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T. E. Lawrence at the end of the 20th century conference proceedings

Relates to the British army officer and writer T. E. Lawrence. Includes program and sound recordings of proceedings.

Ta Chung Cultural Cooperation Association typescript

Relates to military activities of the Chinese Communist Party in Manchuria against the Japanese during World War II and against the Kuomintang.

Tabor (John K.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, notes, and photographs relating to American economic policy and foreign trade. Mostly photocopies.

Taborsky (Edward) Papers

Diaries, speeches and writings, reports, memoranda, and correspondence, relating to Edvard Benes and to Czechoslovak politics and foreign relations, 1938-1948, especially during World War II.

Tabscott (Ernest Edmund) papers

Correspondence, orders, reports, memoranda, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Allied administration of Manchuria at the end of World War II.

Tada, (T.) mimeograph

Relates to Japanese social customs.

Taeuber (Conrad) papers

Writings, correspondence, memoranda, reports, studies, printed matter, and photographs, relating to demographic change in the United States, rural poverty and migration in the United States, world agricultural production, and the conduct of the United States censuses.

Taeuber (Fritz) papers

Reminiscences, correspondence, reports, orders, diagrams, and printed matter, relating to conditions of Allied prisoners of war in German prison camps during World War II.

Tairiku Mondai Kenkyūjo records

Correspondence and military intelligence reports, relating to the military services of the Soviet Union, China and Mongolia.

Taiwanese pictorial collection

Postcards, depicting scenes in Taiwan.

Taiwanese subject collection

Pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, election campaign literature, other printed matter, videotape cassettes, multi-media sets, and memorabilia, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Taiwan, and especially to elections in Taiwan.

Tajik subject collection

Pamphlets, electronic bulletins, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Tajikistan, primarily in the post-Soviet period.

Tal' (Georgii Aleksandrovich von) typescript

Relates to the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II.

Talamon (Mrs. Rene) typescript

Relates to conditions in France during World War I.

Talberg (Nikolai Dmitrievich) Papers

Correspondence, writings, diaries, notes, and printed matter, relating to Russian history, the history of the Russian Orthodox Church, and Russian émigré affairs.

Talbot (Paul Hopkins) diary

Relates to the American naval engagement with Japanese forces off Borneo. Includes photographs. Photocopy.

Talbot (Phillips) letters

Relates to political and social conditions in India and to the Indian independence movement.

Taliban Support Council (London, England) issuances

Press releases and serial issues, relating to civil war in Afghanistan.

Tamarkin (M.) typescript

Relates to events in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) from 1974 to 1979, culminating in establishment of an independent state with black majority rule. Photocopy.

Tamermann (Kurt) correspondence

Relates to German military operations during World War I.

Tan (Cheng Lock) papers

Memoranda, speeches, and mimeographed copies of correspondence, relating to the organization of the Malayan Chinese Association and to the Malayan independence movement.

Tan (Wai H.) interview

Relates to conditions in China during the childhood and youth of Wai H. Tan, the period of the Boxer Rebellion, and the early experiences of Wai H. Tan as a student in the United States. Interview conducted by Ellen Tan...

Taneev (Sergei Aleksandrovich) papers

Correspondence, notes, government documents, certificates, printed matter, photographs, and books, relating to the Russian Imperial army and Russian émigrélife. Includes papers of the father and grandfather of S. A. Taneev, both tsarist government officials.

Tanenhaus (Sam) Papers

Writings, correspondence, trial transcripts, memoranda, notes, and printed matter, relating to the life of Whittaker Chambers and to the Alger Hiss espionage case. Used as research material for the book by Sam Tanenhaus, (New York, 1997). Includes letters by Chambers.

Tang (Fei) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, studies, military documents, biographical data, and clippings, relating to Taiwanese military policy and foreign relations.

Tanzanian Subject Collection

Electronic bulletins, pamphlets, serial issues, reports, bibliographies, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Tanzania.

Tarbuck (Raymond D.) papers

Correspondence, orders, reports, memoranda, notes, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American military and naval operations in the Pacific Theater during World War II, and especially to the planning of the invasion of the Philippines in 1944.

Tarr (Curtis W.) Papers

Diaries, memoirs, and printed matter, relating to C. W. Tarr's experience as a soldier in World War II, his public and educational careers, American military and foreign policy and military conscription during the administrations of Presidents Richard M. Nixon and...

Tarsaidze (Alexandre Georgievich) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, research notes, printed matter, photographs, engravings, lithographs, maps, and sound and video recordings relating to the history of Georgia (Transcaucasia), the Romanov family, Russian-American relations, and the Association of Russian Imperial Naval Officers in America. Includes...

Tasho (Roland) photographs

Photographs depicting the social and political conditions in Albania from the Communist era to 2000 and the Kosovo refugee crisis in 1999.

Tatar subject collection

Newspapers, pamphlets, and other printed matter, relating to Tatar history, and especially to the Tatar independence movement and political developments in Tatarstan in the post-Soviet period.

Tatistcheff (Alexis B.) Papers

Correspondence, memoranda, writings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the Russian nobility, the Romanov dynasty, the Russian Revolution and Civil War, and Soviet-American relations during the 1960s and 1970s.

Taylor (Alonzo E.) Papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, studies, bulletins, statistical data, and maps, relating to economic conditions and food supply in Europe during World War I, postwar reconstruction, and activities of the War Trade Board, Food Administration, and American Relief Administration

Taylor (George Edward) interview

Relates to the role of the Far Eastern and Russian Institute in the development of area studies, especially Chinese studies, in the United States. Interview conducted by Ramon H. Myers. Digital version available.

Taylor (Glen S.) papers

The Glen S. Taylor papers consist of notes, memoranda, correspondence, reports, press releases, and printed matter relating to various aspects of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) activities.

Taylor (James Karr) typescript

Relates to the prospective shipment of war matériel from the United States to Great Britain under lend-lease legislation. Prepared at the request of Herbert Hoover. Includes copies of related correspondence with Herbert Hoover and former Attorney General William D. Mitchell....

Taylor (Joan Kennedy) papers

The collection documents the professional career of Joan Kennedy Taylor and includes her writings, and activities within the field of libertarian feminism. The collection contains numerous issues of newsletters, bulletins and magazines. It also includes various articles, monographs, and literary...

Taylor (Virginia Cooper Westall) papers

Writings, correspondence, printed matter, photographs, and maps, relating to the American Expeditionary Force to Siberia during the Russian Civil War. Includes a book-length typescript study. Also includes extensive transcripts of reminiscences by General Robert L. Eichelberger, relating to his early...

Tchernigovetz (Nikolai) typescript

Criticizes Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn for anti-monarchist views and presents a personal evaluation of events in Russia from 1917 to 1976.

Tejchman (Esteban) papers

Compact disk version of memoirs, and photographs, relating to Polish military operations during World War II, and to Polish émigréaffairs.

Telesco (Lee) Collection

Reports, letters, proclamations, newsletters, and miscellanea, relating to Allied guerrilla and intelligence activities in the Philippines during World War II, especially to activities of the First MacArthur Division. Includes examples of Japanese propaganda and reports of Japanese atrocities in the...

Teller (Edward) Papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, studies, memoranda, printed matter, photographs, motion picture film, video tapes, sound recordings, and memorabilia, relating to chemical, molecular and nuclear physics; development of new energy resources; national energy research planning; space exploration; and national and...

Temperley (Harold William Vazeille) correspondence

Relates to British relations with the Vatican during World War I.

Temps des doryphores motion picture film

Depicts aspects of social and political conditions in German-occupied France, 1940-1944, including scenes of leading German political and military figures, German armed forces, and daily life in French towns and villages.

Tent (James F.) papers

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, studies, minutes, conference proceedings, and interview transcripts relating to educational policy and denazification in the American-occupied zone of Germany after World War II, the establishment of the Freie Universität Berlin, and Nazi persecution of persons of partial...

Teodoru (Ovidiu I.) typescript

Relates to conditions in Soviet prison camps during and after World War II.

Teran (Maria Haydee) letters

Letters from María Haydée Terán to Carlos Fonseca Amador, founder of the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional in Nicaragua, largely relating to personal matters. Includes a few letters by Carlos Fonseca Amador.

Terleckas (Antanas) papers

Writings, bulletins, and photographs, relating to political conditions and civil rights in Lithuania.

Terlecki (Tymon) mimeograph

Relates to the German destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943. Translation of article published in Wiadomósci Polskie (London).

Terman (Lewis M.) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, clippings, and questionnaires, relating to separate polls of Stanford University faculty members, conducted by Herbert Hoover and L. M. Terman respectively in the fall of 1941, concerning the question of American intervention in World War II. Includes correspondence with...

Terra (Jonathan) interviews

Sound recordings and transcripts of interviews of Polish and Czech politicians and business and labor leaders, relating to political and economic conditions, and to privatization, in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Terramare Office issuances

Essays, serial issues, and press releases, distributed as propaganda in Great Britain and the United States, relating to aspects of the Nazi regime, including foreign policy, economic policy, compulsory labor, social welfare, education, culture, racial policy, and the place of...

Terry (Prentiss M.) papers

Photographs, postcards, clippings, translations of clippings, published reports, and certificates, relating to relief work in Austria at the end of World War I.

Terry (W. W.) collection

Memoranda, reports, letters, news dispatches, press releases, manuals, photographs, slides, and video tapes, relating to guerrilla movements in El Salvador, Nicaragua, South Africa, and elsewhere; allegations of involvement of Jennifer Casolo and other American missionaries in El Salvador in guerrilla...

Teulade (Jules) typescript

Relates to communism in France, the Parti populaire français, and French collaborators during World War II.

Textile Alliance miscellaneous records

Correspondence, memoranda, and certificates, relating to the activities of the Textile Alliance in regulating wool imports and textile exports during World War I.

Thane (Mrs. J. E.) papers

Correspondence, printed matter, and miscellanea, relating to food conservation in Alameda County and to European relief work of various organizations during World War I.

Thatcher (Margaret) speech

Relates to international security. Delivered at the United States Naval Academy.

Thebaut (Jim) interview recordings

Videotape recordings of interviews of American and Soviet government officials and scientists conducted by Jim Thebaut relating to the Cold War. Used in production of the documentary film (2002).

Theberge (James Daniel) Papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, dispatches, memoranda, reports, schedules, printed matter, and photographs, relating to diplomatic relations between the United States and Chile; political, social and economic conditions in Chile; United States foreign policy in Latin America; and communist movements in...

Thelander (Hulda Evelyn) papers

Diary and excerpts from letters, relating to public health in China, and to general description of conditions in China.

Theobald (Robert A.) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, war diaries, dispatches, operations plans and orders, manuals, service lists, memoranda, reports, and war estimates relating to naval operations in Alaska from May 1942 to January 1943, including the Japanese invasion of the Aleutians, June 1942,...

Theodore Roosevelt on preparedness: a bibliography typescript

Lists speeches and writings by President Theodore Roosevelt, relating to American defense policy.

Thezan (Emmanuel) campaign platform

Relates to Haitian political conditions and the American occupation of Haiti.

Thiedemann (Anneliese) interview

Sound recording of interview, relating to social conditions in Germany before, during, and after World War II. Interview conducted by Bradley Bauer.

Thiele (Tracy Kim)

Correspondence, writings, personnel records, printed matter, and audiovisual material relating to American public diplomacy, and especially to the promotion of private education in China and Taiwan. Includes papers of Zhang Guang Zhao, husband of T. K. Thiele.

Thimme (Annelise) typescript

Relates to the German National People's Party and the defeat of 1918.

Thoennings (Johan) typescript

Relates to a plan for the assurance of world peace.

Thomas B. Fordham Foundation records

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, studies, state science education standards, and printed matter, relating to elementary and secondary school education in the United States.

Thomas (Donald R.) papers

Writings, notes, correspondence, memoranda, reports, studies, minutes, sound recordings, and printed matter, relating to education in the United States, especially of disadvantaged and minority children.

Thomas (Elbert Duncan) radio broadcast transcripts

Broadcasts to the Japanese people, relating to the Pacific Theater in World War II.

Thomas (James O.) papers

Memoirs, memorabilia, and diaries and memoirs of other American civilian internees, relating to conditions in Japanese prison camps during World War II.

Thomas (Mrs.Jerome B.) collection

Two hand-painted publicity cards used to solicit funds in the United States for the Commission for Relief in Belgium during World War I; two Philippine swords; two nineteenth century Japanese bronze mirrors; one ivory pastry cutter; and one ivory pastry...

Thomas (R. Murray) papers

Diaries, reports, memoranda, studies, manuals, and other writings, relating to education in Indonesia and in American Samoa.

Thompson (Charles T.) papers

Correspondence, writings, clippings, photographs, and printed matter, relating to the Algeciras Conference in Morocco, 1906; wedding of Alfonso XIII of Spain and assassination attempt on his life, 1906; and the Salonica front, Greece, Serbia, and Albania during World War I....

Thompson (Dorothy Louise) miscellaneous papers

Dissertation entitled France, the Czechs and the Question of Austria, 1867-1885 (1945), relating to French foreign policy regarding the Czech national question in Austria-Hungary; and photographs of scenes in Czechoslovakia and the Mediterranean area, 1936-1937.

Thompson (Dorothy) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, memoranda, and press releases, relating to fundraising in the United States for the defense of Herschel Grynszpan, Jewish refugee and assassin of the German diplomat Ernst vom Rath in France in 1938. Photocopy.

Thompson (Harold K.) Collection

Leaflets, newsletters, pamphlets, newspaper and periodical issues, clippings, correspondence, and writings, relating to fascist and other rightist political groups in the United States and Europe after World War II. Includes a few leftist publications.

Thompson (Henrietta) processed volume

Relates to the march of General Joseph W. Stilwell and party from Burma to India in the spring of 1942. Consists mainly of transcripts of interviews with veterans of the march.

Thompson (Leonard) papers

Handbooks, sample ballots, notes, printed matter, and miscellany, relating to the South African elections of 1994.

Thompson (Paul J.) photographs

Depicts Italian prisoners of war held by Austria, taken at the time of their release, September 1918.

Thompson (Virginia McLean) and Richard Adloff papers

Drafts of books, other writings, research notes, letters, newsletters, clippings, other printed matter, and photographs, relating to political, social and economic conditions in various African countries, including the Congo (Brazzaville), Madagascar, Zaire and other French-speaking countries; and in Indochina, Thailand...

Thompson (Wayne) collection

German election campaign literature and political miscellany, and Soviet political miscellany.

Thorez (Maurice) letters

Letters, 1929-1930, to Guy Jerram, French communist leader, relating to the French communist movement and the imprisonment of Maurice Thorez; and photocopies of letters, 1955-1964, to Roger Garaudy, French communist leader and philosopher, relating to the French communist movement and...

Thorpe (Steve) photograph collection

Depicts student demonstrations at Xinan Lianhe Daxue (Southwest Associated University), Kunming, China, protesting the killing of four students at the university by Kuomintang soldiers in 1945.

Thurston (E. Coppee) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, pamphlets, maps, medals, and certificates, relating to relief work of the Commission for Relief in Belgium in Belgium and northern France during World War I.

Tian Chaoming papers

Writings, correspondence, and photographs, relating to political dissent and advocacy of democracy and human rights in Taiwan. Includes correspondence with political prisoners and photographs of political demonstrations.

Tielicke (H.) typescript

Sermon, relating to problems of post-World War II German reconstruction. Delivered at Markus Church, Stuttgart, Good Friday, 1947.

Tijtgat (Edgard) printed material

Cartoon sequence depicting the hardships and eventual homecoming of an imaginary Belgian refugee during World War I. Printed in England.

Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia letter

Relates to religion in Russia. Includes a photocopy of a translation by Peter Nicholas Kurguz, 1962.

Tillon (Charles) miscellaneous papers

Speech transcript, letter, and pamphlet, relating to activities of the French resistance movement during World War II.

Tillotson (W. D.) memorandum

Relates to changes in the Japanese government system between 1855 and 1891.

Timofievich (Anatolii Pavlovich) papers

Correspondence, photographs,clippings, and printed matter, relating to various members of the Romanov family and other Russian dignitaries and nobility; events in Russia before, during, and after the Russian Revolution; and the Russian emigration to foreign countries. Includes Romanov memorabilia.

Tinkler (Charles C.) papers

Correspondence and miscellanea, relating to social conditions in the Soviet Union.

Tinley (James Maddison) papers

Writings, drawings, photographs, and reprints, relating to conditions in the Netherlands under German occupation during World War II, and to food relief at the end of the war. Includes a study entitled Wartime Food Problems of the Netherlands.

Tirelis (Voldemars) diaries

Relates to conditions in Allied prison camps at Grewensmühl and Neuengamme, Germany, and Zedelgem, Belgium. Photocopy.

Tiro (Hasan Muhammad) papers

Speeches and writings, diary, play, articles, press releases, letters, and video tapes, relating to the history of the Achinese people of Indonesia, to the struggle for independence of the National Liberation Front of Acheh Sumatra, and to Indonesian human rights...

Tirpitz (Alfred Peter Friedrich von) appeal

Relates to German war policy. On metal printing plate.

Tisa von der Schulenburg letters

Relates to the anti-Nazi movement in Germany during World War II and to conditions in Germany following the war. Letters illustrated with original drawings. Also includes printed copies of writings by Tisa von der Schulenburg and photographs of her sculptures.

Tiso (Stefan) diary

Relates to political and military conditions in Slovakia in the latter stages of World War II.

Tissarevskaia (Ol'ga) Papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, personal documents, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Russian émigré affairs.

Tittle (Walter) portraits

Hand-drawn portraits of American, British, Japanese, French, Italian, Belgian, and Chinese delegates to the Washington Conference on the Limitation of Armament, 1921-1922. Portraits are autographed by their subjects.

Titulescu (Nicolae) Papers

Diaries, correspondence, memoranda, reports, writings, clippings, and printed matter, relating to Romanian politics and diplomacy, and to Romanian-Soviet negotiations, 1931-1932. Also available on microfilm (24 reels).

Tkhilaishvili (Aleksandr Dursunovich) photographic collection

Photographs depicting visits of Nikita Khrushchev and other high Soviet officials to the Adzhar Autonomous Soviet Republic, and the 22nd Congress of the Soviet Communist Party.

To the civilized world! printed material

Written by Czechoslovak intellectuals to protest the partition of Czechoslovakia authorized by the Munich Conference.

Todd (Carlos) newspaper articles

Relates to political and social conditions in Cuba.

Todd (Laurence) typescript

Relates to political, economic, and labor developments in the United States and Europe. Also includes privately printed copy (1996). Photocopy.

Todd (O. J.) papers

Diaries, speeches and writings, correspondence, reports, memoranda, and photographs relating to engineering projects in China, especially river engineering and flood control; famines and relief work in China; and social, economic and political conditions in China. Digital copies of select records...

Toegel (Stanislaw) cartoons

Political cartoons satirizing Adolf Hitler and other German Nazi leaders, and depicting the plight of Poland under German occupation.

Togolese Subject Collection

Electronic bulletins, pamphlets, serial issues, reports, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Togo.

Tokarev (Timofei Fedotovich) Papers

Correspondence, minutes, financial records, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Russian émigré affairs.

Tokmakoff (George) papers

Writings and correspondence, relating to aspects of Russian history, and especially to aristocratic life in Russia prior to the Russian Revolution, the Russian Imperial court, the Russian Revolution and Civil War, and subsequent Russian émigré life. Includes correspondence of George...

Tokyo Daigaku statement

Relates to the dangers from radioactive fallout resulting from nuclear weapon testing. Signed by members of the College of General Education of Tokyo University.

Toledano (Ralph de) Papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, writings, and printed matter, relating to American communism, politics, and journalism, and the Alger Hiss espionage case. Includes 98 letters from Whittaker Chambers about the Hiss case.

Toler (H. Les) collection

Pictorial book, newspapers, newsletters, and photographs, relating to the Japanese invasion and occupation of the Philippines during World War II.

Toller (Ernst) appeal

Appeal on behalf of the young workers of Germany to the young people of the world, relating to the goals of the German Revolution. Photocopy.

Tolmachev (Vladimir Iakovlevich) Papers

Writings, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs, relating to the archeology of China and to Russian émigré affairs.

Tolna Megyei Tanács records

Minutes and reports, relating to administration of Tolna county. Includes records of the municipal council of Simontornya, a town within Tolna county.

Tolstaia (Mariia Alekseevna) typescript

Relates to Krotkov and Meshcheriakov family history from 1760 to 1917. Includes excerpts from family correspondence, 1913-1917, and family photographs.

Tolstaia (S.A.) diary

Relates to Leo Tolstoy.

Tolstoi (M. P.) miscellaneous papers

Memorandum notebook, listing major military and state officials, 1858; and photographs of the 1903 Russian Imperial Costume Ball in St. Petersburg.

Tolstov (Sergei Sergeevich) Papers

Correspondence, military documents, and photographs, relating to Russian military activities during World War I, and to the Russian Civil War.

Tolstoy (Leo, Graf) Miscellaneous Papers

Diaries and writings, relating to the life and works of L. Tolstoy. Includes drafts of the novels by L. Tolstoy, and

Toman (Jiri) papers

Correspondence, reports, governing documents, and printed matter, relating to activities of the Institut Henry-Dunant in promoting research concerning the International Committee of the Red Cross and international law regarding human rights.

Tomasevich (Jozo) papers

Minutes, reports, memoranda, serial issues, and printed matter, relating to the occupation of Yugoslavia during World War II, Yugoslav collaborationist and resistance movements, and postwar United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration work in Yugoslavia. Includes microfilm and photocopies of Yugoslav,...

Tomasic (Dinko) papers

Writings, notes, statistics, and biographical data, relating to political conditions in Yugoslavia.

Tomaszewski (Tadeusz Roman) typescript

Relates to the siege of Warsaw in 1939. Published in revised form (London, 1961).

Tomilov (P. A.) typescript

Relates to the northwestern front of the Russian Civil War, 1919.

Tonesk (William John) papers

The papers of the American naval, intelligence, and foreign service officer William John Tonesk include writings, correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, personnel records, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia relating to the post-World War II transition to a communist regime in Poland,...

Tonsor (Stephen J.) Papers

Papers of the American historian include correspondence, speeches, and writings, relating to conservative political thought and higher education in the United States.

Too (C. C.) processed volume

Relates to the Malayan Communist Party. Includes translations of internal party documents.

Topaz (Aizik Berkovich) discharge certificate

Jewish soldier, imperial Russian army.

Topolski (Fryderyk) typescript

Relates to the Polish communist movement, the deportation of Poles to the Soviet Union in 1939-1941, engineering and industrial activities in Soviet-occupied Poland and the Soviet Union during World War II and in postwar Poland, and antisemitism in postwar Poland....

Toronto telegram printed articles

Relates to communist movements in Canada.

Torres Quintero (M. Gregorio) commission

Commission from the State of Yucatan, charging M. G. Torres Quintero with a study of the educational system of the United States.

Toszeghy (Richard de) memoirs

Relates to the experiences of Richard de Tószeghy as a Russian prisoner during World War I, as a German prisoner during World War II, and as a postwar political prisoner in Hungary.

Totomiants (Vakhan Fomich) Papers

Writings and biographical data, relating to economic cooperative movements and theory, and to Russian émigré affairs.

Totomiants (Vakhan Fomich) Papers

Writings and biographical data, relating to economic cooperative movements and theory, and to Russian émigré affairs.

Tower of Peace radio broadcasts

Relates to the facilities, history, purpose, and activities of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. Includes interviews with Herbert Hoover and with staff members and researchers at the Hoover Institution. Digital copies also available at

Tower (Raymond Camille) speech

Relates to the development of the Bradley Fighting Machine by the FMC Corporation and the question of its adoption by the United States Army. Speech given at the Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pa. Includes audiovisual material used to illustrate...

Towers (Roy L.) interviews

Video tapes of interviews of Colonel John Van Vliet, Jr., and Lieutenant Colonel Donald Stewart, U.S. Army, German prisoners in World War II, relating to their participation in a German-organized committee to investigate the Katyn Forest massacre in 1943.

Toynbee (Arnold Joseph) miscellaneous papers

Transcripts of letters from A. and Rosalind Toynbee to relatives and friends in England, 1921-1923, relating to their observations of conditions in Greece and Turkey during the Greco-Turkish War; and sound recordings of speeches by A. Toynbee in San Francisco...

Traaen (Carl Egeberg) sermons

Sermons delivered to Norwegian resistance movement members imprisoned in German-occupied Norway during World War II.

Trail Smelter Arbitral Tribunal records

Arguments presented to, and reports issued by, an international tribunal for adjudication constituted by the United States and Canada, relating to American complaints of damage to crops caused by fumes from a smelter at Trail, British Columbia.

Trainor (Joseph C.) papers

Writings, memoranda, reports, surveys, handbooks, maps, photographs, and printed matter relating to education reform in Japan during the Allied occupation. Includes sound recording of interview of J. C. Trainor by Harry Wray, 1980. Also available on microfilm (66 microfilm reels).

Trans-Atlantic Conference on East-West Trade records

Conference papers, relating to economic and political aspects of East-West trade. Photocopy.

Transition to Constitutional Democracy and Market Economy in Poland conference proceedings

Sound recordings, relating to post-communist political and economic developments in Poland. Includes related publicity materials. Conference co-sponsored by the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace and the Center for Russian and East European Studies.

Trapp (Lawrence R.) papers

Letters, writings, manifesto, agreement, serial issue, and video tape, relating to activities of Vietnamese émigré anti-communist organizations, and to American medical and other assistance to Vietnam and Laos. Includes writings by Nguy?^n Van Thi?u, former president of South Vietnam.

Travis (Joseph William) papers

Orders, certificates, and printed matter, relating to the American Field Service, and to French and American military transportation during World War I.

Treat (Payson J.) Papers

Correspondence, reports, interviews, copies of diplomatic records, speeches, writings, notes, photographs, maps, memorabilia, and printed matter, relating to the diplomatic history of Japan, China, and other countries of the Far East. Includes a pamphlet collection on World War I

Treiguts (Ernests) collection

Reports, news, dispatches, printed matter, and photographs, relating to various aspects of events in Latvia during World War II.

Treint (Albert) typescript

Relates to capitalism, international politics, materialism, social classes, and socialism, particularly in communist-dominated countries, 1900-1957. Photocopy.

Treloar (George D.) diary

Relates to British liaison with White Russian forces on the Crimea during the Russian Revolution.

Tremaine (Frank) printed material

Relates to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, reportage of the attack, and effects on the Japanese and Japanese American community in Hawaii. Also includes typescript draft.

Trend (Harry G.) writings

Reports and studies, analyzing economic conditions in Eastern Europe.

Trent (Darrell Melvin) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, press releases, statistics, notes, studies, financial and legal records, printed matter, and photographs relating to United States transportation policy during the presidential administration of Ronald Reagan, home loan banking, and planning of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Trent (Evelyn) papers

Correspondence, notes, pamphlets, clippings, and photographs, relating to M. N. Roy and the communist movement in India.

Trevor-Roper (H. R. (Hugh Redwald)) sound recording

Lecture relating to Adolf Hitler. Delivered at Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University.

Tribe (Mattie) typescript

Relates to the evacuation by sea of British subjects from Cannes, France, to Liverpool, England, after the capitulation of France in June 1940.

Tribunal arbitral issuances

Arguments of the Russian and Turkish governments and decision of the tribunal, relating to a dispute over reparations owed Russia by Turkey as a result of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878.

Trierich (Paul) papers

Correspondence and diaries, relating to German military operations during World War II.

Trinadtsat' let oktiabria mimeograph

Relates to economic progress in the Soviet Union since the Russian Revolution.

Trjitzinsky (Joseph S.) papers

Letters, photographs and postcards, relating to the Russian community in China.

Trotsky Colloqium Papers

Relates to the residence of Leon Trotsky in Mexico (1937-1940), Mexican politics during the presidency of Lazaro Cardenas, Communist and Trotskyist movements in Mexico, and the relation of Mexican intellectuals to Leon Trotsky.

Trotsky video tape

Relates to the life of the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky. Produced by Ima Productions.

Trott (Margaret Akers) typescript

Relates to the Soviet public health system and its relationship to Western medical relief following the Russian Civil War. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Virginia. Photocopy.

Trubetskoi (Grigorii Nikolaevich) papers

Writings, correspondence, and printed matter relating to Russian foreign policy, the Russian Civil War, the Russian Orthodox Church, and Russian émigré affairs. Digital copies of select records also available at

Trubetskoi (Kniaz Mikhail Nikolaevich) papers

Correspondence, memoirs, notes, and printed matter, relating to pre-World War I Russian diplomacy, the Russian Revolution and Civil War, the Russian Orthodox Church, and Russian émigré affairs. Includes correspondence with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Trubetskoi (Vladimir S.) typescript

Relates to the Russian Imperial Kirasir Household Troops Regiment of Her Majesty Mariia Feodorovna during the period 1911-1913.

Trudeau (Pierre Elliott) speeches

Transcripts of speeches, interviews and press conferences, relating to Canadian foreign and domestic policy.

True (Arnold E.) papers

Writings, correspondence, memoranda, printed matter, photographs, and sound recordings relating to American naval operations in the Pacific Theater during World War II, especially the sinking of the destroyer at the battle of Midway, anti-war protest movements in the United States...

Trujillo (Robert) interview

Relates to the history of the communist movement in Colorado. Interview by Brad Bohland, May 6, 1975.

Truth about communism motion picture film

Relates to international communism. Narrated by Ronald Reagan. Produced by the National Education Program.

Truth about Croatia video tape

Relates to the conflict between Croatian and Serbian forces in Croatia following the declaration of Croatian independence in 1991. Includes footage from Croatian television. Produced by a group of Croatian-American organizations.

Truth about Cuba Committee issuances

Leaflets and brochures, relating to living conditions in Cuba and to anti-communist activities.

Trybuna ludu newspaper issue

False satirical issue prepared by Polish dissidents, relating to the visit of Pope John Paul II to Poland. Photocopy.

Trynin (Ben) correspondence

Correspondence with Lincoln Steffens, American journalist and social reformer, 1932-1934, and with Ella Winter, widow of Lincoln Steffens, 1936, relating to leftist political movements in the United States.

Tsai (Meng-gian) papers

Correspondence, other writings, personal documents, and photographs, relating to the Kuomintang and political conditions in Taiwan, and to Taiwanese relations with East Asia and the United States. Includes memoir of activities as a Kuomintang anti-communist counterintelligence officer in China from...

Tschebotarioff (Gregory Porphyriewitch) correspondence

Relates to the Don Cadet Corps during the Russian Revolution, and to relations between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1941.

Tschechoslovakische Nachrichten mimeograph

Series of bulletins relating to Czechoslovakia during and immediately after World War II. Includes transcripts of wartime radio broadcasts from London. Later issues stated to be issuances of the Czechoslovak Legation in Switzerland.

TSeklinskii family papers

Commendations and certificates, 1879-1912, relating to the careers of various members of the family in the Russian civil service; and letters from the émigré Russian journalist Roman Gul' to Irina Aleksandrovna TSeklinskaia, 1978-1985, relating to personal matters.

Tsing Hua Alumni Association circular

Relates to activities of the organization.

Tsipouras (Mary W.) memoir

Relates to the Greek Revolution of 1922 and the overthrow of King Constantine.

TSitlidze (Artem Dmitrievich) indictment

Charges A. D. TSitlidze, Shalva Konstantinovich Alaverdashvili, and others with counter-revolutionary activities, including terrorism, subversion, and sabotage, in Georgia.

TSK KPSS. Prezidium miscellaneous records

Resolutions, reports, letters, and telegrams, relating to the Soviet decision to invade Hungary in 1956 and its aftermath. Includes related documents from other Soviet government sources. Photocopy.

TSK VKP(b) resolution

Relates to detention of Polish prisoners of war and suppression of Ukrainian and Belarusian nationalist activities. Includes related memoranda by Lavrentii Beriia, 1940, and Aleksandr Shelepin, 1959, successive heads of the Soviet secret police. Photocopy.

TSurikov (N. A.) papers

Memoirs and other writings, notes, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Russian émigré life, anti-communist movements, and post-World War II refugees.

Tuban (Mark R.) collection

Russian linen napkin, with Romanov Imperial crest and design.

Tuck (William Hallam) papers

Primarily consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Tuck's involvement in various relief effort organizations in the years surrounding World War II. The documents include materials generated by Tuck through his work with these organizations. The...

Tuganova (O. E.) papers

Memoirs, diaries, poems, other writings, certificates, and photograph, relating to political and cultural conditions in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia, Russian literature, purges in the Soviet Union during the 1930s, and the execution for anti-Soviet activities in 1938 of...

Tullock (Gordon) papers

Writings, correspondence, studies, reports, financial records, and printed matter relating to public choice, decision-making theory, political and economic theory, and legal procedure.

Tully (J. M.) papers

Cruise books, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American naval aviation.

Tumanov (I.) holograph

Relates to evacuation of White Russian forces from southern Russia at the conclusion of the Russian Civil War.

Tunaya (Tarik Zafer) typescript

Relates to Turkish political development, 1908-1927. Translated by Kerim K. Key. Edited by Elaine D. Smith.

Tung (Julia) collection

Press releases, letters, pamphlets, leaflets, serial issues, writings, election campaign literature, photographs, slides, sound recordings, video tapes, microfilm, and banners relating to the Tiananmen Square incident in China in 1989, to protests of the incident held by Chinese student dissidents...

Tunisian subject collection

Pamphlets, serial issues, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Tunisia.

Tupitsyn (Gennadii Ivanovich) papers

Correspondence, writings, printed matter, postcards, and photographs relating to the promotion of Esperanto, especially in Latvia and the Soviet Union.

Tupper (Gene) photographs

Depicts radical student posters and demonstrations at Stanford University.

Turauskas (Edvardas) Papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, printed matter, clippings, and photographs, relating to the Soviet occupation of Lithuania, 1940-1941, and Lithuanian foreign relations in Europe, 1934-1941. Also available on microfilm (14 reels).

Turkish Conference proceedings

Conference held to assess the Turkish library and archival materials at the Hoover Institution and their potential for research use.

Turkish subject collection

Pamphlets, serial issues, election campaign literature, and miscellany, relating to Turkish politics, government and elections.

Turkish Wilsonian League letter

Requests American assistance for the modernization of Turkish government administration.

Turkul (A. V. (Anton Vasil'evich)) Papers

The bulk of the papers of Turkel, a Major general in the White Russian army and commanding general of the Drozdovska´i`a strelkova´i`a divizi´i`a consist of correspondence with former comrades-in-arms relating to memories of the Civil War, as well as to...

Turner (Robert F.) Papers

Correspondence, writings, reports, speeches, press releases, clippings, printed matter, sound recordings, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to political, social and cultural conditions in Vietnam and to the Vietnamese War

Turrou, (Leon G.) typescript

Relates to a meeting between L. G. Turrou and Feliks Dzerzhinskii, Soviet Cheka director and commissar of transport, in 1922, regarding transport of American Relief Administration supplies.

Tymowski (Andrzej W.) Interview Transcripts

Interviews with activists in KOR, Solidarnosc, and other Polish dissident movements of the 1970s and 1980s, with activists in Czechoslovak and East German dissident movements of the same period, and with observers of these movements, relating to the history of...

Tyrmand (Leopold) Papers

Writings, diaries, correspondence, notes, and printed matter, relating to social conditions in Poland, cultural conditions in communist countries, popular culture in the United States and other Western countries, standards of sexual behavior in the United States, and American conservative thought....