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California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
Special Collections and Archives, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Robert E. Kennedy Library, Rm 409
San Luis Obispo, California 93407
Phone: 805-756-2305
Email: archives@calpoly.edu
Collections with online items: 48
Physical collections: 83
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Barneberg (Grace E.) Papers, 1912-1953

Papers of San Luis Obispo civic leader Grace E. Barneberg, comprised of correspondence, organizational records, legal documents, newspaper clippings, photographs, and ephemera. The collection documents her official activities as president of the Monday Club and activities in regional and statewide...

Boutelle (Sara Holmes) Papers, 1972-1999 (bulk 1983-1995)

This collection contains the papers of architectural historian Sara Holmes Boutelle, including extensive correspondence, research notes, photographs, interview notes, book drafts, articles, book reviews, presentation notes, and newspaper clippings, primarily relating to California architect Julia Morgan, women in American architecture,...

Butner (Charles E.) Papers, 1911-1957 (bulk 1917-1957)

The Charles Edgar Butner Papers contain sketches and drawings from the architect's travels in California and Europe, newspaper clippings, photographs, ephemera, and a scrapbook on his service as an aviator in World War I and limited information on Butner's commissions...

Cal Poly Student Newspapers and Periodicals

Digital and physical copies of student and student-press produced newspapers, journals, magazines, and newsletters. Includes The Polygram, The Polytechnic Californian, El Mustang, Mustang Daily, and Mustang News, monthly Polytechnic Journals, and Mustang RoundUp.

Cal Poly Yearbooks and Annuals

Yearbooks, annuals, class directories, and annual journals published by Cal Poly student body annually between 1906-1990. No annuals were published between 1943-1945.

California Fairs Collection, 1856-1997 (1945-1982 bulk)

The Western Fairs Association, the California Joint Committee on Fairs Allocation and Classification, and Louis S. Merrill, former director of the Western Fairs Association gave the California Fairs Collection, one of the major archival collections on fairs and fairs management...

Central Coast Farm Labor Organizing Collection, circa 1960-2003

The Central Coast Farm Labor Organizing Collection contains materials relating to migrant farm workers on the Central Coast of California, including oral histories, reports, correspondence, strike ephemera, and secondary sources. Photographs taken by Manuel Echavarria documenting the United Farm Worker...

City of San Luis Obispo Police Department Ledgers

Records of the City of San Luis Obispo Police Department, including affidavits, letters, summons, and arrest records relating to the Police Courts, Recorder’s Office, and jail of the City of San Luis Obispo.

Clyde (Norman) and Robert C. Pavlik Collection, 1906-2009

The Norman Clyde-Robert C. Pavlik Collection contains the research notes, correspondence, interview notes, vital records, background materials, and secondary sources compiled and created by Pavlik in the course of writing his 2008 biography, . Also included are original Norman Clyde...

Cody (William F.) Papers

The papers of California architect William Francis Cody, Fellow, American Institute of Architects, contain student work, architectural drawings and plans, office records, marketing and public relations materials for his practice, presentation drawings, photographs, correspondence, and project files from the architect's estate....

Cody (William F.) Papers 2

The William F. Cody Papers 2 (MS 163) contains personal papers, student work, awards, architectural drawings and plans, office records, marketing and public relations materials, presentation drawings, photographs, correspondence, and project files from the architect's estate, acquired through purchase from...

College of Engineering

Photographs and documents related to the development, programs, and curriculum of the College of Engineering.

David A. Bainbridge Collection on Water Wall Passive Solar Design

Documents, plans, published articles, and photographs collected and created by David A. Bainbridge between 1980 and 2017 relating to water wall passive solar design, passive solar architecture, and renewable energy.

Goddard Jones (Kathleen) Correspondence, 1918-2002 (bulk 1926-1932)

Papers of environmental activist Kathleen Goddard Jones, including correspondence, photographs, a manuscript, and newspaper clippings, primarily relating to her years as a student and in her first marriage.

Hearst Ranch and Cayucos Photograph Collection, c.1890 - c.1930 (bulk 1920s)

The Hearst Ranch and Cayucos Photograph Collection contains nine vintage snapshots and 1 mounted print believed to have been taken by longtime Central Coast resident Clayton Leonard Morss (1891-1967). Includes black-and-white snapshots of construction of the Hearst Ranch in San...

Horner Architectural Photography Collection, circa 1920s

The Horner Architectural Photography Collection contains 307 vintage, black and white mounted photographs taken by Benjamin Bean Horner (1893-1971), an architect who practiced in Southern California, primarily Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. The photographs are from the 1920s; the majority...

Jack Family Papers

Correspondence, business records, and photographs relating to the Jack Family and San Luis Obispo, California.

Journalism Department

Documents, photographs, newspapers, and exhibit content related to the Journalism Department.

Laumann Yosemite Collection, circa 1908, 1923 (bulk circa 1908)

The Laumann Yosemite Collection consists of photographic prints and glass plate negatives of two of the Laumann family's visits to Yosemite National Park and the Sierra, the first in circa 1908 and the second in 1923. Photographs taken by Frank...

Louis Family Papers

The Louis Family Papers contains nineteenth- and early twentieth-century business records and personal papers of the Louis family, a prominent and pioneering mercantile family in San Luis Obispo, California. Born in China, Wong On (Ah Louis) migrated to the United...

Lumley (Walter J.) Walter J. Lumley Papers

Papers of 1926 alum and football player Walter J. Lumley; contains information about his installation of the Block P on Bishop Peak.

Manzanar Collection, 1942-1994 (bulk 1942-1946)

Materials relating to the forced relocation to Manzanar, California, of Miriko Nagahama and Honey Mitsuye Toda, including correspondence, photographs, and newspapers, donated in 1981 and 1995.

Martin (Alice) Papers, 1937-2004 (bulk 1943-1993)

The personal papers of Alice Martin, a civic-minded African-American woman known for her charitable nature and community service, consists primarily of correspondence, employment and war records, photographs, and realia. Donated by the estate of Alice Martin in 2004. Martin...

Messinger Pacific Theater World War II Collection, August-October, 1945

The Messinger Collection contains 100 black-and-white photographs that record one soldier's views of Japan in the closing days of World War II, including 14 aerial photographs of Nagasaki after the atomic bombing on August 9, 1945.

Mills (Mark) Papers

The papers of Architect Mark Mills are comprised of correspondence, legal documents, photographs, architectural drawings and plans, marketing and public relations materials for his practice, and presentation drawings. Architectural plans and drawings for single-family residences, ranging from 1950-1995 make up...

The Monday Club of San Luis Obispo, Records of

Records of The Monday Club of San Luis Obispo, a civic and social non-profit organization founded in 1925. Records include meeting minutes, presidents’ papers, operations and financial records, fundraising events, social activities, scrapbooks, and ephemera relating to the mission of...

Morgan (Julia) and Sara Holmes Boutelle Collection, 1877-1958 (bulk 1901-1940)

Julia Morgan practiced architecture in California during the first half of the twentieth century. The architectural drawings and plans, office records, photographs, correspondence, project files, student work, and personal papers created by or belonging to Julia Morgan in this collection...

Morgan (Julia) and Walter T. Steilberg Collection, 1908-1974 (bulk 1918-1935)

Collection of architect and engineer Walter T. Steilberg, who worked for Julia Morgan in the 1920s and 1930s, including vintage photographic prints of Morgan projects and Steilberg's published and unpublished recollections of Morgan and her practice.

Morgan (Julia) Papers, 1835-1958 (bulk 1896-1945)

This collection contains architectural drawings and plans, office records, photographs, correspondence, project files, student work, family correspondence, and personal papers from the estate of California architect Julia Morgan, who practiced in San Francisco during the first half of the twentieth...

Mothers for Peace

Records related to the activities of Mothers for Peace to educate and inform the public of the dangers of nuclear power, weapons, and waste as well as legal resistance to eliminate the propagation of nuclear power. Records include work related...

MultiCultural Center

Photographs, primarily 4x6 color and black and white snapshots, related to Martin Luther King Jr. Day events and Black student activities on campus 1984 – 1996, Includes images of African American Student Union and Society of Black Business Students and...

Music Department

Records related to the Cal Poly Music Department activities, events, and students including choirs, PolyPhonics, University Singers, Symphony, Glee Club, band and Student Opera Theater circa 1950s through early 2000s.

NAACP Convention Collection, July 1949

This collection contains black and white photographs taken by an unknown photographer – most likely a delegate – to the 40th annual National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Convention held in Los Angeles, California, from July 12-17,...

Pan-American Exposition 1901

Contains 36 photographs of the Pan-American Exposition, including candid snapshots of the Midway and various concessionaires, street views of the Exposition, and prominent buildings, including the Electric Tower. The photographer is unknown. Also included are two souvenir books: "One Hundred...

San Luis Obispo Building Permits Collection

Select building permits for the City of San Luis Obispo, California for years 1906-1937 with yearly alphabetical indices for 1923 and 1928-1937. The permits are not a complete issue.

San Luis Obispo County Historic Lithographs Collection, 1883

This collection contains 48 sheets of hand-tinted lithographs, each approximately 11 ¾ x 8 ½ inches, depicting 61 different ranches, residences, hotels, commercial and civic buildings throughout San Luis Obispo County in 1883. These lithographs illustrated the produced in 1883...

San Luis Obispo County Regional Photograph Collection, 1850 - c.1980 (bulk 1890-1930)

The San Luis Obispo County Regional Photographs Collection contains photographs, artwork, and postcards of San Luis Obispo city and county. The collection, comprised of both amateur and professional work, captures daily life and popular scenes and locations in the county....

Sinsheimer Collection, 1868-1997 (bulk 1876-1959)

The Sinsheimer Collection contains nineteenth- and early twentieth-century business, personal, and political papers of the Sinsheimers, a prominent and pioneering mercantile family of San Luis Obispo, California. Of German-Jewish extraction, Sinsheimer brothers Bernhard and Henry and half-brother A. Z. migrated...

Sister's Inn Collection MS0189

Photographs related to the Sister’s Inn restaurant located in San Luis Obispo, California and owners Annabelle Warren, Alice E. Harris, and James Bowers. Magazines and newspaper clippings related to model and actress Annazette Williams Chase.

Smith Family Papers on World War II, 1936-2005 (bulk 1942-1946)

Papers of two generations of the Smith family — Dr. Frank Herron Smith and his son Dr. Morris Eugene "Gene" Smith — including vintage broadsides and government reports on the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II and correspondence from...

Solon (Camille) Drawings Collection, 1900-1952

This collection contains approximately 225 landscape sketches by English muralist and ceramist Camille Solon. Items in the collection include re-worked pencil sketches of rural locations and landscapes in Britain and northern California, where he lived most of his adult years....

Stoller (Ezra) Collection, 1947, 1987 (bulk 1947)

Collection contains 9 mounted vintage images by famed architectural photographer Ezra Stoller of the Clark residence in Lake Placid, New York, taken in 1947.

Trinkkeller (Edward G.) Papers, 1896-1999 (bulk 1905-1945)

Gustaf Edward Trinkkeller was born in Germany in 1872 and immigrated to the United States about 1890 where he began a successful career in Los Angeles as a craftsman in decorative wrought ironwork. This collection of family papers, office records,...

University Archives Photograph Collection

Photographs, negatives, and photographic slides created and collected by campus staff, faculty, and students between 1900-2010. Images include campus buildings and landscape, student activities, special events, classrooms and coursework, faculty and staff events, and aerial views of campus and the...

Waller (Kenneth L.) Bataan Prisoner of War Collection, circa 1941-1980

Kenneth L. Waller Bataan Prisoner of War Collection contains materials recording Waller's years as a prisoner of war (POW) in the Pacific Theater, from September 1941 to August 1945. The materials include photographs, an excerpt from a book, an annotated...

Wilson (Lee) Papers, 1956-1989 (bulk 1961-1972)

Papers of San Luis Obispo environmental activist Lee Wilson, including correspondence, research notes and materials, and photographs, primarily relating to the founding and early years of Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club, the creation of the Santa Lucia Wilderness...

Winslow (Carleton, Sr.) Papers, 1910-1946

This collection contains the correspondence, photographs, project files, and drawings of architect Carleton Winslow, Sr., who is known for his work on the Panama-California Exposition of 1915 in San Diego, the Los Angeles Public Library headquarters building, as well as...

With Our Own Eyes / Con Nuestros Propios Ojos Exhibit

Documentary photography exhibit titled With Our Own Eyes/Con Nuestros Proprios Ojos created in 2005.