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Dachau (Germany: Concentration Camp) miscellaneous records

Prisoner lists, supply lists, and miscellany, relating to operations of the camp during World War II. Also available on microfilm (1 reel).

Dagdeviren (Hidayet) collection

The collection includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, proclamations, speeches, clippings, newspaper issues, maps, posters, and photographs, relating to political and social conditions in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire and the early years of the Turkish Republic, Turkish military activities during World...

Daha (Husayn) writings

Relates to political conditions in Iran.

Dakin (H. S.) papers

Correspondence, writings, serial issues, bulletins, newsletters, pamphlets, and other printed matter relating to the status of religious freedom in the Soviet Union and other communist countries, and to dissidents in the Soviet Union and other communist countries. Includes drafts of...

Daksergof (Marina) collection

Writings, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to various members of the Russian aristocracy and to the Russian Civil War.

Dalen (Ebba) collection

Propaganda leaflets distributed by the Finnish communist party and labor unions in Finland.

Dallin (Alexander) papers

Writings, correspondence, memoranda, reports, orders, interview transcripts, notes, and printed matter, relating to the German occupation of areas of the Soviet Union during World War II, the Vlasov movement, and Soviet collaborators and partisans. Includes photocopies of German military documents....

Dallin (David J.) miscellaneous papers

Notes, letters, clippings, and reports, relating to Soviet espionage activities abroad. Used as research material for the book by D. J. Dallin, Soviet Espionage (New Haven, 1955).

Dal'nevostochnaia Respublika miscellaneous records

Memoranda and copies of proclamations and correspondence, relating to the creation of the Far Eastern Republic and to Japanese intervention in Siberia. Includes a mimeographed copy of the constitution of the republic and a memorandum from the Far Eastern Republic...

Dam (Kenneth W.) diaries

Relates to American foreign policy during the presidential administration of Ronald Reagan.

Damaras (von, Sergeant) papers

Diaries and postcards, relating to German military medical activities during World War I.

Damascus Majlis al-Shariah miscellaneous records

Legal documents, relating to administration of civil and criminal justice.

Dambitis (Roberts) memorandum

Request addressed to Andrei IA. Vyshinskii, deputy chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the Soviet Union, that Latvian military units be allowed to remain in Latvia.

Damm (Bertram von) letter

Relates to a conversation between B. von Damm and Ernest F. Mackie, lieutenant colonel, Canadian Army, concerning German and British morale and the prospect of a German victory. Photocopy.

d'Angelo (Sergio) papers

Writings, correspondence, and printed matter relating to the Russian writer Boris Pasternak and especially to the circumstances of the publication of Pasternak's novel .

Daniel (E. G.) typescript

Relates to archival sources on World War I.

Danielopol (Dumitru) papers

Correspondence, writings, reports, and photographs, relating to the Paris Peace Conference, 1946, the peace settlement with Romania at the end of World War II, and world politics, 1943-1973.

Daniels (Helen D.) maps

Two hand-drawn maps, entitled Nanking, and Nanking and Environs, showing the growth of Nanking, China, from antiquity to the twentieth century. Photocopy.

Daniloff (Karl B.) typescript

Relates to social conditions in tsarist Russia, the Russian Revolution, and Russian émigré life afterward Photocopy.

Danisman (Basri) typescript

Relates to activities of the Turkish 3d Brigade in the Korean War. Photocopy.

Dankers (Oskars) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, reports, and a speech, relating to the administration of German-occupied Latvia during World War II.

d'Annunzio (Gabriele) collection

Autographed book, facsimiles of letters and leaflets, and postcards relating to the Italian writer and political leader Gabriele d'Annunzio.

Danquah (Joseph Boakye) writings

Studies, entitled Revelation of Culture in Ghana (1961), and Sacred Days in Ghana (1963), relating to Ghanaian culture and the development of the Ghanaian calendar.

Dark (Robert) papers

Orders, correspondence, speeches, clippings, and photographs, relating to the U.S. Army in the Philippines, 1931-1932, the activities of the 321st Infantry Regiment in the Pacific Theater, 1942-1946, and the invasion of Angaur and Peleliu Island, 1944. Digital copies of select...

Darling (Arthur B.) typescript

Relates to the establishment and early history of the Central Intelligence Agency. Also includes an abridged version. Official document of the Historical Staff of the Central Intelligence Agency. Published under same title (University Park, Pa., 1990).

Darling (Ernest William) papers

Writings, correspondence, memoranda, reports, pamphlets, leaflets, and clippings, relating to the communist movement, political conditions, labor, and housing in Great Britain.

Darling (Jay N.) cartoon

Depicts the visit of Herbert Hoover to his boyhood home.

Darling (William Lafayette) diary

Relates to the Russian railway system. Also available on microfilm (1 reel). Digital copy also available at

Darlington (Charles F.) papers

Memoirs, speeches and writings, correspondence, memoranda, printed matter, and photographs relating to American-Gabonese relations, the organizing conference of the United Nations, American foreign trade policy, international currency exchange activities of the League of Nations, the oil industry in the Middle...

Darre (Richard Walther) photographs

Depicts peasants of the Main Franconia region in folk costume. Presented to R. W. Darré by a group of Main Franconia farmers.

Dartau (Ol'ga) papers

Correspondence, writings, and printed matter, relating to Russian literature and to Russian emigre affairs.

Dartigue (Esther) typescript

Relates to the career of Maurice Dartigue as minister of education in Haiti (1941-1945), and as an official of the United Nations Trusteeship Department (1946-1956) and of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (1956-1968), in promoting education in...

Das Jahr 1937 photograph album

Depicts the German national socialist leader Julius Streicher. Digital copy available at

Dashkevich (Igor Aleksandrovich) papers

Correspondence, writings, samizdat publications, and photographs relating to political dissent in the Soviet Union and to the establishment of independent labor organizations in post-Soviet Russia.

Dauzvardis (Petras Paulius) papers

Speeches, writings, correspondence, legal documents, and clippings, relating to communism in Lithuania and Lithuanians in the United States.

Davenport (John) papers

Writings, correspondence, notes, memoranda, and printed matter relating to economic conditions in the United States, laissez-faire and conservative political thought, right-to-work issues, and political conditions in southern Africa, especially Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Davenport (Tim) collection

Leaflets, flyers, serial issues, broadsides, and pamphlets, distributed on the campus of the University of Washington, Seattle, relating to student political activities and protest movements, and including issuances of various left-wing and right-wing political organizations.

Davies (E. Alfred) diary

Relates to the evacuation of the American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia from Omsk to Irkutsk, September 4-October 4, 1919.

Davies (Joseph) Edward letters

Two letters, relating to American-Soviet relations. Includes clippings about Davies, and an autographed copy of his book, Mission to Moscow.

Davies (Richard T.) papers

Speeches and writings, interview transcripts, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American foreign policy and especially to relations between the United States and Poland.

Davis (Benjamin B.) papers

Correspondence, writings, diary, reports, pamphlets, postcards, and photographs, relating to American Red Cross activities in Siberia, primarily in Vladivostok.

Davis (Darius Alton) papers

Correspondence, reports, diaries, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to charitable war work of the Young Men's Christian associations, especially with servicemen, prisoners of war and refugees in Europe during and after World Wars I and II.

Davis (Donald E.) collection

Reports, writings, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to Young Men's Christian Association work in Russia during the Russian Revolution and subsequently among Russian émigrés, especially in France; to Russian émigré religion, education and culture; US-Russia relations; and to the ecumenical...

Davis (Elmer Holmes) sound recording

Relates to the outbreak of World War II. Includes sound recordings of radio addresses by leaders of the belligerent nations.

Davis (Henry William Carless) printed material

Relates to the British blockade during World War I.

Davis (Joseph S.) papers

Writings, reports, memoranda, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to American agricultural policy during the presidential administration of Herbert Hoover, the Federal Farm Board, economic conditions in Europe, and the Dawes Commission on German reparations.

Davis (Kathryn R.) papers

Correspondence, notes, schedules, memoranda, press releases, and photographs, relating to California state politics, the 1966 gubernatorial campaign of Ronald Reagan, his administration as governor, and the 1968 Republican National Convention. Includes notes and handwritten drafts of letters by Ronald Reagan.

Davis (Kingsley) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, notes, statistics, memoranda, reports, and printed matter, relating to international population changes, changes in family structure, and urbanization.

Davis (Loda Mae) papers

Writings, reports, correspondence, and memoranda, relating to United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration relief in Europe at the end of World War II, and particularly to food procurement in the United States and distribution in Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, and the...

Davis (Richard Hallock) miscellaneous papers

Lecture notes relating to Russian history, government, economics, and literature, taken at the Russian Institute at Columbia University, course syllabi, and three unidentified photographs.

Davis (Robert E.) reports

Relates to the work of the American Red Cross, and the political and military situation in South Russia, 1917-1919. Addressed to Colonel Robert E. Olds, American Red Cross commissioner to Europe.

Davis (Rosella Amelia) collection

Miscellanea, including alien registration certificates, residence certificates, alien registration fee receipts, and passes, used during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.

Davis (Roy Loomer) papers

Diaries, letters, and photographs, relating to the American military ambulance service in France during World War I. Includes transcripts.

Davis (Russell G.) papers

Studies, reports, statistics, and memoranda, relating to education and economic development in underdeveloped countries.

Davis (Spencer Edward) papers

News dispatches, notes, correspondence, press releases, testimony, clippings, serial issues, other printed matter, photographs, and sound recordings, relating to American military operations in the Pacific Theater during World War II, the Vietnamese War, political and economic conditions in Asia and...

Dawley (Ernest J.) papers

Correspondence, diaries, awards, maps, photographs, and printed matter, relating to the landing of the United States Fifth Army at Salerno, Italy, 1943 September, and to the military career of E. J. Dawley.

Dawson (Warrington) report

Relates to the principal newspapers of France and to their political leanings and editorial policies.

Day (Donald) letter

Relates to the prospective outcome of World War II.

Day (George Martin) papers

Writings, correspondence, and questionnaires, relating to social conditions, education, and religion in the Soviet Union, and to the adjustment to American society of Russians living in the Los Angeles area in 1930.

Day (Thomas J.) photograph collection

Depicts Adolf Hitler and scenes in Germany.

Daye (Pierre) memoirs

Relates to Belgian and world politics, the Belgian fascist movement, and Belgium and France under German occupation in World War II. Chapters 60 and 61 and conclusion missing. Photocopy.

Daziaro (J.) photographs

Hand-tinted photographs, depicting scenes in Moscow and the Russian countryside.

De Basily (Lascelle Meserve) papers

Drafts and galley proofs of the autobiography of L. M. De Basily, entitled Memoirs of a Lost World (Stanford: Hoover Institutiion Press, 1975), relating to life in Russia before the Russian Revolution, Russian émigré life, and world travel; and miscellaneous...

De Borchgrave (Arnaud) speech

Relates to Soviet propaganda and disinformation.

De Caux (E.) typescript

Relates to the history of the First Battalion of the Eighth London Regiment of the British Army in France and Belgium from 1915 to 1917.

De Courcy (Kenneth Hugh) papers

Microfilm of correspondence, memoranda, depositions and other legal documents, minutes, and writings, relating to world politics, British foreign policy, espionage in Great Britain, the Imperial Policy Group, political views of the Duke of Windsor, and business affairs of and legal...

De Fidler (Tatiana) papers

Includes family papers and correspondence, including photographs, identification papers, biographical materials on prominent family members, as well as correspondence with Max Rudolf, Dimitri von Mohrenschildt, Sonia Tomara Clark, Lydia Pasternak, and others. Also includes diaries and planners....

De Metriff (Andrew Roy) papers

Programs, proceedings, memoranda, personnel records, photographs, and caricatures relating to the founding conference of the United Nations in San Francisco in 1945.

De Planque (Eileen Gail) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, minutes and meeting materials, memoranda, reports, studies, printed matter, and audiovisual material, relating to nuclear power plants in the United States and abroad, including issues of licensing, safety and waste management.

De Standaard newspaper issue

Relates to the bankruptcy of De Standaard and other periodicals.

De Valera (Eamonn) speech

Relates to the neutrality of Ireland during World War II and to Anglo-Irish relations. Speech delivered May 16, 1945.

De Witt (Nicholas) papers

Writings, correspondence, notes, studies, reports, memoranda, and printed matter, relating to the economics of education and the role of education in developing professional and other skilled manpower resources in the United States, Western Europe, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe,...

Deane (Ernest Cecil) letters

Relates to Allied military activities during World War II and the Nuremberg trials.

Deat (Marcel) writings

Memoirs, relating to political conditions in France from World War I through World War II, including especially developments in the French socialist movement, the growth of a French fascist movement, and the policies of the Vichy regime; and diaries, 1939-1945,...

Death of Stalin: motion picture film

Raw footage of interviews with Western journalists and Sovietologists, relating to the death of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in 1953, and to subsequent political change and de-Stalinization in the Soviet Union. Used in production of The Death of Stalin, a...

Death Valley days: videotape series

Motion picture film of selected episodes of the Western television series, of which Ronald Reagan was host.

Deaver & Hannaford, Inc. records

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, schedules, public opinion polling data, promotional material, press releases, news summaries, and clippings, relating to the political career of Ronald Reagan, the 1976 and 1980 Reagan presidential campaigns, and speaking and writing projects of Ronald and Nancy...

Debonnet (Maurice G.) typescript

Relates to military camouflage during World War I.

Debs (Eugene V.) letters

Relates to personal matters and the American labor and socialist movements. Includes a few letters from Theodore Debs, brother of E. V. Debs, to F. X. Holl, 1904-1931. Compiled by Sydney Strong.

Dechy (Maurice de.) photographs

Depicts scenes in the Caucasus.

Decker (Benton C.) papers

Correspondence, lectures, notes, and photographs, relating to activities of the U.S.S. , Spanish neutrality, and refugees in the Middle East, during World War I.

Decker (Benton Weaver) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, orders, citations, memorabilia, clippings, and other printed matter, relating to U.S. occupation forces in Japan, and U.S. foreign relations in the Far East.

Declaration commune sur la situation politique typescript

Relates to proposed changes in Vichy government policy following the Allied landings in Normandy. Written by a group of right-wing French political figures.

DeConde (Alexander) typescript

Relates to American foreign policy toward Latin America during the presidential administration of Herbert Hoover.

Deering (Mary Jo) typescript

Delivered at the 4th International Colloquium of the Interuniversity Centre for European Studies, Montreal. Photocopy.

DeForest (Charlotte B.) papers

Correspondence, manuscripts of writings and translations, notes, and printed matter, relating to missionary work and education in Japan.

DeForest (John L.) typescript

Relates to the acquaintanceship of J. L. DeForest with the American politician and ambassador John Davis Lodge. Consists of transcribed diary entries, 1950-1986. Photocopy.

Degras (Jane Tabrisky) typescript

Relates to the history and organization of the Communist International. Photocopy.

Deichmann (Paul) typescript

Relates to the Malta campaign in World War II.

DeKay (John Wesley) printed material

Chart outlining a plan to establish an international federation of workers and institutions of intellectual and manual work, contributing to the moral and social regeneration of humanity without distinction as to nationality, race, or religion among men.

DeKovner-Mayer (Barbara) papers

The Barbara DeKovner-Mayer collection consists of correspondence, printed matter, and photographs relating to an American-Russian person-to-person correspondence and assistance program organized in the United States in 1990 as Friends Assisting Friends.

Delage (Jean) papers

Reports, correspondence, memoranda, instructions, programs, and printed matter, relating to the operation and purpose of youth work camps operated by the Vichy government in France. Includes a chart outlining French social organization, 1941.

DeLancey (Mark) collection

Reports, speeches, conference papers, minutes, statutes, bulletins, press releases, letters, and printed matter, relating to cooperative movements and economic development in Cameroon.

Delavignette (Robert Louis) papers

Letters, periodicals, reprints of articles, newspaper issues, and newsletters, relating to economic and social conditions in Algeria, independence movements in the African colonies, and French colonial policy.

Delmont (Alcide) speech

Summation speech for the defense at the trial of H. Dentz, Haute Cour de Justice, Paris, April 20, 1945.

Delmotte (Guy) typescript

Relates to the activities of the Légion nationale, a Belgian fascist organization, 1922-1945. Photocopy.

DeLong (Vaughn Russell) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, writings, minutes, and printed matter, relating to education in American-occupied Hesse, Germany, after World War II; American cultural exchange programs; and international education in the United States.

Delovaia komissiia pomoshchi russkim (Tubabao) records

Financial records, minutes, lists, correspondence, and printed matter relating to Russians evacuated from China to the Tubabao displaced persons camp in the Philippines in 1949.

Deluc (Emile) collection

Orders, proclamations, regulations, and memorabilia, relating to activities of the Garde bourgeoise, an auxiliary civilian police force created in German-occupied Brussels during World War I.

Delzell (Charles F.) speeches and writings

Report relating to political and economic conditions in Italy, 1949; typescript of the book by C. F. Delzell, Mussolini's Enemies: The Italian Anti-Fascist Resistance (Princeton, 1961); and a speech transcript entitled "War and Anti-Fascism: A Personal Memoir," 1989, relating to...

DeMack (Joseph) papers

Photographs depicting American airplanes and airmen on the Pacific Ocean air base of Tinian.

Demetropoulos (Constantine) postage stamp collection

Tsarist Russian stamps issued in China; stamps issued by German occupation forces in Russia during World War I; Russian provisional government, White Russian and British occupation force stamps issued in Russia during the Russian Revolution and Civil War; and early...

Demjanowicz (Eugenjusz) miscellany

Photographs and military document, relating to railway bridge construction on the Polish-Romanian border.

Democracy: video tape

Relates to political and race relations in South Africa. Produced by the Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa.

Democratic revolution in Czechoslovakia conference proceedings

Sound recordings of proceedings, and printed copies of preparatory briefing materials for conference participants, relating to political events in Czechoslovakia from 1987 to 1989, culminating in the fall of the communist regime.

Demokraticheskaia Rossiia records

The records relate to politics in Russia and to the 1991 presidential campaign of Boris Yeltsin. They include minutes of meetings, resolutions, statements, appeals, stenographic records, press reviews, and video recordings.

Den family papers

Certificates and records of service in the Russian Imperial army.

Den (Petr) papers

Correspondence, writings, radio transcripts, serial issues, and other printed matter relating to Czechoslovak émigré affairs, Czechoslovak culture, and Western radio broadcasting to Czechoslovakia.

Deng Zumou papers

Writings and correspondence relating to American, West German, and Japanese military relations with Taiwan.

Denikin (Anton Ivanovich) typescript

Relates to the Russian Revolution and Civil War, and especially to interpretations of events of the Revolution and Civil War made by Nikolai N. Golovin in his book Rossiiskaia Kontr-revoliutsiia v 1917-1918 g. g. (Paris, 1937).

Denikina (Kseniia) typescript

Relates to the southern and western fronts during the Russian Civil War. Also available on microfilm (1 reel).

Denisov (S. V. (Sviatoslav Varlaamovich)) papers

These papers contain the correspondence and writings of Sviatoslav V. Denisov, Major General of the Don Cossack Army and participant in the Don Cossack uprising of 1918. In emigration, Denisov was president of the Cossack Union in the United States,...

Denkschrift aus Deutsch-Osterreich printed material

Relates to Central European political, economic, and military federation.

Denmark newspaper collection

The newspapers in this collection were originally collected by the Hoover Institution Library and transferred to the Archives in 2019. The Denmark newspaper collection (1914-1954) comprises twelve unique titles of publication, in both Danish and German. All of the titles...

Dennis (Lawrence) papers

Correspondence and writings relating to fascist and isolationist movements in the United States, and to American politics and foreign policy. Includes copies of the newsletters edited by L. Dennis, and subscription records.

Dennis M. Ogawa Nippu Jiji photograph collection

The Dennis M. Ogawa Nippu Jiji Photograph Collection are made available at the courtesy of the Hawaii Times Photo Archives Foundation. This long-term collaborative project started with the Foundation rescuing and organizing about 25,000 published and unpublished photographs and supporting...

Dennis (William Cullen) papers

Correspondence, writings, legal briefs, legal case files, other legal records, memoranda, reports, and printed matter, relating to international arbitration of boundary disputes and legal claims against governments brought by foreign nationals, and to efforts for the promotion of international law,...

Dentz (Henri Fernand) typescript

Relates to events in Syria during World War II.

DePalma (Anthony) papers

Writings and correspondence, relating mainly to Herbert L. Matthews and his reportage of the Cuban revolution. Includes government documents relating to Matthews obtained in response to Freedom of Information Act requests. Used as research material for the book by Anthony...

Depelchin (Jacques) speeches

Sound recordings of speeches, relating to political conditions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Depew (Ann Miller) papers

Memoirs, correspondence, clippings, other printed matter, and memorabilia, relating to conditions in Japanese internment camps in the Philippines during World War II.

Deportations of 14 June 1941: Crimes against Humanity conference materials

Relates to Soviet deportations from Latvia and elsewhere in the Soviet Union during World War II.

Derakhshesh (Mohammad) writings

Summarized translation of a book, and memoranda, relating to political developments in Iran since the revolution of 1979, and to their effects on Iranian education. Photocopy.

Derthick (Lawrence G.) papers

Speeches, press conference statements, and letters, relating to governmental educational policy in the United States.

Desbons (Georges) typescript

Relates to the assassination and trial.

Dettmann (Ludwig) printed reproductions of paintings

Reproductions of twenty-five paintings, depicting German troops and commanders on the Russian front during World War I.

Detwiler (Donald S.) papers

Correspondence, reports, newsletters, and printed matter, relating to the treatment of German history in American textbooks and of American history in West German textbooks.

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft correspondence

Correspondence relating to grant applications for research projects. Includes correspondence with the Reichsamtsleitung of the Nationalsozialistischer deutscher Dozentenbund, the Kreisleitungen of the Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the various police presidents of German cities, the Dozentenschaften of the various German universities and...

Deutsche Freiheitsliga leaflets

Anti-communist propaganda leaflets, distributed by the Deutsche Freiheitsliga. Also includes other anti-communist leaflets.

Deutsche National-Zeitung (Munich) newspaper issue

Special issue, relating to allegations of secret East German subsidies to certain West German newspapers.

Deutsche Union minutes

Relates to meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, March 19-20, 1949, concerning problems of post-World War II German reconstruction.

Deva (Xhafer) papers

Albanian politician during World War II and in political exile. The Xhafer Deva papers include materials related to Albanian anti-communism and Albanian political exiles during the Cold War.

Deveike (Jone) papers

Correspondence, notes, reports, and memorabilia, relating to social and political conditions of Lithuanians in France and Germany.

Dewey (Charles S.) papers

Clippings, letters, speeches and writings, press releases, printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia, relating to Polish finances, and to American politics.

Dewhirst (Martin) papers

The Martin Dewhirst papers (1960-2019) consists of correspondence, writings, lists, printed matter, photographs, and ephemera related to Russian secret service activities and dissident life.

Di Tella (Torcuato S.) collection

Serial issues and pamphlets published by Peronist, socialist, communist, anarchist and trade union organizations in Argentina relating to political and economic conditions in Argentina. In part, microfilm.

Diamant (David) collection

Clandestine serial issues, leaflets, flyers, and reports, issued by French resistance groups, the Parti Communiste Fran�ais, and various French Jewish and Jewish communist organizations, relating to conditions in France during World War II, especially prison conditions, conditions of Jews, and...

Diamante (John C.) collection

Bulletins, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, clippings, and other printed matter, relating to issues of international security and disarmament, international law regarding the oceans, and ecological movements in the United States.

Diamond (Larry Jay) clippings collection

Relates to political, social and economic conditions in Nigeria.

Diasamidze (David Dursunovich) papers

Writings, and photographs, relating to the history of the revolutionary movement in Georgia, and to political conditions in Soviet Ajaria.

Diaz (Adolfo) statement

Relates to the roles of Mexico and the U.S. in the Nicaraguan revolution of 1926-1929.

Diaz (Felix) printed material

Relates to political conditions in Mexico and to the Mexican Constitution of 1917. Photocopy.

Diaz (Nidia) papers

Diaries, notes, schedules, letters, resolutions, memoranda, reports, and instructions, relating to the guerrilla war of the Frente Farabundo Martípara la Liberación Nacional in El Salvador. Includes many official documents of the organization. Photocopy.

Dickie (Jean Kellogg) collection

Portrait of Princess Marie José of Belgium, painted on ivory and ornamented with jewels, presented to J. K. Dickie in gratitude for relief activities of her parents, Vernon and Charlotte Kellogg, with the Commission for Relief in Belgium.

Dickinson (Dwight) letters

Relates to activities of the United States Marine Corps in France, 1918, and in Nicaragua, 1928-1929. Photocopy.

Dickinson (Dwight) papers

Interview transcript, writings, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs, relating to covert operations in American foreign policy, and to American relations with Togo.

Dickinson (Thomas H.) history

Relates to the American Relief Administration. Includes typescript and galley proofs.

Die Deutsche Jugendfuhrung in der Neuordnung typescript

Relates to the role of the youth movement in post-World War II German reconstruction.

Die Deutsche Mark von 1 Mark bis zur Billion: currency album

Album of German bank notes issued from 1904 to 1923, arranged in ascending order of denominations from 1 Mark to 100,000,000,000 Marks, illustrating the progression of inflation in Germany after World War I.

Die Revolution in der deutschen Erziehung typescript

Relates to education in Germany under national socialism during World War II.

Dienstaltersliste I des deutschen Heeres nach dem Stande vom 1. Mai 1943 printed material

List of German army officers in order of relative rank, with unit to which attached and date of latest promotion indicated for each. Photocopy.

Dietel (Werner) diary

Relates to German intelligence operations during World War II. Photocopy.

Diewerge (Wolfgang) typescript

Relates to the trial of David Frankfurter in Chur, Switzerland, 1936.

Diggins (John P.) letters

Letters by the American philosopher Sidney Hook and the American journalist and author James Burnham, relating primarily to the influence of Marxism on various American intellectuals.

Dimitrov (Georgi M.) writings

Memoirs relating to Bulgaria and Bulgarian emigre politics, and unpublished articles, relating to the Bulgarian Agrarian Union between World Wars I and II, world agriculture, and agriculture in the Soviet Union. Photocopy.

Dinges (John) papers

Writings, notes, correspondence, interview sound recordings and transcripts, trial transcripts, photocopies of government records, and printed matter, relating to General Manuel Noriega of Panama, his trial for drug trafficking, and American-Panamanian relations. Includes United States Department of State documents released...

Dinter (Artur) papers

Contains diaries, correspondence, and other materials documenting the life and career of the anti-Semitic writer and ideologue who was a follower of Adolf Hitler as well as the Nazi and movements in Germany during the 1920s.

Disabled Officers Association miscellaneous records

Correspondence, memoranda, clippings, and national convention proceedings, relating to veterans' affairs in the United States.

Disney (Stanley E.) papers

Memoranda, reports, correspondence, press releases, statutes, regulations, and legal proceedings, relating to economic policy of the Allied military government in Germany after World War II, and especially to decartelization policies.

Diterichs (Agnes M. ) papers

These papers contain the detailed investigative report of the assassination of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, and his family. The report was prepared by Nikolai Alekseevich Sokolov, and includes the typescript of "Dielo ob ubiestvie tsarskoi sem'i v...

Dittberner (Robert H.) papers

Robert H. Dittberner was a US Army infantry officer in Germany in WWII. The collection consists of Nazi memorabilia and photographs.

Djibouti subject collection

Electronic bulletins, pamphlets, serial issues, statutes, and other printed matter, relating to political, social and economic conditions in Djibouti.

Djilas (Milovan) papers

Writings, translations, correspondence, printed matter and photographs relating to communism, communism in Yugoslavia, and President Josip Broz Tito.

Djordjevich (Dusan J.) interview transcripts

Interviews of Serbian political leaders and intellectuals, including Milovan Djilas, relating to political conditions in Yugoslavia and Serbia, and to the Yugoslav civil war.

Djordjevich (Michael) papers

Correspondence, notes, writings, memoranda, press releases, position papers, declarations, bulletins, newsletters, and printed matter relating to the breakup of Yugoslavia and to Serbian-American efforts to influence American and international foreign policy in the region and to influence Serbian government policy.

Djurdjevic (Robert Slobodan) papers

Correspondence, bulletins, writings, press releases, clippings, other printed matter, video tapes, and memorabilia relating to political conditions in Yugoslavia, the breakup of Yugoslavia, the civil war in Bosnia, reportage of Yugoslav news in the American media, American foreign policy in...

Dmitrievskii (Sergei Vasil'evich) typescript

Translation by D. M. Krassovsky of an excerpt from the book Sovetskie Portrety.

Dmowski (Roman) typescript

Relates to Polish and other territorial questions of the World War I peace settlement.

Doan (Van Toai) miscellany

Pamphlet and clippings, relating to political prisoners in Vietnam.

Dobkevich (Anton Antonovich) papers

Correspondence, military documents, and photographs, relating to Russian military activities in World War I, the Russian Civil War, and the Chinese Eastern Railway.

Dobriansky (Lev E.) papers

Correspondence, messages, pamphlets, programs, proclamations, reports, resolutions, sound recordings, photographs, and clippings relating to American foreign policy, the National Captive Nations Committee, the Ukrainian Catholic Church, China, and Mao Zedong.

Dobrynin (Vasilii A.) typescript

Relates to the Russian Civil War in the region of Mugan', Azerbaijan. Photocopy.

Dobson (Helen Cutter) papers

Photographs, postcards, clippings, and diary excerpts relating to the American Red Cross and American Expeditionary Forces in France.

Dobson (Richard B.) conference papers

Relates to educational policy in the Soviet Union. Photocopy.

Documenting Communism: Charles G. Palm memoir

The collection contains a restricted, unpublished version of the 2021 memoir "Documenting Communism" by Charles G. Palm, Deputy Director Emeritus of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, detailing the microfilm aquisition of the Archives of the Soviet Communist Party and...

Dodd (Norris E.) papers

Collection includes notebooks, travel documents, speeches and writings, photographs, audiovisual material, and memorabilia, relating to American and world agricultural problems during 1905 to 1969.

Dodge (Alice Sinclair) collection

Correspondence, mainly with Roy Nakata, 1942-1946; scrapbooks, 1942-1944; San Francisco and Palo Alto newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1942-1945; and minutes of meetings of the Japanese American Citizens League and American Friends Service Committee, 1945, relating to relocation and citizen rights...

Doeberitz miscellany

Theater programs and postcards, relating to plays by British prisoners of war at Doeberitz Theater in the German prison camp at Doeberitz.

Doenecke (Justus) papers

Justus Drew Doenecke (born 1938) is an American historian, writer, and professor. The Justus Doenecke papers (1939-2021) contains notes, manuscripts, and correspondence related to the America First Committee and twentieth-century US history of the WWI and WWII eras.

Doerr (Claudia Owen) collection

Medals and printed matter, relating to the American Civil War, the Franco-Prussian War, World Wars I and II, the United Nations, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Dokumentacni centrum A. Z. video tapes

Relates to political developments in Czechoslovakia, and especially in Brno.

Dolan (John A.) papers

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, and minutes relating to Allied administration of occupied territories, relief operations, labor relations, enforcement of laws and ordinances, and complaints made against Allied occupation troops in the Rhineland.

Dolbezhev (Konstantin Vladimirovich) processed volume

Relates to Russian émigré life in various parts of China from the 1910s to the 1940s, and subsequently in the United States.

Dolgorouky (Princess Barbara) memoirs

Relates to the Romanov family, the Russian Imperial court, and the Russian Revolution and Civil War, 1885-1919. Photocopy.

Dolot (Miron) papers

Correspondence, writings, notes, instructional materials, and printed matter relating to Ukrainian history and literature, the Ukrainian famine of 1932-1933, and the Ukrainian émigré community.

Dolzhenkova (Nataliia Nikolaevna) typescript

Relates to Siberian émigrés in foreign countries during the 1920s. Photocopy.

Dom Polskich Dzieci records

Correspondence, telegrams, notes, memoranda, clippings, accounts, lists, protocols, reports, inventories, and published materials relating to the evacuation of the war orphans from Russia to Oudtshoorn, the establishment and operation of the Home, and the care and education of the orphans.

Domanenko (General) holograph

Relates to organization of the Imperial Russian army.

Domke (Paul C.) audiovisual materials

Films and photographs, depicting missionary schools in China, 1936-1937; the effects of Japanese bombing in China, 1939; the transport of a giant panda from China to the St. Louis Zoo, 1939; scenes at Angkor Wat, 1939; the United States Observer...

Donaho (Glynn Robert) papers

Personnel files, orders, speeches, correspondence, certificates and commendations, and photographs, relating primarily to American submarine operations in the Pacific Ocean during World War II. Includes an official history of the wartime service of the submarine Flying Fish.

Donat (Hans von.) typescript

Relates to conditions in Germany during the Nazi regime and World War II. Photocopy.

Dong (Wonmo) conference papers

Relates to political activism among college students in South Korea and the United States. Photocopy.

Dongyuan da dui ge ming wei yuan hui. Qing dui xiao zu miscellaneous records

Revolutionary committee security bureau for Dongyuan village, Jui-ch'eng hsien, Shanxi Province, China.

Donhauser (Anton) typescript

Relates to proposals made by A. Donhauser for European federation.

Donitz (Karl) writings

Memorandum entitled "Admiral Dönitz re Pastor Niemöller" (July 24, 1945) relating to anti-Nazi activities and imprisonment of Pastor Martin Niemöller; and essay entitled "The Conduct of War at Sea" (January 15, 1946) relating to the role of the German Navy...

Donohoe (Christine) collection

Publications, mostly anti-communist, relating to communism in the United States and Spain.

Donovan (James B.) papers

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, studies, drafts of book manuscripts, scrapbooks, notes, photographs, and printed matter relating to the United States Office of Scientific Research and Development and the Office of Strategic Services during World War II, the Nuremberg war crime trials,...

Dony (Franciscus Lucien Marie) papers

Directives, regulations, and miscellanea relating to civil defense and air raid protection work in the Netherlands during World War II.

Dooman (Eugene Hoffman) papers

Manuscripts of writings, transcripts of speeches, correspondence, diaries, and printed matter relating to U.S. foreign policy in the Far East, U.S. Japanese relations, the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, and Allied policy regarding the occupation of Japan.

Dorje (Hungkar) interview

Relates to education in Tibet. Includes interviews of and drawings by students.

Dormidontova (N. V.) interview transcript

Relates to political repression in the Soviet Union in the 1930s. Interview conducted by T. V. Kosinova.

Dorn (Frank) papers

Memoirs, correspondence, writings, memoranda, orders, and photographs relating to General Joseph W. Stilwell, United States military operations in the China-Burma-India Theater during World War II, and ethnology in the Philippines.

Dorogoi tragedii Rossii holograph

Relates to conditions in the German Russian communities in the Soviet Union before and during World War II, and to displaced Russian Germans in Germany and the United States following the war. Memoir of an unknown Russian German immigrant to...

Dorrian (Cecil) papers

Clippings, writings, postcards, and photographs, relating to World War I, postwar reconstruction in Western Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, and the Russian Revolution and Civil War.

Dorsett (Graham C.) photograph collection

Depicts India during and after World War II, the Indian Army in East Africa and Italian East Africa, Indian Independence Day, India's Republic Day, and Indian Navy Day, 1954, ceremonies. Includes prints of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Krishna...

Dorten (Hans Adam) papers

Writings, speeches, and correspondence, relating to the occupation of the Rhineland after World War I, and the Rhineland separatist movement.

Dossier PG-Rapatries printed material

Relates to the imprisonment and subsequent war service of French soldiers taken prisoner during World War II and later repatriated. Includes accounts of their experiences by a number of prisoners of war.

Dotsenko (Paul) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, minutes, notes, protocols, and curricula, relating to the economic situation in Russia during the Russian Civil War, the condition of railway transportation, and the activities of cooperatives in Siberia.

Doub (William Offutt) papers

Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, minutes, reports, studies, and printed matter relating to nuclear energy in the United States, including licensing of nuclear power plants and nuclear safety issues.

Douglas Aircraft Company Material Conservation posters

Three anti-Japanese "Tokio Kid" posters produced by the Douglas Aircraft Company's Material Conservation Program and their Production Illustration department during World War II. Posters show Japanese soldiers being defeated by material conservation and were originally on display in their North...

Douglas (Charles B.) photographs

Depicts activities of the American Expeditionary Forces in France; a meeting of President and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson with General John J. Pershing and Lieutenant General Liggett at Christmas, 1918; and scenes of destruction in France during World War I.

Douglas (James S.) miscellaneous papers

Correspondence, speeches, resolutions, clippings, and other printed matter, relating to European, especially French, World War I debts to the U.S., and proposals for their reduction or cancellation.

Dowd (Patrick) papers

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, circulars, minutes of meetings, and printed matter, relating to political activities on college campuses, and to the Young Americans for Freedom.

Doyle (Denis P.) papers

Reports, studies, correspondence, legislative bills, and printed matter, relating to educational voucher program experiments, especially in Alum Rock School District, California; and to California legislation regarding teacher credentials

Doyle (Helen R.) pitcher

Porcelain pitcher in the form of an image of Herbert Hoover.

Dozer (Donald M.) papers

Correspondence, writings, memoranda, notes, printed matter, and audio-visual material, relating to American foreign policy during World War II; postwar loyalty-security programs; government secrecy in the State Department; American foreign policy in Latin America; various aspects of Latin American history and...

Drachkovitch (Milorad M.) papers

Writings, correspondence, notes, and printed matter, relating to international communism, political conditions and civil rights in Yugoslavia, and politics in the United States.

Drachler (Norman) papers

Minutes, reports, studies, pamphlets, clippings, and other printed matter relating to public education, primarily in Detroit.

Drag (Francis L.) papers

Speeches and writings, reports, studies, memoranda, printed matter, and photographs, relating to various aspects of education in the United States, and to American educational assistance to the Philippines.

Dragnich (Alex N.) papers

Writings, correspondence, reports, studies, memoranda, legal and government documents, diaries, newspapers, photographs, and sound recording, relating to the history, politics, and government of Serbia and Yugoslavia, relations between Croatia and Serbia, activities of the Hrvatski Domobran in the United States,...

Drake (Belle U.) letter

Relates to a reception given by Empress Dowager Tz'u-Hsi, and to court life in China.

Draper (Theodore) papers

Correspondence, clippings, pamphlets, newspaper issues, and congressional hearings, relating to the revolution led by Fidel Castro in Cuba, political, social, and economic conditions in Cuba, the 1965 crisis and American intervention in the Dominican Republic, and the Communist Party of...

Dratsenko (D. P.) miscellaneous papers

Military reports, orders, and correspondence, relating to the Russian Civil War in the Caucasus, political and military conditions in Georgia, and British foreign policy in Transcaucasia.

Drayton (William A.) papers

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, speeches and writings, and photographs, relating to Serbia during and after World War I.

Drell (Sidney D.) papers

Speeches and writings, notes, correspondence, memoranda, reports, studies, and printed matter relating to scientific and technological aspects of United States national security and intelligence issues, including nuclear weapons, nuclear stockpile management, satellite reconnaissance, biological and chemical warfare issues, and terrorism...

Drenikoff (Kyril) papers

Correspondence, writings, conference proceedings, reports, bulletins, serial issues, clippings, other printed matter, photographs, maps, other pictorial materials, and memorabilia, relating to the history and culture of Bulgaria, activities of the post-World War II Bulgarian émigré community, and activities of the...

Dresel (Ellis L.) papers

Correspondence and memorabilia, relating to American-German relations.

Dresser (Robert B.) papers

Correspondence, public addresses, leaflets, and writings, relating to American relations with Vietnam, Cuba, and Panama, the Korean War, communism, tax laws, civil rights, armaments, and the United Nations.

Drew (Gerald Augustin) papers

Correspondence, dispatches, reports, diaries, certificates, and photographs relating to American foreign relations, especially with Jordan, Bolivia and Haiti.

Drewes (Steven) motion picture film collection

Film entitled Berlin im Olympiaschmuck (1936), depicting the celebration of the 11th Olympic games, including scenes of the flags, the bringing of fire, Adolf Hitler and the Brandenburg gate; and a newsreel, entitled Degeto Weltspiegel (1940), depicting the destruction of...

Drozdowski (Marian Marek) collection

Letter by Ignace G. LaGrange, 1978, relating to Sylwin Strakacz, secretary to Ignace Jan Paderewski, prime minister of Poland; a copy of the will of Paderewski, 1930; and recordings of radio broadcasts by Polish political leaders, 1939, relating to the...

Drummond (Harold D.) papers

Speeches and writings, correspondence, minutes, reports, conference papers and agenda, newsletters, curricular material, and printed matter, relating to education in the United States, and especially to elementary education, and to activities of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Drumright (Everett F.) letters

Relates to early events of the Korean War. Addressed to John M. Allison, assistant secretary of state for Far Eastern affairs, and General William L. Roberts. The letters to J. M. Allison were written in lieu of official Embassy dispatches...

Drury (Allen) papers

Correspondence, drafts of writings, galley proofs, book reviews, memorabilia, sound recordings, and photographs, relating to the novelistic treatment of twentieth-century American politics by news correspondent and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Allen Drury.

Druschki (Herbert) papers

Photographs, personal documents, and miscellany, relating to German military operations, and especially to German military transport, during World War II. Includes commentary by Donald F. Snepp.

Dubasov family papers

Dmitrii Dubasov was a Russian Imperial Army officer. The Dubasov family eventually immigrated to France. The Dubasov family papers (1890-2019) includes family photographs, a scrapbook, bound memoirs, personal papers, and correspondence.

Dubinski (Krzysztof) Okragly Stol collection

Polish government and communist party documents, transcripts of discussions, serial issues, other printed matter, videotape cassettes, and photographs, relating to aspects of Polish political development

Duca (George I.) papers

Diaries, correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, and photographs, relating to Romanian foreign policy and politics in the twentieth century, and to the Romanian royal family. Also available on microfilm (89 reels).

Duca (I. G.) papers

Memoirs, correspondence, notes, and memoranda, relating to Romanian politics and foreign policy.

Duchacek (Ivo D.) papers

Radio broadcast recordings and transcripts, writings, diaries, dispatches, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to Czechoslovakia during World War II, wartime diplomacy, Soviet annexation of Ruthenia in 1945, the communist coup of 1948, and American broadcasting to Czechoslovakia.

Dudzinski (Andrzej) artwork

Drawings, illustrations, and book jacket designs.

Duff, J. Arthur (James Arthur) papers

Memoirs, other writings, correspondence, printed matter, memorabilia, and photographs relating to missionaries in China, political and social conditions in China prior to and during World War II, and American intelligence operations in China during World War II.

Duhalde (Eduardo Alberto) speeches and writings

Relates to political conditions and free market reforms in Argentina and especially in Buenos Aires province. Includes printed matter.

Dukes (Paul, Sir) papers

Diaries, writings, lectures, notes, letters, clippings, memorabilia, and photographs, relating to British intelligence operations, especially during the Russian Revolution, to popularization of Yoga in the Western world, and to personal affairs. Includes fictional writings, poems and musical compositions. Also includes...

Dulja (Boris Michailovich) papers

Diaries, writings, correspondence, and personal documents, relating to the Russian Civil War, and to Russian émigré affairs.

Dulles (John Foster) Centennial Conference papers

Relates to various aspects of the career of John Foster Dulles and to his oversight of American foreign policy as secretary of state during the presidential administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower. Includes program of the conference.

Dulles (John Foster) press conference excerpts

Relates to American foreign policy.

Duma (George) papers

Writings, letters, and printed matter, relating to aspects of Romanian politics and foreign policy, and especially to the national question in Transylvania.

Dumbacher (Joseph) papers

Typescript account by J. Dumbacher of the 1963 SDS national convention, as well as pamphlets, bulletins and reports, relating to Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and other organizations of the New Left in the U.S.

Duncan (William Young) papers

Diary and letters, relating to the Russian Revolution and Civil War, and the Allied intervention in Siberia, 1918-1920. Photocopy.

Dunckel (Earl B.) papers

Correspondence with Ronald Reagan, relating to political conditions in the United States, and a memoir relating to Reagan.

Dunford House Cobden Memorial Association circular letters

Relates to proposed bases for peace negotiations to end World War II.

Dunlop (John B.) collection

Clippings and other printed matter, relating to the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and to political conditions in post-Soviet Russia. Includes a 1968 official Soviet report (incomplete), summarizing results of the investigation of the Vserossiiskii sotsial-khristianskii soiuz osvobozhdeniia naroda, an...

Dunn (Joyce Black) miscellaneous papers

Scrapbook, pamphlet, phonotape cassette, and memorabilia, relating to the 1984 presidential re-election campaign of Ronald Reagan.

Dunner (Joseph) typescript

Typescript from American political scientist regarding East German politics and government.

Dunning (George) icons

Two Russian icons.

Dunten (George L.) processed item

Relates to American aerial operations in the China-Burma-India Theater during World War II.

Durbrow (Elbridge) papers

The collection documents the U.S. Foreign Service career and post-retirement of Elbridge Durbrow relating to the spread of communism, U.S. foreign policy and world politics following World War II, represented in the form of correspondence, clippings, interview transcripts, speeches and...

Durighello (A.) dispatches

Dispatches to John Forsyth, United States secretary of state, relating to political and commercial conditions in Syria. Photocopy.

Dusart (Albert) collection

Clippings from the Belgian newspapers Volk en Staat and Le Nouveau Journal, relating to conditions in Belgium under the German occupation during World War II and to Belgian collaborators with German occupation authorities.

Dutilh-van Vollenhoven (Cornelia) diary

Relates to conditions in the Netherlands under German occupation during World War II. Translation by Herman van Maanen. Original Dutch version published as Het oorlogsdagboek van C. Dutilh-van Vollenhoven, edited by Jan Daan Hillen (Rotterdam, 1990). Includes copy of published...

Duus (Masayo) papers

Masayo Duus, born in Hokkaido in 1938, is a Japanese non-fiction writer. Her works focus on the history of Japanese Americans and relations between the United States and Japan. The Masayo Duus papers (1900-2003) include documents, photographs, correspondence, video, and...

DuVal (Miles Percy) papers

by M. P. DuVal, photographs, and issues of the ship newspaper .

Duveneck (Frank B. and Josephine) collection

Pamphlets, leaflets, reports, bulletins, newsletters, statements, Congressional hearings, serial issues, and clippings, relating to the internment of Japanese Americans in the United States during World War II; social problems in the United States, especially in California, and especially with reference...

Dyer (Susan Louise) papers

The Susan Louise Dyer papers contain materials that reflect Dyer's personal ties to Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover, her association with Stanford University, and her service with the American Red Cross and the Girl Scouts of the United States. The...

Dyment (Colin B.) papers

Notebooks relating to circumstances of each fatality in the 91st Division during the Battle of the Argonne. Includes a medal presented to Bertha S. Dyment in recognition of her work in France during World War I.