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Abbott (Steve) Papers

Steve Abbott was a poet, critic, editor and novelist. He was one of the founding editors of the San Francisco bay area's poetry newsletter , and he was the editor of the literary journal . The papers contain correspondence, subject...

Adair (Peter) Papers

The bulk of the collection centers on the documentary film (1977), a ground-breaking exploration of the lives of 26 gay men and women. A small portion of the collection concerns (1986), a production of Peter Adair and Rob Epstein's with...

Allen (Donald) correspondence regarding Eros

Letters from Pat Califia, Samuel R. Delany, Richard Hall, Michael Rumaker, and Samuel Steward, for Don Allen's book project on Eros. Letters arranged in alphabetical order by last name.

Anchor (Cliff) Papers

The collection documents the life of Cliff Anchor (also known as Michael Erickson), a gay rights activist, military man and radio broadcaster. These documents include speeches, correspondence, papers related to military service, materials related to Leonard Matlovich and Dr. Tom...

Atkins (Chloe) Collection

Chloe Atkins is a photographer who lives in the San Francisco bay area. The collection includes all her film from still photography, including associated proof sheets and model releases where available. Chiefly images of the GLBT community in the bay...

Atkins (Chloe) Photographs Collection

Chloe Atkins is a San Francisco-based photographer. This portfolio of 25 images celebrates the diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area's gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities. Some of these images are reproduced in (St. Martin's Press, 1998).

Atlas Savings & Loan Collection

The collection contains a small amount of Atlas Savings & Loan business correspondence and records including bylaws, publicity, promotional materials, mailings to shareholders. Atlas Savings & Loan Association was the first financial institution established by and for gays and lesbians...

Badlands Through the Ages Photograph Album

The scrapbook contains photographs of events, theme parties, costumes, and drag at Badlands, a gay bar in San Francisco. The final page is dedicated to manager Frank McGrady's retirement in 1999.

Bannon (Ann) Papers

Ann Bannon wrote the Beebo Brinker novels, a series of influential lesbian pulp paperbacks, which were published in the 1950s and early 1960s. The papers contain original manuscripts, correspondence and financial records, interviews, essays, reviews, photographs, and audiovisual materials.

Barbary Coast Boating Club "The Masthead"

A newsletter that documents the activities of a boating club for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the San Francisco Bay area and surrounding counties.

Berner (Lawrence) vs. John Briggs Collection

The collection documents the legal suit brought by homosexual school teacher Lawrence Berner against California State Senator John Briggs for defamation of character. Briggs had sponsored Proposition 6 which would have prevented gay and lesbian teachers from teaching in California....

Black Lesbian Newsletter / Onyx Collection

, later titled , was published in San Francisco and, later, Berkeley from 1982-1984. The newsletter includes poems, drawings, political perspectives, photographs, book reviews, event listings, personals, and some business listings. There is one letter to the newsletter and two...

Britt (Harry) Papers

The papers contain correspondence, subject / issue files, press coverage and clippings, budgets, campaign materials, photographs, and other ephemera of Harry Britt, a political activist and a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (1979-1993).

Brodine (Karen) Papers

Journals, files, photographs, correspondence, and writing of American lesbian feminist poet Karen Brodine.

Broughton (James) Collection

The collection contains an interview, and excerpts from a poem and several diaries by poet and filmmaker James Broughton. It also includes newspaper clippings, flyers, and student papers about his work.

Brown (Lynn) Papers

Photo albums, personal journals, correspondence, manuscripts, artwork, and slides.

Cade (Cathy) Photographs Collection

Cathy Cade is an Oakland, California-based photographer. The collection contains images of lesbian mothering, GLBT demonstrations and Freedom Day parades, lesbians at work, and various age groups.

Cameron (Barbara) Papers

Barbara M. Cameron was a Native American lesbian writer, speaker, photographer, and political activist. Her papers include speeches, writings, subject files, photographs, audiotapes, and printed materials on the subjects of: rights for lesbians, for women and for Native Americans; race;...

Cohen (Shelby Sharie) Photograph Portfolio

This selection of twenty black-and-white images demonstrates the range of Cohen's work and illustrates the diversity of activities and experiences of lesbians in the San Francisco Bay Area. The photos show a sex- and body-positivity that was influential within the...

Collins (John R. (Jack)) Papers

Collins was a professor at City College of San Francisco. The collection documents the courses Collins taught there, and the establishment of its gay and lesbian studies department. There are also catalogs from his work for an antiquarian book dealer....

Coupland (Ken) Films of Two Frank O'Hara Plays,

The collection contains original film elements as well as video dubs of two Frank O'Hara plays that Ken Coupland produced and directed. The films use a unique cinematic technique that he called "tantamation" which combines animation and storyboarding.

Cowles (M.C.) letter to Cal Chord

Cowles writes to a friend about his undesirable discharge from the U.S. Navy and the events surrounding it.

Curzon (Daniel) Papers

Daniel Curzon (pseudonym of Daniel Brown) is a novelist, playwright and educator. His novels include , , and . The Curzon Papers contain draft manuscripts for books, plays, songs, and articles by Curzon; personal and professional correspondence; mailing lists and...

Desiree Scrapbooks

The scrapbooks contain photographs, newspaper clippings and flyers which document the events where drag queen Desiree performed or was mistress of ceremonies. Some events were simply celebrations. Others raised funds and awareness for such organizations as Shanti Project, Dignity /...

D'Hondt, John. Dark Night of the Singing Nun

A short story of the life of Jeanine Deckers, known as the Singing Nun and Soeur Sourire (Sister Smile). She and Annie Pecher, her companion of 10 years committed suicide, in 1985.

Dickey (William) Poems and Correspondence

The collection contains letterpress and computer-generated prints of poetry by William Dickey, and some by Dickey and Leonard Sanazaro. Some pieces are exmples of fine printing by Lee Engdahl (Engdahl Typography), hit & run press, and the Pterodactyl Press. The...

Fabled Asp Collection

Fabled Asp is a multimedia archive that documents forty years of activist history and creativity. The project illuminates the myriad ways disabled lesbians have been moving against invisibility through civil rights actions, theater, dance, sports, and visual arts. The collection...

Federation of Gay Games Records

The records document the activities of the Federation of Gay Games which oversees the organization of the Gay Games, a competitive and cultural event.

Feminist Bookstore News Records

The organizational records of Feminist Bookstore News (FBN) from the beginning of the Feminist Bookstore News(letter) in 1976 through 2000. The Records include correspondence, information and issue folders, publications, clippings, promotional materials, financial records, audiovisual materials and microfilm. The collection...

Fisher (Gary) Papers

The collection contains the notebooks, diaries, journals, poems and short fiction of Gary Fisher, a gay African American man. It also includes the transcripts and excerpts used for , edited by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick.

Forrest (Katherine V.) Papers

The collection contains original drafts and final manuscripts of Forrest's books, reviews of her work, interviews, scrapbooks, photographs, awards and audiovisual materials.

Frameline Film Festival Collection

Frameline is a San Francisco Bay Area cultural organization founded in 1977. It hosts an annual LGBT film festival which is the longest-running, largest and most widely recognized LGBT film exhibition event in the world. Since 1977 Frameline has acquired...

Fricke (Aaron) Papers

The collection contains correspondence, subject files, and notes and drafts for Fricke's works, including and

Gary (Suzanne C.) Papers

Suzanne C. Gary was a poet, a feminist lesbian, and an activist in the second wave of the women's movement in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Gary Papers include her journals from 1963-2013, her poetry and prose, and her...

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation/San Francisco Bay Area Clippings

GLAAD clipped references to gays and lesbians in newspapers and magazines as part of “Media Watch,” an on-going project to monitor and respond to media coverage. The subjects range from the Boy Scouts to gays in the military, and from...

Gerharter (Rick) Photographs Collection

Rick Gerharter is a San Francisco-based free-lance photojournalist. This collection of images was selected by the artist and documents activities in San Francisco's LGBT community from 1988 through mid-1995. Many photos were taken while on assignment for the and capture...

Giard (Robert) Photographs Collection

The collection contains portraits of 91 gay men and lesbians who are literary figures, community activists, and performing artists. Some portraits were chosen on the basis of the subjects' connection to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Goin (Crit) Papers

The collection contains three scrapbooks and a photo album, loose photographs of family and friends, correspondence, ephemera from Goin's restaurant, military service documents, and other legal documents. Photographs include Goin in the Navy, cooking, his family and friends, and Radical...

Gomez (Jewelle) Papers

The papers contain correspondence, photographs, diaries, teaching materials, and drafts and completed manuscripts of writings by Gomez. The manuscripts include "The Gilda Stories," "Bones and Ash," many poems, and numerous essays and reviews.

Greenman (Jessea) P.E.R.S.O.N. Project Records

The P.E.R.S.O.N. Project, and its precursor GLAAD's Project 21, worked to ensure that the public schools in the United States would present fair, unbiased and accurate information regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and about the nature and diversity...

Grier (Barbara) and Donna McBride Naiad Press Collection

Barbara Grier was a writer, editor, and publisher of articles and books on lesbians and lesbianism. She and her life partner Donna McBride, a librarian, were two of the four founders of Naiad Press, a lesbian publishing house. The collection...

Grosh (Gregory) Yonkers Production Company Slides

Yonkers Production Company was a San Francisco, California theater company in the 1970s. It specialized in all-male productions of popular musicals such as , , and Yonkers was on off-shoot of SIR Productions and involved many of the same people....

GroundSpark Records

The collection contains the organizational records of and film and video elements created by GroundSpark, a documentary film company established by Debra Chasnoff. GroundSpark's educational films often address subjects of human rights and sexuality.

Gruber (John) Papers

Gruber was one of the founding members of the Mattachine Society, a homophile organization. The papers contain letters, clipped news items, draft writings and photographs.

Hay (Harry) Papers

The collection documents the personal and professional interests of Harry Hay and his partner John Burnside. Of particular note are the materials on the Mattachine Society, the Radical Faeries, anti-draft activities, berdache and Native American culture, music, and California Kaleidoscopes....

Hewitt (Christopher) Papers

Christopher Hewitt was a gay poet, disabled activist, recovered alcoholic, editor, and college teacher. His papers include poetry, prose, correspondence, journals and diaries, photographs, sketches, drawings, and audio-visual materials.

Horowitz (Sheila) Sonoma County Project 10 Scrapbook and Videotapes

Sonoma County Project 10 was organized in September 1992 to promote the safety of gay and lesbian youth in Sonoma County schools. The collection contains publications, newspaper clippings, programs and flyers, and videotapes that document the activities of Sonoma County...

Howard (Noni) Papers

The collection contains poetry books written by Noni Howard, published by her New World Press, and audio-visual materials regarding Howard's activities in poetry circles and education. Of note is the video-recording of the First Annual Women's Poetry Festival of San...

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) San Francisco Office Records

IGLHRC's mission is advancing human rights for everyone, everywhere–and to end discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. The collection contains case files, correspondence, reports and publications that document IGLHRC's work to provide asylum, legal assistance, and...

Iversen (John) ACT UP/East Bay Collection,

The collection contains flyers, clippings, brochures, and publications related to protests and other actions organized by ACT UP/East Bay, an organization based in the San Francisco bay area.

Jasany (Rick) Papers

The collection contains photographs, slides, and magazines, that document the work of Rick Jasany. His subjects included daily life in San Francisco and street life in the gay community in the 1970s and 1980s. For the magazine "Vector," Jasany created...

Jay (A.) Papers

The papers contain original artwork for the gay erotic comic strip "Harry Chess: The Man From A.U.N.T.I.E." and many flyers for which A. Jay's art was used. In addition, the collection contains correspondence with other prominent gay artists such as...

Jones (Dorrwin) papers.

The collection documents the personal and professional interests of Dorrwin "Dorr" Jones, a prominent gay-rights activist and founding director of San Francisco's Meals on Wheels program. The bulk of the collection contains material from the organizations where Jones worked or...

Kiki Gallery Records

The Kiki Gallery was established by Rick Jacobsen in San Francisco in 1993 to showcase contemporary art and performance. The records contain publicity files, slides, photographs, drafts of performance pieces, exhibit catalogs, a KIKIBOX, and some correspondence.

King (David R.) Gay Rights Collection

This collection consists of a scrapbook and 29 loose items compiled by gay rights supporter David R. King. The bulk of the items date from 1977-1979 and deal with gay rights issues, especially with Anita Bryant's activities in Dade County,...

Klein (Allen) "Moon Over Miami" Fundraiser Collection

Klein organized the "Moon Over Miami" event in 1977 to benefit the Miami Gay Support Committee's fight against Anita Bryant's anti-homosexual campaign. The success of the benefit led to a few other fundraising events for the anti-Briggs Initiative (a.k.a. No...

Koolish (Lynda) Photographs Collection

Lynda Koolish is a photographer and a professor of English and comparative literature. The collection contains portraits of gay and lesbian writers. Many of these images appear in Koolish's book (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, c2001).

Laton (Leonard) Collection of Anthony (Tony) J. Sansone Photographs

The collection contains original photographs and a book featuring figure studies of Anthony (Tony) J. Sansone, a physique model and dancer from New York. A protégé of Charles Atlas, Sansone was a much sought-after model for photographers and artists during...

LGBTQIA Club and Event Flyers Collection

Flyers for events held at clubs, bars, and restaurants. Some are fundraising events for social organizations, others are to provide services to HIV/AIDS programs or other social service organizations. There are dance club announcements, and circuit party announcements. Some flyers...

LGBTQIA Ephemera Collection

The collection contains published and some unpublished materials about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual people and their interests.

LGBTQIA Realia Collection

The collection contains objects with LGBTQIA subject matter and intended for the LGBTQIA community, or with a connection to an event, organization, or business.

Library Journal Survey of Gay and Lesbian Holdings in U.S. Libraries

This collection contains sample forms and cumulated statistics for the survey, along with Eric Bryant's article "Pride & Prejudice" (in , June 15, 1995, p. 37-39) which summarized the results.

Liebman (Marvin) Coming Out Conservative Collection

The collection contains correspondence, clippings, drafts of Liebman's coming-out letter and of his book , and a videotaped interview. Drafts include comments by Betty Berzon, William F. Buckley, Jr., Carol Buckley, and Priscilla Buckley.

Linwood (Elliott). Outskirts: A Suite of 12 Images

Linwood describes the suite: "black and white street photographs taken in the afternoons of 1990, mostly of San Francisco. These twelve images document moments of sun-drenched, and in San Francisco's case fog-reflected, afternoon light. Their ethnographic content and theatrical composition...

Livia (Anna) Papers

The papers include drafts and completed writings by Livia, correspondence, reviews, interviews, notes for lectures, and subject files. Her work centers on issues of gender, sexuality and language. She was fluent in French and translated several books and poems for...

Lonidier (Lynn) Papers

The papers include correspondence, manuscripts, drafts, research materials and notes, financial and publishing documents, and photographs that relate to Lonidier's career as a teacher, writer/poet, and lesbian-feminist activist. It also includes objects used in two of her performance pieces.

Lourea (David) Papers

The collection contains correspondence, articles, magazines, newspaper clippings, newsletters, and other ephemera on bisexuality and on the San Francisco Bisexual Center. It also includes articles relating to AIDS education in the bisexual community.

Ludwig (Lynn) Photographs Collection

Portraits and informal photographs of gay bears, gay bear events, Ludwig family and events, holidays, Northern California scenery and locations. There are some flyers included in the albums, as well as attendance name badges.

MacCowan, Lyndall. Legions working bibliography

The bibliography focuses on self-reflected lesbian lives with lesbian, bisexual, or "variant" content. Entries cover the years 1650 - 1992 and are English language titles only. The folder includes a cover letter to Jim Van Buskirk describing the bibliography, and...

Madison (Annemarie) Papers

Madison was an AIDS volunteer and educator. The collection contains correspondence and photographs of the many "boys" hospitalized with AIDS for whom Madison cared. The collection also includes posters, and audio- and videotape on the subject of AIDS in the...

Maley (Ken) Papers

Ken Maley is a San Francisco-based media consultant and promoter who has been involved with many civic organizations and events, several of which were for the LGBT community. The collection contains correspondence, flyers, clippings, subject files, photographs, negatives, buttons, and...

Marr (Larry D.) Golden Gate Troopers Scrapbook and Ephemera

The scrapbook contains organizational materials, photographs, badges, pins, flyers, and clippings that document the Golden Gate Troopers, a uniform club. In addition there is a program for the "San Francisco GDI Club" and an "Acme Man '75" souvenir program.

Matthews (Tede) "Some of My Best Friends: poetry"

Poems written between 1974 and 1981 by gay poet and activist, Tede Matthews.

McEvoy (Claudia) Maud's Collection

Maud's was a lesbian bar in San Francisco that established a strong sense of lesbian community. McEvoy played on the bar's softball team. The collection of Maud's related material includes photographs, clippings, programs, books, T-shirts, matchbooks, awards, a trophy, and...

McGowan (Jack) Gay Softball Collection

The collection includes photographs, programs, clippings, clothing, and publications on the Gay Softball League (GSL) and the Community Softball League (CSL).

McGregor (Marilyn) ACT UP/Golden Gate Breast Cancer Committee Records

These records consist of reports, correspondence, drug protocols, newspaper clippings, posters, and audiovisual materials that document the work of the ACT UP/Golden Gate Breast Cancer committee.

McKay (Molly) and Davina Kotulski Marriage Scrapbooks

A collection of 22 scrapbooks that document Molly McKay and Davina Kotulski's joint and individual efforts to attain marriage equality in California from 1998-2012. The volumes contain clippings, correspondence and email, photographs, speeches, flyers, notes and ephemera. There are also...

Meredith (Ann P.) Photographs Collection

Ann P. Meredith is a fine art photographer, writer, director, producer, filmmaker, performance/installation artist and playwright. For many years she lived in Northern California, specifically in Sacramento, Berkeley, Tiburon and Sausalito. This collection contains portraits of gays and lesbians drawn...

Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco Collection

The collection contains audio recordings of sermons and services from 1978-2006 (with some gaps), transcripts of many sermons, church newsletters, photographs, newspaper clippings, church histories, and theses written about the organization. In addition, there is digitized material including oral histories,...

Michel (Kirsten) Photographs and Videotapes Collection

Michel's photographs and videotapes document San Francisco Bay Area LGBT life and activities from 1992-2009.

Milk (Harvey) Archives--Scott Smith Collection

Harvey Milk was the first openly gay man elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Scott Smith was his partner and friend. The collection documents the personal and political life of Harvey Milk, and the personal life of Scott...

Milk (Harvey) Letters to Joe Campbell

This collection contains 59 letters and cards from Harvey Milk to Joe Campbell; most were written after their romantic relationship ended.

Milk (Harvey) Letters to Susan Davis Alch

The letters document Harvey Milk's activities in Miami, Dallas, and New York and his relationships with Joe Campbell and John Harvey. Milk was the first openly gay candidate elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors; Susan Davis Alch was...

Miller (Grace) Papers

The collection documents the life of Grace Miller through correspondence, subject files, photographs and negatives, and a scrapbook. Miller was a co-owner and bartender at two lesbian bars in San Francisco. As a result of serving underage patrons, she was...

Mintun (Peter) Cockettes Collection

The collection contains photographs of the Cockettes, especially Sylvester and John Rothermel, flyers, show sequence sheets and some scripts for Cockettes performances, correspondence and contracts, newspaper clippings and published articles about the Cockettes, and some audiorecordings.

Mirken (Bruce) Journalism Research Files

Bruce Mirken is a San Francisco-based journalist, advocate, and public relations officer. His journalism research files and audiotapes cover many issues of concern to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Some of his major story subjects include AIDS and...

Nicoletta (Daniel) Photographs Collection

The collection is a portfolio of 33 images chosen and arranged by Daniel Nicoletta, a San Francisco-based freelance photographer. He has been documenting the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities since 1975. The collection showcases the wide range of his...

Nomenus Radical Faerie Archives

The archives contains the correspondence, minutes, agendas, organizational records, membership directories, and publications of the Radical Faeries, a queer social organization with a focus on spirituality. A large portion of the collection concerns the acquisition and maintenance of the Wolf...

Oaks (Robert) Papers

Robert F. Oaks is a historian with a primary interest in Colonial America and the American Revolution. In the late 1970s he developed an interest in gay history, too. The collection contains letters from gay historians, research notes for articles...

O'Connor (Jeannie) AIDS Self-Portraits Collection

The collection consists of negatives, contact sheets, proof prints, Polaroid prints, and oversized prints of self-portraits made at several San Francisco Bay Area AIDS and HIV-positive care facilities. The subjects included people with AIDS and HIV, as well as staff...

Oehler (Terry) Journals

Oehler was a librarian and former lawyer who lived in the San Francisco bay area. He was a gay man who loved bridge, chess, travel, and genealogy. His meticulously detailed diaries provide a glimpse of his life.

Parker (Pat) Poems

There are three poems by Pat Parker. The first lines and/or titles are: "mold yourself..." (2 leaves), "To Lynda" (1 leaf), and "from my bedroom window..." (1 leaf).

Passet (Joanne) Research Material on Barbara Grier

The collection contains Passet's interviews and correspondence about the life and work of lesbian author and publisher Barbara Grier. Grier was one of the editors of and one of the founders of Naiad Press. interviewees and correspondents include: Grier's life...

Pomo Afro Homos Records

The records contain correspondence, programs, press coverage, contracts, scripts, financial information, photographs, and other ephemera of Pomo Afro Homos (Postmodern African American Homosexuals), a San Francisco-based theater group that presented the stories of black, gay men.

Ravarour (Adrian) Synopsis and Appendix: The Vanguard (LGBT) gay youth movement and organization, San Francisco 1965-1967

A short history of the founding of Vanguard, an organization for LGBT equal rights that also served LGBT youth in San Francisco's Tenderloin District, written by its founder Adrian Ravarour. It recounts the connections between Vanguard, Glide, and other organizations....

Reed (Paul) Papers

Paul Reed was an author from San Francisco, California. Greatly influenced by the AIDS epidemic, his fiction focuses on the gay community from the 1980s through the 1990s. His published journals and other works of non-fiction record his fight with...

Rest Stop Collection

Rest Stop was an emotional support center for persons living with AIDS/ARC/HIV in San Francisco, California. It opened in 1987 and closed in 1992. The collection contains the Rest Stop newsletter, photographs, subject files, newspaper clippings, a small amount of...

Reversing Vandalism Collection

The collection includes organizational files, correspondence, programs, clippings, flyers and press coverage that document the Reversing Vandalism project and exhibition.

Ritz (Kreemah) Papers

The collection contains flyers, posters, scripts, photographs, newspaper clippings, and audio-visual materials that document the performances of The Cockettes, a San Francisco-based theatrical troupe, and of Sylvester, a singer who performed with The Cockettes and then pursued a solo career.

Roberts (Patti) Papers

Patricia (Patti) Rose Roberts was a longtime San Francisco Bay Area resident and civil rights and labor attorney. The papers document her interest in prison reform, George Jackson and Stephen Bingham, comparable worth and pay equity for women, gay and...

Robinson (James (Robbie)) My Story, One Gay's Fight: From Hate to Acceptance

James (Robbie) Robinson was a barber for 45 years at The Viking in San Francisco and, starting in 1957, he was a bartender in homosexual bars. He witnessed police harassment, raids on homosexual establishments, and was one of the seven...

Rofes (Eric E.) Papers

The Rofes Papers contains drafts of his writings, clippings, subject and research files, teaching notes, and correspondence. Rofes was involved with the Gay Men's Health Collective, and Shanti Project, among others. His research interests included gay teachers, education, charter schools,...

Roscoe (Will) and Bradley Rose Papers

The Papers contain the research material and drafts for Will Roscoe's book "The Zuni Man-Woman" and "Changing Ones: third and fourth gender in Native North America," research on Crow and Navajo two-spirit people, Indian Rights Association materials, (1894-1924), some writings...

Sawyer (F. Allen) "Lavender Lockeroom" Collection

The collection contains the script, publicity materials, and press coverage for "Lavender Lockeroom," a play by F. Allen Sawyer. It also includes videorecordings of two performances presented by the Hot Pants Homo Players and Theatre Rhinoceros in May and October...

Schneider (Jay) and Richard A. Ribulla Gay Games II Photograph Albums

The albums contain photographs taken at Games Games II which was held in San Francisco in 1986. The collection also includes photographs and negatives of the Acme Man contest, Castro Street Fair, and a contact sheet for Games Games II.

Seiter (Clinton) Short Stories

Clinton Seiter is a San Francisco author of short stories that explore the gay experience. Seiter sent photocopies of his short stories to Donald Allen, the publisher of Grey Fox Press, for critical feedback and for possible publication.

Sered, Jean. The Unmistakable Odor of Gunpowder (The Dan White Case)

An account of Dan White's assassinations of George Moscone and Harvey Milk on November 27, 1978, and of the trial that took place in May 1979.

Shilts (Randy) Papers

The collection documents the life and work of Randy Shilts. These documents include drafts, research and interview notes for his writing, correspondence, journals, clippings, photographs, VHS videos, and audiotapes. Half of the collection consists of newspaper and magazine clippings documenting...

Smith (Evander)--California Hall Papers

The collection contains case files and related materials for the legal defense of Evander Smith, Herbert Donaldson, Elliott Leighton and Nancy May. They were arrested on January 1, 1965 as a result of police harassment at the Mardi Gras Ball...

Society for Individual Rights Collection

Meeting minutes, flyers, bylaws, press releases, proposals, policy statements, articles, pamphlets, surveys, advertisements, clippings, event programs, constitution, and other material documenting the activities of the Society for Individual Rights (SIR), a homophile organization. Founded in San Francisco in 1964, SIR's...

Speier (Steve)-Chuck Frutchey Papers

The collection contains material on AIDS prevention education (1980s-1993), San Francisco politics (1970s-1980s), and Harvey Milk.

Stockwell (Nancy) Papers

The collection documents the life of Nancy Stockwell through her correspondence, subject files, diaries, and draft and printed copies of her writings. Stockwell was an author and professional golfer. She was one of the founders of , a San Francisco...

Strachan (David Cameron) Intersex Audio-Visual Materials

David Cameron Strachan is an intersex advocate whose life experience living with XXY sex chromosomes has helped him educate others about body type variations and difference. The collection documents gender and intersex issues addressed on talk shows, at San Francisco...

Streicher (Rikki) and Mary Sager Photograph Albums

The photograph albums document events at Amelia's and Maud's, two lesbian bars in San Francisco that were owned by Streicher, as well as various birthday gatherings, a "Word is Out" event, and a Tribute to Streicher that was a fundraiser...

Survive AIDS--ACT UP/Golden Gate Records

The collection contains minutes, correspondence, clippings files, and subject files produced by the Golden Gate chapter of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (AUGG). Some material is from ACT UP San Francisco (AUSF). The collection also contains banners, posters, buttons...

Swallow (Jean) Papers

The collection contains drafts, background research, and publicity materials for the books, poems and stories written by Jean Swallow. She also amassed material on Alcoholics Anonymous and other groups that assist people in recovery from substance abuse.

Sycamore (Mattilda Bernstein) Papers

Mattilda is a writer and activist concerned with various issues within the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. The major subjects include assimilation, gender, identity, and politics. The collection contains manuscripts, 'zines, published articles and books, photographs and audiovisual materials.

Sylvester Collection

Sylvester James, Jr. (September 6, 1947–December 16, 1988), better known as Sylvester, was an American disco and soul singer-songwriter. He was known for his flamboyant and androgynous appearance. The collection contains photographs of Sylvester taken at a performance at the...

Taylor (Polly) papers

Polly Taylor (1929-2016) was a lesbian activist who dedicated her life to social justice. Born into a Quaker family, she pursued careers as a psychological social worker and therapist in Buffalo, New York, and was involved in anti-draft and anti-Vietnam...

Tea (Michelle) Papers

The Michelle Tea Papers document the life and creative endeavors of Michelle Tea, a prolific and impactful writer, poet, memoirist, and radical queer feminist who has spent much of her life supporting the creative pursuits of women and queer people...

Toklas (Alice B.) Letters to Donald H. Frank

The correspondence contains references to San Francisco, Paris during and after World War II, Gertrude Stein, William James, Virgil Thomson, and Thornton Wilder. Also mentioned are productions of Stein's works, and publications of Toklas' cookbook and her autobiography, "What Is...

Tom of Finland Drawings

Five drawings by Tom of Finland depicting groups of two, three, and four men in erotic situations that feature leather and naval uniforms. The collection also includes a photocopied photograph of Tom Nicoll.

Trannyshack Collection

The club Trannyshack was founded in February 1996 by Steven Grygelko, known by the professional moniker Heklina. Trannyshack was a drag show staged every Tuesday at the Stud, a South of Market gay bar in San Francisco, California. The Tuesday...

Tucker (Nancy) T-Shirt Collection

These shirts were produced to commemorate gay and lesbian parades, marches, gatherings, organizations, and AIDS-related groups or events. A sample of subjects includes San Francisco's Lesbian and Gay Freedom Day Parades and Celebrations, the San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay...

Verasphere Archive

The archive contains newspaper clippings, oral histories, videorecordings, and photographs that document the costumes, appearances, and photographs of Mrs. Vera, a drag persona, and her circle of friends in San Francisco.

Verrilli (Rocco) Collection of Frederick Rolfe Correspondence and Manuscripts

Letters, a book, manuscript notes and drafts written by gay English author Frederick Rolfe, also known as Baron Corvo. The letters address the publication and reception of his work, his financial difficulties, Catholics and Catholicism, photography, and the Order of...

Vincent Diaries

The collection contains 15 diaries and a small amount of correspondence documenting Vincent's life from 1984 until his death due to AIDS in 1995.

Vogel (Gregory M.) Dick Kramer Gay Men's Chorale Collection

The collection contains programs and publicity materials for, and audiorecordings of the Dick Kramer Gay Men's Chorale, a San-Francisco based organization. It also includes some materials on other LGBT choruses and associations.

Wallace (Howard) Papers

Wallace was a gay labor and peace activist whose work centered on equal rights for all regardless of sexual orientation or race. The collection contains correspondence, flyers, leaflets, posters, photographs, brochures, pamphlets, legal documents, and clippings. Wallace was involved with...

Warren (Patricia Nell) "47 Years of Collected Short Writings"

The collection contains editorals, essays, magazine articles, poetry, and short stories from the author's file of tear-sheets collected by Wildcat Press. The subjects of her writing include LGBT youth, politics, AIDS, sports, and censorship, among others.

West (Celeste) Papers

The papers contain correspondence, drafts of books and articles written and edited by West, subject files for library work, and Booklegger Press and Elsa Gidlow materials.

Wirth (Scott) Operation Concern Collection

Founded in 1974, Operation Concern was the first counseling service established by gay and lesbian individuals to serve the San Francisco Bay area's underserved gay and lesbian people and their families. Scott Wirth was a staff member with Operation Concern...