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Title: Joseph C. Trainor papers
Date (inclusive): 1933-1980
Collection Number: 72022
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 77 manuscript boxes, 2 oversize boxes, 2 envelopes, 1 album box, 1 sound tape reel (40.0 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Writings, memoranda, reports, surveys, handbooks, maps, photographs, and printed matter relating to education reform in Japan during the Allied occupation. Includes sound recording of interview of J. C. Trainor by Harry Wray, 1980. Also available on microfilm (66 microfilm reels).
Creator: Trainor, Joseph C.
Creator: Wray, Harry
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 1972.

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[Identification of item], Joseph C. Trainor papers, [Box no., Folder no. or title], Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

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Also available on microfilm (66 microfilm reels).

Biographical Note

Jospeh C. Trainor was made a lieutenant commander of the United States Army in May of 1946. For one year, until May of 1947, he served as a member of the Education Division of the Civil Information and Education Section of the General Headquarters of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers in Tokyo. He returned in July of 1949 in the capacity of Deputy Chief of the Education Division. The occupation authorities in Japan were committed to a program of democratizing Japan. One important facet of this program was educational reform. Occupation authorities rigorously pursued a program of restructuring administrative machinery, reorganizing schools, and reforming curricula. As a staff member of the Education Division for one year in 1946 to 1947, Trainor became familiar with this endeavor. As its Deputy Chief and second-in-command from July of 1949 until the American authorities left Japan in 1952, he was intimately involved at the policy and implementation levels.

Scope and Content Note

The Joseph C. Trainor papers reflect and document the program of democratization American authorities pursued vis-a-vis the Japanese educational system. Rather than an arbitrary assemblage of an individual's papers, the Trainor papers comprises archives, possibly incomplete, of American governmental and other agencies. The three series -- Ministry of Education File; Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (SCAP). General Headquarters (GHQ). Civil and Information Section (CIE) File; and Subject File -- conform to the arrangment of the collection when it arrived at the Hoover Institution Archives. Within the series, the original arrangement of files has been maintained to as great an extent as possible while still insuring a logical and accessible organization. Within the three series are found many types of material ranging from handwritten notes to reprints of American journal articles. The series description which follows gives a more detailed inventory of the types of documents.
The Ministry of Education File consists primarily of copies of documents, typescripts usually, which were generated either by the Japanese Ministry of Education or by other administrative or legislative bodies, such as the Diet. These documents usually define, but occasionally establish, the functions of the Ministry.
The second series, the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, General Headquarters, Civil Information and Education File, comprises over 80% of the collection. This series is then further broken down into subseries, the largest and most important of which is titled Education Division. The subseries represent distinctions found within the collection when it arrived at the repository. Throughout the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers... series, the researcher will find reports, memoranda, statistics, studies and a host of other material relating to the effort of reorganizing Japanese education.
The last series is the Subject File. It, too, contains a variety of forms of documents. To a limited extent, documents from sections of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, General Headquarters other than Civil Information and Education are to be found in this series. Some documents pertain to education. The majority of documents in this file, however, are unrelated to education, and concern a variety of topics.
In all of the series, files are arranged alphabetically by subject or title, following closely the original arrangement of the collection when it was received. If materials are dated, the dates are given at the end of an entry. A dash between two dates indicates there is material in the file covering that time span. A comma, however, is used to indicate materials form two different days, months or years, with no material from the intervening period in the file. Single items missing a date are listed with "undated" at the end of their entry. Folders with dates given may contain material which is undated, in which case that material has been placed at the back of the folder. If under a single entry with large quantities of material, enough material was undated to warrant its own folder, it is listed as the last subheading of that entry as "undated." The purpose behind the positioning of undated material at the end of a file, or files, was to give the researcher a better chance of understanding, if not actually placing, undated materials after reading through the sequence of dated material.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Education -- Japan
Japan -- History -- Allied occupation, 1945-1952
Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers


Ministry of Education File 1937-1952

Scope and Contents note

Memoranda, reports, studies, surveys, and other printed material either generated by or pertaining to the Japanese Ministry of Education, arranged alphabetically by subject or title, and thereunder chronologically.


box 1

The Activities of UNICEF School Lunch Program in Japan. Report 1951 February

box 78

The Authorization Standard for Textbook. Book of standards published by the Ministry of Education 1949 January 12

box 1

Board of Education - 10th General Meeting 1951 September

box 79

Bricks Without Straw - examples of classes which are improperly housed 1950 September 15

box 1

Budget items for in-service training of educational personnel, report 1949-1950

box 1

Cardinal Principles of the National Entity of Japan, translation by J. O. Gauntlett 1937 March


The Condition of School in the Local Districts Suffering from the Shortage of Schoolrooms. Report undated

box 79

Part I

box 79

Part II

box 1

Copyright Investigation Committee. Cabinet order, draft 1950 April 20

box 1

Decentralization (tentative). Memo 1946 June 7

box 1

Display of national flags. Memo 1946 September 26

box 1

Education finance - Education Costs Compared with Non-Education Costs. Report 1951 October

box 2

Educational magazines. List 1945 September

box 77

Elementary school history course readers, 5th and 6th grades undated


Establishment law 1946 May 31


Field surveys of local educational expenditures 1950 August


Fundamental education law. Draft 1947 January 30


Guide to New Education in Japan, published by the Ministry of Education. Vol. 1, Pt. A 1946


Handbooks on curriculum, execution, organization and principals of schools 1947, 1951


Handling of Labor Problems after General McArthur's Letter. Memo 1948 September 4


Institute for Educational Leadership - Budget 1951-1952


Institute for Research in Language Teaching - Report on its history, object and policy 1946 January 27


Japanese History for Normal School, by Norizo Takeuchi. Vol. A, Chaps. 1 - 5


Korean schools 1948-1949


Laws and ordinances 1947-1948


Local Educational Expenditures in Japan, 1949-1950 - Report of a National Survey, 1951


National Conference of Social Education Advisory Committee Members 1951 October


Organization and personnel 1945-1946

box 3

Outline of the Bureau of Indoctrination. Outline of book 1938 March


Primer of Democracy, 1948 October 30


Proposed Examining Standard of English Textbooks, by R. Shisito 1948 April


Report on the Execution of Exhibition of Textbooks for 1951 School Year, 1950 September


Report on Conditions of Textbook Exhibitions as of August 1949, 1949 October 31


Report to Minister on the United States of America, by Kaoro Sato, Chief of Educational Facilities Section 1951 May 31


School education law 1947-1948


Selection of Japanese delegate to the 1952 New York Herald-Tribune forum for high schools. Memo 1951


Subsidies to Equipment Expenses for the Science, Mathematics, Nursing, and Health Protection Courses for Secondary Schools. Report 1946 November 21


Survey of school building needs in Japan. Report 1949 September 6


A Tentative Suggested Course of Study (General). Report 1947


Textbooks 1945-1950


Miscellaneous 1946-1952


Bureau of Science and Health Education


Literature Team List of Foreign Publications Desired by Universities in Japan. Report 1950 November

box 4

Literature Team List of Foreign Publications Desired by Universities in Japan, Back Issues. Report 1950 November


Survey of Traditional Customs in Various Districts, 1946 November 15


Teaching Materials Section - An Investigation of Superstition, undated


Coordinating Office for the Seminar


List of participants in the Seminar of Superintendents and Teacher Consultants 1950 March - May


Elementary and Secondary Education Bureau


Finance for elementary and secondary education 1950 August


Higher Education and Science Bureau


Natural Science Research Activities and Statistics on Researchers in Japan. Report 1950


Research Bureau


Report of the Survey on Mobility of Teachers in Elementary and "New System" Intermediate Schools, 1947 December 1


School basic survey 1948-1949

box 5

School hygiene survey 1940-1949


School teacher survey 1947


Research Section

box 6

Gist of the Conference for Research of Educational Affairs in Foreign Countries. Memo 1947 July 24


Local expenditures in Japan 1950-1951


Outline of Works in the Research Section, Research Bureau, 1948 September 15


The Reasons for the Necessity of Research and Statistics Bureau. Memo 1948 September 1


Research cases for each bureau and section 1948 September 15


Research and Publications Bureau


Annual Program of Research and Statistics of Each Section of the Bureau of Education Ministry. Report, fiscal year 1950


Reasons why Personnel Organization of Educational Personnel Must Be the Federation of Municipal Unit Organizations. Report 1946 February 26


Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (SCAP). General Headquarters (GHQ). Civil Information and Education Section (CIE) File 1943-1952

Scope and Contents

Memoranda, reports, correspondence, minutes, transcripts, studies, lists, surveys, statistical tables, press releases, and other printed material generated by or pertaining to the Civil Information and Education Section or any one of its subordinate bureaus or offices, arranged alphabetically by subject or title, and thereunder chronologically.


box 6

Administrative staff memorandum 1945 December 27


Committee on Missions and Functions undated


Directory of Boards of Education and Superintendents of Education; 1951 September 1


Mission and Accomplishments of the Occupation in the Civil Information and Education Fields. Report 1950 January 1


Monthly reports


1947 July


1947 September


1947 October


1948 January


1948 February


1948 March


1948 April


1948 May


1948 June


1948 July


1948 August

box 7

Monthly summary 1951 May 15


Orientation pamphlet 1947 February


Personnel chart 1947 October 7


Report of the United States Cultural Science Mission to Japan, 1949 January


Report to Dr. Loomis on Trip to America, by M. Kawano, Superintendent of Education, Tokushima Board of Education 1950 July 10


Tokai-Hokuriki regional office - Administrative survey of Futaba Koto Gakko, Kami-Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture. Report 1951 December 22


Tokyo Military Government Team, Relations with. Memo 1948 June 30




Analysis and Research Division


Activities of the National Teachers Unions from 1 May to 1 October 1946: Union and Disunion. Special report 1946 October 23


Appointment of Government Officials under the Civil Service System as of 1 April 1946. Special report 1946 October 9


A Calendar of Teacher's Salary Campaign, September to December, 1946. Special report 1947 January 29


Current Japanese Public Opinion Surveys. No. 2 1948 June 5


Economic Aid to Students in Japan. Special report 1948 May 10


Educational Institutions Not Under the Jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. Report 1947 January


Educational Prefectures - Rosters and Statistics 1946 April - November











box 8




















box 9


























box 10






















box 11















Elementary School System, Outline of Conditions in. Special report 1946 August 28


Entrance Examinations in Japanese Education. Special report 1946 July 3


Foreign Students in Japan. Special report 1946 September 23


Foreign Students in Japan, 1896-1947. Report 1948 April 20


Higher Educational Institutions in Japan. Special report 1948 February 23 - October 13


Historical Section for the new education brochure - Analysis of the Development of the Educational System of Japan through World War II, written as a background section for the education brochure 1946 April 11


A History of the Educational Policy of the Ministry of Education as Evidenced by Directives and Instructions 1871 - 1945. Special report 1946 November 20


History of the Ministry of Education, 1868-1941, 1946 August 19

box 12

Japan Young Men's Hostel. Special report 1947 February 17


Japanese Educational Institutions Under the Jurisdiction of Ministries Other than the Ministry of Education. Special report 1948 April 30


Japanese Educational Institutions With Religious Affiliations. Report 1948 February 20


Japanese Educational Research Organizations, 1946-1947, A Survey of, 1946 October 28


The Japanese Ministry of Education, Part I: The Place of the Ministry of Education in the Structure of the National School System. Special report 1948 March 26 - August 9


Japanese Semmon Gakko. Special report 1946 December 3


Japanese teachers' unions 1946


Libraries in Japan. Special report 1947 March 28


Members prominent in education elected to the lower house of the Diet. Statistical table 1946 June 12


Military government school inspection reports, monthly compilation of. Memo 1947 April 2


The Ministry of Education in Relation to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Finance, War and Navy During World War II. Special report 1947 January 8


National Teachers' Unions of Japan, Membership. Special report 1946 November 15


New Women's Educational Institutions Since the Beginning of the Occupation. Check sheet 1946 October 28


The Organizational Development of the Ministry of Education. Special report 1946 September 12


Parent-Teacher Associations in Japan. Special report 1946 November 25


Physical Education Conferences Held During the Month of July. Special report 1946 August 30


The Place of the Teachers Unions in the General Labor Situation. Special report 1947 April 25


Press and publications analyses 1948 February, June and October


Questions from teachers throughout Japan. Survey 1948 August 8


Reeducation of Japanese Ex-servicemen. Report 1946 July 25


Reference card catalog of materials on Japanese education published by the Education Division 1946 October 29


Religious Education Institutions in Japan. Report 1947 August 21


Reports on Screened Teachers. Check sheet 1946 August 28


Research unit reports 1947 February - December


School Inspection System of Japan. Report 1948 March 30

box 13

Survey of Japanese Higher Educational Institutions. Special report 1946 October 30


Survey of School Housing Facilities as of August 1946. Statistical tables 1947 January - April

box 14

Survey of Student Aid Facilities and Procedures. Special report 1946 December 12


Teacher Training in Keio Private University for Justice. Special report 1947 February 25


Teacher Training in Kyoto Imperial University. Special report 1947 February 6


Teacher Training in Kyushu Imperial University. Special report 1947 February 12


Teacher Training in Tohoku Imperial University. Special report 1947 February 20


Teacher Training in Tokyo Imperial University. Special report 1947 February 17


Teacher Training in Tokyo University of Literature and Science. Special report 1947 January 7


Teachers Unions: A Year Demands and Results, December 1945 - December 1946. Report 1947 January 8


Teachers Unions and Similar Organizations in the Prefectures of Japan. Report 1946 November 18


Teachers Unions in Japan, A History of. Special report 1948 March 25


Tokyo Teachers Unions - Financial Statements. Special report 1946 December 18


Tsuda College: A Study by Fumi Kawase, 1946 December 11


Weekly reports


1946 February - June


1946 July - December


1947 January - August

box 15

1947 September - 1948 October


Women Admitted into the Imperial Universities of Japan. Special report 1946 December 5


Civil Affairs Section


Civil Education. Directive 1951 April 2


Diplomatic Section


Reference List of the Allied Council for Japan, Accredited Diplomatic Missions and Diplomatic Section of SCAP, GHQ, 1950 September 20


Economic and Scientific Section


Science and Technology in Japan: Natural Research in Leading Japanese Universities, Part I. Report No. 16 1949 June


Education Division


Action papers 1948-1949


Administration - Instruction and programs 1948 January


Administration of Education at the Primary and Secondary Levels, Chapter VII


Administration survey of Kita Koko Gakko, Ogaki City, Gifu prefecture 1951 November - December


Adult education 1946 July - 1950 August


The Adult Education Program, Chapter XIV


Advisory Council for Guidance and Welfare Institute. Minutes of meetings 1951 June 21 and July 6


The Aims of Education, Chapter I


All-Japan Conference of Teachers Unions - Collective contract 1947 March


All-Japan Teachers Guild regulations, revision of. Study undated


American Advisory Group to Japan. Minutes of meetings 1946 February


American Teachers in Japan. List 1951 April 10


American sponsored schools and colleges in Japan, points on which information is desired. Memo 1949 May 10


Annex E Military Government reports 1948


Assignments of Education and Youth Officers. List undated

box 16

Audio-visual education 1948 January - 1951 May


Audio-Visual Teaching Materials, Chapter III


Bi-weekly reports


1951 May - June


1951 July


1951 August


1951 September - October


1951 November


1951 December - 1952 January


Board of Education law

box 17





Boards of Control in 47 private Japanese universities. Research report 1949 February - March


Boards of Control in private universities - Survey questionnaires 1949 February 12 - March 22


Boards of Education






Books banned by the Imperial Japanese Government. Memoranda 1946 January


Boy Scout organizations 1947 April - 1951 October


Briefing of publishers and editors. Memo 1947 January 28


Budget 1947-1950

box 18

Cabinet Order Concerning the Temporary Measures to be Taken in Consequence of the Letter of the SCAP to the Prime Minister dated 22 July 1948

General Physical Description note: Typescript.

Catholic student organizations. List 1949 September


Chiba student government conference. Program 1950 July


Civil affairs teams 1948 August


Civil Education


General 1945-1950


Conferences 1947-1949


Report 1949


Survey undated


Civilian personnel 1948-1952


Class size in elementary and secondary schools. Memo undated


COA Conference 1950 September 30


Coeducation 1946, 1948


Comments on book Goals for American Education, 1948-1949


Communism and subversive activities in Japanese education 1946 December - 1951 January


Complete list of books in CIE Textbook and Curriculum Center Library 1949 July 1


Coordination between NRS and CIE 1950


Counseling and guidance for students 1950-1951


Courses at colleges and universities, synopsis of highgrade schools. Report 1946 February 15


Cultural and social sciences






Cultural exchange



box 19





1950 January - June


1950 July - December





General Physical Description note: (1 folder).
box 20


General Physical Description note: (2 folders).

Exchange of Persons Program for Japan 1950 January - October


Cultural reeducation of Japan undated


Curriculum 1945-1950


Curriculum construction. Memos 1949 September 12 and 22


Curriculum for elementary and secondary levels of Japanese schools. Report 1946 November 5


Daiwa kindergarten, petitions to prevent closing of 1951 August 21


Decentralization 1946-1950


Decentralization and Distribution of Educational Function, Chapter VIII


Del Re, Professor 1945-1946


Democratizing Japan. Article undated


The Development and Present Status of Romaji in Japan. Report 1950 December


Development of Educational Policy, Chapter XXI


Development of Elementary and Secondary School Curricula, Chapter II

box 21

Developments in Japanese Education in Terms of the Report of the U.S. Education Mission to Japan. Report 1950 August


Diet library 1947-1949


Directives to the Japanese Government


Index and catalog of SCAP directives 1947 February, 1949 September - October


By date 1945-1946


By number, selected directives from 93 to 1944


Dissolution of branch offices. Study 1949 November 19


Education Committee Report undated


Education Division library. Memo 1951 April 5


Education Finance, Chapter IX


Education for War. Research report 1946 March - 1948 October


Education in Japan

box 22

General 1947-1951


Bibliography circa 1951


Education in Japan. Informational handbook 1946 February 15


Legislation, statistics and other materials pertaining to Tokyo 1950 August


Education in the New Japan, Vol. II 1948 May


Education Ministry Administrative Inspection Committee Report 1948 March


Education Mission Plans for 1949. Report, draft 1949 February

box 23

Education, moral 1946-1951


Education of the Deaf in Japan, by Oosima-Isao. Reprint 1950 September


Education plans - New curriculum 1946-1950


Education reform - General






Education research card catalog - Subject headings 1947 September


Education Research Institute (Kyoiku Kenshujo), principles of 1946 July


Education steering committees. Memo 1946 August 17


Educational minimum standards law 1949-1951


Educational planning committees undated


Ehime Military Government Team - Report on board of education 1948 October 14


Elementary education



box 24



Engineering education. Report 1951

General Physical Description note: (2 folders).

Evaluation of the magazine Truth (Shinso), 1950 March 17


Evans, Lloyd L. (Chogoku Regional Education Officer) - Letters of appreciation to 1952


Experimental schools 1949


Explanation of Short-Course University Standards. Report 1949 October 6


Explanation of State Department's Organization and Function in Japan. Memo 1951 October 5


Faculty lists undated


Field trips


1946 January - May


1946 September - 1947 November

box 25

1947 December - 1948 February


1948 March - April


1948 May - June 18


1948 June 19 - July


1948 August - September

box 26

1948 October - 1949 January


1949 February - October


1949 November - 1950 March


1950 April - May


1950 June - July

box 27

1950 August - December


1951 January - May


1951 June


1951 July


1951 August - October


1951 November - December

box 28

Plans for 1952


Finance 1947-1950


Foreign teachers 1948 March - May


Forestry education program. Report 1950 February


Forestry schools 1949


Fryklund, Verne C. (consultant on vocational teacher training). Report 1948 August 6


Functions of the Education Division 1946-1951


The Fundamental Causes of Japan's Defeats, undated


Fundamental education law






General View of Education for the Handicapped Children in Japan, by Unosuke Kawamoto undated


Girl Scout organizations 1948-1949


Guidance and Welfare Institute 1950-1951


Guidance training project. Memoranda 1951

box 29

Gumma-Ken secondary school teachers' union - General rules and convention 1947 May 27


Health and Physical Education, Report on Status of Courses in Fields of, 1949 August 22


Health and Physical Education, Chapter IV


Higher education









box 30

Higher education in the rehabilitation of Japan, program of committee on undated


Historical articles on the war in the Pacific 1931-1945


Historical Background of Japanese School Curriculum, by Dr. Kataro Tanaka undated


The History of Democracy in Japan, by H. E. Norman undated


The History of Japanese Education. Report undated


History of non-military activities of the occupation of Japan 1945-1950


History of Students' Ideological Movements (English translation) 1949-1950


Hokkaido Board of Education election 1950 September - November


Home economics courses. Memo 1947 March 31


Human rights. Memo 1950 November 15


Hyogo prefecture agricultural college, school catalog 1951 April


Imperial rescripts on education 1945-1951

box 31

Imperial rescripts and ordinances. Study 1945 November 27


Improvement of Educational Personnel in Service, Chapter XII


Inspection of offices undated


Institute for Educational Leadership, Chapter X


Institute for Educational Leadership (IFEL)




1948 March - December


1949 January - December











box 32





Institute for Educational Research 1947-1948


Institute for Students' Guidance and Welfare undated


Inter-library loans. Memo 1947 December 16


Inventory to files undated


Investigation of Persons Physically Defective. Report and memoranda 1946 June - July


An Investigation of Teachers: Cost of Living. Report undated


Japan Education Association (Nippon Kyoiku-kai)








Japan Educational Workers' Union. Clipping undated


Japan Society for Promoting Education 1946 February


Japan's New Educational System, by the American Council on Education. Outline of pamphlet to be published undated


Japanese Education Committee


General 1946


Recommendations undated


Japanese Education Reform Committee (JERC)



box 33











Candidates undated

box 34

Members 1946


Reports 1946 December


Japanese history courses


Kuni No Ayumi, for 6th grade elementary school. Typescript undated


Readings in Japanese history undated


Wartime history for elementary school, Vol. B, grade 6. Typescript 1944 April 28


Japanese Language Council 1945-1951


Japanese National Leaders Project 1950-1951


Japanese school system 1945-1947


Japanese teachers' unions

box 35












box 36

Budget 1949


Collective agreement. Original draft 1947 August 9


Collective contracts, interpretation of undated


Draft of talk to be given at teachers' convention 1947 October 15


Teachers' salaries 1946 November, 1949 January


White Paper on Education, 1950 April 14


Japanese travel outside Japan 1949


Japanese University Accreditation Standard Association


Educational standards of various departments in university education. Report 1951 June 21


Reorganization of higher education in Japan undated


Report No. 5, Part III: Educational Standards for Homemaking, undated


University standards. Typescripts 1949 February 28, 1950 June 13


Japanese who have attended United Nations conferences. List 1950 November 15


Junior colleges 1950


Kagawa Military Government Team - Report on board of education 1948 October 12


Kanto Bloc local superintendents' meeting, Urawa city office undated


Kitatoshima technical school, outline of. Report 1946 October 1


Kochi Military Government Team - Report on board of education 1948 October 12


Korea - Education








Korean schools






Korean students 1946-1951

box 37

Korean technicians in Japan 1949


Koryo secondary school - Outline of counseling. Report 1951 October


Language reform - Recommendations by Lt. Com. R.K. Hall 1945-1946


Language reform and simplification











box 38

Language Simplification, Chapter VI


Language Study Commission 1946 May - June


Laws pertaining to education in Japan 1946-1950


Lewis, Dora S. (home economics consultant). Memo 1947 September 7










Library Institute proposal 1950 June 16


Lillo (Miguel) Foundation. Memoranda 1949 August - September


List of physicians and hospitals acceptable to render medical care to non-occupation personnel undated


Mailing list - Holiday greetings 1950 November 24


Major Accomplishments of the Education Division, CIE, undated


Medical education 1947


Memoranda and reports file


1946 January - December

box 39

1947 January - February


1947 March


1947 April


1947 May - June


1947 July


1947 August - September


1947 October


1949 January - February


1949 March - April


Military government

box 40

General 1946-1950


School inspection. Reports 1946-1949


Ministry of Education








Administrative Inspection Committee. Report 1948 March


Administrative machinery 1946


Chronological changes in organization 1945-1949




1946 May - 1948 July


1948 August - 1949 March


1949 March - December

box 41

1950 January - May


1950 May - July


1950 August - November


1950 December - 1951 March


1951 April - June


1951 July - September


1951 September - December



box 42





Decentralization undated


Digests of the More Important Orders and Directives Issued since the End of the War, 1946 May 10


Digests of the More Important Orders and Directives Issued during October 1946, undated




Numerical guide to directives for 1945


Numerical guide to directives for January - April 1946


1946 January - March


1946 March - April


Establishment draft bill

box 43





Laws, ordinances, etc. undated


Organization regulations 1950 April


Organizational changes 1949


Reports 1945-1951


Mombusho communications. Index and synopsis undated


Monthly summations


1946 September - 1947 February


1947 March - April


1947 August


1947 November


Nambara, Shigeru (President, Tokyo Imperial University) - Presentation of American periodicals 1947 March

box 44

Nankitsu junior high school - The School Library Administration. Report 1950 December


National and public teachers' status law. Draft 1947 September 8


National Buddhist Students' Federation undated


National Council - Recommendations on the board of education system. Memo 1951 October 8


National Diet library - Report on Technical Processes, Bibliographical Services and General Organization, by Robert B. Downs 1948


National Language Research Institute, proposal for the formation of. Memo 1947 September 5


National Leaders Project 1949-1950


National Public Service Law 1947-1948


National Research Institute of Japan - New Education in Japan and its Problems. Report 1950 January


Niigata prefecture - Schools and teachers cooperative associations 1945-1946


Nippon Times article concerning Ministry of Education and teachers' union. Memo 1947 July 26


Nugent, Lt. Col. D. R. Letter, to J. C. Trainor 1947 October 4


On Universities, by Senroku Uehara. Translation of report 1949 February 14


Organization and plans undated


Organization guides 1948-1950


Organizational charts undated


Paper requirements. Memo 1947 January 15


Parent Teachers Association (P.T.A.) 1948-1951


Partial revision of the Exceptional Law of Educational Public Service Officers 1951 February










Charts of Education Division 1946-1950


Functions 1948-1950

box 45

Job descriptions 1949-1950


Utilization survey 1950


Physical education






Plans and projects















box 46

Plans for fiscal year 1951-1952


Plans for fiscal year 1952


Political education 1947-1949


Possibility of the Emperor Being Considered a War Criminal, by Professor Del Re. Report undated


Preparatory Committee for Curriculum Revision - List of members undated


Press conferences and releases






Primer of Democracy






Private schools 1946-1951


Problems confronting P.T.A.s in Tokyo 1947 November


Professional associations 1946-1951


Program for CIE Education Officers undated


Project for out-of-school youth 1951


Projects in the field 1946 November


Proposed Amendments to Bill for Partial Amendments to Law for Special Regulations Concerning Educational Public Service, 1951 February - March


Provision of Teaching Materials, Chapter III


Public educational facilities

box 47

1949 - 1950 May


1950 July - September


Purging of government school personnel 1946 December


Recent Developments in Japanese Education. Report 1950


Reinstatement of purged educators 1946-1951


Religion and education







box 48

Reorganization and Expansion of Higher Education for the Preparation of Educational Personnel, Chapter XIII


Research board. Memo 1948 September 13


Research Institute for Genetics (proposed) 1948 October - 1949 January


Research Memorandum to Parallel Division: Multifaculty Universities in Japan, 1948 January 24


Research Programs, Chapter XIX


Research requirements. Memo 1947 April 10


Resolution relative to re-establishment of education. List of supporters 1946 July 23


Responsibilities of board of education and school libraries. Minutes of meeting 1948 November 22


Return/transfer of responsibilities to Japanese government agencies 1949-1951


Rockefeller, John D. III, visit of August 1947


Rockefeller Foundation - Proposal, concerning the seminar in American studies in Japan. undated


Romaji experimental program 1946-1951


Roster of Japanese Educational Institutions, 1947-1949


Ryukyuan students in Japan 1949-1950


Saitama - Executive plan of public U.S.S. re-organization 1950 January 26


Saitama prefecture


Board members 1950 November


Educational administration 1948-1951


Educational statistics as of April 1950

box 49

Public schools undated


Salaries and Welfare of Educational Personnel, Chapter XI


School building needs. Report 1949 September 6


School calendar in Japan 1946 December 6


School education law 1947 February 22


School establishment law, amendment of circa 1950


School facilities 1949-1951


School finance. 1945-1951


School Plant Facilities, Chapter X


Scholarships 1950-1951


Scientific Advisory Group. Report 1947-1948


Screening of educators

box 50





Secondary education






Shintoism, by Professor Del Re. Report undated


Six - three (6 - 3) education system 1945-1947


Social education






Social studies 1947


Staff list undated

box 51

Staff meetings 1946-1950


Staff studies








Staff visits to Okinawa and Ryukyu Islands 1947-1949


Student activities 1946-1951


Student Government in Japan, by D.M. Typer. Transcript of address 1949 November 1


Student organizations 1946-1949


Student political activities


1949 March 15 - 1950 October 3


1950 October 4 - 7

box 52

1950 October 8 - 19


Student political movements


General 1946-1951


Press releases 1950 October - 1951 February

box 53

Student rallies at Tokyo University. Memoranda 1948 October


Student strikes 1945-1951


Study of secondary school reorganization. Report 1948 November 20


Suggestions for a plan for orientation of Ryukyus GARIOA students in the Ryukyus undated


Survey of normal schools 1946


Tax exemptions and discounts for youth organizations. Memo 1951 November 5


Teacher certification 1946-1951


Teacher education







box 54

Teacher Education for Home Economics, by Dora S. Lewis (home economics consultant) undated


Teacher Ethics. Article 1948 October


Teachers' manuals and lesson plans 1946


Teachers' salaries. Memo 1946 July 8


Teachers' Training Institute 1944, 1948


Terminal Report, by L. Cronbach 1947 May 3


Test booklet, Scholastic Aptitude Test undated


Textbook and curriculum center 1946-1951


Textbook authorization






Textbook revision 1945-1951











box 55

Compiling the elementary school Japanese reader


Excerpts from Japanese histories undated


Japanese history courses 1945-1950


Lists of texts 1947-1950


Moral lessons in Japanese texts 1941-1947


Three Years of Occupation. Report 1948 August 20


Tokushima Military Government Team - Report on board of education 1948 October 14


Tokushima Workshop 1951 November 22 - 28


Tokyo Curriculum Conference undated

box 56

Tottori Prefectural Board of Education - Condition of schools in the local districts suffering from the shortage of school rooms undated


Training program in student counseling and guidance for Japanese university professors. Memo 1951 February


Translation of History of Students' Ideological Movements, Chapter III, "The Proletarian Art Movement," 1950 March 30


Translation program 1947-1949


Undesignated schools 1947-1949


UNESCO 1948-1950


United Nations and UNESCO Movements, Chapter IV


U.S. Cultural Science Mission to Japan. Report 1949 January


U.S. Department of State - USIE for Japan: Post- or Pre-Treaty Point of Departure. Report undated


U.S. Education Exchange Survey - Report to SCAP. Tokyo 1949 September 17


U.S. Education Mission to Japan. Committee of Japanese Educators


First Mission.





box 57

1946 January 4 - March 13


1946 March 14 - 1947 August 19


List of names


Meetings and summaries 1946-1947


Report 1946 March 30

box 58

Tentative schedule 1946 March 7 - 31


Second Mission


General 1950


Agenda, topics and attendants


Report to SCAP, Tokyo 1950 September 22




U.S. Military Government in Korea


Headquarters. Department of Education


Bureau of Higher Schools 1947 January - February


Korean and American advisors. Memo 1947 May 31


Korean Education Committee. Reports 1946-1947


Universities. List 1950


The University Curriculum and Related Topics, Chapter XVIII


The University Faculty and Student Body, Chapter XVII


University Guidance Programs, Historical Implications for. Report and memo 1948 December 9

box 59

University law 1948-1951


University Reorganization and Restoration, Chapter XVI


Visiting consultants 1947-1952


Vocational and Homemaking Education, Chapter V


Vocational Education






Special report on music education undated

box 60

War-damaged schools 1947


Weaver, G. L. (vocational guidance consultant). Memo 1948 July 29


Weekly bulletins 1946 January - July


Weekly reports


1946 January - March


1946 April - June


1946 July - August


1946 August - November

box 61

1946 November - December


1947 January - February


1947 March - May


1947 June - August


1947 September - October


1947 November - December

box 62

1948 January - March


1948 April - June


1948 July - August


1948 September - October


1948 November - December


1949 January - February

box 63

1949 March


1949 April - May


1949 June


1949 July - August


1949 September - October


1949 November - December


1950 January - February

box 64

1950 March - April


1950 May


1950 June - July


1950 August - September


1950 October


1950 November - December


1951 January - February


1951 March - May


Weekly summaries

box 65

1945 October - 1946 July 13


1946 July 14 - August 30


1946 August 31 - December 7


1946 December 7 - 1947 March 1


1947 March 1 - May 31


1947 May 31 - October 18


1947 October 19 - 1948 February 21

box 66

1948 February 21 - May 29


1948 May 29 - July 10


What is Industrial Arts in the Elementary School? Article 1948 November


Williams, Mrs., Diplomatic Section, Department of State 1951 April - October


Women's education








Lists of women's institutions 1946-1947


Workshops in secondary education. Report undated


World Organization of the Teaching Profession - Charter 1951 October


Yamanashi Federated Education Association 1948-1949


Yamanashi Military Government Team - Report on the Activities of Education Associations, 1948 July 10


Young Men's Christian Association 1947-1948


Youth Organizations

box 67





Youth Organizations, Chapter XV.


Zen Gaku Ren activities 1949 August - September










Education Division. Special Projects Branch

box 68

Directory of national education associations 1951


Information Division


SCAP. CIE Information Centers Directory 1951 September


Library Division


Notes and documents pertaining to the surrender of Japan 1943 December


Media Analysis Division


Prefectural press analyses 1946 March - September


Press analyses 1945 December - 1946 September


Publications analyses


1946 January - May


1946 June - September


1948 August - October


Natural Resources Section

box 69

Mission and Organization of the Natural Resources Section. Report 1947 April 1


Public Opinion and Sociological Research Division


Japan: Some Psychological Perspectives, by Tsuneo Muramatsu, M.D. Article, draft 1949 October 12


Research and Information Division


Advanced educational institutions in Japan. List 1946 March 2


Books received from Education Division. List 1949 September 28


Japan Educators' Union, Activities of. Special report 1946 April


Japanese cultural organizations. List 1946 April


Japanese Middle Schools, A Survey of Students and Teachers. Special report 1946 March 4


Japanese Research Institutions, Consolidation of Reports on. Report 1947 February


Japanese teachers' length of service. Statistical tables 1946 April 13


Japanese women's organizations. List 1946 April


Ministry of Education


Annual Reports - Statistical Tables. Special report 1946 March 8


Directives and instructions. Check sheet 1946 April 29


National Educational Personnel Labor Union - Constitution. Translation 1946 April 15


National Teachers' Union of Japan, A Report on. Special report 1946 March 2


Newly Elected Women Members of the Diet. Statistical report 1946 April 18


Plan of research for educational research unit. Report undated


School Hygiene in Japan. Special report 1946 April 12


Student Expenses. Special report 1946 May 16


Teacher Indoctrination Institutes. Special report 1946 March 12


Teacher Retirement in Japan. Special report 1946 May 3


Teachers' Salary Campaign, A Calendar of. Special report 1947 January 10


Teachers' Training in Tohoku Imperial University. Special report 1947 February 20


Tokyo Teachers' Union, Regulations of. Special report 1946 March 4


Women's Legal Status in Japan. Special report 1946 March 11


Research Unit. Education Branch


Roster of Higher Educational Institutions in Japan. Information memorandum to parallel division 1948 February 9


Economic and Scientific Section. Scientific and Technical Division


Science and Technology in Japan. Report No. 14 undated


Science and Technology in Japan. Report No. 19 1949 April


Science and Technology in Japan. Report No. 20 1948 December


Subject File 1933-1953

Scope and Contents

Memoranda, reports, pamphlets, maps, reprints, notes, and other printed matter arranged alphabetically by subject or title.
box 69

Address by the Vice-Minister of Education at the inaugural ceremony of the Student Personnel Service Institute. Transcript 1947 September 17


Allied Council for Japan

box 70

General 1946 October


Minutes of meetings 1947 November


America-Japan Society, Tokyo, Japan - Address by Governor Thomas E. Dewey at a luncheon. Transcript 1951 July 6


American Council on Education


Commission on the occupied areas 1949-1950


Educational Progress in Japan and the Ryukyus. Report 1950 May 25


American Dental Association Mission to Japan. Report 1951 July


American teachers - Income tax. Tax laws and table undated


Annual Report of Activities Supporting Reorientation Program in Japan and the Ryukyu Islands, 1951 July


The Army's Educational Exchange Program. Report 1950 May


The Case for Japan, by Howard M. Bell. Report undated


Census - Survey of the handicapped 1946 April - May


Central labor relations board. Report 1947 April 5


Chronology of the War in the Southwest Pacific, 1941 - 1945. Prepared by the Historical Division, G-3, GHQ, U.S. Army Forces, Pacific


Chronology of the Occupation - 15 August 1945 to 31 March 1946. Prepared by the Historical Division, G-3, GHQ, U.S. Army Forces, Pacific


Commission for International Educational Reconstruction 1947 September - October


Community Programs in Japan. Report, draft undated


Constitution of the empire of Japan undated


Constitution of Japan 1946 November


Creation of New Japanese Civilization, by Shigeru Nambara. Transcript of address 1946 February 11


Currency (Japanese)

General Physical Description note: 4 bills.

Development of School Library in Japan and Its Present Condition, by Tsunenobu Fukagawa. Report 1950 October

box 71

Economic Problems of Students in Japan of Post-War, by Masataka Sugi. Report 1949 June


Education for War - A Study of the Exploitation of the Japanese School System for the Propagation of Ultra-Nationalism and Militarism, undated


Chapters I - XIII


Chapters XIV - XX


Education Program Adopted at the 69th Annual Convention of the American Federation of Labor 1950. Houston, Texas 1950 September 18 - 23


Educators' public service law 1948 March


Eighth Army Headquarters - Civil education program 1947 February


Eighth Army Military Governments Unit - Directory 1947 April


The Far East - A Syllabus, by George L. Harris, American Council, Institute of Pacific Relations, Inc. 1942


Far East Command, General Headquarters - Organizational charts 1949


Far East Command and the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, General Headquarters - Traffic and vehicle regulations 1951 December 12


Farnsworth, Richard B., Ministry of Education in Lebanon 1953


The Four Year Daigaku and Daikuin (Graduate School). Report undated


Gist of Proposed Reform of Education and Practical Application of the Educational Reform Plan, by Chugo Wanatabe 1946 February 21


Gunbatsu - Rise of Militarism. Article 1946 July 12


Hellman, Richard - Interviews with members of the Imperial University 1945


Hiroshima National University, plan for the establishment of undated


History of Democracy in Japan, by Konishi and Toyama undated


English version


Japanese version

box 72

The Ideals of Educational Reforms in Japan, by Shigeru Nambara, (President of University of Tokyo). Booklet 1951


Imperial Fisheries Institute (Suisan Koshujo). Pamphlet 1933


India. Ministry of Education - Report of the General Cultural Scholarships Scheme, 1949-1950, undated


Institute for Indoctrination of Educators. Report undated


Institute for Research of Democratic Educational Material and The International Educational Material Company undated


Institute of International Education 1946-1951


Instruction manual for two-band radio receiver, model 6000-BAC undated


Introduction to Spoken Japanese. The Japanese Language School, University of Michigan 1944


Japan Education Association (Nippon Kyoiku-Kai) 1946-1947


Japan Moves Toward Democracy, by Lt. Col. D.R. Nugent. Transcript of address undated


Japan Scholarship Society 1949-1953


Japan Social Work School - Outline undated


Japan Student Association - Constitution undated


Japan-America Student Conference 1948


Japanese delegation to the U.S.A. on university education for public administration. Report 1951 September


Japanese educational periodicals. List undated


Japanese labor union legislation 1945-1946


The Japanese Peace and Security Treaties. Text and memos 1951 September


Japanese rural land reform program undated


Junior College Journal, Vol. XXII, No. 1 1951 September


Keio University (Tokyo) 1949-1952

box 73

Kodokwanki, edited by Meiji Japan Society. Tokyo 1937


Kyoto University - Map 1950


Kyushu University - Outline 1950


Laws and ordinances, miscellaneous 1945-1952


Learned societies and research institutes for natural sciences in Japan. List 1947


Learned societies in cultural sciences. List undated


Lebanon - Technical cooperation program between the U.S. government and Lebanon 1952


Library, The University and College, by Masai Watanabe. Report 1951 October


Management improvement program. Report of the Far East Command, fiscal year 1951




General 1945-1947


Prefectural (English)


Akita - Nigata prefectures


Okayama - Yamanashi prefectures


Prefectural (Japanese)


Aichi - Kumamote prefectures


Mie - Yamanashi prefectures



box 74

Ministry of Welfare. Medical Affairs Bureau - Medical affairs legislation in Japan 1951 January 1


Nara Women's University 1949


National Association of Girls' High School Principals - Organization and rules 1946 February


National Association of Middle School Principals - Organization and rules 1946 February


National Education Association. Report undated


National Federation of Teachers' Unions - Labor contract undated


National Institute for Educational Research 1948, 1950


New Plan of Japanese History Education. Report undated


IX (Ninth) Corps. Headquarters. Office of Commanding General. - Civil education reference materials 1948 October 28


Office of the U.S. Political Advisor, Tokyo, Japan


Educational Affairs in Japan, December 1 - 31, 1945


Educational Affairs in Japan, February 1 - 28, 1946


On Studies Made on Politics and History of America, by Yasaki Takagi, Osaka. Report 1951


Osaka University 1951


Osaka, the City and its Municipal Government. Booklet 1951


Outline of the History of Japanese Education, by Dr. Ken Ishikawa 1940


The Past and Present of Japanese Education, by Kotaro Tanaka 1950 February


The Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. XXX, No. 2 1948 October


Present Day Politics and Education, by Daishiro Hikada undated


Problems of Engineering Education in Japan, by R. Torikai (President, Kyoto University). Report undated


Ration books, coupons, stamps undated


Relaxation Methods in U.S. Navy Schools, by Commander William Neufield, U.S.N.R. Reprint 1951 August


Renewal committee, address to, by Dr. H. C. Kelly. Transcript 1947 September 17


School Education in New Japan, compiled by Kaneo Ohta and Ichiro Taketa. Report 1949 April


School lunch research committee. Report 1950 August


Scientific study of Japanese history. Memorandum of conversation 1945 October 22


Service center, Tokyo undated


Shintoism and Buddhism Compared, undated


Short English Addresses, by Shigeru Nambara (President, University of Tokyo) 1949 June 5


Six-Three (6 - 3) System Education, by Kaoru Sato 1951


Some Principles of Mass Persuasion, by Dorwin Cartwright. Reprint 1949


Speech by S. Nambara at the opening ceremony of the conference of university administrators. Transcript undated


Student Government in the U.S. Transcript of address 1946 September 23


The Study of International Relations and Its Place in the University Curriculum, by Takashi Haruki undated


Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers


Chief of staff - Organizational chart 1946 January 24


Japanese student selected for scholarship under SCAP student program 1949

box 75

Tokyo and vicinity telephone directory 1948 April 1


Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers. General Headquarters - Circular No. 18 1948 June 5


Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers and the Far East Command


Official relations with foreign diplomatic missions 1951 September 13


Selected Data on the Occupation of Japan, 1950


Survey of Romanization Problem and Romazi Education in Japan, by Kito-Reizo of Romazi-undo Honbu 1950 September 5


Survey of Tokyo Normal School for Youth Teachers 1946 July


Tokyo Dental College 1950 November


Tokyo Imperial University


Calendar 1940-1941


Historiographical Institute. List of publications and members 1939 December


Institute of Historical Compilation undated


Tokyo Kaikan Labor Agreement. Excerpts undated


Toyo Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha (construction plant in Hiroshima) 1946 December 20


Training for Educational Leadership in Japan, by Paul E. Webb undated


UNESCO and the Universities, by Philip Shay. Transcript of address 1947 July 26


UNESCO organizations in Japan undated


Unitarian Service Committee, Inc. - Medical mission to Japan. Report 1951 November 27


U.S. Army Forces, Pacific. General Headquarters. - Tokyo telephone directory (military)


1946 June 6


1946 July 4


U.S. Army Forces, Pacific. General Headquarters. Civil Information and Education Section - Weekly Summaries

box 76

1945 December 1 - 28


1945 December 29 - 1946 January 26


U.S. Army Eighth Army - Locations and responsibilities of 8th Army military government units. Map 1946 May 23


U.S. Cultural Science Mission to Japan - Report to SCAP 1949 January


U.S. Department of the Army. Office of the Secretary of the Army. Office for Occupied Areas. Reorientation Branch. Semi-Annual Report of the Stateside Activities Supporting the Reorientation Program in Japan and the Ryukyu Islands, 1951 January


U.S. Department of State. Educational Exchanges under the Fulbright Act. Pamphlet 1949 December


U.S. Department of State. Report of the United States Library to Advise on the Establishment of the National Diet Library of Japan, 1948 February 8


Walt Whitman Comes to the Rescue, by Victor Frene 1946 May 9


"What is Group Dynamics?," by David H. Jenkins (reprint) Adult Education Journal, 1950 April


Zengakuren. 3rd National Conference. Waseda University 1949 November 2 - 3







General Physical Description note: (3 folders).