Guide to the Joseph Grinnell papers, 1884-1938

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Guide to the Joseph Grinnell papers, 1884-1938

Collection number: BANC MSS C-B 995

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Joseph Grinnell Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1884-1938
Collection Number: BANC MSS C-B 995
Creator: Grinnell, Joseph, 1877-1939
Extent: Number of containers: 21 boxes Linear feet: 10.5
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Correspondence, accounts and manuscripts, relating mainly to the activities of the Cooper Ornithological Club and its publication, The Condor, and to the collection, preservation and identification of zoological specimens in Alaska and California.
Languages Represented: English

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[Identification of item], Joseph Grinnell papers, BANC MSS C-B 995, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Scope and Content

The papers, transferred from the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology in November 1965, relate particularly to the organization and activities of the Cooper Ornithological club, and to the collecting, preservation and identification of specimens obtained in Alaska and California.


Joseph Grinnell, noted ornithologist and first director of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology of the University of California, the son of author and naturalist Elizabeth Grinnell and of Dr. Fordyce Grinnell, a government physician to the Plains' Indians, was born at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, on February 27, 1877. Grinnell grew up in Pasadena, attended Throop Polytechnic Institute, and obtained his doctorate from Stanford, He later taught at both of these institutions.
It was during field trips to Alaska that Grinnell met Annie Alexander. From this association grew the idea of building a museum to house specimens collected. When the plans materialized, Grinnell was appointed director of the Museum, and began his teaching career at the University of California in Berkeley.
Always interested in birds, Grinnell was very active in the Cooper Ornithological Club, and for many years was editor of its publication, The Condor.

box 1 - 19:

Incoming letters, A-Z.

Scope and Content Note

Single letters have been placed in miscellanies. Two or more letters are arranged alphabetically, and then chronologically within each folder. A partial list of correspondents is appended at the end of this report.
box 20:

Outgoing letters, 1884-1938


Diary and journal, 1889 and 1892


Mss. of articles






Misc. papers

box 21:

Misc. material re birds


Social papers:

Scope and Content Note

Clubs, wedding announcements, calling cards, etc.



Masonic papers and apron belonging to Fordyce Grinnell


Cooper Ornithological Club:

Scope and Content Note

Accounts, minutes, notices of meetings, publications, resolutions, etc.


A - Miscellany


Abbott, Clinton Gilbert, 1881-


Letter, Aug. 9, 1930


Adams, Charles Christopher, 1873-


Letter, Oct. 24, 1904


Anderson, Melville Best, 1851-1933


Letter, May 12, 1919


Adler, Cyrus, 1863-1940

see Smithsonian Institution


Alexander, Annie Montague


2 letters, 1926


Allen, Amelia (Sanborn)


105 letters, 1914-1924. Mainly as secretary, Cooper Ornithological Club.


Allen, Joel Asaph, 1838-1921


33 letters, 1896-1908. Many written as editor of the Auk, and as curator, American Museum of Natural History. Some relate to the American Ornithological Union.


American Association for the Advancement of Science. Pacific Division


72 letters, 1914-1930, by Albert L. Barrows, W. W. Campbell, Vernon L. Kellogg, W. W. Sargeant, A. G. Vestal, and J. Murray Luck. Enclosures include constitution and minutes of meetings.

See also Pacific Science Association; and Everman, Barton Warren


American Museum of Natural History

see Allen, Joel Asaph, 1838-1921


American Ornithologists' Union


22 letters, 1894-1906. Mainly form letters, Some by William Dutcher. Announcements and receipts at end of folder.

See also Allen, Joel Asaph; Dwight, Jonathan; Palmer, Theodore Sherman; Sage, John Hall.


Anderson, Malcolm P.


25 letters, 1901-1916. Include information on the collection of specimens in Japan and China.


Andrews, Clement Walker, 1858-1930

see John Crerar Library


Anthony, Alfred Webster, 1865-


15 letters, 1897-1907


Arnold, Ralph, 1875-


7 letters, 1893-1907


Audubon Association of the Pacific


3 letters, 1917-1929, by Robert M. Leggett, A. S. Kibbe, and M. Echeverria.

See also Harwell, Charles Anderson; Lastreto, Carlos B.



see Allen, Joel Asaph, 1838-1921


B - Miscellany


Bancroft Library


Receipt, Dec. 7, 1914, signed by H. I. Priestly for manuscript placed on deposit.


Barbour, Erwin Hinckly


Letter, Feb.14, 1905


Barrows, Walter Bradford, 1855-


Letter, Apr. 15, 1905


Baumgardt, B. R., 1862-1935


Letter, Aug. 5, 1901


Bent, Arthur Cleveland, 1866-


Letter, Mar. 7, 1929


Bethel, Ellsworth


Letter, Oct. 11, 1907


Boston Evening Transcript


Letter, Jan. 6, 1904, by E. F. Edgett


Bovard, John Freeman, 1881-


Letter, Nov. 26, 1907


Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences


Letter, May 11, 1908, by F. A. Lucas


Brooks, Sumner Cushing, 1883-1948


Letter, Feb. 23, 1928


Badè, William Frederic, 1871-1936


10 letters, 1904-1922. Some written for the Sierra Club.


Bailey, Florence Augusta (Merriam), 1863- (Mrs. Vernon Bailey)


21 letters, 1901-1908. Letter of Dec. 22, 1903 includes letters from R. Ridgway and A. K. Fisher.


Bailey, Harold Harris, 1879-


14 letters, 1903-1908


Bailey, Vernon, 1864-1942


2 letters, 1902-1905


Baker, Frank, 1841-1918

see Smithsonian Institution


Bangs, Outram, 1863-1932


22 letters, 1899-1908


Barbour, Henry Ellsworth, 1877-1945

see U. S. Congress. House


Barlow, Chester, d. 1902


307 letters, 1893-1902. Many written as secretary and as editor, Cooper Ornithological Club.


Barrows, Albert L.

see American Association for the Advancement of Science. Pacific Division


Batchelder, Charles Foster, 1856-


7 letters, 1898-1905


Beal, Foster Ellenborough Lascelles, 1840-1916


3 letters, 1904-1905.

See also McAtee, Waldo Lee.


Beck, Rollo Howard, 1870-


12 letters, 1899-1918


Beebe, Charles William, 1877-


6 letters, 1903-1907


Belding, Lyman, 1829-


19 letters, 1901-1906


Benson, Seth Bertram, 1905-


2 letters, 1927-1929


Bigelow, Edward Fuller, 1860-1938


7 letters, 1905-1915. Some written as editor, St. Nicholas Magazine. 1915 letter written as editor, Guide to Nature.


Bovard, George Finley, 1856-1932

see Los Angeles. University of Southern California


Bowles, John Hooper


28 letters, 1902-1910


Bowman, Jacob Neibert, 1875-

see Pacific Science Association


Brewster, William, 1851-1919


10 letters, 1897-1902. Some written for him by Walter Deane


Bridge, Norman, 1844-1925


7 letters, 1897-1903


British Museum (Natural History)


29 letters, 1905-1930, by Oldfield Thomas, S. F. Hamer, and C. Tate Regan. Mainly form letters acknowledging receipt of the Condor.


Brooks, Allan, 1869-1946


4 letters, 1904-1924


Brown, Arthur Erwin, 1850-1910

see Zoological Society of Philadelphia


Brun, Constantin, 1860-1945

see Denmark. Legation. Washington, D. C.


Bryan, Enoch Albert, 1855-1941

see Washington. State College, Pullman


Bryan, William Alanson, 1875-1942


4 letters, 1902-1907


Bryant, Harold Child, 1886-


10 letters, 1915-1928. Some as Secretary, Cooper Club.


Bryant, Walter E.


2 letters, 1897


C - Miscellany


Calhoun, George Miller, 1886-


Letter, Jan. 29, 1934


Carnegie Museum


Letter, May 5, 1905, by Douglas Stewart


Charleston College


Letter, May 16, 1903, by Harrison Randolph


Cowan, Robert Ernest, 1862-1942


Letter, Nov. 12, 1902


California. Board of Fish Commissioners


26 letters, 1903-1907. Mainly by Charles A. Vogelsang.


California. University, Berkeley


11 letters, 1903-1926, by W. A. McKewen, J. C. Rowell, V. H. Henderson, A. H. Allen, Farnham P. Griffiths, C. H. Rieber, H. Priestly, W. M. Hart, R. G. Sproul and F. C. Stevens


California Academy of Sciences


9 letters, 1900-1906. Notices of meetings and receipts at end of folder.

See also Loomis, Leverett Mills; Evermann, Barton Warren.


Campbell, William Wallace, 1862-1938

see American Association for the Advancement of Science. Pacific Division


Carter, Albert Edward, 1881-

see U. S. Congress. House


Chambers, W. Lee


156 letters, 1897-1930. Some written as business manager of the Cooper Club


Chapman, Frank Michler, 1864-1945


7 letters, 1897-1907. Some written as editor of Bird Lore.


Claypole, Edward Wailer, 1835-1901


3 letters, 1900


Clifton, H. T.


9 letters, 1905-1906. Mainly written as Secretary of the Southern Division of the Cooper Club.


Coffin, William V.


22 letters, 1899-1912


Colorado. Biological Survey

see Rockwell, Robert B.


Comstock, Theodore Bryant, 1849-1915

see Southern California Academy of Sciences


Cook, Albert John, 1842-1916


9 letters, 1894-1915


Cooke, Wells Woodbridge, 1858-1916


13 letters, 1903-1907. Some written for the U. S. Biological Survey.


Cooper, James Graham, 1830-1902


4 letters, 1897


Cooper Ornithological Club

see Bryant, Harold Child; Allen, Amelia; Barlow, Chester; Chambers, W. Lee; D'Evelyn, Frederick W.; Grinnell, Hilda; Jenkins, Hubert Oliver; Kaeding, Henry Barroilhet; Keyes, Charles R.: Mailliard, Joseph; Storer, Tracy Erwin; Swarth, Harry Schelwald; Taylor, Henry Reed; Wheeler, Roswell.; Wythe, Margaret W.


Cooper Ornithological Club. Southern Division


50 letters, 1916-1926, by Ella H. Ellis, L. E. Wyman, Alden H. Miller and Harold Michener.

See also Daggett, Frank S; Clifton, H. R.; Howell, A. B.; Law, John E.; Leland, H. J.; Robertson, Howard.


Coquillet, Daniel William, 1856-1911


2 letters, 1897-1899


Corbin, William Lee, 1872-

see Smithsonian Institution


Cox, Ulysses Orange


3 letters, 1904-1905


Crail, Joe, 1877-1938

see U. S. Congress. house


D - Miscellany


Davis, Benjamin Marshall, 1867-


Letter, Apr. 22, 1907


Dudley, William Russel, 1849-1911


Letter, [Feb. 1904]


Dyar, Harrison Gray, 1866-1929


Letter, Feb. 8, 1907


Daggett, Frank S.


151 letters, 1896-1910. Some written as president or the Cooper Club, Southern Division.


Daniel, John Warwick


12 letters, 1897-1904. Some written for the Oologists' Association.


Dawson, William Leon, 1873-1928


12 letters, 1902-1913. 1913 letter written for the Birds of California Publishing Co.


Deane, Ruthven, 1851-1934


23 letters, 1898-1926


Deane, Walter, 1848-1930


21 letters, 1897-1907. Many written for William Brewster.


Dempsey, Stephen Wallace, 1862-1949

see U. S. Congress. House


Denmark. Legation. Washington, D. C.


2 letters, 1926, by C. Brun


D'Evelyn, Frederick W.


20 letters, 1905-1908. Some as president of the Cooper Club.


Dickey, Donald Ryder, 1887-1932


2 letters, 1919-1928


Dixon, Joseph Scattergood, 1884-1952


25 letters, 1906-1930. 1907 letters relate to Alaskan expedition with Annie Alexander.


Dresser, Henry Eeles, 1838-1915


3 letters, 1904-1905


Dwight, Jonathan, 1858-1929


24 letters, 1897-1910. Some written for the American Ornithologists' Union.


E - Miscellany


Elliot, Daniel Giraud, 1835-


Letter, Dec. 15, 1903


Elrod, Morton John, 1863-


Letter, Sept. 23, 1906


Eastwood, Alice, 1859-


12 letters, 1905-1907


Edgett, Edwin Francis, 1867-1946

see Boston Evening Transcript


Edwards, Walter Alison, 1862-


6 letters, 1900-1906. Some as president, Throop Polytechnic Institute.


Elliott, Orrin Leslie, 1860-1940

see Stanford University


Embody, George Charles, 1876-1939


8 letters, 1903-1907


Emerson, W. Otto,


84 letters, 1897-1930


English, Walter Atheling, 1889-


2 letters, 1903-1906


Esterly, Calvin Olin, 1879-1928

see Occidental College, Los Angeles


Evermann, Barton Warren, 1853-1932


21 letters, 1902-1930. Some as director, California Academy of Sciences; some for the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Pacific Division.


F - Miscellany


Fowler, Henry Weed, 1878-


Letter, Feb. 9, 1903


Fuertes, Louis Agassiz, 1874-1927


Letter, May, 22, 1905


Farquhar, Francis Peloubet, 1887-


2 letters, 1929


Ferry, John Farwell


6 letters, 1905-1907


Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago


9 letters, 1903-1908, by Elsie Lippincott, O. F. Millspaugh, F. J. V. Skiff and J. M. Greenman, (N.B. This institution is now Chicago. Natural History Museum.)


Finley, William Lovell, 1876-


54 letters, 1902-1925


Fisher, Albert Kenrick, 1856-1948


27 letters, 1898-1908. Some written for the U. S. Bureau of Biological Survey.

See also Bailey, Florence Augusta (Merriam).


Fisher, Walter Kenrick, 1878-


169 letters, 1900-1915. Some as editor of the Condor.


Free, Arthur Monroe, 1879-1953

see U. S. Congress. House


Freer, Paul Caspar, 1862-1912

see Philippine Islands. Bureau of Science


Gane, Henry Stewart


5 letters, 1903-1907


Gault, Benjamin True, 1858-


7 letters, 1898-1905


Gifford, Edward Winslow, 1887-


4 letters, 1905-1919


Gilbert, Charles Henry, 1859-1928


8 letters, 1897-1907. Some written for Stanford University


Goldman, Edward Alphonse, 1873-


5 letters, 1903-1908


Graves, Henry Solon, 1877-

see Yale University


Greenman, Jesse More, 1867-

see Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago


Griffiths, Farnham P., 1884-1958

see California. University, Berkeley


Grinnell, Elizabeth (Joseph Grinnell's sister)


60 letters, 1896-1923


Grinnell, Elizabeth (Pratt), 1851-1935 (Mrs. Fordyce Grinnell) (Joseph Grinnell's mother)


187 letters, 1896-1930


Grinnell, Fordyce (Joseph Grinnell's brother)


29 letters, 1893-1930


Grinnell, Hilda (Wood) (Mrs. Joseph Grinnell)


52 letters, 1905-1936. Later letters as secretary of the Cooper club.


H - Miscellany


Haecker, Valentin, 1864-


Postcard, Oct. 4, 1907


Hall, Eugene Raymond, 1902-


Letter, Oct. 17, 1927


Hall, Ivan Clifford, 1885-


Letter, Jan. 4, 1919


Hahn, Walter Louis, 1879-

see Smithsonian Institution


Hall, Harvey Monroe, 1874-1932


22 letters, 1897-1908


Harmer, Sir Sidney Frederic, 1862-

see British Museum (Natural History)


Harris, Harry, 1878-


2 letters, 1914-1919


Hart, Walter Morris, 1872-1964

see California. University, Berkeley


Harwell, Charles Anderson


7 letters, 1928-1931. 1928 letter written for the Audubon Association of the Pacific.


Haugen, Gilbert Nelson, 1859-1933

see U. S. Congress House


Havemeyer, Henry Osborne, 1876-


3 letters, 1904-1907


Heath, Harold, 1868-


3 letters, 1903-1907


Heller, Edmund, 1875-1939


27 letters, 1901-1927


Henderson, Junius, 1865-1937


3 letters, 1904-1907


Henderson, Victor H.

see California. University, Berkeley


Henshaw, Henry Wetherbee, 1850-1930


8 letters, 1906-1916. Many written for the U. S. Biological Survey.


Hoag, Ernest Bryant, 1868-1924


9 letters, 1897-1903. Some written as secretary, Pasadena Academy of Sciences.


Hoffmann, Ralph, 1870-1932


6 letters, 1905-1926


Holder, Charles Frederick, 1851-1915


5 letters, 1897-1906. Dec. 21, 1897 letter written as President, Pasadena Academy of Science.


Hollister, Ned, 1876-1924


30 letters, 1894-1905


Holmes, William Henry

see Smithsonian Institution


Hornaday, William Temple, 1854-1937

see New York Zoological Society


Howe, Reginald, Heber, 1875-1932


5 letters, 1901-1903


Howell, A. B.


6 letters, 1910-1922. Many as secretary of the Southern Division of the Cooper Club.


Howell, Arthur Holmes, 1872-1940


2 letters, 1903


James, George Wharton, 1858-1923


8 letters, 1894-1907


Jenkins, Hubert Oliver, 1885-


39 letters, 1902-1907. Some as Secretary, Northern Division of the Cooper Club.


Jenkins, Olaf Pitt, 1889-


2 letters, 1902-1904


Jewett, Stanley Gordon, 1885-


2 letters, 1910-1925


John Crerar Library, Chicago


7 letters, 1903-1907, by C. W. Andrews


Johnson, A. W.


5 letters, 1903-1905


Johnson, Hiram Warren, 1866-1945

see U. S. Congress. Senate


Johnson, Roswell Hill, 1877-


2 letters, 1903-1905


Johnson, Walter Adams

see Osprey


Jones, Lynds, 1865-


2 letters, 1904-1925


Jones, Philip Mills, 1870-1916


2 letters, 1901-1902


Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931


14 letters, 1900-1907. Some as president, Stanford University.


K - Miscellany


Keyes, Charles Henry, 1858-1925


Letter, n. d.


Kirby, Harold, 1900-1952


Letter, May 26, 1925


Knight, Wilbur Clinton, 1858-1903


Letter, Jan. 7, 1903


Kobbé, William August, 1840-1931


Letter, Sept. 15, 1904


Kaeding, George Ladd


2 letters, 1905, re Nevada fauna.


Kaeding, Henry Barroilhet


49 letters, 1896-1908. Some as secretary, Northern Division of Cooper Club.


Kahn, Florence (Prag), 1868-1948

see U. S. Congress. House


Kahn, Julius, 1861-1924

see U. S. Congress. House


Kellog, Vernon Lyman, 1867-1937


11 letters, 1902-1918


Kelly, Junea


2 letters, 1918-1921


Keyes, Charles R.


20 letters, 1902-1907. Some as secretary, Northern Division of the Cooper Club.


Kibbe, Bessie W. (Mrs. Augustus Sayre Kibbe)


4 letters, 1926-1929. Jan. 1929 letter written as Librarian, California. Division of Fish and Game.


Knight, Ora Willis, 1874-1913


3 letters, 1895-1897


Knight, William Henry, 1835-1925


3 letters, 1894. Some as president, Southern California Science Association.


Knowlton, Frank Hall, 1860-1926

see Smithsonian Institution


L - Miscellany


Lindley, Walter, 1852-1922


Letter, n. d.


La Follette, Robert Marion, 1855-1925

see U. S. Congress. Senate


Lastreto, Carlos B.


24 letters, 1917-1930. Some as president, Audubon Association of the Pacific. Some relate to the Cooper Club.


Lattin, Frank H.


17 letters, 1892-1903. Some as editor of the Oologist.


Law, John Eugene, d. 1931


110 letters, 1897-1929. Many as official, Southern Division of the Cooper Club.


Lea, Clarence Frederick, 1874-

see U. S. Congress


Lee, Thomas, George, 1860-1932


10 letters, 1907-1908


Lelande, H. J.


12 letters, 1901-1910. Mainly as secretary, Southern Division of the Cooper Club.


Leverkühn, Paul, 1867-1905


4 letters, 1904


Lineberger, Walter Franklin, 1883-1943

see U. S. Congress. House


Loomis, Leverett Mills, 1857-1928


28 letters, 1897-1922. Some written for the California Academy of Sciences.


Lucas, Frederic Augustus, 1852-

see Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences


Los Angeles. University of Southern California


2 letters, ca. 1899?-190, by George A. White and G. F. Bovard.


Lummis, Charles Fletcher, 1859-1928


6 letters, 1902-1907, as editor, Out West; secretary, the Southwest Society, Archaeological Institute of America; and Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library.


M - Miscellany


Mexia, Ynes, 1870-1938


Postcard, Sept. 6, 1924


Moody, Charles Amadon, d. 1910


Letter, n. d.


Morley, Sylvanus Griswold, 1878-


Letter, n. d.


McAdie, Alexander George, 1863-1943

see U. S. Weather Bureau. San Francisco


McAtee, Waldo Lee, 1883-


2 letters, 1907-1910. Signed also by F. E. L. Beal.


McCabe, Thomas Tonkin, 1890-1948


2 letters, 1931 and n. d. 1931 letter addressed to Joseph Mailliard.


MacCaughey, Vaughan, 1887-1954


3 letters, 1928-1930. Some written for the California Teachers' Association.


McClatchie, Alfred James


5 letters, 1897-1899


McGregor, Richard Crittenden, 1871-1936


41 letters, 1897-1908


McIlwraith, Thomas


2 letters, 1895


McLachlan, James, 1852-1940

see U. S. Congress. House


MacLafferty, James Henry, 1871-1939

see U. S. Congress. House


Mailliard, John W.


11 letters, 1897-1931. 1931 letters to his brother Joseph Mailliard.


Mailliard, Joseph, 1857-


246 letters, 1900-1939. Some written for the California Academy of Sciences, and some as president, Cooper Club.


Massay, Herbert


2 letters, 1903-1904


Mearns, Edgar Alexander, 1856-1916


3 letters, 1898-1903


Meek, Seth Eugene, 1859-1914


2 letters, 1907-1908


Mengel, Levi Walter, 1868-1941


15 letters, 1892-1895


Merriam, Clinton Hart, 1855-1942


11 letters, 1902-1908. Mainly for the U. S. Biological Survey.


Merriam, John Campbell, 1869-1945


3 letters, 1908


Merrill, George Perkins, 1854-1929

see Smithsonian Institution


Merrill, Oscar Charles, 1874-

see U. S. Federal Power Commission


Metcalf, Willard Leroy, 1858-1925


2 letters, 1903-1905


Miller, Alden Homes, 1906-

see Cooper Ornithological Club. Southern Division


Miller, Gerrit Smith, 1869-


8 letters, 1897-1904. Some written for the Smithsonian Institution.


Miller, Loye Holmes, 1874-


9 letters, 1905-1927


Miller, Olive Thorne, 1831-1918


6 letters, 1900-1907. 1900 letter contains letter from Doubleday and Co. by Walter H. Page.


Millspaugh, Charles Frederick, 1854-1923

see Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago.


Morgan, Thomas Hunt, 1866-1945


4 letters, 1904


Mumford, A. W.


5 letters, 1901-1904


Munk, Joseph Amasa, 1847-1927


2 letters, 1903-1905


Nace, Charles, A.


67 letters, 1902-1908. Mainly re printing of the Condor. Some written for him by his wife.


Nelson, Edward William, 1855-1934


10 letters, 1898-1915


New York Zoological Society


2 letters, 1913, by William T. Hornaday.


Newkirk, Garrett, 1847-1921


11 letters, 1901-1905


Oberholser, Harry Church, 1870-


23 letters, 1897-1907


Occidental College, Los Angeles


3 letters, 1907-1908, by C. O. Esterly



see Lattin, Frank H.


Oölogists' Association

see Daniel, John Warwick


Osgood, Wilfred Hudson, 1875-1947


14 letters, 1894-1908




14 letters, 1896-1898, by W. A. Johnson


Out West

see Lummis, Charles Fletcher


P - Miscellany


Pennsylvania. Governor


Letter, June 10, 1925, by Gifford Pinchot


Phillipine Islands. Bureau of Science


Letter, Apr, 17, 1906 by P. C. Freer


Porter, Harold Everett, 1877-1936


Letter, Feb. 17, 1903


Prebel, Edward Alexander, 1871-


Letter, Feb 1, 1908


Pacific Association of Scientific Societies


12 letters, 1913-1915, by J. N. Bowman

See also American Association for the Advancement of Science. Pacific Division


Page, Walter Hines, 1855-1918

see Miller, Olive Thorne


Palmer, Clayton F.


6 letters, 1903-1907


Palmer, Theodore Sherman, 1868-1955


14 letters, 1901-1929. Some written for the U. S. Biological Survey, and some for the American Ornithologists' Union.


Palmer, William


26 letters, 1894-1902. Some written for the Smithsonian.


Pasadena Academy of Sciences

see Hoag, Ernest Bryant; Holden, Charles Frederick


Peirce, George James, 1868-


2 letters, 1903 -1906


Phillips, Alexander Hamilton, 1866-1937


8 letters, 1894


Pinchot, Gifford, 1865-1946

see Pennsylvania. Governor


Piper, Charles Vancouver, 1867-1926

see Washington. State College, Pullman


Priestley, Herbert Ingram, 1875-1944

see Bancroft Library. California. University. Berkeley


R - Miscellany


Roberts, Thomas Sadler, 1858-1946


Letter, Mar. 24, 1903


Robinson, Wirt, 1864-1929


Letter, Nov. 2, 1907


Ruthven, Alexander Grant, 1882-


Letter, May 21, 1907


Raker, John Edward, 1863-1926

see U. S. Congress. House


Randolph, Harrison, 1871-

see Charleston College


Rathbun, Richard, 1852-1918

see Smithsonian Institution


Ravenel, William de Chastignier, 1859-

see Smithsonian Institution


Ray, Milton Smith, 1881-1946


27 letters, 1903-1927


Regan, Charles Tate, 1878-

see British Museum (Natural History)


Rehn, James Abram Garfield, 1881-


3 letters, 1906-1907


Reid, Hiram A.


3 letters, 1894-


Richardson, Charles Howard, 1887-


3 letters, 1908-1910


Richmond, Charles Wallace, 1868-1932


41 letters, 1897-1930. Many written for the Smithsonian.


Ridgway, Robert, 1850-1929


18 letters, 1896-1904. Mainly written for the Smithsonian. Included is a manuscript, Stratus versus Megalonyx.

See also Bailey, Florence Augusta (Merriam).


Rieber, Charles Henry, 1866-1948

see California. University, Berkeley


Riley, Joseph Harvey, 1873-


5 letters, 1903-1906. 1906 letter written for the Smithsonian.


Ritter, William Emerson, 1856-1944


17 letters, 1902-1920


Robertson, Howard


48 letters, 1897-1910. Some as secretary, Southern Division of the Cooper Club.


Rockwell, Julius Ensign, 1860-1926

see Smithsonian Institution


Rockwell, Robert B.


20 letters, 1907-1908. Some written for the Colorado Biological Survey; some as associate editor of the Condor.


Rose, Joseph Nelson, 1862-1928

see Smithsonian Institution


Rowell, Joseph Cummings, 1853-1938

see California. University, Berkeley


Rowley, John, 1866-1928


2 letters, 1907-1908


Ryan, Thomas, 1837-1914

see U. S. Dept. of the Interior


S - Miscellany


Sampson, Alden, 1853-1925


Letter, Feb. 3, 1905


Sclater, Philip Lutley, 1829-1913


Letter, June 1, 1907


Shufeldt, Robert Wilson, 1850-


Letter, Nov, 25, 1902


Stoner, Emerson A.


Letter, Jan. 22, 1929


Sage, John Hall, 1847-1925


8 letters, 1901-1917. Some for the American Ornithologists' Union.


St. Nicholas Magazine

see Bigelow, Edward Fuller


Sampson, Walter Behrnard, 1876-


4 letters, 1903-1929


Sampson, William Francis, 1876-


4 letters, 1903-1930


Sclater, William Lutley, 1863-


5 letters, 1907


Shortridge, Samuel Morgan, 1861-1952

see U. S. Congress. Senate


Show, Stuart Bevier, d. 1963


2 letters, 1904-1907


Sierra Club

see Badè, William Frederic


Simmons, Furnifold, McLendell, 1854-1940

see U. S. Congress. Senate


Skiff, Frederick James Volaey, 1851-1921

see Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago


Skinner, Milton Philo, 1879-


4 letters, 1929-1930


Smithsonian Institution


64 letters, 1897-1927, by G. P. Merrill, W. H. Holmes, F. W. True, R. Rathbun, C. Adler, Frank Baker, F. H. Hall, J.N. Rose, W. L. Corbin et al.

See also: Miller, Gerrit Smith; Palmer, William; Richmond, Charles Wallace; Ridgway, Robert; Riley, Joseph Harvey.


Snodgrass, Robert Evans, 1875-


14 letters, 1901-1906. Some as associate editor of the Condor.


Snyder, John Otterbein, 1867-


14 letters, 1903-1924. Some written for Stanford University.


Southern California Academy of Sciences


8 letters, 1896-1907, by B. R. Baumgardt, T. B. Comstock and C. A. Whiting.

Announcements, bulletins, etc. at end of folder.

See also Ulrey, Albert Brennus.


Southern California Science Association


5 letters, 1894-1896, by B. R. Baumgardt. Form Letters.

See also Knight, William Henry.


Sproul, Robert Gordon, 1891-

see California. University, Berkeley


Stanford University


16 letters, 1894-1908, by J. M. Stowell, O. L. Elliott, W. W. Thoburn.

See also Gilbert, Charles Henry; Jordan, David Starr; Snyder, John Otterbein.


Stejneger, Leonhard, 1851-1943


5 letters, 1903-1907


Stephens Frank


84 letters, 1897-1912. Lists of mammals, 1901-1903, at end of folder.


Stewart, Douglas, 1873-1926

see Carnegie Museum


Stone, Witmer, 1866-1939


21 letters, 1900-1907


Storer, Tracy Irwin, 1889-


194 letters, 1910-1930. Mainly as secretary and president of the Cooper Club.


Swarth, Harry Schelwald, 1878-1936


69 letters, 1897-1922. Many as official (treasurer, secretary, and president) of the Cooper Club.


Swing, Philip David, 1884-

see U. S. Congress. House


Sykes, George F.


7 letters, 1913-1914


T - Miscellany


Tegland, Nellie May, 1887-1930


Letter, Apr. 1, 1927


Todd, Walter Edmond Clyde, 1874-


Letter, Jan. 23, 1904


Torrey, Frederic Cheever, 1864-1935


Letter, Sept. 23, 1924


Townsend, Charles Haskins, 1859-1944


Letter, Oct. 6, 1897


Taverner, Percy Algernon, 1875-


5 letters, 1907-1910


Taylor, Henry Reed


45 letters, 1893-1906. Some as editor, Nidologist, and as president of the Cooper Club.


Taylor, Walter Penn, 1888-


12 letters, 1907-1916


Test, Frederick Cleveland


2 letters, 1907-1908


Thayer, John Eliot, 1862-1933


20 letters, 1904-1908


Thayer, William Sydney, 1864-1932


2 letters, 1928


Thoburn, Wilbur Wilson

see Stanford University


Thomas, Oldfield, 1858-

see British Museum (Natural History)


Torrey, Bradford, 1843-1912


17 letters, 1905-1907


True, Frederick William, 1858-1914

see Smithsonian Institution


Tyler, John Gripper, 1883-


20 letters, 1903-1929


U - Miscellany


U. S. Dept. of the Interior


Letter, Oct. 5, 1904, by Thomas Ryan


U. S. Federal Power Commission


Letter, Sept. 9, 1920, by O. C. Merrill


U. S. National Park Service


Letter, Apr. 9, 1924, by Arno B. Cammerer


U. S. Weather Bureau. San Francisco


Letter, Oct. 14, 1901, by A. G. McAdie


Ulrey, Albert Brennus, 1860-


15 letters, 1903-1907. Some for the Southern California Academy of Sciences


U.S. Bureau of Biological Survey


2 letters, 1908-1929, by D. E. Lautz and H. D. Sheldon.

See also: Cooke, Wells Woodbridge; Fisher, Albert Kenrick; Henshaw, Henry Wetherbee; Merriam, Clinton Hart; Palmer, Theodore Sherman


U.S. Congress. House


24 letters, 1907-1930, by J. McLachlan, J. Kahn, J. H. MacLafferty, A. N. Free, S. W. Dempsey, J. E. Raker, C. F. Lea, W. F. Lineberger, P. D. Swing, A. E. Carter, F. P. Kahn, G. N. Haugen, H. E. Barbour, J. Crail.


U.S. Congress. Senate


13 letters, 1913-1931, by R. M. LaFollette, H. W. Johnson, S. M. Shortridge


V - Miscellany


Van Rossem, Adriaan Joseph, 1892-


Letter, June 29, 1926


Van Denburgh, John 1872-1924


4 letters, 1904-1918


W - Miscellany


Walton, Lee Barker, 1871-1937


Letter, Nov. 6, 1907


Wheelock, Harry Bergen, 1861-1934


Letter, Jan. 10, 1905


Wheelock, Irene (Grosvenor), 1867-1927 (Mrs. Harry Bergen Wheelock)


Letter, Nov. 17, 1903


Wolcott, Robert Henry, 1868-1934


Letter, Feb. 11, 1905


Wright, George Melendez, 1904-


Letter, Mar. 4, 1930


Wright, Horace Winslow


Letter, Dec, 5, 1904


Wright, William Greenwood, 1831-


Letter, Dec. 11, 1905


Wytsman, P., 1866-


Letter, Feb. 3, 1908


Warren, Benjamin Harry, 1858-


3 letters, 1903-1905


Warren, Edward Royal, 1860-1942


35 letters, 1902-1910


Washington. State College, Pullman


5 letters, 1901, by E. A. Bryan and C. V. Piper.


Wayne, Arthur Trezevant, 1863-


4 letters, 1904-1906


Webb, Walter Freeman, 1869-


15 letters, 1894-1907


Welch, Richard Joseph, 1869-1949

see U. S. Congress. House


Wetmore, Alexander, 1886-


4 letters, 1906-1926


Weymouth, Frank Walter, 1884-


2 letters, 1907


Wheeler, Roswell, S.


9 letters, 1903-1907. Some as secretary of the Cooper Club.


Whipple, George Chandler, 1866-1924


2 letters, 1901


White, George Washington, 1858-1940

see Los Angeles. University of Southern California


Whitman, Charles Otis 1842-1910


3 letters, 1905-1906


Widman, Otto, 1841-


9 letters, 1903-1910


Williams, Cora M.


2 letters, 1900


Williams, Robert White, 1877-1940


4 letters, 1902-1906


Wood, Casey Albert, 1856-1942


3 letters, 1928-1929


Wythe, Margaret W.


12 letters, 1927-1932. Mainly as Secretary of the Cooper Club.


Yale University


2 letters, 1906-1907. 1907 letter by H. S. Graves.


Z - Miscellany


Zoological Society of Philadelphia


Letter, Apr. 8, 1905, by A. E. Brown.