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Inventory of the Alfred Hertz papers, 1889-1942
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Part I: Materials of a personal nature pertaining to Alfred Hertz.

Box Box 1, item 1.

Correspondence file containing documents relating to the acquisition of the Alfred Hertz Collection, 1942-1966.

item 2.

Biographical notices and published interviews.

item 3.

The birth certificate of Alfred Hertz.

item 4.

The will of Alfred Hertz, dated San Francisco, June 6, 1941; filed April 27, 1942.

item 5.

Graduation certificate from the Raff Conservatory of Music, Frankfurt a. Main, dated Frankfurt, July, 1891.

item 6.

Press clippings relating to the marriage of Alfred Hertz to Lilly Alice Dorn in Berlin, late May, 1914.

Additional Note

The statement in the National Cyclopedia of American Biography that they were married on July 15, 1914 in London is an error.
item 7.

Information pertaining to the home of Alfred and Lilly Hertz, 770 and 768 Camino Del Mar, San Francisco.

item 8.

Newspaper clippings pertaining to Alfred Hertz becoming an American citizen (February, 1916 to May, 1917), and the dispute over German aliens during World War I.

item 9.

Three opera contracts signed by Alfred Hertz:


a. Tivoli Theater, Cothen, Anhalt, dated May 15, 1892.


b. Maurice Grau Opera Company, 1902-1903.


c. Conried Metropolitan Opera Company, unsigned contract.

item 10.

Invitations to testimonial dinners in honor of Alfred Hertz.

item 11.

Testimonials in honor of Ernest Bloch being awarded first prize for his America by the musical magazine Musical America (1927).

Additional Note

Delivered by Alfred Hertz.
item 12.

Testimonials to Alfred Hertz by the Musical Association of San Francisco and the Board of Supervisors, City of San Francisco, dated 1915, 1919, 1924, and 1927.

item 13.

Documents pertaining to the resignation of Alfred Hertz as conductor of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, April 15, 1930:

Additional Note

letter of A. Hertz (3 copies); reply by J. B. Levison; an unsigned letter (2 pages); an address by Mayor Rolf; farewell concert program featuring Yehudi Menuhin (3 copies).
item 14.

Caricatures and photos of Alfred Hertz published in various newspapers and magazines (43 items).

Additional Note

There are many others in this collection, especially in the newspaper clippings and some of the correspondence.
item 15.

Original caricatures of Alfred Hertz (7 items), one by Enrico Caruso on stationary of the Conried Metropolitan Opera House, New York.

item 16.

Four lectures given by Alfred Hertz (probably at USC) regarding his performances at the Hollywood Bowl, dated July and August, 1924 (lecture 1 is lacking).

item 17.

Five songs by Johannes Brahms, orchestrated by Alfred Hertz, Program; performed by Pierre Monteaux and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Tuesday, March 15, 1945

item 18.

Dora and Maria Engel. Application for consular immigration visas, dated Lyon, May 15, 1939. Supported by Alfred and Lilly Hertz.

item 19.

Miscellaneous newspaper clippings pertaining to the friends of Alfred and Lilly Hertz and other Musicians, about 50 items.

item 20.

Politics and music, particularly about Hitler and Jewish musicians.

Additional Note

Also about Karl Muck during W. W. I.

Part II: Materials pertaining to protégés of Alfred Hertz.

Box Box 1, item 21.

Leslie Hodge: autobiographical sketch for the Oakland Tribune May , 1946.

item 22.

Leslie Hodge: letter from Alfred Hertz to Mrs. Elsie Hodge, Albany, Australia, concerning her son Leslie Hodge. Dated June 30, 1936.

item 23.

Leslie Hodge: letter describing his life in the U.S. Navy during W. W. II.

item 24.

Leslie Hodge: letter and telegrams to Alfred Hertz, 1940-1941.

item 25.

Leslie Hodge: newspaper clippings, folder 1.

item 26.

Leslie Hodge: newspaper clippings, folder 2.

item 27.

Leslie Hodge: programs; Portland Philharmonic Orchestra, January to June, 1940, conducted by Leslie Hodge.

item 28.

Leslie Hodge: miscellaneous programs and publicity announcements

item 29.

Leon Fleischer. Clippings, notices, photos, etc., 20 items (some duplicates).

item 30.

Yehudi Menuhin. Clippings, letters, programs, photographs, etc. pertaining to Yehudi Menuhin and Alfred Hertz, over 50 items.


Part III: personal correspondence to and from Alfred Hertz.

Box Box 1, item 31.

Alfred to his parents. Dated Halle, Nov. 22, 1891 (incomplete).

item 32.

Alfred to his father. Dated New York, Dec. 26, 1903.

item 33.

Alfred to "Mama." Dated Dec. 17, 1921, San Francisco.

item 34.

Alfred to "Mr. Brinkel," with a note appended to his father, Leo, from Emily. Dated: Palace Hotel, SF, April 10, 1905.

Additional Note

Describes his first visit to San Francisco.
item 35.

From Eda to Alfred. Four letters from Koln and Wien, 1907 and 1909.

item 36.

Uncle Emil, to and from Alfred.

Additional Note

Three letters, one with an added note from Leo to Emily. 1903, 1904, 1907.
item 37.

Ernst and Ilse to Alfred. Four letters dated 1902, 1903, and 1939.

item 38.

Fritz and Ilse to Alfred and Lilly. Three letters dated 1938 and 1939.

item 39.

Oscar and Marie, to and from Alfred. Two letters, one incomplete. One dated 1925.

item 40.

Otto to Alfred. Seven letters dated 1903 and 1904.


Part IV: Special correspondence pertaining to Alfred Hertz.

Box Box 1, item 41.

Recommendation in behalf of Alfred Hertz, unsigned. Typescript draft. No date.

item 42.

Alfred Hertz applies for a conducting position. Dated Berlin, June 10, 1907.

item 43.

Alfred Hertz responds to a telegram concerning a conflict with Felix Mottl, Austrian conductor, Pencil draft, dated Waldhaus Flims, Schweiz, July 2, ---.

item 44.

Alfred Hertz to "Ew. Excellenz."

Additional Note

Complains bitterly about the deplorable behavior of his orchestra, the Stadt Theater Orchestra in Breslau. Pencil Draft, dated April 11, 1901.

Part V: Special correspondence with friends.

Box Box 1, item 45.

Artie Mason Carter, founder of the Hollywood Bowl. Five letters to Alfred and Lilly, dated 1924.

item 46.

Albert Elkus.

Additional Note

Correspondence between Albert Elkus, Alfred Hertz, Lilly Hertz, and Leslie Hodge. Dated March, 1919 to June, 1948. Mr. Elkus was the chairman of the Department of Music at Berkeley.

Part VI: Professional correspondence, mostly letters to Alfred Hertz.

Box Box 1, item 47.

Ackta Reuvak, Arno, 3 letters.

item 48.

Adler, Paul, 1 letter.

item 49.

Agard, Arthur F., English Dept., Alameda High School, 1 letter.

item 50.

d'Albert, Eugene, 1864-1932, English pianist and composer, 4 letters.

item 51.

Axt, Theodor, 1 letter.

item 52.

Bauer, Shirlie Frances, 2 letters.

item 53.

Behymer, L. E., Concert manager in California, 6 letters.

Additional Note

Other letters in the Hollywood Bowl correspondence.
item 54.

Bispham, David, 1857-1921, American baritone, 1 letter.

item 55.

Blass, Robert, 1 letter. Bass singer.

item 56.

Boeke, Ernst, 1 letter.

item 57.

Brandts-Buys, Jan, 1868-1933, Austrian composer, 2 letters.

item 58.

Breitenfeld, Richard, 1 letter.

item 59.

Brown, Ray C. B., managing editor, Musical America, 2 letters.

item 60.

Burg, Eugen, director, Deutsches Theater, NY, 1 letter.

item 61.

Burmeister, Richard, 1860-1940, German composer and pianist, 1 letter.

item 62.

Busch, Carl, 1862-1943, Danish-American conductor and composer, 1 card.

item 63.

Cheatham. Kelly, 1 letter.

item 64.

Cadman, Charles Wakefield, 1881-1946, American composer, 1 letters about a performance of Edward Schneider's Sargasso Sea (San Francisco composer).

item 65.

Conried, Heinrich, 1848-1909, Austrian-American impresario, 15 letters about Metropolitan Opera performances.

item 6.

Chadwick, George W., 1854-1931, American composer, 1 letter.

item 67.

Damrosch, Walter, 1862-1950, German-American conductor, 1 letter.

item 68.

Delius, Frederick, 1862-1934, English composer, 6 letters and cards.

item 69.

De Reszke, Edouard de, 1853-1917, Polish bass singer, 2 letters.

item 70.

Dessoff, Margarethe, 1874-1944, Austrian choral conductor, 1 letter.

item 71.

Ebstein, Georg, 1 letter.

item 72.

Eddy, Nelson, 1901-1967, popular American singer, 1 letter.

item 73.

Finck, Henry Theophlis, 1854-1926, American editor, NY Evening Post, 1 letter and a review.

item 74.

Fisher, Marjory M., music critic, SF News, 2 letters.

item 75.

Franko, Nahan, 1861-1930, violinist and conductor, 6 letters.

item 76.

Frauscher, Moritz, 2 letters.

item 77.

Fremstad, Olive, 1871-1951, Swedish-American soprano, 3 letters.

item 78.

Gabrilowitsch, Ossip, 1878-1936, Russian-American pianist and conductor, 8 letters (Several not addressed to A. Hertz).

item 79.

Gatti-Casazza, Mrs. Alda, 1 letter.

item 80.

Gatti-Casazza, Giulio, 1868-1940, Italian impresario, 4 letters with caricatures by Robert Blass, bass singer. 1 letter is from Oscar H. Kahn concerning cuts in Rosenkavalier,Dec. 7-8, 1913.

item 81.

Gerdes, Maria, pianist, 2 letters.

item 82.

Gilman, Lawrence, Harper's Weekly, 1 letter.

item 83.

Godowsky, Leopold, 1870-1938, Russian American pianist, 1 letter.

item 84.

Goerlitz, Ernest, business manager, Conried Metropolitan Opera Co., NY, 2 letters.

item 85.

Goldmark, Rubin, 1872-1936, American composer and teacher, 4 letters,

item 86.

Goritz, Otto, 1873-1929, German baritone, 1 letter. 2 photos.

item 87.

Graveure, Louis, 1888-1965, English concert singer. 1 letter to Selby Oppenheimer, Hollywood Bowl.

item 88.

Greef-Andriessen, Felazie, 2 letters.

item 89.

Gregor, Hans, 2 letters.

item 90.

Halperson, M., newspaper correspondent, 13 letters.

item 91.

Harris, Roy, 1898-1979, American composer, 1 letter and a published facsimile.

item 92.

Hecht, Elias, Flute, Chamber Music Society of San Francisco, 4 letters.

item 93.

Hegner, Anton, 1868-1915, Danish cellist and composer, 3 letters.

item 94.

Heller, Hugo, concert director, Vienna, 1 letter.

item 95.

Henley, Homer, 1872-1939, musician from San Francisco, 1 letter concerning the WPA "dime concerts."

item 96.

Herbert, Victor, 1859-1924, composer of light music, 1 letter.

item 97.

Herbert-Thomes, Helen, 2 letters.

item 98.

Hess, Willi, 1859-1939, German violinist, 1 letter.

item 99.

Humiston, William Henry, 1869-1923, American organist, 1 letter.

item 100.

Humperdinck, Engelbert, 1854-1921, German composer, 3 letters.

item 101.

Homer, Louise, 1871-1947, letter from her husband Sidney Homer, 1864-1953.

item 102.

Jacobin, Sascha, 1 letter.

item 103.

Jarnefelt, Armas, 1869-1958, Finnish composer and conductor, 1 letter.

item 104.

Journet, Marcel, 1867-1933, bass singer, 1 letter.

item 105.

Kahn, Julius, Congressmen, US House of Representatives, 1 letter.

item 106.

Kernstock, Ottokar, 1 letter.

item 107.

Klöpfer, 1 letter.

item 108.

Knote, Heinrich, 1870-1953, German tenor, 1 letter.

item 109.

Koblinsky Albert, 4 letters, 1 photo.

item 110.

Kogel, Gustav Friedrich, 1849-1921, German conductor, 1 card.

item 111.

Konstantin, Leopoldine, 1 letter. Also, see item 340.

item 112.

Koussevitzky, Serge, 1874-1951, Russian conductor, 3 letters.

item 113.

Kraus, Felix von, Austrian bass singer, 1 letter.

item 114.

Krehbiel, Henry Edward, 1854-1923, American music critic, 10 letters.

item 115.

Kurz, Selma, 1874-1933, German soprano, 1 letter.

item 116.

Lang, Benjamin Johnson, 1837-1909, American pianist and conductor, 1 letter.

item 117.

Letz, Hans, 1887-1969, German violinist, 2 letters.

item 118.

Levysohn, Arthur, editor, Berliner Tageblatt, 1 letter.

item 119.

Liebig, Peter, Hoftheater, Altenburg, 1 letter.

item 120.

Liebling, Leonard, 1874-1945, American music cric and editor, 1 letter.

item 121.

Lorenz, Alfred Ottokar, 1868-1939, Austrian musicologist, composer, and conductor, 2 letters. 1 photo.

item 122.

Mahler, Gustav, 1860-1911, Austrian composer and conductor, 1 card.

item 123.

Malipiero, Gian Francesco, 1882-1973, Italian composer, 1 letter. 1 photo.

item 124.

Mana-Zucca, b. 1884, American composer, 1 letter.

item 125.

Mapleson, Lionel S., 1865-1937, librarian, Metropolitan Opera House, NY, 1 letter. 4 photos.

item 126.

Marcelli, Nino, 1890-1967, Chilean composer and conductor, 1 letter.

item 127.

Marx, Max, 1 card.

item 128.

Mattfeld, Marie, 1 letter.

item 129.

Merola, Gaetano, 1881-1953, Italian-American conductor and impresario, 3 letters.

item 130.

Meyer-Helmund, Erik, 1861-1932, Russian-German composer. 1 letter.

item 131.

Monae-Lever, A., testimonial poem.

item 132.

Mottl, Felix, 1856-1911, Austrian conductor, 2 telegrams.

item 133.

Muck, Karl, 1859-1940, German conductor, 1 note.

item 134.

Muhlmann, Adolf, 1 letter.

item 135.

Neuer, Berthold B., 2 letters relating to Arthur Bodansky, 1877-1939, Austrian conductor, and the erection of a monument to Mahler in Vienna

item 136.

Ochs, Siegfried, 1858-1929, German choral conductor and composer, 4 letters (several very lengthy).

item 137.

Penha, Michel, 1 letter, concerns his resignation from the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

item 138.

Persinger, Louis, 1887-1966, American violinist, 1 letter.

item 139.

Petschnikoff, Alexander, 1873-1949, Russian violinist, 1 letter.

Box Box 2, item 140.

Pirani, Eugenio, 1852-1939, Italian composer and pianist, 1 letter. The last side contains a draft letter by Alfred Hertz to someone else.

item 141.

Plançon, Pol, 1851-1914, French bass singer, 1 letter.

item 142.

Reichwein, Leopold, 1875-1945, conductor, 3 letters about a performance of his opera Vasantasena(Breslau, 1903).

item 143.

Reiss, Albert, 1870-1940, German tenor, 1 letter.

item 144.

Rittenhaus, Alfred, 1 letter.

item 145.

Salter, Norman, Strassburger Theater & Concert Bureau, 2 letters.

item 146.

Schiff, Jacob W., 2 cards.

item 147.

Schindler, Kurt, 1882-1935, German conductor and music editor, 3 letters.

item 148.

Schmedes, Hakon, 1877-1938, Danish violinist and composer, 1 letter.

item 149.

Schott & Co., London, a letter and an invoice for Parsifal.

item 150.

Schroder-Kaminsky, Frau Dr., 1 letter.

item 151.

Schumann-Heink, Ernestine, 1861-1936, Czech-American contralto, 2 letters with an English translation of one to Lilly Hertz. Also, see items 337-38.

item 152.

Seckendorff, L. E. von, 1 card.

item 153.

Seligmann, ?, parts of ?9 letters with drawings.

item 154.

Sherman, F. R., Sherman Clay & Co., SF, 1 letter.

item 155.

Siloti, Alexander, 1863-1945, Russian pianist and conductor, 3 letters.

item 156.

Smyth, Dame Ethel Mary, 1858-1944, English composer, 2 letters.

item 157.

Southwick, ?A. A., 1 hand-drawn Christmas card.

item 158.

Stokowski, Leopold, 1882-1977, English-American conductor, 1 letter.

item 159.

Taft, Frank, art director, The Aeolian Company, pipe-organ department, 2 letters.

item 160.

Tänzler, Hans, 1 letter.

item 161.

Ternina, Milka, 1863-1941, Croatian soprano, 1 card.

item 162.

Tyroler, Wilhelm, "Tonkunstler," with the Metropolitan Opera House, NY, 1 letter.

item 163.

Usigili, Gastone, conductor, San Francisco, 1 letter.

item 164.

Vigna, Arturo, conductor, Metropolitan Opera Company, 1 letter.

item 165.

Walter, William E., Boston Symphony Hall, 1 letter concerning Frederick Converse's opera The Pipe of Desire(1910).

item 166.

Wetzler, Hermann Hans, 1870-1943, German American conductor, 4 letters (probably one is incomplete).

item 167.

Wiesenthal, Grete, 1885-1970, Austrian dancer and choreographer, 1 letter (incomplete).

item 168.

Wirth, Friedrich Moritz, 1849-1907, German writer on music, 3 letters, one very long.

item 169.

Wistinghausen, Richard von, 1 letter.

item 170.

Wolff, Max, 4 letters.

item 171.

Wolfsohn, Henry, music agent, NY, 1 letter.

item 172.

Wood, Sir Henry J., 1869-1944, English conductor, 2 letters.

item 173.

Widenham, A. W., secretary-manager, Musical Association of San Francisco, 5 letters.

item 174.

"E. S.," 3 letters [Ethel Smyth?]

item 175.

Copies of letters from Alfred Hertz to:


a. E. S. Heller, SF, May 13, 1916.


b. Wm. Sproule, SF, Feb. 27, 1919.


c. Walter Oesterreicher, SF, May 8 and July 5, 1925.


d. Hugo Bryck, Berlin, Sept. 8, 1925.


e. Henry Eichheim, SF, Nov. 18, 1926.


f. Claire Swift, Chicago, Nov. 29, 1926.

item 176.

12 letters and cards; signatures unidentified. One by Anton van Rooz.


Part VII: Newspaper clippings pertaining to musical performances by Alfred Hertz, 1898 to 1915.

Box Box 2, item 177.

Eberfelder and Breslau, Germany, 1898-1901. 3 reviews.

item 178.

New York, 1902. Maurice Grau Metropolitan Opera Company. About 40 reviews. Principal performance, Lohengrin.

item 179.

New York, January 1903. About 50 reviews. Principal performance, The Ring.

item 180.

New York, February-December, 1903. Heinrich Conried Metropolitan Opera Company.

Additional Note

About 50 reviews. Principal performance, Parsifal, first performance in the US.
item 181.

New York, February-August, 1904. About 50 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal performances, operas of Wagner.
item 182.

New York, Boston, Pittsburg, Dallas, 1905. About 50 reviews.

item 183.

Principal performances, operas of Wagner.

item 184.

New York, 1907. 4 reviews. Principal performance, Salome sung by Olive Fremstad. First American performance,

item 185.

New York, 1908. 10 reviews. Principal performance, Eugen d'Albert's Tiefland, first American performance.

item 186.

New York, 1909. 15 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal performance, operas of Wagner.
item 187.

New York, Chicago, Atlanta, London, 1910. About 40 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal performance in NY, Pipe of Desire by Frederick S. Converse. First NY performance.
item 188.

New York, 1911. About 40 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal performance, Koenigskinder by Engelbert Humperdinck. World premiere.
item 189.

New York, Boston, 1912. About 25 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal performance, operas of Wagner.
item 190.

New York, 1913. 9 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal performances: Rosenkavalier of Strauss and Magic Flutesung by Frieda Hempel. .
item 191.

New York, 1914. 7 reviews. Principal performance, Lohengrin with Joanna Gadski.

item 192.

New York, 1915. About 30 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal performance, Beethoven's Fidelio and operas by Wagner. Principal event: resignation of Alfred Hertz from the Metropolitan Opera Company.
item 193.

New York, 1903-1915. Undated newspaper Clippings. About 40 items.

item 194.

Grainger, Percy. Five reviews of his In a Nutshell Suite, performed by the St. Louis Symphony, Friday, November 17, 1916, Max Zach, Conductor.

Additional Note

It is not known why these clippings are in the Hertz collection.

Part VIII: Newspaper clippings

Additional Note

Pertaining to musical performances given in San Francisco from June, 1915 until his death in 1942 by Alfred Hertz.
Box Box 2, item 194«.

San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, ca. 1918-1942.

Additional Note

Newspaper clippings which lack the date of the year. Many bear the name of the reviewer, the name of the newspaper, and the day, as: January 11, September 18, etc. About 200 clippings.
Box Box 3, item 195.

San Francisco, June, 1915-April 1916. About 60 reviews.

Additional Note

Major event: appointment of Alfred Hertz as conductor of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.
item 196.

San Francisco, June, 1916-April, 1917. About 40 reviews.

item 197.

San Francisco, June, 1917-April, 1918. About 25 reviews.

item 198.

San Francisco, July, 1918-March, 1919. About 25 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal performance, Bloch's Schelomo; Horace Britt, cello.
item 199.

San Francisco, August, 1919-January, 1920. About 40 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal events: "Mammoth Pop Concerts." Singer: Alice Gentle.
item 200.

San Francisco. June, 1920-March 1921. About 30 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal event: 8 concerts in Berkeley.
item 201.

San Francisco, July, 1920-May, 1922. About 50 reviews.

Additional Note

A notable performance with Ruth St. Denis.
item 202.

San Francisco, July, 1922-March, 1923. About 35 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal events: Popular concerts at the Civic Auditorium.
item 203.

San Francisco, November, 1923-April, 1924. About 50 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal event: First Spring Music Festival, March-April, 1924.
item 204.

San Francisco, August, 1924-April, 1925. About 60 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal works: Frederick Jacobi, Deems Taylor, Percy Grainger, Ernest Bloch, Verdi, Requiem, Second Spring Music Festival, Rubin Goldmark, etc.
item 205.

San Francisco, August, 1925-April, 1926. About 50 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal events: piano festival with 24 concert pianists, Efrem Zimbalist concert, Messiah.
item 206.

San Francisco, September, 1926-April, 1927. About 40 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal events: Bloch's Hebrew Rhapsody, Miaskovsky's Fifth Symphony, Edward Schneider's Sargasso, St. Matthew Passion, 25th anniversary of A. Hertz.
item 207.

San Francisco, May, 1927-April, 1928. About 75 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal events: Tristan and Isolde, exchange of concerts by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.
item 208.

San Francisco, June, 1928-May, 1929. About 60 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal performances: Bloch's America, Carpenter's Skyscrapers, tour of western states by Los Angeles Philharmonic and Hertz: Montana, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington.
item 209.

San Francisco, June, 1929-May, 1930. About 50 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal events: conducts American Philharmonic Orchestra in summer series, A. Hertz announces his retirement from the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
item 210.

San Francisco, June, 1930-December, 1930. About 30 reviews.

item 211.

San Francisco, 1931. About 20 clippings.

Additional Note

Tour of Europe on vacation.
item 212.

San Francisco, 1932. War Memorial Opera House opens.

item 213.

San Francisco, 1933. About 35 clippings.

Additional Note

Major performance: Brahms concert.
item 214.

San Francisco, 1934. About 50 clippings.

Additional Note

Principal performances Bartered Bride, Tannhauser at Opera House.
item 215.

San Francisco, January, 1935-June, 1935. About 60 reviews.

Additional Note

Principal performances: Honegger's King David, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, S. F. Municipal Symphony.
item 216.

San Francisco, February through April, 1936. About 20 clippings.

Additional Note

Principal performance: Lotte Lehmann concert.
item 217.

San Francisco, 1937 to 1942 (death of Alfred Hertz). About 30 clippings.

Additional Note

See also items which cover Alfred Hertz's association with the WPA Federal Music Project in Northern California, June, 1937-December, 1938. See items 258-260.

Part IX: Business correspondence

Additional Note

Pertainig to the Hollywood Bowl concerts, 1924 through 1928.
Box Box 3, item 218.

Hollywood Bowl, 1924 season.

Additional Note

Correspondence principally with William Edson Strobridge, W. R. Schurig and to a lesser extent with L. E. Behymer and Bruno David Ussher. About 35 letters.
item 219.

Hollywood Bowl, 1925 season.

Additional Note

No correspondence, except a list of orchestra parts held by the Hollywood Bowl orchestra Library. 8 leaves.
item 220.

Hollywood Bowl, 1926 season. About 55 letters.

Additional Note

Correspondence principally with Raymond Brite, Jay P. Plowe, and Allan C. Balch; other correspondence from L. E. Behymer, T. Perceval Gerson, and J. E. Paget-Frederick.
item 221.

Hollywood Bowl, 1927 season. About 55 letters.

Additional Note

Correspondence principally with Raymond Brite, L. E. Behymer; other correspondence from Mrs. Leiland Atherton Irish and George Leslie Smith. [Photo of Mrs. Irish; concert program]
item 222.

Hollywood Bowl, 1928 season. About 25 letters.

Additional Note

Correspondence principally with Raymond Brite, Arthur F. Pabst, and Jay P. Plowe; other correspondence with Elizabeth McCabe Gilmore.

Part X: Newspaper clippings

Additional Note

Pertaining to musical performances given at the Hollywood Bowl by Alfred Hertz from 1922 to 1942.
Box Box 4, item 223.

Hollywood Bowl, 1922 season. About 40 clippings.

item 224.

Hollywood Bowl, 1924 season. About 60 clippings.

item 225.

Hollywood Bowl, 1925 season. About 30 clippings.

item 226.

Hollywood Bowl, 1926 season. About 30 clippings.

item 227.

Hollywood Bowl, 1927 season. About 40 clippings.

item 228.

Hollywood Bowl, 1929 season. 9 clippings.

item 229.

Hollywood Bowl, 1930 season. About 40 clippings.

item 230.

Hollywood Bowl, 1931 season. 27 clippings.

item 231.

Hollywood Bowl, 1932 season. About 40 clippings.

item 232.

Hollywood Bowl, 1933 season. About 35 clippings.

item 233.

Hollywood Bowl, 1934 season. 18 clippings.

item 234.

Hollywood Bowl, 1936-1942. Miscellaneous clippings and programs.

Additional Note

Apparently Alfred Hertz did not conduct the Bowl orchestra during these years.
item 235.

Hollywood Bowl, 1922-1934. Undated clippings. Over 50 items.


Part XI: Special concerts, 1899 to 1938.

Additional Note

Arranged by city.
Box Box 4, item 236.

Amsterdam, July 8, 1920. Conducts Cocertgebouw Orchestra.

item 237.

Boston, June 4, 1915. Conducts Siegfried at Harvard University.

item 238.

Detroit, March 7, 8, and 10, 1929. Conducts Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

item 239.

Fresno, 1927 & 1928. Conducts San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

item 240.

Fresno, 1937. Conducts recently formed Fresno Sym. Orchestra.

item 241.

Hillsborough, 1935. Conducts at Woodland Theater; also a few clippings from 1929.

item 242.

Houston, December, 1935-February, 1936. About 50 clippings.

item 243.

London, May 30, 1899, at St. James Hall; May 30, --

Additional Note

Conducts at St. James Hall; May 19, --, conducts at the Royal Opera Covent Garden.
item 244.

Los Angeles, July 1-3, 1915.

Additional Note

Conducts Horatio Parker's Fairyland at Clune's Auditorium. About 30 clippings.
item 245.

New York, 1902-1912. Metropolitan Opera seasons, programs. 17 items.

Additional Note

See also items 313-314.
item 246.

New York, December 24, 1903. First Performance of Parsifal.

item 247.

Pasadena, June, 1932.

Additional Note

Conducts Pasadena Civic Orchestra.
item 248.

Sacramento, 1936 & 1937.

Additional Note

Conducts Sacramento Municipal Symphony.
item 249.

San Diego, May-June, 1916. A. Hertz on vacation.

item 250.

San Diego, 1929 & 1931.

Additional Note

Conducts San Diego Civic Orchestra. About 30 clippings.
item 251.

San Diego, August 9-22, 1935.

Additional Note

Conducts the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra at the California Pacific International Exposition at Ford Bowl. About 30 clippings. 3 photos.
item 252.

San Diego, August, 1915.

Additional Note

Conducts the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra at Ford Bowl. About 25 clippings.
item 253.

San Francisco, April, 1905.

Additional Note

Conducts Conried Metropolitan Opera Company in Parsifal.
item 254.

San Francisco, April 8, 1905. Reviews of Parsifal in the San Francisco Examiner and The Bulletin.

item 255.

San Francisco, April, 1906.

Additional Note

Newspaper stories about the Earthquake.
item 256.

San Francisco, April 18-25, 1925.

Additional Note

Correspondence file pertaining to the Second Spring Music Festival. Correspondence with Sara Jane Cahier, contralto; Alexander Kipnis, baritone; Rudolf Laubenthal, tenor; and Helen Stanley, soprano. Business and autograph letters. About 60 items.
item 257.

San Francisco, 1932-1937. Standard Oil Radio Symphony Hour broadcasts. About 50 items.

item 258.

San Francisco, June, 1937-December, 1938.

Additional Note

WPA Federal Music Project in San Francisco. Clippings pertaining to Antonia Brico conducting the first "Dime concert" at Exposition Auditorium August 31, 1938. 16 items.
item 259.

San Francisco, June, 1937-December, 1938.

Additional Note

WPA Federal Music Project in San Francisco. Assorted clippings.
item 260.

San Francisco, June, 1937-December, 1938.

Additional Note

WPA Federal Music Project in San Francisco. Clippings pertaining to the hiring of A. Hertz as the Northern California director, and of the attempt to dismiss him in March and April, 1938. About 40 clippings.
item 261.

Saratoga, California, March 27, 1926.

Additional Note

Conducts orchestra at the Santa Clara Valley Blossom Festival. Official program.
item 262.

Shaver Lake, California (near Fresno), Western Music Camp of the Sierras, 1933 & 1934. 8 items. 1 photo.

item 263.

Stockton, California, January, 1926.

Additional Note

Conducts San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.
item 264.

Stockton, California, May, 1935.

Additional Note

Conducts Festival high school orchestras.

Part XII: Miscellaneous materials pertaining to Alfred Hertz.

Box Box 5, item 265.

Sara Koenigswerther Hertz, mother of Alfred Hertz. Diary:November, 1870 to April, 1892.

Additional Note

The entries are devoted to the activities of her two sons, Oscar and Alfred. Very precious document.
item 266.

Alfred Hertz. Journal of opera performances. Lists 1409 operas conducted between November 21, 1891 and April 25, 1913.

item 267.

Lilly Hertz. Notebook containing the texts of standard German Lieder.

Additional Note

Probably compiled by Lilly Hertz.
item 268.

Metropolitan Opera Company, New York. Prospectuses. Second Trans-Continental Tour of the Conried Metropolitan Opera Company, Spring, 1906.

Additional Note

Contains information about performances in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, and San Francisco (April 16-28, 1906).
item 269.

Alfred Hertz. Travel log book, 1931.

Additional Note

Contains entries about his European vacation tour.
item 270.

Standard Oil Symphony Hour radio broadcasts.

Additional Note

Small loose leaf notebook containing names of compositions and their timings, July 22-October 21, 193-. Arranged by weekly broadcast.
item 271.

Standard Oil Symphony Hour radio broadcasts.

Additional Note

Large loose leaf notebook containing names of compositions and their timings, February 9, 1933-November 16, 1933. Arranged by weekly broadcast.
item 272.

Standard Oil Symphony Hour radio broadcasts.

Additional Note

Large loose publicity materials released by The Standard Oil Company. Information about Alfred Hertz and his orchestra.
item 273.

Alfred Hertz. Facing the Music. Recollections, Happy and Otherwise of an Orchestra Conductor. Typescript memoirs, 209 leaves, in black binder. Published in 31 installments by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Additional Note

Introduction, Sunday, May 3, 1942; installment no. 1, Sunday, May 10, 1942; installment no. 30, July 26, 1942. See item 311.
item 274.

Synopsis of Facing the Music, single leaf, typescript.

item 275.

Lilly Hertz. Life of Alfred Hertz. Typescript original, 267 leaves plus 30 pages apparently rewritten by Ray C. B. Brown.

Additional Note

Also enclosed are 6 letters relating to an attempted publication of Lilly's biography which proved unsuccessful. One document (2 pp., written in in red ink by Lilly Hertz) is a remarkable "memoir" of a highly personal nature reflecting her tortured thoughts after the death of Alfred Hertz.
item 276.

Dr. John Sampson, M.D. Postcards sent to Dr. Sampson from Lilly Hertz just prior to her death.

Additional Note

Also, a note from Dr. Sampson to Mrs. Elizabeth Elkus concerning the two cards.
item 277.

Dr. John Sampson, M.D. Interview with Dr. Sampson by Professor Vincent Duckles and John A. Emerson relating to the last years and deaths of Alfred and Lilly Hertz.

Additional Note

Dr. Sampson was the attending physician. Two tapes, a master and a copy. January, 1975
item 278.

Lilly Hertz, "The Maestro Improvises," Game and Gossip (December, 1931), p. 42 ff.

Additional Note

An article about her husband, Alfred Hertz.
item 279.

Picture of Alfred and Lilly Hertz in Musical America (September, 1940), p. 42.

item 280.

Alfred Hertz. 22 ceremonial cloth sashes, banners, etc. awarded Alfred Hertz on various occasions during his career.


Part XIII: Musical compositions of Alfred Hertz written while he was a student, November, 1887-December, 1889.

Additional Note

(When first examined on June 5, 1985, this music was in great disarray. There is some question whether or not it is assembled properly. J. Emerson.)
Box Box 9, item 281.

Song "An die Entfernte," for voice and piano. Text: Goethe. Photographic copy, 2 leaves.

Additional Note

The original is held by Yale University. Dated: October, 1889 (Frankfurt). The folder contains two letters by Albert I. Elkus pertaining to the MS to Yale on March 19, 1943 by the San Francisco book dealer, Mr. S. Martin.
item 282.

Song "Spanisches Standchen," for voice and piano.

Additional Note

Text: Emil Geibel. No place or date, 2 leaves.
item 283.

Song (opus 5), for voice and piano. Text: Heine.

Additional Note

This copy is not in the hand of Alfred Hertz. No place or date, 1 leaf.
item 284.

Praeludium, arr. for 2 pianos (orchestra cues throughout). Date: March, 1888. 32 numbered pp.

item 285.

Rondo, for piano. Date: January, 1889. 3 leaves.

item 286.

Rondo, for piano. Date: May, 1889. 11 leaves.

item 287.

Rondo, for piano. Date: July, 1889. 21 leaves.

item 288.

Rondo, for piano. Date: August, 1889. 4 leaves.

item 289.

Sonate, for piano. Date: December, 1889. 4 leaves.

item 290.

Sonate, for violin and piano. Date; December, 1889. 6 leaves.

item 291.

Sonate, for violin and piano. Date: January 20-April 8, (1889) 25 leaves.

item 292.

Sonatine, for piano. Date: September, 1899. 3 leaves.

item 293.

Sonatine, for piano. Date: October 1889. 2 leaves.

item 294.

Sonatine, for piano. Date: November, 1889. 6 leaves.

item 295.

Sonatine, for piano. Date: October, 1889. 1 leaf.

item 296.

Sonatine, for piano. Date: November, 1889. 1 leaf.

item 297.

Sonatine, for piano. Date: September, 1889. 1 leaf.

item 298.

Sonatine, for piano. Date: September & October, 1889. 6 leaves, same music as items 299 and 300.

item 299.

Sonate, for vln. II, vln II, cello & piano (opus 6). No date or place.

Additional Note

Score and parts. 8 leaves. Same music as items 298 and 300.
item 300.

String quartet, opus 13. Date: November, 1887.

Additional Note

Blue cover (loose) and 16 leaves. Not in the hand of Alfred Hertz. Inscription: Quartett/ fur 2 Violinen, Viola, und Violoncell/ von/ Alfred Hertz/ op. 13/ Gewidmet/ Seinen Freunden/ Guido Baerwind, August Herber, Hwemann Score and cello part only.
item 301.

Walzer, for piano. Date: November, 1889. 4 leaves.

item 302.

Untitled, for piano. Date: September, 1888. 4 leaves (incomplete).

item 303.

Untitled, for piano. Date: September, 1889. 1 leaf (incomplete).

item 304.

Untitled, for piano. Date: March, 1889. 2 leaves.

item 305.

Untitled, for piano. No place or date. 2 leaves.

item 306.

Untitled, for pain. Date: April, 1889. 2 leaves.

item 307.

Untitled, for piano. No place or date. 2 leaves.

item 308.

"Finale maestoso," arranged for 2 pianos (orchestra cues throughout). No place or date. 7 leaves.

item 309.

Exercises in composition and brief pieces.

Additional Note

Seven quires of music paper numbered XII-XVII. 58 leaves. These pieces appear to be very instructive as they apply to teaching methodology in Germany during the late 1880s.
item 310.

Miscellaneous and incomplete. 8 items. No place or date.


Part XIV: Oversize programs and other documents.

Box Box 6, item 311.

Alfred Hertz. Facing the Music. Published in the San Francisco Chronicle in 31 installments, Sunday, May 3, 1942 through July 26, 1942.

Additional Note

Newspaper clippings (installments 9, 11-14, 19, and 24 are lacking). See item 273 for the original typescript memoir.
item 311a.

An acid-free photocopy of Facing the Music (entire), pamphlet bd. (3/3/93).

item 312.

Alfred Hertz. Barmen-Eberfeld Stadttheater. Opera programs from November 5, 1898-April 5, 1899.

Additional Note

Materials are very fragile!
item 313.

Alfred Hertz. Metropolitan Opera House, New York. Opera programs for the 1913-1914 season.

Additional Note

These materials are extremely fragile, and the paper has broken at the folds.
item 314.

Program. The Story of Parsifal.

Additional Note

Prepared for the first performance in the United States by the Conried Metropolitan Opera Company. Large, deluxe edition. Program notes by Charles Henry Meltzer. Contains sumptous reproductions of sets, photographs of cast, and Alfred Hertz, conductor. Also, Munich sets.
item 315.

Programs, 1893-1898. Altenburg, Engelburg, and Eberfeld concerts.

item 316.

Wirth, Moritz. Stage plans and decorations used with the production of Wagner's Das Rheingold.

Additional Note

Offprints of Die Redenden Kunste: Zeitscrift f. Musik und Litteratur, 5 Jahrgang, Heft 43 (1898/99). 5 copies.
item 317.

Alfred Hertz and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

Additional Note

Large, undated flyer with photographs entitled "The Living Soul of Music."
item 318.

Two posters.

Additional Note

Alfred Hertz conducts the Sacramento Municipal Symphony Orchestra, Memorial Auditorium, April 29, (1937). Also, see item 248.
item 319.

Citation (mounted in glass) from King Carol II of Alfred Hertz, conductor of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Dated: Bucuresti, November 24, 1936.

Additional Note

Decree 1679/1936, letter 1636.
item 320.

Medal (see item 319).

Additional Note

The blue case bears the inscription: "Meritual Cultural Cavaler CI. II." The medal inside the case consists of a blue cross bearing the likeness of King Carol II of Rumania

--Also enclosed is a gold cigarette case bearing the inscription: "Ihrem Lieben/ Alfred Hertz/ Das Deutsche Solo Personal/ M. O. H./ April 24, 1915."

Part XV: Oversize photographs

Additional Note

(Also see boxes 8 & 9).
Box Box 7, item 321.

21 Principal professional photographs of Alfred Hertz.

item 322.

Lilly Hertz, studio photograph.

item 323.

Lilly Hertz, photograph, deep brown tone.

item 324.

Lilly Hertz, large, full-length studio photograph.

item 325.

Lilly Hertz, painted portrait in color.

item 326.

"Perry." Dated November 20, 1944 with a personal inscription to Lilly Hertz.

item 327.

Alfred Hertz, 3 studio photographs.

item 328.

Alfred Hertz. Portrait in crayon and charcoal.

item 329.

Alfred Hertz. 8 miscellaneous photographs of A.H. with orchestras.

item 330.

Alfred Hertz. Caricature by Enrico Caruso, New York, 1906. 3 copies.

Additional Note

"The original is owned by Miss Regina Senz, New York."
item 331.

Alfred Hertz and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra rehearsing Der Rosenkavalier. October, 1913.

Additional Note

Precious photograph.
item 332.

Alfred Hertz and the Standard Oil Symphony Orchestra.

item 333.

Alfred Hertz and Yehudi Menuhin with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

item 334.

Alfred Hertz and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

item 335.

Alfred Hertz and 5 others sitting around a piano. Chicago, n.d.

item 336.

Leslie Hodge. Conducting the Guadalajara, Symphony Orchestra, July, 1946.

item 337.

Ernestine Schumann-Heink.

Additional Note

Autographed photo.
item 338.

Ernestine Schumann-Heink.

Additional Note

Poster with an autograph inscription to Lilly Hertz.
item 339.

Anton van Rooz. Eberfeld, April, 1897. 3 mounted photographs.

item 340.

Leopoldine Konstantin. 5 photographs, 1 dated April 23, 1912, New York.

item 341.

Carl Braun as "Woten." April, 1915, New York.

item 342.

Unidentified woman. 2 studio portraits.

item 343.

2 miscellaneous photographs entitled "The voice of the master" and "East River."


Part XVI: Photographs of Alfred Hertz & other professional musicians

Box Box 8



F. Prevost, 1896.


F. Lessy-Grissini, 1899.


M. Konig, 1898.




H. Lange, 1896.


R. Sucher, 1898.


K. Burian (Carl Burrian), 1906.


T. Kopf, 1896.


H. Slezalk, 1901.


P. Kalisch, 1895.


L. Reuss, 1909.


F. Gallenberg.


F. Verhunk, 1902.


P. Eisler.


L. Mancinelli, 1903.


E. F. Arbos.


T. Reichmann, 1901.


W. H. Rothwell.


L. Madi.


? H. B. Pasmore.


E. Meyer-Helmund.


J. Gadski, 1916.


M. Mordkin.


M. Craft.


J. Culp.


P. Griswold, 1911-1914.


J. Hulsen.


Alfred Hertz and Richard Strauss, 1914.


Alfred Hertz and Ernest Bloch (2 photographs).


Alfred Hertz at Bohemian Grove.


Alfred Hertz at Hollywood Bowl (This folder contains some of the best photographs of A. H. conducting). 18 photographs.


Alfred Hertz as a youthful professional musician.


Alfred Hertz at the keyboard with another person.


Chamber Music Society of San Francisco. 2 photos 1916-17.


Louis Persinger


Nathan Firestone


Horace Britt


L.W. Ford


Gyula Ormay


Elias M. Hecht


B. Evans


E. Rossett