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Aiken (William Ross) Papers 1944-2007

Professional papers regarding inventions and patents, with some personal papers. Of particular interest are Aiken's original research journals. The collection contains photographs, photographic negatives, and a biography of Kurt von Tauchendorf, Aiken's patent attorney, written jointly by Aiken and von...

Alpha Delta Kappa California Beta Pi Chapter Records

Records of the California Beta Pi Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa, including seven yearbooks and original charter.

American Association of University Women San Jose Branch Records

Records of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) San Jose Branch, including, but not limited to, membership lists and directories, scrapbooks, notebooks, and photograph albums (1937-2000).

American Association of University Women Sunnyvale-Cupertino Records

Scrapbooks documenting the activities of the Sunnyvale-Cupertino Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) from the branch's inception in 1962 through 2014.

American Institute of Architects Santa Clara Valley Chapter Collection

The collection comprises the Santa Clara Valley Chapter, American Institute of Architects records, including board meeting minutes, newsletters, correspondence, event planning and documentation, scrapbooks, clippings, photographs, exhibit display boards, and design awards documentation. The collection covers the years 1946-2008 with...

American Musical Theatre of San Jose Records

Records and other material from the now-defunct American Musical Theatre, originally formed in 1935 as the San Jose Civic Light Opera Association. The AMT filed for bankruptcy in December 2008.

Andrus (Carlton L.) School Papers

Report cards, lecture notes, school work of Carlton Andrus from San Jose High School, University of the Pacific, and Stanford University medical school. Includes Andrus' Stanford University thesis, as well as one folder of material from the St. Luke's Hospital...

Anson (William Lloyd and Emily) Papers

Papers of William Lloyd Anson and wife Emily (nee O'Dell), primarily comprising correspondence between the couple during 1919, and documentation related to Anson's service in World War I as Private First Class with Company C, Second Engineers, Second Division, United...

Apple Computer, Inc. Technical Drawings

Schematic drawings of the Apple Lisa, Macintosh, Macintosh II, Mac SE computers, "Twiggy" floppy disk drive, and LaserWriter II NT.

Atkinson (Harold) Papers

Small set of papers originally belonging to radio operator Harold Atkinson, including a typed transcript of the broadcast of the championship fight between Carpentier and Dempsey (1921) from the radio telephone installed at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, through...

Bacon (Frank) Records

The Records contain photographs, and five scrapbooks.

Bailey-Fellows House, Carol DeSantis Papers on the

Papers compiled by Carol DeSantis on the history of the Bailey-Fellows House at Calero Ranch, San Jose, California.

Battée (John M.) Letters

Letters of John Marion Battée, California pioneer, written to his family between 1853 and 1866, documenting his life in San Jose.

Belden (David and Elizabeth) Papers

Personal papers of Judge David Belden and his wife Elizabeth, including personal and professional correspondence, as well as David Belden's diary, a small number of tax records, and travel ephemera.

Bersano Studio Negatives

Collection of 571 black & white 5x7" photographic negatives produced by Bersano Studio of Santa Clara, located at 787 Franklin Street, and operated by Angelo C. Bersano. Many images depict the Italian and Portuguese communities, and include portraits, Holy Communion...

Big Basin Park Photograph Album

Album of photographs taken by Andrew Putnam Hill between 1890 and 1920. The majority of photographs feature Big Basin Redwoods State Park, with a small number of the Putnam family and Sempervirens Club. The album is labeled "Mrs. Hill Sr....

Bland (Henry Meade) Photographs

Collection of black and white negatives apparently taken by Henry Meade Bland while teaching at the State Normal School at San Jose, likely dating between 1905-1915.

Bowden (Archer) Papers

Personal papers of former San Jose city attorney Archer Bowden. The bulk of the papers relate to his service in the U.S. Army during World War I. Belden was born in 1885 to California pioneers Nicholas and Sally Trimble Bowden,...

Braly (Elizabeth Madison) Papers

Genealogical research and other material collected by Elizabeth Madison Braly, daughter of James Madison Braly and Susan I. Braly, sister to Bertha Hyde Braly. Includes Braly, Madison and Hyde family genealogy research, and papers and correspondence related to the families...

Bud Howe’s Garage Records

Business records, shop manuals, automobile ephemera, personal papers, photographs, and other items created by Bud Howe and his business, Bud Howe's Garage in San Jose, California.

Budde Family Papers and Photographs

Papers and family photographs of the Budde family of San Jose, California.

Bulmore (Laurence E.) Photographs of New Almaden

Original glass negatives, prints, and copy prints of New Almaden Quicksilver Mines, taken by Robert R. Bulmore and Dr. S. E. Winn (1880-1900); as well as later photographs of the filling of New Almaden Reservoir, created in 1936, and accompanying...

California Pioneers of Santa Clara County Records

Records of the California Pioneers of Santa Clara County, established in 1875, including meeting minutes, membership rosters and dues records, and treasurers reports.

California Trolley and Railroad Corporation Records

Records of the California Trolley and Railroad Corporation (CTRC) through 2015, compiled by CTRC founder and former president Rod Diridon, Sr. This non-profit 501(c)3 organization began in the early 1980s as two separate groups -- the San Jose Trolley Corporation...

Camp Fire USA Greater Bay Area Chapter Records

Camp Fire USA Greater Bay Area Chapter organizational records, photographs and ephemera.

Cantua Photograph Collection

Photo collection consisting of 238 prints, ranging from tintypes to cabinet card portraits to early 20th century snapshots and portraits. The subjects of most of the images appear to be Hispanic Americans and early Californio families.

Center (Hugh Stuart) Papers

Correspondence, financial and other business papers of prominent San Jose attorney Hugh Stuart Center (1905-1977) and some extended family.

Certificates of Residence Issued to Chinese Laborers

Original certificates of residence issued by the U.S. government in 1894 to Chinese laborers under the provisions of the Act of May 5, 1892 (the Geary Act), allowing them to remain and work in the United States.

Chapman (William) Weather Records

Three notebooks created by William Chapman recording daily high and low temperatures and rainfall between May 1995 and November 2009 at his residence at 911 Echo Drive in Los Altos, California.

Charity League of San Jose Records

Minutes, membership rosters, and scrapbooks documenting the Charity League of San Jose, a local women's organization.

City of San Jose Historical Resources Inventory Worksheets (1992)

Series of California Office of Historic Preservation Historic Resources Inventory worksheets prepared for the City of San Jose by Glory Ann Laffey and the firm Archives & Architecture in 1992 as part of the city's Historic Resources Inventory Survey Phase...

City Store Records

Financial records of the City Store and the Turel family, including ledgers, stock certificates, inventories, IRS records, family finances, early agreements, bylaws and minutes. The City Store operated in downtown San Jose from the 1850s until it was closed in...

Clarke (Arthur L.) Collection of Drawings and Photographs

Cartoon illustrations and photographs of friends and co-workers collected by newspaper editor Arthur L. Clarke.

Collection on Station MX

Collection of photographs and background documentation related to Station MX in Palo Alto, first built by Federal Telegraph Company in 1921 as "Marsh Station", later owned by Mackay Radio and ITT Corporation.

Council of Churches of Santa Clara County Records

Records of the the Council of Churches of Santa Clara County.

Crump Family Papers

Papers of Santa Clara County's Crump family, including property records and financial records of the family's orchard operations. Ross O. Crump was born in Michigan, but graduated from San Jose High School and Stanford University. He was active in the...

Cunningham (Florence) Collection

Florence Cunningham was a local Saratoga historian, whose collection includes notebooks documenting her travels in the Sierras, Yellowstone and western United States with notes on wildlife and plants. Much of her correspondence is to various people regarding historical research. Also...

Davis (Frank Chester) Family Photographs

Collection of photographs of F. Chester Davis, Stella Eitzer, and their family, including a small series of images of the Muirson Label Company of San Jose, California.

de Forest (Lee and Marie) Papers

Papers of electronics inventor, radio and film pioneer Lee de Forest and his fourth wife, Marie Mosquini de Forest. Collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, sketches and diagrams, notebooks, patents, memoirs, patent notes and legal papers, scrapbooks, speeches, poems, photographs, and articles...

Del Monte Corporation, Sohm Collection on

Materials collected by Olin Sohm during his tenure in the Industrial Relations Department at Del Monte Corporation, headquartered in San Francisco; and Joseph P. Sohm, retired Quality Control Manager at Del Monte Plant 51 in San Jose, California.

DeRome (Albert Walton) Papers

Correspondence, manuscripts, notes, advertisements, and extensive photographs documenting urban renewal and redevelopment efforts in San Jose, California, during the late 1960s to early 1990s.

Dettenhamer Family Collection

The Dettenhamer family owned an orchard business in San Jose, California. The collection is a compilation of their correspondence, immigration papers, family photographs, and business ledgers, some in German.

Dixon (Isaac) Papers

Small number of papers and early portraits from the Isaac Dixon family of Santa Clara County.

Downing (Bernice and Bertha) Collection of World War I Letters

Letters from World War I servicemen to Santa Clara Journal owners and editors Bernice C. Downing and twin sister Bertha G. Downing

Dudes and Dolls Square Dancing Club Photographs and Records

Photographs, anniversary scrapbook, and membership lists of San Jose's Dudes and Dolls Square Dancing Club, founded in 1951.

Duino (Louis) Papers

Papers of San Jose Mercury News sports editor Louis Duino, including material from his coverage of the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Eberhart (Roland) Collection

The collection comprises the personal papers of Roland Eberhart from 1909 to 1967. A substantial portion is Eberhart's correspondence with the many friends, acquaintances and professional contacts he made through his poetry, his years at Stanford, his teaching career and...

Edwards (Phillis) Papers

Two Contemporary Arts Club scrapbooks (1918-1990); minutes (1940-1945) of the Sappho Society, or Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, of which Phillis Edwards was a member; and one photograph album of snapshots documenting Edwards' young adulthood near San Jose in the 1930s...

Edwards Ranch Records

Eleven ledgers from the Edwards Ranch in the Evergreen area of San Jose, created by Wilson L. Edwards, Lloyd L. Edwards, and Isaac Bingham.

Edwin Markham Poetry Society Hoe Room Collection

Collection of Edwin Markham Poetry Society records, print material, clippings, and original correspondence and manuscripts primarily related to Edwin Markham and Henry Meade Bland. Some of these items were on display at the Hoe Room in the Edwin Markham House...

Edwin Markham Poetry Society Records

Records of the Edwin Markham Poetry Society, donated by a past member, including poetry competition records from the 1980s, and administrative records from the 1930s-1980s.

Ekstrand (Kasia) Photographs of San Jose

Photographic prints and negatives documenting the storefronts and streets of downtown San Jose, California, taken by Kasia Ekstrand in 2002.

Elliott (Harold F.) Papers

Correspondence, technical drawings, computations, patent materials, photographs, sketches and notes regarding electrical engineer's Harold F. Elliott's prolific work as an inventor of various radio apparatus and as a consulting engineer with companies such as the Federal Telegraph Company, the Galvin...

Emada Methodist Episcopal Church Sunday School Records

Records of the Emada Methodist Episcopal Church Sunday School, formerly located in Coyote, Santa Clara County. Emada Methodist Episcopal Church is listed as a historic archaeological resource in the Coyote Valley.

Exchange Club of San Jose Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks created by the Exchange Club of San Jose documenting the organization's community service projects in the 1950s.

F. Schilling & Son Business Records

Ledgers from F. Schilling & Son, one of San Jose's historic businesses, family owned and operated from the 1860s through the early 1980s, selling firearms, hardware and sporting goods.

Farrell (Harry) Papers

Material accumulated by author and journalist Harry Farrell during his research for books Shallow Grave in Trinity County (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1997) and Swift Justice: Murder and Vengeance in a California Town (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1992)...

Federal Telegraph Company, Perham Collection on

Reports, scrapbooks, photographs, equipment descriptions and diagrams, and notes regarding the organization of the Poulsen Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company and subsequently, Federal Telegraph Company. Much of this material was collected by early company electrical technician Douglas M. Perham, and...

Ferrito (Thomas J.) Papers

Papers of Los Gatos attorney Tom Ferrito, who was involved civil rights and police conduct organizations in the Santa Clara Valley in the 1970s and 1980s.

Fiesta de las Rosas Collection

Artificial collection of records and ephemera from the Fiesta de las Rosas (earlier known as the Rose Carnival or Carnival of Roses) held in San Jose in 1896, 1901, 1910, 1926-1933, and 1969.

Fiesta de San Jose 1955 Scrapbook

Scrapbook of clippings, ephemera, and photographs related to the Fiesta de San Jose held at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds on May 25-May 30, organized by the San Jose Junior Chamber of Commerce and other organizations.

Finnegan (Dick) Papers

Papers of architect Dick Finnegan, who was active in the Santa Clara Valley (Calif.) from the 1960s through the 1990s, as well as the Lake Tahoe region. Includes his business records, original architectural drawings, promotional material for housing developments, and...

Fitzgerald (Timothy K.) Papers

Correspondence, newsletters, and other ephemeral publications of Timothy K. Fitzgerald (1946- ) relating to San Jose State campus politics in the 1960s, local Democratic politics, evolution of the Green Party in Santa Clara County, and rights of the handicapped.

Florence Mack Quicksilver Mining Co. Ledgers

Two accounting ledgers of cash receipts and disbursements, 1905-1908, for the Florence Mack Quicksilver Mining Co.

Food Machinery Corporation Sales Records and Photographs

Over the course of the 20th. century, Food Machinery Corporation (FMC) grew from a local company producing pump sprayers, into an international manufacturer producing insecticide, war ordinance, and canning machinery. This collection includes catalogs, sales records and photographs of canning...

Freeman (Frank) Papers

Letters from the public, and other reference material collected by Mercury News "Here 'Tis" columnist Frank G. Freeman over the course of his career.

Gamma Kappa of Alpha Delta Kappa Records

Archives of the educational sorority Gamma Kappa of Alpha Delta Kappa. Includes scrapbooks and records documenting 40 years of the Santa Clara-based chapter.

Gelber (Steven) Research Files

Professor Steven Gelber's research files on Santa Clara (California) history and architecture, including 302 slides.

Gilbert (Benjamin F.) Papers

Research materials focusing on local history by San Jose State University professor Dr. Benjamin F. Gilbert.

Goodnight (Dale) Business Records

Business records of Dale Goodnight's custom home business.

Gould (Stan) Papers

Records from San Jose architect Stan Gould, former Vice President of Economic Development.

Gummer (Samuel P.) Letters

Collection of 35 letters from Samuel Gummer of Santa Clara (Calif.) to his brother, James Gummer, of Brunswick (Maine).

Hamann (Anthony P.) Papers

Papers of former San Jose City Manager Anthony P. "Dutch" Hamann, documenting activities after his retirement from the City.

Harding (George L.) Papers

Small collection of personal papers of author George Laban Harding, primarily comprising family photographs, portraits, and Boy Scouts of America ephemera.

Harris (Donald B.) Spiratron Papers

Notebooks, patent invention disclosure files, patent photographs, and other assorted papers related to Donald B. Harris's work on the Spiratron tube at General Electric Company.

Harrison (William) Photographic Collection

Collection of portrait photographs by local San Jose, California, studios; portraits of State Normal School at San Jose graduates; a family photograph album including scenes from Yosemite National Park; personal photographs taken at Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon National...

Hawkins (Dick) Collection on San Jose High School

Yearbooks, ephemera, scrapbooks circa 1910-1970 for San Jose High School; materials from City of San Jose Zoning Office Library.

Hayes Family Collection

Assorted scrapbooks, research material, preservation records, manuscripts and original publications related to Mary Hayes Chynoweth and the True Life Church, the Hayes family, and Hayes Mansion.

Hayes Mansion Papers

Papers document efforts circa 1979-1981 to preserve the Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California. Includes grant proposals and related documents, background on the mansion and Mary Hayes Chynoweth, City Council minutes and City Ordinances, records of the Association to Save...

Hill (Fredrick W.) Photographs

Digital images and original negatives of the stagecoaches on Mount Hamilton, Lick Observatory telescope and buildings, and the Hotel Vendome (San Jose, California), taken by Fredrick W. Hill in 1892.

History San José Silicon Valley History Online Collection

The History San José Collection includes photographs, postcards, fruit labels and different types of ephemera.

Hitt (Ben) Papers

Benjamin Hitt (1916-2005) was the Managing Editor for the San Jose Mercury News for over 30 years. The collection is a compilation of his early works, personal photographs, and other mementos.

Hobson and Macaulay Family Photographs and Papers

Collection of 19th century photographs, scrapbook, autograph albums and a small number of business records from the George Hobson and John W. Macaulay families that appear to have been collected by Martha "Mattie" Hobson Macaulay. The bulk of the collection...

Hodges (George F.) Collection

This collection contains materials related to the family of George F. Hodges, with a significant contribution of materials from his daughter, Grace Evelyn Wahrer (nee Hodges). Many of the materials relate primarily to the Hodges’ experience in the WWII home...

Hollings (Laurence) Drawings for Frontier Village

Original artist drawings and schematics for Frontier Village amusement park by Laurence N. Hollings.

Hunt (Rockwell D.) Papers

Papers of California educator Rockwell D. Hunt created during his tenure as principal of San Jose High School

Hunter (Clifford B.) Collection

This collection consists of photos, correspondence, school yearbooks, publications, and other papers relating to Hunter’s education, businesses activities and genealogy. The bulk of the collection consists of photographs and Hunter’s genealogical research.

James (William F.) Papers

Small collection of papers and photographs from the estate of Judge William F. James, former Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge. The papers contain his notable opinions, and materials related to the dedication of the William F. James Boys Ranch...

Jennings Technology, Collection on

Records created by Jennings Manufacturing Company (later Jennings Technology Corporation) during operations in San Jose, California. Includes material acquired as part of the Perham Collection of Early Electronics as well as records collected when the plant closed down in 2017.

Jones (Leo) Papers

Correspondence, technical manuals, product catalogs, and photographs from Leo Jones' two businesses, Fargo Company and Saber Laboratories.

Kiperash Family Farm Records

Records from former Kiperash family land near Penitencia Creek, San Jose, comprising mainly prune picking ledgers.

Knight (Joseph A.) Collection

Printed ephemera, including stock certificates, reprints, periodicals, and news clippings, regarding Federal Telegraph Company and other electronics ventures, collected by Joseph A. Knight.

Knox (Jessie Juliet) Collection

The Jessie Juliet Knox Papers document the activities of Knox from the mid-1890s to 1912. The records are divided into two series and total .3 linear feet, in one half-size manuscript box and one flat box. Two monographs, authored by...

KNTV Channel 11 News Archive

Local news film (16mm) reels, shot between 1965 and 1980, both silent and with sound, taken by KNTV cameramen. They include black-and-white and color footage, and are accompanied by newscast scripts and film storage logs. The films for 1970-1975 were...

Ku Klux Klan Scrapbook

Binder of newspaper clippings, certificates and photographs of a California Klan gathering and cross burning, 1981. The clippings are from San Francisco Bay Area newspapers, and the photographs were likely taken in the Central Valley, possibly Ceres.

Leib Family Collection

The Leib Family Collection includes family and business correspondence as well as household and business records from Samuel and Lida Leib and their five children.

Leib Family Financial Records

Receipts and invoices generated by the Samuel and Lida Leib family for household and business expenses between 1881 and 1908. This is a related collection to the Leib Family Collecton (1979-171) also at History San Jose.

Leonard (Burrel) Photographs and Fruit Labels

Photographs and fruit labels from the John and Burrel Leonard families, documenting the history of one of Cupertino's ranching families from the 1850s to their management of a prominent canning operation in the early 20th century, and later development of...

Levin (Ed and Ruby) Papers

Personal papers of Santa Clara County Supervisor Edgar R. Levin and wife Ruby, primarily comprising material related to Levin's terms as Santa Clara County Supervisor, Third District, but also including personal material from his travels and expeditions in Alaska, family...

Links, Inc. San Jose Chapter Records

Records and photographs documenting the activities of the San Jose Chapter of the Links, Inc., officially initiated on June 6, 1981. According to the Chapter's historical notes, the Chapter began meeting in 1979, after the Peninsula Chapter approached Precida Harris...

Logue (Hollis) Architectural Plans

Architectural drawings and plans by San Jose architect Hollis Logue

Loomis (Patricia) Collection

Loomis's professional work as a San Jose Mercury News journalist, member of the Argonauts Historical Society, and author of several San Jose (Calif.) local history books is documented through correspondence, bylines, research notes, manuscript drafts, and a large collection of...

Lou's Village Collection

Collection of menus, marketing materials, news clippings, photographs, and banquet reservation book documenting the history of Lou's Village restaurant, originally located at 1465 W. San Carlos Street, San Jose, from 1946-2005.

Macrae (Donald S.) Papers

Professional papers of former San Jose Personnel Director Donald Macrae, including Personnel Department and Civil Service Commission departmental files, as well as records of the Pacific Neighbors organization.

Manzanita Club Records

Records of the Manzanita Club of San Jose, founded in 1884, including yearbooks and minute books.

Markham (Edwin) Papers

Personal papers of the American poet Edwin Markham, collected by Dr. Vernon B. Hampton of Staten Island, N.Y. Of note are original manuscripts, early teaching and school administration records, one pocket diary (1902), and a letter from Jack London (1901).

Maxwell (Dewey L.) Papers and Photographs

Business records and photographs related to the Garden City Velodrome, Garden City Wheelmen, and Maxwell's Cyclery in San Jose, California.

Mayes (Thorn) Sound Recordings

Sound recordings created by Thorn Mayes as part of his research on early wireless telegraph and radio in the Western United States. Includes one-on-one interviews conducted by Thorn Mayes and Warren Green, talks to the Antique Wireless Association both by...

McAllister (Shawn) Edwin Markham Library

Personal library of collector Shawn McAllister devoted to the works of poet Edwin Markham, comprising inscribed books and other publications, photographs, and a small collection of letters.

McCullough (George) QSL Cards

QSL cards from the United States and other countries, received by amateur radio operator George B. McCullough, K6JI.

A Meeting of the Ways (Radio Program) Recordings

Audiocassette recordings of "A Meeting of the Ways" radio programs produced and hosted on station KKUP by host Diane Solomon. The program format is primarily interview-based, featuring guests who reflect Solomon's interest in spirituality, Buddhism, and political activism.

Merchants Association of San Jose Records

Minutes, scrapbooks, and bulletins of the Merchants Association of San Jose Ltd.

Mignon (Helen) Collection

The collection includes significant materials, many of them serial publications, relating to the San Jose State Normal School and San Jose State College, the U.S. Food Administration Program in Santa Clara County, and early 20th century maps of San Jose...

Miller (Charles Hiram) Correspondence

Letters from Charles Hiram Miller to Emma Bailey Day, Emma Houghton, and from George Houghton to Charles Hiram Miller.

Monahan (Thomas) Papers

The papers primarily consist of correspondence generated during Monahan's years as mayor of San Jose, 1912-1914.

Montgomery (Shirlie) Papers

Personal papers and photographs of San Jose photographer Shirlie Montgomery (1918-2012), who captured post World War II culture in Santa Clara Valley.

Montgomery (T. S.) Scrapbook and Photograph Album

Personalized photograph album of their home near Santa Cruz, "La Casa de Montgomery," created as Christmas present in 1929 by T. S. and Louise Montgomery; and a scrapbook (1916-1935) documenting T. S. Montgomery's donation of land to the City of...

Moore (William L.) Papers

Correspondence and ephemera created by or collected by William Lea Moore during his service in World War I, as well as a series of later family letters from the 1940s.

Moore (William L.) Slides

Photographs taken by San Jose resident William Lea Moore, documenting his wife and daughter, downtown San Jose and Willow Glen neighborhoods, and Santa Clara Valley views during spring "blossom" time.

Morgan (Jane) Papers

Papers of electronics history author Jane Morgan. Collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, interview notes, reference files, photographs, news clippings and other printed material relating to the development and production of Morgan's book, (Palo Alto, CA: National Press Books, 1967).

Nash (Charles and Alta) Papers on Direct Steel Process Company

Small collection of correspondence and corporate records related to Charles H. Nash and wife Alta (Louden) Nash's involvement with Herbert Lang and the Direct Steel Process Company between 1920 and 1925.

Our Paper Newspaper Production Records

Materials relating to the production of Our Paper, a community paper for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Silicon Valley. Includes photographs, layout boards, advertiser art, cartoons, newspaper clippings, periodicals, political campaign records and business records.

Pacific Neighbors Inc. Records

Records and photographs of San Jose's Pacific Neighbors Sister City Program, primarily related to activities with sister cities Okayama, Japan, and San Jose, Costa Rica.

Palm Haven Tract Association Records

Records of the Palm Haven Tract Association, an organization of early residents in the historic subdivision of Palm Haven on the southern edge of San Jose.

Park Center Project Building Survey

Building survey forms and photographs compiled by the City of San Jose Building Inspector between March 20 - April 13, 1961, believed to be part of a neighborhood survey completed for the Park Center Plaza Redevelopment Project in downtown San...

Parsons (Callie) Letters from World War I Soldiers

Small collection of letters to Miss Callie Parsons of San Jose, California, from soldiers serving in World War I.

Pathfinders Club of San Jose Records

Club records and photographs documenting the women's group Pathfinders Club of San Jose, especially outdoor recreational outings around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Payne (George and J. Howard) Papers

Ledger of orchard accounts from the Payne ranch (1870-1892) located near Campbell, California, and Local Secretary-Treasurer's Minute Books from Moreland Local No. 92, Farmers' Educational and Co-operative Union of America, California Division (1927-1936).

Peck (Willys) Papers

Papers from the estate of Willys I. Peck related to his work for the San Jose Mercury News and the American Newspaper Guild.

Peninsula-Times Tribune Photographs

Photographs taken for the former Peninsula-Times Tribune newspaper.

Perham (Douglas M.) Clippings on Early Radio History

Clippings compiled by electronics collector Douglas M. Perham on the history of wireless telegraphy and radio, particularly in the Pacific Region.

Perham (Douglas M.) Papers

Biographical materials, correspondence, photographs, certificates and other ephemera relating to Douglas McDonald Perham (1885-1967) and Constance Broner Kambish Perham (1908-2001).

Perham Foundation Records

Minimally processed administrative files of the Perham Foundation, received as part of the Perham Collection of Early Electronics in 2003. The Perham Foundation operated the Foothill College Electronics Museum in Los Altos Hills, California, between 1973 and 1991.

Perham History Files

The Perham History Files were first created by Douglas M. Perham and continued by the Perham Foundation and Foothills Electronics Museum. The collection served as a quick reference file regarding people, companies, apparatus, and events relating to the history of...

Pickard (Josiah Little) and Fanny Jollyman scrapbook of autographs and letters

Collection of autographs and letters, created by Josiah Little Pickard and his daughter Fanny Jollyman. Most of the letters are addressed to Pickard, but there are several addressed to Jollyman, indicating that perhaps this was her collection of autographs to...

Pioneer Women's Club Records

The Pioneer Women’s Club records document the activities of the club from its inception in 1911 to mid-1940. The records consist of six books which records the monthly minutes of the club and total .2 linear feet in one box.

Plate (Harry) Collection: The Rikers and Holy City, 1900-1970

Harry Plate, journalist and writer, served as Associate Editor of the Sunday magazine section of the He subsequently moved to Arizona. These files were compiled in 1970 to support what Plate intended to be a series of three feature articles...

Postcard Collection

Artificial collection of postcards and private mailing cards related to the Santa Clara Valley.

Prussia (W. L.) & Son Records

Financial records of the Prussia & Co. store, the first women's apparel store in San Jose. Willard L. Prussia founded Prussia & Co. in 1903, and opened the location at 129-133 South First Street in 1909.

Rambo (F. Ralph) Collection

Original illustrations, cartoon drawings, manuscripts, photographic prints, and other ephemera created by Santa Clara Valley illustrator and author F. Ralph Rambo. Rambo was known for his work with Muirson Label Company from 1916-1966 and later as an author and cartoonist...

Remillard Brick Company Records

Six bound ledgers from the Remillard Bros. company operations covering the time period 1878-1898. These ledgers were recovered by the donor from the Ashworth-Remillard House on Story Road in San Jose, the legacy of Countess Lillian Remillard Dandini, daughter of...

Renzel (Ernie) Papers 1900-2007

Renzel's personal papers, including diplomas, personal and professional certificates, awards, San Jose City records and Santa Clara County public documents. The bulk of the papers relate to Renzel's term as San Jose City Councilman and Mayor, his role in developing...

Reports on Fairchild Semiconductor Corp. and IBM Groundwater Contamination in South San Jose

Technical and administrative reports, including correspondence, related to groundwater contamination and subsequent restoration efforts at the IBM General Products Division (5600 Cottle Road) and Fairchild Semiconductor Corp. South San Jose plant.

Ridder Park Drive (750) Architectural Drawings

Architectural plans for the former San Jose Mercury News plant at 750 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose, including original construction and later expansions and renovations.

Robertson (Richard F.) Business Letters

Ledgers containing carbon copies of outgoing business letters of San Jose attorney Richard F. Robertson.

Robinson & Crandall Lantern Slides

Collection of approximately 93 lantern slides created by Robinson and Crandall of Palo Alto, California, apparently for the Stanford University Electrical Engineering Department.

Sabatino (Murphy) Bicycle Racing Collection

Collection of racing programs, assorted ephemera, news clippings, and photographs related to bicycle racing in San Jose in the late 1930s, six-day bicycle races in San Francisco and other areas in the mid-1950s, and races organized by Sabatino in the...

San Jose Alternative Music Fliers and Clippings

Small collection of ephemera and clippings about the burgeoning music scene in San Jose from 1986-1989 including news articles from Metro, Mercury News, and BAM; and fliers from WORKS San Jose, One Step Beyond, and Club X.

San Jose Cemetery Records 1859-1994

History San Jose maintains an extensive collection of records relating to the Oak Hill Memorial Park (Oak Hill Cemetery) as well as some information on Santa Clara Mission Cemetery and other memorial parks in the immediate area. Collection includes a...

San Jose Chamber of Commerce Collection

Collection of newsletters, press clippings, publications, ephemera and photographs created by the San Jose Chamber of Commerce.

San Jose (City of) Municipal Archives

City of San Jose records ranging from mid-1800s to 1980s, with the majority dating to the mid-20th century.

San Jose Common Council Records

Early records of the San Jose Common Council, later City Council, approximately 1850-1910.

San Jose Day Nursery Records

Records of the San Jose Day Nursery, including history of the organization, scrapbooks and photo albums, financial records, membership lists, roll books, employee attendance records, and Board of Directors minutes.

San Jose Hospital Records

San Jose Hospital, and San Jose Hospital Nursing School records, including photographs and scrapbooks.

San Jose Mercury News Collection

San Jose Mercury News clippings file and bound volumes of the Daily Mercury and Weekly Mercury

San Jose Mercury News Negatives of Sporting Events

Sets of negatives taken by San Jose Mercury News staff photographers at local sports events.

San Jose Music Study Club Minute Books

Two volumes of minutes of the meetings of the San Jose Music Study Club for 1921 to 1927. Includes membership lists and several programs.

San Jose Planning Commission Aerial Photographs

Aerial photographs of road intersections and neighborhoods in San Jose, California, taken by the San Jose Planning Commission.

San Jose Repertory Theatre Records

San Jose Repertory Theatre, or "The Rep," was founded in 1980 by James P. Reber, the first resident professional theater company in San Jose. The Rep's opening production of Noel Coward's 'Private Lives' was well received and was followed by...

San Jose Symphony Records

Records of the San Jose Symphony, which operated between 1878 and 2001 in San Jose, California. The collection includes business records, scrapbooks and programs, photographs, press clippings, and recordings of performances.

San Jose-Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant Records

Records of the San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant in Alviso, California, including documentation regarding the transfer of Zanker House to History Park in San Jose, California.

Santa Clara County Fire Insurance Company Records

Records of the Santa Clara County Fire Insurance Company mainly comprising minutes and individual insurance policy applications. The company was incorporated in 1900, providing insurance to property owners in Santa Clara County.

Santa Clara County Real Estate Records 1850-1952

Original documents for property ownership in Santa Clara County, California. The bulk of the records date from 1850-1906.

Santa Clara Valley Youth Band Records

Records of the Santa Clara Valley Youth Band, founded by San Jose State music professor Clement Hutchinson.

The Schneider (Jimmy) and Bulmore (Robert) Collection of New Almaden Mine Materials

The New Almaden Mine Collection (Bulmore) contains documents dating from 1850 to 1976. The materials, measuring 15.5 linear feet are housed in 18 boxes and are arranged in 8 series: Administrative, Miners and Miners' Fund, Ledgers, Printed Materials, Research Files...

Seefred (Howard C. and Lyndon F.) Papers

Log books, licenses, photographs and other assorted material related to amateur radio from brothers Lyndon F. and Howard C. Seefred, who operated station 6EA in Los Angeles, California.

Sempervirens Club of California Records

The Sempervirens Club Records document the activities of the Club from its inception in 1900 to the early 1960's. The Sempervirens Club was founded to save old growth Redwoods in Santa Cruz Mountains of California. The lobbying efforts of the...

Sims (Steffi Abbott and Bernard) Personal Papers

Scrapbooks and files of Steffi Abbott Sims and husband Bernard Sims, documenting their social activities and work with charitable organizations around Saratoga and San Jose, as well as Abbott Sims' career as a fashion correspondent and essayist.

Slonaker (Harry E.) Papers

Papers contain both personal papers and administrative records. Personal papers include Slonaker family genealogical materials, correspondence, mementos, photo albums, and wedding anniversary keepsakes. Administrative records and other materials related to the Slonaker School in San Jose, Boys Brotherhood, HESA, Boys...

Smock (Stanley) Papers

Collection of materials related to Stanley Smock's years at San Jose High School (class of 1928), and the Class of 1928 60-year reunion held in 1988.

Società de Beneficenza Italiana San Jose Chapter Minutes

Minutes of the Società de Beneficenza Italiana of San Jose, California.

Soroptimist International of San Jose Records

Includes the membership rosters, by-laws, programs of activities, event programs, newsletters, minutes, scrapbooks, photograph albums, and other assorted records of the Soroptimist Club of San Jose, also known as Soroptimist International of San Jose.

Spanish-Mexican Records of the San Jose Pueblo

Founded in 1777 as El Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe, the City of San José was the first civil settlement established in Alta California under Spanish dominion. These 6,000 original manuscript pages span the founding of the pueblo site...

Spratt (Frederick) Collection

Papers of artist, San Jose State University professor, and gallery owner, Frederick Spratt. Collection includes personal correspondence, academic papers, grade books, gallery files, artist files, slides, articles, calendars, photos and family memorabilia.

Stevens (Bruce) Papers

Assortment of papers belonging to San Jose Trolley Corporation/CTRC member and light rail operator Bruce Stevens, documenting Santa Clara Valley transportation planning and light rail development, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 265 activities, and historic trolley restoration.

Sullivan (Leo) Papers

Papers of violinist and theater orchestra leader Leo Sullivan, documenting vaudeville theater in San Francisco and San Jose, California, in the early 20th century.

Tapestry in Talent Records

Records of the Tapestry in Talent organization. San Jose's Tapestry in Talent began with its first arts festival in 1976 as part of the country's bicentennial celebration, and continued annually with the Tapestry Arts Festival each Labor Day Weekend.

Theodore Roosevelt Junior High School Guest of Honor Book

Autograph album compiled from international traveling artists who performed at Theodore Roosevelt Junior High School, primarily between 1929 and 1936 before San Jose's Civic Auditorium was completed.

Thornberg (Royden) Papers

Papers of Royden "Roy" Thornberg, telegrapher, radio operator, inventor, and proprietor of the Thornberg Electrical Works on Natoma Street in San Francisco, California. Includes business records, radio operator materials, reference notebooks with research on electricity, electrical and mechanical equipment, and...

To Kalon Club Records

Records of the To Kalon Women's Club of San Jose

To Kalon Women's Club Records

Records of San Jose To Kalon Women's Club

Trade Catalogs and Manuals, Collection of

Artificial collection of trade catalogs and manuals related to the history of the Santa Clara Valley.

True Family Collection on Charles D. Herrold

Papers and photographs originally belonging to Charles "Doc" Herrold, documenting his early wireless inventions and pioneer KQW radio broadcasting in San Jose, as well as his later career through the 1930s at stations in Oakland.

Unruh (W. J. Shiloh) Harpsichord Photograph Albums

Two photograph albums created by self-taught harpsichord builder Shiloh Unruh documenting construction of harpsichords, other harpsichord builders' and related artists' work, and travels to visit or install harpsichords. While none of the photographs are identified, they include sites in New...

W. C. Lean & Jung Collection

Small collection of financial and customer records from W. C. Lean & Jung Jewelers, operating at 99 South First Street in San Jose from approximately 1904 to 1984.

Wade (Elizabeth) Papers

Papers and photographs from the estate of Elizabeth Cecilia Wade, descendant of California pioneer Harry George Wade.

Wade-Wildhofer Family Photographs

Family photograph collection from Jeanette Wade Wildhofer and Paul H. Wildhofer of Campbell, California, documenting the extended Wade family and Hungarian Wildhofer family.

Walker (Esther) Papers

Personal papers and photographs of San Jose Mercury journalist Esther Walker, including expense account records, correspondence, news copy, research notes, clippings, and publicity photographs of fashion designers circa 1978-1980.

Welch (James R.) Papers

Small selection of personal papers of Hon. James R. Welch (1860-1931) of Santa Clara County, primarily documenting his involvement in the planning and implementation of Skyline Boulevard and Bayshore Highway.

Wheeler (Alice) Glass Plate Negatives

Collection of 207 glass plate negatives dating to the early 1900s. They appear to have been taken by the same photographer, and include many casual family shots, as well as landscapes around the Monterey area and Santa Clara County.

Willing Workers Society of Valley View Minutes

Secretary's books containing lists of officers and members, and meeting minutes of the Willing Workers Society of Valley View, a benevolent women's group created in 1895.

Willson (Mabel Stoppelworth) Papers

Personal papers and photographs related to Arthur Willson, Mabel Stoppelworth Willson, and related Healy and Schroeder families.

Wong Sing Papers

Papers and photographs of Wong Sing, employed as an agricultural laborer by physician Robert L. Hogg of Saratoga, California.

Worswick (George and Mae) Papers

Papers of George Draper Worswick and his wife Mary ("Mae") Holcomb Worswick, including personal correspondence and a scrapbook of political clippings related to Worswick's two terms as mayor of San Jose, California.

Wyckoff (Ralph) and Peter G. Wuss Collection

The collection comprises original architectural plans, specifications and photographs documenting the full span of Ralph Wyckoff’s career as an architect.

Zurilgen, H. W. Collection on Roy N. Francis

News clippings, photographs, publications and other materials regarding early Santa Clara County aviator Roy Francis.