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American Flags Collection

The American Flags Collection includes actual flags as well as related flag ephemera.

American Trade Bindings Book Collection

American Trade bindings books of the late 19th and early 20th century when decorative cloth binding was used as both an integral part of the book and as an advertising and merchandising technique.They also provide insight into the reading habits...

Amin David papers

The document collection contains newspaper articles, event programs, case studies, court case documents, and speeches from 1996 - 2016. Awards and certificates of appreciation from various individuals and community organizations range from 1976 – 2016, from such organizations as the...

Anaheim Citrus Fruit Association Papers

Included in the collection are two volumes of the Board of Directors Minute Book (1932-1938) (1939-1951), and a volume of the Stockholders Minute book (1917-1950). Also included are annual reports, and writing on the early history of the organization by...

Archives of the Holocaust (Collection)

Course materials and research related to Profession Morton C. Fierman's course titled "The Holocaust: the ordeal of European Jewry during the Second World War as reflected in art, music, drama, fiction, poetry, historical, psychological, and religious writing", developed in February...

Behrens (J.D.) East Asian Collection

The J.D. Behrens East Asian Collection was donated on December 15, 1965 by retired missionary Jerry Behrens who was age 82 at the time of the donation. Mr. Behrens was a missionary in China. The collection consists of artifacts and...

Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential Campaign Materials

This collection includes homemade and official campaign materials, along with some voting materials and items related to the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Book History Ephemera Collection

The Book History Ephemera Collection consists of pamphlets, periodical titles, and boxes of realia/facsimiles pertaining to the history of books and printing such as clay tablets, horn books, moveable type, university press logos, and book plates.

Boswell (Roy V.) Collection for the History of Cartography

The Collection for the History of Cartography was founded in 1971 by Roy V. Boswell and Ernest W. Toy, Jr., to provide a resource for scholarship and education in the history of cartography.

California Democratic Party Convention 2017

Delegate and attendee materials from the California Democratic Party's 2017 annual convention in Sacramento, California.

California State University Fullerton, Office of the President, Jewel P. Cobb (1981 – 1990) Papers

The California State University Fullerton Office of the President, Jewel P. Cobb (October 5, 1981 – August 8, 1990) papers document her tenure as university president. The records consist of administrative records, correspondence, manuscripts, meeting minutes, daily schedules, photographs, speeches,...

California State University Fullerton, Office of the President, Milton A. Gordon (1990-2011) Papers

California State University Fullerton Office of the President, Milton A. Gordon Papers (August 9, 1990 – January 8, 2012) document his tenure as university president. The records consist of administrative records, correspondence, daily schedules, manuscripts, meeting minutes, videos, photographs, speeches,...

California Water and Related Energy in Orange County, California

The collection includes materials on the history of water management in California, alternative resources, energy relating to water, flood control, hydrology, water quality (including desalination, sea water barrier, reclamation), and water supply and demand (including drought, conservation, irrigation). The majority...

Cameron Stewart papers (Collection)

The collection consists of periodical clippings from radical and popular periodicals concerning the Spanish Civil War, 1938-1975. Included is correspondence from veterans, battle memos, articles, dissertations, and copies of books on the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and the Spanish Civil War.

Citrus Associations records (Collection)

This collection is comprised of various citrus associations papers. Most of the associations are geographically concentrated around Southern California, although some of them are from other areas.

Citrus Books and Pamphlets

This collection is composed of on hundred thirty-one (131) books and pamphlets related to the citrus industry in California and Arizona.

Citrus Collection Subject Files (Collection)

The Citrus Collection Subject Files contain a variety of materials related to the Citrus Industry.

Citrus Industry Harvesting Tools (Collection)

The Citrus Industry Harvesting Tools collection contains two boxes of harvesting materials.

Citrus Industry (Magazine)

Citrus Industry magazine was a monthly periodical published in Bartow, Florida.

Citrus Label Society (Collection)

The Citrus Label Society collection is composed of one document box with papers related to the organization. The document box contains 4 folders with the organization's newsletter "The Citrus Peal", along with one folder that contains membership directories beginning in...

Citrus labels and packaging (Collection)

The strength of this collection is found in the variety of marketing materials related to the citrus industry. Most notably are three document boxes of fruit crate labels spanning geographically across Southern California, Northern California, and Mexico. This collection also...

Democratic National Convention 2016 Collection

This collection is part of CSUF Archives and Special Collections' Freedom Center. It i

Dime Novels and Pulp Magazines

The Dime Novels and General Pulps Collection consists of over a hundred periodical titles dating from the early to mid 20th century.

Dwight Strong Collection of Dylan Thomas

The Dwight Strong Collection of Dylan Thomas consists of 240 volumes in 10.5 linear feet. The collection includes first editions and periodicals by and about Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (1914-1953). It was donated by Mr. Dwight V. Strong, prominent San...

Dwight Strong Collection of George Bernard Shaw

The collection includes first editions and manuscripts including correspondence, personal and professional, by and about George Bernard Shaw.

Ed Salter papers (Collection)

The Ed Salter papers are comprised of two document boxes containing his personal files. Files are largely made up of his personal notes as well as papers related to the citrus industry.

Eichelberger (Major-General R. L.) Papers

The Major-General R.L. Eichelberger Papers are a Xerox copy of a collection of documents and papers about Russo-Japanese relations in Siberia in 1918/1919, reported from the United States position.

Elisha Palmer Papers

The Elisha Palmer Papers Collection largely consists of legal documents (deeds, mortgages, a land patent signed by President Woodrow Wilson, lease agreements and tax records), correspondence (oil and land related). The collection also contains a great deal of his records...

Fae Lenaire Sutton Papers

Fae Lenaire Sutton is an individual who resided in Orange County. Her family were original property owners in the area of Orange and Santa Ana reaching back to the 1880s. The Fae Lenaire Sutton Collection is composed mostly of documents...

Faust (Frederick) Collection

Donated by the estate of Randolph Bell of Fullerton in March 1973, the Frederick Faust Collection consists of published pulp novels by the author best known by the pseudonym of “Max Brand". In addition to the Western genre Mr. Faust...

Foothill Groves, Inc. records (Collection)

This collection contains documents pertaining to Foothill Groves, Inc. operations, two meeting minute books that cover the years 1914-1929.

Foreign Trade Bindings Books Collection

The Foreign Trade Bindings Books Collection consists of books published in countries other than the United States circa mid-19th century through 1940 which have highly decorated, illustrated cloth bindings.

Frank Herbert papers (Willis E. McNelly Science Fiction Collection)

The Science Fiction Manuscripts Collection includes original manuscripts, working papers, correspondence, first editions, critical studies and ephemera pertaining to Frank Herbert's life and the works included in the collection.

Fullerton Rotary Club Collection

The Fullerton Rotary Club Collection consists of a wide variety of Rotary Club ephemera, including awards, letters, periodicals / books, and meeting minutes.

Guiol (Fred) Screenplay Collection

The Fred Guiol Screenplay Collection is composed of screenplays that Mr. Guiol wrote and co-wrote during a long career at Hal Roach Studio and RKO Studio. They were donated by his daughter, Mrs. Peggy Davis, in November 1970.

Gus Koehler Comic Books

The Gus Koehler Collection contains a wide variety of comic books ranging from the mid-1960s until the early 2010s. The collection holds an impressive selection of Marvel Comics and assorted underground comic books.

Harper Theatre Scrapbook

Harper Theatre Scrapbook Collection is a theater scrapbook of actors circa 1890

Hilary Crosby Collection of California Democratic Party

This collection was donated to CSUF University Archives & Special Collections by Hilary Crosby. She was the elected Controller of the California Democratic Party. This collection contains her personal files, as well as campaign materials.

History of Photography Sample Collection

The History of Photography Sample Collection contains printed material, equipment, and photography samples.

James Boyer May (Amsberry-May) papers

James Boyer May (1904-1981) was a poet, essayist, and publisher in Los Angeles. The collection consists of May's books, working records, mailing lists , publication files and correspondence. It is a solid record of the small press and poetry publishing...

Japanese-American Relocation Collection

The Japanese-American Relocation Collection is composed mostly of documents related to the relocation program during World War II. Items include the official government report of Manzanar Relocation Center, oral histories, a photo album, post-war activism related to preserving and remembering...

Jewel P. Cobb papers (Collection)

The California State University Fullerton Office of the President, Jewel P. Cobb (1981-1990) documents her tenure ad university president. The records consist of correspondence, manuscripts, meeting minutes, daily schedules, speeches, photographs, and newspaper clippings.

Kerridge, (Captain P. Markham) Angling Collection

The Capt. P. Markham Kerridge Angling collection was founded at California State University, Fullerton with a large donation from Captain Kerridge on March 11, 1969, of books, pamphlets, periodicals, ephemera, dealer catalogs, tackle catalogs, and artifacts on freshwater angling.

Lawrence (Viola) Film Editing Collection

The Viola Lawrence Film Editing Collection pertains to Ms. Lawrence (1894-1973), the first female film editor in Hollywood.

Local History Collection

The Local History Collection focuses on the history of Orange County California and, to a lesser extent, on California as a whole.

MacDonald (Philip) Collection

The Philip McDonald Collection pertains to the career of British author and mystery writer, Philip McDonald, 1900-1980.

McLennan (Lester W.) Collection of Sitwelliana

The McLennan Collection of Sitwelliana includes the works of and about Sir Osbert Sitwell and his brother, Sacheverell Sitwell.

Michalsky (Donal R.) Music Composition Archives

The Donal Michalsky Music Composition Archives consists of manuscripts, publications, original scores and working papers of Dr. Michalsky, composer and a founding faculty member of the music department at California State University, Fullerton.

Milton A. Gordon papers (Collection)

California State University Fullerton Office of the President, Milton A. Gordon (1990-2012) documents his tenure as university president. The records consist of correspondence, daily schedules, manuscripts, meeting minutes, photographs, videos, and newspaper clippings.

Miniature Books Collection

The Miniature Books Collection consists of unusually small-sized books. Most are United States imprints but some were published in other countries.

Model United Nations of the Far West Branch Depository Collection

The Model U.N. Far West Branch Depository Collection contains materials from the Model United Nations program at California State University, Fullerton. It was started in June 1967 and acquired archival materials from the California State University, Fullerton Model U.N. program...

Music Teachers Association of California, Orange Branch Collection.

Music Teachers Association of California--Orange Branch Collection is a small collection of the archives of a local professional association of music teachers from the mid-1950s to date.

Mystery Magazines Collection

The Mystery Magazines Collection consists of periodical titles from the early to mid-twentieth century.

Orange County District Attorney's Obscenity and the Law Collection

Orange County District Attorney’s Obscenity and the Law Collection was founded in 1971 through the efforts of then English Department professor Donald Sears (now deceased) and his late wife Orange County A.D.A. and later Judge Oretta Sears. The materials are...

Philip K. Dick Papers (Willis E. McNelly Science Fiction Collection)

Letters, manuscripts, and documents relating to the life and works of Science Fiction author Philip K. Dick.

Placentia Mutual Orange Association Papers

This collection contains two document boxes, nine Minute Books, and two Appraisal books. Also found within the collection are trademark and patent certificates for different labels of Placentia Mutual Orange Association as well as crate labels and logos. There are...

Placentia Orange Growers Association Papers

The Placentia Orange Growers Association was established in 1908. It was a subgroup of the California Fruit Growers Exchange. Packing houses for the Placentia Orange Growers Association are located on Bradford Ave. in Placentia, CA. In 1963 the association merged...

Press Books Collection

The Press collection represents fine press printing in the United States in the 20th and 21st centuries. It has a particular focus or strength for California presses including the Grabhorn Press, the Grabhorn-Hoyim Press, both of San Francisco and the...

Ransome (Arthur) Collection

The Arthur Ransome Collections consists of books written by Mr. Ransome, the noted British children’s author, and books that formed part of his personal library.

Rare Books

The Rare Book Collection consists of books, pamphlets, periodicals and manuscripts from the 15th to 20th century.

Ray Bradbury papers (Willis E. McNelly Science Fiction Collection)

The Ray Bradbury papers contains original manuscripts of The Fireman, Fahrenheit 451, short stories, and first editions donated and signed by Ray Bradbury. Autgraphed play program of CSUF Theater Dept. production of the Dandelion Wine musical, 1971.

Romance Books and Ephemera Collection

The Romance Books and Ephemera Collection consists of romance novels from the mid-20th century to date published by American and some British publishing companies

Russell G. Benedict Polemical Literature

The Benedict Collection was originally called University of Nevada’s Contemporary Issues Collection and it was founded and curated by Russell G. Benedict. He collected periodicals, clippings, pamphlets, brochures and books focusing on the Civil Rights Movement, organized labor activities anti-Communist...

Science Fiction Fanzine Samples (Willis E. McNelly Science Fiction Collection)

The Science Fiction Fanzine Sample collection is comprised of 82 titles, and a total of 116 individual fanzine issues. Although related to Science Fiction Periodicals, fanzines were developed by fans of Science Fiction (along with other genres and topics). Sometimes...

Science Fiction Manuscripts (Willis E. McNelly Science Fiction Collection)

The Science Fiction Manuscripts Collection focuses on science fiction writers of the 20th century including Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick and Frank Herbert. Other authors represented in the collection are Eric Temple Bell, Avram Davidson, Charles De Vet, Vincent Gaddis,...

Science Fiction Periodical Samples (Willis E. McNelly Science Fiction Collection)

The Science Fiction Periodical Sample collection is comprised of 90 titles (132 individual issues). The date range for these titles ranges from as early as 1927 and as late as 1999.

Science Fiction Writers of America Depository Collection

The Science Fiction Writers of America Depository Collection consists of hardcover and paperback editions of science fiction literature published by the authors who are members of the SFWA professional association.

Screenplay Collection

The Screenplay Collection consists of film, television, and teleplay scripts.

Sean O'Casey Papers

This collection contains original, hand-written correspondence of dramatist Sean O'Casey. The letters cover the years 1956-1964. .

Shroyer (Frederick and Patricia) Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Collection

The Frederick and Patricia Shroyer Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Book Collection consists of late 19th to 20th century genre fiction, 1890 to 1950, and thirty-one periodical titles from 1897 to 1909.

Sidney Goldman War Letters

Sidney Goldman was born April 12, 1912 in Chicago, Illinois at home. He was the fourth of five children of Rose Mesigal Goldman and Abraham Goldman, and the second son. When he went to grammar school he was asked if...

Smart Studio photographs

Approximately three hundred black and white photographs of Orange County created by the Smart Studio and its predecessors between 1882 and 1953. The collection includes photographic prints, glass plate negatives and film negatives.

Southern California Instruction Librarians (SCIL) Depository Collection

The CCLI Southern Region's Depository is a collection of library instruction materials produced by academic libraries in California.

Southern California School Annuals Collection

The Southern California School Annuals Collection consists of school publications (yearbooks) for middle schools, high schools, community colleges, and universities in the Southern California region.

Star Trek (Willis E. McNelly Science Fiction Collection)

Collection of mixed materials from various donors that includes scripts and production documents from the original televison series (1964-1969), fan magazines (fanzines), and assorted collectibles and memorabilia from the television series' and motion pictures.

Sunkist Growers Incorporated records (Collection)

The Sunkist Growers Incorporated records consist of two document boxes that contain organization papers. Notable items include the organization's annual reports (1957-1973), statistical bulletins (1941-1980), newsletters (c. 1970s), and packing house photographs.

Sy Foster papers

The collection contains correspondence, newspaper articles, event programs, organization documents, and various pamphlets and flyers written by and relating to Sy Foster's activities from 1930 - 1963.

United Daughters of the Confederacy-Emma Samson Chapter #449

The United Daughters of the Confederacy--Emma Samson Chapter #449 was based in Santa Ana California.

United States Presidential Campaign Materials, 2016

This collection includes rally signs and yard signs, along with handouts, campaign logos, bumper stickers, and panels from the 2016 election CSUF Library display.

United States Volleyball Association Regional Depository Collection

The United States Volleyball Association Regional Depository Collection was established in 1972-1973 to be one of several regional depositories for the U.S. Volleyball Association's archives.

University Archives

The University Archives Collection consists of the papers, publications, photographs, and ephemera pertaining to the mission and history of California State University, Fullerton, its units and personnel, from 1957-current date.

Unprocessed (Willis E. McNelly Science Fiction Collection)

The Science Fiction unprocessed materials includes records from Forest Ackerman, the Tarzan series, other science fiction authors and organizations, and some board games.

U.S. Weather Bureau records (Collection)

This collection contains records from the US Weather Bureau between 1912 and 1941, and center around the Yorba Linda weather observation station. The strength of this collection lies in the annual weather reports conducted by 'Cooperative Observers', which shed light...

Valencia Orange Association Committee (Collection)

This collection is made up of papers related to the Valencia Orange Association Committee spread across three documents. Papers include annual reports, bulletins, and schedules.

Walkup, (Fairfax Proudfit) Theatre Collection

Gifted from the personal library of Dr. Fairfax Proudfit Walkup in 1971, noted theatrical educator and Dean of costuming, customs and manners at the Pasadena Playhouse for 20 years, as well as producer, playwright, and lecturer at CSUF.

War Memorabilia Collection

The War Memorabilia Collection focuses on United States wars from The American Revolution through World War II.

Western Fiction Ephemera Collection

Western Fiction Ephemera Collection consists of 145 uncatalogued paperbacks and 92 periodical titles pertaining to the fiction of the American West and traditional Western genres.

Yorba Linda Citrus Association

The Yorba Linda Citrus Association Collection contains documents, papers, pamphlets, periodicals and ephemera focusing on the picking, spraying, fumigation, washing, and preparation of citrus in the Yorba Linda area from 1912 to 1965.