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Faber (Justus) correspondence

Relates to German military activities during World War II.

Fabre-Luce (Alfred) memorandum

Relates to missing archival material regarding the origins of World War I.

Faces of the Enemy : video tape

Finished videotape copy, transcript, and raw videotape footage, relating to psychological dimensions of war, interstate rivalry, and social conflict. Produced by Quest Productions.

Face-to-face: U.S.-Soviet summitry video tape

Relates to the history of high-level diplomatic negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union, and especially to summit conferences from 1943 to 1987. Produced by the South Carolina Educational Television Network in cooperation with the United States Institute...

Fackert (Harold E.) collection

Pamphlets, clippings, and miscellanea, relating to pacifism.

Fadeeva (Elena Pavlovna) drawings

Botanical drawings of flowers.

Fagen (Richard R.) Collection

Pamphlets, serial issues, government documents, bulletins, newsletters, press releases, speeches, conference papers, clippings, and memorabilia, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Cuba under Fidel Castro, in Chile under Salvador Allende, and in Nicaragua under the Sandinistas; to education...

Fain family papers

Identification documents; legal, work, educational and other official documents; and photographs, relating to social conditions in Russia and the Soviet Union.

Fairclough (Henry Rushton) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, clippings, and certificates, relating primarily to Red Cross civilian relief work in Montenegro.

Fairman (Charles) printed material

Relates to problems of legal jurisdiction of Allied military government during World War II.

Fait (Margaret E.) Papers

Reports, dispatches, memoranda, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to relief aid to displaced persons in Germany at the end of World War II, and to Jewish refugees in transit to Palestine.

Falk (Karl L.) collection

Writings, correspondence, reprints, newspaper articles, and miscellanea, relating to the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915, to the Saar plebiscite in 1935, to the conditions of Germans living in the Sudetenland, Memel, and the Polish Corridor in the interwar period,...

Fall (James H.) collection

French identification documents of arrested Vietnamese communists; and a Viet Cong photographic training manual.

Far Eastern Commission records

Mimeographed minutes, memoranda, reports, laws, and proclamations, relating to Allied administration of occupied Japan after World War II.

Far Western Slavic Conference proceedings

Relates to the history, politics, foreign relations, economy, society, and literature of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Farish (Linn M.) circular

Reprints extracts from an article by L. M. Farish, entitled Huge Reserves, Poor Technique Characterize Soviet Oil Industry, published in Mining and Metallurgy in June 1940, and letters to the editor prompted by this article, published in Mining and Metallurgy...

Farmer (Edward M.) papers

Military documents, pamphlets, and correspondence, relating to the second civilian camouflage course given by E. M. Farmer at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, 1942.

Farmer (Garland R.) papers

Correspondence, reports, business and financial records, bulletins, statistical data, pamphlets, serial issues, clippings, other printed matter, and photographs relating to iron ore mining in Liberia and to political, social, and economic conditions in Liberia. Includes some material relating to Ghana...

Farmers' National Weekly newspaper issues

Organ of the Farmers' National Committee for Action, a communist front organization, and published in Washington, D.C., during 1933, and in Chicago, 1934-1936.

Farner (Frank) Papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, reports, studies, memoranda, and printed matter, relating to the establishment and administration of Federal City College in Washington, D.C., and to activities of the World Bank in providing educational development assistance to various Asian countries, especially...

Farquhar (Francis Peloubet) collection

Photographs, 1902-1918, of American warships and merchant vessels and of shipyards in the San Francisco area, mostly taken during World War I; and a list, 1941, of the principal mountains of Greece.

Farquhar (Percival) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, and reports, relating to negotiations between P. Farquhar and associates and the Soviet government concerning the development of Russia's iron ore and steel resources, and to the work of American engineers in the Soviet Union. Includes reports on...

Farquharson (Dorothea Price) papers

Correspondence, reminiscences, post cards, printed matter, and photographs, relating to social work, the Masaryk family, and the death of Jan Masaryk, foreign minister of Czechoslovakia, in 1948. Includes corresondence with Alice Masaryková, sister of Jan Masaryk and president of the...

Farrand (Stephen M.) papers

Bulletins, regulations, correspondence, newsletters, clippings, periodical issues, and photographs, relating to prisoner of war camps in the United States during World War II.

Faulkner (Nettie S.) Newspaper Clippings

Relates to world politics, Presidents of the U.S., 1921-1945, and World War II diplomatic conferences.

Faulstich (Edith M.) Collection

Diaries, letters, and reminiscences of members of the American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia, reports, notes, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American military activities in Siberia during the Russian Revolution.

Fawl (S.) typescript

Relates to Tibetan demonstrations for independence, and to their suppression by Chinese troops. Includes copies of orders (in English) issued to foreigners regarding the imposition of martial law in Tibet. Photocopy.

Faymonville (Philip Ries) miscellaneous papers

Letters, orders, certificate, and photographs, relating to a military award to P. F. Faymonville and personal matters.

Fearey (Robert A.) Papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, interviews, reports, memoranda, press releases, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American-Japanese relations before and after World War II, American occupation policy in postwar Japan, the treaty of peace between Japan and the United States in...

Fearnside (W. Ward) collection

Wooden inkstand arved in the form of a fox and a rabbit by a Czechoslovakian Jehovah's Witness imprisoned at Mauthausen concentration camp near Linz, Austria, during World War II.

Federation of Russian Charitable Organizations of the United States Records

Correspondence, minutes, financial records, reports, and lists, relating to resettlement of Russian refugees in the United States and Australia.

Fedichkin (Dmitri I.) papers

Writings, correspondence, and handbills, relating to the Russian Civil War, and the rebellion of workers and peasants in Izhevsk against the Bolsheviks, 1918.

Fedorov (Georgii) typescript

Relates to the Russian Civil War in the Kuban region.

Fedotov (Nikifor) photograph album

Depicts life of the Russian community in China.

Fedulenko (V. V.) Papers

Speeches and writings, and miscellany, relating to Russian participation in World War I, the Russian Civil War, and Russian émigré affairs.

Feely (Raymond Thomas) papers

Correspondence, speeches, reports, notes, leaflets, bulletins, pamphlets, and serial issues, relating to communism and anti-communist movements in the United States, especially in California.

Feferman (Anita) collection

Sound recording of memorial services at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, and at Harvard University, for Jean van Heijenoort, mathematician and former secretary to Leon Trotsky.

Feierabend (Ladislav) Papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoirs, photographs, and printed matter, relating to agricultural administration, Czechoslovakia in World War II, and Czechoslovak foreign relations with Germany and the Soviet Union.

Feiler (Arthur) papers

Clippings, pamphlets, correspondence, and notes, relating to international economics and to German economics and politics, principally in the 1930s.

Feingersh (Francis) papers

Letters, clippings, and pamphlet, relating to American participation in the Spanish Civil War.

Feldmanis (Arnolds Voldemars)

Correspondence, personal documents and photographs, relating to displaced persons during World War II and to Latvian émigré affairs.

Feldmans (Jules) Papers

Correspondence, memoranda, and reports, relating to the Russian occupation of the Baltic states in 1940, displaced persons in Germany, immigration, and Latvian emigre organizations after World War II.

Feliz (Frank E.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, writings, and printed matter, relating to labor and production allocations in the United States during World War II, postwar recovery, and activities of the United States War Production Board, War Manpower Commission, Employment Service, and War Assets...

Fellers (Bonner Frank) Papers

Speeches and writings, studies, reports, correspondence, memoranda, orders, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American propaganda and military activities in the Pacific Theater during World War II, the occupation of Japan, and postwar conservative political organizations in the United States,...

Fellner (William John) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, conference papers, reports, studies, testimony, charts, and statistics related to economic conditions and governmental economic policy in the United States, and laissez-faire economic theory, including particularly questions of unemployment, inflation, and monetary policy.

Fellowship of Reconciliation Records

Correspondence, reports, and memoranda, relating to pacifist activities and conscientious objectors in the United States during World War II.

Felton (Frederick L.) letter excerpts

Relates to the Nuremberg trials.

Felz (Eberhard) collection

Graphic materials, printed matter, and miscellany, relating to graphic arts design in East Germany.

Ferdinand I, Czar of Bulgaria, Papers

Correspondence, memoranda, and reports, relating to Bulgarian foreign relations and domestic policy, the Bulgarian role in the Balkan Wars and World War I, and Bulgarian dynastic affairs.

Ferdinand I, King of Romania letters

Relates to the Romanian court and personal matters.

Ferguson (Alan) correspondence

Relates to the history of the American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia. Photocopy.

Fernandez (Sergio) papers

Memoirs, speeches, decrees, proclamations, reports, and studies, relating to political conditions in Chile, administration of the Chilean government, and the transition from military to civilian rule in Chile, particularly during Fernández's service as minister of the interior.

Ferriere (Suzanne) typescript

Relates to operations of the American Relief Administration. Translation of Les Etats-Unis au secours de l'Europe, 1918-1923 : l'oeuvre de Hoover en Europe depuis l'armistice (Geneva, 1923).

Fertig (Lawrence) Papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, printed matter, sound recordings, and motion picture film, relating to U.S. and international economic policy, and laissez-faire economics

Fetter (Bruce) collection

Regulations, reports, conference papers, speeches, syllabi, and rosters, relating to higher education in Zaire and Zambia, especially to the administration of the Université nationale du Zaïre and the University of Zambia, and to the study of African history at these...

Fetter (Klara) papers

Notes, and typed copies and English translations of published material and documentary sources, relating to the history of the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919.

Feuilletau de Bruyn (Willem Karel Hendrik) typescript

Regarding Soviet Russia in Asia and the Middle East...

Fiedler (Willy Achim) papers

Correspondence, writings, notes, memoranda, technical reports, patent applications, clippings, other printed matter, video tape, sound recording, and photographs relating to the German missile development program during World War II, including the "V1," and to postwar American missile development programs, especially...

Field (Charles Kellogg) typescript

Relates to American war heroes of World War I. Includes correspondence regarding compilation of the list.

Field (Herbert Haviland) papers

Diary and reports relating to political and economic conditions in Bavaria. Digital copies also available at

Field (N. H.) memorandum

Relates to relief work in the Soviet Zone of Germany.

Fielden (Bert S.) papers

Memoranda, letters, manuals, and newspaper issues, relating to Allied censorship of radio and the press in occupied territories during World War II, and in Germany immediately after the war. Includes slides of scenes of work and other daily activity in...

Fielitz (Axel von) holograph

Relates to a proposal to end World War I through reconvening the Hague International Peace Conference.

Fife (Austin E.) typescript

Relates to stories and poems of American soldiers in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

Fight for Freedom Committee records

Correspondence, memoranda, press releases, pamphlets, clippings, and printed matter, relating to interventionist and non-interventionist movements in the United States during World War II, the America First Committee, and the activities of Charles Lindbergh and Herbert Hoover in the non-interventionist movement.

Fighting lady: a drama of the Pacific motion picture film

Relates to the role of aircraft carriers in American naval operations in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Produced in cooperation with the United States Navy. Narrated by Robert Taylor.

Figner (Vera) letters

Relates to political conditions in Russia.

Figueras (Andre) [interviewer] Sound Recordings

Interviews with French military and naval officers, diplomats, and others, relating to the February 1934 disorders in France, the regime of Marshal Philippe Petain during World War II, the subsequent trial and imprisonment of Petain, and the postwar Organisation Armee...

Filip'ev (Pavel Timofeevich) Papers

Writings, notes, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to the authenticity of the Vlesova Kniga, the early history of Russia and the Slavs, and Russian émigré affairs.

Fil'shin (G. I.) interviews

Sound recordings and transcripts of interviews conducted by Tatiana Zhilkina, relating to political conditions and especially to economic policy in the Soviet Union and Russian Republic. Includes some biographical materials on G. I. Fil'shin.

Findley (Paul) Papers

Writings, notes, interview transcripts, correspondence, printed matter, and sound recordings, relating to relations between Israel and the United States, American foreign policy in the Middle East, and lobbying activities on behalf of Israel in the United States. Includes research material...

Finger (Seymour M.) Dispatches

Relates to various aspects of the Hungarian economy between 1950 and 1952.

Finley (Margaret A.) letters

Letters and typewritten copies of letters from Japanese-Americans interned at Poston, Arizona, during World War II, relating to conditions in the relocation camp.

Finliandets bulletins

Relates to Russian veterans' affairs.

Finn (Chester E., Jr.) Papers

Speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, correspondence, agenda, and printed matter, relating to education in the United States, and especially to educational policy during the presidential administrations of Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and to activities of the Educational Excellence...

Finnish Relief Fund records

Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, press releases, financial records, printed matter, memorabilia, and photographs relating to fundraising in the United States for civilian relief in Finland during the Russo-Finnish War.

Finnish Subject Collection

Trial transcripts, maps, pamphlets, and bulletins, relating to the Finnish independence movement before World War I, and to the trial of former Finnish government leaders accused of responsibility for Finnish participation in World War II. Includes a flag of the...

Finze (Hans Joachim) holograph

Relates to air raids on Köthen, 1944.

Firing Line (Television Program) broadcast records

The Firing Line broadcast records include videotapes from the television show, as well as sound recordings, administrative and speaker files, program research files, photographs, transcripts, and other materials from the show. The types of program research materials available for each...

Firsov (Fridrikh Igorevich) collection

Photocopies of, transcripts of, transcripts of extracts from, and summaries of, official internal documents of the Communist International. Includes copies of documents from records of various national Communist parties; sound recordings of interviews with associated individuals; and notes and printed...

First Aid For Hungary Records

Correspondence, reports, contribution lists, clippings, and printed matter, relating to relief and resettlement of Hungarian refugees.

First Fifty Years: Reflections on U.S.-Soviet Relations : Video Tape

Finished videotape copy, transcript, and raw videotape footage, including interviews with former American government officials, relating to the history of Soviet-American relations and prospects for their future. Produced by Quest Productions.

First films of the Soviet underground : video tape

Relates to dissidents, human rights violations, and antisemitism in the Soviet Union. Produced by Michail Makarenko for Resistance International.

Fischer (Eugen) typescript

Relates to Anglo-German relations, 1871-1914.

Fischer (George) mimeograph

Relates to Russian collaborators with Germany during World War II and especially to the Russian Army of Liberation under General Andrei Andreevich Vlasov.

Fischer-Galati (M. T.) photograph collection

Depicts the Maginot Line. Photographs taken by German intelligence services.

Fisher (Charles Frederick) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, studies, conference material, and printed matter, relating to education in the United States, and especially to university administration.

Fisher (Edgar Jacob) papers

The collection relates to Robert College and other American schools in Turkey and elsewhere in the Near East, social and political conditions in Turkey, and ethnic minorities in Turkey. It consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, student essays, and printed...

Fisher (Harold H.) Papers

Clippings, printed matter, notes, correspondence, pamphlets, articles, microfilm, and photographs, relating to the Soviet Union, the San Francisco Conference organizing the United Nations, the Civil War in Spain, Herbert Hoover and the American Relief Administration, and the history of Finland.

Fisher (J. C. Reginald) papers

Cartoons, drawings, other artwork, and miscellany, relating to British military activities on the Western front during World War I.

Fisher (Margaret Liebler) sound recording collection

Phonotape cassettes of news coverage of Ronald Reagan and the 1980 presidential campaign, proceedings of the Republican and Democratic national conventions, and debates and press conferences of presidential candidates.

Fisher (Michele) typescript

Relates to activities of the American engineer Oliver Julian Todd in China. Photocopy.

Fisk (A. J.) mimeograph

Relates to coal mines and mining in Poland.

Fitch (Aubrey Wray) papers

Correspondence, speeches, orders, personnel records, clippings, and photographs collected by Aubrey Wray Fitch relating to American naval aviation, especially in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Sound use copies of sound recordings available.

Flaherty (Joseph William) papers

Letters, personnel records, medals, and certificates, relating to American military activities in France during World War I.

Flake (Wilson Clark) papers

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, serial issues, clippings, certificates, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to miscellaneous aspects of American diplomacy, and to American-Ghanaian relations.

Flanagan (John Clemans) papers

Writings, notes, reports, studies, printed matter, and photographs, relating to psychological factors in personnel selection and training for air crew duties during and after World War II.

Fleischer (Hugo and Flora) letters

Letters, mainly to their daughter Luise Papo in London, relating to efforts to emigrate during and just prior to World War II.

Fleishman (Lazar') collection

Writings and photographs, relating to Boris Pasternak, Leo Tolstoy and other Russian literary figures, and to various aspects of Russian literature.

Fleming (Harold M.) papers

Correspondence, writings, maps, and clippings, relating to the American Relief Administration in Russia, economic conditions, and political and social developments in Russia after the revolution.

Fleming (Robert John) interview

Relates to the attack on Pearl Harbor and the administration of the Panama Canal Zone. Interview conducted by Paul B. Ryan, captain, United States Navy. Includes sound recording and transcript.

Flint (Rebecca) papers

Booklets, newspapers, other printed matter, and photographs relating to Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) work with the American Expeditionary Forces in France, and more generally the life of an American in France during World War I.

Floda (Liviu) Papers

Scripts and sound recordings of Radio Free Europe broadcasts to Romania, and related correspondence, memoranda, and printed matter, relating to Romanian politics, society and culture, the status of civil liberties in Romania, and activities of Romanians abroad.

Florian (Tibor) papers

Correspondence, transcripts and sound recordings of radio broadcasts, poems and other writings, memoranda, reports, printed matter, and memorabilia relating to Radio Free Europe broadcasts to Hungary, the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Hungarian émigré affairs, Hungarian-language publishing in the United States,...

Flory (Paul J.) Papers

The collection includes correspondence, statements, memoranda, bulletins, reports, conference material, press releases, and clippings relating to the civil rights of dissident scientists in various countries, especially the Soviet Union. Much of the material concerns the cases of Andreĭ Sakharov, Yuri...

Floyd (Barry Neil) typescript

Paper read before the Social Science Research Committee at the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, November 6, 1958.

Flug (V.E.) Writings

Includes a study entitled Pekhota (1926), relating to infantry organization and tactics, and a memorandum, 1933, relating to activities of the Russian 10th Army in September 1914.

Foch (Ferdinand) and John Joseph Pershing memorandum

Relates to projected future needs for American troops in France. Written by F. Foch and General John J. Pershing. Photocopy.

Fodor (Nandor) papers

Correspondence, clippings, and photographs, relating to Hungarian politics and foreign relations, and to the British newspaper publisher Lord Rothermere.

Foley (Charles) collection

Proclamations, leaflets, pamphlets, reports, notes, and writings, relating to activities of the Greek underground organization Ethnike Organosis Kypriakou Agonos (EOKA) on Cyprus. Includes issuances of the EOKA and of the British government on Cyprus, and a translation of the memoirs...

Fonck (Charles) typescript

Relates to relief provided by the Belgian government for Belgian refugees displaced by the German invasion in May 1940.

Fon-Lampe (Aleksei A.) Papers

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, orders, newsletters, clippings, leaflets, maps, pamphlets, and printed matter, relating to operations of the offices of the Russian Military Agent in Germany and the Russian Military Representative to Hungary, Russian counterrevolutionary activities, political events in Russia, and...

Fon-Shvarts (Aleksei Vladimirovich) papers

Diary, correspondence, memoirs, writings, notes, and printed matter, relating to Russian military campaigns in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe during World War I, and the Russian Revolution.

Forbes (Henry Stone) letters

Relates to American volunteer medical work in Serbia, 1915-1916, and to United States Army medical activities in France, 1917-1919. Letters compiled and edited by Hildegarde B. Forbes and Marjorie Forbes Elias, 1981.

Forchheimer (Hans) papers

Letters, photographs, drawings, and woodcuts, relating to internment of German citizens in the United States during World War I, and to family affairs. Includes letters received from relatives in Germany, 1901-1905, and illustrations of internees and conditions in Fort Oglethorpe,...

Ford (Henry) and Theodor Fritsch leaflet

Reprints of correspondence between H. Ford and Theodor Fritsch, German antisemitic writer, relating to the works of T. Fritsch.

Ford (Mrs. Edsall P.) papers

Diary, correspondence, photographs, and clippings, relating to Red Cross work and social conditions in the United States during World War II.

Foreign Policy Association miscellany

Program and guest list for a luncheon held by the Foreign Policy Association in honor of Herbert Hoover, Jr., undersecretary of state, 1954-1957.

Forgan (James Russell) Papers

Correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, and lists, relating to the operations of the Office of Strategic Services during World War II, the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the activities of the Veterans of OSS. Photocopy.

Formakov (Arsenii Ivanovich) papers

Memoirs, other writings, correspondence, and photographs, relating to conditions in forced labor camps in the Soviet Union.

Fornel de la Laurencie (Benoit Leon, vicomte de) typescript

Relates to relations between the Vichy government and German occupation authorities

Forney (Edward H.) papers

Handwritten notes, correspondence, course writings, orders, reports, news releases, and news clippings relating primarily to the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Forster (Cliff) papers

Interview transcripts, memoirs, other writings, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs relating to internment of American civilians in the Japanese-occupied Philippines during World War II, the war crime trial and execution of Japanese General Masaharu Homma, and the American diplomatic service.

Forster (Clifford) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, memoranda, and clippings, relating to the Russian-Belgian revolutionary and writer Victor Serge. Includes correspondence with Serge.

Forsyth (Edward Culligan) papers

Orders, memoranda, reports, correspondence, manuals, printed matter, photographs, and drawings, relating to American naval operations during World War II, and especially to naval preparations for the landings in Normandy in 1944.

Fortmann (Louise) and Emery Roe collection

Reports, studies, memoranda, minutes, and printed matter, relating primarily to agriculture and community development in Kenya, Botswana and elsewhere in Africa. Includes many issuances of the Botswana Ministry of Local Government and Lands. Collected by Louise Fortmann and Emery Roe.

Forum for U.S.-Soviet Dialogue records

Minutes, reports, conference proceedings, lists, brochures, newsletters, and photographs, relating to American-Soviet nongovernmental relations.

Foss (Fedor Fedorovich) papers

Photographs and memorabilia, relating to engineering and industrial development in tsarist Russia. Includes material relating to the engineering career of Fedor Andreevich Foss, father of F. F. Foss.

Fossedal (Gregory A.) collection

Photocopies of correspondence, memoranda, diaries and oral histories located in the Harry S. Truman Library, Yale University, and Columbia University, and photocopies of newspaper articles, Congressional Record excerpts, and other printed matter, relating to the career of United States Undersecretary...

Foster (Andrew Brisbin) typescript

Relates to the history of Gdansk, territorial disputes between Germany and Poland regarding its possession following World War I, and its administration and political and economic condition during the interwar period.

Foster (Ludmila A.) papers

Writings, printed matter, video tapes and audio tapes, relating to Russian émigré literature, Russiam émigré affairs and the Congress of Russian-Americans.

Foster (Richard B.) papers

The Richard B. Foster papers document the work of a leading American national security analyst in the Cold War period. In a career spanning three decades, Foster specialized in strategic forecasting, attempting to predict future military and political developments on...

Fotic (Konstantin) Papers

The papers contain office and personal correspondence, reports, writings, speeches, clippings, and printed matter, documenting the politics of the Royal Yugoslav government in exile during World War II, Yugoslav-American relations, and the post-war Serbian and Yugoslav émigré community organizations. Additionally,...

Foto-Willinger collection

Photographs depicting scenes of daily life in Germany in the inter-war period and during World War II, including social, cultural, industrial, and agricultural activities. Also includes scenes of Nazi activities and of military operations during World War II.

Foundation for Economic Education miscellaneous correspondence

Correspondence with Roy A. Childs, relating to libertarianism in the United States.

Foundation for Teaching Economics records

Correspondence, minutes, memoranda, newsletters, reports, and drafts and printed copies of textbooks and teachers' manuals, relating to the preparation and publication of instructional materials on economics, especially at the secondary school level, in the United States.

Fowler (David) collection

Newswire stories on computer disks, video tapes of television news broadcasts, and printed miscellany, relating to the Tiananmen Square incident in China, American military intervention in Panama, and the fall of the Nicolae Ceausescu regime in Romania.

Fox (Ernest Franklin) slides

Depicts scenes of Northern Rhodesia. Photographs taken during geological expeditions, and used to illustrate the book by E. F. Fox, By Compass Alone (Philadelphia, 1971).

Foxworthy (Frederick William) collection

Newsletters, bulletins, and letters, relating to conditions of internment of, and organization of relief for, American and other Allied civilians interned in the Japanese-occupied Philippines. Includes many newsletters of the organization Relief for Americans in Philippines.

France. Armee. 7e Corps general orders

Relates to activities of the VII Corps in the Battle of the Somme, September 9-17, 1916

France. Armee. Detachement d'armee de l'Atlantique. Etat-major. Troisieme Bureau reports

Relates to French military operations against the German-occupied ports of Lorient, St. Nazaire, La Rochelle, and Royan-Grave, 1944-1945. Includes maps.

France. Armee Miscellaneous Records

Reports, orders, correspondence, and memoranda, relating to aerial operations of the French army during World War I.

France. Assemblee nationale petition

Relates to public examination of an unspecified issue. Signed by members of the French National Assembly, March 18-April 20, 1871. Photocopy.

France combattante. Afrique francaise libre miscellaneous records

Orders, decrees, and memoranda, relating to Free French military activities in French West Africa during World War II.

France. Commissariat general a la famille pamphlets

Relates to encouragement of birth rate increase, promotion of the family as a social institution, and discouragement of alcoholism.

France. Direction de la Surete Generale miscellaneous records

Reports, memoranda, communiqués, and clippings, relating to the formation of the Romanian Communist Party, socialist and communist activities in Romania, and activities of Romanian socialists and communists in France. Photocopy.

France. Ministere de la guerre. Section photographique de l'armee photograph album

Depicts the arrival of American troops in France in World War I. Includes photographs of General John J. Pershing and of Marshal Ferdinand Foch. Presentation copy for William Crocker.

France. Office du Niger issuances

Reports and statistics, relating to agricultural development programs in the Niger River Valley of French West Africa and French Equatorial Africa.

France (Territory under German occupation, 1940-1944) Militarbefehlshaber in Frankreich. Biarritz. Feldkommandatur records

Reports, regulations, proclamations, and correspondence, relating to the administration of Biarritz, especially regarding price control and rationing.

France (Territory under German occupation, 1940-1944) Militarbefehlshaber in Frankreich. Metz. Polizeipräsident regulations

Relates mostly to police personnel policies. Includes some regulations predating the German occupation of Metz.

Franco (Avenol) papers

Correspondence, writings, notes, pamphlets, leaflets, serial issues, other printed matter, printing plates, sound recordings, and photographs, relating to conditions in Cuba under Fidel Castro, anti-communist Cuban émigrés, publication in New York City of the anti-communist journal El Amigo del Pueblo...

Francois (Kurt von) typescript

Relates to German exploration of the Togo region in Africa. Photocopy.

Frank (Colman D.) miscellaneous papers

Guide for interrogation of German prisoners; military map of Germany and route book; memoir, entitled Inside the Armistice Commission; and photographs of Allied members of the Permanent International Armistice Commission, and of American military activities in World War I.

Frank (Karl Boromaus) papers

Writings, correspondence, clippings, printed matter, and photographs relating to the communist, socialist, and anti-Nazi movements in Germany, post-World War II reconstruction in Germany, and political psychology. Also available on microfilm (7 reels).

Frank (Ludwig E.) papers

Writings, interview transcript, correspondence, reports, identification documents, printed matter, photographs, and videocassette relating to the persecution of Jews in Japan during World War II.

Frankel (S. Herbert) Papers

Writings, correspondence, statistics, reports, memoranda, notes, and commission proceedings, relating to economic conditions, finance, agriculture, mining, and transportation in South Africa, Rhodesia, and East Africa.

Franz (Rudolf) collection

Leaflets, proclamations, political campaign literature, war news announcements, and pamphlets, relating to events of World War I, the Spartacist revolt, the Kapp putsch in Germany, German nationalism, antisemitism, and German and Austrian politics.

Fraser (Leon) papers

Reports, memoranda, and correspondence, relating to the 1924 London Inter-Allied Conference on Reparations and Inter-Allied Debts, and to the adoption of the Dawes Plan.

Fraser of Kilmorack (Richard Michael Fraser, Baron) Papers

Correspondence, minutes, memoranda, speeches, reports, and printed matter, relating to British domestic and foreign policy, and to activities of the Conservative Party.

Frederick (Robert T.) Papers

Correspondence, diaries, writings, memoranda, photographs, and motion picture film, relating to operations of the First Special Service Force in Italy and France during World War II, and to the American Military Mission to Greece in 1951.

Frederick (W. McD.) papers

Reports, statistics, and minutes, relating to education of gifted children in Peoria, Illinois.

Frederiksen (O. J.) letters

Relates to the flood in Leningrad and to the dismissal of students from Russian universities.

Free (Arthur M.) photograph collection

Depicts German troops and war scenes on the Eastern and Western fronts during World War I, and scenes of the negotiation of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, 1918. Captions are in German.

Free Europe Press issuances

American propaganda leaflets and bulletins, distributed by balloon to Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland. Includes some English-language working material versions.

Free Society Association Records

Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, press releases, and financial records, relating to American politics.

Free to Choose video tape collection

Motion picture film, video tapes, and film strips of the television series , featuring Milton Friedman and relating to laissez-faire economics, produced in 1980 by Penn Communications and television station WQLN in Erie, Pennsylvania. Includes commercial and master film copies,...

Free Trade Union Institute typescript

Relates to funding of organizations opposing communist influence in trade unions in France. Photocopy.

Freedom. Executive Committee mimeograph

Relates to the program of the resistance movement in occupied Poland during World War II.

Freeman (John) papers

Photographs, annotated photocopies of photographs, and news reports, relating to the alleged bombing of a monument to the Sandinista leader Carlos Fonseca in Managua, Nicaragua, in 1991.

Freeman (Joseph) papers

Writings, correspondence, printed matter, notes, and photographs relating to the relation between communism and art and literature, and to communism in the United States, Mexico, and the Soviet Union.

Freeman (Roger A.) Papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, studies, speeches and writings, printed matter, and slides, relating to governmental problems in the state of Washington, 1950-1955, fiscal problems of Bolivia, 1957, international economic development, taxation (federal, state, and local), intergovernmental relations in the United States,...

Freiheit issues

Five issues, Numbers 35-37 (August 27-September 10), 43 (October 22), and 48 (November 26), relating to anarchist activities in Europe and the United States.

Frejlich (Jozef) Collection

Writings, correspondence, bulletins, press releases, serial issues, pamphlets, and other printed matter, relating to Polish history and politics, socialism in Poland, Poland during World War II, the Yalta Conference, Poles in the United States and Canada, anti-communist movements, and the...

The French deterrence: an assessment video tape

Relates to French nuclear weapons and their impact on international arms control negotiations. Includes interviews with Foreign Minister Claude Cheysson of France and Henry A. Kissinger. Produced by the Press and Information Service of the French Embassy in the United...

French Pictorial Collection

Photographs depicting various prominent French personalities and miscellaneous scenes in France.

French subject collection

Pamphlets, leaflets, clippings, serial issues, election campaign literature, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in France, especially during the Fifth Republic; elections; socialist and communist movements; radicalism, especially student radicalism, during the events of 1968;...

Frenkel (Lawrence) typescript

Relates to the psychological state and political attitudes of inhabitants of displaced persons camps.

Frescoes of Diego Rivera video tape

Relates to the Mexican painter Diego Rivera.

Frey (Andras) papers

Correspondence, reports, and memoranda, relating to efforts by the Hungarian government to enter into secret discussions with the Allied Powers during World War II.

Frey (Cynthia Wolloch) mimeograph

Relates to the suppression of nationalist movements by the Yugoslav government, 1946-1971.

Freymond (Jacques) newspaper columns

Relates mainly to diplomatic aspects of World War II. Photocopy.

Fried (Alfred H.) Papers

Diaries, correspondence, clippings, and notes, relating to the international peace movement, particularly during World War I, pacifism, international cooperation, and the World War I war guilt question.

Friedberg (Jeffreys) letter

Relates to activities of the American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I.

Friedland (William H.) Collection

Reports, articles, minutes of meetings, and clippings, relating to Tanzanian trade-unions.

Friedlander (Ernst) typescript

Regarding imprisionment in Siberia during World War I.

Friedman (Jeffrey) papers

Correspondence, minutes of meetings, financial reports, draft constitution, organizers' manual, leaflets, pamphlets, and serial issues, relating to libertarianism in the United States, and especially to activities of the Students for a Libertarian Society.

Friedman (Milton) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, notes, statistics, printed matter, sound recordings, videotapes, and photographs relating to economic theory, economic conditions in the United States, and governmental economic policy. Digitized copies of many of the sound and video recordings in this collection,...

Friedrich (Carl Joachim) miscellaneous papers

Writings, correspondence, bulletins, serial issues, and ephemeral printed matter, relating to European and world federation, and to the legal relation of Puerto Rico with the United States.

Friedrich (Joachim) papers

Diaries, correspondence, personnel records, and personal documents, relating to German military operations in France and on the Eastern front during World War II, and to prisoners of war in the Soviet Union.

Friends Committee on National Legislation issuances

Newsletters, reports, minutes, testimony, statements, and letters of advocacy, relating to efforts of the committee to influence Congressional legislation in the areas of peace, disarmament, military policy, civil rights, social policy, and the promotion of international understanding.

Friends' War Victims' Relief Committee records

Reports, correspondence, descriptive accounts, and meeting minutes relating to work conducted by the Friends' War Victims' Relief Committee during World War I and in its aftermath. Includes documentation of Quaker relief and rebuilding efforts in France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Hungary,...

Frillmann (Paul W.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, orders, notes, and photographs relating to activities of the American Volunteer Group in China during World War II, American foreign relations with China, 1946-1950, and conditions in China during the Civil War. Digital copies of select records also...

Frisch (Hubert) correspondence

Relates to German military operations during World War II.

Frischauf (Emil) typescript

Relates to German military operations on the Western front during World War I. Includes some related material.

Frontwacht records

Correspondence, memoranda, and financial records, relating to Flemish nationalism in Belgium in the interwar period.

Frozen war: America intervenes in Russia, 1918-1920 motion picture film

Relates to American intervention during the Russian Revolution. Produced by Richard C. Raack.

Frumkin (Jacob G.) statement

Notarized statement, relating to a German offer to negotiate a separate peace with Russia in 1917. Includes second statement on same subject by Ilja Trotzky.

Frumkin (Vladimir) papers

Correspondence and writings, relating to the Soviet poet and singer Bulat Okudzhava.

Fry (Gerald W.) writings

Booklets, journal articles, and conference papers, relating to education in Thailand and elsewhere.

Fryling (Jan) Papers

Diaries, speeches and writings, notes, clippings, correspondence, and photographs relating to political events in Poland, Polish foreign relations with China and India, Poland's role in World War II, and activities of Poles in the United States.

Fuerza Democratica Nicaraguense records

Reports, correspondence, orders, memoranda, judicial records, personnel records, and printed matter, relating to guerrilla military operations in Nicaragua.

Fuhrman (Frederick E.) photographs

Depicts scenes along the Trans-Siberian Railroad and Chinese Eastern Railway in Siberia and Manchuria during the Russian Civil War, including troops and civilians of various nationalities, and railroad stock.

Fujita (Toshiro) reports

Reports relating to Japanese settlements in São Paulo state, Brazil.

Fuller (Adaline W.) papers

Correspondence and memoranda, relating to work of the American Relief Administration in France, Belgium, Poland, and Russia. Includes letters from Clemens Pirquet and George B. Baker.

Fuller (Benjamin A.G.) Papers

Memoranda, daily bulletins, and photographs, relating to military developments, especially on the Italian front, and to political conditions in Europe and Russia.

Fuller (Kenneth Gibson) collection

The Kenneth Gibson Fuller collection contains leaflets, pamphlets, and serial issues, mostly related to the New Left and counter-culture in the San Francisco Bay Area between 1965 and the mid-1970s. Many of the materials concern protests and demonstrations at the...

Fuller (William P.) Papers

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, clippings, telegrams, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to American Relief Administration work in Poland at the end of World War I, and to Herbert Hoover. Includes correspondence with Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover.

Funf Wochen im Herbst: Protokoll einer deutschen Revolution video tape

Relates to the fall of the communist regime in East Germany and the opening of the border between East and West Germany in 1989. Produced by Spiegel TV.

Funk (Forest J.) diary

Relates to conditions in the Archangel area, and to American military operations in that area, during the Russian Civil War. Includes a printed article by F. J. Funk relating to his experiences in North Russia. Photocopy.

Furlong (Charles W.) Papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, writings, clippings, maps, and photographs, relating to Woodrow Wilson, the Paris Peace Conference, military, political, and economic conditions in the Balkans (particularly relating to Fiume and Montenegro), the Tacna-Arica dispute between Peru and Chile, and the work...

Furth (J. Herbert) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to economic theory, and especially to laissez-faire economics and associated concepts of liberty.