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Register of the Crittenden (Bradford Samuel) Papers, 1916-1955
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1.1.1-California. Div. of Water Resources. "Abstract data relative to water resources investigation in California, 1921-29...," 1929.


1.1.2-Do. Bull. No. 18: California irrigation laws, 1929 Rev., 1929.


1.1.3-Do. Bull. No. 22: Report on salt water barrier, 1929.


1.1.4-Do. Sacramento San Joaquin Water Supervisor's Report for Year 1929, 1930.


1.1.5-Do. "Compendium of data including conclusions of special reports submitted to Hoover-Young Commission...," 11-10-30.


1.1.6-Do. "Preliminary draft of Bull. No. 25...," 2-2-31.


1.1.7-Do. Advance copy of Bull. No. 25..., 1930.


1.1.8-Do. Bull. No. 25: Report to the Legislature of 1931 on State Water Plan, 1930, 1930.


1.1.9-Do. Advance copy of Bull. No. 36: Cost of irrigation water in California, 1930.


1.1.10-Do. Bull. No. 27: Variation, control of salinity in Sacramento San Joaquin Delta & Upper San Francisco Bay,1931, 1932.


1.1.11-Do. Brief on behalf of State of California in appeal from conclusions of report on Sacramento, San Joaquin, and Kern Rivers, California, 8-27-32.


1.1.12-Do. Data pertaining to Great Central Valley Project of StateWater Plan, 11-9/16-32.


1.1.13-Do. Bull. No. 39: South Coastal Basin Investigation; Records of ground water levels at wells, 1932.


1.1.14-Do. Bull. No. 43: South Coastal Basin Investigation; Value & cost of water for irrigation in coastal plain of southern California, 1934.


1.1.15-Do. "Report of Sacramento-San Joaquin Water Supervision for Year 1940," 6-41.


1.1.16-Do. "Study of proposed amendment of statutory procedure for adjudication of water rights," pts. 1 & 2, 3-44.


1.1.17-Do. Progress report on topographic mapping California since 1-1-46, 9-47.




1.2.1-California. Legislature. Joint Committee on Water Problems.Supplemental report of the..., 4-9-29.


1.2.2-Do. Report of the ..., 3-23-31.


1.2.3-Do., 4-20-32.


1.2.4-California Legislature. Joint Interim Comm. on Water Problems. "Data, information, & itinerary covering inspection of Shasta Dam...," 12-1/7-41.


1.2.5-Do. "Data, information, & itinerary covering inspection of water problems in southern California," 2-2/9-42.


1.2.6-Do. "Transcript of hearing at Needles, California...," 3-16-42.


1.2.7-Do. "Data, information, & itinerary covering inspection of Central Valley Project & units of State Water Plan in the San Joaquin Valley," 5-11/17-42.


1.2.8-Do. "Data, information, & itinerary covering inspection of Central Coast area," 10-13/16-42.


1.2.9-California. Legislature. Joint Committee on Water Problems. Report to Legislature (55th Session) on water problems...,1943. [bound in "Water Problems"]


1.2.10-California. Legislature. Joint Interim Committee on Water Problems. "Itinerary & information covering inspection of flood control problems & projects, Los Angeles County," 2-24/26-44.


1.2.11-California. Legislature. Joint Committee on Water Problems.Proceedings, SF, 10-26-44.


1.2.12-Do. "Report in the matter of investigation into water problems in the State of California, Open Session, Sacramento,"12-6-46.


1.2.13-Do."Meeting, Sacramento," 2-17/19-47.


1.2.14-Do. Transcript of hearing on 160 acre limitation..., 2-19-47.


1.2.15-California. Legislature. Joint Committee on Water Problems. "Hearing, Sacramento," 10-9/10-47.


1.2.16-Do. Preliminary report to the Legislature (1948 Reg. Sess.),1948. [bound in "Water Problems"]


1.2.17-Do. Report to the Legislature (1949 Reg. Sess.), 6-49. [bound in "Water Problems"]


1.2.18-Do. (1951 Reg. Sess.), 1-51. [bound in "Water Problems"]


1.2.19-Do. (57th Session), 4-1-47. [bound in do.]


1.2.20-Do. Hearing of the... Bk. 1. Sacramento, 1-5-46.


1.2.21-Do., 1-6/7-48.


1.2.22-Do., Fresno, 9-13/14-48.


1.2.23-Do. (Orange Cove Contract), Sacramento, 10-25-48.


1.2.24-Do. (Pine Flat Dam), Sacramento, 10-26-48.


1.2.25-Do., Imperial County Courthouse, 11-2-48.


1.2.26-Do., San Diego, 11-15-48.


1.2.27-Do., SF, 12-13/14-48.


1.2.28-Do., Bk. 2, Ryde, 12-14-48.


1.2.29-Do., Bk. 3, Oroville, 12-15-48.


1.2.30-Do. Bk. 4, Redding & Colusa, 12-16/17-48.


1.2.31-Do., Reno, 2-25-49.


1.2.32-Do., Sacramento, 4-22-49.


1.2.33-Do., Ventura, 9-28/29-49.


1.2.34-Do. Preliminary report to the Legislature (1948 Reg. Sess.) on water problems..., 3-22-48.


1.2.35-Do. Report to the Legislature (1949 Reg. Sess.) on water problems..., 6-49.




1.3.1-California. Code Commission. "Draft of the general provisions & divisions I, II, and III of the proposed Water Code," 12-11- 40.


1.3.2-Do. "Draft of division VI proposed Water Code," 1-10-41.


1.3.3-Do. "Water Code: general provisions & divisions 1-4," 10-20-42.


1.3.4-California. Water Project Authority. "Supplement to amended application to Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works, Washington D.C., for approval of Central Valley Project...," 2-16-34.


1.3.5-Do. "Report on Central Valley Project by Edward Hyatt, Executive Officer," 8-1-34.


1.3.6-Do., 3-4-35.


1.3.7-Do. Report on Kennett Power System of Central Valley Project, June 1935, 7-36.


1.3.8-Do. "Data & information on Central Valley Project compiled for Congressional delegation of California," 3-28-41.


1.3.9-Do. "Electrical power features of the State Water Plan in the Great Central Valley Basin of California," 8-41.


1.3.10-Do. "Central Valley Project, Reports on Electric Power: Office Report No. 3: Publically operated electric utilities in northern California," 10-41.


1.3.11-Do. Reports on Central Valley Project, Bull. No. 1: Publically operated utilities in northern California, 1941.




1.4.1-California. Assembly. Bill No. 259: An act providing for the construction...[of] Central Valley Project, 7-33.


1.4.2-California. Div. of Engineering & Irrigation. Bull. No. 5: Flow in California streams, 1923.


1.4.3-Do. Bull. No. 6: Irrigation requirements of California lands, 1923.


1.4.4-Do. Bull. No. 12: Summary report on the water resources of California & a coordinated plan for their development, 1927.


1.4.5-Do. Bull. No. 13: The development of the Upper Sacramento River,1928.


1.4.6-Do. Bull. No. 14: The control of floods by irrigation, 1928.


1.4.7-California. Div. of Water Rights. Part 4: Biennieal Report,11-1-22.


1.4.8-Do. Part 3: Biennial Report, 11-1-24.


1.4.9-Do., 11-2-26.


1.4.10-Do., 11-1-28.


1.4.11-California. Governor. Booklet of information on California & the State Water Plan..., 7-3/14-31. [bound as #6 in "State Water Plan"]


1.4.12-Do. Message of the Governor to the people of California dealing w/ their water problem..., 8-31. [bound as #7 in "State Water Plan"]


1.4.13-Do. Application to Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works, Washington D.C. for approval of Central Valley Project of California..., 9-27-33.


1.4.14-California. Legislature. Joint Committee dealing w/ the water problems of the State. Report of the ..., 1-18-29. [bound as #3 in "State Water Plan"]


1.4.15-Do., 3-23-31 [bound as #5 in do.]


1.4.16-California. Legislature. Joint Committee for an intensive study of the water resources of California. Report, 1927.


1.4.17-California. Legislature. Joint Committee on Water Problems. Report of the..., 4-20-32. [bound as #8 in "State Water Plan"]


1.4.18-California. Joint Committee on Water Resources. "Reporter's Transcript of Proceedings," SF, 2-20/22-28.


1.4.19-Do. Report of Legal Committee..., 11-1-28.


1.4.20-Do. "Reporter's transcript of proceedings," SF, 11-23-28.


1.4.21-Do. "Reporter's transcript of proceedings," Modesto, 12-2-29; Fresno, 12-3-29.


1.4.22-Do. Joint Water Committee. "Minutes," 8-6/15-31.


1.4.23-Do. "Minutes," SF, 9-28/30-31. [bound w/ above]


1.4.24-California. Senate. Committee on Agriculture. Minutes, 1945.


1.4.25-Do., 1947.


1.4.26-California. Water Conservation Committee. Report of Gov. Rolph's Water Conservation Committee, 2-24-31.


1.4.27-California. Water Resources Commission. Report of the sub committee on organization & plan of procedure, 9-24-31.


1.4.28-Do. Report of...to Governor of California on State Water Plan, 6-32.


1.4.29-California. Irrigation & Reclamation Financing & Refinancing Commission. Conclusions & recommendations of the Report of the ..., 12-1-30.


1.4.30-California State Irrigation Assn. Marshall Plan, 1920. [bound as #1 in "State Water Plan"]


1.4.31-California Water Resources Commission. Report of ..., 6-32.


1.4.32-"Folio containing seven questionnaires: Salt Water Barrier Investigation/Studies of irrigation costs in San Joaquin Valley/Investigation of rate of development of agricultural lands/Minutes of meeting Hoover-Young Commission (1-31; 3-31)/ Copy of resolution of Legislative Fish & Game Comm.," c1930.


1.4.33-Edward Hyatt, State Engineer, to B.S. Crittenden, 1-21-31. [summary Div. Water Resources' reports & conclusions of Bull. No. 25 Report to Legislature, 1931]


1.4.34-"Joint meeting between the California Water Resources Commission & Joint Legislative Water Resources Committee: Reporter's transcript," 2-5-32.


1.4.35-William P. Jost, Chairman, Assembly Fish & Game Investigating Committee to Joint Legislative Committee & Hoover-Young Commission, n.d. [c1930]


1.4.36-"Meeting of the Hoover-Young Commission of California Water Resources combined w/ the Joint Legislative Committee: Reporter's transcript," 5-7-30.


1.4.37-Do., 6-10-30.


1.4.38-Do., 9-11-30.


1.4.39-Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Report for the Fiscal Year 7-1-42 to 6-30-43, 1943.


1.4.40-Report of the California Joint Federal-State Water Resources Commission..., 1930. [bound as #4 in "State Water Plan"]


1.4.41-J.L. Rollins, Manager, Bear River Water & Power Co., to members of the Hoover-Young Commission et al., Colfax, 5-12-30.




1.5.1-"Analyses of financial plans for Great Central Valley Project," 1-14-32. [no source named]


1.5.2-Frank E. Bonner. Report to the Federal Power Commission on the water powers of California, 1928.


1.5.3-California Economic Research Council. "Outline of factors governing the economic feasibility of the proposed State Water Conservation Program," c1930.


1.5.4-California State Chamber of Commerce. Your water problem, 1931.


1.5.5-E.A. Eaton, Chief Engineer, Los Angeles Flood Control District. A comprehensive plan for flood control & water conservation, 9-10-30.


1.5.6-B.A. Etcheverry. Supplemental report on water supply from Central Valley Project required for lands in Kern County, 8-31-39.


1.5.7-Herbert Hoover. The future development of the Great Valley of California, 6-27-25.


1.5.8-Irrigation Districts Assn. of Calif. The proposed contract for the Central Valley Project, 1947.


1.5.9-Do. A new look at reclamation, 1948.


1.5.10-Thomas H. Means, Consulting Engineer. Salt Water Problem: San Francisco Bay & Delta of Sacramento & San Joaquin Rivers, 4-28.


1.5.11-Mary Montgomery & Marion Clawson. "History of legislation & policy formation of the Central Valley Project," 3-46.


1.5.12-National Coal Assn. The facts about the billion dollar water power development of the Federal Government, 9-34.


1.5.13-Pacific Gas & Electric Co., SF. "San Jose District/Rainfall data & KWH per HP connected lead/agricultural consumers/1909-1915," n.d.


1.5.14-San Joaquin Valley Water Committee. The San Joaquin Valley in the state-wide water problem of California, c1930.


1.5.15-State Water Plan Assn. Membership list, minutes, by-laws, 1933.


1.5.16-State Water Plan Assn. "Manual for speakers in support of Central Valley Project Act," 12-1-33.


1.5.17-Do. Report of committee on plan of procedure for Central Valley Project, 1-5-34.


1.5.18-State Water Problems Conference Report, 11-25-16.


1.5.19-A.L. Trowbridge. Report to Kern County Water Development Commission on the irrigation development of Kern County in relation to State Water Plan..., 2-32.


1.5.20-Turlock Irrigation District. Annual report for the year 1930.


1.5.21-U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. "Central Valley Project, California: Contract for purchase of water rights," 1-4-37.


1.5.22-Do. Communication from U.S. Dept. of Interior, Bur. of Reclamation, to Senator Bradford S. Crittenden relating to Central Valley Project, 6-11-47.


1.5.23-U.S. House. 62d Congr., 1st Sess. Reports on the control of floods in the river systems of Sacramento Valley & the adjacent San Joaquin Valley, California, 1911.


1.5.24-U.S. Senate. 70th Congr., 1st Sess. Report No. 592: Boulder Canyon Project, 3-20-28.


1.5.25-Do. 72d Congr., 2d Sess. Comm. on Reclamation & Irrigation. Report on investigation & inspection trip to Great Central Valley Project of California, 1933.


1.5.26-Do. Utilization of the water resources of the Sacramento, San Joaquin, & Kern Rivers, California, 1933.


1.5.27-Do. 78th Congr., 2d Sess. Hearings on Senate Res. 295: A resolution to investigate problems arising in connection w/ construction & administration of the Central Valley Reclamation Project in California, 7-24/27-44.


1.5.28-U.S. War Dept. "Comprehensive flood coontrol survey report on Sacramento Basin streams, California," 2-1-45.


1.5.29-Water Users' Constitutional Amendment Committee. The Water Amendment, 1928.


1.5.30-Samuel C. Wiel. Waters: French Law & Common Law, 1918.






2.1.1--Misc. Papers


a-Notes for a speech [?], n.d. [pencil; paper very fragile, pages torn in half]


b-Calif. State Irrigation Assn. "Save the Back Country !," c1930. [election brochure]


c-Ford A. Chatters to BMC, 1-30-67. [re "Save the Back Country !"]


d-Pro-CVP election brochure, 1933.


e-BSC business card


2.1.2-Scrapbook of Bills introduced by BSC, 1945.


2.1.3-Framed citation to BSC from Disabled American Veterans, 4-14-50.


2.1.4-"Appreciation guest book presented to Senator Bradford S. Crittenden at testimonial dinner, Thursday, June 11, 1951, Stockton, California." [incl. photos, clippings, programs, invitations, guest list]


2.1.5--Bradford S. Crittenden Estate, 1952-55. [BSC owned ranches near Gustine in Merced County and near Tracy in San Joaquin County. He also owned land in the Vernalis Gas Field near the San Joaquin/Stanislaus County line.]


a-Preliminary memorandum, Estate of BSC, n.d. [2 pgs.]


b-Title Abstract of BSC Properties, 9-21-53. [3 pgs.]


c-Description of Vernalis property, n.d. [2 pgs.] [for map see Bradford M. Crittenden Collection MS-238]


d-Perrier & Gullo to BSC, 7-5-51. [incl. env.]


e-Lease agreement betw. Melba Simas & BMC for Vernalis property, 3-15-52. [7 pgs.; 2 copies]


f-Recpt. from Clarence L. Dickinson, Insurance, 5-19-52.


g-San Joaquin County Appraiser inventory of BSC Estate, 8-28-52. [5 pgs.]


h-Inheritance Tax Affidavit, 8-28-52. [2 pgs.; 2 copies]


i-Notice of Probate of Will [BSC], 9-5-52. [incl. env.; 2 copies]


j-Plat of Gustine property, Sect. 8, T9SR9E, 444.5 ac.


k-B of A National Trust & Savings Assn. to Comm. Internal Revenue, n.d. [request for discharge of liability for Estate Tax]


l-"Estate Tax/Preliminary Notice" [IRS form; clipped to above]


m-"Estate of B.S. Crittenden/Compilation on taxes [1950-51]"


n-U.S. Estate Tax Return, Bradford S. Crittenden, 1952. [incl. list of property]


o-Recpt. for registered article, 8-19-52. [clipped to above]


p-Notice of hearing on petition of Edith Eudora Crittenden to be appointed administratrix of Bradford S. Crittenden Estate, 9-29-52.


q-"Bank Deposits - 1950 - 1951 - 1952/B.S. Crittenden and E.M. Crittenden."


r-State of California Fiduciary Return of Income Form, 1953.


s-U.S. Fiduciary Income Tax Return Form, 1953.


2.1.6--Sentimental Poetry for Use in Speeches [?] [23 sheets; clippings, typescript]




a-"Water leaders of Valley endorse CVP Power Plan," Fresno Bee (5-14-42). [5 pgs.; photocopy]


b-"Republican legislators represent best interests of all Central California," Central California Republican (3-41).


2.1.8--Photos [Six 8 x 10" prints, 1 negative, 4 copies of names of persons in photos, unident. banquet, n.d. c1950s]


2.1.9--Gustine Property, N 1/2 Sect. 8, T9SR9E [444.25 ac.]


a-Lease, August Santos, N 222.12 ac., 5 yrs., 10-14-47. [6 pgs.]


b-Lease Joe & Joaquin Esteves, S 222.12 ac., 5 yrs., 4-15-47. [9 pgs.]


c-BSC to Joaquin Esteves, 10-17-47.


2.1.10--Tracy Properties, Sect. 33, T3SR6E & NE 1/4 Sect.28, T3SR6E


a-Lease, Melba Simas, 3-15-52. [6 pgs.]


b-Corresp. w/ tenants, 1942-50. [19 items; John Simas, Manuel Brazil, Merrill West, John P. Rocha]


c-Other Papers, 1941-44 [14 items; rcpts., corresp., etc.]


2.1.11-Bradford M. Crittenden/B.S. Crittenden Estate Business Folder, 1952-55


a-H.P. Bonnikson, Bureau Livestock Disease Control, to BMC, n.d.


b-Return recpt. to BMC, 8-20-52.


c-L. E. McDermott, American Trust Co., to BMC, 10-9-52. [incl. depositor card, env.]


d-"An inspection trip to Merced property [Gustine]," 10-29-52.


e-2 pgs. notes, lined paper [attached to above]


f-T.W. Thomas, Insurance, to BMC, 11-3-52.


g-Recpt. for insurance, T.W. Thomas, 11-3-52.


h-"Report for the Estates of Edith M. Crittenden, deceased, and Bradford S. Crittenden, deceased, on condition of ranches," 11-6-52.


i-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 11-17-52.


j-G.H. Ashley, SJ Co. Senior District Appraiser, to C.W. Nielsen, B of A, Stkn, 11-19-52. [re value of Vernalis property] [2 pgs.]


k-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 11-26-52.


l-G.L. Ashley, Appraiser, to E.J. Goldenberger, B of A, 11-28-52.


m-Recpt. for audit by T.W. Thomas, Notary, 12-3-52.


n-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 12-15-52.


o-Melba Simas to BMC, n.d. [2 pgs., attached to above]


p-Env. from Div. of Registration [vehicular], 12-26-52.


q-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 12-29-52.


r-Dawson's Van & Storage warehouse rcpts. etc., 12-29-52.


s-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 12-29-52.


t-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 12-30-52.


u-Note [from August Santos ?], n.d. [attached to above]


v-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 1-12-53.


w-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 1-25-53.


x-Dept. of Public Health/Div. of Dairy & Milk Inspection. Rating of August Santos (Gustine property), 1-28-53.


y-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 1-21-53.


z-BMC to Ed Perez, 1-29-53.


aa-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 2-4-53.


bb-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 2-13-53.


cc-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 3-3-53.


dd-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 3-12-53.


ee-"Instructions & suggested valuation schedule/1953 Personal Property Statement" [attached to above]


ff-Pauline Cordes to BMC, Lodi, 3-20-53. [2 pgs., ink, incl. env. & return env.]


gg-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 3-31-53.


hh-Note from August Santos, n.d. [attached to above]


ii-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 3-31-53.


jj-BMC to Ed Perez, 4-20-53.


kk-Authorization to sell Vernalis property, 748 acres, 4-20-53.


ll-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 4-21-53.


mm-BMC to Joe [Ed] Perez, B of A, 4-28-53.


nn-Harry Wiechman, Wiechman & Sullivan Lumber Co., Jackson CA, to BSC [BMC ?], 4-29-53.


oo-"H.E. Tinker/Real Estate & Insurance/Tracy" [business card]


pp-BMC to Joe [Ed] Perez, 5-4-53.


qq-Bid of $150,000 on BSC Estate property near Vernalis, 5-53. [2 pgs.]


rr-BMC to Joe [Ed] Perez, B of A, 5-28-53.


ss-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 6-3-53.


tt-Wilber C. Leffler, County Assessor to BMC, 6-24-53.


uu-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 7-1-53.


vv-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 7-3-53.


ww-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 7-14-53.


xx-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 7-23-53.


yy-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 7-30-53.


zz-BMC to Ed Perez, 8-25-53.


aaa-Recpt for surveying instrument formerly property of BSC, 8-28-53.


bbb-BMC to Melba Simas, 8-28-53.


ccc-BMC to Melba Simas, 8-28-53. [re sale of BSC Estate property she leases to Mr. West of Tracy]


ddd-SJ Co. Constable's recpt. for delivery of above


eee-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 9-14-53.


fff-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 9-24-53.


ggg-Arthur J. Snell to BMC, 10-7-53.


hhh-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 10-15-53.


iii-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 10-23-53.


jjj-Central Calif. Irrig. Dist. to All Landowners, 11-10-53.


kkk-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 11-23-53.


lll-BMC to Joe Perez, 1-15-54.


mmm-C.W. Nielsen to BMC, 1-18-54.


nnn-BMC to August Santos, 1-21-54.


ooo-BMC to August Santos, 1-24-54.


ppp-Recpt. from Gustine Feed Co., 2-8-54.


qqq-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 2-11-54.


rrr-State & Federal Income tax form (for estates & trusts), Edith Eudora Crittenden, 1953-54.


sss-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 3-1-54.


ttt-County Recorder's Office receipt, 3-3-54. [re Edith M. Crittenden Estate]


uuu-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 3-16-54.


vvv-BMC to Ed Perez, B of A, 3-25-54.


www-J. Muehlberg to Eudora E. Crittenden, 6-25-54.


xxx-"July 6, 1954/Amounts received...," [statement for various lessees & properties]


yyy-August Santos to BMC, 7-22-54.


zzz-E.J. Perez to BMC, 7-27-54.


aaaa-BMC to E.J. Perez, B of A, 7-29-54.


bbbb-August Santos to BMC, Gustine, 8-3-54.


cccc-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 9-15-54.


dddd-BMC to Dawson's Van & Storage, 10-27-54.


eeee-Rue & Snell, CPAs, to BSC, 12-27-54.


ffff-BMC to Fred M. Bollinger, American Trust, 4-20-55.


gggg-BMC to August Santos, 6-23-55.


hhhh-BMC to Federal Land Bank of Berkeley, 6-23-55.


iiii-BMC to Stockton City Assessor, 8-15-55.


jjjj-3 pages figures on 3.5 x 6" scraps