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Adobes of Northern and Southern California Photographs

A disbound album of primarily amateur snapshots of 19th century California adobes taken during the 1930s and 1940s by Lucius Panfelo “Paul” Soberanes (1882-1959), a descendant of early Spanish landholders in California. The photographs primarily document the exteriors of the...

Alaska, Photograph Album of the Cruise of the Revenue Cutter "Corwin"

This photograph album illustrates the sights and peoples experienced during a voyage of the United States Revenue Cutter to Alaska and the Arctic Ocean during the early 1880s. There are many views of native (Inuit) villages and inhabitants in Alaska...

Alaska, Photograph Collection of the Revenue Cutters "Bear" and "Corwin"

The 282 photographic prints in this collection document voyages of the United States Revenue Cutters “Bear,” “Corwin,” and “Richard Rush” to Alaska and the Arctic Ocean in the 1880s and 1890s. The images depict the boats, Captain Michael A. Healy,...

Altadena, Los Angeles, and Southern California (Scenes)

Collection of 53 late 19th century photographs depicting scenes of popular Southern California destinations including the Andrew McNally residence and grounds on Mariposa Drive, Altadena. Views include Pasadena (streets and Raymond Hotel); Los Angeles (Chinatown, Courthouse, Plaza Church, street railway);...

Anthony (Earle C.) residence photographs and other material

A photograph album and other materials related to the Earle C. Anthony residence by architect Bernard Maybeck, built 1927 in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California. The collection belonged to Harold Grieve, the estate's interior designer, and includes a sketchbook by...

Arnold (Ralph) Photograph and Map Collection

A collection of photographs and maps compiled by American geologist and petroleum engineer Ralph Arnold (1875-1961), documenting his pioneering work in oil and mineral exploration, chiefly in the Western United States, Mexico and Venezuela, from 1900 to 1954, with the...

Aswan Dam Photographs

The Aswan Dam Photographs collection contains more than 1750 black-and-white photographs in 28 albums that documented the construction of the first Aswan Dam (later known as the Aswan Low Dam or the Old Aswan Dam), a masonry buttress dam located...

Automobile Club of Southern California Collection of Photographs and Negatives

The collection consists of over 10,000 black-and-white and color photographs, negatives, and slides, as well as pen-and-ink drawings, postcards, and ephemeral materials, dating from 1898 to 1982 (bulk 1920s-1930s), that were collected by the Automobile Club of Southern California. The...

Baker (Mildred E.) Travel Scrapbook Collection

This collection contains scrapbooks chiefly containing narratives, snapshots, and clippings documenting summer canyoneering and camping trips to the American Southwest, the Colorado River, and the Canadian Rockies by Mildred E. Baker (1899-1987) in the 1930s and early 1940s, as well...

Banning Family Collection of Photographs, Part I

The Banning Family Collection of Photographs, Part I, contains photographs, glass plate negatives, and one scrapbook collected by the Banning Family of Southern California and depicting various family members, friends, and family properties (both residential and commercial), with an emphasis...

Banning Family Collection of Photographs, Part II

The Banning Family Collection of Photographs, Part II, contains 1204 photographs and 23 photograph albums collected by the Banning family of Southern California from 1814 to 1979 (bulk 1880-1920). The three most substantial categories of images in this collection are...

Bauwens (George O.) and Arthur J. Babcock cabin in Eaton Canyon collection

A collection of photographs, a diary, and other materials chiefly documenting life in a cabin in Eaton Canyon, in the San Gabriel Mountains, California, 1921-1975. Also includes hydroelectric power project photographs, 1915-1919.

Bell Family Photograph Albums of Travel in the American West

A group of family photograph albums dated 1908 to 1924, depicting automobile trips throughout the American West to national and state parks.

Bieber (Ralph P.) Photographs of the Overland Trail

The collection contains photographs by historian Ralph P. Bieber (1894-1891) documenting the central overland route to California as it appeared in the 1950s. The images show the route through Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and California that...

Bond Family Photograph Collection

Photographs of the Judge Hiram Gilbert Bond residence "New Park" in Santa Clara, California, and Bond family members including Marshall Bond at his cabin in Dawson, Yukon, 1898.

Bonine (E.A.) Photographs of Indians of the Southwest

This collection contains 73 studio portraits of Native Americans from southwestern Arizona, and were probably taken between 1880 and 1883 in E.A. Bonine’s photography tent in Yuma, Arizona.

Bonsall (Isaac) Collection of Photographs

This collection contains 54 photographs by photographer Isaac H. Bonsall (1833-1909) chiefly depicting the landscape and Union Army operations during the American Civil War in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the surrounding regions, from approximately 1862 to 1865. The prints primarily document...

Brassey (Lady Annie) Photograph Collection

This collection consists of 70 folio volumes containing approximately 5,616 photographs collected by English writer and traveler Lady Annie Brassey (1839-1887) during her oceanic voyages around the world. The photographs, chiefly taken by professional photographers, cover the period between the...

Brown (F. E.) photograph collection of Bear Valley Dam

A collection of photographs, 1880s-1890s, of construction of Bear Valley Dam and surveys of the Whitewater River, San Bernardino County, California.

Buck (James T.) Family Photograph Albums

A collection of family photograph albums and a clippings scrapbook, 1910s-1930s, related to the family of James T. Buck, a newspaper publisher in Texas.

Bullock's Department Store Collection of Photographs

The Bullock's Department Store Collection consists of 680 photographs and 29 glass plate negatives related to the Los Angeles, California-based department store between 1905 and 1971 (bulk 1912-1945), as well as 2 boxes of ephemera pertaining to Bullock's publicity and...

Burnham (William Henry) Family Photographs of Catalina Island and Other Locations

Photographs documenting the social activities and travel of California financier William Henry Burnham and family, approximately 1898 to 1905.

California and Southern California Panoramic Negatives Collection

This finding aid brings together information about the Huntington's collections of panoramic negatives. These 436 negatives are located in three separate collections: the Verner Collection of Panoramic Negatives, the Harold A. Parker Collection of Photographs and Negatives, and the "'Dick"'...

California and the Pacific Coast, Photograph Album

This album contains typical commercial photographs of the towns and scenery of California, Oregon and Washington dating from the 1890s. Of note are early views of San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, Tacoma, and Seattle. There are...

California Botanic Garden, Santa Monica Mountains, Photographs of

Photographs of the California Botanic Garden, which operated 1928-1935 in Mandeville Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles County.

California Hotels, Missions, and Coastal Scenery, Photograph Collection

This disbound album contains typical late 19th century commercial photographs focusing on hotels, missions, and scenery of California, particularly California luxury hotels that catered to East Coast winter tourists. The most notable images include the second Hotel Del Monte, rebuilt...

California Missions and Catholic Churches, Photograph Album

This photograph album is made up of early 20th century photographs of eight California missions, in both ruined and repaired states. The album also includes photographs of San Antonio de Pala Asistencia, and Catholic churches the Church of Our Lady...

California Missions Souvenir Album

This souvenir album contains photographs and a few illustrations of California Missions, as well as smaller Catholic churches throughout California. The photographs are typical commercial views, with printed captions, taken by unknown photographer(s). The album was published by Pacific Novelty...

Carlson (H. Leroy) Collection of Photographs from New Guinea and the Philippine Islands

A collection of 447 photographs and other material related to the U.S. Navy in the Philippines and New Guinea during World War II.

Chalender (George F.) Collection of Railroad Photographs

A collection of 66 miscellaneous photographs of railroad-related subjects, with many steam locomotives and several scenes of train wrecks, late-19th to early-20th centuries.

Chinatown and related neighborhoods in downtown Los Angeles (Views)

This collection contains 131 black-and-white photographs (including some duplicates) of views of building exteriors and streets scenes in Old Chinatown and neighboring residential and industrial areas of downtown Los Angeles, California, that were taken prior to the demolition of the...

Churches and Architecture in Mexico and England Photographs

This disbound album is made up of two volumes, the first containing late 19th century photographs of sites throughout Mexico and parts of South America; most notable are Mexico City, Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Peru, Bolivia, and the Mesoamerican ruins of Mitla,...

Clark (Alson) Collection of Photographs

This collection contains 1289 photographs, chiefly gelatin silver prints, reflecting the professional life and travels of American impressionist painter Alson Skinner Clark, some taken by Alson Clark and some by commercial and unidentified photographers, from approximately 1889-1939. The collection chiefly...

Clarke (William M.) Architectural Negative Collection

This collection consists of glass and film negatives and copy prints chiefly of architectural scenes in Southern California taken by architectural photographer William M. Clarke (1872-1953). The bulk of the collection focuses on residential and business projects in Los Angeles...

Collection of Cased Photographs and Related Images

A collection of chiefly 19th-century photographs mounted in their original cases, and some related images. The majority are daguerreotypes and ambrotypes, 1840s-1860s, and are primarily portraits with some outdoor views including Gold Rush miners.

Colorado settlers, towns, and scenery photograph album

A photograph album of settlers in frontier Colorado, containing both amateur photographs and scenic views by photographer W. H. Jackson.

Conner (Palmer) Collection of Color Slides of Los Angeles

This collection consists of 705 Kodachrome slides taken by Palmer Conner (1900-1975) depicting downtown Los Angeles between 1954 and 1972. The bulk of the images in this collection were taken during the years of the Bunker Hill Redevelopment Project that...

Dalziel Family Collection

A collection of materials related to the Dalziel family, prominent wood engravers and publishers in mid to late-19th century England. Includes family photograph albums, hundreds of wood engravings, and scrapbooks.

Dennis & Farwell and Oliver P. Dennis Architecture Photographs

Photographs of Los Angeles-area buildings and residences designed by Oliver P. Dennis or his partnership Dennis & Farwell, approximately 1895 to 1913.

Densmore (W. R.) Photograph Album of Early Automobile Touring

An album of over 100 photographs chronicling early automotive tours across the United States, 1904-1915.

Dentzel (Carl S.) Photograph Collection of the American West

Photographs of the American West, dating from the 1870s to the 1890s, collected by Carl S. Dentzel (1913-1980), director of the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, California, including a disbound album of photographs of Alaska taken by A. L. Broadbent....

"Dick" Whittington Studio Collection of Negatives and Photographs

The collection consists of 70 panoramic negatives, 3207 copy prints, and corresponding negatives and interpositives, covering the years 1924-1948, that were created by the "Dick" Whittington Studio of Los Angeles, California. The images depict specific places, businesses, and commercial activity...

Dorskind (Albert A.) Collection of Universal City Photographs

This collection chiefly contains studio-produced press photographs of the development of the Universal Pictures movie studio, MCA-Universal Studios, the Universal Studios Tour, and Universal City in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California, 1910s - 1990s.

Duke (Donald) Collection of Railroad and Electric Railway Photographs and Ephemera

This collection consists of railroad and electric railway photographs, ephemera and publications, 1829-2010, with the bulk of material from the early- to mid-20th century. The materials are chiefly focused on steam and diesel locomotives, major railroads, and interurban passenger railways...

Edmiston (Reverend Berry) Collection of Photographs of Apache Peoples

A collection of 45 photographs (glass plate negatives, lantern slides, and copy prints) of Apache peoples and some U.S. Army soldiers in Arizona, approximately 1899. The Apache are seen with baskets, in family groups, posed with rifles, riding horses, and...

Ellis (Arthur M.) Collection of Photographic Negatives

This collection contains photographs, negatives, positives, and lantern slides depicting Southern California, primarily in the late 19th century, that were compiled by Los Angeles lawyer and writer Arthur M. Ellis (1875-1932), often for use in his research and lectures on...

Europe, Mexico, and the United States Lantern Slides

This collection contains 84 lantern slides from various photographers and publishers depicting images of Switzerland, England, Mexico, Washington D.C., and New England, as well as some portraits and scenes. Thirty-two of the slides were made by the Art and Travel...

Fair Oaks Ranch Photographs

This collection contains one photograph album and thirty-five loose photographs depicting the Fair Oaks Ranch, in Altadena, California, during the late 19th century. The ranch, owned by businessman and rancher James F. Crank, encompassed a vineyard, winery, and citrus orchards,...

Fanchon and Marco Collection of Photographs and Ephemera

The Fanchon and Marco collection contains approximately 1400 photographs depicting hundreds of Fanchon and Marco Inc. sets and performers for the company's live variety shows performed before feature films in California and across the country in the 1920s and 1930s....

Fleckenstein (Louis) Pictorialist Photographs of California Missions

This disbound album contains 33 pictorial photographs of California mission ruins taken by photographer Louis Fleckenstein (1866-1943) around 1920; most notable are San Juan Capistrano, San Juan Bautista, San Luis Obispo, and San Fernando Rey. Also included are photographs of...

Fletcher (W.H.) Photographs of Los Angeles and Vicinity

This collection of 25 William H. Fletcher commercial card photographs focus mainly on Los Angeles, California, during a period of industrial expansion and population growth in the late 1800s, with special attention on Los Angeles Street (which passes through Downtown...

Ford (John Anson) Photograph Album

An album of 120 photographs highlighting the career of John Anson Ford (1883-1983), who served on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors 1934-1958. Photographs depict Los Angeles area events and dedications primarily 1940s-1950s.

Forrest (Earle) Photographs of Hopi Indians

A collection of 77 photographs by Earle Robert Forrest (1883-1969) documenting the dances and rituals of Hopi Native Americans in the villages of Oraibi and Mishongnovi, Arizona, in 1906-1908. The images primarily depict the Snake Race, Snake Dance, and Blue...

Glendora Historical Society Collection of B.D. Jackson Photographs and Negatives

The Glendora Historical Society of B.D. Jackson Photographs and Negatives consists of 1202 black-and-white and color photographs (including postcards, stereographs, mounted photographs, and photograph albums) and 202 black-and-white and color negatives created by Southern California photographer B.D. Jackson (ca. 1850-1937)...

Hall (Charles Victor) Lantern Slide Collection of California Views

These lantern slides depict urban, agricultural, and nature scenes of California in the 1870s. The slides acted as a visual accompaniment to real estate developer Charles Victor Hall’s traveling lecture promoting California's resources and benefits, aimed to encourage New Englanders...

Hall (Theodore) Photographs of Bunker Hill, Los Angeles and Environs

A collection of photographs chiefly documenting the Bunker Hill neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles before and during redevelopment in the mid-twentieth century. Also includes images of residents and adjacent districts of Los Angeles.

Harold A. Parker Studio Collection of Lantern Slides and Transparencies

The Harold A. Parker Studio Collection of Lantern Slides and Transparencies consists of 96 hand-colored lantern slides and autochrome lantern slides, and 52 color transparencies, ca. 1904-1930, depicting, for the most part, unidentified houses, landscapes, plants and gardens in and...

Harold A. Parker Studio Collection of Negatives

The Harold A. Parker Studio Collection of Negatives consists of 5157 glass plate negatives, film negatives, and panoramic negatives, 1889-1949, that depict commercial, residential and landscape sites in and around Pasadena and Southern California. The images provide a look at...

Harris (Philip B.) photographs of Los Angeles railway surveys and World War I France

A collection of photographs compiled or created by Philip B. Harris of railroad construction and survey work in the Los Angeles area, 1901-1920s, and photographs of soldiers, ruins, and other scenes in World War I France.

Hart (A. A.) Stereographs of the Central Pacific Railroad

This collection contains 372 stereographic photographs (including some variants and duplicates) by photographer A. A. Hart (1816-1908) that document the construction of the western half of first transcontinental railroad by the Central Pacific Railroad between 1864 and 1869. Hart served...

Haynes (F. Jay) Photographs of Yellowstone National Park

Over 200 photographs of Yellowstone National Park, approximately 1880s, depicting scenery, hotels, and visitors, by photographer F. Jay Haynes.

Hayward & Muzzall Photograph Collection

This collection contains 170 photographs related to early California photographers E. J. Hayward and Henry Muzzall and consists chiefly of stereograph views of the Santa Barbara, California, region by Hayward & Muzzall, dating from the early 1870s to the mid...

Hegemann (Elizabeth Compton) Photograph Collection of Navajo Indians and the Southwest

This collection contains 729 photographs of the travels of Elizabeth Compton Hegemann (1897-1962) through the Navajo Indian Reservation and the Grand Canyon from 1922 to 1934. The images chiefly document Southwest Indian life, particularly of Navajo and Hopi Indians, trading...

Hill (Hamilton Andrews) Family Collection of Photographs of Europe

Photographs of Europe dating from approximately 1890s, collected by the Hamilton Andrews Hill family of Boston, Massachusetts.

Historical Society of Southern California -- Charles Prudhomme Collection of Photographs

The collection consists of photographs, negatives, and a blueprint dating from the 1870s to 1933 (bulk 1923-1933) primarily related to the history of the Los Angeles and the Southern California region, that were compiled by Los Angeles historian Charles J....

Historical Society of Southern California Collection -- Ana Bégué de Packman Collection of Photographs and Papers

This collection contains photographs related to Southern California history that were collected by Ana Bégué de Packman (1882-1973), a descendant of early Spanish-Mexican landowners in the region and the Secretary of the Historical Society of Southern California from the 1930s...

Historical Society of Southern California Collection -- California Centennials Commission, Southern California Division, Collection of Photographs

The collection consists of 424 black-and-white photographs that document the activities of the Southern California Division of the California Centennials Commission during the years 1948 to 1950. The photographs document regional events, including ceremonies, celebrations, parades, and historical reenactments, developed...

Historical Society of Southern California Collection -- Charles Puck Collection of Negatives and Photographs

The Puck Collection consists of more than 11,000 photographs and negatives both taken and collected by Los Angeles resident and local history enthusiast Charles Puck (1882-1968), which he donated to the Historical Society of Southern California over more than twenty...

Historical Society of Southern California Collection –- Frank Rolfe Collection of Negatives and Photographs

The Rolfe collection consists of 325 photographs (the majority of which are housed in two photograph albums), 574 negatives, one book, and ephemera, created and collected by Los Angeles civil engineer and local history enthusiast Frank Rolfe between 1899 and...

Historical Society of Southern California Collection -- Leuschner Collection of Photographs

Collection of 83 loose card photographs primarily depicting Los Angeles, California, from circa 1893 to 1905. The photographs were originally donated to the Historical Society of Southern California by Herbert Leuschner. The collection includes a number of photographs by the...

Historical Society of Southern California Collection - Thornton Fitzhugh Collection of Architectural Photographs and Ephemera

Disbound album with photographs, clippings, and other ephemera related to the architectural work of American architect Thornton Fitzhugh (1864-1933). The collection chiefly consists of photographs and renderings of commercial and residential buildings designed by Fitzhugh in Los Angeles and Arizona.

Historical Society of Southern California Collection of Lantern Slides

This collection of lantern slides comprises one portion of the Historical Society of Southern California (HSSC) Collection, which was donated to the Huntington Library in 1992. The HSSC Collection as a whole contains approximately 15,000 photographs and negatives covering the...

Historical Society of Southern California Collection of Photographs by Subject

The collection consists of 3511 photographs, negatives, and ephemeral items in various formats circa 1850s-1982. Compiled from the gifts of various donors to the Historical Society of Southern California, the collection covers a wide breadth of subject matter. The images...

Historical Society of Southern California Collection of Portrait Photographs>

This collection consists of 809 photographs of individual and group portraits, dating from circa 1850s-1997 (bulk 1860s-1930s), that formed part of the Historical Society of Southern California Photo Archives. It is a reference collection and includes images of both prominent...

Huntington (Henry E.), Huntington Family, Residence and Estate photographs

This collection contains photographs of Henry E. Huntington (1850-1927) and his family in New York and California, as well as early photographs of the Huntington residence and estate in San Marino, California, and the private railroad cars of the Huntington...

Huntington (Howard Edwards) Family Photographs

A collection of portraits and snapshots centered around the family of Howard Edwards Huntington, the son of railroad magnate Henry Edwards Huntington (1850-1927).

Huntington Lake Photograph Album

Photographs of Huntington Lake and the surrounding Sierra Nevada Forest, California, taken approximately 1915 to 1920. Views show a mountain resort, people enjoying recreation, scenery, and hydroelectric power houses at Big Creek.

Huntington Land and Improvement Company Collection of Photographs and Negatives

The collection consists of 127 photographs and 105 negatives, ca. 1920s-1930s and undated, created by and/or for the Huntington Land and Improvement Company. The images depict views of various real estate tracts in Eagle Rock, San Marino, Pasadena, Redondo Beach,...

Hyatt (Florence Barclay) Photograph Collection

This collection contains 50 photographs collected by Florence Barclay Hyatt (born 1865) including card photographs chronicling the aftermath of the Wounded Knee Massacre in southwestern South Dakota from 1890 to 1891, with images of Buffalo Bill, Captain Frank Dwight Baldwin,...

In Our Path

contains two series of black-and-white photographs by Jeff Gates that chronicle the construction and impact of the I-105 Century Freeway in Los Angeles, California, between 1982 and 1983 and later from 1990 and 1995. Each set of photographs is...

Ingalls (George W.) Photograph Collection

A collection of glass plate negatives and prints collected by Major George W. Ingalls, a United States Indian agent, 1872-1875, who worked among Paiute and other tribes in the American West, as well as among Great Plains, Great Basin and...

Irwin (William E.) Photographs of Great Plains Indians

A disbound album of primarily portrait photographs of Plains Indians, taken by photographer William E. Irwin from the 1890s to early 1900s, in Indian Territory. His images document the Chiricahua Apache, Comanche, and Kiowa Indians who lived near Anadarko and...

J. Allen Hawkins Studio Collection of Negatives

The J. Allen Hawkins Studio Collection of Negatives consists of 3027 negatives and 3607 prints (both vintage prints and copy prints), 1924-1972, that depict commercial sites, residences, and other subjects in and around Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley in...

Jackson (B.D.) Collection of Negatives and Photographs

The B.D. Jackson Collection of Negatives and Photographs consists of more than 4,800 photographs, glass plate negatives, and film negatives, as well related manuscript and ephemeral materials, created by Southern California photographer B.D. Jackson (ca. 1850-1937). The collection dates from...

Jackson (William Henry) Photographs of the California Missions

A collection of albumen photographs of 12 California Missions, taken by nineteenth-century photographer William Henry Jackson sometime between 1885 and 1890. One or more images of the following missions are included: San Antonio de Padua, San Carlos Borroméo de Carmel,...

Janin (Louis) photographs of Australian mining

Photographs of gold and copper mining in Australia, approximately 1895, taken by American mining engineer Louis Janin.

Jeffers (Robinson) family photograph collection

A collection of family photographs of American poet Robinson Jeffers, his wife Una Jeffers, and their twin sons Donnan and Garth, approximately 1919-1944. Photographs include the family home called Tor House, built by Jeffers in Carmel, California.

Johnston (Frances Benjamin) Photograph Collection

This collection contains approximately 1,276 photographs and corresponding glass plate negatives by American photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston that focus on the portrait work of Johnston's earlier years in Washington, D.C., mainly in the 1890s. The focus is largely on D.C....

Kenny (Herbert) Collection of Photographs of South Pasadena

This collection contains 799 photographs (chiefly glass-plate negatives, with 798 corresponding later prints) of people and places primarily in South Pasadena, California, taken by photographer Herbert J. Kenny (1863-1956) from approximately 1908-1937. The collection chiefly comprises studio portraits and images...

La Roche (Frank) Photographs of Alaska

This collection consists of photographs of Alaska taken ca. 1892 by Frank La Roche, depicting Alaskan nature scenes, views of town life (mainly in Sitka and Wrangell), and some Alaskan Natives. This collection provides insight into the Alaskan environment just...

La Rue (Eugene Clyde) Photographs

A collection of photographs compiled or created by American hydraulic engineer Eugene Clyde La Rue (1879-1947), documenting his work on major irrigation projects and surveys in the western United States, 1905-1940s.

Lake Arrowhead Promotional Album

A 1924 promotional album for cabin sites for sale in Lake Arrowhead, San Bernardino Mountains, San Bernardino County, California.

Lemon Men's Club Collection

This collection contains photographs, documents, and ephemera related to the history of the citrus industry primarily in Southern California from the late 1890s to the early 1960s. The materials were chiefly collected by members of the Lemon Men's Club.

Letchworth Family Photograph Collection

This collection consists of pages of a disbound photograph album containing 32 various-sized snapshots related to travel by the Letchworth Family in Southern California in 1906, as well as one additional loose print of an audience to a 1906 Pasadena...

Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition photograph album

Photographs of the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition held in 1905 in Portland, Oregon.

Loo (Tai Sing) photographs of a United States Navy baseball game at Pearl Harbor Field

Photographs of a U.S. Navy baseball game at a field in Honolulu, Hawaii, 1922, by photographer Tai Sing Loo.

Los Angeles Athletic Club Photograph Collection

This collection contains photographs of the members and grounds of Southern California beach and golf clubs that formed part of the Los Angeles Athletic Club in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The clubs represented are the Santa Monica Athletic...

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Collection

This collection consists of seven photograph albums documenting a range of departmental activities of the Los Angeles County Department of Health from approximately 1930 through 1932. The photographs depict such things as housing, schools, sewage disposal plants, diary farms and...

Los Angeles Documentary Project Photograph Collection

Photographs and promotional material from the Los Angeles Documentary Project, a photographic survey of Los Angeles, 1979 to 1981.

Los Angeles Railway Corporation Collection of Photographs

The collection consists of 1165 black-and-white photographs, 97 glass negatives, clippings, correspondence, manuscripts, notes, a card file, and a ledger book related to the Los Angeles Railway, 1851-1939, collected and created by Edwin L. Lewis, a longtime employee of the...

Lukens (Theodore P.) Collection of Negatives

This collection consists of 213 glass plate negatives and 243 film negatives created by Pasadena, California, conservationist and civic leader Theodore Lukens (1848-1918) that depict scenes in and around Los Angeles County, Central California, and the Southwest from the 1880s...

Lummis (Charles F.) Photograph Album to Susanita Del Valle, 1888

An album of 83 cyanotype photographs by American journalist, author, and ethnologist Charles F. Lummis given as a gift from Lummis to Susanita Del Valle in 1888. (Susanita was a nickname for Susana Carmen Del Valle (1871-1907)). The majority of...

Lummis (Charles F.) photographs of El Alisal, family members, and other subjects

A collection of photographs by American editor and writer Charles F. Lummis, featuring portraits of himself, family, and friends, and the building of his Los Angeles house, El Alisal.

Marquez (Ernest) Photograph Collection

The Ernest Marquez Photograph Collection contains photographic prints, negatives, photograph albums and ephemera compiled by collector Ernest Marquez, focused on the development of Santa Monica and Los Angeles from 1860s to 1980s, as well as other cities throughout California. The...

Mayo & Weed Photographs of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest

An album of 122 photographs by the Chicago, Illinois, photography firm of Mayo & Weed, dating from the 1890s, that depicts scenery and glaciers in Alaska; Native Alaskans, homes and totems; and towns and scenery in the western United States...

Meeks (William Newton) Family Photograph Collection

A collection of photographs of California pioneer William Newton Meeks, his wife Abigail Livia Martha Davis, their children, and other family members.

Metcalf (Edith) Collection of Navajo Indian Lantern Slides

These lantern slides depict Baptist missionary work with Navajo Indians at Two Gray Hills Mission near Ship Rock, New Mexico at the beginning of the twentieth century. Images of interest include Baptist preachers E.E. Chivers, N.B. Rairden, O.B. Sarber and...

Modoc Indian War Lantern Slides

This collection contains lantern slides with both photographs and illustrations of the 1873-1873 Modoc War, a conflict fought in the lava beds at Tule Lake on the California-Oregon border between a small band of Modoc Indians and the United States...

Monsen (Frederick) Ethnographic Indian Photographs

This set of photographs, titled “The Frederick Monsen Ethnographic Indian Photographs” by the photographer Monsen, focuses on Native Americans of the Southwest in mostly candid photographs taken in Pueblo communities, approx. 1886-1911. Views include portraits, ceremonies, dances, pueblos, livestock and...

Moon (Carl) Collection of Family Photographs and Ephemera

Family photographs, albums, clippings and other items relating to the early life and career of photographer Carl Moon (1878-1948) and his wife, Grace Moon.

Moon (Carl) Photographs of Indians of the Southwest and Oklahoma

This collection of photographs by photographer Carl Moon documents Native Americans living in Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma between 1904 and 1917. The primary tribes represented are Hopi, Navajo and Taos Pueblo Indians, but there are also Osage, Apache and...

Moore and Draper families photograph collection

Photographs related to the families who owned the Moore & Draper grocery store in Los Angeles, 1890s. Primarily portraits by early Los Angeles studio photographers, and one large view of the store.

Morris (Henry Curtis) photograph album of Nevada and California mining

A photograph album of early towns and mining life in Nevada from 1904-1912, with a few images in California.

Mount Lowe Railway souvenir album

A souvenir photograph album of the Mount Lowe Railway, a tourist line to Echo Mountain and Mount Lowe in the San Gabriel Mountains, California.

Mount Wilson Observatory Photographs and Audiovisual Materials

A collection of photographs and audiovisual materials chiefly related to Mount Wilson Observatory, Los Angeles County, California, and 20th-century astronomical research.

Mount Wilson Photograph Collection

This small collection contains 17 "On Pasadena and Mount Wilson Toll Road" card photographs taken by Stiffler & Gill around 1896 of the Mount Wilson area in the San Gabriel Mountains, California. Many of the scenes include historic camp...

Museum Project Photograph Collection

This collection contains 19 photographic prints by eight American photographers that were selected by The Huntington Library Curator of Photographs in 2013 and donated by the artists as part of the Museum Project. The images themselves date from 1970 to...

Neff (Wallace) Photograph Collection

This collection contains photographs, papers and published articles related to Los Angeles architect Wallace Neff (1895-1982) and his work designing residential and public buildings, primarily in Southern California, approximately 1913-1960s. The bulk of the collection consists of photographs of buildings,...

Neuenburg (Andrew and Violet) photograph albums of Sierra Club trips

A collection of eight personal photograph albums of Sierra Club trips in Yosemite, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and other parts of California, 1904 to 1933.

Nicholson (Grace) Photograph Collection

This collection contains approximately 10,000 photographs, negatives, and ephemera created or compiled by Grace Nicholson (1877-1948), a collector and dealer of Native American and Asian arts and crafts in Pasadena, California. The bulk of the collection dates from 1903 to...

Nicholson (John Page) Collection: Collection of Civil War photographs including views of City Point and Richmond

A group of 51 Civil War photographs including barracks at City Point, soldiers, army camps, prisons, and various other subjects.

Nicholson (John Page) Collection: Collection of Civil War photographs including war casualties

A group of 63 Civil War photographs, including views of war dead at Gettysburg, officers and soldiers at camp, battlefields, and others, approximately 1863-1865.

Nicholson (John Page) Collection: Gettysburg National Park Commission. Photographs illustrating the work of the commission

Photographs of the building and development of Gettysburg National Military Park over the years 1893 to 1916.

Nicholson (John Page) Collection: Photograph album of groups of Civil War veterans at battlefield sites, and related images

An album of group portraits of Civil War veterans, chiefly at Gettysburg, 1880s. Also, two photographs of incidents of war by Mathew Brady, 1862.

Nicholson (John Page) Collection: Photograph album of veterans reunions and monuments at Gettysburg, with some Civil War images

Photographs of veterans reunions, monuments, and landmarks at Gettysburg, approximately 1890 to 1910, with a few 1860s images related to Ulysses S. Grant.

Nicholson (John Page) Collection: Photographs. Monuments at Gettysburg

Photographs of monuments on Gettysburg Battlefield, taken approximately 1883-1890.

Nicholson (John Page) Collection: Photographs of the monuments erected by the Antietam Battlefield Commission of Pennsylvania

An album of photographs of monuments, buildings and a dedication ceremony at Antietam Battlefield, Maryland, 1904.

Pacific Electric Railway Company Photographs

The collection consists of 3396 black and white photographs (many with corresponding original and copy negatives), 116 unprinted glass plate negatives, memos, correspondence, press releases, and notes related to the Pacific Electric Railway, ca. 1870s-1950s. The collection provides a comprehensive...

Palmer (Theodore Sherman) Photograph Collection

This collection contains 87 card photographs and 3 lantern slides taken between January and September 1891 during a United States Department of Agriculture scientific expedition led by T.S. Palmer from Death Valley, California, to Mt. Whitney to collect flora and...

Panoramic Photographs Collections

The Huntington Library's Collection of Panoramic Photographs, 1851-1995, depicts a wide variety of subjects and provides an important resource for the visual history of the United States, with a particular emphasis on California and the American West. Subjects include landscapes,...

Parish (William A.) photographs of late-19th century architecture in Southern California

A collection of photographs taken approximately 1942 of Southern California structures built in the late 19th century. Huntington Library curator William A. Parish took the photographs to accompany a proposed book on regional architecture, and his typescript draft is also...

Parker (Maynard L.) negatives, photographs, and other material

Maynard L. Parker negatives, photographs, and other material consists of 58,093 black-and-white negatives, color transparencies, black-and-white prints, and color prints; 39 presentation albums; and 17 boxes of office records, 1930-1974. Created primarily by Maynard Parker, the archive documents the residential...

Parker Twins Collection of Photographs, Manuscripts, and Ephemera

Materials related to the Parker Twins (Jane and June Cheney, born 1914), who performed with Fanchon & Marco, a theatrical production company.

Patton Family Collection of Photographs and Negatives

The Patton Family Collection consists of 156 glass plate negatives, 218 film negatives, 875 photographs, and a negative book, 1885-1945 (bulk 1895-1907), created and/or collected by members of the Patton family and friends. The collection provides an intimate look into...

Peabody (Henry G.) Collection of Photographs and Negatives

The Peabody Collection consists of 672 glass plate negatives in various sizes, 1054 film negatives in various sizes, 24 photograph albums, 887 loose photographs in a variety of formats, published works, and manuscript material, created and collected by Henry G....

Peck (Orrin) Collection of Photographs

The collection consists of 298 photographs, 1878-1951 (bulk 1890-1915), collected by American portraitist and landscape painter Orrin Peck and his sister Janet M. Peck. Primarily portraits, the photographs depict friends and acquaintances (both identified and unidentified) of Orrin and Janet...

Percival (Olive) Collection of Photographs

The Olive Percival Collection of Photographs contains approximately 875 photographs of California and Mexico, chiefly of locations in Los Angeles and environs and in Mexico City, taken chiefly by Olive Percival (1869-1945) from approximately 1880-1941. The photographs, mostly cyanotype snapshots...

Photograph Album of Colorado Frontier Towns

A photograph album of early Colorado towns, buildings, scenery, and some carte-de-visite portraits, 1860s-1871.

Photograph album of New York City during centennial celebration of Washington's inauguration

Photographs of buildings, a naval parade, and other New York City scenes during the 1889 centennial celebration of the inauguration of George Washington.

Photograph album of residents of Red Bluff, California

A miniature photograph album of 48 tintype portraits, approximately 1880s, of early residents of Red Bluff, Tehama County, California. Many of the sitters are identified in handwriting on the mount.

Photographs of Galloway-Stone expedition

A photograph album and other images of the 1909 Colorado River expedition led by river runner Nathaniel Galloway and financier Julius F. Stone.

Pierce (C.C.) Collection of Photographs

The C.C. Pierce collection constitutes one of the most important collections of historical photographs of early California and Los Angeles extant. The collection of 10,100 prints was assembled by Charles C. Pierce (1861-1946), a photographer and long-time operator of...

Pilliner (William H.) family photograph albums

Two photograph albums containing late-19th century portraits by William H. Pilliner, an early photographer in the Western United States.

P.J. Walker Construction Company Photographs

This collection contains photographic prints, film negatives, photo albums, company records, ephemera, and promotional material documenting construction jobs of the P.J. Walker Company, chiefly commercial buildings in the Los Angeles region from the early 1920s to the 1960s.

Purcell (Gervaise) Family Photograph Collection

Photographs related to the life and family of Gervaise Purcell (1844-1925), a California pioneer and owner of Rancho Las Tunas, San Gabriel, California.

Randall (A. Frank) Photographs of Apache Indians

This disbound album contains 123 photographs taken by photographer A. Frank Randall between 1883 and 1888. The images include studio and field photographs of Apache Indians taken during the United States military campaign to capture Apache renegades during the...

Rose (Leonard J.) Family Photograph Collection

This collection contains 152 photographs of the family of Leonard John Rose (1827-1899), the Rose family's ranch and vineyard "Sunny Slope" in San Gabriel, California, their residences, and horses owned by the family, chiefly dating from the late 19th century.

Ross (Lou K.) Lantern Slide Collection of Southern California Missions

This collection includes lantern slides of eleven California missions, all of which are portrayed through artists’ renderings or through photographs. The missions are shown in states of past affluence and of then present disrepair. The slides are meant to accompany...

Rothstein (Connie) Collection of California Missions, The Mission Play, and Southern California

A collection of photographs and ephemera of California Missions, collected by Southern California educator Connie Rothstein, with an emphasis on the San Gabriel Mission and the history of the city of San Gabriel, California, and the production of by John...

Russell (Sigurd) Photograph Collection of Southwest Indians and Schools

A collection of photographs and postcards focusing on Navajo and Hopi Indians and various Indian schools and schoolchildren throughout Arizona, mostly dating from the 1920s, and compiled by Los Angeles teacher and journalist Sigurd Russell (1885-1946).

Rust (Horatio N.) Photograph Collection

A collection of photographs compiled by Horatio N. Rust (1828-1906), U.S. Indian agent and archaeological artifact collector. The main focus of the collection is Indians of Southern California and the Southwest in the late 19th century, including a set of...

Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Other City Views Photograph Album

This disbound album contains 59 photographs consisting mostly of commercial views of cities and miscellaneous subjects, dating from circa 1870s-1880s, including images of Mormon figureheads, Salt Lake City, Utah; city scenes of San Francisco; and some views of Native Americans...

Santa Cruz, California, Photograph album

A photograph album of Santa Cruz, California, dating from approximately 1904, depicting the pleasure pier, people at the beach, redwood trees, and other scenic views.

Saunders (Charles Francis) and Mira Culin Saunders Collection of Photographs and Negatives

The Charles Francis and Mira Culin Saunders Collection of Photographs and Negatives consists of 5826 black and white photographs, 68 glass plate negatives, 3832 film negatives, 10 photographs albums, 261 lantern slides, and related ephemera, ca. 1871-1965 (bulk 1910s-1920s), collected...

Schad (Jasper) Photographs of California Mission Restoration

This is a collection of photographs of 11 California missions and their grounds, taken during a restoration period from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s. Notable missions that are depicted include San Fernando Rey de España, San Luis Rey de...

Schieffelin (Edward) Prospecting Trip in Alaska Photographs

This collection of photographs taken by Charles O. Farciot documents Edward Schieffelin’s gold prospecting trip through Alaska via the Yukon River in 1882 and 1883. Views include many close portraits of Alaskan natives and their families; the towns of St....

See (Lisa) Collection

A collection of photographs primarily of Los Angeles' Old Chinatown and portraits of its Chinese residents, dating from approximately 1881 to 1910.

Shorb Family Photograph Collection

This collection of photographs centers around the family of James De Barth Shorb (1842-1896) and his "San Marino" ranch in the San Gabriel Valley, California. There are also photographs of Shorb's family home in Maryland, as well as his parents,...

Singleton Court photograph album

Photographs of the residence of mining businessman John Singleton, in West Adams, Los Angeles, California, 1900.

Singleton (Herbert William) Collection of Civil War Photographs

This collection consists of Civil War photographs that include the work of noted photographers Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardner, William H. Tipton, and George S. Cook. Lindsey M. Gould, a Civil War veteran, acquired the photographs in the late 19th century...

Soule (William S.) Native American Photographs, Philip Reade Collection

This is a collection chiefly of studio portraits of Native Americans from the Midwestern and Southwestern United States taken by photographer William S. Soule during the American Indian Wars in the late 1860s. There are also views of their homes...

Southern and Western United States Photographic Travel Album

This personal album features artistically-composed photographs of often-visited sights and scenery from Louisiana to the Western United States. The photographs were taken by an unknown photographer, and were beautifully printed and mounted, with hand-lettered ink captions. Thirty-six of the 49...

Southern California and Mexico Photograph Collection

This collection contains photographs by commercial photographers dated ca. 1890-1910, illustrating recreation and scenery on Catalina Island, a hotel and public parks in Southern California, and various historical sites and street scenes in Mexico City. Many of the photographs include...

Southern California, Canada, and Other Miscellaneous Topics Lantern Slides

This collection contains 71 lantern slides of primarily unidentified scenes including slides depicting people, children, scenery, and farming. Many of these scenes appear to be in the Southern California area, though there are a few from other locales including...

Southern California Edison Collection of Negatives and Photographs

The Southern California Edison collection of negatives and photographs consists of roughly 80,000 images created and acquired by the company from approximately 1883-1980s, with the bulk of the collection covering 1910-1960. Formats include glass and film negatives, photo cards, loose...

Southern California Outdoor Advertising Collection

The Southern California Outdoor Advertising Collection consists of photographs of billboards located in situ primarily in and around Los Angeles and, to a lesser extent, San Diego, from approximately 1930-1996 (bulk 1950-1989). The photographs, which are principally color slides (35mm)...

Southwest Towns and Indians Photographs

A collection of photographs focusing on Apache and Pueblo Indians and the pueblos of Isleta, Jemez, Taos, Zuni (and dancers), Laguna, and Walpi, ca. 1880s-1890s. There are also early views of Albuquerque and Santa Fe in New Mexico, and Florence...

Souvenir of Colorado: Black Cañon of the Gunnison Series

An 1886 souvenir booklet of six photographs of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River, Colorado.

Standard Felt Company, Alhambra, California, Photographs

Photographs of the felt manufacturing process and male and female factory workers, 1910s to 1930s, at the Standard Felt Company, Alhambra, California.

Stiles (Mildred Keith) Collection of Photographs of South Pasadena and Los Angeles County

This collection contains 209 photographs of families, residences, commercial and municipal buildings, and the natural environment of South Pasadena, the city and county of Los Angeles, and other locations chiefly in California, taken approximately 1887-1913, mostly by photographer T. D....

Swarzwald (Eugene) "Pictorial California and the Pacific" Collection of Photographs

The Eugene Swarzwald Collection consists of 9,674 black and white photographs, negatives, a photograph album, magazine mock-ups, letters, and ephemera acquired between 1925 and 1968 by Eugene Swarzwald and the Swarzwald family for considered use in the magazine . Images...

Taylor (James E.) Collection

Collection of 3 disbound scrapbooks of Civil War photographs, clippings, and some original artwork compiled by illustrator and Civil War correspondent James E. Taylor (1839-1901), presumably in the mid 1880s. The scrapbooks contain over 1,530 items including images from noted...

Thomas Family Photograph Album

A personal photograph album chiefly depicting mining engineer Chester A. Thomas (1874-1920) and Thomas family members between 1892 and 1898 in mining camps in Virginia City and Sutro, Nevada; at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California; visiting Harvard University and...

Thrall (Will H.) Photographs

This collection contains photographs, negatives, and some ephemera chiefly collected by California conservationist and editor William H. Thrall (1873-1963) for use in magazine. The photographs primarily date from the 1930s, but also include copy prints (and some originals) of late...

Thresher (George P.) Negative Collection of the Southwest

A collection of glass plate and film negatives by amateur photographer and Los Angeles real estate broker George P. Thresher (1854-1927) focusing on the American Southwest and Native Americans of the region, particularly of Arizona, and the Gila River crossing...

Tonopah and Goldfield, Nevada, Photograph Collection

92 glass-plate negatives depicting the mining towns of Tonopah, Goldfield, and Manhattan, Nevada, in the early 20th century. The photographs show: miners, mines and mining operations, street scenes, buildings, parades and drilling contests.

Views of Southern California

This small, personal album of amateur photographs documents a trip through Southern California, ca. 1880s, from San Juan Capistrano through San Diego County. Of note are views of Indian schools and dwellings in the San Diego area.

Virginia City, Nevada, Photograph Collection

This collection consists of 33 glass-plate negatives (and corresponding copy prints) of Virginia City, Nevada, chiefly in the late 1890s. Views include: interior and exterior scenes of the saloon, court house, sheriff's office, houses, stores, restaurants, and miners.

Vroman (A.C.) Photograph Collection

Photographs made by Adam Clark Vroman, ca. 1892-1909, spanning various subjects, primarily his bookstore in Pasadena, California, and scenes from his travels to Pueblo villages of the Southwest. Other topics include scenery, towns and buildings on the West and East...

Walkley (S. L.) Photograph Albums

Two albums containing ninety-seven photographs, chiefly by amateur photographer S. L. Walkley (approximately 1867-1891), of buildings and landscapes in Los Angeles County and San Diego County, California, in 1888. These professional-quality views by Walkley depict newly constructed buildings, street scenes,...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Photograph Albums

A set of four albums of mammoth plate photographs by American photographer Carleton E. Watkins (1829-1916) made approximately 1876-1889 in California, Nevada, and Arizona. The albums contain 174 photographs and are titled: and

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Photographs of California Missions

A collection of 37 mammoth plate photographs of Spanish missions in California by American photographer Carleton E. Watkins (1829-1916). The photographs are among the earliest made of the former mission buildings and grounds, which are seen in various states of...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Photographs of Comstock Mining, Yosemite, San Francisco, Los Angeles County, and the American West

A collection of 61 mammoth plate photographs by American photographer Carleton E. Watkins (1829-1916), of various subjects in the American West, 1861-1880. The photographs include mines and mills in the Comstock district, Nevada; Yosemite Valley; Los Angeles County ranches and...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Mammoth Plate Photographs of Yosemite, New Almaden Mine and the Mendocino Coast, California

A collection of 50 mammoth plate photographs of Yosemite, the New Almaden Mine, and Mendocino, California by American photographer Carleton E. Watkins (1829-1916). The prints were in a two-volume set, now disbound, containing a title page dated 1863 and a...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Photograph Collection

This collection contains 430 photographs by photographer Carleton E. Watkins that chiefly depict buildings, points of interest, and locales in Northern and Southern California in the 1870s and 1880s, as well as 223 photographs by photographer Alfred A. Hart documenting...

Watkins (Carleton E.) Stereograph Collection

This collection contains 269 stereographs by photographer Carleton E. Watkins, dating from the 1860s to about the 1880s, that chiefly depict buildings and locales in Northern and Southern California.

Watt (Robert S.) Photograph Collection

A collection of photographs approximately 1890-1928 of miner Robert S. Watt and family living in the mountains of Los Angeles County. Assorted views include the Watt Mines Supply Co., Los Angeles; prospecting; hunting; Los Angeles buildings and oil wells; and...

Weinland (William H.) Photograph Collection

This collection contains 525 loose photographs and 3 photograph albums that depict the people, experiences, and places witnessed by Moravian missionary William H. Weinland (1861-1930) and his family during their years of missionary service between the mid 1880s and the...

Wright (Howard W.) Family Collection of Photographs

The Howard W. Wright Family Collection of Photographs contains approximately 1520 photographs in eleven volumes, comprising four journal accounts written by Walter S. Wright from 1899-1901 and illustrated using photographs, and seven photograph albums compiled by Walter S. Wright and...