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Henry J. Bruman papers, circa 1935-2005
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Research and professional materials

Box 1

13 maps depicting 16th century Central Mexico: Relaciones geograficas circa 1940s-1950s

Additional Note

16th c. "Relaciones Geography of Central Mexico" - depiction of cities and towns in Mexico, ca. 1570; HB worked from Spanish and Mexican primary sources; HB made photographs of source documents; Spanish primary source documents located at the University of Texas.
Box 2, Folder 2

Correspondence, faculty biographies and curriculum vitae, essay on department's beginnings. 1962.

Additional Note

Not originally in folder; Correspondence, essay, undated.
Box 2, Folder 3

Correspondence, notes, photos, and receipts for textbook on South American geography; co-author Langdon White, of Stanford University. 1954-1961.

Box 2, Folder 4

Notes, correspondence, and typewritten manuscript for chapter in textbook on Latin America. 1957-1958.

Box 2, Folder 5

Correspondence re Bruman's conference talk at Luso-Brazilian Symposium at University of Wisconsin; transcript of radio talk for KNX based on this conference paper. 1960.

Box 2, Folder 6

Report by University of Wisconsin geography professor Kirk Stone on High Latitude Fringes of Settlement for Office of Naval Research and for University of Wisconsin. 1960.

Physical Description: Mimeograph.
Box 2, Folder 7

Correspondence re Bruman report for Department of Navy, Office of Naval Research. 1958.

Box 2, Folder 8

Correspondence, receipts, articles, maps, publications re stay with expedition on Galapagos Islands. 1956-1961.

Box 2, Folder 9

Correspondence, program re Educators' Conference held by Du Pont company. 1958-1959.

Box 2, Folder 11

Budgets, correspondence and notes re Bruman's work for Office of Naval Research. 1950-1952.

Box 2, Folder 17

Personal notes of Bruman on holdings of books and manuscripts in such libraries as the Library of Congress. undated

Box 14, Folder 4, Box 2, Folder 19

Stanford Meeting of West Coast Latin Americanists 1948

Scope and Content

Correspondence and program materials.
Box 10, Folder 18, Box 14, Folder 2, Box 13, Folder 28, Box 2, Folder 20

UCLA correspondence 1961-1963

Scope and Content

Correspondence to Bruman from UCLA colleagues and Chancellor Franklin D. Murphy. Box 10 includes correspondence and articles concerning Alexander von Humboldt.
Box 2, Folder 22

Correspondence from John Hopkins University

Box 2, Folder 23

Articles from weekly journal, Science

Box 2, Folder 25

The Seminar as Exploration, Carl O. Sauer

Box 2, Folder 26

Salvadoran publications

Box 3, Folder 10

Relaciones Geograficas grant materials

Box 3, Folders 12-13, 18-20, Box 9, Folder 9

Latin America clippings and publications

Box 3, Folders 15, 17, 21

Caribbean articles and publications

Box 3, Folder 22

Methodology of Agricultural Geography lectures

Scope and Content

Copies of lectures by Professor Orlando Valverde.
Box 10, Folder 1

Brazilian tourism brochures

Box 10, Folder 6

Field work slides

Box 10, Folder 13, Box 14, Folder 3

ONR Research Proposal and Reports

Scope and Content

Box 10 includes research reports done under Office of Naval Research (ONR). Dr. C. O. Sauer in charge. Box 14 includes the ONR research proposal.
Box 10, Folder 20

Plano de la Ciudad de Papantla, Veracruz 1944 June

Box 12, Folder 1, Box 14, Folder 9

Brazil photos circa 1940s-1950s

Scope and Content

One box of black and white photos and slides of Brazil.
Box 12, Folders 3-7, 11

H.B. reprint resources

Scope and Content

Publications in English and Spanish from H.B.'s research files.
Box 12, Folder 10

Relaciones Geograficas - 18th century

Scope and Content

Materials include correspondence with the Library of Congress.
Box 12, Folder 14

Maps of Misantla and Papantla, Veracruz

Box 12, Folder 15

Hoja Puebla and Pachuco

Scope and Content

Materials include maps and black and white photos.
Box 12, Folders 17, 21

Vanilla - Papantla

Scope and Content

Materials include maps, photographs, manuscripts and government correspondence.
Box 12, Folder 16

Survey Graphic and Latin American Report

Box 12, Folder 20

Photos of Brazil and vegetation and landforms

Scope and Content

Photos for use with HJB's chapters of White-Bruman text.
Box 13, Folder 1

South America photos

Scope and Content

One box of black and white photos on cardstock from University of California, Southern Branch.
Box 13, Folder 2

E.D. Merrill "The Botany of Cook's Voyages"

Box 13, Folders 3-5

Henry J. Bruman Letters 1920s-1990s

Box 13, Folder 6

Ann Hinckley

Scope and Content

Correspondence between Hinckley and Ronald Lockmann concerning HJB, his health, book and Conservatorship of the Person.
Box 13, Folder 7

Kroeber letter and other Appendix material

Box 12, Folder 9, Box 13, Folders 10-12, 18, 23, 30, 35, Box 14, Folders 12-13


Scope and Content

Folder 18 correspondence includes minutes for the Henry J. Bruman Educational Foundation Board meeting. Folder 23 includes a transcription of HJB's radio talk, "Brazil and Argentina" and an article that highlights the UCLA Map Library as the largest academic map library in the United States.
Box 13, Folder 14

Southern Studies Project papers

Box 13, Folder 20

Professor Wolfgang Knigge papers, publications

Box 13, Folder 21

HJB in Gottingen

Box 14, Folders 10-11, Box 13, Folder 22

HJB 80th Birthday Concert and Tribute

Scope and Content

Box 13 includes a program for the celebration and Ron Lockmann's remarks. Box 14 includes congratulatory letters of appreciation, invites, guest list and photo album.
Box 13, Folder 26

Norris Hundley

Scope and Content

Correspondence about HJB between Lockmann, Hinckley and Hundley.
Box 13, Folder 27

Coconut Industry Board

Scope and Content

Materials include correspondence, manuscripts and publications.
Box 13, Folder 36

HJB notes, inventory and articles

Box 14, Folder 6

HB Foundation Library Advisory Committee

Box 14, Folder 20

A Half Century in Chemistry at UCLA 1932-1982

Box 14, Folder 22


Scope and Content

Publications include The Pacific Geographic Magazine, Latitudes: Henry J. Bruman Map Library and Outcry! from Occupied Berkeley.

Teaching materials


Geography course materials

Box 2, Folder 1

Course handouts for Geography 1B and Geography 250. n.d.

Physical Description: Mimeographs.

Additional Note

Not originally in folder.
Box 2, Folder 12

Test questions. 1978.

Physical Description: Carbon copies.
Box 2, Folders 13-14

Midterms and final examinations for various geography courses. 1951-1977.

Additional Note

Dates broken.
Box 2, Folder 15, Box 9, Folder 8, Box 3, Folders 8-9

Geography 122A and 122B final exams and check sheets n.d.

Box 2, Folder 16

Midterms and final examinations for various geography courses. 1952-1976.

Additional Note

Dates broken.
Box 2, Folder 18

Notes, article, and clipping for Geography 5 (course). n.d.

Physical Description: Clipping deteriorated.

Additional Note

Clipping dated 1943; from New York Times.
Box 2, Folder 21

Geography 175 examinations

Box 2, Folder 27

Basic Readings in Geography

Box 2, Folder 24

Geography 101 clippings

Box 3, Folder 5

A Historical Chronology of the Department of Geography, UCLA

Box 3, Folder 11

Geographic Bibliography

Scope and Content

Tables and exercises for graduate students in geography.
Box 3, Folder 14

Geography 1A final exam and clippings

Box 3, Folder 16

Geography 40, 122A and 122B notes on curriculum

Box 5, Folders 1-6, Box 4, Folders 1-14, Box 3, Folders 23-28

Geography graduate seminar papers

Scope and Content

Many of the papers in Box 4 and 5 include black and white photos of Los Angeles.
Box 5, Folders 7-24

Geography graduate seminar notes and exams

Box 7, Folders 1-44, Box 6, Folders 1-60

Graduate course files

Scope and Content

Materials include lectures notes, assignments, exams, class schedules, lists of topics, readings, articles, brochures and clippings. The majority of the Box 7 materials concern the study of Brazil.
Box 9, Folder 1

Interdisciplinary in Latin American Studies

Scope and Content

Box 10, Folders 2-4, Box 9, Folders 11-14

Upper division Geography papers

Box 9, Folder 10

Geography 182 papers

Box 13, Folder 29

Sauer's Course on Domestication, Aschmann's Notes

Box 14, Folder 5

The Beginnings of Geography in the University of California


Field notebooks, manuscripts and publications

Box 10, Folder 12

Excerpts from Geographical Review

Box 10, Folder 11

"Post-War Agricultural Colonization in Brazil"

Scope and Content

Final Report under Office of Naval Research (ONR) contract.
Box 13, Folder 24, Box 10, Folder 14

Articles, papers and reprints

Scope and Content

Box 10 includes "Early California: Perception and Reality" and HJB's memorial for Carl Sauer. Box 13 includes the following papers: "The Caribbean and the Panama Canal" and "Inter-Disciplinary Cooperation in the Latin American Area, with Special Reference to the Role of Geography."
Box 10, Folder 15, Box 13, Folder 25, Box 11

Aboriginal Drink Areas in New Spain

Scope and Content

Box 10 includes HJB's annotated manuscript and a Utah Press catalog which includes publicity for his book, Alcohol in Ancient Mexico. Box 11 includes a bound, annotated copy of his dissertation with notes and outlines. Box 13 includes University of Utah Press Memorandum of Agreement.
Box 10, Folder 22

Red Book #1 circa 1935

Scope and Content

HJB's bound field notebook from Mexico, D.F. Most writing is in Spanish and includes thesis chapter 1 notes on alcoholic beverages.
Box 11

H. J. Bruman Bibliography

Scope and Content

One binder of HJB's publications and clippings.
Box 14, Folder 24, Box 11

Field notebooks 1951 November-December

Scope and Content

Seven bound field notebooks.
Box 11

Red Book #2 and #3

Scope and Content

HJB's bound field notebooks.
Box 11


Scope and Content

Field notebook.
Box 12, Folder 2

Distillation in New Spain

Scope and Content

Bound, annotated manuscript by HJB. See Box 10 and 11: Aboriginal Drink Areas in New Spain.
Box 12, Folder 8, Box 13, Folder 31

Manuscripts and proposals


"Sovereign California: The State's Most Plausible Alternative Scenario"

Box 12, Folder 13

MSS (old)

Scope and Content

Manuscripts include "Brazil's Place in the Cultural Development of the World," "The Caribbean and the Panama Canal" and "Goethe and Science."
Box 12, Folder 18

"Carl Sauer in Mid-Career: A Personal View by One of His Students"

Box 13, Folders 8, 33

Encyclopedia copy 1957 March

Scope and Content

Encyclopedia Britannica copy on Mexico.
Box 13, Folder 9

U.S. Air Force chapter 1957

Scope and Content

Materials concerning HJB's chapter on Latin America for the Air Force Political Geography text.
Box 13, Folder 15

Geography and the War

Box 14, Folder 14


Box 14, Folders 15-17

Alexander Von Humboldt


Personal photos, files and memorabilia

Box 10, Folder 5

Chayote recipes

Box 14, Folders 8, 18, Box 13, Folder 34, Box 10, Folders 7-9, 16-17


Scope and Content

Box 10: Folder 8 includes German correspondence and a black and white photo concerning the HJB Map Library at UCLA. Materials in folder 17 were removed from a binder and include postcards and HJB's tourist card. Box 13: Folder 34 includes images of childhood, family and Carl Sauer field excursion.
Box 10, Folder 19, Box 13, Folder 19

Fiscal data - philanthropy

Box 13, Folder 13

Letters from Charlotte Crabtree

Box 13

Audio recordings

Scope and Content

Materials include two audiocassette recordings of UCLA Bruman Tribute and one audiocassette recording of the ceremony naming the UCLA Map Library the H. J. Bruman Library.
Box 14, Folder 1

Private H.J.B.

Scope and Content

Personal and professional correspondence.
Box 14

UCLA Order of the Golden Bruin

Scope and Content

Materials include a reception invitation and an alumni award for excellence.
Box 14, Folder 26

Musica Zapoteca

Scope and Content

Three 45" records.
Box 14, Folder 27

Brazil and Argentina

Scope and Content

World Wide Broadcasting Foundation 78 R.P.M. record.
Box 14, Folder 28

Dr. Bruman Memorial

Scope and Content

CD with slide show from UCLA Faculty Center Memorial for HJB on May 13, 2005.

UCLA projects and Geography departmental records

Box 2, Folder 10

Bruman's notes, official paperwork and forms for graduate students under his direction. 1948-1976.

Additional Note

Dates broken.
Box 10, Folders 10, 21, Box 3, Folders 1-3, 6-7, Box 8, Folders 1-4, Box 9, Folders 4-7

UCLA Brazil Project

Scope and Content

Correspondence, photos, notes and reports for UCLA-Brazil Student Leader Seminar. Box 10 includes correspondence from U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and a Daily Bruin clipping on the program.
Box 3, Folder 4, Box 8, Folders 5-27, Box 9, Folders 2-3

UCLA Columbia Project

Scope and Content

Reports, correspondence, articles, clippings and lists of participants. Box 9 contains fiscal files.
Box 12, Folder 19

Goettingen UC Study Abroad

Box 13, Folder 16

UC Education Abroad Program

Box 13, Folder 17

Department matters, publicity, etc.

Scope and Content

Materials include memoranda, manuscripts, study proposals, abstracts and grant applications.
Box 13, Folder 32

Geography Fellowship

Box 14, Folders 21, 23

UCLA Symposia materials

Scope and Content

Materials include programs and two recording tapes of HJB's "Population Pressures in Brazil" speech.
Box 14, Folder 19

CV and business cards