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Guide to the Papers Relating to California Pioneers and to California History
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Box 1, folder Folder 1

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). A Resume of Diaries, Letters & Narratives of California Pioneers Collected by Linnie Marsh Wolfe.

folder Folder 2

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Notes, Clipping, Folder, Picture Pertaining to the Franciscan Missions in California]

folder Folder 3

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Notes on Ten Articles in Series, Gold Hunters of California, in Century Magazine Vol. XLI (New Series Vol. XIX) Nov. 1890-Apr. 1891]

folder Folder 4

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Notes on "Crossing the Plains in '49" by G. W. Thissell]

folder Folder 5

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Transcripts of Land Cases Relating to Various Spanish Grants: Rancho Arroyo de las Nueces y Los Golgones Rancho Laguna de Palos Colorados, Rancho Monte Del Diablo, Rancho Acalanes, Rancho El Pinole, Rancho Los Meganos]

folder Folder 6

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Notes on Land Controversies]

folder Folder 7

Gehringer, A. C. (Mrs.) History of Concord and Vicinity

folder Folder 8

Keith, J. Speech [on the History of Crockett, Calif.]. With this: copy of speech by Thomas Edwards (6 p.) (cf. BANC MSS C-D 5126). Speeches made at a Contra Costa County historical group meeting organized by Linnie Marsh Wolfe, 1933?

folder Folder 9

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Notes & Clippings Pertaining to Mt. Diablo]

folder Folder 10

Loucks, Annie (Lieber). History of Pacheco, [with Further Notes on Pacheco and a Biographical Sketch of Annie Lieber Loucks]

folder Folder 11

Goold, Alice & Wood, Charlotte. Pioneer Memories of San Ramon and Adjacent Valleys. Edited by Linnie Marsh Wolfe.

folder Folder 12

Nevins, Kate Lockwood. Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings, Cards, etc., Chiefly Concerning the Cooperative Brotherhood of Winter's Island, March 25, 1893-Sept. 13, 1933.

folder Folder 13

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Notes on the Harlan Family]

folder Folder 14

Hall, Ida S. Bret Harte in Contra Costa. (Typescript with Photograph.) Edited by Linnie Marsh Wolfe

folder Folder 15

Jones, Mary Annie (Smith). The Story of My Life. With an Earlier Draft. Edited by Flora M. Jones & Linnie Marsh Wolfe. With letters of Flora M. Jones to Mrs. Wolfe & copy of "Rancho Romero." (Another Copy Cataloged As

Identifier/Call Number: BANC MSS C-D 5090
- Abridged)

folder Folder 16

Kimball, George W. [Journal of Voyage March 2-Aug. 23, 1850, As Master of California Packet, Boston to San Francisco, with Subsequent Entries of Accounts, Memoranda, Poems, etc.] Original MS Cataloged As

Identifier/Call Number: BANC MSS C-F 10.

folder Folder 17

Schott, Adelia (Kimball). Antioch School in Pioneer Days.

Box 2, folder Folder 18

Schott, Louisa A. Memories of Captain George Kimball. With Incomplete First Draft. Dictated to Linnie Marsh Wolfe.

folder Folder 19

Schott, Louisa A. The Early Days of Antioch.

folder Folder 20

Schott, Louisa A. To Linnie Marsh Wolfe: [Correspondence]

folder Folder 21

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Notes, etc., on George Kimball] (cf. Schott, Louisa A., Memories... etc.)

folder Folder 22

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Clippings Pertaining to Jack London]

folder Folder 23

Soberanes, Irene (Sewell). The Story of Dr. John Marsh & His Family.

folder Folder 24

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Notes on "John Marsh, Pioneer" by George D. Lyman; clippings, etc., re John Marsh.]

folder Folder 25

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Notes on the Mendenhall Family]

folder Folder 26

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Notes on Jerry Morgan & The Morgan Family]

folder Folder 27

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). Granny Norton and Her Ghost. With Preliminary Material.

folder Folder 28

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Notes, Clippings Pertaining to Nortonville, Somersville and Their Pioneer Residents]

folder Folder 29

Williams, Starr King. To Linnie Marsh Wolfe: [Two Letters Concerning Sarah...Norton]

folder Folder 30

Knapp, Frank M. To Linnie Marsh Wolfe: [Three Letters Concerning Sarah...Norton]

folder Folder 31

Smith, James D. [Two Letters of Reminiscences]

folder Folder 32

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Notes on the Smith Family]

folder Folder 33

Campbell, Inez. Ode to Rancho Romero

folder Folder 34

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Material for School Use Relating to John Muir]

folder Folder 35

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). The Three Johns of Contra Costa.

folder Folder 36

[Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh)]. California Riches

folder Folder 37

[Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh)]. Visiting Day in the Little Red Schoolhouse.

folder Folder 38

Wright, Kate H. A Short Pageant of California History.

folder Folder 39

Nobles, William M. & Nobles, Mary Ellen (Reeves). Memories of Pioneer Life in Lake County. With Additional Pages of Revision. Dictated to Linnie Marsh Wolfe. (A Fair Copy of pages 1-41 is cataloged as v. 1 of this collection).

folder Folder 40

Nobles, William M. & Nobles, Mary Ellen (Reeves). To Linnie Marsh Wolfe. With Map, and Letter from Linnie Marsh Wolfe to Mr. & Mrs. Nobles and Miscellaneous Notes.

folder Folder 41

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Notes, Letters & Photographs Pertaining to Early Lake County History].

folder Folder 42

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Notes & Clippings Pertaining to Marin County, California.]

folder Folder 43

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Notes & Clippings Pertaining to Napa County, California.]

folder Folder 44

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Note and Clipping Pertaining to Mt. St. Helena.]

folder Folder 45

Watson, Elizabeth Ann. Sketch of the Life of George C. Yount. With Genealogical Chart of the Yount Family.

folder Folder 46

North, John Wesley. To George S. Loomis: [Copies of Four Letters]. With the Above, Copy of Covering Letter By His Granddaughter, Mary Burt Messer, and Additional Biographical Material.

folder Folder 47

Contents removed for separate cataloging

folder Folder 48

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous Notes Pertaining to Mills College, Oakland, California]

folder Folder 49

Wolfe, Linnie (Marsh). [Miscellaneous].

volume Volume 1

Memories of Pioneer Life in Lake County Related By William M. Nobles, 1856-1943, and His Wife, Mary Ellen (Reeves) Nobles, 1862-1936, to Linnie Marsh Wolfe, 1935

volume Volume 2

Memories of Pioneer Childhood and Youth in French Corral and North San Juan, Nevada County, California, With A Brief Narrative of Later Life, Told By Edith White, 1855-, Emigrant of 1859, To Linnie Marsh Wolfe.