Register of the Crittenden (Bradford Samuel) Papers, 1916-1955

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Register of the Crittenden (Bradford Samuel) Papers, 1916-1955

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Title: Crittenden (Bradford Samuel) Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1916-1955
Collection number: Mss237
Creator: Thomas Crittenden and Barbara Crittenden Phillips
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Crittenden, Bradford Samuel (1876-1952)
Crittenden, Bradford MacChesney (1912-1982)
Crittenden family
MacChesney family

corporate entry

Central Valley Project (Calif.)


Water resources development -California
Irrigation -California
San Joaquin Valley (Calif.) -History
Ranchers -California -San Joaquin County
Legislators -California -Correspondence


Graduate of the University of the Pacific and a practising attorney, Bradford Samuel Crittenden (1876-1952) was first elected Assemblyman (1920-1930), then State Senator (1930-1951) representing San Joaquin County. He was chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee (1933-1950). Crittenden also chaired the Joint Legislative Committee on State Water Problems. He and his wife, Edith MacChesney Crittenden, owned several Central Valley farms. The Crittendens had two children: Bradford M. (1912-1982) and Edith Eudora. The former was State Highway Patrol Commissioner during the 1950s. His papers (Mss238) are also in Holt Atherton Special Collections.

Scope and Content

The bulk of the materials in the B.S. Crittenden Collection are publications relating to the creation and development of the Central Valley Project (1923-1949). The collection also contains personal papers, including correspondence, photographs and business papers relating to Crittenden's San Joaquin County agricultural properties (1944-1952).

Container List






1.1.1-California. Div. of Water Resources. "Abstract data relative to water resources investigation in California, 1921-29...," 1929.


1.1.2-Do. Bull. No. 18: California irrigation laws, 1929 Rev., 1929.


1.1.3-Do. Bull. No. 22: Report on salt water barrier, 1929.


1.1.4-Do. Sacramento San Joaquin Water Supervisor's Report for Year 1929, 1930.


1.1.5-Do. "Compendium of data including conclusions of special reports submitted to Hoover-Young Commission...," 11-10-30.


1.1.6-Do. "Preliminary draft of Bull. No. 25...," 2-2-31.


1.1.7-Do. Advance copy of Bull. No. 25..., 1930.


1.1.8-Do. Bull. No. 25: Report to the Legislature of 1931 on State Water Plan, 1930, 1930.


1.1.9-Do. Advance copy of Bull. No. 36: Cost of irrigation water in California, 1930.


1.1.10-Do. Bull. No. 27: Variation, control of salinity in Sacramento San Joaquin Delta & Upper San Francisco Bay,1931, 1932.


1.1.11-Do. Brief on behalf of State of California in appeal from conclusions of report on Sacramento, San Joaquin, and Kern Rivers, California, 8-27-32.


1.1.12-Do. Data pertaining to Great Central Valley Project of StateWater Plan, 11-9/16-32.


1.1.13-Do. Bull. No. 39: South Coastal Basin Investigation; Records of ground water levels at wells, 1932.


1.1.14-Do. Bull. No. 43: South Coastal Basin Investigation; Value & cost of water for irrigation in coastal plain of southern California, 1934.


1.1.15-Do. "Report of Sacramento-San Joaquin Water Supervision for Year 1940," 6-41.


1.1.16-Do. "Study of proposed amendment of statutory procedure for adjudication of water rights," pts. 1 & 2, 3-44.


1.1.17-Do. Progress report on topographic mapping California since 1-1-46, 9-47.




1.2.1-California. Legislature. Joint Committee on Water Problems.Supplemental report of the..., 4-9-29.


1.2.2-Do. Report of the ..., 3-23-31.


1.2.3-Do., 4-20-32.


1.2.4-California Legislature. Joint Interim Comm. on Water Problems. "Data, information, & itinerary covering inspection of Shasta Dam...," 12-1/7-41.


1.2.5-Do. "Data, information, & itinerary covering inspection of water problems in southern California," 2-2/9-42.


1.2.6-Do. "Transcript of hearing at Needles, California...," 3-16-42.


1.2.7-Do. "Data, information, & itinerary covering inspection of Central Valley Project & units of State Water Plan in the San Joaquin Valley," 5-11/17-42.


1.2.8-Do. "Data, information, & itinerary covering inspection of Central Coast area," 10-13/16-42.


1.2.9-California. Legislature. Joint Committee on Water Problems. Report to Legislature (55th Session) on water problems...,1943. [bound in "Water Problems"]


1.2.10-California. Legislature. Joint Interim Committee on Water Problems. "Itinerary & information covering inspection of flood control problems & projects, Los Angeles County," 2-24/26-44.


1.2.11-California. Legislature. Joint Committee on Water Problems.Proceedings, SF, 10-26-44.


1.2.12-Do. "Report in the matter of investigation into water problems in the State of California, Open Session, Sacramento,"12-6-46.


1.2.13-Do."Meeting, Sacramento," 2-17/19-47.


1.2.14-Do. Transcript of hearing on 160 acre limitation..., 2-19-47.


1.2.15-California. Legislature. Joint Committee on Water Problems. "Hearing, Sacramento," 10-9/10-47.


1.2.16-Do. Preliminary report to the Legislature (1948 Reg. Sess.),1948. [bound in "Water Problems"]


1.2.17-Do. Report to the Legislature (1949 Reg. Sess.), 6-49. [bound in "Water Problems"]


1.2.18-Do. (1951 Reg. Sess.), 1-51. [bound in "Water Problems"]


1.2.19-Do. (57th Session), 4-1-47. [bound in do.]


1.2.20-Do. Hearing of the... Bk. 1. Sacramento, 1-5-46.


1.2.21-Do., 1-6/7-48.


1.2.22-Do., Fresno, 9-13/14-48.


1.2.23-Do. (Orange Cove Contract), Sacramento, 10-25-48.


1.2.24-Do. (Pine Flat Dam), Sacramento, 10-26-48.


1.2.25-Do., Imperial County Courthouse, 11-2-48.


1.2.26-Do., San Diego, 11-15-48.


1.2.27-Do., SF, 12-13/14-48.


1.2.28-Do., Bk. 2, Ryde, 12-14-48.


1.2.29-Do., Bk. 3, Oroville, 12-15-48.


1.2.30-Do. Bk. 4, Redding & Colusa, 12-16/17-48.


1.2.31-Do., Reno, 2-25-49.


1.2.32-Do., Sacramento, 4-22-49.


1.2.33-Do., Ventura, 9-28/29-49.


1.2.34-Do. Preliminary report to the Legislature (1948 Reg. Sess.) on water problems..., 3-22-48.


1.2.35-Do. Report to the Legislature (1949 Reg. Sess.) on water problems..., 6-49.




1.3.1-California. Code Commission. "Draft of the general provisions & divisions I, II, and III of the proposed Water Code," 12-11- 40.


1.3.2-Do. "Draft of division VI proposed Water Code," 1-10-41.


1.3.3-Do. "Water Code: general provisions & divisions 1-4," 10-20-42.


1.3.4-California. Water Project Authority. "Supplement to amended application to Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works, Washington D.C., for approval of Central Valley Project...," 2-16-34.


1.3.5-Do. "Report on Central Valley Project by Edward Hyatt, Executive Officer," 8-1-34.


1.3.6-Do., 3-4-35.


1.3.7-Do. Report on Kennett Power System of Central Valley Project, June 1935, 7-36.


1.3.8-Do. "Data & information on Central Valley Project compiled for Congressional delegation of California," 3-28-41.


1.3.9-Do. "Electrical power features of the State Water Plan in the Great Central Valley Basin of California," 8-41.


1.3.10-Do. "Central Valley Project, Reports on Electric Power: Office Report No. 3: Publically operated electric utilities in northern California," 10-41.


1.3.11-Do. Reports on Central Valley Project, Bull. No. 1: Publically operated utilities in northern California, 1941.




1.4.1-California. Assembly. Bill No. 259: An act providing for the construction...[of] Central Valley Project, 7-33.


1.4.2-California. Div. of Engineering & Irrigation. Bull. No. 5: Flow in California streams, 1923.


1.4.3-Do. Bull. No. 6: Irrigation requirements of California lands, 1923.


1.4.4-Do. Bull. No. 12: Summary report on the water resources of California & a coordinated plan for their development, 1927.


1.4.5-Do. Bull. No. 13: The development of the Upper Sacramento River,1928.


1.4.6-Do. Bull. No. 14: The control of floods by irrigation, 1928.


1.4.7-California. Div. of Water Rights. Part 4: Biennieal Report,11-1-22.


1.4.8-Do. Part 3: Biennial Report, 11-1-24.


1.4.9-Do., 11-2-26.


1.4.10-Do., 11-1-28.


1.4.11-California. Governor. Booklet of information on California & the State Water Plan..., 7-3/14-31. [bound as #6 in "State Water Plan"]


1.4.12-Do. Message of the Governor to the people of California dealing w/ their water problem..., 8-31. [bound as #7 in "State Water Plan"]


1.4.13-Do. Application to Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works, Washington D.C. for approval of Central Valley Project of California..., 9-27-33.


1.4.14-California. Legislature. Joint Committee dealing w/ the water problems of the State. Report of the ..., 1-18-29. [bound as #3 in "State Water Plan"]


1.4.15-Do., 3-23-31 [bound as #5 in do.]


1.4.16-California. Legislature. Joint Committee for an intensive study of the water resources of California. Report, 1927.


1.4.17-California. Legislature. Joint Committee on Water Problems. Report of the..., 4-20-32. [bound as #8 in "State Water Plan"]


1.4.18-California. Joint Committee on Water Resources. "Reporter's Transcript of Proceedings," SF, 2-20/22-28.


1.4.19-Do. Report of Legal Committee..., 11-1-28.


1.4.20-Do. "Reporter's transcript of proceedings," SF, 11-23-28.


1.4.21-Do. "Reporter's transcript of proceedings," Modesto, 12-2-29; Fresno, 12-3-29.


1.4.22-Do. Joint Water Committee. "Minutes," 8-6/15-31.


1.4.23-Do. "Minutes," SF, 9-28/30-31. [bound w/ above]


1.4.24-California. Senate. Committee on Agriculture. Minutes, 1945.


1.4.25-Do., 1947.


1.4.26-California. Water Conservation Committee. Report of Gov. Rolph's Water Conservation Committee, 2-24-31.


1.4.27-California. Water Resources Commission. Report of the sub committee on organization & plan of procedure, 9-24-31.


1.4.28-Do. Report Governor of California on State Water Plan, 6-32.


1.4.29-California. Irrigation & Reclamation Financing & Refinancing Commission. Conclusions & recommendations of the Report of the ..., 12-1-30.


1.4.30-California State Irrigation Assn. Marshall Plan, 1920. [bound as #1 in "State Water Plan"]


1.4.31-California Water Resources Commission. Report of ..., 6-32.


1.4.32-"Folio containing seven questionnaires: Salt Water Barrier Investigation/Studies of irrigation costs in San Joaquin Valley/Investigation of rate of development of agricultural lands/Minutes of meeting Hoover-Young Commission (1-31; 3-31)/ Copy of resolution of Legislative Fish & Game Comm.," c1930.


1.4.33-Edward Hyatt, State Engineer, to B.S. Crittenden, 1-21-31. [summary Div. Water Resources' reports & conclusions of Bull. No. 25 Report to Legislature, 1931]


1.4.34-"Joint meeting between the California Water Resources Commission & Joint Legislative Water Resources Committee: Reporter's transcript," 2-5-32.


1.4.35-William P. Jost, Chairman, Assembly Fish & Game Investigating Committee to Joint Legislative Committee & Hoover-Young Commission, n.d. [c1930]


1.4.36-"Meeting of the Hoover-Young Commission of California Water Resources combined w/ the Joint Legislative Committee: Reporter's transcript," 5-7-30.


1.4.37-Do., 6-10-30.


1.4.38-Do., 9-11-30.


1.4.39-Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Report for the Fiscal Year 7-1-42 to 6-30-43, 1943.


1.4.40-Report of the California Joint Federal-State Water Resources Commission..., 1930. [bound as #4 in "State Water Plan"]


1.4.41-J.L. Rollins, Manager, Bear River Water & Power Co., to members of the Hoover-Young Commission et al., Colfax, 5-12-30.




1.5.1-"Analyses of financial plans for Great Central Valley Project," 1-14-32. [no source named]


1.5.2-Frank E. Bonner. Report to the Federal Power Commission on the water powers of California, 1928.


1.5.3-California Economic Research Council. "Outline of factors governing the economic feasibility of the proposed State Water Conservation Program," c1930.


1.5.4-California State Chamber of Commerce. Your water problem, 1931.


1.5.5-E.A. Eaton, Chief Engineer, Los Angeles Flood Control District. A comprehensive plan for flood control & water conservation, 9-10-30.


1.5.6-B.A. Etcheverry. Supplemental report on water supply from Central Valley Project required for lands in Kern County, 8-31-39.


1.5.7-Herbert Hoover. The future development of the Great Valley of California, 6-27-25.


1.5.8-Irrigation Districts Assn. of Calif. The proposed contract for the Central Valley Project, 1947.


1.5.9-Do. A new look at reclamation, 1948.


1.5.10-Thomas H. Means, Consulting Engineer. Salt Water Problem: San Francisco Bay & Delta of Sacramento & San Joaquin Rivers, 4-28.


1.5.11-Mary Montgomery & Marion Clawson. "History of legislation & policy formation of the Central Valley Project," 3-46.


1.5.12-National Coal Assn. The facts about the billion dollar water power development of the Federal Government, 9-34.


1.5.13-Pacific Gas & Electric Co., SF. "San Jose District/Rainfall data & KWH per HP connected lead/agricultural consumers/1909-1915," n.d.


1.5.14-San Joaquin Valley Water Committee. The San Joaquin Valley in the state-wide water problem of California, c1930.


1.5.15-State Water Plan Assn. Membership list, minutes, by-laws, 1933.


1.5.16-State Water Plan Assn. "Manual for speakers in support of Central Valley Project Act," 12-1-33.


1.5.17-Do. Report of committee on plan of procedure for Central Valley Project, 1-5-34.


1.5.18-State Water Problems Conference Report, 11-25-16.


1.5.19-A.L. Trowbridge. Report to Kern County Water Development Commission on the irrigation development of Kern County in relation to State Water Plan..., 2-32.


1.5.20-Turlock Irrigation District. Annual report for the year 1930.


1.5.21-U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. "Central Valley Project, California: Contract for purchase of water rights," 1-4-37.


1.5.22-Do. Communication from U.S. Dept. of Interior, Bur. of Reclamation, to Senator Bradford S. Crittenden relating to Central Valley Project, 6-11-47.


1.5.23-U.S. House. 62d Congr., 1st Sess. Reports on the control of floods in the river systems of Sacramento Valley & the adjacent San Joaquin Valley, California, 1911.


1.5.24-U.S. Senate. 70th Congr., 1st Sess. Report No. 592: Boulder Canyon Project, 3-20-28.


1.5.25-Do. 72d Congr., 2d Sess. Comm. on Reclamation & Irrigation. Report on investigation & inspection trip to Great Central Valley Project of California, 1933.


1.5.26-Do. Utilization of the water resources of the Sacramento, San Joaquin, & Kern Rivers, California, 1933.


1.5.27-Do. 78th Congr., 2d Sess. Hearings on Senate Res. 295: A resolution to investigate problems arising in connection w/ construction & administration of the Central Valley Reclamation Project in California, 7-24/27-44.


1.5.28-U.S. War Dept. "Comprehensive flood coontrol survey report on Sacramento Basin streams, California," 2-1-45.


1.5.29-Water Users' Constitutional Amendment Committee. The Water Amendment, 1928.


1.5.30-Samuel C. Wiel. Waters: French Law & Common Law, 1918.






2.1.1--Misc. Papers


a-Notes for a speech [?], n.d. [pencil; paper very fragile, pages torn in half]


b-Calif. State Irrigation Assn. "Save the Back Country !," c1930. [election brochure]


c-Ford A. Chatters to BMC, 1-30-67. [re "Save the Back Country !"]


d-Pro-CVP election brochure, 1933.


e-BSC business card


2.1.2-Scrapbook of Bills introduced by BSC, 1945.


2.1.3-Framed citation to BSC from Disabled American Veterans, 4-14-50.


2.1.4-"Appreciation guest book presented to Senator Bradford S. Crittenden at testimonial dinner, Thursday, June 11, 1951, Stockton, California." [incl. photos, clippings, programs, invitations, guest list]


2.1.5--Bradford S. Crittenden Estate, 1952-55. [BSC owned ranches near Gustine in Merced County and near Tracy in San Joaquin County. He also owned land in the Vernalis Gas Field near the San Joaquin/Stanislaus County line.]


a-Preliminary memorandum, Estate of BSC, n.d. [2 pgs.]


b-Title Abstract of BSC Properties, 9-21-53. [3 pgs.]


c-Description of Vernalis property, n.d. [2 pgs.] [for map see Bradford M. Crittenden Collection MS-238]


d-Perrier & Gullo to BSC, 7-5-51. [incl. env.]


e-Lease agreement betw. Melba Simas & BMC for Vernalis property, 3-15-52. [7 pgs.; 2 copies]


f-Recpt. from Clarence L. Dickinson, Insurance, 5-19-52.


g-San Joaquin County Appraiser inventory of BSC Estate, 8-28-52. [5 pgs.]


h-Inheritance Tax Affidavit, 8-28-52. [2 pgs.; 2 copies]


i-Notice of Probate of Will [BSC], 9-5-52. [incl. env.; 2 copies]


j-Plat of Gustine property, Sect. 8, T9SR9E, 444.5 ac.


k-B of A National Trust & Savings Assn. to Comm. Internal Revenue, n.d. [request for discharge of liability for Estate Tax]


l-"Estate Tax/Preliminary Notice" [IRS form; clipped to above]


m-"Estate of B.S. Crittenden/Compilation on taxes [1950-51]"


n-U.S. Estate Tax Return, Bradford S. Crittenden, 1952. [incl. list of property]


o-Recpt. for registered article, 8-19-52. [clipped to above]


p-Notice of hearing on petition of Edith Eudora Crittenden to be appointed administratrix of Bradford S. Crittenden Estate, 9-29-52.


q-"Bank Deposits - 1950 - 1951 - 1952/B.S. Crittenden and E.M. Crittenden."


r-State of California Fiduciary Return of Income Form, 1953.


s-U.S. Fiduciary Income Tax Return Form, 1953.


2.1.6--Sentimental Poetry for Use in Speeches [?] [23 sheets; clippings, typescript]




a-"Water leaders of Valley endorse CVP Power Plan," Fresno Bee (5-14-42). [5 pgs.; photocopy]


b-"Republican legislators represent best interests of all Central California," Central California Republican (3-41).


2.1.8--Photos [Six 8 x 10" prints, 1 negative, 4 copies of names of persons in photos, unident. banquet, n.d. c1950s]


2.1.9--Gustine Property, N 1/2 Sect. 8, T9SR9E [444.25 ac.]


a-Lease, August Santos, N 222.12 ac., 5 yrs., 10-14-47. [6 pgs.]


b-Lease Joe & Joaquin Esteves, S 222.12 ac., 5 yrs., 4-15-47. [9 pgs.]


c-BSC to Joaquin Esteves, 10-17-47.


2.1.10--Tracy Properties, Sect. 33, T3SR6E & NE 1/4 Sect.28, T3SR6E


a-Lease, Melba Simas, 3-15-52. [6 pgs.]


b-Corresp. w/ tenants, 1942-50. [19 items; John Simas, Manuel Brazil, Merrill West, John P. Rocha]


c-Other Papers, 1941-44 [14 items; rcpts., corresp., etc.]


2.1.11-Bradford M. Crittenden/B.S. Crittenden Estate Business Folder, 1952-55


a-H.P. Bonnikson, Bureau Livestock Disease Control, to BMC, n.d.


b-Return recpt. to BMC, 8-20-52.


c-L. E. McDermott, American Trust Co., to BMC, 10-9-52. [incl. depositor card, env.]


d-"An inspection trip to Merced property [Gustine]," 10-29-52.


e-2 pgs. notes, lined paper [attached to above]


f-T.W. Thomas, Insurance, to BMC, 11-3-52.


g-Recpt. for insurance, T.W. Thomas, 11-3-52.


h-"Report for the Estates of Edith M. Crittenden, deceased, and Bradford S. Crittenden, deceased, on condition of ranches," 11-6-52.


i-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 11-17-52.


j-G.H. Ashley, SJ Co. Senior District Appraiser, to C.W. Nielsen, B of A, Stkn, 11-19-52. [re value of Vernalis property] [2 pgs.]


k-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 11-26-52.


l-G.L. Ashley, Appraiser, to E.J. Goldenberger, B of A, 11-28-52.


m-Recpt. for audit by T.W. Thomas, Notary, 12-3-52.


n-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 12-15-52.


o-Melba Simas to BMC, n.d. [2 pgs., attached to above]


p-Env. from Div. of Registration [vehicular], 12-26-52.


q-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 12-29-52.


r-Dawson's Van & Storage warehouse rcpts. etc., 12-29-52.


s-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 12-29-52.


t-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 12-30-52.


u-Note [from August Santos ?], n.d. [attached to above]


v-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 1-12-53.


w-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 1-25-53.


x-Dept. of Public Health/Div. of Dairy & Milk Inspection. Rating of August Santos (Gustine property), 1-28-53.


y-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 1-21-53.


z-BMC to Ed Perez, 1-29-53.


aa-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 2-4-53.


bb-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 2-13-53.


cc-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 3-3-53.


dd-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 3-12-53.


ee-"Instructions & suggested valuation schedule/1953 Personal Property Statement" [attached to above]


ff-Pauline Cordes to BMC, Lodi, 3-20-53. [2 pgs., ink, incl. env. & return env.]


gg-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 3-31-53.


hh-Note from August Santos, n.d. [attached to above]


ii-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 3-31-53.


jj-BMC to Ed Perez, 4-20-53.


kk-Authorization to sell Vernalis property, 748 acres, 4-20-53.


ll-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 4-21-53.


mm-BMC to Joe [Ed] Perez, B of A, 4-28-53.


nn-Harry Wiechman, Wiechman & Sullivan Lumber Co., Jackson CA, to BSC [BMC ?], 4-29-53.


oo-"H.E. Tinker/Real Estate & Insurance/Tracy" [business card]


pp-BMC to Joe [Ed] Perez, 5-4-53.


qq-Bid of $150,000 on BSC Estate property near Vernalis, 5-53. [2 pgs.]


rr-BMC to Joe [Ed] Perez, B of A, 5-28-53.


ss-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 6-3-53.


tt-Wilber C. Leffler, County Assessor to BMC, 6-24-53.


uu-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 7-1-53.


vv-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 7-3-53.


ww-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 7-14-53.


xx-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 7-23-53.


yy-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 7-30-53.


zz-BMC to Ed Perez, 8-25-53.


aaa-Recpt for surveying instrument formerly property of BSC, 8-28-53.


bbb-BMC to Melba Simas, 8-28-53.


ccc-BMC to Melba Simas, 8-28-53. [re sale of BSC Estate property she leases to Mr. West of Tracy]


ddd-SJ Co. Constable's recpt. for delivery of above


eee-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 9-14-53.


fff-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 9-24-53.


ggg-Arthur J. Snell to BMC, 10-7-53.


hhh-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 10-15-53.


iii-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 10-23-53.


jjj-Central Calif. Irrig. Dist. to All Landowners, 11-10-53.


kkk-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 11-23-53.


lll-BMC to Joe Perez, 1-15-54.


mmm-C.W. Nielsen to BMC, 1-18-54.


nnn-BMC to August Santos, 1-21-54.


ooo-BMC to August Santos, 1-24-54.


ppp-Recpt. from Gustine Feed Co., 2-8-54.


qqq-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 2-11-54.


rrr-State & Federal Income tax form (for estates & trusts), Edith Eudora Crittenden, 1953-54.


sss-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 3-1-54.


ttt-County Recorder's Office receipt, 3-3-54. [re Edith M. Crittenden Estate]


uuu-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 3-16-54.


vvv-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 3-25-54.


www-J. Muehlberg to Eudora E. Crittenden, 6-25-54.


xxx-"July 6, 1954/Amounts received...," [statement for various lessees & properties]


yyy-August Santos to BMC, 7-22-54.


zzz-E.J. Perez to BMC, 7-27-54.


aaaa-BMC to E.J. Perez, B of A, 7-29-54.


bbbb-August Santos to BMC, Gustine, 8-3-54.


cccc-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 9-15-54.


dddd-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 10-27-54.


eeee-Rue & Snell, CPAs, to BSC, 12-27-54.


ffff-BMC to Fred M. Bollinger, American Trust, 4-20-55.


gggg-BMC to August Santos, 6-23-55.


hhhh-BMC to Federal Land Bank of Berkeley, 6-23-55.


iiii-BMC to Stockton City Assessor, 8-15-55.


jjjj-3 pages figures on 3.5 x 6" scraps