Register of the Machado (Jess) Collection, 1846-1990

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Register of the Machado (Jess) Collection, 1846-1990

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Title: Machado (Jess) Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1846-1990
Collection number: Mss256
Creator: David Machado
Extent: 14 linear ft.
Repository: University of the Pacific. Library. Holt-Atherton Department of Special Collections
Stockton, CA 95211
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personal name

Machado, Jess (1908-1992)


California Trail
West (U.S.) -Description and travel
Overland journeys to the Pacific
West (U.S.) -History
Plant ecology -California
Arabian horse -California
Carson Pass (Calif.) -History


Jess Machado was born in Stockton, California in about 1908. After being orphaned as a young boy Machado was raised in the Salvation Army Orphanage at Lytton, Sonoma County. During his late teens he left the orphanage to live with his maternal grandparents, the Sousas, in Stockton. His grandfather worked in law enforcement and during the 1940s was elected Sheriff of San Joaquin County. From 1928 through 1931 Machado attended Stockton High School. Upon graduating from high school he enrolled in a teacher training course at Modesto Junior College. Following the completion of his coursework at Modesto J.C. Machado taught elementary school science until 1942. He was also employed for a time at the City of Stockton's Silver Lake Camp in El Dorado County. The stimulus of this environment engendered Machado's lifelong interest in the Carson Pass Area and the history of the Emigrant Trail which passes close by Silver Lake. In 1942 Machado enlisted in the U.S. Army and spent the duration of World War II in the South Pacific. After the War, Machado resumed teaching but also studied landscape gardening and weather forecasting. He continued to collect information on the Carson Pass portion of the Emigrant Trail and began to study trail diaries in an effort to establish the definitive route of the Trail through the Pass and beyond. During the 1950s he married Marian Uhart and settled in the San Fernando Valley where he worked as a landscape gardener for the City of Los Angeles. At this time he began breeding Arabian horses. Upon Jess' retirement the Machados acquired a vineyard in the Turlock area. Following his wife's premature death, Machado devoted most of his time to the study of the Emigrant Trail. At the time of his death in 1992, he was widely regarded as an expert on the Carson Pass leg of the Trail.

Scope and Content

Machado's papers reflect his interests in natural history, horsebreeding, and the Mormon/Carson Emigrant Trail. They consist of approximately ten linear feet of notes, maps, slides, photocopies of primary sources, pamphlets, flyers, and other materials.

Container List




1.1 Correspondence, 1960-89


1.2 Memorabilia: Clippings, awards, etc.


1.3 Personal Account Books, 1968-69


1.4 Miscellaneous Personal Papers (recpts., flyers, notes, etc.)


1.5 Misc. notes in spiral notebook


1.6 Meteorology coursework, LA City College, 1969


1.7 Notes for photo exhibit on wagons


1.8 Correspondence & documents relating to controversy over location of boundary of Alpine Co., 1980


1.9 City of Stockton's Silver Lake Camp


1.10 World War II U.S. Army Pacific Islands Ethnology Pamphlets


a-CincPaC. Guide to Western Pacific (Bull. 126-44), 1944.


b-WVTY, Armed Forces Radio. The Ulithi Encyclopedia, 1945.


1.11 Tombstone Epitaph 15:9,11 (Sep, Nov 1988);16:1-3 (Jan-Mar 1989)




2.1 Carson Pass Area Pamphlets:


a-Emigrant Road Dedication, 1959.


b-3rd Addendum to The Overland Emigrant Trail: A Guide to Trail Markers, Hope Valley to Emigrant Pass, 1970.


c-Tracy I. Storer. Natural History of Silver Lake Amador County, California, 1970.


d-El Dorado National Forest. "Emigrant Summit Trail: A National Recreation Trail Report," 1979.


e-Do. "Emigrant Summit National Recreational Trail Management Plan," 1985.


f-Do. "Decision Notice Finding No Significant Impact For the Emigrant Summit National Recreational Trail," 1985.


g-Jedediah Smith Draft National Trail Study, 1986.


2.2 Alpine & Mono County Place Names [source?; photocopy]


2.3 William E. Maule. "A Contribution to the Geographic & Economic History of Carson, Walker & Mono Basins," 1938.


2.4 W. Turrentine Jackson. "Report on the History of the Grover Hot Springs State Park Area & Surrounding Region of Alpine County," 1964.


2.5 -Dean William Taylor. "Checklist of the timberline flora at Carson Pass, Alpine, El Dorado, and Amador Counties, California," 1974.


2.6 -Susan K. Lindstrom. "A Cultural Reconnaisance of the Sorensen's Report, Alpine County, Calif." 1982.


2.7 -Bennyhof, J.A. et al. Emigrant Summit Trail: Archeological Investigation & Historic Research of the Trail From Caples Lake to Maiden's Grave, 1982.


2.8 -Do. Emigrant Summit Trail: Historic Background, 1982. [excerpt from 2.3]


2.9 -"Specifications for the Cultural Resource Survey, Emigrant Summit Trail," 1982.


2.10 -Earl Schmidt. "The Volcano Road," 1989; "Hearing Statement," 11-7-89; "To Some Key Gold Country and Sierra People," 11-22-89.


2.11 -Personal Emigrant Trail Notes






a-Leander Loomis. A Journal of the Birmingham Emigrating Company, 1928. [incl. W. Clayton. The Latter Day Saints' Emigrants Guide]


b-Personal Narrative of Nancy A. (Zumwalt-Cotton) Hunt.




a-19th c. maps of Carson Pass area


b-Seven modern USGS quad maps Carson Pass area showing course of Carson/Mormon Trail


c-Seven 1889 USGS quad maps Carson Pass area showing course of Carson/Mormon Trail


d-Eight photos illus. portions of Emigrant Trail from Sierra to Ft. Laramie (1840s- 1920s) [photocopies; sources?]


e-Jack L. Reveal, and James L. Reveal. "The Missing Fremont Cannon - An Ecological Solution?" Madrono 32:2 (4-26-85), 106-117.


f-Fancher Stimson. "Overland Journey to California by Platte River Route & South Pass in 1850," Annals of Iowa 13:6 (10-22), 403-440.


g-Jennie Dutton. "Across the Plains in 1850," Annals of Iowa 9:6-7 (7/10-10), 447- 83.


h-Leroy L. Kidder. "Story of a Siskiyou Argonaut," 1850.


I-William Edmundson. "Diary Kept by ... of Oskaloosa, While Crossing the Plains in 1850," Annals of Iowa 8:7 (10-08), 516-35.


m-W.W. Chapman. "Chapman Diary," Wyoming Historical Department Quarterly Bulletin 1:1 & 2 (8-15-24), 7-9.


n-Orange Gaylord. "Diary of ... to California & Oregon in 1850," Oregon Pioneer Association Transactions (7-19-17).


o-Merrill J. Mattes. "Joseph Rhodes & the California Gold Rush of 1850," Annals of Wyoming 23:1 (Jan. 1951), 52-71.


p-A.W. Harlan. "Journal of ... While Crossing the Plains in 1850," Annals of Iowa 41:1 (Apr. 1913), 32-62.


q-Henry Stirling Bloom. Carson Pass excerpts from Tales of the Pioneers of the Kankakee. [1850 crossing]


r-O.J. Hall. Carson Pass excerpts from Diary of a 49er.


s-Norma B. Ricketts. Carson Pass excerpts from Mormons & the Discovery of Gold.


t-John Udell. Carson Pass excerpts from Life & Travels of John Udell.


3.3: RED BINDER #1: "CARSON PASS JOURNALS" [excerpts relating specifically to Carson Pass region]


a-Abbey, James, 1850


b-Bailey, Washington, 1853


c-Cooke, Lucy, 1852


d-Cole, Gilbert, 1852


e-Chalmers, Robert, 1850


f-Clapp, John, 1850


g-Christy, Thomas, 1850


h-Delano, ?, 1849


i-DeWolf, Daniel, 1849


j-Daily, Robert S., 1850


k-Decker, Peter, 1849


l-Ferris, Mrs. B.G., 1852


m-Frink, Margaret, 1850


n-Hunt, Nancy A., 1854


o-Hixon, Jasper M., n.d.


p-Hulbert, Archer, 1849


q-Keith, F.F., 1850


r-Kilgore, W.H., 1850


s-Kelly, William, 1852


t-Langworthy, Franklin, 1850


u-Moorman, Madison, 1850


v-McGuirk Diary, 1852


w-McKinstry, Byron, 1850


x-Nelson, Amanda, 1876


y-Pigman, Walter G., 1850


z-Robinson, Zirkle D., 1850


aa-Reid, Bernard, 1849


bb-Read, George Willis, 1850


cc-Royce, Sarah, 1849


dd-Sawyer, Lorenzo, 1850


ee-Shepherd, J.S., 1850


ff-Shoemaker, ?, 1850


gg-Thissell, G.W., 1849


hh-Thomas, Dr., 1849


ii-True, Charles F., 1859


jj-Turnbull, ?, 1852


kk-Wilson, Luzina Stanley, 1849


ll-Wooster, David, 1850


mm-Wood, John, 1850


3.4 RED BINDER #2: "PICTORIAL HISTORY 1849" [photocopies of photos & illus. from many sources incl.:]


a-Albert, ?. A Button Collector's 2nd Journal


b-Betensley, Bertha. Antique Buttonhooks


c-Chapel, Charles E. The Gun Collector's Handbook of Values


d-Dunlop, Richard. Wheels West, 1590-1900


e-Dunlop, Richard. Wagons, Mules and Men


f-Hannon, Jesse Gould. The Boston-Newton Company Venture


g-Mattes, Merrill. The Great Platte River Road


h-Sichel, Marion. Costume Ref. 5 [!?]


i-Unruh, John D. The Plains Across


j-Wilcox, R. Turner. Five Centuries of American Costume


k-Wojcik, Donna M. The Brazen Overlanders of 1845


l-[no author provided] Personal weapons of the Traders & Trappers


3.5 BEIGE BINDER [excerpts]


a-John C. Fremont. Memoirs of My Life


b-Kit Carson. Autobiography




a-Miscellaneous JM notes


b-Frank J. O'Bryan. Overland Chronicle: Emigrant Diaries in Western Nevada Libraries




a-William Johnston. Overland to California, 1849.


b-R.C. Shaw. Across the Plains in '49, 1849.


c-James Bennett. Overland Journey to California, 1850.


d-Niles Searls. Excerpt from Overland to the Pacific, 1849.


e-Mrs. Pauline Wonderly. Reminiscences of a Pioneer, 1852.


f-Mary Jane Walker Caples reminiscences of 1849 crossing


g-Excerpt from the Peter Decker diaries of 1849 crossing


h-Excerpt from Thomas Christy. Across the Plains...


i-List of 1850 diaries


3.8: P.L. Platt & N. Slater. 1852 Traveller's Guide [spiral bound; red cover]


3.9: Miscellaneous Trail Diary Lists & Bibliographies; "The Overland Emigrant Trail to California Across the 40-Mile Desert in Nevada. A Guide to Trail Markers Placed on the Carson River Route & the Truckee River Route, Including a Map," 1968.


3.10: Dale L. Morgan. "The Diaries of 1849," appendix from Overland Diary of James A. Pritchard [2 copies w/ differing notes]




4.1: National Landscape Institute. Landscape Gardening, 1945. [olive gray binder; Lessons 1-14]


4.2: Do. [olive gray binder w/ "#7" on spine; Lessons 15-31]


4.3:Landscape Gardening Miscellany, 1934-48 [olive gray binder; incl. job announcements, corresp. w/ Natl. Landscape Inst. & Veterans' Admin., trade catalogs, etc.]


a-H.M. Butterfield essays on flower cultivation in California (1948)


4.4: Notes on California wild plants w/ emphasis on Central Valley [olive gray binder]


4.5: Silva of North America, n.d. [source?; excerpts?; photocopy]


4.6 "Big Trees of U.S."


4.7 Plants Miscellany (incl. trade catalogs, notes, flyers)


4.8 Landscape Gardening; Plant Life




5.1: Pamphlets on 19th c. Transportation:


a-Seidel Buggy Company, Richmond, Indiana, n.d. [illus. catalog, probably 19th c.]


b-Book Catalog No. 12 From Jack D. Rittenhouse Specialist in Books on Carriages, Coaches & Early Transportation, 1958. [2 copies]


c-Americana Review. Locomotive Advertising in America, 1850-1900, 1960.


5.2: Color Prints of Early American Carriages by Autoprints, N.Y., 1952. [eight 4x8" color photogravures on card stock; one 3x5" card w/ JM's notes in red ink]


5.3: Color Prints of Early American Locomotives by Autoprints, N.Y., 1950. [eight 4x8" color photogravures on card stock]


5.4: George Shumway. Conestoga Wagon, 1750-1850, n.d. [photocopy]


5.5: Reminiscences of Zadok K. Judd, Mormon Pioneer (Nauvoo, California, Utah, 1840s & 50s) [source?; photocopy]


5.6: James Shebl. "The American Adventure of Captain Charles M. Weber," 1990. [photocopy of typescript in canvas binder]




6.1: Raswan Index, vols. 1-4 [brochures]


6.2: Blue Arabian Horse Catalog, 1967 [brochures]


6.3: Arabian Horse Assn. materials


6.4: Misc. infor on JM's Arabian horses


6.5: Misc. info on other breeder's Arabian horses


6.6: Arabian Horse Assn., San Fernando Valley Newsletter (1960s)


6.7: San Joaquin Valley Arabian Horse Assn. Newsletter, 1963


6.8: Pamphlets & catalogs on Arabian horses


6.9: Horse auction programs


6.10: Arabian Horse Assn. San Fernando Valley Membership Directories


6.11: Misc. horse lore & notes


6.12: Blue Arabian Horse Catalogues, 1961 + suppl.; 1962 + suppl.


6.13: Arabian horse show catalogs, 1960s


6.14: Howard Marks Ranch. "Directory of Arabian Horsaes & Owners of the US," 1961, 1965


6.15: Prince Mohamed Aly. "Breeding of pure Arabian horses," 1935




7.1: Buds O' Blue, 1930 [Stockton High literary mag.]


7.2: Guard & Tackle, 1928-31 [4 Stockton High yearbooks]


7.3: Bucaneer, 1933-35 [3 Modesto Junior College yearbooks]




8.1: BINDER #1--Carson/Mormon Trail [17 sleeves, 307 slides]


8.2: BINDER #2--Sierras [24 sleeves, 420 slides]


8.3: BINDER #3--Sierras #2 [28 sleeves, 549 slides]


8.4: BINDER #4--California Scenery (other than Sierras) [24 sleeves, 441 slides]


8.5: BINDER #5--People; Wagons [19 sleeves, 359 slides]


8.6: BINDER #6--Urban Scenes; Slides Taken from Books [26 sleeves, 494 slides]


8.7: BINDER #7--Flowers; Birds; Animals [20 sleeves, 370 slides]


8.8: BINDER #8--Trees [10 sleeves, 174 slides]


8.9: BINDER #9--Arabian Horses [12 sleeves, 224 slides]




9.1.1: Small Photos (various sizes) Ancestral Pictures, c1890-1910 [18 b/w snapshots]


9.1.2: Small Photos (various sizes) Alpine Lake; Burl, 1930s? [2 b/w snapshots]


9.1.3: Small Photos (various sizes) Silver Lake CA, 1931-33 [33 b/w snapshots]


9.1.4: Small Photos (various sizes) Stockton Camp at Silver Lake, 1931-32 [12 b/w snapshots]


9.1.5: Small Photos (various sizes) Sierras, 1931-32? [21 b/w snapshots]


9.1.6: Small Photos (various sizes) Sierras, 1937 [16 b/w snapshots]


9.1.7: Small Photos (various sizes) South Pacific Islands, c1943-44 [49 b/w snapshots]


9.1.8: Small Photos (various sizes) South Pacific #2, c1944 [22 b/w snapshots]


9.1.9: Small Photos (various sizes) Unidentified Sierra Scenes, 1940s? [11 b/w snapshots]


9.1.10: Small Photos (various sizes) Yosemite, 1946 [22 b/w snapshots]


9.1.11: Small Photos (various sizes) Rock Formations [Devil's Postpile?], 1960s? [5 color snapshots]


9.1.12: Small Photos (various sizes) Mountain Scenes, 1960s? [11 color snapshots]


9.1.13: Small Photos (various sizes) Wildflowers, 1960s? [6 color snapshots]


9.1.14: Small Photos (various sizes) JM's Vineyard, Turlock, 1969 [4 color snapshots]


9.1.15: Small Photos (various sizes) Buildings, 1930s-60s [16 b/w & 2 color snapshots]


9.1.16: Small Photos (various sizes) People, 1930s-60s [27 b/w & 4 color snapshots]


9.1.17: Small Photos (various sizes) JM & wife, Marian, on the beach, 1969 [4 color snapshots]


9.1.18: Small Photos (various sizes) JM Family Pictures?, 1960s? [12 snapshots]


9.1.19: Small Photos (various sizes) JM's Arabian: Saandman, 1963-65, 1969 [18 b/w & color snapshots]


9.1.20: Small Photos (various sizes) JM's Arabian: Saandman, 1960s [7 b/w & color snapshots]


9.1.21: Small Photos (various sizes) Do., 1967 [9 color snapshots]


9.1.22: Small Photos (various sizes) Do.: Char Turf, 1965 [7 b/w & color snapshots]


9.1.23: Small Photos (various sizes) JM's Arabian: Saanda Fa, 1965 [8 b/w snapshots]


9.1.24: Small Photos (various sizes) Do.: Odette, 1967 [8 color snapshots]


9.1.25: Small Photos (various sizes) Arabian: Fadell, 1960 [5 color snapshots]


9.1.26: Small Photos (various sizes) Arabian: Fay, 1965 [6 b/w snapshots]


9.1.27: Small Photos (various sizes) Unident. Arabians, 1960s? [22 color snapshots]


9.1.28: Small Photos (various sizes) Miscellany, 1930s-60s (Southern California, cars, urban scenes, etc.) [22 b/w snapshots]


9.1.29: Small Photos (various sizes) Miscellany #2, 1930s-60s (Cars, cows, equipment, harbor scenes, etc.) [19 b/w snapshots]


9.1.30: Small Photos (various sizes) Picture Postcards (chiefly Sierras) [10]


9.2.1: Small Negatives Sierra Scenes, 1930s-60s [68 b/w negs.]


9.2.2: Small Negatives Sierra Cabin [Silver Lake?], 1930s/40s [15 b/w negs.]


9.2.3: Small Negatives South Pacific, c1943-44 [41 b/w negs.]


9.2.4: Small Negatives Sierra Views, 1940s? [50 b/w negs.]


9.2.5: Small Negatives Sierra Views #2, 1940s? [9 b/w negs.]


9.2.6: Small Negatives Sierra Views #3, 1940s? [50 b/w negs.]


9.2.7: Small Negatives Sierra Views #4, 1940s? [13 b/w negs.]


9.2.8: Small Negatives Buildings [28 b/w negs.]


9.2.9: Small Negatives People, 1930s-60s [52 b/w & 2 color negs.]


9.2.10: Small Negatives People, 1940s? [8 b/w negs.]


9.2.11: Small Negatives People #2, 1940s? [8 b/w negs.]


9.2.12: Small Negatives JM Family Pictures, 1960s [12 color negs.]


9.2.13: Small Negatives JM's Arabian: Saandman, 1960s [7 b/w negs.]


9.2.14: Small Negatives Plants, not in Sierras [3 b/w/ negs.]


9.2.15: Small Negatives Calif. Desert & Ocean [6 b/w & 3 color negs.]


9.2.16: Small Negatives Unidentified Maps & Blueprints, 1960s [11 b/w negs.]


9.2.17: Small Negatives Miscellany (cars, cows, urban & harbor scenes etc.), mostly 1940s [30 b/w negs.]


9.2.18: Small Negatives Unidentified, 1960s? [12 color negs.]


9.3.1: Larger Photos Silver Lake Region, (Photos by a Dr. Stein?), 1916 [5 8x10 b/w & 1 5x7 b/w]


9.3.2: Larger Photos Jess Machado Portrait in front of Sierra waterfall, 1930s [1 7x9 b/w]


9.3.3: Larger Photos Jess Machado's Arabian Horses, 1960s [24 8x10 & 1 4x6 b/w]


9.3.4: Larger Photos Realistic Visual Aids, Highland CA. "Across Early America," n.d. [24 8x10 b/w; Hollywood movie stills used to illustrate American westward migration]


9.3.5: Larger Photos Photo Album, 1940s [Chiefly snapshots of South Pacific]


9.4.1: Films Saanda Fa [Super 8]


9.4.2-3: Films Unidentified [2; Super 8]