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Harrison Memorial Library
P.O. Box 800
Mission St & 6th Ave
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California 93921
Phone: (831) 624-1615
Email: hml.localhist@gmail.com
Collections with online items: 2
Physical collections: 26
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Anderson (Arline) Collection

This collection contains papers and photographs from the Christiano Machado family as well as, the family of Angelo Decarli and Jessie Machado Decarli. Christiano Machado, a former whaling captain, farmer, and early caretaker for the Carmel Mission. Christiano, with the...

Ara Bia (Harriet Butcher) Collection

This collection contains materials related to the Butcher and Search families, created and gathered by Harriet Butcher Ara Bia, particularly of their travels in Europe, and their time spent in Carmel, California. Her parents were William C. Butcher and Marietta...

Bach Festival Collection

The Bach Festival was started in 1935 by Dene Denny and Hazel Watrous as a four-day festival of open rehearsals, events, and concerts conducted by Ernst Bacon and Gastone Usigli. Over the years, it grew to a three-week celebration of...

Bernhardt (Glenn R.) Collection

This collection contains comic strips from three cartoonists: Glen R. Bernhart, Larry Wright and Bob Barnes, including the comic strips "The Better Half" and “Kit’n’Carlyle”, as well as issues of the quarterly journal “Cartoonist Profiles”.

Black (Art) Collection

This collection consists primarily of meeting minutes documenting the development of Carmel-by-the-Sea’s Volunteer Fire Department from its formation in 1915 through the early 2000s, including details of day-to-day operations, funds raised, members added, trainings, etc.

Brooks (William) Collection

This collection contains photographs by William C. Brooks and Julian “Spike” P. Graham, well-known photographers for the Pebble Beach Company, of famous figures including Robinson Jeffers, Salvador Dali, John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Sinclair Lewis, Charles Lindberg, John Steinbeck, and...

Campbell (Robert) Collection

This collection contains manuscripts and poetry from author Robert Campbell (1927-2000), also known as R. Wright Campbell, along with photographs of Campbell near the end of his life, newspaper articles about his activities (1997-2000), and obituaries and memorials (2000-2003). Campbell...

Carmel Arts and Crafts Club Collection

1 scrapbook containing newspaper clippings and photographs about the Carmel Arts and Crafts Club and the events they put on. 2 envelopes of loose materials.

Carmel Citizens Committee Collection

This collection contains newspaper clippings, correspondence, meeting minutes, membership lists, election information, and bylaws for the Carmel Citizens Committee. The Committee, a non-profit organization founded in 1959, whose main purpose was to protect the scenic, cultural and residential character of...

Carmel Development Company Collection

This collection contains the principal founding, corporation and administrative documents of the Carmel Development Company. Between 1900 & 1910 the Carmel Development Company purchased multiple parcels of real estate from various land holders in order to create large tracts that...

Carmel Music Society Collection

Collection of programs (1928-1973) for the Carmel Music Society, a non-profit organization started by Dene Denny and Hazel Watrous that was devoted to bringing the finest talent in the classical music repertoire to the Carmel area.

Carmel Preservation Foundation Collection

This collection contains correspondence, research materials, brochures, maps, photographs, VHS tapes, and ledgers with block and lot information for the City of Carmel from various years. The materials were created by the Architectural Preservation Group, later called the Carmel Preservation...

Clemens (Gordon) Collection of Albert Leon Van Houtte

Albert Leon Van Houtte (1883-1950) was an author, actor, and lecturer who lived in Carmel from the 1920s until his death in 1950. The collection contains contains manuscripts of Van Houtte's published and unpublished titles, photographs, and a scrapbook about...

Comstock (Hugh) Collection

Hugh Comstock (1893-1950) was an unconventional builder and architect in Carmel, Calif. who built his first "fairytale cottage" in 1924. He built a number of whimsical houses in the Carmel area, and expanded to more traditional homes and commercial buildings...

Department of Community Planning Collection

This collection contains Department of Community Planning Staff Reports relating to architecturally and historically significant homes in Carmel-by-the-Sea. The Department of Community Planning and Building is responsible for land-use management, design review, construction activities, and environmental quality in Carmel-by-the-Sea. The...

Dickie (Jean Kellogg) Collection

This collection contains photographs, handwritten and typed correspondence, manuscripts, newspaper articles, journals, publications, and notes created by members of the Kellogg family, including entomologist and author Vernon L. Kellogg; his wife, author Charlotte Hoffman Kellogg; and their daughter, artist Jean...

Forest Theater Collection

This collection is made up of Forest Theater programs, a list of productions, and a study of renovations done to the theater. The Forest Theater is the oldest outdoor community theater west of the Rockies. Founded in 1910, the first...

Fuller (Carol Timbers) Collection

This collection contains booklets of poetry, other writings, and reproductions of photographs printed by the Carmel Press, Oliphant Press, and an unknown press, as well as information and legal documents relating to Carmel Press, drawings, and a book. Carol Timbers...

Gann (Ernest) Collection

This collection contains materials pertaining to Gann's ship, the Albatros. Included are black and white photographs, ship blueprints, and copies of ship logs. Gann purchased the ship in 1954, and it appeared in the 1958 movie "Twilight for the Gods",...

Heron (Herbert) Collection

Herbert Heron (c1884-1968), was an actor, writer and dramatist who came to Carmel in 1908. He founded the Forest Theater in 1910, one of the first outdoor theaters on the west coast.

Herrick (Mariam Arnold White) Collection

This collection consists of photographs and photocopies of a handwritten memoir pertaining to the White family, early settlers in Carmel. Willis Grimes White, Sarah Elizabeth White, and Mariam Arnold White, their baby, who was at the time suffering from malarial...

Hill (Bill) Collection

This collection contains photographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence and flyers related to Carmel's USO, 1941-1947. It was created by James H. Cooke, who served on the Operating Committee for the Carmel USO, and on the Advisory Council for the Monterey Peninsula’s...

Kruse (Jim) Collection of Lincoln Steffens Photographs

Photograph collection of journalist Lincoln Steffens (1866-1936), author Ella Winter (1898-1980), their son Pete Steffens (1924-2012), screenwriter Donald Ogden Stewart (1894-1980), and their friends and family. Steffens was a muckraking journalist who specialized in investigating government and political corruption. He...

Sales (Enid) Collection

This collection contains 30 boxes of material relating to the work of preservationist Enid Sales (1922-2008), focusing on her work in Monterey County. Sales restored dozens of historic homes in San Francisco, Healdsburg and on the Monterey Peninsula. She preserved...

Slevin (Louis) Photograph Collection

Louis S. Slevin (1878-1945) was a notable photographer in the early days of the 20th century. He was a pioneer in the early days of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, the first to open a general merchandise store in 1905, the first postmaster,...

Wulzen (Frank) Collection

Dietrich H. Wulzen, Jr. documented early 1900s San Francisco and Monterey County through photography. Born in 1862, D. H. Wulzen became a pharmacist in 1889, studying at the Affiliated Colleges on Parnassus Heights. Wulzen built a pharmacy building on the...