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Guide to the Records of the Philosophical Union of the University of California, 1889-1919
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Box 1-2

Series 1: Correspondence, ca. 1890-1915

Scope and Content Note

Mainly of a business nature, relating to membership, attendance, dues, etc.
box 1, folder 1-11

A - L

box 2, folder 1-9

M - Z

Box 3-5

Series 2: Papers by members

Scope and Content Note

Four bound volumes of pasted-in manuscripts and typescripts of papers delivered to the Philosophical Union, followed by individual papers, manuscript and typescript, arranged by author's name, with a few papers at the end by title when the author is unknown. Some otherwise undated papers give the students' graduating class.
box 3, folder 1

1889-94, Volume 1


Sanderson, W.W. Statute Law, Especially the Athenian, and the Rights of Thought. 1887


Cook, Finlay. The Logic of Plato's Crito. 1888


Lee, Elsie B. Plato's Character Euthyphro. 1889


Moffitt, J.K. Plato's Phaedo: Its Authorship, Historical Value, and Place in the Order of his Writings.


Beard, J.E. The Episode on Suicide in the Phaedo. 1888


Samuels, J. The Value of the Reply in the Phaedo to the Objections Of Simmias. 1887

box 3, folder 2

1889-94, Volume 2


Blanchard, M.E. Review of Bolke on Plato's Various Arguments for Immortality. 1887


Sutton, John. Plato's Myth of the Underworld, and his Myths Generally. 1888


Eells, A.G. The Platonic Theory of the Connection of Soul and Body. 1886


Stratton, G.G. The Problem of Knowledge as Left by Hume. '88

box 3, folder 3

1889-94, Volume 3


Bakesell, C.M. On Kant's Deduction of the Categories. 1889


Henderson, E.H. Did Berkeley Make Real Advances Beyond Locke? 1890


Stevens, Miss H.F. On John Fiske's Incomplete Idealism. '88


Stearns, E.H. Fiske on the Evolution of Mortality. 1890


Garber, J.B. Fiske on Industrial Development and Decline of War. 1892


Easton, K.G. On Fiske's Interpretation of the Conflict Between Religion and Science. 1886

box 3, folder 4

1889-94, Volume 4


Stratton, G.M. Fiske on the Origins of Theism. 1888


Blanchard, M.E. Legitimate Anthropomorphism in Theology. '87


Bartlett, L. de F. History and Criticism of the Design Argument for God. 1893

box 4, folder 1

Allen, E.D. - Freedom and Determinism

box 4, folder 2

Augustine, S.M. - Watson's Critique of Comte [1895]

box 4, folder 3

Bailey, Thomas P., Jr. - Professor James On `The Dilemma of Determinism' [1897]

box 4, folder 4

Beard, J.E. - A discussion Arising Out of the Hegel-Harris Treatment of Sketicism [1896]

box 4, folder 5

Beard, J.E. Is the Principle Defended and Acted Upon by Socrates In the Crito Sound and Are His Arguments Valid [1888]

box 4, folder 6

Biedenbach, Charles L. - The Real Meaning, the Exact Bearing, and the Value of the Argument for the Simplicity and the Hegemony of the Soul, as Found in Plato's Phaedo

box 4, folder 7

Blanchard, Milton E. - Is the `Apology' a Genuine Writing of Plato? [1889]

box 4, folder 8

Blanchard, Milton E. - Lengthening of Infancy Concomitant Increase of Brain-Surface, Change in the Direction of Natural Selection and Growing Predominance of the Psychical Life [1892]

box 4, folder 9

Blanchard, Milton E. - On Leibnitz's Contributions to the Criticism of Locke, and to the General and Special Conceptions of Kant [1891]

box 4, folder 10

Brown, Dr. - The Concept of Evolution: The Genetic Sciences [1909]

box 4, folder 11

Buckham, John Wright - The Necessity of Religion

box 4, folder 12

Buckham, John Wright - The Possibility of a Non-Omnipotent God

box 4, folder 13

Buckham, John Wright - Professor Howison as Critic and Conservator of Religion [1917]

box 4, folder 14

Dum, Francis - Relative Importance of the Differcist Arguments

box 4, folder 15

Eells, A.G. - The Importance of Individuals

box 4, folder 16

Eells, A.G. - The Crito: In the Light of the Modern Theory of Rights and the Institutions of Constitutional Government

box 4, folder 17

Fisher, William A. - The Argumentation of the Phaedo of Plato [1890]

box 4, folder 18

Foster, F.H. - Professor Dewey on `Freedom and Determinism'

box 4, folder 19

Haskell, Mellen W. - The Bearing of Recent Geometry on the Question of the Relativity of Human Knowledge [1895]

box 4, folder 20

Henderson, E.N. - Criticism of Prof. James's Essay on the Sentiment of Rationality [1897]

box 4, folder 21

Hobson - The True Nature of the Sophist Movement in Greek Thought and Life and the Exact Relation of Socrates to it

box 4, folder 22

Howison, George Holmes - Address by [1890]

box 4, folder 23

Hudson, William Henry - Great Men and Their Environment

box 4, folder 24

James, William - Philosophical Conceptions and Practical Results [1898]

box 4, folder 25

Le Conte, Joseph - Reflex Action and Theism

box 4, folder 26

Le Conte, Joseph - The Relation of Biology to Philosophy

box 5, folder 1

Lee, Elsie B. - The Phaedo: Socrates' Poetizing and His Dying Utterance [1890]

box 5, folder 2

McGilvary, E. - A Discussion of Professor Dewey's Essay On the Significance of the Problem of Knowledge [1898]

box 5, folder 3

McGilvary, E. - Criticism of Professor James' Essay, `On Some Hegelisms' [1898]

box 5, folder 4

Miliauis, Florence - Characters of the `Apology' As a Defense

box 5, folder 5

Moore, Ernest Carroll - Professor Dewey on the Motive, the Criterion, and the Ideal of Conduct [1898]

box 5, folder 6

Overstreet, Harry O. - Evolution and Ethics [1909]

box 5, folder 7

Overstreet, Harry O. - Philosophy and the Concept of Mechanism [1910]

box 5, folder 8

Overstreet, Harry O. - Professor Dewey On Freedom and Determinism

box 5, folder 9

Parker, Dewitt H. - Philosophy and the Concept of Life [1909]

box 5, folder 10

Ritter, William Emerson - Destiny of Man [1892]

box 5, folder 11

Ritter, William Emerson - Biology and Teleology [1896]

box 5, folder 12

Sabin - The Point of View of Idealism

box 5, folder 13

Slate, Frederick - Bearing of Physics On Relativity of All Human Knowledge [1896]

box 5, folder 14

Stearns, Edward H. - Plato's Apology: Is its Representation Authentic? - Is the Defense Historical, and Socrates's Own?

box 5, folder 15

Stratton, George Malcolm - James's Reflex Action and Theism

box 5, folder 16

Stratton, George Malcolm - Professor Dewey on the Psychology of Ethics

box 5, folder 17

Stuart, H.W. - The Bearing of Professor Dewey's General Philosophy Upon the Social Scences

box 5, folder 18

Stuart, H.W. - Naturalistic and Religious Views of the World

box 5, folder 19

Sutton, James - The Genuineness, Date and Order of Composition, and Authenticity of the Crito [1890]

box 5, folder 20

Sutton, James - The Meaning of the Myth or Allegory of the Underworld in the Phaedo, and the Mythical Element in Plato, Generally

box 5, folder 21

Torrey, Frederick C. - A Review of Prof. Watson's Criticism of Spencer

box 5, folder 22

Wilbur, Earl Morse - Proofs of the Existence of God [1906]



box 5, folder 23

The Evidence for Imperceptible Mental Phenomena

box 5, folder 24

The History and General Character of Psychological Experiments

box 5, folder 25

Kant's Idealistic Solution of the Antinomies

box 5, folder 26

The Mechanical Theory of Nature

box 5, folder 27

Memory and the Influence of Time

box 5, folder 28

Phaedo: The Dependence of Knowledge On Conceptions

box 5, folder 29

The Possibility of Mental Measurements

box 5, folder 30

The Postulates of Ethics: A Comparison of Kant and Watson

box 5, folder 31

Untitled paper on Locke

Box 6-7; v.1 (oversize)

Series 3 Constitution, minutes, reports, etc.

Scope and Content Note

Manuscript and printed constitutions, manuscript and typescript minutes, including those of the Executive Council, president's and treasurer's reports, a cash book, announcements of meetings (mainly in postcard format), an early scrapbook, manuscript notes on meetings by an unknown member, miscellaneous clippings re the university, and a roll of members (oversize volume)
box 6, folder 1

Constitution of the Philosophical Union, 1889; Minutes of Meetings, 1889-1918

box 6, folder 2

Rough Minutes, 1889-1892

box 6, folder 3

Minutes, 1890-Jan. 1891; typed copies

box 6, folder 4

Minutes of the Proceedings of the Executive Council of the Philosophical Union, 1880-1906

box 7, folder 1

Constitution; printed with ms. emendations and signed by members

box 7, folder 2

President's reports, 1902-06

box 7, folder 3

Treasurer's reports, 1890-1916

box 7, folder 4

Cash book, 1889-1897

box 7, folder 5-6

Announcements, 1890-1915

box 7, folder 7

Notes on meetings, Jan-May 1889(?) by unknown member

box 7, folder 8

Philosophical Union: 25th anniversary of its founding (pamphlet)

box 7, folder 9

Clippings, 1917 (re University of California generally)

box 7, folder 10-12

Clippings, 1918

box 7, folder 13

Scrapbook, 1889/90

Oversize volume 1

Roll of members, 1889-1897