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San Diego City Clerk's Archives
202 C Street
San Diego, California 92101
Phone: (619) 235-5247
Email: sbeale@sandiego.gov
Collections with online items: 26
Physical collections: 29
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Alonzo E. Horton Document Collection

Alonzo E. Horton was a founder and builder of New Town, San Diego beginning in the late 1860s. He purchased 960 acres of land on the San Diego Bay, later known as "Horton's Addition." At first, there was much opposition...

The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway

Box 17091 full of files regarding the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Co. (A. T. & S. F. Ry Co.) from the City of San Diego, includes correspondence, plans, maps, petitions and five 8X11 B&W photographs of the train...

Charles Lindbergh Week Collection

7 documents, including graphics, windshield sticker, petitions to sell souvenirs, song lyrics and news clippings with signed photograph. See detailed description of documents below.

Children's Pool or Scripps Pool, La Jolla, CA

10 documents related to Ellen Browning Scripps' Children's Pool donation to the City, including official correspondence, Resolutions by Common Council of the City of San Diego, procedural cover sheets, a site map, a drawing of proposed breakwater, notes and a...

City Farm / Pueblo Forester / Pueblo Farm, La Jolla

All City archived records related to the City Farm, aka Pueblo Farm, and the Pueblo Forester; including correspondence, maps, resolutions, ordinances, memoranda, invoices, applications, appointments, plans, blueprints, petitions, inventory, and notices.

City Park , 1400 Acre Park, Balboa Park by 1913

All City Park related Correspondence, Petitions, Maps, Resolutions, Joint Resolutions, Ordinances, Documents, Reports and Minutes from Board of Delegates, Board of Alderman, Common Council, and Board of Park Commissioners; in the records of the City Clerk Archives, City of San...

Court of the Port of San Diego, Book of Titles and Customs Receipts

Original Mexican Period titles and recordings of the Customs Receiver, Court of the Port of San Diego, in Spanish and on authentic re-stamped 1825-1826 Spanish Stamped Paper (a form of taxation). Includes "Book A" titles and signatures of Martin Sanchez...

George White Marston Document Collection

67 tems related to George W. Marston throughout his lifetime . Mr. Marston was a major San Diego civic leader, businessman, politician and a supporter of the parks, culture, economy and the history of the City of San Diego.

The Gutierrez Spanish Tent Show

The Gutierrez Spanish Tent Show, or Gutierrez Show Compañía Mexicana de Autómatas y Variedades, was a traveling tent show that came regularly at least during the 1930s and 1940s to the Barrio Logan section of San Diego. Some years shows...

Horton Plaza Park

City Clerk archived documents relating to the Horton Plaza Park, aka City Plaza; including, correspondence, petitions, sketches, plant selections, landscape design with Gill fountain, resolutions, ordinances, and minutes,.

Irving J. Gill Document Collection

Irving J. Gill documents discovered in the City Clerk Archives, City of San Diego, dated from 1904 to 1911. Irving Gill, an American architect, (1870-1936), is considered a pioneer of the modern movement in architecture. Gill came to San Diego...

Kate O. Sessions Collection

A collection of document archives relating to Kate O. Sessions, horticulturist, landscaper, city gardener, and nursery and cut flower business owner in San Diego, dating from 1891-1940, from the City Clerk’s Archives, City of San Diego, CA. Miss Sessions is...

Los Angeles, San Diego & Yuma Railway Co.

Entire City of San Diego records file entitled "Yuma Railway". Includes letters, telegrams, petitions, articles of incorporation, statement of facts, Messages from the Mayor of the City of San Diego, communications from majority stockholders in the laying of railroad connecting...

Old City Hall, San Diego

Records files from the City Clerk's Office regarding Old City Hall, its use, sale and condition; including appraisals, analysis and photograph of the site and building dated prior to 1941

Rainmaker Charles Hatfield Collection

City Clerk, City of San Diego documents related to Rainmaking and Charles Hatfield, a rainmaker hired by the City in 1915. Documents and related materials date from 1914 to 1948 and include correspondence (including that from and to the City...

San Diego and Arizona Railroad, formerly San Diego and South Eastern; San Diego and Eastern Railroad

Maps, photographs, documents, including petitions, communications, ordinances, railroad franchise acceptance; and one bound report; regarding the building of the railroad in San Diego from the wharf in San Diego Bay eastward toward Arizona and Mexico

San Diego's Mexican Period and Transition to the United States

This collection includes Spanish documents (some translated) from the Mexican Period of San Diego's history dated from 1835-1849; in addition to documents in English created during and about the town's transition in becoming a part of the United States as...

Save the Pigeons at the Plaza 1948: San Diego Citizens' and Visitors' Communications to City Council (now Horton Plaza Park)

Supporters of the pigeons in downtown San Diego's Plaza handwritten objections sent to the City Council in 1948 and 1949 regarding the City's proposal to rid the Plaza (across from the U.S. Grant Hotel; since named Horton Plaza Park) of...

Sign, Billboard and Theatre Marquee Regulation and the Sidewalk Billboard Ordinance

Numerous files of the Clerk's Office, City of San Diego, labelled Signs and Billboard Regulation, including. ordinances and their histories, brochures, photographs of signs and billboards on businesses, sidewalks, roadsides and highways; drawings, specs, correspondence and citizen input. Special features;...

Special Police Woman and The San Diego Bathing Suit Ordinance of 1917

Five documents including a draft ordinance, official passed Ordinance 7056: An Ordinance Regulating Wearing of Bathing Suits in Certain Portions of La Jolla Park, a petition signed by numerous citizens, a letter from the San Diego Police regarding the appointment...

Texas & Pacific Railway Company

Entire records file of the City of San Diego entitled "Texas & Pacific Railway" - details to be added.

Tunneling into the Mammoth Caves of La Jolla

Petitions and protests with supporting documentation submitted to the City of San Diego during the years 1902 and 1903 regarding the tunneling through coastal land in La Jolla to access from land the popular sea caves of La Jolla, then...

U. S. - San Diego Barracks Document Collection

Entire file from City of San Diego records entitled "U.S.-- San Diego Barracks". Includes, communications from Commanding Post to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and City of San Diego Board of Trustees, letter from Post Hospital doctor, Inspector...

U.S.S Bennington 1905 Disaster Document Collection

City Clerk file, including correspondence, list of sailors killed in the boiler explosion, list of names and addresses of family members and friends notified and sent published report, local news clipping of report of President Osborne regarding the memorial service...

U.S.S. San Diego

Entire City of San Diego records file entitled "U.S.S. San Diego." Includes newspapers whole sections and clippings, photos, resolutions, an ordinance, a memorial, correspondence, and an invitation to the re-christening of the ship. Correspondence includes that relevant to former U.S.S....

WW2 Related Materials

WW2 Related Materials, including: correspondence, bulletins, leaflets, plans, awards, citations, resolutions, applications, notices, regulations, restrictions, public proclamations, maps, guides to regulations,