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Crowley Maritime Corporation Pictorial Collection, 1890-1962
BANC PIC 1990.007  
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Album containing views of operations of the United Transportation Co. and Northwest oil terminals (mostly Seattle and Puget Sound areas). Also includes several maps. BANC PIC 1990.007-ffALB


Photographic prints


Crowley barge. [1910]. BANC PIC 1990.007:1--PIC

Additional Note


[Heavy machinery and cranes].. September 30, 1930 BANC PIC 1990.007:2-4--PIC


Mouth of the Russian River. [1931?]. BANC PIC 1990.007:5--PIC


Basalt's first steel barge and nautical scenes.. August 12, 1938 BANC PIC 1990.007:6-10--PIC


Nautical scenes. [1946]. BANC PIC 1990.007:11-21--PIC

Additional Note

Bear Photo Service packet.

Nautical scenes of San Diego and personal photos. [1946]. BANC PIC 1990.007:22-32--PIC

Additional Note

Bear Photo Service packet.

San Francisco Bay and tugboats. [1946]. BANC PIC 1990.007:33-40--PIC

Additional Note

Bear Photo Servive packet.

Pipelines at Gaviota. [1950]. BANC PIC 1990.007:41--PIC


Construction scenes [1950]. BANC PIC 1990.007:42-52--PIC

Additional Note

Includes matching negatives.

Oil terminals, Crescent City, Tanker Emedio and other vessels. [1950]. BANC PIC 1990.007:53-71--PIC

Additional Note

Kodak Print packet.

Coos Bay, Shell Oil.. October, 1950 BANC PIC 1990.007:72-94--PIC


Puget Sound Power and Light-Cable barge and views of Seattle.. April, 1951 BANC PIC 1990.007:95-104--PIC


Nautical scenes, Honolulu. May, 1951 BANC PIC 1990.007:105-126--PIC


McGinitie and McDonald, Inc. November 19, 1951. BANC PIC 1990.007:127-133--PIC

Additional Note

Wando barge and other vessels, Winslow, Washington.

Bartell Striprints packet.

Eureka pictures. November, 1951. BANC PIC 1990.007:134-151--PIC

Additional Note

Continuous perforated strip of prints.

Flat steel barge owned by Ben C. Gerwick Co.. [1952]. BANC PIC 1990.007:152--PIC


Judd's "L.S.T.'s " [1952]. BANC PIC 1990.007:153--PIC


A.T.R. Beaver. [1952.] BANC PIC 1990.007:154--PIC


Three boats of the Smith Rice Co... February 29, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:155--PIC


View of Alaska Tug and Barge Co... February 29, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:156--PIC


Two boats of the Johnson Co... February 29, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:157--PIC


View of two boats to be towed by the Kanak Co... February 29, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:158--PIC


Views of the River Lines Tug. May, 1952. BANC PIC 1990.007:159-170--PIC

Additional Note

Super Pak packet.

Tug Maoi, Long Beach.. June, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:171--PIC


Judd's, Long Beach.. June, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:172--PIC


Tug Sea Lion and U.T. Barge #15.. December 7, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:173-178--PIC


[New office].. May, 1954 BANC PIC 1990.007:179--PIC


Views of tugboat building, San Pedro.. April 29, 1954 BANC PIC 1990.007:180-185--PIC


New engine #24 and View of San Pedro office.. October 1-8, 1954 BANC PIC 1990.007:186-188--PIC


Captain's Bay and Lima crane.. April, 1959 BANC PIC 1990.007:189-193--PIC


Barge Forest at Reedsport, Oregon.. October 14, 1959 BANC PIC 1990.007:194-198--PIC


Sause Dock at Frankport, Oregon.. October 13, 1959 BANC PIC 1990.007:199-200--PIC


Rogue River Bar at Gold Beach, Oregon.. October 13, 1959 BANC PIC 1990.007:201--PIC


New Jetty at Gold Beach, Mouth of Rogue River.. October 13, 1959 BANC PIC 1990.007:202--PIC


Port Oxford Dock.. October 13, 1959 BANC PIC 1990.007:203-204--PIC


First log-dumping barge at Whittier, Alaska. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:205-210--PIC


[Various logging and nautical scenes, Alaska]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:211-248--PIC


Jones Studio, Crescent City, Calif. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:249--PIC

Additional Note

[Associated Motor Oils truck with two men].

[Northern Cal2ifornia/Southern Oregon Development Association Exhibit]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:250--PIC


Gabriel Moulin Studios.. June 19, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:251-268--PIC

Additional Note

[Various views of Paradise Cove].

[Construction details]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:269-276--PIC


Ocean going steelhead jumping at the falls at the irrigation dam in the Rogue River at Grant's Pass, Oregon. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:277--PIC


Artcraft Studio, Grants Pass, Oregon. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:278--PIC

Additional Note

[View of vineyards].

[Golf course, Oregon]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:279--PIC


Rogue River by the light of the moon- Grants Pass, Oregon. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:280--PIC


Artcraft Studio, Grants Pass, Oregon. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:281--PIC

Additional Note


[Cornfield] [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:282--PIC


[Interior of chicken farm]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:283--PIC


Artcraft Studio, Grants Pass, Oregon. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:284--PIC

Additional Note

Gladiolus in bloom grown by Ben R. Bones, Grants Pass, Oregon.

[View of hillside]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:285--PIC


[Portrait of young girl in gladioli]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:286--PIC


Tom Crowley sailing for competition on the San Francisco Bay. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:287--PIC


Artcraft Studio, Grants Pass, Oregon. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:288--PIC

Additional Note

Robert Morfort, Grants Pass, farmer 3 miles west of town, measuring corn over 12 inches in length.

"Rainbow" Gibson. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:289--PIC


Third man in the middle is Thomas Crowley in c. 1948 confronting a shipping strike by oil producers. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:290--PIC


Captain John Olson, Commodore of Ship Owners and Merchants into which [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:291--PIC

Additional Note

Mr. Crowley bought an interest.

[Speedboat]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:292--PIC


Gabriel Moulin Studios. November 1, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:293--PIC

Additional Note

Dinner given in Honor of Captain J.W. Fowler, U.S.N. Commanding Officer of U.S. Naval Shipyard at Hunter's Point, California by a few of his Friends and Associates at Bohemian Club, San Francisco. Monday evening, October 8, 1945.

On left hand extension of table next to end is Mr. Thomas Crowley (senior) and on his right is Thomas B. Crowley.

Dan E. London, St. Francis Hotel. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:294--PIC

Additional Note

[Portrait of unidentified man].

Gabriel Moulin Studios. [1948]. BANC PIC 1990.007:295--PIC

Additional Note

"We hope your '49 will be as happy as we were in this Grove picture."

Claude [last name unknown] and Tony Newhouse- Union Oil Company.

[Small boat on San Francisco Bay]. [Dates unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:296-297--PIC


[Unidentified man in workshop]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:298--PIC


[Workshop]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:299--PIC


[Five men]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:300--PIC


Bear Photo Service.. November 6, 1929 BANC PIC 1990.007:301--PIC

Additional Note

[Deckhand aboard Mary C, San Francisco].

L.P.H. Jr. on North Spit, January 10, 1925. Some sea this day.. January, 1925 BANC PIC 1990.007:302--PIC


Captain Rudden and George Williams. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:303--PIC


McKeon. [Sunken boat]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:304--PIC


[Portraits of four men]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:305-306--PIC


Borge Lighler E.F.L., Ricardo Ferera, Eugenio de la Parro [illegible] [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:307--PIC

Additional Note

Inspector of lands Dave Edmonds leaving Lake Chacahua - going out into Bay of Chacahua. 15 ton boat.

Port of Chacahua [map of Bay on reverse of photo]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:308--PIC


[Portrait of man on boat]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:309--PIC


[Various portraits of men and nautical scenes]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:310-332--PIC


[Pipeline construction]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:333-341--PIC


Red Stack Tugboat office, Long Beach, California. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:342--PIC


[Various views of Sea Land Service]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:343-364--PIC


Swadley, San Francisco. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:365--PIC

Additional Note

[Unidentified sailing vessel].

Ray Krantz, Photographic Illustrations. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:366-369--PIC

Additional Note

Tugboat - Interior and details.

This was a shot of Graham Bros. Barge "Hemlock. " [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:370--PIC

Additional Note

The wind was blowing harder than I figured.

Marge YFN-603. 110'x 30', 1943. 1943. BANC PIC 1990.007:371--PIC

Additional Note

It is 8 feet up to the crossbeams from the deck. The sun reflection that you see is from the 12' x 12' overhead hatches in the top of the house. There are sliding doors (side doors).

CA.789. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:372--PIC


Sea Scout. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:373--PIC


CL #104. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:374--PIC


YTB 398 and KA44. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:375--PIC


Smith Rice #4 - Encinal and Roland. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:376--PIC


Rover A/S, St. Augustine, Victory. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:377--PIC


Standard #2. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:378--PIC


Sea Shark. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:379--PIC


U.S.N. Hospital Ship Benevolence. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:380--PIC


CV 119. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:381--PIC


Sea Wolf. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:382--PIC


Army decommission Tieup, Mayberry Slough - BC 1703 [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:383--PIC


[Various views of the vessel Wando in repairs]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:384-393--PIC

Additional Note

Pictures attached by hinges.

[View of a vessel from Calmar Lines]. [1950's]. BANC PIC 1990.007:394--PIC

Additional Note

Negative included.

[View of the tug Klinyan]. [1950's]. BANC PIC 1990.007:395--PIC

Additional Note

Negative included.

Santa Inez, 11-18-22.. November 18, 1922 BANC PIC 1990.007:396--PIC

Additional Note

General Engineering and Drydock [stamped].

Sea Rover. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:397--PIC


C.22. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:398--PIC


[View of Sause Brothers barge]. [1950's]. BANC PIC 1990.007:399--PIC


[View of a vessel of the Calmar Lines]. [1950's]. BANC PIC 1990.007:400--PIC


[View of several barges].. November 18, 1922 BANC PIC 1990.007:401--PIC


San Pedro Harbor, December 21, 1953. December 21, 1953. BANC PIC 1990.007:402--PIC

Additional Note

Sause Brothers tug, "Go-Getter".

7/15/53 - View showing location of towing pad on barge #16.. July 15, 1953 BANC PIC 1990.007:403--PIC


Raising the YW #10. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:404--PIC


[Raising of Mono]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:405--PIC


[Various scenes of the construction of Crowley Barge #5]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:406-431--PIC


Barge YFN-603, 110' x 30', 1943. [1943]. BANC PIC 1990.007:432--PIC

Additional Note

The chicken coop on top and the sheds over either end can be taken off as they are no part of the main house. The main house is well built and I am sure would be very suitable for powder.

YFN-603 Barge, 110' x 30', 1943. [1943]. BANC PIC 1990.007:433--PIC

Additional Note

My photographer took pictures of the hatches in the house as I told him. She has doors on hinges on top with a seal on them to keep water out. The openings on top are 12 feet x 12 feet. The side doors are of the box car type.

Barge YFN-603, 110' x 30', 1943. [1943]. BANC PIC 1990.007:434--PIC

Additional Note

Inside compartments can be removed to utilize complete interior. Barge has two fore and aft bulkheads (solid) braced in between with 4 x 12 diagonal braces. Corners are weak and two head bits have fresh water rot in them.

Barge YFN-603, 110' x 30', 1943. [1943]. BANC PIC 1990.007:435--PIC

Additional Note

Barge does not leak and is in good condition. Deck seams on outside house are open and should have a little caulking or tar before touring North. Barge is very easy to tow. Was Navy carpentry shop.

9/15, Barge 17 prefabricated bhd. sections. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:436--PIC

Additional Note


Barge 17. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:437--PIC


Skeg on Barge 17. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:438-439--PIC


Barge 17 on building ways. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:440-441--PIC


Barge 17 bow section. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:442-443--PIC


[Barge 17 stern section]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:444-446--PIC


9/15, San Francisco Towing Hull. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:447--PIC


Part of the H10 Taxi Fleet, all Hall Scott equipped. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:448--PIC


YC #366. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:449--PIC


YW #23, #5. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:450--PIC


YW #23, #5. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:451--PIC


[Vessel Falcon under repair]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:452--PIC


Mono sank - Nov. 26, 1945, salvage tug at left. [November, 1945]. BANC PIC 1990.007:453--PIC


Mono sank, Nov. 26, 1945. [November, 1945]. BANC PIC 1990.007:454--PIC


Sea King. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:455--PIC


Sea Prince. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:456--PIC


[View of vessel Ugo Too]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:457--PIC


#5 and YW #23. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:458--PIC


The last of the str.[?] Columbia. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:459-461--PIC


[Crowley no. 69]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:462--PIC


[Stern view of barge]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:463--PIC


H.H. Buhne (an early settler of Eureka) renamed Sea Wolf. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:464--PIC

Scope and Content Note


Kelly and AFL #1598 (formerly "El Sol"). [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:465--PIC


Tug "Kelly" and molded barge "A.F.L. #1598" in Long Beach July 20 - same tug and barge that was in before, for Portland Tug and Barge Co., now known as "Alaska Ship Lines Inc." - former army L.T. #186-900 - taking 5000 barrels of gasoline to Alaska. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:466--PIC


Tug #27 and navigator taking S.S. Imperial Edmonton to sea. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:467--PIC


Sauss Brothers tug K.L. tied up at Alaska Tug and Barge Co. Long Beach while barge "Del Norte Woodsman" is being unloaded. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:468--PIC


Sea Fox. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:469--PIC


Korody Marine 2/18/52.. February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:470--PIC


Guy F. Atkinson Co. 2/18/52 [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:471--PIC

Additional Note

1 - Derrick Barge

2 - Flat Barges

Shown by a dot under each piece of equipment - Smith Rice to right. Frontenac refrigerated.

2/18/52, Alaska Tug and Barge. February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:472--PIC

Additional Note

3 - Barges

2 - Tugs Alaska Queen xx

Gov. Markham x

Karody Marine 2/18/52.. February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:473--PIC


Alaska Tug and Barge.. February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:474--PIC


Tug Myrtle E. Wilson, ATR.. February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:475--PIC


2 - L.S.T.'s. These belong to Judd.. February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:476--PIC


Foss Barge #152, 2000 Ton.. February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:477--PIC


Judd's equipment.. February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:478--PIC


Judd's equipment.. February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:479--PIC


Judd's equipment.. February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:480--PIC


Smith-Rice Co... February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:481--PIC


Smith-Rice Co.. February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:482--PIC


#18 LST - Judd's. House barge - Alaska Pipe and Salvage Co.. February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:483--PIC

Additional Note

Ex. Daisy Grey.

Case Connolly Co.. February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:484--PIC

Additional Note

4 - Barges

3 - Tugs

1 - Derrick Barge

Case Connolly Co... February 18, 1952 BANC PIC 1990.007:485--PIC


[Views of unidentified coastline]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:486-490--PIC


[Various scenes of docks and dockworkers]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:491-515--PIC


[Several views of Crowley tugs]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:516-523--PIC


[Two views of vessel launching]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:524-525--PIC


Navy landing at Long Beach, Cal. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:526--PIC


[Two men]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:527--PIC


[Nautical scenes]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:528-533--PIC


[Hammering man]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:534--PIC


[Various coastal views]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:535-541--PIC


Starting to Catalina. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:542--PIC


The old Crowley No. 4 sold by Roberts and Robertson to a fisherman. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:543--PIC


Wm. Muller and No. 9. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:544--PIC


[View of ship construction]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:545--PIC


[Unidentified vessel]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:546-547--PIC


[Fire - damaged tug]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:548--PIC


[Nautical scenes]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:549-554--PIC


Tug Glenda [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:555--PIC


Crowley #20. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:556--PIC


c 24 towing U.T. #4. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:557--PIC


Crowley #24. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:558--PIC


Crowley #20. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:559--PIC


Naval vessel submarine tender "U.S.S. Fulton" - A.S.11. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:560--PIC


Liberty ship. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:561--PIC


Victory ship. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:562--PIC


Sea Witch. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:563--PIC


Sea Scout. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:564--PIC


Pier 5 - office. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:565--PIC


Crowley #18. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:566--PIC


C-21. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:567--PIC


Army Decommission Tieup - Mayberry Slough. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:568--PIC


[Various construction and coastal scenes]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:569-583--PIC


[Tugboat]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:584-585--PIC


[Hull repair]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:586-587--PIC


PA 20 - YTB 399. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:588-PIC


Creole. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:589--PIC


Sea Prince. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:590--PIC


C-22. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:591--PIC


Sea King. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:592--PIC


Henry White - ST 815. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:593--PIC


[Dockyard]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:594--PIC


[Views of ship's deck and water]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:595-598--PIC


[Loading barges]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:599-602--PIC


[Floating crane operation]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:603-607--PIC


[Views of ship construction]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:608-611--PIC


[View of large tug]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:612--PIC


[Tacoma property-8 views]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:613-620--PIC

Additional Note

Mirrolike Photo Service Book Prints packet.

[Views of dock loading machinery]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:621-639--PIC


[Two men refloating vessel]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:640--PIC


Smith - Rice job, Berth #50 L.B. 5/4/54.. May 4, 1954 BANC PIC 1990.007:641--PIC

Additional Note

This shows the face of the new dock and all backfill completed.

Smith - Rice job, Berth #52 L.B. 5/4/54. May 4, 1954 BANC PIC 1990.007:642--PIC

Additional Note

Face of dock completed and backfilling.

Pacific Towboat and Salvage Co., picture taken 5/4/54.. May 4, 1954 BANC PIC 1900.007:643--PIC

Additional Note

1. Ex army F.S..

Pacific Towboat and Salvage Co., taken 5/4/54.. May 4, 1954 BANC PIC 1900.007:644--PIC

Additional Note

2. Kanak

Pacific Towboat and Salvage Co., taken 5/4/54.. May 4, 1954 BANC PIC 1900.007:645--PIC

Additional Note

$13.50 per ton for barge plus $550. to $600 per day for Kanak -allowing 5 laydays for unloading. From Long Beach to Mazatlan, Mexico.

Barge will take 2500 tons on each trip.

3. "Foss" molded wooden barge #152 will haul to Mexico for reshipment to:

1-50,000 tons to Germany.

2-20,000 tons to Japan from R.B. direct?

3-15,000 tons to Mexico, Mazatlan.

All good steel rails.

[Various nautical scenes]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1900.007:646-652--PIC


[Portrait of unidentified man]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:653--PIC


[View of crane lifting tug]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:654-655--PIC


[Views of refrigeration units]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:656-658--PIC


[Nautical scenes and coastal views]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:659-693--PIC


[Crane lifting tug]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:694--PIC


[Four - masted schooner]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:695--PIC


[Tug damage]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:696--PIC


[Painting Crowley tug]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:697--PIC


[Korea Maru]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:699--PIC


[Various unidentified nautical scenes]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:700-707--PIC


[Coastal views and pipeline]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:708--720--PIC

Additional Note

Photos bound with rubber band.

[Interior and exterior views of various vessels]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:721-762--PIC


[Coastal views]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:763-767--PIC


[Tugs]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:768-770--PIC


La Croix Photography. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:771--PIC

Additional Note

25 and 50 ton units - Diesel operated with or without barge.

W.R. Grace Co., Crowley No. 61, Wm. A. McKenna, (Norton Lilly). [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:772--PIC


Lundstrom's steel diesel cruiser [by Johnsen Line Mfg]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:773--PIC


A.T. S.F., [Carfloat #3]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:774--PIC


Traveling Crane, ex Union Con. Co., to General Engineering Co.. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:775--PIC


Lundstrom's steel diesel cruiser [by Johnsen Line Mfg.]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:776--PIC


[Pelican crane and Rio Vista]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:777--PIC


Williamson's Marine Salon Photo Shop. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:778-781--PIC

Additional Note

[Tug Neptune].

Williamson's Marine Photo Shop. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:782-784--PIC

Additional Note

[Various dock scenes].

Ralph Bird Photo. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:785-788--PIC

Additional Note

[Various dock scenes].

Williamson's Marine Photo Shop. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:789-790--PIC

Additional Note

[Dock scenes].

[Barge-loading crane]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:791--PIC


Hoffpauir Studio. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:792-793--PIC

Additional Note

[Views of General Motors engines].

W.F. Dohrmann Studio. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:794-795--PIC

Additional Note

[Raising sunken tug].

Williamson's Photo Shop. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:796--PIC

Additional Note

[Container crane].

Commercial Studios. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:797--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge #5].

Captain R.H. Dallas, Marine Photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:798--PIC

Additional Note

[Cable winches].

Williamson's Marine Photo. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:799-802--PIC

Additional Note

[Dock scenes].

Puget Sound - Alaska Van Lines Inc.. November 19, 1960 BANC PIC 1990.007:803-804--PIC

Additional Note

Loading fire engine aboard barge "Seward" for Alaska at Oakland, CA.

Oakland Dock and Warehouse Co.

Commercial Studios. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:805-806--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge #5].

Moulin Studios.. April, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:807--PIC

Additional Note

United Towing Company, Barge #6.

Now in light refined oils. Also suitable for black oil.

Tug "Dauntless" towing alongside off Selby's.

United Towing Company barge #5 in background.

Commercial Studios. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:808--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge #5].

Ortolan. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:809--PIC


[Crane and dockyards]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:810--PIC


[Dilapidated vessel]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:811--PIC


Commercial Studios. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:812--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge #5].

Gabriel Moulin Studios.. June 19, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:813-814--PIC

Additional Note

[Two views of Paradise Cove]?

Accident to Lighter #3.. June 2, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:815--PIC


Gabriel Moulin Studios.. June 19, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:816--PIC

Additional Note

[View of Paradise Cove].

[Forklift]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:817--PIC


Stock pile area and loading rolls into Crown-Zellerbach trucks to be drayed from Oakland to Antioch at Oakland Dock and Warehouse Co.. September 30, 1960 BANC PIC 1990.007:818--PIC


Herbert Schmidt, Photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:819--PIC

Additional Note

[Smith-Rice crane and barge].

Captain R.H. Dallas - Marine Photographer.. October 11, 1954 BANC PIC 1990.007:820-821--PIC

Additional Note


Herbert Schmidt, Photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:822-823--PIC

Additional Note

[Salvage operations].

Commercial Studios. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:824-825--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge #5].

Herbert Schmidt, Photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:826-830--PIC

Additional Note

[Smith-Rice salvaging].

[Caterpillar Diesel Engine]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:831--PIC


[Crowley No.10].. August 26, 1948 BANC PIC 1990.007:832--PIC


Business Men's Studio. [1947]. BANC PIC 1990.007:833--PIC

Additional Note

[Tug Havoline].

[Dockyard]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:834--PIC


Pacific Dry Dock and Repair Co., Oakland. Inclining Experiment.. June 19, 1942 BANC PIC 1990.007:835--PIC


Ralph B. Bird, Photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:836--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge construction].

Gabriel Moulin Studios. [October 8, 1945]. BANC PIC 1990.007:837--PIC

Additional Note

[General Motors Diesel Engine].

[Machine shop]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:838--PIC


Loading fire engine aboard barge "Seward" for Alaska at Oakland, CA.. November 19, 1960 BANC PIC 1990.007:839-844--PIC


Gabriel Moulin Studios.. June 19, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:845--PIC

Additional Note

[View of Paradise Cove].

Tug Crowley #21, starboard side.. June 28, 1948 BANC PIC 1990.007:846--PIC


Gene Hainlain Studios. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:847-849--PIC

Additional Note

[Machine shop].

[Three close-ups of dry rot]. [1948]. BANC PIC 1990.007:850-852--PIC


[Tug Neptune and two unidentified vessels]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:853-861--PIC


[Crowley #26].. March, 1946 BANC PIC 1990.007:862--PIC


Wiiliamson's Marine Photo Shop. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:863--PIC

Additional Note

[Vehicular barge].

United Towing Company - Barge #6.. April, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:864--PIC


[Loading barge]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:865--PIC


Gene Hainlain Studios. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:866--PIC

Additional Note

Crew's quarters above machine shop.

Gene Hainlin Studios. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:867--PIC

Additional Note

[Machine shop].

[Two vessels and barge]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:868--PIC


Accident to Lighter #3.. June 2, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:869--PIC


George E. Swett & Co., photographers. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:870--PIC

Additional Note

Barge Waterous.

Commercial Studios. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:871--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge #5].

United Towing Company Barge #5.. April, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:872--PIC


[Harbor Queen]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:873--PIC


[Alcatraz Island]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:874--PIC


Commercial Studios. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:875-876--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge #5].

Accident to Lighter #3.. June 2, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:877--PIC


Ralph Bird, photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:878-879--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge and machinery].

[Nautical scenes]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:880-881--PIC


[U.S. Army experimental vehicle]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:882-886--PIC


[Nyna Rose II]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:887--PIC


W.F. Dohrmann Studio. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:888--PIC

Additional Note

[Sinking vessel].

W.F. Dohrmann Studio. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:889--PIC

Additional Note


Raymond B. Giles, photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:890--PIC

Additional Note


[Barge #1331]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:891--PIC


Steam Coils in Barge 14.. March 2, 1955 BANC PIC 1990.007:892-895--PIC


Steam lines on Barge 14.. March 2, 1955 BANC PIC 1990.007:896-897--PIC


Barge 14 departing.. March 5, 1955 BANC PIC 1990.007:898-899--PIC


Swadley, photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:900--PIC

Additional Note

[Smith-Rice derrick barge].

Commercial & Photo View Co. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:901--PIC

Additional Note

[Smith-Rice derrick barge #3].

[Tug in cove]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:902--PIC


[Tugs tugging platform]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:903--PIC


[Atlas tugged]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:904--PIC


[Coastline]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:905--PIC


[Waves breaking on barge]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:906--PIC


Swadley, photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:907--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge repair].

Ashore at Pismo Beach. 1938. BANC PIC 1990.007:908--PIC

Additional Note

MS ELG 1938.

[Vessel deck]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:909--PIC


Commercial & Photo View Co. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:910--PIC

Additional Note

[Vessel repair].

Swadley, photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:911--PIC

Additional Note

[Crowley #58].

Jack's Photo Service.. April 5, 1957 BANC PIC 1990.007:912--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge Pacific #1].

Jack's Photo Service.. March 6, 1958 BANC PIC 1990.007:913--PIC

Additional Note

[Pacific #1].

Roy M. Peak Photography. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:914--PIC

Additional Note

Air-drive towing machine.

[Tug Neptune and two unidentified vessels]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:915--PIC


Cal Pictures. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:916-922--PIC

Additional Note

[Various views of Vessel interior].

Herbert Schmidt, photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:923-924--PIC

Additional Note

[Smith-Rice derrick barges and barge repair].

[Tugs and barges]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:925-928--PIC


Cal Pictures. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:929-930--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge - interior and exterior].

Ugo Too. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:931--PIC


Cal Pictures. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:932--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge BH-1].

Ralph Bird, photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:933--PIC

Additional Note

[Unidentified machinery].

Crowley #23.. September, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:934--PIC


Williamson's Marine Photo Shop. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:935--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge Seward].

United Towing Company, Barge #6.. April, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:936--PIC


Raymond B. Giles, photographer.. June 6, 1950 BANC PIC 1990.007:937--PIC

Additional Note

[Barge launching].

Williamson's Marine Photo Shop. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:938--PIC

Additional Note


[Dockyard]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:939--PIC


Williamson's Marine Photo Shop. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:940-942--PIC

Additional Note

[Refrigeration equipment].

Hydraulic operated paper carrier on barge Fairbanks.. September 30, 1960 BANC PIC 1990.007:943--PIC


United Towing Company barges #10 & #5.. April, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:944--PIC


Pulp paper carrier.. September 30,1960 BANC PIC 1990.007:945--PIC


Pulp paper carrier.. September 30,1960 BANC PIC 1990.007:946--PIC


[Lighter #4]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:947--PIC


[Barge repair].. June 2, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:948-949--PIC


Marine Salon Photo Shop. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:950--PIC

Additional Note

[Tugs on Puget Sound].

Ralph Bird, photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:951--PIC

Additional Note

[American Hoist and Derrick crane].

Gabriel Moulin Studios.. October 8, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:952-953--PIC

Additional Note

[Vessel interior].

[Ship and tugs]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:954--PIC


[Aerial view of oil spill]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:955--PIC


Cal Pictures. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:956--PIC

Additional Note

[Tug Intrepid and barge].

Gabriel Moulin Studios. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:957--PIC

Additional Note

[Paradise Cove].

[Aerial view of Pacific Coast Engineering]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:958--PIC


Gabriel Moulin Studios.. June 19, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:959-960--PIC

Additional Note

[Paradise Cove].

[Crowley #26]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:961--PIC


Cal Pictures. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:962--PIC

Additional Note

[BH1 barge].

[Vessel construction]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:963-964--PIC


W.F. Dohrmann Studio. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:965--PIC

Additional Note

[Smith-Rice crane #2].

Inclining experiment V.F. 327, Pacific Dry Dock and Repair].. June 19, 1942 BANC PIC 1990.007:966--PIC


[Woodworking shop]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:967--PIC


United Towing Company barge #5.. April, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:968-969--PIC


[Aerial view of Pacific Coast engineering Co.]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:970--PIC


Oil barge H #1 in water. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:971--PIC


United Towing Company barge #6.. April, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:972--PIC


Inclining experiment, VF 327.. June 19, 1942 BANC PIC 1990.007:973--PIC


[Dilapidated barge].. June 2, 1945 BANC PIC 1990.007:974--PIC


Hainlin studio. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:975-976--PIC

Additional Note

[Interior and exterior of workshop].

[Winch on wheels]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:977--PIC


Ray Krantz Photographic illustrations. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:978--PIC

Additional Note

[Interior pipes of unidentified vessel].

Swadley, photographer. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:979--PIC

Additional Note

[Southern Pacific steamer El Capitan].

Thomas A. Short Co. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:980--PIC

Additional Note


Thomas A. Short Co. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:981--PIC

Additional Note

[Winch and boom].

[Various nautical scenes]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:982-987--PIC


[Coastal scenes]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:988.1-20--PIC


[Coastal scenes, water-skiing scenes]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:989.1-21--PIC


[Dockyard scenes]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:990.1-20--PIC


[Portrait of an unknown man]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:991--PIC


[Portrait of mother and children]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:992--PIC


[Various nautical scenes]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:993-1004--PIC


[Drydock]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:1005--PIC


S.S. Venezuela. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:1006--PIC


[Dock scene]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:1007--PIC


Eppinger & Russell [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:1008--PIC

Additional Note

Jacksonville, Fla.

10-20 ton, 8 wheel.

Photographic postcard.

[Seamen at work]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:1009--PIC

Additional Note

Photographic postcard.

[Olson B. Mahoney and other ships]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:1010--PIC

Additional Note

Photographic postcard.

[Salvage boats Capitol and Century at work]. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:1011--PIC

Additional Note

Photographic postcard.

Merrit and Chapman Derrick and Wrecking Company. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:1012--PIC

Additional Note

[Salvage boats at work].

Photographic postcard.

Tugs trying to take steamer [Woyo] off rocks, Point Arena coast. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:1013--PIC

Additional Note

Photographic postcard.

Crescent City from Whale Island. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:1014--PIC

Additional Note

Photographic postcard.

W. Paton y Cia, photographers. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:1015--PIC

Additional Note

Muelle del F.C.A.B. Mejillones.

Photographic postcard.

View from Stewart's Point, Cal. [Date unknown]. BANC PIC 1990.007:1016--PIC

Additional Note

Photographic postcard.