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Inventory of the Arthur Foote correspondence, [1922-1927?]
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item 1.

Letter postmarked March 15, 1927., Newton Center, Mass. 3 leaves.

Additional Note

Brief letter mentioning Elkus' Concertino on Lezione III of Ariosti, the Flute Players Concert, Frederick Converse, and Deems Taylor.
item 2.

Letter dated Amesbury (till September 15), 1923. 8 leaves.

Additional Note

Concerns an unnamed work of Elkus (probably the Concertino). Mentions Pierre Monteux, Margaret Anglin, Arthur Bliss, and Katherine Foote Raffy.
item 3.

Letter dated February 13, (probably 1925), 102 Naples Road, Brookline. 16 leaves.

Additional Note

Principally about Elkus and his urge to compose. Mentions Serge Koussevitzky, Frederick Jacobi, Pierre Monteux, his wife, and Katherine Foote Raffy. Interesting letter.
item 4.

An incomplete letter (the beginning is lacking). 6 leaves.

Additional Note

Date and place unknown. Remarks about Philip Hale, Katherine and her husband, Henri.
item 5.

Brief letter dated August 26 (no year or place). 3 leaves.

Additional Note

Concerns unnamed piece by Elkus (Probably the Concertino, see above letter no. 1). Reference to Pierre Monteux.
item 6.

Letter dated Green Street, Coolidge, (?). No year given. 8 leaves.

Additional Note

References to the composition of Elkus' Impressions of a Greek Tragedy, Frederick Jacobi, the Chamber Music Society, Oscar Weil, Henri Rabaud, Karl Muck, and Katherine Foote Raffy.
item 7.

Dated 158 Ridge Avenue, Newton Centre (no year given, prob. 1925). 2 leaves. Reference to the Tavern Club (Boston), Albert Elkus about to visit Arthur Foote.

item 8.

Dated 158 Ridge Avenue, Newton Centre (no year given, prob. 1925).

Additional Note

Brief not of one leaf. Concerns the pending arrival of Albert Elkus on a visit; to meet at the Tavern Club (Boston).
item 9.

Dated 158 Ridge Avenue, Newton Centre, January 8, 1926 (Boston). Four leaves.

Additional Note

Thanks Albert Elkus for his vist (see letters 7 and 8). Refers to Charles Loeffler, George Chadwick, Richard Strauss, Frederick Jacobi, and the "Jew-Gentile business." Also Arthur Foote to donate a composition to the San Francisco Public Library.
item 10.

Dated Green Street, Brookline, Harvard Club of Boston (no year given). Two leaves.

Additional Note

Brief note concerning the probably visit of Albert Elkus. Prob. dates from 1925 (see item 9).
item 11.

Dated Tavern Club, 4 Boylson Place (Boston) (no year given).

Additional Note

Concerns impending visit of Albert Elkus. Prob. dated from 1925 (see item 9). Also mentions the key of a piece by Johannes Brahms. Three leaves.
item 12.

Dated 102 Naples Road, Brookline, Mass., Nov. 19 (prob. 1923). 4 leaves.

Additional Note

Foote returns composition to Elkus. Pierre Monteux decides not to perform it. Probably this was the Elkus Concertino (see item 1). References to Rosalie Housman, Frederick Stock, and Henry Hadley. Family reference to Katherine.
item 13.

Dated 81 Green Street, April 10 (year not given). 1 leaf.

Additional Note

Very brief note about the arrival of a score (not specified) by Arthur Foote.
item 14.

Dated Green Street, Coolidge (?) (no year given). Three leaves.

Additional Note

Concerns the safe arrival of a score by Arthur Foote (see also item 13).
item 15.

Date 81 Green Street, Brookline (prob. 1922). Two leaves.

Additional Note

Discusses Elkus' composition I am a Reaper, for male chorus. Family references to Henri Raffy, husband of his daughter, Katherine, who is recovering from tropical maleria which he acquired in Macedonia in 1918.
item 16.

Dated 81 Green Street, Brookline (no year given). Four leaves.

Additional Note

Responds to a letter from Albert Elkus about Alfred Hertz and Frederick Jacobi. Family references to Katherine Foote Raffy.
item 17.

Dated March 5, (no year given). 81 Green Street, Brookline. Six leaves.

Additional Note

Arthur Foote chides Albert Elkus at length about the cause of the war (probably World War I).
item 18.

Dated Amesbury, Mass. (till October 6), September 26 (no year given). Two leaves. Comments about the publications of Elkus' "Cello Concertino, after Ariosti" - Concertino on Lenzione III of Ariosti and Impressions from a Greek Tragedy. Family referemces to his daughter Katherine and her husband.

item 19.

Dated November 22, 1922, 102 Naples Road, Brookline. Eight leaves.

Additional Note

Comments about Alfred Hertz, Henry Hadley, Nicolai Sokoloff, Mrs. Arnstein, Camille Saint-Saens, and Edvard Grieg. Family references about his age (70 years), his daughter, Katherine and her husband. Additional comments about Elkus' Impressions from a Greek Tragedy.
item 20.

Dated Amesbury, Mass., R. F. D. (until into October), August 6 (no year given). Four leaves.

Additional Note

Primarily concerns family matters about Katherine and her husband, Henri Raffy, who are living in Constantinople.
item 21.

Dated Harvard Club of Boston (no date or year, but probably 1923; see item 12). Two leaves.

Additional Note

Brief note stating that Pierre Monteux has had Elkus' composition (probably the Concertino on Lenzione III of Ariosti) for the past four weeks, but that he (Arthur Foote) has not heard from him concerning a possible performance.
item 22.

No date. Letter from Katherine Foote Raffy to Albert Elkus inviting him to visit her in Constantinople (see item 20).

Additional Note

Brief mention of Oscar Weil.