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Sutro Library, California State Library
SFSU - J. Paul Leonard Library
1630 Holloway Ave, Room 610
San Francisco, California 94132-4030
Phone: (415) 469-6100
Fax: (415) 469-6172
Email: sutro@library.ca.gov
Physical collections: 10
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Banks (Joseph) Collection, 1770-1812

This collection contains approximately 10,000 documents by and relating to Sir Joseph Banks. These items document the immense scope of Banks' activities during a pivotal point in British history.

Beckett (C.Tucker), 1912-1969

This collection consists of photographs and diaries that belonged to Clarence Tucker Beckett, a Presidio soldier, and help to document the immense changes that occurred in the machinery of war at a nascent era of American military power.

Diary of a British Solider

Handwritten journals of an anonymous soldier in the British campaign in Flanders and Northern France after the French Revolution, from 1793-1795.

Embodied Information Teaching Collection

An artificial collection created by the Sutro Library staff in 2017 that allows students to have a hands on experience with various formats and artifacts that embody the transmission of information throughout time. The samples in this collection are not...

Hittell, Theodore, Papers of

This collection consists of primarily papers of lawyer and author Theodore H. Hittell pertaining primarily to his writings on California and his speeches. There are letters, research notes, legal papers, and manuscripts of his writings (including unpublished account of Walker's...

Maunsell-White Family Papers

This collections contains materials pertaining to Maunsell White Sr. and his family up until 1888. Contents include business letters and records, personal letters, photographs, miscellaous legal documents, and Civil War memorabilia. Highlights include a handwritten note and hair from Confederate...

Mexican Collection, 1540-1889

This collection consists of information related to the history of Mexican culture, religion, and politics from 1540 to 1889.

Sutro (Adolph) Papers, 1849-1984

Consists of correspondence, books, receipts, ephemera, printed matter, and photographs relating to the Anti-Railroad Funding Bill, Sutro's book buying activities, San Francisco mayoral campaign, Sutro Baths, Sutro Heights, and the Sutro Tunnel.

Sutro Library Hebraica, 1200s-1800s

This collection contains bible fragments and scrolls,as well as books and documents ranging in subject matter from Bible commenteries to hermenueutcs, lexicons, prayerbooks, philosophy, Cabalistic works, poetry, and medicine.

Whitaker, Robert Papers

This collection contains sermon outlines, fiction and nonfiction essays, articles, flyers, and poetry....