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Finding Aid to the James William Denver Papers, 1832-1925 (bulk 1832-1892)
BANC MSS 92/759 c  
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Boxes 1-3

Series 1:  Correspondence of James William Denver, 1846-1892.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged chronologically, and then alphabetically
Divided into 3 sub-series: Incoming, Outgoing, and Letters neither to nor from James William Denver. Letters from an individual writing more than one letter in any year have been chronologically arranged within that year.
Contains letters from Denver's personal friends and political and business associates including U.S. Senators P.B. Plumb, Joseph Blackburn, and Henry Wilson; U.S. Representatives Samuel Caruthers, R.P.C. Wilson, Willard Hall, and A.B. Greenwood; Secretaries of the Treasury James Guthrie and John Sherman; Secretary of the Interior Robert McClelland; and, Governor George Hoadley of Ohio. Correspondents listed may also be represented in folders for years without lists of correspondents.

Subseries 1.1:  Incoming Letters, 1849-1892

Box 7, folder 1


Box 1, folder 1



Bradford, A. A., 1815- 1849


Marshall, F. 1849


[Wages, S. R. ?] 1849


Wilkinson, C. 1849


Woodward, E. 1849


Hall, Willard Preble, 1820-1882 1850


Gray, Robert [?] 1852


Guthrie, James 1853


Robinson, John R. 1853


Smith, Charles W. 1853


Caffroth, James W. 1854


[Dunlap, P. ?] 1854


Stewart, William Morris 1854


Strout, E. 1854

Box 1, folder 2



Brown, Ezekiel


Estill, J. M.


Giles, Wm. P.


Gwin, William McKendree, 1805-1885


Henley, Thomas J[efferson, 1810-1865]


Hewes, Thomas H.


McDougal, D.


Pomeroy, T. S.


Rust, P. C. [Sen.?]


Smith, Jack R.

Box 7, folder 2-3


Box 1, folder 3



Alemany, Joseph Sadoc, 1814-1885


Benham, Calhoun


Burgess, N. G.


[Caherten, Jno. ?]


Caruthers, Sam




[Danelou, W. B. ?]


Delaney, Mike


Dougherty, M. C.


Estill, J. M.


Guthrie, James


Gwin, William McKendree, 1805-1885


Haley, Robert


Heintzelman, H. T.


Hendricks, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrew), 1819-1885


Henley, Thomas J. (Thomas Jefferson)


Heustis, A. J.


Jones, James C.

Box 1, folder 4



King, Horatio 1811-1897


Lord, I. A.


McAllister, Matthew Hall, 1800-1865


McClelland, Robert


Macgill, [Chas. ?]


Martin, Julia


Meredith, Henry


Metcalf, William


Mouson & Valentine


Patterson, J. A.


Smith, Algernon


Smith, Charles L.


Smith, Richard


[Stark, William ?]


Sutton, O. P. (Owen Paul), b. 1829


Walton, J.


Warner, J. J. (Juan Jose), 1807-1895


Whittlesey, Elisha


Williams, R. M.


Wilson, Jo[seph] S.



Box 7, folder 4-5


Box 1, folder 5



Argenté, Felix


Bradford, A. C.


Browne, J. Ross (John Ross), 1821-1875


Burgess, H. G.


Burr, T. S.


Burton, J. B.?


[Calluse ?], J. F.


Della Torre, Peter


[Dodget ?], W. Clark


Estill, J. M.


Faulkner, John


Henley, Thomas J (Thomas Jefferson), 1810-1865


Hillard, Benj. F.


Hughes, James M.


[Isacks, A. J. ?]

Box 1, folder 6



Jones, [T. M.?]


Kibbe, William C.


Long, J. [D.?]


McAllister, Matthew Hall, 1800-1865


McDaniel, [Maj.] Wm.


McFarland & Downey


Mackinly, R. B.?


Metlar, George W.


Phelan, A. J. F.


Reading, Pierson Barton [1816-1868]


Riggs & Co.


Steams, Charles


Stevenson, E. A.


[Strohm ?], Isaac


Thompson, Isaac W.


[Towner, Noble ?]


Vaughn, Jo. P.


Vaughn, Singleton, Jr.


Voorhais, D. W.


Watson, J. A.


Young, Samuel

Box 7, folder 6


Box 1, folder 7



Banta, John


Bradford, A. C.


Burnett, Ward B.


Cass, Lewis, 1782-1866


Chubb Brothers


Delaney, Mike


Dickinson, D[aniel] S. (Daniel Stevens), 1800-1866


Drake, E. F.


Dungan, A. F.


Estill, J. M.


Evarts, William Maxwell, 1818-1901


Gray, Thos.

Box 1, folder 8



Hatch, [I. F. ?]


Hendricks, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrew), 1819-1885


Hoyle, James


Judson, [Col.] W. R.


Latt, William H.


Madeira, [Col.] George


[Milton, John]


[Mourne, J. A.]


Pfeiffer, P. & Co.


Ross, W.G.


Simpton, George


Smoot, Luther R.


Squire, S. P.


Stevens, R. S.


Thompson, [Isaac ?]


Waters, B. F.


Webster, William [Capt.]


Welsh, C.


Whelan, George J.

Box 7, folder 7


Box 1, folder 9



Burton, J.B. 1859


Bryarly, Wakeman, 1820-1869 1859


[de la Reintig, H. R.?]


Gordon, Jo.


Greenwood, A. B. [Hon.]


Hendricks, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrew, 1819-1885)


Slocomb, R. W.


Wilson, Henry, 1812-1875


Leet, S. F. 1860


McCarthy, [?]


Ryland, C. T. (Caius Tacitus), 1826-1897


Smith, Eliza S.

Box 1, folder 10



Briggs, R. M. 1861


Smith, Samuel B.


Delaney, Mike 1862


Heintzelman, H. T.


Leet, S. F.


Smith, Samuel B.


Walker, J. Knox


Coverdale, R. 1863

Box 7, folder 8


Box 1, folder 11



Buchanan, James, 1791-1868


Cowles, Edward P.


Delaney, Mike


Fall, Jno. C


Hughes, James H.


Porter, R. H.


Webster, William [Capt.]


White, John


Williams, Jno. [S?]


Williams, S. W.

Box 1, folder 12



Anderson, D. D.


Anderson, S.


Chandler, William E.


Forman, Ferris, 1811-1901


Garrison, William P.


[McFallen, James P.?]


Norris, Sam[uel, 1822-1910]


Perry, W. B.


Pettus & Co.


Prince, W. C.


Rider, L. L.


Telfair, W. B.


Webster, William [Capt.]


Welty, D. W.


Winslow, O?



Box 1, folder 13



Anderson, S.


Barnitz, David G.


Bills, Henry A.


Delaney, Mike


Fant, H. G.


Ferguson, John, 1806-1868


Harris, R.


Hughes, James


[Lack, Benj.?]


Middleton, [?.]


Norris, Sam[uel, 1822-1910]


Roane, A.


Webster, William [Capt.]

Box 1, folder 14



Alexander, W. F.


Barlow, Samuel L. M. (Latham Mitchell), 1826-1889


Bouton, Edward, 1834-


Boyle, William


Bradford, A. C.


Bristol, J. D.


Brodhead, Francis D.


Brodhead, H.


Brown, Isabella


Cassedy, E.


Coles, J. S.


Coverdale, R. J.


Daingerfield, W. P., (William P.), b. 1824


Delaney, Mike

Box 1, folder 15



Ferguson, John, 1806-1868


Henshall, Thos.


Kelley, H.


Leet, S. F.


Murray, John P.


Peck, Charles F.


Quin, James F.


Roane, A.


Webster, William [Capt.]



Box 1, folder 16



Boyle, Wm.


Brown, Henry


Buchanan, John


Elzey, Ellen


Grayson, E. B.


Hughes, James


[McCubbin ?], J. L.


Norris, Ira


Pattice, F.?


Quinn, M. V.


Savage, John S.


Shields, J. W.


Webster, William [Capt.]

Box 7, folder 9


Box 1, folder 17



Brinley, George W.


Cowen, Dale O.


DeBruin, E. M.


Devon, David G.


Dowdney, S. F.


Downer, A. L.


Draper, Robert E.


Ely, J. F.


Ewing, Thomas, 1789-1896


Flanagan, T. A.[?]

Box 1, folder 18



Gould, Edmund L.


Gould, W. C.


Gray, L. M.


[Jennings, G. F.]


Joice, E. D.


Kerr, H. V.


Lilley, Wm.


Lloyd, R.


Logan, H. C.


McFerran, J. G.


Morton, J[ulius] Sterling, [1832-1902]

Box 1, folder 19



Peck, Charles F.


Pendleton, George H[unt 1825-1889]


Pike, George A.


Powell, Thomas


Ripley, George, [1808-1880]


Sands, J. B.


Savage, John S.


Smith, Samuel B.


[Stark, Wm. W. ?]


Stevenson, S. H.


Sykes, James


Valentine, E. K.


Wilkerson, M.


Wilson, Jos[eph] S.


[Whiteside ?]

Box 2, folder 1



Anderson, D. D.


Barnitz, David G.


Campbell, John R.


Daingerfield, W. P. (William P.), 1826-1889


Johnson, C. S.


Miswander, Lizzie H.


Morris, J. M.


Quin, James F.


Roane, A.


Thurman, Allen Granberry, 1813-1895


Warner, J. W.


Wozencraft, Oliver M. [circa 1815-1887]

Box 2, folder 2



Anderson, D. D.


Arnold, Reuben


Barlow, Samuel L. M. (Latham Mitchell), 1826-1889


Blackburne, O. P.


Buncroft, Elwin


Burwell, A.


Childs, J. J.


Coverdale, R. J.


Haskell, [T.?] E.


Newham, J. S. C.


Quin, [Mrs.] U. V.


Savage, L. E.


Schlay, Jno.


Smith, Samuel B.


Thatcher, Thomas


Wilson, E. W.


Witkowski, Julius

Box 2, folder 3



Barnitz, David G.


Betts, Madison


Burwell, A.


Crosby, Henry R.


Dent, Lewis


Draper, Robert E.


Drummond, Willis


Glascock, Joseph


Huntington, [Judge] T. H.


Johnson, J. Edward


Nelson, T. A.


Newham, J. S. C.


Peck, Charles F.


Scott, Charles S.


Smith, Samuel B.


Templeton, W.


Thornton, R. S.


White, Carr B.


Witherspoon, Jas. S.


Witkowski, Julius

Box 2, folder 4



Barnitz, David G.


Cartwright, J. N.


[Converse, A. B.?]


Delaney, Mike


[Horkell, Sarah E.?]


Hosmer, A. A.


Long, H. W. [Judge]


[Moulton, D. S.?]


Sawyer, E. M.


Steward, J. B.


Strother, Wade D.


Templeton, W.


Tucker, Beverley


Wickersham, Mary [G?]


Winston, [G?]



Box 2, folder 5



Arnold, Reuben


Ivory, William W.


King, James L.


Witkowski, Julius


Wilson, [J. G.?]


Wolfe, A. J., [M.D.]

Box 2, folder 6



Chiles, John


[Claughlon, H. O.?]


Delaney, Mike


Gould, W. C.


Gwin, William Mckendree, 1805-1885


Hardee, John L.


Lyon, C. D.


[McCook, G. W.]


Manfred, Edward [W.?]


Porter, N. D.


Smith, Samuel B.


[Stim, Isaac F.?]

Box 2, folder 7



Adams, F. G.


Burford, H. Marshall


Burwell, A.


Byrne, Edward


Chiles, John


Clevenger, Peter


Delaney, Mike


Hendricks, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrews), 1819-1885


Howe, David J.


Manfred, Edward [W.?]


Massey, Thomas E. [Dr.]


Murphy, Charles


Pendleton, Philip [Maj.]


Sherman, John, 1823-1900

Box 2, folder 8



Clark, Francis D.


Fiedler, Helen M.


Ford, Stephen Speed


Hartley, J. W. [Capt.]


Hendricks, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrew), 1819-1885


Henriques, Joseph


Kendrick, Sam


[London, D. W. G ?]


McLean, William Francis


Murphy, Charles


Payne, James H.


Wynkoop, [E. W.] [Edward Wanshear, b. 1836]

Box 2, folder 9



Burr, A. B.


Craig, W.


Gould, John R.


Howe, David J.


Kenaday, Alexander M. (Alexander McConnell)


Kirk, [Capt.]


Murphy, Charles


O'Donoghue, J. B.


Payson, Chas.


Pendleton, Philip [Maj.]


Sidwell, N. H. [Dr.]


Walling & Curtain

Box 7, folder 10


Box 2, folder 10



Chiles, John


Clarke, Jno. A.


Davis, John B. C.


Guth, Fr.


Hendricks, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrew), 1819-1885


Howe, David J.


Kenaday, Alexander M. (Alexander McConnell)


Kendrick, Sam


McKinney, J. F.


Murphy, Charles


Nutt, S[argeant] Prentiss


Reading, R. G.


Sewell, C. S.


Smith, Samuel B.


Thompson, John G.

Box 2, folder 11



Coate, John B.


Howe, David J.


Johnson, O. B.


Merrill, Katherine


Pendleton, Philip [Maj.]


Pike, Luther H.


Sloane, Ulric


Smith, Samuel B.


Thompson, Chas. D.


Williams, L. H.

Box 2, folder 12



Conklin, H. C.


Deuel, Lizzie S.


Jones, J. R.


King, H. I.


Nutt, S[argeant] Prentiss


Peck, Charles F.


Perry, Charles A.


Walker, Duncan S.


Webster, William [Capt.]


Wingate, George Wood


Worthington, A. S.



Box 2, folder 13



Crihfield, A. R.


Hoover, William H.


Nesbit, Josephine


Nutt, Julia A.


Nutt, Sargeant Prentiss


Patterson, John H.


Perry, Charles A.


Plumb, Preston B., 1837-1891


Sloane, Ulric


Weisenreder, E.


Wheeler, Charles Aukney Henry


Wilshire, W. W.


Yeoman, S. M.

Box 2, folder 14



Baldwin, J. B.


Barclay, M.


Bargar, Gilbert H.


Boyd, Jno. R.


Butler, John M.


Coate, J. B.


Ferrell, C. B.


Guth, Fr.


Holladay, Joseph


Howarth, [Jas?]


Kramer, Joseph


Madison, Laura


Mattoe, A. H.


Nutt, S[argeant] Prentiss

Box 2, folder 15



Pendleton, Philip [Maj.]


Perlman, L. S.


Proctor, Tom M.


Robertson, A. J.


Shields, J. W.


Showers, H. S.


Smith, Orland


Spore, James


Thompson, John G.


[Treat, Nath'l. ?]


Weller, Everhard

Box 2, folder 16



Adams, F. G.


Babbs, F. H.


Barrow, George E.


Brinkley, Hu. L.


Cartwright, I. F.


Cassin, John H.


Crossin, Wm.


Cuppy, F. P.


Daingerfield, Eliza R.


De Akers, Robert L.


Delaney, Mike


Dodd, John W.


Edwards, Moses


Guth, Fr.


Hoadley, George, 1826-1902


Hohendorf, B.


Hoyle, James


Hughes, W. A.

Box 2, folder 17



Kenaday, Alexander M. (Alexander McConnell)


Leal, Joseph


Miller, James [b. circa1807]


Morris, M. F.


Nutt, S[argeant] Prentiss


Peale, Truman P.


Pendleton, Philip [Maj.]


Prince, W. E.


Proctor, Mary V.


Rainey, G. F.


[St. Mix, French ?]


Sheeley, Jas. C.


Shields, J. W.


Smith, J. J.


[Strickler, John M. ?]


Taylor, James


Townsley, James E.


Walker, J. W.


Wysong, Esla

Box 2, folder 18



Belgar, James [Col.]


Blackburn, Jo[seph] C. S.


[Chanchlor, Edward ?]


Dahlgren, Madeleine Vinton, 1825-1898


Fleming, Samuel


Follett, John F.


Grady, C. Powell


Guth, Fr.


Hall, James C.


Harper, Frank


Higgins, Thos. W.


Hinton, Frank P.


Howe, Henry, 1816-1893


King, C. A.

Box 2, folder 19



Leete, Ralph


Livingston, J. H.


[Medary S. A.?]


Mitchell, John F.


Nutt, S[argeant] Prentiss


Pendleton, Philip [Maj.]


Reedy, George W.


Robinson, C. W.


Safford, W[illiam] H[arrison], 1821-1903


Walker, Calvin B.


Zachry, James Greer


Ziegler, F. J.


Ziegler, G. W.

Box 2, folder 20



Bradford, J. L.


Crawford, George Addison, 1827-1891


Delaney, Mike


Driskill, Joseph


Goodrich, R. C.


Jenkins, J. [F.?]


Maynard, J. C.


Mitchell, Thomas


Neal, Julia E. [Linn]


Nutt, S[argeant] Prentiss


Walker, Calvin B.


Zachry, James Greer [Lamar & Zachry]

Box 2, folder 21



Delaney, Mike


Strong, R. P.


Wheeler, Joseph, 1836-1906

Box 2, folder 22



Chastain, J. B.


Delaney, Mike


Gray, James D.


Hamlin, E. W.


Harvey, Eli


Leete, Ralph

Box 3, folder 1



McDonald, W. H.


Mitchell, John T.


Pearson, Aven


Pendleton, Mason C.


Pendleton, Philip [Maj.]


Powell, W. L.


Troth, Isma


Watson, John

Box 7, folder 11


Box 3, folder 2



[Adee, Alvey A. ?]


Adler, Jacob


Delaney, Mike


Haines, William C.


Hawkins, Morton [C.?]


Leete, Ralph


McGill, J. Nota


McPike, Henry C. (Henry Clay), b. 1857


Mitchell, John T.


Morgan, George W.


Neal, Juana A.


Pendleton, Philip [Maj.]


[Wallace, Charles M.?]

Box 3, folder 3



Case, Lyman W.


Delaney, Mike


Glascock, Henry C.


Gordon, Charles E.


Gray, James D.


Haines, William C.


Hummel, J. S.


Hunt, Samuel F.


Kenaday, Alexander M. (Alexander McConnell)


King, Oscar


Leete, Ralph


McNally, Jno. J.


Martin, William T.

Box 3, folder 4

Mitchell, John T. 1891

Box 3, folder 5



Pendleton, Edmund, [1845-1910]


Pendleton, Philip, [Maj.]


Powell, W. L.


Roach, Thomas N.


Sayres, L. D.


Singleton, [Jas. W.?]


Stevens, A. C.


Thornton, R. S.


Warner, A. J.


Williams, W. Mosby


Wilson, R. P. C.


Zachry, James Greer

Box 3, folder 6



Clement, C.


Delaney, Mike


Earle, Wm. E.


Haines, William C.


Hall, Frank, 1836-1917


Hummel, J. S.


Leete, Ralph


McDonald, Be? F.


Medary, S. A.


[Messec, I. G.?]


Miller, William H. H.


Pendleton, Philip [Maj.]


Perry, B.


Perry, Charles A.


Pond, Riley


[Prince, Theo. ?]


Singleton, James J.


Tucker, John Randolph, 1823-1897


Wilcox, Mary R[achel]

Box 3, folder 7



Delaney, Mike


Democratic Club of Clarksville 1893?


Gray, W. H.


Highland, Edward [D.?] 1884?


Morrison, M.


Mowry, Sylvester, [1830-1871] 1867?


Rogers, Mrs. Leona [A. E.?] 1890-92?



Box 7, folder 12



Subseries 1.2:  Outgoing Letters, 1846-1892

Box 3, folder 8



Foos, G. 1846


Lane, James Henry, 1814-1866 1849


Citizens of Wilmingon, Ohio 1855


Lander, Frederick W. (Frederick West), 1821-1862 1862


Axtell, Samuel Beach, 1819-1891 1869


Savage, John S. 1870


Pike, George A. 1870


Routhe, E. A. 1870


Anderson, T. C. [Col.] 1873


Vilas, William Freeman, 1840-1908 1885


Choller, M. H. [Maj.] 1888


Harter, M[ichael] D[aniel], 1846-18?? 1891


Hartley, A. 1889


Campbell, Jas. C. 1891


McGrotty, Edwin B. 1892

Box 7, folder 13

Cisco, John J. 1870

Box 7, folder 13

Mason, O.T. 1870


Subseries 1.3:  Letters neither to nor from James William Denver, 1856-1884

Box 3, folder 9



[Strickle, A. E?] to Mr. Ambury 1856


Whipple, S. G to Thomas J[efferson] Henley, 1810-1865 1857


Pickett, Charles Edward, 1820-1882 to [Judge] G. W. Baker 1857


Hoburg, W. H. to Wm. M. Irvin 1857


Hendricks, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrew), 1819-1865 to D. E. Sickles 1858


[Griffering, Fred?] to Mike Delaney 1860


Delaney, Mike to P. Warren Van Winkle, 1825-1914 1860


Mix, Charles S. to E. B. French 1862

Box 3, folder 10



Baird, J. W. to William H. B. Meyers, b. 1815 1866


Barlow, Samuel L. M. (Latham Mitchell), 1826-1889 to James Hughes 1866


Magruder, A. B. to James Hughes 1868


Spencer, Geo. W. to James Hughes 1868


Savage, John S. to W. C. Gould 1870


Shepherd, Henry A. to W. B. Telfair 1870


Nelson, T. A. to Samuel B. Smith 1871


Roney, W. H. to [Judge] Samuel A. Gilbert 1873


Stewart, George W. to Mike Delaney 1874


Johnson, Laura to S[argeant] Prentiss Nutt [1876]


Hendricks, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrew), 1819-1865 to R. W. Johnson 1877


[Converse, A. B.?] to Alexander M. (Alexander McConnell) Kenaday 1880?


Gwin, William McKendree, 1805-1885 to Mike Delaney 1884

Box 3, folder 11

Letters to S[argeant] Prentiss Nutt 1884

Box 7, folder 14

Relating to case involving confiscation of confederate property 1865

Boxes 4-5

Series 2:  Denver Family Correspondence, 1841-1925.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged by relationship to James William Denver, and then chronologically.
Divided into 3 sub-series: Incoming, Outgoing, and Miscellaneous Family correspondence. Miscellaneous family correspondence is divided into letters among family members and between family members and non-family.
Contains letters between Denver and his wife; those Denver received from his brother, Arthur St. Claire Denver; Denver's letter to his son, James William Denver, Jr., concerning the party structure in the United States government; and, daughter Katherine Denver Williams' letter describing the 1881 inauguration of James Garfield.

Subseries 2.1:  Incoming Letters, 1841-1892

Box 4, folder 1-17

Denver, Louise Rombach 1856-1883

Box 4, folder 18-19

Williams, Kate Denver Williams 1869-1880, 1882-1892

Box 4, folder 20

Denver, James William Jr. 1880-1882

Box 4, folder 21

Lindley, Mary Louise Denver 1880-1882

Box 4, folder 22

Denver, Matthew 1878-1882

Box 4, folder 23-24

Denver, Arthur St. Clair 1864-1884

Box 4, folder 25

Denver, Frank 1856-1871

Box 4, folder 26

Denver, H. C. 1856-73

Box 4, folder 27

Rombach, Matthew 1857-1870

Box 4, folder 28

From sisters 1841-1882

Box 4, folder 29

From cousins 1858-1891

Box 4, folder 30

From nieces and nephews 1862-89

Box 4, folder 31

From miscellaneous relatives 1875-91


Subseries 2.2:  Outgoing Letters, 1856-1892

Box 5, folder 1-11

Denver, Louise Rombach 1856-1892

Box 5, folder 12

Williams, Kate Denver and Mary Louise Denver Lindley 1883-1892

Box 5, folder 13

Denver, James William Jr. 1880-1886


Subseries 2.3:  Miscellaneous Denver Family Correspondence, 1847-1925


2.3.1:  Among Family Members

Box 5, folder 14

Williams, Kate Denver to James William Denver, Jr. 1874-1881

Box 5, folder 15

Denver, James William Jr. to Kate Denver Williams 1885

Box 5, folder 16

Lindley, Mary Louise Denver to Matthew Denver 1880

Box 5, folder 17

Lindley, Mary Louise Denver to James William Denver, Jr. 1881

Box 5, folder 18-19

Williams, Kate Denver to Louise Rombach Denver 1874-1885

Box 5, folder 20

Denver, James William Jr. to Louise Rombach Denver 1880

Box 5, folder 21

Lindley, Mary Louise Denver to Louise Rombach Denver 1880-1885

Box 5, folder 22

Denver, Matthew to Louise Rombach Denver 1910

Box 5, folder 23

Denver children joint letters to Louise Rombach Denver 1880

Box 5, folder 24-25

Denver family letters to Louise Rombach Denver 1856-1909

Box 5, folder 26

Denver, Louise Rombach to miscellaneous family members 1859-1881

Box 5, folder 27

Miscellaneous Denver family letters 1847-1889


2.3.2:  Between Family Members and Non-family

Box 5, folder 28-29

to Louise Rombach Denver 1847-1909

Box 6, folder 1

to Kate Denver Williams 1878-1914

Box 6, folder 2

to James William Denver, Jr. 1881-1904

Box 6, folder 3

to Mary Louise Denver Lindley 1876-1894

Box 6, folder 4

to Matthew Denver 1880-1925

Box 6, folder 5

Denver, Louise Rombach to miscellaneous non-family 1877-1893

Box 6, oversize folders 1-2

Series 3:  Personal Papers, 1832-1908, undated

Scope and Content Note


Arranged hierarchically.
Includes poems and short essays by James William Denver; miscellaneous personal and family papers; miscellaneous legal documents, especially some concerned with Cotton Tax litigation; documents relating to meetings and viewpoints of the Mexican War Veterans Association; and newspaper clippings, including articles from Ohio newspapers bearing on Denver's political campaigns and numerous obituaries from newspapers around the country.
Box 6, folder 6-7

Poems by James William Denver circa 1866-1885

Box 6, folder 8

Outline on Reconstruction by James William Denver undated

Box 6, folder 9

History of Party System by James William Denver undated

Box 6, folder 10

The Wants of the South by James William Denver undated

Box 6, folder 11

Denver family documents 1832-circa 1890

Box 6, folder 12

Denver family miscellany circa 1860s-1890s

Box 6, folder 13

Financial miscellany 1845-1891

Oversize folder 1A

Financial miscellany undated

Box 6, folder 14

Mexican War pension 1856-1908

Box 6, folder 15

Hughes, Denver and Peck Law Firm 1866-1877

Box 6, folder 16-18

Legal documents 1832-1890

Box 6, folder 19

Checks 1866-1886

Box 6, folder 20

Cotton Tax Litigation circa 1867-1872

Oversize folder 1A

Cotton Tax Litigation undated

Box 6, folder 21

Receipts undated

Box 6, folder 22

Presidential campaign miscellany 1876-1884

Box 6, folder 23

Mexican War Veterans Association 1878-1892

Oversize folder 1A

Mexican War Veterans Association 1892

Oversize folder 2A

Mexican War Veterans Association 1892

Box 6, folder 24

Ohio National Guard 1880-1883

Box 6, folder 25

Clippings 1858-1925

Oversize folder 1A

Clippings 1886

Oversize folder 2A

Clippings 1858-1925

Box 6, folder 26

Miscellaneous papers undated

Box 6, folder 27

The Denver Papers catalog of John A. Fox sale 1968