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Title: Irwin Abrams papers
Date (inclusive): 1900-2005
Collection Number: 83025
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 38 manuscript boxes, 1 card file box (16.1 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Speeches and writings, correspondence, reports, minutes, bulletins, newsletters, curricular material, and other printed matter, relating to activities of the American Friends Service Committee, international volunteer work camps, conscientious objection during World War II, education in Germany, international educational and cultural exchanges, especially between the United States and East and West Germany, and the Nobel Peace Prize.
Creator: Abrams, Irwin, 1914-2010
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Acquisition Information

Materials were acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 1983.

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[Identification of item], Irwin Abrams papers, [Box no., Folder no. or title], Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

Biographical Note

1914, February 24 Born, San Francisco, California
1934 B.A., Stanford University
1935 M.A., Harvard University
1938 Ph.D., Harvard University
1938-1943 Instructor, Department of History, Stanford University
1943-1946 Director of Training, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
1946-1947 Director, Quaker Overseas Work Camps (AFSC)
1947-1949 Assistant Professor, Department of History, Antioch University
1949-1951 Associate Professor, Department of History, Antioch University
1951-1979 Professor, Department of History, Antioch University
1953 Specialist, Exchange Program, U.S. State Department, Germany
1955-1971 Member, Board of Directors, Antioch Review
1956-1957 Chairman, International Student Seminars, AFSC, Switzerland and Yugoslavia
1956-1964 Educational Director, Shipboard Programs of Council on Student Travel
1961 Fulbright Lecturer, University of Cologne, Germany
1964 Chairman, International Student Seminars, AFSC, Hungary
1965-1967 Director, Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) Seminars, Yugoslavia
1970 Co-director, GLCA Seminars
1970-1973 Member, Board of Directors, Council on International Educational Exchange
1972 Coordinator, Curriculum Materials Team, GLCA Seminars
1972-1975 Director, GLCA-Antioch European Team in Comparative Urban Studies
1976 Co-director, Task Force on International Education of International City Management Association
1976-1978 Vice president, International Society for Educational, Cultural and Scientific Interchanges (ISECSI)
1978-1982 President, ISECSI
1979 Co-chairman, Project on International Exchange Research of German Academic Exchange Service and ISECSI
1979-1981 Distinguished University Professor, Antioch University
1981- Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, Antioch University
1988 Author, The Nobel Peace Prize and the Laureates, 1901-1987
1990 Editor, Worlds of Peace

Scope and Content of Collection

The Irwin Abrams papers contain speeches and writings, correspondence, reports, minutes, bulletins, newsletters, curricular material, and other printed matter related to activities of the American Friends Service Committee, international volunteer work camps, conscientious objection during World War II, education in Germany, international educational and cultural exchanges, especially between the United States and East and West Germany, and the Nobel Peace Prize.
Irwin Abrams, a peace scholar and historian, influenced the field of peace studies from the beginning of his career. In 1936, Abrams traveled to Europe to do research for his dissertation, A History of European Peace Societies, 1867-1899. Although the dissertation won the Charles Sumner Peace Prize in 1938 and was often quoted by scholars, the paper was never published in its entirety.
As a Quaker, pacifist, and conscientious objector during World War II, Abrams was committed to fostering peace through relief work and educational exchange programs. He wrote, "I became convinced that to change the world you had to change yourself." During World War II, Abrams left his teaching position at Stanford to work with the American Friends Service Committee, where he served as Director of Training from 1943 to 1946 and directed relief work camps in Europe from 1946 to 1947. The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) File contains correspondence, diaries, memoranda, bulletins, and notes related to relief work and conscientious objectors. Of note are two travel diaries from AFSC missions--one from 1946 documenting volunteer work camps to rebuild after World War II, the other from a 1963 mission to Germany, where AFSC members visited East and West Berlin, as well as other parts of Germany, shortly after the construction of the Berlin Wall. The 1963 journal includes notes on meetings with government officials.
Throughout his career, Abrams wrote about issues of peace. After the publication of The Nobel Peace Prize and the Laureates, 1901-1987, Abrams became known as a leading authority on the subject. Throughout his life, he met many of the peace laureates, including the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Willy Brandt, Jimmy Carter, Jose Ramos-Horta, and Martin Luther King, Jr. The collection includes Abrams' Speeches and Writings on peace, ethics, and educational exchange programs. See also Incremental Materials for speeches and writings from the 1990s and 2000s.
In 1981, Abrams interviewed Adolf Ciborowski, Chief Architect of Warsaw, who helped rebuild the city after World War II. A recording of this interview is available in the Sound Recordings. Please note that a use copy is available.
In addition to being a peace scholar and professor, Abrams collected materials related to peace and international education. Over the years, Abrams sent many increments of materials to his collection at the Hoover Institution Library & Archives. A large group of these materials was processed in 2017. The Incremental Materials are arranged in nine groups, some of which are continuations of series in the original accession of materials.
Within the Incremental Materials, the Academic Career and Peace Organizations File documents Abrams' work as a history professor, peace scholar, and advocate for peace. His work in academia often overlapped with his commitment to creating a more peaceful world, which is perhaps most clearly exemplified by his involvement with study abroad programs. This file includes correspondence, reports, notes, and evaluations related to Abrams' teaching career at Stanford University and Antioch College, his involvement in educational exchange groups, and materials related to his work for peace organizations. See also the Subject File of the original accession for more material related to Abrams' work with peace organizations, educational exchange programs with the Great Lakes College Association, and Antioch College international education programs.
These materials also include a variety of printed matter related to peace and international education, including World War II era pamphlets.

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Subjects and Indexing Terms

International education
World War, 1939-1945 -- United States
Education -- Germany
World War, 1939-1945 -- Conscientious objectors
Intellectual cooperation
Nobel Prizes
Volunteer workers in community development
Work camps
Germany (East) -- Relations -- United States
United States -- Relations -- Germany (East)
United States -- Relations -- Germany (West)
Germany (West) -- Relations -- United States
American Friends Service Committee


Biographical File 1932-1988.

Scope and Contents note

Curricula vitae and articles arranged chronologically. See also Incremental Materials.
box 1, folder 1

Curricula vitae, correspondence, and one article


Speeches and Writings, 1938-1989

Scope and Contents note

Typescript, and printed speeches and articles by Irwin Abrams arranged chronologically by date of publication or presentation. See also Incremental Materials.
box 1, folder 2

"The Nobel Peace Prize and the Laureates: An Illustrated Biographical History, 1901-1987," Printed copy n.d.

box 1, folder 3

"A History of European Peace Societies, 1867-1899," Doctoral dissertation. Printed summary 1938.

box 1, folder 4

"I Believe," The Friend, Ninth Month 19. Printed copy 1940

box 1, folder 5

"The Austrian Question at the Turn of the Twentieth Century," Journal of Central European Affairs, Printed copy 1944 July.

box 13, folder 5

Summary of speech, International Conference of Peace Workers, Includes correspondence with Cornelius Kruse and Ray Newton. Typescript 1946 September 13.

box 1, folder 6

"To the Seeker," Friends Intelligencer, First Month 29. Printed copy 1949

box 1, folder 7

"Less than a Riddle," The Antioch Review, Printed copy 1951 Summer.

box 1, folder 8

"My System of Values," Friends Intelligencer, Seventh Month 4. Printed copy 1953

box 1, folder 9

"The Struggle for Poland," Yale Law Journal, Review of H. Peter Stern, The Struggle for Poland. Printed copy 1954 March.

box 1, folder 10

"Western Survival," The Antioch Review, Printed copy 1955 Spring.

box 1, folder 11

"Grappling with History," Antioch Notes, Printed copy 1955 September.

box 1, folder 12

"The Historian's Craft and General Education," The Journal of General Education, Printed copy 1955 October.

box 1, folder 13

"An Alpine View of Neutrality," The Antioch Review, Printed copy 1957 Spring.

box 1, folder 14

"What's Missing on the Campus?" Antioch Review, Printed copies, including revised version 1957 May.

box 1, folder 15

"The American Abroad: An Introduction," The Antioch Review, Printed copy 1958 Winter.

box 1, folder 16

"Reflections on the End of an Era," The Antioch Review, Printed copy 1959 Winter.

box 1, folder 17

Study Abroad, Number 6 in New Dimensions in Higher Education Series, United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Printed copy 1960.

box 1, folder 18

"Foreign Travel Plus," Antioch Notes, Printed copy 1960 September.

box 1, folder 19

"Overseas Travel-Study Programs in U.S. Higher Education," Current Issues in Higher Education, Printed copy 1961.

box 1, folder 20

"Einige Bemerkungen zu Material uber die Vereinigten Staaten in einer Auswahl von Lehrbuchern deutscher Gymnasien," Summary of speech, 4th Amerikanisch-deutschen Tagung Braunschweig. Printed copy 1961 June 27-July 1.

box 1, folder 21

"American Influences Abroad: A Preface," The Antioch Review, Printed copy 1962 Summer.

box 1, folder 22

"A Different Kind of Discipline," Overseas, Printed copy 1963 May.

box 1, folder 23

"Invitation to Explore America," Introductory lecture, International Work-Study Program, Antioch College, Printed copy 1964 April 6.

box 1, folder 24

"Why Study Abroad?" Speech, National Association for Foreign Student Affairs, Philadelphia. Printed copy 1965 April 30-May 1.

box 1, folder 25

"The Student Abroad," Higher Education: Some Newer Developments, Printed copy 1965.

box 1, folder 26

"The Educated Traveler," Antioch Notes, Printed copy 1965 March.

box 1, folder 27

"Study Abroad as Humanist Learning--The Promise of International Educational Exchange," Speech, International Seminar "University Today," Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia. Typescript 1965 July.

box 1, folder 28

"The Bolshevik Revolution: Fifty Years After," The Antioch Review, Printed copy 1967/1968 Winter.

box 1, folder 29

"The Evolution of Undergraduate Study Programs Abroad," International Education and Cultural Exchange, Printed copy 1968 Spring.

box 1, folder 30

"Interinstitutional Cooperation in International Studies," Liberal Education, Printed copy 1968 March.

box 1, folder 31

"American-Yugoslav Seminar: A Cooperative Adventure," International Education and Cultural Exchange, Printed copy 1968 Fall.

box 1, folder 32

"A Man of Noble Purpose and Great Luck," Chicago Sun Times, Printed copy 1970 December 20.

box 1, folder 33

"American Architecture Comes of Age: European Reaction to H. H. Richardson and Louis Sullivan," The Journal of American History, Printed copy 1973 September.

box 1, folder 34

"Notes on the Evaluation of Programs in International and Intellectual Education," Prepared for the ACE Task Force on Diffusion of International Studies. Printed copy 1974 March 30.

box 1, folder 35

"Urban Planning in Poland Today," AIP Journal, Printed copy 1975 July.

box 1, folder 36

We Can Learn from Europe's Cities, Printed copy. Includes handwritten notes 1976.

box 1, folder 37

"A Consortium at Work in the World: The Great Lakes Colleges Association in Yugoslavia," International/Intercultural Education in the Four-Year College: A Handbook on Strategies for Change, Printed copy 1977.

box 1, folder 38

"An International Project for Urban Administrators," Speech, International Studies Association, St. Louis, Typescript 1977.

box 1, folder 39

Evaluating Academic Programs Abroad: The CIEE Project, Printed copy 1978 February.

box 1, folder 40

"Working into Another Culture," Antioch Notes, Printed copy 1978 March.

box 2, folder 1

"Beyond Experience: The Experiential Approach to Cross-Cultural Education," Cross Currents, Printed copy 1979.

box 2, folder 2

"The Impact of Antioch Education Through Experience Abroad," Alternative Higher Education, Printed copy 1979.

box 2, folder 3

"What's in a Name?" ISECSI Bulletin, Printed copy 1979 January.

box 2, folder 4

"Notes on the Visit of Professor Irwin Abrams to the Federal Republic on the Invitation of the German Academic Exchange Service," 1979. Printed copy May 22 to June 1, 1979

box 2, folder 5

"Cross Cultural Experiential Education," The Newsletter of Interversitas, Printed copy 1979 September/October.

box 2, folder 6

"Noble Aims for Social Change," Antioch College Record, Printed copy 1980 May 24.

box 2, folder 7

"Von der Theorie zur Praxis," DAAD, Printed copy 1980 November.

box 2, folder 8

"Some Reflections on Historical Research and International Interchange," Speech, Conference on Research on International Exchange, Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany. Typescript 1980 November 24-28.

box 2, folder 9

"Study Abroad as Cultural Exploration," New Directions for Experiential Learning, Printed copy 1981.

box 2, folder 10

"The DAAD-ISECSI Conference at Bonn: A summary," World Higher Education COMMUNIQUE, Printed copy 1981 Summer.

box 2, folder 11

"The Challenge of Historic Preservation," Speech, 14th Congress, International Union of Architects, Warsaw, Poland. Typescript 1981 June 15-21.

box 2, folder 12

"The University Professor as Teacher: Some Reflections on the American Experience," Speech, 27th Session, International Seminar "University Today," Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, and Univerzitet Dana, Belgrade. 1982 August 29-September 2.

box 2, folder 13

"Wingspread: Spanning the Atlantic," World Higher Education COMMUNIQUE, Printed copy 1982.

box 2, folder 14

"Lessons of the First German-American Exchange Professorships," Speech, Joint meeting of the International Studies Association and the ISECSI, Ohio. Typescript 1982 March 25-26.

box 2, folder 15

Friends and the Seeker, Printed copy 1983.

box 2, folder 16

"Enhancing the Traveler's Visual Awareness," Speech, Annual Conference of the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs, Ohio. Typescript 1983 May 24-27.

box 2, folder 17

"The Opening Word," Speech, Antioch College Commencement. Typescript 1983 June 25.

box 2, folder 18

"John W. Burgess, Theodore Roosevelt Professor in Berlin, 1906-1907: A Case Study in Educational Exchange," Educational Biography, Printed copy 1983 Fall.

box 2, folder 19

"The Transformation of the Nobel Peace Prize," Speech, Annual convention, International Studies Association, Atlanta, Georgia. Typescript 1984 March 28.

box 2, folder 20

"Reminiscences of an Orienter," Speech, International Society for Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Interchanges. Printed copy 1984 November 4.

box 2, folder 21

"Red October: The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917," Unitarian Universalist World, Review of Robert Daniels, Red October: The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Printed copy 1984 December.

box 2, folder 37

"Quaker Distinctives: Are They Still Relevant?" Seventh Annual Conference, Friends Association for Higher Education. Printed copy 1986 June 20-24.

box 2, folder 22

"The Nobel Peace Prize--Has it Made A Difference?" Speech, Annual convention, International Studies Association, Washington D.C. Typescript 1987 April 16.

box 2, folder 23

"Friends: One Quaker's Perspective on Spirituality," Yellow Springs News, Printed copy 1986 March 12.

box 2, folder 24

"A Word About Listening," Friends Journal, Proof copy 1987 June 1/15.

box 2, folder 38

Report from the Committee on Quaker Studies on Human Betterment, Eighth Annual Conference, Friends Association for Higher Education, Printed copy 1987 June 26-30.

box 2, folder 25

"Behind the Scenes: The Nobel Committee and Oscar Arias," The Antioch Review, Printed copy 1988 Summer.

box 2, folder 39

"Christian L. Lange: Forgotten Nobel Prize Winner?" The Norseman, Printed copy 1988 November.

box 2, folder 40

"The Prize for the United Nations Peacekeepers," The Nobel Prize Annual 1988. Typescript 1989 January 1.

box 13, folder 1

"Tenzin Gyatso, The Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet," for the 3rd printing of The Nobel Peace Prize and the Laureates, Typescript 1989.

box 2, folder 26

"Carl von Ossietzky and the First Nobel Peace Prize for Human Rights," Speech, Joint Annual Convention of the British International Studies Association and the International Studies Association, London, United Kingdom. Printed copy 1989 March 28-April 1.

box 13, folder 2

Speech, Antioch Alumni Reunion, Typescript 1989 June 29.

box 13, folder 3

"Service and Involvement," Quakershaker Yellow Springs Friends Meeting. Typescript 1989 August.

box 13, folder 4

"World Can Learn from Dalai Lama's Example," Dayton Daily News, Printed copy 1989 October 20.

box 13, folder 5

Summary of speech, International Conference of Peace Workers, Geneva, Switzerland, Typescript 1946 September 12-14.

box 13, folder 6

"A Story 'Too Good to be True" - Yet It Is," Yellow Spring News, Printed copy 1990 January 17.

box 13, folder 7

Book reviews, Friends Journal and The Antioch Review, Printed copies 1990 summer.


American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), 1938-1984

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, reports, notes, memoranda, articles diary, and printed matter documenting Irwin Abrams' participation in AFSC activities
box 2, folder 27

European trip to AFSC Work Camps, Typescript diary 1946 July-December.

Scope and Contents

See also Box 16, Folder 8.
box 2, folder 28

World Youth Forum, Moscow, Soviet Union Communique, reports, and notes 1961 July 25-August 3.


Quaker Mission to Germany 1963 September 8-30

box 2, folder 29

General. Memoranda, bulletins, and notes 1962-1963

box 2, folder 30

Correspondence 1963-1964


Diary 1963 September 8-30

box 2, folder 31

Preliminary draft

box 2, folder 32

Final draft

box 2, folder 33

Printed matter. Clippings, pamphlets, and leaflets 1963-1964



box 2, folder 34

General 1963-1964

box 2, folder 35

Journey Through A Wall. Printed copy. Includes notes, reports, memoranda, and correspondence with Roland Warren and others 1963-1964

box 2, folder 36

Conference on Ideology and Human Encounters, AFSC Public Meeting, Philadephia, Correspondence, leaflets, newsletters, notes, memoranda, and reports 1964 October 23-24.

box 3, folder 1

Liaison Office of International Work Camps (coordinating body for various European and American organizations including QIVS, the parent organization of American and European AFSC branches). Bulletins 1947-1949


Quaker International Voluntary Service (member of the Liaison Office of International Work Camps and parent organization of American and European AFSC branches)

box 3, folder 2

General. Pamphlets and other printed matter 1947-1950

box 3, folder 3

Correspondence 1938-1953

box 3, folder 4

Minutes of QIVS meetings 1947-1949

box 3, folder 5

Questionnaire. Includes summary of responses 1954-1955

box 3, folder 6

Reports 1947-1949

box 3, folder 7

Service Civil International (a non-profit organization promoting peace through voluntary participation in self-supporting projects). Articles, minutes, and newsletters 1947-1984


Subject file 1939-1983

box 3, folder 8

Atlantic Charter. Article and report 1941 and 1983


Conscientious objectors

box 3, folder 9

General. Printed matter 1940-1943

box 3, folder 10

Civilian Peace Service. Pamphlets, memoranda, and newsletters 1941-1943

box 3, folder 11

National Council for Conscientious Objectors. Printed matter 1942-1943

box 3, folder 12

National Service Board for Religious Objectors. Press releases, memoranda, and newsletters 1941-1943

box 3, folder 13

Student Peace Service. Pamphlets and correspondence 1940

box 4, folder 1

Domestic work camps. Pamphlets, newsletters, and manuals 1939-1941

box 4, folder 2

Peace. Pamphlets and correspondence 1940-1941

box 4, folder 3

Refugees. Bulletins 1942-1943



box 4, folder 4

General. Handbood and bulletins 1943-1944

box 4, folder 5

China. Bulletins 1942-1943

box 4, folder 6

Clothing. Pamphlets, guides, and bulletins 1942-1943

box 4, folder 7

England. Pamphlets and bulletins 1942-1943

box 4, folder 8

France. Pamphlets and bulletins 1942-1943

box 4, folder 9

Miscellaneous. Pamphlets, correspondence, and articles 1940-1967


Subject File 1902-1987

Scope and Contents note

Pamphlets, reports, notes, memoranda, clippings, and printed matter arranged alphabetically by subject. See also Incremental Materials
box 4, folder 10

Association for the Social Scientific Study of International Problems (Sozialwissenschaftlicher Studienkreis fur Internationale Probleme). Reports, statement of purpose, and reading list 1959-1965

box 4, folder 11

Carl-Duisberg-Gesellschaft fur Nachwuchsfvrderung e.V. Reports 1959


International education


Antioch International Education Programs 1959-1975

box 4, folder 12

General. Mimeographed materials, memoranda, and articles 1959-1969

box 4, folder 13

Notes. European journey, Typewritten and mimeographed copies 1960 June 9-July 21.

box 4, folder 14

Pamphlets, Printed copies 1963-1975.


Council for the Advancement of Experiential Learning and International Relations Program of Michigan State University, Task Force, "The Role of Experiential Learning in Cross Cultural Program," 1978-1979

box 4, folder 15

General. Definition and purpose statements, notes, and mailing list 1979

box 4, folder 16

Correspondence 1978-1979

box 5, folder 1

Memoranda 1978-1979

box 5, folder 2

Report. J. Duley, "Impact of Experiential Learning on Academic Performance," Typescript n.d.


Continuation Committee for Creation of an International Educational Exchange, Bellagio, Italy 1966 December 2-5

box 5, folder 3

General. Report and memoranda

box 5, folder 4

Preparatory documents, #1-4f and 7a and b


Council on Student Travel (currently known as Council on International Educational Exchange) 1959-1973

box 5, folder 5

Correspondence 1960-1973

box 5, folder 6

Minutes 1960

box 5, folder 7

Reports 1959

box 5, folder 8

National Conference on Undergraduate Study Abroad, Pick-Congress Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. Includes pre-registration list and opening remarks, Typewritten copies 1960 October 7-8.


Deutsche Stiftung fur Internationale Entwicklung. Reports

box 5, folder 9

General. Including various cultural topics, Typescript 1974-1980.

box 5, folder 10

"Evaluierung und Berichterstattung bei Trainingsprogrammen fur Fache- und Fuhrungskrdfte", Typescript 1979.

box 5, folder 11

East German education. Notes, articles, and clippings 1951-1953


German-American Conference on International Educational Exchange, Bonn, Germany. 1980 November 24-28

Scope and Contents

See also Academic Career and Peace Organizations File, International Society for Educational, Cultural and Scientific Interchanges (Box 19, Folders 2-3).
box 5, folder 12

General. Memoranda, notes, and delegation list

box 5, folder 13

Correspondence 1980-1981

box 6, folder 1-2

Reports. Including papers presented at the conference


Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) 1962-1972

box 6, folder 3

General 1968-1972

box 6, folder 4

Correspondence 1962-1963

box 6, folder 5

Memoranda 1968-1972

box 6, folder 6

Notes n.d.

box 6, folder 7

Report. "Community without Commonness," Printed copy 1965.

box 7, folder 1

Conference on Foreign Language and Cultural Understanding, Delaware, Ohio, and Kalamazoo, Michigan, Summary of proceedings, minutes of steering committee meeting, and reports 1968 November 8-10, 1969 April 25-26.

box 7, folder 2

Japan Study Program. Reports 1979 January 10-16

box 7, folder 3

Near East Program. Report from Beirut, Lebanon. 1969

box 7, folder 4

Polish Seminar. Report 1974


Yugoslav Seminars

box 7, folder 5

Comprehensive report 1969-1971

box 7, folder 6

Fifth Yugoslav-American Seminar, Reports, programs, and other notes 1960.


American-Yugoslav Seminars 1970

box 7, folder 7

Memoranda and notes

box 7, folder 8-9

Reports. Includes papers presented at the seminar


American-Yugoslav Seminar 1971

box 7, folder 10

General. Proposal for seminar and program log

box 7, folder 11-12

Reports. Includes papers presented at the seminar


International Education Act 1966-1969

box 7, folder 13

General. Report on study abroad, Congressional testimony, and mailing list 1966-1967

box 7, folder 14

Correspondence 1966-1969

box 8, folder 1

Memoranda 1967-1968

box 8, folder 2

Notes 1967

box 8, folder 3

International Education Act Conference, Des Plaines, Illinois, Reports, correspondence, and memoranda 1967 May 3.


International Society for Education, Cultural, and Scientific Interchanges (ISECSI)

box 8, folder 4

General. By-laws of ISECSI, address list, and objective statement

box 8, folder 5-8

Bulletins 1973-1985

box 8, folder 9

Correspondence 1975-1980

box 8, folder 10

Memoranda 1978-1980

box 8, folder 11

Newsletters 1975-1979

box 8, folder 12

Notes n.d.

box 8, folder 13

Pamphlets 1980-1984

box 8, folder 14

Reports. Treasurer's report and membership report

box 6, folder 8-9

Miscellaneous. Pamphlets and articles


Printed matter

box 9, folder 1

Breitenbach, Diether and Dieter Danckwortt, Probleme der Ausbildung und Anpassung von Praktikanten aus Entwicklungslandern, 1966


Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Bonn

box 9, folder 2

Auslandische Stipendiaten in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1974

box 9, folder 3

Deutsche Partner in der internationalen wissenschaftlichen Zusammenarbeit 1979

box 9, folder 4

Die Forderung afrikanischer Studenten durch den DAAD 1974

box 9, folder 5

Franzosische Germanistikstudenten 1974

box 9, folder 6

Studienerfolg und Studienerfolganalyse auslandischer Studenten in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1976

box 9, folder 7

Gechter, Heinz A., Die Fortbilding deutscher Landwirte in den USA 1966

box 9, folder 8

Klein, Paul, Urteile junger franzosischer Arbeitnehmer uber Deutsche vor, wahrend und nach einem einjahrigen Arbeitsaufenthalt in Deutschland 1976

box 9, folder 9

Robinsohn, Saul B., and U. Chaim Schatzer, Judische Geschichte in deutschen Geschichtslehrbuchern, 1963

box 9, folder 10

Torke, Hans-Joachim, Die russische Geschichte in den Lehrbuchern der hoheren Schulen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1962

box 9, folder 11

Die USA und Deutschland: Zeitgeschichtliche Fragen, Papers and reports of the third amerikanisch-deutschen Historikertagung, Braunschweig, Germany 1960 June 25-28

box 9, folder 12

Vente, Rolf E., Entwicklunglander, Entwicklungshilfe, Ausbildungshilfe 1966

box 10, folder 1

Winter, Gerhard, Bedingungsanalyse internationaler Kommunikation und Einstellungsanderung 1980

box 10, folder 2

United States' image in German high school textbooks. Articles, correspondence and report written by Irwin Abrams 1961.


Nobel Peace Prize

box 10, folder 3


box 10, folder 4

Articles 1945-1987

box 10, folder 5

Clippings 1961-1989

box 10, folder 6

Interview. Carl von Ossietzky, Mimeographed copy 1938.

box 10, folder 7

Report. "Report on the Round Table of Institutions Which Have Been Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize," 1978



box 10, folder 8

General. Correspondence and articles 1981-1985



box 10, folder 9

"The Aims of the Peace Society of Norway," 1983

box 10, folder 10

"Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development" (COPRED) 1979-1984

box 10, folder 11

"Peace in Action," 1985

box 10, folder 12

"Peace Studies Institute," 1986-1987

box 10, folder 13

Clippings 1938-1982

box 10, folder 14

Newsletter. The Arbitrator 1937

box 11, folder 1-2

Pamphlets 1902-1957



box 11, folder 3

"Organized Efforts in the United States Toward Peace," 1936

box 11, folder 4

"The Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships: Common Concerns, Uncommon Perspectives," 1976

box 11, folder 5

"Bericht uber die erste Tagung des Weltkongresses der Friedenskrdfte," Moscow, Soviet Union 1973 October 25-31

box 11, folder 6

Socialism. Pamphlets




Printed matter 1959-1978

box 11, folder 7

Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung, Sprache als ifMttler 1978

box 11, folder 8

Psychologisches Institut der Universitdt Hamburg, Die junge Elite: Asiens und Afrikas als Gast und Schuler Europas 1959 August


Studienkreis fur Tourismus e.V., Starnberg, Germany

box 11, folder 9

Dienen Urlaubsreisen der Volkerverstandigung? 1974

box 11, folder 10

Landerkundliche Anregungen und Informationen bei Auslandsreisen 1975

box 11, folder 11

Wie werden Deutsche im Ausland gesehen? 1975

box 11, folder 12

Untersuchung zur psychologischen Wirkungsweise von Sympathie-Magazinen bei Fernreisenden 1977

box 11, folder 13

Jugendaustausch innerhalb einer Stadtepartnerschaft 1978

box 12, folder 1

Mitglieder des Studienkreises fur Tourismus e.V. 1978



box 12, folder 2

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation 1953-1978

box 12, folder 3

Studienkreis fur Tourismus e.V., Arbeitsbericht 1977 des Studienkreises fur Tourismus e.V. 1977


United Nations


Printed matter

box 12, folder 4

Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission, Die Vereinten Nationen im Unterricht 1978

box 12, folder 5

World Citizens Association, The World at the Crossroads 1946


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Co-ordination Committee for International Voluntary Work Camps

box 12, folder 6

General. Reports, correspondence, and list of conferences and projects 1953-1955

box 12, folder 7

Handbook n.d.

box 13, folder 8

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. "Some Aspects of Non-Violent Resistance in Norway during the German Occupation " by Helga Stene. Typescript report 1940-1945,



box 12, folder 8

Newsletters 1940-1942

box 12, folder 9

Pamphlets 1932-1943


Printed matter

box 12, folder 10

Deutsche Stiftung fur Entwicklungsldnder, Entwicklungslander in Forschung und Lehre: 1959-1962

box 12, folder 11

Schairer, Reinhold, Aktivierung der Talente 1957

box 12, folder 12

Schleberge, Erwin and Rolf Wiese, Schriften zum deutschen Kommunalrecht 1975

box 12, folder 13

United Nations. Interview with Mr. Adolf Ciborowski, Deputy Director for Research and Development, Center for Housing, Building and Planning, United Nations, relating to the UNDP Skopje project. Typescript 1981 June 22-26


Sound Recordings, 1981-1986

Scope and Contents

Contains 12 sound cassettes. Includes interview with Adolf Cibrowoski (use copy reference number: 83025_a_0000076_a01) and a recording of the Orgeon Nobel Laureate Symposium.
box 39, folder 1-10

Interviews with Adolf Ciborowski, 1981 March - June

Scope and Contents note

Ten cassettes, labeled sides 1-20. It is not known whether the typescript interview with Adolf Ciborowski (box 12, folder 13) is a transcript of some or all of these recordings. Use copy reference number: 83025_a_0000076_a01

"Oregon Nobel Laureate Symposium, Linfield College," 1986 February

Scope and Contents

Two cassettes
box 39, folder 11

"Yolanda King"

box 39, folder 12

"Lawrence Klein, Czeslaw Milosz, Charles Townes"


Incremental Materials


Biographical File 1992-2000

Scope and Contents note

Includes bibliographies, a finding aid for the Irwin Abrams collection at Antioch University, and a list of Nobel peace laureates that Abrams met throughout his lifetime. Arranged alphabetically.
box 13, folder 9

Antioch College cermenoy, honorary doctorate 1997

box 13, folder 10

Archival collections 1994

box 13, folder 11

Bibliographies 1992-1994

box 13, folder 12

Biographical statement 2000

box 13, folder 13

List of Nobel peace laureates Abrams met 1992


Correspondence 1918-2003

Scope and Contents note

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
box 13, folder 14

Allaway, William H. 1980-1981

box 13, folder 15

Bowman, John E. 1973-1988

box 13, folder 16

Breitenbach, Diether 1979-1984

box 13, folder 17

Brislin, Richard 1980-1981

box 13, folder 18

Broda, Engelbert 1981-1982

box 13, folder 19

Curti, Merle 1986-1994

box 13, folder 20

Danckwortt, Dieter 1978-1982

box 13, folder 21

Fuller, Jon 1975-1989

box 13, folder 22

Gatzke, Hans W. 1954, 1983

box 13, folder 23

Gerhard, Dietrich 1962-1981

box 13, folder 24

Halsted, Henry 1979-1982

box 13, folder 25

Harris, David 1958-1962

box 13, folder 26

Hayden, Rose L. 1980-1982

box 13, folder 27

Henderson, Algo D. 1975-1986

box 13, folder 28

Hunter, Allan A. 1962, 1979

box 13, folder 29

Jack, Homer 1987-1993

Scope and Contents

Includes writings by Homer Jack
box 13, folder 30

Khalid, Mansour 1967-1969

box 13, folder 31

Kuehl, Warren F. 1980-1987

box 13, folder 32

Lutz, Ralph H. 1960-1961

box 13, folder 33

Mancini, Federico 1966

box 13, folder 34

Markert, Axel 1982

box 14, folder 1

Mestenhauser, Josef A. 1981-1984

box 14, folder 2

Meulen, Jacob ter 1946-1957

box 14, folder 3

Pintasilgo, Maria de Lourdes 1969-1972

box 14, folder 4

Plank, Emma and Robert 1963-1987

box 14, folder 5

Read, James 1981-1985

box 14, folder 6

Reisner, Konrad 1990-2003

box 14, folder 7-8

Richardson, John 1978-1982

box 14, folder 9

Thurber, Clancy 1982-1989

Scope and Contents

Includes obituary. See also Evaluations, University of Oregon (Box 17, Folder 3).
box 14, folder 10

Violich, Francis 1972-1974

box 14, folder 11

Wirzberger, Karl-Heinz 1964-1968

box 14, folder 12

White, Cyrus E. 1918, 1941-1943

Scope and Contents

Includes copy of letter (1918) from Arthur Capper, Kansas Governor, to White. Includes letters from Suda L. Bane.
box 14, folder 13

Wolfe, M. R. 1970-1975

box 14, folder 14

Woronoff, Jon 1991-1992


Speeches and Writings 1978-2005

Scope and Contents note

Includes typescripts, galley proofs, and printed copies. Arranged chronologically.
box 14, folder 15

"The Impact of Antioch Education Through Experience Abroad," 1978 February

box 14, folder 16

"Some Reflections on Historical Research and International Exchange," in Research in Exchanges, conference proceedings 1980 November

box 14, folder 17

"Some Reflections On Historical Research and International Interchange," 1980 November

Scope and Contents

Prepared for the Conference on Research on International Exchange in Bonn, Germany
box 14, folder 18

"The Challenge of Historic Preservation," for The Role of Architecture, the Tasks and the Responsibility of an Architect in Shaping the Human Environment 1981 June

box 14, folder 19

"The University Professor as Teacher, Some Reflections on the American Experience," 1982

box 14, folder 20

"The Nobel Prize in Peace," galley proof 1988

box 14, folder 21

Quote about Antioch College and educational exchange 1989

box 14, folder 22

"Carl von Ossietzky and the First Nobel Peace Prize for Human Rights," for the Joint Annual Convention of the British International Studies Association and the International Studies Association 1989 March-April

box 14, folder 23

"Carl von Ossietzky Retrospective" in The Nobel Prize Annual 1989 1990

box 14, folder 24

"Concepts of Peace in the Nobel Peace Prize," 1990 September

box 14, folder 25

"Conscience Against Violence," 1991

box 15, folder 1

"The Nobel Prize in Peace" in The Nobel Prize Annual 1990 1991

box 15, folder 2

"The Quaker Peace Testimony and the Nobel Peace Prize," 1991 May

box 15, folder 3

"Je me souviens..." in International Peace Bureau Centenary Exhibition circa 1992

Scope and Contents note

Includes description of 1936 trip to Europe to research dissertation
box 15, folder 4

"The Nobel Peace Prize" in The Nobel Peace Annual 1991 1992

box 15, folder 5

"The Many Meanings of the Nobel Peace Prize," 1992 June

box 15, folder 6

"Nobel Peace Laureate Christian L. Lange of Norway: Apostle of Concord," 1992 June

box 15, folder 7

"An American Quaker's Experience of Soviet Peacemaking," 1992 September

box 15, folder 8

"Christian Lous Lange, 'Apsotle of Concord,' Nobel Peace Prize Laureate" in Inter-Parliamentary Bulletin 1993

box 15, folder 9

"The Nobel Prize in Peace" in The Nobel Prize Annual 1992 1993

box 15, folder 10

"Chere Baronne et Amie: Letters of Alfred Nobel and Bertha von Suttner" in Die Waffen Nieder! 1993 June

Scope and Contents

Includes flyer for speaking engagement
box 15, folder 11

"Heroines of Peace: The Nine Nobel Women," lecture flyer 1993 June

box 15, folder 12

Lecture titles 1993 July

box 15, folder 13

"What's in a Name?" 1993 August

box 15, folder 14

"The Nobel Peace Prize 1993," note 1993 October

box 15, folder 15

"The Odd Couple," 1993 November

box 15, folder 16

"'93 Novel Peace Prize Take a Chance on the Future," 1993 December

box 15, folder 17

"The Nobel Peace Prizes as Teaching Tools" in Magazine of History, Organization of American Historians 1994

box 15, folder 18

"Postage Stamps and Peace Education: The Nobel Peace Prize," 1994 October-November and 1995 April

box 16, folder 1

The Words of Peace: Selections from the Speeches of the Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, edited by Abrams 1995

box 16, folder 2

"Henri Lafontaine (1854-1943)" in Inter-Parliamentary Bulletin 1996 February

box 16, folder 3

"Reflections on the First Century of the Nobel Peace Prize," 2000

box 16, folder 4

Book review of The Nobel Peace Prize and the Laureates 2002 April

box 16, folder 5

"Why Senji Yamaguchi--A Survivor of Nagasaki--Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize," 2005 February


Academic Career and Peace Organizations File 1932-1977

Scope and Contents note

Includes correpondence, reports, papers, evaluations of study abroad programs, and newsletters related to Abrams' work as a professor and advocate for peace. Arranged alphabetically by name of organization or subject.

American Friends Sevice Committee (AFSC)

box 16, folder 6-7

Pamphlets 1940-1952, undated

box 16, folder 8

Travel diary 1946

Scope and Contents

Includes descriptions of Carrara and Marciaso, Italy; Berlin, Germany; Warsaw, Gora, Kozienice, Czerwokna, and Gdynia, Poland; and Geneva, Switzerland. See also American Friends Service Committee File, European trip to AFSC Work Camps (Box 2, Folder 27).

Antioch College

box 16, folder 9

General 1997, undated

box 16, folder 10

Institute of Pacific Relations, Owen Lattimore 1951-1952

Scope and Contents

Materials used in an Antioch course
box 16, folder 11

Master of Arts program booklet 1981

Scope and Contents

Includes note about Jose Ramos-Horta
box 16, folder 12

Peace Corps, advance training program for Columbia 1966

box 16, folder 13

Council on International Educational Exchange 1985

box 16, folder 14

European Peace Historians, "Euro-Pax," Germany 1986-1988


Evaluations and consulting work

Scope and Contents

Includes evaluations of study abroad programs
box 16, folder 15

Hope College, Dubrovnik 1972

box 16, folder 16

Houston Baptist College 1966, undated

box 17, folder 1

Pennsylvania State University 1962-1964

box 17, folder 2

Study abroad programs 1961

box 17, folder 3

University of Oregon 1982-1984

box 17, folder 4

Upland College 1961-1962

box 17, folder 5

Wittenberg University 1966-1976

box 17, folder 6

Ghosananda, Maha, nomination for Nobel Peace Prize 1996

box 17, folder 7

Grawemeyer Award 1987-1988


Great Lakes College Association (GLCA)

box 17, folder 8

Latin American Progam in Bogota, Columbia, report and poster 1975

box 17, folder 9

Pamphlet circa 1977



box 17, folder 10-11

American-Yugoslavia Project in Regional and Urban Planning Studies, reports 1968-1970

box 18, folder 1-2

American-Yugoslavia Project in Regional and Urban Planning Studies, reports, (cont'd.) 1968-1970

box 18, folder 3

Novi Sad program 1969-1970

box 18, folder 4

Novi Sad, Town Planning Office 1970-1973

box 18, folder 5

Papers and reports 1966-1970, undated

box 18, folder 6

Seminar memoranda and reports 1969-1971

box 18, folder 7

"Ideas of Peace in History" project, USA/USSR, Charles Chatfield 1988-1990

box 18, folder 8

International Peace Bureau, Geneva 1992-1996


International Society for Educational, Cultural and Scientific Interchanges

box 18, folder 9-10

General 1979-1988


German-American exchange

box 19, folder 1

General 1981

box 19, folder 2-3

Bonn conference 1980-1981

Scope and Contents

See also Subject File, German-American Conference on International Educational Exchange, Bonn, Germany (Box 5 and 6).
box 19, folder 4-5

Wingspread conference 1981


Norwegian Nobel Institute

box 19, folder 6

Poster undated

box 19, folder 7

Proposal to translate Pazifismus in Deutschland by Karl Holl 1988-1993

box 19, folder 8

Peace History Society 1993-1995

Scope and Contents

Formerly council on Peace Research in History
box 19, folder 9

Quaker relief in Poland 1982-1983

box 19, folder 10-11

Society for the Study of Internationalism 1988-1994


Stanford University


Class notes

box 20, folder 1

"The Balkans Since 1800," David Harris 1933

box 20, folder 2

Modern European History 1932-1933

box 20, folder 3

History of Civilization textbook project 1944-1952


United States Office of Education

box 20, folder 4

Conference in Grubville, Missouri 1971-1972

box 20, folder 5

Higher Education Literature Search and Review Project 1966-1970

box 20, folder 6

International education 1973


Conferences File 1957-1998

Scope and Contents note

Includes conference programs and proceedings, correspondence, and pamphlets. Arranged chronologically by date of conference.
box 21, folder 1

1957 March. "Americans at Work Abroad," Syracuse University, conference proceedings 1957

box 21, folder 2

1972 October and 1973 February. World Campus Afloat 1972-1973

box 21, folder 3

1982 August-September. University Today Seminar, Dubrovnik 1975-1982

box 21, folder 4-5

1985 April. "Interchange/Interechange: Understanding Through International Exchange," 1985

box 21, folder 6

1990 May. Vietnam Antiwar Movement Conference 1990

box 21, folder 7-8

1992 September. "Peace Ideas and Movements in Russia and Western Peacemaking: Past and Present," Moscow 1992

box 21, folder 9

1994 October. "The New Challenges of the 90's: One World Together," International Peace Bureau 1994

Scope and Contents

Includes draft of 1995 conference program
box 21, folder 10

1994 October-November. International Peace Research Association XV General Conference, Malta 1994

box 21, folder 11

1995 September. Peace History Society Symposium, Canada 1995

Scope and Contents

In conjunction with the 18th International Congress of Historical Sciences
box 21, folder 12

1998 November. Third International Conference of Peace Museums 1998


Subject File 1900-2002

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence, reports, conference materials, clippings, and printed matter related to subjects such as international education exchange, peace organizations, and World War II. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
box 22, folder 1

Berlin 1950-1953, undated

box 22, folder 2-3

Ciborowski, Adolf 1968-1980, undated

box 22, folder 4

Committee of Soldiers' Mothers, Russia circa 1991

box 22, folder 5

Conscientious objectors 1951

box 22, folder 6

Duveneck, Frank B. 1944-1986

box 22, folder 7

Duveneck, Frank and Josephine 1948-1984

Scope and Contents

Includes letter of Josephine Duveneck
box 22, folder 8-10

"German Democratic Republic, 1950s," East Germany 1947-1954

box 22, folder 11

German Democractic Republic 1963-1972

box 22, folder 12

Habitat, United Nations Conference on Human Settlements 1976

box 23, folder 1

Hiroshima 1995

box 23, folder 2

History of exchange 1964-1980

box 23, folder 3

Interchange 1964-1985

box 23, folder 4-5

Interchange, educational 1978-1981

Scope and Contents

Includes writings by others
box 23, folder 6

International educational exchange, study abroad 1955-1992

box 23, folder 7

Japanese Americans, Fred Yamamoto 1942-1944, undated

box 23, folder 8

Kuhns, Henry Welty 1941

box 23, folder 9

Menchu, Rigoberta, 1992 Nobel Peace Prize 1992

box 24, folder 1

Menchu, Rigoberta, 1992 Nobel Peace Prize (cont'd.) 1992

box 24, folder 2

Miscellaneous 1921-2002

box 24, folder 3

Nonviolence 1992-1996

box 24, folder 4

Peace Corps origins 1960-1961

box 24, folder 5-6

Peace Links 1989-1997

box 24, folder 7

Peace movements in Norway, Russia, and Germany 1900, 1984

box 24, folder 8-9

Peace museums 1993-1997

box 25, folder 1

Peace organizations 1984-1994

box 25, folder 2

Quakers 1987, undated

box 25, folder 3

Rothman, Jay 1989-1991, undated

box 25, folder 4

Study abroad 1958-1978

box 25, folder 5

"Survivial in a Nuclear Age" symposium 1985

box 25, folder 6

Templin, Ralph 1984

box 25, folder 7-8

Travel 1959-1963, undated

box 25, folder 9

World War II 1927-1943

box 25, folder 10-11

World War II, coming of 1937-1940

Scope and Contents

Clippings binder illustrating propoganda and European view of U.S. Includes cartoons of David Low.

Writings by Others 1976-1998

Scope and Contents note

Includes typescripts, lectures, drafts, booklets, and dissertations. Arranged alphabetically by last name of author.
box 26, folder 1

General 1976-1994

box 26, folder 2

Blume, Wilber T., "Beyond Persuasion: In Pursuit of Public Diplomacy," 1976

box 26, folder 3

Kriegar, David, "A Journey of Hope: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Okinawa," 1998

box 26, folder 4

Mayor, Federico, "United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization," lecture draft 1995


Senn, Peter R.

box 26, folder 5

Friedrich Althoff: A German Who Helped to Shape American Universities," 1992

Scope and Contents

In acknowledgements section, Senn writes, "Irwin Abrams inspired this paper."
box 26, folder 6

"Problems of the Determination of the German Influence on American Fiscal Policy and Taxation Systems: With Emphasis on Gustav Schmoller and Adolph Wagner 1992

box 26, folder 7

"Sombart's Reception in the English-Speaking World," 1991

box 26, folder 8

Summy, Ralph, "Hiroshima: Symbol of the Past; Hope of the Future," 1995


Printed Matter 1911-2001

Scope and Contents

Includes pamphlets, newsletters, monographs, and other printed matter related to peace, peace scholarship, and international education. In English, German, Russian, Polish, French, and Italian. Arranged by format.
box 27, folder 1

Calendars 1979-1994

box 27, folder 2

Catalog, Antioch International Program undated

box 27, folder 3

Clippings 1940-2000

box 27, folder 4

Comic book, König Popiel und Die Mäuse undated

box 27, folder 5-7

Conference reports and programs 1960-1988

box 27, folder 8

Leaflets 1937-1994, undated

Scope and Contents

Includes leaflets of IPRA Commission on Nonviolence, Richardson Institute for Peace Studies, the Peace Studies Association, and the Carl Duisberg Society




box 28, folder 1


box 28, folder 2


box 28, folder 3


box 28, folder 4-6


box 29, folder 1-2

1960s (cont'd.)

box 29, folder 3-5




box 30, folder 1-3




box 30, folder 6

"Asia, Africa, Latin America: Expanding Educational Travel," Council on Student Travel undated

box 30, folder 7

"The College Center of the Finger Lakes, Atelier in Paris, France," undated

box 30, folder 8

"Conscience Compels Them," undated

box 30, folder 9

"The Discovery of the Consumer," Beatrice Webb undated

box 30, folder 10

"Federal Convicts Numbers 1128 and 1129, College to Prison," undated

box 31, folder 1

"A Guide for Friends on Conscientious Objection to War," Ben Richmond, Friends United Meeting undated

box 31, folder 2

"How Can We Better Educate Americans to Work and to Study Abroad?" Gerard J. Mangone undated

box 31, folder 3

"IG-Farben, Auschwitz, Mass Murder: On the Guilt of IG-Farben from the Documents on the Auschwitz Trial," edited by the Working Group of Former Prisoners of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp of the Committee of Anti-Fascist Resistance Fighters in the German Democractic Republic

box 31, folder 4

"Our Money: How it Works," Jerry Voorhis, Workers Education Bureau of America undated

box 31, folder 5

"Peace in Action," undated

box 31, folder 6

"A Peace to End Wars?" Betty Muther Jacob, High School Civilian Service undated

box 31, folder 7

"Preparation for Peace," International Peace Academy undated

box 31, folder 8

"Ready for India? Guildlines for Callison Students Going to Bangalore," undated

box 31, folder 9

"Reflections on Non-Alignment: From Belgrade to Harare," Homer Jack undated

box 31, folder 10

"The Relevance of an Impossible Ideal: An Answer to the Views of Reinhold Niebuhr," G. H. C. Macgregor undated

box 31, folder 11

"The Road to War, 1945-1951," John M. Swomley, Jr. undated

box 31, folder 12

"What About the Conscientious Objector? A Supplement to the Pacifist Handbook," Joint Committee on the Conscientious Objector undated

box 31, folder 13

"What Are You Going To Do About It? The Case for Constructive Peace," Aldous Huxley undated

box 31, folder 14

"Winning the War on the Spiritual Front: A Study Course on Organizing the Peace," Commission to Study the Organization of Peace undated

box 31, folder 15

"World Court Project: Nuclear Weapons on Trial," undated

box 31, folder 16

"Les documents officiels sure les origines de la gueere," 1929

box 31, folder 17

"Training for Peace," Richard B. Gregg 1937

box 31, folder 18

"Selections from War Without Violence," Krishnalal Shridharani 1939

box 31, folder 19

"Shall We Send Our Youth to War?" Herbert Hoover 1939

box 31, folder 20

"War Aims," G. D. H. Cole 1939

box 31, folder 21

"World Unity," Maxwell Garnett 1939

box 31, folder 22

"For Civilization," C. E. M. Joad 1940

box 31, folder 23

"Pacifist Handbook," American Friends Service Committee, Brethren Board of Christian Education, Fellowship of Reconcilitaion, et al. 1940

box 31, folder 24

"The Rights of Man," Harold Laski 1940

box 31, folder 25

"1917 and 1941," Frederick B. Artz 1941

box 31, folder 26

"America's Peace Aims: A Committee Report," Catholic Association for International Peace 1941

box 31, folder 27

"Pacifism and Its Opponents in the Light of Value Theory," Geroge W. Hartmann 1941

box 31, folder 28

"Why Britain Fights," R. H. Tawney 1941

box 31, folder 29

"World Organization, 1920-1940," 1941

box 31, folder 30

"The World Society: A Joint Report," Catholic Association for International Peace 1941

box 32, folder 1

"America's Pacifist Minority," 1942

box 32, folder 2

"Pacifism and Invasion," Jessie Wallace Hughan, War Resisters League 1942

box 32, folder 3

"A Plea for an Immediate Peace by Negotaion," George W. Hartmann, War Resisters League 1942

box 32, folder 4

"We the Offenders," circa 1947

Scope and Contents

Includes American Friends Service Committee report
box 32, folder 5

"Conscience and the Commonwealth," Milton Mayer 1944

box 32, folder 6

"Build Peace Through International Work Camps," circa 1948

box 32, folder 7

"The Role of the State in the Socialist Transformation of the Economy of the U.S.S.R.," K. V. Ostrovityanov 1951

box 32, folder 8

"The Soviet Workers and Their Unions," 1952

box 32, folder 9

"Deutschland und die Vereinigten Staaten," 1956

box 32, folder 10

"American Students Abroad: Goodwill Ambassadors?" Syracuse University 1958

box 32, folder 11

"New Americans in Old Societies," Gerard J. Mangone, Syracuse University 1958


"A Review of Negro Segregation in the United States," Independent Service for Information on the Vienna Youth Festival 1959

box 32, folder 12

"A Review of Negro Segregation in the United States," Independent Service for Information on the Vienna Youth Festival 1959


Serial issues

Scope and Contents

Includes newsletters, newspapers, journals, and bulletins. Contains scattered serial issues. Single dates indicate that at least one issue from that year is present. Within date ranges, many gaps occur.
box 33, folder 22

Breakthrough, Global Education Associates 1987-1989

box 34, folder 1

Bulletin of International Interchanges 1983-1984

box 34, folder 2

The Citizen 1997

box 34, folder 3-7

COPRED Peace Chronicle 1984-1993

Scope and Contents

Consortium on Peace Research, Education, and Development
box 34, folder 8

Disarmament 1988

box 35, folder 1

Fellowship: The Journal of the Fellowship of Reconciliation 1950


Friends Committee on National Legislation

box 35, folder 2

Indian Report 1989

box 35, folder 3

Washington Newsletter 1985-1989

box 35, folder 4

Friends House Moscow 1999

box 35, folder 5

Halfyearly Bulletin of the Association Montessori Internationale undated

box 35, folder 6

International Network of Peace Museums 1993-1999

box 35, folder 7

IPB News 1992-1996

Scope and Contents

International Peace Bureau
box 35, folder 8-10

International Peace Research Newsletter 1989-1999

box 36, folder 1

International Peace Research Newsletter (cont'd.) 1989-1999

box 36, folder 2

International Peace Studies Newsletter 1982-1989

box 36, folder 3

Journal of Communist Studies 1992

box 36, folder 4

Leading Edge 1996

box 36, folder 5

Midwest Pacifist Commentator 1987-1993

box 36, folder 6

Nonviolence International Frontline 1995

box 36, folder 7

Nonviolent Sanctions 1994

box 36, folder 8

Occasional Papers in Intercultural Learning 1985-1987

box 36, folder 9-10

Occasional Papers on Undergraduate Study 1965-1978

box 36, folder 11

Peace Aims Pamphlets 1941, undated

box 36, folder 12

Peace, Environment, and Education 1990-1996

box 37, folder 1-2

Peace, Environment, and Education (cont'd.) 1990-1996

box 37, folder 3

Peace Studies Newsletter 1982

box 37, folder 4

Peace Team News 1997, 2000

box 37, folder 5

Phnom Penh Post 1997

box 37, folder 6

The Red Cross Magazine 1918

box 37, folder 7

Social Action 1940

box 37, folder 8

Social Education 1968

box 37, folder 9

Speak German--Sprich Deutsch! 1961-1962

box 37, folder 10

Strassburger Wochen-Programm 1911

box 37, folder 11

The Third Alternative 1984-1994, 1999

box 37, folder 12

Transcontinental Peace Newsletter 1988-1999

Scope and Contents

Formerly called Transatlantic Peace Newsletter
box 38, folder 1

Transcontinental Peace Newsletter (cont'd.) 1988-1999

box 38, folder 2

[Tübingrr] Chronik 1914

box 38, folder 3

Unclassified: Magazine of the Association of National Security Alumni 1994

box 38, folder 4

Wiener Blätter Zur Friedensforschung 1991

box 38, folder 5

Wittenberg Magazine 2000

box 38, folder 6

Workcamps Across the World 1960

box 38, folder 7

World Citizen News 1994-1997

box 32, folder 13

"Young Voices in Soviet Literature," Independent Service for Information on the Vienna Youth Festival 1959

box 32, folder 14

"The College and the University in International Affairs: Summary of a Discussion by the Trustees of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching," 1960

box 32, folder 15

"Studium Berolinense," 1960

box 32, folder 16

"The University and World: A Report to the Chancellor of a Faculty Committee of the University of Kansas," 1960

box 32, folder 17

"USA," 1960

Scope and Contents

In Russian
box 32, folder 18

"Americans Abroad: Questions You'll Be Asked About Your Country," 1961

box 32, folder 19

"Musees de l'union sovietique," 1961

box 32, folder 20

"A Youth Corps for Service Abroad," Maurice L. Albertson, Pauline E. Birky, Andrew E. Rice 1961

box 32, folder 21

"American Studies Abroad," Walter Johnson, U.S. Advisory Commission on International Educational and Cultural Affairs 1963

box 32, folder 22

"New Goliards," Institute for American Universities, Aix-en-Provence, France 1963

box 32, folder 23

"A Premilinary Study of Acquiring Cross-Cultrual Interaction Skills Through Self-Confrontation," Donald B. Haines, Herbert T. Eachus 1965

box 32, folder 24

"The University's Responsbility in International Educational Exchange: A Report of the Meeting of the Continuation Committee for Educational Exchange," 1967

box 32, folder 25

"Education for the Revolutionary World of the Future: Imperatives for Action in New York State," 1969

box 32, folder 26

"Foto Bilten," 1969

box 32, folder 27

"The Peace Corps: From Enthusiasm to Disciplined Idealism," 1969

box 32, folder 28

"U.S. Study Programs and West German Educational Institutions," Thomas Huber, Institute of International Education 1969

box 32, folder 29

"International Dimensions of Education: A Statement of Policy and Proposed Action by the Regents of the University of the State of New York," State Education Deparment, Albany 1970

box 32, folder 30

"Diplomacy and International Law," 1972

box 33, folder 1

"A Global Approach to Higher Education," Ladislav Cerych, International Council for Educational Development 1972

box 33, folder 2

"Global Dimensions in U.S. Education," Maurice Harari 1972

box 33, folder 3

"Odyssey II: The Ship-Based Educational Concept," World Campus Afloat, Associations of Colleges and Universities 1972

box 33, folder 4

"The United Nations University," Harold Taylor 1973

box 33, folder 5

"Goshen College SST," 1976

box 33, folder 6

"St. Peter in the World: The World in St. Peter," Gustavus Adolphus College 1977

box 33, folder 7

"International Association for Shipboard Education," 1980

box 33, folder 8

"Odnowa," 1980

box 33, folder 9

"Deutsche Auswärtige Kulturpolitik Seit 1871," 1981

box 33, folder 10

"Dartmouth XIII: A Soviet-American Dialogue," Philip D. Stewart 1982

box 33, folder 11

"The Promise of World Peace: A Statement by the Universal House of Justice," Baha'i World Centre 1985

box 33, folder 12

"New Far-Reaching Soviet Proposals to Rid the World of Nuclear Weapons," circa 1986

box 33, folder 13

"Hope for the Future," Griscom Morgan 1987

box 33, folder 14

"Seven Steps to Global Change: Gandhi's Message for Today," Guy de Mallac," 1987

box 33, folder 15

"M.A. in Peace Studies," University of Lancaster 1988

box 33, folder 16

"Tambovskiĭ filial Moskovskogo gosudarstvfnnogo instituta kul'tury," V. M. Tiunnuk 1989

Scope and Contents

In Russian
box 33, folder 17

"The 1990 Beyond War Award Ceremony," 1990

box 33, folder 18

"Studienzentrum Für Friedensforschung," 1991

box 33, folder 19

"Women at the Well and Other Journeys Through Palestine," Anastasia Goodstein 1994

box 33, folder 20

"One World, One Heart," Susan Polis Schutz 2001

box 30, folder 4


box 30, folder 5

Handbooks 1967-1981

box 33, folder 21

Reports 1971-1980, undated


Photographs undated

box 26, folder 6

"Karl-Marx-Stadt, Pionierhaus," undated

Scope and Contents

Ten commercial photographic prints. Possibly from an American Friends Service Committee mission to Germany in 1963.