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Preliminary Inventory to the Stefan Korbonski papers
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Box 1-2

1. Original manuscript of W Imieniu Rzeczypospolite j /Fighting Warsaw/ in Polish prepared already in underground / 1939-1945/


2. Dispatches sent to London in microfilm and others in item 1/two metal boxes/.


3. General Tadeusz Bor-Komorowski's letters mostly handwritten and my replies. /Contents of these letters described in my letter to Hoover Institution of June 16, 1983/.


4. Research material for my book The Polish Underground State - A Guide to the Underground 1939-1945/1 volume and several large manila envelopes.

Box 3

5. Show trials in Poland connected with my underground activities and escape/press clippings from the Polish communist newspapers.


6. Original underground files of the Directorate of Civil Resistance smuggled from Poland to the U.S. two volumes, several hundred pages. /See my letter of June 16, 1983/.


7. Moscow Prawda of with extensive coverage of the show trial of 16 top leaders of the Polish wartime underground state. June 20, 1945



Box 4

1. Free Europe Committee and Radio Free Europe/four volumes


2. European Movement, Central and Eastern European Section /Chairman Harold Macmillan/


3. Central and Eastern European Commission /Chairman Major Edward Beddington-Behrens/

Box 5

4. Consultative Assembly /Chairman Paul Henri Spaak/Items 2,3,4, together comprise three envelopes


5. Dr.Joseph Retinger - Polish-British emissary to the Polish underground - my article in Polish.


6. United Committees and Councils in exile /Headquarters in New York/one volume


7. International Peasant Union

Box 6-18, 67

8. Polish Peasant Party /President Stanislaw Mikolajczyk/Items 7 & 8 comprise 8 volumes, over one thousand pages.


9. Assembly of Captive European Nations /ACEN/ a dozen volumes, several thousand pages


10. ACEN NEWS and other ACEN publications - periodical ACEN NEWS from July-August 1965 to July-August 1968


11. Journal of a trip to South America/large brochure


12. Journal of a trip around the world/large brochure

Box 19-20

13. Polska Rada Polityczna, Brzedstawicielstwo w Stanach Zjednoczonych /Polish Political Council, Representation in the U.S./one volume


14. Zjednoczenie Narodowe /National Unity/three volumes and six manila envelopes

Box 21-24

15. Twentieth Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising of /two volumes, one carton 1944


16. Polish Millenium/one volume, one carton.

Box 25

17. Clippings of over 140 of my letters printed in the American and Western press and dealing with Polish affairs


18. Reviews of my five books - in English and in Polish/several album


19. Cuba - aftermath of invasion/one envelope

Box 26

20. China -Peking, memo Golden Dragon and White Eagle - two volumes concerning Chinese policy vis-a-vis Poland

Box 27-28

21. My thirty years correspondence including letters of prominent Polis personalities/six volumes

Box 29-30

22. Handwritten manuscript of my additional four books in Polish - one carton /this is in addition to wartime underground item 1, above

Box 31-32

23. Clippings from the American press concerning my political activities, as well as from Polish and communist press/seven large menila envelopes

Box 33-37

24. My articles in English and in Polish, speeches, radio broadcasts, reviews and television shows/six volumes and several large manila envelopes


25. Collection of books on Polish and European undergrounds


26. Monthly KULTURA published in France in Polish several hundred copies covering about 30 years

Box 38-39

27. Tape recordings of my speeches

Box 40-41

28. Various photographs and albums of historic value


29. Personal documents, several portfolios

Box 42-44

30. Polonica - two volumes concerning Polish-American Congress and World Polonia Council

Box 45-46, 68

31. Polska Rada Jednoci w Stanach Zjednoczonych /Polish Council of Unity in the United States/one volume


32. Holocaust/two volumes, several manila envelopes

Box 47

33. International agreements and pledges concerning East-Central Europe/one large brochure


34. International Rescue Committee/one file


35. Polish-Canadian Congress/one volume


36. Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences/one volume


37. Catholic Church/one volume

Box 48

38. Commission on European Security and Cooperation/two volumes, one envelope

Box 49

39. Congressional Record /some clippings connected with East European affairs/

Box 50-51

40. The true story of ENIGMA/one volume


41. Menachem Begin/one volume


42. Brochures with information furnished by important defectors

Box 52

43. Crime at Katyn/two volumes


44. Poles in Soviet Russia/one volume

Box 53, 68

45. Defection of Professor Marek Korowicz with my aid from the Polish communist delegation to the United Nations /clippings 1953


46. My testimony at Nuremberg Trial involving German war criminals/one file


47. Letter concerning the destruction of the monument to American fliers at the Cemetery in Lwow


48. Ambassador Bliss Lane/one file


49. Ukrainian affairs/one file

Box 54

50. Original letters of famous Polish painter, Rafal Malczewski


51. Polish Parliament /Sejm/ in /one file 1947


52. Marshall Plan for Poland/one file


53. Controversy concerning the plan to transfer the remnants of the late General Sikorski to Poland/one file


54. Paderewski's heart/envelope


55. The last Polish prewar Generals: Abraham and Boruta-Spiechowicz/one envelope


56. My postwar exchange of letters with the Chief of German wartime intelligence, General Reinhard Gehlen, concerning Polish Underground


57. Correspondence with the Chancelery of General Charles de Gaulle


58. The visit of Edward Gierek, first secretary of the Polish Communist party in Washington/clippings


59. Memorial album published in number 1012/ on the occasion of unveiling the monuments to Thaddeus Kosciuszko and Casimir Pulaski in Washington, D.C. Collectors item/ 1911 / May 1910 /


60. Collection of 37 issues of the chief organ of Solidarity in Poland, the weekly Tygodnik Solidarno /Solidarity Weekly/. Best source of information for historians.


NOTE to Emigration section:


Items 7 and 8 supplement the archives of Stanislaw Mikolajczyk already deposited at Hoover Institution.


Items 6,9,10,11 and 12 illustrate the activities of political exiles from Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Romania.


Items 1,2,3,4 pertain to the aid given to exile organizations by the governments and peoples of the U.S. and Western Europe.


Items 13,14,15,16 and 31 are related to the activities of the Polis political emigration.



Box 55

61. Three articles published about me in and some old press clippings concerning my activities. 1982/3


62. The diploma of the Medal of Honour conferred upon me by Yad Vashem Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem for saving Jews in Nazi occupied Poland in and some press clippings connected with this event. 1939-1945


63. Awards given to me by The Alfred Jurzykowski Foundation, by Underground Home Army Soldiers in Los Angeles and by Perspectives, Inc..


64. Obituary notice in Warsaw designated to the 30th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising and a copy of GAZETA LUDOWA in Warsaw of concerning the third anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. August 1, 1947


65. My six books in Polish /W Imieniu Rzeczypospolitej, W Imieniu Kremla, W Imieniu Polski Walczacej, Miedzy mlotem a kowadlem Polskie Pastwo Podziemne - przewodnik po podziemiu z lat 1939-1945, Za murami Kremla - the last published in and my five books in English / Fighting Warsaw, Warsaw in Chains, Warsaw in Exile, Between the Hammer and the Anvil The Polish Underground State - a Guide to the Underground of 1939-1945/. November, 1983/

Box 56-58

66. 9 volumes of correspondence and other materials pertaining to point 65.

Box 59-66