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Register of the Tone (John Henley) Family Collection, 1900-1995
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1.1: Theodosia Benjamin interviewed by Jerry Briscoe, 1995 [transcript]


1.2: Theatre programs


a-"The Limited Mail," Avon Theatre, Stockton, n.d. [c1890]


b-Kathrin Hilke, dramatic soprano, n.d. [c1897]


c-"Sousa & his band," T & D Theatre, 12-29-21


d-Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Stockton H.S., 1-22-25 [program & texts sung]


e-"The Gypsy Baron," Stockton H.S., 11-17-44


f-Marian Anderson, Stockton H.S., 2-19-46


g-Iva Kitchell, Stockton H.S., 2-19-48


h-Les Compagnons de la Chanson, Community Concert Assn., 1956


i-Myra Kinch & Co., Community Concert Assn., 1961


j-The Paulist Choristers, n.d.


1.3: Miscellaneous Family Business Papers


a-James U. Castle from Sheriff Thos. Cunningham---rcpt., 6-14-1872


b-J.H. Tone from Austin Bros. Hardware, Stockton---rcpt. , 11-7-1889


c-A.L. Cowell, atty. To Robt. J. Benjamin, 5-9-35 [incl. Env.]


d-A.L. Cowell, atty. To Ella T. Benjamin, 5-9-35 [incl. Env.]


1.4: 19th c. Funeral Programs


a-Geoffrey Tangier Smith, 2-12-1891


b-Thomas Flood, 3-18-1896


1.5: Materials pertaining to Waterloo, Calif.


a-"Stephens Subdivision at Waterloo," n.d. [parcel map; 2 copies]


b-Waterloo Cooperative Club. "Waterloo, California," n.d. [c1907] [7 copies]


c-"Waterloo-Comstock Ridge," n.d. [notebook containing many pp. list of names of local residents; membership list? for Waterloo Cooperative Club]


1.6: Materials pertaining to Linden Irrigation District


a-Letter to "Voters," 9-24-31 [2 l.; 2 copies]


b-Linden Irrigation District proposal, 9-25-31 [incl. Map]


c-? To Linden Land Owners Protective Assn., 193?


d-Ralph G. Houston, Pres. Linden Irrigation Dist. To Electors & Land Owners, 2-12-34 [2 l.; 2 copies]


1.7: Political ephemera


a-San Joaquin War Savings Stamp Committee. "What are you doing?" n.d. [c1942]


b-"Retain Michael N. Canlis, Sheriff," n.d. [c1960; bumper strip]


c-"Re-elect the President," 1972 [Nixon sticker]


1.8: Benjamin Family School Books & Other Printed Matter


a-The Pacific Coast Entertainer 1:10 (4-24-1895)


b-Rice's "Rational Speller," 1908 [belonged to Theodosia's brother, Robert T. Benjamin]


c-"The New England Primer," 1915 [purchased by Theodosia Benjamin at Panama Pacific Exposition, SF]


d-Californians, Inc. "California where life is better," 1925




2.1-"The Jack Tone Shop---Antiques," South Stockton News (1-29-64)


2.2-"My Pioneer Grandfather, John Henley Tone" (1974)


2.3-"My Pioneer Grandfather, John Henley Tone by Alice Tone Gibbons published," North Stockton News (8-21-74)


2.4-"St. Mary's features old foot scrapers," North Stockton News (6-23-76)


2.5-"Who was Mr. Smith?" Country Living (Apr 1983) [early San Joaquin County dairyman, John A. Smith]


2.6-"Tokay Colony School" Country Living (May 1983) [article cut out---DW 11-99]


2.7-"School Days! School Days! School Days!" Pt. 2 Country Living (Jun 1983)


2.8-"School Days! School Days! School Days!" Pt. 3 Country Living (Aug 1983)


2.9-Tone Family Tree


2.10-"One of San Joaquin's pioneers [John Henley Tone] passes away," Stockton Evening Mail (6-12-02)


2.11-"John Tone & the story of Audubon Party's [18]49 journey to California," Stockton Record (7-9-32)


2.12-"Audubon Party members turn to ranching," Stockton Record (8-28-43)


2.13-William J. Rogers. "Jack Tone Story: Adventurous tale of early times," Stockton Record (3-22-56)


2.14-Frances Walling. "The Battle of Waterloo," Stockton Record (1-18-70)


2.15-"Jack Tone: He came to find gold, but he found a home," Stockton Record (n.d.; c1970)


2.16-Debbie Sonniksen. "Family farming & horses...The Jack Tone Story," Country Living (Sept 1982)


2.17-Miscellaneous Tone Family Members


a-"Society" [Jacqueline Jean Tone] Stockton Record (4-11-36)


b-"Plaque honors member of Audubon Party [John Henley Tone]," Stockton Record (12-20-37)


c-"Mrs. Grace Tone interviewed as Linden Centennial celebration starts," Linden Herald (4-27-63; 5-9-63)


d-Herb Stoy. "People at work [Elizabeth Tone]," Stockton Record (1-7-65)


e-"Antique dealer [Richard Tone] milks market," Lodi News-Sentinel (7-8-71)


2.18-Kathleen Tone file


a-"Seven year old member of Tone family [Kathleen Tone] wins tanbark acclaim," Stockton Record (5-9-49)


b-"Kathleen Tone," San Joaquin Valley Rancher (Jun 1950)


2.19-Mary Genevieve Tone Kerr Scrapbook, 1923 [incl captions by MGT; in Tone Family Memorabilia Box]




3.1-Margaret Donnolly valentines, c1915


3.2-Margaret Donnolly schoolwork, 1918-1925


3.3-Margaret Donnolly schoolwork, c1930


3.4-Margaret Donnolly industrial arts workbook, n.d.


3.5-Margaret Donnolly juvenile art work, n.d.


3.6-William Donnolly schoolwork binder, 1924-1930 [chiefly work in penmanship, history & English]


3.7-Wm. Donnolly loose schoolwork, 1924-1930


3.8-Mary Donnolly [wife of William D.] corresp., 1946


3.9-Wm. Donnolly Deed to lot in El Ricardo Terrace, 1923




4.1 USDA. Bureau of Soils. Stockton Sheet (1905) [5 copies]


4.2 Mary H. Lapham & W.W. Mackie. Soil Survey of the Stockton Area, California (1906) [7 copies]


4.3 Calif. State Automobile Assn. Bay & River Districts (n.d.; before Bay Bridge) [3 copies]


4.4 Stockton Rainfall Charts


a-"Rainfall in Stockton since 1849," Stockton Record (1919, 1922, 1930)


b-Stockton Savings & Loan. [Rainfall in Stockton since 1849] (1949)


4.5 Misc. San Joaquin County Maps, 1907-1961


a-"...Subdivision at Waterloo," n.d.; c1907 [portion missing]


b-School Districts map, n.d. c1960 [blackline copy on yellow paper]


c-"Civil Defense Evacuation Route Map," 1961


4.6 Waterloo Cooperative Club. Waterloo, California (n.d., c1907)


4.7 Stockton Business Ephemera, 1910-1940 [7 items, chiefly ads]


4.8 Stockton Social Organizations, 1915-c1930


a-218 2:4 (Sep-Oct 1915) [Stockton Elks]


b-The Loyal Knight 1:8 (Jun 1917) [Stockton Knights of Columbus]


c-By-laws of the San Joaquin Pioneer and Historical Society (n.d., c1930)


4.9 Misc. Stockton Pamphlets, 1914-1931


a-"Stockton's Fight for Freedom," reprint from Los Angeles Times (7-5-14) [circulated by Merchants, Manufacturers & Employers Assn. of Stockton, Calif.]


b-For a Greater Stockton (7-15-14; 11-6-14) [Open Shop advocacy by Merchants, Manufacturers & Employers Assn. of Stockton, Calif.]


c-"Vote YES for the Drugless Practice Act No. 46," 1914


d-The Federation of American Farmers---What is it? What has it accomplished? (1922) [organization founded in Stockton; 2 copies]


e-"Proposed Calaveras River School/Vote YES on Bonds, 12-11-26"


f-"Profitable Channels to ---" (1931) [fund-raising brochure for San Joaquin Pioneer & Historical Society's Haggin Museum]


4.10 Linden High School Publications, 1926-1930


a-Linden Leaves (1926-27 [6]; 1927-28 [4]; 1928-29 [4]) [magazine]


b-Linden Leaves (1927) [yearbook]


c-Linden Weekly (Jun 1930) [newspaper]




5.1 Haydock translation of the Vulgate Bible, 1582-1609. NY: Edward Dunigan, 1859 [lists all family marriages, 1855-1968; family births, 1823-1991]


5.2 Theodore Tone's 1st communion certificate, St. Anne's Church, Stockton, 5-25-24


5.3 Panacea (1929) [St. Joseph's Home & Hospital, Stockton Annual]


5.4 Pioneer California Missionary, Father Junipero Serra, 1937


5.5 Misc. San Joaquin County Catholic Publications


a-The Parish Record 6:3 (Feb 1906) [St. Mary's Parish, Stockton]


b-"St. Michael's Day Festival Program, Sunday, September 25, 1955"


5.6 St. Agnes Academy [College], Stockton Publications, 1920-23


a-The Cauldron (1920-21) [yearbook]


b-The Cauldron (1921-22) [yearbook]


c-The Cauldron [newspaper] (Nov, Dec 1921; May 1923)


d-"St. Agnes College Bluebook," 1926; n.d. [1 used & 1 blank examination book]


5.7 "Washington---Lincoln---Blaine/What they say," n.d. c1880 [pro-Republican Catholic political pamphlet; 2 copies]




6.1 Mary Gene Tone Scrapbook, 1923


6.2 The Polytechnic, Dec 1923 [Polytechnic H.S., San Francisco Yearbook]


6.3 Mary Gene Tone Kerr Scrapbook, 1926-1937


6.4 Mary Tone Kerr Schoolwork [nursing school], 1930-31


6.5 Miscellany


a-S.J. Rodnich from Mary Donnolly---Rcpt. for hay, 6-16-83


b-Easter gift tags, n.d.; c1890 [2]


c-Address book, n.d.; c1890 [brown leather cover]


d-"Compliments of Mr. & Mrs. Reinhart," 9-19-00 [handwritten visiting card]


e-Expenses book, n.d.; c1900 [red cover]


f-fragment of The Leader (8-12-05) [Irish Catholic newspaper; unclear why saved]


g-Peter Musto Sr. death announcement, 1-9-10


h-"Loan your Uncle Sam a quarter...," n.d.; c1917 [handwritten request for funds, WWI]


i-"Come help save Old Glory...," n.d.; c1917 [handwritten request for funds, WWI]


j-Arlene Arnold---St. Joseph's Home & Hospital graduation certificate, 1920


k-Stockton H.S. mechanical drawing exercise, 4-28-27 [pencil; by Montalto Egnozio]


l-31 printed photos of radio stars, n.d. c1928


m-St. Mary's H.S., Stockton [?] Graduation Program, 6-45


n-H. Liebes, San Francisco, 1-6-50 [rcpt. For Eliz. A. Tone's wedding dress]


o-"Jack Tone Antiques" South Stockton News (11-4-64) [adv.]


p-Child's spelling test, n.d. ["W.D. May"]


q-Mother's Day card to "Grandmother" from "Richard & Patty," n.d.


r-Roll of visual word puzzles for children, n.d.


s-"50 + Club Membership Certificate," n.d. [blank]


t-[anonymous oil painting of Jack Tone home], n.d.


u-Butterick Publ. Co. "Letter W, No. 1744," n.d.