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Register of the Anne and Michael Kaufman Papers, 1959-1990

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Anne and Michael Kaufman Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1959-1990
Collection number: MSS 050
Creator: Kaufman, Anne Levine and Kaufman, Michael
Extent: 3 boxes, 1 ½ legal-size boxes, and 4 oversize folders

2 2/3 linear feet
Repository: Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research
Los Angeles, CA 90044
Abstract: These papers document the Los Angeles based political activities of former husband and wife (Michael and Anne Kaufman), including their joint involvement with W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America (1961-1966) and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees [AFSCME, AFL-CIO] (1969 to 1980). Anne Kaufman was later active in the National Rainbow Coalition and 24th Congressional District (1987-1990). Only a small amount of personal information is found in the collection.
Language: English.

Administrative Information


The collection was donated to the Library by Anne and Michael Kaufman.


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Biography & Organizational Histories

Anne & Michael Kaufman

Anne Levine Kaufman is a teacher and long-time Los Angeles resident. Michael Kaufman is a former Los Angeles area resident, a computer programmer who currently (2001) lives in Northern California. They were both active in the Los Angeles chapters of W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America when they met and married in the mid 1960s. Anne Kaufman attended the 1964 founding convention for the clubs in Chicago, and served as Executive Secretary for the Los Angeles DuBois Clubs. Michael Kaufman served on the organization's Education Committee.
They were also both active in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Union (AFSCME) from the late 1960s through the 1970s. Michael Kaufman was a member of the Los Angeles County Data Processing Union, Local 1560 and later of the United Workers Union, Local 2070, part of the Conference of University of California Employees (CUCE). Anne Kaufman was a member of the California Rehabilitation Workers Union, Local 7620, and served as secretary in the late 1970s. They both served on the AFSCME Steering Committee in 1970-1971.
Later, Anne Kaufman was an active member of the Rainbow Coalition of the 24th Congressional District. She served as co-chair in 1988, and in 1989, she was on the sub-executive committee. She participated in many of the coalition's activities, saving material on farm workers, reproductive rights, housing, and voters' rights. The Kaufman's marriage ended in the 1990's.

W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America

The W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America (DBC) was a nationwide Socialist oriented youth organization founded in San Francisco in June 1964. The preamble to their constitution states: "It is our belief that this nation can best solve its problems in an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence, complete disarmament, and true freedom for all peoples of the world, and that these solutions will be reached mainly through the united efforts of the working people allied in the unity of Negroes and other minorities with whites. We further fully recognize that the greatest threat to the American democracy comes from the racist and right-wing forces in coalition with the most reactionary elements of the economic power structure, using the tool of anti-communism to divide and destroy the unified strength of the working people." The DBC actively supported various political and social causes including protesting the Vietnam War, the draft, police brutality, poverty and championing the United Farm Workers strikes, community and campus organizing, and promoting the teaching of black history.
Local chapters were founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, and around the country. Los Angeles started out with several separate groups that were unified in 1966. 1966 also saw the bombing of the DBC's National Headquarters in San Francisco, just 48 hours after Attorney General Nicholas D. Katzenbach declared that the DBC must register as a Communist Front Organization under the Internal Security Act of 1950 (McCarran Act). The DBC had protested this order, stating that the McCarran Act had already been found unconstitutional. Terrence and Patrick Hallinan, sons of former Los Angeles area Progressive Party presidential candidate Vincent Hallinan were both active in the organization.

The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) represents employees of any state and local governmental agency, quasi-public agency, or non-profit agencies of public, charitable, educational or civic nature. AFSCME was founded in 1934 as an affiliate of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) under the American Federation of Labor (AFL). AFSCME quickly became a separate entity but grew slowly until the 1950s. In the 1960s, new leadership focused the union's efforts on winning collective bargaining rights. In 1975, AFSCME had become the 6th largest affiliate of the AFL-CIO.

Rainbow Coalition, 24th Congressional District

Founded in 1984 by Jesse Jackson and born out of the historic "Jesse Jackson for President" campaigns in 1984 and 1988, the National Rainbow Coalition is a grassroots organization dedicated to building a future for people of all colors and origins ("rainbow") to have a decent place to live, enough to eat, good medical care, quality education, satisfying work, sufficient income, and where peace and justice will be secure throughout the world.
The 24th Congressional District (the Los Angeles Chapter of the Rainbow Coalition) became actively involved in the 1984 and 1988 U. S. Presidential Campaign. Voter registration, outreach, and fundraising were major objectives of the group.

Scope and Content

This collection contains minutes, correspondence, flyers, pamphlets, newsletters, and periodicals. The papers of Anne and Michael Kaufman document their involvement with social and labor issues and organizations. The majority of the collection is divided among three major organizations: the W.E.B. DeBois Clubs where they met, the AFSCME union in which they were both active, and the National Rainbow Coalition and 24th Congressional District in which Anne Kaufman was involved. Other materials include Communist Party materials and information on the Los Angeles City Board of Education, and scattered other organizations. The only personal material in the collection is Michael Kaufman's high school yearbook. Also included in this collection is an extensive run of publications ranging from AFSCME and union publications to EXTRA "Hollywood Star Gazette" (final edition), to the Monthly Communist Party Bulletin ( Red Letter).


The collection is divided into four series: 1. W.E.B. DEBOIS CLUBS, 2. AFSCME, 3. RAINBOW COALITION, and 4. MISCELLANEOUS.


Within each series folders are arranged alphabetically.

Separated Material

Several periodicals were removed from this collection and added to the runs already in the Library's Periodical Collection. These include: AFSCME/California (1975-1978), Coalition for Economic Survival (1975), Pacific Coast Youth Recorder (1955), The Southern Patriot (1975), Red Letter - Monthly Communist Party Bulletin (1975-1976), and World Youth (1959). The Madrid Pact: A Danger! produced by the Committee for a Democratic Spain Southern California Chapter, Long Beach, c.1973 has been added to the Library's Poster Collection.

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Collection Contents


Series 1. W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America, 1961-1966, 1980

Physical Description: 23 folders, 10 legal folders, and 1 oversized folder.

Scope and Content Note

This series includes minutes, constitution, correspondence, flyers, reports, membership lists, news clippings, newsletters and other publications produced or collected by Anne Levine Kaufman and/or Michael Kaufman during their involvement with the national and local activities of the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America (DBC) between 1964 and 1966. Some of the background material dates from before the clubs founding in 1964 and one folder of information refers to activities of the Sequieros DuBois Flynn Club from 1980. Of special interest are the hand-written minutes from the Los Angeles DuBois Club, receipts and organizational materials from the Bruin DuBois Club, a pamphlet The Fire This Time, written by the Venice DuBois Club about the 1965 Watts Uprising (in the "Articles" folder), and handwritten notes and drafts in the Civil Rights Movement folder. A commemorative (joke) EXTRA edition of the Hollywood Star Gazette announces "Anne Levine Elected DuBois Club Prexy."
Box-folder 1/1

African-American Culture, 1966

Box-folder 1/2

Anti-Draft Program, 1961, 1965

Box-folder 4/1

Anti-War Movement, 1966

Box-folder 1/3

Articles - [Dubois Club Pamphlets], 1965

Box-folder 1/4

Berkeley DuBois Club, c. 1964

Box-folder 1/5

Bombing of National Headquarters, March 1966

Box-folder 1/6

Bruin DuBois Club, 1965

Box-folder 1/7

Civil Rights Movement, n.d.

Box-folder 4/2

Delano Strike, 1965

Box-folder 1/8

Dimensions, 1966

Box-folder 1/9

Easter Sunday Conference, San Francisco CA, March 1964

Box-folder 1/10

Education, 1966

Box-folder 1/11

Founding Convention - Reports and Resolutions Adopted, June 21, 1964

Box-folder 6/1

Hollywood Star Gazette, EXTRA edition, . n.d

Box-folder 4/3-4/4, 1/12-1/13

Los Angeles DuBois Clubs

Box-folder 4/3


Box-folder 4/4

Correspondence, 1966

Box-folder 1/12

Meeting Minutes, 1966

Box-folder 1/13

Peace Committee, n.d.

Box-folder 1/14

Mailing Lists, 1966, n.d.

Box-folder 1/15

McCarran Act, 1965-1966

Box-folder 4/5

National Coordinating Committee, 1965-1966

Box-folder 1/16

National Office, 1965, n.d.

Box-folder 4/6

National Organization - Constitution, Membership, Structure, 1964

Box-folder 1/17

The New Left School of Los Angeles, 1965-1966

Box-folder 1/18

Plays, n.d.

Box-folder 4/7

Police Brutality, 1963-1966, n.d.

Box-folder 4/8

San Francisco DuBois Club - Area Report, n.d.

Box-folder 1/19

Second National Convention, Chicago IL, June 17-19, 1966

Box-folder 1/20

Sequieros DuBois Flynn Club, 1980

Box-folder 1/21

Socialist Youth Founding Convention - Position and Working Papers, June 19-21, 1964

Box-folder 4/9

Student and Youth Organizing, 1962-1966, n.d.

Box-folder 1/22

Summer Organizing Projects, 1966

Box-folder 1/23

Venice DuBois Club, n.d.

Box-folder 4/10

The Web, Theoretical Journal and Newsletter of the Southern California W.E.B. DuBois Clubs, 1966


Series 2. AFSCME, AFL-CIO, 1968-1980

Physical Description: 15 folders, 13 legal folders and 2 oversize folders

Scope and Content Note

This series includes minutes, constitutions, bylaws, membership information, pamphlets, training materials, reports and news clippings related to both Anne Kaufman's and Michael Kaufman's activities as members of various AFSCME locals. Of particular note the handwritten (draft) minutes taken by Anne Kaufman as Executive Secretary of the California Rehabilitation Workers Union (1976-1978), and the presence of both Kaufmans on the AFSCME Steering Committee in 1970-1971. The Shop Steward training materials are also of interest. Besides items directly connected to the Kaufmans' union activities there is also a scattering of material on other AFSCME locals, PATCO, and PEOPLE (the AFSCME political wing).
Box-folder 4/11

Affirmative Action, 1975-1976

Box-folder 1/24

Blue Collar Supervisors, Local Union 413, 1976

Box-folder 4/12, 1/25

California Rehabilitation Workers Union, Local 2620California Rehabilitation Workers Union, Local 2620

Box-folder 4/12


Box-folder 1/25

Executive Committee Meetings, 1977-1978

Box-folder 4/13

California State Employees Association, 1975

Box-folder 1/26

Clerical and Allied Service Employees, Local Union 909, 1976

Box-folder 4/14, 6/2

Conference of University of California Employees (CUCE)

Box-folder 4/14


Box-folder 6/2

The AFSCME University Tie Line, 1975, 1978

Box-folder 4/15

Employee Grievances - Appeal Steps, n.d.

Box-folder 4/16

General, n.d.

Box-folder 2/1

Grievance Procedures, n.d.

Box-folder 2/2

Lists, 1970, n.d.

Box-folder 2/3

Local Union Training Program, 1969

Box-folder 4/17, 2/4

Los Angeles County Data Processing Employees, Local Union 1560

Box-folder 4/17


Box-folder 2/4

Steering Committee, 1971

Box-folder 2/5

Pamphlets - AFSCME Local Union Election Manual, c. 1976

Box-folder 4/18

P.E.O.P.L.E. (Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality), c. 1972

Box-folder 6/3

Picket Line - Student Worker Action Committee (vol. 2, no. 3), 1972

Box-folder 2/6

Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO), 1980

Box-folder 2/7

Shop Stewards, 1974, n.d.

Box-folder 2/8

Union Structure and Organization, 1968, n.d. 1968, n.d.

Box-folder 4/19

United Farm Workers, n.d.

Box-folder 2/9-2/12, 5/1-5/4

United Workers Union, Local 2070

Box-folder 5/1


Box-folder 2/9

Constitution and Resolutions, 1976

Box-folder 2/10

Doctors' Strike - UCLA (Malpractice Insurance), 1975-1976

Box-folder 5/2

Grievances, c. 1974-1976, n.d.

Box-folder 5/3

Meeting Notices, 1975-1976

Box-folder 2/11

Newsletter - Ask-Me, Local 2070 (vol. 1, no. 3), 1971

Box-folder 2/12

Shop Stewards' Newsletter - What's Happening, 1975, 1976

Box-folder 5/4

Wages and Benefits, 1975-1976


Series 3. Rainbow Coalition, 24th Congresional District, 1987-1990

Physical Description: 29 folders and 4 legal folders.

Scope and Content Note

This series is made up primarily of event flyers, informational literature, and reports.
Of special interest are the files pertaining to Jesse Jackson's 1988 presidential race. The tremendous effort on behalf of members and other progressive activists is well documented. Jesse Jackson's political position is made clear from his Issue Briefs. Also of interest are the Coalition meetings and membership drive files.
Box-folder 2/13

AIDS, 1989

Box-folder 2/14

By-Laws, 1988-1989

Box-folder 2/15

Census, 1990

Box-folder 2/16

Democratic Convention Reports, 1989

Box-folder 2/17

District Maps, 1988

Box-folder 5/5

Events - Miscellaneous, 1988-1989

Box-folder 2/18

Executive Committee - Meetings and Members, 1988-1990

Box-folder 2/19

Financial Reports, 1988-1989 1988-1989

Box-folder 2/20

General, 1988

Box-folder 2/21

Housing, 1988-1990

Box-folder 2/22-2/31, 5/6

Jesse Jackson '88

Box-folder 2/22

Biography, n.d.

Box-folder 2/23

California Primary Results, 1988

Box-folder 2/24

Campaign Organizing Committee, n.d.

Box-folder 2/25

Campaign Parties, 1988

Box-folder 2/26

Caucus, 1988

Box-folder 2/27

Financial/Fundraising, 1988

Box-folder 2/28

Jewish Materials, 1987, 1988

Box-folder 2/29

Kick-off Speech at Iowa, n.d.

Box-folder 5/6

Position on Issues, 1988

Box-folder 2/30

Vote Totals, 1988

Box-folder 2/31

Voter Registration Drive, 1988

Box-folder 2/32

Lists, 1988-1990

Box-folder 2/33-3/2


Box-folder 2/33

and Non-Member Mailing List, 1989-1990

Box-folder 3/1

Forms, 1988

Box-folder 3/2

Meetings, 1988-1989 1988-1989

Box-folder 3/3

National Rainbow Coalition - By-Laws and Statement of Purpose, 1989

Box-folder 3/4

Newsletters, 1989

Box-folder 3/5

Oakland/Berkeley Rainbow Coalition - 8th Congressional District, 1987, 1989

Box-folder 3/6

Other Organizations - Periodicals and Correspondence, 1990

Box-folder 3/7

Stationery n.d.

Box-folder 3/8

United Farm Workers - Delano Strike, 1987-1988

Box-folder 5/7

Voter Registration, 1988-1989

Box-folder 5/8

Women's Reproductive Rights, 1989


Series 4. Miscellaneous Files, 1971-1983

Physical Description: 12 folders, 5 legal folders, and 1 oversized folder.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains the items that did not fit in any of the previous categories. It includes the one personal item in the collection (Michael Kaufman's Senior Yearbook - Fairfax High 1961). Most of the other material is connected either with the Communist Party or with Los Angeles City Board of Education or more specifically the Los Angeles School Committee on which Michael Kaufman served in 1982-1983 and Jackie Goldberg's 1982 school board campaign. Of additional interest is the reunion of 1960s radicals, which Anne Kaufman was involved in organizing in 1979 [See "Party Central Committee" file].
Box-folder 3/9-3/10, 5/9

Communist Party

Box-folder 3/9


Box-folder 5/9


Box-folder 3/10

Publications, 1965-1978, n.d.

Box-folder 3/11

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, 1987

Box-folder 3/12

Elections, c. 1964, 1980 c. 1964, 1980

Box-folder 3/13

Fairfax High School, Yearbook, 1961

Box-folder 3/14-3/18, 5/10

Los Angeles City Board of Education

Box-folder 3/14

1981, n.d.

Box-folder 3/15

"Jackie Goldberg for L.A. School Board District #3", 1982-1983

Box-folder 3/16-3-18, 5/10

Los Angeles School Committee

Box-folder 3/16


Box-folder 3/17

Draft Principles and Goals, 1982

Box-folder 3/18

Meeting Agendas, 1982

Box-folder 5/10

Schools, 1982

Box-folder 3/19

Los Angeles Coalition of Labor Union Women - CLUW Newsletter, 1981

Box-folder 6/4

New Waves - Youth Communication - LA Center, 1981

Box-folder 5/11

Nguyen Thi Binh - Public Workers Club, 1979-1980

Box-folder 5/12

Other Organizations - Literature, 1971-1987, n.d

Box-folder 5/13

Party Central Committee - [Includes button], 1979

Box-folder 3/20

Unemployment - Coalition for Economic Survival, 1971, 1975