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Aerospace Oral History Project

The aerospace oral history project consists of oral histories in PDF format and provides a range of perspectives related to the aerospace industry in Southern California.

Alvarado Family Letters

This collection consists of 41 letters primarily from Ysidro Alvarado, living in Mexico, to his family in California, dating from 1926-1954.

Arata Family Collection

The Arata family collection consists of papers, printed ephemera, and photographs related to the Arata family, especially, María Antonio Jimeno de Arata.

Austin (Mary Hunter) Collection

The collection consists of the literary and personal papers of American novelist, essayist and political activist Mary Hunter Austin (1868-1934), best known for her portrayals of life in California and New Mexico. It includes correspondence and literary manuscripts by both...

Black Family Papers

The Black family papers contains primarily correspondence between John and Margaret Black and their numerous children and grandchildren. The correspondence deals with family affairs: trade and mercantile interests in Bordeaux, Cadiz, and London as well as familial matters in the...

Blathwayt (William), Correspondence and documents from the office of

This group of 34 documents consists of correspondence, reports, and accounts primarily accumulated by British civil servant William Blathwayt (1649-1717) between the mid 1670s and 1712 in his capacity as a British government official in such roles as Surveyor and...

Blathwayt (William) Papers

This collection contains correspondence and documents primarily accumulated by English civil servant William Blathwayt (1649-1717) in his capacity as a British government official in such roles as surveyor and auditor general of plantation revenues and secretary and member of the...

Blathwayt (William) Papers Addenda

This collection consists of 195 pieces of business, diplomatic, and personal correspondence and accounts primarily accumulated by English civil servant William Blathwayt (1649-1717) during his service as a clerk in The Hague (1668-1672) and his tour of Europe in 1672,...

Brock (R. A.) Collection and Papers

This collection consists of papers and manuscripts chiefly related to the history of Virginia, which were collected by historian R. A. Brock (1839-1914), as well as his own private and official correspondence. The materials cover a period from 1582-1914 and...

Brown (Henry B.) drawings

This collection contains forty-two pencil drawings primarily of California Native Americans, California landscapes, Mexico, and Central America, drawn in 1851 and 1852 by American artist, and later United States Consul to Bermuda, Henry B. Brown.

Bruff (J. Goldsborough) Journal and Drawings

The collection contains J. Goldsborough Bruff's oversize revised version of his journal (c. 1853), which documents his journey across the American plains in 1849 by way of Lassen's Trail. Also included in the collection are 264 drawings of scenes...

Catlin (George) Papers and Illustrations

The George Catlin collection consists of roughly 252 unbound illustrations of Indians in both North and South America, by artist George Catlin, and other items all related to Catlin’s unpublished manuscript The North Americans in the Middle of the Nineteenth...

Chávez Esparza Family Letters

The correspondence between different branches of the Chávez Esparza family, in Mexico and California.

Clarkson (Thomas) Papers

This collection contains 210 pieces of correspondence, manuscripts, and documents of English abolitionist Thomas Clarkson (1760-1846), chiefly dating from 1787 to 1847 and related to slavery and the slave trade in the United States and Africa, including the Sierra Leone...

Eckert (Thomas T.) Papers

This collection contains professional papers of Thomas T. Eckert (1825-1910), chiefly related to his duties as part of United States Military Telegraph Office during the Civil War.

Egerton family papers

This collection contains the official, semi-official, and personal papers of six generations of the Egerton family of Great Britain. Also known as the "Ellesmere Collection," the papers span from 1150-1803 and include approximately 13,000 pieces with particular strengths related to...

Egger (Daniel) papers

The Daniel Egger papers include correspondence, printed matter, and photographs related to Daniel Egger’s career in the aerospace industry.

French Clandestine Slave Trade Records

This collection contains the original French documents relating to a secret African slave trade expedition undertaken by the French ship Le Jeune Louis in 1824-1825.

Graybill (Levi S.) Papers

This collection is made up of Civil War diaries, correspondence, military-related documents, and photographs all pertaining to the Union Army service of Levi S. Graybill, a soldier in the 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and, later, a captain in the 22nd...

Gunnison (J. W.) Papers

This collection contains journals of United States Army topographical engineer J. W. Gunnison (1812-1853), kept on expeditions between 1840-1853, including one with descriptions of life among the Mormons in Utah; correspondence during the American Civil War period from family in...

Hazard-Dyson Collection

This collection contains an unpublished manuscript, "California's Romantic Ranchos" (ca. 1962) by journalist and editor Verne Dyson (1879-1971), on the history of the privately-owned California rancho lands granted under Spanish and Mexican rule. The manuscript is complemented by 326 photographs,...

Hine (Robert) Papers

The collection contains the professional papers of Robert V. Hine (1921-2015) reflecting his work as a historian of the American West and a writer, and includes research notes, photocopied manuscripts, newspaper clippings, interviews, correspondence, and other research related papers. The...

Hong Family Papers

This collection contains the papers and photographs of the Hong family, a family of prominent Chinese-American community leaders in Los Angeles, California, specifically focused on the papers and photographs of immigration lawyer You Chung Hong (1898-1977), his wife, Mabel Hong...

Hubble (Edwin Powell) Papers

This collection contains the papers of Edwin P. Hubble (1889-1953), an astronomer at the Mount Wilson Observatory near Pasadena, California. as well as the diaries and biographical memoirs of his wife, Grace Burke Hubble.

Huntington (Henry Edwards) Papers

This collection consists of the personal and business papers of Henry Edwards Huntington, American railroad and land developer and book, manuscript, and art collector. The papers deal chiefly with California railways and Southern California real estate and industry. There are...

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens staff oral history collection

A collection of oral histories, conducted from June 13 2019 - March 6 2020, recording the background and work experiences of staff in the Facilities and the Botanical Divisions of The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens.

Hutton (James D.) Drawings

Sixteen drawings prepared by artist James D. Hutton (died 1868) while with United States Army Captain W. F. Raynolds' expedition of the Yellowstone River Valley in 1859-1860, as well as one ca. 1847 drawing of Costa Rica.

Hutton (William Rich) Papers

This collection contains 96 drawings, 14 original letters, and 39 facsimiles of letters and manuscripts of California surveyor, topographer, and engineer William Rich Hutton (1826-1901). Includes both watercolor and pencil drawings of California (including Los Angeles, Monterey, San Francisco, the...

Latta (Frank F.) Collection: Skyfarming

This collection contains the research materials of Frank F. Latta (1892-1983) from his five decades of researching the history and development of California's San Joaquin Valley and Miller & Lux, in particular dry farming known as skyfarming. Subjects include: agriculture...

Leigh Family Papers

The Leigh family papers is a collection of letters, poems and manuscripts of six generations of the Leigh family of Adlestrop mainly concerning family matters and the society in which they lived.

Lincoln (Abraham) Collection

Collection contains material created by and related to Abraham Lincoln, including correspondence, documents, and legal records pertaining to his presidency, the Civil War, and his law practice. Also present are items concerning Lincoln's assassination and the conspirators, his funeral, and...

London (Jack) Papers

The collection contains the papers of American writer Jack London (1876-1916) and includes literary manuscripts of most of London's works, extensive correspondence files, documents, photographs, ephemera, and scrapbooks.

Los Angeles County Assessor's Road Maps

Collection of maps surveyed for the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office between 1860 and 1897. The maps primarily focus on excavations, improvements, and expansions of roads throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties. Most of the maps show boundary...

Los Angeles County Prefecture Records

Three volumes containing records, in Spanish, documentin g the governance of the southern portion of Alta California from the Mexican Constitution of 1824 through the creation of the Los Angeles Prefecture in 1837 and the conquest by the United States...

Lugo Family Papers

The Lugo family papers consist of printed ephemera and photographs related to the Lugo family and local events primarily in San Gabriel, California.

Miller (Loren) Papers

This collection consists of the personal and professional papers of journalist, civil rights activist, attorney and judge Loren Miller (1903-1967). The collection focuses on events taking place in Los Angeles and all of California; New York City and Harlem; Chicago...

Montagu (Elizabeth Robinson) Papers

Papers of Elizabeth Montagu, chiefly letters, with some manuscripts.

Monterey Collection

This collection consists of letters and documents related to the government of the municipality of Monterey, California, primarily during the period 1828-1854.

Opie (Amelia Alderson) Correspondence

Correspondence belonging to British Romantic poet and author Amelia Alderson Opie.

Pasadena Playhouse records

This collection contains the records of the Pasadena Playhouse, a community theater established in Pasadena, California, in 1917. Materials consist primarily of theater programs, scrapbooks, business records, correspondence, clippings, scripts, school catalogues, brochures and ephemera, indexes, photographs, original drawings of...

Shugart (Zachariah T.) Papers

Papers of Zachariah Taylor Shugart (1805-1881), Quaker abolitionist and an operator of the Quaker line of the Underground Railroad in Cass County, Michigan.

SooHoo (Peter, Sr.) papers

This collection relates to Peter SooHoo, Sr.'s role in creating New Chinatown in Los Angeles, California, as well as his involvement with the Chinese American Citizens Alliance and other professional and community activities from 1883 through 2007.

Southern California Edison Motion Picture Film

This collection contains more than 600 films primarily chronicling the history and development of Southern California Edison, including the construction of Edison plants, advertising footage, the search for alternative energy sources, and employee news videos featuring updates on Edison projects....

Thom (Cameron Erskine) Papers

Papers belonging to Los Angeles politician and mayor Cameron Erskine Thom.

Walking Purchase Collection

A collection of correspondence and documents related to the Walking Purchase and the 1756-1758 Councils of Easton retained by the office of Pennsylvania's governor William Denny.

Washington (George) Collection

This collection contains correspondence, surveys, military records, memoranda, accounts, receipts, and ephemera pertaining to George Washington's careers as surveyor, military leader, and U.S. president. Also present are Washington family correspondence and material relating to Mount Vernon and Washington's household, including...

Whittier family collection

This collection consists of company records, correspondence, ephemera, photographs, and audio/visual material related to the Whittier family and company.