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Santa Paula Historical Society
P. O. Box 842
Santa Paula, California 93060
Phone: None
Email: historian.santapaula.hs@gmail.com
Physical collections: 267
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Achilles/Hunt Family Papers

Contains papers re: geneology and correspondence

Alexander, Emma Deed

One deed or indenture for land in the County of Ventura

Aliso Canyon Story

This is a slide presentation to the Santa Paula Historical Society, pictures of Aliso Canyon with some history of those who ranched the canyon

Allied Finance Co., Inc

Records of Allied Finance Company of Santa Paula, 1927 to 1943

Alphabetical Index of Occupations

One book listings occupations

American Federationist

American Federationist has an article about farm labor`

American Legion, Santa Paula Auxiliary Papers

A collection of papers: Minutes, rosters, devotionals, by-laws, financial reports

Amey, Vera Fireside Chat

Amey discusses her childhood growing up on Santa Cruz Island, CA

Anderson, M. H. Tax Payments

Four tax receipts for the payment of State and county Taxes

Arguelles, Mary and Frank

Oral history for Frank and Mary Arguelles

Atmore, Allen Oral History

Life story of the Atmore family

Ayers, Allan and Loren

Family history of Grainger and Faulkner family, discussion of crops, Babe Ruth, gold mines, Santa Paula High School, sports at SPHS, St. Francis Flood, mules, Klu Klux Klan,walnuts, apricots, lima beans.

Ayers, Allen and Cummings, Dick Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat about driving farm horses

Ayers, Allen and Cummings, Dick Oral Histories

Fireside Chat about teamsters, horses used for farm work

Ayers Family Papers

Biographical essay about the Ayers, includes a CD of a film that was made about the family

Bard, Thomas Biograph

one brief description of Thomas Bard

Bardsdale Ranch Materials

A collection of financial, tax, and bank papers

Baringer, James Carlisle Oral History

Oral history of the Barringer Family

Barringer, Catherine Oral History

Interview with Catherine Barringer about her life

Barringer, James Carlisle Oral History

Oral history of James "Carl" Carlisle Barringer. Hoover High School, Stanford, WW II, University of Michigan, buildings, local politics,

Beach, Ed "County Crimes"

Presentation on homicides in Ventura County

Beach, Edwin F. Collection

This collection represents some materials from the life of Judge Edwin Beach

Beckley, Willard Oral History

Discusses family history, school years, and the depression

Bell, James E.S.

"Reminiscences of a Near Pioneer of Ventura County", traveling California, camping, Santa Paula, teaching in Santa Paula, increased equipment, homicides.

Berwick Family Papers

A collection fo family papers and heirs and descendants

Binsley, Bob Oral History

Discussion of his early life in the film industry.

Blackshear, Christine McCalister Oral History

Christine discusses moving, Isbell School, Irvine Blackshear, Arkansas, Santa Paula, R&R market, Main Street, town shops.

Blanchard, Elizabeth Oral History

Two oral histories, one an address in Knights of Columbus Hall and another at Santa Paula High School. She discusses growing up in Barksdale and the depression years

Blanchard, John

Nathan Weston Blanchard, immorality in mining camps and subsequent laws, making and losing of fortunes, crop experimentation, Southern California Fruit Exchange, public library.

Blanchard, Nathan Blanchard III

Annual dinner talk by Nathan Blanchard about family memories, Santa Paula in the beginning, 1870

Blanchard, Nathan Properry Indenture

Handwritten copy of Indenture

Boosey Family Papers

Collection of papers belonging to the Bossey Family

Borrego, Robert Oral History

Discusses Santa Paula during the depression and the Korean War

Bousman, Thomas Oral History

Discussed his life in Santa Paula and views on religion, culture, social issues

Bradley, Elisha LaFayette Geneology

Geneological description of Elisha. Includes family information as well

Bravo, Joe Oral History

Discusses his family, medicine in Santa Paula, WWII, education in Santa Paula

Bristol, Howard and His Photos

Bristol discusses his career in photography

Bryan, Jean Delores Oral History

Family memories are discussed

Caldwell, George W. Oral History

Discusses his life in Santa Paula, his work in the grocery business

The California Citrograph: a Magazine

A magazine for citrus marketing

California City Auction Brochure

ON June 1, 1931 an auction was held selling virus. This brochure lists what was being sold by California city, and the amount

"California Erosion Digest"

Hand typed copy of the digest done by Harry Roddick, for the U. S. Soil Erosion Service

Call, Albert Collection

A group of articles and photos of and about Albert Call

Cardona, Ruby Carrillo Oral History

Discusses living in Santa Paula and on the Limoniera Ranch as a child, and the depression

Cartwright Wooden Notebook

One wooden handmade notebook

Cheek, Hazel Oral History

Discussion of memories about her family, education and teaching at Santa Paula High

"Chumash" Fireside Chat by RoBT. O Browne

A discussion of the Chumash Indians, their customs, tries and groups, influence of Missions, also archaeology

Church Exhibit-Santa Paula Historical Society

Collection contains posters used for an exhibit on churches in Santa Paula

Church Tour

Episcopal Church, Marriot, Nichols, Max Rudlf, Presbyterian Church, Bouseman, Granger, Anderson, Roy Wilson sr., Joseph Leavens, C.L. Sheldon, Christian Church, St. Sebastian Church, Francis Laubacher, Universalist Church, John Nichols, Guadalupe Church, Nelson, First United Methodist Church, Elizabeth Blanchard,

City of Santa Paul Minutes

The collection is of copies of the handwritten minutes of the Council Board meetings in the year 1902.

City of Santa Paula Subdivision Map

Map of Santa Paula from Palm Ave east: Harvard and Main Streets

Clarke, C. A. Oral History

This was a paper read at an Ebell Club meetingDiscusses early days in Santa Paula

Cline, Richard Cline Oral History

Discusses his life in Santa paula and military service

Converse Ranch School Collection

Several papers about the Converse School, news clipping, history of the school, and an autobiography of Marjorianne Zapf about her experiences at the Ranch School.

Couch Drugstore/Ringle Material

Contains two documents: an opium order and a dedication

Couch's Drugstore Architectural Plans

Two sets of plans including fixture plans for M. F. Ringle, owner

Crawford, Bette Oral History

Discusses her life story, where born and lived

Credit Bureau Rating Code

Rating Code used by The Credit Bureau

Cullins, Gordon "Shorty" Oral History

Discussed moving to California becoming a barber on Main Street and agriculture in Santa Paula

Cummings, Dick and Ayers, Allan

This is a Fireside Chat, a discussion of the use of plow horses, their breeds and breeding them

Curiel, Pilar Oral History

Discusses her life in Santa Paula: experience in the Saint Francis Dam Disaster, farming, school tradions

Dam Speech by Cliff Hey

A brief description of the collapse of St. Francis Dam and subsequent flood of the Santa Clara Valley

Daries, Bob Oral History

Daries discusses his life in Santa Paula CA

Davis, Lucy Rafferty Oral History

stories about grandparents, Oklahoma, Mupu school, telephone company, high school, dating, Les Davis, 1935 Plymouth, iceman, trash, heart problems, death,

Democratic State Convention Roll Call

Roll call of the Democratic State Convention , Santa Cruz, 1904

Dewey, Mike Oral History

Discussion about the history of the Santa Paula Airport

Diaz, Tony and Celia Oral History

They discuss the family history in Santa Paula over several generations

Dickenson, Janice Oral History

Dickinson discusses aviation history in Santa Paula.

Dickinson, Carl C. Collection

A collection of Santa Paula Railroad Materials from the life of Carl Dickinson

Early Day History of the Santa Clara School

Early history of the Santa Clara School, written by Mary Alice Orcutt Henderson

Early Farming

A Fireside Chat discussion by a panel at the Presbyterian Church. The panalists were Airing, Leavens, and Ryan

Early Ventura

A publication by Security-First National Bank on the early history of Ventura

Ebell Club Collection

The Ebell Club, a woman's organization was founded in Santa Paula, CA in 1913. This is an extensive collection of that organization

Ebell Club History

A presentation on the history of the Ebell Club made by Mildred Harding and Marjorie Hudson.

Edward White Materials

Collection consists of newsclippings, photos, and geneology of White family

Edwards, Sam Oral History

Family hisotry of Dr. Sam Edwards

Eisteddfod Festival Brochure

A brochure with entries, names of sponsors, and events and program

El Rancho San Miguel (Olivas)

This is a brief history of the Olives Rancho

Elwell, Frank Campaign Speech

A speech given to the Santa Paula Historical Society reenacting the 1902 election

Fansler, Ruth Tragedy

Story of the death of Ruth Fansler

First Baptist Church Material

A small collection of materials: a report, history, and policy statement

First National Bank of Santa Paula

A small collection of financial ites

Fitcombe, Authur Mortgage

A handwritten Mortgage between Author Fitcombe and Frank E. Davis

Fort, Fay Oral History

Fort discusses living and working in the early 1900s in Santa Barbara

Fowkes, Helen Jean Oral History

Fawkes discusses her life

Gallio, Helen Harrington

Life of Heln Gallio

Garcia, Franco Collectionn

Business papers belongs to Franco Garcia, shop Owner

Gilbertson, Jack "Life in Santa Paula"

Gilbertson describes Santa Paula in the 1920s

Glen Tavern Hotel History

Marc Bacon tells the history of the building of the Glen Tavern Hotel. Mary Alice Henderson and Lou Hengehold told stories of happenings in the hotle

Gooding, Louise Oral History

LIfe Story of Loiise Gooding

Gould/Taylor Family Papers

Short biographies of John Bascom Talor, Rachel Gould Taylor, and Reverend John Bascom Taylor and his wife India

Graham, Gale Oral History

Graham tells of his family and life in Santa Paula, California

Greenough, Fred Collection

The collection consists of several letters and a tlyped copy of "Recollections of My Boyhood in Santa Paula, 1906-1923 [CA], written by Fred J. Greenough

Griffin, Lloyd Earl Oral History

Griffin discusses his life in Santa Paula

The Gypsy's Warning: Sheet Music

Sheet Music for Gipsy's Warning by Henry A Coard

Haines, Abner Family History

Contains the history of Abner Haines and his descendants

Harding, Beverly Jane Oral History

Oral history of the Harding family in Santa Paula beginning in 1867

Harding, Mildred King and George Oral History

Memories of the Harbard and Harding family are discussed

Harding Park SPHS Exhibit

Collection contains posters created for the exhibit on Harding Park

Hardison Family History by L. M. Hardison

Booklet containing history of Hardison Family written by L.M. Hardison in1935

Hardison, Robert

Reminiscences of Robert Hardison, including family history and childhood in Santa Paula.

Hardison, Robert and Jeanette Oral History

This is a Fireside Chat at which they discuss their home, and growing up in Santa Paula

Hardison, Wallace Diaries

14 small diaries about activities in the oil fields, and one Time Book for 1908-1910

Hardison/Teague Materials

A collection of genealogy notes, news clippings, of the Teague and Hardison families

Harris Antique Shop Collection

Miscellaneous items from shop, awards, advertising

Harris, Jean Oral History

Family history of Laura Jean Harris

Harvey, Roger Oral History

Roger Harvey discusses his WWII flying experiences and the history of the Santa Paula Airport

Hedda Hopper Letter

A letter written to Dr. MacDougall from Hedda Hopper

Henderson, Mary Alice Orcutt Papers

Personal collection of Henderson of historical information about Santa Paula. Much of the materials was used by her to write her books

Hengehold, Lou Oral History

Memories of woking for "The Mill", the Southern Pacific, Milling industry were discussed

Hernandez, Helen Oral History

Discusses living in Santa Paula

Hight, Jan Oral History

The life of hight in Santa Paula is discussed. It covers commerce, Chambers Market, WWII, auto dealerships, Mains Street Stores

Hispanics Remember, 1937

A panel discussion of seven Mexican-Americans about their lives and experiences living in Santa Paula CA

Hitch, Harris Bank Checks

one folder of cancelled checks

Hobbs, Opal Oral History

Hobbs discusses her personal life story

Hogue, L. B. Certificate of Title

The Certificate of Title is for rea property in santa Paula CA within the Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy. It describes the property boundaries.

Holts Family Collection

A collection of family genealogy, family history and photographs

"Homicides in Ventura County"

Speech on homicides give to the Ventura County Historical Society

Isbell, Olive Mann Residence: Historical Landmark

Materials include the information gathered to make the residence an historical landmark

Jackson, Gilbert Oral History

Dr. Jackson discusses his life in Santa Paula where he had a veternarian practice

Johnson, Marvin Oral History

Life of Johnson who was a musician

Keene, Herman Collection

The collection contains the materials of Herman Keene, namely his notebooks, photographs of family and hunting trips and a CD of Herman Keene movies

Keller, Margaret, Oral History

Keller discussed her life story

King, Molly Oral History

King discusses her life story beginning in Texas, to her marriage and life in Santa Paula

Koch, Honor

Koch and Theobald lived and worked in Santa Paula. Koch owned the Studebaker Franchise on Mill Street

Kristanoff/Dade Family Papers

A collection of materials relating to the Naval career of Kristanoff and Dade

Labor Contractors Panel Discussion

A discussion by labor contractors Florisa Lopez and Henry Vega about farm labor in Ventura County

Lady of South Mountain Script

Collection is of a script for a play on the "Lady of South Mountain"

Leavens, Fred Papers

Loan papers and property taxes

Level, Howard Fireside Chat

A Fireside Chat with the historical society on Holward Level

Limoneira Co. Insurance Survey

A report prepared by Cosgrove & Co. Inc. of Los Angeles, insurance brokers, maps

Limoneira Company Fireside Chat

A panel discussion on the history of the Limoneira Company

Limoneira Employees Panel

A discussion by 6 employees on the history and their experiences with the Limoneira Company

Limoniera Company, Milton Teage, Jack Dickenson, Al Guilin

A panel discussion about the history of the Limoneira Company

Magee, James Valentine Diary Excerpts

Magee arrived in Santa Paula in 1892. These pages describe his living and working in Santa Paula

Main and Harvard Street Archectectural Drawings, Santa Paula, CA

Plans of Harvard Street Drive-in, Service station impdroements, and the floor plan of a classroom at South 8th street and Harvard.

Malang, Les Oral History

Maland discusses his life story

Matilija Hot Springs Brochure

Brochure that describes the hot springs, accommodations, attractions

Mendoza, Frank Oral History

Family history of the Mendozas as told to his granddaughter Andrea Porras

The Mexican in Ventura County

A fourteen page essay written by Elizabeth Ransay

Michl, Frank L. Oral History

Discussion of Michl's life as told to Thomas Bahrman, student at Santa Paula High School

Miller, Charles Collection

Charles Miller was a journeyman barber in Santa Paula. he worked for Shorty Culllns

Morrill, J. Nathan Oral Hisotry

Morrill discusses his memories of Santa Paula

Moultrie Collection

Miscellaneous items belonging to the Moultrie sisters, Bernice and Eulyce

Moultrie, Eulyce Oral History

Moultire shares her memories of growing up in Santa Paula beginning in 1894, her teaching experiences and government work in the 1930s

Mulholland, Cataherine Presentation

At an Annual Meeting, Katherine Mulhollan explains the St. Francis Dam disaster ant attempts to clear William Mulholland of any blame.

Myers/Currier Family Papers

A brief Currier family history and photos of the Myers family

Myrtle Dudley Oral History

A presentation about Santa Clara School history presented on its 100th anniversary

Norman, Henry Newton Story

A story about Norman, City Marshall in the Santa Paula Chronicle

O' Leary, William Oral History

O'Leary tells the history of his family farm in Santa Paula

Odd Fellows Clock, Santa Paula

Papers of the Ventural County Cultural Heritage Board on the Odd Fellows Clock Towere

Odd Fellows History (IOOF)

A presentation by Ron Merson about the Odd Fellows organization and their Hall, a Fireside Chat of the Santa Paula Historical Society

Oman, Ernie Oral History

Oman discussed family life, life and business in Santa Paula

Orcutt Family Papers

Papers of the Orcutt family: Financial, property lines, indentures for purchase of propety

Organization Brochures, Santa Paula

Collection consists of samples of brochures representing clubs and organizations, one Santa Paula Map, and Soroptimist's Yearbooks

Orne, Ebenezer Hugill

A biography of Ebenezer Hugill Orne

Orne, Ebenezer Hugill Collection

This collection was put together by the great granddaughters of Orne. Includes his biography and role in establishing the First United Methodist Church in Santa Paula, CA

Orr, Virginia Oral History

The life of Orr is discussed as told to her grandson, Nathan Orr, especially during her high school years in the 1930s

Paquette, Elmer Oral HIstory

Paquette discusses his life and times

Perez, Adela Oral History

This is the life story of Adela Perez as told to her daughter, Isabel Perez

Petzold, George Monroe

A biograph of Petzold

Pinkerton Family History

The collection covers the family of William John Pinkerton, of Santa paula CA:their ancestors and descendants

Pitts, Ila May Oral History

Pitts relates her family and work history

Placentia Orange Growers, a History

Booklet is titled Placentia Orange Growers Association History

Poinsettia Club of Saticoy, CA

The club was established as the Saticoy Literary and Social Club in 1899. The collection consists of the history of the club

Preciado, Cecil Oral History

The life story of Preciado growing up in Santa Paula during the Depression and later

Preciado, Esther Oral History

Preciado discusses her life and her family (Huerta) history from 1889 to 1980

Presbyterian Church History

Three church members reminisce over the Presbyterian church in Santa Paula

Proctor, Hope Hardison Oral History

This is a discussion of her school days and early days in Santa Paula

Rafferty, Joe and Marilyn Oral History

History of Rafferty family from 1850s

Rafferty, Lois Oral History

Discussion of Lois Millin Rafferty's life in Santa Paula

Rancho Camulos

A presentation on the Rancho Camels, early rancho in Ventura County, which now has a National Landmark designation

Ransom, Mary Akers

Ransom discusses Santa Clara Valley from 1887 to 1876

Raymond, Robert Presention

A presentation by Raymond's son-in-law, Herb Mailland. It covers Raymond's life, work, and artifacts left by Raymond

Redd, Ed Biography

One page providing information on Ed and Minnie Redd

Remembering When 1937

A group discussion of remembrances of 1937.

Richardson Family History

"Santa Paula Richardsons: the Days of Their Ancestors" a history of the family

Ringle, Charles

This was a presentation for the Santa Paula Historical Society. Ringle begins with a slide show of the history of pharmaceuticals,then onto a discussion of a collection of items from Cauch's Drugstore.

Ringle, Harold

An Offer of Dedication by Ringle, and letters accepting offer

Ryan, Ida Shively

Ryan discusses life and experiences in Santa Paula, history of Shively and Ryan families.

Salas Concepcion

A small collection of a handwritten biography and copies of photos

Sanborn Map

One Sanborn map of Santa Paula

Sanchez Adobe Historical Documents

Collection contains hand-written indenture documents for the Santa Pauly y Saticoy land grant, conveying property in the Saticoy portion to certain owners

Santa Paula Business Advertising Ephemera

A collection of posters with business advertisements for Santa Paula business

Santa Paula Business and Professional Women's Club

A collection of membership rosters, annual reports

Santa Paula Businesses: Sales Slips

Sales slips used by 14 businesses in Santa Paula as examples

Santa Paula Cattle Brands

Prints of cattle brands used on ranches in Santa Paula

Santa Paula Citrus Fruit Assn.

Photographs from a promotional brochure of Santa Paula Citrus Association

Santa Paula City Ordinance

Collection of City Ordinances for businesses and residents, 1900. One set of typed and one setof handwritten originals (photo copies).

Santa Paula Creek Flood Control Project

Santa Paula Creek has regularly flooded over the years and these paper cover the project to control the flooding. The project was authorized in 1973

Santa Paula Creek Panel

A discussion about Santa Paula Creek with Ed Beach, Fred Stewart and Roy Wilson, Jr.

Santa Paula Downtown Improvement Design Report

The design report is a continuation and refinement of the community's conceptual design work and the city's vision statement

Santa Paula Downtown revitalization/Development Materials

Santa Paula was in the midst of redevelopment of the downtown area and this collection is a compilation of all the newspaper articles about the debate over what should be donw

Santa Paula Fire Department Collection

Materials donated by the fire department. Includes reports, minutes, news coverage of fires, organization papers, member lists

Santa Paula Garden Club

The Santa Paula Garden Club was one of the earliest womens' clubs. The collection contains their membership rosters and minutes of meetings

Santa Paula Garden Club Guest Book

Guest Book by attendees of the garden club

Santa Paula High School Material

3 items of the Santa Paula High school

Santa Paula Historical Society Scrapbooks

Two scrapbooks that cover the exhibits put on by the historical society.

Santa Paula List of Pioneer Families

Lists of Pioneer family names by date

Santa Paula Mining and Reduction Company

Collections consists of the original Articles of Incorporation of the mining company

Santa Paula Orange Association By-laws

By-Laws booklet adopted July 21, 1936

Santa Paula Post Card Collection

Postcards of Santa Paula

Santa Paula Promotional Brochures

Miscellaneous brochures promoting organizations and events in Santa Paula

Santa Paula Red Cross Roster

A roster of Red Cross Members and duties

Santa Paula Rodeo Programs

Two Programs of the First and Second Rodeos in Santa Paula

Santa Paula Savings and Loan By-laws

Typed bound document, with original board members signatures

Santa Paula Savings Bank Minutes

Santa Paula Savings Bank was formed in 1905, these are their first minutes

Santa Paula School District Papers

Collection of correspondence, reports, financial reports belonging to the Santa Paula School District

Santa Paula Walnut Association Papers

Financial papers belonging to the Santa paula Walnut Association

Saving Stamps

Samples of S & H Green stamps and Blue Chip stamps

Saxe, John Scrapbook

Includes newspaper articles, clippings, poems, sketches

Sharp, James

Sharp discusses history of Sharp family, historical events in Ventura and Santa Paula history, and personal history.

Shipwrecks and Pirates

Stories about the Channel Islands

Shively, Catherine and Carolyn

The Shivelys discuss their father, Douglas Shively and growing up in Santa Paula, including mention of many of Santa Paula's leading citizens.

Shively, Douglas Papers

Some papers of Douglas Shively

Sims, Cora

Sims discusses memories of mother and father, farming, the flood, and her work.

Smith, Robert Percy Papers

Folder contains some family genealogy and personal histories

Snyder, Merton Collection

Collection consists of newsclipping, cards, certificates, sales slips

Somis Centennial

An early history of Somis published by the Pleasent Valley Historical Society

South Mountain Lemon Company

The book contains articles of incorporation, minutes, and plan for liquidation

Souvenirs of the 7th Regiment

A collection of souvenirs

St. Francis Dam Disaster Stories

A collection of eye witness accounts or family oral history of the St. Francis Dam disaster and how it effected the people of Santa Paula

St. Francis Dam Flood, Eye Witness Accounts

Stories of eight Santa Paulans who experienced the March 12, 1928 flood in Santa Paula, Ca

St. Francis Dam Report

Report of the Jouint Archectectural Committee of Los Angles and Santa Paula, on the restoration of buildings after the St. Francis Dam Disaster

Steckel Drive Project

Engineering Plans of the Steckel Drive and Harvard street construction

Steckel Park History

A collection of materials about the establishment of Steckel Park in Santa Paula, CA

Stewart, Fred Oral History

Stewarts life in Santa Paula

Stroh, Betty Memoirs

An autobiography titled "Betty's Oak" about the building of their home

Strong, Artemas Jacob

Strong discusses father's life. Dr. Strong, eminent physician and surgeon, founder of Santa Paula Memorial Hospital.

Strong, Louise

This oral history focuses on the life story of Louise Strong, wife of Dr. Artemis Strong.

Tate, Anita

Tate discusses personal and family history, marriage to Eb Tate, and Sharp family history.

Tate, Eb

Ed Tate discusses stories about people and places in Santa Paula, especially in the surveying industry.

Teague, Milton

Teague remembers Santa Paula in the early 20th century, development of the Limoneira company, and agricultural activities of the Teague and McKevett families.

Teague, Ruth

A panal discussion by Robert Teague, Jack Helvey, Mildred Helvey, Marjorie Hudson, and Les Maland about living in 1937 in Santa Paula

Teague, Ruth Nelson Oral History

A discussion with Teague about her family history and growing up in Los Angeles

Tompkins, J.E.

Tompkins discusses Los Padres NV, Sizar Canyon, and Early 20th Century Life.

Totheroh Film History

David Totheroh discusses the life of Roland Totheroh, his grandfather who was the camera man for Charlie Chapman

Totheroh, Marian & Jack

Totherohs discuss personal and family history.

Union Oil Company Materials

An ephemera collection of objects and items, some photographs of the launching of the L. P. St. Clair,oil liner

Union Oil Refinery Blue Prints

Blue print of oil refinery

Urias, Alfonso

This is a personal and family history of a Santa Paula Student for an oral history project.

USS Santa Paula Graceline Materials

There are items once used aboard the ship and souvenir items for the passengers

Valley Dance Club Collection

Materials of the Valley Dance Club: includes minutes of meetings, correspondence, news clippings, ephemera, and by-laws

Venema, Vera

This is a handwritten life story.

Ventura County Cultural Heritage Survey

Contains 2 reports, a survey of neighborhoods, their architecture and cultural attributes

Ventura County Historical Landmarks

A brief history of Ventura County with listings of the historical landmarks

Ventura County Women's Defense Battalion Papers

Defense Battalion papers of Virgina Reed's

Ventura Election Materials

Precinct registers for Ventura County

Ventura Library Circulation Statistics

Report on the circulation of books in the Ventura County library

Victoria, Jess Oral History

Victoria discusses growing up in the Limoneira labor camps where his parents were farm workers. His father later established a shoe repair shop in Santa Paula, CA

Ward and G. G. Briggs Family History

G. G. Briggs was an early pioneer in the Santa Clara Valley. This is a brief history of that family

Warring, Hugh

Warring describes early Santa Paula.

Wesley, Harry

Wesley's Description of "Fifty Years in Santa Paula."

West Village Site map

Map of the West Village: of Moultrie Place in the McMillan Manor Tract Subdivision, drawn by Lois Goodrith

Wheeler Canyon

Annual meeting presentation on the history of Wheeler Canyon, the Juaregui family presenting

Wilde, Delphine Oral History

Wilde recollects working in the apricot pitting sheds for McDivett

Wilde, Irv Oral History

This is a Fireside Chat at which Wilde discusses the history of water in Santa Paula

Willett, Jack Oral History

Discusses his personal history and life in Wheeler Canyon

Williams, Edward B. Family Papers

Collection contains photos and a family history

Wilson, Roy and George Collection

The collection is from the firm of Roy Wilson, archetect in Santa Paula

Woolworth, John Oral History

Woolworth recalls his life as a train agent for Southern Pacific in Santa Paula