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Asaeda (Toshio) Watercolor Drawings collection

Watercolor drawings of specimens made in the field while on expedition, primarily the 1932 Crocker expedition. Drawings are numbered and dated and include notes on subject, location, scale, etc. Collection also contains some photographs taken by Asaeda on expeditions.

Beck (Rollo Howard and Ida Menzies) Papers

Consists of papers relating to Rollo Beck's life, primarily but not exclusively his life as a collector. Included are papers relating to expeditions to the Galápagos (5 starts, 4 completed trips), South America and parts of the Caribbean, the South...

Bolton (Arthur L.) family papers

This collection consists of materials collected by Arthur L. Bolton and his family. Series 1 relates to Arthur L. Bolton's work in the sciences. Series 2-6 mostly relates to Arthur L. Bolton's personal life, family, and prose. They include correspondence,...

Boyd (Louise A.) papers

The papers of Louise Arner Boyd, an Academy Fellow, Honorary Member, and Trustee, who participated in, organized, and photographed expeditions in the Arctic.

Bracelin (Nina Floy Perry) collection

The papers of Nina Floy Perry Bracelin, a biologist, illustrator, and contemporary of Ynes Mexia and Alice Eastwood, includes correspondence, photos, drawings, ephemera, and documents relating to her work at the US Department of Agriculture's Western Regional Research Laboratory.

Bryant (Owen Frederick) collection

The papers of Owen F. Bryant, an entomologist who studied weevils. Included are his field notes, diaries, drawings, correspondence, and photographs.

Campbell (Ian) collection

The papers of Dr. Ian Campbell, a geologist and President of the California Academy of Sciences. Included are his correspondence, reports, publications, and memorials.

Campbell (Margaret W.) papers

The papers of Academy Library Associate Margaret W. Campbell contain botanical clippings and miscellany from across the state of California, field notes, and correspondence.

Chan (Gordon L.) collection

The papers of Gordon Luke Chan, a marine biologist who studied intertidal and subtidal marine organisms throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and other regions of the California and Baja California coasts. Included are his research notes, population surveys, published...

Cordes (Frederick Carl) travel slides and miscellaneous

Travel slides and miscellaneous items donated by Academy Fellow and distinguished ophthalmologist Frederick Cordes.

Crocker (C. Templeton) Papers

The C. Templeton Crocker Collection consists of papers and materials relating to Templeton Crocker’s life, primarily during his expeditions on the yacht, Zaca during the 1930s. The collection includes manuscripts, field notes, correspondence, limited fictional writings, and log books from...

Denning (Donald Gordon) collection

The papers of Donald Gordon Denning, entomologist, and a leading authority on the caddis fly. Included are his correspondence, manuscripts, notebooks, photographs, drawings, and an oversized box of glass shards wrapped in foam.

Draper (Benjamin Poff) collection

The papers of Benjamin Poff Draper, a Professor of Broadcast and Communications, who wrote communications and produced educational television series for the California Academy of Sciences. Included are bibliographies, correspondence, manuscripts, publications, scripts, and research on Sir Francis Drake and...

Eastwood (Alice) Papers

The Alice Eastwood Collection is comprised of materials donated to the California Academy of Sciences. It contains her memoirs, diaries, field notes, and correspondence, among other items.

Eisen (Gustavus Augustus) collection

The papers of Gustavus Augustus Eisen, an expert in earthworms, whose varied scientific interests included archaeology, invertebrate zoology, horticulture, and more. Included are aquaria photographs, biographical materials, clippings, correspondence, illustrations, journals, manuscripts, maps, notes, and publications on a range of...

Essig (Edward Oliver) collection

The papers of Edward O. Essig, renowned entomologist whose main interest was aphids. Included are insect species index, correspondence, manuscripts, drawings, woodblock stamps, and ephemera.

Evermann (Barton Warren) Papers

The Barton Warren Evermann papers are comprised of materials related to the life and work of educator, ichthyologist, and long-time director of the California Academy of Sciences, Barton Warren Evermann.

Exhibits and Expositions collection

The collection consists of materials relating to international exhibitions and expositions. The bulk of the materials relate to three expositions held in San Francisco, California: the California Midwinter Fair (1894), the Pan-Pacific International Exposition (1915), and the Golden Gate Inernational...

Fassett (Harry C. and Myra B.) collection

The papers of Harry Clifford and Myra B. Fassett. Fassett worked as a map maker, photographer, and record keeper during his employment with the Bureau of Fisheries where he became a salmon fisheries expert. Includes correspondence, reports, notebooks, diaries, pamphlets,...

Ferris (Gordon F.) papers

The papers of Gordon Floyd Ferris, an entomologist, taxonomist, Research Assistant in the Department of Entomology at the California Academy of Sciences, and founder and editor of the journal Microentomology. The collection includes correspondence, drawings, wood cuts, photographs, and glass...

Galloway (Alan James) papers

The papers of Alan James Galloway, Academy Research Associate in geology and a Trustee, includes committee records, bibliography, publications, manuscripts, correspondence, charts, illustrations, graphs, maps.

Grunsky (Carl Ewald) papers

Carl Ewald Grunsky was a civil engineer and served as President of the California Academy of Sciences. His papers include a memorial, publications, clippings, manuscripts, notebooks, water table charts, letters and diaries of Charles and Clotilde Grunsky, and San Francisco...

Hanna (G. Dallas) Papers

The collection is composed of G. Dallas Hanna's correspondence, photographs, and research papers. There is a significant amount of materials pertraining to Hanna's work in Alaska with a some focus on the 1964 Alaska earthquake. Other focus areas include malacology,...

Herald (Earl S.) papers

The papers of Earl Stannard Herald - icthyologist, Curator and Superintendent of the Steinhart Aquarium, and host of Science in Action. Collection includes bibliography, portrait, articles, correspondence, various projects, original illustrations, and miscellaneous publications.

Hunter (Joseph S.) papers

The papers of Joseph S. Hunter, entomologist, a member of the California Academy of Sciences and member of the Academy's expedition to the Galapagos Islands in 1905-1906. Included are his correspondence, diaries, field notes, articles, notes, and manuscripts.

Kinter (Dean) photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge construction collection

The collection of photographs taken by Dean Kinter document the daily work on the construction of the bridges and also includes some miscellaneous manuscripts.

Koebele (Albert) papers

The papers of Albert Koebele, entomologist and corresponding member of the California Academy of Sciences. Included are his correspondence, diaries, journals, field notebooks, pictures, and drawings.

La Rivers (Ira) papers

The papers of Ira La Rivers, an entomologist, professor, and museum director. Included are miscellaneous papers, drawings, and Naucoridae card catalog.

Leach (Edwin Ralph) papers

The papers of Edwin Ralph Leach, an insect collector, entomological society member, and Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences. Included are correspondence and notes.

McClintock (Elizabeth May) papers

The papers of Elizabeth May McClintock, botanist and Curator of Botany at the California Academy of Sciences. Included are publications, notes, correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous files.

McCracken (Mary Isabel) papers

The papers of Mary Isabel McCracken, an entomologist, Stanford University professor, Research Associate, and Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences. Included are her correspondence, manuscripts, notebooks, and card files.

Meinecke (Emilio Pepe Michael) papers

The papers of Emilio P.M. Meinecke, Academy Vice President and botanist who studied forestry and plant disease. Included are biographical materials, correspondence, publications, field notes, photographs, glass negatives, and other miscellaneous materials.

Meinecke, Emilio Pepe Michael papers

The papers of Emilio P.M. Meinecke, Academy Vice President and botanist who studied forestry and plant disease. Included are biographical materials, correspondence, publications, field notes, photographs, glass negatives, and other miscellaneous materials.

Melander (Axel Leonard) papers

The papers of Axel Leonard Melander, Academy member and entomologist, who studied insecticides, and the taxonomy of Diptera. Included are photographs, correspondence, and a manuscript.

Mexia (Ynes) Papers

The collection consists mostly of photographs taken by Ynes Mexia throughout her lifetime. The collection includes photographs, negatives, memoirs, correspondence, photo lists, photo notes, and field notes. The collection also includes numerous photo albums and Mexia's plant press.

Moulton (Dudley B.) papers

The papers of Dudley B. Moulton, Academy Fellow and entomologist, whose work focused on the study of thrips (order Thysanoptera). Included are correspondence, photographs, manuscripts, drawings, and workbooks.

Ornithology and Mammalogy Department Field Note Collection at the California Academy of Sciences

The collection consists of the research field notes created and assembled by the Ornithology and Mammalogy Department of the California Academy of Sciences. The field notes are arranged in folders by last name and are housed in 55 archival boxes....

San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 collection

This collection was gathered over many years by Academy Library staff. It is comprised of photographs, correspondence, ephemera, and reports and surveys about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire.

Slevin (Joseph R.) Papers

The collection consists of papers and materials relating to Joseph R. Slevin’s life, primarily surrounding his research of the history of the Galapagos Islands. The collection includes manuscripts, correspondence and photographs. The collection also contains numerous research materials relating to...