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Inventory of the Labor Herald Photograph Collection No. 12
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Box-folder 1/1

Adams, George


Allen, Assemblyman Charles O.


Atkinson, Florence


Baltrun, Sonia


Barilone (?), John


Barlow, Ed

see: Tandy, Frances (2)

see: Bridges, Harry


Berland, Samuel


Bettman, John (2)

see also: Heide, Paul


Broadhead, George


Brudney, Goodman

see also: Heide, Paul


Bryson, Hugh (3)


Bulcke, Germain

see also: Schnur, Paul


Burke, Eugene

see also: Bridges, Harry

see also: Subject Folder 18: Maritime Unions

Box-folder 1/2

Bridges, Harry (17)

see also: Murray, Phil,

see also: Subject Folder 18: Maritime Unions

see also: Subject Folder 12: California CIO

Box-folder 1/3

Caldwell, Malcolm


Campo, Arnold


Cayton, Revels

see also: Bridges Harry,

see also: Subject Folder 26: Women


Chambers, Joe "Red"


Chavez, Cesar


Clark, Robert (2)


Condon, Congressman Robert


Connelly, Philip M. (4)

see also: Bridges, Harry (2)

see also: Murray, Phil

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


Conway, Jerry

see: Thimmes, Jim


Cooley, Roland


Crawford, Matt

see: Cayton, Revels


Curran, Joe

see also: Subject Folder 18: Maritime Unions

Box-folder 1/4

Daugherty, James


Despol, John


Douglas, Congresswoman Helen Gahagan


Drum, Frank

see: Heide, Paul; Thimmes, Jim


Drury, James

see: Fox, Ernest


Eden, Phil


Edises, Bertram

see: Walker, Doris Brin


Ellis, Charles

see: Murray, Phil


Fagerhaugh, Ole

see also: Reynolds, Jack C.

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


Fernandes, John


Foulkes, Louis


Fox, Ernest (2)


Fox, Elsie

see: Fox, Ernest

Box-folder 1/5

Gahagan Douglas, Helen

see: Douglas, Helen Gahagan


Galliano, James J.

see: Reynolds, Jack C.


Gandsey, James M.

see: Shibley, George


Gillespie, Chris


Gladstein, Richard


Goldblatt, Louis (3)

see also: Bridges, Harry


Goldner, Sanford


Gonzales, Oscar

see: Chavez, Cesar


Grennard, Elinor


Griffin, Kitty (2)

see also: Heide, Paul


Halling, Bjorne

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


Hawkins, Congressman Gus


Hedley, David

see also: Schnur, Paul


Heide, Paul

see also: Reynolds, Jack C.


Heide, Ruby

see also: Heide Paul

see also: Schliff, Paul

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


Hendricks, Frank

see: Schnur, Paul


Herman, James


Hillman, Sidney


Howard, Kenneth W.


Jacobson, Nathan

see: Bryson, Hugh


Jenkins, Dave

see: Schnur, Paul

see also: Subject Folder 22: Parades, Labor Day

Box-folder 1/6

Kearns, Arthur


Kenny, Attorney-General Robert


Killovan, Pat

see: Murray, Phil


Lawrence, Bill


Lewis, Richard


Lynden, Richard

see also: Subject Folder 18: Maritime Unions

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


MacFarland, Leslie


Marcotti, Jack


Martinson, Ole

see: Taylor, Senator Glenn


Mayhugh, Spencer, Jr.

see: Shibley, George


McCord, W. E.


McDonald, David J.


McGuire, Tom


McKenna, James


Michener, Lew

see also: Subject Folder 11: UAW


Michener, Mary


Miller, Congressman George

see: Polvorosh, Tony


Mitchell, John


Munier (?), O. A.

see: Bryson, Hugh


Murdock, Steve


Murray, Phil (6)

see also: Bridges, Harry (3)

see also: Thimmes, Jim

Box-folder 1/7

Nixon, Russ


Olson, Governor Culbert


Parker, Nick


Patterson, James E.

see: Shibley, George


Pinsky, Paul (2)

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


Polvorosh, Tony


Posner, Jerome (2)


Powers, Chase

see: Robinson, Reid

see also: Travis, Maurice


Rathborne, Mervyn (3)

see also: Thimmes, Jim


Reynolds, Jack (2)


Robinson, Reid (2)


Robson, Paul


Roger, Sidney

see: Schnur, Paul


Roosevelt, Congressman James


Philipps, Father Charles

see: Murray, Phil

Box-folder 1/8

San Jules, Jim

see also: Thimmes, Jim


Schliff, Paul


Schliff, Lilly

see: Schliff, Paul


Schmidt, Henry

see also: Subject Folder 18: Maritime Unions


Schnaittacher, Sylvain


Schnur, Paul (5)

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO


Selly, Joseph

see: Tandy, Frances (2)


Silbey, George


Slaby, Frank (2)

see also: Heide, Ruby


Slade, Albee


Smith, Charles


Smith, James P.


Stofle, Emma


Stuyvelaar, Herman


Sturtevant, Roy

Box-folder 1/9

Tandy, Frances (2)


Taylor, Senator Glenn


Thimmes, James P. (4)

see also: Murray, Phil

see also: Subject Folder 12: Calif. CIO

see also: Subject Folder 25: Trade Unions -Gen'l.


Thomas, R. J.

see also: Subject Folder 11: UAW


Thomas, L. B.

see: Mitchell, John


Thompson, Frank


Travis, Maurice

see also: Robinson, Reid


Turner, Leo

Box-folder 1/10

Van Curin (?), William


Vernon, E. H.

see: Reynolds, Jack C.


Walker, Doris Brin


Wallace, Vice-President Henry


Weakley, Ronald


West, Daniel A.

see: Shibley, George


Willard, Bert

see Murray, Phil


Williams, Claudia

see: Heide, Paul


Wilson, George

see: Rathborne, Mervyn


Wolff, George



Box-folder 1/11

AUTO WORKERS, UNITED (UAW): UAW Texas delegates; Local 76 golf team; North American parade float, Otto Rothschild, photographer; Local 76 supporting welders' strike at Chevrolet 1941; demonstration with UAW banner; R. J. Thomas speaks at meeting, banners for Locals 406, 216, 809 displayed; Richard Frankensteen speaks to Regional War Policy conference, Los Angeles, 1942-43 (?); Local 76 on parade, Oakland.

Box-folder 1/12

CIO-CALIFORNIA: CIO Convention, 4th Annual; delegates seated at table; a group of San Francisco delegates to CIO Convention, Portland, 1948; CIO canteen, World War II; Philip Connelly speaks to CIO leaders in Los Angeles; night photo of CIO Center, Los Angeles; Dave Jenkins speaks to meeting at CIO Building, San Francisco; Dick Lynden conducts CIO-PAC class at Asilomar, 1947.

Box-folder 1/13

DEMONSTRATIONS: Seamen picket with NMU banner, San Francisco; anti-Taft-Hartley Bill meeting, outdoors; Phil Connelly speaks to crowd, Pershing Square, Los Angeles (?); San Francisco Civic Center meeting; pickets protesting Tenney Committee, Oakland, 1947; pickets, San Francisco, 1948.

Box-folder 1/14

ELECTRICAL, RADIO AND MACHINERY WORKERS OF AMERICA, UNITED (UE): Membership meeting; General Cable workers; striker cooking; members on parade 1945; leafleting for GE strike 1951; Local 1412 Christmas party with Santa Claus; Westinghouse strike 1946; Westinghouse workers; Women's Auxiliary preparing parcels; Local 1421 meetings; membership meeting in Ontario ballpark; District 10 officers 1959; UE meeting, Otto Rothschild, photographer.

Box-folder 1/15

FISHERMEN: Fishermen, Local 33 parade with banner, Otto Rothschild, photographer; San Pedro fishing fleet; fleet during festival.

Box-folder 1/16

FOOD, TOBACCO & AGRICULTURAL WORKERS (FTA): Picketline in lockout at Libby, jurisdictional dispute with Teamsters; cannery workers picket, jurisdictional dispute with Teamsters.

Box-folder 1/17

HISTORICAL: Bonus Army Riot, Washington, D.C., 1932; breadline, New York.

Box-folder 1/18

MARITIME UNIONS: "Bloody Thursday" observances, San Pedro; Henry Schmidt. dinner speaker before banners for ILWU Local 6 and Maritime Federation of the Pacific Women's Auxiliary; Bridges, Curran, Burke and Selly in conversation; Maritime Federation of the Pacific charter for the Marine Cooks and Stewards, San Pedro, 1938; Joint Maritime Action Committee meeting, San Francisco Ferry Building 1948; Bridges with other ILWU leaders; seamen warking on deck in storm, Joe Rosenthal, photographer; seamen on parade holding "Maritime Unity" signs, Los Angeles, Otto Rothschild, photographer.

Box-folder 1/19

MOONEY MEMORIAL SERVICE: Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, 1942.

Box-folder 1/20

OFFICE AND PROFESSIONAL WORKERS OF AMERICA, UNITED (UOPWA), Local 225, Cutter Strike, 1947: Contract signing with union and employers; protest meeting before plant, mass picketing at Cutter.

Box-folder 1/21

PARADES: ILA, San Francisco, 1936-37 (?); Newspapermen (?), San Francisco; United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing & Allied Workers of America (UCAPAWA), San Francisco, 1937-38 (?); CIO float, Los Angeles, 1946-47 (?); CIO Council/Honolulu Conservatory of Music float, Oakland, 1935; Women on parade, Oakland (?); ILWU Auxiliary and ILWU members, Oakland (?); band on parade; Local 10 float on Market Street, San Francisco; longshoremen on Market Street, San Francisco.

Box-folder 1/22

PARADES - LABOR DAY, SAN FRANCISCO CIVIC CENTER, 1947: ILWU Local 10 float; ILWU Local 6 Drum Corps, warehousemen with Local 6 banner; San Francisco CIO Women's Auxiliary Council truck with anti-Taft-Hartley sign; California Labor School float; Marine Cooks & Stewards float with anti-Taft Hartley theme; Ship Scalers float with anti-Taft-Hartley theme; United Steel Workers float; United Office & Professional Workers of America float with anti-Taft-Hartley and "Third Party '48" signs; United Furniture Workers of America marching with banner; Marine Firemen (MFOW) float with anti-Taft-Hartley theme; Amalgamated Lithographers float; children watching parade from Lincoln's statue; "CIO Marches" sign before reviewing stand, City Hall.

Box-folder 1/23

STRIKES: CIO Local 576 pickets at "Mr. Segal's" home; oil workers picket in strike against Union Oil, San Pedro harbor area (?); scab car in ditch; News Vendors picket at Examiner.

Box-folder 1/24

STRIKES - UE: Mass picketing, Ontario; US Motors, Los Angeles 1946, Otto Rothschild, photographer; Local 1481 strike at Cadet 1964.

Box-folder 1/25

TRADE UNIONS: Meeting of Steel Workers, James Thimmes in front row; officers and shop stewards, East Bay Machinists; photo of letter to Warehouse Unions Servicemen's Committee, World War II, from Pvt. Roy B. Gutsch, 1942.

Box-folder 1/26

WOMEN: Women employees before Capital Mfg. Co./ Don Juan, many Hispanics; women packing boxes during World War II at California CIO office (?); Local 6 precinct worker speaking to woman at door (both Black); Rose Seguri shows document to women office workers; Ludmilla Poulichenko, in uniform, speaks at mike; Lena Horne with Black cast of a musical; "Miss UE 1421."



Box-folder 1/27