Register of the Esther Rosencrantz Papers, 1920-1950

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Register of the Esther Rosencrantz Papers, 1920-1950

Collection number: MSS 51-1

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Esther Rosencrantz Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1920-1950
Collection number: MSS 51-1
Creator: Rosencrantz, Esther, 1876-1950
Extent: 2 cartons
Repository: University of California, San Francisco. Library. Archives and Special Collections.
San Francisco, California 94143-0840
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Language: English.

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Esther Rosencrantz was born in San Francisco, November 18, 1876. She received her undergraduate education at Leland Stanford Junior University, graduating A.B. in 1899. She attended medical school at Johns Hopkins University, from which she received her MD in 1904, being the first woman from California to receive a medical degree from Hopkins. While at Hopkins, Dr. Rosencrantz studied under the great four: Welch, Kelly, Halsted and Osler. The last, Dr. William Osler created such an impression on Dr. Rosencrantz that throughout her life she collected any materials by or about Dr. Osler that she could buy, exchange or coax from other collectors. Her collection, now part of the Special Collections Division at UCSF, is perhaps the most comprehensive (up to the time of her death in 1950), outside of that at the Osler Library at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.
Dr. Rosencrantz's strong interest in chest diseases, and tuberculosis in particular, also dates from the time of her work with Dr. osler. Following graduation in 1904, she worked at a number of medical/research institutions in this country and abroad, including the New York Infirmary for Women; Brompton Hospital for Consumption, London; the Charité Hospital, Berlin; the Pasteur Institute, Paris and Lille, with Calmette; the Insel Spital, Berne, where she worked under Sahli, and the Tuberculosis Division of the Dept. of Public Health, New York City.
In 1913 she returned to California to become a member of the Medical Staff at UCSF, where she was also attending physician at the San Francisco Hospital, in charge of the University of California tuberculosis wards until 1937.
After World War I Dr. Rosencrantz went to Italy as a member of the Tuberculosis Division of the Red Cross Commission, and was decorated by the Italian and U.S. governments for her work there. Among her responsibilities in California were membership in the Advisory Board of the Arequipa Sanitarium; consultant in the San Luis Obispo County Tuberculosis Department; consultant for the Tuberculosis section of the Hassler Health Home. Dr. Rosencrantz was also a member of the AAAS, the American Sanitorium Association, the American Trudeau Society, the Pasteur Society of Northern California, the International Association against Tuberculosis, the American Academy of Specialists in Tuberculosis, the American Academy of Chest Physicians and the National Tuberculosis Association. Dr. Rosencrantz was certified in Internal Medicine in 1937.
That year she became lecturer in Medical History and Bibliography, and retired as associate professor emeritus in 1943. In retirement Dr. Rosencrantz devoted her time to organizing and cataloging her collections of Osleriana, Garrisoniana, Fultoniana and others. She died December 17, 1950, of arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Scope and Content

Includes correspondence, manuscripts/typescripts, pamphlets, reprints, photographs.
Major subjects include: tuberculosis, Golden Gate International Exposition, UCSF/UCB (student lists, course lists, faculty matters), and Dr. Rosencrantz's collecting interests--Osleriana, Garrisoniana and others.

Related Material

See also Rosencrantz Collection in Special Collections.

Container List


Series I. General Correspondence

Carton Ctn. 1, item 1

19-- to 1941

item 2


item 3


item 4


item 5


item 6


item 7


item 8


item 9


item 10

1950 (1)

item 11

1950 (2)

item 12

Belt, Elmer

item 13

Burke, Kathleen, 1917

item 14

Campbell, Douglas H., 1938

item 15

Elliott, Orrin, 1930-35

item 16

Faircough, H. Rushton, 1926-34

item 17

Francis, W.W., 1930-50

item 18

Fulton, John F., 1943-50

item 19

Hoeber, Paul, 1929-31

item 20

Major, Ralph, 1945-46

item 21

Maugham, W. Somerset, 1939

item 22

Mencken, H.L., 1939

item 23

Morgan, Julia, 1937-41

item 24

Radbill, Samuel, 1938-50

item 25

Schwerlin, Stephanie, 1940

item 26

Steinitz, Kate, 1948-50

item 27

Wood, Beatrice, 1938-49

item 28

Wood, Beatrice, 1950

item 28a

Wood, Beatrice: condolences on the death of her aunt, Esther Rosencrantz, 1950

item 29

American College of Chest Physicians, 1937-40

item 30

American Academy of Tuberculosis Physicians, 1937-40

item 31

American Trudeau Society, 1923-40

item 32

California Medical Association, 1931-40

item 33

National Tuberculosis Association, 1931-40

item 34

San Francisco Tuberculosis Association, 1920, 1930-32


Series II. Tuberculosis


Subseries A. Manuscripts

Carton Ctn. 1, item 35

Fixation test: typescript, ca. 1924

item 36

The effect of epidemic influenza upon pulmonary tuberculosis: typescript

item 37

Tubercle bacilli in the gastric contents of tuberculous children: notes, ca. 1937

item 38

An unusual case of generalized tuberculous lymphadenitis: typescript, ca. 1938-39

item 39

The frequency of tubercle bacillus in the urine of chronic pulmonary tuberculosis...: typescript (pub. in J. Urology, 1940 Oct;44).

item 40

Tuberculosis of the tonsil of children..., by E. Rosencrantz and Samuel Hurwitz: typescript and notes (pub. in Amer. Rev. TB, 1941 Mar;43

item 41

Misc. manuscripts, typescripts, notes.


Subseries B. Case Histories

Carton Ctn. 1, item 42

Milan Ratkovich, 1922-24

item 43

Robert Evans, 1923-25 (see also folder 61)

item 44

Isaac Cacamindin, 1930-32

item 45

Lyle Miller, 1934

item 46

John Ermides vs Tip Top Tavern, 1937


Subseries C. Statistics/Reports

Carton Ctn. 1, item 47

Los Berros Sanitorium, 1934-37

item 48

San Luis Obispo County Chest Clinic, 1935-37

item 49

San Luis Obispo County Chest Clinic, 1938-40

item 50

San Luis Obispo County Health Dept., 1935-37

item 51

San Luis Obispo County Health Dept., 1939

item 52

San Luis Obispo County Tuberculosis Sanitorium, 1938-40

item 53

UC Tuberculosis Service: Children's ward, 1929-34


Subseries D. Related Materials

Carton Ctn. 1, item 54

Artificial pneumothorax: typescript, 1932

item 55


item 56

Chest films, 1936

item 57

Clippings for teaching, 1935-36

item 58

Complement fixation (s.d.)

item 59

Diagnostic statistics, ca. 1930

item 60

Diets, 1920, 1934

item 61

Generalized tuberculous lymphadenitis: paper by Jennie A Schwab, typescript, 1927; case history of Robert Evans, 1923-25

Conditions of Use

item 62

Hassler Health home, 1936-37: patient lists

item 63

Influenza cases, 1927

item 64

Medical preparedness, ca. 1940

Carton Ctn. 2, item 65

Procedures; treatment room

item 66

Time reports: Tuberculosis Division, SFGH, 1920

item 67

Expense account, San Luis Obispo Tuberculosis Sanitorium, 1931-38

item 68

Narcotics license, IRS, 1922-43

item 69

State Compensation Insurance Fund, 1924-24: forms and correspondence




Subseries A. UCSF

Carton Ctn. 2, item 70

List of students, 1938-40

item 71

Third year schedule, 1934-37

item 72

Fourth year schedule, 1937-38

item 73

Interns, 1936-37

item 74

Elective courses, 1922-28

item 75


item 76

Graphs: student works, 1929-30

item 77

Library lists

item 78

Research requests, 1931-36

item 79

Correspondence, notices, 1929-50


Subseries B. UC Berkeley

Carton Ctn. 2, item 80

Herbert C. Moffitt Memorial Chair, 1926-28

item 81

Daniel Coit Gilman Memorial Fund, 1925-43

item 82

Henry Francis Wagner-Marion Owen Grimstead Memorial Fund, 1934

item 83

Correspondence, notices, 1927-41


Series IV. Golden Gate International Exposition San Francisco, 1939-40

Carton Ctn. 2, item 84-85

Collected correspondence re medical exhibit, 1936-38

item 86

Science in the service of man: exhibit booklet


Series V. Rosencrantz Collections

Carton Ctn. 2, item 87

Osler portrait photographs; Osler article reprints

item 88

Osler bibliography: drafts, copies, check-lists

item 89

Osler collection correspondence, general

item 90

Correspondence: Norman B. Gwyn, William G. Ricker, Grant Selfridge, Helen Taussig, William Pepper, Owsei Temkin

item 91


item 92

General cabinet: contents list

item 93

Collection statistics

item 94

Miniature of Esther Rosencrantz, ca. 1898 (?)

item 95

John Fulton bibliography

item 96

Bookplate data

item 97

Osleriana miscellany


Series VI. Stanford University; Misc.

Carton Ctn. 2, item 98

Misc. pamphlets (libraries, artists

item 99

Guide books to museums

item 100

Stanford pamphlets


A Decennial of Stanford Song... 1895-1905. M.H. Thorpe, R.E. Snodgrass, eds. (Stanford University, 1905)


The First Year at Stanford; Sketches of Pioneer Days at Leland


Stanford Junior University. (Stanford University, Published by the English Club, 1905)


Field, Charles, K., and Will H. Irwin. Stanford Stories. Tales of a Young University. (New York, Doubleday, Page, 1900).