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Guide to the Halleck, Peachy & Billings Records, 1852-1867
BANC MSS C-B 421  
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Key to Arrangement

Box 1, folder 1-142

Correspondence. Two or more letters, arranged alphabetically, then chronologically within each folder. A partial list of correspondents may be consulted at the end of this report.


Billings, Frederick: Outgoing letters, 1852-1861


Peachy, Archibald C.: Outgoing letters, 1853-1860


Halleck, Henry Wager: Outgoing letters, 1852-1860


Halleck, Peachy & Billings: Outgoing letters, 1851-1854


A-Z Miscellany for single letters

Boxes 2-5

Papers relating to land and land litigation. Arranged by county, then by grant.

Box 2

A - N


Butte Co.:

folder 143

Warbass, Thomas A. et al: Deed to Frederick Billings for lots in Butte City, Apr. 8, 1850.


Contra Costa Co.:


Arroyo de las Nueces y Bolbones (San Miguel)

folder 144

Figueroa, José: Confirmation of grant to Juana Sánchez de Pacheco, July 31, 1834. Copy, including diseño.

folder 145

Contra Costa Co., Calif. Surveyor: Statement that he has deputized R. S. Williamson to survey Juana Sánchez' ranch. Certified by Thomas A. Brown, Oct. 31, 1850.

folder 146


folder 147

Pacheco, Juana (Sánchez): Petition to land commissioners for Arroyo de las Nueces y Bolbones.


Las Juntas (San Ramón)

folder 148

Pacheco, Bartolomé: Petition with Mariano Castro, for Las Juntas, Sept. 4, 1832. Request written for them by Antonio María Pico, with marginal reply by Ignacio Peralta. Original, on stamped paper.

folder 149


folder 150

Pacheco, Bartolomé: Last will, Nov. 30, 1839. Translation.

folder 151

Pacheco, Lorenzo: Last will, Feb. 24, 1846. Translation.


San Pablo

folder 152

Alvarado, Juan Bautista: Deed to Henry Wilkins for part of San Pablo, July 15, 1856. Copy.

folder 153

Wilkins, Henry: Declaration of purpose re San Pablo land, July 15, 1856. Copy.

folder 154

Tewksbury, Jacob M.: Lease to John Davis of a portion of San Pablo, Oct. 15, 1858.

folder 155

Castro, Gabriel: Lease to Charles E. Witherbee for portion of San Pablo, Oct. 21, 1859.

folder 156

Copy of summons in case Emeric vs. Alvarado re Rancho San Pablo, Nov. 26, 1867.


El Dorado Co.:

folder 157

Survey for Hermitage Ranch.

folder 158

Delinquent tax list for 1858.


Lake Co.:



folder 159

Leese, Jacob Primer: Deed to A. A. Ritchie and P. S. Forbes for sale of land in Guenoc and Locolliome, July 17, 1849. With diseño. 2 copies.

folder 160

Deed to A. A. Ritchie and P. S. Forbes for Locolliome and Guenoc, Mar. 21, 1850.

folder 161

Ritchie, Archibald A. and Forbes, Paul S.: Petition for Guenoc. n.d. Draft, in Halleck's hand.

folder 162

Forbes, Paul S.: Power of attorney to R. S. Watson and A. A. Ritchie, June 1, 1852. 2 items.


See also: Napa Co.


Lupyomi (Laguna de Lupyomi)

folder 163

Vallejo, Salvador: Espediente re Lup-Yomi, 1839. Tracing.

folder 164

Espediente re Lup-yomi, 1844. Tracing.


Los Angeles Co.:



folder 165



Rincón de San Pascual

folder 166


folder 167

Pérez, José and Sepulveda, Enrique: Petition for Rincón de San Pascual, Apr. 10, 1840, and grant. Translation.


Marin Co.:



folder 168

Guerra, Pablo de la: Deed to Halleck for Nicasio, May 1850.



folder 169

Opinion of the court in case U.S. vs. Frederick Billings et al, assignees of Bezar Simmons, [1864?]


Punta de Quentín y Cañada de San Ancelmo

folder 170

Alvarado, Juan Bautista: Grant to J. B. R. Cooper of La Punta de Quentín and Corte Madera. n.d. Copy.

folder 171

Statement re survey of the Punta de Quentín. Oct. 18, 1841. copy.


San Clemente (Tamalpais)

folder 172

Briones, Gregorio: Cuentas del Rancho San Clemente, Sept. 3, 1846 Accounts used in case Briones vs. Estate of Mrs. Reed.

folder 173

Sánchez, Hilaria: Petition for San Clemente, Aug. 21, 1849. Tracing, diseño included.


Mendocino Co.:

folder 174

Leese, Jacob Primer and Prudon, Victor: Petition for land on the northern frontier for a colonization scheme, May 1, 1846. Original, mutilated.


Monterey Co.:



portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 15

Alvarado, Juan Bautista: Deed to Clément Panaud for Alisal and for lot in Monterey, Feb. 6, 1851. Certified copy.


Bolsa del Potrero y Moro Cojo (Sagrada Familia)

Box 2, folder 175

Torre, José Joaquín de la: Petition for Bolsa del Potrero, Oct. 5, 1825, with Argüello's reply in margin. Original.

folder 176

Petition claiming, against Simeón Castro, Bolsa del Moro Cojo, June 18, 1827. Original.

folder 177

Petition against Simeón Castro re his land in Bolsa del Potrero, July 2, 1827. Original.

folder 178

Draft of conveyance of Bolsa del Porrero to J. B. R. Cooper, Oct. 2, 1829. Also copy of same document.

folder 179

Cooper, Juan Bautista Rogers: Request for naturalization, Oct. 22, 1829, with annotation by José Tiburcio Castro that request is granted, Oct. 22, 1829. Original, on stamped paper.

folder 180

Agreement with John María Milligan concerning the Potrero de Salinas, Dec. 19, 1829. Original, on stamped paper. Two copies.

folder 181

Espediente para el terreno "La Sagrada Familia"


1. Torre, José Joaquín de la: Petition for Bolsa del Potrero, June 20, 1822, with grant of request by Pablo Vicente de Sola, June 22, 1822.


2. Torre, José Joaquín de la: Deed to Cooper for this land, Oct. 2, 1829.


3. Milligan, Juan María: Concerning a debt owed him by Torre, written for him by Hartnell, Oct. 30, 1824, with marginal notation by Argüello.


4. Torre, José Joaquín de la: Conveyance of half of his property to Milligan as cancellation of debt, Oct. 30, 1824, with certificate by Hartnell stating that this property granted to deceased Milligan has been ceded to Cooper, Aug. 21, 1834. Originals, some on stamped paper.

folder 182

Cooper, Juan Bautista Rogers: Petition to Governor requesting assurance that his lands not to be taken from him, since, due to his service with the California, he has been unable to improve them, Mar. 29, 1844. With marginal reply by Micheltorena. Original, on stamped paper.

folder 183

Summons in case of J. B. R. Cooper vs. U.S. Feb. 2, 1855. Copy.

folder 184

Brief in case of J. B. R. Cooper vs. U.S.


Buena Vista (Llano de Buena Vista)

folder 185

Estrada, Santiago: Deed to Mariano Malarín for Buena Vista, Oct. 28, 1851.



folder 186

Colton, Walter: Title to property in Monterey, and permit to build. Mar. 17-23, 1847. Original.



folder 187


folder 188

Cantua, Vicente: Petition for land in Rancho Nacional, Apr. 2, 1839 and granting of claim. Translation.


Los Ojitos

folder 189

Alvarado, Juan Bautista: Provisional title to Los Ojitos to Mariano Soberanes, Jan. 28, 1841. Original, on stamped paper, and translation.

folder 190

Diseño, with explanation by Cambuston.


El Piojo

folder 191

Soto, Joaquín: Petition for El Piojo, Mar. 6, 1842. Translated espediente.

folder 192

Notes on boundaries.

folder 193

Abstract of claim of heirs of J. Soto to El Piojo.

folder 194

Petition of heirs of Joaquín Soto. Draft.

folder 195

Index of case U.S. vs. Heirs of Joaquín Soto.


Potrero de San Carlos

folder 196

Brief in case of Joaquín Gutiérrez for El Potrero de San Carlos.


Punta de Pinos

folder 197

Espediente for Punta de Pinos, 1844. Certified copy by José Abrego.

folder 198

Castillo, José Mariano del: Consulta... sobre unos terrenos... Feb. 18, 1851.


Real de las Aguilas

folder 199



Rincón de las Salinas

folder 200

Delgado, Cristina: Deed of sale to Ramón Estrada, Mar. 3, 1847. Copy.


San Bernardo (San Bernardino)

folder 201

Soberanes, Mariano: Petition concerning extension of time in effecting improvements on San Bernardo, due to Indian depredations, May 21, 1844. With statement by Manuel Jimeno and Decision of Micheltorena. Original, partly on stamped paper.

folder 202

Abstract of claim for San Bernardo.

folder 203

Abstract of claim of M. and J. Soberanes to San Bernardo.

folder 204

Soberanes, Juan and Mariano: Petition for San Bernardo.


San Francisquito

folder 205

Espediente, 1835. Translation, incomplete.

folder 206

Notes re conveyances on San Francisquito property, [1853 ?] 2 items.

folder 207

Abstract of claim of José Abrego to San Francisquito.

folder 208

Abrego, José: Petition for San Francisquito. Draft.

folder 209

Little, Milton: Deed to Lewis Belcher for San Francisquito, May 10, 1853.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 16

Abrego, José: Deed to Lewis Belcher for San Francisquito, July 18, 1853.


Santa Rita

Box 2, folder 210

Espinosa, Trinidad: Will of property to her children, June 28, 1852. Copy by W. E. P. Hartnell, Jan. 10, 1853.


El Sur

folder 211

Figueroa, José: Grant of El Sur to Juan B. Alvarado, Sept. 30, 1834. Also signed by Agustín V. Zamorano. Original, on stamped paper.


El Toro

folder 212

Estrada, José Ramón: Espediente for El Toro, 1834. Translation.

folder 213

Will, Mar. 21, 1844. Translation.

folder 214

Walters, Charles: Petition.



folder 215

Espinosa Trinidad: Espediente for land in Tucho, 1834. Tracing. Diseño included.

folder 216

Espediente re Tucho, 1838. With notations by Alvarado, Simeón Castro and Feliciano Soberanes. Original.

folder 217

Escamillo, J. S.: Ynstrucciones de los terrenos concedidos en la Vega del Rio, Jan. 30, 1846. Original.

folder 218

Espinosa, Trinidad: Petition requesting land adjacent to Tucho, May 14, 1846, with replies by Manuel Castro and J. S. Escamillo. Original.


Los Tularcitos

folder 219

Answer of appellee in case of heirs of Rafael Gómez vs. U.S.


Monterey Co.

folder 220

Malarín, Joséfa Estrada de: Power of attorney to Mariano Malarín, re title to ranchos of her deceased husband. Signed by Miguel Bernal and David Spence, as witnesses.


Napa Co.:



folder 221


folder 222

Peabody, Edward T.: Affidavit in case of U.S. vs. George C. Yount, re Caymus grant.


Entre Napa

folder 223

Diseño. Copy certified by W. E. P. Hartnell, Nov. 27, 1847.

folder 224

Martin, Julius: Petition for part of Entre Napa.



portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 17

Vallejo, Salvador: Deed to Herman Wohler, June 16, 1851. Certified copy.

Box 2, folder 226

Harrison, George W.: Agreement with Angus L. and William Boggs re land in Napa, Oct. 2, 1851.

folder 227

Knight, Ebenezer: Petition to Land Commissioner for part of Napa.

folder 228

McNeil, James: Petition to Land Commissioner for part of Napa.

folder 229

Osborn, William H.: Petition to Land Commissioner for part of Napa.

folder 230

Ritchie, Archibald A.: Petition to Land Commissioner for part of Napa.

folder 231

Rose, Julius K.: Petition to Land Commissioner for part of Napa.

folder 232

Statement and Brief in claims of J. K. Rose et al to part of Napa. Draft and copy.

folder 233

List of claims presented to the Board of Commissioners for parts of the Rancho called Napa granted to S. Vallejo [in] 1838.


Napa Co.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 18

Napa Co., Calif. Surveyor: Description of tract of land in Napa Co. belonging to D. H. Haskell, Julius Rose, J. McNeil and J. W. Osborn, Jan. 30, 1853.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 19

Survey for Joseph G. Baldwin of land in Napa, 1857.


Napa Valley

Box 2, folder 234

Bartlett, Lyman: Power of attorney to Macondray & Co., Feb. 15, 1850.


School Warrant Lands

folder 235

Napa Co., Calif. Surveyor: Description and map of Joseph Baldwin's school warrant lands no. 816, 820, 1857.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 20

Baldwin, Josph G.: Location and survey of School land warrants no. 816, 820 and 780 in 1857.

Box 2, folder 236

Also copy containing record of sale, Apr. 20, 1857.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.)

Box 2, oversize no. 21


School warrant applications, Napa Co., no. 340-344, Dec. 27, 1858.



folder 238

Gibb, Daniel: Receipt for original deed of Cayetano Juárez to M. G. Vallejo for Suscol. Feb. 1, 1860.



folder 239

Pico, Pío: Statement that Departmental Assembly has granted Tulucay to Cayetano Juárez. June 16, 1845. Also signed by José María Covarrubias. Original, on stamped paper.

Box 3

O - San J


Sacramento Co.:


Consumnes (Rancho de Hartnell)

folder 240

Diseño. Copy certified by Manuel Jimeno, Nov. 3, 1844.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 21a

Hartnell, William Edward Petty: Power of attorney to William T. Sherman to sell portion of his property, Apr. 14, 1849, with signatures of Mrs. Hartnell, Manuel Jimeno and William H. Warren, and endorsed on verso by Sherman, returning power of attorney, July 10, 1849. Used as draft for a new power of attorney to L. W. Hastings.


Rio de los Americanos

Box 3, folder 241

Leidesdorff, William A.: Espediente for Rio de los Americanos, 1844. Tracing, diseño included.



folder 242

Sutter, John Augustus: Memorandum for a settlement of certain property on Mrs. Sutter, Mar. 23, 1850, concerning notes and lots in Sacramento.


San Benito Co.:


Cienega de los Paicenes (Paicenes)

folder 243

Castro, Angel: Petition for Los Paicenes, July 31, 1834. Tracing, with diseño.

folder 244

Castro, Angel and Rodríguez, José Antonio: Petition for Cienega de los Paicenes, Sept. 6, 1842. Translation of espediente.

folder 245

Díaz, Francisco: Request concerning J. A. Rodríguez' request for property, Jan. 20, 1844. Tracing.

folder 246

Notes and statements concerning Los Paicenes. Apr. 7, 1854.


San Bernardino Co.:


San Bernardino

folder 247

Lugo, José del Carmen: Power of attorney to Stephen C. Foster, May 13, 1852.


San Diego Co.:


San Diego, Ex-Mission Lands

folder 248

Motion, affidavit and order in case U.S. vs. Santiago Argüello. Certified copies.

folder 249

Ord, Pacificus: Petition in ease U.S. vs. S. Argüello. Certified copy.


San Francisco Co.:


Cañada de Guadalupe y la Visitación

folder 250

Ridley, Presentación de: Petition to U.S. Land Commission for the property, June 1854.


Ojo de Aqua de Figueroa (Miranda Grant)

folder 251

Miranda, Apolinario: Petition for Ojo de Agua de Figueroa. Sept. 16, 1833. Copy. With this, request for a solar in San Francisco, Jan. 30, 1838. Copy.

folder 252

Petition of the heirs of Apolinario Miranda.


Potrero Viejo (Rincón de las Salinas y Potrero Viejo)

folder 253

Complaint in the case Bernal vs. Lilly. Feb. 27, 1855.

folder 254

Order of injunction in case Bernal vs. Lilly, Feb. 27, 1855.

folder 255

Answer in case Bernal vs. Lilly. Mar. 13, 1855.

folder 256

Affidavit for attachment in case Bernal vs. Lilly, Mar. 13, 1855.

folder 257

Attachment in case Bernal vs. Lilly, Mar. 13, 1855.


Punta de Lobos

folder 258

Extract of documents relating to Piña's land, Punta de Lobos.


Rincón Point

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 22

Shillaber, Theo: Account with Peachy and Billings re Rincón Point, May 15, 1851, with note by Peachy and Billings that note is settled.

Box 3, folder 259

Release from charges in exchange for conveyance by Peachy and Billings of their interest in Rincón Point. May 31, 1851.


Salinas y Visitación

folder 260

Jimeno, Manuel: Confirmation of grant of Salinas to Bernal, May 20, 1840. Tracing.


San Francisco Lots

folder 261

Soto, María Encarnación: Petition re her lot no. 37, [1847]

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 23

Elwell, Robert: Deed to Samuel W. Haight for property in San Francisco, July 20, 1848.

Box 3, folder 262

Packard, John Q.: Lease to Wesley Merritt of San Francisco lot, Jan. 26, 1850.

folder 263

Lord, Ralph H.: Agreement with Wesley Merritt concerning San Francisco property, June 20, 1850.

folder 264

Chandler, David W.: Mortgage to Thomas Ap Catesby Jones for lots in San Francisco, July 10, 1850.

folder 265

Laskie, John Thomson: Mortgage to Henry Matthews for property in San Francisco, Oct. 2, 1850.

folder 266

Matthews, Henry: Deed to James Hall for property in lot 302 in San Francisco, June 11, 1851.

folder 267

Peachy, Archibald C.: Memorandum of deed of Peachy to L. Maynard, Oct. 28, 1851.

folder 268

Peachy, Archibald C.: Power of attorney to Frederick Billings for disposal of real estate in San Francisco, May 11, 1852.

folder 269

Estimates on cost of carpentry and iron work for building on Sansome St. 1852.

folder 270

Smith, William: Statement re 100 vara lot no. 149, Sept. 27, 1852.

folder 271

Byfield, Augustus N.: Deed to William Neely Johnson for portion of 50 vara lot no. 616, May 9, 1853.

folder 272

Copy of summons and complaint in case of Gouldin vs. Buckelew et al, July 1853.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 24

Hastings, John: Appointment of J. P. Haven and J. N. Briceland, his attorneys, to collect rent on his property in San Francisco. July 30, 1853.

Box 3, folder 273

Carlton, H. P.: Deed to Henry Bush for property in San Francisco, Oct. 18, 1853.

folder 274

Minutes of conveyances in case J. R. Gliddon vs. Thos. Knight et al for lot no. 273 in San Francisco, [1853?]

folder 275

Maynard, Lafayette: Lease to Selig & Bros. for store in San Francisco, Jan. 10, 1854.

folder 276

Search for conveyances and incumbrances against Samuel R. Throckmorton. Apr. 18, 1855.

folder 277

Copy of proposed amendment to answer of Lick, affidavit and order in case Stafford vs. Lick re portion of 50 vara lot no. 195, Oct. 15, 1855.

folder 278

Bryant, William C.: Mortgage to William Hall for property in San Francisco, Apr. 1, 1854. With this, papers in suit Hall vs. Bryant, 1854-1855.

folder 279

Villa, Antonio María: Deed to Manuel Castro for 100 vara lot, Nov. 10, 1856. Original and translation.

folder 280

Yale, Gregory: Appeal in case Stafford vs. Lick, Jan. 28, 1857.

folder 281

Abstract of title for a garden lot - in San Francisco?, 1851-1859.

folder 282

Marwedel, Charles Ferdinand: Deed to Charles Otto for portion of 50 vara lot no. 1037, Aug. 22, 1860.

folder 283

Hurtado, Lorenzo: Deed to Saunders & Hepburn for lot of land, portion of 50 vara lot no. 220. Draft? Undated, partially translated into Spanish.

folder 284

Marshall, Edguado (Edward?) Statement re solares no. 54 and 154 in San Francisco, n.d.

folder 285

Notes concerning 100 vara lots in San Francisco, n.d.

folder 286

Clippings re decision in the Sherrebeck claim. n.d.

folder 287

Peachy, Archibald C.: Memorandum re rental of property in San Francisco.


Mission Dolores

folder 288

Sánchez, Francisco: Proclamation concerning owners of gardens residing in the Mission. May 23, 1843.

folder 289

Bernal, Carmen S.: Petition to U.S. Land Commission for lot in Mission Dolores.

folder 290

Abstract of claims of heirs of J. C. Bernal for lot in Mission Dolores.

folder 291

Abstract of Mrs. Lowell's deposition.

folder 292

Notes taken of testimony in case U.S. vs. heirs of J. C. Bernal.

folder 293

Index of case U.S. vs. heirs of J. C. Bernal.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 25

Heppener, Anna: Power of attorney to Alfred A. Green for property in the Mission Dolores and other lots in the city, as well as property in Sonoma Co., May 8, 1857.

Box 3, folder 294

Index of case, U.S. vs. heirs of F. G. Palomares.


Pueblo Lands

folder 295

Nava, Pedro de: Orden, Jan. 19, 1793. Tracing and translation.

folder 296

Regulation based on law of Aug. 18, 1824 re colonization of both Californias. Translation, with notes by Halleck.

folder 297

Statistics of 1828, mainly re San Francisco.

folder 298

Figueroa, José: Decreto, Aug. 6, 1834. Tracing, with partial translation.

folder 299

Jimeno, Manuel: Statements on colonization, 1840. Copies, with translations.

folder 300

Pico, Pío: Proceedings of the Assembly, May 28, 1845. Tracing only.

folder 301

Reglamto pare la enagenacion... de las Misiones ... Oct. 28, 1845. Tracing.

folder 302

Mexico. Congreso: Report on colonization [1846?] Halleck's translation.

folder 303

Halleck, Henry Wager: Brief on the existence of the Pueblo at San Francisco.

folder 304

Peachy, Archibald C.: Notes of arguments and depositions in case for San Francisco Pueblo lands, May 1854.

folder 305

Answer to Peachy's brief in case re San Francisco Pueblo lands.


Water Lots

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 26

Peachy, Archibald C. and Billings, Frederick: Statement re water lots in San Francisco. Mar. 20, 1850.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 27

Maynard, Lafayette: Deed to Peachy & Billings, May 8, 1850.

Box 3, folder 306

Jones, E. P.: Deed to O. Farnham, July 2, 1850. Certified copy.

folder 307

Brannan, Samuel: Deed to Frederick Billings, Aug. 5, 1850.

folder 308

Billings, Frederick: Deed to Peachy and James King of William, Aug. 8, 1850.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 28

Peachy & Billings: Mortgage to William P. McArthur for water lots no. 549-550, Oct. 4, 1850.

Box 3, folder 309

Brannan, Samuel: Discharge of mortgage to Frederick Billings, Oct. 9, 1850.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 29

Peachy and Billings: Mortgage to B. Davidson for water lots, Jan. 14, 1851.

Box 3, folder 310

Stevenson, Jonathan Drake: Deed to James H. Brady for portion of water lot no. 457, Mar. 28, 1851. Certified copy.

folder 311

Brady, James H.: Deed to John B. Brady for portion of water lot no. 457. 1851. Certified copy.

folder 312

Haight, Samuel W.: Deed of trust to Archibald C. Peachy, June 25, 1851, for Water lots.

folder 313

McArthur, William P. (by his executor): Release of mortgage to Peachy & Billings, July 30, 1851.

folder 314

Jones, E. P.: Receipt for conveyances to water lots no. 402-404 from Peachy & Billings, July 23, 1852.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 30

Potter, G. G.: Contract and receipts for filling water lots no. 502-504, 1852.

Box 3, folder 315

Billings, Frederick: Deed to Alonzo C. Monson for part of water lots no. 502-504, Apr. 26, 1853.

folder 316

Abstract of title for beach and water lot no. 657.

folder 317

Elliot, Stephen F.: Deed to Edward Merrill and S. Griffits Morgan for water lot no. 657. Aug. 12, 1853.

folder 318

Morgan, S. Griffits: Power of attorney to C. S. Hathaway re his real estate in California, in particular, water lots no. 271 and 272 in San Francisco. May 24, 1854. Certified copy.

folder 319

Merrill, Edward: Deed to S. Griffits Morgan of water lot no. 657, Feb. 15, 1855.

folder 320

Summons and complaint in case Hellmann vs. Folsom Estate, concerning lots in San Francisco. May 1859. Copy.

folder 321

Remarks on search of title for Peter Smith's water lot. [ca. 1860 ?]

folder 322

Morgan, S. Griffits: Deed to Frederick Billings of water lot no. 657, Sept. 4, 1863.

folder 323

Notes re José Antonio Chavez' petition for his title to property in San Francisco, n.d.


San Joaquín Co.:


Campo de los Franceses

folder 324

U.S. Surveyor General: Instructions to Jasper S. Whiting for survey of lands. July 12, 1854. Copy.

folder 325

Abstract of C. M. Weber's claim to Campo de los Franceses.

folder 326

Woods, Archibald: Answer in case C. M. Weber vs. A. Woods for Campo de los Franceses. Copy.

folder 327

Peachy, Archibald C.: Argument in claim of C. M. Weber. Newspaper clippings, Sept. 1, 1854.

folder 328

Map - original and tracings, 3 items.



folder 329


folder 330

Pico, Antonio María: Receipt to Henry Naglee for payment for half of Pescadero property. Apr. 15, 1849, with receipt for additional payment, May 2, 1849, on verso.

folder 331

Pico, Antonio María and Naglee, Henry Morse: Petition for El Pescadero.


San Joaquín Co.

folder 332

McKee, William H.: Agreement with De Boom Vigneaux and Grisar Co. for return of promissory notes in exchange for land along San Joaquín River. May 21, 1852. (San Joaquín Co. ?)

Box 4

San L - Solano


San Luis Obispo Co.:


Arroyo Grande (San Ramón)

folder 333

Carlon, Zeferino: Petition for land, Apr. 29, 1841. Contemporary copy, on stamped paper.



folder 334

Estrada, Pedro: Petition for La Asunción, Aug. 26, 1843. Translation.

folder 335

Estrada, Pedro: Petition to the Land Commissioners, in Halleck's hand. n.d.

folder 336

Statement of case and brief of Halleck, Peachy & Billings. Draft and copy.

folder 337

Index of case, U.S. vs. Pedro Estrada.


Bolsa del Chamizal

folder 338

Quijada, Francisco: Conveyance to Luis Burton, Mar. 20, 1843. Translation.

folder 339

Cordero, Pedro: Deed to L. Burton, Sept. 4, 1846. Translation.

folder 340

Quijada, M.: Conveyance to L. Burton, Mar. 14, 1850. Translation.

folder 341

Notice of intention to prosecute in case Button vs. U.S.


Cañada de los Osos y Pecho y Islay

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 31

Badillo, Francisco: Deed to John Wilson for Rancho Pecho, Jan. 1, 1844.

Box 4, folder 342

Wilson, John: Affidavit in case U.S. vs. John Wilson.

folder 343

Wilson, John: Answer in case U.S. vs. John Wilson.


Cañada del Chorro

folder 344

Petition of attorney of U.S. for review in case U.S. vs. John Wilson.


Huerfano (Huer-huero)

folder 345

Bonilla, José Mariano: Statement re Rancho del Huer-Huero, Nov. 18, 1853.


Puerto de Mar

folder 346

Avila, Miguel: Statement that he has lots in Puerto de Mar for sale. Nov. 17, 1854. With two receipts, May 25 and Aug. 19, 1852, by Ramón de Zaldo concerning documents re Avila's land.


San Luis Obispo

folder 347

Estrada, Joaquín: Grant of land near town of San Luis Obispo to Santiago Urvista, Sept. 1, 1845.

folder 348

Price, John Michael: Grant to Francisco Branch for lots in San Luis Obispo, Feb. 20, 1850.

folder 349

Summons in case Victor Linares vs. U.S., Feb. 2, 1855. Copy.

folder 350

Summons in case Micaela Linares, executrix, vs. U.S., Aug. 20, 1855. Copy.


San Simeón

folder 351

Alvarado, Juan Bautista: Grant to José Ramón Estrada for San Simeón, Dec. 1, 1842. Original, on stamped paper.

folder 352

Spence, David: Agreement with Thomas B. Park re San Simeón, June 27, 1844. Original, signed by both parties, on stamped paper.

folder 353

Park, Thomas B.: Deed to William A. Streeton for San Simeón, Feb. 1, 1847. Original.


Santa Isabel

folder 354

Objections in case U.S. vs. Francisco Arce.

folder 355

Index of case, U.S. vs. Arce. 2 copies.


Santa Manuela

folder 356

Branch, Francisco: Petition to governor re Santa Manuela. n.d.

folder 357



Santa Rosa

folder 358

Estrada, Julián: Espediente for Santa Rosa, 1840. Tracing.



folder 359

Wilson, Ramona Carrillo: Agreement concerning Suey with Joaquín Valenzuela, Sept. 12, 1843. On stamped paper.

folder 360

O'Farrell, Jasper: Area of the farm of Suey by Computation, May 8, 1845.

folder 361

Map. Tracing.

folder 36

Wilson, Ramona Carrillo: Petition to Land Commissioners.


San Mateo Co.:


Las Pulgas (Cochinitos)

folder 363

[Argüello, Santiago?]: Statement re Las Pulgas. n.d.

folder 364

Argüello, Gervasio and Santiago: Petition to Land Commissioner. n.d.


Rincón de la Ballena

folder 366

Bernal, José Cornelio: Petition, Feb. 13, 1839. Translation by W. E. P. Hartnell. Folder 365. Statement re receipt of cattle in payment for Rincón de la Ballena. Oct. 31, 1849. Copy and translation.


San Benito

folder 367

Escalante, Gregorio: Statement re San Benito.


La Visitación

folder 368

Sherrebeck, Pedro: Petition for La Visitación, Mar. 31, 1844. Original, annotated by Micheltorena and Hinckley, accompanied by a diseño.

folder 369

Ridley, R. T.: Articles of an agreement concerning lease of property in La Visitacion, Oct. 20, 1850.


Santa Barbara Co.:


Alamo Pintado

folder 370

Halleck, Peachy & Billings: Petition for review, in case Lataillade vs. U.S.


Los Alamos

folder 371

Motion and depositions in claim of José Antonio de la Guerra y Carrillo to Los Alamos. Jan. 10, 1854.


Corral del Cuate

folder 372

Davila, Agustín: Agreement re sale to Cesário Lataillade, Aug. 13, 1847. Copy.

folder 373

Carta de pago, Feb. 14, 1848. Original and copy.



folder 374

Rojo, José María: Deed of one half of his property to José Antonio Domínguez, Apr. 11, 1844.

folder 375

Answer of U.S. attorney in case of heirs of Lataillade vs. U.S. Copy.

folder 376

Index of case of heirs of C. Lataillade vs. U.S.


Island of Santa Cruz

folder 377

Certified contemporary copy of testimony in case re Island of Santa Cruz, 1850.

folder 378

Castillero, Andrés and Forbes, William: Power of attorney to Isidoro de la Torre to act in litigation for Island of Santa Cruz. Feb. 8, 1850. Certified contemporary copy.


Island of Santa Rosa

folder 379

Alvarado, Juan Bautista: Grant of islands to the Carrillo brothers. Jan. 24, 1839. Tracing.

folder 380

Petition of appellants in case of Manuela Carrillo de Jones et al vs. U.S.


Jesús María

folder 381

Alvarado, Juan Bautista: Grant to Antonio Lucas and José Antonio Oliveras for Jesús María, Apr. 8, 1837. Contemporary copy, later copy, and translation.

folder 382

Carrillo, José: Deed to Lewis T. Burton, May 4, 1853.



folder 383

Cota, Francisco: Statement re Lataillade's claim for La Jonata, Sept. 10, 1847.



folder 384

Carrillo, Joaquín and José Antonio: Draft of petition to U.S. Land Commissioners. In Halleck's hand.


Las Positas (La Calera)

folder 385

Carrillo, José: Statement re Las Positas, Feb. 8, 1850. Original, copy and translation.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 32


Box 4, folder 386

Answer to objections in case of Thomas Robbins for Las Positas.

folder 387

Robbins, Thomas M.: Draft of petition in hand of Halleck.

folder 388

Supplementary petition in case of Thomas Robbins for Las Positas. Complete?

folder 389

List of papers filed with petition in case of Thomas M. Robbins for Las Positas.


Punta de la Concepción

folder 390

Lugo, Santiago and Vanega, Pablo: Statement concerning Punta de la Concepción, previously granted to Anastasio Carrillo, Apr. 22, 1837. Original.

folder 391

Answer of U.S. attorney in case of Anastasio Carrillo vs. U.S.


Punta de la Laguna

folder 392

General order vacating certain appeals in case Luis Arellanes vs. U.S.


Saca (Zaca)

folder 393

Cordero, Vicente: Carta de Pago... Aug. 20, 1847. Copy and translation.

folder 394

Lataillade, María Antonio (de la Guerra): Power of attorney to her husband to take legal possession of her property: Zaca, Corral del Cuate, Alamos Pintados, etc., Aug. 1847. With marginal reply by Luis Carrillo. Original.

folder 395

Lataillade, Cesareo: Requesting an appointment to settle land titles, Aug. 29, 1847. With marginal reply by Francisco Cota. (See preceding document) Original.

folder 396

Petition of U.S. for review in case Lataillade vs. U.S.


San Julián

folder 397

Documents relating to title of San Julián, 1837-1839. Copies.

folder 398

Temple, John: Sale of lands in San Julián, Dec. 5, 1845.



folder 399

Den, Nicholas: Statement re Joaquín Villa and his property, Apr. 1, 1845. Copy.

folder 400

Jimeno, Antonio: Statement re Joaquín Villa, Apr. 1, 1845. Translation.

folder 401

Alvarado, Juan Bautista: Statement re grant of Tequepis to Villa, Apr. 21, 1845. Translation.

folder 402

Notice of intention to prosecute appeal in case A. M. Villa vs. U.S.

folder 403

Motion to take testimony in case A. M. Villa vs. U.S., June 1855.

folder 404

Brief for claim of A. M. Villa to Tequepis.


Todos Santos y San Antonio

folder 405

Diseño. Contemporary copy, certified by Manuel Jimeno. On stamped paper.

folder 406

Abstract of case re Hartnell's claim to Todos Santos.

folder 407

Decision of U.S. Board of Land Commissioners re title to Todos Santos y San Antonio.


Santa Clara Co.:



folder 408

Memorandum of testimony concerning boundary of Capitancillos.


Los Coches

folder 409

Decree of confirmation by U.S. Land Commissioner for Los Coches. 1853. Copy.

folder 410

Donato: Deed for Rancho de los Coches to James Mather, May 30, 1853. Copy.


New Almaden

folder 411

Castillero, Andrés: Claim to mine and land of New Almaden. Answer to brief. Incomplete. See also: Tobin vs. Walkinshaw in Box 7.

folder 412

Clipping containing extract of session of the chamber of deputies in Spain, Apr. 12, 1858, concerning government monopoly of mines with mention of the New Almaden mines.


Pastoria de las Borregas

folder 413

Alvarado, Juan Bautista: Grant of Pastoria de las Borregas (Rancho del Refugio) to Francisco Estrada, Jan. 15, 1842, and record of later transactions. Copy.


Posita de las Animas (Ojo de Caballo)

folder 414

Ynigo, Lupe: Petition for Posita de las Animas, Oct. 1, 1843, and related documents. Copy.

folder 415

Diseño. Tracing.


Potrero de Santa Clara

folder 416


folder 417

Forbes, James Alexander: Espediente re Potrero de Santa Clara, with diseño. 1844. Tracing.

folder 418

Conveyance of Potrero de Santa Clara to Robert F. Stockton, Sept 23, 1847. Copy.

folder 419

Translations of grant to Forbes and of Forbes' deed to Stockton, 1844-1847.

folder 420

Halleck, Peachy & Billings: Bill to Stockton, 1853.

folder 421

Stockton, Robert F.: Draft of petition to Land Commissioners for the Potrero de Santa Clara. In Billings' hand.

folder 422

Answer of appellee in case U.S. vs. Stockton, Aug. 1855.

folder 423

Summons and complaint in case Marks vs. Saunders re Potrero de Santa Clara, Jan. 31, 1856.


San José

folder 424

Espinosa, José María: Contrato con Joshua Marks, Nov. 1865.


San Vicente (Cañada de los Capitancillos)

folder 425

Alvarado, Juan Bautista: Grant to José Reyes Berreyesa for Cañada de los Capitancillos, Aug. 20, 1842. Translations. See also: Tobin vs. Walkinshaw in Box 7.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 33

Copy of complaint in case Berreyesa vs. Torre, 1850.

Box 4, folder 426

Notes in case Berreyesa vs. Torre.

folder 427

Halleck, Henry Wager: Brief on the validity and location of the Berreyesa grant in case Berreyesa vs. Torre.

folder 428

Questions as to character of witness [in case Berreyesa vs. Forbes ?]

folder 429

Points for argument in case Berreyesa et al vs. Forbes et al.


Santa Clara

folder 430

Micheltorena, Manuel: Grant to Indians of Santa Clara. June 10, 1844. Copy.

folder 431

Arce, Francisco. Petition to U.S. Land Commissioners for lot in Santa Clara. n.d. In Halleck's hand.


Santa Clara Mission

folder 432

Arce, Francisco: Petition for land in Santa Clara Mission, Mar. 24, 1845. Translation.

folder 433

Note re ownership of Santa Clara Pear Orchard.

folder 434

Redman, J. W. et al: Petition in case Redman vs. Clayton.

folder 435

Petition in case Redman vs. Clayton. Certified copy.

folder 436

File in proceedings of court case Redman vs. Clayton for lands in Santa Clara Mission, Apr. 26 -May 1, 1851.

folder 437

Statement on change of venue in case Osio vs. Clayton, Oct. 1852.

folder 438

Pico, Antonio María. Claim for title to property granted him in the ex-mission of Santa Clara. Mar. 2, 1853.


School Warrant Lands

folder 439

Grant, Mar. 27, 1862.


Yerba Buena

folder 440

Chaboya, Antonio: Espediente, 1833. Tracing.

folder 441

Castro, Manuel: Draft of deed of sale for land in Yerba Buena Rancho, June 1855.


Santa Cruz Co.:


Santa Cruz Mission

folder 442

Anzar, José Antonio: Lease of Santa Cruz Mission orchard to Thomas Fallon, Jan. 11, 1848. Copy.

folder 443

Fallon, Thomas et al: Lease to Miguel Villa of Santa Cruz Orchard, June 30, 1848.

folder 444

Vega, Miguel: Agreement re maintenance of Santa Cruz orchard and house belonging to Thomas Fallon, Dec. 13, 1848.

folder 445

Anzar, José Antonio: Notice to Thomas Fallon to quit Santa Cruz Mission property, prepared by Gregory, his attorney, Sept. 1, 1852.

folder 446

Copy of summons in case Anzar vs. Fallon, Sept 15, 1852.

folder 447

Anzar, José Antonio: Receipt to Thomas Fallon, Sept 21, 1852 for rent of orchard of Santa Cruz. Translation. Copy.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 34

Copy of complaint in case Anzar vs. Fallon, Oct. 1852.

Box 4, folder 448

Copy of Anzar's 1852 receipt and deposition of Gabriel W. Gunn in case Llebaria vs. Fallon.

folder 449

Anzar, José Antonio: Deposition in case Llebaria vs. Fallon.

folder 450

Fallon, Thomas: Statement in case Llebaria vs. Fallon.

folder 451

Copy of amended complaint in case Llebaria vs. Fallon.

folder 452

Amended answer in case Llebaria vs. Fallon.


Solano Co. (except Suisun):



folder 453

Whitman, Bernard C.: Deed to John Sheridan for two lots in Benicia, Oct. 3, 1853.

folder 454

Peabody, William F. et al: Agreement with John H. Bissell re dairy in Benicia, Oct. 3, 1853.


Mare Island

folder 454a

Clipping re sale of to U.S. gov't. 1852. (not on microfilm).



folder 455

Price, John R.: Deed to William Peabody for land in Rancho Suscol, Nov. 15, 1857.



folder 456

Armijo, Francisco: Statement re Tolenas, Mar 17, 1846. Copy.

Box 5

Solano (Suisun) - Z and misc.


Solano Co.



folder 457

Alvarado, Juan Bautista: Grant of Suisun to Francisco Solano, Jan 28, 1842. Translation, marked Exhibit A. Also copy of translation by Halleck.

folder 458

Solano, Francisco: Deed of sale to M. G. Vallejo, May 10, 1842. Translation, marked Exhibit D. Also translation by Halleck.

folder 459

Ritchie, Archibald A.: Petition for Suisun, Dec. 16, 1851. Draft and copy, prepared by Halleck, Peachy & Billings.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 35

Juárez, Cayetano: Statement re Solano.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 36

Leese, Jacob Primer: Statement re Solano and Suisun.

Box 5, folder 460

Martin, Samuel: Statement re Suisun.

folder 461

Rosa, José de la: Statement re Suisun.

folder 462

Vallejo, Mariano Guadalupe: Statement re Solano and Suisun.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 37

Vallejo, Salvador: Statement re Solano and Suisun.

Box 5, folder 463

Yount: Statement re Suisun.

folder 464

Halleck, Peachy & Billings: Argument in claim of A. A. Ritchie to the Rancho of Suisun. Draft and copy.

folder 465

Documents in Ritchie's claim to Suisun: Translation of Alvarado's grant, Pico's confirmation; argument before U.S. Land Commission for Ritchie's claim; and opinion of Commissioner Thornton.

folder 466

Misc. notes re Suisun claim.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 38

Map of Suisun, property of A. A. Ritchie, and copy of order in case of Persifer E. Smith vs. James Dorland, July 30, 1853.


Sonoma Co.



Box 5, folder 467

Smith, Stephen: Agreement with James Black re land adjacent to Black's (Bodega?), Sept. 19, 1846.


Cañada de Jonive

folder 468

Diseño. 2 copies.


Cañada de Pogolome

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 39

Pico, Pío: Confirmation of Cañada de Pogolome to María Antonio Cazares Dawson, Sept 26, 1845. Also signed by J. M. Covarrubias. Original, on stamped paper.


Estero Americano (Cañada de Mais)

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 40

Jimeno, Manuel: Order to Jasper O'Farrell to survey Estero Americano, July 2, 1844.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 41

Transcribing copy of letter sent to Alcalde of Sonoma concerning survey of land. July 2, 1844.

Box 5, folder 469

Black, James: Deed to Jasper O'Farrell for one half of Estero Americano, May 31, 1850.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 42

Map of Ranch of Edward McIntosh.



Box 5, folder 470

Diseño. Copy certified by Manuel Jimeno, Oct. 4, 1844, on stamped paper.

folder 471

Leese, Jacob Primer: Deed to A. A. Ritchie and P. S. Forbes, July 12, 1849, for part of Huichica tract. 2 copies.


Laguna de los Gentiles (Caslamayomi)

folder 472

Montenegro, Eugenio: Petition for Laguna de los Gentiles, Jan. 26, 1844, and related documents. Contemporary copy by Manuel Jimeno.

folder 473

Statement re sale of property of Caslamayomi to William Forbes, Aug. 9, 1848.


Molino (Los Molinos)

folder 474

Diseño. 2 variants.


Saint Louis

folder 475

Leese, Jacob Primer: Deed to A. A. Ritchie and P. S. Forbes, Mar. 21, 1850, for property in the town of Saint Louis.

folder 476

Deed to A. A. Ritchie and P. S. Forbes for four lots in Saint Louis, Sept. 12, 1850.


Santa Rosa

folder 477

Sonoma Co., Calif. Surveyor: Certificate concerning Santa Rosa Rancho, Nov. 10, 1851.


Sonoma Co.

folder 478

Berreyesa, José S.: Deed to Jacob D. Hoppe for property in Sonoma Co., May 10, 1848. Copy?

folder 479

Leese, Jacob Primer: Agreement with A. A. Ritchie and P. S. Forbes re property near Sonoma, July 17, 1849. 2 copies.


Stanislaus Co.:


Stanislaus City

folder 480

Brannan, Samuel: Deeds to Dewitt C. Thompson for lots in Stanislaus City, May 29, 1849. 5 items.

folder 481

Thompson, Dewitt C.: Deed to Frederick Billings for five lots in Stanislaus City, Nov. 15, 1850.


Stanislaus Co.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.)

Box 5, oversize no. 43


Surveys for property in Stanislaus Co. (A. B. Thompson Grant) 6 items, copies.


Tehama Co.:


Barranca Colorada

folder 483

Decree in case U.S. vs. J. M. Ide et al.

folder 484

Petition to amend decree in case U.S. vs. heirs of W. B. Ide re Barranca Colorada.

folder 485

Amended decree in case U.S. vs. heirs of W. B. Ide.


Primer Cañon (Rio de los Berrendos)

folder 486

Copy of field notes of J. F. Dye's Ranch.

folder 487

Dye, J. F.: Petition to Land Commissioners. In Halleck's hand.


Red Bluff

folder 488

Doll, J. Granville: Deed to California Stage Company, Oct. 9, 1856, for property in Red Bluff.


Ventura Co.:


Ojay (Ojai)

folder 489

Fortuni, Buenaventura: Grant of Ojay to Fernando Tico, May 19, 1836. Original.

folder 490

Alvarado, Juan Bautista: Grant of Ojay to Fernando Tico, Apr. 6, 1837. Copy of espediente by W. E. P. Hartnell.

folder 491

Diseño. Copy, certified by Hartnell, Apr. 12, 1848.


Las Posas

folder 492

Papers re sale of Las Posas to José de la Guerra, 1846.


Rio de Santa Clara

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 44

Depositions in case Valentine Cota vs. U.S.


San José de García y Simi (Simi)

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 45

Copy of documents relating to sale of land to José de la Guerra, Nov. 20, 1832.


Yolo Co.:


Rio de Jesús María


Hardy, Thomas M.:

Box 5, folder 493

1. Petition to the Gefe de la Linea del Norte re his property, enclosing copy of letter from Sutter, Dec. 25, 1853. With marginal reply by M. G. Vallejo.

folder 494

2. Petition to governor for permission to serve as surveyor, Jan. 30, 1844. With marginal reply by Micheltorena.

folder 495

3. Request for juridical possession of his property, Sept. 13, 1844. With replies by Micheltorena and Manuel Jimeno.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.)

Box 5, oversize no. 46


4. Petition to governor for land, Sept 13, 1844. With marginal reply by Micheltorena, and endorsements by Manuel Jimeno and Jacob P. Leese. Draft and original.

folder 497

5. Request for naturalization, Sept. 14, 1844. With affidavits by James Watson and George Allen.

folder 498

Micheltorena, Manuel: Naturalization for Thomas M. Hardy, Sept. 14, 1844. Copy.


Hardy, Thomas M.:

folder 499

1. Petition to Alcalde of Sonoma, concerning illegal occupation of his property, Oct. 1, 1844, with marginal reply by J. P. Leese. Draft of copy and original.

folder 500

2. Petition to Justice of the Peace concerning juridical possession of his property, Oct. 2, 1844.

folder 501

3. Petitions for land in Rio de Jesús María. n.d. Copies or drafts.


Yuba Co.:



folder 502

Huber, Henry: Petition to review decision in case Huber vs. U.S. 2 variants, both in Halleck's hand.

folder 503

Notice of intention to prosecute the appeal in case Huber vs. U.S.

folder 504

Testimony in case Huber vs. U.S.

folder 505

Index to case Huber vs. U.S.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.)

Box 5, oversize no. 47


List of cases tried, mainly in southern California.


Miscellaneous land papers, 1851-1858 and n.d.

folder 507

Stevenson, Jonathan Drake: Deed of trust to Charles Gilman et al re his property in California. Mar. 31, 18[5]1. Certified copy.

folder 508

Peachy, Archibald C.: Power of attorney to Frederick Billings re disposal of property in California, Aug. 4, 1852.

folder 509

Summons to José Lorenzana to testify in cases before the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. Nov. 3, 1855. Copy.

folder 510

Huntington, Carlos T.: Agreement with Samuel B. Birdsall, Dec. 31, 1858, concerning payment of a mortgage.

folder 511

Opinion on whether a divorced woman can legally transfer property.

folder 512

Unidentified diseños.

folder 513

Misc. forms used in settlement of land cases.

Boxes 6 & 7

Legal papers (not primarily land)

Box 6

A - S

folder 514

Adams vs. Haskell & Woods et al: Protests on drafts of Adams & Co., 1855.

folder 515

Argenti vs. San Francisco: Analysis of bill and answer.

folder 516

Summons, Sept. 16, 1854.

folder 517

Argenti, Felix: Complaint, Sept. 16, 1854. 2 variants.

folder 518

Stipulation to amend bill to quiet title, Sept. 28, 1854.

folder 519

Answer, Oct. 16, 1854.

folder 520



Bartlett vs. Buckelew:

folder 52

Articles of agreement, Feb. 1, 1851, between Benjamin Buckelew and Washington Bartlett.

folder 522

Transcript of proceedings, Oct. 7-27, 1851.

folder 523

Summons and complaint, June 10, 1852. Copies.

folder 524

Bolton vs. Naglee, Henry M.: Mortgage to James R. Bolton for property in San Francisco. Oct. 15, 1851.

folder 525

Mortgage to James R. Bolton for one third of Rancho de los Coches, Oct. 25, 1851. With promissory note of Naglee.

folder 526


folder 527

Naglee, Henry M.: Testimony and cross examination. Complete?

folder 528

Complaint, Oct. 19, 1852.

folder 529

Answer. Copy.

folder 530

Brown vs. Brown: Complaint, Feb. 25, 1853.

folder 531


folder 532

Notice of Lis pendens, Mar. 2, 1853. Draft and incomplete copy.

folder 533

Lockwood & Hammond: Notice to Halleck, Peachy & Billings, [Mar. ?] 1853.

folder 534

Copy of answer, Mar. 10, 1853.

folder 535

Notice of trial, Mar. 18, 1853.

folder 536

Decree of divorce, May 3, 1853.

folder 537

Order, May 3, 1853. Draft and copy.

folder 538

Brown, Philip: Receipt, May 12, 1853.

folder 539

Deposition of defendant in case, June 23, 1853, re his property in San Francisco and Sacramento.

folder 540

California vs. Crowell et al: Summons and complaint, June 26, 1856. Copies. Re Chinese immigration.

folder 541

California vs. Downer et al: Summons and complaint, May 6, 1856. Copies.

folder 542

Demurrer, June 2, 1856.

folder 543

Notice of appeal, June 13, 1856.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 48

Points, n.d.

Box 6, folder 544

Brief. Copy.

folder 545

California vs. McIntyre et al: Summons and complaint, June 26, 1856. Copies. Re Chinese immigration.

folder 546

California vs. Putnam et al: Summons and complaint, June 25, 1856. Re Chinese immigration.

folder 547

Cany vs. Folsom estate: Statement of residents of Folsom's 100 vara lot no. 28, Nov. 23, 1852.

folder 548

Summons and complaint, Dec. 1856.

folder 549

Complaint, Dec. 29, 1856.

folder 550

Chadwick et al vs. Ship Adelaide: Wakeman, Edgar: Charter party agreement for voyage from San Francisco to Johnston's Islands. Feb. 3, 1859.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.)

Box 6, oversize no. 49


Protest against Capt. Wakeman of the ship Adelaide, by Robert G. Byxbee, president of the Pacific Guano Co., and Loring Blanding, the company's attorney. Feb. 5-18, 1859.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 50

[Yale, Gregory]: Draft of letter to charter party of the Adelaide, Feb. 23, 1859. Note on letter states it was not sent.

Box 6, folder 552

Angle, M. B.: Notice to Capt. Wakeman re ownership of Johnston's Islands, Feb. 26, 1859. 2 copies.

folder 553

Gray, Giles H.: Notice to Capt. Wakeman re ownership of Johnston's Islands, Feb. 26, 1859.

folder 554

Chadwick, C. B. et al: Notice to Capt. Wakeman. Mar. 4, 1859. Original and copy.

folder 555

Libel, filed Mar. 7, 1859.

folder 556

Process in rem and personam, Mar. 7, 1859.

folder 557

Notice for stipulation, served Mar. 19?, 1859.

folder 558

List of owners of the ship Adelaide.

folder 559


folder 560


folder 561

Draft of answer.

folder 562

Notes on trial, Oct. 1, 1859.

folder 563


folder 564

Chambers et al vs. Gorham et al: Order of injunction, Feb. 22, 1855

folder 565

Gibb & Co. vs. Ray: Complaint, n.d.

folder 566

Halleck vs. O'Farrell: Transcript of judgment.

folder 567

Kennedy vs. Sanders et al: Claim allowed.

folder 568

King. vs. Folsom: Folsom, Joseph Libby: Bond to M. H. McAllister, Dec. 31, 1852. Certified copy with transferral by McAllister to Thomas Butler King, Mar. 4, 1853, and transferral from Thomas Butler King to his son.

folder 569

King, Thomas Butler (Jr.): Power of attorney to Edward Stanley to collect on Folsom's bond, Nov. 14, 1853.

folder 570

Answer, Mar. 24, 1854.

folder 571

McDonald et al vs. Bear River & Auburn Water & Mining Company: Complaint, Aug. 6, 1859,

folder 572

Bryan & Felkins: Reply to appellant's brief, n.d.

folder 573

Plea of respondents for rehearing.

folder 574

San Francisco vs. Evans: Deposition, Jan. 11, 1848,

folder 575

San Francisco vs. Ward: Depositions, Jan 11, 1848

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 51

Sey-hup Company vs. Ah See: Petition of Chinese from Province of Sun-neng against Ah See, [ May 1853 ?]

Box 6, folder 576

Affidavit of Ah Sing in re Ah See, May 27, 1853.

folder 577

Statement, May 28, 1853.

folder 578

Petition for investigation of Ah See, May 30, 1853.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 52

Two documents in Chinese.

Box 6, folder 579

Shaver vs. Bear River & Auburn Water & Mining Company: Anderson: Memoranda for Mrs. Rockwell, [1853?]

folder 580

Summons, Nov. 4, 1853. Certified copy.

folder 581

Complaint. Certified copy.

folder 582

Silverstein vs. Patterson: Bond.

folder 583

Sparks vs. Guerra: Complaint.

folder 584

Brief for respondents, July 29, 1861.

folder 585

Appellant's assignment of errors, points, authorities and arguments. Incomplete.

folder 586

Sparks vs. Kohler et al: Undertaking on appeal, Apr. 13, 1853,

Box 7

T - Z and miscellaneous files

folder 587

Tobin vs. Walkinshaw: Summons and complaint, Sept. 15, 1855.

folder 588

Notice of trial, [Sept. ?] 17, 1855.

folder 589

Subpoena, Sept. 22, 1855. 3 copies.

folder 590

Brief on motion for order for time.

folder 591

Notice of plea filed, Nov. 2, 1855.

folder 592

Notice of extension of time to plead to the plea to the jurisdiction, Nov. 10, 1855.

folder 593

Brief of plea to the jurisdiction.

folder 594

Plea to the jurisdiction.

folder 595

Notice of motion.

folder 596

Stipulation, Dec. 17, 1855.

folder 597

Decision, Dec. 30, 1855.

folder 598

Judgment on plea, received Jan. 2, 1856. 2 copies, one certified.

folder 599

Notice for motion for extension of time, Jan. 25, 1856.

folder 600

Peachy, Archibald C.: Affidavit, [ Jan. 26, 1856?]

folder 601

Motion for continuance, containing copy of Peachy's affidavit.

folder 602

Notice that complainants seek to appoint John B. Hewson commissioner to take depositions [Feb. ?] 1856.

folder 603

Points in regard to the registry. Printed, n.d.

folder 604



Depositions, Feb. 1856. Folder 605. Re New Almaden Quicksilver Mine.

folder 606

Turner vs. Bowie: San Francisco. Clerk Common Council: Certificate of election for David S. Turner, Sept. 30, 1854.

folder 607

San Francisco. Mayor: Certificate that David S. Turner filed bond as Treasurer of San Francisco. Oct. 3, 1854.

folder 608

Turner David S. et al: Bond to city of San Francisco, Oct. 9, 1854. Copy.

folder 609

Examination. Newspaper clippings, Oct. 21, 1854.

folder 610

Turner, David S.: Petition in matter of his application for a writ of mandamus, Oct. 23, 1854. Draft and copy.

folder 611

Alternative writ of mandamus, Oct. 23, 1854. Draft and copy.

folder 612

Committment to prison of Frank Turk, Oct. 25, 1854.

folder 613

Bowie, Hamilton: Answer, Oct. 27, 1854.

folder 614

Findings of the court, Nov. 1, 1854. Draft.

folder 615

Peremptory mandamus, Nov. 1854.

folder 616

Notice for motion for new trial, Nov. 3, 1854.

folder 617

Lake, Delos: Show cause why mandamus should not be vacated, Nov. 4, 1854, with related documents.

folder 618

Lake, Delos: Notice to show cause why new trial should not be granted, Nov. 7, 1854.

folder 619

Notice of appeal from refusal to grant new trial, Nov. 9, 1854.

folder 620

Corbett, John C.: Deposition.

folder 621

Notes concerning legal points.

folder 622

Order for further time to file statement, Nov. 28, 1854.

folder 623

Analysis of complaint and answer.

folder 624

Memoranda for brief.

folder 625

Respondent's brief.

folder 626

Stipulation to extend time, Dec. 14, 1854.

folder 627

Notice of argument, Jan. 31, 1855.

folder 628

Notice of discontinuance, Feb. 3, 1855.

folder 629

Misc. 2 items.

folder 630

Van Shultz et al vs. Crafton: Pacific Guano Company: Minutes of transfer, from Transfer Book. Copied Dec. 18, 1858.

folder 631


folder 632

Roland, William: Draft of deposition in claim of the Pacific Guano Co. to the guano deposits on Johnston's Islands. [Dec. 1858 ?]. See also: Chadwick et al vs. Ship Adelaide.

folder 633

West vs. Smith et al: Opinion of the court, Feb. 5, 1855, and deposition of Billings re expenses in case, Mar. 5, 1855. Copies.

folder 634

Wozencraft vs. Howard: Notice of trial or argument, Oct. 26, 1852.

Box 7

Miscellaneous files


Borax Company papers, 1859-1860

folder 635

Hewston, John: Report to Henry Toomy of chemical analysis of specimens from Borax Lake, June 17, 1859. Copy.

folder 636

Memorandum of an agreement between Borax Company and Alfred Peek, Nov. 9, 1859. Original and abstract.

folder 637

Ferrier, John: Copies of letters and reports re Borax Lake, Mar. 27 -Sept. 5, 1860, to Alfred Peek, including sketches of area and lists of specimens.

folder 638

Background material relating to borax.

folder 639

Misc. re borax.


Leidesdorff estate - consultations, 1853-1854:

folder 640

Couto, José Bernardo: Consulta, Feb. 10, 1854. With translation.

folder 641

Galves, Mariano: Consulta, Nov. 18, 1853. Translation.

folder 642

Olaguibel, Francisco Modesto de: Consulta, Oct. 30, 1853. With translation, and excerpts from translation.


Consulta relativa a bienes raices poseidos por estrangeros ca. 1855. Folder 643. San Francisco, 1850-1854


San Francisco, 1850-1854

folder 644

Ordinance creating "Sinking Fund" and "Commissioners of the Sinking Fund," Aug. 23, 1850.

folder 645

Ordinance no. 114 authorizing the City Attorney to include in conveyance to the Commissioners of the sinking fund all of the wharves belonging to San Francisco. Dec. 23, 1850. Copy.

folder 646

Contract for building of the California St. Wharf, Mar. 28, 1851 (Sinking Fund - San Francisco).

folder 647

Resolution confirming agreement re construction on Market and California St. Wharves. May 2, 1851.


Laws in California, leading up to creating of Sinking Fund. Folder 648.

folder 649

Billings, Frederick: Opinion concerning constitutionality of various San Francisco laws. July 1, 1852.

folder 650

San Francisco city charter. Newspaper clippings, July 1, 1853.

folder 651

Cunningham, James: Agreement with David Hewes re grading of Bush St., Oct. 1853.

folder 652

Ordinances and resolutions concerning the amount of bonds for city officials in San Francisco, 1853-1854.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 53

Statement of receipts and disbursements by the Joint Committee on Land Claims, Feb. 24, 1854.

Box 7, folder 653

Smyth, Clark in account with Land Committee, Sept. 25, 1854.

folder 654

Land Committee: Resolution, Sept. 1854.



folder 655

Adelaida (schooner): Material in case G. H. Davis vs. John Walsh, including invoice for goods shipped on the Adelaida, Feb. 3, 1849; receipt for merchandise to be shipped by John Walsh, Feb. 5, 1859, with translation of document; manifest, Apr. 12, 1849; account of sale, Apr. 14, 1849; statement of Thomas T. Hyde and Milton Loring to Townsend, Mar. 4, 1850; interrogatories for Thomas T. Hyde and George W. Nichols.

folder 656

Alabama (ship): Manifest, May 10, 1850; and manifest in case U.S. vs. James W. Bingham et al.

folder 657

Albany (ship): Papers in case U.S. vs. Capt. Gorham, including copy from log book, July 13, 1852, and testimony.

folder 658

American Eagle (steamer): Bill and receipt to Adams & Co., Jan. 15, 1850.

folder 659

Baroness (bark): Opinion in case Smith Brothers & Co., vs. Bark Baroness, 1853.

folder 660

Chatham (brig): Bottomry bond, May 14, 1849.

folder 661

Congress (store ship): Bills for moving ship, 1851.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 54

Cornelia (brig): Bill of lading, Feb. 1853.

Box 7, folder 662

Dakotah (ship): Abstract of pleading.

folder 663

Gold Hunter (steamship): Accounts, 1850-1854.

folder 664

Humboldt (ship): Notices of trespass, 1849, and notes concerning case.

folder 665

Inez (ship): Assignment by Andrew Sublette to Billings, Jan. 11, 1850.

folder 666

John Jay (ship): Power of attorney from seamen to collect wages, to Manchester, Apr. 11, 1854.

folder 667

New World (steamboat): Copy of summons and notes in case Jeremiah Sullivan vs. New World, 1851.

folder 668

Othello (bark) Receipts for merchandise, July 1853, and note and protest,1853-1854.

folder 669

Potomac (ship): Bill of lading, Mar. 13, 1854.

folder 670

Rose (ship): Copies of policies and declaration, 1851.

folder 671

Swiss Boy (brig): Notice in case Washington St. Wharf Co. vs. Swiss Boy.

folder 672

Swithhamley (ship): Accounts for sale of rhubarb, 1850-1851. Copies by Forbes, Forbes Co. 3 items.


Misc. legal papers

folder 673

Cooper, John Bautista Rogers: Contract with Joseph L. Folsom re lumber for the U.S. government. May 5, 1847. Copy.

folder 674

An Act in relation to salts by and against Joint Stock Companies and Associations, Apr. 7, 1849. Printed (3 copies).

folder 675

Smith W. K.: Sale of one share in the Mormon Island Mining Association as security for a loan from Forrest Shepherd. May 13, 1849. With promissory note, May 14, 1849.

folder 676

Coues, Thomas: Last will, Nov. 19, 1849, with affidavit of Charles T. Savage, his executor. Copy.

folder 677

U.S. District Court: License as attorney for H. W. Halleck, Oct. 25, 1851.

folder 678

King of William, James: Receipt to Archibald Peachy for 5 notes, June 4, 1850.

folder 679

Certificates of admission to California Supreme Court and U.S. District Court, For Frederick Billings, 1850-1851. 2 items.

folder 680

Valenzuela, Eoblogio: Memoria, Feb. 4, 1851. Statement concerning his attempts to collect rent from Manuel Luchas for Doña Tomasa in San Diego.

folder 681

Wells & Co.: 1851: Notice of dissolution of partnership, Mar. 31-May 8. (printed). Clippings and notes concerning company, May 6-30. Check drawn by Edwin R. Wells on Wells & Co. for repairs, Aug. 11.

folder 682

Minturn, Charles: Power of attorney to Benjamin Wingate, Apr. 13, 1852.

folder 683

Thorn, Isaac N.: Articles of agreement with Antonio María Lugo concerning cattle, Apr. 19, 1852

folder 684

Chase, Benjamin F.: Certificate re crop on farm of J. Bryant Hill in Alizal Township, Monterey Co., Oct. 2, 1854.

folder 685

Summons and complaint in case Moss et al vs. Meiggs, Oct. 21, 1854. 3 items.

folder 686

Billings, Frederick: Revocation of power of attorney to T. W. Parks and D. B. Northrop, Sept. 28, 1855.

folder 687

Nye Brothers & Co.: Papers re estate of the firm, 1856.

folder 688

Peachy, Archibald C.: Accounts as trustee.


Misc. accounts

portfolio portfolio (o.s.)

Box 7, oversize no. 55


Accounts, 1850-1852.

folder 690

Bills of exchange drawn on Page, Bacon & Co.

folder 691

Promissory notes, 1845-1856.

folder 692

Receipts, 1850-1853.

folder 693

Seconds of exchange, etc., 1849-1868, drawn on James King of William and Parrott & Co.



folder 694

Receipts, etc., for taxes in San Francisco, 1850-1852.



folder 695

Billings, Frederick: Death of James King of William.

folder 696

Halleck, Henry Wager: List of books purchased in Europe.

folder 697

Misc. notes.

Box 8

Halleck, Henry Wager: Correspondence and papers relating to his military career

folder 698

Outgoing letters, 1847-1856. Copies and drafts. Some written while Secretary of State for the Territory of California, and include copy of the laws and regulations concerning lands in California.

folder 699-706

Incoming letters, arranged alphabetically by correspondent. See end of report for list of correspondents.

volume volume

Memoranda on expedition in Lower California, 1846-1848, written by Halleck. 3 items bound in volume. Also photocopy.

folder 707-711

Orders, 1851-1853, by J. G. Totten, Harvey Brown, R. Jones, E. D. Townsend, and S. Cooper.

folder 712-716

Misc. military papers: Circulars, accounts, receipts and memoranda, 1849-1853.

Box 9

Halleck's History of California. Mss. drafts and notes.

Partial List of Correspondents


A - Z Miscellany


Abrego, José, 1813-1878

Box 1, folder 5

Letter, Apr. 26, 1853, re Joaquín Gutiérrez' claim to El Potrero.

See also:

documents in Box 2, Folders 197, 208

oversize portfolio no. 16.


Anderson, James

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 3

Letter, Dec. 26, 1853, re Bear River Auburn Water & Mining Company case.

See also: Box 6


Bauer, Gustave

Box 1, folder 6

Letter, Feb. 12, 1858, re New Almaden Mines.


Belcher, Lewis F.

Box 1, folder 7

Telegram, Feb. 16, 1854, re his ranch San Francisquito.


Bestor, Norman S.

Box 1, folder 8

Letter, Oct. 3, 1855.


Black, James, 1806-1870

Box 1, folder 9

Letter, Mar. 5, 1859.

See also: Box 5, Folder 469.


Blanding, William

Box 1, folder 10

Letter, June 22, 1857.


Bonilla, José Mariano, 1807-1878

Box 1, folder 11

Letter, Apr. 19, 1853, stating he has found title to his ranch and is sending it to Halleck to be used in presenting his claim to the Land Commissioner.

See also: Box 4, Folder 345.


Briones, Juana

Box 1, folder 12

Letter, May 9, 1853, requesting diseño or exact copy thereof of Ojo de Agua de Figueroa.


Buckelew, Benjamin R., 1822-1859

Box 1, folder 13

Letter, Dec. 11, 1853, asking Halleck to take testimony of Gregorio Briones re Rancho Punta de San Quentín.

See also:

Box 3, Folder 272

Box 6, Folders 521-523.


Burton, Henry Stanton, 1818-1869

Box 1, folder 14

Letter, June 1, 1852, re background of grant to Fructuoso del Real of the Potrero de San Carlos, etc.


Campbell, Thomas

Box 1, folder 15

Letter, Sept. 12, 1853.


Carrillo, Carlos Antonio, 1783-1852

Box 1, folder 16

Letter, Jan. 27, 1852, to Halleck concerning documents in his case.


Carrillo, Joaquín, 1820-

Box 1, folder 17

Letter, May 13, 1851, sending Halleck, Peachy & Billings documents re his grant to Llano de Santa Rosa.

See also: Box 4, Folder 384.


Carrillo, Pedro C.

Box 1, folder 18

Letter, Sept. 26, 1853, stating he is not responsible for debts incurred in securing title for his deceased father's ranch.


Clayton, Charles, 1825-

Box 1, folder 19

Letter, Sept. 12, 1853, concerning payment for litigation for the Santa Clara orchard.


Cooke, Martin E.

Box 1, folder 20

Letter, Mar. 2, 1853.


Cooly, George W.

Box 1, folder 21

Letter, Sept. 15, 1852, re Frémont's Mariposa claim.


Corcoran, William Wilson, 1798-1888

Box 1, folder 22

Letter, Nov. 18, 1852, addressed to James King of William re U.S. vs. Steenberger, and including copy of letter by John P. Philips.


Covarrubias, José María, 1801-1870

Box 1, folder 22

Letter, June 19, 1851, concerning payment of his debt to Lockwood.

See also:

Box 2, Folder 239

oversize portfolio no. 38.


Cullum, George Washington, 1809-1892

Box 1, folder 23

Letter, Dec. 6, 1856.


Curtis & Clarke

Box 1, folder 24

Letter, Dec. 28, 1852, re fixing a time for M. G. Vallejo to submit evidence of title to the Petaluma and Soscol Ranches.


Derby, George Horatio, 1823-1861

Box 1, folder 25

Letter, Apr. 16, 1853, to Halleck, re sale of his portion of Johnson's Ranch.


Dimmick, Kimball Hale, 1811-1861

Box 1, folder 26

Letter, Dec. 26, n.y., to Halleck, re receipt of Carrillo's deed.


Edgar, William Francis, d. 1897

Box 1, folder 27

Letter, Feb. 21, 1853, re Manuel Castro's property, with accompanying sketch map.


Estrada, Pedro

Box 1, folder 28

Letter, Feb. 18, 1854, to David Spence, saying he is ready to send payment to Halleck, but has no means to send it. Note at end by David Spence to Halleck.

See also: Box 4, Folders 334-335.


Fitch, Joséfa (Carrillo), 1810-

Box 1, folder 29

Letter, n.d. to Halleck, Peachy & Billings, sending documents re title to Rancho de Satiyomi.


Forbes, James Alexander, 1804-1881

Box 1, folder 30

Letter, Sept. 23, 1853, concerning evaluation of New Almaden Mine.

See also: Box 4, Folders 417-418.


Gardiner, John William Tudor, d. 1879

Box 1, folder 31

Letter, Nov. 7, 1857.


George, Julius, 1833-1880

Box 1, folder 32

Letter, Feb. 21, 1856, written as agent for Charles M. Weber concerning fee in Las Animas claim.


Gonzáles, Leandro

Box 1, folder 33

Letter, Aug. 19, 1853, requesting a copy of papers in land case.


Grant, Gilbert A.

Box 1, folder 34

Letter, June 9, 1849, concerning sale of lots [in Sacramento?]


Gwin & Rumler

Box 1, folder 35

Letter, July 7, 1854, re Hartnell case.


Halleck & Hartnell

Box 1, folder 36

Letter, Aug. 4, 1849, sending to Peachy & Billings papers requested by Sutter.


Hill, Henry

Box 1, folder 37

Letter, Sept. 15, 1856, re disposal of his property in California.


Hinchman, A. L.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 5

Letter, June 9, 1854, re land matters pertaining to Isabel Yorba, Anastasio and Joaquín Carrillo.


Hoar, Edward S.

Box 1, folder 38

Letter, June 10, 1851, re R. A. Lockwood vs. J. M. Covarrubias, enclosing letter from William Claude Jones to Covarrubias.


Hooker, S. W.

Box 1, folder 39

Letter, Nov. 26, 1853, re Job F. Dye's ranch.


Howison, Edward M.

Box 1, folder 40

Letter, Mar. 24, 1853, as agent for Weber & Hammond.


Kendrick, Henry Lane, 1811-1891.

Box 1, folder 41

Letter, Dec. 24, 1857, re his Benicia property; New Almaden; and other matters.


Keyes, John

Box 1, folder 42

Letter, Mar. 14, 1853, written for him by F. J. Maguire.


Leese, Jacob Primer, 1809-1892

Box 1, folder 43

Letter, Feb. 20, 1853, requesting that confirmation of his title be acted upon speedily.

See also:

Box 2, Folders 159-160, 174

Box 5, Folders 471, 475-476, 479, 499

oversize portfolio nos. 36, 46


Lewis, James E. S.

Box 1, folder 44

Letter, May 17, 1854, re interest in Llano Seco.


Lightstone, Frank

Box 1, folder 45

Letter, Nov. 8, 1853, requesting the sending of papers concerning the Rancho San Miguel.


Lindley, Charles

Box 1, folder 46

Letter, Dec. 29, 1849.


Llebaria, Francisco

Box 1, folder 47

Letter, n.d., ca. 1852 ?, with translation, to Thomas Fallon.

See also:

papers relating to lawsuit in Box 4

Fallon, Thomas.


McDougal, John, 1818-1866

Box 1, folder 48

Letter, Jan. 16, 1850


Malarín, Mariano, 1828-

Box 1, folder 49

Letter, Feb. 13, 1854, requesting information on the outcome of his claim.


Maupin, S.

Box 1, folder 50

Letter, Feb. 27, 1857re importation of borax.


Mezes, S. M.

Box 1, folder 51

Letter, Feb. 8, 1853, re Piojo grant.


Miller, Morris Smith, 1814-1870

Box 1, folder 52

Letter, June 6, 1833, re Halleck's fees.


Murray, Hugh Campbell, 1825-1857

Box 1, folder 53

Letter, July 30, 1857,


Nall, W. E.

Box 1, folder 54

Letter, Sept. 5, 1857, re borax prices in England.


Nash, William H.

Box 1, folder 55

Letter, May 24, 1853, re fees in confirmation of Bale Ranch.


Ogier, Isaac S. K.

Box 1, folder 56

Letter, Mar. 10, 1857.


Osio, Salvador

Box 1, folder 57

Letter, Feb. 21, 1853.


Papy, J. J.

Box 1, folder 58

Letter, Jan. 9, 1852, re San Clemente.


Parsons, Lewis Baldwin, 1818-1907

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 7

Letter, June 11, 1853.


Peck, Henry W.

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 8

Letter, Dec. 29, 1853, re Llebaria and Fallon case.


Pico, Andrés, 1810-1876

Box 1, folder 59

Letter, July 8, 1853, requesting that his claim be presented.


Pico, Fernando

Box 1, folder 60

Letter, Jan. 5, 1854, expressing surprise at annulment of his daughter's claim to San Miguel.


Randolph, Edmund, 1820-1861

Box 1, folder 61

Letter, Apr. 18, 1854.


Reynolds, William

Box 1, folder 62

Letter, Feb. 25, 1853?, concerning claim for Nicasio.


Robinson, Alfred, 1806-

Box 1, folder 63

Letter, May 7, 1853, re sale of Las Positas.


Rockwell, John Arnold, 1803-1861

Box 1, folder 64

Letter, July 4, 1856.


Ryan, R. F.

Box 1, folder 65

Letter, Aug. 14, 1854, to Thomas Fallon.

See also: Fallon, Thomas


Sacramento Van Railroad Company

Box 1, folder 66

Letter, Feb. 17, 1857, containing resolution re Folsom Estate.


Semple, C. D.

Box 1, folder 67

Letter, Oct. 10, 1855.


Shafter, Oscar Lovell

Box 1, folder 67a

Re dissolution of Halleck, Peachy, Billings and Park, Aug. 16, 1855. Folder 67a not on microfilm.


Shaw, James Barron, 1813-

Box 1, folder 68

Letter, July 20, 1853.


Stone, E. F.

Box 1, folder 69

Letter, Feb. 19, 1859, to Gregory Yale, re Pacific Guano Case and other matters.


Suñol, Antonio María, 1800-1865

Box 1, folder 70

Letter, July 1, 1853, explaining why he has not paid taxes.


U.S. General Land Office

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 9

Letter, Dec. 18, 1858, by Thomas A. Hendricks, Land Commissioner.


U.S. Treasury Dept.

Box 1, folder 71

Letter, July 31, 1855, re settlement of the accounts for the Civil Fund of California.


Webb, S. P.

Box 1, folder 72

Letter, Oct. 14, [1854] re Smythe Clark's embezzlement.

See also: file in Box 7.


Webb, William Henry, 1816-1899

Box 1, folder 73

Letter, July 5, 1853, to Page, Bacon & Co., ordering them to honor Halleck, Peachy & Billings claim for $10,000.


Wheeler, C.

Box 1, folder 74

Letter, Nov. 9, 1853, re Llano Seco.


Whipple, Amiel Weeks, 1818-1863

Box 1, folder 75

Letter, July 9, 1852.


Wolter, Charles, 1791-1856

Box 1, folder 76

Letter, Mar. 11, 1853, concerning payment due.


Yoell, Jasper Alexander

Box 1, folder 77

Letter, Sept. 27, 1853.


Yorba, Isabel

Box 1, folder 78

Letter, Sept. 7, 1854, hoping her claim will be cleared.


Young, John, d. 1864

Box 1, folder 79

Letter, July 29, 1857.


Allen, Wing

Box 1, folder 80

3 letters, 1852-1856, re property in Sacramento.


Arce, Francisco Casimiro, 1821-1878

Box 1, folder 82

2 letters, 1853-1861. 1853 letter relates to his title to Santa Isabel.

See also: Box 4, Folders 431-432.


Arellanes, Teodoro

Box 1, folder 83

2 letters, 1853, concerning title to Rancho de Rincón.


Argüello, Santiago, 1791-1862

Box 1, folder 84

7 letters, 1852-1854, concerning Rancho Las Pulgas.

See also: Box 4, Folders 363-364.


Bache, Hartman, 1797-1872

Box 1, folder 85

4 letters, 1857-1858, re appraisal of land required for light house at Point Lobos.


Bernal, Bruno

Box 1, folder 86

3 letters, 1853-1854, concerning his claim to Rancho el Alisal.


Billings, Frederick, 1823-1890

Box 1, folder 1

5 letters, 1852-1861.

See also:

Box 3, Folders 308, 315

Box 7, Folders 649, 686, 695

oversize portfolio nos. 26, 28-29.


Bissell, G. W. P.

Box 1, folder 87

2 letters, 1853, re claim for Mare Island.


Blake, William Phipps, 1826-1910

Box 1, folder 88

2 letters, 1861-1863, re borax property.


Blume, Fred Gustavus

Box 1, folder 89

3 letters, 1851-1853, re claim for Estero Americano.


Boggs, Lilburn W., 1792-1860

Box 1, folder 90

4 letters, 1852-1853, concerning his title to a certain portion of Salvador Vallejo's grant.


Branch, Francis Ziba, 1802-1874

Box 1, folder 91

4 letters, 1851-1854, concerning title to various ranchos in his possession.

See also: Box 4, Folder 356.


Burnett, Peter Hardeman, 1807-1895.

Box 1, folder 93

2 letters, 1853.


Burton, Lewis T., 1812-1879

Box 1, folder 94

10 letters, 1852-1854, concerning claims for Jesús María and Chamisal, and other transactions. Many written for him by H. B. Blake.


Carnes, Henry S.

Box 1, folder 95

4 letters, 1853-1854, re Rancho de Ojai, which he purchased from Fernando Tico.


Carrillo, Anastasio, 1788

Box 1, folder 96

4 letters, 1853-1854, concerning title to Punta de la Concepción y el Cojo.


Carrillo, Raymundo

Box 1, folder 97

3 letters, 1853, re projected sale of and title to Nojoqui.


Chew, Robert S., 1811-1873

Box 1, folder 98

12 letters, 1853-1856.


Cooper, John Bautista Rogers, 1792-1872

Box 1, folder 99

4 letters, 1855, concerning his various claims to property.

See also:

Box 2, Folders 179-180, 182

Box 7, Folder 673.


Dupuy, A.

Box 1, folder 101

4 letters, 1857, to Hydenfeldt re borax.


Dye, Job Francis, 1805-1883

Box 1, folder 102

3 letters, 1852-1854, re claim to property in Tehama Co.

See also: Box 5, Folder 486.


Edgerton, Henry, 1830-1887

Box 1, folder 103

3 letters, 1855-1856.


Fallon, Thomas, 1819

portfolio portfolio (o.s.)

Box 1, oversize no. 11


2 letters, 1853-1854, re Llebaria vs. Fallon. 1853 letter in oversize portfolio no. 11. 1854 letter in Folder 104, Box 1.

See also: Box 4, Folders 443, 450.


Ferrier, John

Box 1, folder 105

3 letters, 1860, re borax.

See also: reports in Borax Company in Box 7, Folder 637.


Foster, Stephen Clark, 1820

Box 1, folder 107

9 letters, 1852-1854.


Frisbie, John B., 1824-

Box 1, folder 108

2 letters, 1855-1856.


Gálvez, Mariano, 1794-1862

Box 1, folder 109

2 letters, 1851-1852. 1851 letter is translation in Halleck's writing. Both addressed to Eustaquio Barron, and relate to Mexican law in regard to land.

See also: Box 7, Folder 641.


Gómez, José Miguel

Box 1, folder 110

5 letters, 1853, concerning his title to Ranch San Simeón.


Guerra, Antonio María, 1825-1881

portfolio portfolio (o.s.), oversize no. 12

2 letters, 1855, re title to El Cojo.


Guerra, Pablo Andrés Antonio María Saturnino, 1819-1874

Box 1, folder 111

16 letters, 1852-1854.

See also: Box 2, Folder 168.


Gutiérrez, Octaviano

Box 1, folder 112

3 letters, 1853, concerning payment of fees.


Halleck, Henry Wager, 1816-1872

Box 1, folder 3

4 letters, 1852-1860.

See also:

Box 3, Folder 303

Box 4 Folder 427

Box 6, Folder 566.


Halleck, Peachy and Billings

Box 1

portfolio (o.s.), folder 4

no. 2

13 letters, 1851-1854. Letter of Jan. 14, 1852 in oversize portfolio no. 2.


Hartnell, William Edward Petty, 1798-1854

Box 1, folder 113

6 letters, 1850-1853.

See also:

Box 2, Folders 181, 210, 223

Box 4, Folders 365

Box 5, Folders 489-490

oversize portfolio no. 21.


Hoffman, Ogden 1822-1891,

Box 1, folder 38a

Letter to A. C. Peachy, Jan 10, 1853.


Hollowbush, J. W.

Box 1, folder 115

2 letters, 1854, concerning Hartnell grant.


Janssens, Victor Eugène Auguste, 1817

Box 1, folder 117

4 letters, 1853, re title to property of La Purificación.


Howard & Gilliams

Box 1, folder 118

4 letters, 1858-1860 to W. O. Ayres, re borax. 1860 letter signed by William Howard.


Jimeno Casarín, Manuel, d. 1853

Box 1, folder 119

3 letters, 1851-1852.

See also:

Box 2, Folder 201

Box 3, Folders 240, 260, 299

Box 4, Folder 405

Box 5, Folders 470, 472, 495

oversize portfolio nos. 40-41, 46


Johnson, Charles R.

Box 1, folder 120

2 letters, 1852.


King, William Shakespeare, d. 1895

Box 1, folder 121

3 letters, 1852-1858.


King of William, James, 1822-1856

Box 1, folder 122

4 letters, 1855-1856. Some re Adams & Co.

See also: Box 7, Folders 678, 693, 695.


Latham, Milton Slocum, 1827-1882

Box 1, folder 123

5 letters, 1854-1855.


Martin, Julius

Box 1, folder 124

5 letters, 1852-1854, mainly re claims to land in Napa. Letter of Aug. 5, 1854 includes letter from C. Hartson.

See also: Box 2, Folder 224.


Moerenhout, Jacques Antoine, 1796-1879

Box 1, folder 125

2 letters, 1852-1853. 1852 letter addressed to Carmen Cibrian de Bernal.


O'Farrell, Jasper, 1817-1875

Box 1, folder 126

6 letters, 1845-1853.

See also:

Box 4, Folder 360

Box 6, Folder 566.


Palma y Mesa, Antonio de la

Box 1, folder 127

2 letters, 1853-1854, concerning Isabel Yorba's claim to Rancho de la Laguna.


Peachy, Archibald C.

Box 1

portfolio (o.s.), folder 2

no. 1

2 letters, 1853-1860. 1860 letter in Folder 2, Box 1. 1853 letter in oversize portfolio no. 1.


Peckham, R. F., 1827

Box 1, folder 128

2 letters, 1852-1854.


Potter & Knight

Box 1, folder 129

8 letters, 1860-1861, concerning borax.


Ritchie, Archibald A., d. 1856

Box 1, folder 130

6 letters, 1849-1853. 1851-1852 letters are copies only, relating to transactions with Paul S. Forbes concerning shipments of rhubarb, and land transactions (Suisun, Guenoc, and Locolliome). Included is statement in Halleck's hand of bill from Halleck, Peachy & Billings to A. A. Ritchie for services rendered.

See also:

Box 2, Folders 161, 230

Box 5, Folder 459.


Rodríguez, Jacinto, 1814

Box 1, folder 131

5 letters, 1853-1854, concerning his title to Rincón de la Ballena.


Spence, David 1798-1875

Box 1, folder 133

5 letters, 1851-1855.

See also:

Box 2, Folder 220

Box 4, Folder 352.

See also: letter of Pedro Estrada, Box 1, Folder 28.


Sutter, John Augustus, 1803-1880

Box 1, folder 134

2 letters, 1850.

See also:

Box 3, Folder 242

Box 5, Folder 493.


Thompson, Alpheus Basil, 1795-1869

Box 1, folder 135

4 letters, 1852-1854.


Toomy, Henry

Box 1, folder 137

3 letters, 1859, concerning borax speculation.


Vallejo, Mariano Guadalupe, 1807-1890

Box 1, folder 138

3 letters, 1852-1853.

See also: Box 5, Folders 462, 493.


Walkinshaw, Robert, d. 1859

Box 1

portfolio (o.s.), folder 139

no. 13

25 letters, 1851-1856, mainly re litigation concerning Posolmi. Letter of Mar. 31, 1854, includes copy of letter of George T. Walker; Feb. 5, 1856, by Theo. Shillaber. Letter of Feb. 5, 1856 in oversize portfolio no. 13.


Wilson, John, 1795-1860

Box 1, folder 140

6 letters, 1853-1854.

See also: Box 4, Folders 342-343.


Yale, Gregory, 1816-1871

Box 1

portfolio (o.s.), folder 141

no. 14

2 letters, n.d. and 1859. (Folder 141, Box 1). 1859 is draft of letter in re the Adelaide, and is in oversize portfolio no. 14.

See also:

Box 3, Folder 280

oversize portfolio no. 50.


Youtz, John

Box 1, folder 142

9 letters, 1852-1853, re San Ramón Rancho litigation.


Baldwin, Joséph Glover, 1815-1864

Box 8, folder 699

Letter, Apr. 15, 1862.


Brown, Harvey, 1795-1874.

See Folder 708.


Conrad, Charles Magill, 1804-1878

See U.S. War Dept.


Cooper, Samuel, 1798-1876

See Folder 711.


Davis, Nelson Henry, 1821-1890

Box 8, folder 700

Letter, Apr. 20, 1852.


Gilmer, Jeremy Francis, 1818-1883

Box 8, folder 701

Letter, Oct. 3, 1846, containing description of battle against Mexicans near Santa Fe under Kearney


Guthrie, James, 1792-1869

See U.S. Treasury Dept.


Jones, Roger, 1789-1852

See Folder 709.


Sloat, John Drake, 1781-1867

Box 8, folder 702

Letter, June 24, 1852, re plan for defending Mare Island


Stone, Charles Pomeroy, 1824-1887

See Townsend, Edward Davis.


Totten, Joséph Gilbert, 1788-1864

See U.S. Engineers Office.

See also: Folder 707.


Townsend, Edward Davis, 1812-1893

Box 8, folder 703

2 letters, 1852. Letter of Jan. 26 encloses copy of letter from C. P. Stone re fortification of San Francisco.

See also: Folders 710-711


U.S. Engineers Office

Box 8, folder 704

3 letters, 1852-1853, by J. G. Totten. Letter of Apr. 18, 1853 includes an order appointing Halleck a member of the Board of Engineers for fortifications on the Pacific Coast.


U.S. Treasury Dept.

Box 8, folder 705

Letter, Apr. 22, 1856. Printed form letter, filled in. Signed by James Guthrie.


U.S. War Dept.

Box 8, folder 706

2 letters, 1851. Mar. 8 letter by C. M. Conrad.