Hotels and Apartment Buildings of the San Francisco Bay Area., 1910

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Hotels and Apartment Buildings of the San Francisco Bay Area., 1910

Collection number: BANC PIC 1980.020--PIC

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Hotels and apartment buildings of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Date: 1910
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1980.020--PIC
Creator: Southern Pacific Company. Passenger Dept.
Extent: 471 photographic prints (in three boxes) and two descriptive sheets 8 digital objects (8 images)
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
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Abstract: Photographs show exteriors and surrounding street scenes of hotels (and apartment buildings) in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. All addresses are identified. Some views include motor vehicles, pedestrians, and businesses. Album was probably compiled for promotional purposes, illustrating reconstruction after the earthquake and fire of 1906.
Languages Represented: Collection materials are in English
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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The Hotels and Apartment Buildings of the San Francisco Bay Area collection was purchased in 1979.


Finding aid and digital representations of archival material funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Scope and Content

The San Francisco's Hotels collection contains 471 photographs of hotels and apartment buildings located in the San Francisco Bay area, taken circa 1910-1920. The collection originally formed an album entitled "San Francisco's Hotels." Noticeable throughout the prints of the collection is evidence --rubble, vacant lots, construction sites, etc. --of the earthquake and fire of 1906. Although the majority of the photographs are of buildings located in San Francisco, there are many of buildings in Berkeley and Oakland as well.
Accompanying the collection are photographs of the original album and a page of the album containing a brief description of its contents. Also included is a listing of other hotels and apartment buildings standing at the time of the album's creation though not photograhed for the album.
Affixed to the verso of several prints are caption labels which read, "Hotels and Apartment Houses. San Francisco --California. Photograph by General Passenger Department Southern Pacific Company."

Additional Note

[Also included are two xerox copies of of a listing of other hotels and apartment buildings standing at the time of the creation of the original album. The list's title reads, "Hotels and Apartment Houses, the Photographs of Which It Is Not Possible to Include Within the Covers of This Book Without Making It Unwieldy."]

Container Listing


[Photograph of page from original album describing its contents.] BANC PIC 1980.020:a


[Photograph of original album.] BANC PIC 1980.020:b


Palace Hotel. From Kearny and Market St. BANC PIC 1980.020:1


Fairmont Hotel. Over looking the bay. BANC PIC 1980.020:2


St. Francis Hotel -- From Union Square Park. BANC PIC 1980.020:3


Bellevue Hotel. S.W. Cor. Geary and Taylor Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:4


Richelieu Apartments. 3415 Twenty-Second St. BANC PIC 1980.020:5


Union Square Hotel. N.W. Corner Post and Stockton Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:6


London Apt. Pine & Jones. BANC PIC 1980.020:7


Apartments. 1501 Sacramento St. BANC PIC 1980.020:8


Gainsborough Apartments. 2889 Pacific Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:9


St. Dominic. N.E. Cor. Bush & Jones Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:10


Hotel Normandie. Cor. Sutter & Gough Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:11


St. Dunstan Apartments. 1315 Polk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:12


Mount Washington Apartments. Washington and Jones Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:13


Hillcrest Apartments. 1200 California Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:14


The Kenilworth. N.E. Cor. Bush and Powell Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:15


The Montague. 1400 Washington St. BANC PIC 1980.020:16


Cornelia Apartments. 641 O'Farrell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:17


Knickerbocker Apartments. 1330 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:18


Chismore Apartments. S.E. Corner Bush and Jones Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:19


Granada Hotel. N.W. Corner Sutter and Hyde Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:20


Yale Hotel. 253 Kearny St. BANC PIC 1980.020:21


Lafayette Apartments. 2135 Sacramento St. BANC PIC 1980.020:22


Hotel Stewart. 343-353 Geary St. BANC PIC 1980.020:23


Sussex. 71 Sutter St. BANC PIC 1980.020:24


Hotel Dale. 34 Turk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:25


Hotel Belle Claire. O'Farrell and Powell Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:26


Hotel Robins. 711 Post St. BANC PIC 1980.020:27


Hotel Alta. 165 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:28


Yerba Buena Apartments. 1114 Sutter St. BANC PIC 1980.020:29


Hotel Victoria. N.E. Cor. Bush and Stockton Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:30


Alta Casa Apartments. 897 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:31


The Montague. 1400 Washington St. BANC PIC 1980.020:32


The Elizabeth Apartments. 2401 Jackson St. BANC PIC 1980.020:33


Belle Vista Apartments. 1101 Pine Street. BANC PIC 1980.020:34


Keystone Apartments. S.W. Hyde and Washington Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:35


Driscoll Apartments. N.W. Cor. Geary and Jones Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:36


Gables Apartments. 1595 Clay St. BANC PIC 1980.020:37


Heights Apartments. 2125 Hyde St. BANC PIC 1980.020:38


Cliff Dwellers. Washington St. near Jones St. BANC PIC 1980.020:39


Piermont. 1097 Green St. BANC PIC 1980.020:40


Apartments. 148 Lake St. BANC PIC 1980.020:41


Carlmont Apartments. Jones and Jackson Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:42


Larchmont. 1270 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:43


[Unidentified apartment building.] BANC PIC 1980.020:44


Charlevoix Apartments. 1190 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:45


El Drisco Hotel. 2901 Pacific Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:46


Duboce Apartments. 420 Duboce Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:47


St. Charles. 1474 Sacramento St. BANC PIC 1980.020:48


Hotel Jefferson. 848 Gough St. BANC PIC 1980.020:49


Hotel Manx. Powell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:50


Hotel Stewart. 343-353 Geary St. BANC PIC 1980.020:51


Golden West Hotel. 112 Powell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:52


St. Xavier. 2355 Pacific Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:53


Hotel Cadillac. 380 Eddy St. BANC PIC 1980.020:54


Hotel Exeter. 154 Ellis St. BANC PIC 1980.020:55


Palace Hotel. From Kearny and Market Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:56


The Belmont. 2015 Folsom St. BANC PIC 1980.020:57


The Ritz. 551 Kearny St. BANC PIC 1980.020:58


Hotel Tallac. 140 Ellis St. BANC PIC 1980.020:59


The Holland Hotel. 161 Ellis St. BANC PIC 1980.020:60


Regillus Apartments. 1760 Pacific Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:61


Hotel Hayward. 235 O'Farrell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:62


The Melbourne. 1350 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:63


Sunshine Apartments. Leavenworth & Sacramento Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:64


Hotel Bronx. BANC PIC 1980.020:65


El Forrest. 825 Bush St. BANC PIC 1980.020:66


The Carlyle. 1701 Bush St. BANC PIC 1980.020:67


The Baltimore Hotel. 1015 Van Ness Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:68


Nob Hill Apartments. 1234 Jones St. BANC PIC 1980.020:69


Buena Vista. 1298 Haight St. BANC PIC 1980.020:70


Fairmont Hotel. Mason and California. BANC PIC 1980.020:71


Monroe Hotel. 1822 Sacramento St. BANC PIC 1980.020:72


Rensselaer Apartments. 1637 Sacramento St. BANC PIC 1980.020:73


The Revoy Apartment. 1346 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:74


Sunshine Apartments. 1301 Sacramento St. BANC PIC 1980.020:75


Majestic Hotel. 1500 Sutter St. BANC PIC 1980.020:76


Mossgiel. 1360 Jones. BANC PIC 1980.020:77


Baltimore Hotel. 1015 Van Ness Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:78


Windsor Hotel. Eddy and Taylor Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:79


Hotel Margaret. 71 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:80


The Annadale. 620 O'Farrell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:81


La Vista. 1142 Jackson St. BANC PIC 1980.020:82


Wellington Hotel. 610 Geary St. BANC PIC 1980.020:83


The Sahlien [i.e. Sahlein]. 1255 Polk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:84


The Melbourne. 1350 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:85


The Manbean. 1230 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:86


St. Joe Hotel. BANC PIC 1980.020:87


Hotel St. Francis. From Union Square Park. BANC PIC 1980.020:88


Hotel Alexander. 352 Geary St. BANC PIC 1980.020:89


Startford Hotel. 242 Powell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:90


Apartments. 1309 Hyde St. BANC PIC 1980.020:91


Claremont. 1456 Jones St. BANC PIC 1980.020:92


Hotel California. 1398 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:93


The Madrid Apartments. 1260 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:94


McCartney Apartments. Second Avenue. BANC PIC 1980.020:95


El Poniente. 1418 Leavenworth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:96


The De La Sierra. 1501 Larkin St. BANC PIC 1980.020:97


Miles Hotel. 502 Jones St. BANC PIC 1980.020:98


The Alturas. 16th and Valencia Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:99


Hotel Savoy. S.W. Van Ness Avenue at Ellis St. BANC PIC 1980.020:100


Hotel Belmont. 730 Eddy St. BANC PIC 1980.020:101


Bristol. 1520 Sutter St. BANC PIC 1980.020:102


Hotel Argonaut. 44 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:103


Marathon Apartments. 710 Ellis St. BANC PIC 1980.020:104


Alma Hotel. 335 Stockton St. BANC PIC 1980.020:105


Grand Central Hotel. 1412 Market St. BANC PIC 1980.020:106


The Laurel Apartments. 1240 McAllister St. BANC PIC 1980.020:107


The New York House. 753 Howard St. BANC PIC 1980.020:108


Hotel Du Midi. 1362 Powell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:109

Additional Note

This material was selectively digitized from a larger resource or collection.

Hotel Touraine. BANC PIC 1980.020:110


Marguerite Flats. 1304 Hyde St. BANC PIC 1980.020:111


Bergren Apartments. 1424 Gough St. BANC PIC 1980.020:112


Hotel Harrison. 395 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:113


Hotel Albert. 293 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:114


Hotel Portola. 124 Turk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:115


The Graham. 166 Turk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:116


Poodle Dog. 151 Mason. BANC PIC 1980.020:117


Apartments. Taylor near Clay St. BANC PIC 1980.020:118


Adrian Hotel. 493 Eddy St. [Intersection is Jackson and Taylor.] BANC PIC 1980.020:119


Hotel Bartlett. 1736 Polk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:120


Hotel Stanton. 572 Eddy St. BANC PIC 1980.020:121


Harrold Apartments. 1470 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:122


Buena Vista. 1296 Haight St. BANC PIC 1980.020:123


Lorenzo Apartments. 41 Octavia Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:124


Eureka Apartments. Eight and Mission Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:125


Eight Street Apartments. 137 Eight Street. BANC PIC 1980.020:126


Hotel Colonial. 471 Stockton St. BANC PIC 1980.020:127


Dell Apartments. 466 Powell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:128


Hotel Arona. 776 McAllister St. BANC PIC 1980.020:129


Hotel Golden Eagle. 402 Broadway. BANC PIC 1980.020:130


Hotel Vendome. 224 Montgomery Avenue. BANC PIC 1980.020:131


Occidental Hotel. 1037 Fillmore St. BANC PIC 1980.020:132


Turpin Hotel. 17-19 Powell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:133


Planters Hotel. 286 Second St. BANC PIC 1980.020:134


Winchester Hotel. 76 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:135


Hotel Netherlands. 203 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:136


Saint Mongo [i.e. Mungo] Apartments. 1300 Gold [i.e. Golden] Gate Avenue. BANC PIC 1980.020:137


Chantilly Hotel. 342 Sutter St. BANC PIC 1980.020:138


Fordham Apartments. 796 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:139


Whiteside. 625 Taylor St. BANC PIC 1980.020:140


Hotel Leo. 410 Eddy St. BANC PIC 1980.020:141


Kellogg Apartments. 2205 Sacramento St. BANC PIC 1980.020:142


Santa Barbara Apartments. 2201 California. BANC PIC 1980.020:143


Sheffield Apartments. 1914 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:144


Highland Apartments. 1385 Clay St. BANC PIC 1980.020:145


Charlemagne Apartments. 1035 Geary St. BANC PIC 1980.020:146


Manx Hotel. N.W. Cor. Powell and O'Farrell. BANC PIC 1980.020:147


San Carlos Apartments. 1770 Pacific Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:148


Mont Clair Apartments. 995 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:149


De La Salle Apartments. 1200 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:150


Castle Reagh. 1373 Clay St. BANC PIC 1980.020:151


Van Ness Apartments. 2128 Van Ness Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:152


Ainsworth Apartments. 1240 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:153


The Columbus Apartments. 1492 Pacific Avenue. BANC PIC 1980.020:154


Benedict Apartments. Polk and Sacramento St. BANC PIC 1980.020:155


Polk Apartments. 1702 Polk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:156

Additional Note

This material was selectively digitized from a larger resource or collection.

Hotel Yorke. 1499 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:157


Knole Apartments. 1624 Sacramento St. BANC PIC 1980.020:158


The Stanford Apartments. 1590 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:159

Additional Note

This material was selectively digitized from a larger resource or collection.

Marie Antoinett Apartments. 1201 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:160


Oakhurst Apartments. Washington and Taylor Streets. BANC PIC 1980.020:161


The Bradbury. 1600 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:162


Stanford Hotel. 250 Kearny. BANC PIC 1980.020:163


El Ray Apartments. 153 Green St. BANC PIC 1980.020:164


Claridges Apartments. 1041 Leavenworth. BANC PIC 1980.020:165


Poodle Dog. 151 Mason S. BANC PIC 1980.020:166


Sacramento Apartments. 1740 Sacramento St. BANC PIC 1980.020:167


North Gate. 2418 Van Ness Avenue. BANC PIC 1980.020:168


Astor Apartments. 1501 Leavenworth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:169


Wilber Hotel. 328 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:170


Madison Apartments. 126 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:171


The Aberdeen. 1224 Hyde St. BANC PIC 1980.020:172


St. Lawrence. Jackson St. near Hyde. BANC PIC 1980.020:173


Sutter Apartments. 724 Leavenworth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:174


Montclair Apartments. 995 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:175


Merrills Apartments. 750 Leavenworth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:176


The Kenilworth. N.E. Cor. Bush and Powell Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:177


Vendome Apartments. 1690 Washington St. BANC PIC 1980.020:178

Additional Note

This material was selectively digitized from a larger resource or collection.

Bellevue Hotel. S.W. Cor. Geary and Taylor Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:179


The Douglas Apartments. 1000 Hyde St. BANC PIC 1980.020:180


Reich Hotel. 1000 Bush St. BANC PIC 1980.020:181


Sylvester Apartments. 907 Valencia St. BANC PIC 1980.020:182


Apartments. Clay near Taylor Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:183


Virginia Apartments. 1031 Leavenworth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:184


California Apartments. 2124 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:185


Castle Crags Apartments. 599 Dolores St. BANC PIC 1980.020:186


Marbert. 2300 Jackson St. BANC PIC 1980.020:187


Sacramento Apartments. 1740 Sacramento St. BANC PIC 1980.020:188


Macken Apartments. 91 Central Avenue. BANC PIC 1980.020:189


The Cordova Apartments. 1644 Washington St. BANC PIC 1980.020:190


Apartments. 2919 Pacific Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:191


Hotel Imperial. 951 Eddy St. BANC PIC 1980.020:192


El Drisco Apartments. 2901 Pacific Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:193


Ardell Apartments. 1740 Pacific Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:194


West Gate Apartments. 1326 Hyde St. BANC PIC 1980.020:195


Empire Apartments. 1040 Leavenworth. BANC PIC 1980.020:196


Claire Apartments. 1560 Sacramento St. BANC PIC 1980.020:197


Audobon. 978 Ellis St. BANC PIC 1980.020:198


Von Dorn. 242 Turk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:199


Lenox Hotel. 55 Powell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:200


Matlin Apartments. 1650 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:201


Taft Apartments. 1324 Jackson St. BANC PIC 1980.020:202


Junier Apartments. 1761 Hyde St. BANC PIC 1980.020:203


Belmore. 1380 Washington St. BANC PIC 1980.020:204


Jackson Apartments. 1290 Jackson St. BANC PIC 1980.020:205


Meyersham. BANC PIC 1980.020:206


Bahia Vista Apartments. 840 California. BANC PIC 1980.020:207


Fairview. 1362 Post St. BANC PIC 1980.020:208


Hotel Irwin. 108 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:209


Pinehurst Apartments. 1860 Webster St. BANC PIC 1980.020:210


Guild Hall. Clay near Taylor Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:211


Denver House. 221-223 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:212


Hotel Brule. 670 Eddy St. BANC PIC 1980.020:213


Bon Air Hotel. 400 Stanyan St. BANC PIC 1980.020:214


Hotel Eaton. 364 Eddy St. BANC PIC 1980.020:215


Cecil Apartments. Turk and Taylor Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:216


California Apartments. 2186 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:217


Adeline Hotel Apartments. 640 Eddy St. BANC PIC 1980.020:218


San Marco Hotel. N.E. Cor. Geary and Mason Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:219


The Carmel. 126 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:220


Hotel Martin. Van Ness and Turk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:221


Argus Hotel. 149 Third. BANC PIC 1980.020:222


The Glenwood Apartments. 416 Turk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:223


Athmore Apartments. O'Farrell and Jones Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:224


Dorchester Hotel. 1482 Sutter St. BANC PIC 1980.020:225


Gladstone Apartments. 706 Polk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:226


Bernon Apartments. 1990 Hyde St. BANC PIC 1980.020:227


Butler Hotel. 546 Sixth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:228


Harcourt Hotel. 1105 Larkin St. BANC PIC 1980.020:229


Hotel Albany. 187 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:230


Dolores Apartments. 16th and Market Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:231


Laurel Apartments. 2176 Mission St. BANC PIC 1980.020:232


Rousseau Apartments. 1490 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:233


Bay State Hotel. 275 O'Farrell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:234


Revoy Apartments. 1346 Pine Street. BANC PIC 1980.020:235


Redding and St. Andre. 1680 Clay St. BANC PIC 1980.020:236


Atherton. 1660 Octavia St. BANC PIC 1980.020:237


Gables Apartments. 1595 Clay St. BANC PIC 1980.020:238


Loring Apartments. 2400 Van Ness Avenue. BANC PIC 1980.020:239


Hotel Gloster. 312 Mason St. BANC PIC 1980.020:240


Hotel Rosslyn. Leavenworth and Eddy Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:241


Hotel California. 1398 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:242


"Ivanhoe". 650 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:243


Baldwin Apartments. 1036 Polk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:244


American Hotel. 716-720 Howard St. BANC PIC 1980.020:245


San Juan Apartments. 251 San Jose Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:246


Irving Apartments. 1808 Sutter St. BANC PIC 1980.020:247


"Westminister." BANC PIC 1980.020:248


Alpine Apartments. 2186 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:249


Eureka Apartments. 396 Castro St. BANC PIC 1980.020:250


The Dolores. 2306 Market St. BANC PIC 1980.020:251


St. John Apartments. 1625 Polk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:252


Goodfriend Hotel. Powell near Geary Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:253


Hotel Merlin. 120 Ellis St. BANC PIC 1980.020:254


Rosemont Apartments. 214 Haight St. BANC PIC 1980.020:255


Arlington Hotel. N.E. Ellis and Leavenworth Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:256


Hotel Tyrone. 997 Golden Gate Avenue. BANC PIC 1980.020:257


Arden Apartments. 1005 Larkin St. BANC PIC 1980.020:258


Hotel Corona. 11 Taylor St. BANC PIC 1980.020:259


Norden Hotel. 758 Howard St. BANC PIC 1980.020:260


The Angelus. 236 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:261

Additional Note

This material was selectively digitized from a larger resource or collection.

Hotel Navarre. 44 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:262


The Ellis Hotel. 450 Ellis St. BANC PIC 1980.020:263


Brompton Apartments. 1424 Polk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:264

Additional Note

This material was selectively digitized from a larger resource or collection.

Sandgringham Apartments. 1152 Eddy St. BANC PIC 1980.020:265


Lucella Apartments. 1520 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:266


Hotel Astor. 1350 Golden Gate Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:267


Taylor Hotel. 74 Turk. BANC PIC 1980.020:268


Hotel Menlo. 340 O'Farrell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:269


The Edinboro. 1239 Polk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:270


Pacific Ave. Apartments. 1720 Pacific Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:271


Ibis Hotel. 427 Bush St. BANC PIC 1980.020:272


Abon Apartments. 420 Jones St. BANC PIC 1980.020:273


M & M Hotel. 700 49th St. BANC PIC 1980.020:274


Apartments. 1122 Mason St. BANC PIC 1980.020:275


Golden Gate Hotel. 1619 Tonquin. BANC PIC 1980.020:276


La Mesa Apartments. 1560 Hyde St. BANC PIC 1980.020:277


Orpheum Annex Hotel. 167 O'Farrell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:278


Palo Alto Hotel. 1550 Polk. BANC PIC 1980.020:279


Le Brun Apartments. 853 Hyde St. BANC PIC 1980.020:280


Dundee Apartments. 736 Stanyan St. BANC PIC 1980.020:281


Beverly. 550 Baker St. BANC PIC 1980.020:282


Occidental Hotel. 175 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:283


The Grand Apartments. 943 Golden Gate Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:284


Bleheim [i.e. Blenheim] Apartments. 1504 Franklin St. BANC PIC 1980.020:285


Hotel Elk. 1008 Larkin St. BANC PIC 1980.020:286


Ardoise Apartments. 1791 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:287


Frederick Apartments. 901 Stanyan St. BANC PIC 1980.020:288


Merodine Apartments. 1714 Clay St. BANC PIC 1980.020:289


Lee Apartments. 1740 Polk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:290


Hendrick Hudson Apartments. Washington and Mason Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:291


Granada Apartments. 1710 Larkin St. BANC PIC 1980.020:292


Belvedere Hotel. 1005 Powell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:293


The Winton. 445 O'Farrell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:294


Herbert's Bachelor Hotel. 157 Powell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:295


Aberdeen Apartments. 1224 Hyde St. BANC PIC 1980.020:296


Grand Southern Hotel. 1941 Mission St. BANC PIC 1980.020:297


Avon. 420 Jones St. BANC PIC 1980.020:298


The Douglass. 1000 Hyde St. BANC PIC 1980.020:299


Avalon Hotel. 1272 Market St. BANC PIC 1980.020:300


Apartments. McAllister and Octavia Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:301


Rio Hotel. 664 Sacramento St. BANC PIC 1980.020:302


Bosler Apartments. 1220 Bush St. BANC PIC 1980.020:303


Athmore Apartments. O'Farrell and Jones Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:304


Fifth St. Apartments. [309?] Fifth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:305


Alhambra Apartments. 1756 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:306


Briston Hotel. 415 O'Farrell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:307


The Vanderbilt. 1005 Jones St. BANC PIC 1980.020:308


The Marion Apartments. 2159 Mission St. BANC PIC 1980.020:309


Hotel Bush. 353 Bush St. BANC PIC 1980.020:310


Hotel Princeton. 322 Fourteenth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:311


Athmore Apartments. O'Farrell and Jones. BANC PIC 1980.020:312


Imperial House. 672 Howard St. BANC PIC 1980.020:313


Lundy Apartments. 512 Frederick. BANC PIC 1980.020:314


Eureka Hotel. 474 Broadway. BANC PIC 1980.020:315


Pilcher Apartments. 1618 Polk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:316


The Kunst. 306 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:317


Wester [i.e. Western] Hotel. 216 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:318


Hotel Young. Cor. Turk & Taylor Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:319


Casa Blanca. 594 Valencia. BANC PIC 1980.020:320


The Milton. 190 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:321


Mission Central. 504 Valencia St. BANC PIC 1980.020:322


Valmar Apartments. 1751 Market St. BANC PIC 1980.020:323


Grand Hotel. 55 Taylor St. BANC PIC 1980.020:324


The Sherman. 85 Eleventh St. BANC PIC 1980.020:325


Bonita Apartments. 4096 Eighteenth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:326


St. Clement Hotel. 271 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:327


Hotel Larne. 210 Ellis St. BANC PIC 1980.020:328


The Marlboro. 1544 Polk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:329


Hotel St. Ann. 118 Taylor St. BANC PIC 1980.020:330


Hotel Clay. 378 Clay St. BANC PIC 1980.020:331


Clifton Apartments. 1436 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:332


Waldorf Hotel. 128 Jones St. BANC PIC 1980.020:333


Portola Apartments. 1120 Jackson St. BANC PIC 1980.020:334


Bosler Apartments. 1220 Jackson St. BANC PIC 1980.020:335


Hotel Lorin. 1156 Sutter St. BANC PIC 1980.020:336


St. Daniel Hotel. 259 Sixth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:337


Cleverland [i.e. Cleveland] House. 417 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:338


The Cameron. 570 O'Farrell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:339


Fleur de Lis. BANC PIC 1980.020:340


Hotel Santa Fe. 684 Folsom St. BANC PIC 1980.020:341


Morrills Apartments. 730 Leavenworth. BANC PIC 1980.020:342


California State Hotel. 176 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:343


Hotel Lansdale. 619 Larkin St. BANC PIC 1980.020:344


Hotel St. Ives. 596 Eddy St. BANC PIC 1980.020:345


The Mayflower. 165 Eleventh St. BANC PIC 1980.020:346


Stanley Hotel. 1542 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:347


Hotel Gisoya. Pine & Kearny Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:348


Orlando Hotel. 995 Howard St. BANC PIC 1980.020:349


Hotel Balboa. 160 Eddy St. BANC PIC 1980.020:350


Sierra Hotel. 610 McAllister. BANC PIC 1980.020:351


Hotel Kumamotoya. 56 South Park. BANC PIC 1980.020:352


Hotel Seattle. 578 Pacific Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:353


Roma Hotel. 410 Broadway. BANC PIC 1980.020:354


Dewey House. 193 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:355


Lick House. 895 Mission St. BANC PIC 1980.020:356


The Colorado House. 114 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:357


Piedmont Hotel. 948 Mission St. BANC PIC 1980.020:358


Seattle Hotel. 131 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:359


Golden State. 131 Fifth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:360


Standard Hotel. 995 Folsom St. BANC PIC 1980.020:361


New Guillaume Tell Hotel. 1084 Folsom St. BANC PIC 1980.020:362


The Whitfield. 1228 McAllister St. BANC PIC 1980.020:363


El Monterey Apartments. 1665 Leavenworth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:364


Blanco's Annex. 853 O'Farrell St. BANC PIC 1980.020:365


Golden Gate Hotel. 700 Stanyan St. BANC PIC 1980.020:366


Ormond. 440 Ellis St. BANC PIC 1980.020:367


Larkin Apartments. 712 Larkin St. BANC PIC 1980.020:368


International Hotel. 848 Kearny St. BANC PIC 1980.020:369


Hernon Hotel. 344 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:370


Hotel Nevada. 825 Van Ness Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:371


Hotel Rex. 236 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:372


The Fram. 1625 Larkin St. BANC PIC 1980.020:373


New Western Hotel. 808 Kearny St. BANC PIC 1980.020:374


The Waller. 1585 Waller St. BANC PIC 1980.020:375


Hotel Webster. 1291 Webster St. BANC PIC 1980.020:376


San Benito Apartments. 1665 Jackson St. BANC PIC 1980.020:377


Poodle Dog. Post and Polk St. BANC PIC 1980.020:378


New Commercial Hotel. 172 Montgomery Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:379


May Hotel. 1242 Market St. BANC PIC 1980.020:380


St. Julien Hotel. 112 Montgomery St. BANC PIC 1980.020:381


The Euclid. 1840 Van Ness Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:382


Browning Apartments. 1732 Washington St. BANC PIC 1980.020:383


Hotel Carlton. 246 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:384


New St. George Hotel. 591 Fifth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:385


Hotel Kirk. N.E. Cor. Stanyan & Haight Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:386


Grand Carnot Hotel. BANC PIC 1980.020:387


Hotel Richland. 1900 Mission St. BANC PIC 1980.020:388


The Rose Apartments. BANC PIC 1980.020:389


Bungalow Apartments. 1515 Leavenworth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:390


Hotel Minnalee. 149 Sixth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:391


Morrills Apartments. 730 Leavenworth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:392


Enterprise Hotel. 1144 Market St. BANC PIC 1980.020:393


Regal Hotel. 515 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:394

Additional Note

This material was selectively digitized from a larger resource or collection.

Aetna Hotel. 1617 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:395


Apartments. 1170 Green St. BANC PIC 1980.020:396


Golden Eagle Hotel. Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:397


The Cove. 168 Eddy St. BANC PIC 1980.020:398


Rose Hotel. 259 Fourth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:399


Wanda Apartments. 16th and Market Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:400


Colton Hotel. 224-226 Third St. BANC PIC 1980.020:401


Laurel Apartments. Larkin and Post. BANC PIC 1980.020:402


Athmore Apartments. O'Farrell and Jones. BANC PIC 1980.020:403


Nottingham Apartments. 1650 California St. BANC PIC 1980.020:404


St. Rose Hotel. 1492 Ellis St. BANC PIC 1980.020:405


Knickerbocker Apartments. 113 Pine St. BANC PIC 1980.020:406


Belmore. 1380 Washington St. BANC PIC 1980.020:407


Hotel Victor. 1532 Howard St. BANC PIC 1980.020:408


Frederick Apartments. 41th [i.e. 41st] St. & Telelgraph. BANC PIC 1980.020:409


The Metropole Hotel. 13th and Jefferson St. BANC PIC 1980.020:410


Laguna Vista. BANC PIC 1980.020:411


The Holland. 22nd St. near Grove St. BANC PIC 1980.020:412


Key Route Inn. 22nd and Broadway. BANC PIC 1980.020:413


The St. Paul Hotel. 12th St. and Clay. BANC PIC 1980.020:414


Hotel Arlington. Ninth and Washington St. BANC PIC 1980.020:415


Winsor. Ninth and Washington. BANC PIC 1980.020:416


The Alhambra. 14th St. and Jefferson St. BANC PIC 1980.020:417


Hotel Adams. 12th St. bet. Clay and Jefferson Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:418


Hotel Crellin. 10th St. and Washington St. BANC PIC 1980.020:419


The Morgan. 19th and Franklin Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:420


Ohio Hotel. 18th & Telegraph Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:421


Arcade Hotel. 19th St. & San Pablo Avenue. BANC PIC 1980.020:422


Severn. 1616 Telegraph Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:423


Avalon Apartments. 406 Telegraph Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:424


Belmont. 3877 Telegraph Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:425


Maryland. 1701 Telegraph Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:426


Waverly. 1650 Waverly Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:427


Dundas. 457 23rd & Telegraph Ave. [Cf. 424. Avalon Hotel.] BANC PIC 1980.020:428


Oneida. 22nd St & Telegraph Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:429


Louraine Hotel. 14th & Clay Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:430


Juel Apartments. 75 Vernon St. BANC PIC 1980.020:431


Ellsmere. Park and R.R. Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:432


Jefferson Hotel. 12th and Jefferson Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:433


Anwa Hotel. 13th Street. BANC PIC 1980.020:434


Wagner Apartments. 23th [i.e. 23rd] St. San Pablo Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:435


Santa Clara Hotel. Santa Clara Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:436


Crescent Hotel. Park & R.R. Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:437


Portland. 9th St. bet. Broadway & Washington Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:438


Shattuck Hotel. BANC PIC 1980.020:439


Berkshire. 2304 Telegraph Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:440


Francis Apartments. 2021 Channing Way. BANC PIC 1980.020:441


Berkeley Inn. 2250 Telegraph Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:442


C.C. Apartments. 2525 Durant Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:443


The Granada. 2500 Bancroft Way. BANC PIC 1980.020:444


Bon Air Apartments. 2261 Shattuck Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:445


Studio Hotel. 2039 Shattuck Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:446


Heywood Apartments. 2119 Addison St. BANC PIC 1980.020:447


Hulburt [i.e. Hulbert]. 2223 Shattuck Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:448


Treehaven. 2529 Ridge Road. BANC PIC 1980.020:449


Cloin [i.e. Cloyne] Court. BANC PIC 1980.020:450

Additional Note

This material was selectively digitized from a larger resource or collection.

Alta Vista Apartments. Telegraph Ave. & Dwight Way. BANC PIC 1980.020:451


Brooks. 2231 Shattuck Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:452


Romona. 2486 Shattuck Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:453


Fink Apartments. 2116 Center St. BANC PIC 1980.020:454


The San Marco. 2305 Dwight Way. BANC PIC 1980.020:455


Morse Apartments. 2278 Shattuck Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:456


Apartments. Berkeley. BANC PIC 1980.020:457


University Apartments. 2059 University Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:458


California Hotel. 2079 University Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:459


Carlton Hotel. 2318 Telegraph Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:460


Hotel Athens. Broadway and 17th St. BANC PIC 1980.020:461


Apartments. Berkeley. BANC PIC 1980.020:462


St. Nicolai. 16th and Clay Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:463


Hotel Brunswick. 9th & Washington Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:464


Lafayette Apartments. 2315 Dwights [i.e. Dwight] Way. BANC PIC 1980.020:465


Vendome Hotel. 9th & Washington Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:466


Vendome Annex. 9th near Washington Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:467


St. Marks. 12th and Franklin Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:468


Larkey's Apartments. Grove & 19th Sts. BANC PIC 1980.020:469


Juanita. 19th St. & San Pablo Ave. BANC PIC 1980.020:470


The Oxford. 610 Fourteenth St. BANC PIC 1980.020:471