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American Bookbinders Museum
355 Clementina St.
San Francisco, California 94103
Phone: (415) 824-9754
Email: collections@bookbindersmuseum.org
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Allen Stump/Kilger Machine Collection.

The CA Kilger Machine Works, Inc. Collection comprises parts catalogs, technical specs, and user's manuals for machinery relating to printing, collating, and other stages in the book and paper goods production processes, all collected by Allen Stump from CA Kilger...

Harris Intertype Manuals

A collection of user’s manuals for a variety of offset presses, cutters, trimmers, and other pieces of book production machinery.

Hoole Machine & Engraving Works Collection

The collection includes over 1000 pieces of brass finishing tool designs and components, as well as some documentation, all from the American finishing tool company, Hoole Machine and Engraving Works.

Huttner, Sidney F. Collection

A collection of assorted articles, reviews, and technical discussions of bookbinding practice, theory, and history.

Johnson, Margaret Collection.

The collection comprises information on the printing and paper industries, as compiled by Margaret Johnson between about 1983 and 2009.

Kelzer, Marie Collection.

A collection of bookbinding material samples and supply catalogs, with some supplementary materials on local bookbinding and printing resources.

Sonnichsen, Joanne Collection

The archival collection of Joanne Sonnichsen’s set of articles and ephemera on bookbinding and book history go hand in hand with the rest of the collection’s journals and printed books.

Thomas Celia & Son Papers

The collection comprises files, catalogs, and records from the San Francisco-based paper ruling company, Thomas Celia & Son, which opened in 1952 and closed in 1989 after the death of Thomas Celia, Sr.

Thompson Conservation Lab Papers

Paper samples, catalogs, and related materials from the Thompson Conservation Lab.