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James C. Hormel LGBTQIA Center, San Francisco Public Library
San Francisco Public Library
100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, California 94102
Phone: (415) 557-4567
Email: sfhistory@sfpl.org
Collections with online items: 10
Physical collections: 122
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Anchor (Cliff) Papers

The collection documents the life of Cliff Anchor (also known as Michael Erickson), a gay rights activist, military man and radio broadcaster. These documents include speeches, correspondence, papers related to military service, materials related to Leonard Matlovich and Dr. Tom...

Berner (Lawrence) vs. John Briggs Collection

The collection documents the legal suit brought by homosexual school teacher Lawrence Berner against California State Senator John Briggs for defamation of character. Briggs had sponsored Proposition 6 which would have prevented gay and lesbian teachers from teaching in California....

Cameron (Barbara) Papers

Barbara M. Cameron was a Native American lesbian writer, speaker, photographer, and political activist. Her papers include speeches, writings, subject files, photographs, audiotapes, and printed materials on the subjects of: rights for lesbians, for women and for Native Americans; race;...

Frameline Film Festival Collection

Frameline is a San Francisco Bay Area cultural organization founded in 1977. It hosts an annual LGBT film festival which is the longest-running, largest and most widely recognized LGBT film exhibition event in the world. Since 1977 Frameline has acquired...

Gruber (John) Papers

Gruber was one of the founding members of the Mattachine Society, a homophile organization. The papers contain letters, clipped news items, draft writings and photographs.

Hay (Harry) Papers

The collection documents the personal and professional interests of Harry Hay and his partner John Burnside. Of particular note are the materials on the Mattachine Society, the Radical Faeries, anti-draft activities, berdache and Native American culture, music, and California Kaleidoscopes....

Nicoletta (Daniel) Photographs Collection

The collection is a portfolio of 33 images chosen and arranged by Daniel Nicoletta, a San Francisco-based freelance photographer. He has been documenting the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities since 1975. The collection showcases the wide range of his...

Reversing Vandalism Collection

The collection includes organizational files, correspondence, programs, clippings, flyers and press coverage that document the Reversing Vandalism project and exhibition.

Smith (Evander)--California Hall Papers

The collection contains case files and related materials for the legal defense of Evander Smith, Herbert Donaldson, Elliott Leighton and Nancy May. They were arrested on January 1, 1965 as a result of police harrassment at the Mardi Gras Ball...

Sylvester Collection

Sylvester James, Jr. (September 6, 1947–December 16, 1988), better known as Sylvester, was an American disco and soul singer-songwriter. He was known for his flamboyant and androgynous appearance. The collection contains photographs of Sylvester taken at a performance at the...