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Seaver Center for Western History Research, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
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Physical collections: 673
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1984 Olympics Materials Collection

Programs, guides, newspapers, stamps, coins, medals, flags, banners, posters, photos and slides. Venue information including Exposition Park.

19th Century European Urban Scenes

Prints of 19th century European urban scenes.

19th Century Magazine Illustration Collection

Illustrations extracted from various issues of Ballou's Pictorial, Frank Leslie's Budget of Fun, Harper's Bazaar, Harper's Weekly, and Illustrated London News. 1855-1881, n.d.

"A Photographic Record of the Allied Air Effort in Support of the Invasion of the Continent of Europe"

Largely aerial photographs of air bombardments in Europe during World War II. By Col. M. H. McKinnon

Abril (Ben) Collection, mid-20th century

Two photograph albums, photographs. Mostly color photographs of paintings by Los Angeles artist Ben Abril depicting historic buildings and scenes in Los Angeles, primarily Bunker Hill. Also some publicity (newspaper clippings from the Herald Examiner, March 8, 1964) connected with...

Abstracts of Title to Rancho Santa Anita

Abstracts of title to Rancho Santa Anita in Los Angeles County, California. 1886-1900.

Aerial Navigation Scrapbook Pages, ca. 1906-1909

Clippings and a few business cards. Clippings are about balloon flight, dirigibles, the Wright Brothers, and other aeronautic topics.

Album of California Mission Photographs, ca. 1950

Commemorative album of original photographs "Presented to Armand Maurer in Recognition and Gratitude for Outstanding Service Rendered to the Franciscan Fathers."

Alcalde/Los Angeles County Court Records, 1830-1863

Los Angeles area court records; civil, criminal and probate cases, 1830 – 1863, with one item from 1882. Also the first minutes book of the County Board of Supervisors, dated 1852.

Alden (Alice W.) Collection, late 19th c.

Photographs. Views of late 19th century frontier including U.S. Army posts and Native Americans.

Alhambra High School Yearbook, 1978

Yearbook "Alhambran 1978," Alhambra High School, California, 1978.

Allard Arms Album, ca. 1900

Album of 35 photographs, including 11 cyanotypes, showing firearms, edged weapons, and accessories of J.J.Allard, St. Louis, Mo., arms dealer.

Allard (Gladys Stanley) Collection

A small collection of photographs, yearbooks, and ephemera of a high school student in the 1920s. There are a few items from her adulthood, but most of the collection is from her high school years.

Alpert (Louis) Collection

Primarily photographs; one sketchbook; one trade advertisement. Ladies' coat manufacturer brand "Alpert" was headquartered in Los Angeles; their coat label also identified their brand with Hollywood, California (1948). The company Alpert also partnered with Philip Gindoff, a Russian immigrant and...

"America!" Scrapbook, 1918-1927

Pictures and articles about American troops fighting in WWI, especially American "Aces." Includes reports of men who died in service, a few photographs and two letters. The bulk of the material is from 1918, with a few items from later...

American Institute of Architects Collection

American Institute of Architects (Southern California Chapter). Includes interiors and exteriors of public buildings, residences, churches, schools, offices, and factories. ca. 1950s

American Legion Scrapbook, 1941-1954

Compiled by Marie Peterson, the scrapbook includes badges, photographs, clippings, meeting agendas, membership lists, and other ephemera relating to the American Legion, Columbus Park (Illinois) Auxiliary, Unit 688. There is also some material relating to the American Legion, Santa Barbara,...

American Mutoscope and Biograph Company Collection

Albums. Six small volumes containing the catalog of American Mutoscope and Biograph Co. (New York) films. There are three proofs each from approximately 3000 short films. Catalog includes title and running length. ca. 1895-1909, undated

American Revolution Bicentennial Collection

Newsletters; agendas and news releases by the California Bicentennial Celebration Committee; magazines commemorating bicentennial.

American Smelting and Refining Company (ASARCO) Collection, 1910-1930

Photocopies and hand-written notes collected by Donald Chaput, History Division, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, during the years 1984-1988, as part of a biographical project related to Julius Kruttschnitt, Jr. Most of the materials are from the Tucson...

American Women Collection

Two items pertaining to notable American women: brochure for 1999 Ken Burns documentary "Not for Ourselves Alone" and an issue of Life magazine from 1976 highlighting 200 years of remarkable American women.

Amet (Edward H.) Collection

Photographs. Amet's inventions, motion picture experimentation, real photo postcards of aviation from ca. 1909-10. 1895-1922, undated.

Amet (E.H.) (1860-1948) Collection

Patents, sketches, and clippings. 1880-1917, undated.

Ancient Order of United Workmen Ledgers, 1883-1899

Forest Lodge No. 124 General Ledger of Records and Minutes; 3 partly charred grocery store ledgers from Forest, California. Includes Financier's Cash Book 1883-1889; Financier's Cash Book 1883, 1889-1899; Ledger 1886-1891.

Animation Collection

This artificial collection pertains to the history animation and cartoons. There are background scenes; cels, sequential drawings; several scripts with the scenes and corresponding dialogue; and photographs including a sequential set labeled “Bray, 1911.”

Antelope Valley, Lancaster, Kern County Scrapbook

Scrapbook of newspaper clippings concerning a variety of topics in the history of these California regions.

Anthony (Ida Husted Harper) Collection of Susan B. Photographs, ca. 1870s-1906

Photographs of Susan B. Anthony, her sister Mary, and associates, such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Anna Howard Shaw, Lucretia Mott, and biographer Ida Husted Harper. Also, photos of several Anthony homes.

Appointments, Diplomas, and Certificates

Professional and fraternal appointments as well as for public service and personal commendations.

Arbuckle (Fatty) Glass Negatives

Negatives. A series of images pictured with fire truck(s), 1920.

Armed Services Catalog of Medical Materials, 1949-1952

Catalog entitled Armed Services Catalog of Medical Materiel [sic] published by the Armed Services Medical Procurement Agency, Brooklyn, New York.

Armstrong (Fred) Papers

Postcards, telegrams and other personal correspondence from U.S. Army Sgt. Fred Armstrong to his family in Pomona, California during World War I. Most of the letters are from France and Germany. There are also a few personal photos.

Articles of Capitulation at Cahuenga: photocopies and other materials, 1847

Photocopies of the Articles of Capitulation at Cahuenga (1847 January 12), also known as the Treaty of Cahuenga, and related documents. Provided in 1959 to the Native Sons of the Golden West, Los Angeles Parlor No. 45 by the National...

Ashby (Dillu) Collection

Postcards and greeting cards, 1910-1948, undated. Postcards are all used, providing glimpses into the lives of the Dillu, Fisher and Ashby families. Also genealogical compilations (1981) of family from Geneva, Illinois, including photocopied letters and photographs. 1910-1982, undated

Associations and Clubs Collection

Printed miscellany of educational, social, religious, political and cultural entities primarily from the Southern California region. Bulk is 1880s-1940s.

Atlas Imperial Gas Engine Company Collection, ca. 1912-1918

Negatives. Views of San Francisco plant, interiors and individual engines including 2-and 3-cylinder stationary gas engines.

Australian Law Enforcement, World War I

Photos of insignia, law enforcement officers, and armed forces personnel in Australia during World War I. circa 1914-1918

Automobile in Southern California Project

Errol Steven's 1993 essay and compilation of Seaver Center photocopies from the General Photo File relating to "Southern California in the Age of the Automobile, 1901-1952."

Automotive Literature Collection

Sales, promotional and advertising publications for vehicles and related products and services in the form of brochures, leaflets, catalogs, parts lists, posters, postcards, and calendars; automotive manuals; topical literature includes races and racetracks; photographs of steam and gas powered vehicles,...

Automotive News, Slocum Publishing Co., Detroit

Issues of Automotive News, the Newspaper of the Industry. Published by Slocum Publishing Co., Detroit. It was a weekly trade newspaper effective June 4, 1938. Prior to that date, it was published daily. Bulk is 6/11/1938 - 2/1941, with gaps....

Automotive Photograph Collection

An artificial collection of small, individual automotive-related photograph collections. 1904 - 1976, undated.

Aviation Collection

Publications, clippings, brochures, and ephemera, particularly related to American innovations in the air travel industry.

Aviation Photo Collection

This is a hybrid artificial collection bringing together small photo collections pertaining to aviation and flight. 1906 - 1954

Avila Family Papers

Documents of the Avilas, an early California family. Includes historical account by Carolina Avila. English and Spanish. 1824 - 1940, undated.

Avila (Josefa) Papers

Documents, receipts and other items from the estate of Josefa Avila. Also postcards and two portraits.

Baker (Samuel K.) (--1864) Letters, 1851-1905

The bulk of this collection consists of letters written by Baker to his wife Amanda from 1861-1864. Most of the letters are written from various locations in Virginia and discuss the health of the troops, the horses assigned to them,...

Baker (Viroque) (1889-1980) Collection, 1916-1948

218 photographs made by Los Angeles photographer Viroque Baker.

Balch (Allan C.) Papers

Correspondence, clippings, and photographs pertaining to Allan C. Balch.

Balsley World War I Collection

Photos of war scenes in France, collected by Dr. John A. Balsley, Capt., U.S. Army, who served in England and France. circa 1914-1918

Bandini de Baker (Arcadia) Photographs, 1904

A group of seven photographs: Arcadia Bandini de Baker (1825-1912) and members of her family, taken in 1904; a photograph of her summer home in Santa Monica; a photograph of Kate Sullivan, Bandini's personal assistant for many years.

Banning Collection, ca. late 19th-early 20th century

Photograph album. Many photographs are identified "JBB" possibly for Joseph Brent Banning. Includes construction of Banning family home in Wilmington, California; Banning family; San Pedro harbors; ships; and Canal Street. Some Hancock Banning papers. circa 1877-1930, undated

Barnes (Gerard) Collection

Eight letters dated 1850 to 1868 from Thomas Loftin, Narcissa Harison, and James Lee to various family members. Most are from Thomas Loftin in El Dorado County to family members in Mississippi. An unrelated part of the collection consists of...

Barr (Arthur) Collection, ca. 1970s

Photographs, negatives. Stills from commercial film-maker Barr's educational films on California history including Indians, Rancho Life, Mining, Trapping, etc., produced in the 1970s.

Bassett (Helen Wheeler) Stereograph Collection, ca. 1890

Stereographic prints. Views of the United States, South America, and Europe collected by Bassett.

Bausch and Lomb Optical Company Collection, ca. 1950

Twenty-six photographs from an exhibit illustrating the manufacture and use of optical glass. See also GC 1230 Bausch and Lomb Optical Company Prints

Bausch and Lomb Optical Company Prints

8 color commercial prints on textured boards, illustrating use of spectacles through history published by Bausch and Lomb Optical Co., Rochester, N.Y. Artwork by Harold Anderson, W.F. Soare, and unsigned.

Behrendt Christmas Card Collection

Primarily Christmas cards and holiday cards received by Behrendt; some senders were well-known names in the movie industry.

Behrendt Manuscript Collection

A collection of historical papers, primarily of legal documents, forms, pamphlets, booklets and serial publications relating to Southern California and the United States. The dates range from ca. 1538-1939, with its bulk dates between 1850-1920.

Behrendt (Sam) Collection, ca.1870-1920

Photographs. Sam Behrendt was a Los Angeles collector of historical materials including photographs. Many of these photos were made by Charles C. Pierce. Subjects include Los Angeles and Southern California communities, San Francisco and Northern California, and some subject files....

Bennett (Grace) Sheet Music Collection, 1891-1957

Sheet music for piano collected by Bennett.

Berg (August) Military Papers

Veterans affairs of August Berg, who served in the Spanish American War.

Berg (August) Photographs

Photos related to the Spanish American War. ca. 1898

Berkeley Student Protest Collection

Newspaper clippings, flyers and posters.

Bernal and Fisher Survey Records

Primarily field and level notebooks containing handwritten notes, drawings and calculations for survey work in the Los Angeles and Southern California region. Created by Joseph A. Bernal, G.M.D. Fisher, Bernal & Bernal and also Alphonso J. Bernal (son of Bernal).

Bernstein (Evelyn) Collection

Two 24x36 photographs: "Albino in the Flower Fields" and "Dunes." undated (use 2006 from donation date for documentation purposes]

Biby (Edward Allen) (1884-1952) Collection

Photos of actors and actresses and film making in Hollywood during the silent era, collected by Biby and his wife Marion Strauch Biby. He was one of the first casting directors in Hollywood. He discovered Jackie Coogan, and he was...

Big Little Books Collection

Eight books including several photoplay books, commonly known as Big Little Books.

Birken (Cordelia Matheson and Leonard E.) Correspondence, 1889-1900

Primarily correspondence between Cordelia ("Cordie"" Matheson and Leonard (""en"" Birken before and after their marriage. The letters are to and from various small towns in Nebraska. Most of the letters are written by Cordelia Matheson; there are also some letters...

Black History Exhibit Collection

Photographs and negatives. Copy photos and negatives made for the Museum's 1969-1970 exhibit on America's Black Heritage. Many are copies from books.

Blackton (J. Stuart) Collection, 1921

Glass positives. Scenes from the first feature-length (5-reel) color motion picture, "The Glorious Adventure," 1921, which Blackton produced. The transparencies are black & white.

Blackton (J. Stuart) Collection on Vitagraph Company of America

Collection relating to Vitagraph Company and its founder.

Bob's Airmail Service Collection, ca.1932-1935

7 photographs of a Mobil station at Wilshire Blvd. and Cochran in Los Angeles, some featuring an airplane on display and some featuring John McCormick, an employee and the donor of the collection.

Bonelli (Frank G.) Collection

Correspondence from Bonelli to various county department heads and his constituents, 1970. 52 oversize scrapbooks of newspaper clippings pertaining to Bonelli and his career, 1958-1972. Also photographs and memorabilia, including award certificates and resolutions presented to him

Book of Drawings of Public School Children

Album of sketches includes charcoal and pen and ink botanical and patterned designs. [ca. 1890s] Mostly 7th and 8th grades of schools in the city of Los Angeles including Breed Street, Harper, Spring Street, Sentous Street, Custer, and Ninth Street.

Boston Massacre Oration, 1774

Book. [Boston Massacre Oration, 1774.] An oration; delivered March 5th, 1774 . . . By the Honorable John Hancock, Esq., 4to, stitched, uncut. Boston: Edes & Gill, 1774.

Bostwick (Louis R.) "Welcome to the Fleet at San Francisco"

Photograph Album, 1908. Cover reads: "Welcome to the Fleet at San Francisco [;] Tour of Gov. Geo. L. Sheldon and Party April 26th to May 8 1908 [.] Photographs by Louis R. Bostwick [,] Omaha U.S.A. Note inside indicates that...

Boudinot (T. E.) Scrapbook, ca. 1926-1927

Scrapbook of photographs of 12th Signal Company, Philippine Scouts, Capt. T. E. Boudinot commanding. Album is a mixture of official Signal Corps photographs and personal snapshots. Includes photographs of Philippines, China, Singapore and other unnamed locales in the Far East.

Bowles (Theodore C.) Military Records, 1863-1867

Records and correspondence from the files of Bowles, who was Quartermaster during the Civil War and was in charge of Joe Holt Hospital in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Includes post-war records such as veterans' claims.

Brady (Mathew) (1823-1896) Civil War Collection, 1862-65

Many are carte-de-visite views of Civil War scenes with the Brady studio imprint on the back.

Brands and Counterbrands Collection

Cattle brand registers: Volume 1: [1835]-March 1852. Volume 2: June 1851-December 1857. Volume 3: January 1858-February 1917. Volume 4: February 1917-December 1917, 1928, 1935, and a group of previously recorded brands but perpetuated in 1917 and 1918. See also GC1279...

Bransford Collection

15 scenes of Southern California, including Hollywood, La Jolla, Long Beach, Redlands, San Pedro, and the Westlake Park in Los Angeles; plus three of Santa Cruz, including one of General John C. Fremont and family. 1902, undated

Broadus (Amber Dunkerley) and Field (Katherine) Western Sketches

51 pen and ink drawings of cowboy life by Katherine Field, signed and dated 1934, 1936, 1937, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1948, 1949, 1950, and 1951; commissioned for use in calendars and in the Western Livestock Journal published by the Los...

Brousseau World War I Collection

Photos of soldiers and war scenes in Europe. circa 1914-1918

Brown (E. Coll) Collection

Photos of mining, landscapes, people, social life and customs in various locales including Baja California, Eastern Sierras, Honduras, Guatamala, and New Zealand; and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire. 1901-1924, undated.

Brown (William L.) Collection

Collection of ephemera including post cards, portraits (lithographs, engravings), postal covers, photographs (including tintypes and cyanotypes), and other materials, ca. 1760-1971 (bulk late 1800's to 1940's).

Bryan (William Alanson) Collection

Correspondence, photographs, publications and personal memorabilia relating to Bryan, the LA County Museum, and the natural history of Hawaii.

Buell (Frank A.) (1886-1919) Collection

Diary (Omaha, 1914), account book (1905-07), calling cards, photographs, military records, and WWI maps.

Burge (Dr. Martin) Collection

Watercolor paintings of Cuba scenes by Bernhardt Wall, 1898, relating to the Spanish-American War.

Burge (Martin H.) Civil War Collection

Soldiers' letters; postmarks and postal covers; Confederate almanac; and veterans' scrapbook.

Burmeister (Laura) Diaries

Eight diaries written while Burmeister was a resident of the Exposition Park area and a student at the University of Southern California. Also one cabinet card of Burmeister in 1902.

Burnside Woman's Relief Corp #105 Photographs

9 photographs, including 1 image related to WRC chapter #188. 1901-1904, undated. See also manuscripts in MSS-492

Burt (Burton O.) Collection

Family and personal papers; typescripts; clippings; photographs of people and nature, with only a few specifically identified as Southern California locales. 1906-1962, undated

Business Card Collection

An artifical collection of business cards arranged by subject. Primarily Los Angeles and Southern California. 1930s-1950s, undated (some undated items may be from early 20th century).

Business Ephemera Collection

Brochures, pamphlets, publications, tickets, decals and other ephemera relating primarily to Southern California business enterprises, but also including national and international companies. Arranged geographically, and then by business name. 1880s-present, undated.

Business Men’s Art Institute of Los Angeles, Art Beacon Publications

Two bound volumes of the publication, Art Beacon. One volume dated 1947 through 1960 (first two issues titled Palette Painter prior to name change to Art Beacon). Second volume dated November-December, 1963 through March, 1972).

Butler Collection

Scrapbooks, 4 volumes. including 9 prints of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Calendar Collection

Collection of calendars pertaining to political, businesses and organization advertisement.

California Alligator Farm Collection, ca. 1920s-1940s

Photographs collected by donor, Marjorie L. Eade, of this Los Angeles attraction showing women and children riding on the alligators, ostriches, and in carts.

California Army and Navy Posts, Research Files

Don Chaput's research files. Arranged alphabetically by name of post.

California Artists Collection, ca. 1900

Photos of artists and their studios, mostly friends of donor California painter J. Bond Francisco (1863-1931).

California Bungalow

Interior and exterior shots of a California bungalow. ca. 1910

California Immigration and Settlement Papers

An artificial collection includes booklets, correspondence, ephemera, forms, handbills, lithographs, manuscripts and newspaper accounts relating primarily to the settling of California by the Americans

California Missions Collection, ca.1901

53 glass negatives of California missions

California Real Estate Exchange Letter Copying Books

2 volumes of business correspondence copies, produced by an invention called a "letter copying book". Its onion skin sheets are blurred often illegible. Created by the California Real Estate Exchange. Book #2: June 1, 1899-July 31, 1899 Book #4: Oct....

California Wanted Posters Scrapbook, 1919

About 300 posters dated 1919 for criminals, escapees, and missing persons from various California locales.

Call/Sisk Collection

Collection of scenes of California and Californians from the mid 1800's to the mid 1900's.

Camp Pendleton Yearbook, 1945

Mock-up publication with photos and some captions, showing U.S. Marine Corps training activities at Camp Pendleton, San Diego County, California, 1945.

Cannon (Ray) Collection

Manuscripts, correspondence and clippings relating to the magazine "Western Outdoor News," Cannon's book "Sea of Cortez" and publicity files. Photographs, negatives, slides and transparencies. Some photographs of actress Carla Laemmle. 1954-1979

Caribbean Trade Cruise Collection

Collection of 4 x 5" negatives with scenes from the Caribbean Islands, Colombia, the Panama Canal, Venezuela, and Mexico. ca.1920

Carnival Photographs

7 photographs of a carnival troupe, circa 1910; location unknown.

Case Art Collection

Daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes from various accessions. Majority of items are unidentified. Most, but not all, are in cases. ca. 1842-1939, undated

Cathcart (D.G.) Collection

18 journal books used in scrapbook fashion to record day to day notations, news, and activities related to tax assessment, current events and personal matters. They were created during Cathcart's tenure with the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office, and they...

Cattle Brands Collection, 1836-1917

Cattle brand samples on leather; earmark samples on leather. (Updated inventorying shows the earliest brand samples are circa 1836, 1838, and 1841. Also numerous undated items. December, 2011). English and Spanish. See also GC1339 Brands and Counterbrands Collection ([1835] -...

Celebrity Advertisements Collection

Magazine clippings, 1930s - 1940s; cardboard stand-up.

Chadwick Autographs Collection

Letters, brief handwritten notes and other manuscripts collected for their autographs by notable Americans and Europeans including government and military officials; writers and scholars; and actors. Manuscript of Heinrich Heine. ca. 1850-1926.

Chadwick Collection of European Scenes and Costumes

Photographs. Mostly hand-colored carte-de-visite photos of people wearing 19th folk costumes. Many are by Julius Hahn of Hamburg, Germany. There are also unmounted albumen prints of European countries, Egypt and India, apparently acquired by the Chadwicks during their travels. [undated,...

Chaplin (Charlie) (1889-1977) Collection, ca.1920s-1930s

Photographs of Chaplin working on films, sets from his movies, and stills from films including "City Lights", "The Circus", & "The Gold Rush". Also, Chaplin at his home in Beverly Hills.

Chaplin (Charlie) (1889-1977) Scrapbook, 1931

Scrapbook of clippings about Chaplin taken from papers in many countries. "Charles Chaplin Film Corporation" is stamped on the inside cover. Clippings are in several languages including French, English, Swedish and Italian.

Chaplin Studio Collection, ca.1900s-1980s

Photographs and memorabilia relating to Charlie Chaplin and films made at the Chaplin Studio at 1416 North La Brea Ave. in Hollywood.

Chevrolet Sales Managers Institute Film Strips, ca. 1950s

Film strips. Twelve black/white instructional film strips for Chevrolet sales managers showing various aspects of how to sell automobiles. Titles range from "Finding Prospects" to "The Road Demonstration" to "Women!".

Cigar Bands, 1922-1925

4 loose leaf binders; arranged alphabetically by Cigar Company: Book 1: A-B, no brand names, ov bands Book 2: C-G Book 3: H-N Book 4: O-Z, Samples of Cigar Box Edgings.

Civil War Exhibit Collection

Prints. Photographic portion of a traveling exhibit on the Civil War mounted by Security Pacific National Bank in the early 1980s; the final exhibit stop was the Natural History Museum.

Civil War Manuscript Collection

Union and Confederate items. Soldiers' letters, including one by a confederate soldier; documents, forms, newspapers, recruitment broadsides and ephemera. Includes contemporary ephemera about the Civil War. One 78 rpm record of the 39th annual convention of the Daughters of the...

Cleveland (William J.) Native American Collection, 1872-1907

Photographs. The photos were collected and preserved by Rev. and Mrs. Cleveland.

Clifton (Elmer) Collection, ca. 1910s-1920s

Primarily albums, postcards and negatives. Albums contain movie stills relating to the career of silent screen star and director Elmer Clifton, including photos for the 1922 film "Down to the Sea by the Ships."

Cole (Henrietta Waters) Memorial Collection

Fifteen photographs (steel engravings, carte de visites, and cabinet cards) on several different subjects: J.W. Waters (San Bernardino, California mountain man and farmer of 1830s and 1840s); the San Jacinto (San Bernardino) earthquake of 1899; various scenes in El Paso,...

Collection on W.K. Laurie Dickson and the Biograph Company

Correspondence, drawings, photographs and a few celluloid film frames. 1889 - 1934, undated (bulk is 1932).

Collins (Holdridge Ozro) Scrapbooks

Four annotated scrapbooks with indexes of clippings, letters, memorabilia, and some photographs pertaining to Collins, his lineage, and his career as an attorney.

Columbus Tower Bell Photos, 1916

Photographs relating to the 1916 removal of a bell from the Columbus Tower in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Conal (Robbie) Art Collection

A collection of posters produced by Los Angeles-based artist Robbie Conal during the 1990s and early 2000s.

Concordia Club Minutes of Meetings, 1891-1918

Manuscript minutes of the club, some typed sheets attached. Also bylaws of the Concordia Building Association of Los Angeles (1901) and minutes of the association (May 1 to November 19, 1901).

Conkling (Roscoe P.) Papers

Research materials, including manuscripts and photographs, used by Roscoe P. and Margaret B. Conkling for their book "The Butterfield Overland Mail, 1857- 1869; Its Organization and Operation over the Southern Route to 1861; Subsequently over the Central Route to 1866;...

Conservative Political Direct Mail Collection

Campaign mail and political publications.

Coronel (Antonio F.) Papers

Antonio Coronel was a public servant for most of his life during the Mexican period of California and continuing in the American statehood. Most notably he served as Mayor of Los Angeles and State Treasurer. Correspondence, speeches and documents relating...

Coronel (Antonio Franco) (1817-1894) Collection

Photographs of the Coronel family members and friends and of Southern California views. Primarily 19th century portraits produced on carte de visites and cabinet cards of individuals and groups from southern California. Also images pertaining to the Coronels’ relationship with...

Cosmopolitan Hotel Register, 1882-1883

Los Angeles hotel; volume spine reads Proprietors - Hammel & Denker. 1882 - 1883.

Costume Sketches Collection

Movie costume sketches by Renee Hurbert, William C. Lambert, William Travilla, Theodora Van Runkle, Arlington F. Valles, Edith Head (The Ten Commandments) and Helen Rose (Carmen Miranda). 1941-1968, bulk is 1942.

Cowan Collection

Lantern slides, glass negatives and nitrate film. Primarily scenes of Panama. ca. 1910-1913, undated.

Coy (Owen C.) Collection

The bulk of the collection consists of newspaper clippings arranged by county and by topic. Subjects covered include the Gold Rush, transportation, and biographies. There is a strong emphasis on the California parlors of the Native Sons of the Golden...

Coy (Owen C.) Photograph Collection

Photographs and reproduction prints of California historic sites, landmarks, buildings (including missions and adobe structures), artifacts, industry, and people who were part of the historical narrative. Subject matter includes the age of Spanish exploration, but concentrates on California in the...

CRA LA Collection of Original Art on Paper

The CRA/LA Collection of Original Art on Paper consists primarily of photographs particularly silver gelatin and ambrotype prints. Watercolor and pastel; mixed media; linocut and block print; letterpress, serigraph; and cel vinyl on acetate. Subject matter and locale covers the...

Crary Magic Lantern Slide Collection

Glass positives. Eleven hand-painted toy slides, showing people and animals, used for story illustrations. Ten fit into a magic lantern projector that is part of same donation. [ca. 1880-1920, undated]

Cryer (George E.) Papers

Papers include his marriage license; a handwritten poem by Annie C. Hallamore entitled "Lindbergh's Light on City Hall"; a carbon copy of his farewell address; two photographs; and a photocopy of the Los Angeles Public Library's Cryer biography file.

Curtis (Edward) Manuscript: "The North American Indian"

Curtis' original typewritten manuscript and research notes for his 20 volume "The North American Indian," published roughly one volume annually between 1907 and 1930 in a numbered edition of 500.

Curtis (Edward S.) Collection, ca. 1910-1920s

Gravure prints from volumes 2,3,6,14,16 & 17 of the North American Indian, plus 3 gelatin silver prints and 5 platinum prints signed by Curtis.

Daggett (Frank S.) Collection

Correspondence and financial records relating to the liquidation of the assets of the George H. Dagget Company which went out of business in May 1909.

Danforth (Russell E.) Collection

Four postcard albums. Souvenir postcards primarily from Europe; some locales of United States, Canada, Ensenada (Mexico), Jamaica, and Singapore. Collected approximately between 1920 and 1931. See also GC1221 Russell E. Danforth Scrapbook, 1918-1919.

Danforth (Russell E.) Scrapbook, 1918-1919

The scrapbook contains military papers (promotions, passes, permission requests), invitations, photographs, programs, ticket stubs, and sheet music. Also includes a letter from Danforth to his grandmother (May 4, 1919) telling about sightseeing in France.

Darling Motor Company Records, 1916-1917

Company papers include correspondence, customer reservation forms, sales contracts, clippings; the first drawing of the automobile; photographs; one sales brochure; one metal radiator badge.

Davies (Marion) Scrapbooks

Ten scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings about the following Davies films: Beverly of Graustark, Buddies, The Fair Co-Ed, Lights of Broadway, Little Old New York, The Patsy, Quality Street, Tillie the Toiler, When Knighthood was in Flower, Yolanda, and Zander the...

De Forest (Lee) (1873-1961) Scrapbook, 1919-1924

One scrapbook of clippings, letters and photographs pertaining to De Forest and his inventions.

Deakin (Edna and Dorothy) Correspondence

Correspondence by Edna and Dorothy Deakin, who were the daughters of artist Edwin Deakin.

Deakin (Edwin) Mission Sketches

Scrapbook of Deakin's California mission sketches; sketches of El Molino, a Spanish mill in Pasadena; several magazines of which belonged to Deakin (1900-1905). ca. 1872-1905.

Death Valley 49ers Committee Records

Correspondence and minutes pertaining to Death Valley and Death Valley explorer Henry Wade.

Del Valle Collection, ca.1870s-1900

Photos of the Ygnacio and Reginaldo del Valle families, active in California business and government in the 19th century. Mostly family photos, including views taken at their Rancho Camulos, located in today’s Ventura County, California. ca. 1851-1921, undated (bulk ca....

Del Valle Family Papers

Papers relating to Antonio Seferino del Valle, his son Ygnacio, grandson Reginaldo F., and other family members. Activities include their cattle ranching and wine businesses, particularly in Rancho San Francisco and Rancho Camulos, located in today’s Ventura County, California. Other...

Dennis (William M.) Collection

40 three-picture Gem lantern slides of various scenes and subjects, ca. 1900. One ten-picture demonstration slide for the Edison Home Kinetoscope, ca. 1905. Photograph of Centaur Film Co., ca. 1913. Roll of Edison Home Kinetoscope Film "The Tramp's Revenge" ca....

Despart (Peter Aguilar) Papers

Photographs, letters, clippings, ephemera, commendations and documents in original, copy, and digitized format. Also research print-outs compiled by the donor. Papers relate to a Mexican circus; Despart's local restaurant businesses; his military service in World War II and the Korean...

DeWolf (Wallace L.) Etchings

26 prints of landscapes drawn by DeWolf. Scenes might not be of California; prints were made by Bertha E. Jaques of Chicago from plates. 1914-1931, undated.

Dickerson (Warren C.) (1853-1936) Collection, circa 1890-1920

Warren C. Dickerson was a commercial postcard photographer whose work covers the late nineteenth century through about 1920. While Dickerson’s work as a whole is inclusive of photographs from throughout the United States, about one-third of the photographs are of...

Disney Transparency Collection, ca.1940

Sixteen 4" x 5" color transparencies of scenes from Walt Disney's animated feature films "Pinocchio" and "Fantasia."

Disney (Walt) Collection

Collection covers facets of Walt Disney Productions, including the development of Mickey Mouse, the Silly Symphonies series and other animated characters; animation cameras, animators at work; the Hyperion Avenue studio building and Mickey Mouse promotions. 1906-1980, undated (bulk is 1930s-40s)

Dixon (Maynard) Collection

Illustrations of Touring Topics magazine series on "The Story of Transportation in the Southwest." 1930s.

Dowling (Adrienne Van Holt) Collection

Photographs. Photograph album, daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, carte de visites and other photographs, primarily studio portraits of unidentified women and some children. Photographers include John McFadden and P.E. Finch of Lebanon, Ohio; C.C. Giers of Nashville, Tennessee. ca. 1859-1887, undated

Drawings of Cattle Brands

Drawings on individual cards, mostly of California brands, created from the Works Progress Administration (renamed in 1939 as the Work Projects Administration) (WPA). No index or identifying information for the brands.

Drewry Tournament of Roses Collection, ca. 1953-1969

Color transparencies, slides, and motion picture film of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade, the Rose Bowl Game, and the Rose Queen and her Court.

Du Shane Collection

Postcards, including real photo postcards, primarily depicting Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio. Some are addressed to Joe Du Shane, with postmarks ranging 1909-1924.

Ducommun (Charles Louis) Collection

Account books, ledgers, deeds, certificates of title, stock certificates, stock lists, hardware catalogs, photographs, and other material pertaining to the history of the Ducommun store and its subsequent business entities. The Ducommun Corporation is Los Angeles’ oldest continuously operating business...

Dunlap (Jonathan D.) Papers

Primarily correspondence to Dunlap, with some telegrams and statements; Dunlap's certificates of appointment are included.

Duryea, (Charles E.) and J. Frank Duryea Papers, 1894-1944

Publications, advertising booklets, correspondence and ephemera. An artificial collection about the Duryea brothers and their contributions to the start of the automobile industry in the United States. 1894-1944, undated.

DuShane Stock Certificate Collection

Primarily stock certificates issued separately to several individuals for mining, oil and other stocks in various states. Also for El Oro Club, Mexico. Also several letters and related documents. See also: GC 1219, Stock Certificate Collection

Earhart (Amelia) (1898-1937) Collection, 1928-1937, 1945

The Amelia Earhart Collection is comprised of six boxes and one oversized box of black and white prints of Amelia Earhart, her family and friends and other various photographs relating to both her flights and aviation in general. ca. 1918,...

Earhart (Amelia) Papers

Letters, flight logs, radiograms and clippings by and about Amelia Earhart (AE).

Early Mexican Imprint Collection

Documents issued by Mexican government, 1828 - 1846, reflecting the history of the city of Los Angeles, Southern California and Alta California; Andrés Pico; Manuel Micheltorena; and others.

Early Printing Examples Collection

Issued in 1926 by The Foliophiles Incorporated of original leaves (many with accompanying text providing details of the specimen.) World examples including Javanese, Sanskrit, German, Chinese and Japanese. 1263 - 19th century.

Early Railroad and Locomotive Photo Collection

This is a hybrid artificial collection that brings together small collections pertaining to early American railroad transportation and locomotive engines. Coverage throughout the United States. ca. 1860s-1954

Early Spanish American Imprint Collection

Two publications printed in Spanish colonial Mexico. 1768-ca. 1787

Earthquakes Scrapbook, 1925-1927

Newspaper clippings, from a clipping service, pertaining to earthquakes, primarily in the United States.

Edison (Thomas A.) Photographs

Group of photos of Edison and some of his associates, with notes by Francis Jehl, laboratory assistant to Edison and author of Menlo Park Reminiscences. Also family photos including Edison's father and grandmother. Also two pieces of correspondence. ca. 1850-1927,...

El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, Los Angeles Fire Department Records

Primarily original photographs, cabinet cards, photograph albums, copy prints, enlargements, two digital scans and negatives relating to the Los Angeles Fire Department and the history of firefighters in Los Angeles. Also reports, clippings, publications, letters, receipts, and invoices. A small...

Emancipation Proclamation

Charles Maltby's copy of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Abraham Lincoln.

Ephemera Collection

Brochures, pamphlets, and publications relating primarily to Southern California, but also including national and international materials. Arranged geographically, and then by subject. 1880s-present, undated

Estrada (William) Research Collection on Dr. Ernesto Galarza (1905-1984)

Collection of photocopied papers, correspondence, and photographs pertaining to Dr. Ernesto Galarza compiled by Estrada in the course of his research; also papers on the 1987 symposium and exhibit at Occidental College honoring the achievements of Galarza. Digital photos are...

Exposition Park-Monroe Doctrine Centennial Exposition, Prints. 1923

Fourteen photos showing an artist's rendering for and construction of temporary buildings built at Exposition Park, Los Angeles, between the Coliseum and Figueroa Street, including pictures of the construction crews. The exposition was held from July 2 through August 4,...

Expositions and Fairs Collection, 1892-1974

An artificial collection of ephemera, booklets, and other publications of primarily California venues. Non-California events include the Trans-Mississippi Exposition at Omaha in 1898; the Louisiana Purchase Exposition at St. Louis, 1904; and the Seattle World's Fair, 1962.

Express Mail Collection

This is an artificial collection of materials, primarily ephemera, from the Railway Express Agency and Wells Fargo and Company Express.

Factor (Max) Collection

Booklets and clippings for motion picture make-up and its application, including one for the consumer market, 1928 - 1935. Also a greasepaint sketch portrait of Factor from the 1930s. See also P-239

Factor (Max) Photograph Collection

A collection of 24 black and white publicity photographs of cosmetician Max Factor (1877-1938) and his make-up studio at 1666 North Highland Avenue in Hollywood, California.

Family Photograph Album

Damaged velvet-covered album with metal clasp. Cover decoration is made of white plastic. The album contains unidentified portraits of men, women and children, high-quality cabinet cards, some from Stockton, California. 1879, undated

Family Photograph Album, 1902-1906

Family Photograph album of scenes taken in California, Washington, Kansas, Indiana, Canada, and Alaska. Includes some photographs of destruction from the San Francisco Earthquake.

Family Photograph Album, 1920s

Album has been taken apart. Photographs of scenery and people at various locations (rather than formal portraits). Some views are of the Northwest coast and show totem poles and forested coastline.

Family Photograph Album, ca. 1890-1910

Album of unidentified formal portraits.

Farnum (William) Collection

Manuscripts, photographs, clippings and ephemera relating to the life of William Farnum and his acting career.

Federal Art Project Collection

WPA art collection, mostly charcoal pieces with matting. Artists include Marian Herbert, Arthur Durston, Jerre Murry and Nicolas Panesis. Scenes include the California desert, Olvera Street and flower compositions. 1930s.

Feeder Collection of Motion Picture Costume Sketches, 1920s-1930s

212 motion picture costume sketches. Sketches are gouache, pencil, and ink on paper measuring approximately 12" x 19".

Fergusson (Robert) Collection

Photographs, albums. Includes the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and various Forts and Army posts in the United States. ca. 1890-1915

Ferrell (Mercedes Prado) Photograph Collection

A digital collection of photographs from the Ferrell and Prado family. The Prados lived in Simons, a company town that formed out of the operation of Simons Brick Company’s plant number three.

Ferry (William M.) Family Photograph Albums, 1860s

Photographic albums of portraits probably of family members. Nearly all unidentified except for a few historical personages. See also: William M. Ferry Papers, Gen. Col. 1263.

Ferry (William M.) Papers

Papers of the Ferry family. Typescript recorded in 1913-14 by the eldest daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Ferry when she was 86 years of age, selected from family letters of incidents in the history of Mackinac Island, Michigan dating back...

Film Frame Collection

Specimens of motion picture film compiled and catalogued by Earl Theisen (1903-1973). A portion of the collection is derived from other motion picture history donations to the museum, but most of the items were collected by the donor. 1889-1947, undated

Fine Arts League of Los Angeles Records

Correspondence, minutes, reports and addresses, agreements, by-laws, membership lists, financial records, and ephemera of the Fine Arts League of Los Angeles.

Fire Arms Slides

Slides of firearms in the Museum's History Department collections.

"Fire Brigade, The" Stills

Photographs of scenes from this circa 1926 film by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Also includes a 3-page synopsis of the film.

First Aid and Civil Defense Collection

Brochures, publications and one clipping on first aid and emergency procedures, including material on surviving a nuclear attack and constructing a fallout shelter. Primarily published by federal agencies including the Office of Civil Defense in the Department of Defense; and...

Fiske (George) (1835-1918) Collection, ca.1880s-1900s

Seventeen photographs of Yosemite, plus three others of the Monterey coast that may be by Fiske. All of his negatives were destroyed in two fires (1904 and 1943); only his prints remain today.

Fletcher (Abel) (1820-1890) Collection

The Abel Fletcher Collection consists of one carte-de-visite, and a number of ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, Fletchotypes, negatives, reprints, tintypes, books, clippings, letters, postcards and ephemera.

Florence Hotel Register

San Diego, Calif. Spine and pages read W. Bowers, Proprietor. One page, dated 1927, has Florence Hotel crossed out and Broadway Hotel written in its place.

Forbes (A. A.) (1862-1921) Oklahoma Collection, ca. 1889

14 mounted prints on 13 mounts of Oklahoma scenes: Sac and Fox Indians, railroad bridge construction, and others.

Forbes (Andrew Alexander) (1862-1921) Collection,1890-1915

Andrew Alexander Forbes was the first resident photographer in the Owens Valley area of California. He maintained a commercial photo studio in Bishop from 1902 to 1916. In addition, Forbes also made panoramic murals and scenic calendars. Included in this...

Four-Minute Men Records

Los Angeles County chapter of the World War I Committee on Public Information, Division of Four-Minute Men, a group of men organized to give four-minute long speeches on various subjects related to war efforts on the home front including Liberty...

Frederick (Mrs. M. C.) Collection, ca. 1885

Photographs, daguerreotype. Primarily cabinet card photos of Seattle, Washington, taken by Mrs. Frederick. They are mostly of buildings but also included are son John, coal mines, and Judkin's Photo Studio where she learned to take pictures.

Freeman (Mervyn) Collection, ca. 1940s-1950s

Scrapbook of news correspondent/photographer Mervyn Freeman, ca. 1940s-1950s, including World War II Pacific theater, and China (Manchuria) in 1933.

French Canadians & The West Research Notes

Donald Chaput's biographical notes for the book " French Canadian Contribution to Winning the American West"(1985).

French Military Scenes

Illustrations from the Pictorial Press, Franco-Prussian War & World War I.

Fultz (Francis M.) (1857-1948) Photograph Collection

Negatives, prints. Taken by Fultz; some by his wife, Dessa. Represents a life-time of photographing, with some family photos, but most taken of scenery, landscape, water, and fauna. Geographic concentration is California, the western states, Hawaii, and Iowa (his home...

G.A.R. Register of Visitors, 1886-1887

1 volume ; 26 x 35 cm. Part of the register is for the Grand Army of the Republic gathering in San Francisco (August 1886) and part is for Los Angeles (February 1887).

Gardner (Alexander) (1821-1882) Collection, 1868-1869

Photographs of construction on the Union Pacific Railway from the book "Across the Continent on the Union Pacific Railway". Several photos are of cities in Kansas, where Gardner went in 1867 to photograph the country and the railroad construction. Thirty-five...

Gehring (Fred) Letters, 1957-1963

Three files of Assistant Director Gehring's correspondence pertaining to the William S. Hart County Park. See also Gen. Col 1192-The William S. Hart County Park Research Files, and General Collection 1012-The William S. Hart Papers.

General Map Collection

An artificial map collection.

General Photo File Collection, circa 1860-1980s

The General Photo File Collection represents an important collection of historical photographs of early California and Los Angeles, from the mid-19th Century through the 1980s. The collection of approximately 9,100 photographic prints was assembled by former History Department archivists and...

Gibbins (H.D.) Collection, ca. 1890-1910

Views of Southern California communities particularly Los Angeles County including the coastal cities and Santa Catalina Island; Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties; and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Gift Books Collection

8 small gift books, mostly poetry, published between 1883 and 1912, and undated. Noteworthy is The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, an 1883 E.F. Dutton edition designed with a fringe-edged cover.

Gillette (James N.) Aviation Collection, ca. 1930-1950s

Two scrapbooks including clippings, correspondence, and photographs on general aviation.

Glyphoscope Stereo View Collection, ca. 1899

Eight boxes of stereo views of France taken with the Glyphoscope stereo camera which is also in the Museum collection. The stereo views are sepia film positives. Also includes two prints from same accession.

Goebel (Arthur C.) Papers

Letters, pamphlets, clippings, log books, maps and other printed materials.

Goebel (Arthur Cornelius) (1895-1973) Collection, mainly 1920s and 1930s

Photographs, negatives and film. Personal collection of aviator, racer, and stunt pilot. Goebel's claim to fame was his race victory in the Dole Derby, also known as the Dole Pineapple Derby, from California to Hawaii in 1927.

Goodman (John B. III) (1901-1991) Collection, mid-20th cent.

Photographs, negatives. Location shots for motion picture projects. 1920-1956, undated (bulk 1928-1956)

Goodman (John Bartlett) (1901-1991) Collection

Booklets, clippings, drawings, many pertaining to architecture, likely collected during his career. Also two brochures on the Pullman Co. 1892-1953, undated. Booklets, clippings, drawings, many pertaining to architecture, likely collected during his career. Also two brochures on the Pullman Co....

Government Publications Collection

This is an artificial collection of government publications arranged by series: 1) United States 2) California 3) County of Los Angeles 4) City of Los Angeles 5) California counties and cities (except Los Angeles).

Graves (Jackson A.) Collection

Certificate of commendation, done in calligraphy, to Graves from the L.A. Clearing House Association, presented when he resigned from the Clearing House Committee (1928). Also a L.A. Clearing House Certificate (1907).

Greater Los Angeles New Car Dealers Association Historical Records (1905-1980s)

The Greater Los Angeles New Car Dealers Association (GLANCDA) Historical Records is comprised of bound albums, reports and scrapbooks; photographs; clippings; floor plans; and ephemera pertaining to the activities of the Association, particularly identified by earlier organizational names that have...

Greene (Al) Photographic Print Collection

The Al Greene Photographic Print Collection constitutes an important collection of historical photographs of early California and Los Angeles up to the mid-20th Century. The collection of approximately 13,000 prints was assembled by Al Greene, a photographer and long-time operator...

Greeting Card Collection

Collection of greeting cards organized by type: birthday; Christmas; Congratulations; Easter; Get Well; New Year's; general; Valentine's Day.

Griffen (Harold H.) Collection of Political Cartoons

Clippings including cartoons published in Harper's Weekly, Judge, Puck and Wasp relating to American political satire. Cartoons include those illustrated by Homer Davenport. Bulk is 19th century

Hall (Dick Wick) Papers

Relates to mining in North Yuma County, mining and oil exploration in Texas and Alabama and to Hall's literary career. Photocopies of originals in Arizona Heritage Center, Tucson, AZ.

Haloid Company Collection, ca. 1920s

The prints in the Haloid Company Collection pre-date the company's involvement with xerography. They appear to be photographs intended to be used as examples of the various textures of "modern photographic papers."

Hamilton (Lucretia Breazeale) Cactus Illustrations

15 lithograph cactus illustrations selected from the book "The Cacti of the United States and Canada" by Lyman Benson, 1982, Stanford University Press. Printed by the artist's son, Edward Hamilton.

Hamlin (Homer) Correspondence, 1900-1919

Correspondence on the following topics: Laguna Dam, California - Arizona; Los Angeles Harbor; Los Angeles Municipal Railway; the decomposition of cement and concrete; the Paradise- Verde Irrigation District. Also correspondence and witness report forms about earthquakes occurring in Southern California...

Hamlin (Ralph) (1880-1974) Collection

A collection of papers, personal and professional, belonging to Ralph Cunningham Hamlin (1880 - 1974), who was a pioneer Los Angeles automobile dealer and racing enthusiast. Also covers his early years racing on bicycle. ca. 1894 – 1976, undated. See...

Hamlin (Ralph) Photograph Collection

Photographs relating to Ralph Cunningham Hamlin (1880 - 1974): his personal and family life; bicycling; motorcycling; and automobile racing activities; auto road and endurance trips; business matters and associates (including early auto shows); and the Franklin automobile dealerships.

Hammel & Denker Collection

Estate records of Henry Hammel and Andrew H. Denker, owners of the Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas (present day Beverly Hills). Includes a grant deed, letters, invoices, receipts, ledgers and canceled checks.

Hammer Collection

Postal card photographs, ca. 1898-1900. Spanish-American War views of soldiers in camp training, the U.S. Army and civilian population in the Philippines, plus general views of California and Japan.

Hannon (Reginalde M.) Collection of Glass Negatives

Glass negatives, in 8x10, 5x7, and odd sizes. Primarily of actors and actresses employed by the Mack Sennett Comedies Co., photographed by Evans Studios, Inc.

Harmer (Alexander F.) (1856-1925) Collection of Southwest Indian Photographs, ca. 1880-1900

Photos collected by western artist Harmer, mostly of Southwest Indians, but also of the U.S. Army, Mexico, and Dakota Indians.

Harmon Pacific General Contractors Collection

Negatives. Construction projects in Southern California, mostly public buildings. Interiors of Union Station. Prints have been produced of some of these images (Hancock Oil, Shell and Richfield service stations). ca. 1930s

Harris (Elizabeth J.) Collection, ca. 1940s

Scrapbook with photos and memorabilia from World War II, belonging to Elizabeth J. Harris, one of the first women in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Harrison Gray Otis (1837-1917) Philippine Islands Album, 1899

Photograph album. Views of the Philippine Islands, 1899, during the Spanish-American War, including Manila, battle scenes, and tourist views; with hand-written descriptions by Harrison Gray Otis, a brigade commander, U.S. Army.

Harry Frantz Rile Photographic Collection, 1880s-1940s

Rile was a professional photographer from Philadelphia who moved to Southern California during the mid to late 1880s. The P-029 collection comprises photographic prints and negatives depicting a variety of subjects set in and around Southern California, including buildings, landscapes,...

Hart (William S.) (1864-1946) Collection, ca. 1890s-1940s

Photographs, negatives and film reels collected by silent screen cowboy star William Surrey Hart. Includes film stills; publicity portraits; pictures of family, friends and animals; and ranch views. The William S. Hart Ranch and Museum is located in Newhall, California....

Hart (William S. Collection)

An artificial collection of manuscript and photographic items pertaining to William Surrey Hart (1864-1946) derived from various donations.

Hart (William S.) County Park Research Files

Photographs and slides of Hart Park as part of the Los Angeles County Department of Parks & Recreation activities there. Part of William S. Hart County Park Research Files (Gen. Col. 1192).

Hart (William S.) County Park Research Files, ca. 1950's-

Most of the collection consists of correspondence and clippings generated and collected by employees, mainly Lloyd Hiatt, of the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department working at Hart Park during the 1950's-1970's. The files contain information on the artifacts...

Hart (William S.)Films, Lantern Slide Collection

2 glass slides for William S. Hart films "Breed of Men" (1919) and "Whistle" (1921).

Hart (William Surrey) Papers

Letters (including fan mail), literary productions, legal and financial records, scrapbooks, clippings, theater programs, and other materials relating to the life and career of William S. Hart.

Hathaway-Garbutt Photo Collection on 1910 Dominguez Air Meet

Nitrate negatives of stereo views. Museum has reproduced prints of negatives 1 through 39. Print number 40 is an authorized reproduction of a stereo view image lent by donor.

Hawaii Collection

Collection of 4 x 5" copy negatives that appear to be made from photos in album. Some captions appear below image. ca. 1900.

Hazard-Dyson Collection, ca. 1860-1905

Views of Los Angeles and environs collected by George W. Hazard and subsequently by Verne Dyson.

Hearne Lantern Slide Collection

A collection of 887 lantern glass slides, many of which are hand-colored. Some of the slides have the names of Los Angeles photographers such as Dresser, C.C. Pierce, Putnam-Valentine, and F.H. Maude. There are also quite a few with the...

Hellman (Leah) Photograph Album, 1898

Photographs, ca. 1892-1912, of Leah Hellman and others. Most of the views are of recreational activities and show people at various Southern California tourist locations. There are several tintypes. See also: Leah Hellman Meyberg scrapbook, General Collection 1132.

Helms Autograph Collection

Commemorative United States presidential sets consisting of a medallion, a lithographic portrait and an autograph. Each set is framed and under plexi-glass and is current to Ronald Reagan. Also letters and other documents written or signed by well-known people. 1784-1956,...

Helms Bakery Collection

Placards and baked goods wrappers from Helms Bakery, 1930-1969

Henning/Sweeney Collection

Photos, correspondence, pamphlets relating to the Sweeney banjo and to banjos in general.

Heyning (John) Phonograph Record Collection

78 RPM records include 1970s pop and rock artists.

Hinman (M.L.) Deed Collection, 1681-1844

Property deeds and documents for various individuals, primarily of Chester County and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

Historic American Buildings Survey, Southern California District 3

Diagrams and blue prints. Henry F. Withey supervised the Southern California project with the California State Historical Association likely having provided administrative support. (Withey's photographs are housed in P-35). Box 1 contains Surveys No. 37-1 through 37-37; 38-1 through 38-10....

Historic Sites Surveys

Files for surveys conducted in the 1970s for over 850 cultural and historic sites in Los Angeles County. Data includes building names, year of construction, architect, owner and type of business. Some photographs attached. 1974-1996, bulk 1974-1978

Historical Landmarks Commitee of Los Angeles County Records

Minutes, correspondence and clippings of the Committee pertaining to historic sites in Los Angeles County.

Historical Society of Southern California Collection

The collection comprises of publications and ephemeral materials collected by the Historical Society of Southern California (HSSC) prior to the 1910s. The organization was formed in 1883 to collect and preserve manuscripts, periodicals, newspapers, and both written and oral historical...

Historical Society of Southern California Collection (2018 Donation)

The collection is comprised of the Historical Society of Southern California (HSSC) business archives (1890s-2017), and books, ephemera, photographs and manuscripts all collected by the HSSC. The organization was formed in 1883 to collect and preserve manuscripts, periodicals, newspapers, and...

Historical Society of Southern California Photo Collection

Many of the photographs are marked up; they appear to have been used for publication by the Los Angeles Herald [newspaper]. 1846 - 1905, undated

History of the National Guard Collection

Clippings, historical accounts, research notes and photographs on the history of the California National Guard.

Hodge Family Papers

Personal correspondence, photos, genealogy and memorabilia of the Hodge family, including a printed roll of members of the North Presbyterian Church of Buffalo, New York, ca. 1872 ("History of the North Presbyterian Church for Twenty Five Years").

Hoffman-Luckhaus Studio of Photography Collection, ca. 1940

Prints and negatives of commercial and industrial building interiors and the products of those businesses.

Holder (Charles F.) Collection

Collection consists primarily of photos mounted on cardboard of Southwest Indians and California scenes, circa 1900.

Hollenbach (Marion) World War II Hawaii Collection

Photos of WAVES training as well as pictures of native Hawaiian life during World War II. circa 1942-1945

Hollywood Park Collection

Publications including official programs and media guides. Also 7 issues of "Harness Tracks of America" newsletters. A deck of playing cards with Hollywood Park Casino design. Clippings from May 1949 on Hollywood Park arson fire and several photographs.

Hollywoodland papers

Collected by a family who resided in a custom-built 1949 house and at the time was situated closest to the Hollywood Sign. Includes a 1923 sales brochure, an undated tract map, a book The Story of Hollywoodland, and more recent...

Home Front Collection

Photographs, articles, ephemera, etc. pertaining to World War I activities at the American home front (e.g. Red Cross, food, etc.)

Hoopes Collection, ca. 1900-1905

Slides. Copy slides of southwest Indians, ca. 1900-1905. Many of these are similar to Adam Clark Vroman photographs (see P-1).

Horse Racing Record Book

Volume with handwritten entries listing track names, primarily Santa Anita, some Hollywood Park and occasionally Tanforan. Horse names are followed by numbers (possibly page numbers).

Hotel del Coronado Collection, ca. 1890

Boudoir photos of the hotel, interiors and exteriors, by San Diego photographer Parker. They appear to have been taken shortly after the hotel was built in 1888.

House (James E.) Collection, ca. 1917-1918

19 photos of the U.S.Army in Mexican border service and in France during World War I. Several photos show the same young U.S. soldier in uniform, who may be House.

Howell (Anne) Collection

Primarily photographs documenting the collection of political buttons housed in the Material Culture section of the History Collection. Also guidebooks and other publications for collectors of this genre. 1973-2001, undated

Howell (Aubrey S.,) World War I Collection, ca. 1915-1919

Photographs, postcards collected by and relating to Howell while he was serving in the U.S.Navy in World War I. Also includes a Navy song book and joke cards.

Howland and Chadwick Collection, 1890s

Photographs. Views of a farm with a large house and barn.

Hudson Family Papers

Deeds, wills, legal papers, military papers (Civil War), personal correspondence, genealogies, bills and receipts of the John and Lydia Hudson family.

Hudson (Joseph Trevitt) Estate Records

English court papers relating to the settlement of the estate of Joseph Trevitt Hudson, 1874-79, with one document from 1865.

Hughes (David M.) Diary

Diary kept by David M. Hughes on board the S.S. Tolten while touring the South Pacific. Contains typed notes, black/white photos and maps. The diary began on Sept. 29, 1938 and ended on Jan. 6, 1939.

Illustrated Photograph Album, ca. 1880s

Decorative photo album with color illustrations (chromolithographs) and a built-in music box that plays Toreador song from Carmen and another musical composition. There are fourteen photographic portraits in the album. Only one has a name associated with it: William King....

Index of American Design

Photographs and renderings from a Work Projects Administration (WPA) Art Project of California historical material, both decorative and utilitarian objects (particularly from various California missions), including furniture, architecture, metal and leatherwork, paintings and costume.

Index of American Design, ca. 1940

Photos of paintings of the "Stations of the Cross" made at San Gabriel Mission by Indian neophytes around 1779. See also GC 1157 Index of American Design

Indian Tribes of North America Lithographs

13 black and white lithographs from Thomas Loraine McKenney and James Hall, "Indian Tribes of North America", Philadelphia, 1938.

Industrial Technology

Photographic holdings collected for reference and collection research by curators in charge of this section of the History Division. Includes aspects of transportation such as automobiles, aviation, ships, and railroads; and communications such as the history of photography. [ca. 1900-1985,...

Ingham Map Collection

40 maps of the world (16th to 18th centuries).

Inglis (Col. Fred B.) (c.1885-1962) Collection, 1916-1945

Photos are primarily of the Philippines and Camp Stosenberg, 1923-25. The photos have descriptions written on the back by Inglis. There is also a diary for March 24-28, 1924.

International Earth Ceremony Scrapbook

One scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, letters and photographs pertaining to the International Earth Ceremony held at the Hollywood Bowl in August, 1950.

International Lyceum Association, ca. 1910s-1940s

Printed portraits, posters, programs and advertisements pertaining to Ernest J. Sias. Also brochures on many other speakers, including: Ross Crane, Francis J. Gable, Bergderfer, Ralph Parlette, Sarah Mildred Willmer, Sidney Landon, Russell H. Conwell, Newell Dwight Hillis, John Merritte Driver,...

Jack (J. F.) Collection, 1906

Photograph album. Album with captioned views of Virginia. Documents a trip taken mid-summer of 1906 on the steamer Middlesex up the Rappahannock River from the Fredericksburg Wharf to the Walsingham Estate and Belle Grove "birthplace of President Madison." Also Curl...

Japanese Friendship Doll Records

Photographs, literature, a book, Dolls of Friendship, and a 1927 "Passport of Goodwill" for the doll called "Miss Taiwan". Important note: In October, 2018 the doll was re-identified as "Miss Hyogo" and not "Miss Taiwan."

Japanese-American Collection, ca. 1900-1940s

Japanese-American families of Los Angeles and Southern California, their social life and customs, in the first half of the twentieth century. Several documents are pictured, including a Japanese map dated circa 1796. Photographs, negatives. ca. 1796-1960, no date (bulk is...

Java and other Islands of the Indian Archipelago

Printed photographs glued into an album. Shows people, houses, boats, scenery. [undated, ca. 1906]

Jonasson (Carl Victor) (1880-1960) Collection, ca.1898-1902

Photographs, negatives. Family photos; turn of the century Americana.

Jones (Julius) Papers

Legal papers regarding real estate transactions. Also personal letters, including two from a Union Soldier in the South during the Civil War, and one from a prospector, J. Jones, in Bear River, California.

Jones (Sophie B.) Family Photographs

13 items. Carte de visites and three tintypes, 1868-1881, undated. Sophie Bethany Jones was one of the daughters of James Monroe and Emily Jones, an African American family. Images include Sophie, her parents, and her siblings. Photographs were taken at...

Jones Stables Album, ca. 1900

Album. 180 photos of wagons, coaches, and other horse-drawn vehicles. "Fat Jones Stables" printed on cover.

Jones (W.E.) Theatre Collection, 1916-1933

Photographs and clippings concerning Los Angeles and San Diego theatres associated with W.E. Jones, theatre manager.

Jorgensen (Chris) Collection

Clippings, biographical material, correspondence, 1901-1973. Artwork includes watercolors and sketches by Jorgensen, Virgil Williams, and others, 1885-1915, undated. The works by Jorgensen reflect the places he resided and traveled, include California, Italy and Mexico. 1885-1973, undated

Kaiser (H. G.) Collection

Negatives. Views of early 20th century Alaska, most taken by H. G. Kaiser, although some appear to be copies of other photographers' work. Includes Eskimos, dog sleds, native wildlife, Nome, Anchorage, and mining towns. ca. 1900-1921

Kennedy (Mary Alice) Scrapbook

Clippings on U.S. presidents, prominent people and pets. 1903 - 1919.

Keystone Photo Service, Inc. Photograph Albums of Scenes of Southern California, ca. 1920

Photo albums produced by the Keystone Photo Service, Inc. of Los Angeles. Shows animals in Southern California.

Keystone View Company Photo Albums of Scenes from Around the World, ca. 1920

Photo albums produced by the Keystone View Company of Meadville, Pennsylvania. Shows various scenes from around the world.

Kizer (Harry J.) Collection, ca. 1898

Album of photos from the Spanish-American War in the Philippines, where Kizer served. Folder holds photograph of a ship taken by J. D. Givens. Also, postcards of California and other locales.

Klein (Barbara) for Los Angeles City Council

Correspondence, clippings, topical files, and government publications pertaining to, or collected by the staff of, Barbara Klein's 1979 election campaign.

Knabenshue (Roy) Collection

Book of photos showing the development of dirigibles between 1903 and 1908.

Knight Family Photograph Albums, ca. late 1800s

Family photographs, some identified. Also two 1912 Progressive Party Membership certificates, one signed by Margaret V. Knight. circa late 1800s-1912

Krug Photograph Collection

A photograph album containing images related to the production of the film "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", circa 1920 and family photos possibly at Lake Arrowhead. Also photographs of a bra factory, circa 1940, motion picture sets and a...

Krythe (Maymie Richardson) Scrapbook Collection

Scrapbooks of clippings. They are identified by topic, including California books and writers, California historical articles, Los Angeles historical articles, Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm, Gold Rush towns, San Francisco, Pasadena, Missions, and movies.

Kurz Papers on John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign, 1960

10 pages of manuscripts of Lynn Kurz' experience as a "Kennedy girl" attending the 1960 Democratic Convention in Los Angeles while John F. Kennedy was campaigning for the presidency. Also books and one magazine.

Laemmle (Carl) Collection

Papers and photographs; in English and German; compiled by Carl Laemmle. Collection contains primarily autographs from an international circle of friends, including heads of organizations, business magnates, statesmen, friends from Laupheim, Germany, the opera world, actors, writers and athletes.

Laemmle (Carla) Collection

Collection of documents and mementos from Laemmle and her family including the Civil War, Daughters of the American Revolution, early Hollywood, and the Loomis Institute (an early private secondary school in Connecticut). 1848-2000. See also GC 1331 Ray Cannon Collection

Lando (Maximillian N.) Estate Collection

Copies of legal papers relating to the contested estate of Maximillian Nandor Lando, who left much of his estate to the "good people of Los Angeles."

Lantern Slide Collection

Artificial collection of glass positives. Scenic travel views (including national parks and buildings and monuments), motion pictures-related slides including theater announcement cards and topics including Egyptology and inventions. 1915-1929, undated.

Lauber (Philip J.) Military Records, 1860-1926

Pertains to the Spanish-American War, Philippines Expedition.

Laurel (Stan) Collection

14 items of ephemera relating to Stan Laurel's vaudeville days with the Karno Company where he served as Charlie Chaplin's understudy and occasional roommate. Most of the items are clippings from Karno performances from 1910 to 1913. There are a...

Lawrence (Florence) (1886-1938) Collection

Photos of silent screen star Florence Lawrence including portraits, and stills from her movies. ca. 1910s-1920s. See also GC 1011 Florence Lawrence Papers

Lawrence (Florence) Papers

Letters, fan mail, film scenarios and clippings.

Lawrence (Justus Baldwin) Collection

Personal papers, manuscripts, and photographs of Lawrence (known as Jock Lawrence) along with his family. Also photographs with colleagues, including movie producer Samuel Goldwyn.

Leadabrand Collection, ca. 1890-1910

Loose pages from album of photos of the Philippines, Hawaii, and the South Seas. Approximately 190 images, albumen prints, sepia-toned. Most are identified and in good condition.

Lee (Don) Scrapbooks

9 scrapbooks containing newspaper and magazine clippings compiled by a clipping service, 1916 through 1925. Coverage on the development and marketing of the Cadillac automobile brand and heavily on the news, advertisements and activities of Don Lee Cadillac, a dealership....

Lemmon (Theodore G.) (1855-1932) Collection, ca. 1885-1916

Photographs and negatives. Photos include Taos, Grand Junction Indian School, Keams Canyon, Fort Mojave Indian School, Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, and studio portraits.

Lemmon (Theodore G.) Papers

The collection consists primarily of literary works, some signed by Lemmon, some anonymous, and a couple by other people. The writings deal with themes related to Southwest Indians, including Hopis, Navajos, Apaches, and Papagos. There is some correspondence (1906-1925) and...

Lemus Photograph Collection

Photograph copy prints of some of the residents of Simons Brick Company in Montebello, California, including group portraits of the musicians. One copy print of a panoramic group portrait of workers at Murphy Ranch in Whittier, California. circa 1919 -...

Leonard (Gary) Photograph Collection

Original photograph prints, primarily covering the people and surroundings of Los Angeles, California. Also digital images relating to the Sixth Street Viaduct Replacement Project.

LeRoy Motion Picture Patents Collection, 1861-1936

Research materials of Jean A. LeRoy, of patents pertaining to the development of motion pictures.

Liberty Loan Census Collection

Census records compiled by the Southern California Liberty Loan State Central Committee, chaired by Mrs. J.T. Anderson, for the Fourth Liberty Loan campaign begun September 1918.

Lincoln (Abraham) Documents Collection

An artificial collection of documents signed by Abraham Lincoln, including original and copies. 1861-1865

Lincoln Portrait Collection

Photographs. Copies of photographs made by various photographers of Abrhama Lincoln; originals are in the Meserve Coll., New York City. ca. 1933

Lloyd (Harold) Collection, ca. 1910s-1920s

Production stills and publicity shots of Lloyd, of his films, and of his wife and father.

Logging Industry Collection, ca. 1868-1870

Photos of the logging industry operations in Eureka, California.

Long Beach Earthquake of 1933 Scrapbook of Photographs and Clippings

Scrapbook containing photographs and clippings.

Loober (Louis) Collection

33 photographs of actresses and clients of furrier Louis Loober wearing the fur coats he has designed. [ca. 1930s undated]

Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Publications

Annual directories, business directories, Southern California Business, Southwest Business Review, Bulletin of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Bulletin, Industrial Los Angeles County, and various manufacturing reports of the Industrial Department. Also several issues of...

Los Angeles City Schools Study Prints Collection

Black and white education prints used as visual aids in the Los Angeles city school curriculum. Topics cover food production, government and civics, transportation, science and history. ca. 1950s-1960s.

Los Angeles City Schools Travel Collection

Photographs and negatives collected by the Los Angeles City Schools Division of Visual Education, covering a variety of topics, and intended as a supplement to classroom instruction. Primarily foreign countries, with some U.S. ca. 1910-1930. See also P-261 Los Angeles...

Los Angeles Conservancy Collection

Photographs, negatives, and documents produced for the Los Angeles City HAER program of documenting historic city bridges, including several seismic retrofit documents. 1996, undated

Los Angeles County, Abstracts of Titles to Lands of

Abstracts of title in Box 1 pertain to Rancho Los Feliz (1845-86); Gallardo Grant in San Gabriel (1837-91); San Rafael in La Canada (1837-86); and Rancho Paso de Bartolo Viejo (1881-91). Box 2 pertains to E.G. Johnston Tract, East Los...

Los Angeles County Free Library

Enlarged photographs of California Missions, Catalina Island, Mount Lowe Railway, Southern California general, and sheep. 19th century, undated

Los Angeles County Government Records

Los Angeles County government archival records are predominantly from the Registrar and Recorder’s Office and the Tax Collector’s Office. The holdings are incomplete. Subject matter includes court records of criminal, civil and probate cases; property and tax records including tax...

Los Angeles County Great Registers

81 copies of Registrar of Voter records, 1866-1914. Original volumes; also separate volumes for Los Angeles City; also published volumes for many of the years, including published volumes for other California counties.

Los Angeles County Hospital Birth Registration Book, 1916-1920

Handwritten entries include dates, patient's name, husband's name, race, birthplace, age, occupation, place of delivery, condition of child at birth and more. Includes index of names.

Los Angeles County Incorporation Records

Articles of incorporation, including records for businesses, organizations and churches incorporated in Los Angeles County. Includes early records before Orange County became separate in March, 1889.

Los Angeles County Incorporation Records (Second Series)

Articles of incorporation, including records for businesses, organizations and churches incorporated in Los Angeles County. This second series, covering the 1920s and 1930s, will fill in the gaps of the first series collection of bulk dates ranging 1854-1938.

Los Angeles County Jail Registers

Jail Registers: January 1887 – April 1888; 1888 – 1889; April 1888 – January 1889; 1888 – 1889; 1897 – 1900; 1913 - 1914. Information in volumes includes names, offenses and booking dates.

Los Angeles County Records

1851 - 1909 (Bulk 1851-1883) Account books from 1880s-1890s. Poll tax books list surnames and tax information; 5 of the ledgers list surnames and page numbers of some other (unidentified) volume. Also cancelled bonds; warrants, vouchers and receipts; jury lists;...

Los Angeles County Tax Collectors Office Records

Los Angeles County and City tax receipts, forms, related documents, 1888-1938. Certificates of Redemption of Real Estate Purchased by the State [of California], 1888-1889.

Los Angeles County Taxpayers' Guides

31 L.A. County Taxpayers' Guides (Schedule of Tax Rate and Legal Requirement) 1926-1983. Also 13 L.A. County Tax Rates booklets (by tax rate areas) 1971-1984.

Los Angeles Courthouse Cornerstone Collection

Collection of items removed from cornerstone of L.A. County Courthouse when it was demolished in 1936. Primarily relates to Los Angeles County, 1887-1888.

Los Angeles Daily News Collection

Photographs and negatives pertaining to Manchester Boddy. Copies of letters, manuscripts, an autobiographical sketch by Manchester Boddy; publications by Manchester Boddy "Leaves From an Editor's Notebook" or "Now and Then."

Los Angeles Fire Department Collection, 1873-1933

Annual Reports (1896-1933), Constitution & Bylaws (1873), Rules and Regulations (1886-1905), programs and tickets for banquets & balls, and other ephemera related to the Los Angeles Fire Department. Photographs transferred to collection P-79.

Los Angeles Fire Department Collection, ca. 1908

Photo album with "Los Angeles Fire Department, 1908, compiled by Edwards-Hostetler Studio" printed on cover. Assembled by Thomas A. Carmichael, Financial Secretary for the Los Angeles Firemen's Relief Association, who also provided descriptions, updated through 1944. There are also views...

Los Angeles Flower Show Collection, ca. 1930

Photographs of an indoor Los Angeles Flower Show with model garden displays created by various nurseries. The photos are by Albert R. Hromatka.

Los Angeles History Scrapbooks

Five volumes of clippings, primarily from local newspapers; occasional clippings from magazines. Some typescripts.

Los Angeles Motor Car Company

The Los Angeles Motor Car Company Business Records consists of correspondence, telegrams, work orders, invoices, sales receipts, and minutes for the business dating between 1908 – 1912.

Los Angeles Photochromers Scrapbooks

Organization of "color camera fans", and its club publications and correspondence. 1940-1952.

Los Angeles Public Library Collection

Administrative documents, office forms, press releases, publications, and clippings. 1893 through 1980s. Includes a library regulations guidebook 1893-1895, bibliography from 1917, a 1926 dedication pamphlet, and many items relating to the historic 1986 Central Library fire.

Los Angeles Registry of Burials, 1869-1885

Book of registry of deaths in Los Angeles in the public cemetery from 1869 to 1879 and in private cemetery grounds from 1879 to 1884.

Los Angeles Schools Activities Collection, ca.1917-1930s

Negatives. Scenes of activities at various schools including John Burroughs and the 14th Street School. Included are World War I wartime activities such as planting gardens. Also plays and cast.

Los Angeles Schools Collection

This collection is comprised chiefly of school directories for the L.A. City Schools from the 1880s to 1961. Also items from other education entities.

Los Angeles Smog Scrapbook, 1967-1970

Mainly clippings from the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles Smog Scrapbook, 1970-1971

Mainly clippings from the Los Angeles Times. July, 1970 - January, 1971.

Los Angeles Town Bicentennial Collection

"Los Angeles Town" was a song self-promoted by a Daytona Beach, Florida songwriting pair, Billy Cude and Watie Riley Pickens during the city's 1981 bicentennial. The songwriting team also sponsored a performance contest open to secondary school bands within the...

Lovejoy (Louie D.) Scrapbook

World War I scrapbook of Louie D. Lovejoy. Photographs, postcards, mementos. See also MSS-324

Lovell (Esther E. Strauss) Collection, 1911-1916

Photographs taken by Esther Eva Strauss (Mrs. Reuben G. Lovell) in Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas at the time of the Mexican Revolution.

Lugo Family Collection, late 19th-early 20th c.

Pictures of family members including engraving prints (mezzotint and charcoal); tintype; and an enlargement from newspaper photo. Subjects are Antonio Lugo, Andrea Ballestros de Lugo, Barbara Lugo de Ramirez, Pedro Lugo, Felipe Lugo & Victoria Avila de Lugo, Carlos Lugo,...

Lumière (Louis) Collection

Five photographs of the first cinema subjects made by the Lumières. Remainder of the collection consists of museum correspondence with Louis Lumière, Lumière publications and copy prints of the Cinematographe camera (1895) which was donated to the museum’s History collection....

Lupo (Paul F.) Papers

Family papers and photographs; business papers and photographs; scrapbook. Notable are photographs of actress Mary Pickford. ca. 1890-ca. 1992, bulk is 1920-1936.

Luz y alegria, the Pan-American quarterly (Culver City, Calif.) records

Twelve issues of Luz y alegria, the Pan-American quarterly in English & Spanish, or Luz y alegria, revista trimestral Panamericana en Ingles y Espanol, 1955-1959.

Maguire (J.C.) Company Records and Photographs Collection

Records were collected by J. C. Maguire, and they are related to various construction companies and public works contractors, some of which were operated by Maguire. Correspondence; financial and accounting records; legal documents; invoices and inventories; meeting minutes; photographs; drawings;...

Maldonado Collection, ca. 1900-1920

Photographs and negatives. Primarily photos of the Jose Maldonado family in Southern California, including agriculture scenes.

Mallard Papers on the Bank of Finance

Photocopied papers, newspaper articles, and printed images about Onie B. Granville and the Bank of Finance. Also an original condolence citation issued by the City Council of Los Angeles for Granville's passing in 1998. 1961-2017, n.d.

Maltese Falcon Script Illustrations by Lucien Denman

Illustrations pertaining to the film Maltese Falcon. ca. 1941

Manuscript File

There are over 500 items on a varied range of topics, including documents pertaining to Los Angeles and Southern California history; personal accounts and diaries; the Civil War and Reconstruction periods; World War I and II eras; and historic documents...

Marsh (Elizabeth) Collection, ca. 1913-1917

Four photographs of logging in St. Helen's, Oregon, provided by the donor's father-in-law, Edward Payson Marsh, who was a clerk in a logging store, ca.1913-1917. Persons in photographs are unidentified. Added subsequently to the collection are two items related to...

Marshall (Prevot F.) World War II Pacific Theater

Photograph Album. Collection includes photo album of scenes in Pacific Theater of the war, Oct. 1943 to July 1945; Los Angeles Times VE Day issue, May 7, 1945; single issue of All Hands, Feb. 2, 1944; four issues of Guinea...

Maude (Frederic Hamer) (1858-1959) Original Print Collection, ca.1890-1920

Photograph album. Original prints made by F. H. Maude. Includes Mt. Lowe, Los Angeles, Redlands, Catalina Island, agricultural scenes, and Missions Santa Barbara and San Fernando.

Maude (Frederic Hamer) (1858-1959) Photograph Album of California Missions, ca. 1890s

Album. Thirty-three photographs of California missions including San Diego, San Luis Rey, San Juan Capistrano, San Gabriel, San Fernando, Santa Barbara, and Carmel. Some of the prints have Maude's name on them.

Maude (Frederic Hamer) (1858-1959) Photograph Album of Southwest Indians, ca. 1890s

Album of 40 photographs of Southwest Indians made by F.H. Maude.

Maude (Frederic Hamer)(1858-1959) Collection, ca.1890-1920

F.H. Maude was a photographer and photographic collector of the American Southwest. Relocated from England to Los Angeles, California, Maude ran a commercial photography business, acquiring local photographers’ collections in addition to his own work. This collection depicts the urban...

Maxwell (Daryl) Collection of Movie Posters

28 movie posters primarily of Disney productions.

McFarland (Munroe) (1867-1924) Collection, ca. 1884-1922

Photographs, album, and stereoviews. Photographs relating McFarland's career in the U. S. Army. Included is a photo album of his classmates at West Point (class of 1888), including wedding announcements of some of the cadets. He was stationed in Kansas,...

McFarland (Munroe) Collection

Correspondence, photographs, clippings and military documents relating to the career of Munroe McFarland, United States Army.

McKeag (C.E.) Los Angeles Mayor's Office Letterpress Books, 1905-1908

These official letters cover portions of the terms of Mayors Owen McAleer and Arthur C. Harper. Most of the letters pertain to the police and fire departments. Volume 1 is from January 19, 1905 to April 28, 1906. Volume 2...

McKinnon (M. H.) Papers

Personal and military records of M.H. McKinnon relating to his career in the Air Force.

Mellus (James J.) Letterpress Copy Books

Mellus's outgoing business letters.

Meredith (Helen V.) World War II Collection

Certificates, photographs, and personal memorabilia relating to Helen V. Meredith's service in the Women's Army Corps during World War II. 1944-1973, undated

Meyberg (Leah Hellman) Scrapbook

Letters, notes, photographs, dance cards, and other memorabilia pertaining to Leah Hellman, including her marriage to Eugene V. Meyberg. Several items tell of events sponsored by the Concordia Club.

Meyberg (Max)/La Fiesta de Los Angeles Scrapbook

Photographs (of La Fiesta and of Meyberg), clippings and programs related to La Fiesta de Los Angeles and Meyberg's involvement with it.

Meyler (James J. and Robert G.) Papers

Letters to Capt. James J. Meyler, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1899-1901 (letters are addressed to Meyler in Los Angeles). Also Meyler's notebook, ca. 1880's, and announcements of his marriage to Frances B. Gebhard, 1891. There are also letters and...

Mieding (John) Business Collection on Southern California Bakeries and Four-S Bakery

Business records and photographs pertaining to Four-S Bakery, Interstate Brands Corporation, Good Stuff Bakery, and Good Stuff Food Company, Inc. Covers operations and statistics of the bread and commercial bakery industry in southern California. 1942-2005, undated (bulk 1963-1995)

Military and Political Leaders, United States, Nineteenth Century

Typescript with index; pages contain biographical sketches of participants from the Civil War with original lithographs, photographs, letters, autographs, and calling cards tipped in.

Millegan (Eloise Fowler) Collection

Collection of photographs and personal memorabilia that belonged to Eloise Fowler Millegan, primarily in Detroit, Michigan. Dates covered: 1876-1930, bulk of the material is prior to 1900.

Miller (A. P.) Collection of Indian Petroglyphs

Photographs, negatives. Mojave Indian petroglyphs photographed 1927-1933 by A.P. Miller.

Miscellaneous Serials File

An artificial collection of single issues, or scattered issues of periodicals, bulletins, and magazines published by companies; educational and religious entities; clubs; and associations; and tourism groups. From all geographic locations, including several foreign items.

Mobil Oil Western Photography Department Collection

Negative, prints, contact prints, film reels An archival collection spanning the years 1951 through 1968 compiled by the staff photographer, Fred Wohlfarth. Emphasis on southern California, Economy Run events, and service stations and their construction. Also photographs from other states,...

Mode Wineman (1865-1933/4) Collection, ca. 1900s-1910s

Exhibit photos, matted and signed, of National Parks and the scenic western United States. Also a framed portrait of Theodore Roosevelt. A number of contact prints are pasted into two books with typed text by Wineman (TR 647 .W 726...

Monnette (Orra) Papers

The collection consists of 42 boxes (letter-size, legal-size, and oversize) of the personal papers, business records, and memorabilia of belonging to Orra E. Monnette. 1865-1996, undated

Moon (Ellen Soo) Photograph Albums, ca. 1904-1958

Photographs and clippings pertaining to the Soo's, a Chinese family, ca. 1904 - 1958. Photos are from Texas, Missouri and California.

Moore (Sam) Papers, 1931-1936

Letters, telegrams, legal agreements, photographs, posters. Most of the collection pertains to Moore's airplane used by J. Herman Banning (pilot) and Thomas C. Allen (mechanic), the first African-Americans to fly from Los Angeles to New York (1932). There is an...

Moore (William P.) Los Angeles Survey Books, 1854; 1864-1865

Two notebooks with handwritten notes taken in the course of his surveying activities in the nascent American city.

Moreno (Charles A.) Collection

Advertising ephemera, including calendar, menu, packaging wrappers, Clifton's Cafeteria booklets, and three lantern slides used as letter announcements during silent film showings (topics include English Channel swimmer Gertrude Ederle and actress Dorothy Phillips). Also photographs of the A.M. Paulus family,...

Moreno Family Collection

One menu, along with photographs, digital photographic prints and photocopied images; clippings; one typescript on the history of La Esperanza Bakery, first established in Los Angeles by Ezequiel Moreno. Collection primarily focuses on the bakery and also John Moreno...

Morland (Chris) Collection

Collection comprises of two separate donations with photographs by Chris Morland. One set has 14 black-and-white photographs 20" x 24" in size. They depict scenes of downtown Los Angeles in the mid-1980s. Another set has 87 black and white photographs,...

Moses/Reed Collection

Books, maps, training manuals, published lectures, photographs, and miscellaneous military material from the collections of major General Andrew Moses, a commander in Hawaii during the 1930's, and his son-in-law, Frank F. Reed, an Ordnance officer.

Motion Picture Exhibitors' Campaign Books

Films range from circa 1920 to 1970.

Motion Picture Films

Film reels, mostly unidentified. Includes an unidentified color cartoon; The Lost World (abridged, approx. 60 min. 1925?); Tombstone (1940s?); The Great Train Robbery (1941?); Gertie the Dinosaur (1914-15?); Under Southern Skies (1913-15?); The Nation's Capital (The March of Time series,...

Motion Picture Photograph Collection

Primarily photographs. Actor and actress stills, portraits by studio photographers, film stills, set stills and other images, as well as related programs, brochures and clippings. Early technology and experimental work in moving pictures is represented by images about camera and...

Motion Picture Photograph Collection (Second Series)

Film stills of head shots and production stills, published by studios, television and cable networks used for publicity purposes. Some animation and theater.

Motion Picture Programs and Memorabilia

An artificial collection primarily published by individual movie theaters from the Los Angeles region. Arranged alphabetically by film title. Bulk is 1920s -1960s.

Motion Pictures Collection

Pamphlets and ephemera; publicity materials such as ads and theater ads; correspondence, clippings, trade and movie fan publications, scripts and continuities, fake movie currency, and celebrity stationery and bookplates. There are also title cards and art cards used in silent...

Mount Lowe Collection

Mount Lowe (Los Angeles Co., Calif.) news publications and other ephemera. See also P-172 Mount Lowe Photograph Collection

Mount Lowe Photograph Collection

Photographs and negatives (glass, film and lantern slides). Scenes of Mt. Lowe including construction of the Mt.Lowe Railroad. Many snow scenes. All by W.H. Hill, Pasadena photographer, except for one by George Wharton James. Also prints and a negative of...

Movie Music Collection

Sheet music for motion pictures arranged alphabetically by title of song.

Movie Posters Collection

Films range from 1907 to 2007, undated. Bulk is 1926 to 1929.

Movie Window Cards and Lobby Cards Collection

Films range from 1921 to 1972, undated. Bulk is 1951 to 1964. Box 7 contains stand-up cards.

MOX Wrecking Company

A dozen photos of buildings under demolition by the MOX Wrecking Co., all located in Los Angeles except for the Miramar Hotel in Santa Barbara. Also, Hoffman family photos (donor's parents). 1914-1952, undated

Muchmore (Lyman J.) Collection, ca.1890-1930s

Framed photos of the Rev. Lyman J. Muchmore and family taken in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, ca. 1900. Includes a couple of Museum views.

Mule Hill Collection, ca. 1971

Rolled, aerial photos of the Mule Hill area in San Diego County taken as part of research conducted about 1971 by History Division Research Associate Konrad Schreier concerning the actual location of the site of the Mexican War Battle of...

Murdock (William) Letters

Civil War soldier's letters addressed to Elizabeth Affleck, 1862-1865

Music Photograph Collection

Publicity stills include head shots used for publicity purposes.

Nash Motors Company Records

The records were created by the Thomas B. Jeffery Company of Kenosha, Wisconsin and the Nash Motors Company of Maryland. Correspondence; financial and accounting records; insurance records; purchase contracts and inventory lists; Rambler price and parts lists, catalogs, sales brochures...

Native American Collection, late 19th c.-early 20th c

Artificial collection of prints, negatives, and albums. Covers social life and customs of native peoples primarily in California and the Southwest, but also the northwest (Spokane, Washington from 1891-1905) and the Dakota Territory.

Nebel (Carlos) Lithographs

Mostly color, taken from illustrations by Carlos Nebel, of views of Mexico. Includes lithographs by Bayot. [ca. 1836-51]

New (Thomas E.) Papers

Correspondence, financial records, manuscripts, printed material, and photographs. Correspondence is between New and his family his wife Minnie, daughter Vinita, and son Billy), friends and business associates.

New United States Hotel Registers, ca. 1890s

The registers for this Los Angeles hotel do not have any names of guests entered. There are many pages of advertisements for Los Angeles businesses.

Newspaper Collection

An artificial collection of American newspapers published in the English language. Also American-published papers of southern California in other languages. One of the strengths of the collection is its southern California and Los Angeles area papers. Also some foreign newspapers....

Nichols Theater Program Collection

Theater programs (performing arts); primarily from New York (1940-1960) and Los Angeles (1961-1976).

Ninety Years of Law Enforcement: A History of the Los Angeles County, California Sheriff's Department,1850-1940 by F. W. Emerson, 1940

Annotated typescript glued into two bound volumes. There are photographs of the city and county jails, sheriffs, and other employees of the department.

Oakley (Laura) Papers

Papers includes correspondence and clippings. Photographs include Milton Moore, Oakley's husband and Universal Film cameraman; movie stills, particularly of the serial "Black Box Mystery" (1915); movie poster for "Her First Arrest" (1914); and items reflecting her capacity as chief of...

O'Brien (Willis) Scrapbooks, ca. 1929-30, 1933

Two scrapbooks of photos compiled by O'Brien, best known for his work on King Kong.

Ocean Cruise Tour Pamphlet Collection

Brochures for ocean lines, advertising leaflets, luggage stickers, passenger keepsakes. Bulk is 1920s through 1930s.

O'Donnell (Eddie) Collection, ca. 1913-1920

81 black-and-white photographs of race car driver Eddie O'Donnell, some picturing the Duesenbergs that he drove, and of other race car drivers. ca. 1913 to 1920, undated.

Official Bulletin Collection

Government periodical. Published daily by order of the President by the Commission on Public Information.

Oki family papers

Correspondence, publications, manuscripts, and two albums. The collection reflects the family's lifelong appreciation for the visual arts and the natural world of rocks and minerals. Some items in Japanese. 1952-1980, undated

Olympic Games (1932) Collection

Copy photos of 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles, from the Museum's 1984 exhibit which was part of the 1984 Olympic Arts Festival.

Olympic Games (1984) Collection

Aperture cards. "Construction, Look, & Signage" aperture cards for the various sports and venues for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Olympic Games (2012) Collection

London 2012 Olympic Games ephemera and publications.

Olympics (1932) Collection

Primarily the 1932 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles, California.

O'Neill (Dan) (b. 1875) Collection

Lantern slide of O’Neill on stage, and photographs in Nome, Alaska, in a 1900 storm aftermath. Also an assortment of personal documents.

Oriental Mine Research Collection

Photographs (prints are only those filed with the negatives), negatives. Photographs made by Don Chaput and Bill Cumiford of the Museum's History Division staff during July 1984 and 1986 field trips to the Oriental gold mine in Sierra County, CA.,...

Orozco (Jose Clemente) Prints

One album of ten lithographs printed by Litografos Mexicanos: "10 Reproductions of His Mural Paintings," text by Justino Fernandez. Published by Eugenio Fischgrund, Mexico, 1944.

Otis (Harrison Gray) (1837-1917) Mexican Military Photos

Mounted photos of the Mexican military, circa early 20th century.

Owens (Charles) Sketches

These sketches (some originals and others printed) are primarily of California scenes, including Boulder Dam, Yosemite, the Ventura Mission, Los Angeles High School on Ft. Moore Hill, Giant Redwoods, and Exposition Park. ca. 1925-ca. 1953, undated.

Pan American Exposition (Buffalo, NY, 1901) Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks contain photogravure and/or rotogravure pictures, some ticket stubs and programs from the Exposition.

Panama-Pacific Exposition Collection, 1915

Photos from the 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco.

Paper Currency Collection

United States currency: early colonial and continental; pre-Civil War state-issued; Civil War-era and Confederate States of America; postage and fractional currency; and some 20th century bills. U.S. Military Payment Certificates from 20th century. Foreign currency: from a variety of countries;...

Park (Frank L.) Collection, ca. 1900

Photographs. Local recreation spots including Westlake Park and the Ostrich Farm at South Pasadena.

Park (Harry) Photographs and Other Material

Photographs and other material. Park originated from Baltimore, but later settled in Los Angeles, thus many of the photos show early Los Angeles and fellow bicycle enthusiasts. Noteworthy are the items reflecting Park having earned his flying license from instructor...

Park Villa Tract Collection, 1887-1964

Deeds, indentures and other legal documents pertaining to personal property on the Park Villa Tract in the city of Los Angeles. Also some documents relating to personal property in the Ellis Tract, in the city of Los Angeles, and the...

Patent Collection

United States Patent Office specifications, correspondence.

Patterson (Charles) Stereograph Collections, ca. 1890-1910

Stereographs. Views of Europe and the United States collected by Patterson.

Peach (Kenneth D., Jr.) Lantern Slide Collection

28 lantern slides of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. 6 lantern slides of miscellaneous California scenes. ca. 1893

Pease (Hattie A.) (1846-1933) Papers, 1861-1894

The bulk of this collection consists of long letters "Hattie" Pease wrote to "Friends at home" while she was in Micronesia. One letter is from Honolulu (May-June, 1877) and there are two folders containing pages from her journal.

Pelton (George S.) Papers

Correspondence, maps and legal papers dealing mostly with mining and re-working ancient silver deposits in Hildalgo, Mexico, at Pachuca and Real del Monte, ca. 1920's-1940's.

Pemberton Collection, ca. 1906-1907

Scrapbook and photograph album. Scrapbook of John Roy Pemberton ( -1968) of his college days at Stanford University. There are also cyanotypes of earthquake damage at Stanford resulting from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Percival (Don Louis) Collection, ca. 1870s-1904

Photos of Native Americans in Arizona, New Mexico and California. Includes three photos by J. K. Hillers and eight by James Stevenson. There are also 27 of Zunis by Mrs. M. C. Stevenson.

Performing Arts Collection

Artificial collection of programs for live theater performances primarily in the Los Angeles vicinity including the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hollywood Bowl magazine, and the Performing Arts magazine. Collection arranged by venue, publication, geography, production title, touring company, opera, and foreign...

Peru Photograph Album, ca. 1900

Photographs of Rev. M. J. Pusey's travels in Peru. See also Gen. Col. 1262 for articles written by Pusey while in Peru.

Peters (T. K.) Collection

Photographs, negatives related to the history of film making. Some show Peters at work; some silent film stills. ca. 1904-1920, undated

Philatelic Collection

Postal covers, stamps and philatelic-related publications. Primarily postal covers from the United States; Southern California addresses are negligible; some foreign postal items. Covers date back to 1845 with the bulk 1880-1960.

Philippine Islands Collection, ca. 1905

Views of native life of the Bontoc and Igorot groups, photographed on the island of Luzon in 1905.

Philippine Lantern Slides Collection

113 lantern slides on Philippine ethnology taken during the Spanish-American War, 1895-1902. Images are of natives, dwellings, landscapes, and cultural activities.

Philippines Veterans Claims Collection

Photocopies from the originals in the private collection of Philippine Ambassador Eduardo Quintero. Material pertains to World War II claims of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Filipino veterans against the Government of the United States.

Phonograph Records Collection

38 phonograph record albums, all 78 RPM. Popular songs, Christmas carols, humorous monologues, dance numbers, etc. 8 additional records subsequently added.

Photo Album Collection

Family albums, some with mostly unidentified photos, empty pages, tintypes, cabinet cards, carte de visites and cards. Subject matter include candid shots, children, military, pets, excursions and outings. Coverage includes California. ca. 1860-1938, undated.

Photograph Album, ca. 1917-1930s

Photograph Album. Many of the photographs are of the training at Camp Kearny, California (World War I). There are also views of Southern California, including the ostrich and alligator farms and mountain scenery.

Photograph Album of Automobile Camping Trip, ca. 1914

People vacationing at California Missions, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pasadena's Raymond Hotel, Lake Tahoe, Redwoods, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Coachella and Imperial Valleys, and the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains. A Cadillac and a Ford are featured.

Photograph Album of Broken Hill, Rhodesia, 1927

Photograph Album of Broken Hill, Rhodesia, 1927

Photographic Views Collection

This is a hybrid artificial collection, bringing together small photo collections consisting of views of Los Angeles, Southern California and other regions in California. Some of the collections cover areas outside of California, such as the Arizona Territory. Additionally, there...

Photographs (late 19th c, 1906, undated) and other materials for the Rivera, Moreno and Ybarra families of Los Angeles

Eight original photographs and nine research notes on the Rivera, Moreno and Ybarra families of Los Angeles. Late 19th century, 1906, and undated

Picher (Anna Bell) Collection

Scrapbooks about "California in Harpers Magazine," "California Missions as Architecture" and other loose documents related to California mission culture. Notable are several missal parchments of hymns printed in Latin. See Also: "Printed Materials Filed By Accession Number." Circa 1892-1900, undated

Pickford (Mary) Collection

23 images from 13 Pickford films. The collection also contains two issues of the magazine "The Theater," 1915-1916.

Pico (Bennie) Collection

Family photos and views of Southern California. Primarily photographs (daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes and prints) of General Andres Pico, his adopted son Romulo, Romulo's wife Catalina Brent and their descendants. A color postcard of the Pio Pico Mansion published by Harriet...

Pictorial California Collection, ca. 1926-1970

Photographs from the archives of Pictorial California magazine (later renamed Pictorial California and the Pacific). Bound and loose issues of the magazine (1926-1970) are available (however there are issue gaps).

Pierce (C. C.) Collection, late 19th-early 20th century

Photographs of Los Angeles and Southern California by prominent local photographer Charles C. Pierce. ca. 1900, undated.

Pierce (Dwight) Papers

Photographs, postcards, and ephemera gathered while traveling; clippings; maps; and other materials that belonged to Pierce.

Pierce/McConnell Album, ca. 1894

Photograph album. Photographs taken by Charles C. Pierce advertising business establishments in Los Angeles, ca.1894. The views are mostly interiors of the stores, and the images are somewhat faded.

Pingrey Family Photo Album, late 19th c.

Album of portraits, most identified, and many are named Pingrey. Some portraits were made by Pingrey's Gallery, River Falls, Wisconsin. A second album of unidentified portraits also includes a number made by Pingrey's Gallery.

Plaisted (Joseph) Military Records

Civil War roll of men, expenditure records, payroll and muster rolls. 1862-1865.

Pénélon (Henri) Tax Records

Tax records with several attributed to Pénélon along with Adrien Davoust. 1859-1868, undated.

Political Materials Collection

An artificial collection includes textual and non-textual materials of American politics. Textual holdings consist of election and political ephemera. Non-textual material includes posters, a few postcards, and two sound recordings. Other artifacts are buttons, ribbons and leather-bound and woven keepsakes....

Portrait Collection, ca. 1860s-1950s

Photographs and negatives. An artificial collection of portraits, mostly of southern Californians; includes tintypes, carte de visites and cabinet cards.

Portrait Print Collection

Artificial collection of assorted prints and engravings, mostly published in the 19th century based on earlier paintings, many of which are stamped "Los Angeles County Free Library". U.S. presidents; prominent American men and women; historical figures; well-known British and European...

Post (Nathan W.) Collection

Photographic album of Samoan scenes and of family and children [likely of Post family]; also printed material and momentos relating to the Great White Fleet; South Seas tourism ephemera. 1908-1915, undated

Postcard Collection, ca.1895-

Postcards. Alphabetically arranged by state, then by cities within each state. Also albums of postcards, including Europe, as well as some postcards arranged by subject. This very extensive collection consists of tens of thousands of postcards. There are about 10,300...

Powers (Tom) Photo Album, ca. 1912-1914

Photograph Album with stills from movies with silent screen actor Tom Powers including Susie to Suzanne, The Cylinder's Secret, The Great Diamond Robbery, The Haunted Rocker, Fanny's Melodrama & Under the Makeup. Some photos unidentified. Others featured include Florence Turner,...

Presidents of the U.S. Ephemera Collection

Ephemera, including cards, clippings, programs, and souvenir programs relating to United States presidents created during or after their lifetimes.

Price (Nelson C.) Collection

Letters, drawings, occupation money, newspapers, printed propaganda, posters, photographs and maps relating to the Philippine Islands during and after the U.S. invasion in 1945.

Printing Samples Collection

Calling cards, business cards, calendars, and greeting cards primarily of Los Angeles and New York establishments, 1880s - 1890s. Includes catalog of Miehle Printing Press and Manufacturing Co., and a photograph of a Dexter printing machine.

Produce Label Collection

Produce labels, alphabetical by brand name, probably from the 1920's and 1930's. Also produce wrappers.

Prohibition Collection

Typescripts, leaflets, newspapers, and clipsheets pertaining to prohibition published by the Temperance Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Provincias Internas Collection

Copies of documents from volumes 197, 198, and 199 relating to California territories of Spain. Acquired in 1975 from the microfilm collections of the Archivo General De La Nacion, Mexico, D.F.

Prudhomme (Charles J.) Collection

Compilation of early photographs, including some tintypes representing the residents of early Los Angeles and Southern California. ca. 1850-ca. 1910, undated.

Prudhomme (Charles J.) Papers

Papers reflecting the social life and customs of early residents of Los Angeles and Southern California. Range from 1748-1876, undated (bulk is 19th century). English and Spanish. Includes The Ladies Album, containing poetry, engravings, and locks of hair.

Purdy (Florence E. "Betty") Collection

9 photographs of the donor's father in the 1930s and 1940s, during which time he drove a Helms Bakery truck, and then later franchised a gas station with another Helms colleague.

Pusey (M.J.) Newspaper Articles

Newspaper clippings of articles published in "New Era" from Mediapolis, Iowa. Written by Pusey about Peru from 1899 to 1903. See also: P-197 Peru Photograph Album

Putnam-Valentine Collection, ca.1880s-1930

John R. Putnam and Carlton Valentine documented the growth and development of Southern California over a fifty year period with John R. Putnam primarily handling the photography and C. O. Valentine the business end of the company. (Putnam's son, Arion...

Putnam-Valentine Original Print Collection, ca. 1900-1910

Photographs. 19 original prints made by John R. Putnam and C.O. Valentine. Locales cover Southern California and Arizona. Collection obtained independently of and subsequent to collection P-2.1 Putnam-Valentine Collection, ca.1880s-1930.

Railroad Manuscript Collection

Publications, clippings, brochures, transfer tickets and other ephemera. Dated items begin at 1889. Includes street railways. Primarily for Los Angeles County, but also includes San Francisco and Oakland, other U.S. railroad lines, and some foreign.

Ramsey Collection, ca. 19th century

Photographs. Mostly 19th century studio stills and outdoor images of individuals and groups, including animals and a tree. Undated.

Raub (Henry) Collection

Photograph prints and negatives primarily of Whittier, California, along with other Southern California views. Most of the photographs are attributed to photographer Allan W. Ramsey. ca. 1900-1920.

Reeme (Daniel E.) Diaries, 1863-1864

Three diaries mention Annapolis, Martinsburg, and Cumberland. Also included is a Bible carried by Reeme during the Civil War.

Reid (Hugo) Collection

Correspondence along with letters to the editor of "Star" newspaper. Topics emphasize customs and the treatment of Mission Indians. Signatures are Hugo Ried [sic] and P. Hugo Ried [sic]. Primarily undated, with one sheet dated 1852.

Reid (Wallace) Photographs and Papers

Small amount of papers, family photographs and publicity stills of Reid's wife Dorothy Davenport, an actress in her own right. Large collection of film stills of Reid's movies. 1873-1928, undated.

Restaurant Menus Collection

An artificial collection of over 450 menus from abroad and the U.S. Bulk is from California restaurants from the 1930s through the 1970s. Includes airline, cruise ship and railway menus. Arranged geographically, then alphabetically.

Rhoades (J.V.) Employment Agency Records

Company records include correspondence, receipt books, loose receipts, and work order books; one photograph portrait of an unidentified woman. English, with some documents in Spanish.

Richardson Film Personalities Collection, ca. 1930s-1940s

Photographs of film personalities from the 1930s and 1940s.

Riggins (Herbert L.) Collection, ca.1895

8 photographs & corresponding negatives of Alaskan gold rush scenes in area of Yukon known as Eldorado. Also one photo of Herbert Riggins.

Rivera (Diego) Prints

Photographic prints of art murals taken while on exhibit.

RKO Photo Collection

Movie stills donated by Radio-Keith-Orpheum Productions, Inc., 1931-1933.

RKO Studios Collection

Framed pictures, photographs, miniature set, displays showing construction of sets, design of costumes and other objects used in filming "Top Hat" and "Nit Wit" by Radio Keith Orpheum Studios. ca. 1935

Roberts (Donovan) Collection, 1961-1965

Photographs, slides and sound recordings. Photos of architecture, primarily Victorian houses in Los Angeles and a few in Pasadena and Monrovia, California. Also views of Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico. Included are photos of Luz Corral de Villa, widow of Pancho...

Roberts (Josephine) Collection

Family papers for the Wyman, Jean and Hubbard lines; also the Jean Hotel, 840 So. Flower Street, Los Angeles; Jean Investment Co. Framed and unframed photographs, family documents, and clippings. 1865-1962, undated

"Rocket 86" Film Promotion Press Books

Pressbooks produced and distributed by National Telefilm Associates, Inc. (NTA) as the "Rocket 86" campaign for TV film release. Most of the films date from the 1930s-1940s and most were produced by 20th Century Fox Studios. Arranged alphabetically by film...

Rogers (Will) Memories Scrapbook

Newspaper and magazine clippings relating to Rogers' career and death, and to the numerous tributes and memorials to him after his death. All the clippings appear to have been collected at the time of his death in 1935 and in...

Roop (J.L.) Scrapbook

A scrapbook of photos and clippings organized in chronological order outlining the career of J.L.Roop from his origins in the Midwest as a sculptor, to his model and miniature work on a number of stop-motion pictures in the 1920s, including...

Rose (Jackson) Collection

Photographs of cameraman, Jackson Rose, and Essanay Studios. Includes Rose photographed with Bell & Howell cameras. Some publicity newspapers from Essanay Studios, ca. 1911-1914, undated

Royston (Herbert) Motion Picture Films, ca. 1940s

Film reels. Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parades, circa 1940-1945, 2 reels, 16 mm. Also 1 reel, 16 mm, early Kodachrome color: "Horseless Carriage Days. Early Meet at Auto Club of Southern California."

Rubin Philatelic Collection

Includes revenue stamps, letters, bills, a Sears, Roebuck letterhead, and a passport.

S & H Green Stamps Collection

Six filled S & H Green Stamps books. 1959-65

Sachtleben Collection

Photographs relating to a world tour on bicycle which Sachtleben began from England and completed in New York City, from 1890 to 1893. Also contains prints, letters, clippings and other papers relating to his stay in Turkey from 1895 to...

San Diego, California Views, 1920s

Printed photographic views of San Diego published by I. L. Eno of San Diego. Printed by the Albertype Co. of Brooklyn, NY.

San Francisco Earthquake & Fire Lantern Slides, 1906

Thirty-two lantern slides produced by the Perry Vitascope Co. of Los Angeles, showing fire and earthquake damage.

San Francisco Theaters Scrapbook, 1886-1888

Primarily programs with some reviews and ticket stubs and 1 photo of Theodora de Gillest. The scrapbook is annotated with opinions about plays and notes on the players. See Also: GC 1146 Theatre Programs Collection, ca. 1893-1958.

Savings Stamps Collection

S & H Green Stamps and Blue Chip Stamps in completely and partially filled books; also unfilled books.

Scheurich (Victor) Collection

Photographs of motion picture sets, cameramen and directors. ca. 1910-1917, undated

Schreier Family Photo Collection, ca. 1924-1925

Photographs. Many taken in Santa Barbara where the family lived including the Santa Barbara earthquake, July, 1925. Also, outings to San Diego and San Juan Capistrano. There are loose photos plus 15 unbound pages from an album with a number...

Scotti Collection of Costume Design

Scrapbook; color and sample cards of beads and sequins; photographs; advertisements; costume sketches for the musical group, the Supremes (1970); costume sketches for amusement park uniforms (1970s)

Scoville (Ogden) Collection

Correspondence, pamphlets, leaflets, and books gathered by Ogden Scoville, active in Los Angeles County Republican organizations, ca. 1940's-1970's.

Scrapbooks on the Development of the Arroyo Seco Region

7 thin scrapbooks covering the development of the Arroyo Seco region of Los Angeles County, including Eagle Rock, Highland Park, and Pasadena. Scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings.

Sears Roebuck Stereographic View Collection

Stereographs. 37 views of the Sears Roebuck company operations. View number 1 is R.W. Sears pictured at his desk; the verso is an address from Mr. Sears to his customers who purchased the set of 50 stereoviews along with a...

Seaver (Mrs. Frank R.) Family Papers, 1916-1994

Photographs, theater programs, periodicals, invitations and other personal papers of Blanche Ebert Seaver (1891-1994).

Sepulveda and Guirado Papers

Family and business papers of Maria de Jesus Alexandra de Sepulveda and Juan Francisco Guirado. Includes items of descendants of Alta California Governor Pio Pico. 1861 - 1968.

Sepulveda Family Photograph Collection

An artificial collection of original photographs (carte de visites, cabinet cards) and copy prints for the Sepulveda Family.

Sepulveda/Mott Collection

The collection consists of some 150 letters from various persons to Francisca Sepulveda de Carrillo (between 1845 and the 1890s), personal correspondence of Thomas Dillingham Mott and family (chiefly Ascension Sepulveda de Mott and Georgia Mott de Van der Leck).

Sepulveda-Mott Photograph Collection

Photographs and albums; glass negatives. Carte de visites, one ambrotype, some tintypes and cabinet cards, and other photograph prints.

Set Design Sketches and Storyboards

Movie set sketches of Columbia, RKO, Twentieth Century Fox, United Artists and Warner Bros. productions primarily 1930s - 1940s; also from the 1976 King Kong film and several unidentified sketches. 1926-1976, undated

Shearman (Warren C.) City Views Collection

Birdseye views and maps, primarily European cities from 16th and 17th centuries. Also covers Asia and North Africa. ca. 1206-1961, bulk is 1500-1700. Also eight sets of portraits of European rulers. Letter-size boxes contain photographs and negatives of the collection....

Sheet Music Collection

Collection is not geography specific, but noteworthy is "Spanish Songs of Old California" by Charles F. Lummis. 1837 - 1954

Sights and Scenes of the Philippines

Drawings, paintings, maps, receipts, documents, photographs, and typescripts with photographs. Collection documented the social life and customs in the Philippines, created by Ella M. and Forest Clark while residing on the island from July 1909 to August 1911.

Sinclair (Upton) Scrapbook on

Newspaper scrapbook on Upton Sinclair. Compiled by Earl C. Craig. 1934-1962, undated (bulk 1934-1935)

Slaughter (Paul) Collection

36 21"x25" color photographs of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles taken by Paul Slaughter. Each photograph is signed and numbered by the photographer. ca. 1984

Slauson Collection

Four matted photographs of the home of Johnathan Sayre Slauson, 2345 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, ca. 1885.

Soldiers' and Sailors' Replacement Bureau Records

Administrative papers, forms and correspondence; registrant lists; roster of ex-servicemen, primarily for Los Angeles; Official U.S. Bulletin.

Sons of the Revolution Programs

Programs and announcements of the Sons of the Revolution organization from the following states: California, Colorado, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. Also, a program of the Centennial Celebration of the Inauguration of George Washington, 1889.

Sons of Veterans, U.S.A., California Division (Los Angeles) Records

Sons of Veterans (of the Civil War). Minutes, correspondence, financial records, membership lists and membership rosters for the General Nathan Lyon Camp No. 1, Los Angeles, California.

Soule (William Stinson) (1836-1908) Collection, ca. 1869-1871

Photographs and negatives. Studio portraits of Plains Indians at the Fort Sill Indian Reservation, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, ca.1869-71. Most images appear in a publication "Will Soule, Indian Photographer."

South Land Mining Association Records

2 books of stock certificates, ca. 1906-1908 and 1 manuscript book listing stockholders. See also MSS-368 and GC 1219

Southern California Aircraft Industry Employee Newspapers Collection

Scattered issues of employee newspapers published primarily in Burbank, California, but also Santa Monica and Inglewood, California.

Southern California Historical Societies Collection

Correspondence with, and files for, southern California historical societies.

Southern California Scenes Collection, ca. 1900

Glass negatives. 1899-1920, undated (bulk 1899-1900) An assortment of mostly outdoor scenes including the San Gabriel Mountains, and the missions at Capistrano, San Fernando, San Gabriel, and San Luis Rey.

Southern California Tourism Collection

Postcards, brochures, programs, and other ephemera related to Southern California recreation and tourism, chiefly from the 1950s through the 1980s. Topics include Disneyland and other amusement parks, the Tournament of Roses Parade, etc. The programs for the Tournament of Roses...

Southwest, Scrapbook on the

Scrapbook primarily of Native Americans of the southwest, color prints of Frederic Remington paintings, and other painters and photographers of Native Americans. Also covers subject matter of westward migration and cowboy culture. New Mexico, California and other locales. 1890-1930, undated

Spanish American War Collection

An artificial collection of clippings, documents, ephemera and publications of the Spanish-American War, 1898.

Spanish-American War in the Caribbean

Photograph album, photographs. Spanish-American War in the Caribbean.

Special Maps Collection

Includes maps other than street and road maps. Specialized charts, diagrams and maps pertaining to topography, soil condition, mines and minerals locale, building renderings, city planning and real property; maps published by the National Geographic Society, the United States Forest...

Spicer (Miriam) Collection

Portraits and family photos.

Spicer (Miriam) Papers

Personal letters, calling cards, ephemera, school notebooks. Reflects on life in Lawrence, Kansas. Includes two yearbooks for Tulane University, Louisiana and two etchings by C. Trano. See also photographs in P-95.

Stanley (Esther) Collection, 1910

Photograph album. Album of prints from a 1910 railroad excursion trip from Boston to the Southwest and up the Pacific coast and into Western Canada. Photos were taken by various people on the trip, then combined into the album.

State Council of Defense, Women's Committee Records

Records of California's State Council of Defense and the state division of the Women's Committee, with its headquarters at 719 So. Hill Street, Los Angeles, Calif. Correspondence, reports, receipts and cancelled checks. Ledger; activity book, June 1917-January 1919; checkbook, 1919....

Steckel (George) Collection, ca. 1900s-1920s

Photographs and negatives. Studio portraits of Los Angeles citizens and family members, including people prominent in the community.

Steckel (George) Photograph Order Book Collection

1 order book, 1899-1900; 1903-1904. Photographer's order book for negatives 2107-24700 (November 27, 1900-February 25, 1903.)

Stening (Gladys) Papers

Primarily manuscripts and typescripts of a musician who delivered lectures.

Stereographic View Collection, ca. 1900-1920s

Stereographs. An artificial collection covering California, and other states, plus topics such as agriculture, California missions, Indians, war scenes and La Brea Tar Pit fossils. Included are five original boxes, each formed along one edge to look like a book...

Stereographs of Southern California, ca. 1880

Views of Los Angeles and vicinity. Many have annotations on verso.

Stereoscopic Protean Views Collection

8 items of French "diableries" (or devilments) views. ca. 1860-1900, undated

Stewart Collection on Southern California Public Transit

Research materials on Los Angeles and southern California public transit, including draft environmental impact reports (EIR), clippings, leaflets and publications.

Stinchfield (Jean) Ambassador Hotel Publicity

Photographs, correspondence, press releases, clippings, and memorabilia collected by Jean Stinchfield, Publicity Director, Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California. 1921-1987, undated (bulk dates are the 1950s).

Stock Certificate Collection

A collection of over 50 stock certificates representing mining, oil, railroads, and other industries. Includes the Los Angeles Pioneer Oil Company (1865), but many are undated. Mostly for western states. 1863-1970 (bulk is 1910-1930).

Stoddard (John) Portfolio of Photographs

Photographs of city scenes around the world. Circa 1893-1894.

Stokes Collection

Photographs, negatives concerning the 1910 bombing of the Los Angeles Times building and the subsequent trial. Photos of individuals involved in the trial and photos of a few exhibit items. Compiled by police reporter Frank E. Stokes, including a 21-page...

Story of the War of 1898 Scrapbook

Photo and article clippings, undated, of the Spanish American War. Cover includes pasted label citing 30th U.S. Volunteer Infantry Association of Los Angeles.

Street and Road Maps Collection

California cities and counties, United States, world. Primarily published by the Automobile Club. ca. 1900 - ca. 1980.

Strong Family Collection, ca. 1880-1910

Family portraits, activities include pampas grass harvest in Los Nietos, California (present-day Whittier), outings in album and loose photographs.

Stutz Automobile Scrapbook, ca.1913-1919

Scrapbook contains newspaper clippings pertaining to the racing activities of Stutz automobiles and to Mr. Walter H. Brown, Los Angeles Stutz automobile dealer.

Subway Terminal Building Photograph Collection

18 photographs, including interiors and exteriors of the Subway Terminal Building, and surroundings, in downtown Los Angeles.

Synchronous Club Minutes, August 1915-September 1921

Minutes and records of a Los Angeles-based electrical society.

Taber Photo (San Francisco, California) Collection

Photograph Album, ca. 1886. Album of 47 (21 x 31 cm.) photographs of California. Commercially produced by Taber Photo. Album is bound in blue velvet.

Talbot (William Henry Fox) (1800-1877) Collection

Photographs from photographic pioneer Talbot's "Pencil of Nature." ca. 1844-1846

Talley Presidential Autograph Collection

Presidential letters and documents, Washington to Ford.

Teague (George J.) Collection

Assorted motion picture stills of projection and effect shots in pictures. 1916-1930, undated

Teague/Wakefield Collection

Conservative political material, including California Un-American activities, ca. 1960s - 1970s, related to Norwood Teague and Floyd L. Wakefield.

Television, Cable, Theater Photograph Collection

Film stills of head shots and production stills, published by television and cable networks used for publicity purposes. Includes news shows.

Theater in Los Angeles Scrapbook

Programs and some clippings from Los Angeles theaters. Bulk of the material is from 1886-1890.

Theater Program Collection

Performing arts and movie theater programs.

Theisen (Earl) Collection

Primarily negatives. Also 4 rolled panoramic photos of Universal Studios under construction, 1915. Material related to early 20th century motion picture film history. Undated. See also GC1338 Earl Theisen Collection

Theisen (Earl) Collection on the History of Motion Pictures

Correspondence, movie programs, studio press releases, studio forms and passes, clippings from Theisen's articles in the International Photographer (1933-1936), reproductions of movie house title cards (including advertisements for "Angel of Hell's Kitchen" (Hart), "The Eyes of the World" (Wright), "By-Gone...

Theodore Roosevelt Camp #9 Collection

Spanish-American War material compiled by the Theodore Roosevelt Camp #9. Materials used and mementos of the War, the Philippines Insurrection and the Boxer Rebellion. 1898-1905. See also P-019 Theodore Roosevelt Camp #9 photographs collection.

Theodore Roosevelt Camp #9 Photograph Collection

Photographs collected by members of the Theodore Roosevelt Camp #9 primarily pertaining to the Spanish-American War; the daily life and customs in the Philippines; and the Philippine Insurrection. Also a small portion of images of China and the Boxer Rebellion;...

Tibbets Family Collection

Letters and clippings pertaining to the Luther and Eliza Tibbets family.

Tirrel/Spear Collection

Family and town business records (bills, receipts, etc.) related to the John Tirrel and Nathaniel Spear families and the town of Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Tlaxcala Excise Tax Records, 1780 and 1804

Tax records of Tlaxcala, Mexico, kept by Don Vicente Domingo Lombardini of the Administration of the Royal Excises of Tlaxcala. 1780 and 1804.

Totheroh (Rollie) Collection

Photos relating to Charlie Chaplin and his films, including stills from Gold Rush, The Circus, and City Lights. ca. 1923-1931, undated

Tourist Photograph Albums, ca. 1890

Albums of commercially produced photographs of California and the West. No personal photographs. California photos include images by F. H. Maude, C. B. Waite and Slocum.

Towne (Stuart S.) Collection

Photo album, dismantled. Loose pages from a family album. Photos taken at East Aurora, New York, ca.1900; Pasadena and Redondo Beach, CA, 1910-20; Statue of Liberty, ca.1918; San Francisco and the Pan-Pacific Exposition, 1915. ca. 1900-1920

Toy Magic Lantern Film Strips

Toy Magic lantern projector film strips, [ca. 1900]

Toy Projector Film Collection, ca. 1940s

Eight 8-mm films for toy projector also in the Museum Collection.

Transportation Photo Collection

This is a hybrid artificial collection, bringing together small photo collections pertaining to transportation, in particular, steam and energy-powered vehicles. Geographic emphasis is on Los Angeles and Southern California. 1885-ca.1937. See also other photo collections pertaining to aviation and railroads.

Turner (Florence) (1888?-1946) Collection, 1915-1933

Photograph albums. Photographs of silent motion picture actress Florence Turner in four of her films, one album per film. These are: "Far from the Madding Crowd" (1915), "Gum Justice" (1916), "Lost and Won" (1915), and "My Old Dutch" [1915]. Also...

Turner (Florence) Scrapbooks

There are two scrapbooks (1910-1928 and 1913-1916) containing clippings, letters, and some photos relating to Turner and her films. A third box contains photocopies of a large portion, but not all, of the artifacts in the scrapbooks.

Union Station Collection

Photographs of Union Passenger Terminal, Los Angeles, just after completion in 1939. Includes some shots of maintenance staff, and of the interior of the dining car and the lounge car.

United Nations Collection

Variety of photos from the U.N. Department of Public Information showing various United Nations activities and buildings in the early days after the organization's formation. 1946-1947.

University of Southern California Bulletins Collection

Publications including its colleges, such as Chaffey School of Agriculture. 1884-1937.

Upham Collection

Photographs and negatives belonging to the Upham family. Includes daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, and numerous portraits taken by Los Angeles photographic studios. 1880-1959, undated

Upham (Golden Gurley) Collection

Family papers, ephemera, booklets, children's books, sheet music, teaching certificates, Chinese language materials. Circa 1800 - 1962.

U.S. California Boundary Field Books

Records of meteorological, barometric and sextant observations and latitude by polaris and Zenith telescope. Of primarily California and the west. ca. 1860 - 1861.

U.S. Depression Scrip Collection

Various types of scrip issued by private organizations, banks and government entities during the Depression.

U.S. Navy World War II Collection

Official U. S. Navy photographs of leading officers and sea action by the Naval forces in the Pacific. circa 1939-1945

Van Guysling (George E.) (d.1946) Collection, ca. 1850-1957

Primarily an assortment of documents relating to the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company and the British Mutoscope and Biograph Company. Circa 1850-1957, undated. Bulk is 1898-1926.

Vander Leck (Mrs. Georgie Mott) Collection

Prayer book La Luz del Catolico, [1885]. Leather bound. On the fly leaf is written, "Francisca Sepulveda, Los Angeles, Calif. April 11 de 1875." [sic] Belonged to Dona Francisca Sepulveda, wife of Don Jose Sepulveda. See also GC 1027 and...

Vignes Family Papers

Collection consists of a diary, letters, legal documents, photographs, recipes and wine-making notes. Pierre Vignes was Jean-Louis's brother and the author of the diary in this collection. Creators of this collection were Pierre Vignes and Pierre's son, Vital Ferdinand Vignes.

"Vignettes of Los Angeles" Manuscript by Sidney B. Reeve

Autograph manuscript providing description of Los Angeles during the pioneer period. Also Los Angeles City Lots & Tracts, ca. 1850s. Last date signed was 1931.

Vinson (D. C.) Collection

Family portrait album containing many albumen prints. The album covers are ornately decorated with metallic (brass) bells, and a mirror. ca. late 19th century

Vroman (Adam Clark) Photographic Collection 1895-1912

Adam Clark Vroman was an amateur photographer and bookstore owner. He made several expeditions to the Southwest from his home in Pasadena, California, to photograph the American Indians living in Arizona and New Mexico at the turn of the Twentieth...

Vue D'Optiques Collection

19 engravings of European countries and 1 case; examples of early projection. undated

Wade (Charles J.) Account Books

Primarily account books, most belonging to Charles J. Wade of Boston, ca. 1872-1909. Also an account book with the name Mary E. Howard written in, 1876. Several diaries, including a travel account from 1909 which records a trip beginning in...

Waite (C.B.) Collection, ca. 1900

10 Photographs. Various views of Los Angeles and Mexico, including the Vera Cruz Railway.

Waldeck (Jacob E.) Theater Scrapbook

Scrapbook contains clippings about manager Jacob E. Waldeck's, Casino Theater (334 S. Spring St., Los Angeles), and the performers who appeared there.

Walters (Kim) Phonograph Records Collection

78 rpm, 33 1/2 rpm, and 45 rpm records; 6 inch yellow vinyl records; also one set playing cards "LA. History Playing Cards" published by Southern California Studio. [1950]-2009, undated

Wanted Posters, 1911-1917

49 items of small posters, bulletins, real photo postcards, all describing persons, primarily men, wanted for specific crimes; issued by American federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, the military, and private detective agencies.

War History Committee for Los Angeles County Records, 1914-1921

Los Angeles County region. World War I information. Lists of enlistees and inductees by local boards, and some lists include addresses and nearest relatives. Correspondence of the committee, and biographies and photos of veterans of the war, including those who...

War History Committee of California Records

This collection consists of completed survey forms that the War History Committee sent to veterans of World War I.

Washburn (Frank Layton) (1867-1950) Collection, ca.1900-1935

Photographs, negatives. Washburn was an inspector for the gas and electric company in Los Angeles; some photos document the company's work. Collection includes Los Angeles Chinatown photos, ca.1902-05.

Washburn (Frank Layton)(1867-1950) Lantern Slide Collection, ca.1900-1935

Lantern slides. Some slides are labeled "Los Angeles Camera Club". Some or all of these images may also be contained in Washburn's larger collection P-007.

Washington (George) Bicentennial Collection

24 folders of booklets issued by the United States George Washington Bicentennial Commission, Washington, D.C.

Watkins (Carleton E.) (1829-1916) Collection, ca. 1880

Twelve mounted photographs of California missions.

Watts (W. L.) Collection, 1891-1910

Photos taken by W. L. Watts, mostly of Nevada and California desert and mining scenes, 1891-1910, undated. Also some of Los Angeles and Southern California, including the 1910 Dominguez Air Meet.

Waud (Alfred R.) Collection

Sketches, correspondence, photographs, tintypes, and ambrotypes pertaining to Alfred R. Waud, a Civil War illustrator, and his family. 1842-1921, undated.

Waud (Alfred R.) Photograph Collection

Photographs. Photographs of Civil War illustrator Waud, his two wives, and daughters. ca. 1860-1899, undated. Part of Alfred R. Waud Papers (Gen. Col. 1102). See also MSS-441 for 2 drawings attributed to Waud.

Welcome Collection on Commercial Iron Works

A few personal papers of Solon B. Welcome (1861-?), founder of the Commercial Iron Works in Los Angeles in 1905. Also several items for his son, Claude including a photograph, One product catalog and one issue of an employee...

West Indies Cruise Photo Album, 1928

Book kept by Mrs. Elizabeth Y. Yuell of Highland Park, Illinois. There are photographs of Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. There is also a passenger list for the cruise on the S.S. Veendam and an itinerary.

West (R. Rolleston) Collection

Negatives. Travel views including the Orient, early 20th century [ca. 1920, undated]

Western Museums League Collection

Publications from the Western Museums League.

Westwood Hills Business Village Collection, ca. 1920s

Photographs. Contains property development illustrations in the area of Westwood Village.

White (Harry) Family Collection

Photograph album. Album of an African-American family living in Lectonia, Ohio, late 19th century.

White (Hortense Sacriste) Letters

Collection of letters written to Hortense Sacriste, later Hortense Sacriste White. Many of the letters are from male admirers before she married. Writers include George H. Bonebrake, James C. Kays, Reginaldo F. del Valle, James W. Dunn, John A. Fanning,...

White (Stephen M.) Ledger, 1892-1899

Account book of financial transactions of Los Angeles businesses and individuals. See Also: 1124: Stephen Mallory White Scrapbooks, 1894-1900.

White (Stephen Mallory) Scrapbooks

These scrapbooks contain correspondence, pamphlets, clippings, speeches, invitations, and other material relating to White's political career, particularly during his term as U.S. Senator. The bulk of the material concerns his involvement in the "Free Harbor controversy."

Whitlock Metered Mailing Machine Collection

Photographs, drawings, flyers, patent records, incorporation records and other material pertaining to the Whitlock metered mailing machine, which was authorized by the United States Postal Service.

Widney (Joseph P.) Collection, ca. 1880-1903

Photographs of Widney residence, Manuel Dominguez's San Pedro Ranch, Los Angeles and Southern California, and others. Also stereoviews.

Widney (Joseph Pomeroy) Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks contain correspondence and clippings, including many speeches made by Widney, on a variety of topics.

Wilkie (George N.) (1879-1941) Collection, ca. 1905-1915

50 photographic postcards by Wilkie, who was photographer for the Cawston Ostrich Farm in South Pasadena. 29 are of Cawston's. The others are Southern California recreational views including parks and beaches.

Wills (Madeline F.) Collection

Photographs. Part A) scenic views of Yellowstone National Park, circa 1900, by F. Jay Haynes, the official photographer of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Part B) views of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and France.

Wills (Madeline Frances) Collection

Land grants, legal documents, court papers, speeches, etc. Also calling cards and invitations. Primarily for Pennsylvania. 1786; 1816 1869, bulk of the material is from the 1840's.

Wilson (Yolanda O.) Collection of Historical Los Angeles County Government Manuscripts, 1913-1989

Publications, scrapbooks, programs, invitations, photographs and papers produced by the Los Angeles County government in the course of planning special and commemorative events.

Wineman (Mode) Papers

Letters, photographs, brochures, journals, memoirs, and radio transcripts pertaining to Wineman's work as a photographer. Includes correspondence with the Department of Interior regarding Wineman's photos of Yellowstone and other Western areas.

Woodhead (William) Collection, 1860-1881

12 letters written by William Woodhead (except one by Thomas [Woodhead]) to their mother and sister. William Woodhead wrote of various job experiences in Three Rivers, Michigan (foundry, papermaking, etc.); his broken engagement which motivated him to re-enlist in the...

Woodworth Collection

Photographs and albums relating to Perry-Woodworth and Company, and the Woodworth family and residence at Second and San Pedro Streets in Los Angeles. 1878-ca. 1913, undated

Woodworth (Mrs. J.J.) Papers

Bills on letterhead, bills without letterhead, receipts, railroad and steamship papers, Western Union telegrams, calling cards, government and business papers, clippings, advertisements, correspondence of Wallace Woodworth and Perry-Woodworth and Co. for the Southern California, Los Angeles and San Francisco locales....

World War I Manuscript Collection

Publications, documents, correspondence, clippings, and ephemera on service groups and government agencies responding to World War I including the Council of National Defense, the National War Work Council, the U.S. Food Administration, Liberty Loans, and the Red Cross. Emphasis is...

World War I Scrapbooks

Primarily newspaper clippings in brittle condition.

World War II Manuscript Collection

Booklets, serial publications, maps and other ephemera. Armbands, and several contemporary photographs of military cassion remains. Bulk is 1940s.

World War Posters Collection

Over 1,000 posters from World War I and World War II. circa 1914-18 and 1939-45, undated

World's Columbian Exposition Collection, 1893

Publications from the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, the World's Columbian Exposition.

Wosk (Miriam) (1947-2010) Mixed Media Art Supplies Collection

The collection are the paper items that served as art supplies and inspiration for Wosk who was a Santa Monica-based illustrator and collage artist who incorporated mixed media. Catalogs, publications, children's activities booklets, sheet music, sewing patterns, calendars, paper toys,...

Wright (Dr. Lucius A.) Collection, 1900-1907

Letter-press book (bound journal) of letters written by Dr. Lucius A. Wright in his capacity as the United States Agent of Indian Affairs for all the Mission Indians of Southern California.

Xth Olympiad Scrapbook (1932)

Scrapbook of tickets, passes, stationery, clippings, matchbook covers, programs, photographs, autographs by athletes.

York (Loraine) Collection

Newspapers with articles relating to real estate development in the Beverly Hills area, including property owned by Thomas Ince and Will Rogers.

Zettler Exposition Park Collection, 1919-1922

Wide-angle, panoramic views of Exposition Park taken by Ferd J. Zettler, a realtor and general building contractor in Los Angeles.