Dawson Daily News with an article on Harold G. Blankman’s appointment to the head of two large companies because of a lawsuit the companies were involved in.

Blasdel (Henry Goode) Papers

The folder contains official documents regarding Henry Blasdel’s time in office as the Governor of Nevada.

Bludworth, (Frances "Fannie") Papers

This collection contains deeds and indentures carried out by Fannie B. Bludworth on behalf of her deceased husband, Charles Bludworth, regarding his properties in the village of Snelling, in the County of Merced.

Boggs, William Montgomery Papers

William Montgomery Boggs wrote this 13 page handwritten remininscence in 1889 at the age of 78. In a rambling style, it tells of events and people related to his family's move to the Town of Sonoma in 1846 and of...

Bond, Joseph Bingay Diary

Captain Bond's diary is hand written in 24 blank pages of a bound 1850 Belchers Farmer's Almanack, printed by James Bowes & Sons, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is written on the blank pages, and sometimes in the blank areas...

Boyd (Theodore Chauncey) Papers

A letter from Flora Stuart Boyd, daughter of Theodore Chauncey Boyd, to the Society of California Pioneers. She remarks about the two paintings her father dontated to the society and his acomplishment of improving the San Francisco city seal, for...

Brickell (John C.) Papers

The folder contains two documents: a handwritten letter from J.R. McClintock (?) at the U.S. Mint in Pittsburgh to the Richard Barnes Mason, Governor of California, requesting advice and counsel from the governor to John C. Brickell, in addition to...

Bridgeford (Jefferson) Letters

The contents of this folder are the photocopies of seven handwritten letters and envelopes written by Jefferson Bridgeford to his wife, Margaret E. Bridgeford, and his child, Eugene, in Paris, Monroe County, Missouri, during the year 1850. Jefferson Bridgeford writes...

Brooks, R.C., Court Records

This folder contains the court records pertaining to one R.C. Brooks and his liquor distilling operation and saloon.

Brown (Richard) Obituaries

This folder contains two documents. The first is a small newspaper clipping of the obituary of Richard Brown. The second is a six-page handwritten eulogy for Richard Brown. Both documents provide biographical information on Brown in addition to praising him...

Bruff (J. Goldsborough) Papers

This folder consists of four separate documents. The first is a typed reproduction (1992 keepsake for Roxburghe and Zamorano clubs) of a letter by Henry H. Clifford explaining his acquisition and investigation of the Joseph Goldsborough Bruff rebus letter, as...

Bryant (Berryman M.D.) Memoirs

This memoir includes the handwritten, in ink, (and a typed transcript) of reminiscences titled: "Reminiscences of California, 1849-1852 by Berryman Bryant M.D. He made two trips to California: 1st trip he arrived in San Francisco June 12 - 1849 having...

Bryant (Edwin) Letters

This folder contains a brief typed letter dated May 14, 1847 to Edwin Bryant from Peter Cadel asking the former for the grant of a title to Lot No. 413 in San Francisco.

Buelna (Jose Antonio) Petitions

A petition to Spanish Governor Diego de Borica in Monterey, from Jose Antonio Buelna in San Jose, dated July 2, 1797, asking the governor to restore lands owned by Pedro Romero to his widow, whose name is assumed to be...

Bull, James Hunter Papers

Captain James Hunter Bull's description of a journey on a portion of the old Mission Trail in Baja Californiia which took place from October to November 1844. The journey began in Mulego (Melege) Baja California on the Gulf of California...

Burbank (Luther) Correspondence

This folder contains a handwritten notecard on which Burbank quotes Socrates to an unknown addressee. A printed title on the notecard identifies it as having come from Burbank’s Experiment Farms in Santa Rosa, CA.

Burnett (Peter H.) Daybook

The contents of this folder are 35 photocopied pages from a daybook written by Governor Peter H. Burnett, recording property sales in Sacramento. The 35 pages are 3 sets of the same 12-pages. One set consists of black copies made...

Burnett (Peter H.) Papers

This file contains the papers pertaining to Peter H. Burnett who was the first Gov. of California. He lived in the California from 1848 until his death in 1895. The papers contain: a letter to John Sutter, copies of Burnett's...

Burnett (Wellington C.) Papers

This folder contains 31 items: 16 check receipts dating from 1865 (one dates from 1871) for rent paid by Wellington C. Burnett; Burnett's license to practice law, dated 1862; and 14 handwritten letters by, to, or concerning various members of...

Burruss (Carlos) Papers

A Mexican passport issued on May 3, 1846 to a Don Carlos Burruss, requesting safe passage on his trip to the Port of Mazatlan. The passport is signed by a Pablo de la Pomilla.

Bushnell (Daniel Edwin) Journal

Rev Daniel Edwin Bushnell travelled overland by wagon train from Pennsylvannia to California in 1862. His journal, handwritten in ink, is described by the author on the opening page as follows: "My trip to California and what I saw and...

Cady (John) Papers

A certificate of citizenship issued on October 1, 1864, by the 4th Judicial District of San Francisco to John Cady, signed by N.M. Loewy (?) and L.J. Lee. The certificate number is 871. The certificate was presented for the voter...

California Counties Ephemera Collection

Comprises a variety of ephemera relating to the history, growth, and development of California's counties between the years 1850 and 2004. Particularly well-documented are efforts to promote individual counties -- and their commercial, industrial, educational, cultural, and recreational prospects --...

California General Subjects Collection

Comprises a wide variety of ephemera documenting the natural, social, political, economic, and cultural life of California -- and particularly San Francisco -- in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Collection materials are organized into hundreds of subjects, representing different places...

Callaghan (John) Papers

Army discharge papers issued to John Callaghan, a private formerly of Monaghan, Ireland, under the command of Captain James van Voast in Company K of the 9th Regiment of Infantry. His enlistment date was November 20th, 1856 and the reason...

Callbreath (John C.) Papers

This folder contains two hand written letters pertaining to the life and times of John C. Callbreath. Both letters were written by his good friend and caretaker in his later years, "Mrs Fish" and both of the letters are addressed...

Campbell (Joseph) Papers

This folder contains 33 items: Two black & white Xerox copies of an 1881 ad for real estate in various parts of San Francisco by Maurice Dore & Co. Auctioneers. One black & white Xerox copy of an ad for...

Carnes (Henry) Papers

This file contains one hand written letter from Henry Carnes to the Society of California Pioneers and is dated Dec. 30th,1892. Both sheets of paper that make up the letter are in Mylar sleeves and have some small rips on...

Carpenter (Captain Augustine D.) Journal

This is an original journal, handwritten in ink on 59 pages, providing a daily record of the round the Horn voyage of Capt. Augustine D. Carpenter from Boston to San Francisco. The voyage took 210 days (7 months) and commenced...

Cashman (William F.) Obituary

An obituary of William Francis Cashman written and adopted by the Society of California Pioneers on June 3, 1895. The document is signed by Michael Kane, L. Cunningham, Chairman F.K. Krauth, and Secretary John J. Spear.

Castro (Jose F.) Papers

Two letters (in Spanish): One from Jose Ramon Castro in San Pablo on March 18, 1851 to his sister. One from Pablo Muragas to Antonio Galindo dated 1862. Two newspaper clippings (in English) are obituaries for Jose C. Castro. One...

Castro (Juan) Deed

A deed to four lots of land in Castroville, dated July 31, 1867, from Juan B. Castro and Maria Antonia Castro de Sanchez, Juana Castro de Merritt and Josiah Merritt to Jose de la Torres for 160 dollars.

Charles William Beau Travel Album

This collection of photographs documents Charles Beau and his wife’s travels from Utah to California.

Chever (Edward English) Papers

This file includes a photocopy of the member's autobiographical reminiscence created as an institutional record for The Society of California Pioneers. The reminiscence contains excerpts from his travel diary that include map coordinates of his location and his impressions of...

Chiles (Joseph B.) Papers

A group of documents belonging to and/or pertaining to Joseph B. Chiles, the earliest of which is a receipt of purchase from 1855, and the latest a note describing his death, life, and details of funerary plans from June 1885....

Church (Andrew S.) Papers

This folder contains the original hand written, 71 page, autobiographical reminiscence that was created as an "institutional record for the Society of California Pioneers." Mr. Church was born in New York City on July 26th, 1829 and arrived in San...

Church (H.S.) Papers

In the folder there are many different types of papers from various dates, most of which fall between 1882 and 1893, although there is one empty envelope from 1929. These papers include: nine checks written from H.S. Church, two empty...

Church (T.R.) Passport

Cuban passport, dated January 28, 1852, for T.R. Church, who appears to have been traveling from New Orleans.

Churches of St. Dominic and St. Ignatius Photograph Album

The photos of this album, taken by San Francisco photographers Turrill and Miller, include two interior views of St. Dominic; and four interior, one exterior view of St. Ignatius. This small album remains in good condition and contains photos matted...

Clar (John) Papers

The John Clar Papers are very extensive and detailed about Clar's life. They also include letters and poems written by his children and grandchildren. There are 13 letters, nine notices, one affidavit, one permit, one pamphlet, one envelope, and one...

Clark (Caroline Hubbs) Letters

Letters that were mostly received by Caroline Hubbs Clark from various friends, family members, and correspondents - both women and men.

Clark (Francis) Note

Note with envelope (Stockton, California, June 21, 1855) written from Francis Clark (signed Francis D. Clark) to Nelson Taylor promising to pay Taylor $200 for the "value received."

Clark (Sterling Benjamin Franklin) Diary

This file contains the original, hand written in ink, diary of Sterling Benjamin Franklin Clark . Mr. Clark was crossing the plains in 1849 at the age of 25 when he wrote this journal describing his travels.

Cleveland (Charles Dexter M.D.) Papers

This is the hand written original version of the member's autobiographical reminiscence that was created as an institutional record for the Society of California Pioneers. In the work Cleveland discusses his family history and lineage, his journey to California, his...

Coffee (Joseph E.) Letter

A three page, handwritten letter, dated Oct. 11, 1850 from Joseph E. Coffee, agent, in New York, to his brother in California. The letter pertains to monies received from him, and asking for more detailed accounts of his finances -...

Coffey (Alvin Aaron) Papers

This file contains two hand written letters from A. A. Coffey and one photocopied excerpt from his Autobiography and Reminiscence which was created as an institutional record for the Society of California Pioneers. The two letters where both written from...

Cole (James) Papers

This folder contains three items: one approved application for US citizenship for Cole drafted by Solano County clerk Joseph P. Vaughn on April 8, 1953; one property bill of sale from John H. Pickering to Cole on November 15, 1853;...

Cole (Richard Beverly, Dr.) Papers

The contents of this folder are three handwritten receipts to Dr. Richard Beverly Cole from Frank G. Edwards for professional services rendered. The receipt for July 17, 1860 is for $19.00 for Edwards' mother; for December 18, 1860 is for...

Coleman (William Tell) Papers

This folder contains three newspaper obituaries, a sympathy thanks card from Mrs. Coleman regarding her husband's death, a recollection of an incident between Coleman and Ned McGoward dictated by J. F. Bourke to E. M. Kline on May 2, 1927,...

Colton (David Douty Gen.) Papers

This folder contains ten newspaper obituaries and one undated name card from Mrs. Ellen Colton.

Cook (Eli) Letters

This folder contains two booklets with 21 letters stored in them. The letters are mostly from Eli Cook and addressed to his wife Sarah and their children. These letters have no specific subject matter and simply detail his daily life....

Cook (Seth) Letters

This folder contains 3 letters containing legal information addressed from various law firms in San Francisco to Seth Cook in Virginia City, NV in 1863. It also contains the envelope they were donated in.

Coolbrith (Ina) Papers

This folder contains one folder of correspondence and newspaper clippings from Ina Coolbrith to Lorenzo Sosso; one folder of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and a photograph from Charles B. Turrill to Ina Coolbrith; and two letters from Ina Coolbrith to Zoeth...

Cooper (John Rogers) Papers

This folder contains one folder of items in Spanish from 1844 regarding the Rancho Rincon de las Salinas in Monterey, CA; two letters regarding property leases; and one defendant's brief.

Corbusier (Family) Papers

This folder contains the family history of William Morrison Corbusier and his descendants. The first manuscript is a typed, string-bound, and titled biographical account of "William Morrison Corbusier Sr., a California Forty-Niner, and his descendants".

Corillaud (Charles) Papers

This folder contains a hand written, in ink, indenture pertaining to Charles Corilland.

Corillaud (Charles) Papers

This folder contains an indenture pertaining to Charles Corilland, hand-written in ink and pencil.

Cory, (Dr. Benjamin) Papers

The Dr. Benjamin Cory Papers are comprised of a single spiral bound typed 33 page transcript. The first section is a diary of Cory's overland journey from St. Joseph, Mo. (departing May 1, 1847) to Portland, Or. (Arriving Oct. 21,...

Cotton (Aylett Rains) Papers

This file contains the records of Aylett Rains Cotton who was the director of The Society of California Pioneers from July 1896 to July 1909, and was President of the Society from July 1889 to July 1899. Aylett R. Cotton...

Cowden(James S.) Papers

An overland diary, our copy is a transcript of the original, relating events which took place between April 7, 1853 to October 12, 1853 during a wagon train journey from Keosaqua, Iowa to Yreka, California - with additional observations and...

Crabb Expedition Papers

This folder contains three letters written by H. Hine to his brother C.B. Phelps in Stockton, CA: the first sent from “Sonorita”, probably near Caborca, Sonora, Mexico), and the remaining two sent from the What Cheer House in San Francisco....

Crittenden (Alexander Parker) Papers

This folder contains 5 letters of correspondence regarding Crittenden and his murder, and a copy of his military history from West Point Military Academy.

Crocker (Winslow) Journal

This file contains a negative photocopy of the original hand written journal written by Winslow Crocker. Crocker's journal is an account of his trip to San Francisco, upon leaving Concord, N.H., Jan. 1st, 1849, his boarding the Barque Oxford in...

Crosby (Elisha Oscar) Papers

This file contains various papers of Elisha O. Crosby, he was trained as a lawyer and came to California in search of gold in the year 1849. The file includeds some letters of correspondence to the Society of California Pioneers,...

Crosett (Lucia R.) Papers

This folder contains one certificate of graduation from Horace Mann Grammar School, San Francisco, dated May 26, 1893.

Cross-Country Travel Album

This album consists of photographs taken on a trip across the country, and include scenes from Salt Lake City, the Colorado wilderness, the Louisiana Purchase Exposition at St. Louis (1904 St. Louis World’s Fair), Chicago University, Lake Michigan, Mississippi River,...

Crossett (James L.) Papers

This folder contains 1 letter of acceptance for the Society of California Pioneers, dated August 2, 1881.

Crossett (Julia H.) Papers

This folder contains 1 Certificate of Award of the Bronze Medal for Hand Painted Porcelain from the Mechanics’ Institute in San Francisco, CA, dated 1887; it was given during the 22nd Industrial Exhibition.

Crumpton (Hezekiah John) Memoir

This is the original handwritten version of the member's Autobiography and Reminiscence created as an institutional record for the Society of California Pioneers. The original and transcription have been digitized and are available at the Online Archive of California. The...

Cudsworth, Abel W Journal

Abel W. Cudsworth's journal is handwritten in ink and provides daily entries covering the 7 month voyage aboard the Brig "Triumph" from Boston to San Francisco around Cape Horn. The "Triumph" left Boston on November 11, 1849, arrived in Rio...

Curtis (James S.) Papers

This file contains the correspondence and legal paperwork of James S. Curtis and all are dated between 1865 and 1866, in a case of slander and defamation of a one David C. Mitchell.

Cushing (John Morland) Memoir

This file contains a 30 page typed memoir written by John Morland Cushing who journeyed from New York, via Panama, to San Francisco on board the ships "Crescent City" and "Niantic" arriving finally in 1849. He stayed some three months...

Cutting (Francis) Legal Documents

This file contains the court case proceedings pertaining to George Osgood and Francis Cutting, among others dated October 1, 1863, and December 10th, 1862.

Daegener (William) Papers

This folder contains 1 receipt of payment of $154.82 worth of gold bullion deposited by an unknown person (the name is scribbled out) in 1865 to Daegener’s assay’s office.

Daggett (John R.) Papers

This folder contains 1 letter of correspondence, 2 pages from a scrapbook, an 1881 receipt, an 1893 bond for $100,000 for his appointment as the Superintendent of the U.S. Mint in San Francisco, and several documents relating to the murder...

Daggett (Rollin Mallory) Papers

This folder contains a poem from 1881 written by Daggett entitled “My New Year’s Guests.”

Davis (Dulce Balado Ashe) Memoir

This file contains two copies of a typed reminiscence of Dulce Bolado Ashe Davis, who was of Spanish decent. The 22 page manuscript is dated 1923 and states that it was "copied from a typed ms in possession of Mr....

Davis (William Heath) Letters

This file contains two letters written by William Heath Davis. One of the letters is type-written and the other is hand-written. The first typed letter is dated April 10th, 1893 and is addressed to a Mrs. Anita Cooper Wohler and...

De Boom (Romain Camille) Letter

This file contains one hand written letter from Romain C. De Boom and is dated April 19th, 1911. The letter is addressed to one Z.(Zoeth) S. Eldredge, who appears to have been inquiring about "the 1849 Pioneer C. DeBoom". Eldredge...

de la Guerra (Dario de Oreña) Papers

This folder contains a copy of the “Certificaciòn de genealogia nobleza y armas a favor del Señor Don Dario de Oreña Y de la Guerra,” printed in 1922.

De Merritt (David A.) Papers

This folder contains several dance cards and invitations to balls from 1849-1867 and undated, envelopes from real estate offices and the pension office of the U.S. Department of the Interior, letters of correspondence regarding pension matters, an Aetna insurance policy,...

De Witt (Alfred) Papers

This folder contains 1 1890 letter of description from De Witt to an unknown person regarding the history and provenance of a watercolor sketch of the “San Francisco After the Fire” done by John Pendergrast in 1851.

De Wolf (Mrs. Captain S.I.) Account of Brother Jonathan Shipwreck

This file contains one photocopy of a hand written 13 page manuscript created by Mrs. Capt. S.I. De Wolf, on May 25, 1892, at Fulton, Sonoma County, California. It consists of "An account of the loss of the Steamship Brother...

Den Family Papers

This file Includes the extensive Den Family history beginning in Ireland and ending with the two Den brothers becoming some of the most successful and wealthy landowners and ranchers in Southern California. The folder contains the detailed history of the...

Denison (Charles H.) Journal

This folder contains two photocopied pages from the original diary of Charles H. Denison who came to California on January 16th, 1849 on board the "Barque Madonna".

Dewell (Benjamin) Papers

This folder contains 1 1885 letter of correspondence from Dewell to the Society of California Pioneers regarding the veracity of his claim that he helped construct the original Bear Flag.

Dimpfel (George Henry Armstrong) Papers

This file contains one type written letter and one hand written letter. The type written letter is addressed to a W. C. Burnett of San Francisco, is dated January 26th, 1903, and signed by Geo. C. Pardee. This letter is...

Dippel (Phillip) Papers

This is the file contains the records of Phillip Dippel Sr. who came to California in 1849 from Mexico in search of gold and fortune. The file contains a photo copy of an original typed manuscript that appeared in a...

Dixon (Maynard) Papers

This folder contains the photocopy of one, two page, handwritten letter written by Maynard Dixon from Lone Pine, California on June 20th, 1927 and is addressed to "Uncle George". The papaer is in good condition but the hand writtting is...

Don Jose de la Guerra Portrait Album

The album contains photographs of (presumably) the family and descendants of Don Jose de la Guerra.

Doud (Francis) Papers

This folder contains several documents from 1847-1919, many of which have typewritten duplicates accompanying them. There are 2 letters of correspondence to Doud, 1 letter of correspondence to Francis Doud, Jr. regarding his father’s death, 2 letters dealing with property...

Dubs (Michel) Papers

This folder contains 1 damaged and fragmented letter of correspondence from 1853 written to Dubs by Richard R. Monis or Morris (?).

Dugan (Emma Frances) Memoirs

The memoir is a twenty-one page typewritten account of a wagon train journey taken by Emma Frances Dugan - including 3 photographs (most likely herself and her husband), along with her husband and three small children. They travelled from Corydon,...

Dunphy (William) Memoriam

This is a Memoriam produced by the Society of California Pioneers on the death of Life Member, William Dunphy who arrived in San Francisco on Dec 27, 1849 aboard the French barque "A beille). Born in Ireland in 1829, he...

Dutch Flat Hotel Guestbook

Dutch Flat Hotel of Placer County, CA, guest registry from August 31, 1899 to April 24, 1921. Contains signatures of guests and check in dates.

Duvall (Marius) Papers

This folder contains a photocopy of forty-eight pages of Marius Duvall’s diary and a photocopy of an 1846 letter of correspondence. The diary spans April 1846-May 15, 1847 and details his life aboard the ship Portsmouth, including landing in Monterey,...

Dwinelle (John Whipple) Papers

These two folders contain letters of correspondence, notes, newspaper articles, and other papers written to/by/about Dwinelle covering his time on the San Francisco City Counsel and as Regent of the University of California. They also contain his diary (and transcripts)...

Eagle (Schooner?) Papers

This folder contains one mortgage of the schooner Eagle on 04/11/1859 from mariner Peter Caughill to glove cutter Charles B. Grant for $1.

Easterby (Capt. A. Y.) Papers

This collection includes the transcribed memoirs and letters of Captain Anthony Y. Easterby. The collection is comprised of 5 folders; one contains a 73-page transcription of Easterby's dictated memoirs (the original version of this memoir is in our collection under...

Easterby (Capt. Anthony Y.) Memoir

Captain Easterby Memoir was dictated by him to family members in Napa during 1885. The memoir is handwritten in ink in a bound lined journal. The handwritten is generally very legible. It covers 133 pages. The narrative is well written...

Easterby Family Papers

Includes documents spanning from the years 1803-1892; mostly made up of financial and legal information, including receipts, accounts, and inventories. Also includes several letters to/from the Easterby family, many of which are only addressed to/from a Mr./Mrs. Easterby and include...

Edgar Spalsbury Portrait Album

This album contains a collection of portraits of famous figures, including actors and actresses, Civil War generals, and politicians.

Egerton (Henry C.) Papers

This folder contains one letter of correspondence from Egerton to John Mackay dated 01/16/1871 regarding Mackay’s missing checks supposedly at the Bank of California.

Elliot (Bradford W.) Papers

This folder contains two copies of a letter from John M. Bailhache regarding a his donation of a copy of a letter by Elliot to Mason Brayman on 03/10/1850, as well as a typed transcript of said letter. The letter...

Elliot (Stephen F.) Papers

This folder contains four sub-folders. Folder 1: Misc. Personal Items Folder 2: Letters to and from Elliot Folder 3: Fourteen letters (six of which are copies) regarding Elliot’s time as surgeon during the Civil War and the letters detail his...

English Portrait Album

The album contains a collection of primarily CDV and cabinet cards. These include unidentified portraits of people ranging in age from infants to elderly individuals. A studio logo on the back of each cabinet card identifies the photographers. All photographs...

English Portrait Album

The album contains a collection of primarily CDV and cabinet cards. These include unidentified portraits of people ranging in age from infants to elderly individuals. A studio logo on the back of each cabinet card identifies the photographers. All photographs...

Escobar Family Papers

This folder contains a list of the heirs of Mussilino (?) Escobar. It also mentions two leagues of land in "the Rancho known as San Jose".

Estee (Morris M. and Heacock, E. H.) Papers

This folder contains a 06/01/1869 business partnership agreement between E. H. Heacock and Morris M. Estee to start a law firm together.

Ezekiel (Jacob) Papers

Contains 2 undated newspaper clippings concerning Jacob Ezekiel, his part in the Nuttman Libel case and a fire in which 2 children were burned to death, and one commission certificate certifying that he has been elected first lieutenant of Company...

Ezekiel (Rebecca) Papers

Contains 2 envelopes addressed to Rebecca Ezekiel; 2 letters addressed to Rebecca Ezekiel dated October of 1860; and 3 cetificates regarding her widow pension from her husbands, Jacob Ezekiel, service, all dated 1897.

Fairchild (John A.) Papers

Five documents relating to John A. Fairchild's purchase of the "Lone Star" or "Star" Ranch in Yreka, Siskiyou County, California, including deeds and correspondence.

Fairchild (Mahlon Dickerson) Memoirs

Mahlon Dickerson Fairchild's "Pioneer Reminiscences" is a 175-page, typed, manuscript describing, in rich and interesting detail, his journey from New York to California via Panama in 1848. He also describes his prospecting and mining adventures in California, Nevada, and Arizona...

Farwell (Willard Brigham) Papers

These papers are Pioneer recollections of early gold digging and mining all throughout California, as related in the article Farwell wrote for an issue of The Pioneer from January 1898. There is also a handwritten account tracing the author's life...

Fay (Logan) Letters

Letters to and from Logan Fay, dated 1849-1853. All deal with his travel to, and subsequent life in, San Francisco. He talks about his soap business, the conditions in the city and a small robbery that occurred at his house.

Ferral (Robert) Letter

One letter from former judge, Robert Ferral, to B.G. Haskell Esquire, dated 01/23/1885. Judge Ferral gives his regrets at being unable to be an active member of the Central Committee of the International Workingmen's Association due to the time he...

Figueroa (José) Letter

A letter dated 06/24/1835 from José Figueroa, then Governor of Alto California, to the Military Commander and Director of Colonization of the Frontier of the North. The letter is handwritten in Spanish, with official government seals on the first page....

Finding aid of the Henry E. Mathews Family Genealogy, History, and Remembrances.

In this Family Genealogy, History and Rembrances, Henry E Mathews assembles family history, photographs, newsclippings and illustrations to document his forbearers, in one line back 7 generations. The family entries are indexed at the front of the volume and the...

First California Guard Papers

The Papers of the First California Guard comprises 8 folders of original documents dating from the first formation of the Guard under Military Governor Bennett S. Riley in 1849. The collection contains meeting minutes, constitution and by-laws of the Guard,...

Flagg (Hiram B.) Diaries

Diary of Hiram Flagg's voyage on the bark "Edward Everett" from Boston to San Francisco, beginning on January 11, 1849 and ending on July 6, 1849. Contains a record of the names, occupations, residence, and age of the ships 150...

Flood & O'Brien Letter

Letter from James Clair Flood and William Shoney O'Brien to James Graham Fair, dated 12/23/1870, regarding the deposit of five thousand dollars into the account of W.S. Hobart.

Fly Wagon Train (Papers)

Letters to and from members of the Fly Wagon Train (1852-1887), including Camilla and Bernadette Little, Richard C. and William Percival, Mary B. Fly, and Fanny Levey, as well as reciepts from the overland journey.

Ford (Henry Lewis) Papers

Contains two letters, one newspaper clipping and a genealogy of the descendants of William Ford. The first letter is addressed to Sam Brannan and is a recounting of his memories of the Bear Flag Revolt. The second is an undated,...

Forty Niner's Hope Milling and Mining Supply Company Certificate

Original certificate, dated 05/24/1887, certifying that the articles of incorporation for the Forty Niner's Hope Milling and Mining Company were received and certified by the City and County of San Francisco. The certificate is signed by William C. Hendricks, Secretary...

Fowler (Stephen L. & James E.) Diary

A handwritten daily diary comprising 211 pages written by Stephen L. Fowler, covering the period from Jan 12, 1849 to March 19 1852. It records the life and experiences of the author and his brother, James E. Fowler, beginning with...

Fraser (John N.) Letter.

Letter, Handwritten, 1page, both sides, on Feb 6, 1913, by John N. Fraser (Lincoln, CA)in response to a request by Mr. H. L. Boyne of the Society of California Pioneers. The subject is his arrival in San Francisco on August...

Freelon (Thomas W.) Papers

These are three printed certificates from the State of California all given to Thomas W. Freelon. The first certificate was given in 1853 for his appointment to County Judge of San Francisco. The 1878 Certificate was for his promotion to...

Freeman (Martha Ann) Papers

15 handwritten pages. Written in 1905, Martha Ann Freeman's recollection of her family's five month journey in 1854 to California from Missouri crossing Platte River and Sierra Mountains. Papers contain geographic information on the journey and lists of provisions and...

Fremont (Jessie Benton) Papers

Contains 13 handwritten letters from Mrs. Jessie Benton Frémont to Mr. Thomas Starr King, all dating from around 1861.

Fremont (John Charles) Letters

Typed letter from Fremont to Major J.R. Synder in Philadephia on May 31, 1850 and published letter from Fremont to the Editors of the National Intelligence on the Central Railroad, Dec. 27, 1854. Fremont's copy of Senator Clarke of Rhode...

Fremont (John Charles) Memorial Biography

The memorial biography of John C. Fremont is 54 typed pages and bound, recalling his achievements as explorer of the unexplored territories of the Northwestern states, specifically his role in protecting California during the Mexican-American war. It records his life...

Frost Letter

Letter from Leonard Frost to his father, handwritten in pen on May 28th, 1858, from Volvanoville (El Dorado, California). He mentions life in the mines and farming, working with the Chinese Immigrants, the surrounding Indians, and grizzly bears.

Gager (James H) Diary

""Six Months on Shipboard" being a Journal of a Voyage to California from New York commencing January 22, 1849 and ending on August 5, 1849, by James H Gager, Passenger on board ship "Pacific". Left with a view to future...

Galindo (Antonio) Papers

A folder containing many letters, deeds, and reciepts for Antonio Galindo and his extended family, dating from 1843-1893.

Gallagher (John) Papers

Personal reminiscences of the War in Upper and Lower California between Americans and Mexican in 1847 to 1849. The bulk of the narrative takes place in Lower California. Includes colorful description of battles and actions. John Gallagher's personal story of...

Garibaldi Grove Deeds

Legal Complaint, dated 1895, in Justice Court, County of Alameda by Domenico Ucello, Plaintiff vs Garibaldi Grove #71, United Ancient Order of Druids to obtain sick benefits due under contract to the Plantiff, R.G. Reboli and Giuseppi Brisolar. Deed Granting...

Gasque (H. F.) Papers

Four receipts of Property Tax payments for H. F. Gasque, between the years 1878-1898 in San Francisco, California.

Gaver, Edward Shea Memorial

Memorial on the death of Edward Shea Gaver, a life member of the Society of California Pioneers. Born January 5, 1831 in Columbus, Ohio. Joined a company from Columbus and set out overland from St. Joseph, Mo in May of...

Gaylord (Horace O.) Papers

Memorial addressed to San Francisco Town Council dated December 25, 1849 requesting compensation to the owner of a building, Horace O Gaylord, that was demolished to prevent the spread of a fire.

Geary (John White) Papers.

Photocopy of a handwritten letter on Pennsylvania Executive Chamber Stationery from Governor John White Geary to O.R. Sutton. Forwards a commission for Wm. Huefner as Commissioner of Deeds for Pennsylvannia. Mentions his election as an honorary member of the Society...

Geddes (Charles) Papers

This folder contains geneology lists from Charles Geddes and his wife, Sarah Thompson Geddes. It also includes marriage licences, death certificates, and the posted obituary for Charles Geddes.

Gedge (George) Letter

A letter summoning George Gedge as Master to steamboat from the California Pacific Steamboat Company.

Gedge (H.) Letter

Folder contains one letter of recommendation of Mr. H. Gedge from local San Francisco businessmen, written on January 21, 1896.

Geleich (V, Dr.) Papers

16 handwritten letters written in 1869 to 1871 between Dr. V Geleich of Los Angeles and W.C. Burnett, Esq of San Francisco regarding collection on 3 outstanding notes due to Dr. Geleich from SF Bay Area individuals; Charles Carvalho, Jose...

Gerke (Henry) Papers

File contains one Deed for property lot on Eddy and Leavenworth streets, signed November 28, 1849 to Henry Gerke.

Gesford (Preston) Papers

Folder contains many handwritten letters, Certificate of Justice of Peace from 1847, and newspaper clippings of Preston's son, Henry.

Ghiradelli (Domenico) Papers

Two handwritten copies of legal responses in a case before the 12th Circuit Court of San Francisco in the case "Domenico Granoni, Plantiff vs Domenico Ghiradelli, Defendant" over a claim for payment of $308. Also 2 ledger pages, handwritten. One...

Ghirardelli (Addie Cook)and Cook (William L.) papers

Two typewritten copies of the reminiscences of Addie Cook Ghirardelli and William L. Cook, brother and sister, who came to California from St Joseph, Missouri, by wagon with their family in 1861. The Ghirardelli reminiscence is 7 pages and entitled...

Gibb (Daniel) Papers

The folder contains two receipts for th Glasgow Bank, and two hand-written letters to Daniel Gibb.

Gibson (Horation Gates, Brig. Gen.) Papers

3 handwritten speeches, 2 of which were given at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia on California Day, Sept 9, 1876. The first was an introduction of Gen John A. Sutter. The second was a "Banquet Address" presumably on the same...

Gillis (Anna R) Memoirs

2 handwritten reminisences from Anna R. Gillis, written in 1934 about Scotts Valley, Ft. Jones and Siskiyou County in the 1860s. Very short on detail

Gilman (Chas. H.) Letter

Folder contains original letter and a typed copy from Chas. H. Gilman to his sister Elle Perles, describing his journey to Humboldt Harbour and the local flora and fauna. May 20, 1850.

Givens (Robert R.) Papers

27 typewritten pages of transcriptions of letters from Robert R. Givens and Eleazar T. Givens and 9 copies of some of the original letters to family at home in Caseyville, KY. Covers the period from 4.20.1849 to 8.29.1859. Describes the...

Glenn (James T.) Letter

File contains one typed letter (copy of original) that consists of two pages. Letter is written by James T. Glenn to his brother George Glenn, describing his life in California, the prices of goods, and how mutual friends are doing....

Gold Discovery Letters

Folder containing many letters of correspondance between H.W. Bigler, John S. Hittell with Edward C. Kemble, John Bidwell, James M. Hutchings, James Wilson Marshall, and Azariah Smith. Also contains personal accounts of gold discovery and newspaper clippings.

Goodfellow (Dr. Milton J.) Letter

Handwritten letter from Dr. Milton J. Goodfellow to his wife Amanda Goodfellow, from Panama on February 28th, 1851. Difficult to read.

Gordon, Burch, Thompson Papers

4 Pages from The Gordon, Burch, Thompson Family Bible, depicting marriages, births and deaths. First marriage recorded was Wm Stapleton Burch to Isabella Pennington Nove 19, 1818 at St Charles, Mo. First birth recorded was Wm. Stapleton Burch in Girard...

Gordon (H.) Letters

Folder contains 2 handwritten letters between H. Gordon and George W. Harrison. The first letter is from George W. Harrison, written on July 20th, 1850, demanding an apology from H. Gordon for using disrespectful language towards him. The second letter...

Gordon (William) Papers

7 photographic copies of handwritten financial papers of William Gordon. 3 pages are a financial record of accounts kept for John A. Sutter covering the period from October 20, 1843 to Jun 7, 1844. The records include receipts for purchase...

Gorham (George C.) Papers

"Pioneer Days in California - The California Fever - 1849" is a 39 page original typed manuscript by George C. Gorham that describes the author's journey to California from Massachusetts and his impressions and experiences during his first years in...

Goss (Alfred Furbush vs. Society of California Pioneers) Case Files

Records of investigation and hearings held by the Society of California Pioneers on the membership of Alfred Furbush Goss based on his representation of having arrived in San Francisco on October 11, 1849. He was admitted to the Vermont Chapter...

Goss (Mr. and Mrs. Milo J.) Letters

This folder contains a complied book of letters from the life of Milo Jasper Goss and Catherine Clark Everett Goss. Presented to The Society of California Pioneers in 1971 by their great granddaughter Mary Eldrige Fowler. The Letters of Milo...

Goutcher (John) Document

Folder contains 1 military document, appointing John Goutcher as Corporal of the First Regiment of Artillery, June 8th, 1885.

Grand Island (Sacramento River) Documents

Transcripts to and from Micheltorena giving the deed of the land titled Grand Island to J.A. Sutter - June 1844 to November 1847.

Gray (N.) Papers

1 handwritten original expense account composed by N. Gray of money received and expended for Mr. Thomas Larkin in the period 1851 to 1852. Includes passage to Sacramento, Colusa and Monroeville and payment of taxes on Larkin Children's Rancho and...

Grover Family Papers

Five folders of handwritten letters and documents between the Grover family members, dating over time, from 1836-1946. The family came from Bethel, Maine and the letters are often correspondence between there and various locations in early California.

Guerrero (Francisco) Letter

This file contains a hand-written letter, in Spanish, by Francisco Guerrero in which he appears to be discussing the different military departments of Alta-California, Pio Pico, and the "Port of Yurba Buena".

Guthrie (James) Letter

Folder contains original handwritten letter and one typed copy from Secretary of the Treasury James Guthrie to R. P. Hammond, Esq. pertaining to a recently purchased site in San Francisco, CA. Written August 2, 1854.

Hagar, (George, Col.) Memoriam

This hand-illuminated memoriam covers the main events in George Hagar’s life from his birth to his death, including his education, his arrival in California during the Gold Rush, his business, his marriage, and his appointment to the Vice-Presidency of the...

Hale (Israel and Titus) Diary

Written by Israel Hale, who travelled with his son Titus Hale, this daily diary chronicles the challenges and hardship of an overland journey by wagon train from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento that took from May 5, 1849 to October...

Halleck (Henry W.) Letter

Folder contains one handwritten letter from G. I. Beauregard to Capt. Henry Wager Halleck. In the letter, Beauregard introduces a friend of his who will be visiting the new territory Halleck was overseeing, and simultaneously congratulates Halleck on obtaining the...

Harris (Lewis Birdsall) Letters

File contains 2 handwritten letters regarding Lewis Birdsall Harris' death, one written by his son Lewis B. Harris, Jr., on June 19th, 1893, and the second written by Lewis Sr.'s sister, Mary J. Briscol on July 7th, 1894.

Harvey, Isaac Family Diaries

The Harvey Family Diaries are comprised of 4 documents created by the family of Isaac Julian Harvey. The first is a recollection by Isaac Harvey describing his overland journey from Indiana to Oregon in 1850. The second is the diary...

Hawks, Jabez D. Diary

This diary is a daily account, written by Jabez Davis Hawks, of the trials his party endured when they left the schooner “San Juan” at San Domingo on August 11, 1849, and set out on foot for San Diego. The...

Hawley (James) Papers

File contains one certificate of US citizenship for James Hawley, four handwritten letters to his wife Hatty Hawley, and two typed copies of the letters. The certificate is from 1844, and the letters span from 1849-1851.

Haynes (Cyrus) Letter

File contains photocopy of handwritten letter (4 pages) and typed copy of letter. It was written by Cyrus Haynes to Elisha Haynes on September 9th, 1849.

Heald (Samuel and George) Letters

The contents include letters to family, which include Samuel’s brother and sister-in-law updating them with his whereabouts. Samuel’s sister-in-law also replies with local news and gossip in a letter addressed both to her sister (Martha) and Samuel. There are a...

Heald (Samuel) Diaries

Four diaries of Samuel Healds travels to and from California, mostly by ship; also includes personal papers and receipts.

Heresy Trial ( 16th and 17th Century) Records

This file contains the hand bound, handwritten accounts of several heresy trials that took place in Guatemala (1685?), Manila (1759), and Guexetano (1742) located in Mexico and South America, during the Spanish rule of much of the New World.

Hewston Jr. (John) Letters

Correspondence from John Hewston Jr to Professor J.C. Booth, the Melter Refiner of the U.S. Mint at Philadelphia. The letters discuss the construction of the mint, supplies required to cast the gold, and the chemical and geological concerns of the...

Hillhouse, Clarence H., account of the Financial Panic in San Francisco, 1907.

A six page typewritten history, with a carbon copy, both signed in pen with an original San Francisco Clearing House Certificate ($5.00) issued on November 1, 1907. Also included are five illustrations, three of which are original photographs, two of...

Hiram Flagg Papers

This is a transcript of diary kept by Hiram B. Flagg during his ocean voyage from Boston to San Francisco, which begin on January 11, 1849, and end on July 6, 1849.

Hodgkins (Pillsbury) Memoir.

The memoir of Pillsbury Hodgkins is a typed transcript. It describes his life in California working in the mines and his duties and activities as an expressman for Wells Fargo in San Francisco. Also included from pages 59 to 71,...

Hodgkins (Pilsbury) Memoir.

The file contains the 58-page typewritten and signed autobiography of Pilsbury Hodgkins, with multiple transcribed obituaries added at the end, resulting in a total of 71 pages. It is typed on paper that is in good condition, detailing the life...

Hoen (Francisco) Papers

File contains handwritten letter in Spanish and typed copy in English. The letter is written by Francisco Hoen on June 17th, 1846, requesting a piece of land. In response, Judge Jose de Jesus Noe grants him the lot on the...

Holmes (Calvin H.) Accounts

File contains two small accounting books, one also acts as a diary. The accounting book logs from 1830-1849, while the diary is from 1854. The file also contains photocopies from the diary.

Hooker (General Joseph) Correspondence

A letter from Major General Joseph Hooker, a member of the Society of California Pioneers, to Secretary Francis D. Clark expressing his support for a celebration of the 27th aniversary of California's admission to the United States.

Hope (Thomas R.) Document

File contains 1 legal document from the City of San Francisco's Fourth Judicial District: a subpoena to recover eighty acres of land. Thomas R. Hope is the plaintiff but is listed as deceased. Served August 9th, 1871.

Hopkins (Homer) Letter

A letter from Homer Hopkins to his father (unnamed), from St. Nazaire, France, dated Aptil 27th, 1919. Hopkins discusses French and German train cars, horse sales, and his experience as a soldier in St. Nazaire. It is unclear whether this...

Hubbs (George F.) Letters

File contains 3 handwritten letters, 2 to his sister both dated from 1853, and 1 impossible to read (10 pages).

Hung (Ah) Court Records

These are the court documents pertaining to the trial of Ah Hung, September, ?, 1839. He was accused of murdering William R. McCormick by shooting him - with a pistol loaded with gunpowder and lead. The first document describes the...

Hutchins (Wood) Document

File contains 1 handwritten legal document by Wood Hutchins for Francis Cunningham in 1855.

Hyde (George) Obituary

File contains one book, the Memorium of George Hyde. Written and read at a meeting for the Society of California Pioneers on June 6th, 1892.

Irwin (Charles F.) Letters

39 handwritten notes to Charles F. Irwin from a variety of senders (also can be spelled "Irvine"). Dates ranging from 1866-1894.

Jennings Family Papers

Personal and legal papers including tax forms, wills, marriage certificates, photographs, and an oral history interview. There is an interview with Thomas Jennings wherein he outlines the family history, details his first-hand experience of the 1906 earthquake, and discusses the...

Jermain (George) Document

Folder contains 1 handwritten request from George Jermain for one lot of land in Santa Cruz, July 22, 1849.

John Promberger Photograph Album

The collection of photos in this album included group portraits, boats, trains, automobiles, landscapes, waterscapes, farms, and animal husbandry. The album is bound in leather, with marbled endpapers, and the name John Promberger stamped in gilt on the cover. The...

Johnson (Charles Henry) Journal

Journal of Charles Henry Johnson about his voyage to San Francisco from the East Coast, aboard the ship "Rhone". He records the journey and notes each location they arrive at. He left December 22, 1847 and arrived in San Francisco...

Jones (J. P.) Letters

Folder contains 2 handwritten letters (5 pages total) from J. P. Jones. Both difficult to read. The first letter is dated 1859, the second letter is dated 1891.

Keeler (Charles) Document

File contains 1 typed letter from Charles Keeler to the Scholarship Committee at Univeristy of California, Berkeley, in regards to a Francis Wilkes. This is a letter of reccomendation for Francis to receive a scholarship in order to continue her...

Kelley (Chas. H.) Letter

1 handwritten letter from Chas. H. Kelley to his father, regarding his voyage to San Francisco, by way of sea. Written October 4th, 1849. A bit difficult to read.

Kimball (Charles P.) Diaries, Vol 1

This is the first of four volumnes of diaries of Charles P Kimball covering the time period from January 1839 to December 1842. It is the daily record of a young man, 18 years old at the beginning, living on...

Kimball, (Charles P.) Papers, 1840-1920

This collection of Kimball documents includes: house papers from residences on Howard Street, a journal of daily life from 1840, a journal of daily life from 1851-1873, citizenship paperwork, a tenant’s agreement form, a deed from Harvey T.(?) Brown and...

Kimball (Charles P.) Papers, 1876-1908

This collection contains material both from and related to Charles P. Kimball. Correspondence, receipts and a memorial are included.

Kimball (Rebecca M.) Papers

File contains handwritten receipts and correspondence between Rebecca M. Kimball and Charles B. Turrill, as well as Pastor Pond. Dates range from 1870-1924.

King (Henry L.) Documents

File contains 3 handwritten letters to Henry L. King, 1 offical copy of minutes from the Board Meeting of City Hall Commissioners, King's Society of California Pioneers membership form, King's original business license, a deed of shares, a booklet of...

Kirk (Mary) Document

File contains original deed of property, signed to Mary Kirk (also known as Sister Mary DeSales). It is signed November 25th, 1904, for property in Monterey County.

Knoche (Johann Edward) Memoirs, 1819 -- 1901

The memoir of Johann Edward Knoche, an early member of the Society of California Pioneers, describes his trip by ship to San Francisco in 1849, his early work in the city, and his journey on foot to mine for gold....

Knott (W. W.) Letter

File contains 1 handwritten letter from W. W. Knott to an unknown recipient, July 20th, 1882. Knott describes an enclosed essay to which he had made edits and hopes the recipient enjoys reading.

Knowles (Josiah N.) Letter

File contains handwritten letter from Mary Knowles to her husband Josiah N. Knowles. There is also a typed copy of the letter. Written May 22, 1864.

Lands of Bodega Letters

The folder contains a letter in Spanish to the Prefect of the 1st District regarding lands solicited by Stephen Smith and Don Victor Prudon.

Landscape and Portrait Album

The subjects of these photos are predominantly unidentified landscapes and single and group portraits. The album also contains photos of horses, houses, and cattle.

Larkin (Thomas Oliver) Letters

File contains 7 handwritten letters from Thomas O. Larkin to Edward L. William from 1856, and 3 photocopies of a handwritten letter from Larkin to the Consulate of the United States 1846 (3 copies of same letter).

Latham (William Boyd Jr.) Diary, 1851-1851

This collection consists of the daily diary kept by William Boyd Latham, Jr. during the year of 1851. Entries were made inconsistently and pertain primarily to Latham's work for the Freeman and Company Western Express located in Sacramento, California. Latham...

Laurel Hill Cemetery Index No. 1A

Index 1a serves as an alphabetical index for records of where the deceased were buried. It is not clear which book the index pertains to, and the cover is missing. Date range is 1868 -1873. There are 11 pages at...

Lawrence & Houseworth Photography Albums: California Views

The Lawrence & Houseworth albums contain photographic prints published in the 1860s that document the many aspects of gold, silver (Comstock Lode), and quicksilver mining; the building of the Sutro Tunnel; the growth of northern California industries; mining towns including...

Laws (Robert C.) Diary, 1852 - 1852

The collection consists of the diary of Robert C. Laws who traveled overland from Ohio to California in 1852. Laws joins a company in Missouri after his original party, the Buckey Emigrating Company, disbands. His diary provides details of the...

Lewis (Fred H. Miller) papers

These are the papers of Mr. Fred H. Miller Lewis. He wrote to his family about his life in California throughout the Gold Rush era and afterwards into the 1860s.

Lewis (Fred H. Miller) papers

These are the papers of Mr. Fred H. Miller Lewis. He wrote to his family about his life in California throughout the Gold Rush era and afterwards into the 1860s.

Lewis (George H.) Diary, 1863-1866

A diary kept by George H. Lewis while a member of the crew of the sailing ships 'Susan Jane' and 'Sunrise' during the years 1863-1866.

Libbey (Elliott, Captain) Depositions

Handwritten depositions taken by "Her Britannic Majesty Vice Consul California" James Alexander Forbes in October of 1845, realting to the attack of Captain Elliott Libbey on 10/11/1845 by Californios. This bopund set of documents is entitled: “Documents relative to the...

Lick, (John H.) Diary

Diary of daily activities and weather, January 22, 1856 – September 12, 1856.

Lincoln (Abraham) Ballot

Folder contains original ballot for Abraham Lincoln for 1864 election.

Lipp (Wesley Powell) Diary, 1887-1889

Daily diary kept by Wesley Powell Lipp from January 1887 until November 1889 which notes his activities working as a miner, farm laborer and store clerk in the areas of Placerville, Wheatland, and Marysville, California.

Lohse, Charles S. (Journals)

Journals of daily life and ranch activities. Ledgers of Finances Two newspaper clippings from the Pacific Rural Press found in his diary

Lynch (Alice Kennedy) Diary

Photostatic copy of the Diary of Alice Kennedy Lynch, which covered July 19, 1857 to January 1, 1865, and was written in French. There is also a typescript of the diary, translated to English by Alice's son, Francis William Lynch,...

Marshall (Robert) Diary

This file includes a hand written, in ink diary, which was written by Robert Marshall in 1850. The journal extensively and vividly details his time at sea traveling from Boston, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California. He left Boston on November...

Martel (James L.) Papers

These are the papers of James L. Martel(1823-1893)who was a member of the Society of California Pioneers, joining on Feb. 1, 1886. He was a real estate broker in San Francisco and a veteran of the War with Mexico having...

Martinez (Capt. Ignacio) Papers

These are letters and receipts of Capt. Ignacio Martinez. The letter is handwritten in ink, entirely in Spanish and dated 3 Marzo, 1832, and signed Ignacio Martinez. The three business receipts are dated 1835, 1840 and the last is either...

Mason (Andrew Jackson) Diary

This file contains a small, leather bound, hand written in ink diary, written by Andrew Jackson Mason, during his overland journey from New Independence, MO to "the head waters of the Humboldt River" and the gold fields in 1849. The...

Mayle (George D. ) Abstracts

These are two abstracts pertaining to Mr. George D. Mayle. The first is dated May 29th, 1883 and contains the search of records pertaining to taxes and leans on his property at "Lot 43 in Block no.2 of the Holly...

McDairmid (Finley) Reminiscence

Finley McDiarmid's "Letters to My Wife" was transcribed from the original letters written by the author to his wife Constantia as he travelled to California from Wyota, Wisconsin. The journey took 5 months from May to October, 1850. The original...

McKinstry (E, W.) Reminiscences

This file contains a hard bound leger styler journal which has been used to write the reminiscence of Mr. Ellisha Williams McKinstry. The hand writing is in ink and is hard to read throughout. Included and glued to the front,...

Menefee, Arthur M Diary

This diary is a handwritten daily record of a wagon journey from Rall Co, Missouri to Carson City, Nevada in 1847. Arthur Menefee was the captain of the wagon train on a journey that took 5 months. He was ill...

Merrill, Geo A Autobiography

The George A Merrill Autobiography is a typed manuscript of 98 pages, including photos and news clippings. It contains 5 sections. 1)Childhood in New England and Crossing the Continent (1873). 2) Youth in San Francisco. 3)Railway mail service in California...

Merritt (Emma) Papers

This file conatins a typed deed agreed upon by Emma L. Merritt and the Board of Park Commissioners of the City and County of San Francisco.

Miller (Charles E.) Diary

This file contains the hard bound journal, handwritten in ink and pencil, by Charles E. Miller. The book is in good condition with the spine intact. The hand writing is clear, beautiful, and legible throughout.Some wear has occurred over the...

Miller (Charles E) Diary, 1867-1870

Charles Miller's Diary 1867 to 1870 was written when he was in his teens, living in San Francisco. It begins with a series of essays on topics such as; Excursions, Entering High School, Thanksgiving, Gambling, Duties to Parents. It includes...

Miller (Charles E.) Diary, 1876

This diary records a trip taken by Charles Miller and DC Brownell from April 17, 1876 to July 17 of the same year. It began with a steamer trip to San Diego, with stops in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles....

Mulford (Thomas) Diary

This file contains the hard covered, hand written in ink diary of Captain Thomas W. Mulford.The journal is in good condition, with the spine intact, and the hand writing is clear and legible throughout. The diary also includes, glue to...

Murray (Walter) Reminiscences

"Narrative of a California Volunteer" is a memoir by Judge Walter Murray that details his experiences as a member of Colonel Stevenson's 1st Regiment of New York Volunteers. The Regiment was formed in New York in 1846 to serve in...

Oliver, Dave, Memoir

This typed transcription is a memoir of a young office boy entitled, "Bonanza Days: Tales of the Stockbrokers of the Big Board Half Decade - 1875-1880, by an office boy and messenger of that period. Dave Oliver", at the Pacific...

Patterson (George Washington) Papers

These 7 folders contain correspondence to George W Patterson from family and business associates in the time period from 1849 to 1859. The subject matter of the letters is either family,local news or business matters. George Patterson received these letters...

Patterson Mining Collection- Maps, 1848-1936

: The collection, spanning 1848-1936, consists of manuscript mine maps including; surveys, claims, assays, with annotated manuscript annotations. The collection is housed in 1 box containing 153 m.s. maps. The bulk of the collection covers the period after the California...

Paul (Almarin B.) Memoir

Almarin B. Paul's memoir is 36 typed pages in a daily journal from 1898, recalling events from 1849-1851. It details his investment in hardware merchandise to be shipped to California, and his departure with his future business partner Dr. Thomas...

Pitcher (John Emmanuel) Papers

John Emmanuel Pitcher came to California in 1849, briefly tried his hand a gold mining and then moved to Half Moon Bay, where he settled on a 200 acre farm. The first 3 folders of his papers contain "account books"...

Prime (Edward M.) Diary

A diary a prospector's overland journey in 1850 to California, his experience mining in the Northern Sierras for 4 years and his return to the East Coast by steamer across Panama. On his way to California he travelled via Council...

Reading (Pierson Barton) Diaries

This folder contains: 1) a bound photostatic copy of the original diary kept by Pierson Barton Reading on his overland journey from St Louis, Mo to Monterey, CA from May 15, 1843 to December 20, 1843. The original of that...

Redman of the World Ledger

Ledger contains records of Wigwam of Wyoming Tribe No. 49. Included are minutes, membership and dues and receipts.

Remodeling of San Francisco Officers' Club Photograph Album

The album includes matted photos of fixtures, building interiors/exteriors, and grounds of the San Francisco Officers' Club (in the Presidio).

Shattuck (Jennie H.) Album

This is a personal autograph album which Jennie Shattuck received upon granduation from school. The entries are from friends in San Francisco, Oakland (California) and Boston (Massachusetts).

The Society of California Pioneers Collection of Autobiographies and Reminiscences of Early Pioneers

The Autobiographies and Reminiscences are made up of 153 documents varying in length from one page to over sixty pages, the average being around five pages in length. Most include details from the writer's early life, but the bulk of...

Southern Hotel Register

Southern Hotel Register from January 25, 1905 - October 1910. Contains signatures of guests and check in dates.

St. James Hotel Register

Guest Registry for St James Hotel of San Francisco, CA 1918 July 1 - 1919 May 8.

Sutter (John A.) Diary

"A record of events kept by John A. Sutter and his clerks at New Helvetia, California from September 9th 1845 till May 25th 1848". The entries, made by John Bidwell, W.F. Swasey, William N. Loker, and Sutter are concerned with...

Tehama (County Land Agent) Pamphlet

This booklet is published in 1881 by McAfee Brothers Land Agents to set forth the advantages of the county and invite the immigration of desirable and permanent settlers to the County in conjunction with the sale of land owned by...

Thomas Denigan, Sons & Co.

The two folders contain a total of 63 letters of business correspondence regarding the Thomas Denigan, Son & Co. shipping company.

Twain (Mark) Letter

Letter (Elmira, New York, August 20, 1877): from Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) to Francis D. Clark sending his regrets that he cannot accept the invitation from the Society of California Pioneers (in New York), due to other engagements.

Van Wyck (Crittenden) Diary (Vol.1)

This diary was written in 1890 when the author was twenty and focuses on Crittenden’s daily life, in particular his social outings, relationships and friendships, and his position at the Pacific Insurance Union. Photographs, drawings, sketches are included as are...

Van Wyck (Crittenden) Diary (Vol.2)

Crittenden Van Wyck wrote this journal between the ages of 20 and 23, while he was working as a clerk for the Pacifc Insurance Union and living with his family at 1600 Taylor St. in San Francisco. Among the daily...

Ward Jr. (Charles T.) Reminiscences

These reminiscences were written by Charles Ward himself and first published in an annual newsletter of Society of California Pioneers in 1941. They begin with his journey to California from his home in Boston aboard the English Steamer “Unicorn.” He...

West (Isabel Percy) Reminiscences

This manuscript was written by Isabel West and covers San Francisco history from the years 1853 to 1915. She combines personal experiences and memories with discussions of the development and changes in San Francisco, particularly the area around one particular...

Weston (Francis E.) Diaries

These four diaries provide interesting daily journal entries regarding Francis Weston’s preparation and passage from St. Louis, Missouri to California, shortly after the discovery of gold. The diaries span from April 7 to December 1, 1849. Weston recounts details of...

Wiley (Austin) Diaries

Handwritten daily diaries kept by Austin Wiley covering the years 1846, 1858, 1871, 1872, 1873, 1874, 1875, 1876, 1877 and 1878. The first, written in 1846, is titled “Life and Adventures of the Author with a Sketch of the Mexican...

Wood (E.F.) Diary

This diary focuses on Woods time in the San Francisco area and San Joaquin Valley. Much of the diary is devoted to his surveying journals and anecdotes about Civil Engineering. It begins on July 11, 1881 with a newspaper article...

Woodworth (Family) Genealogy

These four books are all copies of the same content and trace the ancestry of the Woodworth family from Walter Woodworth who emigrated with the first settlers of Plymouth to Selim Woodworth. The ancestry begins in 1633 and ends in...

Wrecking Car Company No. 1, Sacramento, Log Book

This log book is an overview of the “wrecking” calls that Douglas and his crew answered. Whenever a railway car would topple off the track or otherwise have an accident, the wrecking car would arrive to remove debris, right the...

Wyoming Tribe Redman of the World Ledger

Ledger contains records of Wigwam of Wyoming Tribe No. 49. Included are minutes, membership and dues and receipts. Enclosed is a certificate granting George G. Gildersleeve District Deputy Great Sachem for District No. 33.