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Inventory of the Dept. of Public Works. Division of Highways/California Highway Commission Records
F3778; F3779  
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III Oroville Division - Oroville Dam and Reservoir (1968)

Physical Description: 1ff.

Scope and Content Note

Filed separately, photographs (F3778:2767).

VIII Santa Ana Division - Perris Reservoir, Southern California Aqueduct System (1960-1968)

Physical Description: 2ff.

Scope and Content Note

Filed separately, photographs (F3778:2771-2787)

X North San Joaquin Division - Bethany Reservoir to San Luis Forebay (1965-1968)

Physical Description: 1ff.

Scope and Content Note

Filed separately, photographs (F3778:2770).
Folder F3778:2771-2787


Physical Description: 17ff.

Scope and Content Note

General correspondence placed first, organized chronologically. Thereafter, study files arranged alphabetically by title of study.
The Land Economic Study Section investigates the economic effects of freeway development on local communities.

General Correspondence (1950-1954)

Physical Description: 2ff.

Scope and Content Note

- memoranda dealing with economic study goals and procedures, requests by the public for information on the results of economic studies, and copies of replies to requests by right of way agents.

Study Files (1951-1961)

Physical Description: 15ff.

Scope and Content Note

- drafts of studies and working papers comprising memoranda; correspondence received from local businesses reporting on their quarterly profits both before and after freeway development; graphs, charts, and statistical summaries of business trends, land values, and property development; project maps; and before and after photographs of businesses.
Includes studies of the effects on large urban areas, small towns, and agricultural lands, as well as the potential feasibility of toll roads.
Filed separately, photographs removed from studies of Delhi, Santa Rosa, Kingsburg, and Oakland. (F3778:2788-2792).
Folder F3778:2793-2800

106. ROADSIDE REST PROGRAM FILE. 1953, 1966-1974.

Physical Description: 8ff.

Scope and Content Note

Organized into the following categories in the following order: reports; general correspondence; and correspondence relating to specific rest area sites (arranged alphabetically by name of site).
Reports by Division of Highways and private firms on the feasibility and desirability of roadside stops; memoranda; incoming and outgoing correspondence with contractors and the general public; cost data; surveys; background information; project maps; plans; color sketches; and photographs relating to the development of roadside rest areas and information centers along California highways.
Folder F3778:2801-2803

107. SLIDES. Undated.

Physical Description: 220 items. 3 cases filed in Photo Box #8.

Scope and Content Note

Organized into the following categories in the following order: economic development survey slides; service station and motel study slides, and training slides.
Color and black and white slides probably prepared in the 1950's or early 1960's for various presentations.

Economic Development Studies (see Slide Box #1)

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of town or city - 150 slides showing economic development which occurred along the routes of freeways throughout California. Includes scattered charts illustrating changing property values. Numerous scenes of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento.

Service Station and Motels Study (see Slide Box #2)

Scope and Content Note

40 slides of typical roadside facilities in West Sacramento along route No. 40 and similar facilities along route No. 101.

Training Slides (see Slide Box #3)

Scope and Content Note

30 slides illustrating how to read a right of way map, means to be used in carrying out surveys, and ways of assessing property values.

Highway Advisory Committee

Folder F3778:2804

108. FINAL REPORT. 1925.

Physical Description: 1 Vol.

Scope and Content Note

On February 2, 1924, a special Highway Advisory Committee was appointed by the Governor in accordance with the provisions of Stats. 1923, ch. 241, to undertake a study of the state highway system for the purpose of making a report on the state of highway construction in California, methods of obtaining additional revenues, and means of establishing realistic rates at which the system could be constructed and a time to require it to be brought to completion.
Report contains a description of the study, a history of the state highway system; discussion of construction maintenance, bridge building, right of way and county road construction programs; recommendations about improved financing, information on the use of convict labor, maps, and a summary of Committee recommendations. The reports include maps, charts, and graphs.

Highway Maps


109. HIGHWAY MAPS. 1913-1960, and Undated.

Physical Description: 5ff. and 10 Vols.

Scope and Content Note

Official State Highway maps placed first. Thereafter, maps organized chronologically.
Folder F3778:2805-2807

Official State Highway Maps (1913, 1918, 1920, 1922, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1928, 1930, 1938, 1942, 1944, 1946, 1949, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1960)

Physical Description: 3ff.

Scope and Content Note

Maps showing all state highways and listing whether they were constructed under bond issues or built by legislative act. Includes in lower left-hand corner a complete list of state highway routes. Size: 210" by 24". Scale: 1" = 30 miles.
Folder F3778:2808

United States System of Highways (Nov. 11, 1926)

Physical Description: 1 map

Scope and Content Note

Showing all United States highways and the uniform markings approved by the American Association of State Highways officials. Prepared by the Federal Works Agency. Corrected to 1943. Size: 24" by 34". Scale: 1" = 75 miles.
Folder F3778:2809

Federal Aid Highway System: Showing Progress of Improvements and United States Highway System (1929)

Physical Description: 1 Vol.

Scope and Content Note

See index map for the organization of maps within the volume. Maps of each state show existing and proposed Federal Highway system roads. Size: 26" by 110". Scale: 1" = 7.891 miles.
Folder F3778:2810

Highway Transportation Survey of 1934 (1934)

Physical Description: 1 Vol.

Scope and Content Note

Volume organized alphabetically by county. Contains extremely detailed maps of each county within the State, showing the volume of traffic on each road within the county as determined by a January, 1934 survey. Size: 2 by 2. Scale: 1" = 2 miles.
Folder F3778:2811-2814

State-Wide Highway Planning Survey Maps (1937)

Physical Description: 4 Vols.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of county within volumes. Maps of each county within the state prepared from data obtained from the State-Wide Highway Planning Survey. Maps show condition of roads, congested areas, railroads, bridges, trestles, geographic features, and structures. Extremely detailed - frequently two or three maps illustrating a single county. Size: 14" by 16". Scale: varies.
Folder F3778:2815

Highway Map Portfolio (1943)

Physical Description: 1 Vol.

Scope and Content Note

Indexed volume of maps prepared by the Division of Highways showing the following: state highways designated by legislative acts; federally funded roadways; U.S. and State numbered highways; freeways declared by the CHC; highways designated by bond issue; the boundaries of each highway district; and road maps of San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Bakersfield, Fresno, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, Santa Barbara, and Stockton. Size: 2 by 16". Scale: varies.
Folder F3778:2816

Feeder and Access Roads, Not on the State Highway System (1949)

Physical Description: 1 Vol.

Scope and Content Note

Highway district maps and maps of urban areas showing recent construction of feeder and access roads. Size: 2 by 16". Scale: 1" = 10 miles.
Folder F3778:2817) (F3778:2818

District Maps (1946, 1957)

Physical Description: 1ff. and 1 Vol.

Scope and Content Note

Maps showing the boundaries of state highway districts and listing all route and section numbers, as well as roadways constructed with Federal funding.
Maps should be consulted to obtain district, county, route, and section numbers when using series organized in that fashion.
1946: 1 Vol. Size: 110" by 14". Scale: 1" = 1 mi.
1957: 11 maps. Size: 11" by 8½". Scale: 1" = 25 mi.
Folder F3778:2819

Defense Access and Flight Strip Projects Built During World War II. (Undated)

Physical Description: 1 Vol.

Scope and Content Note

Whiteprints arranged alphabetically by county showing access roads constructed to air strips. Size: 16" by 16". Scale: 1" = 2 mi.

Department of Transportation


Office of the Director

Folder F3778:2820-2905


Physical Description: 86ff. 3cf.

Scope and Content Note

Organized alphabetically by subject and chronologically thereunder.
Memoranda; activity reports, traffic studies; minutes of staff meetings and of meetings of the California Transportation Board, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and the Scenic Highways Advisory Commission; copies of speeches and articles; and incoming and outgoing correspondence with officials of other state agencies, and the general public.
Topics dealt with include: accidents, construction of roads, environmental protection (filed under U.S. Bureaus), the energy crisis, honor camps, roadside rest stops, safety, scenic highways, toll bridges, and transportation planning.

Division of Transportation Planning

Folder F3778:2906-2975

111. CENTRAL FILE. 1958-1973.

Physical Description: 3cf.

Scope and Content Note

Organized by Division filing code described below. Thereunder, arranged chronologically unless otherwise mentioned below.
The Division of Transportation inherited the functions of the Department of Urban Planning of the Division of Planning and the responsibility for certain types of traffic counts carried out in conjunction with future transportation planning, previously handled by the Department of Traffic. Certain of the records of those two units were incorporated into the records of the Division of Transportation.

(3) General Correspondence (1966-1968)

Physical Description: 3ff.

Scope and Content Note

Memoranda sent to and received from highway engineers and incoming and outgoing communications with legislators and the general public regarding questions about speed limits, signs posted along freeways, and planned future developments. Special topics dealt with include air transportation (3.1) and mass transportation (3.3).

(4) Intra-Departmental Records (1960-1973)

Physical Description: 5ff.

Scope and Content Note

Annual reports of both the Urban Planning and the Transportation Planning Departments (4.1); minutes and agendas of staff meetings (4.8); organizational charts (4.107); memoranda between staff members dealing with the possible creation of a toll road at Echo Summit (4.53); notes on conferences attended (4.55); and incoming and outgoing correspondence with local governments in Southern California regarding the designation of special bus lanes on freeways (4.58).

(5) Federal Government (1964-1968)

Physical Description: 4ff.

Scope and Content Note

Communications with Federal agencies regarding cooperative programs, memoranda discussing the Division of Highways' position on proposed Federal funding, and Bureau of Public Roads bulletins. Subjects dealt with include the Traffic Operations Program for Increasing Capacity and Safety (TOPICS), and the removal of snow from Echo Tunnel.

(6) Regional Transportation (1958-1969)

Physical Description: 29ff.

Scope and Content Note

Contains the following:
Minutes, resolutions, newsletters, traffic flow reports, population projections, roadway surveys, and aviation plans relating to regional transportation studies in Bakersfield (6.2), in Contra Costa Co. (6.3), in Los Angeles (LARTS) (6.47), Stockton (6.413), Orange County (6.56), and Ventura (6.57), as well as studies carried out in conjunction with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) (6.410).
Special studies files containing reports, memoranda and related correspondence generated during investigations of the advisability of widening the road to Mineral King, of the need for improving roads leading to Yosemite, and of the probable effects on California if the war in Viet Nam were ended in 1969 (6.57).
Memoranda and communications with Federal officials regarding the designation of urban areas for the purpose of receiving Federal funding (6.82).

(7) Publications and Speeches (1968-1973)

Physical Description: 4ff.

Scope and Content Note

By staff members dealing with the subject of advanced transportation planning and programs being carried out by the Department.

(9) Traffic (1961-1968)

Physical Description: 20ff.

Scope and Content Note

Memoranda and incoming and outgoing correspondence with transportation agencies in other states and other countries regarding California's use of computers in traffic studies (9.83); reports received and proposed on accidents occurring on highways (9.72); reports and related memoranda relating to traffic counts carried out to analyze local traffic patterns for the purpose of establishing new routes or redirecting the flow of traffic on existing roadways. General material placed first, reports dealing with specific districts (1,2,4,5, & 7) placed thereafter in order by district (9.73), and progress reports of the Bay Area Transit Study (BATS), and the Regional Transit Plan in the Los Angeles area (9.83).

(10) Sec. 2156 Study (1967-1968)

Physical Description: 4 ff.

Scope and Content Note

Under Section 2156 of the Streets and Highways Code, city and county road improvements are to be yearly audited. Contains minutes, memoranda, and correspondence of the Advisory Committee on Section 2156, which is responsible for this function.

Miscellaneous Photographs

Folder F3778:2976-3043

112. PHOTOGRAPHS, DISTRICTS I - X. 1912 - 1936.

Physical Description: 70ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by district and alphabetically by county thereunder.
Photographs and negatives depicting various stages of highway and road construction projects, including bridges, construction equipment, rural roadside structures, mule and horse drawn equipment, road camp facilities, convict labor, rock quarrying, water damage, tree maintenance, and scenic highways. Also includes photographs on specific subject matter as the Folsom Prison quarry operations, Wells Fargo Station and Trading Post at Timbuctoo (Yuba County), opening ceremonies at The Rocks (San Benito County), construction of the Yolo Trestle.
Counties represented include the following. The appearance of a county under more than one district reflects the pre-1924 changes in district boundaries.
District I
Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, and Mendocino.
District II
Lassen, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama, and Trinity.
District III
Butte, Colusa, El Dorado, Glen, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Sierra, Stanislaus, Sutter, Tuolumne, Yolo, and Yuba.
District IV
Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Sonoma.
District V
Monterey, San Benito, and San Luis Obispo.
District VI
Fresno, Kern, Madera, Mariposa, Merced and Tulare.
District VII
Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Ventura.
District VIII
Imperial, Riverside, and San Bernardino.
District IX
Inyo, Kern and Mono.
District X
Amador, Calaveras, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Stanislaus, Tuolumne, and Yolo,
Folder F3778:3044-3077


Physical Description: 34ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically and by numeric filing system thereunder.
File features aerial contact prints and listing of District II (Redding) topographical mosaics submitted for report and design study.
Folder F3778:3078-3085


Physical Description: 8ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
This file contains cardboard-mounted black and white photographs illustrating various stages of construction of the Carquinez Bridge including views of: the construction wharf, erection of falsework, cofferdams, pumps, concrete piles, fender system, beam grillages, pier anchorage and excavation, floating caissons, pile drivers, steelcutting shoes, anchor barges, ships, viaduct approach, sewer realignment and a bronze fog bell.
Folder F3778:3086-3384


Physical Description: 294f.

Scope and Content Note

Organized by legislative session, records series detailed below, and alphabetically and/or chronologically thereunder

(1) Legislative Committees: committee hearing notices, agenda, correspondence, hearing analyses reports, and related records concerning hearings at which department representatives appeared to present testimony or information. Also includes miscellaneous correspondence with legislators regarding specific legislation and district needs and problems.


(2) Special Subject Files: various issues, problems, or needs as addressed by legislation and/or other legislative responses in a given session.


(3) Agency and Other Legislative Proposals: bill drafts and justifications as submitted by divisional chiefs, district engineers and programs managers; local government, outside agency and organization legislative proposals; progress reports and summary digests of legislation enacted.


(4) Bill Files: proposed amendments; analyses; position statements in support or opposition; enrolled bill reports; Legislative Counsel and other opinions and conflict letters; background information and data; progress and implementation reports; miscellaneous other records on measures sponsored or mentioned by the department.


(5) Federal Legislation: federal legislation monitored, supported or opposed. Includes department or other testimony; correspondence with U.S. legislators and Federal agency officials regarding amendments; compliance, funding, etc.



Folder F3778:3086-3087

(2) Special Subject Files: Budget-Item 271, Blythe Clarion, Item 4022, San Pedro-Terminal Island Bridge; 1962 Statewide Conference on Traffic Accident Reporting and Data Processing.

Physical Description: (2f)
Folder F3778:3088

(4) Bill Files: SB 1, SCR 20, SR 26, ACR 4, HR 40, HR 86, SB 22x, SCR 9x, SCR 12x, SR 15x, SR 25x, AB 27x, AB 60x, HR 78x, HR 107x, HR 23xx, summary of measures passed.

Physical Description: (1f)
Folder F3778:3089-3090

(5) Federal Legislation: correspondence; HR 11199-HR 12135, relocating displacees.

Physical Description: (2f)


Folder F3778:3091-3092

(1) Legislative Committees: Assembly Governmental Efficiency and Economy, Transportation and Commerce, Ways and Means; Joint Interim Committee on Speed Zones and Speed Limit Signs, 1957-58.

Physical Description: (2f)
Folder F3778:3093-3097

(2) Special Subject Files: E.D.P. Indexing of Legislation; Redwood Highway-Avenue of the Giants development; roadside rests and parks development, 1953-63.

Physical Description: (5f)
Folder F3778:3098-3102

(3) Agency and Other Legislative Proposals: includes City of Los Angeles, State Building and Construction Trades Council; miscellaneous proposals; bill reports and digests

Physical Description: (5f)
Folder F3778:3103-3115

(4) Bill Files: SB 6-SB 1592, SCA 4-SCA 24, SCR 5-SCR 68, SJR 3, SJR 11, SR 33, SR 109

Physical Description: (13f)
Folder F3778:3116-3129

AB 16-AB 3160, ACA 6-ACA 58, ACR 34-ACR 75, AJR 5-AJR 41, HR 43-HR 584

Physical Description: (14f)
Folder F3778:3130

HR 102x

Physical Description: (1f)
Folder F3778:3131-3133

(5) Federal Legislation: general, correspondence, exchange of land with USN-Monterey Freeway

Physical Description: (3f)


Folder F3778:3134

(3) Miscellaneous Legislative Proposals

Physical Description: (1f)
Folder F3778:3135

(4) Bill Files: SB 1, SB 3, SCR 2, SJR 1, SJR 2, AB 1,

Physical Description: (1f)
Folder F3778:3136

SB 14x-SB 44x, SJR 1x, SJR 3x, SR 58x

Physical Description: (1f)
Folder F3778:3137

AB 9x-AB 177x, ACR 3x-ACR 67x, HR 251x-HR 392x

Physical Description: (1f)
Folder F3778:3138

SB 2xx, AB 1xx

Physical Description: (1f)


Folder F3778:3139-3146

(1) Legislative Committees: Assembly Judiciary, Natural Resources, Planning and Public Works, Transportation and Commerce, Ways and Means and Assembly correspondence; Senate General Research, Natural Resources, Transportation and Public Utilities

Physical Description: (6f)
Folder F3778:3147-3149

(2) Special Subject Files: Beaches and Parks; December 1964 flood damage to highways and bridges in Del Norte, Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino counties (36 photos); Wrong-Way Driver studies

Physical Description: (3f)
Folder F3778:3150-3151

(3) Agency and Other Legislative Proposals: agency including Bridge Department and City of Los Angeles

Physical Description: (2f)
Folder F3778:3152-3166

(4) Bill Files: SB 1-SB 1350, SCA 13, SCA 21, SCR 12-SCR 89, SJR 1-SJR 43, SR 2-SR 299

Physical Description: (15f)
Folder F3778:3167-3179

AB 3-AB 3461, ACA 2-ACA 72, ACR 28-ACR 128, AJR 26, AJR 35, HR 28-HR 182

Physical Description: (13f)
Folder F3778:3180

SR 23x, SCR 4xx, SCR 6xx, ACR 9xx,

Physical Description: (1f)


Folder F3778:3181

(1) Legislative Committees: Assembly Natural Resources, Planning and Public Works

Physical Description: (1f)
Folder F3778:3182-3186

(2) Special Subject Files: Californians for Modern Highways, Inc. promoting freeway construction; highway beautification-regulation of junkyards and preservation of scenic areas

Physical Description: (5f)
Folder F3778:3187-3189

(4) Bill Files: SB 26x, AB 51x-AB 193x, ACA 4x, ACA 13x, ACR 7x-ACR 44x, HR 52x-HR 551x

Physical Description: (3f)
Folder F3778:3190

SB 2xx, SB 5xx, AB 3xx

Physical Description: (1f)
Folder F3778:3191-3198

(5) Federal Legislation: bills; correspondence; Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964 - research applications; Interstate 40 rerouting around Needles; Public Works and Economic Act of 1965; HR 15963, Department of Transportation Act; Federal Aid Highway Act of 1966; S 3052, Highway Safety Act of 1966

Physical Description: (8f)


Folder F3778:3199-3200

(1) Legislative Committees: Assembly Natural Resources, Planning and Public Works, Revenue and Taxation, Transportation and Commerce; Senate Transportation and Public Utilities

Physical Description: (2f)
Folder F3778:3201-3204

(2) Special Subject Files: Highway Safety Research Program, 1961-66; Speed Limit Study; Transportation-Employment Project

Physical Description: (4f)
Folder F3778:3205-3216

(4) Bill Files: Preprint SB 1, SB 2-SB 1524, SCA 8-SCA 53, SCR 21-SCR 80, SJR 7-SJR 8, SR 21-SR 346

Physical Description: (12f)
Folder F3778:3217-3231

AB 3-AB 2570, ACA 11-ACA 45, ACR 27-ACR 140, AJR 19, HR 55-HR 570

Physical Description: (15f)
Folder F3778:3232

SCR 1xx, SCR 2xx

Physical Description: (1f)


Folder F3778:3233-3234

(1) Legislative Committees: Assembly Governmental Organization, Industrial Relations, Natural Resources, Planning and Public Works

Physical Description: (2f)
Folder F3778:3235-3239

(2) Special Subject Files: Auburn Dam and Route 49 location; California State Development Plan Program; National California Coastal Scenic Redwood Road Committee; Park access roads; San Francisco freeway problems, 1962-68

Physical Description: (5f)
Folder F3778:3240-3242

(3) Agency and Other Legislative Proposals: general; assessment of stateowned property

Physical Description: (3f)
Folder F3778:3243-3251

(4) Bill Files: SB 2-SB 1225, SCR 14-SCR 104, SJR 6, SJR 10, SR 57-SR 336,

Physical Description: (9f)
Folder F3778:3252-3268

AB 2-AB 2090, ACA 40, ACR 3-ACR 166, HR 95-HR 576

Physical Description: (17f)
Folder F3778:3268a

SB 17x, SJR 1x, SR 12x, AB 12x, AB 13x

Physical Description: (1f)
Folder F3778:3269-3285

(5) Federal Legislation: bills, miscellaneous correspondence; DOT proposed legislation; Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Act of 1966; Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1968; Federal Aid highway funds correspondence; Highway User Act of 1968; Home Rule Road Program; S 2658, Vehicle Weight and Width Limitations; proposed rules re: public hearings on location and design approval covering all Federal-Aid highway projects

Physical Description: (17f)


Folder F3778:3286-3292

(1) Legislation Committees: Assembly Natural Resources and Conservation, Transportation and Commerce, Transportation; Joint-Committee on Open Space Lands; miscellaneous Senate committees

Physical Description: (7f)
Folder F3778:3293-3302

(2) Special Subject Files: air space utilization; gas tax subventions; Mammoth Lakes-billboard regulations; Minaret Summit highway proposal; Mulholland Drive development; Rapid transit development and financing for BART and Southern California.

Physical Description: (10f)
Folder F3778:3303

(3) Agency and Other Legislative Proposals

Physical Description: (1f)
Folder F3778:3304-3320

(4) Bill Files: SB 2-SB 1427, SCA 7, SCR 15-SCR 162, SJR 19, SR 31-SR 375.

Physical Description: (17f)
Folder F3778:3321-3339

AB 2-AB 2539, ACA 58-ACA 69, ACR 17-ACR 194, AJR 12, AJR 59, HR 15-HR 426.

Physical Description: (19f)


Folder F3778:3340

(2) Special Subject Files: agriculture gas tax refunds.

Physical Description: (1f)
Folder F3778:3341

(3) Agency and Other Legislature Proposals

Physical Description: (1f)
Folder F3778:3342-3356

(4) Bill Files: SB 4-SB 1411, SCA 5-SCA 14, SCR 2-SCR 90, SJR 8, SJR 9, SR 146-SR 363

Physical Description: (15f)
Folder F3778:3357-3377

Preprint AB 8-AB 19, AB 1-AB 2528, ACA 8-ACA 66, ACR 4-ACR 188, AJR 4-AJR 42, HR 54-HR 235.

Physical Description: (21f)
Folder F3778:3378-3384

(5) Federal Legislation: HR 135, Mass Transportation Financing Act; HR 6508 and HR 6509, California Disaster Relief Act, HR 11870, vehicle weight and width limitations; HR 14741, Federal Aid Highway Act; S 2425 National Transportation Act of 1969; S 3619 Disaster Relief Act of 1970; AASHO 1969 correspondence.

Physical Description: (7f)
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