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Inventory of the Nevada Railroads Records
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Virginia & Truckee R.R. and Virginia & Truckee Ry. companies

Box 1-5,7

Correspondence, memos, reports, & related papers. 1868 - 1950

Box 5

Ephemera, miscellaneous printed items, historical data, etc.

Box 6

Virginia & Truckee and Carson & Colorado railroads - freight memos

Physical Description: (1 vol.)

Scrapbook, 1881-84. Contains circulars, memos, etc. addressed chiefly to Ernest Eckert, Agent at Carson City, from Central Pacific R.R., V. & T. R.R., Carson & Colorado.

Box 7 - 9

Bills, receipts, orders to pay, etc. 1862-1938

Box 10

Reports, pay rolls, daily statements, engine wood accounts, etc.

Box 11

Conductors' reports, special pay receipts

Box 12

Right-of-way maps

Box 13

Cancelled checks 1875-1877

Box 14

Cancelled checks 1878-79; 1889-98


Carson & Colorado R.R. and Carson & Colorado Railway companies

Box 15

Correspondence, 1880-1900


Bills, time rolls, cancelled checks, maps


Carson & Tahoe Lumber & Fluming Co.

Box 16

Correspondence, bills, receipts, etc. 1870 - 1910

Box 17

Cancelled checks, 1872-1886


Debit slips, 1872-1878


Daily log reports of the Sierra Nevada Wood & Lumber Co., 1901-02


Lake Tahoe Railway & Transportation Co.

Box 18

Correspondence, memos, etc. 1907-1910




NR 1 V. & T. R.R. Co. - Cash Book, Virginia Station. 1876


NR 2 V. & T. R.R. Co. - Conductors Train Register. 1875-1876


NR 3 V. & T. R.R. Co. - Passenger statistics. 1887-1888


NR 4 V. & T. R.R. Co. - Receipts & operating expenses. 1873-1889


NR 5 V. & T. R.R. Co. - Time Book. 1872-1873


NR 6 V. & T. R.R. Co. - Train orders 1873


NR 7 V. & T. R.R. Co. - Train reports 1877


NR 8 V. & T. R.R. Co. - Reports of Up Trains 1870-1872


NR 9 V. & T. R.R. Co. - Agents Ledger 1887-1891


NR 10 V. & T. R.R. Co. - Minden Station train register, 1947-1950

Scope and Content Note

(contains autographs of passengers on the last passenger train which ran May 7, 1950)

NR 11 C. & C. R.R. Co. - Agencies Ledger 1881-1883


NR 12 C. & C. R.R. Co. - Passenger statistics 1887-1888


NR 13 C. & C. Ry. Co. - Passengner statistics 1894-1896


NR 14 C. & C. Ry. Co. - Passenger earnings & apportionment 1898-1900


NR 15 C. & C. R.R. Co. - Way Bill Register 1881-1884

Additional Note

(Note: The collection has been summarily sorted to make it available to readers. A more careful sorting or cataloging will be done at some future date.)

MAPS - (rolled)


NR 16 Map of V. & T. R.R. Co. showing the Genoa Division... 1876


NR 17 Map of the Eureka & Palisade R.R. from Alpha to Eureka, Nev. 1876


NR 18 Map of the Eureka & Palisade R.R. from Palisade to Alpha, Nev. 1876


NR 19 Map of Carson City, Nev. 1907


Virginia And Truckee Railroad Record Books



Physical Description: 14 × 8 3/4 inches, leather, 204 pp.

Scope and Content Note

This is a record for seventeen years, by months, for the years 1873 through 1889. A special printed form filled out in manuscript.
Doubtless, this was a confidental record for the private use of the railroad's owners.
This period includes the years of the Big Bonanza. The fabulous prosperity of the railroad and the Comstock during this period is indicated by the dividends paid. For the years 1876, 1877 and 1878 dividends averaged about $750,000 per year.
Since it records concisely, the operating financial information accumulated from the many records of the company, it is most valuable for a study of the railroad during this period.
Receipts are classified as from freight, passenger, ores, wood, lumber, weighing and miscellaneous. Disbursements are shown for train service, locomotive service, telegraph service, repairs, loss and damage to freight and property, etc.
Of special interest are the manuscript notations of the payment of dividends, interest, the purchase of rails, payments to the contractors for the Carson and Colorado Railroad, etc.


Physical Description: 16½ × 13 3/4 inches, 3/4 leather, 302 pp.

Scope and Content Note

For period December 1887 through January 1891. A special printed form filled out in manuscript. Each page is an account with one of the railroad's station agents for a month with daily entries. Records the amount of business done by each station.


Physical Description: 17 5/8 × 11 3/8 inches, 3/4 leather.

Scope and Content Note

Period April 22, 1870 through December 31, 1872. Double spread special printed form filled out in manuscript. Records Up trains, that is trains from Carson City, elevation 4615 feet to The Comstock, elevation at Virginia City terminus 6215 feet.
For each train, on each day during the period, is recorded the loaded cars with cargo and consignee, as also the name of the conductor, the name of the locomotive and the departure and arrival at Mound House, Silver City and Gold Hill and the time of arrival at Virginia City.


Physical Description: 12 × 10 3/4 inches, 3/4 leather.

Scope and Content Note

Period April 23, 1875 to April 30, 1876. Register at Carson City of each train by the conductor and engineer, with time of arrival, locomotive number and consist of cars.


Physical Description: 11¼ × 11½ inches, 3/4 leather, 366 pp.

Scope and Content Note

Months of July 1887 through December 1888. Special printed form filled out in manuscript. Each page is for a different station and for a month. Shows number of passengers from each station to each other station on the V. & T. and the C. & C.


Physical Description: 13 × 8¼ inches, 3/4 leather, 320 pp.

Scope and Content Note

Sunday January 28, 1877 to Saturday June 30, 1877. Manuscript. Reports trains to the Comstock with conductor, locomotive, number of cars, cargo and destination.


Physical Description: 13 3/4 × 8¼ inches, boards.

Scope and Content Note

J. E. Wratten, Agent. August 29, 1876 to November 15, 1876. Blank form book filled out in manuscript.


Physical Description: 13¼ × 8 inches, boards

Scope and Content Note

September 1872 to June 1873. Printed blank form book filled out in manuscript. Time record of engine crews and other employees.


Physical Description: 13 × 8 inches, boards, 286 pp.

Scope and Content Note

August 4, 1873 to October 25, 1873. Blank ruled book with train orders in manuscript.

Carson And Colorado Railroad Record Books



Physical Description: 19¼ × 15 inches, 3/4 leather.

Scope and Content Note

Records way-bills from March 21, 1881 through April 30, 1884. This is the first way bill register of the railroad. A special printed form filled out in manuscript. Records point of origin, destination and charges.


Physical Description: 15¼ × 13 3/4 inches, 3/4 leather, 260 pp.

Scope and Content Note

December 1897 through February 1900. Records passenger earnings from each station and apportionment to C. & C. R'y, V. & T. R. R. and Southern Pacific R. R.


Physical Description: 16 3/4 × 13 3/4 inches, 3/4 leather, 396 pp.

Scope and Content Note

March 1881 through December 1883. A special printed from filled out in manuscript. Each page is an account with one of the railroad's station agents for a month, with daily entries.


Physical Description: 13 × 10½ inches, 3/4 leather, 348 pp.

Scope and Content Note

Month of July 1887 through July 1888. Special printed form filled out in manuscript. Each page is for a different station for a month. Shows number of passengers from each station to each other station on the V. & T. and C. & C.
This is a companion record to V. & T. R. R. record, item 5.


Physical Description: 13 × 10½ inches, 3/4 leather, 376 pp.

Scope and Content Note

March 1894 through September 1896. Similiar to item 13.

Virginia And Truckee Railroad Company Redeemed Bonds


(15) VIRGINIA AND TRUCKEE RAIL ROAD COMPANY, $1,000 BONDS DATED AUGUST 1, 1874. Blank book with a redeemed bond and all its coupons pasted to a page.

Additional Note

in Rare Book Dept.

Scope and Content Note

Contains autograph certificate:
August 20, 1889
All bonds and coupons from 1 - 500,
all found to be cancelled and in place
in this book
----------------E. B. Yerington
Now contains 412 bonds with coupons.

Virginia And Truckee Rail Road Miscellaneous Records

Box 13 & 14

(16-18) Cancelled checks drawn on the Virginia Agency of the Bank of California, mostly in the 1870's, including some checks payable in silver coin.

Physical Description: One box.
Box 11

(19) Passenger conductor's and freight conductor's reports, etc. mostly in the 1870's.

Box 10

(20) Engine and wood pay-rolls and various operating reports, etc. on about twenty different forms.

Box 10

(21) Reports of tickets sold by other railroads, mostly emigrant tickets to Virginia City, some accompanied by the original tickets signed by the passenger and taken up after passage. Also bills for currency from D. A. Bender & Co. and other records.

Box 6

(22) V. & T. and C. & C. rate notices in gummed stub file and scrap book file of agent at Carson.

Box 15

(23) Checks and miscellaneous items relating to the Carson and Colorado Railroad.

Box 1-5

(24) Letter files of supply department for years 1884, 1887, 1891 and 1892 in four accordion paper files.

Additional Note

Interfiled with correspondence
Box 7-9

(25) Vouchers paid, also some bills to H. M. Yerington, 1870's and 1880's, mostly 1876 to 1879.

Scope and Content Note

There are vouchers for the purchase of wood for the locomotives, other wood, mileage on foreign cars, purchase of scrap metal, for advertisement of excursion trains, freight rebates, fluming lumber, purchase of steel rails, accident damage, purchases from local merchants, etc.
Box 1-5

(26) Correspondence file, 1860's to 1900's, mostly 1870's.


Virginia And Truckee Railroad Right Of Way

Box 12

(27) RIGHT OF WAY MAP, W. H. Kirk, Chief Engineer, also station maps of Reno, Carson City, Minden, Mound House and Gold Hill, December 31, 1916,

Physical Description: blue prints.

Scope and Content Note

Since these maps were made before there was any abandonment and after the last construction--the branch line to Minden, all of the lines of the railroad are shown.

NR 19 CARSON CITY MAP, A. C. Pratt, 27 × 18 inches, manuscript on linen tracing cloth, showing lines of Virginia and Truckee Railroad, January 17, 1907.

Othertype NR Box 12

YARD OF THE SUMMIT FLUME CARSON, 18 × 24 inches, nd. manuscript on linen tracing cloth, showing tracks of Virginia and Truckee Railroad in lumber yard and wood yard.


NR 16 (28) GENOA DIVISION MAP, C. L. Anderson, Chief Engineer, manuscript mounted on linen, shows the Genoa Division as located in 1876 and also the Lake Tahoe N. G. R. R.

Additional Note

The Genoa Division was never built.

Autograph Letter Signed And Letter Press Copy


(29) WESTERFIELD, W. J. Autograph letter signed, to H. M. Yerington, from Steamboat Springs, on Virginia & Truckee Railroad Genoa Division letterhead, May 26, 1872, about accident on that date,

Physical Description: 3 pages. [Virginia and Truckee R. R. correspondence]

Scope and Content Note

There is also the writer's office copy on yellow tissue. This copy was made in a hand letter press and this was the customary way of making copies during the period.
It is unusual to find together both the original and a copy so made.

Virginia And Truckee Railroad Broadsides

Additional Note

Sent to Rare Book Dept.

(30) TIME TABLES, issued For the Government and information of employees only and not intended for the public, a collection of 73 items:

Additional Note

To Rare Book Dept.

Scope and Content Note

Virginia and Truckee Railroad, No. 1, effective July 11, 1870 in facsimile. Nos. 18, 21, 23, 28, 29, 30, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39 and 41 through 59. No. 18 was effective April 24, 1881 and No. 59 was effective May 9, 1905.
Virginia and Truckee Railway. Nos. 60 through 92. No. 60 was effective November 18, 1905 and No. 92 was effective January 28, 1923. No. 62 effective August 1, 1906 first shows the line to Minden.
Supplements Nos. 3, 4, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14 and 18 to Time Table No. 94. For approximately the last twenty-five years of the railroad no new time tables were promulgated, but changes were made by supplements to Time Table No. 94, which as supplemented, was in effect at the date of abandonment May 31, 1950. Supplement No. 3 was effective September 30, 1926 and Supplement No. 18 was effective December 1, 1948.

(31) LIGHTNING EXPRESS, new arrangement May 1st 1876 through trains daily between Virginia and San Francisco, printed by H. S. Crocker Co. San Francisco,

Physical Description: 21½ × 14½ inches.

Scope and Content Note

The Central Pacific Railroad was reluctant to allow its sleeping cars to run over the precipitous Virginia and Truckee grades and high trestle, until one day Pullman came to Virginia City in his car, after which the Central Pacific relaxed and through trains with sleeping cars were put into operation between San Francisco and Virginia City.

(32) SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD. Two broadsides taken from the Virginia and Truckee Railroad scrap book file:

Scope and Content Note

Completion of the Southern Pacific Railroad via Lathrop the loop and Los Angeles, 31 × 14½ inches, 1877, Southern Pacific R.R.
Through tickets to the new silver mines of Arizona, 19 × 6 inches, 1877, Southern Pacific Railroad.
This item also includes five Virginia and Truckee Railroad broadsides, announcing excursion trains, 1895, 1897, 1901, 1901 and the last 1927 for the visit of Col. Lindberg.

(33) SOUTHERN PACIFIC LINES RENO DISTRICT. Poster schedule showing seven connecting railways including the Virginia and Truckee all of which, except one, now cease to exsist. 14 × 22 inches, 1921.

Scope and Content Note

This item also includes eight other broadside notices, fare schedules, etc. of the Virginia and Truckee

(34) KIMBALL, WARD. Virginia and Truckee Railway in all the world no trip like this. Caricature map of the railway by Kimball with train schedule. Ward Kimball is a Walt Disney artist. 26 × 18½ inches 1941.


(35) ANTIQUITY. Four items, prints of sketches by railroad enthusiasts in the latter years of the railroad, when it was an antiquity, but still operating.


(36) ADVERTISING POSTERS. A collection of twenty-three card posters that were received by the Virginia and Truckee from other railroads, posted in the station at Carson City with thumb tacks, later taken down and laid aside and thus preserved.

Physical Description: Colored, 21½ × 14 inches, except two are 11 × 14 inches.

Additional Note

To Rare Book Dept.

Scope and Content Note

Includes poster of the Chicago and North Western with dining car scene, 1877 and posters of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific, Chicago and Alton, Denver and Rio Grande, Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul, Burlington, Rio Grande Western and Union Pacific railroads, 1880's.

Carson And Colorado Railroad Broadsides


(37) TIME TABLE NO. 15, Carson and Colorado Railroad, 1st and 2nd Divisions, to take effect on Monday, October 15, 1883, at 8:30 A. M.

Physical Description: 17 × 13½ inches.

Additional Note

To Rare Book Dept.

Scope and Content Note

This is a rare early time table in mint condition, showing the entire line of 293 miles from Mound House, Nevada to Hawley (later Keeler) California. The railroad was only completed to Hawley in 1883.
On the verso are Rules and Regulations for the Government of Employees.

NR 20 (38) FALLBERG, CARL. Original drawing, map of the Carson and Colorado Railroad. Used as an illustration in The Slim Princess, John B. Hungerford, Reseda, 1956.

Physical Description: 24½ × 19½ inches.

(39) SHAW, FREDERICK. Map of Carson and Colorado Railroad, colored, 1949,

Physical Description: 14 × 9 inches.

Scope and Content Note

This item also includes three broadsides of the railroad, two train register sheets and a schedule of local ticket rates to take effect September 10, 1900.
Time Table 13 Runs to V.C. [Virginia City] 1878 Box 10

Virginia And Truckee Railroad Miscellaneous Material


(40) Miscellaneous material, as follows:


a BOWKER, J. W. a. l. s. to H. M. Yerington, November 22, 1872. (see correspondence) Bowker was master mechanic. Locomotive No. 21 the J. W. Bowker was named after him.


b FULTON FOUNDRY, print as in Angel's Nevada (folers of printed items & ephemera) and a. l. s. to H. M. Yerington, January 15, 1875. (correspondence)

Box NR Box 5

(c) VIRGINIA AND TRUCKEE RAIL ROAD COMPANY, stock certificates issued, subsequently endorsed and cancelled, as follows:

Additional Note


d SUTRO, ADOLPH. Manuscript letter, August 9, 1872 to Mr. Yerington signed Adolph Sutro, Genl Supt. (see correspondence)


e HYMAN-MICHAELS COMPANY, purchase order to S. C. Bigelow, Receiver, October 9, 1941, for purchase of all metal in trackage of the railroad from Carson to Virginia City. (see correspondence)


f VIRGINIA AND TRUCKEE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. Impression of corporate seal. It has Virginia, Nevada and cut of locomotive in center. (see ephemera)


g ENTERPRISE PUBLISHING COMPANY. Promissory note to the Virginia and Truckee Rail Road Company, September 1, 1890, $25,486.06. Enterprise Publishing Company is the publisher of the Territorial Enterprise.


h STANFORD, LELAND. Manuscript letter from the Presidents office, Central Pacific Railroad Company, San Francisco, to H. M. Yerington, January 8, 1875. Signed by Leland Stanford. (see correspondence)


i COFFIN. Passenger way-bill, Empire to Carson, November 25, 1880, for one coffin, charges 25¢. with bills, etc. 1880


j ANNUAL REPORT 1880. Printed report to Hon. Jasper Babcock, Secretary of State, annual report of the railroad for the year 1880.


k WRECK AT UNION TRESTLE, Virginia City, September 9, 1881.

Physical Description: Two blue photographic prints.
Box Box I (?)

(l) BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS, correspondence and bills relative to the purchase of locomotives: (see correspondence B)

Scope and Content Note

None of the railroad's locomotives were named for any of its owners. Of interest, therefore, is the letter to H. M. Yerington from M. Baird & Co. Baldwin Locomotive Works, December 3, 1872, acknowledging instructions to change the name of No. 12, then on order, from Sharon to Genoa.

No. 12 Genoa


No. 13 Empire


No. 14 Esmeralda


No. 21 Bowker


No. 22 Inyo


m ESMERALDA NO. 14. Correspondence relative to the sale of this locomotive to Mexico. (see Smoot, Edgar K.)



Box Box 5

(o) RAILROAD ENTHUSIASTS. Prints and other items published in the latter years of the railroad when it was the admiration of railroad enthusiasts. Historical information


p LOCAL TICKETS. Local one-way card tickets, sold, used and taken up, 1878.


q MANUSCRIPTS. Various statements and reports. vd.

Box Box 5

(r) EMBARGO. Passenger traffic embargo effective May 9, 1950, cancelled May 10, 1950. This was just prior to abandonment May 31, 1950.


s WILLIAM C. RALSTON (1826 - 1875) a. ns. s.

Physical Description: (2 pieces) correspondence

t DARIUS O. MILLS (1825 - 1910) a. ls. s. and other items.

Physical Description: 4 letters, 1 telegram

u WILLIAM SHARON, a ls. s. and other related items. He was Nevada State Senator 1875-1881. (15 peices) correspondence 1872-84


v H. M. YERINGTON. A collection of items. correspondence



Physical Description: Three items:
Box Box 5

(a) Correspondence relative to the charter of the last special train and the last passenger train (as distinct froma mixed train) to operate over the railroad, on Sunday May 7, 1950.


NR 10 b The last Minden train register. This is autographed on May 7, 1950 by all of the passengers, train crew and railroad officials on the special passenger train operated on that date. The last train on May 31, 1950 the date of abandonment as also the work train operated the next day to take empty cars to the Southern Pacific at Reno, are registered.

Physical Description: (1 vol.)
Box Box 5

(c) Cover postmarked in the Railway Post Office on the train on the last day of operation, May 31, 1950, with typed historical note signed by G. A. Sampson, Vice-President. This was the last Railway Post Office car, on a short line, in the states of Arizona, California, Nevada or Utah.


Virginia City And The Comstock

Additional Note

sent to Rare Book Dept.

(42) THE COMSTOCK. Thirty-two original glass plate photographic negatives, 5 × 8 inches, mostly interior views in Virginia City, c. 1880-1890, portraying the complete range of business establishments, restaurant, wine cellar, bakery, drugs, hardware, haberdashery, candy, cigars, shoes, meats, saloon and general stores. In wood file box with index.

Additional Note

Photo Archives Album 287

(43) HAMMACK, E. S. Ten original black and white sketches used as the chapter head illustrations in the first edition of Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg, Legends of the Comstock Lode, Oakland, 1950:


How it all began. p.9


The legend of the fair but frail. p.15


Money to throw at the birds. p.23


Railroad to Golconda. p.29


The Big Bonanza. p.37


Fleshpots. p.45


The muse above the mine shafts. p.51


The dream of Adolph Sutro. p.57


Nabobs in broadcloth. p.63


Sunset over the Sierra. p.71


Adolph Heinrich Joseph Sutro (1830 - 1898)

Scope and Content Note


Additional Note

In Rare Books Dept.

(44) STEREOPTICAN SLIDES used by Sutro to illustrate his lecture. Original photographic glass slides, English standard size 3¼ × 3¼ inches, in wood frames measuring about 7 × 4½ inches, about 126 of which 38 are hand colored photographs of drawings, mostly of scenes in the mines, 13 are black and white diagrams, 43 are photographs of executed sealed agreements between The Sutro Tunnel Company and the mines and 31 are hand colored original photographs of the Town of Sutro and the Sutro Tunnel.

Scope and Content Note

These are the same slides described in George D. Lyman, Ralston's Ring, New York, 1937, p. 255. They are also mentioned in Robert E. Stewart, Jr. and Mary Frances Stewart, Adolph Sutro A Biography, Berkeley, 1962. Some of these slides are illustrated in the article listed as the next item.

(45) LECTURE ON MINES AND MINING. Delivered by Adolph Sutro, at Piper's Opera House, Virginia City, and in all the principal towns and mining camps in the state of Nevada. Virginia City, 1874. 4 pp. 18 × 24 inches, caption title; text in 8 columns. The Daily Independent Supplement, Virginia City, October 31, 1874. American Imprints Inventory, Nevada 177.

Scope and Content Note

There is also another copy cut apart and pasted to separate sheets for use when showing the slides.
This lecture was a history of mining in the Comstock and of the Sutro Tunnel, but it was also a political effort to prevent William Sharon of the Bank of California from being elected Nevada State Senator, but despite Sutro's efforts Sharon was elected, although later the Bank of California lost its power.

Additional Note

In Sutro folder

(46) BROADSIDE. Miners! Laboring Men! Mechanics! Rally! Subject The Sutro Tunnel and the Bank of California 18 × 23½ inches. With blank spaces to insert place, date and time of lecture.


(47) LANTERN CATALOGUE. Illustrated catalogue of Magic, Dissolving View and Optical Lanterns, lime light apparatus and slides, Season 1889-90, n. p. English.

Scope and Content Note

This illustrates the type of dissolving lantern used by lecturers during the period of Sutro's lectures, and it is quite likely that he used such an apparatus, probably with lime light illuminant.

(48) THE INDEPENDENT, Sutro, Nevada, December 15, 1879, Vol. V, No. 46, 4 pp., 18 3/4 × 21 inches. Contains on first page, The Sutro Tunnel. An Address Before the Bullion Club, New York City, November 6, 1879, by Adolph Sutro. Discovery of the First Silver Mine.

Additional Note

Rare Book Dept.

(49) BROWNE, ROSS E. Map of the Town of Sutro and other property belonging to the Sutro Tunnel Co. Lyon County, Nevada. Surveyed and drawn by Ross E. Browne, 1873. 255540[?] 373959[?]

Physical Description: 18½ × 19½ inches.

(50) SUTRO, ADOLPH. Portrait, copper line cut, 5 × 6 inches and half tone cut 3¼ × 3 5/8 inches.


Eureka And Palisade Railroad


NR 17, 18 (51) NORTON, G. W., Civil Engineer, manuscript map of the entire 84 miles of the line of the Eureka and Palisade Railroad between Eureka and Palisade, Nevada, at a scale of 5,000 feet to one inch, with surrounding geographical features and inset map of Eureka Station,

Physical Description: two sheets about 30½ × 48 inches.

Scope and Content Note

Has certificate dated January 1, 1876 certifying its correctness signed by W. H. Graham, Chief Engineer, Edgar Mills, President and P. Enistr Secretary.
The railroad was built in 1876 and abandoned in 1938. It was three foot narrow gauge.