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Guide to the League of American Writers Archives, [ca. 1935-1942]

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: League of American Writers Archives,
Date (inclusive): [ca. 1935-1942]
Collection Number: BANC MSS 72/242 z
Origination: League of American Writers
Extent: Number of containers: 6 boxes, 5 oversize folders
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Administrative, correspondence, congresses, affiliated group and publication materials concerning the activities and interests of the League.
Languages Represented: English

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Brief History

The League of American Writers was established in April, 1935, at the First American Writers' Congress, to be "a voluntary association of writers dedicated to the preservation and extension of a truly democratic culture." Waldo Frank was elected to be the first national chairman.
In pursuit of its aim to combat the forces of fascism and reaction, the League greatly expanded its activities under the leadership of Donald Ogden Stewart and Franklin Folsom, who were chosen respectively as national chairman and executive secretary at the second Writers Congress in 1937. Many famous anti-fascist writers were rescued from concentration camps in Europe by the Exiled Writers Committee; thousands of dollars were collected for medical aid to the Spanish Loyalists; violations of civil liberties and instances of illiberalism in the United States were publicized and protested.
Establishment and maintenance of writers' schools and regional writers' conferences, continuing forums, meetings, lectures, and the organization of four writers' congresses on a national scale reflected the League's interest in the furtherance of American letters. Its publications afford additional records of the political and literary activities of the group from its inception until its dissolution in 1942.

Scope and Content

The archives of the League of American Writers were purchased by the Berkeley Library of the University of California from Franklin Folsom in 1966. The collection has been microfilmed and the master negative is on file in the Rare Books and Special Collections Department.
Students and researchers who wish to publish quotations from these materials must secure permission from the owners of the literary rights.


The archives are organized in twenty-six parts, in which the original arrangement has been preserved as nearly as possible:
    Part 1-7
    Administrative records
    Part 8
    Correspondence and papers by individual authors
    Part 9-12
    National congresses
    Part 13-21
    Records of affiliated groups
    Part 22
    Part 23
    Photographs (Transferred to pictorial collection)
    Part 24
    Part 25
    Undated miscellany
    Part 26

Author Index to Correspondence and Papers

Albee, George 8:A1
Alegria, Ciro 12:3
Allsberg, Henry G. 10:7
Anderson, Sherwood 8:A2-3
Appel, Benjamin 12:1
Aptheker, Herbert 12:2
Aragon, Louis 8:A4-513:3
Arnold, Thurman 8:A6
Auden, Wystan Hugh 8:A7
Banning, Margaret Culkin 8:B1-3
Barnes, Joseph 8:B4
Barnouw, Erik 12:2
Benes, Edvard 8:B5
Benet, Stephen Vincent 8:B6
Bessie, Alvah 12:3
Biddle, Francis 8:B7
Biele, Harry 8:C8
Blake, Ellen 8:A2
Bloch, Ernest 8:B8
Bodenheim, Maxwell 10:7
Bodet, J. Torres 12:3
Bonner, Amy 8:B
Botkin, B. A. 8:B10-11
Brand, Millen 8:B1212:1
Brandon, Tom 8:M4
Brewster, Dorothy 8:B1312:2
Bromfield, Louis 8:B14
Brooks, Obed 8:B15
Brooks, Van Wyck 8:B16-20L11
Browder, Earl 10:7
Buck, Pearl S. 8:B21
Budzislawski, Herman 8:B22
Burgum, Edwin Berry 12:2
Burt, Struthers 8:B24-25
Caldwell, Erskine 8:C1-2
Canby, Henry S. 8:C5
Carlisle, Harry 10:7
Carneiro, Cecelio J. 12:3
Carse, Robert 8:C612:1
Chevigny, Hector 12:2
Clurman, Harold 8:C7
Cole, Joseph H. 8:C8
Copland, Aaron 8:C9
Corey, Lewis 8:C10
Corwin, Norman 8:C11
Cowley, Malcolm 8:C12-1410:7
Crichton, Kyle 10:7
Cronbach, Robert 12:1
Day-Lewis, Cecil 8:D1-2
Deutsch, Babette 8:L14
Dillon, George 8:D3-4
Domini, Ambrogio 8:D5
Donato, Pietro di 8:D6
Draper, Muriel 10:7
Drasutin, Fodor 8:W21
Dreiser, Theodore 8:D7-15
Duranty, Walter 10:7
Early, Stephen 8:R13-18
Einstein, Albert 8:E1
Falcon, Cesar 12:3
Fearing, Kenneth 8:F1
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield 8:F2-4
Flexner, Eleanor 12:2
Folsom, Franklin 12:18:F5 (and passim.)
Frank, Waldo 8:F6-8
Frankfurter, Felix 8:F9-10
Franzen, Erich 8:F11
Freeman, Joseph 8:F12
Gelihorn, Martha 10:7
Georg, Manfred 8:G1
Gilbert, Enrique Gil 12:3
Gold, Michael 8:L1612:2
Graf, Oskar Maria 8:G2-3
Grafton, Samuel 8:G4
Graves, Lillian M. 8:L17
Greenleaf, Richard 8:G5
Gregory, Horace 8:G6
Guthrie, Ramon 8:G7
Hale, Hope 8:H1
Halper, Albert 8:H2
Hammett, Dashiell 8:H312:1
Harris, Tjader 12:1
Hart, Henry 10:7
Hemingway, Ernest 8:C12H4-610:7
Herskovits, Melville J. 8:H7-9
Hicks, Granville 10:7
Hoffmeister, Adolf 8:H10-11
Holmes, Eugene C. 12:1
Hook, Sidney 8:19
Hudicourt, Max L. 8:H12
Huebsch, B. W. 8:H13-14
Hughes, Langston 8:H15
Humphries, Ralph 10:7
Hurst, Fannie 8:H16-18
Ivens, Joris 10:7
Jackson, Gardner 8:J1
Jackson, Robert Houghwout 8:J2
Kennell, Ruth Epperson 12.3
Kent, Paul 12:1
Kent, Rockwell 12:1
Klein, Jerome 12:1
Knight, Eric 8:K1
Koerner, Daniel 12:1
LaFarge, Oliver 8:L3,5,1
LaMore, Chet 12:1
Lanham, Edwin 8:L6
Lapsley, Mary 12:3
Laredo, Federico 8:L7
Lawson, John Howard 12:2-3
Lengyel, Emil 8:18
Lennon, Florence Becker 8:19-29
Leonhard, Rudolf 8:L30-33
Lerner, Max 8:L34
Lozowick, Louis 12:1
Ludwig, Emil 8:L35
Lyra, Carmen 12:3
McCausland, Elizabeth 12:1
McFee, William 8:M1
McHenry, Beth 8:L15
McKay, Claude 8:L18
MacLeish, Archibald 8:M2-3410:7
Maltz, Albert 8:M35-37
Mann, Heinrich 8:M39
Mann, Klaus 8:M38
Mann, Thomas 8:M40-44
Maurois, Andre 8:M45
Meisel, James H. 8:L28
Messersmith, George 7:36
Mumford, Lewis K. 8:L25M46-48
Muzzey, David S. 8:A3
Nathan, Robert 8:N1
Nelken, Margarita 12:3
Neuwirth, Morris 12:1
Oboler, Arch 8:01
Osmers, Frank C. 8:W10
Page, Charles 12:1
Parker, Dorothy 8:P1
Prokosch, Frederic 8:P3
Putnam, Samuel 8:P412:1,3
Radwanski, Thaddeus A. 8:R1
Raymond, Margaret Thomsen 12:30
Reade, Leslie 8:R2
Regler, Gustav 8:R3
Renn, Ludwig 8:R4-711:4
Rexroth, Kenneth 8:R8
Richards, Robert 12:2
Riesel, Victor 8:L16
Robinson, Earl 8:R9
Roe, Wellington 8:R1012:1
Rome, Harold J. 8:R11
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano 8:R12-18
Rosotov, T. 8:R19
Saroyan, William 8:S1
Schappes, Morris U. 8:32
Schneider, Isidor 8:33
Schuman, Henry 8:M15-16
Seldes, George 8:34-5
Shayon, Robert Lewis 8:36
Shecan, Vincent 8:S7-13
Sherwood, Robert 8:S14
Sillen, Samuel 12:3
Sinclair, Upton 8:S15-21
Snow, Edgar 8:S22
Speer, Robert K. 12:1
Spender, Stephen 8:S23
Stead, Christina 8:S24
Stewart, Donald Ogden 8:325-610:712:1
Stuart, Robert 8:S27
Taggard, Genevieve 8:T1-212:1
Tao, H. C. 10:7
Thomas, J. Parnell 8:S5
Toller, Ernst 8:T3
Tong, Jocelyn 8:L27
Uhse, Bodo 8:U1
Undset, Sigrid 8:U2
Untermeyer, Jean Starr 8:U3
Van Doren, Carl 8:V1-2
Wallace, Henry A. 8:W1
Ward, Lem 12:2
Ward, Lynd 12:3
Ward, Mary McNeer 12:3
Warner, H. M. 8:W2
Warner, Sylvia Townsend 8:W3-5
Westlake, Neda 8:D16
Wheelwright, John 8:L12, 18
Wilder, Thornton 8:W6-8
Wiley, Max 8:W9
Williams, Albert Rhys 10:7
Williams, Florence 8:W10
Williams, William Carlos 8:W10-13
Winwar, Frances 8:L10
Wolf, Else 8:W14
Wolf, Friedrich 8:W15-22
Wood, Charles Erskine Scott 8:W23
Wright, Richard 8:2412:1
Zukofsky, Louis 8:R8


Administrative Records

Box 1, part 1

League of American Writers Bulletin 1936-42


Executive Committee and National Board

part 2, item 1

Minutes 1935-38

item 2

Minutes 1939-41

item 3

Membership lists n.d.


Exiled Writers Committee

part 3

Minutes 1939-41


Exiled Writers Committee

part 4

Reports; bulletins; news accounts 1939-40


Exiled Writers Committee

Box 2, part 5, item 1-31

Fund-raising activities 1940-42


Exiled Writers Committee

part 6, item 1-26

Rescue activities 1940-41


League of American Writers

part 7, item 1-4

Annual records 1935-6

item 5-12

Annual records 1937

item 13-28.5

Annual records 1938

item 29-56

Annual records 1939

item 57-90

Annual records 1940

item 91-123

Annual records 1941

item 124-147

Annual records 1942


Correspondence and Papers

Box 2, part 8, item A1

Albee, George. TLS 2 Nov 1939

item A2-3

Anderson, Sherwood. TLS (with letters by Blake and Muzzey) [Nov 1936]

23 May 1939


Aragon, Louis

item A4

Signed address 2 Jne 1939

item A5

Address 2 Jne 1939

item A6

Arnold, Thurman. TLS 7 May 1938

item A7

Auden, W. H. TLS 8 Feb 1939


Banning, Margaret Culkin

part 8, item B1

TLS 24 Jne 1938

item B2

TLS 10 Feb 1939

item B3

TLS (With letter by Folsom and proof) 11 Mar 1939

item B4

Barnes, Joseph. The highbrow press 7 Jan 1936

item B5

Benes, Edvard. Address (revised draft and final version) 2 Jne 1939

item B6

Benet, Stephen Vincent. TLS n.d.

item B7

Biddle, Francis. TLS 25 Dec 1941

item B8

Bloch, Ernest. International humanism and anti-fascist literature. Signed address 4 Jne 1939

item B9

Bonner, Amy. TLS 13 May 1939


Botkin, B. A

item B10

The folk and the people 4 Jne 1939

item B11

The folk and the writer. Signed address 4 Jne 1939

item B12

Brand, Miller. The dimension of characters. Signed address 4 Jne 1939

item B13

Brewster, Dorothy. Why are there not more short stories? Signed address 4 Jne 1939

item B14

Bromfield, Louis. TLS 17 Feb 1939

item B15

Brooks, Obed. Orestes Brownson and working-class revolt n.d.


Brooks, Van Wyck

item B16

ALS 17 Apr 1939

item B17

ALS 28 Apr 1939

item B18

Postcard 19 Jne 1938

item B19

ALS 17 Dec 1938

item B20

Postcard 1 Jan 1939

item B21

Buck, Pearl S. TLS 4 Jan 1939

item B22

Budzislawski, Herman. ALS 20 Sept 1940

item B23

Burke, Kenneth. Reactionary rhetoric in the United States 4 Jne 1939


Burt, Struthers

item B24

TLS 13 Dec 1937

item B25

ALS 19 Jan 1938


Caldwell, Erskine

Box 3, part 8, item C1

TLS 16 Jne 1937

item C2

TLS 14 Jly 1942


Folsom, Franklin

item C3

(Wire) n.d.

item C4

TL n.d.

item C5

Canby, Henry S. TLS 11 Nov 1938

item C6

Carse, Robert. Notes on the technique of writing (Address) 22 Jan 1941

item C7

Clurman, Harold. The theatre up from Broadway 1 Jan 1936

item C8

Cole, Joseph H. Give me liberty. (Radio broadcast) 29 May 1939

item C8.1

Biele, Harry. TLS 27 May 1939

item C9

Copland, Aaron. American music. (Address) 9 Dec 1935

item C10

Corey, Lewis. [The crisis of the middle class] (Address) 20 Jan 1936

item C11

Corwin, Norman. Poetry and radio. (Address) 3 Jne 1939


Cowley, Malcolm

item C12

TLS 18 Mar 1940

item C13

TLS 29 Jly 1940

item C14

Exiles in New York. (Address) n.d.


Day-Lewis, Cecil

part 8, item D1

TLS 12 Mar [1940?]

item D2

TLS 17 Mar 1940


Dillon, George

item D3

TLS 1939

item D4

TLS 17 Jne 1942

item D5

Domini, Ambrogio. A message of hope from Italian writers. (Address) 4 Jne 1939

item D6

Donato, Pietro di. TLS(?) n.d.


Dreiser, Theodore

item D7

ALS (Photostat) 18 Aug 1938

item D8

TLS. (Photostat) 5 Spt 1938

item D9

TLS. (Photostat) 9 Dec 1938

item D10

Telegram 1 Apr 1939

item D10.1

League of American Writers Telegram 3 Apr 1939


Dreiser, Theodore

item D11

(Address) Paris 23 Jly 1938

item D12

Address given to National Council meeting 24 Aug 1938

item D13

Address 15 Spt 1938

item D14

Address 18 Jly 1940

item D15

Photographs, memorabilia

item D16

Westlake, Neda. TLS 17 Apr 1953

item D16.1

Folsom, Franklin. TL 15 Jne 1953

item D16.2

Westlake, Neda. TLS 15 Jne 1953

item D16.3

Folsom, Franklin. TL 13 Oct 1953


Westlake, Neda

item D16.4

TLS 19 Oct 1953

item D16.5

TLS 19 Nov 1953

item D16.6

TLS 8 Jan 1954

part 8, item E1

Einstein, Albert. TLS (two drafts, one signed) 21 May 1937

part 8, item F1

Fearing, Kenneth. TLS 27 Oct 1939


Fisher, Dorothy Canfield

item F2

TLS 23 Jne 1938

item F3

TLS 21 Jne 1939

item F4

TLS 25 Spt 1940

item F5

Folsom, Franklin. Report... for the period June, 1939, to June, 1941. (Three drafts, one signed) [Jne 1941]


Frank, Waldo

item F6

Civil war in Europe [1939?]

item F7

TLS 12 Apr 1939

item F8

TLS [Apr 1939?]


Frankfurter, Felix

item F9

TLS 3 Dec 1937

item F10

TLS 14 Spt 1938

item F11

Franzen, Erich. The problems facing the exiled writer. Signed address 4 Jne 1939

item F12

Freeman, Joseph. The democratic idea 4 Jne 1939

part 8, item G1

Georg, Manfred. German writers in U.S.A 4 Jne 1939


Graf, Oskar Maria

item G2

Meine Damen und Herren... with translation by Slochower 4 Jne 1939

item G3

The German "Kulture"-heritage: errors and gains. (In English) Signed address 4 Jne 1939

item G4

Grafton, Samuel. TLS 6 Dec 1939

item G5

Greenleaf, Richard. Fragment of radio broadcast 18 Jly 1938

item G6

Gregory, Horace. Copy of letter 16 Dec 1939

item G7

Guthrie, Ramon. ALS 28 Feb 1940

part 8, item H1

Hale, Hope. Getting social facts into mass fiction 4 Jne 1939

item H2

Halper, Albert. Copy of letter [1939?]

item H3

Hammett, Dashiell. The need for tempo in the contemporary novel. Signed address 4 Jne 1937


Hemingway, Ernest

item H4

[Problems of a writer in war time] 4 Jne 1937

item H5

TLS 9 Apr 1939

item H6

Wire 23 Jne 1939


Herskovits, Melville J

item H7

TLS 18 Jly 1939

item H8

The Negro in American literature, past and future. Paper first presented 2 Jne 1939 18 Jly 1939

item H9

TLS 21 Jly 1939


Hoffmeister, Adolf

item H10

ALS 26 Aug 1940

item H11

ALS 11 Spt 1940

item H12

Hudicourt, Max L. Tribute to Jacques Roumain n.d.


Huebsch, B. W

item H13

Problems of publishing poetry 3 Jne 1939

item H14

TLS 22 Oct 1940

item H15

Hughes, Langston. Democracy and me 2 Jne 1939


Hurst, Fannie

item H16

TLS 18 Dec 1937

item H17

TLS 3 Oct 1940

item H18

Address 17 Oct 1940

part 8, item J1

Jackson, Gardner. TLS 5 Oct 1939

item J2

Jackson, Robert Houghwout. TLS 10 Mar 1939

part 8, item K1

Knight, Eric. Address 9 Oct 1941


La Farge, Oliver

part 8, item L1

TL (copy) 3 Nov 1939

item L3

TLS 3 Dec 1939

item L5

Excerpt from a letter to Senator Norris 21 Mar 1940

item L6

Lanham, Edwin. Regional material and the novel. Signed address 4 Jne 1939

item L7

Laredo, Federico. TLS 19 May 1939

item L8

Lengyel, Emil. Address 9 Oct 1941

item L9

Hook, Sidney. TL (copy) 29 May 1939


Winwar, Frances

item L10

TL (copy) 5 Jne 1939

item L10.1

TL (copy) 5 May 1939

item L10.2

American center of the International P.E.N. Congress 1939

item L11

Brooks, Van Wyck. TL (copy) 6 Jne 1939

item L12

Wheelwright, John. TL (copy) 6 Jne 1939

item L13

League for Cultural Freedom and Socialism. Manifesto (copy) 6 Jne 1939

item L14

McKay, Claude. Where the news ends. Article in The New Leader (copy) 10 Jne 1939


Deutsch, Babette

item L14.1

TL (copy) 11 Jne 1939

item L14.2

TL (copy) n.d.

item L15

McHenry, Beth. Article (copy) n.d.

item L16

Gold, Michael. Change the world (copy) n.d.

item L16.1

Riesel, Victor. New cultural committee grows rapidly (copy) n.d.

item L17

Graves, Lillian M. TL (copy) 14 Jne 1939

item L18

McKay, Claude. TL (copy) 15 Jne 1939

item L18.1

Wilson, Edmund. TL (copy) 21 Jne 1939

item L18.2

Wheelwright, John. TLS (photostat) 21 Jne 1939


Lennon, Florence Becker

item L19

Resolution (copy) 1939

item L20

TL (copy) 3 Jne 1939

item L21

TL (copy) 16 Jne 1939

item L22

TL (copy) 29 Jne 1939

item L23

The pen, the ax, and the axis (copy) n.d.

item L24

Culture 18 in exile (copy) n.d.

item L25

Mumford, Lewis. TLS (photostat) 14 Jne 1939


Lennon, Florence Becker

item L25.1

TL (copy) 27 Jne 1939

item L26

TL (photostat) 30 Jne 1939

item L27

Tong, Jocelyn. TLS (photostat) 3 Jly 1939

item L28

Meisel, James H. TLS (Photostat) 13 Jly 1939

item L29

Exiles' woes move Writers Congress (photostat) n.d.


Leonhard, Rudolf

item L30

ALS 15 Apr 1940

item L31

ALS 19 Aug 1940

item L32

ALS 20 Aug 1940

item L33

Christmas song 1939

item L34

Lerner, Max. The Supreme Court and American capitalism. Address 23 Mar 1936

item L35

Ludwig, Emil. TLS 3 Dec 1937

part 8, item M1

McFee, William. TLS 14 Sep 1939


MacLeish, Archibald

item M2-M24

Correspondence 1937

item M25-M34

Correspondence and reprints 1939-1940


Maltz, Albert

item M35

Problems of organizing authors for the Authors' Guild [1939?]

item M36

War or peace; the American writer's role 1939-[1940?]

item M37

Address 4 Apr [19411

item M38

Mann, Klaus. Europe--America. Signed address 6 Aug 1939

item M39

Mann, Heinrich. TLS 14 Oct 1940


Mann, Thomas

item M40

Wire 4 Jne 1937

item M41

[The restoration of democracy in Germany ] 2 Jne 1939

item M42

TLS [Dec 1939]

item M43

TLS 18 Jan 1940

item M44

TLS 18 Jan 1940

item M45

Maurois, André. Wire 15 Oct 1940


Mumford, Lewis

item M46

TLS 5 Mar 1937

item M47

Wire 4 Jne 1937

item M48

TLS 21 Dec 1937

part 8, item N1

Nathan, Robert. ALS [1937]

part 8, item O1

Oboler, Arch. Address 3 Jne 1939

part 8, item P1

Parker, Dorothy. [Sophisticated verse] 3 Jne 1939

item P2

Poets against war. Radio script n.d.

item P3

Prokosch, Frederic. ALS [1939?]

item P4

Putnam, Samuel. Fascism and literature n.d.

Box 4, part 8, item R1

Radwanski, Thaddeus A. On the importance of American creative writing in language other than English 4 Jne 1939

item R2

Reade, Leslie. Observations on plot in drama 3 Jne 1939

item R3

Regler, Gustav. ALS 26 Mar 1939


Renn, Ludwig

item R4

The writer without a country. Holograph draft and typed copy n.d.

item R5

Why does a pacifist defend Madrid? n.d.

item R6

Who will win the war in Spain...? n.d.

item R7

Lecture brochure n.d.


Rexroth, Kenneth

item R8

The crisis, poem 1936

item R8.1

ALS 3 Feb 1936

item R8.2

Zukovsky, Louis. ALS [1936]

item R9

Robinson, Earl. Music and poetry 3 Jne 1939

item R10

Roe, Wellington. The old black art 4 Jne 1939

item R11

Rome, Harold J. The Yanks aren't coming!

Original manuscript, offset copy, copyright notice
3 May 1940

item R12

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. TLS 23 Apr 1938


Early, Stephen

item R13

TLS 27 Apr 1938

item R14

TLS 3 May 1938

item R15

TLS 16 Jan 1939

item R16

TLS 4 Apr 1939

item R17

TLS 30 Oct 1939

item R18

TLS 19 Mar 1940

item R19

Rosotov, T. TLS 16 May 1939

part 8, item S1

Saroyan, William. TLS 19 Dec 1938

item S2

Schappes, Morris U. TLS 20 Nov 1939

item S3

Schneider, Isidor. Whose bad taste? 16 Nov 1936


Seldes, George

item S4

TLS 10 Jne 1940

item S5

Address 31 Aug 1940

item S5.1

Thomas, J. Parnell. Our fifth column 10 Jne 1940

item S6

Shayon, Robert Lewis. Writing radio fantasy 3 Jne 1939


Sheean, Vincent

item S7

TLS 29 Dec [1937]

item S8

TLS 20 Jan 1938

item S9

TLS 15 Feb 1938

item S10

TLS 29 May 1939

item S11

TLS 9 Oct 1939

item S12

The "popular front" in France [3 Mar 1938]

item S13

[The writer and the people]. Signed address [2 Jne 1939]

item S14

Sherwood, Robert. TLS 13 Dec 1937


Sinclair, Upton

item S15

Wire 3 Jne 1937

item S16

TLS 18 May 1939

item S17

TLS 21 Jne 1939

item S18

TLS 21 Oct 1939

item S19

TLS 2 Sep 1940

item S20

TLS 20 Sep 1940

item S21

TLS 23 Oct 1940

item S22

Snow, Edgar. The battle of Asia. Signed address [9 Oct 1941]

item S23

Spender, Stephen. ALS 14 Jan ....

item S24

Stead, Christina. Uses of the many-charactered novel. Three drafts 4 Jne 1939


Stewart, Donald Ogden

item S25

Address 4 Jne 1937

item S26

Signed address 2 Jne 1939

item S27

Stuart, Robert. Organized economic action by writers. 1837-1937 n.d.


Taggard, Genevieve

part 8, item T1

TLS n.d.

item T2

Poem n.d.

item T3

Toiler, Ernst. TLS [1937]

part 8, item U1

Uhse, Bodo. Address 4 Jne 1939

item U2

Undset, Sigrid. TLS 28 May 1942

item U3

Untermeyer, Jean Starr. The poet's responsibility 3 Jne 1939


Van Doren, Carl

part 8, item V1

TLS 18 Dec 1937

item V2

TLS 14 Dec 1939

part 8, item W1

Wallace, Henry A. TLS 6 Mar 1939

item W2

Warner, H. M. TLS 26 May 1939


Warner, Sylvia Townsend

item W3

TLS n.d.

item W4

Address 2 Jne 1939

item W5

Problems of contemporaneity in the historical novel. Two drafts 4 Jne 1939


Wilder, Thornton

item W6

ALS n.d.

item W7

ALS 30 May 1935

item W8

Wire 20 Jne 1938

item W9

Wiley, Max. Writing for radio 3 Jne 1939


Williams, William Carlos

item W10

ALS. With ALS by Florence Williams 26 Feb 1939

item W11

ALS 20 May 1939

item W12

ALS 27 May 1939

item W13

Comp. Writers of the American Revolution n.d.

item W14

Wolf, Else. ALS 3 Feb 1940


Wolf, Friedrich

item W15

ALS. With translation 27 Nov 1939

item W16

ALS 11 Jan 1940

item W17

ALS 5 Feb 1940

item W18

ALS 18 Apr 1940

item W19

ALS. With translation 23 May 1940

item W20

ALS. With translation 24 Jne 1940

item W21

ALS 1940

item W22

TLS 21 Mar 1941

item W23

Wood, Charles Erskine Scott. ALS 17 Feb 1940

item W24

Wright, Richard. The American writer in a democratic society. Radio script 24 Jne 1938


National Congresses

Box 4, part 9, item 1-5

First American Writers Congress 26-28 Apr 1935

part 10, item 1-13

Second American Writers Congress 4-6 Jne 1937

part 11, item 1-39

Third American Writers Congress 2-4 Jne 1939


Fourth American Writers Congress 6-8 Jne 1941

Box 5, part 12, item 1-4

In bound volumes

item 5-19

In folder


Records of Affiliated Groups

Box 6, part 13, item 1-3

International Association of Writers for the Defense of Culture n.d.

part 14, item 1-7

Philippine Writers League 1940-1942


Hollywood Chapter

part 15, item 1-2

Records 1939-1942

item 3


part 16, item 1-7

School for Writers 1940-1942

part 17, item 1-10

Northern California Branch 1937-1939

part 18

New England Group 1937

part 19, item 1-15

New York Writers School 1937-1942

part 20, item 1-2

Southwest Writers' Congress 1937

part 21, item 1-10

Western Writers' Congress 1936-1937



Box 6, part 22, item 1

Bourne, Randolph. The war and the intellectuals.

(Reprinted from Huebsch, B.W. Untimely papers, 1919)

item 2

Writers take sides 1938

item 3

We hold these truths... 1939

item 4

The clipper...

[note: remove for separate cataloging]

item 5

Anti-war bibliography 1940

item 6

Trumbo, Dalton. Harry Bridges; a discussion of the latest effort to deport civil liberties and the rights of American labor 1941

item 7

Books as weapons... 1942

item 8

Maltz, Albert. The citizen writer... 1943

item 9

Minton, Bruce. Washington's Cliveden set.

(Reprinted from New masses, Feb. 24, 1942)


Photographs, Negatives, Undated Miscellany

Box 6, part 23, item 1-11

Photographs: transferred to Pictorial Collection

item 12-15

Photographs of Ludwig Renn and Ernest Hemingway: transferred to Pictorial Collection

part 24

Negatives: transferred to Pictorial Collection

part 25, item 1-20

Undated miscellany



oversize Oversize Box 1, part 26, item 1

Clippings mounted in binder 1935-1940

oversize Oversize Box 2, item 2

Clippings related to Exiled Writers Committee. (Mounted in binder)

Box 6, item 3

Clippings in folder 1935

item 4

Clippings in folder 1937

item 5

Clippings in folder 1938

item 6

Clippings in folder 1939

item 7

Clippings in folder 1940

item 8

Clippings in folder 1941

item 9

Clippings in folder

oversize Oversize Box 3, item 10

Clippings related to Second American Writers Congress. (Mounted in binder.) 1937

oversize Oversize Box 4, item 11

Clippings mounted in binder Oct 1937-Jne 1939

oversize Oversize Box 5, item 12

Clippings mounted in binder 1940-1941