Register of the Francis P. Holden Papers, 1835-1893

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Register of the Francis P. Holden Papers, 1835-1893

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Title: Francis P. Holden Papers,
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Francis Powers Holden (1810-1893), of Abington, Mass., was a maternal uncle of Delia Hammond Locke, wife of the founder of Lockeford, San Joaquin county, California. With his wife, Hannah, Holden came to California just before the Civil War.
The first printed record of his presence in the state reveals that he served as justice of the peace in Lockeford during the first year of the War. Following his first wife's premature death in 1864, Francis Holden remained in San Joaquin county, dividing his time between properties in the Lockeford area and Stockton. In 1868 Holden married Abigail C. Edgerton of San Mateo county. It is not clear what the outcome of this marriage was, since the second Mrs. Holden is not otherwise mentioned in these papers. The couple may have had two daughters, Lizzie and Josie, or, these two may have been the daughters of another woman, Mrs. C.E. Read, with whom Holden later did business in Visalia, since two daughters bearing these names (as well as other children) are named in a Read document of 1874. Confusion arises on this count since a grown-up "Lizzie" writes frequently to Holden addressing him as "Grandpa" and referring in her letters to a sister "Josie" and other siblings.
During the mid-1870s Francis Holden ran sheep for a time in Visalia, but had returned to San Joaquin county by 1876, where evidence in these papers suggests that he continued to run sheep. In 1881 he purchased land in Calaveras county--again, presumably, to provide range land for sheep.
Holden seems to have performed the role of confidante and comforter to at least two generations of Locke and other women. For approximately a decade (1883-1893), he received frequent letters from his grand nieces, his granddaughter [?], Lizzie, and his niece, Delia Hammond Locke. These letters cover virtually every aspect of the women's family and personal lives. As such, they provide a fascinating picture of late nineteenth century rural life in Central California. Holden's principal California correspondents were:
Delia Marcella Hammond Locke, 1878-1893 [34 items] Lizzie Holden [?] McLellan, 1887-1893 [27 items] Ida Locke Pascoe, 1883-1893 [21 items] Susan L. Locke, 1888-1893 [11 items]

Container List

Box  1

Correspondence; Misc. Papers N.B.--Letters are addressed to Francis P. Holden unless otherwise indicated; name provided is that of author; letters written in Lockeford, Calif. unless otherwise indicated

Folder  1

Personal Corresp.: 1857-1879


-Unident., Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, 11-14-57


-R.C. Whiting to "Aunt," Abington, Mass., 4-15-59 [pencil note re puzzle on back from "Julia" prob. written in Calif. at later date; also printed township map w/ pencil notes signed "Francis P. Holden, Lockeford, Calif." on back]


-F.P. Howland, N. Abington, Mass., 11-9-67


-Tand T. Holbrook to "Dear Christian Friend", No. Abington, Mass., 8-18-74 [2 l.]


-Do. to "Dear Friend," No. Abington, Mass., 4-10-75 [2 l.]


-Annie F. Powers, Bangor, Me., 10-21-75


-Delia Hammond Locke [hereinafter referred to as "DHL"], Dutch Flat, 7-8-78


-Do., Lockeford, 8-7-78


-James G. Mills, Stockton, 4-29-79


-Do., 5-5-79

Folder  2

Personal Corresp.: 1880-1885


-"A.L.," 1-11-80 [3 l., incl. env.]


-Lizzie McLellan to "Grandpa," San Jose, 3-15-80 [3 l.]


-Mrs. A.C. Packard, Los Angeles, 12-4-80


-Do., 3-10-81


-Tand T. Holbrook, N. Abington, Mass., 5-14-81 [incl. env.]


-Mrs. A.C. Packard, Los Angeles, 10-17-81


-Tand T. Holbrook, N. Abington, Mass., 2-11-83 [incl. env.]


-Ida [Locke], 2-14-83


-Charles Stetson, N. Abington, 3-14-83 [incl. env.]


-Do., 7-17-84


-Tand T. Holbrook, N. Abington, 10-5-84


-Charles Stetson, N. Abington, 1-19-85


-Do., 2-22-85


-Mrs. R.W. King, Wichita, Kan., 2-24-85


-L.W. Elliott, Atty., Stockton, 9-12-85

Folder  3

Personal Corresp.: 1887-1888


-Joan M. Bates, N..Abington, 2-2-87


-Lizzie McClellan, 2-27-87


-DHL, 10-6-87


-"Alice," 1-2-88 [2 l.]


-unident. to "Uncle," 3-1-88


-"Lizzie [McLellan]," 3-13-88 [2 l.]


-Do., 5-18-88 [3 l.]


-Joseph L. Greenwood, N. Abington, 8-20-88


-"Your niece" Joan M. Bates, N. Abington, 9-4-88 [2 l., incl. env. & letter from JMB to DHL dated 3-22-88]


-Ida L. Pascoe, Rio Dell, Calif. to "Aunt Susie," 10-28-88


-Susan L. Locke, 11-8-88 [incl. env.]


-Ida L. Pascoe, Rio Dell, 11-23-88 [postcard]


-DHL, 12-3-88 [incl. env.]


-Ida L. Pascoe, Rio Dell, 12-3-88


-"Lou," 12-8-88 [incl. env.]


-"Alice," 12-16-88


-Joan M. Bates, N. Abington, 12-16-88 [incl. env.]


-DHL, 12-17-88 [incl. env.]


-Susan L. Locke, 12-19-88 [letter mutilated, incl. env.]


-"Alice," 12-21-88


-"Lizzie" [McLellan], Jolon, Calif., 12-25-88


-Mary L. Moore, 12-26-88 [incl. env.]


-DHL, 12-28-88 [incl. env.]


-Joan M. Bates, N. Abington, 12-31-88

Folder  4

Personal Corresp.: 1889


-"Alice," 1-2 [2 l., incl. env.


-DHL, 1-2


-Susan L. Locke, 1-7


-Ida L. Pascoe, Rio Dell, 1-21


-DHL, 1-25 [incl. env.]


-Susan L. Locke, 2-8 [postcard]


-"Your nephew, Calvin," Oakdale, Calif., 2-9


-Lizzie McLellan, Jolon, 2-10


-Sarah P. Winsor, N. Abington, 2-12


-Sophia E. Bennett, Abington, 2-22 [2 l.]


-DHL, 2-25 [incl. env.]


-Miss S. E. Owen, Morris Plains, N.J., 2-26


-Do., 3-3 [incl. env.]


-"Alice," 3-8


-Ida L. Pascoe, Rio Dell, 3-17


-W.H. Pascoe, Rio Dell, 3-19


-A.C. Smith, Thompsonville, Ill., 3-23


-DHL, 3-27 [incl. env.]


-Ida L. Pascoe, Rio Dell, 4-1


-Ida L. Pascoe, Rio Dell, 4-22


-W.H. & Ida Pascoe, Rio Dell, 4-28


-Joan M. Bates, N. Abington, 5-1 [2 l., incl. env.]


-DHL, 5-1 [incl.env.]


-W.H. Pascoe, Rio Dell, 5-6


-DHL, 5-17 [incl. env.]


-DHL, 5-25 [incl. env.]


-W.H. Pascoe, Rio Dell, 6-4


-Ida Pascoe, Rio Dell, 6-24


-Julia C. Stetson, No. Abington, 6-8, [2 l., incl. env.]


-DHL, 7-24, [incl. env.]


-Lizzie, 7-25


-Mr. R.K. Sieg "Your Christian friend", New Salem, Mass. 7-27 [2 l.]


-DHL, 8-1 [incl. env.]


-Ida L. Pascoe and DHL, 8-2 [postcard]


-Do., 8-4 [postcard]


-Do., 8-5 [postcard]


-N.H. Locke, 8-5 [telegraph announcing death of W.H. Pascoe]


-Hannah, Nashua, New Hamp., 8-26 [4 l.]


-Julia C. Stetson, No. Abington, 9-6


-Lizzie, 9-8


-DHL, 9-9


-unidentified, Abington, 9-12


-S.K. Torvle addressed to "friend" Holden, Deer Island Hospital Boston, 9-22


-DHL, 9-30


-Susan L. Locke, 10-9


-T. Holbrook, N. Abington, 10-18 [2 l.]


-Joan M. Bates, No. Abington, 10-14 [2 l.]


-Julia C. Stetson, No. Abington, 10-17


-Benton Pascoe, 11-2


-Ida Pascoe, Rio Dell, 11-13


-Ida L. Pascoe, Rio Dell, 11-13 [2 l.]


-Lizzie, 11-10 [2 p.]


-"Ada", No. Highland St., Brockton, 11-12


-Julia C. Stetson, No. Abington, 12-11


-Lizzie, 12-21 [1 p. & 1 l.]

Folder  5

Personal Corresp.: 1890-1891


-Julia C. Stetson, No. Abington, 1-10-90


-Ida L. Pascoe, Rio Dell, 1-21-90


-[Lizzie] Jolon, 2-3-90


-DHL, 3-3-90


-unident., N. Abington, 3-4-90


-Sophia [Bennett], No. Abington, 3-22-90 [2 l.]


-"Mother", addressed to "Ida and Uncle," 3-31-90


-Susan L. Locke, 4-21-90 [incl. env]


-Lizzie, 4-21-90


-DHL, 4-12-90 [incl. env.]


-Do., 4-28-90


-Lizzie, Jolon, 5-18-90 [l. missing]


-DHL, 5-19-90


-Do., 5-26-90


-T. Holbrook, N. Abington, 6-1-90 [2 l.]


-Lucy P. Goff, Stockton, 6-1-90


-DHL, 6-9-90 [2 l.]


-Susan L. Locke, 6-11-90


-Sophia [Bennett], Abington, 6-12-90


-DHL, 6-23-90


-Do., 7-7-90


-Lizzie, 7-28-90 [2 l.]


-Sophia [Bennett], Abington, 8-18-90


-Lizzie, 9-21-90


-Do., 9-28-90 [2 l.]


-Do., 10-5-90


-Do., 11-6-90 [2 l.]


-E[zra] W. McLellan, Jolon, 11-8-90 [2 l.]


-Lizzie, 12-7-90


-T.Holbrook, No. Abington, 1-18-91


-Lizzie, 2-1-91


-Mary Perkins, Jolon, 2-17-91


-Ida L. Pascoe, 3-3-91


-Lizzie, 3-15-91


-Sophia [Bennett], Abington, 4-4-91


-Lizzie, Jolon, 4-22-91


-Josie, Selma, Calif. to "Grandpa," 6-23-91


-W.Dicknett, West Wingham, Mass., 8-19-91 [incl. env]


-T. Holbrook, No. Abington, 8-22-91


-Ida L. Pascoe, Scotia, Calif., 9-13-91


-Hannah, 11-8-91 [incl. env.]


-"Mother" [DHL] to "Ida and Uncle," 12-9-91

Folder  6

Personal Corresp.: 1892-1893


-Lizzie, Jolon, 1-8-92


-T. Holbrook, No. Abington, 1-92


-Sophia [Bennett], Abington, 1-14-92


-Mary H. Porest, French Camp, 2-8-92


-Susan L. Locke, 2-12-92


-Lucy P. Goff, Fresno, 2-20-92 [2 p.]


-Hannah, 2-21-92


-Susan L. Locke, 2-28-92


-DHL, 3-3-92


-T. Holbrook, No. Abington, 3-21-92 [3 l.]


-S.L. Martin, Stockton, 3-22-92


-H.L. Geffroy, Lodi, 5-5-92


-[5 l. tied together w/ thread]


-DHL, 5-5-92


-W.W.Locke, Boston, 4-10-92


-DHL, 4-21-92


-Susan L. Locke, 4-11-92


-DHL, 3-31-92


-"Mother" [DHL] to Ida [L. Pascoe], 5-5-92


-Susan L. Locke, 5-25-92


-unident. to "Uncle," Abington, 9-92


-Mary H. Priest, French Camp, 10-5-92


-Benton Pascoe, Scotia, 11-1-92 [3 l.]


-Ida Pascoe, Scotia, 8-25-92


-Pascoe family, Scotia, 1-4-93


-Ida [L. Pascoe] & children, Scotia, 1-15-93


-Lizzie, Jolon, 2-5-93


-T. Holbrook, N. Abington, 2-8-93


-Lizzie, Jolon, 2-13-93 [2 l.]


-Sophia [Bennett], Abington, 2-23-93 [incl. env.]


-Lizzie, Jolon, 3-5-93


-Sophia [Bennett], 4-10-93


-T. Holbrook, No. Abington, 4-93 [incl. env.]


-Lizzie, Jolon, 5-7-93 [2 l.]


-Ida [L. Pascoe], Scotia, 5-21-93


-Lizzie, Jolon, 5-22-93


-Sophia [Bennett], Abington, 9-21-93 [2 l.]


-Levi Langdon, Stockton, 10-22-93

Folder 7

Undated Personal Corresp.


-"Alice," "Monday morning"


-Do., "Tuesday morning"


-Do., "At home, Friday morning"


-Do., Lockeford, "Jan. 22nd"


-Do. [pencil on 4x5 scrap]


-Hannah, Lodi, "Oct. 8th"


-S.B. Geffroy


-Susan L. Locke, "Jan..." [letter mutilated]


-Gussie [McLellan], Jolon, "Dec. 26"


-Joan M. Bates, N. Abington, "Dec. 28th"

Folder  8

Business Papers: Massachusetts, 1835-1866


-James Holden to FPH, Recpt., 1835


-Ebenezer Shaw to FPH, Deed to 4+ ac. in N. Abington, 1854


-Subscriber list, organ purchase, north church, N. Abington, 1856 [2 l.; incl. list of other church expenses, 1857]


-Henry E. Hersey to FPH, Recpt. for notarization, 1857


-Mrs. S[arah] P. Winsor acct. w/ FPH, 1858-1866


-FPH to S.P. Winsor, Promissory Note, 1858


-Josiah P. Cushing to FPH, record lst rental pmts to FPH on Mass. property, 1861


-FPH note on failure of J.P. Cushing to provide him w/ accounting of monies taken in over five years, 1-28-66

Folder  9

Business Papers: Kingman Estate, Kingston, Mass. 1852-1858


-Inventory, Hingham, Mass., 10-25-52


-Joseph S. Beal, Kingston, Mass., 6-23-55


-Do., 6-27-55


-Bequest to Hannah Kingman, August 1855


-"The third account of George Kingman, Administrator of the goods and estate of Warren Kingman...," November 1855


-"The first account of George Kingman, Guardian of Joseph W. Kingman...," December 1855


-Recpt. for JWK funeral costs, 12-5-55


-Tax recpt., 1856


-"Expenses of settling J. Warren Kingman Estate," 1855-1858

Folder  10

Business Papers: California, 1860s-1880s


-J. Riddley to D.J. Locke, Recpt. for pmt. for labor, n.d. [c1860]


-Envelope marked: "there is nothing in this package worth saving..." containing:


-Geo. W. & Wm. H. Lee to FPH, Promissory note on loan, 10-19-60 [incl. yellow env. w/ amts. noted]


-A. H. Damon to FPH, Promissory note on loan, 4-1-65


-Natt. S. Damon to FPH, do., 5-1-65


-Jonathan Andrews acct. w/ FPH, 1865


-Do., 1868


-F.J. Martin to FPH, Promissory note on loan, 9-18-69


-James T. Mills, Hardware, Stkn. to FPH, Recpt., 12-15-76


-Frank E. Read & Everett A. Read w/ FPH, Agmt. to run sheep for one year in exchange for three quarters of wool, Visalia, 3-7-74


-Clara E. Read to FPH, Recpt. for pmt., 3-7-74


-FPH to Clara E. Read, Promissory note, 3-7-74


-Clara E. Read to FPH, Recpt. for wool pmt., 4-24-74


-Testimony of Jose Silva, witness, in Holden v. Read, San Benito County Court, 12-29-74


-FPH, Deposition stating that plaintiffs took sheep & wool away forcibly, 9-18-74


-Douglass & Co. to R. P. Grant, Recpt. 2-9-75


-M. Miltjen to R. P. Grant, Recpt., 3-13-75


-FPH to Messrs. Owens, More & Co. to FPH, 12-5-76 ["copy"]


-Charles Gibson, Milton, Calif. to FPH, 11-16-81


-Charles Gibson w/ FPH, Calaveras Co. land Sale Agmt., 11-16-81


-Charles Gibson to FPH, Recpt. for pmt. on land, 12-3-81


-Charles Gibson to FPH, Recpt. for pmt. on land, 1-7-82

Folder  11

Misc. Personal Papers


-Commonwealth of Massachusetts certification that F. Powers fought and was wounded at Bunker Hill, 7-17-54


-Letters of introduction from Abington friends, 1858 [3]


-FPH's stipulations for his funeral & headstone, n.d. [2 l.]


-FPH genealogical information, n.d.


-Journal pg., 1865


-FPH & Abigail C. Edgerton, Marriage certificate, 9-17-68


-Calling cards [from wedding?]: G. Pattersons, Clara Cobb, C.T. Morses [incl. env. marked "Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Holden"]


-Good Templars Lodge, certificate of lodge deputy commission, Lockeford, Calif., 1887 [2]


-Stockton Congregational Church, 1889-91 [5 items]

Folder  12

Notes & Scraps


-"Ah Soon [?] Cr." [ink on lined paper torn from acct. bk.]


-Env. [yellow] marked "Church resolution..."


-"Resolved that the First Congregational Society of Stockton..." [ink on lined paper]


-"What strong drink does it cost..." [on back of Powell's Gang Plow ad]


-"These letters have been examined..." [pencil on irregular scrap]


-"In this box will be found..." [pencil on Mutual Life of NY letterhead]


-Env. addressed: "R.S. of Live Oak Division, S. of T., Lockeford, California"


-List of purchases of hard goods w/ prices , n.d. [pencil on lined paper torn from acct. book]


-Env. w/ ink note about notes to Ezra W. McLellan, 1893


-Env. marked: "Gibson papers/J.T. Mills acct./J. Andrews"


-"Memoranda" [pg. torn from notebook; contains poetry, names & addresses, notes]


-Notes on membership practices of Templars [?] [pencil, 2 l.]

Folder  13



-unident. male, age ca.35 yrs., ca.1855 [ambrotype]


-unident. male w/ full beard, age ca.45 yrs., ca.1855 [ambrotype]


-unident. male scowling w/ side whiskers, age ca.40 yrs., ca.1855


-unident. woman, age ca.30 yrs., 1860s [albumin]


-unident. baby [albumin]


-unident. female child, ca.1870 [tintype]


-Susie Pascoe & Joseph Augustine Benton Pascoe, ages ca.3 & 1 yrs., c1889

Folder  14

Misc. Advertisements & Other Printed Matter [N.B.--items are advertising flyers unless otherwise indicated]


-"The Dying Wife" [poem]


-"General Grant" from American Sabbath Union (n.d.)


-"Mary Louise Booth" from People's Illustrated Journal (c1890)


-"Prof. Horsford's Baking Preparations"


-"Free Trade is Slave Trade" [3 l.; photos w/ text]


-"Saved by a film of oil" [engraving of ship Minerva from The Youth's Companion]


-Real Pen-Work Co. adv. materials [8 items]


-Baker Remedy Co., 1889 ["childbirth w/out pain"]


-Stevens Bros. Dollar Typewriter & other products [5 items]


-The Peruvian Remedy Co. [cold medication]


-"Mother's Prayers"


-"Interesting facts" [misc. information]


-Misc. business cards [in env.]


Mrs. Hannah Holden, N. Abington, Mass.


River Express Co., Stkn. & SF [card & freight tag]


John T. Oldham, Harness, Stkn.


Mrs. F. P. Holden, 348 Main St., Stkn. [2]


Thomas Cunningham, Sheriff--electioneering card


F.P. Holden, Stkn.


L.M. Harkness, Gents' Furnishings, Stkn.


H.R. Allen [signature on strip lined paper]


Lake Harkness "w/ the 181 El Dorado St. Stores," Stkn.


R.S. Johnson, Republican nominee for State Senator


Western Hotel, Sacto.


Frank E. Read, SF


T.J. Alexander, Veterinary Surgeon, Stkn.


G.N. Higgins, Produce, Stkn. [2]


Russ House, San Jose


Revere House, Eureka


City Scales recpt. for FPH horse wt., 1888


Wm. E. Sheldon, Boston [2]


Occidental Hotel, Stkn.


-Franklin Putnam, Photography eqpt., NY, 1888


-Tokology [medical guide], adv. & book order form


-"Two story poultry house," Farm & Fireside


-Buckner's Musical Chart


-True Manhood; A Manual for Young Men, adv.


-The World's Fair Needle & Toilet Pin Case


-Central & Southern Pacific Railroads Timetable via "The Loop" [incl. picture & description of "The Loop"]


-Foreign Art & Loan Exchange, Cincinnati [torn in two pieces]


-Great Western Supply Co., Chicago [illus. adv. brochure]


-Climax Publ. Co., Chicago


-Manufacturers' Shoe Store, Boston [tinted picture postcard]

Folder 15



Chase, Simeon B., Manual, Or Exposition of the Independent Order of Good Templars, Embracing its History, Objects, and Workings . Milwaukee: The Right Worthy Grand Lodge, 1881.


The Compound Oxygen Treatment for the Cure of Chronic Diseases by a Natural Process of Revitalization: Unsolicited Testimonials and Reports of Cases . Philadelphia: Drs. Starkey & Palen, 1884.


Pamphlet: The Compound Oxygen Treatment , n.d.


Pamphlet: What is Compound Oxygen and How does it Cure? , 1880


D. Ransom, Son &. Co., Ransom's Family Receipt Book, 1881: Free to Everyone: It Contains Many Cooking, Coloring, Painting, and Miscellaneous Receipts--a Calendar, Interest and Other Rules--and Many Facts Worth Knowing . Buffalo: D. Ransom, Son & Co., 1881.


Doherty, William King. Impotence or Virility. A Short Treatise on Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weakness. Impotence the Vice of Onanism, Masturbation or Self-Abuse, and Other Diseases of the Sexual Organs. San Francisco: William King Doherty, 1869.


Houghtaling, Charles E., Houghtaling's Hand-Book of Useful Information. Albany, N.Y.: Chas. E. Houghtaling, 1886.


Humphreys, F., Manual of Specific Homoeopathy for the Administration of Medicine and Cure of Disease. New York: Humphreys' Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co., 1869.


Independent Order of Good Templars, Grand Lodge of California. Constitution, by-Laws and Rules of Order for Grand, Subordinate and District Lodges. I. O. G. T. of the State of California. Sacramento: H. Crocker, 1887.


Constitution, by-Laws, Rules of Order, etc. of Stockton Lodge, no. 182, I. O. G. T. Sacramento: H. Crocker, 1881.


Kendall, B. J., A Treatise on the Horse and His Diseases. Illustrated. Containing an “Index of Diseases,” which gives the symptoms, cause, and the best treatment of each; a table giving all the Principal Drugs used for the Horse, with the Ordinary Dose, Effects, and Antidote when a Poison; a table with an engraving of the horse’s teeth at different ages, with rules for telling the age of the Horse; a valuable collection of receipts, and much other valuable information. Claremont, N.H.: Claremont Manufacturing Co., 1882.


Lanctot, Benoni. Chinese and English Phrase Book, with the Chinese Pronunciation Indicated in English, Specially Adapted for the use of Merchants, Travelers and Families. San Francisco; New York: A. Roman & Company, 1867.


The Stockton Daily Evening Mail Annual for 1882 with Fifty Fine Illustrations on Wood by Leading Artists of the United States. Together with Descriptive Sketches of our Leading Business Houses. Stockton, CA: Mail Publishing Company, 1882.


Whitcross, John. The Assembly’s Shorter Catechism, Illustrated by Appropriate Anecdotes; Chiefly Designed to Assist Parents and Sabbath School Teachers, in the Instruction of Youth. New York: Robert Carter, 1848

Box  2

Diaries; Account Books


"1858-1859" Brown ledger book, 1858-c.1889


-"Diary, 1865" [black leatherette cover w/ flap] 1865


"Diary 1866" [Bancroft's Diary 1866], 1866


"This is the Subscription book...Stockton Congregational Church...." [tan leather covers], c.1868-c.1876


"I have looked through this book [Diary 1870], 1870


"Diary" [Bancroft's Diary 1871], 1871


"Diary"/"I have examined this book...sheep business" [Diary 1872], 1872


"Diary", [Pacific Diary for 1874], 1874


"1877 Recipes and Medical Treatments, FR Holden" Brown book with leather binding, c.1874-c.1892


"Diary 1875" [Bancroft's Pacific Coast Diary 1875], 1875


"Hostetter's Business Calendar for 1886" Blue book with leather binding. Containing recipes, lists, accounts, c.1875-c.1894


"Pacific Diary 1876" [The Pacific Diary ....1876], 1876


"keep this book fur use if necessary" brown leather with alphabetical tabs, c.1876-c.1878


"In this book is an account which I wish to keep..." pasted to front cover; concerns a dispute with Dr. D.J. Locke over a horse], c.1878-c.1879


"The Pacific Coast Diary" [Bancroft's Pacific Coast Diary 1881], 1881


Untitled, paper covers w/ red star in center, c.1881-c.1882


"1882 The Pacific Coast Diary" [Bancroft's Pacific Coast Diary 1882], 1882


"This Book Contains an acct of my work for D.J. Lock[e] 1885" blue, [Excelsior Diary for 1885], 1885


"1887 F. P. HOLDEN" leather, 1887


"In this Diary has been experience..." [Pacific Coast Diary 1889] 1889


"331 1/2" [Pacific Coast Diary for 1890,beige canvas covers, brown leatherette trim w/ flap; incl. addresses of correspondents] 1890


"The Pacific Coast Diary" [Bancroft's Pacific Coast Diary for 1891], 1891


"66" [The Monarch Diary of the Pacific Coast 1892], 1892


Untitled. brown leather cover. Accounts, lists, c.1892-c.1893


"Excelsior Diary" [claret leatherette cover w/ flap, embossed in gold, Excelsior Diary Columbian Edition 1893], 1893