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Register of the Commissioner Bradford M. Crittenden Collection
MS 238  
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Series One: Stockton Lawyer & D.A., 1944-59


Stockton Lawyer & DA, 1944-1959

Folder 1

Frances M. Artz v. Orville M. Artz, 1944

Additional Note

Divorce proceeding & child custody suit. Depositions, restraining orders, etc. [13 items]
Folder 2

Mrs. Henry Heuer Case, 1948-50

Additional Note

Power of Atty. to open safety deposit box; 1 item refers to past divorce of Mrs. Heuer Enabling docs., corresp., etc. [11 items]
Folder 3

Frank S. Brown & Josephine B. Brown, 1945-56

Additional Note

Wills, property, litigation w/ tenant sharecropper [12 items]
Folder 4

Sheldon D. Smith & Mary Gertrude Smith, 1955-57

Additional Note

Wills, corresp. re Wills [7 items]
Folder 5

Other items


"Pigeon Drop" testimony of Clyburn J. Huff, 1-24-49 [6 pgs.; descr. "bunco" operation involving race prejudice]


D.A. Worksheet, n.d. [9 pgs.; procedural outline for handling cases]


D.A. Travel & Expense Record, Jan-Aug 1954. [6 pgs.]


W.V. Anderson Instructions for disposition of his remains, 3-15-56. [2 pgs.]


Photo of woman identified only as "Ruth" [BMC's mother-in-law Ruth Cookingham?]

Folder 6

California. District Court of Appeal. lst Appell. Dist., Div. 2. The People of the State of California vs. Inez L. Burns et al., 1946


[Brief on abortion ring case in San Francisco]
Folder 7

Narcotics Enforcement


-California. Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement. The Narcotic Problem, A Brief Study, c1964


-Narcotics enforcement scrapbook 1949-1951


-Harris Isbell, M.D. "A growing menace--Drug addiction,"


-California. Health & Safety Code, Div. 10. State of California Narcotic Act, 1949


-Walter R. Creighton. "Narcotics: Their legitimate & illicit use," 1951


-Statement of Barbara Nelson taken at Stockton Police Dept. on Sat., 11-3-51


[Detailed description of lifestyle of Stockton drug users]

-Other unidentified materials


-Eighteen 8x10" b&w photos of addicts


Series Two: California Highway Patrol Commissioner, 1959-67


California Highway Patrol Academy Textbooks & Manuals


-California Highway Patrol Academy. Coursebooks, c1957.

Physical Description: [in 4 black binders]

-Do. "Law of Crimes Outline," c1957.


-Do. "Lectures on various topics," c1957.

Physical Description: [2 black binders]

-"Arrest & Evidence: Questions & Answers;" "Evidence Collection & Preservation;" "Administration of Justice: Cadet Course Outline;" "Vehicle inspection procedures manual;" "Rules of Evidence"

Physical Description: [1 black binder]
BOX  2

Major Issues During BMC Tenure; other CHP materials


-California Highway Patrol. "Headquarters General Order 210.2," 1960


-"Backstrand Report" Binder, n.d.


[contains essays [by BMC ?] on many topics pertaining to history & organization of CHP]

-"Backstrand Report" Folder, 1960


-California. Assembly. Interim Committee on Transportation & Commerce. Keeping pace w/ needs of motor vehicle ownership & use, 1-61.


-Do. A factual study of state functions bearing on ownership and use of motor vehicles, n.d. c1960.


[17 pgs.; describes aims, organizational structure of Committee; BMC on Advisory Council]

-Summary of questions & recommendations at Backstrand Comm. meeting, 8-10-60,


re CHP in response to BMC presentation. [4 pgs.]

-Vietnam Day Demonstrations, Berkeley, Fall 1965


-J.F. Coakley, DA of Alameda Co. to Edmund G. Brown, Gov., 10-1-65.

Physical Description: [2 pgs.]
Abstract: [request for help in controlling demonstrators from CHP & Natl. Guard]

-"Proposed strategy for 15-16 October/Report of the SRO and Defendants Committee- 26 September 1965."

Physical Description: [3 pgs.]

-Kenneth A. Reecher, Col., USAF. Memoranda on Demonstrations against USAF installations, Sept. 1965.

Physical Description: [4 pgs.]

CHP Car Buying Policy Controversy (folder 1 of 3), 1966


-Correspondence, memos, notes on CHP vehicle standards & acquisition, 1966


-California Department of CHP. "Specifications for Class 'A' Special Service Vehicle," 5-16-1966

Physical Description: 49 pp.

-A.B. Collier, Admin. Services Officer to BMC, 10-17-1966

Abstract: re car specifications statement by Oldsmobile rep

-BMC Memorandum re Patrol Car Specifications, 10-18-1966


-Materials from LAPD on their repair costs using Oldsmobiles, 1965

Physical Description: [14 items]

-List of cars by years w/ prices (used by CHP?)

Physical Description: [3 items]

-Jack G. Wogoman, Motor Transport Officer. Memorandum on Patrol vehicle development, 8-11-66

Physical Description: [5 items]

-Cost comparison between Indiana State Police cars & CHPs, 12-8-1966

Physical Description: [5 items]

-California Department of CHP. "Optional equipment for solo enforcement motorcycle," 4-28-1966

Physical Description: [13 pp.]

-Robert L. Harkness, Director of General Services, to Hale Champion, Admin. Revenue & Management Agency, 4-15-1966

Physical Description: [2 pp.]
Abstract: re proposed amendments to Senate & Assembly Bills on Highway Patrol vehicle specifications

-BMC notes on bids from various car dealers, incl. $ amounts n.d.


-John F. McLaren, Deputy DA card [attached to above]


-Chart of delivery costs from John Drew to various locations, 1963-1967


-Materials relating to demands by J. Manning Post & Little Hoover Commission for more competitive bidding on CHP cars, Sept. 1966

Physical Description: [3 items]

-H.K. Jacobs, Special Rep. to BMC, 2-2-1966

Abstract: re meeting w/ Manning J. Post & L.H. Halcomb, Jr.]

-2 unattached routing slips, one undated, other 9-20-1966


CHP Car Buying Controversy, 1966(folder 2 of 3)


-"More than one bidder is expected for furnishing 1,500 CHP cars," n.p. [photocopy] n.d.

Physical Description: 2pp.

-Notes on previous years' bidders, n.d.


-"Information concerning class 'A' vehicles purchased during previously[sic] years [1955 & 1956]


-Materials on 1966bids for CHP cars

Physical Description: [5 items]

-"CHP auto buying probed" [photocopy] San Jose Mercury (9-16-1966)

Physical Description: 4pp.

-Materials on 1965bids for CHP cars [photocopy]

Physical Description: [7 items]

-Materials on 1966Fouls Motor Company [Oldsmobile] bid for CHP cars

Physical Description: [5 items]

-Materials on 1960CHP car specifications

Physical Description: [5 items]

-Materials on 1962purchase order amendment [photocopy]

Physical Description: [3 items]

-BMC. Press release on CHP car purchasing policy, 9-30-1966

Physical Description: [3 pp.]

-"Changes in specifications of patrol cars," n.d.

Physical Description: [2 pp.; list of 37]

-"CHP cars again under fire," [photocopy] San Jose Mercury (n.d.)

Physical Description: 6 pp.

-"Reagan assails CHP chief...," The Sacramento Bee (10-6-1966) [photocopy]


-Hale Champion, Director of Finance, to George Miller, Jr., Chairman of Senate Finance Committee, 4-20-1966[photocopy]

Abstract: re CHP auto purchase schedule

-Hale Champion, Director of Finance, to Robert W. Crown, Chairman of the Assembly Ways & Means Committee, 4-20-1966[photocopy]

Abstract: re CHP auto purchase schedule

-Sec. 21.3 of Budget Bill referred to by Hale Champion in 2 previous entries [photocopy]


-Clippings on CHP car buying story w/ routing slip, 10-14-1966[photocopies]

Physical Description: 6 pp.

-Robert L. Harkness, Director Department of General Services to A. Boyd Collier, Commander, Admin. Ser. Div., CHP, 9-20-1966[photocopies]

Physical Description: [10 pp.]
Abstract: re Indiana State Police car purchasing practices

-A. Boyd Collier, ommander, Admin. Serv. Division, CHP to Robert L. Harkness, Director Department of General Services, n.d.

Physical Description: [3 pp.]
Abstract: [re comparison between Indiana State Police purchasing practices & CHPs]

CHP Car Buying Controversy 1966(folder 3 of 3)


-L.R. Pennison, Fiscal Officer to BMC, 11-4-1966

Physical Description: [2 items]
Abstract: [re reason for bids for 1963-64 being submitted at same time]

-Jack G. Wogoman to A. Boyd Collier, 11-3-1966

Physical Description: [2 items]
Abstract: [re difference between 1963-64 Dodge wagon & 1965]

-Jack G. Wogoman to A. Boyd Collier, 11-1-1966

Physical Description: [4 items]
Abstract: [re location of CHP Dodge wagons in state]

-Purchase agreement with John Drew Motors [photocopy] 4-19-1963

Physical Description: [6 pp.]

-Materials re 1963CHP car order [photocopy]

Physical Description: [6 items]

-Materials re 1961CHP car order [photocopy]

Physical Description: [3 items]

-Materials re 1960CHP car orders [photocopy]

Physical Description: [6 items]

-Materials re 1959CHP car orders [photocopy]

Physical Description: [10 items]

-Jack G. Wogoman, Motor Transport Officer to all commanders, 10-2-1963

Abstract: [re delivery of 1964 cars]

-B.K. Cheyney, State Purchasing Agent to A. Boyd Collier, 3-15-1963[photocopy]

Physical Description: [2 items]
Abstract: [re dates allowed by GMC for car orders]

-BMC to A. Boyd Collier, 10-17-1963[photocopy]

Physical Description: [2 items]
Abstract: [re Detroit car order deadlines]

-Correspondence r.e. CHP fleet vehicle purchase controversy, 1966


-Correspondence re CHP vehicles specifications, 1953-1957


-"CHP Specifications for Class A Special Service Vehicles," 1955


-"CHP Specifications for Class A Vehicles," 1956


-"CHP Specifications for Class A Vehicles," 1957


-"CHP Specifications for Class A Vehicles," 1958


-"CHP Specifications for Class A Vehicles," 1959


-"CHP Specifications for Class A Vehicles," 1960


-"CHP Specifications for Class A Vehicles," 1961


-"CHP Specifications for Class A Vehicles," 1962


-"CHP Specifications for Class A Vehicles," 1963


-"CHP Specifications for Class A Vehicles," 1965


-"CHP Specifications for Class A Vehicles," 1967


-Correspondence re Vehicle Specifications Committee, 1966


-"Comparison of Class A Vehicle Specifications for years 1955, 1961 & 1966

Physical Description: [black binder]

-"History of the Development of CP brake specifications," 1966

Physical Description: [black binder]

-"History of the development of CHP high speed tire specifications," 1966

Physical Description: [black binder]

-" 1966Patrol Car Specifications."

Physical Description: [black binder]

-Reports to Commissioner re fleet vehicle purchases, 1966

Physical Description: [black binder]

-Clippings re KKK Rally in LA [photocopy] 1966


-"Recommendations for future improvement of CHP," 1934; "Report of Assembly Interim Comm. on Motor Vehicle Laws," 1935

Physical Description: [black binder]

-BMC to Robt. L. Harkness, 4-12-66. [3 items; photocopy] [re wheelbase req. on CHP vehicles]


-2 unident., unattached notes to BMC re some of papers above


-41 items, chiefly thank-you notes; incl. letters from Governor, Lieutenant Gov., var. civic & state organizations [incl. a routing slip & note]


-California Highway Patrol. Area Inspections, (HPM 22.1), 1971.


-Do. Personnel & Complaint Investigation, (HPM 10.4), 1973.


-CHP Budget Summaries, 1963-67. [22 pgs.]


-H.K. Jacobs, Inspector, CHP. "Safety Laws & Regulations," 1963. [incl. routing slip]


Scrapbooks, general corresp., speeches, etc.


-BMC scrapbook re his appt. as Commissioner, 1959. [loose leaf; contains clippings, letters of congratulation, arr. by source: CHP, attorneys, friends, etc.]


-BMC. Speech to Governor's Conference on Highway Safety, c1960. [14 pgs.; drunk driving, blood tests, radar, etc.]


-BMC. "The law & Mr. Jones--and you and I," 1961. [13 pgs.]


-BMC. "Policing controlled access highways," n.d. [2 copies]


-BMC. "Management by objectives," n.d. [see also binder above]


-BMC. Notes for speech on drunk driving delivered in Washington State, c1964. [in brown folder]


-State of California legal pad cover, addresses & notes by BMC


Folder of correspondence re BMC resignation, Feb. 1967


Letters of regret at being unable to attend banquet


-Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Watson, Stockton


-B.R. Smith, CHP, Visalia [incl. env.]


-A.S. Cooper, CHP, Madera [incl. envelope]


-Donald Gibson, CHP, Yuba City [incl. env.]


-William A. Snare, National Auto Theft Bureau [incl. env.]


-Don Watkins, CHP, Oceanside [incl. env.]


-Francis F. Simmons, CHP, Salinas [incl. env.]


-Bernard A. Caldwell [incl. env.]


-Pauline Watson [incl. env.]


-D. Clifford Crummey


-A. Boyd Collier


-Bob Chilimidor


-Joseph Kaplan, Executive VP, National Safety Council


-Charles Stuart


-Edmund G. "Pat" Brown


-C.A. Wentland, DMV


-James P. Economos, Director of Traffic Court Program, American Bar Association


-Walter W. Powers


-William M. Ketchum, Assemblyman, 29th Distr.


-John M. Price, DA Sacramento County


-Joseph M. Kennick, 33rd Senate Distr.


-E.B. Harbin, Director of Georgia Department of Public Safety


-Quinn Tamm, Executive Director, Inter. Assn. Chiefs Police


-Mrs. Doris Cannon


-George F. Buck


-Charles Conrad, Assemblyman, 57th District


-Eugene Chappie, Assemblyman, 6th District


-Robert H. Burke, Assemblyman, 70th District


-Leroy F. Greene, Assemblyman, 3rd District


-George E. Danielson, 27th Senate District


-John Collier, Assemblyman, 54th District


-R.U. Robinson, Director of Legal Division, AAA


-Pete Wilson, Assemblyman, 76th District


-Carl A. Britschgi, Assemblyman, 26th District


-Bob Moretti, Assemblyman, 42nd District


-Walter C. Davidson, Harley-Davidson


-William E. Coombs, 20th Senate District


-Victor Veysey, Assemblyman, 75th District


-Alfred Alquist, 13th Senate District


-Frank Murphy, Jr, Assemblyman, 31st District


-Alan G. Pattee, Assemblyman, 34th District


-Stewart Hinckley, Assemblyman, 73rd District


-David A. Roberti, Assemblyman, 48th District


-Homer Garrison Jr., Director of Texas Department of Public Safety


-Yvonne Brathwaite, Assemblyman, 63rd District


-Gordon Cologne, 37th Senate District


-John L. Harmer, 21st Senate District


-John F. Foran, Assemblyman, 23rd District


-Gordon Duffy, Assemblyman, Tulare-Kings Counties


-James W. Dent, Assemblyman, 10th District


-March Fong, Assemblyman, 15th District


-W.L. Burton, Captain Commander, CHP, Riverside [incl. 3 photos of Riverside officers & buildings]


-Ben G. Gautier, Safety Found. Manager, Farmers Insurance Group


-Joe Farber, former Director, Department of Veterans' Affairs


-Stephen P. Teale, Senator


-Anthony J. Chargin, Attorney, Stockton


-Don Mulford, Assemblyman


-Barbara & Bob Steinhart


-Glenn B. Vance, State Fire Marshall


-Tony & Marie Lombardi


Letters of condolence Feb. 1967


-Eugene McAteer, Senator from San Francisco


-Robert W. Crown, Assemblyman, 14th District [incl. BMC note to Crown]


-Wade Sherrard, California Trucking Association


-Robert Bradford, Administrative Transportation Agency


-Edmund G. "Pat" Brown


-Don F. Brown, Superintendent, Nevada Highway Patrol


-Receipt to BMC for return of $40 entertainment money


-Robert Montgomery, Jr., Executive Director, National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws & Ordinances


-Margaret & Orville Johnson


-Edmund G. Brown, Governor


-Thomas C. Lynch, Attorney General


-John T. Voss, President of California Association of Highway Patrolmen


-Don Mulford, Assemblyman, Oakland


-Dan Lanza, CHP, Eureka


-"Crittenden gift statement"

Abstract: [list of donors & description of gift]

-Gift card from "The Inspectors of the CHP"


-"Guests/Commissioner Bradford M. Crittenden"

Physical Description: [guestbook w/ blue covers]
Abstract: [contains signatures & addresses, no identifying marks; 1 color photo 2 women in garden]

-57 b&w photos of 1967farewell banquet


[incl. BMC, George Deukmejian, Robert Finch, etc.]

-Nameplate from BMC office door


Watts riots, 1965


-Transcript of McCone Commission testimony, 9-16-65


-Gene Bernardi, State Welfare Bd. "Los Angeles - A preliminary and partial socio-economic profile with emphasis on poverty segments of the community and programs for the alleviation of their unemployment," 1964.


-"Unedited notes on conversations with poverty-prone segment of Los Angeles community: Conducted by Comm. On Social & Economic Problems, State Social Welfare Bd., Thurs. 5-14-64"


-"Notes on conversations with community leaders in Los Angeles conducted by Comm. On Social & Economic Problems, State Welfre Bd., Fri., 7-17-64"


-Donovan Bess. "Can happen here. Bay Area warned," SF Chronicle (8-17-65) [photocopy]


-California Highway Patrol. Zone 5. "Report on Watts Riot, vol. 1, Appendix A-E"


-California Highway Patrol Zone V. "Report on Watts Riot, Vol. 2, Appendix F-L"


-Calif. Governor's Comm. On LA Riots. "Staff report on the actions taken to implement the recommendations in the Commission's report, 8-17-66"


-"Police brutality: Fact or fiction?" US News & World Report (9-6-65).


-Binder of materials on Watts Riot, 1965.


-Marquette Fry arrest


-Chronological history


-Written reports


-Interviews w/ officers


-Interviews w/ others


-Criminal records of Frye family


-Police radio logs


-Patrol activity during riots by zone


-Riot in Santa Barbara


-Report of Director, Calif. Disaster Office


-Memorandum from Commissioner outlining chronology of CHP involvement


-CHP manpower schedule


-Schedule of ordinance shipped to area


-Police bulletins covering developing events


-Newspaper clippings


-Events following Riot




-Discussion of Black Muslim influence




-Chief Parker & Mayor Yorty blame CHP for Riot


-Jesse M. Unruh. "Proposals for State action: A response to the Los Angeles Riots," n.d.


-Memoranda on police-community relations, var. cities: Auburn, Bridgeport, Grass Valley, Jackson, Modesto, Oroville, Sacramento, San Andreas, Sonora, Stockton, Ukiah, Williams, Willows, Woodland, Yuba City, Fresno, Bakersfield, Bishop, Hanford, Hollister/Gilroy, Mariposa, Merced, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Visalia, San Diego, Banning, Barstow, El Centro, Indio, Oceanside, Riverside, San Bernardino


-Map southern area Metropolitan LA


-Governor's Commission on the Los Angeles Riots. Violence in the City--an End or a Beginning ?, 1965.


- Watts Riot Arrests, LA, August 1965: Final Disposition, 1966.


Other Watts Riot Materials 1965-1966


-Chief William Parker KNX-TV interview re LA Riots, 8-14-1965


-Report: Civil Disturbances Observation Tour, Cities of Chicago & Cleveland, 8-1-1966


-Arrest experience report--East LA, 8-31-1965


-Report of unusual occurrence: use of shotgun, 3-1-1965


-Editorial from LA Times, 8-31-1965


-Radio station log explanation of 8-11-1965


-"CHP strikes back on Riot," LA Times (8-31-1965)


-Editorial from LA Times 9-1-1965

Abstract: [re Yorty flap]

-Evelle J. Younger, LA DA, to BMC, 8-28-1965

Abstract: [re Yorty flap; incl. envelope]

-LA Riots: Mutual Aid Assistance--LAPD, 9-1-1965


-Memorandum: Unusual occurrance-civil disturbance, 8-12-1965


-"Can riots be stopped?: The next move," US News (8-8-1966)


-Jim Alexander, Cabinet Secretary. "Accomplishments in the Watts area since the Riots in 1965," 5-26-1966


-2 newspaper photos of Watts area [photocopy]


-"Attitude of negroes toward law enforcement in the Watts and contiguous areas," n.d.


-E.L. Greer, Captain Memoraneum on Area Training, Mob, and Riot Control, 9-3-1965


-A.E. Allen, Lieutenant. Memorandum: Supplemental information requested by phone this date on area training, 9-8-1965


-M.B. Jackson. "The Second Civil War," n.d.

Abstract: [commentary broadcast on KTLA Ch. 5]

-"Resume, CHP activity during Watts Riots," n.d.


Series Three: Director/U.S. Dept. Of Transportation, Hwy. Safety Program, 1967-70


Regional Admin. Region IX, National Highway Traffic Safety Admininistration, 1970-77 1970-1977

folder 1

Letters of recommendation for Directorship, US Highway Safety Program, 1967


Bob Bradford, Executive Director Redevelopment Agency, City of Sacramento to Edmund G. "Pat" Brown, 3-1-1967

Abstract: [solicits Pat Brown's recommendation for BMC for post in new Federal Highway Safety Program] [photocopy]

Bob Bradford to Alan S. Boyd, Secretary of Department of Transportation, 3-1-1967

Abstract: [letter of recommendation for BMC][photocopy]
folder 2

BMC Speeches as Director HSPS


BMC. "Remarks at the 1967 District of Columbia Metropolitan Area Military-Civilian Traffic Safety Conference, Bolling Air Force Base, 7-19-1967[incl. note from secretary]


BMC. "Remarks at the testimonial banquet, Safety First Club of Maryland, in Baltimore, Maryland 10-2-1967

Physical Description:

BMC. "Highway safety today," c.1968

folder 3

Brenner meeting 2-17-1968

Abstract: Materials pertaining to meeting between Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Dr. Robert Brenner, and BMC staff to clarify objectives of National Highway Safety Bureau

-Dr. Robert Brenner to BMC, 1-30-1968


-" 1968Goals & priorities/Highway Safety Programs Service" [photocopy]

Physical Description: [2 pp.]

-"National Highway Safety Bureau" [photocopy]

Physical Description: [8 pp.]
Abstract: outline of organization & functions

-Drafts of mission, goals, activities statements, 2-3-1968

Physical Description: [13 pp.]

-BMC to Directors & Division Chiefs, 2-7-1968

Abstract: [requests for questions for Dr. Brenner for meeting] [photocopy]

-Various responses to previous memo

Physical Description: [27 items]

-3 memos re handling of questions for Brenner meeting [incl. routing slip]


-"Meeting w/ Dr. Robert Benner & HSPS Staff on February 17, 1968

Physical Description: [21 pp.]
Abstract: [photocopy] [incl. transcript of questions w/ edited responses]

-Joseph P. Grillo, Acting Special Assistant to Director, to Robert Brenner, Deputy Director, 4-6-1968

Abstract: [photocopy; request for permission to disseminate previous item]

-W.Y. Howell to Executive Committee, 12-3-1968

folder 4

Other HSPS matters, 1968-1970


-Jim Wilson to BMC, 4-29-1969

Physical Description: [5 pp.]
Abstract: [re proposed activities of agency for 1969]

-Jim Wilson to BMC, 5-8-1969


-BMC to Office Directors, HSPS, 5-13-1969


-Materials relating to various projects for 1969

Physical Description: [10 pp.]
folder 5

Travel vouchers folder 1970

Abstract: [costs for move from Washington DC back to California]

Congressional Record116:113 (7-7-1970).

Abstract: [BMC's views on highway safety mentioned in speech by Rep. Don H. Clausen of California, pp. E6353-7]
folder 6

Louisiana drunk driving law evaluated 1970

folder 7

Outline autobiography folder, c1975


Series Four: Personal Papers, chiefly 1945-77

Box Box 1

Southern Pacific Railroad deeds to James D. Byrnes, 1892. [14 deeds, all Fresno area; in env. marked "John Kennedy/CHP"]

folder 1

Edith MacChesney Crittenden Tracy Property Leases


Mrs. Crittenden owned three properties east of Tracy on Kasson Road that had been left to her by her father. She leased the land during her lifetime to dairymen and row crop farmers. In her will, Mrs. Crittenden gave the land to her two children to hold jointly.

-BMC memorandum on history of leases on property, 9-16-1954


-Lease, Manuel Brazil, 262 acres on MacChesney Ave., 9 months, 1-1944

Physical Description: [7 pp.]

-Lease, Manuel P. & John Rocha, 262 acres on MacChesney Ave., 5 years 1 month, 1-1944

Physical Description: [7 pp.]

-Lease, same as above revised to exclude John Rocha 1-1944

Physical Description: [7 pp.]

-Lease, Manuel P. Rocha, 262 acres on MacChesney Ave., 5 years 2 months, 2-28-1945

Physical Description: [7 pp.]

-Lease, John Rocha, 80 acres east of Banta-Carbona Ditch, 8 years, 1-1946

Physical Description: [7 pp.]

-Same as above, w/ pencil corrections [pgs., 2, 3, 7 only]


-Lease draft, Sebastian, Frank, Manuel, Joe Rocha, "land leased to Frank Hoyt until 1954"

Physical Description: [15 pp.]
folder 2

Edith MacChesney Crittenden Estate, Rocha Brothers Debt


-BMC to Manuel Rocha, 5-28-1953,[request for meeting]


-BMC memorandum on history of Rocha leases, 10-19-1953

Physical Description: [2 pp.]

-BMC to Al Souza, Attorney, 1-21-1954[re preparation of Rocha lease]


-Check for $800 from Manuel Rocha, 3-30-1954[inscribed "No good, included in judgement"]


-BMC to Manuel Rocha, 4-23-1954[re rents owed]


-Fred M. Bollinger, Attorney, to BMC, 9-22-1954[re Rocha's debts]

Physical Description: [2 pp.]

-List & description of Rocha holdings & debts, including debt to BMC & EEC totalling over $6,000, 9-10-1954

Physical Description: [4 pp.]

-Notes and figures on Rocha lease, n.d. [c1954]

Physical Description: [4 pp.]

-Manuel Rocha to BMC, 1955[re 1955 water taxes check]


-BMC to Manuel Rocha, 7-16-1956

Physical Description: [notice that monies owed are paid]

-BMC to Fred Bollinger, 9-5-1956[re payment for services in breaking Rocha lease]

folder 3

Edith MacChesney Crittenden Estate Papers, 1952-1954


-T.W. Thomas, Insuror: bean insurance on Tracy property, 1952

Physical Description: [2 items]

-"Petition for probate of will."

Physical Description: [5 pp.]

-"Petition for Letters..."


-IRS requests


-U.S. Estate Tax Return, 1952


-Receipts for Deeds copied, 10-9-1953

Physical Description: [2 items]

-U.S. Fiduciary Income Tax Return, 1953


-California Fiduciary Income Tax Return, 1953


-San Joaquin County Tax Statements, 1953-54

Physical Description: [3 items]

-Decree of Distribution of Estate, 3-1-1954

Physical Description: [4 pp.]

-Receipt for Decree of Distribution, 3-3-1954


-"Final discharge of decree," 3-1954


-Receipt for copy of decree, 5-21-1954.


-"Amounts Received; Business Accounts: Stockton Savings & Loan Bank," 7-6-1954.


-Rue & Snell, Attorneys to William H. Beck, Estate & Gift Tax Examiner, 10-8-1954.


-C.W. Nielsen, B of A, to BMC, 11-17-1954.


-Fidelity & Deposit Co. of Maryland correspondence, 1954

Physical Description: [2 items]

-Statement of income & expenses, 1952-54.

folder 4

Edith MacChesney Crittenden Union Oil Company Lease


-Correspondence, 1951.

Physical Description: [3 items]

-Lease, 5-17-1951.

Physical Description: [5 pp.]

-Same as above [photostat; note difference in acreage cited pg. 2] 5-17-1951.

Physical Description: [5 pp.]

-Lease, Bradford S. Crittenden, widower. [dates not changed] 5-17-1951.

Physical Description: [5 pp.]
folder 5

Gustine Property, Merced Co., N 1/2 Sect. 8 T9SR9E (222.23 ac.)

Additional Note

This land was the residue of Bradford S. Crittenden's parents' family farm. He willed the N 1/2 of the N 1/2 to BMC and the S 1/2 of the N 1/2 to EEC on his death in 1952. The property was probably leased to dairy farmers from as early as the 1920s. The lessees also grew alfalfa for the use of their herds. The first lessee of record, August Santos, had leased the land from Senator B.S. Crittenden, BMC's father, for some years before BMC took over the property on his father's death in 1952. Santos subleased portions of the property until 1965.
The correspondence provides considerable information about landlord/tenant relations in Valley agriculture during the years represented. Subjects discussed include: rent, taxes, cost sharing, equipment repair, water use, sanitation, dwellings & outbuildings, crops, insurance, etc.



-August Santos, 1954,5 years,

Physical Description: [6 pp.]

-Altered portions of above

Physical Description: [3 pp.]

-August Santos, 1-16-1955,5 years,

Physical Description: [7 pp.]

-1/3 sublease to Evo Cardoza, 1-16-1955,5 years,

Physical Description: [2 pp.]

-August Santos, extension 4-1-1960,5 years,

Physical Description: [2 pp.]

-Horacio Pereira, 1-16-1965,5 years.

Physical Description: [7 pp.]

-Tax Materials, 1955-65.

Physical Description: [23 items]

-Central California Irrigation District, 1954-69.

Physical Description: [31 items; incl. Rules & regulations booklet]

-Correspondence w/ Tenants


-August Santos, 1953-1965.

Physical Description: [66 items; incl. 5 photos]

-Horacio Pereira, 1959-70.

Physical Description: [33 items]

-Correspondence w/ insurance company, 1954-68

Physical Description: [24 items]

-Correspondence w/ repairmen, etc. 1954-70

Physical Description: [40 items]

-Correspondence w/ PG & E, 1953-56.

Physical Description: [24 items; incl. Guide to PG & E Gas & Electric Service ]

-Other Correspondence


-Merced County Department of Public Works, 1969.

Physical Description: [2 items]

-US Department of Agriculture, 1955.

Physical Description: [1 item, 3 pp.]

-California Bureau of Dairy Inspection, 1956-58.

Physical Description: [7 items]

-Clarence Stewart, [re a loan on property] 3-31-1969.


-Tom Crittenden, [re ranch repairs] 4-16-1969.


-Oil Companies, 1962-65.

Physical Description: [10 items]
folder 6

Edith Eudora Crittenden Gustine Property, S 1/2 Sect. 8, T9SR9E

Additional Note

This property is the southern half of a larger piece willed to BMC and his sister, Edith, by their father, Senator B.S. Crittenden. From time to time, BMC seemst o have taken care of certain details of this dairy operation for his sister.

-Lease to Joe Alves, 1-17-1965,5 years.

Physical Description: [7 pp.]

-Correspondence, Joe Alves, 1954-70

Physical Description: [10 items, 12 pp.]

-Other Correspondence


-Edith E. Crittenden, 1956-65.

Physical Description: [2 items, 3 pp.]

-Robert N. Osburn, 1956.[re house repairs]

Physical Description:

-Notes, bills for improvements

Physical Description: [4 items]
folder 7

-Tracy Property, San Joaquin County, Sect. 33, T2SR6E

Additional Note

This property belonged to BMC's mother, Edith MacChesney Crittenden. She willed it to her two children jointly. Several tenants farmed portions of it at different times. Crops included tomatoes, beans, sugar, beets, milo, hay, and barley. Parcel I consists of 262 acres on MacChesney Ave. Parcel II consists of 80 acres on the E of the Banta-Carbona Ditch containing a house and barn. Parcel III consists of approx, 120 acres opposite Parcel II on the west side of the Ditch. [See property maps in Maps Folder.]

-Leases, 1952-64


-Description of "Parcel II" [III] leased by Merrill West, 1954.

Physical Description: [2 pp.]

-Manuel F. Rocha, Parcels I & II, 6 years 4 months, 1-1954.

Physical Description: [13 pp.; marked "not used"]

-Robert F. & Frank L. Hoyt, Parcels I & II, 10 years, 1955.

Physical Description: [7 pp.]

-Merrill F. West, Parcel III, 5 years, 1956.

Physical Description: [6 pp.]

-Cancellation of Lease w/ Robert F. & Frank L. Hoyt, 2-1964.

Physical Description: [3 pp.]

-K.C. Lovegreen & R.L. Wilson, Parcels I & II, 10 years, 1962.

Physical Description: [10 pp.]

-Do., 1964.

Physical Description: [7 pp.]

-Do., 1964

Physical Description: [11 pp.; pencil corrections: Lovegreen's name crossed out; incl. map]

-Correspondence w/ Edith Eudora Crittenden, 1955-1969.

Physical Description: [8 items]

-Correspondence w/ Tenants, 1955-70


-B.F. Hoyt, 1955-64.

Physical Description: [3 items, 4 pp.]

-B.F. Hoyt, 1955-64.

Physical Description: [3 items, 4 pp.]

-Merrill West, 1963-70.

Physical Description: [9 items; incl. crop map & obituary of MW]

-Ronald L. Wilson, 1962-70.

Physical Description: [13 items; 17 pp.]

-Correspondence w/ Oil Companies, 1954-65.

Physical Description: [6 items, 10 pp.]

-Correspondence w/ PG & E, 1962-65.

Physical Description: [6 items]

-Correspondence w/ Insurance Companies, 1954-67.

Physical Description: [9 items; 10 pp.]

-Correspondence w/ Governmental Agencies, 1955-69.


-Banta-Carbona Irrigation District, 1955-64.

Physical Description: [5 items]

-California State Reclamation Board, 1960-69.

Physical Description: [8 items; 10 pp.]

-San Joaquin County Counsel, 1959-65.

Physical Description: [3 items, 5 pp.]

-San Joaquin Mosquito Abatement District, 1959.

Physical Description: [2 items]

-U.S. Deptartment of Agriculture, 1957

Physical Description: [1 item]

-Correspondence w/ San Joaquin Valley Hay Growers Association, 1953-55.

Physical Description: [16 items]

-Correspondence w/ Spreckels Sugar Company Folder, 1958.

Physical Description: [5 items]

-Correspondence w/ Other Businesses, 1954-63.


-Rhodes Warehouse & Supply, 1963.

Physical Description: [3 items]

-Carnation Company, 1-54.

Physical Description: [2 items, 3 pp.]

- 1963Farm Income Itemization

Physical Description:
folder 8

-Property Maps


-Tracy Properties, n.d.[negative photostat]


-Vernalis Gas Field Area, NE 1/4 Sect. 28, T3SR6E, n.d.

Physical Description: [blueprint]

-"Map of proposed area of levee construction & maintenance, San Joaquin River & Paradise Cut," 12-30-1958.

Physical Description: [blueline; incl. Tracy Properties]

-Tracy Properties, n.d.

Physical Description: [pencil sketch map; shows location of buildings, private road, etc.]
folder 9

-Miscellaneous Insurance Papers


-Thomas B. Crittenden Wrongful Death Law Suit, 1968.

Physical Description: [20 items, 22 pp.]

-Life, automobile, crop insurance, 1953-68.

Physical Description: [13 items, 37 pp.]
folder 10

-San Joaquin County, CHP, State of California Retirement Pay Schedules Folder

Physical Description: [10 items]
folder 11

-Business Account at Stockton Savings & Loan Bank, 1954-56.

Physical Description: [16 items]
foler 12

-Miscellaneous Correspondence, Notes, and Other Papers, 1953-69.

Physical Description: [23 items, 31 pp.]
folder 13

-Bank of Stockton Statements & Checks, March-June 1972

folder 14

-Ledgers & Tax Forms, 1961-69


-Ledgers, 1961-69


title varies, usu. "{date} accounts - ranch income"; pgs. unbound]

-U.S. IRS Tax Forms, 1966, 1968, 1969.


-California State Retirement Benefits Materials

Physical Description: [11 pp.]

-Thomas B. Crittenden U.S. IRS Tax Forms, 1966.

folder 15

-Concerned Citizens' Committee of San Joaquin County, 1979

Additional Note

This Committee was formed to lead a drive for a State Constitutional Convention, the purpose of which was to address the supposed need for forensic and judicial reform of the State Constitution. Special targets of Committee enmity were Governor Jerry Brown and Chief Justice Rose Bird. BMC was Co-Chairman.

-Misc. clippings [34] on law enforcement in California.


-Press Releases & Correspondence of the Committee

Physical Description: [5 items, 11 pp.]

-"State Constitutional Convention/Raise the hue & cry" [flyer]


-People vs. Robert Sosa, et al., [a Nuestra Familia murder case] 1979

Physical Description: [25 pp.]

-People vs. Norman Arno, et al., [a porno case] 1979

Physical Description: [18 pp.]
folder 16

Check stubs, unidentified bank, 1971-72, 1976.

Physical Description: [in red spiral binding, black covers]