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Pasadena Museum of History
470 West Walnut Street
Pasadena, California 91103-3594
Phone: 626.577.1660
Email: info@pasadenahistory.org
Physical collections: 24
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Ainge (Fern A. Proudfoot) Collection

The Fern A. Proudfoot Ainge Collection (1900-1920s) includes school papers and a diary (possibly belonging to her father)....

Allin Brothers Field Books Collection

The Allin Brothers Field Books Collection (1887-1940) is part of the Field Books Collection, which comprises about 400 small leather-bound notebooks, which contain field records of the Pasadena City Engineer. This supplements a smaller collection of field books received earlier...

American Association of University Women, Pasadena, California Branch Papers

The American Association of University Women Pasadena California Branch Papers (1934-1990) includes annual reports, minutes of meetings, bulletins, scrapbooks and annual yearbooks, which list the Association bylaws and constitution, membership lists and meeting dates....

Anderson (Hugh) Collection

Besides personal correspondence and materials, the Hugh Anderson Collection (1921-1959) includes newspaper clippings, correspondence and materials regarding the World War II evacuation of Japanese-Americans to relocation centers and correspondence with wartime government and military officials. The collection includes correspondence and...

Arbor Vitae Club Collection

The Arbor Vitae Club Collection (1908-1980s) consists of club notebooks and photographs....

Bartlett (Louis A., et al.) Field Books Collection

This collection documents survey information for streets, sewers, parks, bridges and other Public Works projects for the City from 1886 into the 1940s. In addition many small maps, some in great detail, show boundary lines, street routes, building outlines, property...

Benshoff (Will A.) Collection

The Benshoff Collection includes approximately 1,000 architectural drawings and blueprints of homes, churches, and businesses; contracts and project specifications; approximately 200 negatives and 125 photographs of architectural subjects (including some of Benshoff's projects), family, and views in and around Pasadena;...

Benton (Irving W.) Collection

The Irving Wright Benton Collection (1880s-1952) includes personal items and photographs....

Birch (John) Society

The John Birch Society Collection consists primarily of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings and books regarding the organization.

Black History Collection

The Black History Collection consists of taped interviews, indices, donor lists, photographs, family material, newspaper articles, information about churches, community leaders, education, and pioneers. It also includes the Samuel C. Sheats Papers....

Bragdon, (Sarah Coleman) Music Collection

The Coleman family settled in Pasadena, California in 1886, the year of incorporation. Sarah Coleman Bragdon became an accomplished pianist and music teacher, as well as composing many piano pieces about Pasadena. The Coleman Chamber Music Series is an annual...

Bungalow Courts in Pasadena

A collection of official documentation of the National Register of Historic Places regarding a large number of bungalow courts in Pasadena, containing individual descriptions of courts and amenities, quotes from contemporary architects and placement within the 'California living' context.

California Society of Miniature Painters Collection

The California Society of Miniature Painters Collection (1911-1972) consists of exhibition catalogs, art school catalogs, artwork, photographs, organizational papers, membership biographies and lists, clippings and scrapbooks....

Carr Family Collection

The Carr Family Collection (1870 - 1936) includes family papers, legal papers (including deed for Carmelita), correspondence, sketches, photographs, transcript (by A.L. Carr) with paste-up of illustrations and some original photographs....

Chancellor (Dorothy) Collection

The Dorothy Chancellor Collection (1885-1985) includes personal, business, and legal papers and correspondence, family photos, books, scrapbooks, artwork, and schoolwork....

Chinese-American Society of Pasadena Papers

The Chinese-American Society of Pasadena Papers (1945-1984) includes membership lists, publications, correspondence, and scrapbook with meeting announcements, minutes and newspaper clippings.

College Women's Club of Pasadena Collection

The College Women's Club of Pasadena Collection (1921-present) includes organizational papers, yearbooks, monthly bulletins, presidents' and treasurers' reports, annual reports, minutes, notes, correspondence and records of loans and scholarships awarded.

Crowell (William C.) Collection

The William C. Crowell Collection (1901-1981) includes a business ledger, plumbing catalogue, and three photograph albums of construction projects.

Davies (Edwin G.) Papers

The Edwin G. Davies Papers (1918-1926) includes 5 photographs, 2 tintypes, certificates, and diplomas.

Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo (Family) Papers Container List

The Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo collection consists of the papers of eight family members created over a period of four generations. During the 19th and 20th centuries the family traveled internationally, established homes in New York, Colorado, New Mexico, and California, and accumulated...

Howard L. Dorn & Sons Collection

The Howard L. Dorn and Sons Collection consists of 6 folders of printer's proofs of logos, letterheads and other designs, and several letters from clients.

The Margaret N. Palmer Collection of the Pacificulture Foundation Papers

The Margaret N. Palmer Collection of Pacificulture Foundation Papers covers a range of institutional records and activities during the formative years of the Pacificulture Foundation. The bulk of the collection dates from the 1960 through the 1970s. It consists of...

Olympic Games Collection

The Olympic Games Collection includes reproductions of Olympic posters; programs, ticket stubs and memorabilia for the 1932, 1960 and 1984 Games; newspaper clippings and magazine articles for the three sets of games as well as the 1984 Olympic Arts Festival;...

Pickering (William H.) Collection

William Hayward Pickering was the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Director from 1954-1976. He oversaw the Explorer, Ranger, Surveyor, Mariner, Mercury, Viking and Voyager missions. Following retirement he was involved in private industry including the Research Institutes of Saudi Arabia's University...