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Lucy Shepard Freeland papers
MS 83  
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Series 1.  Sierra Miwok, 1930-1972

Physical Description: 1 half carton, 1 document box

Scope and Content Note

This series contains limited correspondence to and from Lucy (Nancy) de Angulo concerning her research on the Miwoks and manuscript, typescript and research notes for the publication on Sierra Miwok. Also included are reprints of published articles.


The correspondence is arranged chronologically.
Box 1:1-3


Box 1:1

Incoming, n.d., 1948-1967, 1969-1972

Box 1:2

Ezra Pound to Nancy de Angulo [L.S. Freeland], 11/30/1953

Box 1:3

Outgoing, 1970

Box 1:4-6

Research material

Box 1:4

Linguistic maps

Box 1:5

Miwok Case system - first draft,

Box 1:6


Box 1:7

Chichimeco notes

Box 1:8

Miwok songs

Box 1:9-30

Sierra Miwok

Box 1:9


Box 1:10

Autobiographical Sketch (Central District, West)

Box 1:11

Northern Dialect

Box 1:12

Text with Analysis (I. Southern Dialect)

Box 1:13

The Story of the Giant (Central District, West)

Box 1:14

Translation pages

Box 1:15

VIII. The Waterspirit and the Married Man (Central District, West)

Box 1:16

IX. The Old Woman and the Monsters

Box 1:17

XI. The Story of Cotcotco, The Giant

Box 1:18

XII. Evening Star in the Land of the Deer People

Box 1:19

XIII. Adventures of the Two Brothers

Box 1:20

XIV. The Adventures of Hawk in the South World (Central District, West)

Box 1:21

XV. The Theft of Fire (Central District, West)

Box 1:22

XVI. Shamanistic Experience (Central District, West)

Box 1:23

XX. The Story of Bear and Deer (Central Dialect, East)

Box 1:24

XXII. Fragments of Stories

Box 1:25

XXIII. The Journey of the Sun

Box 1:26

XXIV. Fragments of Stories (Southern Dialect)

Box 1:27


Box 1:28-30


Box 1:28

Karok Texts by Jaime de Angulo, L. S. Freeland, 1931

Box 1:29

The Zapotekan Linguistic Group by Jaime de Angulo, L.S. Freeland, 1934

Box 1:30

A Practical Scheme for a Semantic Classification - Jaime de Angulo, Anthropos, v.25, 1930

Box 1:31

Western Miwok Texts with Linguistic Sketch - L.S. Freeland, International Journal of American Linguistics, v.13:1, January 1947

Box 13:4

[Pomo Doctors and Poisoners] - photocopy n.d.

Box 13:5

Central Sierra Miwok Dictionary with Texts, by L.S. Freeland & Sylvia M. Broadbent, UC Publications in Linguistics, v.23 - photocopy 1960

Box 13:27

"Miwok and Pomo Myths", by Jaime de Angulo, L. S. Freeland; Journal of American Folk-Lore, v.41:160 April-June 1928


Series 2.  Charles d'Orleans, 1953-1972

Physical Description: 9 half cartons

Scope and Content Note

This series contains manuscript, typescript, draft pages and research notes for an unpublished book on Charles d'Orleans.


The material is arranged by chapter and chronologically by subject.
Box 2:1-2


Box 2:1

Incoming, n.d., 1953-1969

Box 2:2

Outgoing, n.d., 1962-1969

Box 2:3-4

Chapter 1

Box 2:3

Introduction, Table of Contents, Foreword

Box 2:4

Childhood (Old)

Box 2:5-6

Chapter 3

Box 2:5

The Assassination of Louis d'Orleans

Box 2:6

The Royal Marriage

Box 2:7

Chapter 4 - The Patched-up Peace (old)

Box 2:8-9

Chapter 5 - Pontefract

Box 2:10-13

Chapter 6 - Fotheringham

Box 2:13

Asti affair

Box 2:14-15, 3:1-4

Chapter 7

Box 2:14-15, 3:1-2

Battle of Agincourt, 1415

Box 3:3

Burgundy and Granlieres

Box 3:4

The New Reign (early draft), 1422

Box 3:5-8

Chapter 8

Box 3:5

The English Paison

Box 3:6-8

Siege of Orleans, 1428-1429

Box 3:9-11

Chapter 9

Box 3:9

Earl of Suffolk

Box 3:10

Charles and the Earl of Suffolk, 1432

Box 3:11


Box 3:12

Chapter 10 - The New Allegiance

Box 3:13-14

Chapter 11

Box 3:13

The Release from Captivity

Box 3:14

Charles and the Duke of Burgundy

Box 3:15-16, 4:1-2

Chapter 12

Box 3:15

Conference at Gravelines

Box 3:16

After the Congress of Arras (first version)

Box 4:1-2

The Return to France

Box 4:3-5

Chapter 13

Box 4:3

The Years of Activity, 1441-1447

Box 4:4-5

The Release (first draft)

Box 4:6-28; 5:1-21

Drafts, typescripts, and notes

Box 4:6

After the Duchess was gone, 1409

Box 4:7

Burgundians and Armagnacs - end of 1410, 1410

Box 4:8

Gien - Garncieres appointment, 1410

Box 4:9

Charles and Armaphaus at Gien, 1410

Box 4:10

Cabochiens, 1411-1413

Box 4:11

Charles's life in London (pg. 11-15), 1415

Box 4:12

Charles's life in London - early captivity to money (pg.22-45), 1420

Box 4:13

Charles receives Duke Louis of Guienne, Dauphin (pg.31, 67-72)

Box 4:14

Charles and his Allies at Chartres, 1483

Box 4:15

Charles gives Jean as hostage, 1415

Box 4:16

Buzancais, 1412

Box 4:17

Charles in Paris, 1413

Box 4:18

Jean sans Peur, 1414

Box 4:19

English and Burgundians (pg.61), 1415

Box 4:20

Early captivity, 1415

Box 4:21

John Stomton - Capture of Jean, 1415

Box 4:22

Battle of Algincourt, 1415

Box 4:23

To Calais - Agincourt and after, 1415

Box 4:24

Pontefract, 1417

Box 4:25

Double Marriage, 1420

Box 4:26

Charles and Jean in England, 1417

Box 4:27

Early Angoleme notes

Box 4:28

Angouleme - remittances, etc.

Box 5:1

Pucelle returns to land in Brittany (pg.441-443)

Box 5:2

Charles and Pompondian Ambassadors (pg.7, 10-22)

Box 5:3

Charles's treaty w/English] begins with pg. 19 Chapter 10 "The New Allegiance")

Box 5:4

Dealings with English, 1412

Box 5:5

Grey Friars, Cornwall and the hostages

Box 5:6

Charles and the Earl of Suffolk, 1432

Box 5:7

Siege of Orleans - Jeanne (1st draft), 1428-1429

Box 5:8

Congress of Arras

Box 5:9

After the Congress of Arras

Box 5:10

Charles and Jean sans Deur - reconciled again

Box 5:11

Sir Reginald Cobham, 1435-36

Box 5:12

After the Congress, 1438

Box 5:13

Conference at Gravelines

Box 5:14

Trial of the Duke of Alencon, 1456-1458

Box 5:15

Villon, 1460

Box 5:16

Prospect of War

Box 5:17

The New Reign

Box 5:18

End of Story I - [The Princes location]

Box 5:19

End of Story II - Conference at Tours

Box 5:20

End of Story III - Royal Marriage

Box 5:21

End of Story IV - Asti Normandy Guyenne

Box 6:1-21; 7-10:5

Research Notes

Box 6:1

Baron de Joursanvault archives

Box 6:2

Champollion Figeac, 1418

Box 6:3

Chastellian, Cartellieri, Martin le Franc, Wavrin

Box 6:4

Laborde, also Inventaire 1420

Box 6:5

Kingsford, C.L. - Historical Notes on Mediaeval Lodon Houses in London Topographical Record, v.10-12

Box 6:6

Leland, Pomfret and Stourton

Box 6:7

London IV -Tiptoft letters - view of King of London

Box 6:8

Stow - Memorials

Box 6:9

Stonor - letters and papers

Box 6:10

Texts of letters

Box 6:11

Wylie - Early English

Box 6:12

Maulde, Fenin notes

Box 6:13

Stubb's notes

Box 6:14

Notes on Charles d'Orleans

Box 6:15

[French persons]

Box 6:16

French background, hotels, etc., 1394

Box 6:17

Castles, Manors, Foundations

Box 6:18

Military Organization and Attitudes to War, Algincourt and Battles

Box 6:19

Clothing, Armor, Heraldry

Box 6:20

Bourgeois de Paris

Box 6:21

Great Frost, 1434-35

Box 7:1

John Cornwall - Biographical Notes

Box 7:2

Fausse Pucelle

Box 7:3

Jacques de Peschin

Box 7:4

Robert Waterton

Box 7:5

Sir John Cornwall, 1417

Box 7:6

Thomas Combworth (Cumberworth), 1431

Box 7:7

Murder/After - Louis d'Orleans, 1407

Box 7:8

Armagnacs a Burgundians, 1406-1411

Box 7:9

Charles and Burgundy

Box 7:10

After Chartres, 1409

Box 7:11

Additions to the "Beginning", 1410

Box 7:12

Dealings with England - 1412 up to Buzancais

Box 7:13

Jean Louvet, 1412

Box 7:14

Siege of Bourges - Auxerre, 1412

Box 7:15

Before Cezuncourt - the Battle

Box 7:16

Seige of Harfleur, 1415

Box 8:1

Fall of Paris, 1418

Box 8:2

Charles' lands, 1422

Box 8:3

Raol de Gaucourt, 1424

Box 8:4-6

Siege of Orleans, 1428-1429

Box 8:7

Charles and the Earl of Suffolk, 1432

Box 8:8

Somerset and the Duchess of Clarence, 1438-39

Box 8:9

Charles - Gravelines

Box 8:10

Les Collection de Bastard - d'Estaug a la 13.N

Box 8:11

Late Suffolk and the English, ca. 1445-1448

Box 8:12

End of Charles

Box 8:13

Trial of Alencon, 1456-1458

Box 8:14

Fragments relating to 1461, 1461

Box 8:15

Charles d'Orleans and Parliament

Box 9:1

Pierre de Mornay - Sire de Galles

Box 9:2

Cartulaire de la ville de Blois, 1437

Box 9:3

Some comments on the English Poems sometimes attributed to Charles d'Orleans

Box 9:4

[Lost pages - unidentified]

Box 9:5-11; 10:1-4

Research notes - unidentified

Box 10:5-8

Research materials, articles

Box 10:5

Nouveau Plan die Paris avec les Augmentations et Changemens qui ont ete faits pour son Embellissement , 1783

Box 10:6

A Propos des Manuscrits Autographes de Charles D'Orleans Identifies en 1955 a la Bibliotheque Nationale:Hypothese" Ingenieuse" ou Certitude Scientifique? by Gilbert Ouy, 1960

Box 10:6

Un Poeme Mystique de Charles d'Orleans - Le "Canticum Amoris" by Gilbert Ouy, 1959

Box 10:7

Concerning some Poems of Charles d'Orleans [possibly part of an article by L. de Angulo]

Box 10:8

Charles and Jean d'Orleans, L. de Angulo, n.d.


Series 3.  Biographical, 1903-1945

Physical Description: 3 document boxes

Scope and Content Note

This series contains a small amount of family papers and Freeland family photograph albums. Also included are parts of L. S. Freeland's unpublished memoir , both typescript and photocopy pages.
Box 11-13

Helen Freeland Gibb's family photograph albums

Box 11:1

Freeland family photos and diary pages, ca. 1903

Box 11:2

England trip photos, ca. 1903

Box 11:3

Vassar College Reunion, NY; Edgartown, NJ; New York, Yellowstone Park, WY; Idaho, Hood River Valley, ID; Portland, OR; Medford, OR; San Jose, CA; Carmel, CA; Big Sur, CA; San Francisco P.P.I.E., CA, ca. 1914-1915

Box 11:4

Tucson, AZ; Grand Canyon, AZ; Carmel, Pt. Lobos, Monterey, San Jose, P.P.I. E., Pebble Beach, CA; Hood River Valley, OR; Pendleton, OR; San Francisco, CA; Berkeley, CA; Mt. Tamalpais, CA; Colorado, Edgartown, NJ; Washington D.C., ca. 1915-1916

Box 11:5

Santa Fe, NM; Berkeley, CA; Orange, NJ; Carmel, CA, ca. 1916-1917

Box 12:1

California: Berkeley, Carmel, Lake Independence, Lake Tahoe, ca. 1918-1919

Box 12:2

California: Berkeley Hills, Santa Cruz mountains, Carmel, Big Sur, ca. 1918-1919

Box 12:3

California: Berkeley, Yosemite, Carmel, Lake Independence, ca. 1918-1919

Box 12:4

California: Lake Independence, Berkeley, Carmel, Big Sur, ca. 1919-1925

Box 13:1

Obituary for Theodore Hart Freeland - photocopy ca. 1912

Box 13:2

Miscellaneous reprints by others ca. 1926-1945

Box 13:3

Freeland Family Photographs, ca. 1926-1945

Physical Description: 6x9 to 8x10
Box 13:6

Helen Stansbury Freeland's European diary, October 1912

Box 13:7-26

Unpublished memoir - typescript & photocopied pages ca. 1890-1977

Box 13:7

pt.1 "The Geers - Life in East Orange"

Box 13:8

pt.2 "Glorious Fourth"

Box 13:9

pt.3 "Helen leaves for Hood River: Nancy and Caroline; Trip to Europe; War"

Box 13:10

pt.4A "New York; Miss Tomlins amp; drama; Hood River - Big Sur; Pay; Bed & Breakfast"

Box 13:11

pt.4B "Tea House in Carmel"

Box 13:12

pt.4C "Carmel; Cary; Jaime; Henrietta; Theater"

Box 13:13

pt.5 "Looking for a Tea Room; Jaime's influence in UC; Berkeley getting settled in; trying acting again"

Box 13:14

pt.5B "Winter in Calif.; Operation; Santa Fe & Helen; Green Corn Dance"

Box 13:15

pt.6 "New Buick; Gui's Birth - whooping cough; Jaime gets grant from Boas; Nancy gets to decipher Dixon's notes"

Box 13:16

pt.7 "Malinowski; Biche"

Box 13:17

pt.8 "Life in Berkeley; A Play"

Box 13:18

pt.8:2 "Jaime gets Kalapaya; Jung visits UC"

Box 13:19

pt.9:2 "Big time at Ione; Brick; Karok"

Box 13:20

pt.10:2 "Trial in Monterey"

Box 13:21

pt.11 "The Uldalls"

Box 13:22

pt.12:2 "Cary, Peter Baynes who came to Berkeley; Jaime's drunk drive to Richmond; Cary in Carmel and Ximena"

Box 13:23

pt.13 "Kern River to see Voeglin on way to Hamburg"

Box 13:24

pt.14:2 "Jaime's trip to Mexico, Spain; Holland to see Dutchies"

Box 13:25

pt.15 "Bice in Berkeley; Gui to Miss Munn's school; Anita . . . cult"

Box 13:26

pt.16:2 "Starting the house in Big Sur"

Box 13:27

"Miwok & Pomo Myths" by Jaime de Angulo, L. S. Freeland; Journal of American Folk-Lore Apr-Jun 1928

Box 14:1

Notebook pages - Freeland's Miwok transcriptions - original pages (very brittle) ca. 1910-1915

Box 14:2

Photocopies of Freeland's Miwok transcriptions ca. 1910-1915

Box 14:3

L. F. de Angulo's diary/notebook on History of Louis XII Roi de France, Pere du Peuple - pg. 1-37 only ca. 1953